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File: f4bf056dda49531⋯.mp4 (7.2 MB, 640x640, 1:1, Template - Squilliam.mp4)

61db12 No.14639255

Aside from cringe, boredom and rage post your predictions and hopes

dd9422 No.14639260

File: d1ff329b92ae14b⋯.png (83.2 KB, 284x200, 71:50, 1447457866732.png)

WW3 will stop E3

9d9bf9 No.14639269


>implying god is merciful enough to grant us WW3

0267fb No.14639286

I don't even remember last E3, it was so fucking dull. We'll probably see more of this shit:


>Ace Combat 7

>New Pokeman?

>Code Vein?

>Unnamed FromSoft game?

>Ghost of Tsushima?

>Kojima's Death Stranding?

>New Smash bros?

>The Last of Us 2?

>That other Sony zombie game?


If not, I don't know what else to expect.

788e93 No.14639319

File: 07055d55cd54101⋯.jpg (53.33 KB, 561x401, 561:401, life in gen.jpg)

61db12 No.14639349


While that's true for the most part there's still a nice surprise here and there despite being small in comparison to the whole shitshow.

The Bethesda stage was exactly that though, EA went exactly as shit as expected, the Bethesda one however was the biggest pile of shit I have ever seen and I expected literally nothing.

54ac32 No.14639351


With Metal Max Xeno forcing me to learn moonrunes to play it, my remaining hopes are on Ace Combat 7 being good. If that crashes, I'll have to wonder why I even care about vidya

beb9be No.14639358

File: b149178726104a6⋯.png (196.03 KB, 641x577, 641:577, anime gaylo.png)

Gaylo 6, what else does Micro$oft even have?

4f0683 No.14639389

File: b9bb105e51871c8⋯.png (530.78 KB, 959x1027, 959:1027, United States of Rage.png)

I except Ren to pussy out again.

61db12 No.14639438



That's it

b270f2 No.14640394

I expect the faggot mods to keep deleting the squilliam threads

e322d0 No.14640402


Forza Horizon 4 and Gears 5.

There are also rumors about a new Perfect Dark and Fable.

b270f2 No.14640465

File: 446693011a57c01⋯.png (38.56 KB, 640x640, 1:1, raiden.png)

Bannerlord this year, r-right?

f2c38a No.14640609

File: 46665b27a2d98ed⋯.png (578.72 KB, 836x955, 836:955, 1e9b72a5ccf050bd90119d08da….png)

Bethesdas new star game

Probably an update to bannerlord, but not a release

State of decay 2

Days Gone by

Probably that mutant game where the chick has scars like big boss

Another update to TLOU 2, which will be delayed

Another trailer for Death Stranding, with no actual gameplay

Possibly a hint from Konami about the MGS3 remake in the mgsv fox engine.

Bethesda will probably shill some new xpac for elder scrolls online or something as well.

6f7707 No.14640618

File: 5537e11629739f7⋯.png (1.74 MB, 640x2880, 2:9, true_enjoyment_of_games.png)

I want fun.

That's all. I just want something enjoyable to play. I have the shekels since I don't buy much in general, but paying for games would be insulting, they don't deserve it. But fuck, I'd drop the shekels for a console and if there was fun to be had.

9d3d92 No.14640622


>Bethesdas new star game

Using the brand new Creation Engine 2!

>Probably an update to bannerlord, but not a release

Releasing 2025 maybe.

>Possibly a hint from Konami about the MGS3 remake in the mgsv fox engine.

Where did this come from? I wouldn't mind a few more games in the style of MGSV, but with actual content this time. Konami was stupid for not releasing Survive as an expansion to V.

>Bethesda will probably shill some new xpac for elder scrolls online or something as well.

Prey is supposedly getting a standalone expansion.

99ef86 No.14640629

File: 7a5570080b2fdd9⋯.png (139.51 KB, 375x157, 375:157, tidus 1.PNG)

the new splinter cell game is gonna be good right guys? right?

9d3d92 No.14640632


>climb the air-duct to unlock new missions!

Yeah, sure.

8f55c6 No.14640635

File: bb807887ff92c60⋯.jpg (26.77 KB, 600x338, 300:169, devil-may-cry-5-logo.jpg)

Hope for this is my only reason to live.

411bc8 No.14640641

File: 59f55111062d09d⋯.png (847.33 KB, 750x903, 250:301, 59f55111062d09d1f6bde648df….png)


>it's already been one year

why is it all so fast, make it stop

2475ed No.14640648

File: 0c66a8fbf8b57ac⋯.jpg (330.72 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 5bd0c2aa9704d84c2b176067de….jpg)


Because you don't do anything with your life. You make every day the same shit and have no mile markers throughout the year as a reference to time passed.

c0962c No.14640652

File: 05f1a66fa9c765e⋯.jpg (90.45 KB, 1181x929, 1181:929, kyoko.jpg)


Rare got even shittier since Perfect Dark Zero, this should be an entertaining trashfire.

