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File: ea3f98891143728⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

1b2640 No.14644077

For the most part, this board hated God of War.

>inb4 /v/ is one person

Everytime GoW got discussed, it was said to be shit, an inferior Devil May Cry and that Dark Souls was the real shit. Now they are making a new game that is emulating Dark Souls, people here are pretending that the old games are good and decide to hate the new one just because SJWs are loving it.

Hypocrisy much?

952a31 No.14644094

God of War was never good.

a4bb91 No.14644103

File: e49a79ce84eb0e1⋯.png (347.95 KB, 593x638, 593:638, friggin normalfags.png)

it's the newfags anon.

6313c0 No.14644105

>emulating Dark Souls

the fuck are you talking about? It emulates the last of us?

More importantly if it was a good game it wouldn't have to emulate a better one, it'd just do more of the same and refine it?

I've never played that shit, but your argument is fundamentally flawed.

ea7209 No.14644118


Looking at the gameplay videos alone it really does look like it plays similarly to Dark Souls, especially since the default controls are mapped to R1 and R2 not to mention that you can't actually jump

To answer your question OP why would I want a game that looks like a mishmash of shit I've already played and/or don't like when I could have a game that is distinct and has it's own identity? Like at least with Nioh you had a sick combat system that did it's best to differentiate itself from Dark Souls, what the hell am I even looking at with God of Soy? An awkward corporate mashup of Dark Souls and the Last of Us?

b809e5 No.14644121


All GoW games are shit. The new DadofWar is just shittier.

c5597d No.14644130

>people here are pretending that the old games are good

We shit on the entire franchise you fucking newcuck retard. Fuck off back to whatever irrelevant shithole you crawled out from

15734d No.14644133


Fuck off shill, nobody is buying your game

6381e0 No.14644137


The entire trilogy didn't make sense storywise, combat didn't evolve other than save magic and spam or just use this one move for the entire game, the PSP games and Ascension pisses me off, there's too different directions for Kratos, and he started his fucking fall with Ascension's wonky depiction of him.

56134f No.14644140


I enjoy the original god of wars but I've always admitted that they're mindless, casual button mashers. Some puzzles are neat, the locales are cool to look at and I'm a sucker for Greek anything. But no one here is pretending that the old games are "good" and you're a retarded faggot.

cd60dc No.14644144

Game sold solely on promised nudity for younger males and buff homo eroticism in a main character. Games would be better if all the zeros and ones were naked, then we wouldn't have to do this stupid marxist feminist dance that somehow makes the obese have an excuse not to exercise and eat properly.

c18b8f No.14644159



GoW was the last true franchise that catered to non-pozzed people in gaming. It didn't compromise when it came to gratuitous violence, sex and gore. It was one of the last deliberately manly games.

Yeah, sure it may have ripped off DMC but if you're gonna rip off something, at least rip off something good.

15734d No.14644166


>what is yakuza

46b306 No.14644170

A better thread topic would be: Why do we need 100+ threads about some games just because their sequel came out when otherwise they would barely be fuckign mentioned?

bc28e8 No.14644185


>deliberately manly games

True. Too bad it wasn't good.

b809e5 No.14644199



Also what the fuck are you talking about?

>and that Dark Souls was the real shit.

Dark Souls wasn't even out when GoW was relevant you retard.


The game could give me a blowjob for all I care. It was a shit game, the end. And >>14644166

8cb1ff No.14644201

File: 633e6ad7062fec6⋯.png (492.62 KB, 993x644, 993:644, DOScheckem.png)

>Shitty cuckchan GoW thread #8427041

Check these instead.

6f90c6 No.14644354


bdc49c No.14644377


>Hypocrisy much?


919c05 No.14644381

>Now they are making a new game that is emulating Dark Souls, people here are pretending that the old games are good and decide to hate the new one just because SJWs are loving it.

<emulating dark souls

<people here pretending the old games are good

<only reason people hate it is cause SJWs like it now


Also there's already a thread so maybe fuck off huh?

35606a No.14644382

File: 24974f1239df6d0⋯.jpg (52.36 KB, 515x423, 515:423, uef1t6ysmryz.jpg)


It was a good game, then they made an ok game and then they ended with an repetitive and boring game. All with the history being progressively worse the more they developed it.

There`s nothing to talk about.

f4b77f No.14644407


I guess you are right, OP, thank you, I will give this new God of War game a try.

b8c500 No.14644425


Get off of our board or I'm going to copypaste text files and create your newest consumer data scandal, sony.

cb75c4 No.14644433

File: 1fd4d93678e8935⋯.gif (906.25 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 7e9b8034097e0cbc3d7a633291….gif)


>eople here are pretending that the old games are good

not even worth the dubs

c3a90c No.14644628

Fuck off shill faggot

99749f No.14644667

File: c96ec4951c24aa5⋯.jpg (154.25 KB, 960x744, 40:31, Dubs9.jpg)

>Cuck of War


e58bb6 No.14644733

No, what happened is that over time underage became 18 and so they liked GoW because they were kids and now they are old enough to share their shit taste.

919c05 No.14644737


dubs of truth

37cfee No.14644756

It's just a DMC ripoff with an extremely ugly protagonist. The gameplay always should have been outsourced to a Japanese team. Actually everything about it should have been outsourced. David Jaffe is a hack.

ea591b No.14644761



>past tense

No it's still shit.

977fc1 No.14644762

File: 8c5888109c54e2d⋯.jpg (108.09 KB, 974x639, 974:639, ghj.JPG)


45014f No.14644765


A game's legacy doesn't matter if the game that was presented was shit. nu-God of War is shit, and old God of War games were good. And God of war games were hardly ever discussed here, because they weren't shit. We shitpost and talk about bad shit to stay away from and mock the people who made bad shit.

Your thread is a veiled attempt to market the bad game no matter what your intent actually is. Fuck off.

078d6d No.14644767

The god of war games were the video game equivalent of "popcorn movie".

They weren't anything special or not worthy but they were solid time wasters

977fc1 No.14644801


I bumped the thread like a retard since the captcha was shitting the bed.

6c80aa No.14644804


saging is not a downvote bump

4c996d No.14644818

File: d53c43c4c7a19c1⋯.webm (225.26 KB, 640x480, 4:3, it never ends this shit.webm)


>Lets be honest

>Now they are making a new game that is emulating Dark Souls

>Hypocrisy much?

I'm getting too old for this shit.

2ba977 No.14644844


>not even worth the dubs

>gets trips and dubs anyway

This proves that GoW is shit especially the new one.

e42327 No.14645038

>Only a hypocrite would dare to dislike TWO games.


bbe3e3 No.14645040


>they are making a new game that is emulating Dark Souls

No, it's not.

>people here are pretending that the old games are good

No one's doing that.

> and decide to hate the new one just because SJWs are loving it.

It's being hated because of the dumbed down mechanics, even more dumbed down than old GoW, shitty story that doesn't understand Norse mythology and forces an agenda, and cinematic focus instead of gameplay.

You deserve some sort of price for lowest IQ in the board.

cb75c4 No.14645107

File: 69826303e4a029e⋯.jpg (41.79 KB, 544x499, 544:499, 69826303e4a029e1444b13801b….jpg)

>>14644844 (checked)

409d63 No.14645122


get the fuck off my site faggot

24f370 No.14645130

File: fc847c80196430a⋯.gif (266.73 KB, 360x240, 3:2, fc847c80196430abcc2d9311fd….gif)



>trying to rewrite hostory that desperatley

What, did yor shilling in halfchan failed and now you're trying ti here.

Everyone knows that GoW was babies first cuhrayzee game, yet could be more then what it appears o be on harder settings, not something a soyboy like yourself could ever understadn.

Just fuck off, you're wasting your time here.

Try maybe plebbit, they suck up your shit more easily,.

159bb6 No.14645136

File: 93c3331ae20e61e⋯.jpg (87.99 KB, 630x643, 630:643, 1373175538397.jpg)


>people here are pretending that the old games are good

no one is saying that.

6fba22 No.14645145


> Now they are making a new game that is emulating Dark Souls

It's emulating TLoU, fuck off. The orginaly games were dumb stupid trash, but fun trash. The new game is "amture games for mature gamers" lacking any fun an made entirely up up bullshit.

977fc1 No.14645160


Nobody cares reddit, take a knife and shove it up your scalp.

f67d5a No.14645161

How many fucking God of War threads can we have.

873f0b No.14645166

>tfw we will never have a true Hercules-game where you complete the 7 heroics to fall into the graces of gods.

bbe3e3 No.14645173




>Dark Lels comparison

>journalists shilling it



>wife's son

>soy face

It just hits all the right spots for it to be on the /v/ spotlight. It's like a hatred orgasm.

a3c055 No.14645197

File: 3b6e8c969a74c26⋯.jpg (603.16 KB, 706x1024, 353:512, 3b6e8c969a74c269d6a0dce293….jpg)

The reason I hate the new God of War really has less to do with the game itself (even though it looks boring), but more so because of the trends it encapsulates.

