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File: d2b32f1fd837286⋯.jpg (66.36 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg)

File: 36b378e3ab04f99⋯.jpg (33.09 KB, 320x454, 160:227, DMC2FrontCover.jpg)

f3437f No.14480806

DMC HD is out

How are you enjoying the greatest DMC title in HD?

04c4e4 No.14480818

Did they change anything or are they just ports?

506d9d No.14480822

>12 GB


a15a92 No.14480827


They're in HD

4486e4 No.14480828

>30 bucks

I guess it's three games, but 2 I've already played and I'm pretty sure the "HD" stands for highly debatable.

0134b9 No.14480829

File: d4fab919b06b076⋯.png (395.28 KB, 427x459, 427:459, =T.png)

Already played DMC and DMC3 twice, once on PS2 and then on 360. What's the fucking point of releasing this again and so many years late?

215a38 No.14480834

>Bayonetta with dick

no thanks im not gay haha

34f40d No.14480837

Heard issues of a lot of visual effects missing and sounds looping incorrectly from the early release of DMC1 last week, hope that ends up getting patched. I wonder if they fixed the broken gunslinger move in DMC3.


The existing DMC3 port is 4.5 GB, it's not that difficult to believe



Step up brother, if you haven't beaten DMC1 at least three times you never beat it on DMD

0134b9 No.14480840


>you never beat it on DMD

You are right, I didn't nor do I want to.

cb2b11 No.14480842

Wait didn't this come out on 360 ages ago? Also 2 sucked, but it's not bad to just blast through since it can be beat in one sitting

a043d5 No.14480843


It's 3 games, nigga

3b51b8 No.14480853

File: 0083a1076b19696⋯.png (279.06 KB, 664x700, 166:175, 0083a1076b196963b053b3d8ca….png)

4486e4 No.14480860

File: 76e5cb9469fbac9⋯.jpg (122.63 KB, 1148x691, 1148:691, karaoke.jpg)


>Step up brother, if you haven't beaten DMC1 at least three times you never beat it on DMD

DMC1 was the reason I got a PS2 and my young self had the most miserable fucking time beating it on hard. I was actually excited for DMD since the difficulty mode's name sounded so rad, but then I couldn't beat the first death scissor before the timer ran out and I scrubbed out of there.

Only years later did I learn there were advanced techniques and shit.

e90926 No.14480873

File: b91861edcf5ca9b⋯.webm (121.55 KB, 720x400, 9:5, 1467641439148.webm)

>buy the same game for the 5th time edition

Some cuhrayzee jewing is in there.

f3437f No.14480878

File: 56393925416c426⋯.mp4 (8.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, OOF.mp4)


Just ports with 60FPS


The port of 3 is 4GB


60 FPS and a better resolution I guess

Being on PC already stops another viable rerelease from being viable so I'm ok with that.


Bayonetta looks like a tranny, you're still a fag

eb96b6 No.14480879

File: 5c97331e411e2d1⋯.png (332.72 KB, 504x880, 63:110, png.png)


> What's the fucking point of releasing this again and so many years late?

It is a good game and there are many new people who grown up after DMC release and who didn't play it? Step aside form your self centric POV.

446732 No.14480883


Shoah-Survivor Shillin' Style!

d701cb No.14480889


Pretty good

8455eb No.14480914

In before Crapcom releases a new "complete" DMC collection which is just this game and 4's rerelease put together

3b51b8 No.14480931


if only you got trips

cf2e3e No.14480943


That's not bad at all for a trilogy. Okami alone was something retarded like 30GB.

dc6945 No.14480955

Waiting to pirate. Love DMC3 and 4, though only beat them twice. Will be nice to play DMC3 without emulation issues. Never tried 2 because of the bad rep it has and didn't really like 1. Will retry and hopefully like.

c63d99 No.14480970


If you're expecting this port to not have emulation issues, you're in for unpleasant surprise.

4189d8 No.14480974

Cool, I might end up trying DMC3 after all.