5f0022 No.14640655

After last year there will be a greater Japanese presence at E3. Square Enix is likely to announced the much rumored Nier remake and also tease at future installments in the series much like Yoko Taro recently has. Mega Man 11 will get a release date, probably in the Summer. Devil May Cry 5 will be put on stage at the Sony conference after Sony had Capcom delay it from 2017. Capcom may also tease future Resident Evil content. While unlikely to be at E3 and more likely to be at TGS, Umihara Kawase 4 is due for a debut and Sakuna will receive a release date - possibly after November.

3c3c62 No.14640660

File: 3482f5d497e1c22⋯.jpg (44.53 KB, 680x378, 340:189, 3482f5d497e1c22aa6cc5e4483….jpg)


Anon, it's only going to accelerate until you croak.

e322d0 No.14640664


I don't know where I heard it but I think Rare isn't involved in this new Perfect Dark.

af54f5 No.14640667

c0962c No.14640686


Strange. Was nuRare this busy making sea of thieves? Or did Microfost get some big studio to make it? Some no-name dudes to make a quick and cheap attempt at regaining an active IP seems like the most likely possibility but it's also the most boring one.

9d3d92 No.14640696


The older you get the faster life moves because your brain has less new information to process. It's why days seemed to be so long when you were a child.

e322d0 No.14640700


>Was nuRare this busy making sea of thieves?

Maybe they're too busy creating content and fixing the game instead of making fugly female characters.

Spencer seems dedicated to bring back some old IPs but then the people above him are the one making the decisions (a bit like why it took 343 a lot of time to get a proper team to fix the MCC).

5bffe2 No.14640722

Off the top of my head expectations

>CoD (but it's still just a rehash of CoD4)

>Far Cry 6 (but it's still just a rehash of Far Cry 3)

>Yearly sports games

>HD Remasters

>A bullshot trailer for something newly announced that is going to be downgraded heavily from how it looks in the trailer

Hopes? Just something worth playing that isn't horribly optimized or bugged.

5f0022 No.14640731


sounds like you only care about western games, consider putting hopes on the bench until you sort that out.

1f9d6d No.14640740

Skyrim announced for iPhone or DS or something.

4a0797 No.14640747


Literally nothing, I have long lost any shred of hope for this event.

There's not even fun memes coming from it anymore.

5f0022 No.14640756



ae83d3 No.14640760

Just more mobile game shit for normalniggers. Are you guys ready for the next generation of gaming? Instead of games primarily developed for console then terribly ported to PC we'll get games primarily developed for mobile, then poorly ported to consoles, and then poorly ported from a poor console port onto PC.

The future is here, and his name is Pajeet.

d8bcd9 No.14640761

File: 2b87b901052f2f5⋯.jpg (27.04 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 23c0d53eed778b4a396106a7da….jpg)


626196 No.14640765


The salt from journos still asshurt about Donte will be amazing.

5f0022 No.14640768


>The World is too good for Donte: Why I won't be buying Devil May Cry 5

>By: Jim Sterling

it's good to be smug

da9a81 No.14640771


Are you telling me Jim Sterling still hasn't killed himself?

6f7707 No.14640774


Last I heard, he was complaining about people who said that Cuphead shouldn't have a babby mode.

5f0022 No.14640783

File: abe67067b40a3f6⋯.jpg (548.83 KB, 1174x2300, 587:1150, the absolute PC gamer.jpg)


>Japanese games are cuckchan

>despite cuckchan being a goon controlled board

hi goon.

>Dragons Dogma 2 with Deep Down and Mobster Hunter Worlds assets

hi gamezard. Have you made it to 98% unplayed yet?


I don't think he would kill himself, but I anticipate it'll be some form of cardiac arrest.

8f55c6 No.14640785

File: bd78cbfe8dcd0d6⋯.jpg (25.42 KB, 500x303, 500:303, godd howard.jpg)



Or better yet, they will have to eat their fucking words when they wrote about entitled fans ruining the series.

3c3c62 No.14640786


if dubs, then DmC2



d8bcd9 No.14640789

File: df3c0ba9c2aac52⋯.jpg (118.36 KB, 720x460, 36:23, Sublime.jpg)


Dubs than DMC 5

8f55c6 No.14640792

File: fe9fe08f2fb19b6⋯.jpg (24.8 KB, 326x237, 326:237, devil may check em.jpg)


You're not doing it right, lemme show you how it's done.

4e4a93 No.14640795

I sincerely want somebody to shoot up E3. This isn't some kind of triple reverse nega-irony either. I want the people who attend E3 to die.

