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File: e93eea9a818bc74⋯.jpg (95.93 KB, 900x506, 450:253, darksoulsII002.jpg)

114c5e No.14481034

I really enjoyed demon's and dark souls 1, however I put off playing any other games in the series until just recently, but I absolutely cannot bring myself to play dark souls II. I've tried a couple of times to get into it but I can barely manage an hour without getting bored of it, I'm not sure if it's the visual style and animations or the massive mechanics overhaul or what but, it just seems to be generally shitty.

So is it really just a piece of shit and would it be fine to skip straight to 3 or have I become a casual without realising it and need to deal with it?

8b9216 No.14481062

>would it be fine to skip straight to 3

It's DS2.5, expect even more shit but this time made by the A team

77a018 No.14481074

File: 8260d484bcf5c9f⋯.png (379.85 KB, 950x370, 95:37, ClipboardImage.png)

Only play 2 if you're absolutely fed up with the rest of the series and can bear an iteration that's designed to be as frustrating as possible. It's not a bad game in itself but it's very shit in the context of the series. And no, Scholar of the First Sin doesn't fix shit, in fact it makes it worse in many cases.

2e606a No.14481076

No reason to force yourself to play it if you don't enjoy it. Lorewise it's pretty meaningless, and it's not like you get much of a story at the best of times in the series barring speculation.

b990de No.14481079

2 is mediocre. It's quite alright as a game to play when watching something on another screen, but it never gets better than that.

3 is slightly more engaging.

114c5e No.14481107

File: 3323e45e710372e⋯.png (2.08 MB, 900x1252, 225:313, Maiden in Black 06.png)





Well that's a shame, I suppose I won't bother with it then. I might take a look at three but if it's mechanically and stylistically identical but with better application/construction I don't think it would make a noticably more enjoyable experience.

I wonder when fromsoft will get their shit together and put out a good game. Honestly any of their series have potential but they've really been milking the lowest common denominator lately.

8b5fe4 No.14481108

While not bad I recommend against playing them because it'll ruin your impression of the first game, especially the lore.

c8565e No.14481112

It'll be the same the whole way through. The people who liked it probably never understood what made DeS and DaS better than generic fantasy games in the first place. I can't really recommend Dark Souls 3, either. It is clearly not as bad as 2, but it isn't creative and it doesn't present anything new or complex. It doesn't build on the previous games, it's content to show you exactly what you already saw.

8b9216 No.14481134


Long explanation:

Instead of learning what people disliked from DS2 and improving it on DS3, they doubled down on them. and believe me, i really wanted to like it

At least it's worth a pirate.

There's an anon on the thread about the DS remaster that explained it better


114c5e No.14481151



Here's a cute yuria for your responses


That's pretty thorough, thanks for that one.

Nioh seems like it's actually closer to what was enjoyable from demon's and ds1 then 2 and 3, definitely looks worth playing even if the setting is so far removed from the japanese-western fantasy of from's games.

114c5e No.14481154

File: 4ecaac47e0977ca⋯.jpg (560.4 KB, 886x879, 886:879, ユリア感謝.jpg)


Err, here I mean.

55bc2a No.14481155

Ds2's pve is easily the worst in the series but the pvp is the best. Honestly all the games are completely fucking broken with some truly mind-boggling retarded design choices

8b5fe4 No.14481158


>Ds2's pve is easily the worst in the series but the pvp is the best.

I agree. DS2 has decent build variety and the Bell Tower PvP is pretty fun.

77a018 No.14481165


None of DS3's problems were DS2 but worse.

Also the post you linked is bullshit central. Linking to it does the opposite of supporting your point.

9856a4 No.14481170

File: 57c602204da16e0⋯.png (29.32 KB, 500x500, 1:1, god.png)



>"the pvp is the best"

>hackers and washing pole hosts with sunlight blade/dark weapon is good pvp

13e61f No.14481178

File: 6e15bee2d881832⋯.jpg (335.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fumay.jpg)

I just replayed DaS2 for the first time a few months ago, and the new version (Scholar) definitely felt more difficult than the first time, with more enemies added in ridiculous locations. As if the first verison didn't have many scenarios where you'd get ganked and raped way too easily just by entering a room without checking it out first (tedious if you have to do it all the fucking time) it was somehow made worse.

But the overabundance of healing crystals and how they can even stack enough to cancel out poison and keep healing you even if you should have suffered a deadly blow, it also felt too easy at points. The game also suffers from enemies with massive lock-on, they can turn 360 degrees and walk out of the room no problem, and many enemy grabs that an be instakills have absurd range, even if you're 3 meters to the side your character slides into the animation.

Only real positives I can think of are a few DLC bosses like Fume Knight, possibly the hardest boss in the entire series for me, I've only beat him once.

8b5fe4 No.14481181


You got hackers in every one of the three games.

2e606a No.14481191


Am guilty of this, can confirm.

8f1c0b No.14481208

I liked it really. Probably the worst out of the Souls series, but it was still a good game. It's known that the B team made it while the main guys worked on Bloodborne. But rumor is that they were almost actively sabotaged by some of the guys behind 1, who were afraid of their game being eclipsed by 2. Probably wouldn't have happened anyway, but it's still unfortunate because 2 showed a lot of promise despite its flaws, and now it's a meme to say it's absolute trash. Unfortunate for the team behind it, they had some really good ideas like the weapon system.

3dbeb5 No.14481234


2 wouldnt piss me off as much if it was complete trash, but these little diamond in the rough things like new damage types and new ways to scale damage, powerstancing, new weapon types and some cool new spells in the monstrous sea of shit make me pick it back up every now and then

surprise surprise ds3 didnt actually bring any of the good things back from 2

14a787 No.14481241

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>fume knight

he's tough, and then you see something like this.

a65d5c No.14481286

2 is my favorite, though I'd stay away from SOTFS.

a65d5c No.14481301

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7151f4 No.14481302


>The people who liked it probably never understood what made DeS and DaS better than generic fantasy games in the first place.

what is that again

d46af3 No.14481319

>have I become a casual without realising it and need to deal with it?

No, DaS2 is absolute dogshit. It put me off so badly that I never bothered with the DLC after the first 1 or DaS3.

f05415 No.14481371


I loved Dark Souls 2 when it was released. The main game was king of shitty, but there were so many ways to exploit PvP.

But it was not be, and everything fun was eventually patched away.

f6367b No.14481383


If you're gonna play DaS2 save yourself the trouble and just go pure caster. Once you get yourself a few Hexes you've beaten the game.

700fc8 No.14481395

I'm still pissed off about the fucking windmill

cbd151 No.14481433

>Can't stand the easiest game in the series.

First- you can carry 99 of every healing item, 999 of every arrow, 99 of every knife, 99 of every bomb. Between being killed in one~two hits, even the shittiest casual can eventually beat Dark Souls 2.

Second - No you haven't become a casual. The world just became more casual and you are finally noticing it.

76d902 No.14481436

File: c388c463583a170⋯.jpg (39.53 KB, 966x294, 23:7, ds2.JPG)

I've been playing this game for a while now, the SotFs edition on PC. I went back to play Demon's Souls a few days ago, it was still too easy, and I remember having to challenge myself to beat it on SL1, which I eventually did. Dark Souls 2 Sotfs is much more difficult in that matter, SL1 gets you a two handed hand axe and not much else that can take punishment. I found the main game quite easy with casters, but the dlc chapters which are included with the SOTFS edition are very tough at the boss and optional boss fights. I never played Dark Souls 2 original, but will just to see the difference.

a862a5 No.14481448

Some say it's the worst game of the series, but the true worst game is DaS3. The Dark Souls trilogy is downhill in quality and that's a fact.

cbd151 No.14481471



Every forum on the internet at the time.

>How do beat this bitch with poison?


<Game in fact gives you zero clues about the windmill.

>Retarded fanboys defend the Windmill for ages




<People want to enjoy the game blind but encounter a puzzle that defeats blind playing or heaven forbid you internet goes down.

>Devs eventually patch in hints for the Windmill.

Worst design in the series since the Dragon Ass Disco in Dark Souls pre 1.6 aka EZ mode – But then again, there was also the Shrine of Amana in 1.0 Dark Souls 2, sweet merciful Jesus. I can't decide which was worse. The endless aggro from long range magical enemies that you can't even see or the endless aggro from the dragon asses.

Wait no. The Dragon Asses could kill each other at least.

0b5201 No.14481525


>So is it really just a piece of shit and would it be fine to skip straight to 3


89f6bb No.14481528

File: ce12bc008b2e68c⋯.jpg (503.48 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 1370092928-dark-souls-2-ar….jpg)

File: 13dbbcd654c22e0⋯.jpg (146.5 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, dark_souls_2_caitha_s_conc….jpg)

File: 837d2fec01401b3⋯.jpg (211.7 KB, 900x1306, 450:653, Environment_Concept_11.jpg)

All the insane amount of stuff that was cut from DS2 is still making me rage.

42179e No.14481551

>played Dark Souls 2 pirated only once when in launched only some months ago.

>Interesed in playing it after playing DSIII enought, and waiting the DS1 remaster.

Its really that bad the remaster? Could at least be worthy to play it pirated? I havent played it with the dlc…

cd7cde No.14481552


What the fuck? I know several people who didn't find the windmill on their first playthrough and still beat the slut in the slippery sludge. The windmill makes the fight easier but it's not required; god forbid you actually have to switch up your gear/tech some items for a major boss fight.

160d19 No.14481558

I was the same way. I thought it wouldn't be as bad as anons were making it out to be and accepted it wouldn't be as good as DaS1 but I dropped it an hour in and haven't played it since.

e780ac No.14481572


>Notice the beams inside connected to windmill

>Try throwing firebombs and using pyromancy on the windmill


>Try hitting the windmill


>Assume you're supposed to find some other mechanism to stop it

>You're supposed to set fire to it with a torch

>The part you set fire to is made out of metal

Fuck that windmill

eae20c No.14481586

Time to school all the kiddies in this thread. Get them ready for future Dark Souls 2 threads.

Dark Souls 2 is the single deepest, most challenging, most skill-based game ever created. There is not a single other game in any genre that comes close to the level of skill that being a Dark Souls 2 player requires.

