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File: 730006ea3babf1b⋯.png (31.25 KB, 461x519, 461:519, 730006ea3babf1b43a3a97945e….png)

4d17cb No.14641279

So apparently the new PoE game has voice acting for the entire game because enough goys were good enough to fund it. What's the bettting at least one of the VAs is a tranny? Can someone please webm the video I don't know how https://twitter.com/Obsidian/status/984868229859368960

e5a154 No.14641563


That video is cringeworthy as fuck.

eda4b9 No.14641570


Pathfinder Kingmaker is probably going to turn out better tbh

>Josh "Fun is for Grognards" Sawyer isn't there to (((balance))) the game

>Story is stolen from some pathfinder module, so there's little opportunity for a college intern to poz the story

>uses Pathfinder, the second best system after 3.5e

>Has interesting ideas, unlike the disappointment that was ship to ship combat in Pillars of Equality 2

e5a154 No.14641673


Unoriginality might actually work out better? Interesting theory.

87ae78 No.14641734


Who's even still backing these cunts?

e5a154 No.14641778


There are stupid people everywhere.

cfb65d No.14641794

File: a024f145644c666⋯.mp4 (4.25 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 984868229859368960.mp4)

63707f No.14641824


When will Obsidian have their redemption arc by kicking out the SJWs?

91efb0 No.14641825


Thanks anon.

d5a59f No.14641835


they kicked all the talent out so probably never

e5a154 No.14641875


They'll get bought out by EA and die most likely.

7cb91e No.14641900


>3.5 and clones


Is this bait?

I can no longer tell.

7cb91e No.14641914


They have only been producing shite since 2004.

One could say, that it is their default mode.

Their corporate Identity.

a3c982 No.14641956


>They have only been producing shite since 2004.

Have Obsidian ever actually made a good game? As in genuinely good not "it would be good if it was finished" blaming the publisher stuff.

3fb156 No.14642072

PoE is just Diablo for people that are too young to remember Diablo

88b8ef No.14642222


This man has a punchable voice and a punchable face.

18206b No.14642242


What is up with this guys face? I've been staring at it for 15 minutes now and it just looks … wrong. I know that can happen, but this is only two or three steps away from Picasso. Everything is out of alignment and the ratios are completely fucked. Also

>TFW she's using her teeth

923b94 No.14642245

>>14642222 (checked)

Agreed. Quads of truth

6582ed No.14642263


I'll bet all of my money there's a tranny in there

now give me back double

b065db No.14642370

File: a2f00582836336e⋯.jpg (260.59 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 2015-04-06_00001.jpg)

>every line of dialogue in the game

What the hell were they thinking? What audience wants a fucking Baldur's Gate clone with all-voiced dialogue?

e5a154 No.14642407


How else can they give their unemployed SJW friends easy work?

b065db No.14642408


Hire them to do QA. Obsidian needs all the help they can get in that department.

b065db No.14642412


Oh wait.

>easy work


4d5840 No.14642431

File: 9320b0edb4ae15b⋯.jpg (75.24 KB, 702x99, 78:11, Obsidian on Kickstarter.jpg)

77bac7 No.14642440


I want it. I quit the first PoE because I was sick of reading their pointless walls of texts

279050 No.14643746


This is good because I actually enjoyed the first one.

862f1f No.14643749

Even if the writing was stellar, the rule system is a complete joke.

cfe8c2 No.14643765

Even if we're to leave aside all the cucking out and virtue (virtual?) signaling (and that's leaving aside quite a lot), PoE was a fucking snoozefest. Dialogue was purple prose bland shit written by high school poetry class tier retards, combat was bland as white bread, skills and leveling was duller than a river stone. "Dull and boring" is the very essence of the game and even that phrase is a vast understatement of the truth.

