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a29492 No.14479493

What would you have done differently to make titanfall 1 or 2 successful.

I would attach it to a more popular IP instead of trying to make a new one. It would be a WH40K game based around the Elysium Drop Troopers vs the Tau Empire which would allow them to use mostly the same gameplay mechanics as the original titanfall. I would remove the burn card system, smart pistol, and change the arc cannon weapon to function more like a close range shotgun instead of what it actually was. I would also change shield core to add slowly regenerating health if shields when full. The story would be about imperial loyalists trying to fight of renegade guardsmen who are defecting to the tau empire. The campaign would include single player missions as the main characters, coop missions alongside them playing as normal customized player characters, and multiplayer-like matches for the big battles like the Battle of Demeter. Respawn would get the aid of a more popular IP to help with advertisement without needing xbox one exclusivity and being able to sell on ps4. GW would get a super popular, customizable IG Mecha that would help make IG as popular as SM and bring more people in general to the tabletop side I would also not partner with EA and add steam community workshop support.

ba52a0 No.14479523


The best bet would be to cut the multiplayer out entirely and spend that development time on single player content but modern publishers (and their shareholders) won't touch a SP-only game.

a29492 No.14479553

File: 34b38ad50ddacbb⋯.jpg (829.48 KB, 746x1000, 373:500, 43489281_p0.jpg)

File: fb7cf2e65f8df4e⋯.jpg (251.68 KB, 1000x1862, 500:931, 43906785_p0.jpg)

File: 81f13e0e8b1c393⋯.jpg (384.02 KB, 750x1200, 5:8, 60267738_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 9ee2cf1d41b7ced⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1708x1058, 854:529, 62415522_p2.jpg)

File: 0ed461bdca57228⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1200x1850, 24:37, c4c52b52529e97b9b4d01aafd9….jpg)


Wolfenstein was successful for a time, but I don't think Titanfall would be successful in that path. The most successful and least intrusive business model they could use is the dota 2 model before they added lootbox gambling.

ba93a8 No.14479587

File: f97ef1bfefb4f4e⋯.png (11.66 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 3.png)


>fourth image

That's really cute!

791518 No.14479654

not shill my denuvo-infested p2w origin cod clone trash on /v/

62fc0e No.14479705

File: e5ff0967b4b6ebe⋯.png (110.09 KB, 1381x1231, 1381:1231, EA.png)

File: b5f13d899d07315⋯.png (89.92 KB, 662x693, 662:693, EA (3).png)

File: d3af7297c1c806a⋯.jpg (47.07 KB, 400x800, 1:2, ea_kills.jpg)

File: 09e14cecdc350d4⋯.png (49.68 KB, 1029x222, 343:74, EA_damage_control_-_Battle….png)

File: 72477319db3b2c4⋯.png (210.35 KB, 843x2622, 281:874, EA from an employees persp….png)


>What would you have done differently to make titanfall 1 or 2 successful.

Have anyone, literally anyone, other than EA as the game's publisher.

03f72f No.14479729


785e8f No.14479760

They should have built upon the first one.

In the second title the took away a lot of important things and replaced them with inferior features. Like burn cards or the ability to choose the titan loadout.

But what really pushed me away after few hours was the cod roulette. It wasn't so bad in the first title, but i couldn't bare it in the second.

Also, that fucking delay. Half the time i was killed by somebody that didn't even pop up on my screen. I don't have such problem with other games. But i heard it's an other cod feature set up so that noobs don't get frustrated off the game. Anyway, any game with that bs is not a game for me.

65e649 No.14479767


>What would you have done differently to make titanfall 1 or 2 successful.

Put titanfall 2 on steam.

All the fags who like the source engine use steam. Myself included.

fe7172 No.14479811

File: 4634ea83eda10b3⋯.jpg (58.22 KB, 600x267, 200:89, 09765.jpg)


>What would you have done differently to make titanfall 1 or 2 successful.

Remove combat viable jumps and (((advancement movement))). Spergs will autistically screech but sperging doesn't brings money. Mass amount of players does. Most players don't like bunny hopping in PvP (even if they can't formulate this dislike consciously).