This is why Dark Souls 2 threads are the best, most intelligent threads on /v/. Only the smartest, brightest, and most patient people post in them. Essentially, the very best of humanity posts in them.

Conversely, the only people who don't like Dark Souls 2 clearly don't have the skills to handle its depth. It is too hardcore for them. That's okay though. Games like Dark Souls 3 exist for people like them. Dark Souls 2 fans are too good to hold grudges.

b957d9 No.14481599

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


and it had one of the better game trailers to this day

cbd151 No.14481673


>Use a torch

>In the brightest lit area in the game.

>Prompt will not appear unless you're holding a torch.

If you want to fish some positives from it, at least the Torch still had some use AND in "updated" version, the Pillar is now greasy looking as fuck, a prompt appears if you do not have a torch out and there's a permanent sign that appears offline in the area. ( At this point, you can actually say 6 Dark Souls games. Dark Souls 1 Updated / Dark Souls 1 at Launch/ New Dark Souls 1 , Dark Souls 2 Updated, Dark Souls 2 at Launch. They feel like different games in retrospect.)

Unlike the Pendant Gift in Dark Souls.


Of course! That's where all the ire comes from! People just tanked the shit out of her and then rightfully raged when they discovered they didn't need to. It was also the whole point of the "puzzle". Most of the puzzles and traps in Demons Souls and Dark Souls could be figured out with observation - In this case, rational thinking lost out and we entered that disgusting Monkey Island / Kings Quest level of doing something really simple.

It would make sense if it was a bad translation, but this was simply lack of information and insult to injury, the dialog that gave the hint was cut from the game for some idiotic reason only to be added back in with the update/ DLC.

c8565e No.14481683

File: 5e63c3e06b2142d⋯.png (5.12 KB, 552x342, 92:57, das2_maps.png)


Unexpected and interesting encounters/environments, oppressive atmosphere, unforgiving but fair (keyword) situations, and levels that don't look like this.

a65d5c No.14481693

File: 3a860f5018dce7a⋯.jpg (15.88 KB, 471x280, 471:280, dark souls linearity.jpg)


Dark Souls 2 is less interconnected than Dark Souls 1, but it certainly isn't more linear.

f42d6b No.14481718


>first image

I'm pretty sure all of that was just from the concept artists portfolio and was never supposed to be in the game. I even remember when it was first posted and people explicitly said the guy has a knack for the sorts of things that fit dark souls' atmosphere.

c8565e No.14481720


I played both games blind in version 1.0. You could outrun the dragon asses if you were gud. Shrine of Amana, there was no salvation. But then Almana's boss was fine, and Izalith's boss was truly awful, so it about evens out if you include the bosses.

459473 No.14481723



If there is one thing I liked about DS2 is the setting is more High fantasy as opposed to the low fantasy of the others in the series.

I don't know if I can describe it better.

DS1 and 3 felt at least to me like the scale of Gods, Demons, and the end of the world clashed with the low fantasy that the setting presented.

cd7cde No.14481803


I didn't realize it was cut out. I still think of it as a happy bonus that you get for exploring thoroughly.

64bee2 No.14481844


It's just very clearly a game that got chopped up mid dev cycle and stapled back together at the last moment

That said it's still better than 3

89f6bb No.14481874


I wouldn't call any of the souls low fantasy, DS2 is more generic high fantasy, giant demon and dragon enemies, while the others are dark fantasy with weirder enemies and less obvious locations than a fire castle, a floating castle and a rainy castle.

b68244 No.14482284


Dark Souls II is basically Dark Souls Gaiden, in both story and game mechanics/feel. Dark Souls III is much more the direct sequel to Dark Souls in both respects. Play DS2 after 3 if you still feel up to it.

50c44f No.14482586

File: 9a112df97a756b3⋯.jpeg (91.32 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1516F8E2-6E89-4465-AB3A-B….jpeg)

So, are enemies supposed to be able to attack you through walls, fog walls, staircases, and through other enemies? This has been such a consistent fuck up up of the series that I’m starting to think that the enemies’ weapons clipping through solid matter is some sort of feature.

50c44f No.14482602


That DLC had my favorite bosses. The level design was meh and gimmicky but Fume Knight and Sir Alonne were fun to fight

50c44f No.14482639


A metal fucking windmill. A metal. Fucking. Windmill.


2d175d No.14482666


I understand what you mean, op. A lot of people bitch about muh graphics downgrade and sheit. In truth, though, the game itself is complete garbage as you stated yourself. Animations suck, controls suck, the game had no - at least in the beginning - 360 degree movement, only a 8 directions movement. fromdrones always bitch about the Soulsmemory shit and level design shit and whatnot, which is completely irrelevant when the game itself isn't fun to begin with.

It's kinda like those people who still play Super Mario 64 and praise Mario's movement, saying how good it is, it's kind of like that.

Dark Souls 2 simply doesn't feel good to play when you compare it to the others.

Though the game had some great stuff in it unique from its pre-and sequels, no doubt.

3dbeb5 No.14482680


this is satanic bait, and its well crafted too

2d175d No.14482700

File: 01db069f9d065b0⋯.jpg (20.66 KB, 371x335, 371:335, 01db069f9d065b0dc240dba7db….jpg)


No, it's truth, fromdrone. Your little mind can't understand it.


a6b3b2 No.14482705

Go straight into Dark Souls 3.

2 is trash.

3dbeb5 No.14482708


okay, since your numbers are so good I will give you the ultimate (you) and explain the bait

everything you said about dark souls 2 is completely true

super mario 64 has pretty nice movement though

f02474 No.14482709


>It's kinda like those people who still play Super Mario 64 and praise Mario's movement, saying how good it is, it's kind of like that.

I fucking hated the controls in SM64 when it was brand new and I never could understand how it's still so god damned popular to this day.

8760f6 No.14483299

Dark Souls 3 is the only game in the series that doesn't really warrant more than one play through, which is saying a lot seeing as how the base game is terribly short. There are not many fun or interesting areas that you have not seen before in other games, I found only two or three really memorable. The combat feels like From copy and pasted the endlessly flailing, high-poise enemies from Bloodborne and didn't include the same hit-for-health recovery mechanic. There are other blunders like the game forcing you to share a resource for spells and weapon abilities, or that it lazily reuses art from the first two games.

People bitch about Dark Souls 2 being unfinished which is a totally fair point, but I think that's more due to feature creep, Dark Souls 3 straight up feels like From just wanted to wrap the series up quickly and without a bang.

51bae2 No.14483326

File: 0a53c64e0e4adec⋯.png (4.19 KB, 80x110, 8:11, 1262396570341.png)


I honestly really liked the concept of Aldritch, and I'm a little miffed he was just kind've a side bitch instead of more of a threat. Instead, we just get "durr soul of cinder da end boss".

Expanding more on the "Age of the Deep" and having Aldritch constantly evade the player's grasp while he goes on to consume more gods would've been way more interesting. The buildup to him was such a letdown when Anor Londo was basically 5 steps and you're already at the boss room.

545695 No.14483371

>Dark souls 2 is just different

that's what they say about retarded kids

49af55 No.14483431

File: 5da0c032733999f⋯.jpg (38.71 KB, 506x703, 506:703, 5db1af70dd8ab880c000fbd081….jpg)


In my first playthrough I ended up killing the boss with the room full of poison. Never figured out the fire shit till after.

1ecf20 No.14483651


>2nd pic

Who's that one?

1ecf20 No.14483654


Fucking broken poise.

8037d3 No.14483692

>DS3 is good go play that

You people are what's wrong with the series.

54dbcd No.14483762


It's okay. Not even remotely as flawed as the alternative anyway.

c18b39 No.14483768

File: f66a183c9fb7b58⋯.jpg (51.48 KB, 400x400, 1:1, a1fbd0ea080ae2132cec79a3a0….jpg)


As shit as DS3 is, I still prefer it to DS2 because the character itself doesn't feel nearly as shitty to move while just about everything related to movement in 2 feels really off and I can't enjoy it.

f655bb No.14483775

DS2 has one of the best boss ideas of any souls game, The Mirror Knight. But for the most other than that boss and some of the magic aspects, the game isnt bad, it just isnt great either.

b41420 No.14483779



1ecf20 No.14483816


Too many armored humanoid enemies in that one though.

f14b2d No.14483862

File: f19ea15f3029f65⋯.jpg (86.35 KB, 612x380, 153:95, 1520282762394.jpg)


Dark Souls 2 is the filler episode of video games

its not bad. its got great pvp, but thats about it

skip to ds3 you wont miss anything since ds2 dosent progress the plot whatsoever.

f14b2d No.14483876

File: 16da4ea8e9942e3⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1349x853, 1349:853, what is this.jpg)


anon if you'ree going to defend ds2 why on earth would you use the bosses as an example. they're the lowest point of the game…

f14b2d No.14483912

File: f68100337ee20e8⋯.jpg (269.55 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, DarkSouls3RingedCity7.jpg)


if you liked ds1 or bloodborne you will definitely like 3, its an amazing game and my personal favorite of the trilogy, And the style of three is ak9in to ds1 . just a bit more grim.

ds2 was bad because Miazaki didn't make it, he was doing bloodborne at the time. however he returned for 3.

1ecf20 No.14483924

Why does Miyazaki hate shields so much? is evident when they made Dark Souls III.

f655bb No.14484065


The Mirror Knight is a cool boss with his own pseudo covenant which is a fun addition. I will agree that most of the others arent great and some are just terrible.

0c3141 No.14484086


Allow me to explain how you're retarded. Metal needs to be greased up if it is going to be moving against other parts, grease is flammable.

2962b2 No.14484101


Its just a boss concept lifted almost directly from Demons Souls

c8565e No.14484200


So is wood. Are we meant to try to burn down every wooden structure in the game in case it weakens bosses in some unpredictable way?

1ecf20 No.14484216


In general game logic we are used to burn wood or other certain organic materials when presented with an obstacle using them, I can't recall any game where you were supposed to burn down something made of metal instead of blowing it up, you know what would have been a little more intuitive? gunpowder barrels like the ones from an earlier area of the game.