93d164 No.14640796

File: fbe25333a93d9c2⋯.png (443.31 KB, 494x627, 26:33, check 'em.png)

b270f2 No.14640799

d8bcd9 No.14640801

File: ff3f5c8cbf4cac0⋯.jpg (42.12 KB, 421x369, 421:369, ff3f5c8cbf4cac09fa1d4b24e5….jpg)


Try again sweetie

3c3c62 No.14640802


You'd have to be a special brand of double nigger to want this "only ironically" to happen.

d8bcd9 No.14640803

File: ce5cfb8b62a26c3⋯.png (254.61 KB, 400x400, 1:1, c058bdf052a5cd1653d1785cd6….png)


What the fuck

99ef86 No.14640804

File: 6dafcf2eb73dfef⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1295x1617, 185:231, 6dafcf2eb73dfefa4a99c5c41e….png)


let's see if i can get some singles

8f55c6 No.14640806

File: 206a490464ad54c⋯.png (301.97 KB, 500x531, 500:531, b312704efce8556b5ba6143f0d….png)

d8bcd9 No.14640812


This is the time

5f0022 No.14640814

File: 4a3ace58c68196b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.47 KB, 1082x1080, 541:540, check those gems.jpg)


They'll try their best to posture how they were right all along. I imagine in 3-5 years we'll be getting articles about how DMC:DMC is a forgotten hidden gem


>goons still posting

d8bcd9 No.14640822

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is he Knuckles in human form?

e322d0 No.14640826

File: 19fd9e60c89048d⋯.jpg (78.99 KB, 638x686, 319:343, 19fd9e60c8.jpg)


>Achievement showcase: 93% avg. game completion rate

>99% games not played

8f55c6 No.14640828

File: 215278f3bfd7cf6⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1130x1500, 113:150, 215278f3bfd7cf68aa2757805c….png)


Do it my man. Be the change you want to see.


Then I will fucking remind them. We have all the screencaps to prove those jews wrong.

0267fb No.14640831


>someone out there thinks this is a good enough logo to spam all over the fucking place

412415 No.14640851


What do you think Ren is doing right now, guys? I miss him. Should we make a shrine for him?

5f0022 No.14640858


he's in this thread right now


don't idolize failures

d8bcd9 No.14640861


Why? he did jack shit last year what makes you think he's going to do anything now

99ef86 No.14640867


he didn't do anything and i was hoping the faggot would show up at EA's E3, he needs to kill himself if he already isn't dead

5f0022 No.14640872

File: 645d9d9f53a3e4f⋯.png (22.16 KB, 446x313, 446:313, laughing ranger.png)


>conflating interest with fellating

you're a goon, goon.

412415 No.14640877




You're going about it the wrong way. We need to gain Ren's admiration so that he does commit. We should be cheering him on and encouraging him every step of the way.

5f0022 No.14640881


He got his cheers last year, he didn't do shit.

d8bcd9 No.14640882


We did that last year

99ef86 No.14640887


we did it last time and what did we get, fucking nothing, you guys have more chances for me genociding that place than that disgusting chihuehue

61db12 No.14640890


Become Ren anon, it's your calling.

b270f2 No.14640897

File: fe84846ea036895⋯.jpeg (92.37 KB, 1280x715, 256:143, 1470848569631.jpeg)

Which one of you faggots has a new Squilliam template?

412415 No.14640898




We just need to meme harder. We can do what /pol/ did in 2014. It's a win-win scenario, and can't backfire on us.

5f0022 No.14640902


>trying to start region wars

>while he does region wars

You already did, goon. Begone now.



good point, he could volunteer himself. Stephen Paddock did it, why can't 412415?

d8bcd9 No.14640906

File: 7756d6ec730863f⋯.png (2.97 MB, 2480x4108, 620:1027, E3 Report Card 2018.png)

Besides all the shitposting, I've been working on the Report Card for this years E3. The design is not final as the most times still haven't been announced yet but, I was wondering what your guys thoughts were?

5f0022 No.14640917


I like that paper texture, it looks nice.

99ef86 No.14640920

File: 0c5cf439fddcd2f⋯.png (279.41 KB, 500x349, 500:349, 0c5cf439fddcd2f33dc0f788c6….png)


>at sony conference


>armed to the teeth with body armor and an ar-15 with a drum mag

>show up on stage

>grab them as hostages at gunpoint

>demand Armored core 6

now that could be some motivation to get me started

bc975a No.14640933


There may be other streams, keep an eye out just in case.

bc975a No.14640938


New Smash Bros info is practically confirmed, especially since it's supposedly coming out this year.

558e94 No.14640946


They're usually too small to give a shit.

Devolver ain't coming back, the Kadokawa one was literally nothing so the Pre Pre Show might be worth giving a shit about if it's of the quality of last year.

