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File: 66b490820f4bbf4⋯.jpg (669.36 KB, 900x823, 900:823, 1424293419985-2.jpg)

File: 27b877c8d560bfb⋯.png (1.74 KB, 300x300, 1:1, MH Double Cross.png)

547fb0 No.14631727


Freedom Unite: https://mega.nz/#!87AwmQDD!NlXnMcsIhAliHovCHVvySkY1yo5Zlw3cj4ffUGm9I2w

Portable 2nd G: https://mega.nz/#!FvomDA7Y!7rYPTlPjbRU_UkX2qVbPEii2zxSID_dAWYdO01XhmsI

Portable 3rd HD for PPSSPP (English Patched): https://mega.nz/#!3kxWTZpQ!FPNkkIlFY6kmX_XEdw_AzNnpdaj1wqbmw4ALHZo_c4M


4 Ultimate: https://mega.nz/#!UFdgDTzS!ws52fBS8Xx-5Rf5oeNtYIQ_9Es4oBEXEg7GQ6as5THo

If you scan the last pic in the OP with a home-brewed 3ds with the earlier versions of FBI, you can download and install XX directly from Nintendo's eShop servers. The game is also available on FreeShop.

Englishanese Translation: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-monster-hunter-double-cross-english-ui-patch.465296/






>Ping's MHXX Dex: https://sites.google.com/site/pingsdex/pingsmhxxdex/

>Athena's ASS for XX 0.21b: http://www.mediafire.com/file/aciahjorffckfwo/Athena%27s+Armor+Set+Search+for+MHXX+v0.21b.zip

>Athena's ASS list for all MH games: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/4o1idj7mmtn85/Monster_Hunter

>Information on item droprates, skills, monsters, etc: http://kiranico.com/en/mh4u

>MH4U Relic Chart Stats and Images: https://imgur.com/a/b3xwy

>MH4U Relic Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-oyh86FG6V4-T5zegGIZuX0b-_tyy7_TIe8Wv8jkfZE/htmlview?pli=1&sle=true#gid=1520165799

>How many times will I have to hunt in order to get _?: http://www.desiresensor.com/

>Attack Stat Stack Chart: http://i.imgur.com/sSRW7q6.png

>Kinsect Flowchart: http://i.imgur.com/wD2OUug.png

>Kinsect Ingredients list: http://i.imgur.com/qf79jKs.png

>Arena Armor Recipes and Requirements : http://pastebin.com/kvLN7Fni


Monster Hunter World in Summary: https://pastebin.com/fLS9S8RE

Tempered Monsters: https://pastebin.com/9PXrMq9d

An Anon's Review of World: https://pastebin.com/2L9aDjPd

821f23 No.14631799

MHW's environment changes compared to last game add new layers of difficulty that monster hunter veterans like me didn't really expect to deal with

c65740 No.14631880

File: 351f9fca506eb3b⋯.jpg (145.93 KB, 960x544, 30:17, ULUS10391_00005.jpg)

Purest romance


You forgot your commie flag

de392d No.14631898

MHW is alright

but I have seen more changes I dislike than liked

b29a72 No.14631907

File: f928288a1beab71⋯.png (171.62 KB, 400x438, 200:219, mark.png)

Just bought a 256gb Flash Drive for even more Wii U gaems, what should I expect out of MH3U?

41aa92 No.14631913

File: 517f9f1681e81cf⋯.png (564.92 KB, 721x617, 721:617, tickets2.PNG)

Why are felynes so cute?

c65740 No.14631917


Framedrops, dead online, shrunk UI and weird controls(right analog stick doesn't actually work like an analog stick)

e4e0dd No.14631921

File: f8792ed3465c5c4⋯.gif (2 MB, 480x320, 3:2, endlessspiral.gif)


I know what this is from and it is not a good thing to know

I think

b29a72 No.14631922


cum on cat, hiss at penids


How bad are the framedrops?

aa0793 No.14631923


A hairy slut gets a crab infestation? Gross.


A really bad port with awful input lag.


Fan art and also you might be toddlercon

c65740 No.14631927


It drops more frames than the 3DS version but not as bad as the original Tri on Wii.

Honestly you'd be better off emulating the European release on your PC as you'll get better framerate.

b29a72 No.14631937


European release for which platform?


So that's what that was, I played the Loadiine version and that was jarring

c65740 No.14631944


Wii U

I don't think Citra can emulate 3U or 4U very well.

b29a72 No.14631962


Thanks for telling me, now I have to re-download the fucking thing. Why does the EU ver. get less framedrops might I ask?

c65740 No.14631971


I meant for the emulator not the console.

I don't think region matters for the console itself but Cemu can only run the EUR release of MH3U

b29a72 No.14632005


Yeah, that's what I mean.

CEMU devs are fucking oddballs.

547fb0 No.14632419


Yeah, shitty graphics that make it hard to see what's going on was a kind of difficulty I certainly didn't expect.


Overinflated defense that trivializes the game and makes you download the JP version instead.

41aa92 No.14632494

File: b3174fcae754613⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1182x907, 1182:907, tickets.PNG)


>Fan art and also you might be toddlercon

What did he mean by this?

29cf61 No.14632985

File: 92437c1694c3643⋯.jpg (183.57 KB, 1200x768, 25:16, 92437c1694c3643cf1eec663a5….jpg)

How many of you hunters are back to MHW because of the spring festival and pic related?

This asshole is one of the hardest bosses I ever fought in MH period.

547fb0 No.14633066


Ah, first timer to the franchise? I envy you, you've got a lot to look forward to once you finish World and move on to the series proper.

948f14 No.14633084

Worst mistakes of each gen?

2nd: Tigrex's hitboxes. Fu has a lot of bad hitboxes but goddamn going back to it after the massive improvement that was 3rd onward is noticeable.

3rd is obviously underwater combat, not as a whole but in the weapon balance. Lance is miles ahead as the best underwater weapon, and some of the fights were pretty fun if you used one of the OK weapons underwater. Plesioth was a lot less annoying in the water than he is on land.

4th gen would be "the monster got away". I don't come here to leave a job unfinished you son of a bitch. Guild quests not being the monsters you drove off was a mistake. In fact, everything about expeditions was pretty shit besides the fact that it had G rank. Runner up is bringing back the fucking dromes.

Gen's mistake? Hunter arts. If I wanted to play phantasy star universe I'd still be doing it.

Worlds: Everything. If you claim you're still playing that trash you're slow as hell, or a shill.


Back to reddit you blatant shill


Read that post more carefully. That's not someone that belongs here.

787f67 No.14633199

File: fb403b3a8be581d⋯.jpg (384.44 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, 22369753_p0 - エガちゃん.jpg)


My dick cannot wait for MHW on PC.

645d09 No.14633508

File: cdd9b3c3b2ae887⋯.webm (1.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Synonyms for Salt.webm)

>>14633199 (checked)

>inb4 MH autists start bullying you for having fun and wanting to play more world

The salt in this thread is fucking delicious.

They just keep on going on and on even though they already lost and that their bitching is completely pointless.

Keep going guys, keep telling me that MHW is shit, if you fags cry hard enough, maybe you'll make me un-buy the game.

547fb0 No.14633530


It was a joke, since the only way you'd find World Jho to be one of the hardest MonHun fights is if you'd never played anything but World


If it's PC you want to play on, just go grab PPSSPP



It sounds more like he hasn't played it at all.

>The salt in this thread is fucking delicious.

>They just keep on going on and on even though they already lost and that their bitching is completely pointless.

Other way around, the autistic screeching has mostly been from the people defending World.

787f67 No.14633551

File: 6a05d635b053da1⋯.jpg (42.75 KB, 398x450, 199:225, EYE computer.jpg)


You provoking them isn't helping.


I actually have 4U on my DS, but the online isn't working right now, and my comment was mainly about how the felynes look very cute in world with its graphics.

948f14 No.14633753


>(1) and done replying to an unrelated post with a blatant shill post


>Another (1) "How dare you not roll over and let us subvert you all and buy what we shove down your throats, GOYIM"

This is sad. These threads have been fuckin shelled by the worlds marketers, and most of the people that actually posted here have left, and all that's left is this trash. Nobody is playing, nobody is talking about actual MH. I'd put up a 4U room but I started over recently and I'm still in HR.

787f67 No.14633783

File: cb0286e33a74a48⋯.webm (614.62 KB, 480x480, 1:1, law and order bird victim.webm)


It's (3) now sonny.

29cf61 No.14633877



I've fought level 140 chaos Gore magala and it wasn't as unfair as this.

I have over 1k hours in the series beside MHW and I main three weapons so far.

29cf61 No.14633881


>That's not someone that belongs here

You might be right, but i have the decency not to visit any other forum.

dc24eb No.14633884


>posting a pic of something that isn't even in world

You got me to reply.


>3rd is obviously underwater combat, not as a whole but in the weapon balance.

So a few of the worse weapons are finally good, and some other weapons drop a bit. I don't see too huge of a problem with the underwater weapon balance; yeah, the balance underwater is trash, but balance on land is trash too. They're just piles of trash that have been sorted differently.

4th was more verticality and ledges. Fuck the massive cliffs, fuck random ledges everywhere getting in the way, fuck all of that garbage. God damn I hate all of 4 and 4U's maps. They're the worst I've played in the series because of needing to climb cliffs constantly, and tripping over ledges in the middle of battle. Whoever thought that massive room that's just a series of cliffs with small plateaus between them was a good idea should be fired.

29cf61 No.14633888


It's not but it's the coolest looking goldenjho I could find

547fb0 No.14634125


>my comment was mainly about how the felynes look very cute in world with its graphics.

Fair enough, though at that point you might as well just look at artbooks admittedly I just don't find cats appealing at all and really wish we got Cha Cha and Kayanba back instead


>I'd put up a 4U room but I started over recently and I'm still in HR.

On lunch break at work right now, but I recently did the same thing, HR 4 at the moment. Put up rooms sometimes, we should play.


Are you just bad at Jho fights in general? Because World's Jho is easily the least challenging version of him to date.