10cf5a No.14484279

File: c623eb8ec26f366⋯.jpg (46.84 KB, 593x800, 593:800, l_3235.jpg)



Having personally run the entire series in a marathon, SOTFS was the biggest chore of all, placing so many enemies in so many locations that trying to run past them all was impossible (And believe me, "try dashing through" is one of my favorite strategies in souls games, as it encourages you to learn enemy layouts and how to navigate to preserve HP and estus before bosses.). After I beat it and got to DS3, it was like a breath of fresh air. DS3 is easily one of my favorites of the series, because in a lot of instances it's similar to DS1 in how it feels, but also has a lot of neat improvements like omni-directional rolling while locked on. That being said, the game isn't without its flaws, like normal shields inhaling stamina if you try to hide behind them. You might feel right at home playing DS3, it's definitely worth a try.

42179e No.14484423



c8565e No.14484436


Are you asking if Dark Souls 2 is bad or if the DaS1 Remaster will be bad?

42179e No.14484440


Talking about DSII. Only played pirated game at launch. Shoyld I get the remaster? Talking about PC.

a65d5c No.14484542


There are people that love Dark Souls 2 and people that hate Dark Souls 2, but both tend to agree that Dark Souls 2 > SOTFS.

42179e No.14484549


> There are people that love Dark Souls 2 and people that hate Dark Souls 2, but both tend to agree that Dark Souls 2 > SOTFS.

And why is that? How the hell did they fucked the game with the PC remaster?

2962b2 No.14484561


Scholar of the First Sin makes the base game way easier without touching any of the DLC.

Its less linear than vanilla Dark Souls 2 though.

bb6538 No.14484562

File: 33a52fa9d697239⋯.png (1.34 MB, 799x918, 47:54, DS series.png)


a65d5c No.14484568


Primarily, they changed enemy placements in a way that makes the game considerably less enjoyable.


Dark Souls 3 is a flanderisation of mechanics. People meme'd that any other playstyle than spamming the embarrassingly forgiving 13 iframe dodge role was somehow too easy, despite the opposite being true. People meme'd that anything that wasn't Dark Souls 1 'lore' was shit, despite From having made up the 'lore' on the go with no intention of creating a story out of it. So Miyazaki gave the community exactly what they wanted, a game that constantly throws DkS1 references at your face with no explanation while your rollspam and r1 spam through bosses. There's even a reference from Miyazaki's avatar Patches essentially telling the 'souls community' to fuck off and let them make something new.

a862a5 No.14484572


Your opinion is wrong, and Skyrim was released after DaS1.

b4a1f5 No.14484573


The levels in Dark Souls 2 do not fucking look like that. That's just bullshit. You can tear so much legitimate stuff out to criticize about 2, but don't just oversimplify things on purpose.

a862a5 No.14484574


SOTFS is an improvement.

114c5e No.14484575

File: 2f3dbdb0e4c381e⋯.jpg (225.47 KB, 607x874, 607:874, mib09.jpg)




I'm seeing this repeated a lot throughout the thread, that SoTFS actually makes the game a lot more tedious than it already is. For the part of the game that I did play it was in SoTFS, if enemy count is reduced in the base game it certainly would make progression a lot less tedious, and it could even affect the atmosphere postively. The enemy density in the few areas I played through was so high it was like walking through a bustling city moreso than the decrepit remains of an undead castle.

It sounds like it might be worth trying again with the base game.

bb6538 No.14484580


DS was released on PC after skyrim.

a862a5 No.14484589


And? If you honestly expected Dark Souls to be like Skyrim then you're a fucking underage faggot.

b4a1f5 No.14484594


Or he just never played the game on consoles. Not everybody owns consoles or watches gameplay. It's still a hugely ignorant expectation, but it doesn't mean he's underage.

114c5e No.14484599


I suppose it's a reasonable assumption to someone that never had a PS3, and that completely ignored every DeS thread and every comment related to DeS/DaS for the half decade or so before it was released on PC.

bb6538 No.14484608



I lost interest to PS3 as soon as it became obvious that everything on it will run at half framerate it did on PS2.

So yeah I ignored the entire console generation.

And in retrospect I was right.

41d3f5 No.14484614


sure but the execution was garbage, mirror knight is a push over like most of the bosses in the game


>playing dark souls for plot

>even caring about it

only the first had a passable plot

f66c48 No.14484619


ultra/great swords dont even rest properly on shoulders on 2. its hovering like theres something between the shoulder and the sword. 3 fixed it. also the metal textures dont shine like in 1 & 3. saying its not shit is the meme, everyone unanimously hates it

41d3f5 No.14484624


They really should have just made the whole of 3 about the Age of the Deep rather than dragging back to the Fire from 1. They had the same problem in 2 where they have to drag in the first flame and all that.

But yeah, Aldrich was a huge let down since he goes from blob monster in the beginning that you chase around, accidentally killing the other lords of cinder in the process, only to find out he's Gwyndolin poo

114c5e No.14484625


It's a pretty arbitrary decision to discard an entire console because of it's framerate rather than say, the fact that it had NOGAMES for years. There were a handful of very good games for PS3 in the end, though by now so many of them have been ported that there are very few left exclusive to it.



Excuse me if I'm wrong, having not played through DS2 yet, but isn't a boss that summons other players an identical concept to the Old Monk?

Does the mirror knight do something else that differentiates it?

a65d5c No.14484630


>Dark Souls 3

>shortest game

>bonfires out the ass

>filled to the brim with shitty references

>massive amounts of on-disc cut content that is sold as DLC

>rehashed areas in an already short game

>A third of the game is a swamp

>punishes invaders and encourages ganking

>Heavy armor sucks

>Armor variety is less than DS2 BASE game, despite copypasting a 3rd of the armors from previous games

>Magic needs 2-3 ring slots just to dish out melee level damage

>Magic itself does reduced damage for PvP

>removes a ton of spells from the previous game

>awful scaling balance

>FP is the most awful casting management system introduced yet

>FP horribly ineffiecent with damage, ends up causing everyone to use 1 or 2 FP efficient spell like Great Heavy Soul Arrow

>Miracles awful, best and most viable one locked behind the final boss

>bland NG+

>awful covenants

>no blue eye orb

>blue sentinels and darkmoons the exact same

>left hand weapons no longer have full movesets

>dual wield weapons are gimmicks

>boss weapons can’t be infused

>Straight Swords and Curved Sword are as fast as daggers

>Great Weapons are slower than previous games, and costs more stamina, while barely doing more damage

>1-2 Weapons ALWAYS the best in class, no redeeming qualitys for special weapons resulting in less weapon variety than BB

>very little moveset variation

>WA are mostly shit or copypasted powerstance moves

>No backstep i-frame

>rolls have too much i-frames and cost too little stamina

>bloodborne enemies catered to R1 spam from ss and cs

>none of the rally mechanics or limited healing that make that combat interesting or tense

>hexes gone and dark magic is shit

>shittiest dragon form

>no dragon covenant

>refined/hollow completely dominates

>DLC has so far been shit

>19 bosses, a good chunk being gimmicks

>linear level design, less branching options than DeS, DS2, and even BB

>PC players pretend it's a masterpiece because they have no other choice

>b-but the DLC will save it!

>b-but other games have faults!


21c5ce No.14484632


I played dark souls 1 for a hundred hours then played 2, but when you go back to play the first one after playing so many hours with ds2, you'll forget some elements of the first game like embers and other upgrades

41d3f5 No.14484639


>Does the mirror knight do something else that differentiates it?

For most of the fight he's a standard big metal dude with easy telegraphed attacks. As far as summoning goes IIRC he's more likely to summon an NPC rather than another player, but that summoning doesn't take place until maybe half or 2/3rds through the fight.

41d3f5 No.14484645


>boss ignites sword

>leaps across arena at you

>oh you got me down, heh time to engage my 2nd form

I think nearly all the bosses followed this pattern, it just got boring

a862a5 No.14484651


>he's more likely to summon an NPC rather than another player

That's only because players need to put down their red soapstone signs in the boss area to be summoned.

2962b2 No.14484661


>>Heavy armor sucks

Thats an understatement.

Using heavy armor is like a handicap for yourself in DS3.

029423 No.14484685


Enough with this meme, only four bosses in the base game have second phases, add in another three in the DLCs and you have the sum total of all the bosses that transform.

Out of those, we have

>The Abyss Watchers

The prime culprit for the “ignite sword, second form” meme

>The Twin Princes

The other worst offender

>The Soul of Cinder

Probably the most infuriating example, as this is the boss the leads to accusations of pandering more than any other.

>The Nameless King

Excuseable since the two phases play completely differently.

And the DLC?


The whole three phases, each with their own life bar shit got old fast. Could have been done much better, a fitting epithet for all of Ashes of Ariandel.

>The Demon Prince

Gimmick boss, no reason we had to fight two before actually fighting the real boss.

>Slave Knight Gael

Ehhh, for a final boss, this wasn’t too bad. Miles ahead of the Soul of Cinder. Not that that is a particularly high bar to clear.

Basically, hyperbole should be avoided. As the game has more than enough flaws for an an educated person to rip it apart with resorting to dishonesty.

sage for off topic rambling

a862a5 No.14484726


>forgetting Dancer

2962b2 No.14484729


>only four bosses in the base game have second phases

Why are you lying

Lets go down the list shall we?

>Iudex Gundyr

Halfway through the fight he gains more speed and his resistances change

>Vordt of the Boreal Valley

Has a very explicit second phase

>Curse-Rotted Greatwood

Again, a very explicit second phase

>Crystal Sage

This one has a second phase too

>Deacons of the Deep

The real fight doesn't even begin until the second phase

So by just going down the list I have counted 5 fucking bosses with a second phase and that is counting the abyss watchers out.

e5237f No.14484737

Is wielding Greatsword (from Dual Greatsword set) + Havel Shield sounds ridiculous?

f951a0 No.14484738

DS2 is trash. BB is good for a few playthroughs. DS3 was better than DS2 but still borderline trash/meh.

a862a5 No.14484752


>DS3 was better than DS2

It wasn't.

