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File: 76fd26ea9224652⋯.png (1.83 MB, 719x1137, 719:1137, nu_aribeth.png)

File: b6201f480bd993a⋯.jpg (221.84 KB, 1491x1080, 497:360, hotu3.jpg)

File: e48dd8f58f7f286⋯.png (143.72 KB, 628x955, 628:955, steam.png)

File: df92e37bf4dd192⋯.webm (3.32 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, minsc_-_ethics_in_game_jo….webm)

File: 3e18dcef46fd403⋯.png (117.73 KB, 453x443, 453:443, 3e18dcef46fd40320e136945d3….png)

cbd4c7 No.14561667






cbd4c7 No.14561673

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Embed related.

NWN Scry: http://www.nwnlist.com

They want $40 for abandonware modules that have been freely available for half a damn decade now: http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/5253/Neverwinter_Nights_Enhanced_Edition_Digital_Deluxe/

513d7e No.14561691


Isn't this the game where they rewrote/added a character just to virtual signal SJW values?

Or the one where they lie about who developed it?

cbd4c7 No.14561693


It's the same company, but that was a different game released by them.

878ee3 No.14561701

File: 0d59cf7230cf7df⋯.jpg (86.67 KB, 736x884, 184:221, 93af1cde79c0eeff7931588321….jpg)

Does NuAribeth still have jiggle physics? Did they finally at least give her model the skirt she had in all the artwork?

cbd4c7 No.14561702

File: 639c7bd6c6bab1f⋯.png (147.28 KB, 1487x310, 1487:310, stealing_from_the_communit….png)


Thankfully this game isn't meant to be played as a game but as a module-maker with the games showcasing features you can implement into modules (and being fully customizable). I don't think Beamdog will be able to just throw in Trannies as easily as they did with Baulder's Gate, but this is still fucking bullshit and I can't believe people are defending this level of fucking kikery.

Post stolen from /hgg/ thread.

cbd4c7 No.14561703


Since it's Beamdog and they're progressive cunts, chances are they removed jiggle physics and community jiggle mods won't work with their models.

b9294b No.14561706

In b4 shill accusations

238a5b No.14561730


Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

cbd4c7 No.14561732


>With the money it deserves

Money for who, nigger? Bioware ain't making shit from it any more, the game was virtually abandonware until GOG picked it up and the community was running the scene and has been retiring the game honorably over the last three years as an epic for newfags to enjoy until fucking EE came along and started ruining everything.


>Compatible with windows 7/8/10, can be made compatible with most major linux distros with very little effort


>All the premium modules were abandonware and easily obtained/patched in

>Beamdog has been known to go after GOG after the shekels start rolling in to prevent people from buying the more reasonable product

cbd4c7 No.14561735


I know it was bait, but I fucking DMed for multiple servers and wasted countless hours of my life on this game. Let it die a peaceful and honorable death already. It's already outlived most online communities by years through community patches and upkeep, despite the plethora of server malfunctions and mod scene wipes.

cbd4c7 No.14561757



Good night.

65953d No.14561814

Pretty funny to see the "developer" at beamdog go full damage control in the steam comment section of the top negative review for the game.

9a1e5c No.14561829

File: 82f2d443603633d⋯.png (291.88 KB, 800x1745, 160:349, 82f2d443603633d4e1532c1240….png)

1ca2ae No.14561869

File: a98e966b8c38409⋯.png (198.76 KB, 636x480, 53:40, vlcsnap-2018-02-24-21h29m3….png)

Nothing I liked is allowed to be pleasant anymore, is it.

8e0bc5 No.14561880


If they could charge you a dollar for pleasant thoughts, they would.

ab0823 No.14561890

Good job Beamdog, you bunch of kike fuck ups.

0dac94 No.14561920

>total $40

No thank you. What I've heard that this should be 4k, but it's difficult to tell if it's true.

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition-CODEX


Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition DLC Pack-CODEX


fc1697 No.14561941


At least they didn't inject it with their special brand of pozz. Small steps. No one was actually expecting anything but a fuckup from them.

07109b No.14563619


Not sure how useful torrents will be when online is tied to your CD key on most legacy servers.

5d3776 No.14563643

File: ac6128f6ddc4369⋯.jpg (524.02 KB, 900x900, 1:1, p_cola_by_kr0npr1nz-d8gig9….jpg)

Didn't Night Dive do the same thing by reselling System Shock Portable as an "enhanced edition"?

Why don't we ever talk about people reselling things Iike?

ab0823 No.14563645


>At least they didn't inject it with their special brand of pozz.

Not yet. It's gonna happen sooner or later.

1399d1 No.14563649


You don't own anything goy.

3da753 No.14563722


>worth more than what GoG is charging

Reminder that at one point, they offered the Diamond Edition of the game, for free. So what reason would I have, to give money to Beamdog, when GoG already offered me a free copy of the game with supposedly working multilayer(haven't tried it yet)?

20f67a No.14563764





20f67a No.14563783

File: d42d23dbd42c04d⋯.png (146.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2018-03-29….png)

File: eadaa843a2ff6d0⋯.png (485.83 KB, 800x676, 200:169, It Has To Be This Way.png)

>'devepoler' is going full damage control on all bad reviews

91ef88 No.14563804


Don't know about system shock, but night dive made some actual effort on Turok 1&2. Level editor, more cheats, things like that.

13794a No.14563837


To be fair, they're the ones who hired him, but wasn't that an external guy who was already tinkering with the N64 version?

453b7a No.14563848

File: 56ac22a3518b27a⋯.png (192.95 KB, 331x436, 331:436, ClipboardImage.png)


not to mention keeping the ACTUAL DEVELOPER on the store page.

52f6bf No.14563862


GOG Version works fine.

Multiplayer works with all old serbs if you have kept the CD Key generated by GOG (or Keygen of your choice).

Beamdog Version: You have to register your key with their auth server to be able to even start the Multiplayer selection.

453b7a No.14563871

File: c274347fa95bba2⋯.png (149.24 KB, 328x423, 328:423, ClipboardImage.png)

f44c0d No.14563889

File: 39a05509d3fab0d⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 455x240, 91:48, puppers.jpg)

>another shitty d&d "remake"

Before I even look it up let me guess

67f396 No.14563894


what kind of bait is this?

cb9406 No.14563902

File: 1228f4f6e93f2ec⋯.png (223.39 KB, 625x626, 625:626, baitno.png)


1b1112 No.14563930



I dunno man, you still couldn’t play online at all without emailing got support for a cdkey. That was absurd. Now if I want to run a campaign online I can just tell my buddies to go buy the game.

I don’t want to defend beamdog but there are original nwn devs working on this version.

513d7e No.14563949


Great! Can't wait to see the sudden influx of positive reviews of (((people))) with 0.x hours played.

Seems they are starting to come too.

71c9cd No.14563952

>pay for an "enhanced" base game that will be used to produce shitty fanfiction/propaganda written by immature leftist women

Dragonspear must've not moved very well, too oldschool maybe. Can't wait till whatever mod they are making comes out, should be a laugh or too.

ce8656 No.14564013


They fixed that, now all you have to do is look at the game's page in your library and it should have the cd key right there without having to email for it.

>there are original nwn devs working on this version

So what?

3ad7b1 No.14564069


So what the hell exactly is this thing. Is it some type of official mod that updates the graphics or is it something else?

eac84f No.14564104


Based on their track record they steal modders work and put it in an 'official' mod and then sell it for 30 dollars.

The 'enhanced' edition of BG was actually worse than the modden BG.

3ad7b1 No.14564112


Does it actually make the entire game look better or was it just that one character model the screenshot. Because if was just that one character model that's kind of dumb

eac84f No.14564130


I haven't played this shit, but as far as I can tell they only added DoF and a complete garbage form of scaling for the UI.

43189d No.14564269


>was it just that one character model the screenshot

Thats not from the beamdog's release

3ad7b1 No.14564287


So is that just from a regular mod then? Did anybody ever make a big graphical overhaul that brings the game up to Modern standards. And if so what would be the point of this new version if it's not compatible with original mods?

c897a2 No.14564325

File: df7efe10539ce81⋯.png (291.21 KB, 717x859, 717:859, praised by goons.png)


Truly, Beamdog is the most prolific RPG developer around.

eac84f No.14564345

File: 3e3a51708610f08⋯.jpg (24.73 KB, 201x279, 67:93, 3216.jpg)

cafe6b No.14564364


So le epic XD.