12e25e No.14480984

File: ec0c969cc4b9a80⋯.jpg (354.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180313130020_1.jpg)

File: 28bf73519db79f9⋯.jpg (353.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180313130030_1.jpg)

File: 39cb1c918a32143⋯.jpg (353.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180313130035_1.jpg)

File: 9390e0764d2bbde⋯.jpg (346.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180313130038_1.jpg)

I gave each games Mission 1 a playthrough as far as gameplay goes it seems perfectly fine to me, though other people have been having problems depending on their hardware.

947251 No.14480985


One less piece of hardware to play the games I want. Then again, Capcom will probably find a way to fuck it up and make it harder to play than plugging in my PS2 again.


Bayonetta would probably just drill your ass with her hair, so you'd be a faggot either way. At least Dante would be enough of a bro to let you be top once and a while

12e25e No.14480992


>ports with 60FPS

DMC has been 60FPS since it first came out on PS2.

DmC on PS3 and 360 was the only game in the series to be 30FPS, where the EU version of DMC1 was 50FPS due to EU TV's being different from US TV's at the time.

cf2e3e No.14481001


That font is going to need modding if possible, absolutely potato.

f3437f No.14481011


I was sure DMC3 had some framerate issues on the PS2 as well.

My mistake

76048e No.14481045

File: 59d9433dd1d9d40⋯.jpg (10.29 KB, 279x288, 31:32, 4a349fc08fc4fb5c615153f6f2….jpg)

Did they poz this collection up with Denuvo?

f3437f No.14481052



You might as well leave the thread

446732 No.14481058


Das rite, they also included StarForce and you need to connect to the uPlay servers to play the game.

479087 No.14481063


There was a reason DMC was held up as the 60fps standard for so long. ESP DMC3 the toaster magic game that ran on anything at 60fps.

You might be thinking LOAD TIMES, which were unavoidable at the time.

12e25e No.14481081

File: dc789e42066fa23⋯.jpg (45.14 KB, 655x367, 655:367, DMC hd.JPG)


The system requirements on the store page says

>*Internet connection required for game activation

but nothing about Denuvo.

People even got to play DMC1 a week early if they had Twitch Prime and nobody has reported anything about Denuvo.

dc6945 No.14481087


I don't remember there being anything game breaking emulation wise.

dae8e9 No.14481172

File: 5a2784f2e784a94⋯.jpg (211.23 KB, 640x901, 640:901, 210177_front.jpg)

Not sure if this will mean anything to anyone, but apparently this is a port of the 360 version of the game:


3dad2d No.14481188

Is it worth buying?

8145c6 No.14481209

8145c6 No.14481211


Well it is if you haven't played DMC3 before, but other than that I would just recommend emulating it or getting the Ubishit version so you can style switch.

12e25e No.14481244


Well the creator of the Style Switcher mod has said he's interested in redoing it for the HD collection, he's also thinking about adding other things like Level select for DMC1 and having Sparda's DT for the whole game.

c1ea6d No.14481338


Games that are about 3gb each when they came out being 12gb

Usually I'd go wtf at these posts but honestly it's legit here

c6dbca No.14481366

So what, no extra layer of DRM to fuck you over? Is this really modern (((CAPCOM)))?

12e25e No.14481384


DMC2 also had 2 discs so it seems about right.


There hasn't been any reports so far, They also didn't give Okami HD or Resdient Evil Remake/0 Denuvo, so I guess they don't see older games as worth it.

eca22a No.14481452


Capcom is a shitty company that is trying to keep afloat by re-releasing the actual good games they made long ago. Pirate.

0bd6ea No.14481464



The EULA where Denuvo usually gets its mention isn't anywhere on DMCHDC's.

8efadf No.14481559

File: b58e2d7971e96fe⋯.png (33.51 KB, 641x284, 641:284, quality.png)


e52da7 No.14481564


Okami just runs like shit and performs like shit and none of the control options work unless you use big picture mode

Dolphin Emulator/PS2 emulator and Okami runs 10x better

af8abe No.14481635


Okami performs perfect here (other than being locked at 30fps). And my PC is pretty low end.

ed0fac No.14481675

File: c44ad7e1f509215⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, STLYESWITCH2.webm)


>Not playing DMC3 on PC with the style switcher mod that pretty much fixes everything

top pleb

d3cc1f No.14481713

File: 640dc78d08fef1c⋯.webm (88.65 KB, 480x360, 4:3, denton_no.webm)


>no sound

ed0fac No.14481734

File: 233e8ce49de5fd7⋯.webm (10.61 MB, 640x480, 4:3, DanteVsLady.webm)

a19867 No.14481737


>implying it doesn't break the difficulty

>implying it fixes the port entirely

playable != good

ed0fac No.14481757

File: a6919f487968125⋯.webm (8.99 MB, 640x480, 4:3, DanteVsReaper.webm)


The style switcher fixes almost all of the issues.

