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File: c59f151e1851d5f⋯.png (97.82 KB, 561x209, 51:19, civ-v-logo.png)

ecc6b7 No.14626125

What is the lowest non-casual difficulty setting for Civ V?

d82d63 No.14626134

567572 No.14626137

Don't play it against AI, without mods at least. In all diff. levels it cheats so you mostly abuse its weak points instead of actual strategy

fbd8ec No.14626174


There is no non-casual difficulty setting for civ games after 4.

You can massacre entire maps of AI units on deity with 4-6 archers.

bc1bc1 No.14626193


The non-casual difficulty setting is called Vox Populi mod. Every difficulty is harder than in vanilla, AI is much smarter, the units are balanced so archers aren't overpowered, that sort of shit.

b0a09e No.14626583


1d5a9b No.14626707


The fuck are you talking about?

Abusing it's weak points IS a strategy and how you win those games

4c1785 No.14626720


Instead of playing better it just gets more resources and you get less :—D

smart coding

9968d8 No.14627067


Can't really speak for other games but in civ4 the AI indeed used the exact same strategies in all difficulties and the difference between them was penalties and bonuses they got in production ("Noble" wad a popular difficulty level because it provided nor bonus nor penalties to the AI).

Lame, I wanted the AI to keep adding new strategies in each new difficulty.

b96341 No.14627221


Prince is the only difficulty that neither you nor the AI gets bonuses.

4f2534 No.14627290

Post the porn of the female leaders

b897ca No.14629170


Get a better game.

ca45ac No.14629184

>set the win conditions for domination only

>everyone gets all pissy at me when I try to win through concurring everyone



c721ee No.14629782


I didnt know rule34 could go that deep

c721ee No.14629785

File: 89f4e9220473ede⋯.webm (394.41 KB, 608x448, 19:14, 89f4e9220473edea033143899….webm)


>expecting AI to know what setting the end game is on


768902 No.14629804

File: 2c7eb92968edb00⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1010.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9681.webm)

File: 4877ce28624a8f4⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 707.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9707.webm)

File: a3e061fdec3422f⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 10479.webm)

File: 277a79d1913386d⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 416.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 10868.webm)

File: 6193183060f1005⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 309.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 10436.webm)

42c377 No.14629805

OP you sound like you're desperate for /v/ approval. If you're bad, learn or just have fun on a lower difficulty.

08cc16 No.14629815


Does it even matter if they're pissed? If they go to war with you just conquer them.

768902 No.14629817

File: 86d46e3c873e493⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 739.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 16508.webm)

File: 597b566dc173020⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 404.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 210674.webm)

File: 3a7728c78338ed3⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 268.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 169837.webm)

File: 4d3c8fcee60d2d9⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 980.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 19970.webm)

File: 66e45f80376660c⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 234.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 12126.webm)

08cc16 No.14629819

File: 98c9d56feaec093⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.01 MB, 410x360, 41:36, sanic.webm)

053e85 No.14629879


So then why did they call it "Civilization" instead of "here's an AI that's abysmally stupid but that gets equally abysmally stupid cheat codes to use. See if you can figure out how to best exploit the stupid way it uses its stupid cheat codes"?

053e85 No.14629885


>expecting game elements to be designed with consideration given as to how they fit in with the rest of the game elements


08cc16 No.14629887


Exploiting the less intelligent IS civilization.

0d7dd0 No.14629893

File: c8fead55f0d1be9⋯.jpg (53.74 KB, 693x693, 1:1, 1421533499818-4.jpg)



SFM was a mistake.

585b98 No.14629896

bc1bc1 No.14629947


That's not the newest version, the thread's not updated. Granted, the newer ones are in beta phase so there might be issues so it might be why.