35d856 No.14564373


I don't understand why this exists when the base game actually works and looks fine.

eac84f No.14564377



91ef88 No.14564397


Definitely goes to show they have respect for the original game, unlike beamdog.

07109b No.14564415


That was only ever for persistent worlds, and they did that because after gamespy went bottom up on us, you could log in as anyone because the authentication server was down. The CD key solution was the easiest because a lot of players used proxies or had dynamic IPs that would fuck with IP authentication on entrance. You could host a local server without worrying about any of this.

07109b No.14564419



>Original devs

There were original devs working on CEP and PRC too, faggot.

20f67a No.14564502

File: 81d806557ab4392⋯.jpg (31.12 KB, 608x405, 608:405, 1434825911409.jpg)


>beamdog gets game

>shits out an HD edition

>you must rebuy the game if you want HD

>take down the older versions because fuck you

>THQNordic gets game

>updates it to HD

>if you already have the game you get the upgrade for free

bfbf0e No.14564533

File: 4d6ffe77d1105e0⋯.jpg (87.85 KB, 960x486, 160:81, 4d6ffe77d1105e0963210c2a4d….jpg)


>Original made by Bioware.

>Updated by Beamdog.

Why are you fucking caring about this fucking trash game to begin with?

1ae8fc No.14564543

File: 1995230d67b7f1c⋯.jpg (145.79 KB, 884x666, 442:333, 94f51ac109481b88b89fd649b4….jpg)


in fact everyone sucked off GOG for slapping a DOSbox front end on a game and reselling it

everyone sucked off GOG because they fell for the GOG doesn't support DRM meme all while they set a president for profiting off the abandoned Intellectual property of yesteryear.


<PC mustard race

fucking Oger

65953d No.14564552


Yeah, I noticed that as well, GOG cock sucking is as bad as Steam shit as well. Every GOG installer I have gotten has been shit.

bfbf0e No.14564558

File: a8d43104c898fa2⋯.jpg (61.94 KB, 700x517, 700:517, 1d1397a183effae62b21df1aaa….jpg)


Your either a fucking Beamdog jew or a Steam Nigger either way fuck off and die.

1ae8fc No.14564561

File: 88f041120ab14b3⋯.jpg (96.99 KB, 769x432, 769:432, 88f041120ab14b3936f8eba339….jpg)


>if you don't like Kikes screwing you then you must me a Kike

65953d No.14564565


I mean, GoG is nice and all, but he has a semi good point that they are just dosboxing old games and charging money for them.

13794a No.14564596



>zero harm to pirates

>btfo fleabay scalpers

>convenient option for normalfags who aren't autistic enough to track down a torrent that isn't filled with virii, cobble together all the fixes on pcgamingwiki, and have no one to ask for help other than randos on fora

>no rape, no drm, gives money to original devs, reasonably priced

>associated with a real dev that still makes decent games

Show me on the doll, anon.

bfbf0e No.14564597

File: eaa7395e8d39f65⋯.jpg (66.23 KB, 652x488, 163:122, 125.jpg)


The games on GoG are not on steam so there is no DRM. He has no point.

3a20bd No.14564603

Felicia Day needs to fucking die

65953d No.14564605



Fair enough, but they did take away the original copies of Baldurs Gate and exchanged them for the Beamdog shit pile. So that was kinda disheartening.

5836d9 No.14564626


relax faggot this enraged response is what people like to use as real life death threats

bfbf0e No.14564662


More to do with who owns the NWN IP rather than the GoG website itself. No one is saying there is not shit cash grabs on GoG. There is. Its just that place is less Jew than Steam.

71c9cd No.14564696


Steam started it.

3da753 No.14564726


>gives money to original devs

[citation needed]

cbd4c7 No.14565423


An undisclosed percentage of GOG money goes to the current rights holder. Doesn't necessarily translate as dev aways.

1a539e No.14565433

File: 24c22002b61d500⋯.jpg (119.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, slave-costume.jpg)

Remasters are for fags anyway.

cbd4c7 No.14565441

File: 7f46870ab6bd4e7⋯.jpg (12.08 KB, 472x357, 472:357, aniki4.jpg)


>mfw just realized she's always had old granny face

9eebf9 No.14565490


>they are just dosboxing old games and charging money for them.

Not these days. Some older games they have really fixed up, like Omnikron. They also sell newer titles.

9eebf9 No.14565510

File: e3398bc87630f14⋯.jpg (417.17 KB, 1300x1800, 13:18, A5DEKQIS43UD0031.jpg)

Did Cuckdog do any work at all to pretend to warrant the price hike? NWN has been free on GOG and there's no issues at all with it.

cbd4c7 No.14565540


They claim they're "doing active work to patch it" even though they already released it officially.

dc3549 No.14566375


That's pretty suspect tbh, seems like a pump and dump. Why release it if they're going to patch it? If they actually intend on improving it the early release will give a bad impression to newcomers and oldfags alike.

8e0bc5 No.14566382


Beam dog have never shown any previous intent to do more than a half assed job on their acquired franchises, this will be more of the same.

dc3549 No.14566400


They've actually managed to make the infinity engine games worse. Like turned the cutscenes of BG1 into an awful slideshow, made the backgrounds all blurry, introduced a lot of bugs, shat all over the old UIs and so on.

0e4911 No.14566476

Does it at least has workshop support?

b27b1d No.14566484

Dailymotion embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So what shoehorned OC DONUT STEEL did they put in this time?

cbd4c7 No.14566489


>Steam workshop

Why would you even need that for NWN? NWN had the simplest modding platform ever- you literally put the .hak files in the hak folder, the .tlk files in the tlk folder, etc. The only one that might confuse people was modules being "video files."

cbd4c7 No.14566516

File: 6ee4404368f0cf6⋯.jpg (244.68 KB, 900x1056, 75:88, 7b56ac06512254ef8b930c67f3….jpg)


>Checking steam workshop

>TLJ servers are back

>JusticeDragon is still an admin

At least that cuck Courage and his screeching wife are gone.

>Thay server is still around

>Probably still has shitty bugged slaver mechanics and dungeon scripts that the admin passes off as "features" so he doesn't have to fix them

>Siranda and all the other decent trash PW servers are gone

These were feels I didn't need to have today, /v/.

13794a No.14566832


Weren't the NWN1 campaigns all universally regarded as liquid dogshit to begin with?

1ca2ae No.14566839

File: c1be081e11344dd⋯.png (316.36 KB, 720x304, 45:19, vlcsnap-2018-02-10-20h46m0….png)


This is fucking pathetic.

cbd4c7 No.14566886

File: 7eb7c931b7b8035⋯.gif (931.03 KB, 301x240, 301:240, 7eb7c931b7b8035833883e2a7a….gif)


Sort of. NWN's original campaign was meant to showcase what you could do with the toolset, and was meant to be the heroes of Neverwinter as an online module. Bioware wanted to release a platform that would let you create your own adventures and play them over LAN or online, and they put about 2/3rds of the game's budget into the aurora toolset. Players were upset because they bought the game expecting another epic like Baulder's Gate and instead they got a generic piece of shit MC with very little in the way of interesting plot since it was really meant for modders to open the files and examine the scripts and such to create their own shit/inspire plebs who wanted to build modules minus the scripts. Bioware then leased out creating modules to another company who made Shadows of Undrentide which was such a huge success that it brought in the funds they wanted. At that point Bioware actually got the dev team together and they put together a serious module (that still shilled toolset features) which is where you got Hordes of The Underdark and all the premium modules that followed (of which funnily enough the free ones that couldn't make it under Bioware's scrutiny turned out to be the most complete/the best like Infinite Dungeons and Darkness over Daggerford).

VanIlla NWN is dogshit, but SoU and HoTU are both good, fully complete games by themselves.

cbd4c7 No.14566890


It gets better when you find out Beamdog was the loudest voice in getting Steam's reviewing policy changed and getting them to remove negative reviews because it was killing their Enhanced Edition sales.

2f29fa No.14566952

File: b47c8a7ec3e17d5⋯.png (352.1 KB, 600x693, 200:231, c1c.png)

c03035 No.14567087


Why is it always goons

13794a No.14567094


They did port the Infinity games to tablets before GemRB, for whatever that's worth. I don't think any RPG would actually be enjoyable on a tablet unless it was turn based like Fallout, due to the complexity of Infinity games' interfaces.