>Konami will never make a conference ever again

Such a shame

5f0022 No.14640957


>I'm done shitting up the thread with region wars I'm a good boy now

lol get fucked redditer, no one wants you here.


that reminds me, Kadokawa teased some game industry team up that was a "dream come true." for one of their anime IPs last year. I wonder if we'll actually get a made in abyss game?

bc975a No.14640964


True enough, I do wish SEGA would also have a show rather than doing it in July

5f0022 No.14641005

File: d7f9fe3140a9a29⋯.jpg (85.12 KB, 1078x933, 1078:933, tegakis forehead is so big….jpg)


>ban evading in the thread you get banned in

we're hitting single digit IQ here folks

28cb9c No.14641117


Allow me to spell it out for you. I added this to your ban message as well.

Basically the thread you made was about E3 not about 'muh weebshit' or anything of the sort. Bitching about Japanese games is not related to E3. Therefore It is in violation of Rule 8 as you are derailing your own thread. Now I'm banning you again because you keep posting about it rather than taking a time out or just move on to a different thread. Why is this so hard for you to understand?

Post last edited at

f61c5b No.14641286


When did I even use that term you kike?

Thats goon tier shit

That poster was fellating Japanese devs and I called him out

That's it, it barely derailed the thread, I was still contributing to it and when did you ever gave a shit about derails?

The Atelier thread got derailed with porn and NISA discussion and you did not give two shit's about it, stop pretending like you didn't just delete my posts because you disliked them for wrongthink.

da9a81 No.14641293


I can't believe people still watch this shit. Just read the list of announcements afterwards and watch the segments you care about. Throw in a cringe compilation afterwards, and you've saved yourself 4 hours.

aa157e No.14641334

I have no hopes.

d8bcd9 No.14641395


People watch it because it's fun

61db12 No.14642318


4f0683 No.14642327


>implying it doesn't give me an excuse to keep it as background noise while I play some X-COM campaign or other

Speaking of XCOM and the like, will Phoenix Point show up? I'm kind of optimistic for it.

dfa1d7 No.14642331


I remember Digital Devolver taking the piss out of microtransactions. That was fun.

61db12 No.14642333

4f0683 No.14642346


You'll rue the day you thought the Devolver presentation was the slightest bit funny. I guarantee you at least Ubisoft and EA will have a segment that apes that presentation and it will be the cringiest shit in existence.

6415af No.14642369

File: e1839a74fda6398⋯.jpg (112.72 KB, 827x827, 1:1, And why.jpg)


>Ubisoft and EA will have a segment that apes that presentation and it will be the cringiest shit in existence.

And why would I be mad about that?

dfa1d7 No.14642385


>Oy vey, goyim, making fun of transactions is anti semitic. Remember the 6 billions!

Get fucked.

47f3b6 No.14642393

File: f12d429e8f059b5⋯.jpg (189.04 KB, 900x1046, 450:523, 1349133794575.jpg)


I can hardly wait

9d3d92 No.14642402


>and it will be the cringiest shit in existence

That's what E3 is all about. Watching these multibillion corporations throw millions of dollars at morons to embarrass them and their employees in the most public way imaginable.

9ec17f No.14642436

File: 845ee04e57a7744⋯.png (450.76 KB, 967x518, 967:518, 46b8928f3b0b928338b436ce3a….png)


I'm really hoping that we'll see a new Animal Crossing game at E3. The site had a couple new placeholder pages added a couple days ago, but they redirect to the main page now so they're clearly reading the site for an upcoming announcement. That and E3 seems to be where Nintendo likes to announce Animal Crossing.

9113a7 No.14642470

File: 593a551bf68062c⋯.png (140.38 KB, 300x300, 1:1, SHIT_FUCK_DUBS.png)


What have you wrought?


Who's in charge of the Bingo?

1a5363 No.14642532

File: 5cee1e00f9a8ae1⋯.webm (10.47 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Todd Howard and the sweet….webm)

the only thing im looking for is the cringe and some sweet little lies

621385 No.14642716


>its E3 again in 2 months

Dammit why does time go so fast?


Happening status: Very unlikely.

d9baef No.14642783


Nah your frame of reference was smaller as a child. When you were six years old 1 year seemed like a huge amount of time because it represented one sixth of your life. Now you're 20 or 30 or whatever and it feels like way less because relative to the span of your life it IS way less.

7ec5a0 No.14642800

c19054 No.14642862

File: 0e71a223fa18781⋯.jpg (174.03 KB, 640x480, 4:3, get in.jpg)


First good japanese game of the decade.

First good western game of the last 5~ years.

Some big gaming corporation's entire list of high ups dies in a plane crash.

But I know it's not happening.

8eb452 No.14642960



love will find you

c19054 No.14643017


And it'll beat you up, spit on your face and fly away.

I've been there.

5f0022 No.14643020


>calling out

is this tumblr? fuck off faggot, get banned again for acting like a goon.


what could the half dozen studios that bethesda owns have in the works? I wonder if machine games had to undergo any reflection after the muted sales reception to wolfenstein 2.

