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File: 072a3285bd6774d⋯.jpg (121.82 KB, 1114x716, 557:358, ubersreik ginyu.jpg)

5da659 No.14647011

The latest patch was pretty good all around, and mod tools were announced for late april. Things might just be looking up.

The purpose of the picture frames will, however, never ever be revealed.

5da659 No.14647933

File: 14033ba9668672c⋯.gif (625.79 KB, 640x400, 8:5, empire in flames.gif)

67d670 No.14647997

How do you do the slayer jump launch? How about teleporting through doors as BW?

46b1dd No.14648316

Anyone else notice the increased chances of a horde/ambush occurring right before or just after a boss shows up? I could be running into some really shitty luck, but I noticed with the bile troll and chaos spawn bosses you get swarmed as well.


Sums that level up nicely. I found hugging the wall during the jump to the first lamp post makes that part easier

b02324 No.14648331


>teleporting through doors as BW

U wot m8?

54e48c No.14648334


When will the final, stable version of this game be released?

50ae15 No.14648343


In about a year, much like VT1.

fa52c5 No.14648395

What kinda of mods are you cucks hoping for? I'm pretty excited for a kerillian mute mod, hopefully some nude mods as well.

d1f57d No.14648695


Once you practice that jump enough you can make any jump in the game effortlessly

caaaed No.14648746


replace elf bot with victor so I can play the game again with my fag friend

d1f57d No.14648763


Elf bot is best bot though, better than most players at saving you from specials

893d85 No.14648764


>tfw you know exactly what this is

W-we never managed to get it.

caaaed No.14648769


I don't give a shit. I don't even want to look at her.

79711f No.14649039

I want more porn, considering it's been the same characters for 2 games, why isn't there more?

d1f57d No.14649211


Because they are all ugly as shit, ESPECIALLY the females. Obviously that doesn't stop everyone but it cuts down at least 90%

8e118c No.14649232

File: 94ee23b0a8c0075⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 127.24 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 8FB5EE00-8D95-4EC1-8FEF-8….jpeg)

File: 4db1733d2dc8820⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.93 KB, 800x558, 400:279, 63b71a518294a1cad491a4375e….jpg)

File: cc9f0419f7b8606⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 101.74 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 30299E01-AE1A-42FA-8227-5….jpeg)

File: 49aa6fa49653823⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.02 KB, 800x600, 4:3, skaven.jpg)


I heard someone ask for porn in a vermintide thread?

caaaed No.14649269

File: 5a1050c0a121849⋯.webm (2.32 MB, 586x746, 293:373, my disgust.webm)




I wish I could shove (You) into an oven

8e118c No.14649278

File: fb27755e808e27e⋯.jpg (26.73 KB, 650x482, 325:241, spurdo assburgers.jpg)


>muh snouts


2372db No.14649815

File: 4449f0f0ad0d345⋯.jpg (201.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180415204601_1.jpg)

I wanna put my foot up Ranald's ass.

e2ba85 No.14649830


>No well groomed bugged up ratboy to AV you

25d137 No.14649837

File: 5ae4dff77856213⋯.jpg (3.58 KB, 300x168, 25:14, reeeee.jpg)



4bd6f4 No.14649838

File: 88a8e207cdb322f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.87 MB, 4299x3036, 1433:1012, 232a62c29b437b610ecf4e063a….png)

File: 2107a67eb3e465d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 993x1574, 993:1574, 3f7c496f6c0c8b0d19eb34fd8f….png)

Is this a bing thread?

79711f No.14649857

File: f5f115b99da9e84⋯.gif (747.07 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1421430810052.gif)


I meant Saltzpyre porn

a723ae No.14649916

File: 131479dd8b3304c⋯.jpg (368.83 KB, 691x625, 691:625, ᄅ9ɐㄥㄥǝƐƖǝ8ᄅɔpƖɐƐƖㄣɐqqƐ606ɔ….jpg)

e69683 No.14649918

File: 4cb5b00124cb75f⋯.png (174.71 KB, 384x390, 64:65, d5921d0801896aa1cfa09b98f2….png)

>mfw this thread

>mfw me and the boys lost skittergate on legend with rasknit on 10% hp

8e118c No.14649969

File: 011f9cc616dff58⋯.jpg (46.83 KB, 640x480, 4:3, laughing irkans.jpg)

I didn't expect to start the fire.


>file name

That's dedication.

a93948 No.14649992


Saltzpyre is for removing rat scum with not for fugging

168377 No.14650014

File: da940414671ab49⋯.png (86.02 KB, 191x242, 191:242, blargh.png)


>only 2 female characters

>1 of which is a psychotic granny

>the other one is the damned elf

>of the 3 guys you have a manlet, a family man turned alcoholic, and a one-eyed psychotic grandpa to go with the psychotic granny

>yet anon still wants porn of them

Your soul cries out in a darkness of your own making

8e118c No.14650020


I bet sienna was fucking hot in her youth though. pun semi intended

e69683 No.14650058

File: d5921d0801896aa⋯.png (135.84 KB, 303x400, 303:400, d5921d0801896aa1cfa09b98f2….png)


manlet that can tear a chaos warrior's throat out and mash hordes with his 2H indefinitely

539692 No.14650090



I mained dwarf up to level 30.

Decided to try other characters.

All the dwarf players are dogshit?

Or are these just elf-main niggers who are trying out the dwarf because they heard IronBreaker was OP?

676051 No.14650100

File: 04642d0197a25bf⋯.png (678.42 KB, 673x680, 673:680, LaughingSorceress.png)


>playing on Veteran

168377 No.14650116

File: 0086f143ce283cf⋯.jpg (37.55 KB, 300x200, 3:2, I AM A MEGAPHONE.jpg)


I played Ranger Vet until I unlocked Slayer, but that was only with some friends of mine so that doesn't count.

I will never play Ironbabby outside of maybe skittergate on legend

8d3a3f No.14650120

File: 61d2d1178820edf⋯.jpg (47.45 KB, 313x343, 313:343, [disgusted skeleton noises….jpg)

8d3a3f No.14650125

539692 No.14650139


You play champ on a lvl five character, see how long until a group decides NOT to kick you.

539692 No.14650199

>Be me

>Just trying to level my last character up so i won't have to play on veteran anymore

>Get to end of level with grims and all.

>Host disconnects

>No exp for you goy

I sincerely wish every single developer in fatshit gets raped by rat-ogres

e69683 No.14650207

File: d2ee772a21ddef5⋯.jpg (25.49 KB, 358x361, 358:361, d2ee772a21ddef5887fc17f895….jpg)


>he's buttmad about veteran

79711f No.14650211

File: a82a0f83036f98f⋯.png (137.2 KB, 378x483, 18:23, [Souko Souji] Hentai Kyoud….png)


Aww yeah


This, reminds me of Payday 2 where the host+friends would kick the stranger before getting in the escape area

5da659 No.14650331

File: f027180fe58f7ff⋯.jpg (532.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180414220414_1.jpg)

File: c539432537c5c7e⋯.jpg (464.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180321193741_1.jpg)


Why? Ranald is a swell guy and is great in bed.

5c3177 No.14650348


Too bad he dies due to the End Times

676051 No.14650472

File: bf3046ffb891b21⋯.png (258.55 KB, 569x571, 569:571, OrkSmashingKomputer.png)


We don't speak of that, anon.

1293c4 No.14651067


Speaking of rat-ogres, has anyone noticed they seem to have more attacks punching though block lately? His shove used to be his only attack that dealt damage through blocking but now his overhead slam and another one of his attacks seem to ignore block as well.

f8fb26 No.14651072


>What kinda of mods are you cucks hoping for?

Model swaps and shitty reskins are a given. Personally, I would like to see Orc hordes be modded in, some custom modes like a versus mode or endless waves. Though ambitious, it would cool to see an ASSFAGGOTS mode with playable Skaven classes.

5c3177 No.14651095

File: c289c2cae1ddb84⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 235.42 KB, 1021x580, 1021:580, Millions of Souls cry out ….jpg)


But anon, remember GW's Decision

a8d505 No.14651104

File: 7a2f9adaccde138⋯.png (59.02 KB, 430x453, 430:453, 7a2f9adaccde138031e1a42bae….png)


Don't you fucking dare anon

54e48c No.14651305

File: 9f9c37ce7328ba9⋯.jpg (77 KB, 312x445, 312:445, Ink-Eyes.jpg)


>posts rat porn

>can't tell the difference between skaven and nezumi


41f81d No.14651320

File: 96b7dab64a209cd⋯.jpg (33.72 KB, 481x401, 481:401, garbage.jpg)



Fucking ratniggers

Be purged

54f63b No.14651328

Friendly reminder that playing Handmaiden is the best indicator of genuine skill in this game

5da659 No.14651338


Absolutely, fellow Asrai anon.

She's also unironically pretty good against Halescourge

4e8537 No.14651503


model swaps, skaven to have jewish faces, orcs to have black peoples faces on, dunno how it'll pass the steam censors, but maybe mod sites can host lol

5c3177 No.14651532


Source of that reaction pic?

cb6ff1 No.14651693

File: 532dcf4c8acce62⋯.jpg (703.35 KB, 1667x2375, 1667:2375, beafc978691a7f5e8c2ca1d186….jpg)

>vermintide is big in China

Wait a minute… Does it means it was a PVP game all along?

5da659 No.14651734


>Not even 12k legend skittergates completed


cb6ff1 No.14652292

Why glaive is so fucking op? No kidding, it's a best melee weapon in the entire game, light attacks erase hordes while heavy attacks melt chaos warriors. They really should make it Handmaiden-exclusive weapon. Also swiftbow on WS is surprisingly fun weapon, though I've yet to try it on Champion - but I suspect that it may have become a viable alternative to longbow after the latter was nerfed.

d1f57d No.14652990


Steam achievements show that 1.5% of players have completed Skittergate on Legend. I do wonder however if that 11650 number is the number of times the map has been completed, the number of players that have completed the map, or the number of player-completes (ie 4 players per clear). In any case it seems to be out of date.

d1f57d No.14653060


The glaive isn't that good on hordes. It gets bogged down when you try to strike too many enemies at once, and it's slow enough that the enemy can often hit you before you can stagger them. Spear is much better in that regard. Single target/armored it's one of if not the best in the game.

I could be wrong, but I remember the glaive second heavy attack doing around 3x the damage it's currently doing (around 180 headshot, currently it's around 60)., That's with the bonus headshot damage perk.

6c9be3 No.14653083

File: 995c71d16897b8c⋯.jpg (60.39 KB, 194x178, 97:89, moku smoke.jpg)


>germany #4 and england #5

don't they have their own vermintides to worry about

d1f57d No.14653104



173539 No.14653121

File: 8b7947207e7e069⋯.jpg (18.98 KB, 205x246, 5:6, EXTRAHERESY.jpg)

f77fca No.14653128


It's kind of hard to pull off Skittergate, when half the parties decide to jump off the cliff at start.

173539 No.14653156



Impressive normally it's the whole team without hesitation.

Honestly the skittergate is just so long and tedious with several bosses not even including Rasknitt.

I like to do it only once or twice a month or so, it's just not worth it.

146a64 No.14653185


With both vermintides being so sucesfull, i wonder what fatshark will try next.

40K vermintide would be pleasing.