Trend 1: Some weird idea that action games are somehow lesser than other genres. DMC was remade and died even though I still have hope, Ninja Gaiden had Yaiba and died. The only living action game franchise I can think of is Bayonetta, and it's on a different platform.

So, God of War could come out and be literally the only action game made for the current console generation. Instead, it chose to do the behind-the-shoulder-camera, feeling-exploring graphicsfest, of which there is already TLoU and Uncharted+DLC. Uncharted 2 is also pretty close. Hell, fucking A Way Out fits that description. It missed the golden opportunity.

Trend 2: "reinventing" shit in ways that are completely fucking retarded. Wow, I'm going to definitely like Kratos that he's a dad now, even though he literally destroyed a fucking country, wiped out all gods and titans, kills random people just for vaguely being in his way and is just a giant ball of rage. No, he's a father now so it's different, not like he let his surrogate daughter die in 3 for fucking nothing.

There are many more things wrong with the game but these two are my main gripes.

f67d5a No.14645206

File: b96317f49d10aa8⋯.gif (697.93 KB, 256x256, 1:1, b96317f49d10aa88c6262c1c74….gif)

Dosen't it activate your almonds when every game that has been praised for being "Mature" and "Initiative" are just games with the main theme being a Father and Son relationship. hmmmm, I wonder what that could mean?

4c7b9f No.14645211


nipples when even GTA did not dare to put some

0815b7 No.14645235


forgot 1 thing

>gameplay is casual as fuck and journiggers still can't cope

other than that, I try to get those thread to die or speed up their demise if it's too late, jesus fuck I'm tired of those threads after the first one, gow4 is that bad


>The only living action game franchise I can think of is Bayonetta

Do you accept AA games, anon? If so I fear Darksiders 3 will fail for some reason, whip lacks the weight of other weapons. THQ Nordic (Games) may be a decent publisher, but I'm not sure if the new team is capable.

About second point, Kratos got SOY'd and I simply can't find any other explanation, how did he got over his PTSD rage so quickly? I guess logical storyline isn't cinematic enough.

70b1a0 No.14645260

I didn't like God of War much but some people did. Being a hypocrite would be saying nu-GoW doesn't matter but complaining about how Homecoming ruined Silent Hill.

a3c055 No.14645261

File: 0041b6bc900cd20⋯.jpg (113.76 KB, 736x1000, 92:125, 1e63f461d6537b050cff0491bf….jpg)


Darksiders 3 really might be it, I hope they don't fuck it up. But we weren't shown much of the game yet, it's a cat in the bag so far.

3d9922 No.14645268


>didn't see how they redesigned the female protagonist to be less lewd

It will be shit, just like everything else the West makes.

ec6a82 No.14645375

I liked the firs two, never played the third, but they were my first action games aside from MGR. Kratos is a complete nigger though, I couldn't bear playing as him while he wipes the floor with the Greek pantheon of Gods.

2e9a4a No.14645378


>God of War was never good.

True, it was always shit hyped by american juggalo kids who found a self-insert character for their power masturbation fantasies.

3d9922 No.14645387


And yet they somehow managed to make something worse than that. At least old Kratos wasn't a complete bitch. The new game is just another stepping stone in the anti-testosterone agenda.

348abf No.14645390

File: df3a6d8fb60cdaa⋯.gif (518.04 KB, 256x192, 4:3, gmagik.gif)

This OP is so fucking trash I'm going to break it down bit by bit.

>Everytime GoW got discussed, it was said to be shit, an inferior Devil May Cry

Because it's true, even the fucking director is on record saying "Our combat isn't as good as Devil May Cry"

>and that Dark Souls was the real shit.

Because for a slower game Darksouls at least is having you play the game not be going through a bunch of QTE enemy kills.

>Now they are making a new game that is emulating Dark Souls

Except it isn't there's nothing in this game is like Darksouls other then you use triggers for attack options, go home gamer journo, not everything is fucking darksouls because of a single thing.

>people here are pretending that the old games are good and decide to hate the new one

No they say the old was better then the new, as bland of GoW is you're still playing essentially junk food which can keep your eyes entertained with over the top gore and action for the time. What God of Soy does is bore you with repetitive ass throw axe to win combat followed by cringe dialog ended off with gore and action much worse then what was present in previous titles 2 generations ago, add a pinch of shitty marvel movie choreography cut scene fights in there and you have a sleeper.

>just because SJWs are loving it.

>You just hate it because X fallacy

>Hypocrisy much?

No, are you a fucking faggot who needs to go back to half chan much?

d72378 No.14645394

File: 543d9eb0e40f4b5⋯.png (533.21 KB, 850x479, 850:479, 543d9eb0e40f4b50d474f6c3ff….png)

>OP makes a (1) and done thread trying to stir shit up with "facts"

>faggots still respond without sage

bf6625 No.14645509

File: 7190d0687ebd8d4⋯.jpg (222.92 KB, 1330x748, 665:374, 2514.jpg)



you're never too old to tell newfags to fuck off your board it's one of the perks of getting old actually

4f8567 No.14645524

File: 97f8ff5985f8d67⋯.png (769.95 KB, 990x1146, 165:191, 97f8ff5985f8d679ee97755165….png)

Me personally, I am glad that we finally have a game we can call true art.

Have you seen the script? This is not a shitty video games script, this is a SCRIPT, the real deal, this is 100% Hollywood quality with EMOTIONS and DEPTH.

Thanks to the new God of War, video games can finally be taken seriously just like the superior Hollywood movies we all aspire our medium to become.

This game is so much more mature and deep and cuts back on the toxic masculinity and sexism of the previous franchise, I'm glad this game doesn't cave to the troglodyte stupid fans and their toxic ways.

Experiencing GoW has given me a sense of tolerance and understanding that I only usually get from watching my metas Tyrone and Jamal fuck my wife in front of me. That's art, that's deep, that's progressive.

God of War abandoned the past and became the future.

3d9922 No.14645531


Why don't they just get it over with and make a cuckold simulator where they get to raise the bastard spawn afterwards?

9e2b96 No.14645543


They have real life for that and it never looks like fun.

3d9922 No.14645593

File: d330f30d2b61796⋯.png (27.03 KB, 758x138, 379:69, thinkin man fetish.png)


That's because you're not a thinking man.

9f02c5 No.14645614

File: 02294c5a6331e93⋯.png (460.9 KB, 1331x1155, 121:105, fresh from the oven.png)


I felt inspired by your post. Take my meager OC.

c765d5 No.14645619

File: 66ee7eec8e9acd3⋯.png (567.38 KB, 842x473, 842:473, S4E20.223_Mordecai_Screami….png)


Please don't tell me that article is real.

>it's real


ffb714 No.14645634

File: 8c3bc5e87e0dead⋯.jpg (255.89 KB, 750x752, 375:376, image (21).jpg)

I've only played God of War 2, which is a bit regretful, because I actually really enjoy God of War. That said, I don't like QTEs, which is why I didn't play GoW1 or GoW3. I liked Duke Nukem Forever on some level, but the QTEs to defeat bad guys ruined it the same way that they ruined GoW2 for me on some level.

Overall I think both games were a solid 7.5/10, and it wouldn't take much to change my mind and give a higher score, but the first thing I'd need to be removed is the QTEs. I don't see them as fun, they're most certainly not immersive and they tend to be obnoxious where you can easily fail them and get an instant game over.

8f6bf2 No.14645675


Holy shit I want to kick her head in half

4680cd No.14645696

Atreus is the son of Loki and Faye. This is revealed to Kratos towards the end of the game but he accepts it and continues to raise him as his own child.

ba0700 No.14645702


I want to believe this, but no webm

65d296 No.14645706


Didn't the author state in a tweet that he is in fact Kratos' son?

4680cd No.14645720


Probably a feint to hit the audience with the "twist".

3d6120 No.14645730


I do wonder


<Hoe blogger writes article so she can get away with infidelity

Typical leftist logic here.

3d9922 No.14645734


Cunts with whipped leftist husbands get away with it anyway. I sometimes think that the majority of cucks are just servile betas that like to pretend they're into cuckolding to retain some shreds of dignity and pretend it was their idea, when in fact their wife/girlfriend cheats on them anyway because she knows they're too cowardly to do anything about it.

d93238 No.14645735

File: e0a75c7a6e0d0a2⋯.png (504.33 KB, 656x679, 656:679, 1.PNG)


>For the most part, this board hated God of War.

The previous 5 GoW threads would beg to differ.

>let's be honest…

let's have you deported back to cuckchan

5e77b6 No.14645743


It's been weird seeing people outright praise the earlier god of war games recently. Feels like pure contrariantism because I know those games are pretty well reviled for being casual shit.

a75536 No.14645753

File: 5a80ce716d9477a⋯.png (146.11 KB, 414x413, 414:413, smug ai on the roll.png)


>Feels like pure contrariantism because I know those games are pretty well reviled for being casual shit.

>/v/ is one person.

