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File: 1dfdd572fed6ffd⋯.jpg (639.48 KB, 723x4095, 241:1365, resetera.jpg)

4a6c0f No.14649430


abc503 No.14649440

It's pretty much already neutered crap at this point anyway so they don't have much room to really complain, not that they have any goal other than killing all non-Californian and Canadian game development studios anyway but still.

98bc4c No.14649472


By self-sabotaging their own?

419dce No.14649477

So they never played Eternal Punishment?

abc503 No.14649484


Hey I never said they were doing a good job at it.

a9327e No.14649489

File: 8b842b9f0565009⋯.png (36.28 KB, 1851x384, 617:128, 8b3628765b87c7b7e422637d05….png)

File: 9b1a4f37edd5f83⋯.png (537.65 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 118f124cea10804f44e07d23b7….png)

File: 872cd6041f6d564⋯.jpg (189.88 KB, 971x834, 971:834, 7534b1a5a7f191ea64c02e2639….jpg)

File: b477687030942d9⋯.png (111.73 KB, 529x348, 529:348, ban1.PNG)

Another image to add to my Resetera bullshit folder. It's pretty small compared to my Neogaf one.

>tfw I didn't save the post that called Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World alt right books

3b09ea No.14649494

too bad atlus japan makes persona, not atlus usa

37c853 No.14649501

File: 1b180fb23dd7a42⋯.png (799.82 KB, 564x1077, 188:359, Salt.png)

File: 1c93f6751ef3b87⋯.png (592.4 KB, 472x971, 472:971, Salt2.png)


<A better localization overall: No more awkwardly structured sentences and weird use of honorfics in the dub

>still butthurt over the translation

90b190 No.14649511

File: da160dd7661c3aa⋯.gif (4.84 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 8.gif)

>consider an all adult cast

so none of them played both parts of P2

>make personas more interesting like characters/demons

they're just masks you gargantuan retarded fucks

9bde65 No.14649518

Its mostly a

>Make the game exactly as I want it

but I have to agree with some, like settting it in a workplace and not anither highschool. Though fuck lgbt fags and other marxist crap.

064b98 No.14649528


>Option to romance S-links that have same gender as MC

>real repercussions for dating multiple characters


ea927a No.14649531

>half the suggestions would have made the game tolerable

>the other half would have made it even worse than it was

695fa1 No.14649532


>neoFAGs still think they have some hint of authority on vidya

So how long until they start eating each other again and have to start yet another site?

These idiots alway touted themselves as having some conversation with industry figures, but ideological signalling was always more important. Never forget they b& Tom from Xseed for having the absolute gall to politely disagree that all games neoFAGs don't like should be nuked, butchered and/or outright banned. I'm sure someone around here has the screencaps. He was being far more polite and respectful when everyone was shitting all over him. Always gets a Kelly outta me.

839a34 No.14649535

I spend the last 30 minutes trying to make a 'good' shitpost, but there's too much garbage to cover at once, I can't even focus on them wanting to be a woman who routinely can't solve problems who gets sent to safe spaces. There's other shit here like them not wanting perverts, yet also wanting to fuck the MC, so do they just want goddamn asexuals with no sexual identity to begin with?

b97cf0 No.14649540

File: 0e5d42fcf03c875⋯.png (947.26 KB, 1584x1937, 1584:1937, 0e5d42fcf03c8753365a5c7a41….png)

>tone down the handholding

truly the holy knights of our era, no pun intended

277539 No.14649542

File: cc93a87dae3cf73⋯.png (211.98 KB, 875x914, 875:914, joker.png)


Some legitimate criticism, some SJW predators trying to erode, some people who clearly never played the game. Most of the Combat section is just whining casuals.

>More downtime/party bonding events outside of the main story. More events like P4, fewer events like P5.

What did P4 do differently in this respect?

15bb38 No.14649545

Any of you sleeper shills have an idea of the actual userbase/activity levels of resetera? They must've lost a big chunk of the neofag population just with the happening and the move, and then they immediately began a user cull that I imagine has persisted to this day alongside culling spikes like during that subnautica bullshit.

How evident is the decline?

db237b No.14649547


I don't know but I can't stop laughing at the

>More Substantial interparty relationships like in p3p

Ah yes P3P where they ruined 3 character motivations completely and had to have another one completely break character for the plot to progress

502afc No.14649572

File: 462f1fe5e0b4dd4⋯.jpg (14.04 KB, 482x477, 482:477, 1331457986874.jpg)

>voiced MC with their own dialogue

>let's do to Persona what Bethesda did to Fallout 4

62cf2d No.14649580


How down in your life must you be to join a forum where it's so fragile it may as well be made eggshells and you get warned or banned whenever you go against the opinion of others?

eb64df No.14649583


So basically these (((COMMIES))) want Atlus to make a game exactly like Andromeda or any other Zioware trash? LOL

064b98 No.14649591


They have conditioned themselves into this behavior for ages on neofag, they do not know of any other way to run a forum.

Thinking for yourself is hard work, it's better to have somebody tell you what to think after all.

42a03a No.14649601

File: eea3457a104fe5d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 253.88 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.jpg)



There is some palpable irony here

60eb7d No.14649604


Last I heard some anons infiltrated the forum during the NeoGAF to ResetERA transition.

419dce No.14649609


Post word-filter /pol/?

064b98 No.14649613

File: 96437cc355782a6⋯.png (11.78 KB, 154x189, 22:27, mad v.png)


S-shut up!

e88d17 No.14649626

File: f00018ebaba8162⋯.jpg (36.29 KB, 325x271, 325:271, Gay Ming.jpg)


>Westerners who can't even manage to get their own houses in order think they have the chops to tell a Japanese game studio how to make Japanese games.

Doesn't this violate their SJW code of ethics or something? Like some kind of "White Savior" complex or Cultural Appropriation? Why can't they just fuck off and stop putting these ideas in the nips heads that it completely fucking over their own games will somehow lead to greater sales, when they know damned well it won't. Just let them make nip games for nip audiences, translate it accurately, and if they don't like it - don't play it. There's a lot of games I would probably find much easier to get into if they made substantial changes to the gameplay formula - but I'm not shedding any tears over not getting to "experience" them, because I have enough games that I do like already that keep me busy and I have better things to do than to go around like an entitled soygolem making demands that just fuck up other people's fanbases.

d83a83 No.14649633


Asians are no better than white people in their heads because they're privileged (and also kill their narrative) so it's perfectly fine to culturally appropriate them and whitesplain them.

e88d17 No.14649635


So that's why it's totally ok to have a white or negroid kid in a ninja costume - but if you dress one up like a native american, then you're an insensitive racist asshole.

72e9b3 No.14649637


>SJW code of ethics

These people don't give a fuck about social justice or anything, they're either professional victims, useful idiots, virtue-signalling fucks or jews.