3b6d8a No.14653234


>Co-op TPS about Deathwatch squad

>combat system similar to THQ's Space Marine

>several marines, each from a different chapter, fighting xenos scum

Just imagine the bantz! Alternatively, it can be an FPS about IG veteran squad, or an inquisitor's retniue a la Dark Heresy, in which case the gameplay should be more similar to Payday than L4D.

f77fca No.14653236


After space hulk: just stop. Enjoy what is out there.

Don't push your luck. This game has so many bugs it is barely playable at times. Hordes walking through walls, wall machinegun rat, ultraspawn of 4+ disablers during horde, random insta-kills by blackrats etc and such horrible network design that if host leaves you have tor restart the whole level.

They could have at least taken the good things from left4dead, but in some ways this game is inferior to it.

adb583 No.14653250

File: fe8ea319e28bbe1⋯.png (333.01 KB, 680x353, 680:353, a world without jews.png)

>Playing on legend

>Rat patrol in direct path of tome

>the absolute retard sienna runs right into them to get the tome

>Everyone dies

146a64 No.14653259


Honestly, inquisitorial payday sounds pretty great, althought an inquisition game should be more like L.A. noire with more shooting and partners.

d1f57d No.14653272


Also there's the fact that all of Norsca is chaos-only and chaos is 2-3x harder to deal with than skaven. Of course the area just before the skittergate spawns a horde, boss, and patrol almost every time as well.

adb583 No.14653279


Chaos is way easier than Skaven, chaos warriors and the big helm nerds are piss easy, leaches make huge amounts of noise, and blightstormers are alright if you have people that aren't retarded

f77fca No.14653294

File: 25d7e699afe32a4⋯.mp4 (13.45 MB, 900x720, 5:4, vermintide-2-sienna-gets-n….mp4)


>sienna damages whole party at a constant rate with beam

>lul I am only doing 1% damage :D :D :D :D

>proceeds to unload into team

>me at 1% hp fighting boss

>sienna unloads into my back

>kills me on the spot

>It was an accident m8

>keeps doing next game session all the time

>roasts me and rats next to me thinking she is helping

>proceeds to shoot elsewhere

>rats aren't really dead, just grown black and furless

>rats hit me in the back

>guy couldn't drop the fucking beam for one second to cover others. Like a walking fucking turret.

Fucking sienna niggers.

b02324 No.14653337


They have lot more hp and damage than skavenslaves that are killed by a fart aimed at their general direction.


For every bad sienna I've seen 10 bad elves, maybe its because I play sienna half the time but they're nowhere near elf leves of annoying.

Atleast they wont stop being usefull because they're trying to kill every ambient rat to pad up their scores thus running out of ammo 2 minutes into the mission.

f77fca No.14653362

File: 8b33442bcbb138a⋯.png (942.37 KB, 1178x530, 589:265, victor.png)


>for Lylaeth(or whatever she says)

>smack in your back while you are fighting a horde

>25% of your hp gone

>teee hee mayflies

adb583 No.14653376

Do people actually go for being the highest scoring?

If you do, you are retarded

8468e8 No.14653385

File: f99c57274e8aff2⋯.png (69.11 KB, 1761x900, 587:300, 1446045599679.png)

File: 3264a176caaca8b⋯.png (472.79 KB, 1456x728, 2:1, 326.png)

File: 48c53e8536a3134⋯.jpg (378.16 KB, 1920x1389, 640:463, Total_War_Saurus_Warrior_C….jpg)

File: 1227c62cc3414ef⋯.jpg (334.65 KB, 1920x904, 240:113, Total_War_Saurus_Warrior_C….jpg)


Playable Lizardmen.

adb583 No.14653400


it'll bring something out even worse than the ratfuckers, lizard fuckers

c84bc8 No.14653403


Scaly furfag please cease this.

b02324 No.14653423


Depends, if I'm playing ironbreaker I'l be really disapointed in myself if I take more damage than 100-200.

676051 No.14653430

File: ccecf02c841af08⋯.png (196.33 KB, 600x488, 75:61, Heresy.png)


Contemplate sudoku, anon.


Lizardfags are even worse cancer than the furfags.

893d85 No.14653432

File: fd1558d53d8bc9f⋯.png (7.07 KB, 252x243, 28:27, F3989AB5-1027-4D56-9283-39….png)


Hee-hee, here surface dwellers, let these micefugees into your town.

adb583 No.14653457


Go back to your hole gray seer

b98e67 No.14653459

File: 33937ee6f46c00c⋯.png (39.92 KB, 245x238, 35:34, IMG_3996.PNG)


If it meant being able to marry a cute skaven girl (no not the brood mothers, I mean like in the pics) then I would without a second thought.

adb583 No.14653463

File: 1b919abe768ba5b⋯.jpg (191.68 KB, 707x540, 707:540, Gayer responde.jpg)


Behead skavenfags

b98e67 No.14653473

File: f7864d0cd8aafbc⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 267x200, 267:200, IMG_3147.GIF)


You just don't understand our love.

595f72 No.14653474

File: 881e2bc8b82eb24⋯.jpg (167.71 KB, 664x1203, 664:1203, Victor_Saltzpyre.jpg)




That's a grudging

c84bc8 No.14653503


I'd rather see porn of the skaven than any playable character, they're so ugly. Maybe Kerillian's got a nice nice face underneath that green mask, but the black orbs she calls eyes are bad.


That's not how Skaven talk you stupid-bad man-thing impersonator


That's good-good, honoured man-thing, disregard the hateful-angry anon-things in the thread-posts. Go-walk to nearby sewers, I can-can get you hooked up with a sexy-hot rat girl.

f5c475 No.14653512

File: 603e6ea337f5540⋯.jpg (264.49 KB, 661x800, 661:800, f61da88c3012cab162a449b60e….jpg)


I'd sooner marry an Elgi than a Thaggoraki



6aff40 No.14653526

File: 1900a552e6c6f8d⋯.png (242.54 KB, 370x440, 37:44, autism.png)


I recall a visiting anon from /furry/ or /kemono/ mentioned that any furry with a preference for rats/weasels/any sort of rodent is 9 times out of ten, either a methhead or other nigger-tier drug user, has borderline personality disorder (basically imagine if bipolar disorder had a sister who browses tumblr. Unpredictable, manipulative, and vindictive to boot. Worst fucking people you'll ever have to deal with), or is/is considering becoming a trannu. Also usually a leftist of some sort, often dipping into /leftypol/ levels of faggotry.

adb583 No.14653532


rats are inherently disgusting creatures, wanting to fuck one is like wanting to fuck a corpse

8aaef0 No.14653560

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


End times are okay. Vermintide set in them. At least there are some fucking action and things happen. Before end times only a fucking mordheim happened, the rest was black crusade tier nothing or backstories about who the fuck cares.


And I was wondering who will trust a fucking skaven.


You are trying too hard and too wrong at the same time.


>degenerat is degenerate



Technically everyone who likes sexy vampires are necrophiliacs.

def56b No.14653570



Like other jumps you need to do things that are completely illogical.

You need to hug the wall and let it "push" you onto the lampost, rather than try to be perfectly aligned and run straight, also as with almost all jump puzzles, you need to chain the jumps as there is a momentum boost.

adb583 No.14653588


Vampires are still /technically/ alive since they are still animated, and i was kinda implying like "Rotting bloated floating in a river" corpse

168377 No.14653594

File: f4f23af8b129178⋯.png (192.42 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 400px-Hopeless.png)


Forget the grim, how the hell do you get the third tome on that level?

Shit's a CS:S bhop course.

adb583 No.14653601


Just jump around the corner

ea331c No.14653626

File: 13130575e70f9f3⋯.jpg (152.92 KB, 1167x1080, 389:360, 1523920396300.jpg)

Would you let her pounce you?

adb583 No.14653635



8aaef0 No.14653651

File: 41a96d6d8f3dc00⋯.jpg (101.28 KB, 624x512, 39:32, X7C5O3C4IIK9558POGJ0254ICR….jpg)


Sure thing, heretic. Its not necrophilia if its still warm.

9cf100 No.14653654


Well of course! But it will be on the end of the lance though whilst she wriggles in terrifying pain.

67d36a No.14653655


Great so the game becomes even more furry bait than it already is.

b02324 No.14653661


>there is a momentum boost.

I'm fairly certain you're wrong, the characters just have a slight acceleration time you can see when you rapidly change directions, so its fine as long as you dont start your jump right off the edge.

adb583 No.14653682

File: 9a6e5fb2dccb1fb⋯.png (64.73 KB, 350x350, 1:1, HERETIC.png)


ea331c No.14653685


I am not picky.

f5c475 No.14653718

File: 1a6e6649421bddc⋯.jpg (169.24 KB, 1049x761, 1049:761, dwarf_warhammer_by_use0000….jpg)



There is still much work to be done Dawongrs.

168377 No.14653738

File: 2b303984db88e6f⋯.png (279.26 KB, 628x418, 314:209, 1447734597198.png)



More like faggoraki.

ea331c No.14653812

I'm still waiting for the moment someone draws porn of loot rat, aka cute rat

610e58 No.14653813

File: 5fd49406da3721d⋯.jpg (201.59 KB, 500x454, 250:227, 9cb14169-1d10-41f1-ae7b-1e….jpg)

File: 9e678f36418b664⋯.jpg (33.38 KB, 592x385, 592:385, 37f3ca13-ad52-45a2-8bfb-80….jpg)

File: 548917b9708ef86⋯.jpg (723.94 KB, 1280x1663, 1280:1663, 047fd8d9-e803-4dcd-bb92-1f….jpg)

File: d445726ab6de68c⋯.jpg (626.3 KB, 1280x1492, 320:373, b9ac47b1-4b35-4a4d-8505-9e….jpg)

File: 49048ddbc5e0158⋯.png (56.85 KB, 493x373, 493:373, 44ccd42a-1c03-4a7a-b923-05….png)


My nigger

54f63b No.14653855


>he can't carry with ranger dorf and a grudgeraker with ammo recovery on crit

you are garbage

dfb35c No.14653856


as someone who ca pretty much do the jump every time youre retarded

5da659 No.14654023

File: 93f413850f3376c⋯.jpg (5.75 MB, 4000x4000, 1:1, 93f413850f3376c08ef25de075….jpg)


Bad elf players are a meme born from /tg/ memers going into the game determined to hate elf despite waystalker being objectively one of the best classes and the absolute best level 1 class. Bad sienna players are a reality.

54f63b No.14654041


The real suffering is getting a shitter zealot that has no fucking clue what he's doing and keeps going ape on mobs before his death-resist is readied, thinking his meme passive is going to let him take a chaos warrior smash to the face on legend

b02324 No.14654049


You're propably that retarded poster from the last thread who takes instults against elves like they're directed at you and thinks elfs are good looking.

Go be gay somewhere else.

5da659 No.14654064


>Goes straight to ad hominem without the slightest attempt at refuting

I play all characters equally and Kerillian is good. Be an ebin dorfposter if you wish but don't pretend you're anything more than a memelord.

1293c4 No.14654110


>t. Elf

5da659 No.14654124


What an acute observation. I bet you're able to tell blue things the other players keep pinging are pickups you can collect, too.

a3ba8c No.14654130


Perhaps being a trickster, he'll feign death and live on in the worlds rebirth

5c3177 No.14654140


Anon, It is a great idea that Ranald Becomes Fantasy Human Version of Cegorach

b02324 No.14654145

File: 5fa6464c7572ca0⋯.png (462.35 KB, 1042x1066, 521:533, wrong.png)


>this whole fucking post

Why you even try to act like you're not an elf loving faggot.