539e90 No.14645760


"Mash square to win" isn't a phrase that's limited to /v/.

d93238 No.14645764

File: 0ab5c566163dee0⋯.webm (13.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, god-of-war-the-chaos-blad….webm)


>seeing people outright praise the earlier god of war games


most people, aside from shills, said they were simple and dumb, but fun games with nice graphics and decent challenge.

d93238 No.14645766


But playing on anything but "Hard" sure seems to be.

a75536 No.14645767

File: 64f363913cd37c4⋯.jpg (82.54 KB, 260x266, 130:133, meet-our-team-gino.jpg)


I have no words.

5e77b6 No.14645771




stop pretending these games were good people, they were shit, always were.

d93238 No.14645775

File: 2ede183b39ad234⋯.mp4 (537.62 KB, 360x360, 1:1, y u lyin.mp4)


I didn't say they were shit

79520f No.14645782

ba0700 No.14645784


hey guys, wanna webms of old people wrestling?

5c3b41 No.14645785


The camera looks so fucked up in this game. It's way too close in on Kratos, and it's off center for no good reason. Is this supposed to be "cinematic" camera placement or something? I guess it doesn't actually matter since the enemies barely even attack or do anything threatening, so you can just blindly mash attack until the next cutscene.

bf6625 No.14645790

File: 57f22874ede13db⋯.gif (143.4 KB, 500x309, 500:309, hellno.gif)

526bee No.14645791


looks like a musou with less enemies

a75536 No.14645793


>reading comprehension

cbe519 No.14645798



Shoo shoo shills.

ba0700 No.14645804

File: c6f2bdcf85e478a⋯.webm (9.08 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 1kratos.webm)



d93238 No.14645808

File: 0d13682b36fcb61⋯.webm (8.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, You're Wrong.webm)


you can dislike them all you want, but that doesn't make them objectively shit

best things in life are the simple ones

b3d193 No.14645811

God of War was fun

God of War II and III were ok

The new one is shit

539e90 No.14645813


Didn't the devs say they changed the attack buttons so people wouldn't use light, light, heavy anymore? This looks just a braindead, if not more.

d93238 No.14645822


A couple of threads ago somebody posted a comparison video on hooktube similar in style to crowbcat. In one of the interview snippets they say they didn't want to MAP light and heavy attacks to face buttons because fans of the series would expect that. Instead they decided to use R1 and R2 to distance themselves from original trilogy because "this is a different, more mature experience, I mean look at this, this is… this is so cool, I just got chills again"

539e90 No.14645827


So they just wanted to say they were making meaningful changes without making any.

901aa0 No.14645828


>Implying the old games were good

They were mindless stupid button mashers, however they were fun in the sense that you just wanna beat the shit out of something without thinking too much. Why everyone's so pissed off at the new God of War is because it's a symbol of everything wrong with modern games aside from microtransactions and F2P, It's practically Survive tier but the reason no one's bitching about it is because the Sony marketing machine is behind it and they're not retarded like Konami is.

98a175 No.14645830

File: 1db227342877f17⋯.jpg (38.48 KB, 600x522, 100:87, 130.jpg)


Fine, they're not shit

They're mediocre garbage

At least I could laugh at a shit game

bd90e0 No.14645839


I remember beating the GoW 1 and 2 back in high school on God and Titan difficulties and this shit pisses me off. Enemy mobs were supposed to be aggressive assfuckers and the moment you swung your blades they would try to gang rape you from your blind side. The best way to fight them was to pick up trash with circle to scatter and throw them, go for the closest group with square, square triangle and circle to pick up the poor bastard that was still in the air and launch them against another group that tried to close in on you.

In true berserker fashion, using enemies to kill other enemies dealt more damage than just swinging your blades. And 4 to 5 hits from any enemy was enough to kill you so you always had to keep a good eye on the field. The idea was that if an enemy could be grappled, they had to be grappled, even if the pop-up hadn't appeared: trash mobs? Battering ram. Sirens? Stun them before they could stun you. Satyrs? Wrestle the staff of their hands and stun them (they always appeared in groups of 2 or 3). Baby kerberos? Pick them up and use them as an exploding football before they could grow into adult form. Reapers? PIck them up from underground, launch them into the air and keep triangle pressed to continue the combo by jumping into the air at the right height to circle them into oblivion.

The best moves in the game were hidden: like keeping circle pressed to select the direction where you wanted to launch an enemy or after an enemy is in the air, tapping circle to grab them from the air, slam them into the ground with enough force to both lift them again and stun the enemies around or the aforementioned slow-mo jump by holding triangle at the end of the combo (which worked on all kinds of creatures, including medusas and minotaurs).

Watching Soy of War feels fucking tiresome because in the old games you had to see the entire battlefield to avoid beling flanked and gang raped while the over the shoulder camera is designed for enemies to: either get cheap shots at you or wait until they are in the frame for a "fair and balanced" fight.

be08c7 No.14645842


I'll just wait for the "movie" to be uploaded on youtube and then watch it there

06b212 No.14645863


>an inferior Devil May Cry

The dev himself admited to this

/v/ never really shat on GoW, all we've ever said is that the game is good but very overrated the combat is brain dead but fun but fun in the way of rip everything to pieces and enjoy it not fun in the git gud way like DMC

>Dark Souls was the real shit

Dark Souls is shit, has always been shit, and will always be shit, even a brain dead game like GoW is a millon times better than pleb souls

Besides, DS didn't exist back when GoW came out

>people here are pretending that the old games are good

The old games ARE good, not as good as the console seller $ony likes to shill, but good enough to warrant a place in every gamer's vidya library, /v/ shits on it cus it popularized shit like QTEs that became viral in vidya i don't know why nobody shits on Shenmue though

>and decide to hate the new one just because SJWs are loving it


We hate the new one cus it looks and plays like shit, even if it wasn't an unnecesary sequel to an IP that should have ended at 3, we would still call it shit for being a walking sim even more brain dead than the original trilogy, even if (((SJournoWs))) hated it, we would still hate it to becos it's trying to be a movie instead of a game

There have been countles treads latelly shitting on the old GoW as though they were as bad as Bubsy 3D but in truth the GoW series is sits at the top of the "meh tier" vidya

it is a very common shilling tactic that's been used quite frecuently later

>can't shill the new one cus to much poz

>shit on the old one to shft atention away from how bad the now one is

<hurrdurr who cares it was always bad

>lot of shilling on how the "everyone" hates both the new and the old

>then the execct can deffend themselves by saying

<"the ones who hate the new one never liked the old one to begin with, nothing but haters and trolls"

$ony has alrready used this tactics with Ghost Busters and Amazing Spiderman and DIsney is currently using it with Soy Wars

seriusly, old GoW hater be like

>hurrdurr Final FIght was never good

>all you do is walk forward and press the attack button

>hurrdurr is not Devil May Cry a series wich ,by the way, only became good at the third, the first one was way to basic and unpolished

>hurrdurr the combat is shit

i also love it how all of you shills ignore all the other mechanics GoW had such as cliombing puizzles and exploring

were they done better in other games?

sure, but they are also done fairly good in this one, GoW was a nice little pakage of diferent mechanics blendend nicely, by themselves these individual mechanics don't amount to much, but together they are more than the sum of their parts


either OP is a $onygger shill or simply a contrarian faggot who likes to shit on 7/10 game by calling it a 3/10 all becos the game is not a 10/10 like the marketing guys said

9f02c5 No.14645897


This guy knows his shit. The enemies in the first games were fucking relentless assholes on the highest difficulties and you had to mercilessly abuse any weakness you could, otherwise you couldn't beat the games. Getting stuck in tight walled-off areas and having to fight a gauntlet of tough enemies and having to fight enemies during deadly puzzles was nerve-wracking.

>baby kerberoses

Also, FUCK these guys. If you didn't kill them fast enough, they would breed relentlessy, and what started out as 2 adult Kerberos could very well end up as fucking 7, AFTER you killed the original 2.

This truly is a symbolic gesture. A text-book example of a "classic" video game turned into the text-book definition of being cucked.

315027 No.14645907

File: 1690e29609edf22⋯.jpg (20.82 KB, 391x335, 391:335, Angry Praise the Sun.jpg)


>Dark Souls is shit, has always been shit, and will always be shit

06b212 No.14645926

File: 40ef897df3908bc⋯.jpg (150.66 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Great_Mighty_Poo.jpg)

4c7b9f No.14645927

File: 57e9418b8ec7b62⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 4.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, takeonmydarksoul.mp4)


>Dark Souls is shit, has always been shit, and will always be shit, even a brain dead game like GoW is a millon times better than pleb souls

i never played dark soul but still, why so angry?

bd90e0 No.14645930


My ancient greek nigga.

If you want catharsis check this video on how to deal with kerberos.


You literally have to murder the parents with the corpses of their children because launching an enemy (even if they survive the hit) would deal more damage to the one getting hit by the missile than any combo you have available.

Also, I forgot to mention the most important move: keeping triangle pressed would make an upward swing that would throw the enemies into the air and if you kept it pressed you would automatically jump after them. The camera would go into slomo for a few second and you could start bashing the stunlocked enemy's head in.

315027 No.14645932


Because Dark Souls raped his wife and killed his newborn son.