000000 No.14629963


All difficulty settings are casual in Civ 5. The AI is pants-on-head retarded, doesn't understand how to win, or how combat works, and you can defeat it at Deity no problem. If you're going to play Civ 5, play online only. Muiltiplayer Civ 5 is the only tolerable Civ 5, at least until it crashes or netsplits, because average randoms are much less retarded than the AI. Also Civ 5's netcode is retarded so it localizes your game lobbies to your Steam download region without telling you. Go into your Steam settings/preferences and set your download region to a more heavily populated region if you want a lot of games to show up.

You want a good Civ AI, go play Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri with kyrub's AI patch installed. SMAC is the best Civ game, anyway.

585b98 No.14630042


It's the latest stable version, ie, the thread is updated.

3d9531 No.14630490


Anything below Immortal is a joke. If you focus on science+food and beeline important techs, even Immortal can become a cakewalk. Deity is really hard with that extra AI settler and too much depends on luck.

098689 No.14630497


Isn't the AI aware of win conditions? Aren't they also just mad at you for trying to win the game?

000000 No.14630526


>Isn't the AI aware of win conditions? Aren't they also just mad at you for trying to win the game?

It wouldn't surprise me if the AI sucked at pursuing win conditions. Civ 5's AI is an abomination developed by imbeciles.

8289a0 No.14630553


Pretty much this the ai is a huge retard that will settle a city right on your borders when they have no military to defend it ensuring you get a free city that you can easily defend because they built it right fucking next to you when their closest city is ten turns away.

000000 No.14630569


To be fair, I've seen human players do that shit too. I've had humans ragequit on me because they sent an undefended settler and I declared war and yoinked it. The average human is retarded too, but compared to AI they are fucking incredible. On the upside of things you can totally kick ass in Civ 5 multiplayer if you're not retarded. On the downside of things I don't think Civ 5 multiplayer supports mods, unless you're using Giant Multiplayer Robot maybe.

08cc16 No.14630587


A free city in a shit location that counts against your global happiness. The AI is rusing you.

0ef81a No.14630941

Minor thread hijack, but what mods does everyone recommend for IV?

000000 No.14631072


If you want to ruse the AI give him a free city in a shit location with tons of high maintenance buildings and every conceivable tile covered in roads (maintenance costs whee). He will happily accept this city that will cost him like 30-40 gold per turn, sink his happiness, and increase his science and culture costs. If you want to be an asshole you can do similar shenanigans with human players. Since they can't shrink a city's domain, when you're at war you can surround an enemy city and have your workers build roads on all the tiles to give him upkeep costs and never capture it. He'll really love the new upkeep costs he has to pay. Make sure to destroy all tile improvements, esp the ones that give money too. You can even make money on a city by having a worker build and rebuild a tile while your own unit plunders it for gold and health. It's a good source of bonus income. And occasionally you can use the city as a punching bag to train your units for exp.

Other asshole tactics are to declare war, smuggle a worker on your enemy's great person tile, build a farm for 1 turn (goodbye forever GP tile, hello incomplete farm tile) and fuck off. You destroy someone's great scientist tiles this way, they will go nuts.


I heard Fall From Heaven is highly recommended. Don't really play Civ IV though. I play SMAC mostly. Played some Civ V too.

8dfc97 No.14631234


Planetfall is what got me to actually play SMAC and realize what a superior game that is. For the vanilla Civ4 gameplay I really liked KMod for balancing and AI and such, but it's been years since I played Civ4 so there could be something better now.

e2dbec No.14631258

File: 1e2d4744101b10e⋯.jpg (14.84 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault(31).jpg)

Cheatengine? Your average casual doesn't know what that is.

1d5a9b No.14631588




Nah, the AI in V is designed to let you win. You have to actively sabotage yourself to lose to it, on almost any difficulty. Every decision it makes is there to delay you, to pad the game longer. It doesn't try to actively win.

8b4086 No.14631646


Sums up Firaxis design quite well.

000000 No.14631668


Play Alpha Centauri with kyrub's patch. AI plays to win there.