I cannot fucking fathom who would want even MORE of that shit. It's like watching paint dry in a room, one wall at a time, and then asking to be relocated to another room for the same exact thing. PoE was difficult enough to slog through (I quit midway through, I gave it multiple chances but had to nope out eventually), I can't imagine why anyone would want a second goddamn helping.

d08bcf No.14646722

6e3b31 No.14646737

File: 9d74721be9ba436⋯.png (52.06 KB, 884x625, 884:625, pathfinder cucking.png)


>Pathfinder Kingmaker is probably going to turn out better tbh



58eb78 No.14646752


>that dragon, cancer and deus ex being mentioned in a single line


6e3b31 No.14646756


>we don't have to make compromises with a publisher

>are given shitloads of cash and carte blanche to make anything they want

>make shitty Baldur's Gate clone that plays like shit, has shit party members and a shit plot

>chase away all the writing talent that made you famous in the process and replace them with tumblrtards

>shit out another Marxist turd of a game that has equally shit gameplay, party members and story

That fat Jew Kotick was always right. The only way you can get honest work out of an artist and keep him away from degeneracy is if you beat him on a regular basis and threaten his family.

461291 No.14646762


>"we arent going to pretend that women are less fit to be heroes than men"

But they literally are, even a cursory glance at statistics proves it.

6e3b31 No.14646790


>we recorded every line of dialogue in the game

>are you happy now goyim?

Yeah, Obsidian really has their priorities straight. That's what people want from a fucking cRPG, every disgusting line of purple prose voiced by talentless hacks that cost them half the budget.


When did logic and reason ever stop the leftists from doing something?

Also, I find it hilarious how he says the game won't be preachy Marxist garbage and then goes on to list all the ways they made it preachy Marxist garbage. You have niggers, you have faggots, and likely trannies, you have the strong womyn that need no man. All they're missing to make the perfect Pathfinder game is some good old mpreg, possibly involving ebil Nazis so their target audience can masturbate themselves into a stupor.

Fuck every single leftist, they should be purged from all aspects of human life.

319a3a No.14646810

File: 2147bf00b51ffa4⋯.png (303.83 KB, 680x388, 170:97, fucking nu-obsidian.png)


The fact we have a thread on this atrocity dared to called "videogame" is just makes me sick…

f23a5e No.14646943


That would require actually playing a video game, you shitlord.

a3414f No.14648557


>Divinity Orignal sin 2

>Has every line of dialogue voiced

>No one really cares

>Pillars of Eternity 2 does the same thing.

>How DARE this game video game call itself a video game

I don't get it.

ac1d0c No.14648588

Are trannies not allowed to have jobs? I'm confused as to the point of this thread

6e3b31 No.14648649


Because people play DOS2 for the stellar writing, right? The issue with fully voiced dialogue is what it has always been, it limits the number of choices on offer to the player because they need to record all that shit in advance, and VA is expensive. The best compromise was found in BG2, important characters get a paragraph or two of voice dialogue, just to give you an idea of how they sound, and the rest is silent.

BioWare and their "fully voiced for cinematic experience" ruined the cRPG genre because now every normalfag that can't is too stupid to read expects that in every game.

a3414f No.14648670


Yes, but the voice acting came after the game was done both times. It didn't limit player choice in OS 2, and I don't see why it would with this game.

6e3b31 No.14648680


>It didn't limit player choice in OS 2, and I don't see why it would with this game.

Ah, I see, you're a retard.

a3414f No.14648689


Well I have spent an embarrassing amount of time with both games so you are probably right.

29b419 No.14648705

Isn't Tim Cain working on some sort of top secret project at Obsidian? Do you think it will at least be half as good as the good half of VTM:B

6e3b31 No.14648716


The limit on choices comes from the fact they need to keep things within budget, so during writing they will always have a limit on how many lines of texts they can include and how deep dialogue branches go.

When you don't have such constraints you can pretty much go wild with the content. Just compare the amount of choices in Age of Decadence to those found in DOS2. Would you agree that AoD would have had less choices if they had decided to VA the whole thing?

It's a question of proper budget allocation. What do you get with fully voiced dialogue? Fucking nothing. Most cRPG fans can read faster than the characters speak, so you usually just end skipping the spoken dialogue anyway. It's just there to impress the normalfags, and anything that pleases the normalfags is always cancer.