06b212 No.14645950


slow moovement, cluncky combat, cheap deaths

oh so hard, git gud fagget

good at what? memorizing trap lay out and repetitive boss paterns?, not much chalenge in execution once you know how to dodge those attak that cover the whole screen and kill you in 2 hits

Dark Souls is a pleb game made for plebs so that they can pretend to "git gud" by memorizing shit

try having these plebs play God Hand or Ninja Gaiden, then they'll learn the true meaning of "git gud"

9f02c5 No.14645961

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>you can launch adult kerberos

I had completely forgotten about that.

I got actually more triggered by vid related. Holy hell. I attempted this room for a good half a day my first time through. I was stuck in this gauntlet and I managed to kill all the monsters that spawned except for one adult kerberos. The forcefield went away for some reason and I was fucking ecstatic and started running toward the exit. Soon as I start to climb the ladder up, the kerberos fucker hits me with a fireball and I instantly die. I deleted my save in disgust and it was the only time I wrecked a controller in my life.

fe67db No.14645964

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Pretty much. GoW was about playing as the OP villain and telling everyone to fuck off, but with less stupidity that Donte.

268651 No.14645981

File: b44b2f80559bacb⋯.jpg (40.83 KB, 660x564, 55:47, b44b2f80559bacba83bd2b3874….jpg)


>Slow movement

>Either attack or walk, against multiple enemies on a series know for fluid movement and attacking.

>sub 90 FOV with over-the-shoulder camera where the character occupies a third of the screen

>Mash to win

>Retard AI that just stands there and takes it


Fucking God of Soy

fe7a6d No.14645990


Old Kratos was still a gigantic edgelord, I mean just look at his backstory. Nigger was cursed to wear his dead family's ashes on his skin, shit is like a Myspace babby's first vidya game protagonist.

still less edgier than Donte da Dihmon Killah

315027 No.14645992


>Nigger was cursed to wear his dead family's ashes on his skin

His VA is a nigger; that shit's pretty dark.

06b212 No.14645995


>His VA is a nigger

the new one is, was the first one a nog too

not like i mind, nogs have great voices for villain characters

65d296 No.14646001


If you watch the video, you see the voice actor for Kratos.

fe7a6d No.14646006

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

65d296 No.14646022

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


God of War is the best anime.

ba0700 No.14646025


>VA is a nig

>never calls his son "son" or even by his name


4c7b9f No.14646027


are you sure this is not a spin off from Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice ? but with an even worst gameplay?

06b212 No.14646038

File: acb97a54787fb3c⋯.jpg (2.5 MB, 3200x1600, 2:1, laughing so hard.jpg)

bb347c No.14646054

File: f74b224bf1de610⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 300x182, 150:91, Shooting fag.gif)


Holy shit, this looks like it was made by (((Naughty Dog))) or those faggots from Heavy Rain.

e99573 No.14646057



gee, how surprising.

f67d5a No.14646066

File: 9845891426e1509⋯.jpg (126.2 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, 9845891426e1509c4bb2a6f8be….jpg)


I can't wait to see this at cinemas!

bb347c No.14646075


I think this is one of the problems. People working on games are using it as a stepping stone to a job at Judeollywood or at Kikeflix.

fe7a6d No.14646081


to be fair Kratos does kinda fit in within the usual shonen tropes when you think about it


>short temper

>brawn over brains in fights

>infinite willpower

>dead parents/family/whatever

>dead set on his own personal agenda

if I hadn't known about him previously I probably would've mistaken him for a throwaway DBZ side-character

f67d5a No.14646094

File: cccdc27d3f3dfa7⋯.png (862.84 KB, 951x1127, 951:1127, Goku_and_Frieza_together.png)

File: 21495b677589028⋯.png (648.69 KB, 848x472, 106:59, Capture.PNG)

65d296 No.14646096


The story also ends like a stereotypical JRPG where you end of defeating god.

787ebd No.14646115


shill shill shill shill shill shill shiill shill

The third will be a lame game, not gonna buy it,

No matter how many times you claim its a better game

06b212 No.14646123


>People working on games are using it as a stepping stone to a job at Judeollywood or at Kikeflix

>jumping from the life boat back into the Titanic



<nah he doesn't look as retarded as the average shonen MC

>short temper

<that's usually the rival, like Vegeta

>brawn over brains in fights

<Naruto and Deku both have had to outsmart their enemies, not to mention Jojos, Shonen MCs have changed over the years

>infinite willpower

<this not just common in shonen, al MC have infinite will power, they wouldn't be MCs otherwise at least not likable MCs

>dead parents/family/whatever

<this ain't as common now a days either

>dead set on his own personal agenda

<comes with the infinite Will power


>The story also ends like a stereotypical JRPG where you end of defeating god.

this would make sence if the god had come out of nowhere right after defeating the androgenous antagonis that was the main villain through the whole story

in GoW, killing a God is the goal from the start

b90dec No.14646169

File: c99ad5800557eb3⋯.jpeg (93.85 KB, 752x1062, 376:531, 3A39E589-1153-49E4-9FF9-D….jpeg)

Garbage thread but I’ll just say this. GoW games were shallow and not the shining example of the genre, but I can definitely see why anyone would just have fun murdering hordes of monsters and brutalizing gods with all the weapons and magic they have you. GoWIII did a similar fatherhood story arc with Pandora, but like all else, it was about his experience with her contributing to his lust for revenge, not some cucked version of fatherhood. GoW also had the balls to put frontal nudity in and reward you with orbs for doing the sex mini games during a time people were still ragging on games like GTA for being violent crime simulators

It may have been a shallow experience mechanic wise, and a blood-filled revenge story at best with its story, but GoW was still a functional, fun albeit mindless, and mechanically driven game. Emphasis on GAME. It didn’t deserve to turn into an over-the-shoulder, one or two enemies at a time, muh feels walking simulator driven by its narrative rather than its mechanics in the same vein as Heavy Rain or TLOU. If you’re okay with letting it happen to GoW because it was shit, where does it end? When they remake DMC again except it also gets the Walking Sim treatment with an emotional, award-bait story? Bayonetta getting a game that’s half cutscene and half walking where she gives up on violence and sexuality because that’s gross and totally not kosher for Current Year? These kinds of trends don’t stop at the games you don’t like. Like loot boxes, they metastasize because of that tiny bit of leeway people have them in the first place

>But they’re JUST cosmetic! You don’t have to buy them!

<But it’s JUST GoW! It was shit anyway!

Most people recognize it was shallow. But it didn’t deserve to have the GAME and FUN ripped out of it and replaced with the latest trend of Generic 3rd Person Graphics Museum And Feels Bait where every enemy and boss has fucking health bars now because casuals can’t even deal with the tension of learning how many hits it takes or what combos kill certain enemies and on what time.

e8bd3e No.14646193


That's the problem. They are taking something that was supposed to be just mindless fun and turning it into some sort of deep feeling exploration on fatherhood or whathever.

But you know what, I would be okay with all of it if they didn't butchered the combat and made it into something that doesn't even resemble God of War.

e42327 No.14646216

File: 47752a0a62c618c⋯.png (891.52 KB, 698x4355, 698:4355, artificial_criticism.png)


>memorizing trap layout

You really need to pick your battles. Dark Souls is not a perfect game by any stretch, but unfair traps were almost never a problem. People trying to play it like GoW were the problem. Traps didn't have to be memorized.

Honestly, all of your complaints are those espoused by frustrated scrubs. Funny how I can take what you said and apply it to Ninja Gaiden no problem. Why? Because they're horrible arguments and they don't actually say anything about what you're criticizing. Cheap deaths! Memorization! Repetitive! Too slow!

defc96 No.14646257


>Implying it makes a difference anymore

>Implying we bully them enough anymore

I gave up posting and hoping a long time ago.

0e0563 No.14646289


The worst part is that they didn't even need to fuck the game as badly as they did to tell a story. Kratos teaching his son to fight would have been a powerful story about fatherhood and growing up (particularly if the player controls the kid halfway through the game). They didn't have to fucking Polygonize it. They didn't have to Kotaku it up.

But they did, because they're SJWs who have absolutely no business doing anything with the God of War franchise.

06b212 No.14646305


your post is as retarded as you wich explain why you would like shit like darksouls

and don't come telling me that you don't have to memorize traps when at one point you need to go up some dark stairs and a giant boulder comes rolling down outta fucking nowhere to score a cheap death outta you only so that some faggot who dodge the boulder cus he alrready knew it would come tell you to"git gud"

>I can take what you said and apply it to Ninja Gaiden no problem

except you can't cus any enemi in ninja gaiden can kikc your ass if you get careless for one second, the game's dificulty doesn't realize in simply ambushing you with a cheap death you can just doged by memory, that game actually requires you to have some actuall skill on your thumbs

Somthing the average Pleb Souls player is severely lacking in, especially when they trhow they're "git gud" meme around

83d64b No.14646367


Anything made by leftists and their SJWs is automatically shit, no matter what it tried to accomplish.

bf6625 No.14646399


>I gave up posting

you're doing it wrong then

e031fc No.14646483

File: a72ea5200789036⋯.jpg (5.77 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, Chernobyl Girl.jpg)

I like this game series, haven't played the my wife's son sequel. I was very angry at the time I played through 1-3 and I felt that I could express my anger through and alongside kratos in his story. There has never been a character that appropriately expresses anger the way kratos did and there may never be a character like him again.

ac89f7 No.14646488

File: 44a617af207f0dc⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 300x169, 300:169, Brent Rambo tf2.gif)

f11d64 No.14646492

File: 8bdf9df8d305335⋯.png (313.15 KB, 786x348, 131:58, CHECKMATE!.png)

What? People aren't pretending that GoW was ever good. That's stupid, OP. I won't believe you without evidence, you just fell for shitposting.


a96eee No.14646514


The only thing it didn't hold back on was the raping of greek mythology.