That said, it doesnt make the game easier by default, it just makes the skill ceiling much higher. If you play DMC3 for the first time you'll still suck, but you have more options available.

a19867 No.14481868


I played DMC3 for the first time with the mod and it was a breeze.

ed0fac No.14481881


Its not particularly difficult, especially if you played DMC4 beforehand

13731e No.14482369


>once and a while

12e25e No.14482443

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here's a comparison video of each version

12e25e No.14482690

File: c0cb8c259f9462c⋯.jpg (75.95 KB, 598x801, 598:801, DMC1 Turbo mode.JPG)

File: e25afee34544361⋯.mp4 (6.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, DMC1 turbo mode.mp4)

917c19 No.14482879


thats actually pretty sweet

25a28c No.14482913

File: 1dee2e773a6c794⋯.png (59.64 KB, 635x470, 127:94, FF12 PC.PNG)


>what are games that originally shipped on 4 gb DVDs

How old are you?

It's also a damn better file size than SE's FF12 HD port.

911795 No.14482949



Except that this will totally fuck over the platforming. Very disagreementian outlook on shit ports I must admit tho.

463fa9 No.14482978

Does DMC3 actually work with my xbox 360 pad now without having to go through a million community fixes that don't work?

12e25e No.14483018


While i'm not defending the lack of an FPS lock, It just make everything in the game faster, the platforming would still be the same just the few times platforms move it would be a bit faster. All the Platforming in DMC1 is just run toward the edge of where you want to go and then jump, I don't think it would be unreasonable.


Yeah it's a completely different port, so it works fine now.

9b1bf1 No.14483590

Console release I presume? cuz I don't see anything on Steam.

12e25e No.14483621

File: 0a50f906b350be0⋯.mp4 (167.96 KB, 480x360, 4:3, what are you fucking stupi….mp4)


Did you try reading the thread

Did you try typing in DMC HD collection in search


9b1bf1 No.14483634


I don't get it, I did a search and it didn't appear a while ago.

12e25e No.14483648

File: 231aad3565c4f32⋯.webm (1.07 MB, 852x480, 71:40, The DmC Reboot Controvers….webm)


Well now it did.

9b1bf1 No.14483665


Yep, is not the first time though, like when I searched Friday the 13th game, it only appeared when I did a google search for the steam page.

78493a No.14484144

File: 7405f4fa000f447⋯.jpg (44.67 KB, 400x400, 1:1, DCHH_LaughingManTavern_133….jpg)

>not releasing 1, 3 and 4.

>including 2

3fd8c3 No.14484172

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Not wanting a high quality rip of this

dc6945 No.14484324

Torrent when?

12e25e No.14484641


Capcom tends to do every game even if people don't want it, They announced the Mega Man X Collection which will likely just be some Roms for the most part, but it's also going to included remastered version of Mega Man X7 and X8, and those are going to be far more work then the games that came before it.

770960 No.14484666

File: 433c1c8a003b803⋯.png (10.22 KB, 1638x72, 91:4, dmc.PNG)


uhh yesterday?

603c48 No.14484770

File: f9b4f5ae6c2a3ae⋯.png (28.79 KB, 250x250, 1:1, When things get too cuhray….png)

>Tried emulating DMC1 years ago because I liked 3 and 4 so much

>Couldn't beat the first boss

>dropped the game

>Since then been getting into conversations with friends about the series, been egged into playing the game again With my refresh rate at 72hz, so the game plays at %120 speed

>Didn't think I got any better at action games since my last attempt, but the HD collection is on PC so why not.

>mfw I beat the boss first try this time

I don't know how to feel about this. I now have access to the rest of the game.