587005 No.14567137

File: a4732edd224eef7⋯.gif (512.8 KB, 444x250, 222:125, waning hope.gif)


>Something Awful Forums

You have to trust… Beamdog.

2f29fa No.14567146


Let's be honest here; when ISN'T it goons?

019f5d No.14567203


A while back sure. But stuff Homeworld: Cataclysm is a little beyond just slapping dosbox on something an calling it a day. And they certainly aren't charging 40 fucking dollars for it.

fc1697 No.14567212


Didn't stop Gearbox charging $35 for the original and the sequel.

dc3549 No.14567297


GOG can't do anything about that. Beamdog and Gearbox are incompetent kike hacks, GOG is just a pretty cool distributor.

dc3549 No.14567305


The expansion packs were pretty neat. It's curious because the same is true for the sequel.

18d9f7 No.14567314

If they changed nothing to the game itself except for graphics it's pointless. NWN was never a good game to begin with.

32387a No.14567385

I wonder how many new bugs they've introduced?

0831a4 No.14568394

File: e78635d932b0fcf⋯.webm (2.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, niggafailed.webm)


wow, 40USD for someone to premod the game to have ENB and reshacks.

3e4adc No.14568588

File: bc280e212c6a225⋯.jpeg (228.94 KB, 717x880, 717:880, back to reddit.jpeg)


>from the beginning gog took old games

>salpped DOSbox on it

>purged it from any abandonware site

>g-g-gog are the good guys

>stupid goyim don't know what's good for them

Fuck off to the shithole you crawled out of.

37c1a0 No.14568639


GOG are standard corporate whores, but they aren't at the level of Kikes- they actually have some benefit by fixing compatibility issues with later OSes (for the good ones) and I've yet to hear about them going after torrenters, so they really only removed them from normalfag sites. Not that big of a loss.

13794a No.14569289


Even moreso, 99% /scurv/y I see nowadays are GoG versions, rather than original floppy/CD images with crack patches.

f0d7b6 No.14569892



plural is viruses you pseudoeducated mong and your specious mastery of english just makes everyone realize how fucking retarded you are


13794a No.14570203


Eh, I suppose so.

f0d7b6 No.14570230



<i guess so

die die die

91aea1 No.14570400





>GOG resells old games made functional

>hence it's as bad as Beamdog

This is blatant derailment for contrarians who can't wait to jump on the next hatewagon. Beamdog's fault is altering content and overpricing it: GOG keeps content updated to work on current machines without fucking with it.

GOG deep down is about paying someone to patch the game for you. Leet kids can live without that, but it's dishonest to think they're as jews as socjus infested Beamdog.

9ededd No.14570449


You're thinking of Baldur's Gate EE

e46282 No.14572299


literally this

Anyways, I downloaded the magnet link to see how things are. My opinion is zero upgrades it looks just like old NWN except it has a Beamdog intro.

587005 No.14572307

File: 2029c4b5c197bfb⋯.jpg (40.8 KB, 351x359, 351:359, i don't know what the fuck….jpg)

Who the fuck is Felicia Day and why Beamdog remodelled Aribeth to her? Is he some kind of Anita 2.0?

fc1697 No.14572331


Good old camelface is known for "The Guild", a shitty web series that rode on the LOL SO NERDY XD cancer. Many a thirsty beta with absolutely no standards when it comes to females were attracted to this hideous creature, and since many of those work for BioWare, they managed to weasel the ugly bitch into Dragon Age 2 as an elf character.

Since I imagine these same soycucks are now working at Beamdog and still have no standards when it comes to women, she's still their waifu and the rest of humanity needs to suffer his hideous visage.

Also, her boyfriend is some geriatric 60+ grandpa.

8bc550 No.14572356


>Doesn't necessarily translate as dev aways

You mean never. The devs already got paid when they made the game. Unless a dev self-published their game and managed to hold on to the rights all these years, they aren't getting shit.

cafe6b No.14572370



The only thing worth of mention with nwn1 was mp and user created campaigns.

cbd4c7 No.14573892


Well said, anon. Much better worded than >>14568639

1dd9a7 No.14574792


There is a certain similarity (both look like shit, for example) but the resemblance is a coincidence. Sensationalist faggots are just making shit up.

64dbff No.14574874


>first pic

wait, they are remodeling all the game? source on that pic

9a1e5c No.14575359


Yup. They took a mod a fan had made for the game, C&D'd the original download for it, and put it up on Steam for $20.

9a1e5c No.14575362


>one of the planned features is the Steam Workshop

Oh boy, I can't wait to get my 25% cut for selling other peoples' modules.

9a1e5c No.14575375


Because you can't pay for your mods without it :^)

b5aef4 No.14575396

File: 570a6ad90bd3a8d⋯.png (24.18 KB, 451x281, 451:281, beaea16e971422e18388e7eecd….png)

>Buying neverwinter

>Buying neverwinter on steam

>Not at the very least if you have to buy it: buying neverwinter on GOG and downloading the original session files to replace so steam verification doesn't overwrite it

>Buying a version of neverwinter that is going to be incompatible with literally over a decade of custom sessions

91f287 No.14577115

File: 27b86e1d2f31278⋯.png (122.42 KB, 431x482, 431:482, whatcommunity.png)

GOG users already sensitive to this. They're buying the original before it's bundled with the NU edition, permanently increasing its price and removing user options. https://www.gog.com/forum/neverwinter_nights_series/buy_nwn1_asap/page1

421bec No.14577136

File: 0db5ed6b5d2bb9c⋯.jpg (66.44 KB, 533x800, 533:800, 1349282481256.jpg)


This is bullshit

42304a No.14577140


I bored for weeks… is it worth to pirrate it?

78f20b No.14577210


I always found NWN to be boring and buggy piece of shit mess. Maybe they'll remake it into something laughable instead so I'll feel something while playing this garbage. Are they going to release DLCs after the game?

32387a No.14577365


NWN is perfect if you want to familiarize yourself with 3E rules so you can play the superior Icewind Dale 2 without much hassle.

Otherwise, NWN is average but Hordes of the Underdark is good. HotU uses your Shadows of Undrentide character through import, but you can just make your own at the appropriate level. You'll gain the experience once you start the module.

d47ee7 No.14577391


NWN2 is much better.

I want more d&d games because my d&d group is shit

3f9ca0 No.14577408


>NWN2 is much better.

Bug riddled mess is better how?

d47ee7 No.14577417


It's fun

a5b65e No.14577437

File: 0698bb596613dcb⋯.jpg (32.83 KB, 625x390, 125:78, get out.jpg)


The absolute state of this Steam defending fag with the Cuckchan memes. If your going to try and flame an Anon try not to show your faggotry while doing so.

9bea0c No.14577495

File: abe67067b40a3f6⋯.jpg (548.83 KB, 1174x2300, 587:1150, the absolute PC gamer.jpg)


wow are you a corporate cock sucker or something?

b0f587 No.14577505

File: 4c3aef6c19f9948⋯.png (119.23 KB, 256x256, 1:1, PhantomoftheOpera.png)


>two 1080s

Why would anyone do such a thing? I have a 950 and it works perfectly fine for almost all of my games albeit 90% of them are from 2010>


>almost 45000 dollars worth of trash


9bea0c No.14577519


>being a corporate cocksucker

>not being a fanboy of your own sandwich

>not knowing this guy posts here to start console wars

53b45f No.14577522

File: bc57a2ce691a262⋯.jpg (71.67 KB, 564x480, 47:40, laughing_ferret.jpg)


>Another Cuckchan meme.

That reply made no sense as I never mentioned what format or system I play games on. Nice projection faggot. You are actually autistic.

9bea0c No.14577529


>getting this upset over a joke

are you retarded or something?

53b45f No.14577536


If its a joke why is it not relevant to the post I made? I mean as a reply it was a low quality post.

86d699 No.14577540


Isn't it obvious, that it was Beamdog's fault all along?


Felicia Day was Zoey and Anita long before Anita appeared on the scene and took a big shit on it. As mentioned, she was known for the Guild, a shit webseries that rode the LOLImsuchUhNurd bullshit until gamergays put a lots of bents into that until reddit mutated that into a last ditch effort to save feminism. Before that she was played a side character in Buffy. Now all the thirsty gamma weenies are putting her into everything they can put her into, because moefagging a Camel is apparently neither weird nor pathetic.

Reminder that she GW2 ended up with the Burgerking Kid's Club as MCs, because Day wanted to much money for dubbing Zoija again.