504dab No.14646535

File: 9d78eb76ce7cab8⋯.jpg (14.78 KB, 200x365, 40:73, 9d78eb76ce7cab8982f1577ffd….jpg)


>SJWs love it

I keep hearing this. Why?

Is the boy a gay?

a47d9c No.14646550


The boy is not yours but you raise it like it is yours. A Soyboy's wet dream

315027 No.14646564


>The boy is not yours but you raise it like it is yours.

That's just being an adoptive father, anon. There should be some cucking in there to seal the deal.

a96eee No.14646567


The developer confirmed that the son is his in one interview. Is that not true?

c80660 No.14646570


>The boy is not yours

This got to have been debunked a million times by now.

9e2b96 No.14646668


The twist will be that it isnt his son but just his wife's son.

b366e1 No.14646683

God of War was always trash. The old games were trash for a different reason than the new ones, but still trash nonetheless.


6465a0 No.14646782

I only played the first one and the platforming parts in the underworld were gay as fuck and I never gave enough shits to play the other ones.

478fcb No.14646792


When did The Onion become Buzzfeed?

2520a3 No.14646827

File: 5b999907176692f⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 350x300, 7:6, 4c8a9532ca8e3815bf08869b30….gif)


Nobody here thinks god of war is good, all you do in the series is mash the square button. What people are getting at is that this new installment is SO bad, it makes the old ones look good in comparison.

478fcb No.14646857


>cheap deaths

>memorizing trap lay out

you really brought out the old bait, makes me miss those good times

fe67db No.14646858

File: d5589d01873a623⋯.gif (2.46 MB, 244x244, 1:1, scowling intensifies.gif)


>God of War 2 Titan difficulty to get the Hercules and Athena outfits

Holy shit that is No Fun incarnate.

<That faggot Theseus sitting around lobbing shit at you non stop

>satisfying as fuck to slam that faggot's head in the door

<The fucking Barbarian King boss fight with 4 phases in it where you gotta do it flawless and use Rage of the Titans at the last moment and HOPE you do enough damage before it wears off, followed by a QTE at the end that will kill you outright if you mess it up

>Fucking yelling like Kratos when finally smashing that faggot into the floor

<keeping the prophets alive through the shit thrown at you

<that mother fucking gauntlet to the last sister

Jesus fuck. Sure God of War was not too tough on Normal, but the higher difficulties required you to fucking know every little detail of the game mechanics to not get your ass ravaged by even common mooks.



bruh, there are 5 1/2 God of War games, not counting God of Soy, with 3 being where you tear Olympus apart.

fe67db No.14646884

File: e49677abc4740fa⋯.png (324.57 KB, 425x493, 25:29, Admiral Dane impressed.png)


Hit the nail on the head.

ef611c No.14646900

File: 2fd86d2c6f5964d⋯.jpg (77.14 KB, 610x960, 61:96, k.jpg)


I've been in the nu-GoW threads and the general consensus is that the gameplay of the original was piss easy and not good. I don't know what you're trying to say here. The funny thing about the new game is that it somehow does something worse.

254958 No.14646910


Fuck off marketer

/v/ in general loves god of war, what you're peddling is not god of war, it's The last of War

49566b No.14647033


I think it's less piss easy and more just not mechanically deep. As other anons mentioned it gets really difficult on the higher modes but in my personal opinion I think it's less satisfying than DMC on its higher difficulties. It's mindless fun and it's fine if you want that, not so much if you don't.

e004d3 No.14647104

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Devil May Cry a series which ,by the way, only became good at the third, the first one was way too basic and unpolished.

While DMC3 definitely built on and improved the series significantly, your really selling DMC1 short, calling DMC1 Basic and unpolished is like calling Mario 64 basic and unpolished. DMC1 is actually extremely well made considering it was the first game of it's kind. The best of DMC1 shines when your playing Dante Must Die without items, I finally managed to master all the bosses recently and it's one of the most satisfying experiences i'v ever had.

e004d3 No.14647115

File: 5617a5a0b450ca2⋯.mp4 (6.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, you can just button mash.mp4)

fe7a6d No.14647275


because it has dumbed down gameplay, over-the-shoulder camera and a shitty buddy system reminiscent of TLoU

2c9a2c No.14647427

File: 2351c1bde374efe⋯.jpg (9.04 KB, 234x250, 117:125, 1460862441841.jpg)

>All these faggots getting triggered by the old god of wars

2c9a2c No.14647435


>When did The Onion become Buzzfeed?

One of Hillary's pacs bought them out in a desperate move.

ac89f7 No.14647468

File: faac6b7ed8f56b3⋯.jpg (239.27 KB, 930x698, 465:349, nd fag.jpg)

This "every single game sucks except for dark souls which is the best game evah and every single game should be like it" meme is truly getting old.

With that being said, this new GoW is shit because they turned it into yet another dull and boring over-the-shoulder walking simulator while trying to push the idea that is something "new" or even "innovative".

Not to mention the fact that they turned Kratos, a brutal Killing machine into a fucking cuck because Corey Barlrog turned into a cuck himself and wants to ape (((Neil Kikemann))) and his pretentious "cinematic experiences" to virtue signal what a good goy he is now.

3d6120 No.14647506


Link to review so I can laugh at the stupidity.

e004d3 No.14647548

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

e004d3 No.14647552

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



The best part is this guys very next video is of him with the director of the game. So yeah, he doesn't seem to have a biased whatsoever.

fe7a6d No.14647575


jesus fucking christ, this is even worse than early screenings.

$10 says he sucked nu-male's micro dick afterwards

e031fc No.14647586


He got pegged by the director

5e77b6 No.14647618


I wonder if it's actually good in any way

bdd446 No.14647619

File: 33f10ee0aeb3945⋯.jpg (56.43 KB, 500x366, 250:183, Remove-Helmet-Vomiting.jpg)


>People agreeing with someone whose writing reads like they came straight from 7th grade on top of his shit opinions

This place really has been flooded.

65d296 No.14647625


>nice rebuttal

a75536 No.14647627

File: e4694c02a8028c5⋯.png (296.03 KB, 680x383, 680:383, 2e49cc436d080624f5cd4ca16d….png)

9f02c5 No.14647653


>keeping the prophets alive through the shit thrown at you

Theseus really was an annoying bastard because of those god damned minotaurs. I had to restart a couple of times with the Barbarian King. And I cheesed the last gauntlet with relative ease by spamming Atlas Quake over and over again. But the god damned prophet, man.

>can accidentally kill him by throwing the enemies at him

>when you restart you have to push the fucking block on the plate again

>you have to walk to the god damned book again

>you have to fight the faggot satyrs on the way there again

>you have to BAIT the satyrs to spawn by walking with the prophet past a certain point, then immediately walk backwards so as not to kill him

>so many fucking dogs at the book and he can die so very easily


I haven't dared touch the hardest difficulties in GoW3 yet. I fear my heart can't take it.

3d6120 No.14647685

File: 81f69e52373cc2d⋯.gif (449.34 KB, 245x183, 245:183, seriously.gif)


It makes me laugh that he praised the combat for being skilful and having to fight multiple chunky enemies then immediately shits on DmC and Bayonetta despite those definitions fitting those games to a tee. He also had to damage control the nuGoW combat for looking repetitive at the beginning.

His review makes me thankful that Bayonetta didn't lock away any of the basic combat mechanics behind "skill trees", and only let you purchase Advanced Techniques. The way that games are made in the west make it impossible to provide actual challenge to players, because they have to not only cater to the lowest common denominator, but also allow the player that hasn't gone a specific route in the skill tree to not be screwed over by not making their character a certain way. I haven't played DmC but Bayonetta prides itself on letting you control her limbs separately, and I wish the Switch could record more than 30 seconds, because some of my successful fights were badass.

>Makes a video review

<"I don't want to show you gameplay, just listen and believe"

So, he's not just a shill he's also retarded? Got that.

>Thinks GoW accurately represents Norse mythology

<Uses that as an excuse to not show gameplay

I'm done with this video, he's literally an imbecile.


Oh, he's a paid shill? Clearly the son of a con man.

2c9a2c No.14647694


>It makes me laugh that he praised the combat for being skilful and having to fight multiple chunky enemies then immediately shits on DmC and Bayonetta despite those definitions fitting those games to a tee.

