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File: 013a5a3a300674b⋯.png (709.99 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1396987-evboxart.png)

6ee87d No.14646804

What do you guys think of Eversion ?

180c98 No.14646866

It was pretty neat, a great concept well realized, but had its moments of replacing challenge by pixel perfect frustration. Some part of me thinks it could be made into a full game, but the rest thinks it would probably overstay its welcome.

9de684 No.14647311


fucking impossible to find a pirate version of HD that isn't just the original.

e35d64 No.14647961

Original was unique while still being a decent platformer. The one sold for money doesn't really add much that's worth it.

65d497 No.14648009

Undertale-inspired hipster meme stream game

4e2138 No.14648094

File: 352cdd761cd2e43⋯.webm (3.59 MB, 352x288, 11:9, [arrow]jewtube_[arrow]hoo….webm)

>the main stage theme is just a menu theme from some Famicom game

>the new version replaces it with a slightly worse version to legally distinguish it

Good stuff

101a11 No.14648099


Does it add anything apart from backgrounds and HD sprites?

b91a65 No.14648138


made by a massive SJW that is all we need to know

e35d64 No.14648142


It's been years since I've played it, but I swear I remember the final stage being different, or that there's another ending added or something.

9de684 No.14648154


it predates undertale.

d0214b No.14650845

2ad871 No.14651238

File: 1922c6ecea2070e⋯.png (199.92 KB, 559x682, 559:682, 1393749135309.png)

It defeats its own purpose.

It is supposed to shock player with drastic and unexpected change of tone, but its only defining feature that made it somewhat known is said change of tone in the first place, making it no longer unexpected.

Same with undertale really - it's only known for its meta narrative, which supposed to be surprise but since it sells the game there is no surprise.

My point is if the game can't stand on its own merits, such as gameplay or production values, then its turns and twists amount to nothing, there is no value in them.

Compare to Cave Story that has cutesy appearance but also top notch gameplay and fine tuned difficulty curve, making it cult classic hailed as one of the best platformers, not as one of those pretentious "it was grimdark all along" pieces of shit like eversion or undertale.

547a2b No.14651308

File: 8a12b744b79a4a2⋯.png (358.55 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Annoyed Principal.png)


>It is supposed to shock player with drastic and unexpected change of tone, but its only defining feature that made it somewhat known is said change of tone in the first place, making it no longer unexpected.

>not realizing that the value of a piece of media must be contextualized when it came out as well as by its imitators and life in the modern artistic landscape

>"Citizen Kane is supposed to shock the viewer with drastic and unexpected change of tone from the reveal"

I mean it's not that deep but don't go around being a half assed critic

09de41 No.14651319

File: 924a9db1ee698cb⋯.jpg (451.84 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 924a9db1ee698cb90031f314c8….jpg)


>Thinking the only merit that Citizen Kane has is its tone

9f79bf No.14651353

File: 78846d0d65ef709⋯.png (150.53 KB, 220x310, 22:31, 220px-Raze's_Hell_Coverart.png)

An average platformer with a fun horror gimmick. It's free so you can't fault it too hard for lacking depth or being short.

Kinda reminds me of pic-related with how it's got the contrasting cutesy and gorey aesthetics going-on.

e35d64 No.14651355


Except, even without the twist, Eversion is still a competent platformer with some interesting puzzle mechanics. The way the game world transforms as you evert deeper and deeper is also noteworthy, from both a gameplay and artistic sense. What starts as simple level decoration becomes tangible objects, and then they become outright dangerous obstacles. Blocks that start out as solid obstacles become destructible. Enemies start mobile, transition to completely static, only to become even more dangerous than how they started. Even when you know the twist, there's still merit in seeing how the twist is carried out, and it still equals a fun little platformer.

b91a65 No.14651356

2ad871 No.14651383


Did you not bother to read the rest?


Why platformer community doesn't care about it then? You can see people putting autistic amounts of hours in Cave Story, meat boy or Dust Force, but not Eversion.

522040 No.14651409


Those games are games where you can go real fast and master their nooks and crannies. Also and I can't speak for Meat Boy here, Dustforce and Cave Story are pretty fucking fun.

2ad871 No.14651425


You can go fast in freedom planet and sanic mania as well, but nobody gives a shit about those games.

4e2138 No.14651438


Sonic Mania is the only Sonic game this decade that people care about aside from Generations

522040 No.14651466


Sonicfagns do I think. I don't think Dustforce is that popular though.

2ad871 No.14651484


According to steamspy


>Peak concurrent players yesterday: 25


>Peak concurrent players yesterday: 16

Sounds alive enough for what it is tbh.

I thought steamspy is kill?

522040 No.14651498


From what I understand you're not included in the statistics if you don't have your privacy settings set to public.

e35d64 No.14651543


>Why platformer community doesn't care about it then?

You do realize this is basically just argumentum ad populum, right? Just because something doesn't get a lot of attention, doesn't mean it lacks merit.


Steam simply changed the default settings, of who can see your library and activity, from public to private. So, now, Steamspy can only see the activity of those who deliberately make the choice to let anyone see it.

ac7d71 No.14651609


The thrisd hidden ending was neat.

It's okay outside of that, I feel like the gimmick isn't actually used enough and it's rarely used in a non "room full of 1 way switch" way, there's better games for free out there.

b44286 No.14651843

Kekcroc was better.

101a11 No.14651884


I find this kinda hard to take at face value because eversion had some a bit of thought and creativity put into it, and we all know SJWs aren't capable of either. I wanna say they were just the sprite artist and took full credit or something.


Probably has something to do with the fact that version takes all of 2 hours to beat and has no replay value.


>third ending

Is this exclusive to the HD version?

ac7d71 No.14651895


>Is this exclusive to the HD version?

Might be

101a11 No.14651907


Have a video of it?

ac7d71 No.14651971

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Starting at 1:20

b91a65 No.14651999


No, he is the sole developer, but you are kind of right. Back in 2009, when the game was developed, he wasn't a full fledged SJW (I don't think anyone in video games was). He gradually drank the kool-aid and became progressively pozzed after moving to the UK, though.

t. I know Zara from way back, he is from my hue hometown

101a11 No.14652031


Chronic brain damage then, got it.

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