715c33 No.14577560

File: 422fa2c63146f2a⋯.jpg (107.38 KB, 800x600, 4:3, all yids are the same.jpg)


It's buggy as fuck even after all of the updates (maybe more – I can't stack stats, only the highest ones apply for some reason), but it's a genuinely good game.

You have a big cast of characters to choose from to accompany you, and there so many classes the potential for min-max fuckery or weird builds is immense (the OC is a level 1-20 game, so it just hits the sweet spot after a while).

The story is nothing spectacular, but there is enough to keep you interested and there are some really fun moments like the trial.

My main complaint would honestly be the shit graphics.

Everything looks like it was made out of clay.

86d699 No.14577565


Very shit taste. The best part is, that the guy was stupid enough to not private his Steam profile in shame.


As you can see here, he is rather playing garbage than investing the money into something else. The collection is very telling and so is the autistic Steamgroup he has founded. Just see for yourself.

32387a No.14577585


>I can't stack stats, only the highest ones apply for some reason

That's the same in IWD2 if you're talking about STR/DEX/etc. It's part of their rules.

715c33 No.14577602


I'm not really an expert, but I remember clear as day that I could stack stats to my heart's content with different items and consumables.

This was before SoZ came out, so maybe that was a bug.

I really don't know.

9bea0c No.14577603


I'm agreeing with you, you dumb nigger. everything is sarcasm in it and it's denoted with the use of "wow" and hyperbolic insinuations. Are you the ESL nigger in the image or something?

42304a No.14577787

File: 10a4512fe74ed70⋯.jpg (122.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, i wish you guys were here.jpg)



Thank guys, but i played NWN2 and it's expansions like a thousand times. Which includes the Icewind Dale and the Baldurs Gate mods too.

I avoided NWN 2 because there was always something better to play and /v/ back then alwaysw shit talked about it.

I read some info about this EE and it's say it's a horrible piece of shit which barely improve the vanilla game. But i really want to hear your opinion on it. Otherwise i will fuck off to play Thrawn's Revenge.

42304a No.14577795


Fug, i meant "i avoided NWN1". Sorry!

751e47 No.14577796


All Beamdog EEs are pieces of shit that improve basically nothing.

ae7325 No.14577825


I had problem with ear raping sound noises in original NWN1. Like a fucking static out of nowhere, or sound just jumping/turning off completely.

I hope they fixed it.

67f396 No.14577873


no it isn't

1790a6 No.14577886


as to this, what really happened was you had a shitty toaster computer with shitty old drivers and your system just couldn't deal with it. NWN1 maybe shit but not as shit as your pc specs.

32387a No.14578074

File: 3dc133e34d7d2f9⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, Chapter 1_0005.png)


NWN already runs fine on modern machines, there's no point to the EE version except a cash grab.

I played NWN last year, and the first two parts are pretty easy, but Underdark actually requires some thinking beyond smashing your face into the enemies. The stories between the the base game (Level 1), Undrentide (Level 1 new character), and Underdark (Level 15, or from Undrentide) are barely connected. You don't need to play them all if you just want to play Underdark, which is the best of the three. The only thing you'll miss is not knowing about Aribeth, and the mercenaries. They'll explain who they are, anyways.

It's worth a playthrough, but not a replay.


Use "Miles" sound driver and you should have no more problems with sound and stuttering.

3db292 No.14578327


Fuck it, I'm bored off my ass and wan't to talk about this game.

Installing the game

First, you actually want to get NWN, so go torrent NWN Diamond edition from Piratebay or something, this is generally the one you want, you don't want to piss about wuth DLing NWN stanalone then the expansions.

Win7 user will have trouble with installastion, so you need to follow this guide in order to ensure you don't mess up:



You may also suffer from issues involving non playing cutscenes in the start of campaign chapers when playing or chrome/silver skin at character creation.

The chrome skin issue is usually fixed by simply installing the critical rebuild 1.69 patch found here:


The non playing cutscene issue is caused by a number of different problems, but the first thing you must do is install Bink, found here:

http://www.radgametools.com/bnkdown.htm (First DL link)

Here are some sites which can usually help you fix this issue.


Using this is how I fixed my Non playing cutscens issue in NWN, however, so it's probably this one.


Additionally, disable the shiny water option sound ingame, it's a shit, causes savegame bloat and crashes.

Now that you've pretty much installed NWN Diamond edition patched it and made sure you've got no issues, It's time to install the Premium modules, which you can find here:


Download and intstall all of these.

So now, you've pretty much got all of the Vanilla content. Save for Darkness over Daggerford, which was cancelled.

You might also want a fan made module on what happens between Shadows of Unrentide and Hordes of the Underdark, plenty of those on the neverwinter vault.

Community patches/gameplay improvements

Here I will list mods that are to NWN what the Unofficial Oblivion patch is to Oblivion, you'll want to download these for sure.


Community Patch


A community patch for all those nasty bugs 1.69 didn't fix.

Also will merge data in you .2da folders togther rather tha overrite if you place them in a folder and run a batch file, so it works with just about anything, includign any installations of the PRC or other modifications you may have installed.

Lastly, there's the PRC, which is a mod that injects a buttload of D&D 3.5 classes and a shitload of other stuff for choice at character creation, amongst other things, such as sub-races that if you name at the begining of character creation, will be seen as their own race.

Before installing the PRC (And most mods anyway) you want this:


3db292 No.14578328


NWNCX extends what NWN can actually do, and is needed to select the PRC base classes at character creation.

Lastly you want something called Leto 1.69 PRC edition I think, for editing PRC characters and stuff.

Honestly, this is taken from an old guide I wrote on the subject as much has changed on the modding scene since then, as we now have a working mod manager that works in the same fashion as the Mod organiser for bethesda games, which is a godsend compared to drag'n drop Override files to NWN1.

There'd be more links to mods here, but they were all to the old neverwinter vault, whcih shut down and changed to a new site, so they no longer work, and their search engine is piss, so it's hard to fidn the old stuff.

Anyhow, the basic stuff you want is the game fully patched with cutscenes working then the community patch, the PRC being optional if you want it, as you have things like the CEP needed for Custom created modules to play, or persistant servers and whatever.

One more thing, most moduels want these massive fuckass collections of assets, one called the CEP, and the other Project q.

Get both, and also get the CEP 2.1 (An older version) as some modules use it, such as a Hunt through the dark, a popular series of Drow modules.

Oh right, and put the game's .exe's in compatiblity. for windows XP and run as Admin, that's one of the most important things.

There's also a Mod manager for installing mods now, which you can find on the nexus, it's a bit buggy now, but the author is open to bug report submissions.

It's a lot better than the manual method, anyhow.




3db292 No.14578334


:::::::::::::::::::::Installing the game::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

First, you actually want to get NWN, so go torrent NWN Diamond edition from Piratebay or something, this is generally the one you want, you don't want to piss about wuth DLing NWN stanalone then the expansions.

Win7 user will have trouble with installastion, so you need to follow this guide in order to ensure you don't mess up:



You may also suffer from issues involving non playing cutscenes in the start of campaign chapers when playing or chrome/silver skin at character creation.

The chrome skin issue is usually fixed by simply installing the critical rebuild 1.69 patch found here:


The non playing cutscene issue is caused by a number of different problems, but the first thing you must do is install Bink, found here:

http://www.radgametools.com/bnkdown.htm (First DL link)

Here are some sites which can usually help you fix this issue.


Using this is how I fixed my Non playing cutscens issue in NWN, however, so it's probably this one.


Additionally, disable the shiny water option sound ingame, it's a shit, causes savegame bloat and crashes.

Now that you've pretty much installed NWN Diamond edition patched it and made your you've got no issues, It's time to install the Premium modules, which you can find here:


Download and intstall all of these.

So now, you've pretty much got all of the Vanilla content.

3db292 No.14578335


::::::::::::::::::::Understanding the game's file structure::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Not gonna lie, before we go on, if you're used to modding Bethesda games then this is pretty much a breeze to pick up, it's practically dag and drop really.