171770 No.14645183

Dubs and Ren actually does it this year

61db12 No.14645708

File: 70146adf1651f4b⋯.jpg (395.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 70146adf1651f4bc10188803ff….jpg)


Ren will never deliver anon

You must become Ren


>If you don't fellate Japanese games an act like a fucking obessed retard that starts region wars you're a goon

You're the retard who actually believes American trash E3 will focus more on Japanese games and think's that just because one anon listed all the prominent garbage that will be appearing at that shitshow that he just likes Western games, like most of the Japanese games that show up at E3 aren't also garbage.

You're a dumb cunt mate

5f0022 No.14645722


I shared my predictions like you asked for, and based on the reception of Japanese games last year, I think it will go that way. If they're wrong, so what? I have other trade shows to look forward to and plenty of releases. You're just upset that I told someone that Western games may not be making him happy. Since then you've been banned twice for sperging out, derailing your own thread, and flailing around aimlessly with "all sides are bad"-ism. I think you have a problem. The only people who get upset over any positivity directed at Japanese games are goons.

Besides, many games get shown at E3. Majority of which are American, but E3 is where Xseed announced their bringing over of Edelweiss' Sakuna, Bloodborne was revealed - there's more to E3 than just the conferences you goon.

Please sperg out some more, I'm up for a good laugh today. Hopefully you get banned again in your own thread for acting like a retarded child.

e7b99e No.14645768

File: 6edc2def337040e⋯.webm (10.7 MB, 640x640, 1:1, vidya_e3_2.webm)


Get angry Ren!

Cleanse the industry!

For us! For God!

61db12 No.14645772

File: c3c264834d337ec⋯.gif (66.48 KB, 680x227, 680:227, Weeaboo.gif)


>I merely stated my own retarded beliefs in defense of the Japanese videogames industry

>E3 will totally focus on Japanese games this time guys when the most we get is 2 non Nintendo announcements

812c14 No.14645781

File: 9fe94a8adce9b6c⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1500x7750, 6:31, 2016-6.png)

File: cc1f185feb7a3b9⋯.png (3.39 MB, 1498x6498, 749:3249, e32017dumpsterfire.png)

I didn't think it could get any worse after 2016. I was oh so wrong. Despite making these things too big, I end up making the text resolution too low. No matter how cynical I get, I still end up regretting the few positives I list on here too.

61db12 No.14645783

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


If only

c0962c No.14645792


>XC2 is a generic JRPG

I'll give you the terrible dubbing but you're not qualified to post here, nigger.

61db12 No.14646543


Being an JRPG already makes it pretty generic honestly

85defc No.14646648

File: 4d5ac825c9df922⋯.png (608.87 KB, 720x1019, 720:1019, osakabe-hime35.png)

Judging by the last couple of years, I think E3 will be the big one even for weebshit and Sony will make some damage control because their presentation was shit - "Oh, we're just saving it for PS Experience." - and PSE will be even shittier.

Looking at the stuff I'm keeping tabs on pls no bully, I hope for:

>Western release dates for Hokuto ga Gotoku and Catherine Full Body

>updates on Senran Kagura 7EVEN (hopefully it will be radically different from the previous games), Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link (looks like CUHRAIZEEE Dragon's Dogma), the game From teased (still think it's a new Kuon), 13 Sentinels and Fatlus' medieval fantasy RPG

>Vanillaware announces Oboro Muramasa ports and Dragon's Crown DLC

>Persona 5 announcements, either the expansion or the fighting game spin off

>updates on SNK Heroines and Soulcalibur VI though I suppose those will be nearly done by that time

>even if I won't get to play it, I'm curious about Bayonetta 3





I came here to be snarky, not to suffer. 34, the existential dread won't stop gnawing at me. Only death can release me from all this zetsubou.

61db12 No.14646684

File: ca1361e933f9104⋯.jpg (7.29 KB, 207x253, 9:11, 14c.jpg)


>E3 will be the big one even for weebshit

You fags say this every year and it never happens

We get maybe one announcement by Sega. some by Xseed and that's about it.

This event is for big budget shitty schlock, not niche games.

daf0f6 No.14647271




Bethesda getting shat on

Actual PC games from PC Gaming Show


Sony pulls a nostalgia bait-and-switch and then shows another movie, or even worse, uses Dreams as a "want a new [franchise] game? fuck you, make it yourself bitch" like MS did with project spark

Ubisoft trying to be hip and memey as usual

PCGS is just console games, blizzard e-sports shit, nvidia/amd/intel shilling and that shitty DOTA hearthstone ripoff

Decent weebshit i don't care about

61db12 No.14649439


>Actual PC games from PC Gaming Show

VR, Esports and GPU shilling is all you're going to get lad.