No. Tim Cain alone can't make up for all the faggotry currently present at Obsidian.

a3414f No.14648730

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This was the last thing posted about it. Might show up at E3 but who knows.

70530d No.14648738

You know what's sad this point this is what is killing story and video games to a degree, because everything apparently needs to have some kind of line read to some braindead asshole. Its funny because I played trials in tainted space resiliently and I was more engaged by my nightmare sex monster of character fucking anything that had a hole. Then any thing that's been made recently, and hell least characters in that had motivation and goals compared to some dumb purple haired turbo cunt.

29b419 No.14648742


I skimmed through and saw no gameplay. If it's all employees jerking themselves off the game is doomed.

a3414f No.14648750


I get that it limits the budget but if budget is already spent on the game's writing and the game is already done I don't see what the problem is for them to go ahead and have VA for the entire project as they work out bugs.

319a3a No.14648782

File: a091b0945f1d826⋯.jpg (40.02 KB, 695x547, 695:547, you still do this.jpg)


>makes an angry post on obsidian and their pile of shit

>brag on how i dare to hurt your tranny game on a topic i never ever mentioned

>come up DOS2, but forget that it handled the dialoges and text way better than PoE where every fucking thing was a pointless wall of text

>seriously thinks voiced shit is the thing what made DOS2 great

>seriosly think /v/ biggest beef is with this son-to-be-pile-of-shit is the voiced dialogues

Are you from the cesspool which called Obsidian forum?

a3414f No.14648816


Look you are free to hate the game but I don't see how having voiced dialogue after the game is done automatically would make it bad. I was merely commenting how no one gave a shit when original sin 2 did it.

ed8248 No.14648829


>Not everything is political

>Thats why you'll see all these current political topics like lgbt, niggers, and strong female characters.

I hate these fags who pretend they are nuetral while admitting they'll be adding their political views into it while they expect you to think its not political.

29b419 No.14648836


They're trying to normalize it.

319a3a No.14648880


Look i fucking didn't said anything on the voices, i just find it a fucking shame this pile of miserable shit get any "visibility" on this board.

You would see this too, if you would pull out your head from your fat-ass and actually read the fucking post!

6ec426 No.14648910

File: 64aadd93835338a⋯.jpg (88.23 KB, 898x954, 449:477, 56%.jpg)

a3414f No.14648936

651535 No.14648940

File: 2b60c1c50a7c154⋯.png (144.58 KB, 883x318, 883:318, what happened to halfchan ….png)



Pretty much. The leftist will attempt to portray their desired politics as not being political and just "the way things are" in the hopes that you'll accept it and let them push even further in that direction.

338848 No.14648960


>strong female character

And by that they mean a flawless paragon of a character doing things that would otherwise make them flawed, but since they are strong they get away with it.

fae86f No.14649000

File: ccf14c75d8c1ab9⋯.jpg (16.22 KB, 255x207, 85:69, disappointment_splatoon.jpg)


Fucking hell I can't wait for this shitty forced meme to crawl back to cuckchan and die.

eda4b9 No.14649024


Oh for fucks sake

That's Chris Avellone isn't it?

dde198 No.14649076

File: 454c2af369168ca⋯.png (1.6 KB, 158x160, 79:80, 454c2af369168cad6d057dc161….png)


Remember when fifteen years ago we had a D&D game that actually adapted the tabletop role-playing game concept of the game being directed by a game master who's able to create anything at all for his players and then no other studio whatsoever took note and even the studio that made that game then immediately slipped back and never tried climbing back up ever again

dde198 No.14649097

File: 0d27cf54999ebe2⋯.jpg (165.85 KB, 800x400, 2:1, 0d27cf54999ebe2abe2cd3d567….jpg)


Just reminds me of pic related.

29b419 No.14649115

File: 84cf237b0f4eb56⋯.gif (1016.23 KB, 268x255, 268:255, e04d99d63b252501839b2948b4….gif)


Damn. I don't remember him being that fugly.

5e9863 No.14649170


The image of the weird looking fuck has been around for ages and i've seen it posted way before the amerimutt meme.

c28fb7 No.14649243


One has tons of customization and option in spite of voice acting while the other is adding it in a sequel when its predecessor couldn't even pull off half of it without voice acting.