5dcf95 No.14649658


Did they actually compile that gigantic list of bullshit into an image themselves?

Are they seriously this desperate to become relevant again?

I suggest whoever feels like it to call them out on how dumb each one of these suggestions are and spread that shit everywhere.

df5b47 No.14649661

File: 36a44c96d0b8a38⋯.gif (628.14 KB, 500x281, 500:281, tumblr_mtotrswGST1qc74q3o1….gif)

>don't make offensive jokes about LGBTQBBQ community

the audacity of fags and sinners these days…

>tone down having pervert party members

so no fag party members, ok.

4a3ca2 No.14649693


I wonder how the infiltration has shaken out? You think the rapefugees who tried raiding /v/ in the immediate aftermath of NeoFAG's death tore each other apart trying to figure out who among them were traitors?

5dcf95 No.14649723


I was thinking the same thing, but then again as per common imageboard culture (*aside from Mark's extreme cum guzzling), you're kind of expected to disagree and shit on other users from time to since everyone's so abrasive, and people don't get banned for disagreements with the majority*. What's more, having contrarian opinions gives you plenty of attention, so that kind of behavior is sort of fomented.

e11c0c No.14649741

File: b3d177a0f833e9d⋯.png (155.89 KB, 500x405, 100:81, 21039924_1730350737266660_….png)


i did my best to try and read this shit but it got waaaaaaay to cringy way to fast

these faggots couldn't be more butthurt over the localization could they?

d38419 No.14649742

I've never heard of this website until today, and I hope that by this time next year no one else will be hearing about it.

5dcf95 No.14649754


They're an extremely dedicated, loud and obsessive group of demented maniacs. Best you can hope is for people not to take them seriously. They'll find a way to be heard somehow.

36fc96 No.14649762


For some reason I have a 60-100kb text file of dox from resetera when we did the thing with them

a9327e No.14649764

File: 80e5cb944e12f6f⋯.webm (1.55 MB, 720x720, 1:1, ANGRY BEAVER.webm)


It's where the rats from Neogaf fled after the site blew up, so look forward to hearing about this shit website for a while.

5dcf95 No.14649768


Can you post a pastebin?

ce42a1 No.14649775


>Games are art!

>Art critics telling the Artist what brushstrokes, color, and canvass to use!

SJWeebs man

36fc96 No.14649793

b8328d No.14649797

File: 52971bd516ab447⋯.jpg (56.28 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 52971bd516ab4470ec8a0ab74d….jpg)


>tumblr filename

>after google fucked their image search

no excuse


7bc865 No.14649798



I had completely forgotten about resetera, and I was happy that way

5dcf95 No.14649801



e53cbf No.14649809


The best way to understand how these people operate is the Ass Creed motto, "nothing is true, everything is permitted". The dipshits writing those games straight up tell you how they all think and act.

badb70 No.14649813


>been gaming 30 plus years

>never once behaved so entitled

The more I hear about this Resetera, the more I don't care for it.

b3ece9 No.14649818

File: 89ba68de968b550⋯.jpg (57.65 KB, 350x635, 70:127, shiho.jpg)

What sort of recommendations would /v/'s list have?

Make rooftop girl the main character for sequel P5: Eternal Suffering so tumblr/resetera finally get their female protag she just starts off the story getting raped.

d254ac No.14649821

File: 8381dd78c2772ef⋯.jpeg (81.63 KB, 640x695, 128:139, image.jpeg)

Aren't they that super far right forum the government was trying to take down? I've heard they're even more hardcore than /pol/.

7bc865 No.14649822


change the MC to hitler

d38419 No.14649824


I honestly forgot NeoGAF died. I figured it would somehow stay float like Kotaku and Gawker did because these people are rats who always find a piece of wood to cling to. I guess that makes sense they'd just go infest somewhere else.

ce42a1 No.14649835


>Make rooftop girl the main character for sequel P5: Eternal Suffering so tumblr/resetera finally get their female protag she just starts off the story getting raped.

Wonder if the only way they'll fuck off if is to make the FemProtag a ShindoL storyline.

5dcf95 No.14649836

File: 6c4f38d5a9f4870⋯.png (111.75 KB, 728x556, 182:139, VmmvnQU.png)

By the way, how did NeoGaf become so popular that devs actually posted there to ask for feedback in the first place?

d38419 No.14649839


Sucked dicks, I assume.

6d56bb No.14649842



No. Kill all faggots.

>not every female should be datable

No. Kill all faggots.

>you shouldn't fail when you die

Kill these people. Legitimately kill them.

60eb7d No.14649843

File: 9e3d78bb5b826ac⋯.png (254.86 KB, 387x470, 387:470, GaySighted.png)

b3ece9 No.14649856


Wait, they hate lolis right, better make her a loli who gets raped and feels guilty about loving it.

44f975 No.14649861

File: 50e5904296fef39⋯.jpg (238.57 KB, 1400x814, 700:407, changing face of coding.jpg)


This entire fucking list is just "do this" and not how to do it. When's the next fucking raid on this shitshow?

5dcf95 No.14649866


>This entire fucking list is just "do this"

No, it's not. I tells you right at the bottom that they're not dictating what Atlus should do and instead they're just (((suggesting))) it even though every sentence is worded like they're demanding it and that the game is bad for not abiding to it :^)

12c4b8 No.14649870

File: 9a7e99ae36a5ec4⋯.png (281.15 KB, 472x438, 236:219, Flash.PNG)

Should we make our own list to counter Reset Era's?

a9327e No.14649875

File: e07ec3c3c7d21ca⋯.png (370.76 KB, 565x600, 113:120, 4.png)


In a way it still is, just not as much as it was before. Funnily enough, the quality of GAF has gone up after the implosion since all the rats moved on to Resetera. It's still a hot garbage site, but it's amusing nonetheless.

d38419 No.14649876


It would just be a normal Persona thread then.

<Suggestion 1:

>Be less shit.

40398d No.14649879


I like how the 4th from the bottom on the left was actually implemented in 5 but whoever made the image was to dumb to notice, further supporting the theory that the complaints on this list are coming from people who haven't actually played the game

e37b00 No.14649881



<make more SMT games instead

a1f9e1 No.14649882


>The more I hear about this Resetera, the more I don't care for it.

It's an offshoot of NeoFAG with the same mindset; what did you expect?

44f975 No.14649886

File: 2fdef5b022fe24b⋯.png (263.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chr1060.png)


I know you're shitposting but let me elaborate. Feedback is only ever useful if it points out exactly where the problem is, why it's problematic and how it helps improve it instead of just making a bunch of "do this because." Compiling it in an infograph does absolutely fucking nothing to address any of the problems. If these fucking morons think that Atlus will take it seriously they are fucking delusional.

e37b00 No.14649887


to clarify: I meant more mainline SMT games.