>but modern publishers (and their shareholders) won't touch a SP-only game.

Because SP games are low revenue per investment and can be pirated games.

7a8993 No.14480010

It would've been a huge success if it was on steam.

a423cd No.14480029

Wasn't Titanfall 2 successful despite EA trying to intentionally shitcan it by releasing it in the same time-frame as Battlefield 1?

890354 No.14480082


Nope, the game was a financial failure.

>EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said during an earnings call this week that the game sold fewer copies than the company anticipated. However, he did not share a specific unit sales number. Don't expect the company to ever share this information, either, as EA is backing away from talking about unit sales.


https://www.please use archive.is/articles/titanfall-2-sales-lower-than-expected-ea-admits/1100-6447455/




http://www.please use archive.ism/articles/2017/02/01/ea-doesnt-see-titanfall-2s-sales-as-an-underperformance

And then several months later…



http://www.please use archive.ism/articles/2017/11/09/ea-buys-titanfall-developer-respawn

7a8993 No.14480087


It exceeded expectations apparently, probably because it was a good game and EA thinks that they don't sell.

6125f7 No.14480096

Nobody likes tau. Would've been possible as imperium vs orks though. Orks have tons of mechs and they attack via orbital drops all the time.

7a8993 No.14480098

File: 2bc039505e473e2⋯.jpg (28.31 KB, 512x384, 4:3, THE FUCK WAS THAT.jpg)


>They expected more sales when they tried shitcanning the game

Is EA run by retards or evil businessmen, I can't fucking tell anymore.

890354 No.14480112

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a423cd No.14480154


> retards or evil businessmen


f0ce3e No.14480158


>Add in clause where if they don't sell enough copies, EA buys the studio

>EA gives them only lipservice advertising budget while Battlefield Kangz gets shilled to hell

Anon, they've been evil assholes for decades.

9f0dc1 No.14480193


Steam is boost to the popularity indeed but good games could sales themselves without giving a cut to the fatty. Look at Word of Tanks for example.

>inb4 wot is not good

WoT was genius game that taped previously untapped markets, aesthetics and game-play wise. And been genius and with no competition they could pocket all revenues to themselves, but you need good game to do that.

7a8993 No.14480222


Yeah, but you forget that it's on Origin. That service has a negative stigma to it and rightfully so.

4cc3b1 No.14480231


>That service has a negative stigma to it

Not anymore. Origin Access gives you some good stuff like the 10-hour demo for the major EA games.

7a8993 No.14480238


>2007 again

Jesus Christ, how much more?

a423cd No.14480244


Not so sure about that. Even the relative normalfags I know are wary as fuck after SimCity.

9f0dc1 No.14480250


Battlefield still sells very good through Origin because it is good game and has no real competition.

014772 No.14480255

File: 60e2d54e7f71583⋯.png (113.08 KB, 1778x348, 889:174, 2007 beginning of end.png)

File: 98fabb77342bdf0⋯.jpg (61.7 KB, 750x677, 750:677, 2007.jpg)

File: 40687040d83977c⋯.png (280.7 KB, 1177x1128, 1177:1128, 2007.png)

File: 3e1b1693c5637cf⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 1513x2704, 1513:2704, 2007AD.jpg)


>good stuff like the 10-hour demo for the major EA

What has EA released in the past 5 years that's worth playing? The only games to come to mind are Unravel and both Titanfall games.


>>2007 again


c31a8c No.14480265


Anon, it's run by EA. It will never lose its stigma. Maybe titanfall players are less down on it than before, but that's a tiny minority in the grand scheme of things.

730a33 No.14480277

File: e7120ecd5f2b17f⋯.jpg (477.26 KB, 979x832, 979:832, b02ee2ca956c0a378ec73b53ee….jpg)


>Step 1) Make another titanfall campaign and multiplayer.

>Step 2) Commit to advanced movement mechanics. The public alpha test went horribly due to the movement cap. Bunny Hopping or Slide Hopping is as part of the series now as shooting a gun.

>Step 3) Make it a early year release rather than the busy season. NieR Automata has proved to me that more experimental titles seem to work better during the post christmas drought.