It's called poisoning the well. They want to brainwash the new generation into thinking nuGoW is a step forward.

70b1a0 No.14647695


You're not supposed to look at the camera in movies!

2c9a2c No.14647701



I also find it kinda ironic you complain about this yet use a John Stewart gif.

e58bb6 No.14647713

File: 1fd89c94c9fda84⋯.gif (469.71 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1491343523579.gif)




>Newfags will not only defend their shit taste but pretend /v/ always had this shit taste


3d6120 No.14647725


>John Stewart

I don't know who that is and I don't care. I just used it for the reaction.

e58bb6 No.14647730


>God of war director

>Some numale

I miss David Jaffe before he became a faggot.

000000 No.14647781

>dark souls was the real shit



0c81dd No.14647834


But that's Corey Barlog.

e5ce83 No.14647945

File: 2ad380aba326ff3⋯.png (334.21 KB, 455x588, 65:84, check-.png)


>It's the dark souls of god of war games, guise!

Now witness the dark souls of repeating integers.

70b1a0 No.14647968


I like how he tries to "reach out" to us or whatever by talking about how much he hates open world games and doesn't care about graphics but "this is the exception".

87f3ce No.14647985


> Hypocrisy much

You just outed yourself as a stranger here


d93238 No.14648066

File: acb59d6728e2811⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 614x157, 614:157, wait.JPG)

Didn't one of you anons make this for whatever neoneogaf is called?


>the defining game of this generation

the only sad valid point

>30 hour game



>best portrayal of Norse mythology



>homeric, tolkienesque, jamescameronesque, georgemilleresque, naughtydogesque



c14fd9 No.14648086

File: dc6ce46d9993ec5⋯.png (35.39 KB, 200x200, 1:1, smug chocolat.png)


that's the part that tipped you off?

d93238 No.14648100

File: 367d811139a7f9c⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1255x834, 1255:834, wew.png)

>soyface in IGN

8.8 / 10

2c9a2c No.14648146

File: b3570918cdcc2b1⋯.gif (394.35 KB, 305x185, 61:37, f9e.gif)


He does everything you where complaining about and more.

d93238 No.14648201

File: 1cbe4e44e0f5aaa⋯.jpg (130.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1cbe4e44e0f5aaa8f72cde020d….jpg)

I wonder if we're going to see resetera fags sperg out over mom-10/10 scores.

50d9e8 No.14648284

>This shit thead is allowed to live while rocket league thread, a thread about actually people talking about a videogame they play got deleted

What is fucking shit?

2c9a2c No.14648332


Go back to cuckchan.

6f90c6 No.14648389



4033bd No.14648595

If this new GOW had come out before TLoU and it had tits then wouldn't be as reviled on here at all. Besides a few console fanboys trolling it it might have be well liked. That's how shallow and contrarian /v/ is.

bb7814 No.14648682

File: f338a5db0ff1547⋯.jpg (30.69 KB, 853x480, 853:480, f338a5db0ff15473cef191b456….jpg)


I'd say that the majority of this board still hates GoW, so I don't know what the fuck you're going on about.

/v/ Isn't one person, for every "consensus", there's always a few people that disagree.

Although love it or hate it, I'll take the old GoW over the new one any day.

Also, it's not really like Dark Souls at all.

2c9a2c No.14648693

File: d7f57cb139b622c⋯.jpg (68.15 KB, 365x720, 73:144, 11a5fce051c5579f897e1ccf7b….jpg)


Do you shills really not see how hard you stand out?

1b2640 No.14649261




Dook Souls combat

>hit, roll, hit, roll, hit, roll

GoW combat

>dodging and parrying are more required than just mashing square

>each strike has more impact

>can use axe in more interesting ways like tripping enemies to stun them or hitting certain parts of the enemy like hitting the giants hand to stop him from attacking

>can knock enemies into another enemy to hurt or stun them

>axe can be recalled though multiple enemies causing damage to all of them

>axe requires aiming to throw at a enemy

>enivornment plays into the combat such as being able to pin enemies against walls, throw them off ledges/cliffs, and hitting objects that will do damage to enemies

>positioning more important now to do a lot of the stuff listed above

There is no way around it. GoW is more hardcore than DS.

e816e7 No.14649602


I'd disagree, like everything it only holds a superficial resemblance to how dark souls looks while being played, just like how it holds a superficial resemblance with the original games, and the game it resembles more to is the TLOU, a superficial third person shooter, with shallow mechanics and shitty story.

6fba22 No.14649620

I never felt the games were good or bad. They were similar to "cinematic experience" games, except the experience was feeling like a ragining genocidal asshole. They were ok games that I don't care if anyone liked or not. But what they did to the new game is fucking criminal, and I'd argue that for any game series that completely shits on it's established franchise to do awards bait bullshit.

bbe3e3 No.14649647


Are you seriously this desperate to revive your shitty thread that you saw it not getting any posts, panicked like a sissy dumb bitch and came out of your fag shelter to actually make more than (1) post just to spout more bullshit and cherrypick only certain posts to reply to?

bbe3e3 No.14649652


Aside from very light juggling, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with old GoW games at all

700840 No.14649699

File: 5eb3746d8f5fa77⋯.png (882.11 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, goonsknew.png)


/v/ hates everything you dunce of course people are going to shit on the old GoWs. The greatest game of all time could come out and /v/ would still shit on it because this board only exists to shitpost. No actual discussion goes on here. You're better off going somewhere like Kiwi Farms or trying to unpoz NeoGAF.

SA is dead since it's been cucked by lowtax's ambien and wine addiction (and the crazy cat ladies that mod the forums), but it's a pity since the forum is still relatively active compared to everything else except reddit.

2c9a2c No.14649734

File: 932645e71feb253⋯.jpg (16.95 KB, 252x232, 63:58, 932645e71feb253cf8d4220ba2….jpg)


>Game gets constantly shat on

>Occasional thread pops up exposing its shittyness

>Launch approaches

>Out of the woodwork perplexed posters wonder why everyone thinks it's so shit

e5ce83 No.14649803


>You're better off going somewhere like Kiwi Farms or trying to unpoz NeoGAF.

>admitting to being a goon

I completely agree. (You) and OP should go back.

3d6120 No.14649854


Now I understand why anons are recommended to lurk for 2 years before posting.

0ef81f No.14650012

File: 3d995db29ca003d⋯.png (252.57 KB, 452x247, 452:247, hblhbjkhbjl.png)


why hasn't anybody posted the ending yet. I want to spoil

3d6120 No.14650065

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>just because SJWs are loving it.

Or perhaps it's because the last time a game that was advertised as a cinematic experience and had high critical praise, it was shit?

a65afe No.14650598

File: 42ab71e15c6596f⋯.jpg (40.58 KB, 634x425, 634:425, article-2340989-1A4D5DFB00….jpg)

>GoW was hated

>there are better Hack and slash games

>new GoW is still bad but with elements from better games

>GoW is still hated but now it has even less of the only cool parts

>"hypocrisy much?"

d93238 No.14650880

File: abf526b1c4a28c7⋯.jpg (22.81 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1400736192060.jpg)


>buzz lighter

807eb7 No.14651008


I loved the original trilogy, especially 2. Great locations and atmosphere. Controls were tight. Wasn't particularly deep combat-wise but was a fun, somewhat varied and challenging adventure with a well executed greek mythology setting. Very much a hack and slash type affair. I actually enjoyed it more than Bayonetta, although it's nowhere near as good as DMC3:SE, which in turn pales in comparison to NGB, which is the best action game ever made.

Turning it into TLOU or Dark Souls-esque totally changes the game. You might as well be comparing Super Mario Bros to Super Mario Kart.

80b135 No.14651044

I just never gave a damn about the series at the time and really still don't. Always just seemed generic to me. I don't think I even played it on PSP when I could have easily grabbed a CSO. The closest I got was playing Dante's Inferno, I think.

832340 No.14651048

File: 628fd19b6910f11⋯.jpg (65 KB, 661x584, 661:584, Cory Barlog (before the so….jpg)


>Some numale

Barlog didn't used to look like that. He was the director on God of War 2.

80b135 No.14651049


Wow, he looks even more like shit than usual. Uwe really broke him.

a33b9e No.14651064

File: 5a6528012ed8597⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 1471483806872.gif)


>Hold L1 to negate everything

>Heavy attack, heavy attack combo

>No dodging elements

>Entire thing could be a scripted quick time without any noticeable difference

fe67db No.14651073

File: 930dde26333a5c5⋯.webm (2.15 MB, 854x480, 427:240, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….webm)


>hardest of GoW3

It's not quite as bad. Hadies is the hardest boss due to him being ,well, the closest to a mirror match you can run into and the game. He's mostly hard due to the fact you can't be very upgraded when you fight him and only have the Blades. 3 isn't very tough until you reach one of the last rooms in the Pandora Labyrinth where it gauntlets you against a shitload of foes at once, and that's mostly due to the fucking sirens who end up floating JUST out of your reach and spamming projectiles.