2962b2 No.14484756


DS3 has better hitboxes than DS2

a862a5 No.14484763


>hitboxes meme

All the games fuck this up, stop pretending to be retarded.

2962b2 No.14484766


>All the games fuck this up

No they don't you mongoloid

Learn to articulate yourself more than just "x meme"

c283f4 No.14484772


Skip whatever the fuck you want. No one cares. Even the people responding to you actually only care about giving their opinion. No one cares about your "casual" status and the casual police isn't gonna come for you.

4b8db4 No.14484774

DaS2 is pretty garbage and unmemorable overall but it has some nice armor sets and I maintain to this day that the DLCs are good enough to be worth slogging through the rest of the game to get to

Though overall you'd be better off playing some indie "muh soulslike experience" knockoffs like salt and sanctuary instead

f951a0 No.14484782

File: 1dbaac3b763e369⋯.webm (2.87 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Dark Souls 2 Hitboxsnuff ….webm)


ds3 has better map cohesion, level design, enemy design, and seems alot more well thought out and consistent than ds2.


ds2 had nothing but shitboxes.

b36846 No.14484790



f951a0 No.14484795

File: 5ef9cce1da9f977⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 720x404, 180:101, Dark Souls Hitboxporn 2.webm)


true, and as you can see from this ds1 clip, they've always used shockwaves :^)

14a787 No.14484815



thats ds2 as well

114c5e No.14484819

File: 46ec9350bdfd2fe⋯.jpg (605.1 KB, 600x800, 3:4, maidenastraea.jpg)


I came to ask the opinion of the people here, that was exactly my point. Additionally, over the years, my resilience to difficulty in games may have decreased, especially since I haven't played any unfamiliar action games for years. Demon's souls can be initially off-putting because of it's difficulty, but overcoming it demon's souls became one of my favourite games to date. Another brilliant game would DMC3, which can be very difficult at times, but overcoming it allows you to enjoy a really wonderful game.

Being casual isn't a matter of how well you do, it's about whether you're giving up prematurely because you aren't receiving immediate gratification. I felt I might be giving up too early, so I asked this question to know whether the same might go for DaS2 as it does for other games.

f951a0 No.14484823


actually thats link fighting the big goron with the big goron sword in majoras mask on n64, but with an emulator to increase the resolution and scanlines to increase the details.

b15e55 No.14484824


The visual style is identical to the first game. What are you even talking about? Liking Demon's Souls and Dark Souls but not liking DS2 is like claiming Pac Man is your favorite game ever but you hate Ms. Pacman. Stop being a retarded hipster faggot.

2962b2 No.14484828


That same enemy in dark souls 2 has a charge attack with a 60 degree hitbox despite the attack just being his sword tip.

8b9216 No.14484834


fucking this

also i love how they sperg about the "gank bosses" on DS2, but DS3 has a lot of them:

Abyss Watchers - respawning enemies

Curse-Rotted Greatwood - starts with multiple enemies

Crystal sage - has a "boss clones" phase

Deacons of the deep - gank based fight

Friede - has a two boss at the same time phase

Twin princes - again, two boss phase

Gravetender - multiple enemies

Spears of the Church - unlimited spawning enemies

Also worth mentioning:

The gank squad npcs at Lothric Castle

The other "fat cherubs" gank squad

Pretty sure i'm forgetting about more cases

8057af No.14484836


I was mistaken, I thought “second phase explicitly referred to bosses that gained a new life bar when beginning a new phase.

f66c48 No.14484842


das3 isnt good but its miles better than 2

f951a0 No.14484848


ever find yourself at the side of the highway picking up trash at gunpoint when a car comes zooming by? even though youre not directly infront of the vehicle, the wind of the vehicle passing is just enough to feel like a very strong wind.

now imagine that you were in a suit of armor.

do the math.

2962b2 No.14484853


Thats a lot of words to just say Shockwaves

a862a5 No.14484860

File: 83dd85ca884105f⋯.webm (986.19 KB, 1256x696, 157:87, from_soft_hitboxes1.webm)

f951a0 No.14484872



oh, so you beleive the devs planned it like that?


if you look closely, you can clearly see the enemies weapon hitting the player. whats your point?

114c5e No.14484879


It's quite different. You only need to watch the opening cinematic to see it. Demon's and dark souls both have an optional cinematic describing the basis of the world, where it came from and what inhabits it. Upon starting a new game, you immediately create your character, then have a half minute animation telling you why you're here, then you're free to go.

Dark souls 2 starts off with a very long, human drama cinematic about your character upon selecting a new game, then you're forced to make an arbitrary walk up to an npc, where you must watch another long cinematic before being able to create your character. Then, the default character has a youthful face, with youthful hair and bright eyes. Perhaps this is to juxtapose the change after hollowing, but regardless it shows that target audience being appealed to is very different, compared to the default bald generic middle-aged man of dark and demons. There's a lot more you could explore to how it's stylistically different but even within the first few minutes (or first half hour for DaS2) the difference is apparent.

2962b2 No.14484881


>oh, so you beleive the devs planned it like that?

Yeah I am saying the hitboxes in Dark souls 2 are bad on purpose because the team behind the game doesn't know any better.

f951a0 No.14484889

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


i think they knew better, afterall, they wanted the skyrim audience.

8e9218 No.14484890

File: f819c74ced3ba4f⋯.png (406.33 KB, 1081x720, 1081:720, not even a fucking mummy u….png)


>if you look closely, you can clearly see the enemies weapon hitting the player. whats your point?

It's going through the walls you dumb nigger are you blind?

a862a5 No.14484897


First rule of dork souls threads: Accept Dark Souls is a flawless masterpiece.

f951a0 No.14484903


upon closer inspection, and loading up that video in adobe microsoft movie maker, i think i can see your complaint. but after picking it apart frame by frame, i've come to the conclusion that that might be a glitch.

4b8db4 No.14484925


Wow, good catch anon

It's a good thing the entire argument isn't that the games are poorly made or anything

8b9216 No.14484932


can't you see he is trolling? look at his other replies

ignore and move on

f951a0 No.14484934


but things happening in the game that the devs didnt intend have no bearing on how well made the game is. dont you know what cognitive dissonance is? hint: its not a logical fallacy.

f951a0 No.14484935

2962b2 No.14485665

Scholar of the First Sin also darkens a few areas making the torch marginally more useful.

Of course its not real lighting as every other area has completely flat illumination

2962b2 No.14485703

File: 9c6cbe441c3012a⋯.webm (1.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, scholar of the first sin.webm)

f14b2d No.14485816


>It sounds like it might be worth trying again with the base game.

i wouldn't recommend it. ds2 base is the worst souls experience ive had.

c283f4 No.14485831


Being casual is also about making threads and depending on other's opinions instead of just playing the game and seeing for yourself. If you feel like you haven't gotten the gist of the game with a little gameplay, then you have the answer to your own question: play more until you feel like you've gotten all the game has for you. Obviously DS2 is a controversial topic and people aren't going to agree even if generally people tend to dislike it here. Play more and decide on your own.

1ecf20 No.14486046


The main problem is how the game rules don't apply on the enemies even when they were in the previous game, the worst offenders were the npc invaders which appeared with high end stuff at the beginning or were equipped with light armor and still had tons if not infinite poise (Fencer Sharron), there is a point in the DLC areas where not 1 but 4 phantoms are in your way, also, who thought it would be a good idea to allow being invaded while hollow?

2962b2 No.14486062

okay after replaying Scholar of the First Sin some more the "remaster" is really fucking bad.

Any positive(darker areas, more pursuer encounters, some little details) is completely outweighed by the botched aggro mechanics. The enemies are so fucking absurd that they'll detect you and follow you for half a map. This means any area with a ranged mob is a pain in the ass and enemies detecting you from places you can't even see. They didn't even touch the durability bug and they added more shitty hitboxes like block frames on enemy guard breaks even from behind.

1ecf20 No.14486139


Don't forget enemy turn tables.


They really thought pandering to OnS fans would do the trick or something, the problem was how those were a little more balanced than the rest of the gank bosses on the DLC areas, Friede has lots of range to compensate for moving slowly while Ariandel goes around smashing his lord vessel at you.

I prefer stuff like Artorias and sometimes Manus, well, except for having to equip a gimmick item to repel that magic but I always prefer bosses with varied movesets.


Enemy weapons going through walls is not exactly the pinnacle of game design, specially when you program "blocked" animations on most enemies which would serve pretty well for when their weapons clash with a wall, more so with human size enemies whose movesets are based on the player character's.

1ecf20 No.14486153


They dropped a mechanic halfway through development where areas would begin to get darker if I recall correctly, the world getting darker was an interesting premise.

89f6bb No.14486165


The most infuriating mechanic they dropped was the strong attacks for magic.

4b8db4 No.14486191


But if magic was less bad, then people might use it

Can't have that

2962b2 No.14486224


Strangely enough Magic reigns supreme in Scholar of the First Sin. The way the aggro is botched you can just kill anything while its running half the map towards you. Just stack as many magic arrows as you can and then rush to 60 int for that staff.

4b8db4 No.14486270


That sounds incredibly unfun

f14b2d No.14487394


and you'd be correct.

the only games where i found magic fun were BB and 3, because of how active the magic was. in bb magic was played at a fast pace with doging and the like being part of it. in ds3 you can use spells like flashsword in with the casting spear to play a sort of melee mage, its good fun.

39446c No.14488602

File: 8e1f777acc6147a⋯.jpeg (627.26 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 0D32DC17-544A-41BA-9A98-9….jpeg)


1ecf20 No.14488618


b-b-b-b-b-but you wanted a hard gamr!

Said the marketing department.

14a787 No.14488695

File: 14a947d90e182fb⋯.webm (10.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Dark Souls] Legend of Ze….webm)


wow you're right

700fc8 No.14488720

2ba9d3 No.14488911

File: f8d8951ef4505f9⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DARK SOULS™ III_2018011708….png)


All Souls games suck in their own special way.

b4a1f5 No.14488926

File: 9c7f362196b569c⋯.jpg (743.83 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, bird mad.jpg)


Also the way their attacks often swing through map geometry but the player can't. That's some cheap shit.