948f14 No.14634246

File: 8bb4e926d6724b4⋯.jpg (159.73 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Shills.jpg)


Pretty much every blademaster weapon was fine on land in 3U though. Lance massively outclassed everything in water, with LS a far second, GS and SA coming in 3rd and 4th, and everything else being mostly unusable. And lance was never bad until 4th gen, where it was considered outclassed by CB and IG for counter play and mounting respectively, but was still very usable. I'd even argue that it is just as good, but those two being the new hotness, more technical, and the CB being able to do every weapon's role made it a less attractive choice. There will never be a MH game where greatsword isn't top tier, either.


This is you. This is how obvious you are.


I'll put up a room next time I have a significant block of free time, then.

5c7985 No.14634497

Do monsters have more health moving ranks or get defense modifiers?

c65740 No.14634595


More health and higher stagger threshold. The defense values remain the same.

29cf61 No.14634866

File: 0dc048186b6aee0⋯.jpg (59.29 KB, 670x671, 670:671, 0dc048186b6aee06a9f3beed27….jpg)


>are you just bad at jho fights

I'm talking about the tempered event one.

547fb0 No.14634955


Sounds great, hopefully time zones/schedules will work out in our favor.


I know.

dc24eb No.14637537



I don't know how World does it, but in the other games, it's both. They get more defense, and more HP. Comparing an average low rank, high rank, and G rank guild hall Rathian from XX, for example, she has about 3k HP and 0.95 defense in LR, about 5k HP and 0.85 defense in HR, and about 9.5k HP and 0.8 defense in GR.

In case you don't know MH's damage formula, lower defense values mean more defense, because the defense value is a multiplier applied to the amount of damage you do.


GL was amazing underwater. I found it about as good as Lance personally. LS seemed a little bit worse underwater than on land to me because it lost one attack, but was still great. Hammer seemed fine, SA was good, GS was marginally better because of wider arcs on the swings making it a little bit easier to hit, SnS was shitty because it felt less mobile and a bit sluggish to me, I can't remember if I tried DBs underwater, I never tried HH underwater because I only started playing HH after finishing 3U, and using ranged weapons on the 3DS was hellish enough on land so I didn't bother trying LBG or Bow underwater. HBG seemed okay from what I remember, though.

0ccd1a No.14637573

File: 34e24e0bbe84143⋯.jpg (249.63 KB, 1228x1228, 1:1, 34e24e0bbe841438bf5fec252e….jpg)


Its strange how back in 4u, gen, and xx I would never see a single HH player, or perhaps I've seen one just once in between all 3 of those games, but in world I see a HH user in every other hunt i'm in.

I think the HH either got turned into some kind of meme weapon or got hyped up so much that people are actually bothering to use it.

Either way im happy for the weapon to get the love that it finally deserves.

dc24eb No.14637677


Didn't World nerf it? Either way, HH actually getting used is good, it's such a massively underrated weapon. I regret waiting so long to try it out, it's incredibly fun.

948f14 No.14637937


LS having forward movement and huge reach made it the 2nd best underwater weapon, as for the lance, you're missing the utility of the charge. Eat for swimmer and it's the best movement option in the game. When every other weapon got slower in the water, lance got faster. Lance's precise stabs also made it somewhat more difficult to hit with than slashing weapons on land, but in water again that disadvantage stopped existing, because you could aim that poke anywhere you wanted it.

6879e4 No.14637989


Was it really nerfed? I remember during the beta, after seeing everyone complaining it had been nerfed, when I went against the diablo I was constantly getting him stunned and felt it was super easy to use and useful.

547fb0 No.14638075


It was nerfed, but so was Diablos.

705aa5 No.14638174


World Nerfed it's damage and buff values. But in exchange the buffs now stack with demon drugs and shit.

It's clear times are still pathetic, and it's only really a meme because it completely covers up how horrible the person using it is at the game now. (Also world being pathetically easy to the point where if you have a pulse you'll be fine helps)

5c7985 No.14640211


>and it's only really a meme because it completely covers up how horrible the person using it is at the game now


aa0793 No.14640240


>But in exchange the buffs now stack with demon drugs and shit.

I almost never used HH in gen 2, but I'm pretty certain HH buffs have always had their own buff category, I mean, they're the only % based buffs available in the game aside from part of the element up armor skills, so I don't see how they would override any of the other categories.

c65740 No.14640364

>manage to kill Kusahala Daora under 25 minutes

>it gives me less items than if I had just let it run away


>But in exchange the buffs now stack with demon drugs and shit

They've always done that

1844f0 No.14640546

>Tfw your autistic completionist shit means farming shit you dont even want like the Ryu skin

>Giant Barroth with plesioth hitbox and 3 frame full 180 turn after every charge

>3 of 5 weapons are charge weapons so its run in, run out trip fests

>boring as fuck

>up to 7 times for a hunt that takes me fucking 10 minutes each

Over an hour of my life stolen on a skin i wont use and only myself to blame. Fuck the content starvation is very real. I just want muh giggy miggy and guildmarm husbando monsters back.

705aa5 No.14640593


It was weird, they didn't apply full effect or some nonsense before provided you had a demon drug up.

547fb0 No.14640598


Pretty much this. I have other games I actually want to play, but my "shit it's a limited time thing and free and I'm a completionist" shit is making me check in every day to do the stupid ticket quests even though I probably have enough by now to make the entirety of the matsuri event gear twice over, and doing that stupid Street Fighter arena.

1844f0 No.14640605


its just aweful. i finally finished and im feeling a tension migraine come on. They just scaled up the size and it doesnt work. you can be under the chest, it head slams and the hitbox is so large its like you are caught in the air drag and THEN it spawns a super sized mud puddle that you aren't in and you see its hitbox suck your character in.

I can tell you why its got 9 lives because its fucking trash. didnt actually cart me once but fuck what a timewaste.

4bd1ab No.14640608


This is why I hate timed events too, probably related to the "Games as a service" meme. Monster Hunter doesn't need this limited time shit, never did and never will, there's a reason it stopped being a thing after MH1 and Tri. All it does is make me feel forced to play a game just to do the event instead of having fun because it's time limited.

4bd1ab No.14640611


Actually, it's been so long since Tri and I didn't play MH1 but were those games just servers or where the quests in the servers also time limited?

Sage for doublepost

1844f0 No.14640619


Tri also had a subscription fee and an 18 monster roster. The only people who gush about tri are the ones who started with it. Its the worst the series ever was.

4bd1ab No.14640624

File: 2574a0387bc3884⋯.png (317.14 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2574a0387bc38844fedb3fe10b….png)


Sub fee was only in Japan anon, I remember playing it online and I don't remember paying for anything except the game with the pro controller bundle. At least a lot of the new monsters in Tri had new skeletons and movesets, more than I can say about the new monsters in World. Why does Capcom hate Quropeco so much?

547fb0 No.14640631


Arenas almost always do 9 carts, but yeah, it's a boring fight that's balanced around two players to get the S Rank time, again, like all Arenas.


Pretty much, it's the usual cancerous modern mindset.


I'd still say World is worse, but Tri was definitely in the running prior to it.

1844f0 No.14640645


>nearly half the monsters of world

>underwater combat

>new monsters were all trash -yes even lagiacrus

Gotta keep pushing the meme i guess.

547fb0 No.14640650


The monster count is worse, yes, but the biggest problem with World is the fact that it's just so dull and unengaging. I've basically done everything shy of grinding to HR 100 for the quests that unlocks and the Arena shit, and it just hasn't been any fun at all.

1844f0 No.14640670


world has more promise in dlc based purely on what type of rigging we have in engine now. wont get seltas queen but a lot of stuff like gammoth and rajang share a skeleton and animation set surprisingly so shit like barroth and xeno means brachi and magala are probably happening.

705aa5 No.14640820


Except it took them what… 5 months to release a single monster?

948f14 No.14640865

File: 98cfef22fd64153⋯.webm (258.6 KB, 480x360, 4:3, WRONG.webm)



>Bad in any way


c65740 No.14640990


>flagship monster in a game with only 17 monsters

>moveset is largely copy pasted from Royal Ludroth

547fb0 No.14641116


I don't see how that's going to fix the core problem of World though. Even putting that aside, "promise" doesn't mean shit right now. As World stands at the moment, it's the least fun Monster Hunter I've ever played.

645d09 No.14641462


Lagiacrus doesnt have that much to go for once its on land. Half of the cool shit that it does is then gone entirely.

But I still adore its design, crocodillains are cool as fuck and I do want it back at one point.

It wont be in world though because its apparently too hard to animate due to the fact that it gets wonky at times

Would the MH devs still be able to copy/paste monsters from the previous games into world, but make them so their HD and act like monsters from world?

216a01 No.14641506

Trying to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on my hacked Vita (with Adrenaline) and can't get the right analog stick camera patch module to work. Kinda sucks but I'll figure it out soon hopefully.

ab5c84 No.14641517


>right analog stick camera patch module

You can just use the native Adrenaline settings to set the right analog stick to act as your D pad.

c65740 No.14641609


>Would the MH devs still be able to copy/paste monsters from the previous games into world


Every new monster would mean new turf war animation on top of the new monster animation skeleton if it isn't shared by any other type. The turf war animations alone would increase the workload exponentially for every new monster added. This is why we saw a single new monster in 5 months.

ead377 No.14642057


dont bother with that patch

make the right stick act as the left and right analogs in the vita's menu

dont bother with up and down as they only change the cameras resting position so they wont matter unless you play ranged

also if you want to try online you cant have any active patches

547fb0 No.14642337


>act like monsters from world?

God I hope not, it would be too depressing to see a Rajang who barely attacks and just runs away every few minutes.

06075a No.14642526

File: fbfc9e4538f40f5⋯.png (19.57 KB, 810x565, 162:113, STREAM.png)

dbe8b4 No.14642700

File: 9a58977bcf16950⋯.webm (3.74 MB, 962x548, 481:274, Ledging.webm)


some tips for you

>its better to roll and sheathe after you whiff an attack instead of flailing around with a combo

>you need some practice to land level 3 charges, release when you see the purple pillar

>you can ledge monsters like Diablos and Tigrex against certain walls and obstacles

>instant guard can save your skin a lot but don't rely on it too much

dbe8b4 No.14642724


oh and if you release the charge too late it gets downgraded to level 2

06075a No.14643120

File: e7230719341d081⋯.jpg (15.49 KB, 499x52, 499:52, Captureds.JPG)




Accidentally recorded the whole thing on my end, so I'll upload an uncompresed version of this embarrassment.

