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File: caacb5e228a9e2d⋯.png (120.56 KB, 380x133, 20:7, ClipboardImage.png)

70c5b6 No.14482344

Project:Gorgon is out on Steam and finally is on beta


Let's have a Project Gorgon thread. /v/ guild once again when?

a293f9 No.14482352

File: f379a80cdd0de8d⋯.jpg (37.84 KB, 500x428, 125:107, 1b5a6a4e238af4463f91ff1e8d….jpg)


>early access

>paid early access

70c5b6 No.14482359


It's Free if you kickstarted it.

It is a kickstarted game made by anti-sjw devs. The game is genuinely fun and encapsules the feeling of an MMO properly.

eb480a No.14482378

It looks like EQ1 on crack. How comparable is it in terms of gameplay and infrastructure?

8b9fc3 No.14482380

Do they still ban you for playing the tuba?

141d95 No.14482414


>It's Free if you kickstarted it.

Nigger you still have to lay down money to get it for "free". Retard.

15603d No.14482420

File: d3c8b6fda804aa1⋯.jpg (9.18 KB, 300x300, 1:1, hitler shocked af doesnt k….jpg)

>it's still called Project: Gorgon

Holy shit I always thought that was a temporary codename.

70c5b6 No.14482434


technically, it is 10 dollars cheaper if you kickstarted it, so the advantage point still stands, albeit not fully free.

The statement is still literally correct, retard.


I don't know. Good question.


endlessly better


You're not very bright anon. your playable character is the antagonists' pet project where you are a human being who can achievement mastery in anything they put their hands on or some bullshit. You are the project so it makes sense to call it that way. As for Gorgon, I don't know why, but it must be related lore-wise

7bf8e4 No.14482447

This thread reeks of shilling. Why don't you tell us about the game, OP?

At least give us something to discuss. Your OP is shit.

b451bb No.14482459


How often does any kind of progress get wiped?

How often do they change the way skills work, or nerf skills?

What is the end goal?

How limited is player housing?

How playable is it if you have no friends to play it with?

How easy is it to find a PUG?

Are there dungeons requiring parties?

Why are there 40 comments on the one negative review for the game from people trying to defend it?

How can they defend banning people for using an in-game item like the tuba?

How can they defend banning anyone at all considering they all paid money for the game?

I'm actually a little bit interested OP and you seem like you either work for them or are at least OK shilling for them, so I'd like some info if you'd like to share.

eb480a No.14482466


That didn't answer my question at all.

53be8d No.14482478

File: 5160d8155adfae1⋯.png (174.62 KB, 446x324, 223:162, nanalan takes a hit.png)



>Post ends in 420

268526 No.14482485

File: 82518fdfe4d4506⋯.jpg (10.59 KB, 115x185, 23:37, 82518fdfe4d45061952da543ce….jpg)


>Free if you kickstarted it



513c4a No.14482496


'Free' to everyone but the realest goys.

42ae48 No.14482504


>It's free… albeit not fully free

You're a mouth-breathing retard if I ever saw one. God damn.


>paying money for a garbage early access MMO that looks like dogshit and has fuckall content

I played it when we first had threads about it and it wasn't anything special. Some fun was had doing the usual dicking around with /v/, but that can be done on literally any other multiplayer game.

3d2a8e No.14482564

daily reminder that the tranny that was bullies still has like -400 karma last time I checked

d5e0df No.14482576

File: 013e66fa04f54ca⋯.jpg (34.8 KB, 640x852, 160:213, 013e66fa04f54ca9f57940aa9b….jpg)

212f48 No.14482695

File: 11ecd3dc100ffb8⋯.jpg (1011.63 KB, 841x1190, 841:1190, gorgon.jpg)

Let me guess.

You still can't play as a gorgon?

467582 No.14482703


Tube was screwed up and could cause the game to crash when used. People abused it to intentionally fuck with the game. I don't remember if people were actually outright banned or given some kind of lighter punishment.

3b161f No.14482728

File: 0f294be0539aecb⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1344862973736.gif)


I'd gorgeon those tits.

91fa7f No.14482741


>touching demons non-violently

You're supposed to gorgeon their bone marrow.

002c4e No.14482766

Reminder that there are no good MMOs

2fb032 No.14482774

File: 9614ce52323c299⋯.png (94.51 KB, 420x300, 7:5, ClipboardImage.png)



3b161f No.14482777

File: ca1af2fc1c507d7⋯.jpg (386.91 KB, 780x749, 780:749, 1328430414280.jpg)


>Not enslaving them and using them as your cock sleeve and when you're done with them finishing them off

8d2ea9 No.14482780


Doesn't exist anymore fam, you are playing a fanfiction in mmo form.

002c4e No.14482786


>forced gay pride event

Point still stands. RS was alright back in 2005, which was the last time I played. Other than that, there has never been a good MMO.

7ec18f No.14482787

When I read about people turning into spiders and furries, and having seperate skills for everything from swords to flower arrangement I just kind of assumed the game was a joke with no real legs to stand on. Is that true?

f324f0 No.14482797

File: efa5cf2808a8a69⋯.jpeg (76.26 KB, 645x371, 645:371, a78b4e47c8ccfd3552534076f….jpeg)


>it's free if you paid for it

good job retard. i actually like project gorgon but goddamn

e9ff5c No.14482805

Is it still fucking stock resources? I swear to god that fucking bridge outside the first city is enough to make me never want to try it again. The damn thing is just one of those tiny foot bridges you'd find in a fancy garden to get over a stream scaled up to the size of a massive two-chariot-wide bridge so you feel like an ant crossing it.

c46b96 No.14482808

File: 7c8bd314cc9b371⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, nigga what.gif)


>it's free if you payed for it

eb480a No.14482815


Got a screenshot or video of it?

7f9672 No.14483005

File: 0e5f808480976ca⋯.jpg (115.07 KB, 864x650, 432:325, 0e5f808480976ca1a9f58e1c81….jpg)

File: b95853810bd6c2d⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1324x1100, 331:275, gghbfgh.png)

Is the nigga who paid for the kingdom still around? We were gonna demand the devs build us our lich and paladin kingdom, for 8ch only. We were going full overlord and had plans drawn out. pic related, the last screenshot I took before I stopped playing

000f30 No.14483034

i've been playing the last few weeks, i can give a review of it

i like the fact that the skill system is so deep and has so many ramifications, some skills need a little digging in order to learn, like you have to explore dungeons, or go into dangerous zones. Dying isn't much of a punishment though, you literally lose nothing and simply respawn at the place you entered the map from.

the dialogue doesn't shy away from icky topics, NPCs can talk to you about anything from collecting flowers to necrophilia, to leather sex parties and infant genocide, elves are fucking degenerates in this game and it makes each NPCs story a little more interesting than "i was just a regular farmer until the war started, would you help me find my mcguffin?" even though you will end up doing mcguffin quests.