4a15d4 No.14649260


He's not completely wrong though.

daecf6 No.14649262

File: 9ac8bf7b61e8045⋯.png (267.15 KB, 512x380, 128:95, gone.png)

This is the face of that tranny who got butthurt over a harmless joke and threw a hissy fit all over social media.

c28fb7 No.14649360



I know this is a typo but that actually is a more applicable term to use when talking about playing that game.

b065db No.14649406



I can't find a source for either of the posts in that picture. The picture came from quotes in a Codex post, but none of the links in that post appear to include that text.

338848 No.14649431

File: 603d114d57b21c1⋯.png (405.31 KB, 463x537, 463:537, 1448056416222.png)


How could you be such an ugly failure of a man, and think you could do any better as an even uglier woman?

70530d No.14649444


Yeah, i'm tired and to a degree mentally damage. also at least tits is mindless fun when you turn your brain off and try to just make some ungodly abomination that fucks everything mindlessly and without mercy. I feel corruption of champions was better just with writing and features. Plus I like fantasy more than sci-fi that's just my own shit taste.

c28fb7 No.14649445


Soylent's one hell of a drug.

75cfdb No.14649453


Now you can listen to pointless walls of text :^) WHY NOT JUST SHORTEN IT YOU FUCK?

648898 No.14649470

File: 7aad5b2098767d2⋯.jpg (20.27 KB, 188x196, 47:49, reliable reply.jpg)



Mental illness can reliably turn otherwise functional people into failures. Functioning mental patients are rare, as most cases end with the individual being overpowered by the psychological damages

c28fb7 No.14649488


This goes way beyond mental illness. This is a gaping spiritual wound.

945761 No.14649496


>not even wearing her face

<do u even grill, bish?

she not grillan

70530d No.14649502


You know as much as I wish this wasn't the case, this highly true I deal with it myself, but I've learn to make peace with the fact I will never go anywhere because of just how overpowering my mental illnesses are for me, I can't go out to a collage because I can't actually apply due to my actual time in school learning was effected by special education which is the biggest waste of time I ever put into anything in my life.

648898 No.14649504

File: f06e0835651554a⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 299x327, 299:327, his smile and optimism.jpg)

>>14649488 (heil'd)

The two tend to go hand in hand, unfortunately.

648898 No.14649516

File: efb5cbb647f9829⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 390x283, 390:283, gotta get used to it.JPG)


Sorry to hear, anon.

Hopefully you've at least got some modest employment going for you.

29b419 No.14649522

File: e0212d9d5edc3b9⋯.jpg (268.82 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 01f456244dcdc2dcb0d51d2300….jpg)


>He's not completely wrong though.

That's not the point. It's the attitude. It's the exact same arrogant superiority every talentless dated celebrity has during their 15 minutes of fame. The publicly shitting on fans, the bragging about their temporary success, the never admitting to their fuckups, etc. It's even more pathetic now, though, because it's just e-fame. This is why e-celebs 99.99% of the time turn out to be a pathetic lowlifes.

He has the same e-peen persona minecraft, gmod, etc admins get because they manage a large population of 10-year olds. I mean shit. He even throws around the word "We" when referring to his channel as if it's this corporation. Everytime I hear that I immediately think of a group of minecraft trolls on youtube who use to shit all over these type of kids. One autistic server owner in particular use to refer to his admins as "The Staff" and tried to be overly professional about it when you could tell it's a 16 year old kid in his mom's basement.

Pic related is probably the only e-celeb I've ever seen who realizes it's all bullshit, and as a result, is the exact opposite of TB in every single way.

cbdb0f No.14649524


How come you can't go back to any education program to get a GED?

70530d No.14649568

File: 6cfab6db10ba9c4⋯.jpg (135.28 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, plain_doll_by_4rca-d8qj5wt.jpg)




Well things in my life have gotten a lot better since me and my family move away from the city, Never live in Bakersfield for the love off god ==NEVER!==

Now me and my family live out in the mountains in small neighborhood that is surround by nature people here are older and nicer people it's peaceful here, I wont be getting a job but all be helping others around senior center that is here and be.


