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File: 960f66499081912⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 489830_20180330051156_1.png)

185a95 No.14634430

I just want an Action/Adventure/RPG in the vein of Morrowind, Fallout 3/New Vegas, Skyrim, etc. that doesn't need to be modded to fuck and back to be good and has all the features one expects of a modern game (decent AI, satisfying physics engine, enjoyable combat with enough animations to make it feel interesting)

Am I looking for something that doesn't exist?

13d3f4 No.14634439

File: 570f7149de83d70⋯.jpg (198.19 KB, 1200x1401, 400:467, Todd_b8c6af_6427708.jpg)


abba0f No.14634441

Yeah, it's called Gothic 1 and 2.

9a4781 No.14634479

all the gothics, some of the risens

gothic 2 is pretty much perfect and requires no modding

549bdd No.14634492




Dragon's Dogma is also great, though much more combat focused.

185a95 No.14634503


>Dragon's Dogma is also great,

Except I hear it's a grindy mess..?

d0ed4e No.14634544


I've heard advice to play it without the expansion first, I never got around to playing it with it myself. Doesn't it make it a lot more difficult early on?

0d4344 No.14634587


You heard faggotwords from a fucking faggot.

The game is solid.

549bdd No.14634598


>Dragon's Dogma


If anything, you level up too fast. I actually did my last playthrough with a mod that increases the XP needed to level up.

Only thing you need to grind for is skills of classes you don't use, and even then 1: you only need to do that for a totally optimal builds that's never needed 2: You can leave the game running for half an hour in one end-game location and the skill points needed automaticly.

d0ed4e No.14634653


I meant Gothic 2 there.

549bdd No.14634673


Don't bother. It's interesting to see how well they weaved the new content into the original game (instead of cordoning it off into a new area with a quest to get there), but the difficulty increase is only due to fixing some broken shit.

This is especially true if you don't speak German, as it's pretty much impossible to find and get the English release of the original xpacless release running now.

abba0f No.14634676


Gothic 3 is the one you should play without the expansion (because it was made by a bunch of Pajeets). The expansion of Gothic 2 is pretty good and adds substantially to the base game.

cd567d No.14634845


Gothic isn't good though.

84e855 No.14634863


this, don't listen to germans and their lies. OP if you like morrowalk and other bethesda shit shows, you are long gone and I have nothing to recommend to you. Perhaps consider playing with tinker toys or wooden blocks. At least that'll have better game play.

e5679a No.14634868

File: 23fa8fa5ef58d40⋯.jpg (90.56 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 23fa8fa5ef58d409b8bb971bf8….jpg)



I've heard the third game is shit. What went wrong?

84e855 No.14634878


you are reading kraut lies. Next they'll tell you to import some muslims.

dbdbcd No.14634895




I bet those same fuckers call all the souls games grindy. DD is one of the least grindy adventure games ive ever played.

d9b578 No.14634924

File: 210bd605ac67a02⋯.jpg (59.56 KB, 571x427, 571:427, 210bd605ac67a02db6107ef9ca….jpg)


Without going into specific details as to why it's shit, the publishers rushed the fuck out of it (needed at the very least another 6-12 months) and it's at best "playable" if you use the community patch, some other mods can help too.

Piranha Bytes (the devs) obviously quit their partnership but they couldn't bring the Gothic IP.

Publishers hire another studio and make Gothic 4, an even bigger dumpster fire than Gothic 3 (this one is in no way redeemable).

A few years later Piranha Bytes came back and made Risen, a spiritual successor. The first one is really good but the second is and third are kind of bad.

Gothic 2 > Gothic 1 > Risen 1 > Gothic 3 Community Patch > Risen 3 > Risen 2 > Gothic 4.

81cd13 No.14634935

File: c667097863b516d⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1024x883, 1024:883, Posters01-Prev.png.ad30064….png)


Yeah but what about the porn?

d0ed4e No.14634950



I'll have another play with it then, must have gotten it confused with another game.

>Gothic 3 is the one you should play without the expansion

Do you mean Forsaken Gods? Yeah, steer clear, it's horrible.

d9b578 No.14635112

Is it just me, or is Gothic 1 sort of easy? You get really strong rather easy and there are no super hard boss fights like the dragons and shit in Gothic 2.

NotR is obviously harder but even vanilla Gothic 2 is pretty hard.

0ab7d2 No.14635452


What about elex anon?

05b0a9 No.14635467

>Am I looking for something that doesn't exist?