Now then lets refute your shitty points then

>waystalker being objectively one of the best classes

Except waystalker is only best at special sniping and only marginally better than say Sienna or Huntsman, the only thing she has over those 2 are arrow regen which you dont need if you're not shit and arent padding your stats by shooting at rats sitting at the edge of the map.

Now the other two can actually do more than snipe specials so you're double wrong on the first one.

>best level 1 class

Absolutely meaningless, I dont even know why state such a useless point.

Also its funny that people like you glorify the elf to no end except when someone talks about nerfing a thing about her your ilk come running form the woodworks to claim shes borderline useless while repeating the "I.. I.. I p.. play other characters too!!" like you did.

All in all 2/10, hang yourself from your trees.

676051 No.14654152

File: 92e68036653fa16⋯.webm (3.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DwarvenDiplomacy.webm)


Fucking elves.

1293c4 No.14654154


It's not even close you pointy eared poofter. I see way more terrible elves than I see terrible pyromancers. It's not a fucking meme from /tg/ although it played into it nicely. It's an accurate stereotype that carried over from beta, the elf being a massively overpowered piece of shit that drew scrubs in like flies to shit. 2 months later they're still playing their crutch class only good for score padding.

f45a4a No.14654173

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Best class coming through.

60ee8c No.14654234

File: 8907c27ad161832⋯.jpg (203.06 KB, 794x648, 397:324, 8907c27ad1618321f9502a7058….jpg)


Would let her deep throat the barrel of my pistol, before i pull the trigger.

112463 No.14654249

File: ba01532eea92332⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 640x684, 160:171, apocalyptic boner.jpg)



226568 No.14654259


>carried over from the beta

You mean has been true since the very first day of VT1. Elf being the easy class played by shitters who need skill compensation, and yet still failing despite the boost, has always been a thing.

f5c475 No.14654268

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>First 10 seconds

Also hooktube version

Kruber's always fun to play.

1293c4 No.14654274


I would have said that, but I doubt that's the case. The population of people who played VT1 is minuscule compared to the people who didn't and just jumped straight into VT2.

b02324 No.14654280


I'm torn between mercenary and footknight, more cleave sounds good and the revive shout has been really usefull with pubs.

But I'm not even sure I can notice the added cleave and think I might be better of with just footknights many bonuses like the really usefull charge and reduced damage.

On that thought, I dont think theres a single enemy that dies with one less hit when you have the slayers passive at max stacks, so whats the point? Tiny bit more boss damage?

50ae15 No.14654282

File: 3e68898c513416a⋯.jpg (744.25 KB, 2122x1415, 2122:1415, 895680b2aaade7a0c80e1e8047….jpg)

>finally got a group of decent pubs and made three back to back full book, 2 loot dice runs with them on Legend

>every single one is a General's

I just want a red Falchion or Necklace, goddamnit. I feel like I'm going to spend as much time hoping for a red as I would just grinding the 600+ dust for a good roll.

d1f57d No.14654285


>Hack poke hack hack: the character

>Fun to play

Kruber is the most boring character to play out of the entire cast. He's also the least useful.

a2aff9 No.14654305


>doesn't know about block canceling

>doesn't know about ult canceling

>doesn't know about pludgeoning your enemies guts out and fashioning them into bullets

>probably doesn't even have a mustache

go play elf

b02324 No.14654326

File: cf3abb3860ce019⋯.png (469.29 KB, 1176x668, 294:167, Diagram_showing_a_tumour_f….png)


>Hack poke hack hack: the character

Pretty much the game in a nutshell, cmon dude you were recommending spear earlier in the thread and then you going to talk shit about the halberd? Dont be like that.

>He's also the least useful.

Oh I didnt know you had terminal cancer, see pic related.

a2aff9 No.14654341


Revive shout is mercenary's only use. But it's fairly good one when your teammate gets hooked into a horde or something. Just make sure you got a team to carry your ass. However FK does everything else and you can always use your charge to get someone revived as well. You'd think merc is Kruber's dps career but FK does far better job at the killing with all the cc he's got where merc has to constantly back away and try get some strikes in.

Trophy hunter in itself is kinda nonfactor but adrenaline surge is amazing.

d1f57d No.14654348


It's not his halberd that's the problem it's his ranged weapons. Kruber is reduced to spamming melee only 99% of the time because his ranged either sucks or has no ammo. Every other character juggles between melee and ranged. Except slayer obviously but he at least has two melee weapons and a skill that affects his melee routine.

b02324 No.14654380


You're right but I feel its the right direction actually, the devs are right its supposed to be a melee focused game. I constantly see people do 60-80% of theirs kills with ranged weapons and thats not only boring as well its just straight up OP as well.

Especially if you're the one trying to kill shit with melee.

676051 No.14654387


Can't disagree about Kruber's ranged options being the worst of the cast, but a few points to consider.

>Kruber can stagger and stunlock like no other. Minibosses and actual bosses other than Halescourge are made trivial by a purple potion. While you get less from spamming it against hordes, it can be used to buy crucial breathing room if one spawns when you're in a bad position.

>Halberd tears through armor like no other. He may not be able to take out a single Chaos Warrior as fast as Saltzpyre, but if you're stuck fighting two or three (or worse, a patrol), he can clean up like no other.

And if spec'd well…

>Additional stamina shield for the entire party.

>Ability to charge in when an ally has fallen and revive with an unbreakable block.

b02324 No.14654430


Dont forget being able to revive someone in the most shittiest of situations by starting the revive and then charing away while maintaining the revive.

a3ba8c No.14654459

File: e240bdf3da42cf9⋯.jpg (77.7 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, e240bdf3da42cf9aec07ad7d4e….jpg)

>patched windows boot loader detected

>haven't had this issue before, nothing has changed that I know of since last time the game was patched

Can't even play the goddamn game right now, what the fuck fagshark

e6c30d No.14654461


Nah it'll be a TPS Rogue Trader hunting Imperial Artifacts that run afoul of Tyranids.

Complete with a Commissar, a psyker, an Eldar,a Stormtrooper and a Tau.

No squats or spess mehreens, fuck you

539692 No.14654588

File: de92a03f1bc8605⋯.jpg (16.56 KB, 197x255, 197:255, crabs.jpg)


Yeah well the Chinese are all rats anyways so i guess to them it is a PVP game.

Must be even more true for the Israeli players.

ea331c No.14654837

File: a105c052acbbaad⋯.png (151.93 KB, 2500x2500, 1:1, f8wP2b9.png)


Skaven are superior to chinese. Skaven are at least cute.

1293c4 No.14655266


The halberd has pretty terrible armor penetration actually. Only one in three hits does a substantial amount, penetrating 80%, while one of the other two hits deal 50% and the other one just bounces off of armor. If you're looking for armor penetration, look for the 2h hammer. Every quick attack hit has 80% penetration and tends to hit the head on two of three attacks. That thing will drop a chaos warrior in just a couple of swings.

676051 No.14655269


Block. Shove. Continue holding LMB after the shove for a followup attack. Overhead swing that is pretty much a guaranteed headshot that chews through armor.

285a1b No.14655274


missions involving tyranids, or a tyranid last stand map would be sweet.

Also Imperial guard Tanith First-and-Only missions VT2 style would be great, Abnett even wrote books entirely styled around small squad actions kicking the shit out of armies

1293c4 No.14655281


Vs just swinging your hammer three times in the time it takes to do a shove attack with the halberd. It will do more damage and won't eat your stamina either. If you're looking for armor pen I don't think it gets any better than the hammer, or at least better than equivalent since Bardin's 2h hammer is nearly identical.

The halberd is nice and all, the reach is fantastic and it has a bit of everything on its moveset, but it's hardly the best tool for every job.

e69683 No.14655292




consider putting attack speed on your hammer with a curse resist + attack speed charm. It makes it a lot more forgiving on leg and champ. Works good on slayer dwarf too.

ea331c No.14655294

1293c4 No.14655307


That's what I typically do, otherwise the repeating power attacks for horde clearing can be awkward and cumbersome. I really wish there was a rebind for power attacks instead of just holding the mouse button. Accidentally breaking your cadence because you mistimed a mouse click can be devastating if it happens at an unfortunate moment.

1293c4 No.14655346


Or worse, you have to make a quick block-shove after your hammer sweep phased through some mook because fatshark cant keep shit straight.

Phantom strikes weren't something I noticed too crazy much on falchion Salty since the guy spends most of his time whipping the sword around, something is bound to hit at some point when you're a whirlwind of blade; it was enough to be annoying but that's about it. But on hammer Kruber it's absolutely infuriating since you invest so much in each one of your sweeps. Seeing some knob goblin walk right through the hammer arc because the hit didn't register just ruins your day every time.

1d1788 No.14655653

File: 55ec88f8d714e39⋯.jpg (123.27 KB, 652x869, 652:869, 55ec88f8d714e39c813f8e848a….jpg)


Yeah, easy anticheat is a giant piece of shit but its reached a new low now that it scans your system files because they're stupid enough to think people put cheats in their dll's. You have to use system file checker to replace your files with the original now if you want to play. Better get a legitimate copy of windows, goy.

f77fca No.14655655

File: c0d2db5577d27eb⋯.png (199.17 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, smelf.png)

6ad02b No.14655747


except the 2h hammer sucks dick at dealing with hordes, especially when you're not host, you need teammates who are always around and specced to clear hordes instead, anyone who pubs has little choice but to use halberd for the all-round usefulness, or go mace and shield and block everything.

2hand executioner sword might be worthwhile with it's fix recently however.

f77fca No.14655934

The amount of oneshots I am getting on legend is insane.

8d281a No.14655941


Can't wait to take my swiftbow and autofire macros I had some left over from Warframe to Champion.

f77fca No.14655959


I mean as enemies oneshotting me or teammates.

1293c4 No.14656120

File: 6562078f4f0d700⋯.mp4 (1.87 MB, 640x454, 320:227, PhantomHitsVT2.mp4)


It would be fine if the hit detection didn't suck shit. You'd just power attack cleave through everything.

And this sort of shit happens even when you're the host so it's not just a latency issue.

f40dda No.14656755

File: 6872258a75c25be⋯.jpg (50.91 KB, 640x558, 320:279, 3c24e821f50698b38fdde5dd1a….jpg)

7343e6 No.14656955


Exec Sword on Kruber seems really good vs both hordes and CW/Stromvermin. Regular attack left-right swing vs hordes and power attack vs CW will always hit the head with little aiming needed.

63ea00 No.14656991


I think Kruber and Salts needs an all around buff for their melee weapons and classes across the board. The dwarf can basically do everything that Kruber can (while he cannot stunlock bosses he can sure interrupt them as IB) while his 2H hammer makes mince meat out of specials. Flame thrower is excellent for crowd control and hardly overheats with the right setup.

Elf on the other hand just completely destroys everything. Her glaive charge up completely obliterates specials and her quick attacks clears hordes alot quicker than any of Kruber's melee weaponry.