40398d No.14649890


>make more smt games

>with Kaneko AWOL and the current garbage they've been making the mainline into

badb70 No.14649891


Make it look the same as theirs but basically just lewd.

6d502c No.14649893


>Doesn't this violate their SJW code of ethics or something? Like some kind of "White Savior" complex or Cultural Appropriation?

Did you forget the "Dynasty Warriors is too stereotypically Asian." article?

ce42a1 No.14649895


Hell, go all Silent Hill 2 symbolism because the hipsters in that shithole seems to like that shit, I want metaphors of abuse and rape for the story.

5dcf95 No.14649897


That and the fact that Atlus is a japanese company and nips don't usually listen to western feedback.

12c4b8 No.14649906

File: ca76c14953cbbab⋯.png (989.98 KB, 1313x923, 101:71, Capture.PNG)




Give me some suggestions and some lewd

ed0a09 No.14649915

>Don't shy away from actually tackling the themes you bring up

If they think the game is so shallow, why do they care about it to begin with?

This is just a thinly veiled insult.

>Consider an adult cast in a workplace or college setting

<My Japanese videogame about schoolkids doesn't have a predominantly adult cast

<Wowee, what a suprise

If they're making these kinds of suggestions they clearly don't like the game at its very core.

They're basically just bullying them to into making another game entirely.

>Customization options



People actually gave a flying fuck about this?

>Make personas more interesting

This is just another insult.

>More believable and mature villains with relatable motivations

They REALLY don't like Persona.

>A better localization overall


The one that replaced several line of dialogue with "rawr".

>Persona 5 had too many back to back dungeons

>A shortcut option

>An option to have enemies scale with you

<W-why does the game get harder as it progresses?

>Please note the goal of this feedback is not to dictate to Atlus how to make a Persona game

6d502c No.14649924


I do want to see another attempt on deviating from the Chaos-Law crap without it turning into a Chaosfag wetdream. DeSu made me think it was going for the idea that ideology doesn't matter if you are all going die in a week then the Demon King ending turn into Super Power of Friendship Ending - Chaosfag Edition.

e88d17 No.14649928


I never read it, and I don't recall many others like it. Assuming it's as bad as I can imagine (if not worse), then it's still an outlier.


> If these fucking morons think that Atlus will take it seriously they are fucking delusional.

Why not, Bioware takes them seriously. They have a taste for blood now with companies that capitulate to their wingeing - and with Japanese games on the rise, getting more popular as the western market collapses, they are starting to listen to westerners more.

Couple that with having a megaphone in the press, and insiders in localization firms, they can largely control the narrative that these nip code shops hear since not many of them seem to browse actual game forums written in a language they can't read (well) to get individual opinions.


Not gonna lie, I'd fuck Taneesha.

40398d No.14649933

File: 72933e2293a6b22⋯.jpg (38.74 KB, 349x445, 349:445, persona 2 final boss.jpg)


>More believable and mature villains with relatable motivations

365f98 No.14649941


Silly anon they said villains

ed0a09 No.14649963

File: 85c60090f128b03⋯.png (92.61 KB, 304x302, 152:151, 85c60090f128b0370d3cd9a638….png)


>That statement was actually subtle holocaust denial

Someone should point this out to them

c22a45 No.14649966


Good points, I really hope that Japanese developers don't listen to westerners about anything. It's not that Japanese games couldn't benefit from some western critiques, it's that westerners who have media platforms can't stop shoving their politics down everyone's throats. If they got their way they'd make all japanese female game characters intentionally ugly to avoid objectification, just like how Bioware did.

Surely there must be something we can do to let these companies know that the western media doesn't speak for western fans in general.

04b2ca No.14649971


Are you one of those kooky retards who thinks the holocaust didn't happen?

d96126 No.14649980


Buy the games that don't cater, don't buy the ones that do. As gay as it is get a twitter and tell your favorite devs, if they have one, what their ACTUAL fans think. If you see your choice of devs caving then bitch at them and tell them they won't be making any money. As faggy as it is, it works for SJWs, the monkey who screams the loudest is the one who gets the banana.

1d07d4 No.14649982

File: 549309e46711c15⋯.jpg (457.22 KB, 891x1280, 891:1280, 008.jpg)


>complex dungeons

>666 different elements for strengths and weaknesses

>playable party takes up an entire apartment building

>all of them except MC is girls

>harem ending is true ending

>set in feudal japan

>political system and warring factions

I started this list as a joke and now I'm just thinking about how I want smt x fire emblem as it was supposed to be.

23a191 No.14649988




728864 No.14649991


>choose between male or female character

>consider an adult cast

>customization options such as hair, style, outfits

>a shortcut option

>make dialogue choices much more meaningful

>expand on the activities that you can do inside and outside of school

>real repercusions for dating multiple characters

>more interactive dates

>more downtime

>more romance

Why don't these childless fat hipster slobs just admit they want to play dress up dolls and buy Sims 4?

a9327e No.14650003


>After google fucked their image search

Right click the image, copy image location, paste the url.

ce42a1 No.14650016


They're begging for another Ass Defect after Androgynous failed so hard.

7c950e No.14650034


No, But you'd have to be a kooky retard to pretend Israel doesn't use "muh 6 million" as a get out of jail free card every time they get caught doing shady shit.

2ae657 No.14650053

File: 76bc949c01a6a76⋯.jpg (4.74 KB, 168x220, 42:55, 1445910455796.jpg)

The general had some decent suggestions, but also some real stinkers like

>make characters less perverted!

>no mean jokes, guys!


>muh voiced MC like in Failout 4!

>dungeons are haaaaard! make them skippable!

Confidant and Slinks section has some good suggestions honestly. I always found it a little weird there was no repercussions for dating all the girls and then fucking everyone shows up during Valentine's day. I would have made it so the game immediately goes to an optional super-boss after which you get BAD END. Combat section in it's entirety and everything pertaining to gameplay can be safely put into the trash.

Verdict: These people should not be near any Japanese games at all. Hand them any SMT game besides Persona and watch as they go into hysterics. Try harder REEEEEsetera.

92650e No.14650054

For real though, how did none of these people relate to, or even just understand Adachi and his motivations? He has the best reasoning out of anyone in the modern series, and he does what he wants at the expense of others. He's perfect for them.

12c4b8 No.14650104

File: f646da838f8d365⋯.png (1.32 MB, 723x1635, 241:545, 1dfdd572fed6ffd4d16cd233bd….png)

d38419 No.14650112


Good work anon.