Is that ross from accursed farms, the guy who made freeman's mind?


The problem with that is schizotypal personality disorder, even if I did that I wouldn't be able to hold a job, think of like a worse version of bipolar where instead of you jumping from emotions in small amounts, you instead have a ton of feelings you can even process not mention I have a issue authority and that get's a lot worse with me, also I have schizophrenia, adhd, and autism. It's this huge mess that creates a wall that I can't really get pass, and no weed wouldn't help, actually it probability make me a lot worse since that also effects you mentally and emotionally.

The only way I have gotten though life is by accepting my life the way it is and finding peace and joy in the little things, if I can make someone happier or help them stop doing something terrible I can know at the very least i'm doing something even if it's little.

260982 No.14649581


>Is that ross from accursed farms, the guy who made freeman's mind?

Yes. He started doing Freeman's Mind 2 last year.

29b419 No.14649587


>Is that ross from accursed farms, the guy who made freeman's mind?

I knew him mostly from civil protection. I discovered him again when someone posted game dungeon on here. Kinda blew my mind when I made the connection. Dudes humble as fuck.

70530d No.14649605


I just wasn't sure if it was him, I know he's doing fm 2 I kinda envy that shirt of his he make amazing video's honestly. Shit well this thread got derail a bit by my autism, but hey least we can talk about something good for a bit, on topic I feel text is way better in games than actual voice, even more so when the actors have fucking awful voices honestly it's why I actually like Japanese acting, they do amazing with voice talent, you do have issue of everyone sounding the same to a degree, but no one wants to here some cringy bitch talk paragraph of text that leads up to fucking nothing.

83114f No.14649774



>Pozfinder, the second best system after 3.5e

>Literally Little Retards First Homebrew, the system

>Iconic character for Barbarian is a stronk angry womyn

>Iconic character for Shaman class is a fucking tranny.

>In one of their modules, there are lesbians in the fucking holy war against daemons and their encounter is they bitching about LGBTBBQ bullshit and if you do not play along then you instantly become evil and they will smite you.

You are in for a huge disappointment, anon.

c26455 No.14649862

I just finished a CRPG that did a great job of balancing voice and text - Arcanum. Most of it is pure text, and then certain dialogs with key characters (such as party members) are voiced. Thinking of how unfinished the game is unpatched, I shudder to imagine how it would have turned out had they devoted a ridiculous budget to full VA. Point is though, you can tell an amazing story without every little line needing to be voiced by some tranny - that money is much better spent elsewhere in your game.

eda4b9 No.14649910


I know for a fact that Avellone hangs around The Codex a lot, so it's a good chance that it's him.

eda4b9 No.14649935


Just shows how pozzed POE 2 will be that this is the better alternative.

And if you want dumb, wait till you hear about how 5e has copied ideas from Nucom and has boss enemies that take an action every time a player character takes an action.

ac8a6a No.14650237


the amerimutt meme is cuckchan cancer, the original with the thot and her half ape is fine since it paints a clear warning of the dangers of racemixing with apes

eabd51 No.14650263


>they'd just burn shitton of money for pointless walls of text

Think about it for a second retard. Writing a wall of text is dirt cheap, recording it is not. The fact that they're recording every line in the game means there won't any walls of text this time.

b065db No.14650297

File: 33302a80c6cac19⋯.png (215.51 KB, 783x1806, 261:602, codex post.png)

319a3a No.14651068

File: a7e15954012f490⋯.jpg (7.23 KB, 300x168, 25:14, oh no.jpg)


>Since we past [current year] and in [current year +3] people actually punish devs for bullshits, we decided to be subtle and not-too-subtle with the transbullshit

>preach on sjw-ism like it wouldn't be obvious what people mean under it

>the game is already full with trash…

You know guys… the bad gamedesing only just cherry to the top on this pile of shit…

319a3a No.14651075


You nigger, just go re-read what anon posted!