However, as it is now in alpha/beta status, i find it kind of lame. there isn't much to do other than grind skills and farm money to pay for skills/abilities. the main story only reaches a certain point, lots of maps have not yet been added to the game (such as the game's main city of Statehelm).

graphically, its not impressive, but i guess midtier graphics are to be expected since A, its made in unity, and B, its an ode to Everquest. Musically its just meh, the audio is all ambient effects for the area you're in and rarely music, good if you like atmospheric audio. you get the sound of snowstorms in the high mountains of Kur and light wind in the plains of serbule, maybe a little actual music in some maps and dungeons.

combat, well, i haven't done much of this, i've only actually become very good at fire magic because swords and knuckles kinda sucked, but when i found that i could one shoot shit from a distance with a fireball, i switched to fire magic and kept going with it to the point im almost max level on fire magic. But so far is your average hotkey bar combat, you have 6 Ctrl, Alt, and Shift slots, your Ctrl and Alt slots belong to your primary and secondary combat skills (of which you can only equip 2 at a time) and your Shift slots are your utility slots, where you can put general abilities, items, or some specific combat-skill abilities that exist only to be put in the utility slot. However, the downside to fire magic is that there are plenty of enemies who are highly resistant to it, and ghosts, for example, need to be stunned before they can be actually harmed, and you need melee for that, which gets really good at higher levels. I haven't seen much use in trying to strategize which 6 skills you're going to equip, so far its just equip your strongest skills and smack the enemy to death, you can't beat it? you're not high level enough/need a party to kill this thing

im not sure i would pay 30 dollars for it, even after playing it for like two months, its still not fun unless you have friends to play with, mostly because there is no actual content, any way you want to twist it, its still a themepark MMO, and we know what happens to themepark MMOs with no content, the devs throw a giant meteor on the in-game world and remake it as a wow clone 1 year in

70c5b6 No.14484254


>How often does any kind of progress get wiped?

first time was with alpha going beta, which just happened, and they stated it would happen. players retained their grinded skills and not-alpha items.

>How often do they change the way skills work, or nerf skills?

Good question. Sometimes they update/balance them every 2 weeks. Sometimes on a big patch of content every 2 months. i'm not sure because it varies.

>What is the end goal?

Game is still in development story-wise but as of the moment the devs pump content for you to fuck around with. the game is very player-world building oriented, from economy to writing books or poetry as well as discovering content. It has the magic of vanilla wow before wikis and wowhead ruined it

>How limited is player housing?

I don't know. I have been playing for a week since it came to Steam today in hype for the game going beta but I haven't unlocked that yet.

>How playable is it if you have no friends to play it with?

The dungeons are made so that you can solo sneak or outsmart/outplay the first layers by yourself and get treasure chests. However if you wanna get the bosses dungeon and the dungeon thoroughly beat, you need to play with people and team up. Same with the world outside for many areas. You're encouraged to play with others to survive.

>How easy is it to find a PUG?

Easy. The community is friendly and eloquent, unlike in WoW or other mainstream MMOs. It is also free of chinese, bots and brazilians. You can always just ask on the channel or people nearby if they are doing a dungeon (dungeons are not instanced, the dungeon is the dungeon and other people can be inside it with you)

>Are there dungeons requiring parties?

The structure allows you to be a little sneaky shit and just tail or bandwagon groups, solo the first layers, or go with your group. It's up to you. It is not required but recommended. If youre a necromancer you can solo quite a good chunk

>Why are there 40 comments on the one negative review for the game from people trying to defend it?

I don't know. What negative review?

>How can they defend banning people for using an in-game item like the tuba?

It crashed the game and that was way back, like in 2015

>How can they defend banning anyone at all considering they all paid money for the game?

P. sure it was a temp ban. People could play alpha for free by the way. It wasn't exclusive to backers.

Hope that helps

152a8b No.14484269

>early access



>>It is a kickstarted game made by anti-sjw devs

>calls devs anti sjw despite them banning you for SJW reasons

You might have seen some referral hits from this site you gorgon shill but your game is absolute trash that not even WoW refugees are going to play

70c5b6 No.14484271


I intended to say You do not have to pay for the Early Access Beta launch if you funded the kickstarter. Moreover you retain your character and account from the alpha (which anyone could sign up for). I may not have been eloquent with my sentence, but I wonder who's the bigger autist if you cannot apply common sense, and cannot make sense of what I meant. Faggot.


i like the way they made gear work. You get effects that increase your abilities. No stat increase bullshit or item levels. Just gear that has more ability increasing perks depending on your skill level required to equip it. Said perks also increase in damage or boost depending on skill level required, but nevertheless it is much nicer than WoW's "+10000 strength and +1000 haste/mastery"

70c5b6 No.14484280


>banning you for SJW reasons

Pray tell, cite me some evidence where it shows the devs banning people for SJW reasons. Otherwise you're just bullshitting for le ebin shitpost

02b319 No.14484293


WoW was never good and never will be. WoW players influence MMOs and make them worse (wow-like). I don't think any MMO wants WoW players in it unless its a cash grab.

332baa No.14484299


it's an ode to Asheron's Call not Everquest. Pantheon will be an ode to Everquest.


how the fuck do you grief with a tuba?

70c5b6 No.14484302


Tuba was bugged way back then

It DC'd people.

It has been fixed since then

332baa No.14484306

Wait they reset inventories? God damn it I had a title scroll from the christmas event in my bank

70c5b6 No.14484307


Many of those have been replaced by now.


The many skills and abilities are just like runescape's skills. there are many to choose to grind or main. The cool thing is you can use 2 at a time, of any type you like, and many passives and abilities remain or can be utilized no matter what (You have primary bar and secondary bar, then a sidebar. Sidebar allows you to use abilities not locked to main/sub skill bar)

332baa No.14484308


Old School Runescape wasn't Old School enough fam. They rolled back to late 2007. Should have been 2005 or 2006 at least. Anyone who thinks 2007scape is old school is underage.