I main Kruber, but I have been enjoying Kerillian's OP bullshit alot more than usual lately.

b670bd No.14657040


yeah kruber never got nerfed ill admit, but he never got buffed enough to compete just right either, we'll see, i'd rather see bug fixes and stability improvements, maybe tidy up the code just a bit so it's not as big a strain on hardware and loading times too.

maybe i just need to update my toaster, it's fallen behind.

dfb35c No.14657310


you got your fov default right?

f77fca No.14657353


What about shade backstab ?

She needs very little focus to use it. It does insane damage, oneshots chaos warriors much easier than bounty hunter and can do so multiple times on full focus.

I had this insane fight where only berserker dwarf and shade were alive vs troll on legend. Dwarf keeps beating it but barely keeps it from regen-ing and it looks like he is merely tickling it(damn thing has constant regen).

Meanwhile shade:


>15% or more of the boss hp on legend is gone

>backstab again

>regens again

>backstabs again



>backstabs again

She demolished a troll on legend with backstabs while berserker was just busy keeping the regen down. It was insane. I don't think even sienna is that efficient vs bosses.

3b030b No.14657962


Weasels aren't rodents anon, they're mustelids

71aecb No.14658264


>least useful

Get out

71aecb No.14658305


>halberd: versatile Swiss Army knife good at single target, horde control and decent armor pen

>two hand hammer: great armor pen, slightly less raw damage, slower swing, less cc.

Unless you don’t have a dwarf with you, who should be using the fucking hammer, the halberd is the better choice most times, as CC is Krubs bread n butter

63ea00 No.14659247


I still think Waystalker is superior for her ammo regen abilities. From what I've experienced, Shade seems like the least played elf class on champion and legendary. With the Handmaiden class, you can escape out of shitty situations (extremely useful when the team gets down and you have to press on) with a chance to bleed enemies. Waystalker's ammo regen + regain ammo on headshots can take out mini bosses fairly fast at a safe distance. Range outclasses melee, which is kind of damn ironic considering that FatShit wanted this game to be melee oriented. I just think they need to buff melee oriented classes instead of going on a nerfing spree with the ranged special killers. Kerillian's glaive seems to outclass almost every melee weapon in Kruber's kit atm.

194e6e No.14659298


>Kerillian's glaive seems to outclass almost every melee weapon in Kruber's kit atm.

Seems like it, especially with the follow up heavy attack. I also agree that melee classes need a buff as well.

f77fca No.14659328


>you can escape out of shitty situations (extremely useful when the team gets down and you have to press on) with a chance to bleed enemies

So can shade with the added bonus of instakilling chaos warriors. But yeah as far as ranged goes she is probably worse than the rest of the smelfs.

38bcdc No.14659445


I actually do have a legit windows version that's what's pissing me off

A restart and verifying the game files fixed the problem but damn

cd20fd No.14659467


no such thing as attack speed + curse resist charm you faggot, try again, only thing that can roll curse resist is TRINKET

1293c4 No.14660782



Not my video, just a good clip demonstrating what I'm talking about. Swinging through enemies like they're a hologram when they should be very dead.

And yes, I have my FoV set to default. I had changed it initially, but once I figured out it doesn't adjust how much of your arm you see and fucks up your depth perception, I slowly brought it back to default.


Kruber's weapons make me sad. His 2h hammer and halberd, and maybe the executioner sword are the only ones worth using. His shield weapons are dog shit and without armor piercing they simply cannot compare to Bardin's axe and shield. Same goes for his one handed variants. The 2handed sword just had a major buff and it's still probably the worst weapon in the arsenal. They brought it up from having less range than one handed weapons, to having the same range as one handed weapons when it should have something like halberd reach. The damage is only marginally higher than one handed weapons even though it takes twice as long to swing. Every single one of his ranged weapons is worse than a comparable weapon on another character.

Salty is in an even worse position for melee. I can think of only two weapons worth using: the rapier and the falchion. Everything else isn't quite as unusable as the things in Kruber's trash bin (except the 2h sword which still reigns supreme at the bottom of the bin), but the rapier and falchion just do everything the other weapons do, only better. Salty has more ranged options than kruber, but most of them are still extremely mediocre or borderline unusable. The brace of pistols got more ammunition, but FS stealth nerfed their armor penetration to compensate which made them completely worthless outside of Veteran. The crossbow has the same long ass reload and zoom as Kruber/Bardin's handgun, but doesn't do as much damage and has a slower projectile. His last two, the repeating crossbow and repeating handgun are okay on BH with the increased ammo pool, but almost not worth taking on WHC and Zealot with out it.

WHC is also still terrible and confused and Zealot's abilities are still shoddy and half broken most of the time too. WHC has a three times longer cooldown than any other class ability for no apparent reason and the rest of the class is built like an all-rounder, but that just leaves him failing at everything rather than succeeding at some things. Zealot's heart of iron is still iffy and rarely works more than once a game. The charge is still really boring too and without pleasure from pain, mostly worthless.

5da659 No.14660814

File: dc0dd51ca3ccf24⋯.png (3.31 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>The other three players pick the tomes so I'm on healing duty, good thing since I have the heal on healing others trait

>Doing good, I find another health pack so I heal Kruber

>He picks the health pack like 5 seconds after I healed him and uses it right away

>He actually has the fucking gall to say "stop wasting health elf" when he knows damn well he's the one who did

Pic related is further evidence cancerous Kruber mains do in fact exist.

6ad02b No.14661105


first i've seen of it, i just normally see retards playing kruber who pick stupid weapons and perform terribly and get mad if you call them out on it. Otherwise the class attracts the least amount of selfish cunts other than dwarf, all the best players i've met in terms of team play and personality play dwarf.

t. Kruber main masterrace

025899 No.14661151


Daily reminder that not even custom map support is actually planned for the game and that the "mod tools" are actually just going tools to make Steam Workshop on-disk DLC skins.

b02324 No.14661188


>on-disk DLC skins.

Sauce or get the fuck out.

6295f2 No.14661270

File: 0b45d3b1e64c8b1⋯.jpg (381.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, bf7faedba325e67d0f1b22575b….jpg)

>Main FK Kruber

>Running Hunger in the Dark on champion with a buddy and two randoms

>The two of us had to carry the randoms for the most part

>Fighting the troll at the bell

>Stumbles over to regenerate

>He's awful close to the ledge

>Tell my buddy I think I can knock it off cliff

>Tells me to give it a try

>Charge as it starts to stand before it can move away

>Three frames too early


>Dash straight through him right off the cliff

>Die embarrassingly

>Lose a tome and a grim

>Friend is laughing

>The randoms are laughing

>The group of trolls fell over and died of disappointment

b02324 No.14661324

File: c55bbafcc736eed⋯.png (621.71 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, fightkilldeath.png)



Something about that line always makes me smile but now it will always remind me of you anon, thanks for the laf.

4dc6e7 No.14661692

I really can't think of a single reason to ever use anything but Halberd on FK

b7a3ba No.14661700

File: 6ca83b8c747a47a⋯.jpg (55.2 KB, 524x468, 131:117, 1375401542048.jpg)

>Unlock Ironbreaker Bardin.

>just easing through the game with my big hammer and plasma pistols, barely taking any damage have a general fun time.

>Unlock slayer.

>Have the most disappointing gut feeling with the dual axes, sucks against waves, can't stagger tougher enemies while constantly wailing at them, find myself actually dying more from just wanting to dish out damage as a DPS class.

I think I'll just wait till they buff it, I cant imagine having any fun with this on Legend difficulty. Such an absolute disappoint from fatshark again.

08018f No.14661770


>Salty is in an even worse position for melee. I can think of only two weapons worth using: the rapier and the falchion

you have brain problems, saltz is way better off than kruber in melee. the falchion is insane with its cleave, armor pierce, and headshot damage. with a good falchion saltz can walk through hordes on legend and special enemies are dealt with 2-3 slaps in the face. the rapier is shit in comparison and even used when highly skilled it pales in comparison to the falchion. the problem with the axe is that it has basically zero cleave and is just for one target damage. the flail however can be used as a great crowd control weapon with ok damage, but with the added bonus of several strikes perfect for headshots and it ignores shield. i agree most of his ranged options are useless, but all you need is the volley crossbow. the brace of pistols can be used on whc or zealot, but even with the reduced ammo its better to have the volley crossbow. bounty hunter with no ammo on blessed shots(even the triple shot volley) and a volley crossbow that gets ammo on critical hits, combined with the fact that blessed shots is instantly ready after a melee kill is amazing, i've dumped ammo into a boss so i only had 2 shots left and with no ammo pickups i had full ammo again by the finally.

i agree that whc is unfocused and that zealot needs to be retuned, but zealot can be used successfully if not as much credit to team as the bh. kruber just got nerfed too hard since beta.

99eb4f No.14661786


Am new to the game, what's good about the halberd?

fca3ef No.14661787


Anon, you can stop your charge at any time by pressing block.

Also you can start picking someone up hold right cilck + charge away and still pick them up regardless of distance charged.

d1f57d No.14661797


Long reach, fast attack speed and armor piercing.

b7a3ba No.14661801


Most of his cleave weapons can get stuck if you keep mashing away at it.

With the halbred if you attack once and it will cleave pretty well, if you block right after and use the first attack again you can effectively hold off a wave pretty well and with the long range you can kite pretty well.

It's not incredibly fast but its certainly one of his best weapons for slaughtering waves of enemies.

d1f57d No.14661805


It's also his best at dealing with armored enemies. Some other weapons might have better armor pen and damage but they lack the speed and reach

cb6ff1 No.14661811


2H hammer is kinda okay. Executioner sword is kinda sorta maybe useable. But they're not halberd.

676051 No.14661818


>Have the most disappointing gut feeling with the dual axes, sucks against waves, can't stagger tougher enemies while constantly wailing at them, find myself actually dying more from just wanting to dish out damage as a DPS class.

That's your problem. Dual axes aren't a horde weapon. Stick with the big hammer for those. The dual axes are for chewing apart armor and bosses.

Slayer's a much harder class than Ironbreaker (actually, they're probably the hardest and easiest class respectively), but it can be incredibly effective if played well.

50ae15 No.14662420

File: bcf3600142daa0f⋯.png (310.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tamako.png)

>reddit bitches about class

>class gets nerfed next patch

>reddit bitches about weapon

>weapon gets nerfed next patch

>reddit bitches about build or trick

>band-aid fix that fucks over the class involved next patch

>reddit is now bitching about Curse Resistance, Saltpyre's Falchion/Volleybow setup, and Kruber's Longbow for a second time

Can this game's 'community' just fucking die already so we can go back to VT1 where the game wasn't dictated by a thousand nine year olds in Easy Mode crying about players better than them while chasing the 'meta' that only exists due to balance being absolute shit in the first place?

676051 No.14662462

File: 171c5d6bacba14c⋯.png (754.45 KB, 1297x730, 1297:730, WhereCouldMyPipeBe.png)


>reddit is now bitching about Curse Resistance, Saltpyre's Falchion/Volleybow setup, and Kruber's Longbow for a second time

What specifically are those retards whining about and demanding?

86044f No.14662464

File: 74978f555e6a930⋯.png (68.23 KB, 283x268, 283:268, 74978f555e6a9305acc32fd22c….png)


Reminds of another things:

>nerf ranged all across the board, muh melee is underused, but keep buffing the elf

>pls devs create a thought police, muh toxic players

There is way too many try hard faggots with a loud mouth in this shit.

81b50b No.14662556

File: c127ddc3c377cee⋯.png (548.22 KB, 960x640, 3:2, Kamille_Thumbs_Up.png)


Had the exact opposite last night.