Before you go about modding, make sure your NWN directory has a 'portraits', folder in it, if not, make it, and inside make two folders named Male and Female for later, and make sure you have a 'Hak' folder and a 'override' folder

Readme's found in other peoples mods will pretty much teach you outright where to put mods and such, but for a quick rundown on what's what, read below

The portrait folder is where character portraits go, and the male and female folders are subfolders for this which will separate male and female portraits ingame PROVIDED the portrait pictures

have an extra character which indicates that the portrait is singled out by sex (Unfortunately I do not know what character this is, and modders are lazy, so they often don't bother with this and leave it, simply placing it in the portraits folder, meaning iingame the portrait can be used by both sexes)

The Hak Folder is home to .hak and .hif files (I think) .Hak files are pretty much compressed archives for modules (THE GAME) that have bundles of content in them to be used by custom modules.

You can extract these files via certrain modding tools and if you want to customize what is default in your NWN game, then it's suggested you get these tools, because some mods have their content packaged in .hak and don't have them uncompressed.

And now, the most important of all The ovverride folder which is the folder which will host the joys of your replacer mods.

Anything that is of the same file type and filename of anything found in the default NWN game's directories is overwritten by whatever if in this folder that has said filetype and filename.

For the most part, the replacers are model and texture replacers, as larger mods such as unnoficial patches or gameplay changes are somewhat scarce on the NWN modding scene.

Creatures models are usually filnamed with a preceeding 'C_' then the name, but in some user content, this isn't the case.

An example of a creature model would be C_Air.mdl for the air elemental found in all NWN campaigns.

Textures are also named this way in most cases for vanilla assets too., but some Creature replacers use .DDS files instead of .TGA for their models in some cases, and sometimes do not have the 'C_ preceeding them'.

You can also create your own replacers by renaming models of your choice to a name in question.

Please note that you don't always need a model and it's coressponding texture to do a replacer, as the texture will be utilized by the ingame models instead.

The Module folder holds your game modules, in other words the custom campaigns which you can play, and these modules will rely on .Haks, TLK and other content found in your NWN directory.

There are other folders to talk about but you won't be fiddling with them as much, so I'm leavng it at this.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Tools and resources::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Normally the average player would avoid these because they're for modders and the like, but there are a few that I reccomend you have at your disposal, because they will be imperitive if you want to customize and use overrides


This bad boy lets you view models (Most of them anyway) extract content from .hak packs and the game directories and open up NWN files and the like.

A must have for anyone who wants to preview the goods before usinng them (Planet neverwinter likes to be crude when it comes to screenshots, they're small as crap)

MDL retexturizer

Lets you retexture MDL files, all you've got to do is open one up, insert the filename of the new texture you want the model to use, then BAM! instant newly textured model, ain't that sweet?

NWN Override Manager http://andyvioustv.might be a bot, summon Mark to correct/

Lets you choose what ovverride directories the game will pick when you play, so it's great if you want to mix n match stuff up.

Leto 1.69: http://nwvault.please use archive.ism/View.php?view=other.Detail&id=1288

A character creation tool with options far beyond that of the default ingame character creation, also lets you turn certain files and creature data into playable characters too as well as edit saved character templates.

Only downside is you've got to make a bloody .jpg for custom portraits to place in the Leto folder to use them with the tool. (If you use PRC which I'll mention later, pleae get the PRC compatible version)

3db292 No.14578337


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Community patches/gameplay improvements:::::::::::::::::::::::

Here I will list mods that are to NWN what the Unofficial Oblivion patch is to Oblivion, you'll want to download these for sure.

Community Patch 1.70


A community patch for all those nasty bugs 1.69 didn't fix.

Also will merge data in you .2da folders togther rather tha overrite if you place them in a folder and run a batch file.

Familar and companion fixes


Solves a bunch of crap for companions and such, must have.

Customize Character Override Hak http://www.nexusmods.com/neverwinter/mods/799/?tab=1&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fneverwinter%2Fajax%2Fmoddescription%2F%3Fid%3D799%26preview%3D&pUp=1

Despite the name, it isn't a .Hak file, this bad boy lets you change you head ingame, character skin colour, and pimp out your clothes.

Get this, because I know for a fact that dying objects doesn;t show up until the 2nd NWN campaign, and eve nthat takes eons to do manually.

This mod is overall compatible with pretty much everything I've thrown at it, so no need to worry.

OHS Henchman System

http://nwvault.please use archive.ism/View.php?view=scripts.detail&id=2568

Want to recruit that character you last played as a companion?

Now you can.

Best of all this mod is 100% balanced, you have to pay to recruit depending on a number of variables such as level and the shit the character is hauling, and the A.I is prett decent.

Well, ALMOST decent.

There's a bit of an issue with the character snuffing it and not coming back when you've revived them, so save often if you use the companions you make with this mod.

Aside from that, it's danm swell.

Henchman Inventory & Battle AI mod v1.08

http://nwvault.please use archive.ism/View.php?view=Hakpaks.Detail&id=4510

Makes henchmen better, not much else to say.


This is the section for those Huge ass mods that stand out on their own because they're so danm huge you're supposed to have them outright because almost everyone uses them for their games.

Latest CEP: http://nwvault.please use archive.ism/?dir=cep/downloads

Fatass compilation of all kinds of shit

Not all Modules and campaigns are updated to the latest CEP, so you'll need the old one too, so get that in a compressed file format (.RAr .zip 7zip)

If prompted to overrite anything, when adding old CEP content to you Hak folder DON'T, because it is the older version of CEP for a reason, and you don't want to overrite those.

A Hunt through the Dark is a old campaign that uses an older CEP.

Project Q

Pretty much another compilation pack like the CEP, once again, you'll need it.

3db292 No.14578344

Alright, that's my notepad files done- I think some links are dead and you need to visit them on Archive.iS or wayback machine, but beyond that you -SHOULD- be good to go- also, I think I covered this a few years back on the site and reposted those links with archived version over the course of two NWN1 Threads.

Fuck Beamdog.

751e47 No.14578390

Downloading the EE now, will give a short opinion on it. Played all the original NWN games so I should know what I'm talking about.

751e47 No.14578439

File: a330c9fa69fec9c⋯.jpg (987.5 KB, 1899x1082, 1899:1082, 1080p.jpg)

Holy lol the new UI scaling only has two settings: Tiny or XBOX HUGE.

Look at this shit, it's the actual size of the UI at 1080p

32387a No.14578488


I remember in the original I lowered the resolution so the UI wasn't tiny, but I never looked into mods.

0831a4 No.14578491

File: 8c9b9d178b08723⋯.webm (1.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, laughing cao cao.webm)


>Original version you could connect to servers with pirated version through direct connect.

>GoG Version, there is no master server list so you can skip authentication and do direct connect

>BeamDog "Enhanced Edition". New BeamDog DRM, need to have a beamdog account and authenticate to access their new server masterlist.

64dbff No.14578504




You know what, I'm just going to buy the newer version, this shit sounds way to much time consuming thanks for the info anon

751e47 No.14578540


The EE has none of the improvements that anon listed.

278a8e No.14578546


Nigger it literally takes twnety minutes to install, simply point the installers to where they needs to go. You also get a complete game without multiple cut quests, new party members with all of the old ones actually being useful, and you aren't giving money to a company that fucks over fans.

32387a No.14578547


His list is so long because of all the modules and extra things. Here's mine for a basic install of the GOG Diamond Edition. Install the game first, then:

Installation Order



Rename "binkw32.dll" in installation folder to "binkw32_ati.dll".

Copy "binkw32.dll" in to installation folder. This will allow the movies to play and prevents graphics from being black.

nwnmain.exe -> Compatibility Windows XP SP 3 and Disable Desktop Composition

nwn.ini -> SafeMovie=1

If still not working, install "dxwebsetup.exe"

If still not working, install "directx_Jun2010_redist.exe"

nwnplayer.ini -> add "Max Memory Usage=128"

Use "Miles" sound driver to fix stuttering.

The binkw32.dll part is for ATI cards only. Go find the "new" binkw32.dll on the internet, it's all over the place.

0831a4 No.14578563


gog version works for me with no effort, just run installer and go.

13794a No.14579138

File: a01f0fe06851264⋯.jpg (181.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, roll20.jpg)

File: b7cc27e68eaee47⋯.jpg (198.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, tabletopsimulator.jpg)

File: 07588cd78bf4d4a⋯.png (255.51 KB, 780x550, 78:55, Neverwinter_Nights_(PC)_47.png)

File: 19a0aa13bb41079⋯.jpg (561.72 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 1217557667fullres.jpg)


Just to be totally clearr, note that the originals, compatible with preexisting mods and source ports, are still bundled untouched alongside the new poz edition. The only harm they did was increasing the price and unbundling the OST.