Wall of text always mean that you have zero fucking talent for writing! Look at DOS2 they were able to handle this way more better with few lines and shit. That's decent tier writing! The monstrosity in PoE is talentless-shit tier!

0b3b9d No.14651087



Mutt detected lel

c28fb7 No.14651133


>In one of their modules, there are lesbians in the fucking holy war against daemons and their encounter is they bitching about LGBTBBQ bullshit and if you do not play along then you instantly become evil and they will smite you

This sounds like a Robot Chicken skit.

000000 No.14651137

that soy cuck face

e02b23 No.14651163

Is PoE 1 bad? I love BG played trough the first and recently the second. Now im starting IWD 1 and 2 after that i wanted to go PoE since i got it from a humble bundle i think, i dont know anymore from where but i got it ass cheap but i really dont wanna get that SJW bullshit constantly getting pushed into my face. Is PoE pozzed now or not? The only thing i heard back then was that they censored 1 gravestone because some tranny freak was triggered by it, but you can undo this via steam workshop or something.

6e3b31 No.14651167


It's pozzed, it's boring, it reads like shit, it plays like shit. Some will tell you the expansion and patches fix the game, but those people are lying.

Same shit goes for Tyranny.

c21ac8 No.14651170


Putting up my own experience, I can't fucking remember this game, even with playing it twice completely then regretting it because I wasted more time with reading not a Wall, but a Fortress of text where each paragraph and sentences are too fucking drawn out. So sorry if that doesn't help.

319a3a No.14651190


In my 30 years long gaming career this was the first game i deeply regretted to buy and playing. It's not just bad, but that fucking bad!

And i'm not talking about the removed tranny joke, the forced strong-female characters, the contant ebil white people and conservatives, the reappearing crying on male privilege.

Im talking about the bad combat desing, the make no-sense buff system, the trying-to-be-look clever story, the actual lack of choices and the bland as fuck gameplay.

P.S.: I was too butthurted by this shit to get the DLC which supposedly fixed some of the issue. They fucking fooled me once, never again!

8870fa No.14651204



>Is PoE 1 bad?

Well, I played it when it first came out.

What I played was relatively bug free and okay.


>items are common, and not so much distinction from special weapons

>you cant consume use food/buffs outside combat

>some quests were bad, like Aloth's. It started interesting and then suddenly the quest was complete without me understanding why that had to be the end

>big town was supposed to be in chaos when you leave it, however whenever you come back after it's as if nothing happened

>story was meh, even the big reveal was meh. It would've been effective it were done 2 games down the line, so it would've been very impactful.. but we got what we got

>Sawyer the balance man made things not fun

>only interesting companions IMO was Eder, and Durance. Aloth was supposed to be good, but dropped the ball so hard.

>self inserts were the worst, but learned to identify and stop reading them.

>that infamous issue with the tranny thing, and that's the least of its problems

Lots of anons say the expansion fixed a lot of the problems from base game, but I don't really care about playing it again.

e02b23 No.14651209


Dont i have the freedom to at least opress the strong womens and be the bad evil conservative? Those RPG games are supposed to be what you want so can i be?

e02b23 No.14651216


I might add Jaheira from bg didnt even bother me, she was that strong women kind but in a believable way or at least in a way that i didnt notice any agenda frocing, who really pissed me off was Aerie. I'm barely mean in those games and try to be a good person but it didnt take me long to shut that bitch up, she and partly imoen were the only annoying characters i can remember altough i dont know all the possible charaters from a single playtrough.

6e3b31 No.14651222



You sound primed and ready to suck some Obsidian cock. People have already told you the writing is bad and the combat is shit, but if you're so hell bent on wading through this garbage no one is stopping you.

e02b23 No.14651240


Well i have it anyway and theres no problem with SJW chars as long as you can purge them. Just a little dissapointed that IWD 2 will most likely be the last nice rpg that im gonna enjoy that i dont already know. I hope it doesnt bore me so much that i cancel it halfway trough or something. I tought it was a try to revive those old games and remember /v/ was hyped for it back in the day until the tranny incident. I never followed the subject and tought its gonna be good until i saw this thread here.

afc196 No.14651244

File: e27106e06fba1a7⋯.jpg (222.62 KB, 1000x1016, 125:127, 1468583849460.jpg)



>Muh logic & reason

8870fa No.14651245



Well, it's certainly gives you just as much freedom as BG games.