172e6b No.14488930

File: 970388a8f163c4f⋯.jpg (153.57 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Dark Souls character roll.jpg)

>Dark Souls 2

Oh boy, here we go.

>Muddy textures that somehow look worse than the first game

>Horrible lighting which accentuates how muddy the textures look

>Lnear world layout is horrendous both thematically and functionally - e.g. your obstacle to Drangleic Castle is literally just a small pile of rubble

>Above point coupled with warping from the get-go means players can beat the entire game without exploring anything

>Terrible boss design (dudes in armour/big guys with weapons, literally just a bunch of mobs, direct rip-offs from the first game)

>Horrific PVE hitboxes coupled with obscene attack tracking makes every encounter a chore

>Poise does absolutely nothing, meaning you can punish heavy weapon users with nothing more than your fists

>I-frames being tied to a stat means your rolls are awful unless you pump up Adaptability, making it mandatory and thus pointless to be a stat

>Floaty movement and weightless animations make the game wholly unsatisfying to play

>Miracles nerfed into the ground, no reason to use them over sorcery or pyromancy

>Enemy placement is just the same mob spammed repeatedly in a small area

>Retardedly high fall damage forces you to wear the Cat ring if you want to do plunging attacks without dying

>Colossal riposte window removes all skill from weapon & ring swaps

>NPCs have no agency whatsoever, their entire lives revolve around selling you items

>Lazy "muh cycle" sequel-bait ending to justify DS3

>Devs said there'd be no DLC, then shat out three packs, AND a remake which somehow made the game worse

>Zero pieces of memorable music throughout the entire game

>Blatantly false advertising of the graphics before it got downgraded for fucking consoles

>Soul memory means you have to backup your save file and replace it repeatedly, unless you want to exclusively match with level 300+ cheaters

If you like this game you need to kill yourself immediately and spare the world of your idiocy. The only things that Dark Souls 2 did better than 1 are fist weapons, dual wielding, and the inventory menu.


f14b2d No.14489100

File: 35f9db8818558c4⋯.jpg (689.43 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 20180310071201_1.jpg)


we postin ashen ones now?

f14b2d No.14489114

File: dd9b63c2f8c4aa5⋯.jpg (20.19 KB, 598x337, 598:337, ds2 sludge texture.jpg)

reminder that a mud texture in DS2 has a Heineken label on it.

340364 No.14489243

Does every soulsish game have a thread right now? Guess the dark souls one dropped off finally but still


>ds 2



1ecf20 No.14489269


I was participating in the DaS3 thread, then it died, I'll post waifus later, currently I am playing on INT build, but I am not for PvP so I wonder if I will be able to co-op past Lv120 in NG+, assuming From lifts my suspension (ironic, I did tons of experiments with cheat engine BEFORE settling for normal playthroughs and never got even a warning, never got into PvP while cheating, etc., but the moment I use a texture mod with IGP then the next thing I see is the penalization message, 3 more weeks to go.)

39446c No.14490744


And my absolute favorite of a time

Attack frames last a second longer than the attack animation, so you get hit by attacks that have already lost their momentum

5ca3b3 No.14490790


How about that attack that the spear Hollow Soldiers use? You know, the one where they bash with their shield but they are still using blocking frames even though their shield is clearly behind them.

c52fbe No.14490819

File: 6ba604406313c0a⋯.jpg (367.88 KB, 2160x1224, 30:17, maxresdefault.jpg)



What's the better term?

Soulsish or souls-like?

c52fbe No.14490830


At least it's not Bud.

f14b2d No.14491000


i like the term grim-rpg

c52fbe No.14491012

File: cfc058e71d6ee59⋯.jpg (41.21 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 8d6.jpg)


Trips have spoken.

2da16d No.14491014


Gaming nomenclature has pretty much settled on the -like suffix for games of a type.

The odd one out is "Metroidvania", but Metroidvania shouldn't exist anyway. Castlevania simply copied Metroid later in the franchise for some of its games.

The correct term would be Metroid-like, since SOTN clearly aped Super Metroid, making it a Metroid-like in the first place, and mainline Metroid games are all similar, whereas mainline CV games are mixed.

c52fbe No.14491019

File: b2cad71fb446899⋯.jpg (21.31 KB, 656x343, 656:343, C4r-RPWWMAEZNEk.jpg large.jpg)


I guess Vaati won then.

41d3f5 No.14491033



It's really not that much like dark souls beyond superficial similarities and marketing

4b8db4 No.14491082



He just used a common naming convention, not exactly a hard fought battle

8deccb No.14491102


That doesn't make sense either, There's an interview with the dev that said the source of inspiration for SotN was Zelda. Only afterwards did they notice the similarities with Metroid.

b6d3ad No.14491139

File: cf888bdebdab88b⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 3.41 MB, 854x480, 427:240, SS2.mp4)




Dunno about all that.

But I gotta say, Salt and Sanctuary 2 is looking fun as fuck.

4d43f8 No.14491169

File: 05fd5b6a7aba97c⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Sauce plz.gif)

4b8db4 No.14491171


How the fuck does that even exist

a3c5e7 No.14491234

File: c01e21ea27df72c⋯.webm (9.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, American Psycho - Paul Al….webm)




b0eb13 No.14491816




only cause I uploaded it.

1ecf20 No.14492260

File: 9dcffddecc588bb⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1152x648, 16:9, 374320_20180315155654_1.png)

Let's put this thing back on track with a random image.

b6d3ad No.14492289


Nice, but it's still too early in development

f14b2d No.14492336

File: 8d5573e699a0dab⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 20180315193653_1.jpg)


why does ds3 have the best armor sets?

1ecf20 No.14492362


I just wish it wasn't a penalty when you don't wear something on a slot.

1ecf20 No.14492410

File: 4cfd61a7111cdf3⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1152x648, 16:9, 374320_20180315175532_1.png)


If only there were more crowns.

5ca3b3 No.14492423


I think that mask you get in the dlc would look better with painting guardian, no?

f14b2d No.14492454

File: b07eb5e4d0cf62e⋯.jpg (798.67 KB, 1972x1754, 986:877, canon.jpg)


>that resolution

>not playing in 4k

makes me appreiciate the game even more when you can see every sharp detail.

1ecf20 No.14492462


What mask? the only other crowns are Wolnir's which looks horrible, Dusk, which I only use when I go full sorcerer and that one at the very end of Ringed City.

dfa0fe No.14492478


is pretty much what 2 should of been not the best but not as bad as what others say.

5ca3b3 No.14492488


I'm forgetting what's it's called, but there is that ballroom mask one that everyone uses for their firekeeper cosplays.

c5705d No.14492498

I dont know where else to post this so I'll post it here. Whats the difference between a mechanical keyboard and a normal one? Why do so many cucks love mechanical ones?

1ecf20 No.14492506


I think that one also carries a penalty in defense or something.

5ca3b3 No.14492548

File: 2f064f1ea19da77⋯.jpg (409.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DS3.jpg)

File: 0b5be2a3dcfdcdd⋯.jpg (567.14 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DS3II.jpg)


I wouldn't know, I never used it. I'm mostly doing an "insane woman in rags" run.

1ecf20 No.14492569


Oh, that one, is OK but sometimes it just doesn't go with everything, too bad the thief mask is no longer different for women if I recall.

30cd9c No.14492589

Dark Souls 2 is the best one, lmfao.

The only people that don't think this are lorefags.

2 had the best armor designs and the best gameplay, actually fight me.

cdb9fe No.14492652


But Dark Souls had the worst everything, not just lore.

f14b2d No.14492662


bosses were shit m8

pvp fag plz leave

30cd9c No.14492667


yeah all those covenants that actually worked, intricate exploration mechanics, multitude of viable playstyle choices, and number of unique weapon options sure were shitty lmfao

cdb9fe No.14492678


Ah I see. Anyone who doesn't like DS2 only plays DS3. Got it.

5ca3b3 No.14492679

File: bb71a8c194c7556⋯.jpg (17.36 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Garl.jpg)


>intricate exploration mechanics

What? You mean a linear dead end-fest with one shortcut that was completely useless?

Also, anyone that falls back to muh pvp should be marked as a baiter. If you play any Souls game for the pvp, you're a fucking idiot.

30cd9c No.14492708


No, incentives to visit torches, paths that open early based on your character's build or knowledge of in-game systems, the choice of which path to pursue moreso than the other Souls games, and the lockstones just to name a few things that 2 presents, which other Souls games don't.

30cd9c No.14492710


I didn't say anything about PvP. Stop projecting you insecure bitch boy.

5ca3b3 No.14492769

File: f131fe07ecda720⋯.png (59.63 KB, 240x157, 240:157, Vanguard.PNG)


Here is what you just fucking said

>covenants that work

That is pvp shit. There is 2 for pve that do things items and leveling can do

>playstyle choices

Every DS game had viable play styles for everything. If you bring up build variety as a plus for DS2, it's usually for pvp garbage.

>unique weapon options

Once again, every DS has unique weapon options. DS2 has powerstancing, which I will give it credit for

>intricate exploration mechanics

I have no idea what bullshit you're spewing here >>14492708

If you mean "optional" areas, once again, Every souls game has something like that. In DS, you could technically start out by going through Tomb then Blight town and reverse it all the way to the depths. The painted world wasn't a necessity to go through. DS3 doesn't have much in the way of exploration as that somehow turned out more linear than DS2. I also don't feel like grinding for extra content either in the form of the rat covenant or trying to find every fucking fragrant branch.

>but you can do it through muh builds!

doesn't mean shit when the same could be said for DS1. I don't recall there being a way to fuck up making a build in DS2 because you could reallocate your points. If you fucked up leveling in Demon's or Dark, well you're fucked and need to restart or try to upgrade a shit weapon you have.

DS2 is unfair yet casualized for the mass market, same as DS3. DS1 and Demon's are hard and fair. If you can't get learn, you aren't going to get far. You can learn in DS2, but that only goes so far when you get gangbanged by 5 knights in all of your boyholes.