2b7405 No.14484786


you'll fight him two more timesthree if you aren't a bitch

12e25e No.14484997


You bump into Phantom 4 times on normal, on Hard you can fight him 5 times since you can bump into him in the area where you fight the first Shadow, but only if you go back to that area on a later mission. I feel like almost no one knows about this since I only found out about it by accident.

34f40d No.14485009


I think he was talking about the fight inside Nightmare.

12e25e No.14485034


Well if you aren't a bitch you would fight Phantom at least 4 times since their are the 2 times he chases you down the hall are optional, The Nightmare boss would be a 5th time. You can also fight Nelo Angelo a 4th time during the Nightmare fight, and maybe griffon i'm not sure. you have to get caught each encounter with Nightmare.

2b7405 No.14485050


>Well if you aren't a bitch you would fight Phantom at least 4 times

Guess what 1 and three times more adds up to?

34f40d No.14485083


And with the niche scenario you mentioned it would make it six.

>You can also fight Nelo Angelo a 4th time during the Nightmare fight, and maybe griffon i'm not sure. you have to get caught each encounter with Nightmare.

Nero Angelo is there in the third fight with Nightmare, yeah. You want to get caught intentionally if you're playing on DMD, it's really the only way to make it out of the fight without shattering the orbs.

12e25e No.14485091


sorry must have read your post wrong.

49a4bd No.14487253


>ESP DMC3 the toaster magic game that could run on anything

You mean the original DMC4? DMC3's PC port was one of the worst until the style switcher mod fixed some things after some tampering. Speaking of these PC rereleases, 4's Special Edition wasn't as as well optimized since it was done by a different team and you needed to turn off post processing and shader effects to get it to run on older hardware. Are these ports the same? Apparently my computer can just barely run the original port of 3, can this collection be run with an integrated graphics card if I set it to low and turn the additional effects off? The reports of it not fixing some of the issues from the 1st iteration of the collection has me a bit worried too.

99744a No.14490866


this, i stopped playing at the first nelo angelo fight when i first played.

beat the game in one sitting in 5 hours two days ago, started hard mode yesterday

games fun as shit

0d299c No.14491602

So how are the PC ports on this collection? Any fuck ups?

I saw some reviews saying they weren't too great.

dc6945 No.14491727

DMC 1 is a lot better this time around for me. Don't know what exactly changed. Got about 8 missions to go. Ghost Ship nearly had me drop the game, Griffon on that boat is torture.

0d299c No.14491998


What about the others?

Noticed any graphical glitch or something?

e6e77d No.14492014


Nigga just get a PS2 then

12e25e No.14492029

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They forgot to put in an FPS limiter so if your monitor goes above 60fps the game runs too fast. See, >>14482690

As for Graphical bugs embed related.

As far as straight up gameplay though everything is perfectly fine. in the last HD collection Kalina ann's grapple move didn't work and one of Mundus attacks was invisible those were fixed. They also added in the unlimited Devil trigger code in DMC2 for all versions, which used to be Europe exclusive.

12e25e No.14492032

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


These are problems, but I didn't notice any of them when playing, only after these vids pointed them out.

12e25e No.14492053


Phantom's speech does have subs BTW so do the human characters now too, he just didn't turn on the subtitles.

Although a few lines they forgot to sub.

0d299c No.14492057


Interesting. Those are really minor so I'm sure they can get fixed in a patch. Even if they don't get fixed it's nothing to fuss about.

8ab864 No.14492084

Why is DMC4 so much harder than DMC3SE

12e25e No.14492102


It isn't DMC4 is piss easy if you compare DMD modes.

ac134b No.14492106

File: db9f03a6c1292f0⋯.jpg (143.29 KB, 757x960, 757:960, dmc3 xmas.jpg)


> it's nothing to fuss about

It also means it's nothing worth paying for if the original release is superior. Might as well emulate it.

I was going to sell my HD collection on PS3 to pay for this PC version but now I'll just wait until they patch it. If they never do, oh well. I've already bought and played these games like 3 times and capcom still fuck me over by never giving the series the love it deserves, nor any other stuff I support like biohazard outbreak. Where's that HD? The game that needs modern tech the most out of all capcom's library. Ugh. Makes me angry AF

0d299c No.14492124


> Might as well emulate it.