Fuck yes you are. That shit will never, ever happen in our lifetimes.

27b0dd No.14635473

Morrowind never needed to be heavily modded to be good and your personal criteria for a good modern game are scrub-tier.

d9b578 No.14635594


I'd squish it between Risen 1 and Gothic 3 with patch.

41e77e No.14635599

File: e4c8c25fa92c5a7⋯.gif (4 MB, 470x264, 235:132, 1521860675176.gif)


>hit in the head, great sword… You miss.

>hit in the head, war hammer… You miss.

Yeah, good game, oldfag

27b0dd No.14635606


Not really helping to disprove the point that OP's opinions are scrub-tier.

ac3001 No.14635663



>1503 hours, in the King's Grouse public house, Southport, UK.

>A local tourist sailboat captain turns to his first mate and says:

>"I don't think we'll be able to set sail tomorrow, wind sure ain't looking favorable.

<1504 hours, a small farm 38 miles south of Milwaukee, US.

<A gothicfag stands alone in a dirt field, his life dedicated to an 'immersive' existence.

<Suddenly, his ears prick up and he turns to no one and says:


dbdbcd No.14635665

File: bc7e9740fb80bbd⋯.jpg (77.31 KB, 487x459, 487:459, 1461198733521.jpg)


Yes, that's dice roll combat

b1a9ba No.14635688


Wow, it's almost like it's a roleplaying game and your character needs to become skilled or something.

5b9854 No.14635691


>Actually pick the weapon you're going to use as a major skill.

>Actually pick the major attribute that controls hit % agility (hurr durr, reading tooltips is hard).

>Actually manage your stamina and not be a ritalin fueled GenZtard.

>Never miss more than 1 in 20 swings.

Yes it's because the game is old that you're retarded.

cd567d No.14635739


The issue is that Morrowind is a dice roll RPG but also real time. cRPGs can get away with "miss miss miss" but a real time action game loses out to "miss miss miss". Its overblown though, even at beginner levels, the weapon/s I wanted to specialize in hit most of the time.

On the subject of MW, what is the best way to play it? OpenMW, vanilla, patches?

334fd4 No.14635758

File: 0d4f880a1c86884⋯.png (126.04 KB, 297x297, 1:1, Calo_Nord_profile.png)


Tfw born just in time to have a deep backlog of good crpgs you can play wich are new and challenging for you since you were raised on halo

feels good

91e106 No.14637016

File: a761391fd82cd17⋯.jpg (40.82 KB, 708x708, 1:1, 1519991121319.jpg)


This, but without the tongue in cheek sentiment that I do agree with in this instance but wish to remain emotionally under control in my agreeing this time in this topic on this day. Buy Skyrim VR today.

27b0dd No.14637265

File: 93fb912aa59a0eb⋯.png (186.77 KB, 340x412, 85:103, fags.png)

>cRPGs can get away with "miss miss miss" but a real time action game loses out to "miss miss miss"

But it doesn't. You get a different sound whether you hit or miss, plus you get a little red splat on the screen to confirm a hit. What more do you really need? Elder Scrolls RPGs were not the first-ever real time, first person RPGs. The splat and noise had been sufficient hit confirmation for two decades. In the history of RPGs on the computer, there was never this expressed "need" from the fans for some shallow, arbitrary flinch animation from the enemies until recently, within ten years ago, when 15-year-olds who thought Oblivion and Skyrim were amazing decided to go back and give Morrowind a try, expecting a swash-buckling sim and not an actual RPG, then quit when the low-level smugglers cave outside Seyda Neen raped their assholes.

5b7ead No.14640951


>I just want an Action/Adventure/RPG in the vein of Morrowind, Fallout 3/New Vegas, Skyrim

But those are all fucking terrible games.

dea473 No.14643942


Fallout 3 was actually fun.

689bcf No.14646787


This, best in the series by far.

f7663b No.14647957


Do you have any legitimate argument for why when I hit an enemy the game should randomly decide I missed besides "xD git gud"? In a game like Skyrim I can add mods that make the NPC's literally dodge attacks, that is an enjoyable and rewarding mechanics. Dice rolls in a real time game serve no meaningful purpose. I've yet to see a single argument in favor of it that was even remotely sensible, because there isn't one.

597363 No.14648110

File: e5c4e922da103e1⋯.png (104.01 KB, 680x989, 680:989, too big to be called bait.png)

858a87 No.14649567


Maybe you should try actually reading his argument instead of ignoring it and strawmanning it down to "xD git gud". I mean for fuck's sake all you have to do is read his first three sentences. Can your ADHD not handle that?