Granted thats all IF they do it. Respawn to my knowledge is working on a star wars game at the behest of EA and I have a bad feeling about it. Not to mention that decision was made before battlefront 2 bombed, so as of now respawn for all we know is twiddling their thumbs and waiting for EA to either pull the plug on the project or the trigger on them.

c25cd6 No.14480289



If you think the end came any sooner than 2009, you're wrong, because none of that got traction until then.

People didn't even know things like BBT and iPhones existed until then.

4cc3b1 No.14480295



TBH Origin Access is pretty good if you want to play the games that failed completely (Mirror's Edge and the reboot, ME:A, Cisquisition, Unravel, etc.), their big games like the Dead Space franchise, Battlefield and the shitty Battlefront are also in the Vault with all their DLCs included for 3 euros or dollars a month. They were also the first company to have a refund system.


I play Tf2 on PC but I don't think I'll play Tf3.

014772 No.14480306

File: 75003b8b16be2a4⋯.png (72 KB, 369x249, 123:83, hamster why.PNG)


>if you want to play the games that failed completely

<Willing installing Denuvo on your computer

614e17 No.14480321

I hadn't bought a single EA game since Spore.

When they announced a new Sim City I figured I'd try out the beta. It was auctually good. They had cut off all the things that made the final release bad, amd gave you a small enough plot that the glaring AI issues wouldn't become readily appearent.

So I made the mistake of buying the game, and their apology for it was Dead Space 3.

Needless to say, even though Titanfall did at least look interesting I will never again support EA.

5b9e2f No.14480333

File: ebc5c25ab6e5900⋯.png (171.77 KB, 750x728, 375:364, franz_is_dead.png)



I certainly didn't know it existed.


So you're just going to pretend that people weren't waiting days outside of Apple stores waiting to buy one at release? That there weren't people waiting outside the entrances shanking others for their new phone?

c25cd6 No.14480360


>So you're just going to pretend that people weren't waiting days outside of Apple stores waiting to buy one at release?

Not until the second one came out, no. People only waited for only less than one 24 in a line on release day, and the one dude who's stuck around for more than one day was dubbed "iLoser".


40cc82 No.14480405

Best Alternate History:

>no Denuvo

>no EA (if we had to pick a AAA publisher to fund it, I'd say ideally fucking anyone besides EA, Ubisoft, Square, or Activision)

>no Origin

>no matchmaking/optional matchmaking with server browser

>single-player campaign in the first as well as the second

>support for mods, custom maps, custom servers, etc.

282b39 No.14480432


Erase Cawadoody from the timeline and have this be the first game they made. We'd be up to our ears in annual sequels by now.

40cc82 No.14480434



It was a deliberate move to devalue Respawn so they could close-in and buy them out. Never deal with the devil.

0321a5 No.14482247

File: 5ed63dc5caa944b⋯.jpeg (325.58 KB, 1920x1090, 192:109, 000D156A-4D97-48DA-91B9-C….jpeg)


There are people who like Tau although that doesn’t include me. What about ork mercenaries working for the blue man?

2db145 No.14482465


>titanfall 1

market it harder. i played and honestly really, really enjoyed it, and genuinely feel like it's one of the better FPSes released in a really long time

>titanfall 2

more marketing, would not have launched it at the same time as battlefield 1, and only two minor changes to the game itself: disable third-person camera completely during entering/exiting titans and executions, because it looks retarded and jars you out of the moment so you can see that EPIN EXECOOTION BRUH. and secondly, add a custom titan that you can completely customize alongside the "themed" titans that exist now; allow us to build it any damn way we want. i miss my custom titan from tf1 with the qt russian AI yelling all sorts of indecipherable slav shit at me while i'm taking missile locks

f6ed9c No.14482617

TF2 is successful. Its just not popular with normalfags which means you don't hear about it. Its got far more players than Destiny 2 right now, cost a fraction of the cost of D2 to make and chugs along making money off cosmetic dlc packs. It is not the mainstream AAA shootbang darling so the assumption is that it can only be dead but in the age of shit like Destiny 2 and Lawbreakers dying on release having a userbase that has grown year over year is not exactly a failure. Its just not what people used to the modern treatment of shooters expected.