70c5b6 No.14484309


You can trade your legacy items (all items from alpha that were OP or just removed or tweaked are permanently broken so you can't equip them) to a golem in Serbiole or whatever the town is called. he gives you something similar to your the skill level of the item, except without the broken alpha shit.

70c5b6 No.14484311


2D runescape was better than 3D runescape. /v/ is too fucking baby to remember the spritework runescape.

332baa No.14484323


I played Old School Runescape for a week when it came out, then they added the grand exchange and party hats and I quit. Playing on Iron Man is the only way to go now IMO, but it's still not a good throwback server.

70c5b6 No.14484326


I stopped playing Runescape when Ragnarok Online came out

Then i replaced Ragnarok Online for Vanilla WoW

The farthest I got was like lvl 89 or something.

332baa No.14484335


If you can get passed the terrible graphics I still think original Everquest was the best MMORPG. I'm a vanilla WoW guy myself but after playing EQ WoW feels streamlined in comparison.

At the very least, keep an eye out for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen (yes it sounds like a Michael Bay film for some reason), as that has some of the original EQ devs and will be much in the same style.

eb480a No.14484340


>it's an ode to Asheron's Call not Everquest.

What's the differences? I've never played AC and only ever a bit of EQ.

332baa No.14484345


The main dev of Gorgon used to work on AC. The biggest difference is the overworld of AC was huge and entirely open, and you could walk from corner to corner. But like Gorgon it had portals to dungeons and nothing was instanced. Project Gorgon is zone-to-zone and isn't as open

332baa No.14484350


I logged in and seem to have all of my items and money still, nothing was disabled. Think I'll sit on that title scroll for a while, could be the party hat equivalent of this game, who knows.

b451bb No.14484370

File: de01fb33565aba2⋯.png (110.65 KB, 278x286, 139:143, jimmies status stable.png)


Thanks for the answers man. I'll think about it a little more maybe after checking out some gameplay. I really hate skill nerfs and wipes though, those are the things that make me quit playing games. In particular I quit WoW when they nerfed hunter and paladin into the ground at the same time as they changed their gameplay styles so dramatically I wouldn't have enjoyed it even if they weren't nerfed.

I guess the only thing I'm worried about now is if they ever do permanent bans on people just for not playing the game the way they want people to play it.

eb480a No.14484379


>when they nerfed hunter

There was a time when hunter wasn't complete garbage outside of bot farming, really?

5cb93b No.14484404

Isn't this the game where everyone stopped playing because they all got banned by cucks

332baa No.14484427


what was the reason? I've played with /v/ before and I know you faggots tend to do a lot of bannable things

1cead7 No.14484438

Judging from that one negative review getting a shitload of replies I think it's safe to assume this game is just being shilled by fanboys and the devs. There's pretty much no information at all in this thread about the game. I played it when it was free and it was pretty shitty. An interesting experience but not at all worth a 40 dollar price tag. I couldn't care less that it was made by some couple in their basement, a shit game is a shit game.

332baa No.14484463


This game has a smaller community than most, so being tightly knit as they are they become more attached to the game and defend it. Nothing wrong with that. It's a good game tbh.

238c79 No.14484471

File: 1535d662e365f22⋯.gif (986.84 KB, 500x452, 125:113, 1535d662e365f222251d19e895….gif)




>I'm right and my language is flawless. You're all just morons!

That's not really how communication works you fucking idiot.

b27dc3 No.14484480

File: 1a7a438c93f3309⋯.png (232.49 KB, 847x653, 847:653, flowerbenosstroke.PNG)



>if you kikestarted it


141d95 No.14484487


>technically, it is 10 dollars cheaper if you kickstarted it

>The statement is still literally correct, retard.

Which still doesn't make it free you dumb fuck. Doesn't matter if its 1 buck or 100 bucks, paying is paying.

517bc0 No.14484611

If the guild is getting together again I'll hop on.

f7a076 No.14484674

I may check it out when it releases, I don't pay for early access on principle.

bfa6af No.14484693

File: c93717e822e6a53⋯.jpg (235.74 KB, 691x625, 691:625, c93717e822e6a53903cdc6d48c….jpg)


>It's Free if you kickstarted it.

d5e0df No.14484696


Remember when we were getting chat bans and perma bans for shitting on deer scum?

944c9b No.14484697

Did they ever release the fairy race? That was the one thing I looked forward to most. I just wanna play a cute fairy.

212f48 No.14484711


Are you going to go around pranking everyone, anon?

384205 No.14484712

File: 26992d7b03f08f0⋯.jpg (54.91 KB, 564x518, 282:259, 26992d7b03f08f0c43569c0bde….jpg)

is the game still racist against pigs?

332baa No.14484745


Not yet but I know Dwarves and Orcs are on the way too supposedly. I'm positive you will be able to change your race once the game is released.

I'm looking forward to fairies too but I guess I'll have to settle with cat people for now.

944c9b No.14484771

File: 2853235c36d9d2d⋯.jpg (136.65 KB, 609x580, 21:20, cc3c81a049f1e24f951c680548….jpg)


I was gonna play a healer/support fairy. I'm bad at pranks.


>Not yet

It's been years and they still don't have it? Fuck. There's hardly any games that let you be one as is. I need my fairy fix.

a5a131 No.14484784

File: f9eedb1bbe86090⋯.jpg (21.73 KB, 480x473, 480:473, angry_skeleton.jpg)



ca9a57 No.14484799


Damn, I played this ages ago with the guild. Shame that the early access is paid, even though there is that -25% deal going on.

e380b2 No.14485782

I think I got to like 40 farming and pyromancy, maxed out vocabulary, and just started to creep into the ice area. How much has changed from about a year ago?


/v/ played it twice, for several months, during the last few years. It's not often talked about, but it had unparalleled comfiness.

e380b2 No.14485792



The tuba used to have collision while doing their animations, it caused lag/dc, and you could crash people by spamming it by creating too many sound threads. There were /v/ griefing squads and bans were happening. Good shit.

64543b No.14486022


>The game is genuinely fun

yet they ban if you spam trumpets

531b4c No.14486493


Anon how can you claim it is out of Beta if it is still an Early Access game, as Early Access is just the jewish Steam name for a Beta version?

