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File: 261f8d62ba9ea7c⋯.jpg (354.35 KB, 2299x1530, 2299:1530, c&cpromopins.jpg)

File: e078ea41361a63d⋯.jpg (729.98 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, terror_drone_mecha_musume.jpg)

5b3109 No.14501145

So apparently some drama has been going on and a bunch of anons, including many of our regulars even the man who usually does these OPs so forgive me if I've messed something up, have disappeared off to /vg/. For now we'll just maintain one thread on each board and see what happens. This is obviously the /v/ thread, /vg/ thread is over here >>>/vg/26519

Useful sites and downloads:

https://cncnet.org/ - Tiberian Dawn, Sun and Red Alert downloads as well as C&C MP fixes and patches. and Dawn of the Tiberian Age download so you can drive Stanks into pillboxes

http://www.massgate.org/ - World in Conflict MP fix

https://wz2100.net/ - Warzone 2100

To do:

>Create more Generals

>Expand knowledge of RTS games

>Play more games with anons

>Make a non-shit RTS chart (apparently the fags on /vg/ are going to do this)

>Get more RTS downloads

>Decide where to make our home

>Try and talk about vidya

49e74d No.14501323

File: 81fa6659cda550e⋯.png (350.56 KB, 1786x1162, 893:581, mental omega yuri GI grind….png)

Remember to be one with Yuri

b96e1e No.14501337

File: 735f278972db1e4⋯.png (49.61 KB, 590x1000, 59:100, My life for master Yuri gi….png)


Yuri is probably the most memorable character from any RTS game out there.

Hes at the very least as memorable as Kane

49e74d No.14501389


hahaha oh my god, Yuri mind-controlling people to perform yuri shit. GENIUS

ff7105 No.14501409

Ongoing Kane's Wrath tourney

twitch tv/spartylive

252d52 No.14501433

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dawn of War 2 isn't go-

69a312 No.14501445


Shit looks like we have a sniper in the th-

252d52 No.14501473

File: 8dc079606ff84c0⋯.png (3.05 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8qvqZAq.png)

File: 70c993560e4ca3d⋯.jpg (102.16 KB, 600x825, 8:11, Bishiecyrus.jpg)

File: c536bab139cc411⋯.jpg (45.7 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, IAE8lwZh.jpg)


When Terminators get shot at by a sniper their first response is to go looking for them.

49e74d No.14501520

File: c733dba270a3d57⋯.png (536.28 KB, 1840x1720, 46:43, cnc stank massacre.png)

post stank and spank mems

252d52 No.14501558

File: c3efcd83aece943⋯.png (2.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 26kOQnC.png)

File: 27a6600addf28ff⋯.png (331.58 KB, 490x649, 490:649, 845.PNG)

File: f7619c48c67f6c4⋯.png (19.83 KB, 540x324, 5:3, 78223624653cf887219a1294a7….png)

File: a37c099b1bbe0d5⋯.jpg (54.13 KB, 489x416, 489:416, 1242252825237.jpg)


The bottom one is someone who doesn't like dawn of war 2

05a933 No.14503544

>ROTR update never ever

>Tiberium Essence never ever

9fd982 No.14504456

Did anyone play that Battlezone remaster?

34553a No.14505302


Played for a bit. Played just like I remembered it did. They added alot of details to the individual vehicles themselves and the lighting was redone but everything was pretty much the same.

a6c7d3 No.14505533

File: e7abf70a2c16f93⋯.png (626.47 KB, 560x765, 112:153, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f53ce145856f648⋯.png (351.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 66edecb21831bd9⋯.png (786.4 KB, 740x552, 185:138, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 05fa9327f68dad2⋯.png (898.19 KB, 800x576, 25:18, ClipboardImage.png)

Here begins the tantalizing chronicle of super obscure korean RTSes you might want to try.

First is Counter Blow, seems to be a fluid C&C clone, supposedly the first korean RTS with multiplayer. Menus work and the game installs but I couldn't get it to go into mission. I wonder if you'll do better

>A comet has crashed into Earth and all but destroyed civilization as we know it. Amid the myriad of civil wars has emerged a powerful country, Zax, whose leaders are determined to bring the rest of the world under their tyranny. Zax possesses mysterious weapons that were created from technology found within the remains of the comet. Only three nations have the will to challenge Zax as they prepare for a united Counter Blow. Acquire resources, construct buildings and weapons, assemble your forces, and determine your strategy to cripple the advancing hordes from Zax.


Second is a sort of a mix between StarCraft and Warcraft set in a light fantasy version of The Three Kingdoms period (not the chinese romance of the three kingdoms). What I find really interesting is the build menu and fucking rice as the main resource.


torrent: https://torrentpong.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=game&wr_id=109

3bc32d No.14505547


Oh hey what's Candlejack doing h

b72b7a No.14505568

File: f5f016e113bad6b⋯.jpg (33.51 KB, 479x353, 479:353, 삼국지 천명2.jpg)

File: 2691d06d290c603⋯.jpg (23.56 KB, 380x380, 1:1, 아트록스.jpg)

File: df9e89d9c651745⋯.png (143.68 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 이스트.png)

File: a9cae5253a09c88⋯.jpg (33.23 KB, 344x447, 344:447, 임진록2.jpg)

File: 34a43d67805ed9a⋯.jpg (175.23 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 킹덤 언더 파이어.jpg)


There's fucking shit tons of Starcraft, C&C, WC and AoE clones in Korea if you seek out. Try 'Im Jin Rok 1 and 2', 'Atrox', 'Kingdom Under Fire', 'East', 'Three Kingdoms 1 and 2'. Those are one of good.

When Starcraft hit there was like fucking hundreds of clone titles came out within next few years, and even the internet cannot records them all. I have some jewel CDs for these insanely obscure RTS games and when I search the titles Google does not show any result, it's that obscure. It was golden age of gook gaming.

f2d22b No.14505604

Link for Swarm Assault from the last thread.

Don't let this game die.


252d52 No.14505670

File: 6197b828ac590dd⋯.png (489.15 KB, 800x450, 16:9, C1B35AE4-765C-4622-AF3F-BA….png)


Who is Candlejack? Did he pay you to grab Dr Pavel?

309554 No.14505696


Did you just say Candlejack? Fuck off back to cuckchan with your dead m

9fd982 No.14506005


Its up on gog right? I cant find a torrent anywhere

34553a No.14506045

5bacb6 No.14506050

was there ever an english translation of Die Fugger

0af9cb No.14506052

File: 8898b03bc44a673⋯.jpg (248.25 KB, 833x1023, 833:1023, 1518994116800.jpg)


The first two Dawn of War games are so incredibly fun. It may have something to do with me being very good at them and having a high apm in RTS games, but they were a blast to play.

9fd982 No.14506062

File: 2c0c64667076d83⋯.jpg (172.54 KB, 534x642, 89:107, 0025.jpg)


cheers nig

a6c7d3 No.14507354


yep I was planning to post all those and more. They do show up on google and the documentation in korean is extensive, my problem is that half the titles don't have .iso files the ones you posted I did find. Wish I knew the languge. The amount of interesting titles from that golden age is absolutely amazing.

My western source is that huge Hardcode Gaming 101 page: https://hg101.kontek.net/korea/korea.htm

the russian site old-games.ru has a list of the games no iso is available for:

https://www.old-games.ru/wiki/%D0%A1%D0%BF%D0%B8%D1%81%D0%BE%D0%BA_%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%B7%D1%8B%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B8%D0%B2%D0%B0%D0%B5%D0%BC%D1%8B%D1%85_%D0%BA%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%B5%D0%B9%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B8%D1%85_%D0%B8%D0%B3%D1%80 (damn that's fucking long)

8757db No.14508340


Someone explain the stanks meme, I know the webm where all the stanks blow-up on the pillboxes, why did that happen, are they weak to pillboxes? Can they not kill the pillboxes? I don't get

5d9dfb No.14508356



Splitting the thread will leave it as ded as the RTS genre, it's already much slower than the last one. I'd rather we stuck in one place.