>You get a different sound whether you hit or miss, plus you get a little red splat on the screen to confirm a hit. What more do you really need?

Try reading it this time.

c2b8d1 No.14649599

>Install morrowind

>Play as Orc Samurai

>Nothing but a kilt and katana

>Slice and dice my way through Morrowind

Gotta get back to the mainland

Cyrodiil Jack

f7663b No.14650357


>a sound happens when you missed despite your character clearly hitting the opponent

That isn't an argument you absolutely fucking mongoloid.

c9fa0a No.14650373

File: 3e48a3be2fa55f0⋯.jpg (635.07 KB, 1100x1400, 11:14, 3e48a3be2fa55f0e1580119966….jpg)


I'll sum it up for you.

You don't deserve a fun game. You deserve to suffer.

faebc5 No.14650376

185a95 No.14650623

File: 6703d2a73574f17⋯.jpg (24.15 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hawt.jpg)


>male only

7fd0d1 No.14650653


Morrowind is an RPG, not a game for action-addicted Halo babies.

Your problem is that you're in the wrong genre. Go play some Ass Effect instead.

c1133b No.14650848


What does my sword randomly turning into vapor have to do with role playing? Perhaps if there was a specific sword that has a special trait for some sort of trade off that might be interesting. But in Morrowind it makes no sense. It adds nothing to the experience.

Like I said, no one can come up with a single meaningful argument in favor of it from a game design perspective. It's just "ur too gay to love shitty mechanics that have no place in an action rpg". I understand dice roll mechanics in other RPG's, but in ARPG's it's pointless.

725057 No.14650868


Because Morrowind isn't an ARPG, it's a cRPG which are mechanical simulations of playing tabletop rpgs.

c1133b No.14650887

File: 314327333e482f7⋯.png (22.69 KB, 1082x108, 541:54, morrowind.png)

35bd7c No.14650891

File: c01347e4ccbf602⋯.png (29.14 KB, 1404x245, 1404:245, The most reputable source.png)


2/10 mate.

c1133b No.14650906


>someone made an article about a concept on wikipedia that I don't like so that means everything written about wikipedia is false

This is the most cuckchan post I've seen in awhile. You should feel proud.

725057 No.14650912


Wikipedia can't even define the genre. Okay, in the interest of meeting you halfway, let's say there's a scale from cRPG to ARPG and Morrowind is further towards the former, with each successive game going more towards the latter. At the time Morrowind was made it had it's roots more firmly in the oldschool rpg experience, due to the developers of the time having a background with other such rpgs. Expectations are a product of their times.

f37d8a No.14650914


Where did that pic come from? I like that a lot.

c1133b No.14650934


Probability based combat is the only real difference between morrowind and the rest of the games, and probability based combat doesn't play well in a real time first person RPG. So while morrowind can possibly be classified as a cRPG depend on your perspective, that doesn't mean the mechanics are fluid or even functional.

725057 No.14650947


It depends on what you expect from an RPG. Younger people probably will never get it, but growing up I played plenty of diceroll based first person realtime RPGs (Ultima Underworld an Dungeon Master for example).

54d7c7 No.14650951


Risen 3 is actually better than 2? I thought they just got progressively worse.

c1133b No.14650957


No matter how I approach it walking up to an enemy, hitting him with my sword, seeing the contact made, and having it register as a miss over and over again is retarded, and the first person immersive nature of the game only exacerbates this problem.

There is nothing satisfying or interesting about sneaking up behind and enemy, getting ready to attack, and hearing "swoosh" knowing that your character would have to suffer from a legitimately severe mental handicap to be capable of missing a swing on the enemy at point blank as he's standing perfectly still. Probability based combat in what is otherwise a straight up real time first person ARPG is fucking retarded in every conceivable way.

725057 No.14650963


Yeah, I get that you feel that way. I don't and I explained why.

d00d93 No.14650970


the plot is cheesy as fuck, but it somehow feels better.. I dropped 2 but finished 3

c1133b No.14650974


Being used to a feature that works in completely different kinds of RPG's doesn't mean it works in Morrowind.

725057 No.14650989


But it did and does work for me, the abstraction doesn't bother me at all since I was used to abstractions with rpgs as they are the basis of the genre. Like why don't hit points bother you, shouldn't you get wounds to actual body parts, hit points are retarded.

54d7c7 No.14651010


I guess I'll play it, ended up dropping 2 as well.

d00d93 No.14651025


just don't get your hopes up, it's nearly the same.