70c5b6 No.14486537

File: 349c63e22d3d17b⋯.png (225.71 KB, 441x527, 441:527, 349c63e22d3d17bc097fef2636….png)


Read the thread retard


I don't blame you. They ruined ret paladins in Legion. Hunters got cucked in WoD (Marksman) and Legion (Survival). Beast Mastery is fine in legion though.

>maining hunter

70c5b6 No.14486549


Yeah i agree it should've stayed free until launch but their marketing jewmancers probably realized they can get away with it for the amount of content hours they have.



>being an animal degenerate

70c5b6 No.14486565


Actually, it is free.

There is a sale going on right now, making it 10 dollars cheaper. If you kickstarted it, it is free ATM (they don't charge you 10 bucks due to the sale. Thus, if you kickstarted it, right now with the sale it is free). That's what I'm trying to convey.

eb146d No.14486577

The trailer got my attention, because I like doing weird arsed shit; can I play the entire game as a giant spider or cow?

2957ad No.14486590

File: d2954bcc3d73990⋯.jpg (21.31 KB, 423x359, 423:359, ngbbs4e18a6f8b7f89.jpg)


>It's Free if you kickstarted it

bfe4d4 No.14486723


You can but it makes the game much harder because a lot of npcs won't talk to you if you are in animal form. It's recommended you play for a bit as your normal race before you switch to an animal.

531b4c No.14486814


Anon you fucking FUNDED the game if you kickstarted it, which doesn't make it free because you directly paid for its existence.

IF kikestarter wasn't such a scam, this would make you a partial owner/shareholder of this product in the normal world.

And if the people behind Project Gorgon EVER make the people who FUNDED the game pay to play it, they would be nothing but a bunch of despicable jewish scammers.

f5b63f No.14486817


>if you paid money for it, it's free

eef667 No.14486889

File: 80378c4ce9e18e9⋯.jpg (10.34 KB, 320x320, 1:1, Jack Frost.jpg)


Curse forms are end game. Note this is very old player knowledge and might not apply

Game works like this, you have two skill bars that you can customize from two different skillsets. So say you pick up a sword skill and want to use necromancy or Fire magic, you can. But only two of those. You can change these skills out any time outside of combat, and as long as you have your gear with you you can change your gear to match that as well.

Getting cursed last time I played locks one of the skill bars to that cursed form's skillset. You have the potential to be pretty powerful, and animal skillsets tend to involve lots of shit other skillsets can't do, or have varied abilities. Spiders can create web traps and inject eggs into an enemy to spawn more spider helpers, Deer can summon more deer to fight alongside them, Cows are tanks and so on.

Spider skills are particularly great with Necromancy, since spiders are low defence assassin types who benefit from the health absorption and skele-minions and can spawn even more helpers to swarm fuckers.

Problem is with these forms is like >>14486723

said, you lose access to a lot of NPCs if you curse yourself, though animals do have their own town, they miss out on content if they didn't do it first. You can shift back with a Un____ Juice of the right type, but they're expensive.

Currently there's true permanant statuses that further restricts you for power, Druid wasn't finished when I played, but if you have it you'll be called to do missions once in a while to get your EXP gain rate back. Werewolves have difficulty changing forms until they're max level, and get forced into Wolf form on a RL full moon.

Giant Bats are also a thing, and you can fly as them.

Also if you get cursed into a form, you actually need to practice "speaking", otherwise random words you try to get out get replaced with "skree" or some shit depending on what form you took.

You get EXP for Dying. Which is was said by the devs to be necessary to become a Lich later. They'll add more states and curses as the game gets moving. Also if you get wiped over by a boss you get cursed with some sort of effect until you beat them. Newbies got cursed a lot with a giant head curse that prevented them from wearing headgear, but increased magical stats. You could strategically get cursed in some areas and look ridiculous, but potentially in the full game you could use these curses to your advantage.

517bc0 No.14486902


Regarding deer form, you don't need to be cursed to use it anymore. Druids can transform into deer at will. However, the drawback to being a druid is whenever a druid event is happening you will not gain XP until the event is finished.

eb146d No.14486936


Ah-ha, interesting. So not possible/efficient to do Shenanigans like a spider running around in full plate armour/barding and the like I take it? At least, earlygame, since you'll be forever stuck there until you uncurse yourself

d1c9ef No.14486955

File: 93bfe8186859ac6⋯.png (825.92 KB, 697x637, 697:637, 93bfe8186859ac6a41251ed9f0….png)


>GE gaypridescape from the same company that murdered the game

e380b2 No.14486964


Correct. Animal forms cannot wear anything. For example, you need an offhand necromancy orb to use such spells.

But exceptions exist. There are eg, sun hats for cows, or spider harnesses, that can possibly have a modifier that enables necromancy skills. There's even horseshoes of increased movement for cow

eef667 No.14486977

File: d3aabbf4a0d0d86⋯.png (287.56 KB, 680x980, 34:49, pukulet this.png)


Animal forms do actually have armor last I checked, so you're not actually far off from doing that, the models haven't been updated yet I think so you won't have the appearance, but you probably will be a full what what tally ho spoder in the future.

This is because the game randomly generates drops, and if you stick to a build, it'll drop things that specifically benefit your skills. And you can craft armor to fit cursed forms as well. That's how it worked when I played, but the generation doesn't chiefly favor your build, it just has a couple of points in your direction.

You can literally get a Chestplate of Spidery Woe or some shit, and you trade that or break it down for other gear that people have that you need. Talking to other players is important in this game because of that, and cursed players aren't barred from chat, they're just a little harder to speak with until they master speech.


I'm going to assume they'll add Giant Bat form to Vampirism when they add it, too.


I recall that there was a necklace that anything could wear that enabled Necromancy. Did they remove that, or was it a test item?

517bc0 No.14487000


>I'm going to assume they'll add Giant Bat form to Vampirism when they add it, too.

Probably. Druids can also transform into birds and fly around. So despite the XP loss it's pretty nice. I became one mostly because I like the debuff combat style it has, though.

e380b2 No.14487013



Dunno, I never really looked into many animal forms, and Necromancy was too much of a pain to manage. I did get perhaps 15 levels in Cow, so I could extend my cheesemaking skill, but that was too much of a pain to gather the materials I needed, and I didn't bother to get into the frozen zone very much.

I dislike that progression was inherently tied to combat, and enjoyed Runescape's skill progression more (though it's grindy as fuck). Basically that means you have to be a good fighter to eg, increase cheesemaking or other "endgame" noncombat skills, which is unfortunate.