27a93e No.14643361


>The same shit every FUCKING thread.

Not every monster has a turf war anon. You still have not given a source for the no bugs in world thing either. Please supply a source.

948f14 No.14644488


>Lagiacrus on land

>Forgetting Ivory

G ivory was one hell of a fun fight. Of course lagi was easy on land, that was the point. It only moved on land when it was tired, and cutting lagi's tail in the water was a pain in the ass. It goes on land so you can get at those sweet, sweet tailmeats. Original lagiacrus wasn't made to be a super hard fight.

5c7985 No.14645938

5 Agnaktors and still no Beak

>Low Agnaktor Break Head 1 64%

>High Agnaktor Break Head 1 56%

>G Agnaktor Break Head 1 50%

I thought maybe I did something wrong thus killed 5th in LR only hitting head but it had same visuals on beak as previous kills

1b18f2 No.14646060


>This is why we saw a single new monster in 5 months.

>5 months

>Launch Date January 26 2018

>Current Date April 15 2018


4bd1ab No.14646446


Maybe anon is talking about when it started development? But who knows for sure when that started, the announcement trailer was on January 5th.

Anyways if the leaked list hasn't had its plans altered, the game will be getting Oroshi Kirin, Lunastra and Alatreon, along with a new monster, Treasure Dragon or something.

dbe8b4 No.14646473


They probably had been working on the pickle right after the game went gold if not during the development of the game itself.

547fb0 No.14646569


>if the leaked list hasn't had its plans altered

And is an actual leak and not just some bullshit someone made up

4bd1ab No.14646720

File: 1a66c9b70b18da6⋯.png (474.79 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, ClipboardImage.png)


You mean a leak that predicted Vaal Hazak and Xeno'Jiiva before they were known? Yeah they just randomly guessed two new elder dragons with bizarre names.

547fb0 No.14646758


I don't know the details about any specific leaks, I'm just always wary of jumping the gun on treating them as accepted fact about their games as a matter of principle.

4bd1ab No.14646850


I understand anon, that's why I said if it hasn't had its plans altered, because it looks pretty legit since they named several new monsters back in November. Either those monsters (O. Kirin, Luna and Alatreon) got canned or are going to be DLC like Uncle Jho.

71fa0a No.14646855

Monster variety is getting me down in Worlds. Im thinking about Gunnery to spice up my life whats a good one to try and build up to for babies first go?

547fb0 No.14646951


For World, probably Odogaron's Light Bowgun since it's one of the few that can rapid fire Normal 2s without any major drawbacks. That said, if you ever plan on getting into gunning in the main series, be forewarned that World will instill a lot of very bad habits, like moving while firing and reloading.

5c7985 No.14647032

How does capturing work regarding rewards?

dbe8b4 No.14647048


if you capture a monster you get access to its capture loot table which can have different stuff at different drop rates.

Generally its better to capture than to kill not just because of the loot but because its faster.

b94015 No.14647083


In world they changed it so you actually get more rewards for capturing than killing, 4 instead of 3.

547fb0 No.14647087



It's definitely faster, but if you're looking for specific parts there are times where it's better to kill, especially if you haven't already broken every part on the monster when it hits capture threshold. Consult Ping/Kiranico if you're looking for specific parts to make something.

71fa0a No.14647197

So I heard people mentioning a Lagoon area coming up in worlds. Is there any basis to this or is it just rumor mill? I just want some morewater elements available, so it would be neat to see Mizu or something.

most likely Plesioth since they already have his rig in the game if they are to add more water monsters

5a7618 No.14648800


There was an april fools thing about a swamp area being added soon with Lagiacrus but it was fake. Not sure if this is what you are referring to.

629475 No.14649449

Why does Worlds feel so empty? Is it the new lobby system? I have trouble getting randoms to join my quests and rarely find many being posted/SOS Flares.

7bba0b No.14649512


they buffed it with the jho patch. the self improvement gives an attack buff that stacks. the jho horn goes from <1k attack to 1400 with just self buffs. the stun rates are still shitty though.

7bba0b No.14649550


recent interviews in famitsu confirmed they are working on new zones for world.

705aa5 No.14649556


Too bad it's still far in away the weakest weapon in the game bar none even with it's full attack buffs.

645d09 No.14649558

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Yeah, that was actually from the prototype of the game shown off at GDC.


Probably because of only 31 monsters being in the game and the fact that people usually only play with their friends or tight knit communities.

547fb0 No.14649573


Which issue?

de392d No.14649688

It feels like Deviljho is easier in MHW. I don't know if it was my experience from 4U or the fact that bazelguese came in and had 3 turf wars.

5c7985 No.14650658

Is Barioth's hipcheck most pathetic attack of all monsters?

dc24eb No.14650727


>probably most heavily telegraphed hipcheck of any monster

>also probably shortest range of any hipcheck

It's disappointing. Even the Great Jaggi has a more threatening hipcheck.

Speaking of hipchecks, I love the unique one Ludroth gets. It's cute, and has such surprising range the first few times. Of all the monsters who could be fought underwater, he's the only one who's still fun and unique on land.

dbe8b4 No.14651006

>yama tsukami will never be in another monster hunter game ever

Even in Freedom Unite his battle was kind of neutered

5c7985 No.14651237

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is your new generation of hunters!

dbe8b4 No.14651259


>direct link to jewtube

6b0664 No.14652552



>handheld purgatory

>world is only slightly more complex than learning a foreign language

I will bet money this faggot does not speak a single language other than internetglish.

f22640 No.14652878

Someone talk me out of buying World.

5c7985 No.14652898


There's no Ice Map

547fb0 No.14652907


That, or he's not actually familiar with the franchise in personal experience and is just making shit based on the popular perception of it. From the looks of it, he makes shit based on what his YouTube comments beg for, so he probably makes shit for shit he doesn't even know.

6b0664 No.14652915


we'll cal you names if you do


very likely

f22640 No.14652933

File: f44966012fc707f⋯.jpg (195.5 KB, 1000x1139, 1000:1139, lewd eyes.jpg)


Good thing I'm a masochist.


They most assuredly have teams of interns write a script and just have him put his spin on it.

547fb0 No.14652940


It's simply not fun if you've played Monster Hunter to any real extent and are expecting more of that. It feels more like one of the MonHun clones like God Eater or Toukiden in the sense of "It's like MonHun but not quite the same." The game lacks any satisfaction for accomplishing anything.

The best opinion I've seen on it is the one written up in the Pastebin in the OP: https://pastebin.com/2L9aDjPd

16a77f No.14652942


the objectively improved gathering will spoil you on other mh games

6b0664 No.14652973


Oh I bet you are you little Terry

You put all other Dicks to shame by being called Richard.

Holy shmoley baloney, Batman, this man is a colossal Andrew!

f22640 No.14653042

File: ae35aba3a42d582⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 50.73 KB, 475x254, 475:254, 538526ded6433a0edffff06ca4….png)


Fair enough. Seems like it's a game that made improvements then somehow made everything that wasn't in need of improving even worse.


Oh anon~

547fb0 No.14653072


>Using Terry as an "insult" name

>In the same post where you namedrop Batman

Boy you best not be shittalking Batman Beyond.


Pretty much. There are some genuine improvements, like how the box handles inventory now (though as a Gunner I can't say I'm a fan of being limited to what would've been about a page of the old box system for an ammo type, they should've gone to at least 99999 as a limit) but they've ruined so much else that there's really no point to playing it.

6b0664 No.14653136

Fudge you, Bruce, you unshway cunt.

16a77f No.14653466

Give me 12 reasons why damage numbers are bad for the game.

dc24eb No.14653491


Give me 7,103 reasons why anyone should even give you a single reason.

dbe8b4 No.14653783

Man playing through Freedom Unite its weird to see all these slow monsters with relatively basic movesets being harder to fight than their modern counterparts.

29cf61 No.14653830


They make you focus too much on the damage you do and too little on the damage you're about to receive because you're too fucking busy looking at the place to hit.

6879e4 No.14653844

Jesus christ what the fuck is the hammer, I never played anything other than LS since FU. This is ridiculous.

dbe8b4 No.14653848


>longsword baby cannot wrap his brain around the simplest weapon in the game

29cf61 No.14653860

File: 9f9b3e45429f50c⋯.gif (56.03 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 9f9b3e45429f50c472a1ad9f46….gif)


It's a club you use to boop onto daddy's cute snout owo

6879e4 No.14653867



I'm saying that I'm amazed by it fucknugget. Though it is my fault for being too stubborn. I always thought it was like the greatsword and didn't like moving slowly, I always preferred the ls mobility.

547fb0 No.14653940


It really speaks a lot to just how much more powerful they've made the players as the series went on.

dbe8b4 No.14654015


>I always thought it was like the greatsword and didn't like moving slowly

you aren't supposed to move around with the weapon out when using a greatsword m8

You really should expand your horizons beyond longswords.

5a7618 No.14654051


You really shouldn't be moving around too much with the longsword either, there's a reason why it sheathes rather quickly.

547fb0 No.14654053


As someone whose first main was the Longsword after it was the weapon that finally brought me victory over the Tigrex back in FU, I do strongly recommend branching out and trying each weapon, there's a lot to be gained from doing so, especially if you play multiplayer since even for weapons you don't care for or end up using much, an understanding of their movesets and what they can and can't do can help you work better with teammates.

645d09 No.14654312

File: ff0f819dd5061c3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.34 KB, 800x449, 800:449, goy handler.jpg)

File: d4fc36f6dfc60e8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.08 KB, 600x338, 300:169, autism hunter.jpg)

File: 07e57914e68abe5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.63 KB, 706x825, 706:825, 2.5DPD.jpg)

File: e064e8fc8521f47⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.09 KB, 267x255, 89:85, hunt me.jpg)


Pictures speak 1000 words.

dc24eb No.14654487


>I always thought it was like the greatsword

If you look at its MVs, you'll notice something else about it that's unlike the greatsword, which trips a lot of people up. The level 3 charge isn't actually your strongest attack, the strongest is the golfswing finisher on the three hit combo. Here's a tip - there's a reason the finisher comes out diagonally. If you angle yourself with your right side to a sleeping monster's head, you can do the two pounds beside him without touching him, then wake him up with the golf swing.