>team of me (elf), Merc Kruber, IB Dwarf, and BH Salt

>get to boss

>everyone but Kruber dies

>Kruber manages to hold his own with blocks and ult, but struggles to get one of us rescued due to small ones getting at him

>uses concentration potion, gets ult, and manages to get dwarf back up

>me and salt get back up shortly after

>beat the boss with no other downs or deaths

50ae15 No.14662576

File: 689715709ea2e55⋯.png (117.3 KB, 250x250, 1:1, yelling potions vanilla.png)


They're complaining that Curse Resist is too good, and you'd never take anything else. It's almost like it's a trait specifically designed for a certain niche (fullbook runs and activating grim talents) and it does well under those exact circumstances and is useless or half-effective for the majority of most missions.

Reddit is also bitching about Saltzpyre's Flachion and Volleybow because they're the only two viable options (meanwhile they're creaming themselves over the Glaive and Halberd despite them being even more egregious.); but then again the majority of the retards have moved from Sienna's Pyromancer to Saltzpyre's Bounty Hunter as their scapegoat for shitterdom in high levels/playing optimal loadouts and 'meta' classes obnoxiously terribly. If you're a BH and aren't carrying the full team in legend, expect plenty of """toxicity""".

After how the last patch ruined Saltzpyre's Repeater Pistol (it no longer penetrates Super Armor so it takes 4 alt-fiires to kill a CW, and its damage, spread, and headshot multiplier are all fucked up to the point where Stormvermin can reliably survive it point-blank) you can fully expect the next nerf to completely ruin the character's ranged options. But don't worry guys, they added five fucking ammo to his Pistol Brace!

Kruber's Longbow is brought back up alongside his godawful handgun because of his ult's ability to stack (which provides effectively infinite damage for all of 6 seconds). This is something that has been in the game since Beta and is just now becoming one of reddit's favorite topics– you can almost guarantee any Huntsman Kruber right now is using the Longbow or Handgun and is trying to MLG LMG bosses to death with the same trick, and they're all just as awful as you'd expect. Expect his ult or ranged weapons to get another obnoxious 'fix' like the weapon-switch lock on the Longbow and Volleybow/Repeater.

adb583 No.14662600

File: c4aa3578e2fc717⋯.png (118.2 KB, 276x331, 276:331, what are you gay.png)


>People complain about what other players do

>Complaining about something being "Viable"

Literally every combination of weapons in the game is viable (For the most part)

I main saltz and I use Rapier and Pistols, i can still kill just fine

08018f No.14662614

File: 14c808ea514e09a⋯.jpg (395.55 KB, 2408x1488, 301:186, dceef758245a66f1cf4da84fbf….jpg)


devs listening to anything reddit says has a long and proven track record of fucking up and killing games. those mouth breathing retards seem to think the key is to make good things shitty, rather than making shitty things good. the only thing reddit needs is a nuclear holocaust.

50ae15 No.14662628


The anti-meta bandwagoning would be hilarious if it wasn't going to lead to an obvious spiral of terrible balance decisions; especially since it's clear that Fatshark can barely keep their shit together even when the problems are obvious.

I play a lot of Saltzpyre too, and if you're competent just about anything short of 2H Sword or Hagsbane levels of terrible can be used effectively on Legend; I've even managed to do well with WHC though I can't recommend it. Rapier + Crossbow is something I've started using since it seems like more reddit balancing is on the way, and it's not an absolute wash but it's clear that without the Repeater or Volley that BH is just going to just be a worse Waystalker in every way.

81b50b No.14662630

File: f2c1fc1fd5a1dac⋯.png (2.07 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, f2c1fc1fd5a1dac62ea39b15ed….png)



What's even worse is that they're complaining about other characters and builds like it's a competitive game when it's a co-op game with no form of human vs. human mode like L4D. Are these retards complaining about all of this because they are playing this game so autistically that their teammates are killing them just so they don't have to deal with them?

676051 No.14662639

File: 619542499f5884e⋯.webm (6.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DwarvenDiplomacy2.webm)


They want the little green circles. Must be elf mains.

ed5482 No.14662652


U-ult canceling?

676051 No.14662657


If you right click during Foot Knight Kruber's charge, he stops wherever he currently is, allowing you to the skaven around you away without leaving a favorable position.

4dc6e7 No.14662659


Hagsbane is ok on bosses because the poison stacks with every shot and you can melt shit hard with it. Too bad it's completely fucking terrible for anything else

ed5482 No.14662667


Oh I knew about that, I thought it was some other crazy meta bullshit, like how people always intentionally miss the first heavy swing of Kerellian's Glaive because the second swing does more damage.

1293c4 No.14663078

File: f716e6f4841db18⋯.jpg (78.32 KB, 500x516, 125:129, 1390612882756.jpg)



Correct. But it's not the greatest weapon on earth, it's only that great compared to his other weapons. When I said he's got it worse than Kruber, I meant in terms of quantity of usable weapons. Kruber has about 3 decent choices while Salty has maybe 1 and a half with the rapier, which has its uses but I personally wouldn't take it. The flail would be a good choice if it did more damage or had armor pen on more than two attacks but as it is it's nearly entirely eclipsed by the falchion. The flail's power attack is almost entirely pointless too. That just leaves the 2h sword which we have already established as being king of the trash heap, and the axe which is competing with the 2h sword for the worst weapon in the arsenal position.

As for his ranged weapons I said the Volley Crossbow was one of the preferred choices the only preferred choice imo for the BH. It's just not particularly good for WHC and Zealot. The brace of pistols pretty well outperforms it at near and mid ranges where most of your special sniping comes into play and still does more damage to unarmored targets even at long ranges. For near and medium distance dudes, the BoP does 20% more damage on armored targets, and nearly double the damage on unarmored targets. The V-Crossbow only surpasses the BoP at long ranges for armored targets, and only barely does more damage on unarmored targets at the extreme and impractical ranges. The V-Crossbow has more dude penetration and fires faster, but the BoP doesn't have to be reloaded and has a hitscan projectile so it has a easier time hitting shit at long distance anyways. What that means to me is that if you're a BH who can reload quick, gets a bunch of ammo to burn, and depends on dude penetration to get back some ammo, the V-Crossbow is the obvious choice. But for a WHC or a Zealot, the BoP might be better off. At least with the BoP you'll be able to unload a mountain of damage into 3/4 of the bosses faster than the V-crossbow can while still having a good special sniping weapon. It really just depends on what you want out of your ranged weapon.

Also I pretty much only play Zealot anymore which is why I complain that the guy is still broken. He can be very effective when played right, but his abilities have let me down a few too many critical times. Iron Heart doesn't seem to work consistently, especially if you've already used it once that life. Poison patches and other sources of DoT seem to ignore it completely. Unswerving strikes doesn't seem to work right either, and even if it did work it would still be useless so what's the point.


>reddit is now bitching about Curse Resistance, Saltpyre's Falchion/Volleybow setup, and Kruber's Longbow for a second time



Salty barely has anything else worth using and they want to take that away from him. Of course everyone is going to use it if it's the only thing that even works well. Fuck these turbofaggots with a broken glass enema. It's like they were born to make this world a more terrible place.

168377 No.14663135


I use BoP on bounty hunter anyway, but that's just because I'm autistic about BoP.

d1f57d No.14663176


Kruber has good melee at the cost of having worthless ranged weapons. Salt has bad but not worthless melee and extremely good ranged, provided you are playing BH with Volley. If you are playing WHC or zealot for any reason you deserve to be laughed at, but the same could be said for huntsman and merc.

b533da No.14663220


Krub's rifle is alright for specials since it deletes just about anything but the big hooded niggers in one bodyshot

5c3177 No.14663969



1293c4 No.14664038


They're worse than worthless, they're an active blight, a detriment.

c7d5a1 No.14665893


They are worse than Nurgles rot and a horde of chaos warriors

50ae15 No.14667318

Since the 1.1.0 update got delayed yet again (as if we expected it to actually come out the month they said it would) how goes everyone's lootbox collection? Since commendation chests drop hats, it's a decent idea to farm them up in the meantime.

516861 No.14667328


I warned you about the community.

08018f No.14667742


ive opened about 50 commendation cheats once i was past lvl 25 and have yet to receive any cosmetics

e3e6f1 No.14667907

Why is Sienna so bad? None of her staffs have any armor piercing and she can literally never kill a chaos warrior.

dec0fd No.14667911

File: 7963aa30bb6f64c⋯.png (109.07 KB, 442x390, 17:15, 64d81c36fc85ad30d2f278c18f….png)


>bitching about builds being too good in a PVE only game

Holy shit they're retarded

599219 No.14667916


Go play warframe with a limbo player and tell me PVE balance is unimportant.

adb583 No.14667921

File: 9ecb022ce243fc8⋯.jpg (6.33 KB, 232x217, 232:217, guards this woman has lost….jpg)


>Using grindframe, an MMO with Pay to win elements to a four player co-op game that has very limited builds and very specific abilities that are well suited to a specific niche for which they are designed for

599219 No.14667935


I fail to see the difference. They are both four player co-op games that are effectively PVE only, with different builds and characters with different abilities, with loot grind. The payment model is irrelevant to the discussion.

425376 No.14667941

I want to buy this game solely so I can use Kruber and his Halberd. The Halberdiers were my favorite unit in Warhammer: Mark of Chaos and I'm not going to buy it if the halberd is absolute dogshit.

50ae15 No.14667961


Halberd is Kruger's best weapon with the highest skill cieling by a mile. At least until reddit bitches it out of existence like everything else.

676051 No.14669354


The Halberd is the single best melee weapon in the game. Saying it's just Kruber's best weapon is a massive understatement.

ea2e12 No.14669361


>Bolt staff at full charge pierces armour.

>Beam staff gets east headshot and melts bosses and elites like butter.

Nigra please.

cd21b3 No.14669368


pyro career skill for chaos warriors, beam staff for everything else. She is still good even with the nerf on the beamstaff

4eea73 No.14669408


Dwarf's hammers, falchion and glaive are all much better than the halberd.

28d56f No.14669551


I wish kruber had a glaive style weapon for killing hordes off. I don't like the halberds move set

50ae15 No.14670087


Try the Executioner Sword, I think it's pretty good (nowhere near as good as the Glaive/Halberd) but couldn't bear how different it was than VT1's.



Glaive is the best weapon in the game by far, with the dwarf's dual axes and hammers/halberd close behind. Don't even think about putting Falchion that high up, it would be mediocre on anyone but Saltz and Sienna.

28d56f No.14670178


Doesn't the normal executioner attack not penetrate armor though?

5c3177 No.14670394

File: 788a59f8ec8edb8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 899x1385, 899:1385, Sigmar Preserve us from th….PNG)

Checking their facebook for news about the first DLC when this shite happens, Fatshark got furries

86044f No.14670423

File: 51f2b08ea81572b⋯.jpeg (8.36 KB, 289x225, 289:225, poisoooooooooooooooooonnn….jpeg)


Nice edit, anon.

>inb4 denial

5c3177 No.14670431


its on their Facebook anon, trust me We got RATMEN on Fatshark. Thats why the nerfs made the game shit because said devs are RATMEN themselves


f4b0b8 No.14670439


But aren't all Skaven females born as giant birthing rats?

4eea73 No.14670446


Isn't that FS just reposting fanart they didn't personally make?