03f110 No.14650113


>Add Roguelike Elements

<Please no Game Over when the Main Character dies

>More LGBTQ and faggot dating

<Less Perverts

>Mature and adult cast

<College Setting

>More Dungeons

<Skip Button for Dungeons

>Easier ways to get S-links

<Reduce Story S-Links

>More Dates

<Punish dating two girls at once (note that dating two men at once would be ok by that wording)

>Enhance the Calendar

<Make the calendar meaningless

Seems more like they do not know what they want, or atleast they exactly know that they want an "accessible" easy mode dating sim with the persona brand attached.

And the rest is more dating game, "breathing space" (what ever that means in their minds) and more cutscenes.

7bc865 No.14650119

File: b96f6b294b66d94⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 720x404, 180:101, joneslaugh.gif)


>focus on more interesting themes

>like fellatio

>and orifices

2ae657 No.14650137

File: 1152daf7957fc45⋯.png (18.01 KB, 217x211, 217:211, hitler is the führer in di….png)


It's been too damn long.

547bf9 No.14650143


Add "Make more jokes that make fun of trannies and faggots"

43b57f No.14650144

File: eb741e015fa652e⋯.jpg (55.69 KB, 455x455, 1:1, 756ced611d532ae206982b6c6d….jpg)


Why the fuck are SJWs interested in this series at all?

d38419 No.14650147


It's popular and Japanese. Therefore it must be destroyed.

44f975 No.14650149

File: c07d8893cde40bf⋯.png (385.63 KB, 721x405, 721:405, thicc.png)


Because weab shit is the newest and hottest thing now. Fucking everyone is getting into Japan's shit. Even most normalfags have been picking that shit up for a few years.

43b57f No.14650152


Yeah but they play it and use it in their avatars and shit. It should be poison to them.

ce42a1 No.14650155


SJWeebs see something popular, they must, MUST consume and destroy it, also just take a gander at the the Fujoshit, especially the forced fujoshit pairings of any characters and how they react to "Canon" pairings, and you'll understand.

90b190 No.14650156

File: ab9aaf774f2f784⋯.jpg (59.37 KB, 720x480, 3:2, regular work day in japan.jpg)

File: 3061ced890a92d0⋯.jpg (58.18 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Gagison holding THIS BITCH….jpg)


Make Devil Summoner 3 proper. No special appearance by Raidou via timetravel bullshit, fourth branch only.


Make an SMT based off the Tokyo Revelation OVA.

f32ede No.14650159


Why don’t they make their own characters? The same reason they don’t make their own games, or movies, or tv shows, or cultures, or anything else. Because it isn’t about having the thing they want (in this case, a gay super hero), because that isn’t really what they want. What they want, is to take away what “white males” have. To degrade, destroy, change, or out right steal what it is “white males” have and enjoy.

Again. look at games. Literally anyone can make a game, write the story, create the characters, design the system, etc. And they could do all this and make the characters they want to see in the game, be it a “demisexual polyromantic amorphorous genderfluid transotherkin feminist” or whatever other crap they come up with, with the exact type of “game” they want (i.e. no gameplay, no battles, just point and click, or listen to narration). But it isn’t about having that thing, because they don’t really want that thing, they don’t want to play games or read comics; they just want to destroy the thing that “white males” like.

You notice you never hear this crap about rap music, or thug movies, or “gang culture,” or any of that stuff. Why is that? Because, it’s not about letting these groups (fags, trannies, women, etc) be able to have something that appeals to them. Its about destroying things white males like and participate in. It’s why you see white male characters being the ones constantly changed. Thor becoming a woman. Ice man becoming gay. Spiderman becoming black. See any white women becoming men? See any blacks becoming white? See any black women becoming asian girls? Nope nope nope. It’s not even about “anti-white” at this point. It’s entirely anti-white male.

03f110 No.14650161


It also is on all those LGBT Characters Lists in Videgayms because of what they think about Jun, Tatsuya, Kanji, Naoto, Aigis, Minako, Mitsuru, Chie and Yukiko.

687160 No.14650164

<Better treatment of LGBTQ characters.

<Don't make offensive jokes about the LGBTQ community.

They always try to impose "hate speech" regulations into everything, don't they? Even though in reality, these regulations always turn out to be a double standard in practice. In their totalitarian utopia, you can be hyper-offensive to straights but never against faggots and trannies.

<Tone down on having pervert party members.

A sexism accusation. Probably because Morgana was eyeballing Ann a lot. Or maybe Ryuji for acting too giddy over hiring a sexy maid. Whatever the case, the feminists were unsatisfied. As always. It's futile to even try.

Alternatively, it could be another "hate speech" thing because women, like gays, are apparently a "protected" class. Needing protection against anything bad happening to them. Like "perverted" teenage boys and cats that commit the crime of… finding them attractive?

<A better localization overall.

<No more awkwardly structured sentences and weird use of honorics in the dub.

They're still mad about this? I know that they have a preference for "certain" localization teams that are guaranteed to "filter" out the problematic elements. But do they really have to be so blatant about how it wasn't censored by their preferred buddies? The dub is fine the way it is.

<An option to skip dungeons in NG+.

Again, they want a way to play a game without all that icky "gameplay". But then again… let's imagine that Persona 5 didn't have any dungeon crawling or battles at all. It would have played no differently than the thousands of basic VNs out there. Nothing special to make it stand out. And certainly not feeling like how a proper Persona game should play.

<An alternative way to assess S-links that are locked behind social stats.

Same as above. Just another way to make the game easier and gameplay-less. I guess even the social stats are too much for them to deal with now, too. If they have enough time to compile a list of nitpicks, they should realize that their proposed changes would just gut the game's overall experience. Seriously. Their vision for their perfect Persona 5 game sounds legitimately boring: VN-style gameplay with no dungeons, combat, or even stats apparently.

12c4b8 No.14650169

File: f24c46f6db4b65d⋯.png (1.26 MB, 723x1635, 241:545, 1dfdd572fed6ffd4d16cd233bd….png)


Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try to make a ResetEra account and see how these guys react

277539 No.14650175




12c4b8 No.14650176

File: 390b3037b249c1e⋯.png (1.26 MB, 723x1635, 241:545, 1dfdd572fed6ffd4d16cd233bd….png)


Here's a better version

d36799 No.14650177


>Concern trolling

What the fuck does this even mean? I mean, I know there's no such thing as trolling, but I still want to know.

d36799 No.14650179


>Wanting faggots of any sex

>Not wanting male friends to bro it up with

12c4b8 No.14650180


Should I change it to 8chan? I don't want people from ResetEra coming here

43b57f No.14650181


cuckchan can be our ebaumsworld

12c4b8 No.14650184

File: 2d6cb45f89ff10e⋯.jpg (26.19 KB, 188x343, 188:343, 2d6.jpg)


>bro it up

Is that the new slang for buttfucking?

4ccd3e No.14650185

839a34 No.14650186


It won't take them long to figure it out since cuckchan doesn't talk about videogames.