3fdf4e No.14654516

File: 39fd9c4686d7262⋯.jpg (44.75 KB, 589x586, 589:586, 514c1e23174ee_288311b.jpg)


>But I still adore its design, crocodillains are cool as fuck and I do want it back at one point.

Probably my favorite armor set aesthetics.

It is a shame that because its gimmick sucked (water fighting blows), it will never show up again.

547fb0 No.14654538


Except it did show up in X and XX with a heavily revamped moveset for land fights that made it a lot of fun.

dbe8b4 No.14654551


>the strongest is the golfswing finisher on the three hit combo

Not anymore in World. The strongest attack is spinning upswing followup by 4 points of MVs

5c7985 No.14655793

Tfw don't have favorite weapon

Am I autistic?

08294d No.14656578

File: e98b0f81eb98510⋯.png (78.38 KB, 269x329, 269:329, tard.png)

>repel Chameleos in MH4U

<breaks and damage don't carry over

Fuck you too. I did have to cycle quests inbetween attempts, though.

77e42a No.14656699

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

I guess this is the Treasure Dragon.

357334 No.14656716

aa0793 No.14656719


>I always thought it was like the greatsword and didn't like moving slowly,

What the hell are you doing with GS drawn for more than 3 steps? GS is effectively one of the most mobile weapons in the game owing to how good its draw attacks and sheath time are. Slow weapons are weapons that have bad movement speed, bad draw attacks and bad sheath time, mostly HBG, Lance and Gunlance, however post gen 2 lance get's triple evades and long evades, so as long as you're accustomed to inverted linear movement it's still a pretty fast weapon. I do understand what you mean though, since hammer gets so many options to move into it's charges and the uppercut (in the games it has it) moves you far enough that it's nearly as good as a roll.


In single player past gen 2 you should against most monsters, since side fade slashes (expecially in gen 4+ when the fade slashes get r follow ups) have pretty decent mv and allow for a lot of movement, the over head unsheath draw isn't bad, but it's nearly as long as an uncharged GS draw with less than half the mv, the real damagers are from the first two r hits (fast ~60 mv), or the full spirit combo if you have enough time to complete the whole thing (3rd spirit slash is pretty time consuming on its own for ~40mv, but finisher is usually worth it). In gen 2 though with only back fade slashes your best option is often still sheathing, but rolling and starting into a combo with O/poke is a decent alternative that doesn't cost you the huge run up of the unsheathe overhead.


No, having one favorite weapon is for low-functioning autists (see: goyjin hunter), liking lots of weapons is normal.


I don't remember gen 4 repel mechanics well, but don't they appear in the castle/fort area if they're in a repel state? Or maybe it was that only monsters fought in the fort would carry over their damage?

6bc37d No.14656721


>Oversized Elder Dragon lumbering through a stage while players shit on it

Because Laoshan was always the most fun and enjoyable fight in the series, right?


>Balanced for 16 player multiplayer

So pay the stupid online fee or solo a monster when you're dealing 1/16th the damage expected. Bravo.

aa0793 No.14656731


Don't worry, you can still get the repel rewards solo if you don't want to pay for online goy valued customer :^)

4bd1ab No.14656738

File: ffb426d0150f731⋯.png (175.85 KB, 600x550, 12:11, ffb426d0150f731ecfeaddba33….png)


Even better, the rewards are

>The primary goal of this Siege is to repel Kulve Taroth, but its shimmering golden mantle happens to be a collection of shiny weapon relics it has gathered along its journey through the New World. We don’t have much information on when and where Kulve Taroth has amassed all these relics, so the nature and quality of these weapons (read: type and stats) are entirely up to fate.

So are you ready for MH4U relics 2: Electric Boogaloo, featuring Timed Event from the Games as a Service series?

In a way I'm glad the PC port's only coming in Fall, I wasn't going to buy it anyways because no G-rank but seenig the shitshow the game turned into I'm seriously doubting buying the G-rank version too.

6bc37d No.14656740


The sad part is, with how pathetically easy World is, it will probably still be possible to kill it solo, it'll just be a really long and boring slog where you're never in any danger whatsoever. Also


>The primary goal of this Siege is to repel Kulve Taroth, but its shimmering golden mantle happens to be a collection of shiny weapon relics it has gathered along its journey through the New World. We don’t have much information on when and where Kulve Taroth has amassed all these relics, so the nature and quality of these weapons (read: type and stats) are entirely up to fate.

Oh hey, they're bringing back the second stupidest thing from 4.

6bc37d No.14656746


The only way I would even consider paying for it at this point is if the PC version got a physical release (as in actually on a disc with no Internet crap required) with G Rank and all monsters included, and there's pretty much no way that's happening.

dc24eb No.14656764


>Oversized Elder Dragon lumbering through a stage while players shit on it

No, no you have it wrong. This one's unique because it's a limited time event. That makes it way more fun, right? And, if that wasn't enough, it's got a shitty gimmick stolen from Frontier totally original and unique gamemode where multiple groups of 4 fight it separately, but it shares HP between them all. I can't wait to hunt Ravien- I mean, uh, Kulve Taroth!

My dad works at Monster Hunter, he showed me the armor's set bonus. Spoilered for any greenhorns who want to be surprised :^) Attack +100, Weakness Exploit, Element Exploit, Affinity +120%, Crit Boost +3, Adrenaline +2, Precision+2, and Sharpness +1. I sure hope you guys have enough time to slay it 300 times to get all the materials to craft the full set, because you need all 5 parts for the bonus.

357334 No.14656767


Feels good to wait for the PC release and never get jewed by online fees.

I'm slightly envious that I'll be unable to play it until, probably October, though the lack of content has been disappointing.

08294d No.14656779


>no rodeo god

6bc37d No.14656782


I really don't get why you would put limited time events in a video game, aka a medium that is meant to entertain a person on their own time rather than requiring them to schedule around other people's lives. It's so counterintuitive to the medium as a whole.


Or the cost of the game itself, for that matter, since it'll be easily pirateable. Don't worry though, there's nothing to be envious about, it's just the worst mainline Monster Hunter other than possibly Tri which I haven't played

4bd1ab No.14656792


At least Tri had casual filters like Barroth, what it lacked in content it made up for quality by introducing a good chunk of new monster skeletons and new interesting monsters like Quropeco and Agnaktor, but overall yeah it was missing way too much shit. A good base for what came after it but that was it.

5c7985 No.14656794

Delicious poorfags tears ITT

4bd1ab No.14656797

File: e4ee35bad9c06fa⋯.jpg (19.92 KB, 680x549, 680:549, BAIT.jpg)

5c7985 No.14656824


t.poorfster that can't play the best MH game to date

dbe8b4 No.14656838


>what it lacked in content it made up for quality

>retards actually believe this

4bd1ab No.14656845


Did you purposely ignore the part where I said it was missing too much shit or were you born that way?

dc24eb No.14656856


I just copy-pasted Raviente's signature skill, Determination. It's a compound skill from Frontier that gives all of that shit.

dbe8b4 No.14656860


Most of the monsters introduced in Tri were garbage.

Theres a reason most of them got reworked in Portable 3rd instead of being lifted directly.

ddf474 No.14656884

Is Lavasioth a good placeholder armor to finish Worlds with? I was farming his quests for ez firecell stones and just realized how muchof his materials I had. I have been cruising on Tziti armor since i first reached HR so i feel it is time for wardrobe change before tackling the 3 Elder Dragons

4bd1ab No.14656892


Yes, because they didn't work very well without their water movesets like Lagiacrus and Gobul, every other monster made it back except for those two and Ceadeus since its fight is impossible without underwater combat. The ones that did get reworked were done in a way that made them easier too, like Barroth not being a bullet train anymore.

08294d No.14656962

File: 76e31a3679cccbd⋯.jpg (204.18 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 76e31a3679cccbd02ad152971a….jpg)


>it does real

I was quite content with my lack of knowledge pertaining to the absolute clusterfuck that is Frontier.

aa0793 No.14656970

File: 72c958edc3a6958⋯.png (772.19 KB, 960x544, 30:17, desertplesioth.png)



I'm curious to know how you two would rate these games:

MH1, MHF1, MHF2, MHTri, MH4

The rest of the series are all considered good entries for one reason or other, but out of those 5 games is Tri really the worst? Personally, MH1 is one of my favorite games ever and from a subjective view I don't like Tri much at all compared to MH1, yet I still think MH1 is a pretty bad game compared to Tri from a more objective stance.

For reference I might say something like this:


Though I'm not sure about MH4>MH1, MH1 might be better. Mostly due to the stylistic differences (muh atmosphere) and barely playing any of vanilla MH4. It's also hard to rate 4th gen since it develops on the game a lot but so much of the elevation mechanics mess with the core gameplay, plus the tech in 4th gen looks like it's out some disney movie instead of just exaggerated gigantic piledrivers, air-balloons and fishing poles made of hyper-dense unbreakable alloys.


Don't worry anon, Frontier isn't real, it's just an elaborate hoax made by japs with too much time on their hands. No one would be so cruel as to make a game like frontier real.

dbe8b4 No.14657001


>but out of those 5 games is Tri really the worst

Out of those 5 MH1 is easily the worst one. I am willing to give it leeway for being first in the series but considering you can't even play a lot of the content in it nowadays there is no reason to touch it.

fa8223 No.14657002

File: 1ca806ea4105c19⋯.mp4 (1.37 MB, 476x360, 119:90, 32-bit Mega Slap.mp4)


Screw that stupid Plesioth fight. Why does it swim around constantly? Why does it decide to forget I'm even there? I hit it with a paintball and it just circles the area confused! WHY DOES IT WASTE MY TIME BY HIDING UNDERWATER FOREVER? HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO FIGHT IT IN MELEE WITHOUT GETTING HIT BY THE HIP CHECK? ==AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA==

fa8223 No.14657003


oh no I'm retarded

6bc37d No.14657007


Haven't played Tri or Vanilla 4, though my understanding is that Vanilla 4 is basically the same as 4U minus the Dundorma quest line and G Rank, with some balance differences like on the Charge Axe. With that in mind, I'd say F2 > 4 > F1 > 1.

77e42a No.14657026



And patch notes.