An argie fucked up and charged his hidden army of stealth tanks through the enemy base and into the pillboxes in front. There's a recording around somewhere.

afe6d0 No.14508465


Stanks have weak armor and instead of attacking the open side of the enemy base, the dude attacked based defenses.

ff7105 No.14509231


A couple of unfunny faggots are trying to force a shitty meme about some retarded nobody argie who didn't know how to use stealth tanks and lost them to some pillboxes.

f2d22b No.14510452


Mad nodfag detected.

228cea No.14510466


I too would rather the /rts/ thread stayed here on /v/.

ae87af No.14510641


isn't /vg/ as dead as RTSes themselves? Or is it coming back? I have nothing against generals staying on /v/. and honestly I'd much rather see more talk about other RTSes than C&C

5b3109 No.14510646


It appears to be making a comeback but I don't know if it'll last.

95aa2a No.14511149


hes right tough

49e74d No.14511155

File: 1ef3e8985b4fd00⋯.jpg (31.14 KB, 572x506, 26:23, tanya and terror drone.JPG)

RA 1: Tanya with black hair

RA 2: Ginger Tanya

RA3: Blonde pornstar Tanya

whens dangerhair Tanya?

49e74d No.14511223

File: 72a69089f3904b7⋯.png (194.79 KB, 1112x951, 1112:951, pillbox outta bushes.png)

File: 1d6279053dbf56a⋯.png (60.99 KB, 512x626, 256:313, ClipboardImage.png)


>can they not kill the pillboxes?

Nop. Pillboxes outrange stanks by 1 unit, attack power by 10 and have 4 times the hitpoints of the stank

f8d4e6 No.14511352


/vg/ allows non generals now too so its a replacement for /v/ with better moderation

a8b9ad No.14511964


The more embarrassing part is that Night didn't even see the pillboxes, he ran his stanks straight through a bunch of them to shoot a refinery a few times before dying.

9fd982 No.14512022


No wonder this side is fucking shit.

a6c7d3 No.14512284

File: d28642757934845⋯.png (13.59 KB, 466x154, 233:77, ClipboardImage.png)


found some torrents. Half of them are stuck. RIP

5bacb6 No.14512804

File: 0e7e8aea249d362⋯.webm (1.26 MB, 480x360, 4:3, One Ranger Army.webm)

7cb80f No.14514746


Post the original webm or a youtube link please.

308dd2 No.14514783


Also requesting so I can actually save it this time.

9fd982 No.14515059


keep reading newfag

ee5f36 No.14515077

File: eba84fd53ca2e3c⋯.webm (6.44 MB, 800x600, 4:3, eba84fd53ca2e3c93e09fa63d….webm)

308dd2 No.14515184



Damn auto thread.



9723a2 No.14517389

File: 26e88c2cd1c1d0d⋯.jpg (14.14 KB, 232x265, 232:265, 26e88c2cd1c1d0d844108be47a….jpg)

>check if my old RA2 and Yuri's Revenge work

>after some fiddling it works somewhat well

>decide to try Mental Omega

>turns out I need version 1.001 of gamemd.exe

>patching for unknown reasons gets botched

>didn't update the exe, can't find working gamemd.exe anywhere

not the usual thing I do but does someone have link for the 1.001 patched gamemd.exe? the one I tried didn't work and assuming it's just that one file that prevents me playing MO

f163e3 No.14517406


I can upload it fam, both cracked and uncracked version but it is the germanistan version thou, so I am not sure if it works.

f163e3 No.14517443



Here it is: http://www71.zippyshare.com/v/C8vvmN1t/file.html

Don't forget to blackup your original files just in case.

9723a2 No.14517445


>works with any version of Yuri's Revenge. As long as it's 1.001

I think they're probably fine, upload both just in case

9723a2 No.14517478

File: 66e0dfa0346d866⋯.jpg (91.13 KB, 425x300, 17:12, 15258219646.jpg)

File: 6b8df79946bf499⋯.gif (2.65 MB, 542x230, 271:115, 1414459494516.gif)

File: 2ade4c2bc7a0b16⋯.png (415.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Mental Omega 20.3.2018 20.….png)


That did the trick, thanks fam still wondering why the devs of the mod don't provide the exe file, since you still need the rest of the original files

f163e3 No.14517673


Probably because of muh piracy or some crap like that. "Oh no goy we cannot provide the patched files needed to play it! Just give the shekels to EA already!"

5b59bc No.14518772


Get a torrent of YR, it works as a charm

a50b6e No.14518777

I am angry. Angry about Starcraft II.

5b59bc No.14518781


Its more likely that everybody with a functioning brain knows how to get the exe and files themselves and the devs dont want to get involved with the EA lawyers since RA2 is not yet available for free like CnC1 for eg.

5d94ae No.14521030



I remember that game from years and years ago, it had sprites lifted directly from SCBW, the UI was a mess and the races were all over the place design-wise.

I seem to recall it having a full singleplayer campaign which I regret not finishing since the game is probably a unicorn at this point.

f2d22b No.14521060


>sprites lifted from SCBW

Not from my venture a couple of years ago, but they were pretty terrible. One or two good ideas, then otherwise a dumb game.

f63742 No.14522469


Oh yeah, I was referring to pretty minor stuff, like death animations for some not!Zerg and not!Terran units looking suspiciously very similar to marines and hydralisk death animations.

I'll actually take another look at it since it's not that hard to find it on the internet.

caa5ac No.14522582

a8b9ad No.14524815


>Risking being sued for a million shekels just to spoonfeed retards who can't find very common files to an exceedingly popular game.

900067 No.14525935


5bacb6 No.14527659



ff7105 No.14527743




e94c85 No.14527871


nice feminine trips . btw wanna meet? i live in oregon but i can travel a state if for your feminine trips :3

588571 No.14528169


Oh. I am in Oregon too!!!! Eugene btw. rawr :3


Not post op, anon.


Takes one to know one. Faggot.

6094a9 No.14528187


Traps arent trannies. Trannies experience gender dysphoria. Traps just do it as a fetish or because its fun to cute.

ca2ab5 No.14528275


I like anime because I already hate women. Not the other way round.

What now, faggot?

588571 No.14528282

File: 9e8dd9f7e92690b⋯.png (231.84 KB, 500x380, 25:19, 9e8dd9f7e92690b1aad5b22a21….png)


>hates anime

>on an imageboard

d4b93f No.14528289


Time to weed out the soyboy shit and cutesy influences

8896e7 No.14528306

File: 3f11148034fa460⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 2338x1604, 1169:802, Not trying to tame the cra….jpg)


I'm a waifufag but I don't hate womyn, only feminists who look at anything sexy and decide it must be purified. I just want my anime pictures, damn it, I didn't ask to fight in this culture war against puritans.

7e08e0 No.14528433




That abstract doesn't actually show any figures. That makes it a pretty poor source. Please don't suggest I pay 40 dollars to download the article or I will be forced to Semite-shame you.

51b8e7 No.14528464



>show figures

>he wants to pay for publications

Who is the semite here?

e41b1e No.14528468

File: 7b146f402b559f2⋯.pdf (506.62 KB, 10.1007/s10508-015-0541-1.pdf)




Here you go.

099744 No.14528509


Damn satan, you fallen pretty low.

1eeffc No.14528668


I like that reasoning about how being gay is a choice. It makes for a convenient thought experiment that usually leads to some neat cognitive dissonance.