They tried to bring it back to the old formula with the 3 camps and such. I may have finished it just because i like gothic so much

c1133b No.14651026


>health is retarded!

>your arm is a completely separate entity and it being chopped off has no impact on the rest of your body

725057 No.14651054


>1 hp left, arrows sticking out of every limb, still able to sprint

You are fine with that abstraction because you are used to it. It's arbitrary, but based on your past experience.

c1133b No.14651081


It's not ideal, but it's not nearly as big of a nuisance as attacks missing at point blank.

61d065 No.14651119


Do you know how hard it can be to actually swing and hit with warhammers and big swords?

002f94 No.14651165


You seem incapable of imagination. It's not meant to be some realistic combat simulator and even if they implemented some kind of animation for missing, you'd still complain about how bad the game is for making dice rolls before the strike. If you couldn't miss once in the game, the skills wouldn't be needed and you could just use any old weapon all the time and the only thing affected would be their damage. I've never had any complaints with morrowind combat and I've played it since when I didn't even know any english and couldn't understand shit. Sure I died on the first kwama forager I ran into because I didn't understand shit, but I kept playing because it was an insanely fun game even for just exploring. Figured out the combat eventually and had even more fun. The animation is just a representation of you swinging the sword and the feedback through audio is what actually happened. The game doesn't have the capabilities for some elaborate swordplay animations because it's not a combat simulator but an RPG represented through first/third person view. You can insert your own explanation for why it missed and that's where imagination comes in, only retards without imagination need some specific visual confirmation for their misses. Would you have been happy if they removed the misses and just put in hits that did 0 damage or would you complain about that too? Maybe it just isn't the game for you.

c1133b No.14651189


If they leaped to the side or rolled when the swing rolled a miss I would unironically be fine with it.

15c3a5 No.14651218


>attempt coup de grace on sleeping enemy

>roll natural 1

>enemy suddenly wakes up and dodges attack before it touches him or the ground

3b017f No.14651219


No you wouldn't. You'd just complain about how stupid it is that enemies dodge everything because you're still a retard that doesn't manage to match his weapon skill and equipped weapon and that's why you miss all the time. The morrowind threads would be shitposted to death with "lelel the enemies just dance around and dodge everything, shit game lol". Not to mention that it would look absolutely hilarious and stupid with the stiff morrowind animations.

c1133b No.14651228


Of course. Shit-posting is infinitely more fun than playing video games so it's a win-win.

214415 No.14651297


Nuke Boston or kill your son niguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh HAH


01aa12 No.14651304


It has a city and a village. The city being your hub and that's all you need to go out and adventure. I don't see how someone has shit enough taste to think it's boring and bland.

93c00f No.14651340


Well, the mechanics of Morrowind are stupid. Animations are just a side effect.

ea1898 No.14651346


Nah, I agree with him. And I'm a fan of the game. Dragon's Dogma is pretty swell as it is for the first 5-or-so hours playing, then you realize that the world is really quite empty, the quests are pretty lame, and that mob variety is quite low. Once the Everfall hits the world becomes briefly interesting again, only to fall to the same issues. No doubt was DD incredibly rushed - there are many areas in the game that seemingly look like they're leading somewhere, or have a unique, cool looking location, but which have absolutely nothing of interest going on.

All that being said, Bitterblack Isle is perfect. It takes the game's best strengths and capitalizes on it in a great manner. Too bad it's kind of short all things considered.

I don't really regret my time at all with Dragon's Dogma, I loved the combat and the pawn system was great fun. But I really do feel like it could've been a nigh perfect game if the world was a bit more developed and the quests were more interesting. As it stands it's an incredibly flawed game with the few moments of brilliance able to the carry it.

>DD2 never

8c0217 No.14651506

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anyone who likes morrowind is a retard.

c1133b No.14651572


>jewtube embed

a1edaa No.14651612


But it's a superficial aesthetic thing that only an idiot would need to be able to enjoy the game.

0a0ffd No.14651637



0a0ffd No.14651643





f2bb76 No.14651685


So you'd want the computer to have to run through the extra processing of registering and activating the animation, and the designers to spend the extra time (money) and disc space creating animations for the myriad enemies you can encounter and subsequently not hit? Animations, which again would put extra stresses on the engine and computers of the times?

All that extra effort to futureproof the game with things that nobody would care about until about a decade later?