>investigation sorting

Fucking finally.

aa0793 No.14657076



So basically Tri isn't the worst mainline game. Not to say that it's fantastic, but as the first entry to generation 3 it was a decent game. It might even be able to compete against p3rd if you ask me, since p3rd neutered so many of the monsters. Poor tigrex got shafted so hard, already mentioned barroth aside. P3rd comes out on top pretty easily overall, but I reckon it's a lot closer contest than it might seem. No contest with 3U however.

As a follow up, have you played MHF1 as well as MH1? Bearing in mind MH1 had actual servers for a while and a very different quest structure, then taking into account that it doesn't have 3 sets of identical rath recolors in a game with only 18 or so monsters, are you sure that MHF1 is outright a better game over MH1?

>I am willing to give it leeway for being first in the series but considering you can't even play a lot of the content in it nowadays there is no reason to touch it.

I don't think content alone is enough to invalidate ('or validate) a game, otherwise you might as well say that the final expansion to any MMO is better than the vanilla version just due to the amount of content. MH1 had a unique style to it, but considering that MHDos and MHFU capture the majority of the style and only add improvements for the most part, it is fairly invalidated. Yet it still has advantages over gen 3 and 4, where the style and environments changed a lot compared to gen 1&2


>Why does it decide to forget I'm even there?

Throw out another frog anon, plesioth forgetting about you is a good thing.

The only way to deal with plesioth melee (in gen 1) is GS unless you're a masochist. Lance would be good, but you need guard+ (MHF1 onwards) to not get destroyed by chip damage and follow up attacks while you're spending 5 seconds dealing with recoil after every attack. SnS means spending the entire hunt getting stepped on, hammer means slowly baiting water guns to land lvl 3 charges and DBs means throwing the disc out the window like a frisbee.

7fd3a8 No.14657100

File: c49374fed558dc6⋯.jpg (563.28 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 295df305440caf6dd95d33c4f2….jpg)

>oldfags are still this assblasted

Get with the times, gramps

115295 No.14657104


>Why won't they like my ezmodo game?

dbe8b4 No.14657109


>I don't think content alone is enough to invalidate ('or validate) a game

If I can't even access all of the content in a single player game because its locked behind a server which closed down over a decade ago, that is a pretty huge negative. Tri had a similar problem with Jhen Mohran. As you said, MH1 is pretty much invalidated by other games and content wise both MH2 and Freedom iterate on it. While I wouldn't say that Freedom is great but I still think its better than MH1 on the sole virtue of not having dead servers.

7fd3a8 No.14657129

File: 0a5ef49a391f8bb⋯.png (4 MB, 1800x3000, 3:5, Vergil_3.png)


>This party game is not challenging enough for one with my great power…

6b0664 No.14657138

File: 41d10a3522ee2d3⋯.jpg (10.71 KB, 328x277, 328:277, 41d10a3522ee2d31f8632099c6….jpg)


anon, step it up a bit with the bait

ead377 No.14657140

File: 1590073eab41fe7⋯.jpg (411.11 KB, 900x692, 225:173, __felyne_and_kirin_monster….jpg)



I need the answer to this

>oh a hip check i should be safe on the other side

>hah nope

115295 No.14657146

File: d60fb11e3d195ea⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1061x800, 1061:800, Monster Hunter World.png)


>Bringing DMC into this

What did that series ever do to you?

4bd1ab No.14657149

File: 4ff28184220435c⋯.jpg (181.99 KB, 766x890, 383:445, 1359399880949.jpg)

aa0793 No.14657161


>While I wouldn't say that Freedom is great but I still think its better than MH1 on the sole virtue of not having dead servers.

You have to consider what is lost by the servers though compared to what is gained in MHF1. Obviously, it's effectively impossible to play MH1 multiplayer in any way at all, while it's still reasonable feasible to play MHF1, but if the only unique draw to the first generation over the second is the slight differences in atmosphere and style, is there any reason to play MHF1 for its style over MH1? In this case, while MH1 might have some differentiation from later games in the series, MHF1 has none at all, being covered entirely in content by F2/FU in content and mechanics, and MH1 in terms of style and atmosphere. Still, if you really really liked gen 1 mechanics and wanted more quests to do, technically the subspecies, although they were seriously just recolors with more damage or different elemental resistance in gen 1, garuga and access to the elder dragons did mean you could play for longer. Though most HR quests in MHF1 had infinite respawning ioprey or bullfango in any area the monster would go to, so this kind of diminished any fun that might be had in terms of pure mechanics.


You outed yourself by posting DMC3 vergil instead of vergin/gerbil, stop being so elitist shitlord.


Bait water gun or tail whip, unsheath attack to stomach (really good hitzone) sheath and run to the plesioth's left side/front & slightly to its left if you can clear enough distance. DO NOT APPROACH if he is doing the walk cycle animation without moving. Guard as a last resort

5c7985 No.14657241


So bored that there's talk about 1st Gen no one cares about

State of MH general

dbe8b4 No.14657301

File: 3b55ae736b100fb⋯.webm (7.98 MB, 960x544, 30:17, Plesioth.webm)


Even if one were to just play first generation for atmosphere and style then there is no reason to touch MH1 because MHG exists.


Depends on what weapon you are using. For greatswords, just bait the water gun and do a charge attack on the belly accordingly.

For everything else, attack the legs.

fbae91 No.14657307

So now that treasure dragon has been confirmed there are only Oroshi Kirin, Lunastra, and Alatreon left on the leaked list. Not only was the leaked list 100% real we will never get to fight Zinogre or Tigrex. Feels bad man.

6b0664 No.14657322

File: 2605ca833559be4⋯.jpg (123.78 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ad21f906026ce534cc3fec0584….jpg)


<it's a Rathian, but rook rike a fishu

dbe8b4 No.14657341


what did he mean by this

115295 No.14657348

6b0664 No.14657394

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

aa0793 No.14657496


MHG is almost identical to MHF1, the biggest difference is that Wii MHG includes GS charges, which don't exist in MH1, MHG PS2 or MHP/F1. Also technically MHG&P included DBs, which MH1 int. had, but MH1 JP didn't.

MH1 has different quest structure in village, mostly less bloat and no lao-shan quest out of nowhere. This is why I say it might be the better game than the G/P versions as a game in its own right.

In other words the rudimentary mechanics and the tendency to make the game about fighting small monsters, the environment and broken mechanics meant that the addition of more, extremely similar large monsters, was a detriment rather than a positive for the game. There's a fair amount of entertainment in seeing the difference between kut-ku and gypceros, or kut-ku and gravios, even if the combat is a bit weird, but there's little fun in seeing kut-ku, blue kut-ku, silver kut-ku and green kut-ku after you've already seen the regular one if the combat aspect of the gameplay is not much fun. By extension, FU would be worse than Dos and 3U would be worse than Tri if the combat mechanics in those games were as bad as gen 1, but thankfully they're not. Bear in mind this is not an objective viewpoint, but I do think it's quite reasonable opinion to have on the first generation.



No really, what did you mean by this? Plesioth has a .2 or so head hitzone and ~.5 stomach, rathian has a ~.7 head hitzone and ~.3 stomach, and you can only hit the stomach reliably with lance, DBs or SnS, GS will almost always get the wings or back instead. There are also tons of attacks aside from the fireball that give you huge opportunities to retaliate against rathian, whereas the only way to attack plesioth reliably without ev+, guard+ or facetanking hipchecks is to bait the water gun, or maybe the tailsweep if you're really quick.

dbe8b4 No.14657507

>"free" update

>designed with multiplayer in mind

>you need to pay subscription fees to even have a fighting chance

Everyone enjoying this game as a service?


>MHG is almost identical to MHF1

Perhaps mechanically but the atmosphere and the levels are of Monster Hunter 1.

aa0793 No.14657563


You're right, I never played MHG very much and got confused about a lot of the changes, after I went and double checked the quest lists are practically identical for MHG. My apologies.

5c7985 No.14657632

Sometimes Shakalakas bring item box looks like this:

[Item],[Item],[Empty slot],[Item]…etc

What happens with empty slot?

c2e329 No.14657685

Could I get some advice for my bow build? RIght now I have been using the kadachi a hat and have the rest be the legiana set B. I have a constitution charm. For sockets, I was planning on doing normal shot up, power shot up, and elementless up. Anything else I should do? Also, should i be using a pure physical bow instead? I keep hearing that elemental kind of sucks in this game.

35a256 No.14657728

Does the online in MHW work with "shards" or something? I really can't believe that NOBODY in the fucking WORLD has made a Kushala session or launched an SOS for an investigation.

It feels like the game just puts you in shards of, say like 200 people and just displays games and sessions of those 200 people. If they're gonna go with that, they should just make it so you can select the shard you want to play on, like the ships of PSO2 (or those in Tri), with a 1000 people cap or something.

I've noticed that sometimes the only way to "cycle" between shards is to join other sessions (and not using matchmaking because it just puts you in the same one).

Also, please remove the fucking Matchmaking altogether and make it so everybody has to play either offline or search for a lobby/session with set parameters, just like rooms in previous games but now with 16 people max.

6b0664 No.14657739


It's a joke, you walking wiki

ff00ad No.14657805


Dont use legi set

Elemental is good on bows, make sure you get elemental crit from the rath set. Raw bows (diablos) are for dragon piercer spam

Try to get weakness exploit

Use power coatings

c2e329 No.14657811

I kind of missing playing as the palico.


Would you recommend a set for me then? I thought legiana was a decent way to get bow charge plus. I thought dragon piercer was bad.

c3c043 No.14657823

File: c31de5cc2ca02b7⋯.jpg (174.84 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Da_mdgzW0AAZYyp.jpg)

I never saw this coming at all.

It also looks like the new area is exclusive to this guy only.

Not too shabby.


I guess when it comes to releasing new monsters they are doing it in a way where they drop one every month or two to keep the game relevant and trending.

Its exactly what Pokemon did with its products and what jewtendo does with their games to keep them selling over time and to not overwhelm their audience with too much shit at once so they end up buying nothing at all.

Its a marketing tactic by the nips that usually always works too.


<it is free as long as you buy the game

<you can play the game singleplayer

this is coming from a guy who soloed every single mission in 3u all the way up to dire miralis

<the fees are only for the multiplayer, you only need if you are are absolutely SHIT at the game and have to rely on others

Eh, its an okay game. 4u still goat though.