If being gay was a choice, anyone that hates gays could prove it simply by turning gay for a single day. Why don't you try it and then stop saying retarded things in public afterwards?

1eeffc No.14529165


What, did you had to pay 10 dollars before posting here?

1eeffc No.14529223


And if I pay a bus fare to go visit the park, suddendly the whole place is no longer public?

But before the discussion gets too faggy, here's something someone else said in the previous thread and didn't got a decent answer:

In order for RTS games to make a comeback and actually become decent, these things have to happen in the same game:

>Expansion speed isn't locked to XTREME or YOU LOSE

>Switching strategy mid-game is actually viable

>Comebacks are actually possible against a good player

>Superior eco doesn't mean an automatic win

>Average 1v1 match length is 15mins or shorter

These are his words, not mine, and personnaly, I don't actually like the last point much, but I can understand it.

Overall however, it seems his main gripes seem to be mostly with the economy, although he doesn't mention teching, which is also part of this.

The thing about economy in an RTS is that the whole thing seems to act like a double reward for exponential victory. The more you expand and the better your economy is, then the faster you'll progress in your tech tree and recruit units. This seems logical from the standpoint of waging war, but from a gameplay perspective, it really doesn't.

It's the equivalent in a Fighting Game to give your attacks bonus damage based on how much health you took off your oponent, which just leads to snowballing until the game is decided, often to the one that stroke first.

So carrying on the Fighter metaphor, I came up with an idea that can mitigate or even solve the issue. Instead of rewarding you with more attack, reward the player with more health instead!

It seems simple and dumb but here's what I mean and why this is such a great idea:

Have an economic bottleneck that prevents your forces from growing out of hand or too fast even if you have the resources for them. Then, let the player use only a fraction of it's force at anytime, every other being on reserve in case it's needed. Or on more practical terms, you'd have your Headquarters\Towncenter\Building Yard spawn basic Recruits at a fixed interval. It's the only building that does that, and it spews them at the same rate. Every base can hold at most 100 Recruits that will defend it automatically, however should you need troops, the Recruits in a base are converted to normal soldiers to fight for you.

What this does is that every extra base becomes a stockpile of Recruits. In case you lose one, you still have the previous ones all the way to your base. However since the size of an army does not change, it's only reinforced, you'll have a full garrison against the same sized army from your oponent. A battle will see mostly the same number of troops at all times and it's now decided based on who's the better player instead of who brought more dudes to the fight. All your economy does is let you prepare an army to strike faster, however changing the units you have defending a base can help you survive an oponent that has a much superior economy to you as long as you counter him well.

1eeffc No.14529261


Regarding Tech, here's the thing: they are literally permanent stat upgrades to your troops. Or in other words, another reward for doing well with the economy when you really needed none if you're already doing well with it. However the good news is that there's actually 2 ways to solve the Tech problem and they can be used at the same time too:

1-Tactical Option:

All Tech does is provide you with more options of gameplay. More avenues of attack and means of defense. It doesn't grant you straight up better units or upgrades ever.

This means that while you'll never have +2 to attack to your soldiers, you can instead have Amphibious Training to let them move underwater or Para Training so they can deploy from planes, letting you use them in different situations. Is your oponent holed up in a mountain? Give them Para training and now you can strike from above. Does he have a port in his base that's light on defense? Give them Amphibious training.

2-Tech makes you stronger but slower.

Going back to the Fighter analogy, consider Potemkin or your average "slow but strong" character. You trade speed for increased damage.

What this means is that every upgrade you research that's actually a stat bonus will make your units more expensive, slowing down your economy and reinforcing, but making better units.

For instance, the Recruits you make can be made into Soldiers with a cheap investment, but they can be given Armor and Laser Rifles instead if you build the right buildings and have the required resources. Every nearby Soldier will head inside an Armory that currently holds better gear than he has and switch with it, but this requires extra time to gear up, more facilities spending your resources to produce your weapons, and the more Soldiers you have, the slower it is.

An oponent with no tech can field 100 Soldiers in 2 minutes, while you can only field 100 Super Soldiers in 5 minutes instead. You have the tech advantage but now your oponent has more time to react to you and even preemptively attack you before facing your superior forces on your terms.

These ideas can be combined however, making upgrades fit into 2 categories of "Side Option" or "Upgrade", the first being much cheaper but both slowing you down considerably.

Aditionnaly, Tech shouldn't be yours for the rest of the match the second you got it. Instead, it's stored inside the tech buildings you construct and you lose it if they are taken down, making those buildings as crucial as troop production centers.

A final note is that tech often clashes with the rest of the game since it competes for resources you could spend elsewhere. A better idea instead is to have Tech rely entirely on it's own resource that depends strictly on how many bases you have, thus giving expansionist players an advantage over others but also a soft-penalty in the sense that extra technology will slowdown their economy in the end.

2f8535 No.14529325

File: 22cc503d4d49e3c⋯.jpg (68.63 KB, 580x624, 145:156, 7f581c057e337b32111d217472….jpg)

>homo enters thread

>thread ruined

bf28e8 No.14529340


>Average 1v1 match length is 15mins or shorter

But, what? Having the match length at 15min or less is counter to every other suggestion you put.

For example:

>Expansion speed isn't locked to XTREME or YOU LOSE

Expansion speed being any other speed than starcraft click-fest and build orders mean that the game is slow enough to pace these things and perhaps allow queueing fortifications for the expansion too.

>Switching strategy mid-game is actually viable

Switching strategies mid-game mean that you can re-tool your army or economy as needed, dropping efficiency from racing to one particular outcome, from rushing tanks to spamming aircraft. This takes time to implement.

>Comebacks are actually possible against a good player


Well that game isn't over yet is it?

>Superior eco doesn't mean an automatic win

Most games played seem to either favour economy/research or military rushing. Depending on the game, military rushes could race through and finish quick, but if the economy player is able to rush military defences and turtle, surely they should be rewarded for the patient approach?

afdee2 No.14529423


you don't want expansion speed to be locked to XTREME OR YOU LOSE?

then I'd suggest having a 4 second cooldown for performing any action, aside from stuff like the main menu and using the in-game chat and targeting units

that would be paired with letting you shift click for chain commands, and also letting you order units to patrols, and letting you repeat unit queues indefinitely like in AoM by clicking the repeat button while a unit is being trained, and of course letting you give the same order to a lot of units at once

but that'd have… other consequences

perhaps theres a better solution

1eeffc No.14529560


I actually said I don't personnaly agree with that point. I do like to extend the game, get every research, make whatever version of a Super Weapon\Unit the game has before actually winning, even holding back long enough to get that done.

However some people prefer their matches a bit more arcadey. They have their units and buildings, they know what they are going to do and don't need long to get it done.

It's a bit like having a Quake deathmatch that can last for quite a while or a few rounds in Street Fighter instead. Yes, I know that Quake matches are mostly 15 minutes, but rounds in SF will go by much faster.

While I think this requires an entirely different aproach and could even branch off to be it's own sub-genre, I do see the need for that specific niche. Not everyone has the same attachment or wants to invest the same amount of time to build up their bases.


>having a 4 second cooldown

While that would actually work, it'd probably make the game a lot more boring to play and punish more severely inputting the wrong command.

The solution is partially on what you said: automation.

In order to increase the amount of units you can control and switch the focus onto logistics and strategy instead (or basically macro > micro), you need to have some form of automation. And the more you have, the less you have to do at a basic level.

For instance, instead of commanding every unit individually, you can just drop down banners to attack and defend. This removes control from the player but in turn frees him to worry about the logistics of forming a massive army. Majesty does this and Multiwinia too partly.