86044f No.14670448

File: 1272cc100f832f3⋯.jpg (16.47 KB, 500x565, 100:113, manScreaming.jpg)


>its real

>that explain the constant invasion of skaven fuckers



Reminding there will be a stream about the 1.0.7 update expect more nerfs


Fatshark doesnt give a fuck, have rat pussy instead.

676051 No.14671578


>White rat

>The most holy thing in skaven society


>Also, no horns.

Even if we assume white rats would be an exception to the females = breeders thing among skaven, there's so much fucking wrong with that picture.

8e118c No.14671601

File: 78713e7a0748df8⋯.webm (8 MB, 700x394, 350:197, [eldritch screaming].webm)


I'm sorry, I helped meme this into existence by posting skaven porn in these threads. Never before have I regretted something so much.

d1f57d No.14671640


A quick search says that white rates with no horns are taken for the Albino Stormvermin (essentially royal guards), but that obviously wouldn't apply to a female.

df7f07 No.14671782



because they are swedes, the most jew-raped people in the world

5c7419 No.14671799


86044f No.14671959

File: 95a5e77c7abfa80⋯.jpg (133.33 KB, 921x515, 921:515, nobody wins.jpg)


Now i wonder how long it will take before she get turned into a cum dumpster if didnt happen already and thats merely the tame part , before getting posted here by fags like you.

168377 No.14672018

File: efdb9da8cce60bc⋯.gif (928.9 KB, 264x320, 33:40, 1409487614803.gif)


Sigmar preserve us

262679 No.14672034

So how alive is this game compared to the first one? Cause the first one fucking died fast, but the consistent threads here makes it seem like this is doing much better. And how toaster friendly is it? The first one ran like ass for me on every setting. I know it's heresy but the rat cutie has provoked me to consider finally buying, cause I was on the fence for a long while

262679 No.14672037

Also reading the post again she's just fan art.

99eb4f No.14672040


Vermintide 2 probably caught on primarily because of the twitch integration shit. So far it's pretty lively.

262679 No.14672054


>twitch integration shit


99eb4f No.14672067


Yeah, get fucked by the monkeys paw.

bf5c4a No.14672108

File: a45b4e10c5dece2⋯.jpg (178.82 KB, 751x1063, 751:1063, warframe_hydroid_by_lotush….jpg)


>bitching about bimbo

If you have any gun you can overload his stasis by unloading a magazine or less into it depending on the gun. But as we both know, any "unfun" parts of the game remain at the behest of DE.

d5b448 No.14672215

File: 74fab311069230c⋯.jpg (194.5 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, bless this ravaged body.jpg)

I got the game yesterday and just unlocked bounty hunter. Is it any good?

I've only played Victor so far but I think I still like his rapier and pistols the best. Maybe I should branch out, though.

50ae15 No.14672238


Utilize the heavy attack to break through armor, it can one shot stormvermin if you can aim for the head and get +Skaven in higher difficulties.

28d56f No.14672243


Does the overhead attack hit multiple targets?

50ae15 No.14672254


I believe they fixed it only hitting one target, but it has shit cleave. You can block-cancel it to swing pretty fast though.


Bounty Hunter is Saltzpyre's best class and it has a kickass swashbuckling playstyle where you pick off high value targets and dart in and out of melee combat to refresh your passive. I highly recommend learning the game with a pure melee and getting to 600 Hero Power and Legend as soon as possible.

d5b448 No.14672266


That's basically how I play him already, but sure. I'll give Kruber a try.

cb6ff1 No.14672455

File: a87e7f6254aca03⋯.png (396.59 KB, 732x834, 122:139, 14527994430550.png)


Bounty Hunter is his best career, but dual pistols are not a good weapon, and it's very bad choice of weapon for BH. Unfortunately, right now volley crossbow is just too good (or, rather, his other weapons are not good enough).

730844 No.14672542


He can actually crit with that spinning pistol he has, can crit with all 8 shots without wasting any ammo out of it.

if you do that while killing to recharge your crit shot again you can DPS pretty hard.

38f704 No.14673164

File: d4b4facc3b2a6d4⋯.png (554.3 KB, 643x536, 643:536, [machinehead] The 13th Gri….png)


but why? Goddamn furries

8e118c No.14673180


it's fan art

cb6ff1 No.14673878


Repeater pistol was hit with the nerf stick in the last patch, though, it was downgrade from VC even before that, now it's downright useless.

1293c4 No.14674043

File: 32316c5c590adc3⋯.png (59.59 KB, 201x211, 201:211, 32316c5c590adc3d1c84bccf24….png)


Too bad it hits about as hard as if you were throwing rocks when you're at half a stone's throw distance. Oh and accuracy for the full salvo shot goes out the window if you're more than a few paces from whatever you're shooting at. And it doesn't have shit for dude penetration so you'll be killing everything else one at a time.

Want to know what weapon performs almost just as well without having any of those problems? Volley crossbow. That repeater pistol is just a one-trick pony and its trick isn't even that good. I'd rather carry a weapon that's good all the time, not just pretty good at one specific task.

4eea73 No.14674086


Why is it that every single time a volley crossbowfag tries to shit on repeater they always bring out entirely new and exciting weaknesses? Neither dropoff nor accuracy is any sort of issue for bosses, and regular shot is all you need for specials at a distance.

The truth of the matter is, every time I fell for your memery (assisted by the fact I have a pretty slick skin for VC) there was never a single second where I thought "man I'm glad I ditched repeater for this weapon". It's a bit better at special killing, but massively undercut by the ammo. Sure, maybe if you're abusing blessed shots to shoot into fucking hordes with it you could make it work, but you're basically using every trick in the book to do what a good old falchion can do just fine.

In short, stop peddling your bullshit.

87802b No.14674106


Seriously, Viktor ranged weapons need so much buffs it's not funny.

>regular crossbow

>should be good for sniping elites/specials if you're playing WH or Zealot

>dual pistols

>should have better accuracy and damage

>repeater pistol

>should be better at crowd control


Oh look, it's that retard again.

>Why is it that every single time a volley crossbowfag tries to shit on repeater they always bring out entirely new and exciting weaknesses?

Because repeater is just a cornucopia of weaknesses.

>Neither dropoff nor accuracy is any sort of issue for bosses

But VC kills bosses better than repeater anyway.

>It's a bit better at special killing

And for killing everything else.

>but massively undercut by the ammo

Who cares if there are blessed shots?

>Sure, maybe if you're abusing blessed shots to shoot into fucking hordes with it you could make it work

Not "maybe", not "could". I can get infinite ammo from hordes and you don't have a leg to stand on. "Abloo-bloo-bloo, not fair abusing incredibly easy, fun and overpowered trick, because it makes my steampunk nerf blaster baaaad!"

f77fca No.14674935


The repeater has a serious issue with penetration. Due to the penetration with volley crossbow I can clear the waves on one side with 6 volleys, reload and clear again. I can also use single shots in a tight corridor, single shots that can noticeably nail up to 5 enemies.

Doing the same with repeater leaves me with next to no ammo, which does not happen as badly with repeater. With repeater it's 1 shot 1 enemy in the good case scenario.

1293c4 No.14675575

File: 8ce650f70a4c6a1⋯.jpg (69.15 KB, 655x600, 131:120, 8ce650f70a4c6a1aebf29ef9f2….jpg)


>volley crossbowfag

I don't even like the weapon, I prefer the brace of pistols on my zealot, but even I can see it's the superior choice almost 100% of the time for BH.

>Neither dropoff nor accuracy is any sort of issue for bosses

It absolutely is. It means you have to be in testicle fondling range before you can hit the fucking thing which is generally not where you want to be when it decides to whip around and cave your face in. BH is not a tank. That shit will hurt.

>regular shot is all you need for specials at a distance.

At what distance? the moment you're more than a few meters away the damage drop off kicks in and suddenly you can't hit for shit. You may as well be slapping them with your limp dick. The gun has the worst damage drop off out of all of Salty's weapons and only the shotguns and flame throwers are worse in terms of all weapons.

>It's a bit better at special killing, but massively undercut by the ammo.

The R-pistol has 60 shots on BH opposed to 45 on the V-crossbow, but the R-pistol will often take two or three shots to do what the V-Crossbow can do in one. Your 15 extra shots are meaningless when you have to spend twice the ammo to get the same job done.

>abusing blessed shots to shoot into fucking hordes

That's like half the point in BH. You can wipe hordes with just a couple of blessed shots because you have near infinite man penetration with the V-Crossbow.

>you're basically using every trick in the book to do what a good old falchion can do just fine

You're using one trick and you're doing safer and more efficiently than if you were using your falchion. Use your falchion to take care of the stragglers that made in through your crossbow volley, don't make it your primary means of horde clearing. Why are you even playing BH if you're just going to melee everything to death?

1a550a No.14675595

File: c0e40172bc1b19a⋯.jpeg (93.04 KB, 600x659, 600:659, AE31579A-0BCE-4A8B-9FA5-7….jpeg)


>teleports 20 chaos warriors behind you and a bunch of disablers

>nothing personel manthing

What is the point of playing Legend?

7343e6 No.14676353


Challenge and funs when you're playing with good ppl/friends, screaming profanities at retards when you're not.

98a84e No.14677270

File: 52c34b662977c1b⋯.jpg (10.75 KB, 248x203, 248:203, 2cat.jpg)


>that filename

f77fca No.14678792


learn to dodge disablers

8aaef0 No.14681311

>bounty hunter recovers shitton of ammo by shooting at enemies

>waystalker just gets ammo because she exists

>ironbreaker and sienna have infinite ammo and can quickly get rid of overheating by sacrificing a bit of temporary health from level 20 talent

>huntsman kruber has to reliably headshot enemies with his piece of shit retarded bow or inaccurate repeater just to recover one arrow or bullet

7343e6 No.14681639


>Thinking that life should be fair

Fuck outta here kid.

4f4361 No.14682682

My game wont start up anymore.

f77fca No.14682684


Recheck the game files faggot.

cd29f9 No.14682877


There's no dodging a trio of hookfaggots inside a tiny arena while the boss is bouncing niggers all over the place

ac60d6 No.14682988

File: 0677c0ad30148a2⋯.png (87.51 KB, 396x162, 22:9, d28d2b9fa1cce006efc318cc93….png)

Bought the game for me and my friend for his birthday. been playing pretty regularly. we got about 61 hrs. WE only play together so one of us doesn't get stupid strong more fun that way.

>TFW he's been ghosting me the last 3 days

seen him online then away multiple times.

today i sent him a message asking if everything is okay

still no response now he's offline

I just want to kill rats with my friend :(

Side note, i enjoy just sitting in kruber's quarters and listening to the fire while i browse and do other things.

89ee9a No.14683014

Anons, I main Unchained and I want to know what is a good melee for Bright Wizard, because I can't seem to work out the flame sword.

>regular attacks are worse at clearing hordes than longsword

>charge attacks start off with a long ass delay

>stormvermin take shots like nobody's business

>do jack shit damage

And another question, is the flamestorm staff any good? And is BW shit?

8c6c12 No.14683052


I have lots of fun with her dagger thanks to my autofire macros I've got from the time I played Warframe. I think it's her only melee weapon without retarded attack cycle.

>is the flamestorm staff any good?