9a50ca No.14631827

EU4 and stop being a child

000000 No.14631883


Shit's inferior to L Spiro's Memory Hacker.


46654d No.14632670


From my gametime this seems to be true.

Will I have to install mods to make this game fun or will I just be polishing shit?

ee09ed No.14632803


AI in a video game isn't remotely "intelligent". You're not outsmarting it or out-strategizing it more than you're finding a way to cheat harder than it does. And yes, exploiting a flaw in its programming, doing something it literally cannot counter, is basically the same as cheating.

What's happening is basically you going up against a boxer WAY over your weight class, but he sucks at fighting, and you can still beat him if you manage to tickle his ear which instantly knocks him down. Yeah, he has an unfair advantage over you, but you have a LOT more of an advantage once you know the "trick".

80b811 No.14632821


>didn't turn on Always War option

Found your problem.

80b811 No.14632832

Also, is there a Linux version of 4 around? My laptop doesn't have a lot of storage space, and V takes up about 1/3rd of the storage (VI is uninstallable).

524563 No.14633192


>VI is uninstallable


810034 No.14633203


> And yes, exploiting a flaw in its programming, doing something it literally cannot counter, is basically the same as cheating.

Found the SJW

000000 No.14633406


Exploiting the AI is what you tend to do in just about any game. It's part and parcel of gitting gud.


>taking advantage of the AI's bad skills is cheating

>being good enough to abuse your opponents' weaknesses is cheating

Look, I understand the value in a handicap challenge, but calling this shit cheating is pants-on-head retarded. This is some major-tier scrub logic you got there.


No, but it runs flawlessly on WINE.


7d214a No.14633472


That doesn't sound fun

>the player is pretty much playing a 1V7+All City States.


80b811 No.14633491


I literally don't have enough storage to install it by about 10 GB. I fell for the Chromebook meme, but it did at least introduce me to Linux.


Was there ever a period that Civilization wasn't a mess? I understand it has laudable gameplay, but it sure looks like a shitheap if you dig any deeper into any of the games.

7330f8 No.14633537


>No, but it runs flawlessly on WINE.

I managed to get it running on wine but it didn't display the tile yields. I'm using the latest staging version but I've pretty much given up on wine Darkest Hour takes a century to load and crashes, Victoria 2 crashes on boot and installing the correct .dlls doesn't work and sometimes and break other games. I'm using Mint 17.3, would using a newer distro affect performance and stability of games?

25e8a8 No.14633581

File: 9d3fd040f997a46⋯.jpg (21.56 KB, 474x259, 474:259, von kaiser.jpg)


>you going up against a boxer WAY over your weight class, but he sucks at fighting, and you can still beat him if you manage to tickle his ear which instantly knocks him down.

That's Punch Out you're describing. That's a fun and challenging game.

e51f80 No.14633645

>post thread about civ

>gets deleted

I hate /v/.

e51f80 No.14633649

000000 No.14633651


No. It's about the WINE environment configuration. The links I provided already detail how they made it work flawless. Failing that, if you're bad at configuring WINE yourself, just use the PlayOnLinux WINE frontend:



I'm a big believer in GIT GUD and learning how to use shit when it comes to managing your own OS, but if you want lazy quick fixes, this will do the trick.

beebe8 No.14633743

Prince is the only difficulty worth playing at. Anything higher penalizes you because Firaxis can't be bothered to come up with actual AI. Anything lower is baby mode.

000000 No.14635213


It's quite possible that it installed just fine but you accidentally pushed the hotkey (button's Y) for toggling tile yield display on and off.

000000 No.14635220

2240bc No.14636576



It's always annoyed me that the game is called Civilization, and the start of every civ game is you having a city with agriculture and having an actual goverment, they have plenty of non-agricultural, non-urban, non-state level cultures as playable civs, even though Barbarians and goody-huts, as well as city-states already sort of represent those cultures.