If you have your units using their abilities automatically and even items if they can carry them, the player no longer has to micro every unit in order to justify even making them.

The result is that army composition and positioning becomes the focus instead where a player can no longer win a skirmish with a worse army just because he clicks faster.

Kohan does this mostly well.

Even base building and defense should follow this design phylosophy. Personnaly, I see no value over having to select a Builder\Villager to actually build anything. Just have the Build Menu always available to drop down buildings everywhere and have them form a Build Queue. Then put every nearby idle builder automatically going by that queue and give the player a button that "drafts" Villagers\Builders away from whathever task they are doing if the player deems it necessary.

Resource aquisition should be a matter of proportions. You simply pick "30% for food, 30% for wood and 40% for gold" and your villagers shift around to accomodate those settings. Even having a "minimum number of villagers, that are queued automatically for production until that quota is met.

Basically, the first few minutes of a game would just be drafting a base that will be built while you pick the automation settings you think you'll need and scout around, instead of pointless clicking.

a8b9ad No.14530448


You act like gay for pay isn't commonplace

db4ac8 No.14530472


That's excellent news buddy now remind be how this is related to real time strategy games - the topic of the thread. Maybe we should go back to talking about rts instead yeah?

41bc84 No.14530510

File: 23d8e0500cb9f1c⋯.jpg (39.75 KB, 592x333, 16:9, JON SNUUUUUUU.jpg)

>tfw Prostagma cancer

c22258 No.14530935

File: bab64ae044238d8⋯.jpg (185.77 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Dark Planet.jpg)

Has anyone ever heard of this game before?

I used to play it all the time when I was younger.

You have 3 very different factions that all gather resources differently from one another, so instead of trying to take a resource expansion first so they cant have it, it kind of forces proxy wars of fucking up the other guy's resource expansion with hit and run tactics. That is unless both players are the same race.

I also remember each faction having a super unit that would be the final thing they could all build, the Humans got a giant robot the lizzard men made some kind of Elemental and I forget what the aliens had.

It was clearly playing off the success of starcraft at the time with the races how they were, but I remember it being okay.

1096de No.14535924

File: 99a2598f1b3369d⋯.jpg (294.06 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 14267101786421592064_scree….jpg)

Don´t die

699c3a No.14535949

Throne of Britannia TW comes out next month, hope it is good.

4867b3 No.14536325


>worshipping a tree


699c3a No.14536336


Compared to kike on cross? Fuck yeah.

3e5d4a No.14536438


The brotherhood has entrusted me

eca2d4 No.14541173

File: cef53995f9098dc⋯.webm (6.87 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Command & Conquer - Tiber….webm)

df561d No.14546651

File: 3f7c4c4e4e7f099⋯.png (399.33 KB, 395x395, 1:1, Clockwork.png)

File: 4ba5fad9655f797⋯.jpg (57.1 KB, 230x230, 1:1, glass_spider.jpg)

What are some of your favorite units just aesthetic wise? I really liked how some of the units in Rise of Legends looked, with these being my favorite. Wish they did a remaster or something to add more frames to the animations and maybe proper unit responses.

c7d17f No.14546689


Reminds me of that Ultima flash where the guy spawns a copy of Earth.

6f3185 No.14546709


The reason why RTS went out is because most devs are completely incapable of understanding how the genre functions at a basic level, which is just a simple rock-paper-scissors in the form of defense, economy and offense.

RA2 does exactly what you want. You can spam the fuck out of miners early and get a massive early boost in economy; but this means your gold/gem reserves are gonna be emptied. Forcing you to either use your economic advantage to win at that point, or conquer more gold/gem reserves on the map.

But this simple nuance in mechanics is too complex, so instead we got RA3, where you can't have more than one miner per mine.

7cb80f No.14546880



Red Alert 3 forces you to spread yourself thin across the map if you want to have an economic advantage. This makes harassment more viable, better allows a small force to defeat a larger one through guerilla warfare, and generally makes more fights break out in multiple fronts.

It's similar to Starcraft's system, and there is nothing wrong with that. People that are complaining about refineries just love to whine.

Harvester harassment still exists, and with how Red Alert 3 units either have so much mobility and the water allows attacks to come from everywhere, there is far more of it than with Red Alert 2, where you have tankspam + dogs every game and composition doesn't really matter. RA3 is the better game.

5c601d No.14547256


1. No unit limit

2. Resources from point on map

3. Losing a point also takes away a part of your resources

The more shit you have, the more shit you have to defend

05255a No.14552866




af021e No.14552998

Daily reminder that Red Alert is a prequel to C&C.

>Allied campaign mentions the creation of a global defense agency

>Soviet campaign ends with Kane talking about the brotherhood

either ending will result in Tiberian Dawn 95'

RA2 is a spin-off/what-if sequel that follows the Allied victory in RA1.

af021e No.14553018


Also C&C and Tiberian Sun are atmospheric as fuck.

C&C95 is a low-density, Vietnam/Desert Storm esque conflict.

Compare that to RA which is a full-blown world war with everything and the kitchen sink.

TS is a post-apocalyptic grimdark world with ambient music.

Compare that to RA2 which is extremely cheesy and self aware.

db4ac8 No.14553030


It's too bad they never decided to elaborate on the connection between the two games. Could've been pretty neat at least seeing some RA type easter eggs in C&C TS or in 3. RA3 however I have no fucking idea what is going on in that one at all. Did they even connect the story of RA2 to that one at all?

af021e No.14553046


There are a lot of subtle hints that there is a connection.

Soviets are the "brute force" faction in RA, and the GDI are the "brute force" faction in C&C.

GDI's Mammoth Tanks are copies of the Soviet Heavy Tanks.

GDI has air superiority, just like Soviets had air superiority.

Allies are the guerilla asymmetric faction in RA, and Nod are the guerilla asymmetric faction in C&C.

Allies have apache choppers, just like Nod has apaches in C&C.

Then you have shit like the Obelisk of Light which is obviously inspired by the Tesla Coil.

ff7105 No.14553300


>It's too bad they never decided to elaborate on the connection between the two games



5b3109 No.14556371


>RA2 is a spin-off/what-if sequel that follows the Allied victory in RA1.

Because RA1 wasn't really supposed to be successful.

355cb5 No.14561642

I won't let you die.

964f50 No.14561644

File: b9c72c43b3bee14⋯.webm (714.07 KB, 450x360, 5:4, Command & Conquer - Short….webm)

5b3109 No.14565578

82c816 No.14567749



Killeratte is a gormless retard but his videos are funny

bc24ad No.14569332

File: 40df5f4decf6df1⋯.webm (8.91 MB, 450x360, 5:4, Command & Conquer - Tiber….webm)

31a2da No.14570821



Weren't these flashes originally?

02c6a3 No.14571767

af021e No.14572500


Command & Conquer

Red Alert

Tiberian Sun

Red Alert 2





Tiberium Wars


Red Alert 3

Tiberian Twilight

Facebook game

af021e No.14572517

Also do people still play A Path Beyond or Tiberian Sun Reborn?

237883 No.14574685


I think so.

53f9d6 No.14574871


>Tiberium Wars



af021e No.14575009


>shit taste

>(1) hit'n'runner


53f9d6 No.14575507


Kill yourself today.

13a5b1 No.14575724

File: 0fbe94d691a17da⋯.jpg (32.37 KB, 499x338, 499:338, 0fbe94d691a17da00e4ca2449a….jpg)


>Tiberium Wars


af021e No.14575742


>IP hopping

Here's your (You)

53f9d6 No.14575837


If I must educate your stupid ass on the subject, Tiberium Wars is a good game for the sole fact that its gameplay isn't broken unlike many of its predecessors.

It doesn't have the retarded mind-boggling pathfinding problems from Red Alert.