Freedom like, having choices on what to do on key moments.

I remember people compared PoEternity as BG1, which I guess is a fair comparison.

I just hope Obsidian learnt enough to make Deadfire fun enough.

At least pirate it.

c28fb7 No.14651246

File: 31f3bb2ccf5cb37⋯.jpg (26.4 KB, 292x271, 292:271, a well dressed caveman exp….jpg)


>RPG games

8870fa No.14651248


Personally, Arcanum is the best game I've played in terms of freedom.

e02b23 No.14651264


I wanted to play that but i didnt get it to work no matter what. I got the gog version, i maybe try again getting it to run some time.

02b22c No.14651274


Wasteland 2



Tide pods of Nunanuma

All kickstarted, all offensively mediocre shit.

319a3a No.14651402


Jaheira is one of the prime example how you write good female hero. The "women" in PoE nowhere near to her…

6e3b31 No.14651428


>Jaheira is one of the prime example how you write good female hero

Is she barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen washing the dishes? No? Then she's a shit female hero.

52af63 No.14651454


Nope, all their games are either utter shit or medicore at best. Their competition is even more shitty, so Obsidian starts to look good.

eabd51 No.14651485



How about you re-read our posts, again. We are not talking about quality of writing.

The reason for walls of text is irrelevant in this case. Having every line voiced makes it automatically impossible to have walls of text - writing may be shit but it will be definitely shorter.

e40370 No.14651553


Seconded what >>14651248 said.

After you get it to work, remember to play it in turned based since the real time aspect is bugged as fuck. My first run with it was hell. Sure it was fun the first few fights but later it's such a clusterfuck.

319a3a No.14651554


B-but it's your job to make her that way… why would she do any of that if you are an unworthy fatcuck?

c28fb7 No.14651568


They could always keep the walls of text but just not have as many to compensate.

8fbfda No.14651840


I liked Tyranny. I wish it was longer, but it was good and a fresh idea with the setting.

b065db No.14653451


In PoE1, there were voiced dialogues that also featured unvoiced prose. They've only said that "every line of dialogue" in PoE2 is voiced. It's possible there will still be unvoiced walls of text in the dialogue window.

5141b5 No.14656649


>not going to pretend that women are less fit to be heroes

Muscle, bone structure, testosterone, readily happy to take up marshal talents, fighty. Show me a female army that can beat a male one.

>LGBT 'people'

They're not relevant, they could also not exist in the world they create if they so chose. Weather a character sucks cock or not is none of our concern in an RPG and trannies don't exist anyway they're just deluded miserable idiots who never learned biology.


Incorrect uses of this word (just like 'problematic') now = gas chamber.

5141b5 No.14656692


Delusion and lying to themselves, mostly the latter. Pig-fugly, acne ridden, wonky eyed, rosacea spattered greasy fatty, this damn fool has put less than no effort into appearing like a passable human being let alone a woman.

No-one wants to fuck them as men but there's a lot of gross dog-rough women out there who get nailed on the reg, these wrecks hope to join the bottom of those hideous ranks which they consider a step up from the fuggo men they still are and will always be.

b70ca1 No.14656834


Tyranny was waaay better in comparison to poe, thats why it was such a letdown when I plyed it

f18205 No.14656998

PoE? power over ethernet?

e5a154 No.14662694


How is Tranny better?

aa4d44 No.14662730


Ross is the only e-celeb I can stand a 100%. Down to earth dude in all ways.

30ff2c No.14662743


You gotta love how this guy tries to tiptoe around what "SJW" shit means then goes and uses fucking "POC" and "LGBT" seriously. You know damn well you cock loving nigger faggot.

dffba6 No.14664565


It's your natural reaction to mixed race mutts, anons. It's like the uncanney valley.