Well I definitely would but I can't because PCSX2 devs are faggots and the emulator doesn't run well on AMD CPUs and AMD GPUs.

8ab864 No.14492138


I'm playing normal Devil Bringer. I think it's harder than DMC3SE normal so far.

12e25e No.14492157


I felt the opposite alittle while ago after not playing DMC3 for a some time and being rusty I had a much harder time before I got DT.

Nero's Buster always made bosses a cake walk in DMC4.

8ab864 No.14492173


I'm not sure what the issue is. I'm having a hard time keeping my cuhrazy going even though it's technically easier early game than DMC3. I also keep getting tangled up with the damn camera and getting bodied for it.

6c825e No.14492671

how is the keyboard + mouse support?

f3437f No.14492681


You can manually set up a 60 FPS lock

You do know that right?

12e25e No.14492795

File: f7a476378ef72e8⋯.jpg (171.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, keyboard.JPG)


No mouse support, You can change what keys are each button, but you can't map controls in game save for DMC3 but that still shows controller inputs.

It like how it was in DMC3 and 4

No mouse look, but your almost never moving the camera yourself in a DMC game anyway, the camera is going to be fixed or the lock on will move it for you.

I played with Keyboard a bit and it works fine, but I just stick to controller.

7d5eb0 No.14492924


What if you removed your penis

then you really wouldn't be gay haha

99744a No.14492970


no bayonetta is dmc with vagina

7d5eb0 No.14493092


>go to put my headphones on

>find when I do so that the webm's inexplicably missing its audio

78493a No.14493197



Unrelated but I really miss OG Dante as a character. It's a shame Kamiya didn't stick around at Capcom to help produce 3 and 4. Now the character of Dante just feels like an empty meme.

66f071 No.14493278


you should get a gamepad and stop being a kbm cuck

82b8ea No.14493332


lol why do people care about the size of games I have like 5 terabytes of hardrive lol

8145c6 No.14493336


but DMC3 and 4 Dante are much better characters when compared to the OG Dante

2e86ce No.14493435


That won't save you if devs keep fucking up and releasing 100+gb games.

ac134b No.14494870


That's not the problem I have with it. See above video.

87c2e6 No.14494894

Can someone upload DMC3 only? I heard the games come in separate folders so it should be possible.

49a4bd No.14496184


I own the games already but you can't use the style switcher on console.

9d9aec No.14496479


Isn't DMC1 Dante just RE4 Leon with more balls?

99744a No.14496530


yeah, i finished dmc1 yesterday and i couldnt stop thinking about re4 the whole time, its weird as fuck

822561 No.14496560

File: 553b88e3e77685c⋯.jpg (193.91 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, DYUvjv6UMAEkCzv.jpg)

File: 1904bdf0e29c279⋯.jpg (182.1 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, DYUvjv6VQAAmmrW.jpg)

What's that bald fuck planning?

dc6945 No.14496640


Fuck no. DMC3 and 4 is like if some 12 year old got their hands on a character. Then again, I am biased against the pretty boy who just doesn't care because he is so perfectly above everyone else.

34f40d No.14496652

File: 5aefd571991d452⋯.jpg (35.48 KB, 470x628, 235:314, what did you just say abou….jpg)


>like if some 12 year old got their hands on a character

And that's different to the original design in what way?

a42c94 No.14496740

Only ever played DMCDmc and it was pretty ehh, are the earlier ones any better? I'll be downloading them either way, I dont even know why I'm asking

34f40d No.14496744


They're made by completely different teams, so yeah.

a42c94 No.14496747


I remember talking to some other anon about it and he mentioned there's a mode without the button mashing?

3d41e7 No.14496762


this is exacly the kind of thing you never knew you wanted until you saw it

now i really fucking want it

34f40d No.14496788


What, in DmC or DMC? For the former you're not really going to squeeze more value out of the game by playing the definitive edition or bumping up the difficulty, the framework for a great action game just isn't there.