0fba05 No.14650187

File: 8ff1eaad7291a1c⋯.png (540.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180414-131058.png)


>Signing it as 4chan for a full falseflag effect.

Simply splendid. Can't wait for them to fight each other. This gon b gud.

d36799 No.14650190


You know, I used to think liberals were full of shit with the "hardcore fag haters are also fags!!!!" thing, but you're making me wonder.

a1f9e1 No.14650191

File: 77996184baaa015⋯.png (131.33 KB, 1128x439, 1128:439, file a complaint.png)


Always deflect elsewhere. Do not lead your enemies back to shit at the table you intend to eat at. Falseflag that shit, just make it somewhere readily believable.

4ccd3e No.14650192

File: d4038891debbc64⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1079x802, 1079:802, ClipboardImage.png)




277539 No.14650195


That's when you pretend to be concerned when you aren't actually concerned. It's a common SJW tactic, but banning someone for it amounts to banning them for thoughtcrime.

d36799 No.14650198


So in short, when someone gets banned for it, assume that the offending authfag is off his meds. Thanks anon.

70236b No.14650200

File: 5c0968a368c8180⋯.gif (3.06 MB, 280x358, 140:179, sure.gif)


You gonna give two sites filled with retards that much credit?

547bf9 No.14650206


No, it's fine.

12c4b8 No.14650208

File: f11f79833ac4466⋯.png (23.7 KB, 877x289, 877:289, Capture.PNG)

So apparently gmail is somehow a "disposable email provider" so this is going to take alot longer

64edb1 No.14650210


If by "holocaust" you mean the purging of 600,000 communist, atheist jews, then yes, it did happen.

728864 No.14650212

File: 31c8faa79d371bf⋯.mp4 (11.66 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, I_need_muh_service_animal_….mp4)


They're not, that's why they want it changed into something they will be interested in. They're entitled manbabies :^)

When I play something I don't like, I think "wow, that was fucking gay, glad i pirated it" and never touch that franchise again. I go and look for something else to play that is more to my tastes.

When SJWs play something they don't like, they think "wow, this is problematic, i am not enjoying myself. that's not how the word works. everything is for me. time to throw a tantrum".


547bf9 No.14650216


Didn't NeoGaf require a college email domain or something? It may be the case here again.

12c4b8 No.14650217


Don't worry, I found a temp email that they do accept

64edb1 No.14650218


I have an aged nigger resetter account, what did you need?

1d07d4 No.14650223

File: 13afc81e3a36ea0⋯.jpg (9.52 KB, 255x207, 85:69, 1448474154094.jpg)

12c4b8 No.14650226


Can you post on it?

547bf9 No.14650232


I think they're only interested in things that are on the spotlight and that people care about. That's why you see so many femifaggots trying to get into Dark Souls even though it has nothing they could remotely be interested in, and then bitching that it's "too hard" and it needs "skip boss button". At least Persona 5 has style, nice music, art and dating simulator shit that fags might like, Dark Souls had nothing.

Their interest doesn't lie in videogames, but in pushing an agenda onto people who consume them.

12c4b8 No.14650236

File: 4404f135e97dae6⋯.png (9.1 KB, 1778x42, 127:3, Capture.PNG)

Wow, They weren't joking about NeoGaf/ResetEra

547bf9 No.14650261

File: 7d0795d5c6fa457⋯.png (277.25 KB, 800x1224, 100:153, BfXw12R.png)

File: 3261669d93d72fd⋯.png (132.45 KB, 800x376, 100:47, Mho73R7.png)

File: f4b50661fc04280⋯.jpg (23.74 KB, 300x265, 60:53, 2016-03-14-1457975323-3961….jpg)

File: 4492d7e62f975ff⋯.jpg (40.66 KB, 478x369, 478:369, 685f28394e2afe6e2a0aab9fd5….jpg)

File: cd62ba239c4fc50⋯.png (19.28 KB, 470x204, 235:102, CQtpK5AU8AA-bS8.png)


It's appropriately full of cancer like this. Read at your own risk.

728864 No.14650270


That fourth pic shows the leftist doublethink nicely.

>if you can convince the lowest white man that he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket

<also dumb poor racist hillbillies hate the government for so reason, lol they're so stupid!

eb9db6 No.14650275


The incredible irony in the fifth one. Might as well call it feminism.png.

547bf9 No.14650288

File: 85f1e9b67752f23⋯.png (240.31 KB, 800x953, 800:953, bvm6J0e.png)

Also, apparently, eating each other is inherently part of what makes a "progressive liberal".

8d42f7 No.14650296


>No consequences.

Well… there would be some girls into that and some who arn't and their S-links are dates where you try to convince them. Have an overall harem unity modifier that you increase by interacting with your girls. It'd be kinda boring with no consequences but harem is should exists, too many quality girls not to.

ce42a1 No.14650300



Trigger the SJWeebs, but not with your misspellings.

12c4b8 No.14650306

File: ab0ea17a7931477⋯.png (176.44 KB, 634x436, 317:218, ab0ea17a7931477f758c5f360f….png)

File: 0c3d819937e9909⋯.png (1.26 MB, 723x1635, 241:545, 1dfdd572fed6ffd4d16cd233bd….png)

277539 No.14650308


>You can know that it exists, but when you look for it, it turns into something else.

>It doesn't exist when it's being observed. The moment it is seen by any living creature, it freezes into a (((coincidence))).

Wow, ResetEra is redpilled.

277539 No.14650312


>misspells it again

Good work, Kronk.

011539 No.14650314


>more diverse range of personas.

>personas are people/gods/demons/monsters from tons of religions, mythologies, etc

Is this nigger retarded?

ce42a1 No.14650315



You'll trigger REEEEEEEesetEra good anon.

547bf9 No.14650319


By "diverse" they probably meant negros.


Looks like /pol/ and ResetEra share some of the same memes.

e5c093 No.14650321


You should stop using anitwitter and twitch chat as a gauge for the real world.

Most normalfags anime knowledge stops at simply knowing it exists. Aside from the typical college kiddies that dabble in casual shit it's far from mainstream. If was even close to being popular all the thirsty as fuck cable networks would be broadcasting it now that they're desperate for low cost content. Even kikeflix is slowly testing the waters with anime and finding themselves producing loss leaders.

728864 No.14650323

File: 2d4f1e3011ff9a2⋯.jpg (32.38 KB, 310x310, 1:1, 2d4f1e3011ff9a2c3bb49e4c37….jpg)


>you're a progressive. you're supposed to progress. you're supposed to be more liberal today than you were yesterday

There is no end goal. Things will never be progressive enough. It's a permanent revolution. Even when transexual muslim latinxchinxse have executed the last non-pedophile, their work still won't be finished.

ebdcc4 No.14650327

File: 082325c68fb079e⋯.webm (716.93 KB, 364x360, 91:90, videoplayback.webm)


>offensive jokes about LGBTQ community

>pervert party members


I thought these guys being total cucks was just a meme, now I see they're even more pathetic than the memes made them out to be.