The best non endgame set for bow is azure rathalos set.

I forgot which skills it had though, but it had a very important one when it comes to the bow specifically.

Once you kill the faggot check out its armor and see its juicyness for yourself.

d96cd8 No.14657830


You could play as a palico?

c2e329 No.14657831


In cross you could.

6bc37d No.14657869


>As a follow up, have you played MHF1 as well as MH1?

Never went online, but yes.

>Bearing in mind MH1 had actual servers for a while and a very different quest structure, then taking into account that it doesn't have 3 sets of identical rath recolors in a game with only 18 or so monsters, are you sure that MHF1 is outright a better game over MH1?

Absolutely. Locking content behind online servers is indefensibly shitty design. The Internet is one of the worst things to happen to video games.


Yeah, fun games are so passe, modern games are all about being dull and unsatisfying to keep you aimlessly consuming in a desperate urge to find something that will sate you!


We need Monster Hunter 5.


>I really can't believe that NOBODY in the fucking WORLD has made a Kushala session or launched an SOS for an investigation.

It's been over 2 months since the game came out. Normalfags drop games within 2 weeks generally. World was purely a flash in the pan.


Humor is based in truth though, just saying complete lies or random gibberish and going "ha ha it's a joke" with no context whatsoever isn't funny.


>Its exactly what Pokemon did with its products and what jewtendo does with their games to keep them selling over time and to not overwhelm their audience with too much shit at once so they end up buying nothing at all.

I honestly can't think of a single time Nintendo has done this. Is it purely for their multiplayer crap like Splatoon?

>you only need if you are are absolutely SHIT at the game and have to rely on others

While I agree generally, they've outright said this quest is balanced around 16 players simultaneously wailing on the same monster. Now, with how piss pathetic World has been thus far, it's entirely possibly that a single player can still nix it in under 10 minutes even if there's no health adjustment for solo vs. multi, but considering that they're pulling a tactic straight out of Frontier, it honestly just sounds like a desperate attempt to sell online subscriptions.

661c3a No.14657896


>locked behind a server which closed down over a decade ago,

That was the most fun I ever had on this series. Was so much better back then (at least in terms of how much I enjoyed the games). None of the new ones ever matched it for me. Miss that shit.

aa0793 No.14657908


>soloed every single mission in 3u all the way up to dire miralis

C'mon son, at least get up to crystal moron. No one's going to blame you for not grinding out a billion HR solo to get abyssal lagi, but stopping before miralis is pretty lame. Also, that doesn't really refute the games as a service comment.


It's too much of a stretch since no one fights ian by baiting out fireballs unless they're really scared of ian. It's like saying "Hey, bun sounds like hun right? Well what if a bun fought the romans HAHA". I mean sure it's a joke, but it's not very funny unless you really work on the execution.


>>14657869 (Thanks hotwheels)

I was referring more to the fact that the additional (repetitive) content was a detriment to the few elements that made MH1 worthwhile than to the content disappearing when the servers went down. I think the comment I made about servers was that for MH1 hosted online connectivity existed, which didn't exist for F1 (only ad-hoc or local). Frankly losing out on kirin, fatalis and lao-shan isn't really a big deal. Armors don't have skills aside from very specific hidden sets, so the LR/HR division is just a difference in defense values, though I think there might have been one or two weapon models that were locked behind HR items, and there were obviously a bunch of weapons, as well as three armor sets models locked behind the elder dragons.


Completely biased opinion and probably heavily reliant on a combination of nostalgia and novelty in it being the first of the series, but I feel the same way.

0ab15d No.14657919


Might Bow is good but the legi set is mostly bad, the only useful things are ice attack for the legi bow.

Use Rath or Rath Soul for the 2 piece set bonus, then weakness exploit and other damage boosting skills, maybe have a constitution or marathon runner charm

if you find a mighty bow deco, use that

6bc37d No.14657925


>I think the comment I made about servers was that for MH1 hosted online connectivity existed, which didn't exist for F1 (only ad-hoc or local).

Fair enough, though on that angle for me, 1 still has no advantage even at the time it had the servers, since I don't think multiplayer or Internet connectivity are good for video games.

c3c043 No.14657933


No I killed Dire Mirlais, after 3 years of putting the game off because the bad RNG I had for rathalos mantles almost drove me insane

In fact that guy turned into a giant punching bag when I used G-rank Rath Soul armor, bombardier skill, and Brachy SA against it.

Then I fought Village Alatreon and failed the quest 3 times before actually beating it.

After that I felt truly satisfied with the game and havent played it since.

29cf61 No.14657960

File: 21454419d8c452b⋯.jpg (96.91 KB, 1275x825, 17:11, kmli7j2ydjo01.jpg)


I used anjanath armor for all of low rank and zorah magdorus for most of high rank, now I switched to almost full deviljho, with the eye patch and a handicraft jewel L.3 + 1 weakness exploit jewel.

Works wonders with the affinity booster and rocksteady mantle, using deviljho weapons and their high raw damage. Seeing those crits fly is cleansing to the soul.

If you're a GL user, consider three pieces of Uragaan Armor, an elementless jewel (to pair with the Barroth's GL) and the rest for either attack+ or handicraft.

The Uragaan passive saved my ass in SL many dire situations.

6b0664 No.14657969

File: 6ebb9ea1a83eb5a⋯.png (203.88 KB, 488x417, 488:417, No fun allowed.PNG)



Is it not using the same skeleton as a Rathian, but with a fish face? That's really all I wanted to say, there were no deeper mechanics involved.

I can understand if my joke is shit, I know most of them are since I take a shotgun approach to comedy, but this amount of autism just sucks any semblance of fun that could've been had.

29cf61 No.14657989

File: 479415b80a9d2d9⋯.webm (1.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 479415b80a9d2d9d10f144435….webm)


No need to be sad because an anon didn't laugh at your joke.

You don't need these autist's validation, they probably couldn't be funny if they wanted to.

I'm looking at you Rasta.

aa0793 No.14657993


There's a lot of potential for connectivity in video games, but it does require a certain mindset of its userbase in order for it to be a positive influence over a negative one. Consider games like SS13 or earlier MMOs like ultima online before the modern model consumed the whole market, it'd be kind of stupid to day those games would be better played against exclusively against computer controlled characters.


Well that's not so bad then, you're only a casual when you give up.


Kut-ku, gypceros, cephalos, rathian, rathalos, basarios, monoblos, plesioth, khezu, diablos, gravios and garuga all use the same base skeleton, and that's just for generation one.

You could literally take any one of those (aside from cephalos or plesioth) and make the exact same comment, or inversely say something like Kut-ku is just rathian with a bird face, diablos is just rathian with a horny face (this is redundant because rathian is a slut) or straight up 'It's a Cephalos'

6b0664 No.14658022

File: efa3d9e18d68093⋯.gif (3.01 MB, 294x238, 21:17, KyIU51m.gif)


>this is redundant because rathian is a slut

well alright, so there is a chunky funny bone in you guys, had me worried there for a second

a39da2 No.14658060


> this amount of autism just sucks any semblance of fun that could've been had.

Welcome to monster hunter. Or, the community, at least.

aa0793 No.14658099

File: bcb615ed3f0425d⋯.png (470.49 KB, 946x580, 473:290, diablos.png)


It wouldn't have been half as funny if I just did this-


Regular diablos since black diablos would almost make this a joke

I'm sure he could've tried a little more than just spouting non-sequituir nonsense and posting a reaction image, for example, try and realise that there's almost no meaningful connection relation between the three elements he tried to connect


You're a fucking autist if you thought a retard charging into a conversation shouting "rook rike fish!" approximated a joke in any form.

0ab15d No.14658113

Bout to have to do the real zinogre mission in p3rd, lads

wish me luck, when he showed up before he was fucking me up with those stomps

aa0793 No.14658129


Roll/walk towards the paw still on the ground, he has a ton of outward tracking range but not so much inward. Problem is if you go too far to one side you can't get back to the other side fast enough for the follow up hits, sometimes it's best to break away from him. Always strikes twice normal, 3 time when charged in p3rd.

c3c043 No.14658147


Anon you'll be fine.

There are much MUCH worse versions of zinogre out there compared to the normal one.

You don't even have G-rank in that game so you don't even have to worry about any attacks hitting like a damn bullet train.

6b0664 No.14658155


Good luck, don't get too cocky, Zinogre looooves to punish.

Be mindful of his position when you enter his area, he tends to leap across the the entire room when he sees you.

If you're using a shield, be sure to have lots of stamina because his charges eat through it real fast.

If you managed to interrupt his charging once, I don't recommend you try it again, not until after you'd knocked out his full charge.

Have a stress toy nearby.

a39da2 No.14658206


Completely irrelevant. Thanks for proving my point, though.

c2e329 No.14658399


Does this sound good?

Deviljho bow Hazaak

Dragon king eye patch.

nergigante B chest

Odogoron Vambraces B

Rath soul B waist

Rathalos a legs.

6bc37d No.14658670

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Is it not using the same skeleton as a Rathian, but with a fish face? That's really all I wanted to say, there were no deeper mechanics involved.

>I can understand if my joke is shit, I know most of them are since I take a shotgun approach to comedy, but this amount of autism just sucks any semblance of fun that could've been had.

<Wah wah you're all autists

No, you just are missing one of the most basic rules of comedy.


As far as I'm concerned, video games are entertainment that I can partake in whenever I feel like, without needing to worry about it matching other people's schedules, or even having to deal with other people at all. Things like multiplayer, Internet connectivity, and timed events are some of the most bizarre and counterintuitive factors to force into that.

dbe8b4 No.14658677


>Things like multiplayer, Internet connectivity, and timed events are some of the most bizarre and counterintuitive factors to force into that.

Did you know Monster Hunter Tri in japan had subscription fees?

This is just capkikes being capkikes again.

08294d No.14658700


Stealing this epic build for my

new twitch stream tbh xD

6bc37d No.14658756


>Did you know Monster Hunter Tri in japan had subscription fees?

I am, though I was talking more about video games as a whole. I don't understand why people would want multiplayer or Internet or timed shit in it.

c3c043 No.14658760

File: b47863e2563074d⋯.jpg (20.52 KB, 640x636, 160:159, 1f32252390b7a26e07e4e3d37e….jpg)


Quit being a faggot.