8c0217 No.14651718

File: 0db2ea9e742ae65⋯.mp4 (12.17 MB, 426x240, 71:40, truth.mp4)

This guy hits on basically every point as to why morrowind sucks.

c1133b No.14651726


Would triggering a side-step animation or a roll really be that taxing on computers back then? I'm completely ignorant on the subject but find it a little hard to believe considering the other kinds of games that were available at the time. I suppose morrowind was designed to be a console nigger game so that supports the argument a little bit, but not much considering I doubt you support the hindering of development based on console limitations.

3b017f No.14651763


RPGs usually need some imagination to enjoy, so if you can't imagine the hit being a miss it can't be helped. I'm not saying it's a perfect system, just saying it is what it is and if you can look past little things caused by technical limitations it's a really good RPG.

dab26b No.14651854


all elder turd games are pure shit from a gameplay-, writing- and character-perspective

dab26b No.14651859


>Nah, I agree with him. And I'm a fan of the game. Dragon's Dogma is pretty swell as it is for the first 5-or-so hours playing, then you realize that the world is really quite empty, the quests are pretty lame, and that mob variety is quite low.

Thus, it alreay has a billion times the content of any randomly generated elder turd game.

4c6fda No.14658249

9c7334 No.14658345


I had fucking with mods. It's aggravating. Waste more time tweaking mods than actually playing the game. I now refuse to fuck with any game that isn't good unmodded.

4a1543 No.14661426



6ab653 No.14661444


Risen 2

Ignore Risen 3

ELEX is amazing.

Gothic 1

Gothic 2.

6ab653 No.14661453




>this is what peasants actually believe

43e710 No.14661463

File: fc82dc1d0f15edc⋯.png (118.75 KB, 261x334, 261:334, AARGH!.png)


>Am I looking for something that doesn't exist?

Maybe. Probably.

Just like how I'm looking for something that plays like Dragon's Dogma and focuses on dungeoneering. The parts where you were crawling through tight caves and dark tombs were the best parts of that game along with the Witchwood.

I don't understand how no one has made something akin to DD. If I'm to wait on Capcom to make a sequel I might have a chance in 6 years after they've ported Dark Arisen to a couple more platforms to milk the fuck out of it.

6df772 No.14662540


You may want to try DD and the Gothic games like other anons have mentioned. Games like NV and Skyrim live and die by their modability. Skyrim is pretty, but it's pretty barren. The combat is still as stiff as it has always been and it's betting getting dumbed down each successive game in the series. Worst of all is that Bethesda keeps making it harder to mod their newer games, which kill any reason to buy them in the first place. With so many progressives peddling their bs in vidya, things have gotten even more cringey. I can imagine the next game being set in Hammerfell with all of the Redguard having been made slaves by the Nords for no reason at all. It'll probably be even worse to mod far than FO4, which is going to make it dead on arrival.

a1edaa No.14662617

File: e570e38fd5cf4e2⋯.png (267.91 KB, 500x451, 500:451, faggotexpress.png)




>I'm too lazy to come up with arguments, but I don't want to just fuck off.

b2e9c3 No.14662684


it's almost like dice rolls for accuracy were a way to circumvent the inherent limitations of pnp and make no fucking sense in a real-time setting

there's literally no difference between your argument and worshipping the sun as a god because your goatfucking ancestors did so

tradition without meaning is retardation

b2e9c3 No.14662698




can't understand if literal retards on both sides, or advanced bait

video is satire

badb0b No.14663223


The best ES game was Fallout: New Vegas.

c0f391 No.14663360


My problem with mods is that it's easy to get sucked in to a never ending cycle of finding more and more stuff that you want to add to the game. Improve the lighting, add new quest lines, new weapons, new armor, new spells, bigger cities, more NPCs, more wildlife, on and on and on. Autism has both advantages and drawbacks.

a1edaa No.14664160

File: a908fed8f5b4140⋯.png (187.61 KB, 401x455, 401:455, 2percentmad.png)



The person you're replying to said nothing about tradition. He's saying that he expects an RPG, not an action game. Is this where you need to reach to try and wrap your nigger brain around why there are people who prefer the gameplay in RPGs over the "streamlined" actiony hybrid that recent games have devolved into? A "cling to traditionalism?" Because it really is quite a simple concept that I'm sure you've seen explained many times: not everyone wants to play an arcadey swashbuckling/ fireballhurling sim all the time. Every now and then, some people feel like sitting down and playing a game that isn't a mindless pile of shit.