547bf9 No.14650328


The irony is that when he gets old he's also probably going to hate the "new liberal kids" like he's complaining old people do now. Ideologies that change for the sake of change have no strong foundations and are obviously self destructive.

12c4b8 No.14650332

File: d099f6d58ab3d7a⋯.jpg (171.32 KB, 800x964, 200:241, james-joyce.jpg)

So does anyone have a ResetEra account, my account go deleted

547bf9 No.14650336


I think they draw a parallel between "handholding" and "mansplaining". Like, they don't like it because the game explaining something to you is like mansplaining.

f6637c No.14650341



At first I thought that's what they meant as well, but I'm certain they actually mean that in its figurative sense, i.e. the game is holding your hand.

ebdcc4 No.14650344



OOHH, that makes a lot more sense.

I thought they were actually complaining about characters holding hands.

547bf9 No.14650347

gamefaqs.please use archive.is/boards/835628-persona-5/76519154

Gamecucks hate these guys too.

Also they're apparently doing a "huge Twitter campaign" with these demands?

Looks like this is gonna be a big thing

547bf9 No.14650352

9bde65 No.14650360


Let me guess, they'll be tweeting in english to try and convince nips to change a japanese game?

ebdcc4 No.14650362


So is this gonna be the first big exposure a lot of people have to Resetera?

Not a great thing to start off with for normalfags.

ce42a1 No.14650371


>OP tries to get Gamefaqqers to join in the brigade

>People outright pointing how petty and petulent these demands are

>OP defends Neofag 2.0 and tells everyone their opinion is wrong


3e9a5d No.14650375


Being bullied for being a faggot is one of the cornerstones of quality imageboards. It's a barrier that keeps away the kinds of personalities that are undesirable in a community such as this.

Bullying people for shit taste in video games and sage/dubsbombing their thread for instance is how you keep /v/ good although that mission was lost ages ago.

People should only be banned when you can easily guess they're plebbitors, shills or something similar or they break a law that could get the website shut down.

ce42a1 No.14650379

Knew gamefags was worthless, but wew, that thread called for reinforcements from the SJWeebs and Neofag skinwalkers

547bf9 No.14650384

File: d59edd878172677⋯.png (36.37 KB, 1473x563, 1473:563, Screenshot from 2018-04-16….png)


Nah, he's actually against them. Even his signature is making fun of SJWs.

ce42a1 No.14650392


Check his other posts, he defends some of the changes that would make it into a Memehouse "localization" that is also not being Westernized(wot?) he's either a closeted SJWeeb or he can make fun of SJWs while holding retarded opinions himself, really think it's the latter, but the rest of that thread, glad they are calling out Neofag 2.0 as Tumblr.

3bbfa9 No.14650393


<[X]Haet Metaverse Navigator

ce42a1 No.14650400

Gonna stop reading that shit, my blood pressure is up with rage with a SJWeeb using "IT'S CURRENT YEAR!" as an excuse to give more special treatment to faggots.

e5c093 No.14650402

File: 9916ab5239eb5cb⋯.jpg (27.83 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 9916ab5239eb5cba179e69f912….jpg)

So, is this supposed to be the SJWeeb retaliation for the Famitsu feedback?

4973a1 No.14650406


Pretty much yes. That got them savagely asshurt.

ce42a1 No.14650407


They were really pissed they didn't get "legitimate" feedback from the SJWeeb Community

728864 No.14650418


>Famitsu feedback?

What's this referring to?

9bde65 No.14650423


The jap magazine Famitsu asked westerners what they thought about japanese games. A lot of anons responded and the results were pretty much never change and we love 2b's ass.

3bbfa9 No.14650454

File: bd1b4a7305ee20a⋯.png (278.64 KB, 785x785, 1:1, 184b93671899dde0348dd43629….png)




728864 No.14650494


Oh cool, glad they didn't get raided by tiedied hipsters.


Think I found it, pretty funny stuff.


0eefd5 No.14650518

Western devs and cucked era members must be killed.

88066a No.14650519


Also, the reason why all leftist games fail. These people need to be institutionalized or euthanized, preferably the later.

2a33b1 No.14650544


>r u le salty xD

Peak cuckchan

4ccd3e No.14650560


>cuckchan dubs

confirmed cuckchanner


ce42a1 No.14650569


He was making fun of Connor and the localization commies, who still in this day screeches about how nobody listened to their complaints.

88066a No.14650573


>Is this nigger retarded?

He never played any of the actual games.


Hence why the only sane response to leftism is genocidal violence. They will not stop until they are made to stop.

04cd01 No.14650580


>Sims with demons

brb, gonna make lots of money

d83a83 No.14650584


Pretty sure there's plenty of degenerate mods for this shit already.

2a33b1 No.14650591


The content of the post is irrelevant. The "hehe u salty" shit is turbo normalfag cancer.

04cd01 No.14650627


yes, but none of them are making me money, are they?

4973a1 No.14650641

File: bceb89ebc3df5a6⋯.jpg (181.33 KB, 1183x790, 1183:790, bceb89ebc3df5a6c9e55c91379….jpg)

69fb8c No.14650645

File: fc93bb2254fbf57⋯.jpg (18.63 KB, 255x203, 255:203, 1453377735577.jpg)


>more meaningful choices in dialogues

>relatable villain

>better pacing

>more activities in S-links

>adult cast

>tone down pervert party members

Sounds pretty good.

>better localization

>better treatment LGBTQ

>scaling enemies with you

>voiced MC


3bbfa9 No.14650649

File: 43d726633d41a93⋯.jpg (436.78 KB, 1695x679, 1695:679, famitsu.jpg)

File: 3298246dd9744ce⋯.jpg (289.02 KB, 1389x584, 1389:584, Nier.jpg)

File: 0c00a0ae6803167⋯.jpg (121.35 KB, 653x896, 653:896, 2b98113d554afa9d83454914bd….jpg)


no wonder it ruffled some feathers

ebdcc4 No.14650664


2B is hot but Pod 042 is cuter

34c515 No.14650673


while the jap dub was superior as always the english one was absolute trash on level of worst anime dubs.

3e9a5d No.14650677

File: 38b9229ebf04b56⋯.webm (2.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, reality is the nightmare.webm)


>adult cast

>tone down pervert party members

Sounds downright awful is what you mean.

03f110 No.14650680


>Cute girls



>revealing clothes

>Japanese games do not care about petty things

>Please do not change

Seems about right.

Are there any reactions in the saltmines of the internet?