So far I only tried it on veteran, it was also lots of fun and damage, but I tried Bardin's flamethrower on Champion and it wasn't so hot, so I suspect that flamestorm won't fare well on that difficulty either.

89ee9a No.14683061



I've stayed away from dagger since the push/block arcs are tiny, I will keep that in mind though.

d1f57d No.14683076


Technically you can spec him to get 3 ammo per headshot (passive+talent+weapon trait). The talent means sacrificing a great deal of damage though.

cd29f9 No.14683117


Flamestorm is absolute genocide on all difficulties for anything smaller than a chaos warrior, all you need is vent-on-crit trait and you can literally fire the thing nonstop through entire levels.

The downside is you lose all range since >:unchained and will have to melee big guys, but otherwise will solo every single horde effortlessly

adb583 No.14683122


Dodging through them sometimes works if you're close enough

50ae15 No.14683186



Dagger is a good option with its defensive mobility and okay moveset– you even have an okay single-target/anti-armor option with the stab (which does mean a useless swing first, and having to block cancel after).

Mace is a better option if you're going more block heavy or can rely on your team, the extra reach and dedicated anti-armor/single target damage works wonders but doesn't make up for its lack of horde clear– you'll have to rely solely on your staff for anything more than a handful of enemies unless you're kiting.

89ee9a No.14683237


I didn't think of the vent on crit trait, I did get one with 20% less overheat gen which was pretty good. My friend though ,who plays bounty hunter spergs about it because it's not "good" by his standards, because muh range.

50ae15 No.14683338


Flamestorm really isn't that good no matter what you do– It can pour out damage but is heavily reduced against armor. I've played a pretty heavily synergized pyro-crit build and it can melt hordes and spam ult for days but it just can't compete with pre-nerf beamstaff or a well played fireball with their versatility.

89ee9a No.14683348


>pyro-crit build

This makes me wonder if Unchained is just shit, but yeah, the fireball is probably going to be my go-to if I can't get the flamestorm to work satisfactorily.

87cfd4 No.14683384




If you think the rapier is bad, you just don't know how to use it.

1293c4 No.14683496


I don't think it's that bad, I at least counted it as one of salty's half-way decent weapons. I just think the falchion is better.

ffcf56 No.14684166



Who is the artist?

c0fe8a No.14684200


Just play then, you wont get stupid stronger without him, just a little and it won't be too much

1293c4 No.14684977



ffcf56 No.14685172

>>14684977 (checked)

Many thanks

50ae15 No.14687262

File: 1bcc28527f2f57f⋯.jpg (149.76 KB, 752x1063, 752:1063, hollow knight.jpg)

>try playing out Sienna, trying to deal with the god-awful weapon switching and delays

>get into a pub game just as it starts

>Natural Bond Handmaiden elf host shoots me in the back at the very start of the mission

>Proceeds to accidentally trap half the team in an oil barrel explosion that takes half my health and nearly kills the Zealot

>Dies with grim to a single berserker from full health

>Entire team constantly pushes INTO hordes, causing them to get surrounded or take overheads from blindspots every time without fail; all three of them constantly use their charge-ults to get right in the face or into the center of the next wave

>This also causes me to deal massive amounts of damage because I can't shoot fireballs into oncoming hordes or congested enemies because they're actively moving in front of me and into the largest groups of enemies

>I also have to spend half my attention on killing stragglers because the moment there's a new wave they'll jet off in the next direction and start letting things get back to me or run up behind them to score free hits

>This kind of shit repeats with every pub group I played with and all of my friends/VT1 vets have dropped the game already

I don't know if I can ever move off of Battle Wizard, Molten Skin (50% Damage Reduction if Last Man Standing) does so much work in carrying pubs that I was even able to mostly solo Barbecue Holocaust with it.

f77fca No.14687392

File: 39ab92c9e877000⋯.jpg (431.01 KB, 1456x1083, 1456:1083, b001.jpg)

>retard sienna friendlyfires all game

>smelf friendlyfires as well

>they end up friendlyfiring so much that one of them gets buttmad

>they start killing each other

>kruber rushes a safe highground spot and attacks from there

>the rest of the party is stuck in a shit spot and gets annihilated

>krubs dies alone soon after

>dorf hides in tiny dorf spots leaving the rest to get surrounded and die

>saltzspyre gets oneshotted by black rats

>boss spawn always coincides with wave spawn and disabler spawn

>double leeches double grabbing at the same time

>double flamerat + ratling gunner + globadier spawn at the same time

>stuck between blightstormer tornado and patrol

>tornado catches us

>throws us into patrol

>only guy left on high-ground is caught by sneak rat

>decide to leave team to protect the back while me and krubs defend the front

>back defends so badly that we are stuck back to back with 2 waves on each side and several chaos warriors

>we die

I guess all is normal on legend.

1293c4 No.14687567

File: 0effc1e5b76c168⋯.png (365.31 KB, 820x900, 41:45, a2767d085ca5a1864e91d3efcf….png)


Yeah. That all sounds pretty typical.

36705b No.14690080

why did nobody tell me that Doomguy Ranger is so much fun? Spamming bombs and grudgeraker is so stupidly fun it should be illegal

36705b No.14690328


I believe they're normal at first, but given heavy doses of warpstone and other shit in order to make them nothing but brood mothers.

b03744 No.14690461


Because shitter teammates will take your ammo pouches and leave you without ammo 100% of the time.

36705b No.14690712


But I have scrounger on the raker and to refill ammo you just need to shove a horde with it or shove slaves to death

1b6b5b No.14690856


Post your build and orange traits

b03744 No.14691166


Huh I use the for ammo for headshot trait on my raker and never get any ammo back, I figured it was bugged.

2535a4 No.14691506


the headshot one didn't work for me either on the grudgeraker. theres a trait for restore ammo on crit so maybe that one works.

50ae15 No.14691831


Shotgun weapons don't work for that unless 100% of pellets connect– I believe they're all linked to the same 'projectile'.

d1f57d No.14692199


You only get like 15% crit max on the shove. You are going to have to shove 5 times in a row just to get 2 ammo back.

24d72c No.14692354

File: af48466ee80ba1c⋯.png (89.75 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 1524536891018.png)



If you shove a horde you basically get back all your ammo at once as it counts all the trash at once.


Nah, it works just fine.

adb583 No.14692380

File: a559aaa3dbc6a70⋯.gif (293.2 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 65 fov.gif)

>People that play with the sound off

how the fuck

like half the game is related to sound

e0f773 No.14692537


Such is life, good luck to you, maybe you'll get some decent teams eventually

f77fca No.14692587


>Doomguy Ranger

The delusion on ranger players. Top kek.

d1f57d No.14692834


If you crit, and you can only hit about 3 targets max

50ae15 No.14692850


You can hit as many targets as you can cleave and still benefit from it, but I expect Scrounger to get the shit nerfed out of it in the future thanks to reddit kvetching nonstop about the 'ranged meta'.


I was referring to the headshot trait, it requires every pellet to hit the head to count-as.


Does it really matter when the sound and callouts fails half the time anyways?

cdb42e No.14692864

File: 0951f80d4bb7888⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 910.29 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, 2260476_Hladilnick_hornedr….png)

File: 4149cb02a644efd⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 616.87 KB, 1280x1152, 10:9, 2264230_Hladilnick_skavenl….png)

Rats, ha ha

539692 No.14693317

File: 67efc3cd7571e47⋯.jpg (561.54 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 22rhuuj88dl01.jpg)


Bind dash to shift key.

Spam mouse one at anything that moves in front of you.

If anything gets too close dash backwards and let the Halberds incredibly long reach deal with whats in front of you.

Versatile, Effective, not Bad.

The Executioners Eword however, that there is a man's weapon…

539692 No.14693323



Meant for >>14661786

539692 No.14693456

File: c06546174ca7ca9⋯.mp4 (282.81 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Stroke.mp4)


>Kruber has good melee at the cost of having worthless ranged weapons.

Has no one discovered the repeater rifle yet? It almost kills almost every special in 2-3 shots at any range and has 8 shots per clip.

All Krubers ranged needs to do is snipe specials that are out of reach of your melee. And the repeater rifle has that in spades.

The only thing it doesn't deal with are chaos warriors and hoards,

but that's what Krubers melee weapons are for…

04b689 No.14693638

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I want War Ensemble to play whenever I leap into action

9f43d2 No.14693877


Nice to see my OC being used

b03744 No.14694303

I've decided I no longer play anything but BH if I want to win legend games.

I can solo hordes, bosses, 80 specials at once. I can carry the team on my back with ease.

For some reason none of the other BH I get when I play as Kruber/Dorf seem to know that they can shoot specials or kill bosses.

After a loss streak where the team wiped to a boss 7 times in a row, and watching the BH do nothing each time. I took the role of BH off him, even with a Kruber stealing all the concentration potions so he can shout at the boss instead of letting me shoot it, I still dominate bosses.

I've found nirvana.

I got a red rapier right after switching to BH too, the game is telling me this is the right path.

41a874 No.14695000


"B-b-but it can kill specials" is a favorite excuse for every bad ranged weapon in this game except maybe fart bow, which has its own excuses. It's just not that big of an achievement, and it's a one-trick pony. I agree that repeater is his best ranged weapon, but it's the same as being the smartest kid on the short bus. What's worse, despite it being his best ranged weapon, it has no synergy with his ranged career, because Huntsman relies on headshots for ammo recovery and you can't reliably score headshots with repeater outside of point-blank range - and at this point you are better off using your melee weapons, which defeats the entire purpose of having ranged career. So yes, you can play Kruber and snipe specials, but don't pretend he doesn't have worst ranged weapons in the entire game.

1293c4 No.14695303

File: 0f62356514c8e95⋯.png (607.14 KB, 665x672, 95:96, 0f62356514c8e9503c960f2cac….png)


Efficient special sniping is pretty much the only reason to use a ranged weapon on a non-ranged class. It's not an excuse it's a justification, it's just not a justification that fits the repeating rifle.

Any gun can kill specials, that's not the point; The weapon needs to be able to kill them well or at least have another role like the drakegun. If it can't even manage that much, then it's worthless as a weapon for most classes since special sniping is pretty much all they're going to use it for anyways. A good example would be the repeater pistol on salty. It does shit for damage, has huge drop off, and considerably less accurate than his alternatives. All that translates into a shit special killing gun thereby being worthless on WHC and zealot. But not surprisingly people still try to defend it.

The problems with the repeating rifle on Kruber are practically the same problems the repeating pistol has. It's inaccurate as hell, often needs two shots to do what the handgun does in one, and, while I haven't tested it myself, I highly doubt the damage falloff can compare. The handgun just does the same job the repeater does, namely special killing, only it does it a lot better. The only advantage the repeating rifle has over the handgun is the fire-rate, which doesn't matter when you're only whipping it out once in a while to frag a single charlie from a distance, and the reload rate which is nice but hardly makes up for the weaknesses.

3b6d8a No.14695496


>The problems with the repeating rifle on Kruber are practically the same problems the repeating pistol has.

Yes, but not in the same way you describe it. Biggest problem with repeating pistol is that it does not have enough synergy with Viktor's ranged career (but it's better in this regard than repeater rifle, and at least Viktor has a fitting ranged weapon for Bounty Hunter).

>often needs two shots to do what the handgun does in one

But it has more than two times as much ammo than handgun, so it's still at advantage.

>The handgun just does the same job the repeater does, namely special killing, only it does it a lot better.