Not just on its own, but especially considering what a fiasco the computer tools for 4e were, the fact that 5e has no 1st party computer programs, and that modern 3rd-party tools (Roll20, Tabletop Sim, etc.) are total shitshows, I have to ask:


cbd4c7 No.14579387


Or you could not be a fag and buy the Diamond Edition from GoG that does 90% of what he's talking about other than modding the game.

cbd4c7 No.14579398


That being said…







Thank you anon. I appreciate you going through the effort for those like myself who aren't lazy fags.

b2fefd No.14579686


You can download the originals when you buy the EE pretty sure someone check

13794a No.14579747


The main point isn't about whether or not you can get the originals at all, but about the fact they're permanently tripling the price from $10 to $30 (and, on top of that, NWN1 has been conspicuously absent from sales ever since the EE was announced).

07f54c No.14582844

Which Neverwinter Nights is better? First one or second one? I'm enjoying first one so far.

f20d9a No.14582849


NWN1 vanilla campaign: Shit

NWN1 Undrentide: Okay-ish

NWN1 Underdark: Good

NWN2 vanilla: Shit

NWN2 MotB: Great

NWN 2 Zehir: Meh

f83708 No.14582878


A shame about Zehir, the concept was so good and if done better would have been amazing. Imagine a more freeform version similar to Mount and Blade?

4a463c No.14582935


I didn't went far with Zehir. Did it had something city upgrading? And isn't there a huge bug about entering West Harbor?

1a7f2d No.14582941


>Tabletop Sim

>total shitshow

u wot m8?

Don't you fucking post a 3 year old screenshot and act like it's still the same steaming pile of hot garbage that it was that long ago.

If you wanted something more dedicated, Fantasy Grounds still exists and is perfectly usable. If neither of those two options are good enough for you, you're a fucking retard.

0806a9 No.14582993

File: 5a26e97886afa49⋯.jpg (51.21 KB, 500x389, 500:389, knowledgeispower.jpg)


Depends on the buff.

If you wear a "Necklace of Natural Armour +1" and a "Ring of Natural Armour +2" then only the ring will apply its effect.

Whereas if you wore a "Necklace of Natural Armour +1" and a "Ring of Protection +2" then they will both apply their effects because you are getting +1 natural AC and +2 AC unlike the first example which was trying to stack +1 natural AC and +2 natural AC.

f83708 No.14583059


Yeah, it's still pretty buggy. And all you could upgrade were the Caravans.

50cce5 No.14588757


It actually looks kind of good.

9a5978 No.14588785

File: 5c9c5bdbaabe901⋯.jpg (103.39 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 71jzwMvZZGL._SL1500_.jpg)

File: 8ecd5470677de4b⋯.jpg (344.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 8ecd5470677de4b93468e417c2….jpg)

File: fba2c067833add4⋯.jpg (172.85 KB, 640x629, 640:629, Gtultimate life form.jpg)

File: 9b67c088d507bc3⋯.jpeg (125.55 KB, 807x705, 269:235, hidden jew.jpeg)


Fuck off.

13794a No.14588861

File: 5862e47567aa139⋯.jpg (96.97 KB, 1533x1716, 511:572, adolf soiboi.jpg)

File: 2b57b81ce7dd55d⋯.jpg (20.97 KB, 800x575, 32:23, soyboi youth.jpg)



>calling anyone else soyim

6b13b9 No.14588883

Gonna try this shit, I've had 2 abortive goes at NWN over the years first fizzled despite getting pretty far second barely got out of town, if this one tanks I'm blaming the game.

f93c55 No.14588895


>taking the piss out of low t-faggots means youre a nazi

Wut? You must be low T tbh fam.

a402ae No.14588899



Would you shitters fuck off with this soy shit? Everyone and their mother knows soy has phytoestrogenic effects on a human body. This dumb shit is just memes.


<lol bix nood fam

Seriously, all of you, fuck off. Take your gay shit back to facebook or wherever you hail from.

13794a No.14588927


>da juice

You aren't fooling everyone


>phytoestroegens that can't do anything beyond blocking receptors

>causing skinhead sissyboys

There isn't actually any agreed on effect in the scientific literature, but of the two possibilities, the likelier effect would exclusively be to block estroegen in women.

31bf03 No.14588959


ya gotta love how the best module thats written for this game is a porn module. has there ever even been anything that came close to as involved of a stealth campaign as a dance with rogues?

335274 No.14589026


>Everyone and their mother knows soy has phytoestrogenic effects on a human body.

Retards like >>14588927 don't apparently.

6b13b9 No.14589126


annnd nope.

It's impossible to focus, the blur just rapes my eyes, that must have been what killed it last time.

32387a No.14589202


What blur?

2a4e1d No.14589227



34524f No.14589341


Fucking over NuANet is the only good thing Felicia Day has done in her life, so I'm not sure what that has to do with anything else you wrote.

812f37 No.14590041



d4e06f No.14590142

What a great thread. I'm proud of you /v/

a200ee No.14590185


I've fantasized about brutalizing Felicia Day for many years and I thought that was over with but now I'm doing it again.

f73acb No.14590215


dragonspear was a disaster, and while the event itself blew over i would imagine that since their bread and butter is reselling old games to people who've already played them, their core group of customers still remembers and haven't forgiven them. goddamn that was such a clusterfuck

>release shit DLC

>gets BTFO in reviews for being an ugly, buggy, poorly written piece of garbage

>beamdog decides to play the diversity card and say that all the negative reviews are because of the evil alt-right hating on a tranny character

>negative reviewers modify their reviews to say "yes we are mad about the tranny: not that they're trans, but in a game called Baldur's Gate a "serious" character probably shouldn't just flag down total strangers and tell them about their genitals"

>they double down, ask people on their official non-steam forums to leave a positive review to counter these evil nazis calling their inclusive art out for being garbage

>things only get worse

>they patch out the tranny character so now they don't just fuckin yell their sexual identity to a complete stranger on the street

>still can't fix the fact that it's a badly written mary sue story made by hacks

>extra fun bonus: it was written by someone who was fired by Paizo for writing modules for Pathfinder that literally nobody liked

>super duper extra fun bonus: they called in the old voice actor for Minsc and had him make a Gamergate joke to put in the game (they later patched this out too)

fuck beamdog to death

eac84f No.14590221


I was surprised and delighted with all the backlash that it got. I knew the second they announced that they were creating another BG expansion that it was going to be irredeemable trash. I could think of 1 maybe 2 studios that could pull it off, these hacks aren't on that list.

301147 No.14590230


Now it all makes sense why Germans were the most attractive and got all the ladies

9a1e5c No.14590325



Because that would have made for a fun game and would have been a profitable business decision :^)

04c660 No.14591307

File: 3c076045ab48030⋯.png (26.6 KB, 262x133, 262:133, 1393679151190.png)

>tfw got the diamond edition for free on GOG several months ago

I've yet to play this game though, what are some good modules for this game? There are so bloody many that even the Hall of Fame list is overwhelming and can I skip the base game and just jump straight into the expansions? I keep hearing that it's shit and I rather not subject myself to it if it's true

255c2c No.14591513


Aielund Saga: The go to mega campaign of fan mods. You'll end up at a very high level by the end, around 37 or so. Some encounters are kinda annoying, but they do give you a lot of OP gear.

Prophet Series: Hard to explain this one without giving too much away, but it's very good and the story is pretty well done. Start is a little slow, but when it ramps up, it shoots into the stars.

Swordflight Series: Pretty good one overall, combat heavy, but still has enough story to keep you going. Can be a bit difficult, but it has custom respawn system, if you choose to use it and take the XP penalty.

Elegia/Excrucio Eternum: Good story heavy ones, EE1 is pretty unique in that it is fully voiced.

The Hex Coda: Made by the same guy who did EE 1&2, is probably my personal favorite. Very unique in its setting, being a kinda sci-fi fantasy kinda thing. Was unfortunately never finished, but part 1 is worth playing, and he did dump everything he had made for part 2, and all the story notes.

Vampire Heaven Defied: If you liked Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, this one was heavily inspired by it. Short, but pretty good.

Darkness Over Daggerford: Content heavy single campaign, has a neat map system. Main campaign is a little bland, and ends kinda fast. But there are a lot of side quests that felt like the main meat of the game.