I get that reaction whenver I look at hapas. It's almost like you can see a white girl in there trapped somewhere, but it's being forcefully merged with asian genes.

It's even more creepy when these mutts can speak perfect English without an ethnic dialect.

I legit think mixed race people are creepy, anon.

dffba6 No.14664577


>But they literally are, even a cursory glance at statistics proves it.

A cursory glance at the word hero itself proves it, anon. Heroine is the right word.

Women are more fit to be caretakers for the ill, sick and injured. No sane woman wants to fight. No sane society would mobilize their women to fight.

>inb4 the germanic tribes did it when they migrated to Rome

Nope. They didn't fight. They were cheerleaders. Cheerleaders who would kill their own team if they tried to flee and who were there, so that the warriors would have an "all or nothing" incentive to fight.

Even Shieldmaidens were more about literally "handing" vikings their shield as an equipment care-taker than warriors. The priomordial thruth stays the same.

Only in some insane steppe culture tribes you can see women fighting. And even there it's limited and has more to do with a bloodthirsty culture, where you train everyone to be ready to take a life, than anything like the modern cultural marxist gender equality.

b26f84 No.14664584


That pic really makes me want to vomit every time I see it.

dffba6 No.14664597

File: 44f80a0f80c9801⋯.jpg (288.43 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 68er Degenerierte.jpg)


And it's beautiful & that's a GOOD thing.

518098 No.14668411

File: 2b58436976afb3a⋯.jpg (23.85 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1434510882821.jpg)


I dont know who is Amiri, but compering her to Furiosa is just retarded.

ee046d No.14669536

I like Pillars of Eternity.

49bdb1 No.14669584

File: 4696dc66b66055a⋯.jpg (27.22 KB, 497x282, 497:282, inevitable disappointment ….jpg)

>tfw Chris Avellone has to poison every cRPG in existence with his writing

When will it end, /v/? Is there one he hasn't gone near?

aa4d44 No.14669683


That leftypol meet up looks like great fun.

6e3b31 No.14669753


Some of them are so fat we'll have to build special ovens to shove them into.

aa4d44 No.14669783


Why not think bigger anon? We could use their fat for soap.

9a5eff No.14669808


>Is PoE 1 bad?

It's Pillars of Boredom. Combat is shit – walk up to the enemy and spam the same two or three skills every time. There's no strategy and it's all mind-numbingly easy. Setting starts out looking nice, until you realise they they decided to do literally nothing with it. You are going through generic fantasy land doing generic shit, while everyone vomits walls of purple prose at you, about shit that's not relevant to anything in the game. Story is shit also – there are plot holes, the conflict is fairly uninteresting, a lot of the characters make no sense, and overall only serves as a vehicle to get you from point A to point B. I'd compare it to NWN1's main story, only even that managed to be more interesting. There's also poz galore.

Overall, it was one of the most boring cRPGs I've ever played.

7a1e29 No.14669837

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Thanks for reminding me of this.

dffba6 No.14670022


It's not leftypol. This is your average German Boomer in my country.

eccfba No.14670036

File: 6206383560b4814⋯.png (44.36 KB, 611x737, 611:737, 6206383560b4814386364447e9….png)

When playing RPGs with voice acting do you guys listen to the voices at all? I read faster than they speak so I just skip them, I thought that was the common

6e3b31 No.14670043


>I thought that was the common

It is common if you're not a subhuman normalfag that never really managed to get past elementary school English.

6b9e58 No.14670048

File: 5760e8f1628e5b0⋯.jpg (120.61 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, dc5b5054af1879c505eb122d82….jpg)


I do occasionally pause if a character has a delicious voice, depending on what they're saying, but generally no.


Not wrong but contempt for your audience or potential audience is a significant career limiting move.

7a6639 No.14670076



"Let's put two warriors in a bottleneck and let the wizards kill everything by stacking their first level AoE, DoT spell right in front of them": The Game

aa4d44 No.14670102


Boomers are shit everywhere anon.

e5a154 No.14673369


Not Eastern Europe, they know first-hand what leftists will do so they are non-cucked.

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