It's not like they do it just to be able to have native american or african civs, either: There's more the enough actual civilizations in those places to still have representation: Even for what's now the US rather then latin america, you have the Mississippians and various Southwest groups, which were proto-civilization or actual civ, but not quite state level yet which would still probably be fine to include.

fd8ccf No.14636844

File: c7d7d405507c390⋯.webm (3.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, clyde_i_found_a_nigger.webm)


This. That's their default when making AI and they don't even consider making it any good.

t. Went to a talk by their lead designer/developer

pic not related

000000 No.14638229


Sauce please?

3ebd9b No.14640332


No, the actual tile yeilds are fucked up it doesn't show how many hammers or food on a tile.


I did use playonlinux. I don't want to have to fight my OS which is why I'm still on mint so things aren't easy to break. One day I'll become a linux master, I just don't care right now.

80b811 No.14640346

What is the consensus on FreeCiv? It's interesting to play, but it certainly feels kinda off, especially how queuing tech and units are concerned. It's not very intuitive.

be9974 No.14643774


Shoo shoo shill.

8b5379 No.14646702


Not everyone you disagree with is a shill /pol/

8adf80 No.14646712


Civ 6 is a fucking disaster and if you think otherwise you're either blind or a newfag that hasn't touched other games in the series.

aff3dc No.14646741

File: b426be540bd6e4d⋯.jpg (21.41 KB, 371x381, 371:381, 1277256733902.jpg)


You're retarded if you think Civ VI is worth even pirating you ass-licking nigger lover.


You haven't played the game enough yet if you can't answer this question yourself.

931f8c No.14646913

Emperor difficulty, everything before that is too easy assuming you actually understand the mechanics of the game.

b76fa7 No.14651065

isn't civ III the best civ?

c74ca3 No.14651117

File: f92c4f6c072058b⋯.png (8.39 KB, 195x50, 39:10, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm glad I ignored it, this is a pitiful rating for a Civ game.

ff9ecc No.14651230


Civ VI needs the Rise & Fall expansion, it's a lot better than the base game. Civ V was like that too, without the expansions it's missing some critical systems and balance.

cf5935 No.14651234


It's too bad, I liked some of the changes.

Culture working llike research was… unispired, but at least gave you a good reason to invest in it.

The districtics thing was shamelessly ripped from Endless Legend, with a small twist (you could upgrade them) but the idea was neat.

I'm not angry about the artsyle, but I'm simply not happy either. Civ IV had a "serious" artstyle without being edgy about it. It looked just right for the themes the game approaches.

Civ V took it in a diferent path and featured some nice artwork for the user interface coupled with a gorgeous overland map (the terrain itself however was meh-tier).

But back when Civ V was launched, I always assumed that Civ VI would continue the tendency of graphical crapficiation into cutesy shit.

29e33b No.14651251

I still want to fuck Jadwiga

43c625 No.14651280


No its not. The expansion brings nothing to the table that makes the game better or more involved, it just dumps more systems on an already messy pile of broken mechanics.

f5d456 No.14651345


There are several tools that do this, what makes your flavor of shit better than the rest?

82c623 No.14657740


b897ca No.14663195


Me too anon.

47749c No.14663340


Modern Paradox games in a shellnut

000000 No.14664054


Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri is best civ.

45bab4 No.14664070

Civ V is fun as fuck in multiplayer with friends. Just gotta make sure you use turn timers (typically 2 minutes) and accept that Hybrid turn mode > simultaneous.

000000 No.14664109


Hybrid turn mode is an abomination. You think you want it and then you realize that war never ends because courtesy of going turn-based every time you take a turn of 2-3 minutes 4-6 other players do the same and since a war can easily require over 30 turns to complete it would take you over 5 hours so people start disconnecting, hard.