For the real series itself the combat isn't about button mashing even on the baseline difficulty, it's not possible to make it past even the third mission of DMC1 by mashing triangle. Once you learn some more techniques and beat the game you can bump the difficulty up to Hard or Dante Must Die!, which is where the game is at its best. Highly recommend the series, and I highly recommend forgetting all about Ninja Theory's take on the franchise, it's irrelevant.

a42c94 No.14496899


>What, in DmC or DMC?

I'm going to play the hd collection, but I remembered playing DMC and it was all button mashy stuff but if the first one isn't then great, because button mashing isn't all that great.

who the fuck thought it'd be a good idea to the newer game DMC Devil may cry, it's literally dmc dmc

8f5527 No.14497249


>like a 12 year old got their hands on a character


In case you're new to the series, all of dante's lines forever have always been maximum edge and cheese. "Flock off bird brain" and "LIIIIIIIIIGHT" are both prime examples of dante being a general shit to enemies.

>against the pretty boy who just doesn't care

>devil may care

>an attitude in which a character is uninterested in the events going on around him as though it is all beneath him or has nothing to do with him personally

You are not smart.


DmC is absolutely nothing like DMC. DMC is a pretty cool dude, eh kills demons and doesnt afraid of anything

seriously though DMC 1 is near RE levels of puzzles with good combat, DMC 2 is something I have to try, DMC 3 heavily focuses on combat and 4 wanted to try something new with the systems

a42c94 No.14497299


>dmc 1 is like resident evil 1

the beginning reminds me of it too, the fucking mansion is already pissing me off and I've been here for barely two minutes

a42c94 No.14497325

how do I advance in the first area on dmc1, what the fuck, am I just retarded?

8f5527 No.14497330


You'll be walking around for a while until you figure it out, it's in that weird place in history where games didn't direct you to the critical path but it isn't so vague that you'll be exploring the entire world until you find the magic key to the door.


git gud

12e25e No.14497342


DMC1 is pretty linear Like you can go back to any room if you wanted, but there is only one way to go to move forward. The first room you collect some orbs, so you can get a feel for the controls, and then you go in the only direction you can.

a42c94 No.14497343


Turns out you have to spam a on the really vague looking jumping thing. fucking old games always do this shit, I'll have to get into the habit of pressing every button on every pixel

8f5527 No.14497409


Now you're getting it.

dac3c1 No.14497471


porting these games to PC was a mistake

913cb5 No.14497572


I disagree, this is my first time playing and I just got to Mundus. I only got stuck at where to put the trident and even then it was only for 20 minutes. Thoroughly enjoying myself, gfi.

dc6945 No.14497675

>tfw Mundus is stopping me from beating DMC 1 so I can never touch it again

a42c94 No.14498324


Same thing happened with me on Ninja Gaiden 2 and about another ten games, I never did git gud


It's a pretty good game apart from the camera angles

913cb5 No.14498394


Just shoot him from the ground level and roll away from the needles. Use Devil Trigger every now and then. Honestly the easiest time I had with the bosses aside from Griffon.

34f40d No.14498409


You don't even have to be that strategic on Normal mode, you can jump up on the rocks and whack him in the face safely, he isn't that aggressive. You can also rack up a LOT of damage by using Round Trip coupled with Devil Trigger and your projectiles.

On the highest difficulty he's a real bastard. Learning the parry timing on the lava dragon and trying to consistently dodge the rotating orbs was a pain in the ass, especially since you have to redo the Space Harrier sequence for every attempt.

913cb5 No.14498419


>round trip

Fuck I forgot about that. Could have done him in 2 tries instead of 4.

99744a No.14499048

first time player here, what the fuck was that mundus fight

watching it wouldve been hype as fuck but playing it was retarded, i was excited for some cuhrayzee sword fights against a god

then he comes back in a fucking SEWER for the REAL last fight where you just fuckin shoot him

i also used stockpiled devil stars to fuck off past the flying part

dc6945 No.14499068


DMC1 is ultimately a mess as it was pretty much a genre starter.

99744a No.14499076


its a mess that i loved

9d9aec No.14499444


The game is proto RE4.

e6bb2f No.14500970


if it was released on pc the same time as xbox 360 i might have bought it but i've already enjoyed it on 360

is it any better on pc compared to 360?