The final fight with Zeus isn't too bad since he has more of a pattern, though there is a transition where it zooms out to show Gaia and during that zoom out, the fight is still going on and he can kill you while you can't see shit.

You wanna fucking have a heart attack, do Chains of Olympus or Ghost of Sparta on the hardest difficulty.


>these faggot foes that are everywhere and look like common soldiers

>only difference is you can't grab them and they have this flip attack that breaks your guard

>you need to do a pinpoint parry to stop them

>they will usually be in a mob that is fucking hell anyway

>there is, of course, a challenge where you need to beat 15-20 of them and taking a hit = failure

>needing to perfect parry 5+ of these fucks at once

>the final boss

>there is a minute and a half long cinematic before the boss

>when the fight starts, she moves so fucking fast you are usually not ready

>she WILL kill you in one hit

>you die and you go back to before the cinematic

>you get a fucking achievement for seeing the cinematic 3 times

>Ghost of Sparta

>introduces new mechanic where foes have armor

>need to hold a button to "enflame" your weapons to chip through the armor before doing hard damage

>Armored cyclops now enjoy enhanced damage and complete lack of any stagger animations until armor is all broken off

>also introduces a new breed of Siren that is a combination of the wraith that dives in the ground

>now has an unblockable, un parryable leap that homes in on you

>irritating on lower difficulties but instant death on hardest difficulty

>fucking nightmare if there is more than one

>some fucktard on the team decided to include two sirens and two armored cyclops in tiny as shit room near the end of the game

>had to abuse a glitch that prevents the cyclops from spawning and kill the sirens FIRST then fight the cyclops because there isn't any sane way to fucking accomplish that mess otherwise

50cb75 No.14651105

Why is everything trying to be dark souls nowadays? Fucking cancer

d00676 No.14651128


Nice catch. It was quite obvious in the original video, but it's hardly visible here and so I didn't want to mention it.

1fc629 No.14651293


I wouldn't mind if everything were succeeding. I love dark souls.

But as it stands it all fails and we keep getting bad games.

018821 No.14651316

File: babec5cb15fd23f⋯.png (66.34 KB, 197x225, 197:225, paused.png)


All about looking cool with minimum interaction from the player, perfect for the cinematic experience crowd

Wonder what happens if you don't swing that tree at him, I bet it's another case of fake QTE like in The Order where you can take all the time you want

ac5d1f No.14651317


Same reason everything tried to be a TPS after Gears of War or why everybody try to be a sandbox or Open world after GTA and Todd Scrolls V : Toddjob. It's a trend that faggots chase because it's hot and makes easy short term cash.

43371d No.14651326


I hate the new God of War because it does not resemble the old ones

bf6625 No.14651339


thank you for your valuable contribution,now back to facebook

43371d No.14651359

43371d No.14651366


cof cof "Last of Us" cof cof

4eae6e No.14651371


He said it was shit.

Also, see: >>14651339

43371d No.14651376


>Last of Us


f31d89 No.14651378

File: a35ff16e452f746⋯.jpg (79.37 KB, 806x525, 806:525, Rockwell.jpg)

Caring what other people think about the things you enjoy is the ultimate faggotry.

Play the game if you like it, and stop fishing for approval from a Turkish urethra clogging forum via blogpost.

9f8d8d No.14651379

File: 4e1cb6754545837⋯.jpg (24.71 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 999.jpg)

I know that faggot here who's playing GOW early and made a thread leaking things about it is reading this, I assume the game is still a true cinematic experience™ with loads of cutscenes and poor combat just as much as it was a couple of days ago when you made the thread, right.

4eae6e No.14651382


I said "SHIT".

43371d No.14651398

4eae6e No.14651415


Like I said, shit.

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make.

4 links showcasing how shit it is don't really change my opinion.

2a5ca4 No.14651433

God of War didn't get shit on before the sequel was announced. It was worse then that. /v/ didn't care about it.

Apart from passing jokes the game never got discussed. At best it was remembered for the tits and nothing more.

018821 No.14651446

File: 0a5f6b459443f4a⋯.jpg (18.79 KB, 375x329, 375:329, really.jpg)


Learn to embed, and use hooktube

If you're going to try hard to fit in, do this first

4eae6e No.14651458


That's kinda it, I think.

Some anons liked and played it.

Some anons didn't like it nor played it.

And it simply wasn't discussed, because after one thread of



>hurrr so angry

>muh ash family

everything is pretty much said about it.

Revisisionists claimin it was always shat on/always enjoyed are idiots.

It wasn't talked about. There was nothing to talk about.

65aa33 No.14651468

File: b257c5a391981f2⋯.jpg (83.36 KB, 1024x1017, 1024:1017, b257c5a391981f20b794264735….jpg)


>that everything

09227c No.14651476


1st one was eh OK, 2nd one was the same but really long. Didn't play 3, and from what I saw, can't even be bothered with the last one

>Now they are making a new game that is emulating Dark Souls

>QTE in Dark Souls

Spotted the newfag shill.

6d8288 No.14651820


>That pic

Post more

a5d2a8 No.14651836

>Lets be honest about God of War


It's shit. It was always shit.


9f02c5 No.14652516

File: 3d6e051a61f32e0⋯.gif (2.17 MB, 1920x1076, 480:269, youre making me nervous.gif)


I started to sweat just even reading that. I need to take up a new hobby.

ad3286 No.14652597

File: a2ca7e8e6372736⋯.webm (1.2 MB, 640x640, 1:1, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….webm)


I beat Ghost of Sparta on Normal without many problems, then I tried playing Chains of Olympus on Hard right afterwards and decided that looking at the small PSP screen while playing this particular game is not healthy. Neither for me, the wall or the PSP.

I am destined to only be OK at vidya, but never gud

6d0619 No.14652650


The dialog sounds like it was written in a different language then poorly translated to English.

a65afe No.14652673

File: c84977188861a7d⋯.png (285.6 KB, 520x533, 40:41, c84977188861a7d0ebbeeb6dfc….png)

So, did it sell well so far?

d9d053 No.14655688

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Ending of God of Soy. sequelbait incoming

And there seems to be a Zeus reapperance as well, tough that video has already been removed.

695cfa No.14655698


Normalfags won't shut up about it, so it seems likely.



Am I supposed to be surprised? Sony has been desperately milking this franchise with as many forced sequels as possible. They'll never fucking stop with this shit.

>Zeus appearance

Might as well as just throw consistency right out the window.

a4affe No.14655719


That is so pathetic and accurate.

14d824 No.14655750





>any consistency

it's down in the gutter in the first place

832340 No.14655851


>main character is silent

>sidekick gets to do the exposition

Is this MGSV?

fe67db No.14656133

File: 49d68a0de95dbef⋯.png (977.69 KB, 610x808, 305:404, Kratos good mood.png)


Chains is a nightmare, but it's pretty fun using the Mime of war outfit.

>get more red orbs than normal

>ALL of his weapons are invisible

>his blades are mimed and even the Gauntlet is invisible

>leads to some funny as shit QTEs where Kratos is beating the shit out of an opponent multiple feet from him


I marathoned Ghost right after Chains and I fucking regret it. I was even playing the ps3 versions and holy shit, I thought I was going to be stuck with Kratos' eternal scowl.

fe67db No.14656140

File: 07de120b3a13d4c⋯.webm (14.44 MB, 640x360, 16:9, GOD OF SOY.webm)


rip from another thread.

65d296 No.14656820


>it was all a dream premonition


695cfa No.14658334

File: 907b33969923ae7⋯.jpg (46.97 KB, 592x279, 592:279, b4e0941701b6a38199e70e927e….jpg)


>le dream all along trope bullshit

e004d3 No.14658385




I don't think that's Zeus I think he has a there hammer which would imply it's Thor.



I don't even think it's a dream I think they wake up, but then the ending is just so sudden and abrupt that it's retarded.

4a2882 No.14658393


It is Thor. If you watch to the end of the cinematic the kid even says he saw Thor.

e004d3 No.14658401


>there hammer

<*hammer there

Whatever, I think he's supposed to be reaching for Mjolnir.

e004d3 No.14658406


OH, I didn't watch after the credits, I'm retarded sorry.

69a681 No.14658449

File: c0eda0b608ceb27⋯.webm (2.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, helecopter skills.webm)


Go to the YouTube video and click the Share option. Select Embed and Copy the code. Then in the Quick Reply box on 8chan, click on the Show post options & limits. Paste the code onto the text box called embed but replace the 'you' in http://www.youtube with the word 'hook'.

844203 No.14663549




Want to bet they picked him because of the film?

5bd95a No.14663837

56 jew bucks to whoever posts a picture of the voice actor of Kratos and his family.