Simultaneous is the only way to go, for the simple reason that it saves time in what is already sure to be a time-consuming game. Definitely use turn-timers though.

c86165 No.14664153

File: df992371c8d49a6⋯.jpg (4.4 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1442864513211.jpg)


Not in the same way though. Think of it like a game of chess and your opponent has a crippling fear of dogs. The way you want to win is by beating him at a chess game, but the way this particular game of chess is set up allows him to make illegal moves you're not allowed to and just generally makes it unfair. So the only way you can win is go get your pet dog and scare the shit out of the opponent so he breaks down and stops playing.

That's what's happening when an AI uses cheats so you have to abuse loopholes. Yeah, you still win in the end, but it's hardly that you won a game of chess. You won some loopy, fucked up version of chess with something outside the spirit of the game. It's not what the player is playing the game to do, ideally a player wants to be challenged by playing "chess" with even, normal rules but the opponent is either smarter or stupider than them (varying on difficulty). If I get a strategy game, I want to win with a sort of strategy that's in the spirit of the game, one that would work equally well against a human that doesn't have AI weaknesses. And likewise if I lose at a strategy game I want it to be because my opponent had a stronger strategy than me, not because they artificially got resources faster, or in greater quantity, or some other bullshit mechanical advantage that I can't actually get myself.

9f9a19 No.14664488


Civ games have never sold on strategy though. It would sell to some combination of people who autistically want a million half-assed features and units, and the alt-history fags who are trapped in an endless cycle of switching up which countries were controlled by Hitler and Poland. The recent change to that formula was selling to casuals who want something that makes them feel like they're successfully playing a complex game when it's really all artificial.

c86165 No.14664539


I'm not saying Civ is a good example of it, I'm just saying that it's not something that should be defended. It was lazy then, and it's lazy now. I stopped buying Civ games because they're lazy and turned into casual trash, but just because it never tried very hard to live up to the strategy label isn't an excuse. If anything it's more of a reason they should finally stop being lazy cunts and actual program decent AI. They won't, but they should.

7887b2 No.14666165


It will still be shit. What they really truly need is less retarded AI. Playing multiplayer is only fun if you are with a dedicated group of people who will always show up within a specific time frame and even then its long as fuck and doesn't get good until 100 hours worth of gaming.

I like some of the new rules for the game but its ultimately pointless if your enemies are still retarded child emperors. They need to do a couple of things before the civilization franchise is ever fun again.

>Improve AI a lot

>improve military tactics

It was fine in 2010 but we've gotten to a point where there is no reason military tactics have to be risk tier, especially since most people just go for domination anyway.

>make science, culture more interactive

As it is now getting a science victory is merely a matter of choosing what to produce. There is no real risk involved. The only strategy is build more science stuff. Same with culture. The museum and paintings feature was a good touch but not quite interactive enough. I'm assuming diplomacy would be made more interactive with smarter AI.

They did none of these things in Civ VI. They just changed the rules up. At its core Civ is a board game, they should remember that.

000000 No.14667904



Incidentally, I'm a fan of the 90 second turn timer or 60 second turn timer. It makes people rage later on when they suck at time management but honestly I am a happy camper when I watch some snail fucker whine about how he cant waste 5 minutes of your time every turn because he has to take forever planning out his shit and making his moves because he can't think ahead, plan ahead, or queue build orders. I'm just like "fuck yeah! If we had to put up with your slow shit, we'd be disconnecting all over the place" when I watch someone cry and whine about how he can't waste everyone's time being a goddamn slowpoke. Instead he has to either git gud or suffer the consequences of his literal retardation.

90 seconds usually works well enough with randoms.

56d28c No.14667986


>that pic


80b811 No.14668033


Civ games just get progressively prettier and dumber.

000000 No.14668108


Not sure what you're smoking but Civ 6 is uglier than Civ 5 dude. Civilization: Beyond Earth was way the fuck uglier than Civ 5 too. They were destroying a perfectly good brand, and it would take Brian Reynolds to restore it.

80b811 No.14668259


I like how the map looks in VI more than V, but holy shit did the leaders take a beating between games.

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