Of course Titfanfall 2 is a lot more pre 2004 in its design ethos so i guess thats not surprising.

4d9c83 No.14482930


It was all Respawn's fault

d9dfb8 No.14483744

Give the IP to a good japanese company.

That is all.

Western devs can't make a good game.

a29492 No.14483761

File: 157f7ca28e77f33⋯.jpeg (292.53 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, AF45697D-15CE-4CC0-9570-F….jpeg)


What Japanese Developers have made good fps games?

8f4149 No.14483793

File: f904b9bbffca178⋯.jpg (29.3 KB, 299x288, 299:288, 1434732542349 (2016_03_14 ….jpg)

> It would be a WH40K game

Which restricts it to the WH40K market. I liked what Titanfall 1 had built up from a narrative perspective, and had fun with the game. I wouldn't have given it a second glance if it was a WH40K game, since I have zero interest whatsoever in that setting, regardless of how good the game would have been. You might get a higher purchase rate from a specific set of customers, but from the larger consumer base you'd probably end up losing sales.

Always a fan of co-op. People bitch about the Smart Pistol but I would complain about the R-101C. It's all metafags ever used, because it was too good even with the ammo capacity nerf. The Smart Pistol was great for generating points for a drop, but in PvP it only worked if the other guy didn't know you were there. Which is just as lethal for them as if you were armed with any other gun, only that they really have no chance to survive.

I don't think regenerating Titan health is a good idea simply because it would encourage camping too much and keep people in their Titans the entire match. The Titanfall I mechanics struck a good balance, where you had time to kick ass in your giant mech and if you were skillful or lucky you could keep it going for a good while, but eventually you had to get back on foot. Titanfall 2 fucked that by removing shields so that every little bullet caused permanent damage and making NPCs specifically designed to fuck Titans over. It was fine when it was just man-portable AT weapons on NPCs, because you were either safe from it behind shields or it was making your bad situation even worse. TF2, you're just as likely to lose your Titan to NPCs as you are a player, which makes you question the whole point of Titans since they can evidently be countered in less than a minute without the need for other TItans.

cd46dc No.14484119

File: 2905987204238bf⋯.jpg (63.34 KB, 400x706, 200:353, 58268_front.jpg)

File: 361e98ba474f8bd⋯.jpg (10.84 MB, 2834x2811, 2834:2811, Outtrigger_DC_JP_Box_Front….jpg)

File: 247643ae08191c2⋯.jpg (109.96 KB, 640x908, 160:227, 44080_front.jpg)

File: 1e04a1803d7d8b6⋯.jpg (128.23 KB, 640x447, 640:447, 001.jpg)


>What Japanese Developers have made fps games?

Fixed because these games are the only FPS titles I can find that were developed by a Japanese dev.

822f38 No.14484149

File: 22a66cba810984a⋯.png (2.62 MB, 1380x1292, 345:323, 787.png)

I played the demo they give for free. Allows you to play a few hours of multiplayer. Loved every little bit of it.

But even though I want to buy it, I can't. I fucking refuse to give my money to these fucking subhumans. They are terrible horrible people in suits who only care about money and absolutely nothing else.

How the fuck did these worthless jews manage to hire a competent studio is beyond me.

144922 No.14484155

File: d1be012a9a2a436⋯.jpg (26.14 KB, 400x267, 400:267, michael madsen.jpg)

>Western mech shit

d9dfb8 No.14484156


He >>14484119 said it all.

And i add: japanese know to make amazing mech games. They wold figure out something to make a good game out of the IP.

1d9578 No.14484165


buy a key from a key reseller, its better to give money to russian shitters than to the ea kike

46b95d No.14484173


Make the mechs have a female AI.

822f38 No.14484215


you mean sites like G2A? I never used them before

528f29 No.14484578

Titanfall's only fault was the fact that Respawn decided to go with EA as their publisher.