68da0f No.14649514

File: b935971594dddfa⋯.jpg (113.36 KB, 960x544, 30:17, AAA games.jpg)




EA not ruining more franchises that I liked back in the day

Soul Calibur on PC

Vanillaware games I can actually play

Ren actually delivers



Bethesda refusing to let Skyrim fucking go Jesus fucking Christ Todd please

Ubisoft with yet another fucking Far Cry 3 clone

Nintendo might finally put enough worthwhile games on the Switch to justify that thing's existence, but I wouldn't count on it. Also Smash Switch

Kojima will never tell you exactly what the hell Death Stranding is supposed to be, though maybe he'll drop a release date

Ren still doesn't deliver

Nothing fun gets showcased with a release date in the near future.

5f0022 No.14649562


plenty of niche games get announcements, exposures, trailers at E3, your own fault you're too stupid to see that.

61db12 No.14649588


SoulCalibur has been confirmed on PC since it's announcement anon.



Good joke

There's barely anything niche at it, those are mostly saved for TGS and Gamescom.

09d35b No.14649677

File: 7b96513a132e0e8⋯.jpg (113.05 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 3cbbcd088d3721ecab5213d345….jpg)


lol I'm dying inside

c379bb No.14649702

File: a0d855883f8b030⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 292x214, 146:107, 1428987821901.gif)


This ww3 meme is getting ridiculous.

As for cringE3, the only thing I'm expecting is exactly that: more cringe.

5f0022 No.14649718


Quite a few really, but I'm sure you don't know any of them.

b90801 No.14649729

Most of Bethesda's presentation is going to be shit: Mobile ports, rereleases, scrolls ect. It ends with The Elder Scrolls VI: Black Harbor

7dbc44 No.14649732

File: be34cd990e0e0cc⋯.jpg (182.94 KB, 586x553, 586:553, poppo.jpg)

Nothing I ever want ever gets announced at E3.

455682 No.14649799


Is the Black Harbor in Redguard territory?

e41b29 No.14649848

File: f69de1759cc2299⋯.png (487.89 KB, 800x1020, 40:51, IWANTTOBELIEV.png)


>Just another proxy war on some middle eastern country

48b561 No.14649863

File: c6bf23d6d9822bb⋯.jpg (241 KB, 1059x349, 1059:349, true_nightmare.jpg)

Dragons Dogma 2 please

6d27cd No.14649880

Hope: high tech handheld, don't care by who

Predictions: Showcase of many games that won't see the light of day, and some delayed to next years E3. Also, more anger directed to Ren.

61719c No.14649905

File: 58ce22a873dc2f5⋯.jpg (125.57 KB, 1018x919, 1018:919, suffer.jpg)


Proxy wars without end.

6f3457 No.14650128


I don't think I've enjoyed watching E3 for at least 5 years

61db12 No.14650985


List the announcements from last year that fit that category.

e80f01 No.14650998

File: 599748e2bda1e9d⋯.png (302.66 KB, 474x365, 474:365, ClipboardImage.png)


Renanon finally snaps.

1c999f No.14651187

File: 1b8a7c08075a4fd⋯.jpg (44.5 KB, 480x640, 3:4, CkTvIkCXEAAms5n.jpg)

I just want an AC7 release date.

61db12 No.14651243

b18efd No.14651247


>off by one

You could've saved us all, anon. But you failed.

9283dd No.14651307

File: c11aa22a14cf5e1⋯.webm (11.89 MB, 640x640, 1:1, Sweet Victory 2.webm)

2cd0af No.14651337

File: be8fcb0f080cba1⋯.jpg (24.82 KB, 251x232, 251:232, 1447594298476.jpg)




Please, you fucking turks. Fucking give me something.

Something about a new Hitman

Maybe Splinter Cell? Lord knows I don't trust Ubisoft to make a good stealth game, but if they can get Ironside back to do an update for fucking Wildlands, then maybe it's got some hope.

Death Stranding, just because I'm curious about it.

Whatever the fuck Itsuno is working on. I don't know if it's DD2 or a new DMC or something else entirely, but I wanna know what it is.

Besides that, HOW ABOUT SOME FUN VIDEO GAMES FINALLY? I can't stand these HD Collections, remakes and reboots. For fuck's sake, make something new.

e3df08 No.14651377

File: 87d4069b56cefef⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1178x868, 19:14, 1 fox 2 heroes.png)

I just want to see what the new Todd game is about. There is 0 worth in E3 and its painful to watch how pathetic the presentations and presenters are. I can't even decide why its so bad, is it because of extra normalfaggotry or some big CEO trying to appeal to the cool kids despite never having touched a video game in his life.

c6c932 No.14651418

FFVII Remake is a no-show, again.

Halo 6 is revealed… unsurprisingly looks like shit, coming to PC but has Denuvo and is Windows 10 UWA-only. Microsoft refuses to port Halo MCC to PC since that's the only bargaining chip they have left for the struggling Xbone.