66f071 No.14500975


now s-rank the entire game on dante must die.

8efadf No.14500987

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>is it any better on pc compared to 360?

Its worse

66f071 No.14501014


matthewmatosis was right

8b2dca No.14501029


I remember DMC3 used to have a bug on my old computer. If you used software to overclock the CPU it would run faster, so I'd OC to 125% or so + use Turbo and it was really awesome.

Of course using Cheat Engine is way more sensible.

4d78b9 No.14501874


The music being the wrong frequency is the exact same problem in REmake HD, which means Capcom clearly didn't learn from their mistakes.

0bd6ea No.14502619


I got Cheat Engine to slow the game down proportionately to the frame rate.


4f882e No.14502650


>Its worse

Its not worse than the 360 version. Its certainly worse than the PS3 version though.

0bd6ea No.14502664


I can run the game now at 144 fps at the intended speed though.

ac134b No.14502680

File: 24f44a2469698a7⋯.png (550.78 KB, 557x700, 557:700, 827trd.png)


Consider me interested. Still pisses me off that random anons in their free time managed to fix such an important aspect of the game while the HD dev team, payed by the hour, couldn't manage it.

4f882e No.14502700


Its probable that the HD rerelease is based on the hardware renderers of PCSX2 with some specific hacks coded in. It would explain why the cutscenes in DMC3 are all prerendered because the DirectX renderer for PCSX2 could not emulate the cutscenes with proper effects and even nowadays there are some effects missing in the OpenGL one.

cc0612 No.14502705

I'm gonna stick to the PS2 versions, i recently got a beautiful CRT and component cables so my games look better anyway.

0bd6ea No.14502707

ac134b No.14503327

File: 031a8004bd03c0f⋯.png (270.18 KB, 600x359, 600:359, 031a8004bd03c0f89629ee8cf3….png)


There's still graphic effects that are missing. I'm going to hold off buying until then. Played this series enough, honestly. Not in any huge rush to give capcom my money anyway. If graphic effects are never restored, I still don't see much incentive to buy it rather than keep playing the PS3 HD or emulating the original.

851922 No.14509301


>Wait didn't this come out on 360 ages ago?

That's what I thought too.

66f071 No.14509308


ps3 hd remake is also missing effects. always play the original on original hardware if you want the best experience. 9 out of 10 times these re-releases are inferior versions.

12e25e No.14509319

File: a0e9a1fe85f28f9⋯.jpg (191.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, short coat.jpg)

File: 93e0ba87057038a⋯.jpg (111.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Vergil recolor.jpg)


Yeah but now their can be DMC1 mods

6ffff0 No.14509321


Too bad that it only supports 480i and looks like vomit even with component cables.

66f071 No.14509326


stop playing on a shitty display then.

6ffff0 No.14509360


I have a trinitron kv-13mv31, still. These games definitely looks better on PC and also run better.

78493a No.14509361


>short jacket

For what purpose?

66f071 No.14509368


A kitchen size consumer trinitron isn't exactly gonna be doing miracles with comb filtering.

6ffff0 No.14509374


I have no fucking idea what that is, but you sound smart so whatever.

78493a No.14509376


Also, you can recolor Dante to look like Vergil but you can't give him the Yamato?

12e25e No.14509379

File: 0b73f8b3df6688f⋯.mp4 (5.36 MB, 480x360, 4:3, devil may cry ps2 trailer ….mp4)


They probably wanted to inmate the E3 trailers look.

12e25e No.14509388


Those are just people's early quick attempts at mods. I don't think people have gotten into the code for switching things around just yet.

78493a No.14509396


Oh that's what it is.

I have to wonder where and what the decision to give him a trenchcoat was for then. Sure hope it wasn't le matrix.

8f5527 No.14509482


after you experience cloaks for long enough you start to get bored of the design either way. Dante always looks better with his coat off.

8f5527 No.14509483


it was probably trigun/hellsing/some other third thing.

34f40d No.14509484


>Dante always looks better with his coat off.

So everyone will be playing DMC1 shirtless, the way most people play DMC3?

8f5527 No.14509490



I hope there's an option for just the vest, but that would work too.

7d5eb0 No.14515418


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