Its factions are more balanced unlike Tiberian Sun, so you don't have every match being GDI vs. GDI spamming carryalls with Mammoths and Disruptors.

Despite being on the same engine as Generals, it actually demands strategy, which doesn't comprise of just spamming oneclick support powers.

And unlike Renegade, it wasn't a mediocre, unwanted FPS that killed its own developer.

All while being more faithful to the original formula than anything that came after after RA2.

You fucking rose-tinted-glass-wearing troglodyte.

af021e No.14575912


You seem to forget the most important part, the lore/story.

TW leaves massive plot holes, and is a big technological step backwards from TS. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever to go from mechs to tanks again, or from high tech sci-fi infantry to hippie marxist guerillas.

Stop being an EA shill. RA2 was the last good C&C game.

bc99cf No.14575953


> It doesn't make any sense whatsoever to go from mechs to tanks again, or from high tech sci-fi infantry to hippie marxist guerillas

If you just follow the story a tiny bit the first can be explained by massive budget cuts for the GDI (mechs are more maintenance heavy therefore less economical) as seen from the intro of TW and bureaucracy being a massive factor in GDI getting their shit pushed in and pretty much having to rebuild their forces from nothing for NOD as seen in KW

a8b9ad No.14576040


Factually speaking there are exactly zero good 3D RTS.

53f9d6 No.14576085


>the lore/story

Which was fucking present in Tiberium Wars on the same scale as Tiberian Sun and Dawn?

>TW leaves massive plot holes

Like what?

Also good job conveniently forgetting that TW explains plot holes from past games, such as the origin of the Tacitus, the complete disregard for the Scrin, which should've appeared in the first game (but didn't despite Westwood having all the time in the world to add them in since they didn't work for EA during Tiberian Dawn's development), the actual detailed explanation of the dangers of Tiberium contaminating people by going beyond "if you touch or breathe it, you die", how Nod got all their tech back from GDI after being annihilated in Firestorm, and a lot of other things.

>EA shill

EA has owned the franchise since Tiberian Sun you retarded sack of shit.

01dea0 No.14576183


RTS were never good

9afde6 No.14576202

File: 2153219af267194⋯.png (141.5 KB, 1428x836, 357:209, Adv guard tower better tha….png)

File: c7bec1450f9cd85⋯.png (93.72 KB, 1244x648, 311:162, pillbox better than guard ….png)

File: 1fa52acafa08251⋯.png (196.85 KB, 2272x752, 142:47, rocket soldier to attack b….png)

stronk opinions

f25bae No.14576262


How does someone convert flash videos into an actual video format like MP4?

bc99cf No.14577523


I'm pretty sure I've fed those directly to ffmpeg or xmediarecode at some point.

af021e No.14577856


Budget cuts cannot explain how the world in TW was less apocalyptic than it was in TS.


This is how I know you're a retard unfamiliar with the games. It's Nod not NOD.


TW is just a glorified Tiberian Dawn in 3D, with aliens thrown in the mix.

>EA has owned the franchise since Tiberian Sun

Owning =/= creating.

Westwood created TS and RA2, hence they're good games.

EA created Generals and TW, hence they're mediocre or shit.

bc99cf No.14577935


>Budget cuts cannot explain how the world in TW was less apocalyptic than it was in TS.

No but several years of effort solely focused on rebuilding and reclaiming earth can, also not being in the middle of a global war helps, notice how even blue zones go back to being wasteland in the latter parts of TW/KW?

>This is how I know you're a retard unfamiliar with the games. It's Nod not NOD.

Never said I was an expert on the Tiberium saga, but I can at-least listen to cinematics and read the intel database which you apparently cannot.

af021e No.14577998


There was a 30 year gap between TD and TS. In that timespan, the earth got almost completely terraformed to an alien environment. So you can't use war as an excuse.

bc99cf No.14578041


>There was a 30 year gap between TD and TS. In that timespan, the earth got almost completely terraformed to an alien environment.

>"After the Firestorm Crisis, GDI began their experimenting of curing the planet of Tiberium using sonic technology derived from the Tacitus. The test subject was Germany. The success of the sonic resonance technology allowed GDI to reclaim Germany and its cities"

bc99cf No.14578049


And fuck you mark for recycling that shitty aprils fool.

af021e No.14578067


>"While both GDI and Nod magically went 30 years backwards in terms of technology"

No amount of excuses will fix this massive technological plot hole.

53f9d6 No.14578080

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


EA didn't make TW, they published it, just like they've published every single game in the franchise. All they did was rename developers to carry their putrid title.

>the world in TW was less apocalyptic than it was in TS

It's MORE apocalyptic than TS, you idiot. The only thing that made it look different was that the game wasn't in perpetual nighttime unlike Tiberian Sun, and Tiberium sucked the Earth dry of most of its resources, hence why there's so little plant life anywhere. GDI's reclamation efforts in blue zones managed to push back some of the Tiberium by cleaning the atmosphere of most particulates, wiping out mutant wildlife, and keeping Tiberium in check with sonic resonance weaponry.

Yellow Zones, however, are still war-torn hellholes and red zones now look like vid related.

53f9d6 No.14578097


GDI operated almost unparelled in reclamation efforts during the gap between TS and TW, since Nod got almost completely destroyed by CABAL at the end of Firestorm and were forced to go underground. Hell, they had so much room and time to fight tiberium that they made fucking tank/harvester hybrids with sonic cannons to clean up the planet.

53f9d6 No.14578102

af021e No.14578104


Where's the red/orange tiberium veins, mutant monsters and electric storms?

bc99cf No.14578121


Nod got anhihilated and relegated to sporadic guerilla tactics, that's a pretty damn good reason to lose technology, although I'd agree it's klind of an asspull since you'd think Kane would have heard of keeping a fucking backup of the blueprints.

As for GDI you get this

>"as of 2043, GDI has closed over 60% of their military bases around the world, including installations in North Carolina, Brazil, and Eastern Europe. The most recent cutbacks are due to a decrease in Nod activity - with Kane dead, the Brotherhood seems to be splintering apart."

>"The Mark II was and continues to be one of our most powerful tools in the war against Nod fanaticism. This discontinuation is nothing but another disgusting example of GDI bureaucratic penny pinching and namby pamby "can't we all just get along" liberalism… once again, GDI is playing right into Kane's hands."

Combined with them managing to find a way to reverse the terraforming it would seem reasonable to completely shift focus from militaristic reinforcement to reclaiming efforts if there's no or little sign of an organised military resistance from Nod.

af021e No.14578145



This is a bullshit excuse because Nod was also forced to go underground after TD + they had internal struggles to boot.

That didn't make them go backwards at all. They came back with more high tech sci-fi shit like underground APCs, tanks that can turn into artillery and mini-obelisks in the form of laser turrets. Buggies and Bikes also looked way more futuristic.

53f9d6 No.14578152


>red/orange tiberium vein

Purged by GDI. I like it how you don't even question where they came from, since not even TS explains the origin of veinhole monsters.

If you're talking about orange Tiberium, it was an extremely rare breed of Tib which the only sample was destroyed in Tratos' lab during Firestorm.


>mutant monsters

Purged by GDI. With Nod gone, they had all the time in the world to hunt them down in their Tiberium containment efforts.

>electric storms

Ion storms occured due to the Tiberium particulate clouds saturating in the atmosphere, which GDI promptly cleaned up, because if they didn't, everyone would fucking die from tiberium poisoning in their lungs and the story would be over because Westwood didn't think that far.

Even still, ion storms are still present when you use Tiberium-based weapons on Tib fields, and are also used by the Scrin as an offensive weapon, given they know pretty much everything about it.