Rare shows off a shitty new IP or a sequel no one truly-wants, made by another developer like Killer Instinct was except not actually kinda good like Killer Instinct was outside its shitty business model.

Sony shows off that Sucker Punch Samurai game. It's just an Asscreed clone that looks like another TLoU-wannabe movie game. All the same shit we've been seeing since 2016 besides that, no new reveals or surprises this year.

Nintendo shows new Smash Bros. and Metroid Prime 4. Massive autism and rage ensue. They also show a lot of other games no one really cares about. No sign of giving-up on gimmicks like Amiibo or motion control.

Third parties have literally-nothing interesting or fun to show-off, and they can't really get-away with bullshots anymore so people can see their games for how shitty they are well in advance.

257ea1 No.14651430

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Propose themes

And the reason why you think it could be used in a video

Airborne - Running Wild

You can cry me a river, cry me a river of tears

Yeah, you can cry all you like but it won't change my mind

I gotta get away, get you outta my life

You got me runnin' wild and free

Runnin' wild and free

You got me runnin' wild and free

Runnin' wild and free

You know, to use in a compilation of butthurt articles about eventual lewd games.

c6c932 No.14651440


Oh, and I forgot to mention…

You also have to pay for Xbox Live to play Halo 6 online, even on PC.

61db12 No.14651460



They tried that 12 years ago and it didn't work

They're also competing with Steam now which offers services like those for free.

c6c932 No.14651472


On the bright side maybe we'll see more Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus, that might be cool.

Polite sage for repeated posting.

c6c932 No.14651479


I can see Microsoft going out of their way to really fuck-over the PC audience somehow. I could only see a silver-lining if they decide to bring Xbox backwards-compatibility to PC or just port the fucking MCC already.

17f7a1 No.14651550

File: ff4372a73d9a0fb⋯.png (16.03 KB, 640x640, 1:1, NeptunE3.png)

Time really does fly.

Hope something great like the Devolver Digital Shitpost-a-thon happens again this year.

2cd0af No.14651730


Wasn't that actually some Adult Swim thing that got wrongly accredited to Devolver? Regardless, it was pretty fun to see happening.

c6c932 No.14651750


I think it was made in-collaboration between Devolver and Adult Swim. Really funny though and I'd like to see something similar this year.

d2b74f No.14651769


I'm pretty sure the 8-hour shitposting marathon was Twitch's thing, it just started immediately after the Devolver event so a lot of people mentally combined them because they had a similar tone. Hopefully something like that comes back, but it'll miss some of the magic that came from expecting it to be pure cringe to begin with and being pleasantly surprised that it was actually fun.

2a73a0 No.14651781

File: 591e9e07125bd1b⋯.jpg (86.24 KB, 975x733, 975:733, take it away.jpg)

c56e76 No.14651899

File: d70043080be86e2⋯.png (3.46 MB, 2480x4108, 620:1027, Future Card.png)

Here are my predictions

6f3457 No.14653205

File: 0f7825b7a55e355⋯.jpg (80.19 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 0f7825b7a55e355f98e3a74c44….jpg)


your dubs confirm the accuracy of your prediction

c19054 No.14653907


Even worse.

Some drone will make a shitty list expecting the companies he loyally follows will come up with something good, it doesn't happen, but he pretends it did.

Every e3 thread ever.

61db12 No.14654762


They always get caught

It's pretty funny

9acb1f No.14656691

File: ae48b687d6a1aad⋯.png (1.59 MB, 905x1688, 905:1688, KSA_Marx.png)


Hopefully FINALLY a KHIII release date for Winter 2018/Early 2019

Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch gets at least three character reveals and reveals itself to be an enhanced port like MK8D

More Bethesda open-world games that "just work and a Wolf 2 Switch date and another port to try to show that they're with Nintendo full force. No Todd Howard at all.

Sony showing off more Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption II with no DMC5, Medievil or FFVII remake in sight

Ubisoft somehow brings back girlwood and becomes second worst conference with Beyond Good and Evil 2 looking fucking attrocious compared to the first game. Probably set for 2020.

EA continues to be the worst conference and makes everyone want to shoot themselves in the head. Seriously, nothing good here.

Microsoft will still circlejerk that the XxXxBoneXxXx is the "most powerful console on the planet" that can only play Crackdown 3 at 30 FPS. One good game will be shown off at their conference, but it will a multiplatform game.

Nintendo will probably talk about Yoshi and Fire Emblem at their press conference/video presentation. More Dream Friends for Kirb Star Allies. No mention/passing mentions of Bayonetta 3/Metroid Prime 4/Pokemon Switch still coming

55f08e No.14656713

The Xbone conference is going to be worse then last year. I feel it.

>Scalebound's corpse shown

>Pretending they have a shitload of exclusives again

>They will spend a mind-numbing amount of time on their cloud-gaming crap, even if no one cares


Todd didn't even come last year, why do you think he would this year?