Take a screencap and show us those skills.

6bc37d No.14658766


Enjoy, you're about to have a pretty fun fight.

6150cc No.14658781

>doing quests and shit, get to the elders' quests

>did kush yesterday already

>stock, do teo

>forget to stock, do vaal

>final quest pops up




>xeno fight starts, did alright 1st phase

>2nd phase begins, i'm still at 3/4 health

>did NOT see that slam dunk explosion coming, i'm damn low on health

>pop a drink once

>pop another one, back to full

>get hit with stray explosion, pop a drink via quick menu

>nothing happens

>nothing happens

>realize i forgot to stock on supplies

boy that was tense, 1st time fighting that bigass faggot without drinks. did manage to finish without carting, i'm pretty happy about it

took me almost 30 minutes of tiptoeing around though

ead377 No.14658800

File: 6f51989eacb19d3⋯.jpg (52.83 KB, 600x451, 600:451, __monster_hunter_drawn_by_….jpg)

4U nightly room


get in here Power Jirl

95bae1 No.14658815

Player count dropped hard, nearly no good Tempered quests in multiplayer searches.

I've started just hosting local session Tempered quests so all those chinese, japanese, korean and french fucks cant fuck up my shit, with the added bonus of being able to tell my fellow room shitters to get gud.

A single french bow user fucked my chances at a Gold crown B.blos today

afa4bd No.14658823

File: 806d720a9a19af7⋯.png (451.94 KB, 795x531, 265:177, 806d720a9a19af7543096aafa8….png)


I feel like playing after a few years, how do I join?


je suis monte?

c3c043 No.14658830


Post ID

I need to get to HR 100 and have a few tempered elders of my own

c2e329 No.14658861


On second thought, one of the things I picked actually did not have the right amount of slots. I misread it. I am gonna work on it more and ask later.

6bc37d No.14658862


>so all those chinese, japanese, korean and french fucks cant fuck up my shit

You could just set to only allow your own language you know.


Touch the Gathering Hall and choose to join his room

95bae1 No.14658867


Im done for tonight.



All languages can see and join

c3c043 No.14658885


Ah, no problem then.

afa4bd No.14658887

File: 42e257ca10752ed⋯.png (108.71 KB, 211x264, 211:264, Untitled.png)


I don't know the 4-digit passcode.

ead377 No.14658892

File: ccacf5bf213e30f⋯.jpg (190.65 KB, 850x717, 850:717, __mosgharl_monster_hunter_….jpg)


im gonna be perfectly honest with you

i was trying to hook a different fish from the thread.

*powergirl knows who he is and needs to show up**

81b1d6 No.14658905

File: 0fff2eff1517dc8⋯.jpg (41.13 KB, 795x531, 265:177, Hxcccc.jpg)


holy fuck i havent seen this guy used in 10 years

ead377 No.14658914

File: 58d24942143f034⋯.jpg (222.53 KB, 995x942, 995:942, __tigrex_monster_hunter_an….jpg)


w/e pass is 7853

6bc37d No.14658923


Don't know where or how since I don't do multiplayer especially if it requires a payment, but there should be an option to restrict it, that was one of their selling points for World.

629475 No.14658973

I really wish Diablos was a more interesting fight. I remember first seeing it and was just bored out of my gourd once I realized it had the stock standard wyvern moveset.

08294d No.14659007

File: 241a03ef11b0521⋯.png (103.3 KB, 435x274, 435:274, a question for the ages.png)


>Quit being a faggot.

0ab15d No.14659217

File: 11d193bf524784e⋯.jpg (268.39 KB, 2500x3000, 5:6, howlboy.jpg)





Beat him first try, god damn that fight was stressful but extremely fun. He's very good at timing his attacks so he hits you right when you get up from a knockdown, carted once because he did that, stunned me on that hit, then did his big level 3 charge bodyslam

Tried harvesting bugs from his back to lower his charge, but i don't think it's possible without speed gathering

Good fight though, glad I experienced it. Tomorrow at work I'm gonna see if I can beat Nargacuga.

dbe8b4 No.14659261


>stunned me on that hit

Thunderblight makes you more vulnerable to stun

>Tried harvesting bugs from his back to lower his charge

thats not how it works

0ab15d No.14659272


I thought if you managed to harvest fulgurbugs twice it lowers his charge level

c3c043 No.14659332


Everytime you gain an elemental status effect, you need to eat a nulberry and cure yourself of it.

Take some next time you go on a quest.

dc24eb No.14659486


Ready to get your mind blown? Akantor and Ukanlos use modified Rathian skeletons.


>He's very good at timing his attacks so he hits you right when you get up from a knockdown

The true Zinogre experience. He's dominant and aggressive; once he gets you down, he wants you to stay down. The best way to lower his charge level is to beat him into submission. The longer he's charged up, the more fucked you're going to get; meeting aggression with aggression is the best answer to Zinogre.

I think he's one of the best monsters in the series. Nargacuga's a fun one too. What weapon did you use on Zinogre?

dbe8b4 No.14659935

File: 20d9fb14bbf8d31⋯.png (55.09 KB, 631x705, 631:705, 2018-04-18_11-30-47.png)

>monster hunter 1 name filters

I don't know why but this shit always makes me laugh

7fd3a8 No.14660043


Ive been using hammer, used greatsword on him. Hoping i could cut the tail, but green sharpness still bounces. Also got butthurt that even two fully charged hits didnt interrupt his charge up.

Looking forward to fighting Narg tomorrow.


I know how it works mate, im not that much of a newfag.

dbe8b4 No.14660047


>Also got butthurt that even two fully charged hits didnt interrupt his charge up

You sure you're not overcharging?

4a8154 No.14660048


What the fuck am I loooijg at right now?

7fd3a8 No.14660066


Pretty sure, releasing as it hits red. Maybe i hit a shitzone by accident

dbe8b4 No.14660084


you should release when you see the bluish purple pillar rising from your character.

Also after doing your first charge attack follow up with the sword slap and then pull the stick back and do another charge attack.

dc24eb No.14660134


GS's charge levels look weird in P3rd, the red aura is only level 2. Level 3 is once the aura flares up like a pillar. GS is also unlike hammer, because for hammer an uncharged attack is "level 1", but GS needs to charge for a moment to reach level 1 - I used to use hammer a lot before trying GS, so that confused me for ages, and I made the exact same mistake. Uncharged (no aura) > level 1 (yellow aura) > level 2 (red aura) > level 3 (red pillar) > level 2 (overcharged, automatic release)

5c7985 No.14660437

>Ivory Lagiacrus

Muh dick.It''s so beautiful

243b4f No.14660488


Where can I find more art of those cute girls?

dbe8b4 No.14661384

I've spent 5 hours but I can't find the memory location where Monster Hunter G stores item names

Fucking hell

5c7985 No.14661410



b72077 No.14661448

File: cbdaa357eeb40ee⋯.jpg (501.56 KB, 1086x1145, 1086:1145, cbdaa357eeb40eec919fcea8bc….jpg)

File: 8bb19f5365034d8⋯.jpg (207 KB, 700x698, 350:349, 1423536428885.jpg)

File: b03b3b36e6f5cb6⋯.png (595.21 KB, 690x690, 1:1, 1423676056811.png)

File: 5b14fae998d43bc⋯.png (412.69 KB, 800x1093, 800:1093, 1423720920840-0.png)


Sure thing Hitler.

dbe8b4 No.14661512


I was planning on translating item names because I can't find any preexisting patch.

62785b No.14661685

Is the treasure dragon out yet?

645d09 No.14661848


Nope. Im failing tempered deviljho constantly while i wait though.

Im sure it comes out once the autum event ends.

62785b No.14661924


I heard it comes out today.

645d09 No.14661956


The trailer does say april 19th and japan is one day ahead of amercia where I live, thats how the deviljho update came out a day ahead for me at least.

The event probably released for me at the same time the nips released it.

I finally killed a tempered deviljho

14dd71 No.14662228


The patch should drop in about 3 hours.

57e522 No.14662417

File: 0fb46f75cd02293⋯.png (139.96 KB, 565x284, 565:284, ok then.png)

>fightan Teostra in big guy edition



>immediately plants a meaty nova on my dome

Not gonna say I have anyone else but myself to blame, but that double nigger sure has some amazing oki going on.

c421f3 No.14662568


did they nerf this hungry assholes streamstone drop rate? ive killed him 8 times yesterday and only dropped 1 warriors stone so far

5a7618 No.14662602


They're upping streamstone droprates in the patch overall. Threat level 2 can drop gold streamstones now and 3 will drop a lot more.

ead377 No.14662615

File: 332ebcd1706b69c⋯.png (820.69 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 0a65832c9a0ed9139f0082c7c0….png)



>get a shitty area-maze-area-rest-area

>monoblos charges me

>i get hit because its the cave and threes shitty ledges everywhere

>jho shows up between me and blos

>mono was apparently doing the double charge

>jhos fat ass doesn't let me see that

>got up too early

>get hit by the second pass

>get up

>tremmored by jho stomp

>blos charges me

I think the game is bullyng me

does monoblos only gets stuck on destroyable shit?

b72077 No.14662645


You probably deserved the bullying.

c421f3 No.14663059

golden nigger update is available for download

645d09 No.14663297

File: 9e7aabab60e5318⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1000x705, 200:141, DbEW79ZUMAE6ciK.png)


7 more mins for me

ff00ad No.14663324

File: e3c715118772d8d⋯.jpg (3.29 MB, 3944x2583, 3944:2583, relicwep.jpg)


705aa5 No.14663346




ff00ad No.14663364


>unawakened sleep

fool, it's perfect

705aa5 No.14663375


yeah especially for the greatsword who has a 2 hit level 3.. oh wait

ff00ad No.14663388


No, because it's unawakened, you can use Elementless with it.

705aa5 No.14663395


once again, you could have literally anything over sleep. Because you have near infinite skill slots. Even just more raw would be better

645d09 No.14663452

Any hub id's anyone?

I want to fight the treasure faggot with some anons.

6bc37d No.14663495


>Paying for online subscription shit

I don't think you're going to find anyone that fucking retarded here. Try SA.