I can 100% guarantee they'd do better with ubikikes, which is a really sad statement to make.

cc85f1 No.14484644

File: 53edb156b7b6788⋯.png (10.7 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 53edb156b7b6788c2b74f727d0….png)


>Alternate universe where respawn goes to ubisoft

>In ubisofts catalog of progressive open world games that pride themselves of weak/non-existent social commentary or diversity

>Here's a goofy shooting game about giant robots that doesnt take itself too seriously.

That could work honestly. It would've made it stand out a lot more too. Ubisoft's issue is homogenization, so assuming all the projects under ubisoft remained the same from 2013 to 2016, Respawn not only would've done better; but would probably even be more well respected.

60c524 No.14484694


>Advocating casualization by dulling the great movement system that made it unique

c0766c No.14485736


>buying into old farts buzzords brings money

5db7e5 No.14485852

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm gonna suggest crunch, and say it should have taken more of a cops and robbers gameplay approach- take the cat and mouse gameplay of infantry and titans to another level. IMC like in the lore are basically military tier cops that want to enforce order, and the militia are essentially guerilla tier cobbled together technology resistance. Instead of deathmatch all the time you'd have different mission types like Police Raid (for IMC attacking, militia defence), Convoy raid (now it's all on the move- militia attack, IMC defense)- The IMC have to hold out until reinforcements arrive to capture and force retreat from the militia. Skirmish would be a thing- the idea is that the IMC always have better technology but the Militia (may have numbers and) usually have the element of surprise. Different roles are available, so while the IMC has standard soldier type people with great jump kit, militia might have hacker people or demolitions people (more specialized strengths and weaknesses) which when leveraged correctly will yield victory. Also, have some kind of map war that influences what maps are played and have this map war actually affect matches so that you get some meta-tactics happening.

Kind of a mess but instead of embed related inb4 muh webm you get a much more nuanced and niche gameplay.

c25cd6 No.14485982


None. Japs fucking suck at both making and playing FPS games.

461734 No.14487007

Respawn fucked themselves by hitching their wagon to the Xbone at the height of the backlash against Xbone. Making the first game an Xbone exclusive was a critical mistake. Didnt help that there was no campaign mode.

1d9578 No.14487053


i bought tf2 thru g2a since i really wanted to play it but i didnt want to give my shekels to ea and my key worked fine

a29492 No.14489000

File: 1feaf9147f02027⋯.png (263.39 KB, 499x532, 499:532, E0DD1EE1-96B5-45C0-8E90-84….png)

File: ab353426a4484c8⋯.png (850.83 KB, 957x900, 319:300, DE88CE30-C8B7-42E8-A1D1-59….png)


I was hoping square, bethesda or 2k would have published it. Around that time they weren’t using drm.

a29492 No.14489002

File: 00623f54c64b9aa⋯.jpeg (67.59 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, A125A7FA-BF27-4E15-8F35-9….jpeg)


Also Todd Howard would have created a good storyline for the game.

a29492 No.14489032

File: ed281bfeeac49ec⋯.jpeg (75 KB, 500x666, 250:333, DB99C07C-A943-4823-B77F-A….jpeg)


What about trans ai?

c48d3e No.14489120


But Anon, there are female AI both in the first and second game. In Titanfall 2 specifically the titan Ion, Northstar and Tone have female voices.

What I would love to see is Titan's AI interacting with each other more, at least in the single player campaign. Is already pretty cool each one has hints of unique personality, like Ronin being and edgy samurai and Legion being a serious business kind of mech. They even comment when other pilot or titans achieve a kill complimenting them or lament the dead or an ally.

40dc26 No.14489188


Have you never played the games? They can have female AI.

9b2935 No.14489355


>Ion warns once to eject when entering a doomed

>frantically repeats "eject eject eject" like she is pleading you to escape if you're still in her while taking more damage

It's the small details like that in what little personalities the Titans have that I honestly like.

5db7e5 No.14489827


See, I liked 1 better than 2 because I could have my own loadout and primary the smart pistol because I preferred focusing on parkour over C.A.R. cod memes, there just should have been a far larger number of options- at least 10 titans instead of 3 and much more nuanced.

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