26621b No.14666274

youre looking for witcher 3 my friend

26621b No.14666290


also KOTOR, but those are scifi in case youre looking for fantasy

ignore the fact that they have the name STAR WARS attatched to them, they might as well be set in a different universe

68603d No.14666293


Gothic 2 with the expansion actually gets a difficulty spike early on that lasts for quite a while. Then you actually go and do the expansion and find yourself overpowered.

69d2d8 No.14666337


7319dc No.14666487


>'Just like every Skyrim game'

Aww he gave it away too quick he should have strung us along a little at least.

fd535f No.14666510


at point blank ?



>implying that big sword are more than 3kg in weight

7319dc No.14666598


>'Whaaa if the enemies aren't insta-killed tissue paper that barely fights back I might lose!'

Best be baiting, the opportunity to fail by chance and/or be proven shit by not preparing is an IRL character forming experience denied the great unwashed casualfags out there, all they can handle is 'press X to win'. Somehow perseverance in the face of difficulty has mutated into whiny faggots complaining that everything is too hard, perhaps they need to face the fact that the game seems difficult to them because they are fucking useless beings.

35b84d No.14666670

Okay so people here arguing whether missing in a real-time combat is fine or not, I have this argument right here:

The problem is not real time but the first person perspective, because in case of an isometric or third person-perspective there is a level of abstraction between the player and the character which allows player's imagination to give a reasonable explanation for mechanics working as intended, and the character missing. In case of a first-person game you are put directly in control of your character, viewing it from his/her perspective, knowing this, it simply means that you feel all of the actions more directly, which leads to a weird disconnect between the player and the character. Things like missing seems a bit more artificial because although it might be logical that it's harder to use a sword when you are unskilled with the weapon, the changes made do not really affect the way we handle the weapon but the outcome of using that weapon (for example, making the number of misses smaller or increasing the damage). It creates a disconnect between the skill of the player and the skill of the character, because the combat becomes slightly more actiony (although not completely so). The player might be moving his character in a skillful manner and hitting the enemies accurately but the problem is, that the character in-universe isn't. I think a change in the way of thinking could fix that (instead of unlocking more damage, and lowering the miss chance, we throw away the miss stuff completely and give the characters new moves for proficiency in weapons), but I also think that First Person perspective just doesn't blend well with RPGs most of the times with some exceptions.

7319dc No.14666769


FPS melee combat is cancerous it's only good for 'ug smash', finesse is completely lost and the range of moves is always minimal from that perspective. In that sense the moves on screen should relate directly to what you do as the player but weather you hit or not should be governed by both your enemies ability to dodge your swings *and* the characters skill with the weapon, glancing blows and the like.

35b84d No.14666889


Then as I said, it still creates the disconnect, unless we're doing something like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Also Dark Messiah did the FPS combat quite ok.

a1edaa No.14666900

File: f036b34362de09c⋯.jpeg (19.05 KB, 319x350, 319:350, i hate white people.jpeg)


> The player might be moving his character in a skillful manner and hitting the enemies accurately but the problem is, that the character in-universe isn't.

This really perfectly sums up why everyone complaining about Morrowind's combat is a retard. They can't wrap their brains around the fact that it isn't an action game just because the perspective is first-person. This really is all an issue of people being stupid, playing a game they can't enjoy or figure out, and saying the game was made wrong because it isn't what they like to play.

> I think a change in the way of thinking could fix that

Yes. Change your way of thinking. If you feel like playing a swashbuckling sim, then don't think about picking up an RPG, you dumbass.

35b84d No.14667049


>They can't wrap their brains around the fact that it isn't an action game just because the perspective is first-person.

Nigger, I can completely wrap my head around that fact. That doesn't change the fact that seeing that you clearly hit something in a first person perspective while the game just tells you "you missed" feels fucking weird. And I never said that Morrowind is a bad game because of that, it doesn't stop it from being weird, unimmersive and taking me out of the experience.

> If you feel like playing a swashbuckling sim, then don't think about picking up an RPG, you dumbass.

No, I play RPGs when I feel like playing something immersive, such mechanics break immersion.

106f5c No.14667661


>someone outlines and describes the inherent problems in a game and why a lot of people feel bothered with its mechanics

>wtf just play pretend better!

Why is it so unbelievably difficult for people to admit that morrowind is as good as they think it is? Morrotards have been btfoed at every chance for this entire thread and still they try and save face with inane shit-posts.

f8c2ef No.14668558


>Do you have any legitimate argument for why when I hit an enemy the game should randomly decide I missed besides "xD git gud"? I

It's not an action game, faggot.

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