I do like how the different combat styles let you play for support or control or tank or dps, however you want. I mostly liked fire because it was strong at soloing and burst, which made fights and grinding short.

000f30 No.14487037

File: 7311ac2359f98de⋯.jpg (38.38 KB, 583x438, 583:438, 1500160801859.jpg)

>its free if you paid for it

i like the game but holy shit you are such an obvious fucking shill, jesus christ

517bc0 No.14487128

File: 71173c98c70f8f4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 33.39 KB, 465x144, 155:48, 0filler7.png)

This guild name did not age well.

16a7d5 No.14487133


thanks sarg'n

517bc0 No.14487149


Too bad he wasn't as smart as he thought he was.

16a7d5 No.14487155


I hope you're watching warski because trademarking the liberalist name has been the funniest thing that could happen to carl of swindon

4ac129 No.14487158


The game was a shitty grindfest.

517bc0 No.14487178

File: c5fc31a8920c94b⋯.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, 1:1, c5fc31a8920c94bd3994634a98….gif)


Of course.

c6f9ae No.14487617

File: 1e5d03e552ad4e7⋯.jpg (74.63 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1e5d03e552ad4e76214b46bc75….jpg)


>It's Free if you kickstarted it.

02c6b7 No.14487816

File: 2f08ca5d6a6ddab⋯.jpg (5.4 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, temp.jpg)

>they took this screen and thought it was good enough to use in advertising their game

jesus christ my fucking eyes

eb480a No.14488033


From that image I'm imagining the game is about a post apocalyptic war between Finns and the Swedish Catliphate.

5edf30 No.14488067


Why are swedes furries?

212f48 No.14488074


Because they bred with animals.

5edf30 No.14488081

File: d2c5b8a47fa8feb⋯.gif (46.59 KB, 250x194, 125:97, 372a149c46a7ace4e3a3d0ba60….gif)


But rapefugees aren't hot

eb146d No.14491174


This sounds intriguing and I'll probably take the plunge because of it. God help me.

e380b2 No.14491213


There was even a skill, Vocabulary, that you can only raise by playing a timed jumble word game. You can do so at any time, and I used a word thing online to cheese it. I maxed it out at 100, long before they changed it.

At best, it gives like +1 to bardic knowledge or something like that, and it's otherwise completely useless. It's got a ton of skills.

eb146d No.14491272


Well fuck you all, I've bought it and downloading it. I'm running to the assumption the spoder shit is a one way trip due to costs of transforming back to normal. What tips should I know, what pitfalls should I avoid?

467582 No.14491317


You're a bitch for cheating on the word jumble, it's not hard to max the skill legitimately.

e380b2 No.14491368


If using outside references for it is cheating, then so is relying on a forum or wiki for information.

7f9672 No.14491754


Thats not our original guild, the first was agitated bones. Which cucks made that one

517bc0 No.14491775


I can't remember who made it, but it was made back during the trump election so it wasn't as embarrassing at the time.

cb6898 No.14491784

File: d68674c2406557a⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 426x319, 426:319, h e h.gif)


You really think that?

346b9b No.14491803



Aged worse than kek.

cb6898 No.14491805


Images don't age unless you experience data degradation, anon.

517bc0 No.14491810


Just because a meme got co-opted doesn't mean it wasn't enjoyed by people here before. I personally would have named it something that's more time resistant, like Infinity, however.

fab635 No.14491841

File: 8476f5812abfe83⋯.mp4 (1.09 MB, 480x640, 3:4, 1519236149988.mp4)

Is this gonna be free on release?

It looks interesting as hell but 30 bucks is a lot to ask for when I don't know if I'll like it.

7f9672 No.14491849


or Agitated Bones?

3594c9 No.14491874


Agitated Bones was the best guild

70c5b6 No.14492174

Does anyone on 8ch /v/ still play it?

cb6898 No.14492179

File: 5d40b14e867b0ed⋯.png (12.61 KB, 320x298, 160:149, DEHUMANIZE YOURSELF AND FA….png)


>he enjoyed it

3594c9 No.14492221


I do, though it's not the same without the banter.

006c3c No.14492264

>40ty whimwhams

This better not still have the payshit in it that I remember from the free alpha/beta whatever the fuck it was we played together. When I saw that there was a money cap that you couldn't progress past [or some shit, I can't really remember] I stopped playing with everyone else.

66e629 No.14492475

File: 48def18e69b6ff1⋯.mp4 (9.76 MB, 504x576, 7:8, Bring Me (My Old Friend) S….mp4)


>he enjoyed it

d384eb No.14492522


The game's never had payshit, aside from "This game will eventually cost money to play. You can kickstart it to get it cheapest, buy it early access for cheap, or buy it full price on release".

b67061 No.14492839

>2015 was 3 years ago

Jesus Christ, I just might dust off my old character again. My name was Mimiga. I remember wanting to go necromancer/staff so I could be a shadowknight type character. I wish I still had those pictures I took of myself with the big head curse back then.

02b319 No.14492986

File: 9243a6e338c4812⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1400x1080, 35:27, wall2_1400_1080.jpg)


>Replacing RO with WoW


I held out a little longer and moved over when TBC came out coz RO died and everyone moved to WoW. No point in playing an MMO by yourself

a5a131 No.14493281

File: a6500a5649223d6⋯.png (37.77 KB, 475x347, 475:347, 1451322541196.png)

>hop onto my skellymancer

>Skeletons the Officer Skeleton of Agitated Bones

>everyone has been offline for 2+ years

70c5b6 No.14494680


what name lets play

ca9a57 No.14500156


What are the server locations for the game? Like, are there EU and NA servers, or just one big clusterfuck?

d41534 No.14500178

do zones have instancing or anything to make them scale with population? From when I played before I remember thinking that the game could not function with more than a few people in each zone sharing the resources and it would be a big problem during steam release.

3594c9 No.14501891


Thedros, what's yours?

beefaf No.14502271

will this game have subscriptions? if not how are they thinking of running the servers? cash shops?

a5a131 No.14502279


buy to play

5c9176 No.14502437

I think we should make a new guild since I imagine most of the people in the old one aren't playing anymore.


There's going to be an optional VIP subscription sometime later in the future, but they've said lots of times that it will only give cosmetics, more character slots, horse slots etc and nothing p2w although the details haven't been fully decided.