61db12 No.14659245


Everytime he announces a new game a new meme is born.

It's fucking amazing really

1c9a5e No.14659283


E3 won't be so bad because I get to spend it with /v/

61db12 No.14659358

File: 3f38aa70839f31e⋯.png (152.82 KB, 480x579, 160:193, Cuckchan on E3.png)

File: 0d55d513ae2a91b⋯.png (1.24 MB, 917x3107, 917:3107, Cuckchan stealing memes.png)

File: dacfe17c763e60a⋯.png (19.32 KB, 230x230, 1:1, dacfe17c763e60aec4908cbb43….png)

2bd910 No.14659377

File: 01c8417d0f7430c⋯.jpg (244.06 KB, 640x788, 160:197, E3_vs_release_version.jpg)

File: 5d79541f9ef46d1⋯.jpg (838.74 KB, 2324x1230, 1162:615, E3 2017.jpg)

File: 095caf0261fcf9e⋯.webm (722.17 KB, 576x432, 4:3, E3.webm)


e58010 No.14659409

File: a5142450f336b91⋯.jpg (119.1 KB, 500x590, 50:59, tumblr_niwt5kNkdl1qfe9fvo1….jpg)

Jurassic World Evolution comes out june 12th, if they don't have some part of E3 I'll be surprised

9ec17f No.14659424

File: a2a5afaec41c63f⋯.jpg (315.65 KB, 1648x1744, 103:109, a2a5afaec41c63fbfd43bce68e….jpg)



>Console waring

>Anybody "winning" E3

Back to plebbit.

5a6f6b No.14659446

File: 2020a8c63771c45⋯.jpg (209.59 KB, 1394x869, 1394:869, 1514302816.jpg)

Fuck, I need my Armored Core 6.

New Gundam Breaker may scratch my itch for customizable mechs, sure, but nothing does it as well as the AC series.

70fbd7 No.14659510

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Never ever.

9ec17f No.14660046

File: 6d81e67302d4a19⋯.png (3.55 MB, 2480x4108, 620:1027, aids.png)

a24981 No.14660053

File: b265ae830b114d3⋯.jpg (16.5 KB, 245x255, 49:51, 3ea96c96c062676e1f11d32856….jpg)


>Console war bullshit.

Fucking stand in front of a moving bus.

5103c6 No.14660162

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I want more news of this Sonic-only racing game. Don't even care about Mania Plus.

61db12 No.14660965


Watch it become Dragons Dogma 2


Go get vERAfied you fucking nigger

bdb5a0 No.14660972



>Dragons Dogma 2

This is the hunch I'm getting too, seems like with Dark Arisen they wanted to get on the Dark Souls hype train, hence Deep Down, but gave up somewhere along the line.

e1b18d No.14660994

E3 is a military experiment in weaponized boredom. This may be the year the live audience finally dies of not caring.

Personally I'm hoping for an extra-embarrassing Ubisoft dance number and the reveal of a new motorcycle.

a41d9d No.14661007

File: 41152ec423978c4⋯.jpg (42.26 KB, 500x276, 125:69, 895ae4f9e73aad2b19e6fc9341….jpg)


that's why we need a wall script that blocks all 4chan cookies

7635b1 No.14661152

File: 5e112600df339ad⋯.jpg (179.67 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1513682597245.jpg)

i've pretty much lost hope of ever seeing dmc5, i just want some bayonetta3 news and i'm good.

metroid and resident evil 2 remake news are fine too, if possible.

not expecting much besides those really

5bf93c No.14666975


You could bypass that without any real trouble.

e619f8 No.14666993


>Hope something great like the Devolver Digital Shitpost-a-thon happens again this year.

Devolver's conference was Reddit-tier, as awful as the shit Twitch came up with.

1c3aa1 No.14667059


Enough people struggle with sadpanda that it'd deter many shitters.

e6204c No.14667085


>Aside from cringe, boredom and rage

>post your predictions and hopes

That is all I hope for now, and it's pretty much all I predict.

880537 No.14667616

File: 8d0dbde841d0ca8⋯.webm (1.56 MB, 640x480, 4:3, raging indifference.webm)


>HD switch that lacks portable function for people who don't want to gimp performance

>metroid prime 4 gets a showing and it doesn't suck

>smash bros is discussed and we get a new metroid playable character


<more treehouse translation fuckups

<more inane bullshitters being added to smash to advertise shit (I predicted Inklings being in the next smash over 4 months ago, along with an ARMS character and another pokemon, likely decideueye)

<metroid prime 4 isn't even discussed until a full week after E3 passes

cf4186 No.14670685


I agree with you. I've been waiting for a proper new Devil May Cry game since the day I beat 3. I wasn't too big of a fan of 4 but I still did like it. And DmC just felt wrong

cf4186 No.14670691


19 years ago today. Man, time sure does fly.

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