53f9d6 No.14578159


> it's klind of an asspull since you'd think Kane would have heard of keeping a fucking backup of the blueprints.

The Black Hand kept backups of everything the brotherhood had, on top of being the dudes in charge of recovering lost Nod tech from GDI ever since fucking Tiberian Dawn.

53f9d6 No.14578171


>Nod was also forced to go underground after TD + they had internal struggles to boot.

And yet in Tiberian Sun they suddenly showed up with cyborg technology and tiberium-based weapons despite having their entire experiments and facilities destroyed by Havoc during Renegade. How is that not an asspull?

2b3f0d No.14578181




>This passionate about CnC

I like you, anon.

bc99cf No.14578218


>This is a bullshit excuse because Nod was also forced to go underground after TD + they had internal struggles to boot.

GDI was just less wise to Nod's bullshit back then so they let them slip past, although this logic does put into question what happens in the last part of KW, since even GDI isn't fucking dumb enough to fall for the same bullshit thrice and anyone with half a brain would go full on "kill it with fire" if they saw so much as a hint that Nod still has a full fledged cyborg force active.

af021e No.14578234

And it's not even like the weapons went back, even the buildings/structures.

In TS both GDI and Nod buildings look futuristic but in TW they look like somewhat like TD again.

bc99cf No.14578254

All this discussion is making me curious about what happens in "that game", even though I know I really shouldn't

5b3109 No.14578851

1991ec No.14579343


While the gameplay of 4 is shit, it's story is another pile of shit with flecks of gold in it.

>You lose your eyes

>Get magic scrim eye implants from company that also is doing the work on the Scrin tower and the Tiberius Control Network which is scrubbing away the Tiberius

>Kane and GDI work together, this guy Gideon gets assmad and takes his group of Nod and fucks shit up

>Turns out that Gideon is a false flag, Kane is playing GDI to get muh ascension

>You either join with GDI or Nod

>If you choose GDI, you nearly stop Kane only to realize that the black general lady is batshit fucking insane and Kane shoots you before ascending

>Choose Nod and find out your prosthetic eyes are the on switch for the scrin tower and get plastic surgery to be a Kane double. Black bitch shoots you thinking you're Kane inside the tower and Kane ascends

It's the first game in the series where the Nod ending is the good one, and actually adds some moral ambiguity to GDI. It can be salvaged

9afde6 No.14582343

File: 155848dde1a021d⋯.png (57.7 KB, 868x500, 217:125, Tick Tank tibsun.png)

af021e No.14582424

41b920 No.14585194

File: 1d63a9a5fcb78ca⋯.png (220.01 KB, 808x928, 101:116, ClipboardImage.png)


here you go

41b920 No.14585195

File: 816d496df88a4aa⋯.png (145.61 KB, 1160x816, 145:102, ClipboardImage.png)

41b920 No.14585196

File: a59e4831355d2ab⋯.png (257.04 KB, 1200x687, 400:229, ClipboardImage.png)

41b920 No.14585199

File: 37b6259521950fe⋯.png (110.91 KB, 776x584, 97:73, ClipboardImage.png)

41b920 No.14585202

File: f44ff60a1f45540⋯.png (165.61 KB, 1200x708, 100:59, ClipboardImage.png)


RA3 will always be shit tier

af021e No.14585639

File: b6095465497c702⋯.png (464.4 KB, 405x546, 135:182, c&c.png)


If it's not in this image, it's shit.

355cb5 No.14588190


I don't see Generals in there.

5b3109 No.14592462


>no renegade

9f2555 No.14597287


Renegade was a bit crap tbh.

5bacb6 No.14597401

File: bf99f530882aa95⋯.png (31.12 KB, 909x572, 909:572, GRI.png)

File: 636d3035a92cabc⋯.png (382.37 KB, 724x540, 181:135, Heretical.png)

File: 9e7264fe5d79a21⋯.png (26.32 KB, 584x293, 584:293, GLA.png)

File: 8c2913de57b9b06⋯.png (423.27 KB, 1154x1138, 577:569, MY LIFE FOR YURI.png)

time to post my shitty oc

5bacb6 No.14597409

File: d7bc973555846a9⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1628x1088, 407:272, spongechart.png)

File: 28a48227757b352⋯.png (50.52 KB, 461x545, 461:545, fixed.png)

and a fixed version of the stank meme

0a7a0d No.14600213

File: 979358841ff4b74⋯.png (32.14 KB, 618x626, 309:313, Jew thinking Emoji.png)

I've been playing some Company of Heroes 2 lately Got it through some free promotion, haven't paid a dime for the "expansions" What's the main differences between CoH 2 and the first game and which is objectively the best?

efb34b No.14602223


COH2 is better than COH1 since it actually focuses more on multiplayer and fighting rather than playing citybuilder.

4ab745 No.14602253


From what I played of CoH2 during the beta, it wasn't all too different from the first. Probably quite a different balance though. CoH1 however has an insane modding community.

5b3109 No.14611038


You haven't played either that much is clear.

3b1f0d No.14611627

File: bde23caebb606d1⋯.jpg (13.47 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 234648797.jpg)




Such insightful autism can only belong to one man.

Our messiah has returned from ascension.

Hail Kane!

41bc84 No.14616346

File: 8a7c7ba512e5034⋯.jpg (40.49 KB, 314x445, 314:445, rip in pieces stefan molyn….jpg)

Recommend me a platoon-style RTS game (in the style of Total War of Battle for Middle Earth, where basic units are comprised of multiple soldiers). It should also have some citybuilding mechanics. At least enough that I can create a comfy city.

And shouldn't be pic related. It had a hard life btw.

>gets rejected by citybuilders, because technically it isn't a pure citybuilder

>gets rejected by RTS for some reason

>doesn't even get listed anywhere as a citybuilder or as an RTS

>no one knows what a godgame is ever since Black and White 2 (Godus doesn't exist, fuck you)

>no one will ever attempt something like this ever again and we will only get indy shit with shitty retro graphics, no comfyness

1eeffc No.14618540


It's rejected by citybuilders because it's house spam: the game.

Seriously, the "economics" of it are bare bones and broken anyway since only 2 out of 3 resources are renewable\infinite.

Couple that with most buildings really not doing anything for your population of notice, it's your average Mollyneux experience. Seriously, the Daycare for kids and the same building for old people really don't do that much and their biggest contribution is more happiness. You're better off sacrificing kids anyway.

>gets rejected by RTS for some reason

Because it has swordsman, archers and catapults. And that's it.

And it's also pointless when your creature can raze any army on it's own. You really only need an army to capture towns if you don't want to win in a pacifist way.

It's quite obvious why it's hated by both kinds. The Creature aspect of the game is the most fleshed out and the one that actually plays well. Everything else feels like it's tacked on for the sake of not having a Tamagotchi only.

>Recommend me a platoon-style RTS game

Rise of Legends, Rise of Nations, the second one has better city building.

Failing that, Kohan is all about custom platoons that you make. The economy is shit IMO, but it's still a neat game.

3b87e7 No.14618715

File: 7d374d1c394f346⋯.jpg (396.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Tib essence1.jpg)


You do know that there is a mod for tib wars that replaces almost every unit with a lore friendly equivalent and uses high quality animation and models almost indistinguishable from professionally made ones, right? A mod made by a fan of the original games who was likewise upset that EA shat all over the lore, so he rebuilt the game from the ground up making nod the cyborgs and lazers faction, GDI the mechwarrior and hoverboard faction and even made the Scrin seem more alien and less cartoon-villainy to boot.

6985ec No.14618778


>where basic units are comprised of multiple soldiers

Like Dawn of War?

>It should also have some citybuilding mechanics

Okay never mind but if you do find what you're looking for make sure you shill it hard enough for me to see it.