70c5b6 No.14502531

File: f035801f229f05d⋯.jpg (53.02 KB, 294x220, 147:110, 1383940837084.jpg)


Judecca, hit me up in-game maybe we can bro-op it up

I was B.chem from alpha and I got lucky so I kept b.chem albeit no alchemy at 50. I have B.chem at 50. But I wanted something to go with Swords so I grinded Psychology. I'm at like 62 swords 55 psychology atm. Just letting psych catch up.

I should be leveling crafts but i wanna get two 70/70s first and foremost, shower myself with dosh, then i can just buy mats to grind crafts. The only things i do grind on the by is foraging, cooking, fishing, skinning/butchering/anatomy and tanning.

I miss my speedy mutation and haste, but psychology is very good. Love the CC, heals/resource, and the Dots synergize so well with the CC since it doesn't break it.

70c5b6 No.14502534


No sub. just buy it once.

Once it hits launch out of beta you keep your skills grinded, but everything else resets (items, reputations, money, etc) But your grind, which is the most important, stays.

87d761 No.14503773

Is there some sort of guide on death? it's starting to get pretty hard to find new ways to die

e380b2 No.14503800


Just make a gun and shoot yourself lmao

5c9176 No.14503976


It slows down pretty quickly but a good way to get lots of new exp if you haven't already is pvp since it offers lots of unique deaths. Post level 20 it gets really hard to level and I wouldn't bother focusing it so much though.

467582 No.14507493



I mostly did Sword when I was playing in the alpha, paired with first Psychology and then Mentalism. Doing Sword/Psych again right now. Maybe I should try out something else so I can actually have some aoe attacks. The new Cartography seems nuts, I miss when maps were filled out by default. Seems like it takes forever to actually fill out a map like Serbule because the area that gets added to the map is so tiny. Speed boosts would help, though it's not like you can have battle chemistry when you're first starting to explore all the maps. Wish there were some more people from here playing the game, having some banter in chat helps a lot.

071288 No.14507640

File: b437f0995b9b541⋯.jpg (133.33 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, STOP.jpg)


>It's free if you pay for it in advance!!!!!!

326f8a No.14507662

Jarsi still around? That pigfucker who couldn't hold his bants and was banned and / or silenced constantly? That one dude who made a lot belts but couldn't speak english at all? That less obnoxious spiderfag who gave me free shit? That one furfag whose name I can't even write? Anyone still around?

e380b2 No.14507692


I played as Fasrabas

326f8a No.14507700


I am fucking horrible with names, I am sorry. What did you do? That ought to refresh my memory a bit.

36ebba No.14507704

File: 1ba69dd6f09b00f⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 480x360, 4:3, dosh in yo face.gif)


>It's Free if you kickstarted it.


d384eb No.14508065


Hazmatbrigade, started on the road to make dyes for our armor and owner of guild. Otherwise I just hit things with hammers or stabbed them with knives.

e380b2 No.14508098


I donated a bunch of money to the guild before the Halloween event, but didn't really do much outside of Serbule. I did start on cheesemaking though.

eb146d No.14508128

Any way to stop the camera snapping being so… vicious? I'm getting motion sickness and I haven't even left the starter island.

326f8a No.14508152


I think I stopped playing just before Halloween event, or at least before it, so it might be that we haven't even actually met. I can't remember for the life of me what name I used in-game. I propably just punched something there randomly. If there are some of the old guys still around, I might actually pick this one up again.

93447d No.14508477


>In Project: Gorgon you kill monsters - a lot of them - and you take their loot.

70c5b6 No.14511662


Apparently you can't add people to your friend's list unless they're online, so I'm gonna try to add you once in a while.

70c5b6 No.14511689


Tell me of an MMO where I can level skilsl such as Art History, poetry appreciation, phrenology, Anatomy, Surveying, etc


The devs are implementing Gender Studies as a joke skill, where it will trigger funny dialogue conversations. It will gives you bonuses with "minority races". The devs are anti-sjw as it gets.

70c5b6 No.14511699


The only useful animal form is Cow, because it is the best tank

Spider is fun, but you're better off being swords or archer for dps

Deer is shit, Pig is shit. People are only helping them by telling them to fuck off from those shitty forms.

It is your duty as a player who helps others to tell them not to be a degenerate

c5cbfe No.14513048



Y-yeast of thought and mind??

ad53a9 No.14516885

Ok faggots, without going deep (or maybe going too deep on it) I think bard have the highest dps in the game plus 3 heals (4 if you don't take the song that makes it the highest dps in the game).

Here how it goes:

Disharmony at max level does 68.66666667 dps according to the wiki, thanks to the 1.5 seconds cooldown (how does it even works?)

Song of disagreement does a wooping 4320 damage over it's 60 second duration, or 72 dps

Blast of Despair does 191 damage every 6 seconds, so 31.83333333 dps

I am not sure how to account for the fact that "when you use Blast of Despair you are not using Disharmony so you can't just add up the dps numbers"

If I remove a tick of Disharmony to add instead Blast of Despair, it means not using a 103 damage spell to use a 191 spell every 6 seconds, so 191-103/6 = 14.66666667 dps

According to that calculation however, Thunderous Note have the highest modified dps, for 17.375 dps

That would add up 69 + 70 + 17 dps for 156 and you get 3 fucking heals

Blast of Defiance (up to 120 and does damage) = 10 HPS

Moment of Resolve (76, armor, and gives mitigation buff) = 1.266 APS

Rally (190) = 6.33 HPS

156 DPS AND 17.5 HPS without factoring a single piece of equipment nor skill passive bonuses

I am still at Druid (and skipped Animal Handling and Battle Chemistry due to being hard to calculate), but a cursory glance at the other classes, it seems that they can't keep up with the Bard thanks to the fucking Song of disagreement, which is a 30 range fucking aoe btw.

Heals seems to be shit in this game, so bard + druid (thanks to damage reduction and damage mitigations) seems to be the strongest combo so far.

The wiki states that lutes are 'wooden' and that druids requires 'wooden' item, does it means that bards can use lute+horn and be druids at the same time?

2a4307 No.14516903

File: 2fdb5ad5959b46d⋯.jpg (78.69 KB, 1031x580, 1031:580, checkem halo.jpg)


>not one, NOT ONE, of you niggers checked these trips

5c9176 No.14517599


You can use druid/bard at the same time and it is probably the best combo with bard, especially if you're trying for support.