705aa5 No.14663518


There's an entire thread full of retards right here who are praising a giant monster hunt which are hands down the worst in the franchise and the revival of the worst part of MH4

dc24eb No.14663527


It disgusts me that my favorite weapon type shares an acronym with that god awful shithole.



So Taroth weapons actually are relics 2.0? Well, this is off to an awful start.

6bc37d No.14663529


Fair enough, let me rephrase - I don't think you're going to find any actual non-shill Anons here that are that fucking retarded.

645d09 No.14663548


When the game launched we had a squad full of anons.

The game glitched out for me and kicked me out though.

6bc37d No.14663551


Those weren't Anons, they were shitposters from a disagreement.

705aa5 No.14663572


Have you ever been so mad your game is shit you just shout buzzwords and hope desperately it makes your game not awful.

Because I present a prime example of that

705aa5 No.14663590


Oh jesus I wasn't aware you were so asspained about getting a horrible relic weapon you're having a mental breakdown. It'll be okay, you can still have 2 minute killtimes because the game is pathetically easy

b06323 No.14663598

File: 30520368290ab29⋯.png (416.49 KB, 819x543, 273:181, 0qbf9xz6.png)


Git gud faggot, learn how to land that 2nd hit and enjoy your 1600+ hits

705aa5 No.14663604


yeah just ignore that you're losing dps and kill speed anyways waiting for the monster to fall asleep when you're so weighted

62785b No.14663682


Let’s kill this golden fag

645d09 No.14663740



645d09 No.14663746

File: e2d9336c840bd40⋯.jpg (42.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, biggy smalls.jpg)

Hope im not too late

7fd3a8 No.14664319

>fight kulve with friends

>Its actually obscenely fun

>He hits hard enough to be threatening

>Has good AI, will even wreck gunmers with a quick turn -> breath

>He makes elemental damage relevant because he takes very little from raw and very high from thunder when plated

>His horns give slicing and ice ammo a reason to exist in his last phase

This guy is heavy bowgun kino, kadachi hbg has a use now

77e42a No.14664401

Taroth reminds me a bit of the Ur-Dragon from Dragon's Dogma, but scaled down to 16 players. The weapons don't seem all that great since all of the ones I've gotten so far have at least +20 def on them, so their damage isn't as good as craftable weapons.

c421f3 No.14664553


some might be good, the lightning sns has the same stats as kirin but with +20 defense

9d4583 No.14664906


>Not bringing 15 Flashbombs on expeditons

You gonna get fresh anal from White "360 fuck you charge" Monoblos.

Fuck White monoblos i'd rather fight Watersnek

dbe8b4 No.14666461

>black gravios fight in swamp at night in freedom unite

>spends most of the time in areas where you can't use pitfall traps

>stands in a poison puddle for 5 minutes straight shooting laser beams

>every single one of these areas has enemies which can poison, stun or paralyze you

man I fucking hate Gravios

c46212 No.14666508

>FINALLY, a reason to come back to monhun!

>I'm sure the gathering hub will be full of anons ready and rearing to get that golden ass!

What the shit, is everyone at work or am I the last one standing in Eight Fleet?

dbe8b4 No.14666515


its a timed event

most of the people I play with don't give a shit about it.

645d09 No.14666743


I got glitched out of it and rodesius is nowhere to be found to reinvite me

3fd5cd No.14666821


After doing a round, can confirm it's not really worth it unless you like wearing bling. No weapon, nothing on the armors I don't get from elsewhere, fight is eh.

c2e329 No.14666872

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with teostra and black diablos? They are some of the only monster that give me a decent amount of trouble.

c2e329 No.14666883


Forgot to also ask if the elementless gem boosts the raw damage for weapons that actually have an element.

dbe8b4 No.14666944


what weapon are you using?

c2e329 No.14666950


I am using the bow.

dbe8b4 No.14666959


Whats the problem with black diablos then? Just exhaust it and then push its shit in.

62785b No.14666969


Doesn't change the fact that this set is great for mixed sets

645d09 No.14667037


The armor set has a bunch of usefull skills you can use to make mixed sets.

The fight gets really good if you managed to get to the 4th stage and make it go apeshit at the end.


Use a shitload of traps to keep the fuckers in place then unload on them when they get stuck in em.

4a8154 No.14667102

Anyone finding the monsters to be a lot more aggressive overall since the patch dropped? I used to bully the shit out of Rathalos in world but now he is doing the flying charge shit far more and he won't stop screeching and spinning like an autistic faggot. Jesus Christ. I can't remember the last time that cunt carted me now he's hyper as shit.

62785b No.14667456

PS4 kulve taroth

62785b No.14667457


Hit post before i meant to


62785b No.14667771



6bc37d No.14667933


He's a dick, pure and simple.

645d09 No.14668025

File: 105bd6c9dfac66d⋯.png (35.56 KB, 250x336, 125:168, 105bd6c9dfac66d9466f1b90ab….png)


>"failed to join session because it is full"

5a7618 No.14668068

Does anyone else here have more than the 1 free attack decoration? After 250 hours I still only have the 1 can is it even possible to get more?

62785b No.14668091


Well I said get in here. Try now, a couple people left.

4857b6 No.14668131

File: 2980cdc9c6e7158⋯.jpg (64.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1428219340667.jpg)


>join room

>3 groups full

>2 afk at the hub

Help me, i'm the guy with the wiggler head

29cf61 No.14668144

File: 908822b14acc19e⋯.png (11.38 KB, 222x222, 1:1, 9a2c7843f9e0e0a4c990e68fb2….png)



Well I was playing with a friend.

We actually managed to do a successful hunt of the Aztec ram in only two players, it was quite impressive.

Tomorrow we can help you guys farm some relics if you want, the fight is fucking fun.

6bc37d No.14668846

Well, I've got to hand it to Capcom - in a game full of boring fights, they managed to make the newest one even more boring than the rest by focusing EVEN MORE on grinding by running around and touching footprints.

7bba0b No.14670051

File: 94bc7dd33941ed0⋯.jpg (99.63 KB, 628x800, 157:200, 1512122314108.jpg)


the double g rank black gravios in the swamp was my wall in unite and i dont think i ever finished that quest. kept timing out and too retarded to play online.


i have a feeling that some of the rank 8 weapons you can get from kulve are going to be OP. the fact that the stats are set for each rank, unlike the relics in 4U, means people are going to start finding weapons worth farming for im sure.

5c7985 No.14670053

Is damage rounded down even if it would be 7.9?

5c7985 No.14670059


It wasnt key quest

33abf2 No.14670617

Monster Hunter is my first game in the series but it seems and feels really easy. The core mechanics are pretty barebones too is this the worst of the games?

de392d No.14670618

tried playing mhfu on adrenaline and I noticed that pressing the right shoulder button causes my character to run about a second or less after and other little desyncs. Is this normal or is it an issue with the hardware in question?

33abf2 No.14670632

de392d No.14670644


worse in regards of difficulty and content, yes

MH4U is still the best so see if you can try that.

6bc37d No.14670680



It is the absolute worst Monster Hunter I've ever played, and pretty much the only one I haven't played is Tri.

5c7985 No.14670681



>core mechanics


dc24eb No.14670777


Please proofread your posts before hitting reply, you accidentally typed a "4" where you clearly meant to type a "3".

f22640 No.14670850


But is it a fun game on it's own?

6bc37d No.14670976


Hard for me to say, as I'm naturally going to compare it to Monster Hunter for obvious reasons. >>14670617 's comment suggests that that's not the case though.

29e796 No.14671146

Is SnS an actual viable damage dealer in HR and G or should it just be a status mule?

5c7985 No.14671210


Yes it is viable.In 4U it is somewhere in the middle of the weapons in terms of Speedrunning times.

c2e329 No.14671595


In World? Regular attack up gems are some of the rarest to get. You get one normal one in the story, but it takes dozens of hours on tempered fights to even get attack gems.

b94015 No.14671687


Wich level of tempered?

dbe8b4 No.14672150


its better than the hunting horn for what thats worth

000000 No.14672216

Man, fuck tidal najarala.

>Spams its encircling attack constantly

>If you're next to a wall you just magically get pushed inside

>Safest way to avoid it is sheathe & dive

>Can't block

>Can get staggerlocked until you can barely start a roll before the attack hits

>If you sheathe, you're completely open to the paralyzing bite

>You get hit standing OUTSIDE THE FUCKING RING if you're too close to the head when the attack starts

>Low hitzones everywhere and the high hitzones are in the air, hidden behind a bounce zone

>Tries to get you stuck in its body when it enters neutral position, then uses the bite attack which you can't avoid

>At low health, uses a double charge with little warning

>Water projectile reflecting bullshit

>Ridiculously mobile

>No fluid animation in several instances, snaps into another position at times

>Everything does chip damage

Any other assholes I can look forward to soloing in 4U G-rank?

de392d No.14672424


Stygian Zinogre


Underwater sucks

ead377 No.14672436

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I genuinely hate this monster.

>animations come out before others are finished

>charge doesn't have a distance, so it'll just charge and maybe stop in front of you to beak attack, maybe keep going

>embed bs it isn't just a one off, it happens pretty regularly

>all tail attacks have a chance to poison

>can bounce even with purple, especially on the thinner parts of its body

>raths level of annoying wind pressure, and quick roars

>pretty high vertical hitboxes even for attacks that don't go that high

dbe8b4 No.14672478


He is just using the old school rathian moveset minus any of the damage

6bc37d No.14672651


>raths level of annoying wind pressure, and quick roars

Not to mention he's one of the few that uses both at once, since he roars as he lifts off

3bb4ea No.14673375


>Flashbomb it when it's being uncooperative

>Flash when its doing the encircling attack if you can

>Water shots bounce of its own body

>Its hitzones are crappy but just keep hitting it where you can.

>Double charge is huge but avoidable.

>Flashbombs, flashbombs, flashbombs

After a couple of fights with T.Naja you'll start to appreciate how cool it is and how it keeps you on your toes due to it being a 360 degree threat from all distances. But its utterly destroyed my simply mount spamming it to get to the good hitzones.

<APEX IS CANCER and is completely optional if you want a painful shitty experience.

Expeditions aren't fun without a Tidal Najarala, a White monoblos and two savage Jhos on the side.

3bb4ea No.14673382


Oh yeah i forgot

>You can literally walk out of the encircling move 70% of time.

It has a larger gap than regular Najarala.

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