3c82b7 No.14618806


Breaks a few missions, makes some much harder and even potentially impossible if you play a certain way (good luck getting past Albania without cheesing the suicide drone spawns), makes some other so easy it's not even funny (Sarajevo being the best example), very good stuff otherwise.

bbc9f4 No.14619510


Bit of fiddling around and I got it to work. Let's see how good it is.

>Dat 80s/90s synth music.

That's good stuff. The Tiberium zones have crystals instead of a crevice now.


>Different transports, rig is now flying

>Infantry different, has medics now.

>Airforce has an Orca Bomber in addition to different transports.

>Can call down a space ship and a Walker MkII

Plays a bit like Generals, which I like.

eb1661 No.14619589


My man. Tiberium Essence is an absolutely top tier mod.

9d1ef0 No.14619636

File: fb117d2df90c1a6⋯.jpg (430.85 KB, 1455x1156, 1455:1156, Monkeylord.jpg)

File: 7a4e6f1814e2eea⋯.jpg (11.01 KB, 160x160, 1:1, krogoth.jpg)


Monkeylord is easily my favorite unit in an RTS, it's got that menacing look and a pretty nice kit.

Krogoth is also a pretty cool dude, he exterminates ARM vermin and doesn't afraid of anything.

41bc84 No.14619700


>Seriously, the "economics" of it are bare bones and broken anyway since only 2 out of 3 resources are renewable\infinite.

Not true. You can just spam the ore enrichers and they can continually enrich the same supply of ore, giving you infinte ore.

>Couple that with most buildings really not doing anything for your population of notice, it's your average Mollyneux experience. Seriously, the Daycare for kids and the same building for old people really don't do that much and their biggest contribution is more happiness. You're better off sacrificing kids anyway.

I think they do more, if you don't use breeders to maintain your population, but just let them fuck in their houses.

And the old person's home is great to just pick up old people to sacrifice.

>And it's also pointless when your creature can raze any army on it's own. You really only need an army to capture towns if you don't want to win in a pacifist way.

I actually tried to play without using my creature aggressively and that was kinda fun.

>It's quite obvious why it's hated by both kinds.

Isn't hate a bit much though? I mean look at how fucking comfy it is.

>Rise of Legends, Rise of Nations, the second one has better city building.

Wait. I heard a lot about them and always hear them getting recommended. I didn't know that they had platoon style units. That's neat.


I would say more like Total War, if you know the franchise.

>Okay never mind but if you do find what you're looking for make sure you shill it hard enough for me to see it.

I'm not your personal fag, anon.

cd5e29 No.14619805


I have a thing for bipedal walkers with no arms.

Titans, Sentinels, Goliaths and the likes.

8adfb5 No.14619829

File: 08599d685e14299⋯.png (72.71 KB, 853x543, 853:543, RadBearAmended.png)



f2d22b No.14619908


Liberal use of the fire power wins the game exclusively

>Light enemy armies on fire

>Lob fire at the next town over

>Light tree on fire and throw it

f2d22b No.14619982

7086a1 No.14620030


>implying last stand is DoW2

Even relic knew this which is why they released a stand-alone version of Last Stand

775fe5 No.14621341

Does anyone know where one could find the soundbites for the Hollywood actors from Yuri's Revenge?

5b3109 No.14625541



775fe5 No.14628932


No dice.

252d52 No.14629043

File: bf2cf5da328708d⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 285x142, 285:142, Mark_Whalberg_cleaning_up_….gif)


The last stand is unironically a bastion of creativity like dota 1.

a10a6d No.14629858

Why bother playing other RTS when SupCom FA already perfected the genre?

3b87e7 No.14629992

File: 73fdf56e15a5146⋯.png (127.03 KB, 310x241, 310:241, T3_aa_gunship.png)

3e9cf5 No.14631301

363ca3 No.14631421

Question, which limit on spells or abilities do you prefer on units, cooldowns, or energy, and why? Personally, I lean towards energy and little to no cooldowns with potentially high energy costs, as this forces me to decide which spell has more priority. this also lets me spam like a dirty little shit if energy reserves are available

a15e61 No.14635096





95aa2a No.14635353


Fuck off.

0536af No.14635707



Hey guys wanna guess who started with Tiberium Wars?

5b3109 No.14638168


Oh dear.

b1f613 No.14638865

File: 3ce361119aef4b0⋯.jpg (17.49 KB, 460x288, 115:72, questiontime.jpg)

Is there an 8chan /v/ recommended RTS games pic?

b96e1e No.14639886


no, because it inevitably turns into a shit show with people calling supcom 2 a good game, Age of Empires 3 shit and starcraft 2 redeemable.


Ignore the faggot, hes either retarded or hes mistaking supcom FA with supcom FAF

abdf8d No.14643641

d5d845 No.14644397

File: 9776b847d446fd5⋯.mp4 (919.29 KB, 426x240, 71:40, 9776b847d446fd585fc3c176d6….mp4)


I've never played any of the C&C games, where should I start?

90924c No.14644442


but anon WoL kinda is

b89901 No.14644450


2 or Generals, Tiberium Wars if you want something pretty and modern but a bit more mainstreamed

ca68d7 No.14647237


>Ignore the faggot, hes either retarded or hes mistaking supcom FA with supcom FAF

Or both.

c1d193 No.14647463

File: 2cb4b6b08df4ad9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 7.63 MB, 2961x3015, 329:335, rtsguide.png)


Yeah, but I don't have the newer ones. Just some shared by other anons ages ago. I know some anons said they would do new ones, but I never saw them if they did.


The ones I have say supcom 2 is irredeemable filth. AoE3 and SC2 are in purgatory (some love, some hate)

b1f613 No.14647542

File: 2eaafff3422d202⋯.jpg (12.11 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 8062d7f449bd6890e26d753d35….jpg)


>Wait for Dawn of War 3 like the rest of us

That poor anon had all his hopes and dreams crushed to dust and then shat on.

c1d193 No.14647626


That line gets me every time. I have several edits of this from back then, and all of them (despite their changes) had that "wait for Dawn of War 3" line. Poor bastards really had no idea what was coming.

b2774b No.14651213


What is wrong with FAF? I haven't played in a few months, but I've never had any bad experiences with it. Did they do something retarded?

cce5cc No.14651217


As did we all.

bfc186 No.14651269

by the way fags, Iron Harvest's kikestarter finished at 1,5m dollarydoos, so we'll get

>new game plus (???)

>cinematic cutscenes

>(co-op) challenge maps

>skirmish mode


>co-op campaign

>leagues & seasons (HA HA HA)

>free dlc campaign

918813 No.14651275


Ehhhh… It's not gonna be out before 2020.

918813 No.14651277

a80569 No.14651287


Have you guys talked about best singleplayer campaign already?

Ifnot, I hope this could be added on next OP, because I specifically like RTS as a singleplayer experience only

750f6e No.14651714

All this arguing about TW lore but how about the gameplay. Back when I played for the first time I did that in a complete vacuum, no friends to play it along side with and no multiplayer either.

Only impression I remember having back then is that it was a bit too starcrafty just like generals (unit abilities, upgrades and shit).

How does the gameplay hold up against it's predecessors and it's followers (and no I don't mean "that game") RTS games in general that came after.

8a8be8 No.14657907

GDI > Nod

5b3109 No.14662236


Get the fuck out.

29bc05 No.14662332


I remember seeing that one a few years after it came out but never played it.



It's garbage.


Isn't it "NOD" in Tiberian Sun when you're setting up a skirmish or multiplayer game?


That's true in retrospect.

852c43 No.14663821

File: cb9b65b8b22e168⋯.png (36.57 KB, 244x283, 244:283, dDMGLlP.png)



confirm link okay?