I don't think it's better - with most specials, if you don't kill them in one shot with handgun, you will lose the window of opportunity and jeopardize your team - fat bastards will teleport away, gunner will start firing again, globadier will fuck off into cover, disablers will nab your ass. At least repeater gives some room for error.

>The only advantage the repeating rifle has over the handgun is the fire-rate, which doesn't matter when you're only whipping it out once in a while to frag a single charlie from a distance

Fire rate means that it can be marginally useful outside of killing specials, unlike handgun which is an ultimate one-trick pony. You can use repeater to kill off monk/berserk ambushes, and If you have an ammo crate nearby, you can shoot at hordes or magdump into bosses, which can be fun, but the only thing handgun can do outside of special killing is sniping of polearm stormvermin - and those are the weakest elites who rarely give you trouble anyway.

539692 No.14695652


>It's inaccurate as hell, often needs two shots to do what the handgun does in one, and,

>while I haven't tested it myself, I highly doubt the damage falloff can compare.

Maybe If you had actually tested or used it you would have learned that the repeater rifle has nearly no damage drop off and is comfortably accurate.

But hey, I should probably stop talking now since if I convince other Krubers to use the R-Rifle in mass then reddit will notice and start whining for a nerf.

>The problems with the repeating rifle on Kruber are practically the same problems the repeating pistol has.

>Hurr dur it spins like satzpier's gun so it must be just as bad.

Wrong. Confirmed for knowing nothing about what you are talking about.

36705b No.14696741


I keep getting into runs where no matter what I do, I cannot keep my team from dying and running into hordes. I'll 2H hammer stun everything as IB and even taunt to take pressure off everyone - and they still somehow manage to die AND shoot me in the back despite me never jumping.

b03744 No.14696788

File: 93ed34bf2a1ca18⋯.jpg (815.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180425030414_1.jpg)


Yep, BH just solves all those problems by being able to solo hordes and specials. Who cares that your team is dead? Just keep shooting and never stop. Granted, IB is more successful with a team that's working together, but when are you going to find that in matchmaking?

Also interesting glitch when I killed a loot rat it split into two. This game just works.

50ae15 No.14698033

File: e33d1a23e193b5c⋯.png (2.97 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 552500_20180420190447_1.png)

>Literally every game I've had in VT2 today has had unbearable lag.

>No other game is giving me this issue, even VT1.

Fatshark's releases really are the gift that keep on giving.

ffeb84 No.14698062


Was it lagging like the FPS took a shit, or just delayed reactions to everything. Been running into a situation where not only does the game lag badly, but the FPS/performance has gotten worse as well. I have been experiencing random PC crashes and audio stutters when said crashes during the game though, so I may be dealing with hardware issues, but your post makes me think it could be something else.

1293c4 No.14698116

File: 639e93de9c670cc⋯.jpg (125.51 KB, 1280x1261, 1280:1261, 639e93de9c670cc95b7008df40….jpg)


>Maybe If you had actually tested or used it you would have learned that the repeater rifle has nearly no damage drop off and is comfortably accurate.

>Wrong. Confirmed for knowing nothing about what you are talking about.

Just tested it now that I have the time nigger.

It starts dropping off somewhere between the mid and long ranges I tested for salty weapons. Handgun doesn't start dropping off until you get to the extreme ranges.The accuracy from the hip is okayish if you're standing perfectly still, but still goes to shit when you're moving, and overall a lot worse than salty's repeating pistol whether you're moving or not. The handgun does 50% more damage per shot and has 100% armor pen while the Repeating rifle has less than 50% penetration. It's fucking trash.

Kindly neck yourself from the nearest tall object you insufferable blithering turbofaggot. Your post wan't worth the time it took to read.


>Biggest problem with repeating pistol is that it does not have enough synergy with Viktor's ranged career (but it's better in this regard than repeater rifle, and at least Viktor has a fitting ranged weapon for Bounty Hunter).

If it was worth taking on anything but BH it would be fine, but it's not and the only defense I see for the repeating pistol is that you can dish out a lot of shots quicker than the volley crossbow on a BH. How practical that is is up to you, but I don't see it being too useful. Bosses are only a small part of the game and not particularly difficult to deal with, any of his other weapons short of the standard crossbow deal with them just fine, and for everything else the full salvo shot is over-kill or a waste of ammunition since the shit barely dents armor.

> it has more than two times as much ammo than handgun, so it's still at advantage.

More than 2 times the ammo, but taking 2 or more shots to do the same job only maybe breaks even in terms of numbers of dudes killed with your ammunition supply. Even then it doesn't equate in terms of action economy, requiring more time to drop a dude in 2 or more shots rather than just the one shot with the handgun.

>if you don't kill them in one shot with handgun, you will lose the window of opportunity and jeopardize your team - fat bastards will teleport away, gunner will start firing again, globadier will fuck off into cover, disablers will nab your ass. At least repeater gives some room for error.

You're trading room for error for a massive amount of efficiency. If you want to consider the possibility of missing shots with the handgun, you need to consider the same possibility with the repeating rifle which has a much looser spread. It's a lot easier to miss a shot with that repeater than it is with the handgun. If you consider the extra time it takes to fire the extra shots needed to drop the target then your window for error just got a lot smaller. Unless you're a knuckle dragging retard like 539692 and frequently miss your shots with a handgun, you're still likely to waste less time overall sniping specials even if you occasionally miss your first shot.

>You can use repeater to kill off monk/berserk ambushes,

This so far is the best defense I've seen for it, but it really only applies to plaguemonks and berserkers since they're unarmored and maybe some obnoxiously placed Maulers. It's still a tossup for any armored elites since I mentioned above how pitiful the armor penetration is. I will admit that it's still a good justifcation for the weapon considering berserkers and plaguemonks are somewhat common and can end a run quickly if people aren't careful.

>If you have an ammo crate nearby, you can shoot at hordes or magdump into bosses,

That doesn't happen often enough to be a justification to carry it along though. It's nice when it happens, but it just doesn't happen a lot. You're probably better off with your melee weapon in a horde anyways assuming you're not huntsman.

>but the only thing handgun can do outside of special killing is sniping of polearm stormvermin - and those are the weakest elites who rarely give you trouble anyway.

This is true, but the only reason I carry a ranged weapon at all is to snipe specials. If that's all it's good for and it does its job well, then I really don't care what it doesn't do that other weapons can do. Unless it carries some other massive utility, like crossbows having near infinite dude penetration, then anything else apart from special killing is fluff. I don't need a gun to kill plaguemonks or one that I can magdump into bosses if I have an ammo crate nearby. Those things are nice, but I'm not going to trade effectiveness in performing it's primary function just so I can get some minor secondary benefits. It's just not a worthwhile trade-off.

b03744 No.14698372

File: a192d4991cad521⋯.png (306.06 KB, 800x800, 1:1, lumbahfats.png)


After swapping to the repeating rifle based of the other anons suggestion, I can confirm that it's garbage and the handgun should be used at all times unless you have the aim of an elf.

cb6ff1 No.14698423


>only maybe breaks even in terms of numbers of dudes killed with your ammunition supply

Not "only maybe", it does AT LEAST breaks even.

>requiring more time to drop a dude in 2 or more shots rather than just the one shot with the handgun

It's not the more time, you still have to wait for handgun to zoom and get 100% accuracy before you shoot.

>repeating rifle which has a much looser spread

The spread is really not that loose - it does prevents it from being useful for Huntsman, but it works just fine for sniping specials.

>but it really only applies to plaguemonks and berserkers since they're unarmored

That's why I only mentioned them.

>It's still a tossup for any armored elites

Yes, but not because of armor penetration, but because they both equally useless against elites. You can't one-shot maulers with handguns, shieldvermins are fucking invincible, and spearvermins are not worth shooting.

>That doesn't happen often enough to be a justification to carry it along though.

That's not a justification, that's just another advantage that handgun lacks.

50ae15 No.14698533


It was largely delayed reactions, but I was getting stuttering/minifreezes in a few games as well.

I reinstalled the game and halved my FPS cap despite the screen tearing and the stuttering/freezing is gone and most of the delay is back to normal as well. I'm also having some hardware issues, so you should probably get that checked out too.

99f7b1 No.14698681


That is a massive dick

Also rats don't generally have large dicks so that's too big

1293c4 No.14698885

Some things I forgot to mention about the guns that are also worth taking into consideration:

The repeating rifle may have a much better fire-rate but it also has a fair bit of recoil meaning you can't fire it at its maximum fire rate as accurately. You need to slow your shots down in order to fire consistently at longer distances.

The handgun also has a much higher critical and headshot multiplier. The handgun will do about 1.7x damage on a critical or headshot where the repeating rifle only gets slightly less than 1.4x damage. That's especially significant considering the base damage is much different.


>Not "only maybe", it does AT LEAST breaks even.

Yes maybe. Ideally it would be more efficient if you hit every shot at close range and everything only took 2 shots to kill. If you're making shots at longer distances, take shots at armored targets like ratling guns and warpfire throwers, or miss once in a while which is a lot easier to do on the repeating rifle, you'll come up short.

>you still have to wait for handgun to zoom and get 100% accuracy before you shoot.

As soon as you click the RMB the zoom tightens your reticle enough for all but the most extreme distance shots. It's practically instant, you don't need to wait for the reticle to tighten to 100%. Only rarely will you ever encounter a distance that you do. Even then the handgun is one of the few weapons that can make such long distance shots. The only ranged weapon I can think of that can do it better is the beam staff and that almost doesn't count.

>The spread is really not that loose

It isn't that loose when standing still. It's about as tight as Salty's brace of pistols or repeater pistol. The problem is that you're rarely going to be standing still.

When salty moves, his reticle barely budges on either of those weapons.

When kruber moves the repeating rifle's reticle doubles its radius.

That's retarded huge especially when you factor in the recoil, something which salty doesn't really deal with on his weapons.

Also noteworthy, you don't have to stop moving when aiming the handgun. In addition, it appears only to decelerate your movement over the course of about 2 seconds rather than slapping you with the slower movement immediately. That means the first 3/4ths of a second you spend aiming hardly alter your movement speed at all. 3/4ths of a second spent aiming is far more than enough time to line up and make an accurate shot. Even if you spent more time than that, the deceleration plateaus at 50% slowed speed.

>You can't one-shot maulers with handguns

Remember when I said the handgun had 100% armor pen? Well it has 100% armor pen. That means you can headshot them. Pretty easily too since they typically don't move around a whole lot.

>spearvermins are not worth shooting

Until your retard of a teammate aggros a patrol and is cowering behind a shield for his life. Then it can be nice to take pot-shots at stormvermin one at a time as you get closer to thin the group out before you engage in melee. Or just keep distance and drop them safely at a distance probably faster than if you were to try and engage a group of them in melee all at once. Or thin out a patrol that you can't get around before they become a problem. I can think of a few times where shooting stormvermin is a good idea.

Of course shooting idle lone storm vermin is a bad idea, but shooting idle rats in general is a bad idea. It's one of the reasons elves are hated so much.

fce80c No.14699330


i listen to metal albums on spotify when i play, i do miss certain things, the games sound is still there just somewhat drowned out by the music, but im usually ok, the subtitles from characters announce attacks anyway

b670bd No.14699755



u guys got vsync on? i was having alot of trouble on my toaster with it on, i turned it off and stopped getting slowdowns etc

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