1ecf20 No.14492787

I miss how Pyromancy was basically neutral stat magic that anyone could use to complement their stuff, now it requires both INT and FTH to do stuff as far as I can tell.

5ca3b3 No.14492814


Yeah they messed up pyromancy in 3. The fact you are forced to split stats means that you won't know if you will meet faith/int requirements for spells. It's still overpowered as shit though, especially if you know the exploits such as the damage boost for the grab spell. Don't remember if they patched that, however

30cd9c No.14492824


There were no useless stats in DS2. That's a plus over the other two games. 2 had more weapons with unique mechanics, such as things like Santier's Spear or the Shield Crossbow that no other From game with this style offers.

>more stuff doesn't count if I don't like it

>only goes so far when

And then you learn. How is this not the same? People complain about enemy placement which was fixed in Scholar anyway, but enemy placement is a fucking casual complaint in the first place. Do you not remember the complaints about having to fight Ornstein AND Smough at the same time? Or how "I'm not strong enough, 4 Kings is unfair"

Enemy placement is battlefield information. The fact that you think this one specific thing is unfair, or not fun as compared to the other ways these games try to kill the player, is a little bit misplaced.

5ca3b3 No.14492859


I would argue adp was a useless stat because I shouldn't have to level up my invincibility frames which were a set value in the previous games. I didn't say that more stuff was bad, I'm saying that it is a moot point when the same could be said with other games. The shield xbow and others like it are gimmicks that the other have. DS3 has dual/special two hand weapons such as Farron GS and DS1 has that explosive Greataxe,Demon King GA if I recall correctly. You can learn enemy placement but it doesn't work when the game isn't meant for more than 2v1 fights. DS3 is shit for player ganking and DS2 is shit for mob ganking. I will never defend putting the player in a situation where they have an unfair disadvantage. There are many times where I die in a souls game and say "that was my fault, I wasn't paying attention" But in the sequels, I've had too many times where I audibly say "that was bullshit."

1ecf20 No.14492861


The pyromancy stat requirement came since DaS2.

5ca3b3 No.14492870


I know, but I think it was only int. I might be remembering wrong, though.

1ecf20 No.14492892


Nope, it required both.

5ca3b3 No.14492893


Hmm. Maybe most of the spells that I'm using now require high int, but I haven't ran into any faith restrictions yet.

d37b27 No.14492954

File: c65bd5888614c68⋯.png (221.58 KB, 249x547, 249:547, dragan visible confusion 2.png)

Well, there are two aspects. First is that PvE legitimately sucks in 2. It just sucks. I've played 2 more than all the other souls games combined and PvE sucks dick.

Second is that it has hands down THE best PvP in the series. It's the Smash Bros Melee of souls, for the lack of better comparison. 1 was the 64, janky-ass but still popular and 3 is literally as bad as Brawl was with its retarded mechanics and changes. Bloodborne is just a noname knockoff smash clone in this regard.

So if you want PvE part of it, then you can probably just skip 2. And if PvP gets you going then you play 2 and stop at 2.

Worth mentioning, that 3 does not improve the PvE. At all. It's the same design, same ideas, just not as straight up with you. Gets praised anyway because of the "i clapped when they showed this ds1 thing i recognize" factor.

e4e2c4 No.14492963

They did the same thing that they did with King's Field that they did with the Souls games: they started out alright and then kept getting better, kept evolving until the 4th game where they completely shit the bed. Hopefully they'll take the Shadow Tower route with mixing together some of the old and the new with whatever game that trailer was that they showed last year. Would be cool if they did something like they did with King's Field Additional for the PSP on the Vita or something.

1ecf20 No.14492992

Was there any boss in DaS1 which had a "I just win" attack? I can't remember anything that just didn't do massive damage, but then again, in DaS3 everything deals basically the same damage no matter your stats or gear.

a5a803 No.14492995


Old Monk summons a player and you just fight that particular player

Mirror Knight summons a player and they both fight you.

d37b27 No.14493008


Ceaseless had a bunch, I think. I fought him a bunch of times legitimately and he's a fucking pain in the ass since he can oneshot you at almost any level of preparedness.

1ecf20 No.14493014


I cheese him with a pattern, at certain range he only uses a slam with no flames, then you just hit his arm until he does it again.

5ca3b3 No.14493028



Is there a reason why the cheese doesn't work if you die/homeward out? I'm guessing it's because he has calmed down so he's not going to jump to his death after you steal his sister clothes. Am I right or is the game bugged like that?

d37b27 No.14493040


It's a flag you need to trigger. Run to the place where the clothes are and then run back to the fog, that re-triggers the jump.

5ca3b3 No.14493055


Okay, thanks. I have a great club build and I can't seem to get a hit on him because his arm moves away too fast after he slams it down when I fight him legit.

75021b No.14493125


It was because literally every other type of play style required additional stat investment, and frankly DS1/3's default fastroll iframes are insultingly generous to anyone who's played real action games.

1ecf20 No.14493126



I never managed to make him jump, he always throws flames at me.

39446c No.14493431

File: 333155b2e00e55b⋯.jpeg (240.28 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, C3117D98-B08F-4672-852A-E….jpeg)

I really love this series but there are some blatant trends of shit game design that curses each of the entries. I thought it may have been a technological issue for the older entries, but they kept popping up and it was clear that it was intentional design.

>Mob ganks

DaS1 got away with this because mob enemies were usually pushovers. 2 and 3 really made this much more obnoxious to deal with considering the combat mechanics clearly aren’t meant for more than a 2v1 engagement

>Enemy attacks clip through and hit the player through geometry, and even fog walls in 3

I remember battling my way to the Abyss Watchers fight on the first playthrough, dying, getting back to the fight, and then dying as soon as I entered because an enemy spear clipped through the fog and slipped into my ass

>Attack frames longer than attack animation

Old Iron King slams both fists down. You’re already standing to the side so it doesn’t even hit you. Since his fist have already landed, you take a step over to the right. Fists do damage and hurl you into that god damn lava pit even though they’ve clearly stopped moving approximately a decade ago. Same issue in 3 with the first encounter with a giant in Cathedral of the Deep.

>Stupidly aggressive enemy tracking

FROM likes to have both the wind up for the attack and the attack itself track the player. This is especially obvious with overhead attacks, since it causes enemies to vinyl record on the spot. It also makes dodging attacks that are clearly meant to be dodged and not blocked that much more frustrating to dodge because it homes in on you anyway. Mirror Knight had the worst example of this with his sword slam lightning attack. The wind up tracked, the sword strike tracked, and then the subsequent lightning stream would fly out of the sword at a 90 degree angle if you successfully dodged.

>The windmill

I don’t need to say anything else.

>Adds with bosses

This is the ultimate proof you’ve completely given up on good Boss design. It’s mostly a crime of DaS2’s. Royal Rat bosses, Mirror Knight could summon both a player and enemy AI before you even managed to kill either, Duke’s Dear Freja, etc


That entire poison swamp in DaS3 that forced you to very slowly trudge through the level, wasting your stamina rolling out of it only to get fucked by a tree-wielding, projectile spamming monster. And that reminds me.

>Enemies don’t live in the same universe as the player

If you’re hip deep in water or poison sludge, you’re forced to move as if you have on the heaviest armor and iron flesh. The enemies, however, never seem to be bound by these same rules. Archdrakes in Shrine of Amana would chain aggro after NG+ and run like Sanic through the same hip deep water you’re slowly wading through. Enemies had no problem speeding in on your asshole in Farron Keep’s poison swamp, as if we weren’t even in the same, thick sludge of poison shit. I’d understand if you were fighting creatures unique to that environment that lived in the body of water, like some sort of demonic mermaids or some shit. But it’s just fucking dogs, lizards, and humanoid enemies.

>Pyromancy ruined because now it requires faith and intelligence

Thanks FROM.

>Gimmick bosses




These can actually be cool if the gimmick isn’t fucking retarded like it usually is. The games are some of my favorites but they also have some of the most obnoxious design decisions I’ve ever seen, always implemented on purpose and designed to fuck the player over through no fault of your own

1ecf20 No.14493592


>FROM likes to have both the wind up for the attack and the attack itself track the player. This is especially obvious with overhead attacks, since it causes enemies to vinyl record on the spot. It also makes dodging attacks that are clearly meant to be dodged and not blocked that much more frustrating to dodge because it homes in on you anyway. Mirror Knight had the worst example of this with his sword slam lightning attack. The wind up tracked, the sword strike tracked, and then the subsequent lightning stream would fly out of the sword at a 90 degree angle if you successfully dodged.

Don't forget the DaS3 implementation of delayed boss attacks that are not tied to any attack pattern which makes you dodge soon enough to get away only to get hit, AND to make matters worse there are enemies like Friede who not only will delay certain attacks but should you dodge out of range they will proceed to perform a dash version of said attacks.

So FROM, you don't want me to rely on a shield, you don't want me to rely on parry and you don't want me to rely on dodging at the right moment, oh, I almost forgot, you don't want me to rely on estus management because enemies and bosses (in DaS3) have that one attack that ignores all defenses.

What is it then?

As for Farron Keep, there is a saving grace in Blight Town for DaS1, you had the option to pick the rusted iron ring and walk on deep swamp areas and water as if it was solid ground (that is, no speed loss.)

The Yorm fight could have used some spice if you had the option to keep Siegward alive and his Storm Ruler allowed you to riposte Yorm in some capacity instead of turning him into the ultimate damage sponge, Wolnir, well, I was surprised that his rings were all his HP, oh, and no lava ring for Demon Ruins either.

e4e2c4 No.14493931


>posts picture of Japanese girl with cuck shirt

>cation clearly says how much of a whore she is

>and it's a promotion for and AV

You should just buy the DVD already.

1ecf20 No.14494259

File: af36d9298b2bfeb⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1152x648, 16:9, 374320_20180316011056_1.png)

I think the base form makes her legs look too thin, should I try a different body build?

ffb5ff No.14494321

File: eb5f80e86e3fa99⋯.jpg (12.21 KB, 400x229, 400:229, skeletoncrabbo.jpg)


39ef07 No.14494463



I realize I'm most likely replying to bait but the storm ruler was in demons souls and was used the exact same way.