95aa2a No.14665803


It holds pretty well. No excessive support/upgrade powers like Generals, no excessive clicking like RA3. It's pretty straightforward just like TS.

47f1bd No.14670712

File: 3e06b01845db39c⋯.jpg (58.63 KB, 1496x842, 748:421, home.jpg)


>Homeworld remastered: Irredeemable filth

Why? I want to play homeworld, and they have it on GOG.com. Should I not get it off there after all?

0af9cb No.14670754


Last Stand is just DOW for people whose brains can't handle 4 characters at once.

0af9cb No.14670778


I still can't understand Command and Conquer 4. Why did they even bother releasing the game? It's like EA gathered the worst developers that they had access to, put them in a team to makes another game in the series and then released what they had been working on for 6 months. I had never seen a 1/10 game before playing it.

0af9cb No.14671497

File: 5a8dd7b3217f5dc⋯.jpg (83.51 KB, 674x451, 674:451, 1518820187888.jpg)


a6e9b6 No.14673349

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Who Populous here?

93fa6f No.14674385


torrent it, remastered has the original versions included and you won't be supporting the actual devs anyway

3e094d No.14674453


>GDI sonic resonance weaponry

that was nods technology you Fuck, GDI abandoned the red and yellow zones and build walls around their blue zones for the select few elites that were chosen to be living on their side of the wall.

3e094d No.14674462


This amount of horsehit Bias and lies about GDI!

GDI was failing and they couldn't stop the spread of tiberium it was Nod's technology that allowed gdi to control tiberium. GDI all but abandoned the red and yellow zones.

3e094d No.14677858

File: 9d3a4542c653357⋯.png (9.28 MB, 4642x3064, 2321:1532, timeline.png)


I made this.

3e094d No.14679101


start with Dune 2.

af6fe9 No.14679173


The thing about this guide that fucks me up is that it includes grand strategy in a fucking RTS guide and that the most important titles aren't the biggest pictures in the chart.

667601 No.14680307

I have the ultimate collection on (((origin))) cause much CD died. If y'all can crack it I might be able to rip the installer.

f0bb49 No.14680343


What game is that for?

84ca34 No.14681128

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Are you talking about the movie samples used in the music? This one was used in "Brain Freeze."

c1d193 No.14681530

File: 24fcc6bd28c0ebd⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 2000x2506, 1000:1253, Strategy-Guide-Command-and….jpg)

I'm looking to get some more play time out of Yuri's Revenge. Besides Mental Omega (I don't like how they redesigned the factions), what are some worthwhile mods?

e69cf6 No.14686563

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>no Earth 2150

One of the greatest 1st gen 3D RTS game, all it needed was infantry with slightly less blocky pathing and it would have been GOAT. You could fucking script your own units with LUA files, lighting/shadows, teramorphing, customize equipment and it had legit projectile physics where you could lead a target.



That game was awesome, great model on how to make a lite RTS that was still fun. It was fantastic for LAN parties for years, until WC3 overshadowed it completely, since it was easily as fuck to learn and the skill cap was fairly low so no one person could totally cream everyone else. Everyone always loved it– especially when someone knocked another guy's shaman into the water or the big spells came out.

This got me thinking: I miss teramorphing RTS games so much, why did they have to die?

f163e3 No.14686662


>all it needed was infantry with slightly less blocky pathing and it would have been GOAT.

Earth 2140 had them, my guess is they removed it for the next series due to balance issues as those infantry could be easily killed. World War 2 Panzer Claws which uses the same engines has infantry with squad features but they fucked up the balancing big time, now tank units will waste their ammo with 0,0001% efficiency against infantry. If I recall it correctly the infantry moves quite quickly too.

52b1a0 No.14686834


Germany wouldn't let E2150 release if they had infrantry, so they removed it (or rather, never made it). Prequel and sequel both have them, so I don't understand why they needed to remove them for 2150.


Wait, so they made 3 games on that engine? I have WW3BG, but not WW2PC.


It also had weather that limited your movement and vision (and strong winds outright prevented your units from flying), almost important underground layer, missiles taking account friendly units and firing over them, day and night cycle… Don't know if it's just slav autism, but they sure do love implementing every idea they get. They should've made better pathfinding.

>I miss teramorphing RTS games so much, why did they have to die?

They require skill and effort, anon, there simply aren't many people who'd lend those for a niche game of a niche genre.

da555f No.14686889


looks like sins of the prophets, a sins of solar empires mod

6867a6 No.14688097

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Chinks steal Red Alert, make it mobile shit.

66c8b1 No.14691246

daily reminder C&C Generals is the height of the franchise

664693 No.14691529


It's barely even a Command & Conquer game.

ef808b No.14692659

>briefly entertain the thought of attempting to make an rts

I imagine I won't be trying to do anything that hasn't been attempted by countless before me to little real success. Regardless, what do you anons really want to see done in this genre?

a6e9b6 No.14692728


I'd like to see a game done in the Kohan style, where micromanagement isn't a big part of the gameplay. I'd also like an emphasis on managing your society in non-military capacities, like you see in Stronghold (except maybe more in-depth). Also, natural environments that really feel alive rather than just feeling like tacked-on wallpaper. A cover system like in Company of Heroes would be nice too (and maybe even a capture-and-hold economic system to encourage aggressive playing).

I could go on and on here.

b1a1fe No.14692799


I miss a good RTS with terraforming, but that's probably a hassle to do. Although now that I think of it would probably be easier if it was done in 2D, and it's been a while since I've seen a pretty 2D RTS. Otherwise I'd just be happy with something in the AoE2 style, not too micro intensive, few units with active abilities, and meaningful choices to make in regards to tech/faction choice,

1b9ee9 No.14693435


Don't know but i think it implies units get Upgrades like End War? if so it might great provided it doesn't break balancing and would like unit models change when they get said upgrades

990e97 No.14693700


Warhammer TC, that Touhou TC

e69cf6 No.14696416


The number one problem with RTS is that it has a near unlimited motor skill cap, which makes it very hard to get into for new players and makes the AI either a pushover or impossibly hard. I would design it more like a wargame, extreme customization and the strategy is pregame– the tactics are you trying to execute it. Look to wargames for inspiration more so than RTS for feature ideas.

76d94b No.14697064

File: 7952ef954da97f7⋯.png (139.21 KB, 252x326, 126:163, Conquest_-_Frontier_Wars_C….png)

I cry every night knowing no one knows about this gem and there's no good modern version of it. They only ones that come close is sins of a solar empire and Homeworld.

8de673 No.14697149


>I miss a good RTS with terraforming, but that's probably a hassle to do

That, and then you have the entire AI fuckery. I still remember how trying to dig a trench with your Mammoth/Grozny worker unit in Earth 2150 resulted in the vehicle getting stuck in 9 out of 10 attempts.

0af9cb No.14697278


But once you get gud and manage to become fast, it's very rewarding and fun to play the RTS games that are focused on mechanics. Very few video game experiences compare to playing a great, interactive game of Starcraft II at 250-300 APM.

t. decent Master league Protoss player

a8b9ad No.14697322


Starcraft 2 is a trash game for plebs. Master league is starter league for people who can finish the campaign. Protoss doubly so.


Very little actually has to do with motor skill except for the top 0.1% of SC1 players.

9e0b6a No.14697357


You hit my childhood so hard that I actually felt it. God, I spent so long playing this…

b46097 No.14697436



go away

0af9cb No.14697577


>t. salty bronze player

Git gud, anon.

1be6e5 No.14698305

Ground Control I and II was fun, first had better campaign and played well, second was decent but didn't have quite the same lustre.

Also Emperor: Battle for Dune needs an honorable mention, it was fun iirc

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