88066a No.14650688


Just like about everything made in the West in the past 20 years VAs are always shit.

ebdcc4 No.14650689


There's a lot of weeb dicksucking here. Liking Japan and being a weeb are two different things, mind you. I see a lot of people these days calling themselves weebs just because they watch Japanese shows.

Especially that "Japanese games usually feel Japanese".

That's not true for a lot of games, sure Yakuza and Final Fantasy are really Japanese but Bloodborne, Dragon's Dogma and Splatoon could have been made by anybody.

88066a No.14650702


>Dragon's Dogma and Splatoon could have been made by anybody.

Yet they weren't. It's a simple truth that Western developers are mostly shit and what they make is shit. All they can make is walking simulators about soy and faggotry.

Also, Dragon's Dogma draws heavy inspiration from Berserk, and Splatoon features loli squids genociding an inferior race for fun and profit.

f6637c No.14650703


> Dragon's Dogma

That's not a fair example, DD:DA is basically a WRPG made by Japanese devs.

03f110 No.14650704


>Loli Simulators and sexy body horror

>Made by anybody

Japan has a higher track record for those style of media.

ebdcc4 No.14650712

File: cae3f6b4e0b7d34⋯.jpg (92.34 KB, 500x671, 500:671, paperclip.jpg)


>It's a simple truth that Western developers are mostly shit and what they make is shit

You've completely misunderstood what I meant, I was talking about the "feeling" of the games, not their quality.

>genociding an inferior race for fun and profit.

Come on anon, that's a German trait, not a Japanese one.

88066a No.14650716


>I was talking about the "feeling" of the games

Dragon's Dogma channels Berserk, so it's about as Japanese as it gets, despite the trappings of fantasy Medieval Europe.

>that's a German trait, not a Japanese one

They were doing a good job with the Koreans and Chinks before Roosevelt and his Jewish masters decided to put a stop to a good thing.

03f110 No.14650720


Do not forget, that they are Ehrenarier.

3e9a5d No.14650721


>past 20 years

I was going to say you were exaggerating but fuck you made me realize it's true.

The only exception I think is vidya which only really started going down for the west in 2007 and completely died early this decade.

Japanese games died sooner I think, because they stopped being just pure video games like we had in the 90s and became weebshit, and they always had cancers like metal gear pushing cinematic garbage way before the west had it as the staple of a non-game.


You're a fag, and a new one.

3bbfa9 No.14650741

File: b875f25f0d32dcd⋯.webm (2.16 MB, 640x360, 16:9, japen.webm)

File: f51d2d5de555cf7⋯.webm (7.29 MB, 960x540, 16:9, never change.webm)



>Bloodborne, Dragon's Dogma and Splatoon could have been made by anybody

<meanwhile the west gets The Last of (((Us))) ,The God of Soy and a bunch of remakes that shit on their source material

apparently not or they would have done so by now,western developers are like the western hollywood film industry;creatively bankrupt waiting for the east to make the next big thing to happen so that they can ape it save the odd runaway success

Just look what happened a few years back with the horror genre where they resorted to making shity western versions of asian horror movies completely missing the point of the originals

e88d17 No.14650829

File: 8d7fbeb71ce6c04⋯.jpg (50.47 KB, 920x584, 115:73, Stan-Lee-920x584.jpg)



>Black Ethnostate

>Created by a White Man

Actually he's a Jew, I know, but it's still funny. Niggers can't even build a fictional utopia for their people without a melanin deficient doing it for them.

3e9a5d No.14650853


Those pics are some of the most unreasonable things I've read all day and I've been reading /v/ all day.

e88d17 No.14650860


>It's a permanent revolution.

This is what clued me in to the huge cancer in the left, even back in the 90's and early 00's… and it also applies to all those people screaming about a second american revolution to cut out the corruption of government. Even a casual glance through history reveals that revolutions typically don't end well for the people actually calling for them. All it generally accomplishes is a turnover of the corruption at the top, just before the agitators who fought the damned thing are purged for being "disloyal". This is typically the case even in revolutions that have a strong and well defined ideological foundation - and is almost always the case in revolutions that are a result of pure emotional rage against the current state/class.

America is actually damned lucky it's revolution ended up going as well as it did, with leaders like George Washington who weren't interested in turning their war hero status into demagoguery and only a few upstart rebellions (like Shay's). Probably owing a lot to it's status as being a frontier colony with lots of space for people to run off to on the border territories to set up their own little experimental utopias - rather than having nowhere to run to and turning on the state before a national identity could be forged. We never had a figure like Napoleon rise here, or had the movement fracture and turn on itself.

Being in a state of perpetual revolution - always fighting for something that you will never gain because you're always shifting the goalposts to stay "progressive" which is just a buzzword for "Politically trendy" at this point - is a living hell for you and everyone around you that I'm genuinely surprised anybody would want.

03f110 No.14650862


You should visit /leftypol/ or /liberty/ at least once in your life.

It is a lifechanging experience. You will never be fazed by anything you will encounter regardless how unreasonable, stupid or retarded it seems again.

7507c6 No.14650876


Being salty over someone using "hehe u salty" is maximum overdrive normalfag cancer.

Kill yourself immediately.

c994cb No.14650878

File: be6409343b38249⋯.png (343.51 KB, 1849x1073, 1849:1073, 1451048712915-0.png)

File: a8693624dc49859⋯.png (1.04 MB, 2054x2706, 1027:1353, 1451048712915-3.png)

File: 249a74c36908270⋯.png (7.76 KB, 1092x148, 273:37, 1451068083953-4.png)

File: 53d0f01e67df72c⋯.jpg (180.94 KB, 1251x1515, 417:505, 1451069569177.jpg)

Oh boy.

ead03a No.14650890


Wrong again cuckchan. Lurk more and stop shitting up the board with your cancer you stupid nigger.

3e9a5d No.14650901


These screencaps remind me of the day my father bought an Amazon Prime subscription, the buyer's remorse is real.

c994cb No.14650913


I don't use Amazon, what's wrong with Prime? I thought it was just fast shipping or something.

d0b877 No.14650922


How embarrassing.

1baf1e No.14650924


I'm kinda glad that Atlus is a good company and doesn't listen to these trashbags.

b0ffff No.14650929

File: a446643bae59ca6⋯.jpg (48.25 KB, 658x350, 47:25, laughing panda.jpg)


>Black Culture.

>Black Panther.

>Created by Stan Lee.

>A white guy.

Everything black people like these days is either created by white guys or funded by white guys. Be it GTA, Fighting games, the movies they watch, the comics they read, the social media they use, the trainers they steal and the shitty music they listen to.

No such thing as "black culture".

3e9a5d No.14650938


Amazon prime is a netflix rival by amazon.

It's basically netflix but as jewish with 1/4th of the content and even worse original series.

fa6959 No.14650964



323f23 No.14650973


>hurr durr if you dislike me, you're the same as sjw

We bully each other to breed excellence, faggot. Your opinion just didn't stand the test.