8b9216 No.14494485


>he talks blatant trends

>later mentions gimmick bosses

>uses yhorm ""fight"" as an example

<b-but it was also used in d-demon souls


what is reading comprehension?

714d92 No.14494723

File: 6ca564bbce349c1⋯.jpg (86.65 KB, 431x495, 431:495, braapdemon.jpg)


>mob ganks

Get good. Combat is perfectly suited for more than a 2 v 1 engagements you're just a brainlet.

>enemy clipping/bad hitboxes


>stupid tracking



I don't really see this appearing in anything other than DS2 but sure

>adds with bosses

>complaining about LGK Knight

Holy fuck get good. It is not some fucking hate crime to ask the player to consider more than 1 enemy at a time. Spiders are also afraid of torch fire in SOTFS.

>bad map design - i.e poison swamps

I'll agree DS3 loves this retarded shit to the point of lazyness, but Blight Town is a good example of this done well. There's nothing wrong with asking the player to prepare for a specific area, especially if the game gives them restoratives and methods to prevent it.

I think the only super faggot example is lava floors in 2 and 3. These were never very engaging in the first place in 1 cause you would just slap a ring on, but there's nothing fucking skillful or meaningful about stacking up fire resist and essentially suiciding for an item.

They sort of tried in 2 with those pharros mouths and urns that gave you water, but still.

>enemies breaking the rules



meh, more mad about hexes and some sorcery spells getting completely deleted. At least pyro in DS3 is actually good.

>gimmick shit

depends on what you consider gimmick. I wouldn't say it's impossible to design a boss around "attack the weak points for critical damage!", it's just that Fromsoft is garbage at it and does shit like Yhorm because they run out of dev time.

bc9dd4 No.14494800


Who is this handsome crustacean?

8b5342 No.14494860


That would be a kenyan mangrove crab. Try to concentrate on the techniques the boss taught you about CQC.

49f8fb No.14495243


that's not a hitbox issue. that's a collision detection issue

55c072 No.14495333

File: 0f450df4b4292ab⋯.png (11.92 KB, 271x310, 271:310, 0f450df4b4292ab1fed1f42b1f….png)

File: b6b3e021fb141c7⋯.jpg (18.95 KB, 432x339, 144:113, b6b3e021fb141c764fa15ead44….jpg)


There is no worse souls game than DaS3, fact. The game is irredeemably shit in all respects as a Dark Souls game. It borrowed so much from bloodborne it ended up destroying many of the main elements of a Souls game that made souls games fun. Even DaS2 with its weak story at least had an engaging NG+, and DaS1 had an interesting story. 3s is just a shit story, and shit NG+, Entire disappointment.


Don't forget stam is so shit it makes shield tanking unviable compared to DaS1 and DaS2. You have to roll no matter what and dodge now, whether you want it or not. Oh and of course its the most linear game in the series, and it's so fucking linear there is very little weapon variety while leveling, to the point where everyone uses the same 1-2 weapons.

Course, don't try and bring this up, cause it's a fucking masterpiece because the bloodborne dickriders love the "smooth gameplay" that flies in the face of the original demon souls and dark souls which was made to be slower and jankier because you're a rando swinging heavy metal, not a fucking jrpg protagonist doing cartwheel moves with your falchion.

>awful covenants

Yeah, even worse than fucking DaS2, which is an achievement in and of itself, considering how badly they broke covenants in 2. And the faggots put the arena behind a dlc paywall, so good luck having anywhere near as active a community for pvp anymore. Even their forest or belltower area is broken between two places hindered by level which leaves them fucking dead, and the second one, that's higher level is a shit boring area to pvp, making the pvp dull and unsatisfying. I dunno who was designing maps to be satisfying gameplay wise and thought that was a good idea.

The best part about the bloodborne dick riders that infest the souls community now is after their initial claim that the gameplay is better because its fast and smooth, despite that going against the original idea of dark souls with slower, more intentioned movements where you actually have to fucking think and not just sperg out on your opponent like a fat dude at a buffet, or how DaS3 is far more linear and has so much fewer fucking options than DaS1, Demons Souls or DaS2 when it comes to different builds, or min maxing since they made shields, armors and a litany of weapon types shit, as well as making magic ass levels of shit, or how DaS3 has the worst pvp because of the aforementioned issues, and how they fucked over invading because of whiny crybabies being scared of getting spanked by a few invaders while playing online, as well as making complete shit covenants and for some godawful reason copying DaS2s fucking way of the blue retard covenant. Then they default to "Story" which is also shit, but they desperately cling to while fucking citing vaatividya and that game theory faggot cause god forbid the abberation that is Bloodbornes chimeric bitch DaS3 gets any flak for being an absolute dogshit Dark Souls game that spits on everything that made its predecessors fun. Fuck from, and fuck the bloodborne community, no bloodborne is not a "Souls game", it's an entirely different franchise that operates differently and is often completely contradictory in its mechanics to Dark Souls and all your fucking frivilous jewy little fucking tactics to try and make bloodborne seem better by tying its corrupt carcass to Dark Souls will not work.


No. At least 2 tried to be faithful mechanically to its predecessor. DaS3 is fucking bloodborne on the side and ignoring most of the important components of DaS1 and Demons Souls, ruining the game itself. DaS3 loses because its barely a fucking DaS game, and what part of it is DaS is so little and hollow it leaves a dirty taste in your mouth.

5ca3b3 No.14495370


I hate how DS3 took the second boss phase mechanic that DS2 introduced and ran so far away with it that now every fucking boss has a second phase, sometimes third. The only one that it works with is Champion Gundyr, but that is because he is the only boss that feels like a traditional Souls boss. He's slow and his moves are well telegraphed and tracked. His second phase only increases his speed by a minuscule amount and adds some block breaking kicks. Compare that to the other bosses, who when they get to their second phase, start pulling bullshit like unblockable/undodgeable combos or do some anime power up "this isn't even my final form" garbage.

75021b No.14495441

Dark Souls 3 is like if Bloodborne and Dark Souls had an abortion.

b15e55 No.14495493

File: 5ea6674cd31291e⋯.jpg (293.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2015-05-16_00098.jpg)

File: 2b1815d19e19938⋯.jpg (165.67 KB, 600x337, 600:337, IronKeep03.jpg)


Yeah man, it's totally different looking visually. Doesn't look like an expansion pack to the same game or anything.

4b8db4 No.14495519


>They both have lava

>That means they're the same game

You couldn't even bother to find a cap of DaS2 that didn't objectively look like ass in comparison

b15e55 No.14495815

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It looks about the same nigger. A non-Souls player wouldn't even be able to tell them apart.

3d2564 No.14495870


Yeah, just like niggers who never watched cartoons wouldn't be able to tell the difference between anime and western cartoons.

Why do you keep making shitty points?

ae3a5f No.14495899


>left: lava is eye wateringly bright, huge amount of contrast and over-sharpened textures

>right: lava is dull, everything looks washed out and covered in dust

>picking the absolute worst comparison for your argument that DS2 looks like DS1

3d2564 No.14495902

File: dbbd1961713948d⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sm3dwguide280.png)

File: 1fa28f7fdc940ba⋯.jpg (24.15 KB, 451x432, 451:432, 1506371219236.jpg)


Hey, chief, I found another one of those Dark Soles thing s

3d2564 No.14495927

File: 8ddd97eb0559795⋯.png (923.46 KB, 1124x848, 281:212, Lava_Shelter_Screenshot_9.png)


Is this Dark Souls bright enough to be a good Dark Souls?

1ecf20 No.14498013


Sister Friede and her "cut throat" special move you can't escape once she pulls it off.

1207cd No.14498043

So what you're saying is…Dark Souls 2 is the Dark Souls of Dark Souls?

df5c63 No.14498110

Pirated Original Dark Souls " (Not remaster) to remenber the game, and taste the DLC I didnt play. My god, the controlls for K+M are horrendous, and I cant change them to be more like DSIII. Cant put Shift+mouse wheel, or Shift+right click, for example. I only accepts one button for most of the actions. Is there any way to change the DSII controlls to be playable with K+M?

0d199d No.14498186

File: cdadcf4c44ed106⋯.png (399.22 KB, 565x647, 565:647, ec8d77ac0b23d14c5cab9d8949….png)

>browsing youtube for videos about soy's effects on health

>Eventually end up on an anti-anti-feminist channel defending soyboys

>Dude is condescending as fuck in the typical liberal fashion but is making somewhat valid claims, like the people who attack soy site outdated sources from the 1940s

>Somewhat curious because normally hyper leftwing videos are built entirely on made-up words and pseudo-science so look at his channel

>Has a bunch of videos criticizing kekistanies like Sargon and a few video game videos

>One of his vids is defence of Dark Souls 2

>Decide to work my way towards it

>Eventually notice that all this guy literally does is poke holes in other peoples arguments while providing no argument of his own in the condescending liberal fashion

>Have Daily Show flashbacks

I feel like I got a dose of the type of person to defend that game. Just another reason on the growing pile why I avoid it like the plague.

5ca3b3 No.14498928


>he stumbled upon Hcuckerguy

I'm so sorry.

13b9e5 No.14499050


this reminds me of a while back where some shit poster was unironically at least I thought it was unironic and genuine trying to claim the entire series had shit hit boxes by posting webm's of 2 and claiming it exemplifies issues in 1.

254813 No.14499085

File: ae953159d528327⋯.png (244.29 KB, 900x1051, 900:1051, 1459348457449-2.png)


Some autist pointed out his common fallacies in a multi-hour video, using that Dark Souls 2 video as his main point of reference.Which inadvertently and sometimes necessarily pointed out the more intrinsic flaws with the game.

1ecf20 No.14499115


So far I can't remember many bad hitboxes in 1 except the Titanite Demons sometimes, DaS3 has a ton more shit hitboxes, specially when certain weapons smash you with a hilt on the highest point (from bosses mostly), and a few teleport grabs.