I don't know about your calculation but highest dps in the game is battle chemistry although I'm pretty sure that's down to the ridiculous dot mods you can get. Literally with just 3 mods you can add something like 500 damage in dots over 10 seconds to EVERY one of your bomb attacks. No other combat skills have mods which add that much damage to every skill and ontop of that every bomb skill is an aoe which already does great damage, plus you get a golem which can throw down constant heals AND mutations which can increase defence/damage/speed depending on what you need.

It's a real bitch to train battle chemistry due to the 50 alchemy requirement and the abilities are ridiculously expensive but atm it's god tier.

Just a warning though, the devs are well aware of how op it is and they're planning on removing the golem and making the golem a whole separate skill on it's own.

Bard is still top tier though and provides great support.

ad53a9 No.14517631


nice, I can already imagine myself tagging every single enemy on the map and running in circles as my song kills them all

even after the devs nerf/remove the 'attack while not facing enemy', since the song will still work regardless (unless sounds becomes cones suddenly)

ad53a9 No.14517664


although, depending on how the global cooldown works and the implications of a base attack with 1.5 cooldown rather than 2 seconds. Maybe the fact that the Battle Chemistry don't have a 2 sec cooldown attack makes it actually a 'low dps' skill due to risk of downtime where no skill is off cooldown.

Those mods must be pretty substantial to make it worth

5c9176 No.14517764


As long as you pair it with a suitable skill you shouldn't have a problem with skills ever all being on cooldown and even if somehow all 12 abilities are on cooldown, sidebar abilities are also available like sigil scripting which can substitute.

As for the mods, put it this way, a lvl 70 sword dot mod gives +140 trauma damage over 10 seconds to one skill. Necromancy gives +175 fire damage over 10 seconds to one skill. Battle chemistry has 2 mods which give +130 fire damage to all of your bomb attacks which are also all aoe. And it's not as if the attacks are weak in terms of base stats either, they're actually comparable to necromancy (although necromancy get skeletons too but then battle chemistry gets mutations and the golem).

ad53a9 No.14517841


The relevant mods are:

All bomb attacks ignite the target, causing them to take 120 fire damage over 10 seconds[leg][ring]

All Bomb Damage +84[main][ring]

Toxin Bomb Damage +47%[chest][feet]

Mycotoxin Formula Damage +53%[chest][feet]

Acid Bomb Damage +45%[chest][feet]

Bomb attacks deal +41 damage and hasten the current reuse timer of Healing Mist by 2 seconds[legs][feet]

Battle Chemistry Base Damage +23%[main][head]

All pretty damn strong, vs:

Song of disagreement deals +17 damage and has a 5% chance to stun each target every 2 seconds[head][ring]

Song of disagreement has a 41% chance to deal +30% damage to each target every 2 seconds[chest][off]

Song of disagreement Damage +17%[leg][main]

Whenever you take damage from an enemy, you gain Song of disagreement Damage +6% and Song of Resurgence Healing +6 for 20 seconds[hand][feet]

Song of disagreement reduces targets' Rage by -114 every 2 seconds[feet][neck]

Bard Base Damage +23%[head][off]

I need to know if +47% goes after or before +84 to run some calculations

5c9176 No.14517918


Those are the values for the lvl 60 mods, try this for the lvl 70 mods:


and I assume the % bonuses go before the flat bonuses but I don't know for sure.

a85f40 No.14520121

I just started playing a few days ago.

This is the best MMO experience I've had in a few years.

What guild are you all in?

8d2ea9 No.14520127

Is the skilling in this remotely similar to Runescape?

I have an mmo autism urge I need to scratch but I don't want to play oldschool rs.

5c9176 No.14521919


Lots of people are comparing it to runescape in terms of the skilling since there's 100+ skills in this game which interact in the same sort of way as in runescape. Unfortunately it doesn't have the same great comfy music or great quests as runescape and the pvp is only for fun but I would say it's still a worthwhile game to check out.

8d2ea9 No.14521969


Cheers for the reply, I'll check it out sometime.

70c5b6 No.14523445


The skills are crazy

the game is not even beta yet, but for what there is there's ridiculous amounts of content

It's competitive advantage is its open exploration with absolutely no hand holding. No quest markets, no one tells you where to go, etc. You have to take notes on your notepad (ingame) for quest stuff, take notes what the NPCs say, sometimes gain favor with them to gain a clue. You go where you want and level whatever skills you wish to specialize on.

Another cool think about this game is that anything is viable. you can mix and match whatever 2 skills you like most. So many combinations of combat skills. I like Psychology for soloing due to the CC and support, and it also does very high dps for a secondary skill. Mentalism is good for Group healing and support, battle chemistry is quality of life (increased movement, etc). You'll love every skill and wish to have it in your deck for different situations. That's the cool thing about the game, having hammer leveled for crushing damage for a dungeon full of skeletons comes in handy, so having skills for every combat skill is beneficial. Most people main 2 combat skills for gearing though end game.

70c5b6 No.14523450


I'm on the mods' guild called Holy Order. mainly because they guide you and help out. At least for now.

f129b4 No.14523469


>pvp is only for fun

as it should be, tbh

eef667 No.14523572

File: 4c3e0bd262c54ff⋯.png (196.76 KB, 500x430, 50:43, spoder wizard.png)


If you're going Spider, don't bother with weapon skills and see them as a means to an end to get Magic schools. You'll want to acquire Fire, Ice, Mentalism (EXCEEDINGLY IMPORTANT), Necromancy(EVEN MORE IMPORTANT), Psychology and maybe even Battle Chemistry if it's not been put behind some bullshit.

Note that you don't have to master any of these, just unlock them.

Also stock up on as many Moonstones as possible, and keep them with you, you need that to cast a Spider illusion to talk with regular NPCs.

You'll need to hit up a spider in the Crypt to even get Spider Juice and he's your class trainer, you'll have to fight a mini boss to get to him, so make sure you know what ranks to come back and get his skills. He also sells a spider belt to help you because you'll be fucked on gear when you transform.

If you're going Necromancy, farm bones off of skeletons at the Crypt as well, or buy them from other players. My personal preference when I played was a Necro/Mentalism build, and loads of people played Necro Spiders, Necro focuses on health drain outside of skellys, and Mentalism focuses on buffing and resource healing (HP with MP as well) with a stun spell or two, so they were perfect together since i think it also buffed pets.