5ec2a0 No.14663933

File: 86d3b0e1b77b745⋯.jpg (286.35 KB, 1197x1809, 133:201, nigger_of_war-01.jpg)

File: 1f3de9362f5a921⋯.jpg (146.19 KB, 1000x661, 1000:661, nigger_of_war-02.jpg)

File: d6fb080ff1908f3⋯.jpg (352.58 KB, 400x600, 2:3, nigger_of_war-03.jpg)

File: 8514f3790d9638d⋯.jpg (12.56 KB, 600x337, 600:337, nigger_of_war-04.jpg)

I'm kinda suprised that there's not any rumblings on the kikeosphere about Kratos being voiced by a black man, yet having his skin whitewashed (by ashes) in the lore…Just look at this beautiful black beast that they're whitewashing!

37dcba No.14663953


I think even without marvel, Thor is the Hercules of norse mythology

0c81dd No.14664133


Kratos was already voiced by a black dude (TJ Carson) in the previous games you nigger

c07879 No.14664145

0d8127 No.14664186


>plus tard


>Whose that Norse god starts playing.

Can we expect it to crossover with the Marvel cinematic universe?

A minor thing but a complaint still. Was there any reason why they didn't progam Krato's not to automatically pull out his weapons when this is the ending? Just seems silly looking when Krato's neatly puts away his weapon to open a door, pulls it out, then neatly puts it back after walking a few feet in when he's about to sleep.

dc4df9 No.14664204

File: 8a15ab0eb3a0a02⋯.jpg (41.87 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Voice actor.jpg)



Same reason nobody bitched about Samurai Jack being voiced by a nigger

c14fd9 No.14664226

File: 002ed33be8f6c5f⋯.mp4 (86.39 KB, 480x360, 4:3, I_was_not_aware_of_that..mp4)

4d58bb No.14664245

File: 394e6e7c82be6d3⋯.jpg (157.59 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, mec de marco.jpg)

This is turning into the half-chans /v/. Of course the old games were good, and unique for the time they were released. God of War 3 Was really good too.

4d58bb No.14664256


And when i say unique, of course i am not talking about gameplay, but about them graphics tho.

b8c500 No.14664265


They picked him for his voice.

The average game nowadays hires niggers because they're niggers.

When your purposes shift from the quality of something to a different reason, quality takes a hit because it's not in the spotlight. Even if you don't like niggers, you should oppose it.

One of the many reasons games are shit nowadays is because developers want to push their retarded zionist/marxist ideals instead of wanting to have good gameplay.

I think bazinganigger there was a great choice for the voice of Kratos.

5bd95a No.14664312

File: a561a6278a2c89d⋯.jpg (326.71 KB, 1000x1292, 250:323, judge and family.jpg)

b8c500 No.14664318


>the white/black mutt goes on to racemix with an asian/unknown mutt

Oh god I hope they don't have kids.

14d824 No.14664461

File: d6ebffe2c7673e5⋯.webm (7.63 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 2krasoy.webm)

14d824 No.14664471

File: 35b0509482ed38c⋯.webm (10.4 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 3krashit.webm)

b8c500 No.14664478


This is a worse action scene than the ones in hollywood movies, and in hollywood they actually compete to see who makes them worse with greater success.

db2101 No.14664518



Jesus, why not just make a animated movie instead of mixing it with tedious combat? fucking jews fam

thx for uploading the ending, got curious from >>14645804's video

21e934 No.14664538


Jesus Christ it actually has worse voice acting than Horizon Zero Gameplay.

831d4d No.14664546

File: b47862b2c7fb9e3⋯.jpg (223.21 KB, 1024x748, 256:187, chaotic evil protagonist.jpg)


>Lets be honest about God of War


Anons and Shills like to constantly have threads and talk about it, even though most of them never played the game and only watched playthroughs of it and are unironically more concerned about the story of God of War than the gameplay, even though they blame the devs for exactly that.

Too honest for ya, /v/?

a4affe No.14664551

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>This is a worse action scene than the ones in hollywood movies, and in hollywood they actually compete to see who makes them worse with greater success.

e23365 No.14664576


cuz he didnt sound like a nigger at all.

14d824 No.14664580


It's actually me, but mobile internet works on dynamic IP. An animated movie is the endgame (for the industry or for the hacks that work at Sony).



I don't really watch movies, does every inconsequential fist fight involves 3 quick punches to the chest? Every time I see it I think it's a "this is not a serious fight" sign.

cddef9 No.14664591

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Every fistfight, consequential or not needs a gazillion jump cuts.

664a05 No.14664615



>ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound ground pound

>ebin cinematic fight

>two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo

>ebin cinematic fight

>two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo

>ebin cinematic fight

>two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo two hit combo

>ebin cinematic fight

I was never a fan of the original God of War games, but Jesus fucking Christ even those were miles ahead of this shit.

91296c No.14664771


He's straight?

147458 No.14665261

File: a47ee3e337c33fe⋯.png (679.96 KB, 639x960, 213:320, 1523976919497.png)


The same people who made Ghost of Sparta made The Order 1866, it was their first non-portable game. They went well didn't it.

147458 No.14665263

File: a695b01a0dd772e⋯.png (85.25 KB, 280x291, 280:291, a695b01a0dd772e4bb0d04e9b7….png)



He's a massive lefty wing retard democrat supporter. If you want some cancer, have a browse at his twitter, it's puregoodcancer.

72429a No.14665267

let's be honest about OP he's a damage controlling shill


4f1a72 No.14665285

I never liked the God of War franchise. It felt dumbed down, with too much of a focus on QTEs and looking cool over giving you mechanics for you to work for it.

I never played it, never will play it. But I did kind of "respect" it as the west's answer to games like Devil May Cry. It was far more unique than most franchises, including to this present day. When it first came out it took a risk in trying to stand on its own two legs.

But now it's just a mish mash of other "popular" ideas. It has an over the shoulder camera which is fucking stupid for an action game, "deep" narrative to hook all the soyboy journalists who think the game has something important to say about toxic masculinity and violence (Schreier actually said this), while simultaneously being gratuitously violent and even EASIER than the previous games in the series (which is probably another reason why they like it)

>Over the shoulder camera so Kratos takes up the left half of the screen while a single enemy takes up the other half

>The AI can't swarm you otherwise it'll be unfair because of the camera, so just make the AI dumb instead

>Also give you long-reaching/ranged weapons

>And long-reaching skills so you rarely have to go near enemies

Also I the skill progression is fucked. You can't customize Kratos; you have to unlock ALL the skills of a tier before selecting skills for the next tier. So anyone who tells you the customization is deep, is lying. It's not a "you'll end up with all the skills anyway" type game, it's a "you HAVE to get all the skills".

147458 No.14665290

File: fe1396d52bd1aa7⋯.jpg (84.04 KB, 908x908, 1:1, fe1396d52bd1aa7f57622b4054….jpg)


You're gay.

You have cocks saved on your computer that makes you gay. Ironic pictures of cocks on your computer is still pictures of cocks which makes you a gayer.

65aa33 No.14665386

File: 137678a272a383f⋯.png (9.79 KB, 294x72, 49:12, Goy of the year.png)

fe67db No.14665478

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.




So, I'm gonna compare this schlock to another encounter in one of the actual God of War games and show the comparison between how nuKratos deals with some fuck who won't leave him alone, and how actual Kratos deals with some fuck who slightly ticks him off.

9507bb No.14665499


The original trilogy shits all over bayonetta fam.

14d824 No.14665512


Wait, I thought bayonetta was supposed to be good

9507bb No.14665516


Bayonetta isn't bad but it's not as good as GoW.

732aae No.14665524

File: dcc89f73d0f6a4e⋯.png (627.89 KB, 600x778, 300:389, 848812100193358e61f101d035….png)


>emulating dark souls


I played Dark souls one time, it didn't interest me at all but I know at the very least that the mobs in it weren't braindead hacks who stand around to get hit, and that you had to do more than mash one button to win. The game is objectively garbage, but you're a shill and a shill must shill.

123370 No.14665596


>posting a (((Jonathan Leibowitz))) gif

Other than that, I'm in full agreement. Incidentally, what are other fun games in the same genre besides those you mentioned?

14d824 No.14665616


I would also like to know this, Darksiders 3 won't come any time soon and I want to do something after finishing 2.

81dc6a No.14665761

File: 0377e2232951bbc⋯.png (418.24 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Butthurt.png)

>my previous post got deleted by sonygger vols

The absolute state of this board.


Cry some more faggot.

How does copying TLoU make GoW better anyway retard?

f67d5a No.14665772


It's kind of ironic how sonyggers think that nintentodlers tun /v/, whens it's the opposite

14d824 No.14665780

cool, this shit thread can finally die

f67d5a No.14665806



14d824 No.14665835

f67d5a No.14665840

File: 1a3175b59436c51⋯.jpg (135.41 KB, 720x460, 36:23, batemana.jpg)

5bd95a No.14666178


The episodes he wrote on Stargate were blacked.com tier garbage.

ac5d1f No.14666836

File: 582ab4628823258⋯.jpg (75.47 KB, 827x755, 827:755, dasitmane.jpg)


Never forget that for a time people in the west were actually motivated to answer GOW's "challenge" of making a better DMC clone. At least we got Darksiders thanks to that kind of mentality.


>Dat bait.

70b1a0 No.14667415


When he did that regenerating health thing I thought he would at least be a recurring boss fight or something.

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