Runes of Blood: A lot like Daggerford, where it's a single campaign and a lot to do. The story has a lot of good elements for an enjoyable story, but doesn't get enough time to fully develop. But overall it has a lot to offer, and you can bang tons of sluts.

Paladin Twilight/Midnight: Neat one, lots of custom features added onto the paladin class, story is pretty decent. Very, very, puzzle heavy, has a walkthrough though. Part three was never finished, though it's not completely dead from what I've seen.

Siege of Shadowdale/Crimson Tides of Tethyr/Tyrants of the Moonsea: A weird series of sorta connected adventures. Shadowdale is pretty basic, Tethyr is very good, but you are literally drowned in so much loot, never got far into Moonsea though.

04c660 No.14591583


Thanks friend, some of these sound pretty fucking sweet actually

>Vampire Heaven Defied

I do love me some Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

9928e8 No.14591855


Since you know a lot about modules, could you tell me if there are any that do the following? I just bought NWN DE since I never played anything except the main campaign and would like to play good modules that, hopefully, have some if not all of these points.


>complex intrigue

>more RP/dialogue than encounters, I care little for battle

>decent romance

>Recreate Waterdeep with some degree of detail

I did read about Aielund Saga but the only character I'd consider romancing would be the princess and she gets raped in a sex dungeon so that kills it for me.

b0f587 No.14591896


The best written module is also, ironically, a porn one. Look up A Dance with Rogues. I think you can find a pastebin in the Neverwinter thread on /hgg/ that has a link.

9928e8 No.14591900


What do you mean a porn one? In which sense? Normal campaign but with sex? Or where everything is sex?

b0f587 No.14591903


There is animated sex and nudity between characters. However, if you don't want that, I'm pretty sure there is an option to make all of them fade-to-black.

9928e8 No.14591910


Is it forced? What's the plot? Cause I usually play paladins

06caca No.14591913


If I recall correctly Dance with Rogues is super edgy nothin personell kid.

b0f587 No.14591923



It's been a while and I don't remember much, only that I liked it. You can find everything you need about it in >>>/hgg/

I believe you are forced into a character, so there isn't much room to make your own. don't look up the sequel. It's a cuckfest written by some fat dyke catlady

2f29fa No.14591942

File: 5d691b22ea89405⋯.jpg (176.5 KB, 874x1010, 437:505, 5d691b22ea894053788888e42e….jpg)







Thanks, but at least put your shit in a pastebin next time so people can download it/ for easier reading.


445ce8 No.14592726

File: 06fda9dc546086a⋯.jpg (129.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, abuali.jpg)


you get raped at the beginning

cbd4c7 No.14599222


You need help.

cbd4c7 No.14599265


There's plenty that fit a handful of those, but none that match all of them. I'd say just take a look at the Hall of Fame entries under RP/Mystery tags.

050fef No.14599765

File: 64b6e76a0a0a273⋯.jpg (71.7 KB, 679x679, 1:1, there is only suffering.jpg)

>another "enhanced edition" that's just the same game with a few built-in mods

8eebd8 No.14599961

>screencap thread

>it doesnt work

what am I doing wrong?

c68332 No.14605350

a6f753 No.14605392


>tabletop sim

>total shitshow

The fuck kid?

1c5257 No.14605590


>they are deleting everything


659534 No.14605606


It's less than that this time.

1cbe3a No.14605662

File: 01e74e97ed86320⋯.webm (4.75 MB, 856x480, 107:60, wish prince.webm)

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is replacing the old NWN for more than just a $20 cash-in, you fucking mutts. The community WANTED this. Just because you're autism screeching about spending the Christmas money you got from your grandma doesn't mean that this is going to disappear.

The community has been working with Beamdog, and Beamdog went out of their way to make sure that 100% of modules work with NWN:EE. The only exception being the PRC, which needs to catch up. Well the PRC needs to update anyway, so they'll be focusing the next version on NWN:EE. It's almost like instead of rejecting the EE, they decided to embrace it.

Your contrarian hatred of modern video games makes one wonder why you don't just either make your own games, or get a new hobby. Instead you expect the world to wait for you to stop being a retard.

1cbe3a No.14605670


I don't care about your reply, get used to the world not caring. I won't be the only one.

14776a No.14605675


You should shut your fucking mouth with your constant bullshit.

1cbe3a No.14605680


Truth hurts, bud.

000000 No.14605755


It still is.



Personally I believe game industry should apply pharma policy and make games free for everyone use and reproduce after 5 or lets be generous 10 years.

000000 No.14605773


>The community WANTED this

>Your contrarian hatred of modern video games

What new games are you talking here? I don't see any. Perhaps community would prefer NEW fucking game like on UE4 with modern graphics and all modding possibilities of NWN. I don't mind if they make Nioh-like view and combat to attract new audience. As long as it's good.

But we all well aware if this happen it's going to be always-online singleplayer feminist negrofetish shitshow with lootboxes. #BuyItYouHATERS!

HD on old game? Wow It's fucking nothing for 20 bucks. And look they're getting 35% of AAA game price for what? 1% of work?

As to part of community with potato PCs and shit, they'd be fine with old one. Nothing wrong with it. Opening source would be welcome if anything.

tl;dr Get fucked, kike.

7614d7 No.14605786


Ebin troll mate, have an upvote xD. Can you give me your Reddit name so I can gift you Reddit gold status?

8ce191 No.14605821



>make bad review about paladin class

>mention the complete uselessness of paladin class

>since they have no actual idea of what they're doing, they'll claim that it's either fixed or they'll fuck around with the class

<welp, might as well "fix" the other classes as well

8ce191 No.14606139


>actively contributing and being part of the problem

>encouraging more of this shit behavior and practice

<Wow, why is everything so shit these days?

1b7f61 No.14606251


i liked playing as a paladin with my friends

2bb5d2 No.14606304

File: c1fc4bcb2da74a5⋯.jpg (13.86 KB, 297x331, 297:331, OOOOO.jpg)





7237c0 No.14617989

So is this a graphical overhaul or is it a remake on Obsidian's cancerous, Aurora-based tumor engine??

96de9c No.14620716



13794a No.14620747


Not even that. Just some compatibility fixes that you could already do using fanmods and a few tweaks to the UI, in return for quadrupling the price on GoG.

They're making vague promises of more new features to come, but that's not worth much as yet.

9fcc92 No.14622051

Original game looks FINE. You dont need remakes of games anything later than the PSX era and even then you dont

373426 No.14622355


It changed literally nothing. They are promising better character models but haven't delivered yet. All it adds is shitty ENB-like effects like depth of field. You still can't have more than one hot bar row either.

46548c No.14622518

File: 27db7ee53030138⋯.png (46.66 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1418615516890.png)

What pisses me off the most about this shit is that NWN1 is 100% perfectly functional. I just played that shit with my friends a couple of months ago. The game ran flawlessly for everyone involved on the first try without any serious tweaking. The game didn't need a remake. There was nothing wrong with it and it wasn't so dated that it was indecipherable graphically or needed any major quality of life fixes.

At least Baldur's Gate enhanced editions managed to help with multiplayer functionality and made a lot of convenient UI changes even if the side-story elements they added were pozzed. NWN1 didn't need any of that. They just repackaged the game with a couple of stolen mods attached and have the audacity to charge almost as much as the game cost more than 15 years ago. I knew they were lazy hacks, but this is disgusting.

Now lets see if they'll attempt NWN2. That shit is barely functional on a good day and would have to be completely remade from the ground up to be playable.

**My money is on "No."

72defa No.14625691



c77ecf No.14632035

As someone who's involved a lot with the online NWN community, I'm genuinely saddened how almost every player is so obsessed about this piece of shit, called enhanced edition. Almost everyone posting on the forums or asked about it is praising these fucking beamdog jews, like they're doing us all a favor for getting the game's source code, doing very minor tweaks and reselling it for absurd price. So, yes, plenty of people bent over and wanted this, but maybe not all.

Only real merit I see, and one I have to admit, is improved toolset, removing plenty of previousy hardcoded things and allowing - or rather, making it easier - to add and modify things like classes and item properties. Does it warrant the price? For most of the shills, yes it does. Why? Because there are almost no fucking standards for today's vidya game consumers. Call out the devs for selling shit like premium modules (PREVIOUSLY FREE), fucking SOUNDTRACK, and portraits (==YES, SELLING PORTRAITS==)?

<shut up you faggot

<devs gotta eat

<they're doing us all a favor

<they're going out of their way to please us

<selling dlc's is a modern standard

<i don't see anything wrong with their politics

So what the fuck does it take for you to actually open your eyes? How big of a shit they have to make?