You have tools to drag and kite guys, kill armor, stun and still opponents for your buddies to wail on. You're crowd control while controlling a crowd of your own, and your attacks can be made deadly with a charge move.

tl;dr If you're going spider, go Necromancy and go full crowd control, and use Mentalism out of combat to heal your crew/party. Carry loadsa moonstones and bones, they're your lifeblood.

Beast Form is hard mode, mainly because it slots you into a role that's hard to shake. However, your locked class skills are powerful and require no reagents in combat.

Spiders in particular are one of the best beast forms for damage, but do require some management to maximize the cuh-razy. Each Spider has command of a small army even without necromancy because of their Incubate skill, which helps distract while you're charging the big moves. They also have skills that render certain stun moves in Necromancy redundant, which lets you have multi-stuns or allows you to get into more health drain and have more summon choices.

eef667 No.14523619

87d761 No.14524819

how long does it take for a boss to respawn?

dcf103 No.14525869

File: 87917ccc10e1582⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1903x997, 1903:997, deadgame.jpg)

the good ol days when deer weren't allowed anywhere near civilization and cow bros and bards lead society in a golden age of peace and prosperity

5db934 No.14525931

So is there a /v/ guild? I saw that there was unarmed and grappling mechanics and instantly got interested.

5db934 No.14525937


The peak player count is only like 400 though, kinda concerning.

ca9a57 No.14526354


Literally dead?

7f9672 No.14526652

If anyone is gonna set up an 8/v/ guild how about the Order of the infinite undead. Chill with necromancy bros and enjoy killing deer by the truckload

64543b No.14526657

how does group loot works currently? it's FFA and you are expected to get along with strangers?

5c9176 No.14526684


If you're in a party you can customise the loot to either be turns or ffa. If you're on your own it's the first person to tag an enemy who gets the loot but bosses have instanced loot for each person

64543b No.14526715


>it's the first person to tag

it seems it changed to 'whomever does more damage', I keed getting my skills stolen from me when I am attempting to compete with high level players (which sometimes are, for some reason, murdering the gobbos in troves in southern sebule)

5c9176 No.14526734


well shit, guess they changed it, it definitely used to be whoever tagged it though

3d33f9 No.14528539

How many 8/v/ losers are playing currently? Is there anyone playing now that used to play in the beginning of the good old days (before they introduced private chat rooms in the alpha)? Thinking of playing this again but would have to make a new account since I cant remember anything of my old account.

ca9a57 No.14531285

Model updates when?

15bedf No.14531469

Yo someone said I can be a spider, this sounds radical

5dde08 No.14535232

Has anyone set up a guild or is there anyone from one of the old guilds playing again?

467582 No.14535405


I think there's a couple people who still had their old guilds running but I don't there's anywhere specific where there's a few people together yet.If someone starts something I'll join it.

5dde08 No.14537830


Guess we just need to do it the old way and add people to friends lists until we figure something out. IGN is Spoogy if anyone wants to group up and do some shit, had to make a new character since I dont remember my login for my alpha account.

dd1e16 No.14540170


They're probably levelling Goblinese or some shit. Those gobbos are easy, there are loads of them and there's very little competition comparatively.

87d6ae No.14540190

Someone wanna hook me up?

87d6ae No.14540194

File: 05910c760b3a69a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 224.93 KB, 480x640, 3:4, Artyom Iskhakov.JPG)

>40 dollars

357031 No.14540222

this game is utter garbage and you should feel terrible for playing it

3d33f9 No.14542623

How many people that posted in the thread earlier still play? If theres still anyone playing I can see about getting a guild set up unless someone else has permissions from one of the old guilds

3594c9 No.14542649


I do.

IGN is Thedros

f7e78b No.14542652



Who's gonna hook me up?

3d33f9 No.14542887


I'll toss you a friend request when I get home this evening and can help out with whatever if you're still in serbule

0b7cbc No.14543629


I'm still playing, my ign is Celerity

a85f40 No.14546904


I still play, IGN is Wraelyn

86f7fa No.14548634

This game was funny as fuck when it was free. Bards 4 life, gas the Deer race war now

ee8749 No.14548868

If you had an old account, do you absolutely need Steam to play the game? Because I don't want to be involved with that fucking platform.

3594c9 No.14549379


Yeah you need steam. Asked one of the devs and they're dropping support for the standalone exe

bc1032 No.14549417


>40 shekels

they can go fuck themselves

9799a7 No.14549882


That's some fucking shit, why would they want to drop support for a standalone EXE? The game's online; they can create a check to see if the account was paid for or not.

3594c9 No.14549908


I have no idea m8, but it's what they said.

I would love to see a non-steam release though

253f73 No.14550069

File: 66ad7d052da0b1d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.95 KB, 324x557, 324:557, 1435261871930.jpg)


>get turned into a cow

>people want to milk me

f76c19 No.14552066


I'll get on while old client works. If someone wants invite into Agitated Skeletons or wants to get turned into bat hit Shakim up in game.

ca9a57 No.14552403


Do you retain milking if you return to your normal form?

This is very important.

248c92 No.14553485

Why do I keep doing back to this stupid ass game? Every time I log on, in less than 10 minutes I start asking myself why I am slaving through this shit

Especially after I started leatherworking

62166f No.14553626


Now anon even if you're a boy, you turn into a milkable female cow.

I'd milk you

PS can fairies turn into cows

PPS can cows milk eachother

248c92 No.14553703


cows can milk themselves

62166f No.14553909


But only at high levels

Im asking for mutual milking until then

de74b4 No.14557690

File: e84da8a826d6ba2⋯.webm (4.67 MB, 960x720, 4:3, an average day in serbule.webm)

0fbb3b No.14557709

c69f76 No.14557919

File: 38e673d02d1a9ca⋯.png (134.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, attend and serve.png)

File: 6853c1c2390d65c⋯.png (294.47 KB, 700x700, 1:1, skeleton garden fueled by ….png)

File: dd138899b79e9c1⋯.jpg (46.76 KB, 400x302, 200:151, hangingwithcoth.jpg)

Anyone has the OC from the first time /v/ played this? Requesting the webm of a pig being spitroasted on top of Serbule's wheel.

ee8749 No.14558035


40 shekel one-time payment is something I wouldn't mind, but they need to make a no-steam client because I don't want to infect my computer with that fucking cancer.

5dde08 No.14559953

Custom chat rooms are still a thing apparently so that can be used until we can get anons in a guild. Type '/join -8v' into chat for secret clubhouse

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