13b9e5 No.14499117


I feel 3 offers a gimmick for some of these gank bosses to make them funner/more interesting than 2's

<Abyss Watchers

>The third one will spawn red eyed and stronger than the second and will fight against the boss with you

<Curse-Rotted Greatwood

>Kills the fodder in its attacks

<Twin Princes

>Second on is riding on top of the first so they essentially share a hitbox

>doesn't spam his range attacks too much, times them out so they don't badly overlap other boss' attacks

Got nothing for the others. However

>Spears of the church

>at most 3 enemies at any given time

>most only get 2 at once


1ecf20 No.14499134


Some gank bosses are horribly unbalanced, like Champion's Gravetender and Sister Friede.

91d00b No.14499135

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Is this the one you're talking about?

5ca3b3 No.14499156

File: c0158774991a183⋯.jpg (385.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Watcher.jpg)


People give me shit sometimes, but I like the Abyss Watchers. Both the fight and the song tell a story and I'm a sucker for that kind of thing.

1ecf20 No.14499166


They are OK at least.

254813 No.14499193

File: fc437bf94e35ad0⋯.jpg (97.76 KB, 500x500, 1:1, fc437bf94e35ad0dfdd7c7e3ff….jpg)


But I personally think Hniggergoy is a faggot, and like Dark Souls 2. Although, I don't ignore its flaws and when it boils down to, I only like certain ideas; like its build variety, open-ended nature, PVP, and weapon selection. Everything else was secondary to my enjoyment, and the PVE content was rarely above average thanks to lazy boss design & questionable enemy pacing/placement. You usually deal with a heavy density of mobs which strongly prefer crowd control over 1v1 encounters, which in turn, often nulled any variety the game offers on the surface. My choice of dealing with these mobs typically came down to big weapons, total dex/end faggotry—with shitty unbalanced movesets that have near no punishment—or healing gem abuse.


Any praise I can give the game is quickly thrown out the god damn window by the game's ineptitude and autistic enemy placement.


That's the one.

5ca3b3 No.14499206


I like watching those fightclub cosplays with the Abyss Watcher gear. That civil war video that somebody did looked like it would be fun to participate in.

13b9e5 No.14499229


Agreed on Friede. I'm pretty sure From put Gael's sign not needing an ember as a concession.


Love the song

1ecf20 No.14499242


Too bad Gael is kind of an idiot (like most AI summons) in that fight, I usually end up taking 3rd phase all alone.

150425 No.14499258

File: c47ee587c33c5af⋯.png (357.31 KB, 534x406, 267:203, c47ee587c33c5af8cb206c6b29….png)

Shit Souls was never good, get fucked.

48c03f No.14499299

File: efab66342e9aa0b⋯.jpg (82.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 97813259813247413298.jpg)

File: 0b9aa76ef1f530a⋯.png (492.45 KB, 1591x895, 1591:895, 97851234579813242134.png)

File: ea58732c851dbfe⋯.jpg (372.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 985124395782413579821.jpg)

File: 61d1dac4eb0e150⋯.webm (4.05 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ds2 world design.mkv.webm)





The windmill didn't bother me as much as the elevator that takes you UP into the lava-filled Iron Keep. I could have looked past this if Earthen Peak itself was near the cliff you see in the background, but it fucking isn't.

DS2's geography is all kinds of fuck up.

51bae2 No.14499313


Exactly. It's retarded that they stuck with the "durr fire cycle" thing instead of something a bit more fresh

>inb4 bloodborne

You can keep the game and story the same, just have it take a different turn.

4115fd No.14499324


>the storm ruler was used the exact same way.

It wasn't really. The Storm Ruler was necessary in Demon's because melee characters had no effective means of attacking the Storm King without it, since he flies in the air. Dark Souls 3 doesn't have that excuse since Yhorm's on the ground and, if you want, you can defeat him like any other boss in the game with any weapon you want (and really quickly too, with the right buffs). I can't think of a reason for why they included it in DaS3 at all other than the fact that they wanted to throw another Demon's Souls reference in.

51bae2 No.14499331


One thing I really liked about DS3 was being able to see almost the entire game's world after beating Vordt. When I got to the Farron keep, I was like "Oh! It's that little building off to the side, neat"

DS2 is all sorts of fucked up

0d199d No.14499447

File: 8c6f94452b81b81⋯.jpg (10.94 KB, 122x326, 61:163, 8c6f94452b81b817a28e28b767….jpg)


>It is about how dark souls 2 does dark souls 1 better because dark souls 1 is the enemy of this video

I feel like he just summarized the guys entire youtube channel, entire thought process, his entire fucking existence in one simple sentence.

5ca3b3 No.14499470


Well he's a communist and trannypol loves him. The only semi decent video he made was the Fallout 3 one but that was mostly because he ripped all of his talking points from some guys blog.

c8565e No.14499565


Link to blog? I've never heard that.

c8565e No.14499580


I'm not much of a fan of DaS3, but that fight was a big, big highlight for me. Probably my favorite part of the game.

5ca3b3 No.14499597


I don't exactly remember the guy's name nor the name of his blog. All I remember is some people did some digging after the video came out and found a blog from something like 2 or 3 years after F3 came out that had almost the exact same wording as Hfaggotguy's vid. Sorry about that. If I knew the name, I would give it to you in a heartbeat.

a8b6b1 No.14499619


>Course, don't try and bring this up, cause it's a fucking masterpiece because the bloodborne dickriders love the "smooth gameplay"

Don't try to shove that piece of shit near my masterpiece thank you.

a8b6b1 No.14499670


I remember the marketing material leading to ds3 release. The devs were fucking proud of this feature.

10cf5a No.14499705

File: d13aa3651f5c14d⋯.gif (788.55 KB, 444x272, 111:68, vp8jU5X.gif)


>That entire video

>He played the game 14 times and the entire series is 10 hours long

Jesus fucking christ, that's some weaponized autism. I love it.

818fb5 No.14499785

File: ad47e4e07274688⋯.jpg (464.73 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, tokiosouls003.jpg)


Somebody give that girl a sandwich

1ecf20 No.14499808


That's the standard build mind you.

a8b6b1 No.14499977


>killing enemies doesn't stop attacks

DaS 2 was criminally abusing this

1ecf20 No.14499989


Remember those spider hollows? those which make a final and painful attack if you kill them?

bdd727 No.14500209

File: 66fb86cf8600c75⋯.jpg (228.9 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, wicked-witch-of-the-west-1….jpg)



4115fd No.14502118


That reminds me of those stupid fucking dogs in The Gutter in DaS2 whose bite hitbox came out before the attack animation started.

b88ffe No.14502267

File: 53dc20ee286020f⋯.jpg (113.56 KB, 500x499, 500:499, ian dubs.jpg)


It's the worst in the series in every regard, but I'd still say it's worth playing at least once. I enjoyed exploring it if nothing else.

DaS3 is essentially a more polished DaS1, mixed with a few DeS elements. The high's might not be as high but it doesn't have any obvious lows like Lost Izalith. Lots of anons meme about it being shit for some reason, but I'd definitely recommend it if you liked DaS1 and DeS.

4b8db4 No.14502684


>The high's might not be as high but it doesn't have any obvious lows like Lost Izalith.

Because the majority of the game is lows and you get used to it

0417ae No.14503191


DS2 didn't manage to complete their world. They were going for the same interconnectedness as DS1, but ran out of time so they had to force everything together which is part of why it feels so disjointed.

0417ae No.14503202



100%. Abyss Watchers was my favorite boss in 3 by far.

a862a5 No.14503240


It's because they ran out of time to finish the game. The whole Earthen Peak zone was going to have more areas to it, it was not supposed to end at an elevator inside the windmill.

Being autistic about zones overlapping is pointless because you're traversing an entire continent anyways.

eae20c No.14503258


This is actually great pasta to meme on for literally any game with multiple entries. Will use this in the future, thanks.

f02474 No.14503265


This is bait right?

>DaS3 is essentially a more polished DaS1, mixed with a few DeS elements

Are you a games "journalist" because there's no other explanation for being retarded enough to believe this.

89be53 No.14503338

Fuck that bed of chaos fight. That was stupid.

eae20c No.14503360


>Says DaS 2 is the worst in every regard(already a broad, and wrong, generalization.)

>Has no idea why anons "meme" about DaS 3 being "shit for some reason," thereby showing his Miyazaki fanboy tendencies

Of course he's baiting, nobody can be that much of an ignoramus without intending to be memed on.

0417ae No.14503435


They made a public apology for that boss battle.

8b9216 No.14503465

I just realized another copy pasted detail about a boss on nuDS3 from Bloodborne

>Oceiros, think about how weird is the fact that he only fights with one hand, while the other is holding something one

>Vicar Amelia time, boss that fights with only one hand while holding something on the other one

>Both bosses have 2 phases

>Both bosses are the result of a mutated human

Gotta love the lack of creativity

020a59 No.14503472


It's called Dark Souls 3 because that's how many original ideas there are

0417ae No.14503479



It was really more like Dark Soul 1: 2.

1ecf20 No.14503491

File: 0d437308076c93f⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1152x648, 16:9, 374320_20180317171640_1.png)

File: d5e6248e196cfe9⋯.png (122.87 KB, 250x333, 250:333, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't get it, why do they make homage to Berserk with this haircut but never give it the right bangs?

4b8db4 No.14503525


It's represented about as accurately as Miura treats her character

1ecf20 No.14503597


And that is?

4b8db4 No.14503626

a862a5 No.14503644


>trying to make a blonde character in dark souls 3


1ecf20 No.14503653


That I can see more or less, but how? other than cutting her hair and making her a mage?


Yep, it is either very light brown or yellow green.

4b8db4 No.14503684


After she joined Guts' fan club, the sadomasochism angle that was played up a lot beforehand was dropped completely, and that was like half of who she was at that point

It doesn't help that it was dropped because the entire story shifted to have a lighter, more fantastical focus overall

1ecf20 No.14503702


I was also expecting her journey to wizardry to make her face that aspect of herself too.

0417ae No.14503806



Is this the first game where the Japs let their Asian preconceptions interfere with character creation? Seem like most Jap games it's easier to make a white guy than an Asian one.

1ecf20 No.14503904

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Also, ironically enough I am trying to make this one, if only Dark Souls had long hair I could go for semi-naked Farnese.

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