No, I didn't buy this, and I won't. Fuck them. Almost every bigger server is switching (or already did), but fuck them. The last thing that we've got is voting with our money, so, no, I'm not going to endorse these faggots, even if there's nowhere to play anymore. It's a matter of principle.

For what I know, (((sinfar))) devs have made so many changes to the original game that switching to EE would destroy them, so maybe at least this will remain. Even if I don't want to take part in this degeneracy, there are actually normal, and good, servers being prepared, that use sinfar's goodies (like character's appearance modification, making colors darker and brighter, altering height, accessories as VFX etc.).


There's the list of servers near the top right corner, I check them out every once in a while.

a9f48d No.14634319

whatre the chances that one anon hosts his nwn1 server again?

bab6bb No.14636760



Wait, did they shut down the old one?

285279 No.14636788


When EE gets on GOG, the Diamond Edition will become unavailable.

358cb9 No.14636881



>Reds: Metagaming, Amputation, Mutilation, Scat, Watersports, Vore, Being a slave, Perma-death without my permission, Godmoding, oviposit, nothing that breaks server rules. Drama.

<These are the people that play NWN online still

285279 No.14636939


Yes, (((sinfar))) is a special place with plenty of special people, but wouldn't generalize like that. As I said, the only thing interesting about (((sinfar))) is modification it did to the game engine, and I'm aiming at these custom servers that are being developed; they usually don't focus on all that degenerate stuff and offer good roleplay. Apparently there's one active now, The Accursed Island, but haven't checked it out myself.

000000 No.14637015


Dude, it's a community full of BioWare fans over there. You want the people who agree original NWN is where it's at and the remakes are retarded cancer, go to the RPG Codex.

13794a No.14637026


>imageboard poster

>complaining about degeneracy

We have boards dedicated to 10 things 10 times worse than any of that two clicks away, there's probably a link to one of them right at the top of this page.

285279 No.14637046


I know the Codex well.



544213 No.14637593

File: f830b20b319e864⋯.jpg (55.43 KB, 736x488, 92:61, f830b20b319e864e125188e390….jpg)

>The only server worth playing is switching over to enhanced edition

9442d4 No.14637759


>NWN 2


>canceled because there wasnt any interest in NWN 1

>its all the gamers fault!

1a539e No.14638134


He's not implying anything, he's stating the truth. Stop being an underage nigger.

f18aa7 No.14638205

File: 1fb6adfd96fd940⋯.jpg (311.63 KB, 1180x664, 295:166, donut touch.jpg)


>when something is so shit it can't get worse on its own so it ruins good things

72defa No.14641015



89b272 No.14642307


Any channel where people are gathering to play this?

3fb1f0 No.14642569

File: 65b6bc2d0d647b9⋯.png (963.88 KB, 608x405, 608:405, Stop.png)

1a539e No.14643704

This seems like an appropriate place to ask:

Should I play Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights first?

I'm new to DnD games but understand their system as I'm a /tg/fag, I don't give a fuck about graphics and both excite me to just check out. Which one is the better first experience?

9c7dad No.14643714


You can't exactly compare them since they work with different rule sets. BG is easier overall since you don't have to deal with a fuckload of skills and feats. It also doesn't look like shit from a butt.

1a539e No.14643732


Yeah I was noticing Neverwinter seemed to work off 3.5 which is interesting as right now I'm running Star Wars Saga Edition for my group and it's really similar. So BG is a better intro because it's trimmed down, okay that's a good recommendation. How do their stories compare?

9c7dad No.14643745


The BG story is considered good, although by now anyone will be able to tell the usual Bioware tropes of "Le stronk girl rogue" and so forth immediately. NWN doesn't have any stories to write home about, the OC is really rather bland. If you want a really good story you gotta go for NWN2 and Mask of the Betrayer

1a539e No.14643755


Okay, I've heard a lot of good stuff about MotB. I'll check out Baldur's Gate for now and NWN2/MotB a bit later. Thanks for your recommendation.

1a539e No.14643870

One thing worth noting, I was just looking up Baldur's Gate on GOG and they don't even sell the original version anymore, you can't even fucking buy it, you have to buy the beamdog edition. My suggestion is that anyone who was on the fence about NWN and NWN 2 and wants to own them legitimately you should buy them now before you can only buy the beamdog editions. If you don't want to buy them legally then rejoice, pirates get the best of things in this situation and have no real time limits so long as people keep sharing the old gog versions.

6dbc1c No.14643878


But you still can't control your party members.


>You have a big cast of characters to choose from to accompany you

All of whom are unfathomably annoying.


The first one. NWN2 is just horrible in almost every way.

13794a No.14645310


The two aren't connected, so you can play them in either order, but BG has the better interface IMHO and a much better campaign (especially BG2). NWN1's official campaigns vary from poor to mediocre, the majority of its appeal comes from the enormous number of player-made campaigns. NWN2, on the other hand, has one of the finest CRPG campaigns made, MoTB.

If you (or anyone else in your group) feel like getting your hands dirty with the toolkit, the best way to play NWN is as a digital tabletop session with a DM. NWN1's toolkit is a bit less daunting, and has more assets available online.


Not quite true, the originals are still bundled alongside the purchase of EE. Even if this does mean the trilogy bundle is gone, the price is increased, and the OSTs are unbundled.

9c7dad No.14645974


Oh come on, Grimgnaw is alright.

9c7dad No.14645977

Also everyone should just pirate Baldur's Gate and NWN because the money wouldn't go to the actual creators anyway and Beamdog deserves nothing.

9ec125 No.14645982

File: ec5e8520c76647a⋯.jpg (142.86 KB, 564x710, 282:355, ec5e8520c76647a69ea2386eae….jpg)

Nobody's going to make ADWR style mod with Divinity : Original Sin 2.

ab7557 No.14645983


>The first one. NWN2 is just horrible in almost every way.

The campaign is actually decent, unlike the first one's turd. Plus sou is shit.

6dbc1c No.14647590


>Prophet Series: Hard to explain this one without giving too much away, but it's very good and the story is pretty well done. Start is a little slow, but when it ramps up, it shoots into the stars.

Prophet is extremely overrated. Its story is just the same thing over and over and over again. The reason you can't say anything without giving too much away is that if you know one plot point, you know them all, because there's really only one plot point.



There's sex everywhere. A lot of it is non-consensual. There's an unavoidable rape scene in the first hour. There's apparently a lot of non-sexual content as well, but there's no denying it's a porn module. As the name implies, you're required to play a rogue (a female rogue; the PC is a princess who has to flee when her kingdom gets invaded).


Wow. Pure, uncut shilling. Truly impressive.

If Beamdog really gave a shit about the community, they wouldn't have been so fucking dismissive about full party control or how huge the singleplayer module scene is.


>depth of field

In a third-person game? That doesn't even make sense.

6dbc1c No.14649015


>What pisses me off the most about this shit is that NWN1 is 100% perfectly functional. I just played that shit with my friends a couple of months ago. The game ran flawlessly for everyone involved on the first try without any serious tweaking. The game didn't need a remake. There was nothing wrong with it and it wasn't so dated that it was indecipherable graphically or needed any major quality of life fixes.

There was one big thing they could have improved: They could have given us full party control in singleplayer. That would have been huge. I would pay for that. It's the one major thing the game is missing, and it's been dragging the game down since the beginning. But when people brought it up, Beamdog basically said they don't want to do it because they don't like singleplayer and want everyone to play multiplayer. They've recently said they might try to unhardcode things enough that the modding community could add it. I guess we'll see. I don't have any interest in the new version otherwise.


The OC for NWN isn't very good from a story standpoint. Neither is Shadows of Undrentide, the first expansion. However, Hordes of the Underdark is very good. And of course, NWN also has a lot of really good modules, like Tales of Arterra and Aielund Saga.


He's from NWN1.


The NWN2 OC is awful. Insufferable characters, boring story, uninteresting combat. And overall, I just can't stand NWN2's gameplay and UI. Pretty much everything about it annoys the shit out of me except for the quickcast menu.

400e21 No.14652499

0c33d4 No.14653336

File: 85f826a5795ba29⋯.jpg (115.56 KB, 875x639, 875:639, 85f826a5795ba29120dcfac350….jpg)

59f5c6 No.14658538


>expecting anything better from steamcuck

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