SJW on the other hand pamper their in-group, while dishonestly attacking the outgroup. They have no best intentions and methodology in mine, just marxist spread.

0d83c5 No.14650993



cf00cf No.14651004


>Bioware completely lays a turd for the end of ME3

> People call it shit.

> Journos jump in to heroically call gamers entitled for "not getting the ending you wanted".

> P5 comes out and gets a lot of kudos

> Resetera puts out 3 page manifesto of all the things they want changed, jointly written by degenerates who didn't buy the game but are willing to consider it should all the demands be met.

< We're right here in the timeline

> Journos gearing up to praise heroic Resetera for being such a fantastic community willing to collaborate with a studio.

Hopefully there's some sperging out on twitter when the journos getting called out on their shit. I really hope Atlus ignores all this.

c96258 No.14651009


Jews are white, anon.

13ad58 No.14651011


Stan Lee is a kike.

5b9c5d No.14651012


They already tried their best when they didnt get their fellow faggots on the translation for the game. Even had a couple shilling it here

ce42a1 No.14651014


Waiting for Kotaku, Polygon, Eurogamer and rest of gayme bloggers to shill this shit like they did with Connor's "Persona 5 Localization" site

7bfc80 No.14651015





>except of the MC

Let players choose a FeMC route if they wish. I want my yuri, especially /ll/.

118c3e No.14651017


There was a time before '14 or '15 or whenever all that shit went into overdrive, where you had some western devs talking to the users every now and then.

Only after Anita showed up it started to become a "safe zone" which started banning devs who didn't allign with their extremism.

9117b5 No.14651019


They are now but weren't back then. Jews are not "white" white.

118c3e No.14651020


They had some banwave going on not too long ago. Don't know if it was rnadom or somehow targeted but I lost my account trough that.

118c3e No.14651028

File: 2513ee75daa5f49⋯.png (1.26 MB, 904x1169, 904:1169, THANKS EVILORE.png)

866ad8 No.14651032


That you weren’t banned proves you wrong.

118c3e No.14651051

File: 24ed05e30bf8753⋯.jpg (338.15 KB, 1294x766, 647:383, 1519758624702.jpg)


They want an email adress with which they can identify you in case you engage in too much wrongthink.

0fe529 No.14651053

File: 0ac40fda2075526⋯.gif (3.35 MB, 500x500, 1:1, just smile.gif)

>mfw I hope that Atlus takes this advice to heart so Personiggers can finally get a taste of what they've done to mainline SMT

Reminder anything post-P2 is lowest common denominator weeb wish fulfillment ego-stroking bullshit and is a black spot on the franchise and JRPGs as a whole.

ca0d3f No.14651063

File: 72e6f9076876ec5⋯.jpg (193.83 KB, 717x880, 717:880, backtoreddit.jpg)


>"Stan Lee"


88066a No.14651070


Can anyone give me one good reason we should kill every liberal on the planet?

2345a3 No.14651076


Because they've got the "devs post here!' angle to work off of. It's fucking horrible, but says a lot about the state of western devs if NeoGAF and ResetEra are where those pieces of shit go to interact with the video game community.

0a99a2 No.14651077


That better be a typo.

12c4b8 No.14651078

File: 6a95db4d475cdcf⋯.png (334.76 KB, 636x478, 318:239, 6a95db4d475cdcf7096b2a2f9c….png)

12c4b8 No.14651080


Because it's funny to laugh at there retardation

2345a3 No.14651083


A couple chuckles is not worth the cost of letting this poison fester.

88066a No.14651085


I obviously meant "shouldn't".

0fba05 No.14651135


They are (((white))) whenever it's handy. They stop being white when those evil crackas are the spotlight of muh reparashuns.

4b11c0 No.14651194


lolis are shit characters though.

how about just give them nothing and tell them to fuck off.

also kill all faggots and closet pedophiles like you.

3e9a5d No.14651197


You mean they would bother building a theater and library for inmates if they're just going to put people through a rollercoaster that tips over and throws them into a fiery oven in the end?

They even had movie nights at Auschwitz.

Just after world war 2 multiple nations investigated the so called gas chambers, and they didn't find anything. The so called gas chamber in auschwitz doesn't even have ventilation, which contradicts all of the texts that describe the "german" "gassing" methods, and would be a safety hazard for SS officers.

The only 6 million that died in ww2 are the 6 million german horses, and if you want to mourn over people dying look at the overall european death toll of the war.

12c4b8 No.14651220

File: 2af867aed62beaf⋯.jpg (144.86 KB, 594x458, 297:229, Smug Harry.jpg)


>4chan presents

4973a1 No.14651250



Yuri is pretty good. Loli is great. /ll/ is God tier and for men of the highest culture.

3e753e No.14651439


>you're not allowed to use common slang in my secret clubhouse

give it a rest, faggot

ca3fc7 No.14651477


>everything I don't like is cucksoyddit

ca0d3f No.14651478

File: d742a02e51110a8⋯.jpg (106.2 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 1283810615416.jpg)


>pretending to be an oldfag

>not recognized 2008 4chan images

5e8922 No.14651488



Reported. Kill yourselves.

3dcf4a No.14651514


Checked and heiled.

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖋𝖚𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖗 𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖒𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖘, 𝖙𝖍𝖚𝖘 𝖎𝖙 𝖘𝖍𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝖇𝖊 𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖊!

8d3049 No.14651542

File: 7e2b377c3fb1dfd⋯.mp4 (3.87 MB, 640x352, 20:11, wakanda celebration.mp4)



d55a9f No.14651571

File: c5b72fb4d7343da⋯.jpg (145.91 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 141.JPG)


Ah, from the Nya didn't do anything wrong camp. I can relate.


Don't remind me. It still hurts.




Good work anon. Now add yuri road as NG+ and Demon fusion with the MC for optional Hitoshura road and we're golden. JoJo's good but I want more Devilman in my SMT.


He's more of a closet one or a tool if you prefer, he doesn't even know what he wants. This shit happened after the whole rapefuge crisis of Kike Mootenberg. You have no idea how many former NeoFAGgots joined in and still are a cancer or how many (current) cuckchaners loiter there.

88066a No.14651614


>all party members are girls

Good, now all we need is to implement a harem route. Also, every game should require to have some parody of a leftist we can bully into suicide. Whenever this happens everyone in the crowd turns to the screen and starts clapping and congratulating the player.

2128ef No.14651620


Is that the old 8ch site owner?

ab9e52 No.14651682


Salty is not even on that picture you posted

aa98eb No.14651767

File: 6bef5899aed23c6⋯.jpg (15.17 KB, 256x192, 4:3, 6bef5899aed23c6074a98e2a6d….jpg)


I swear something like this exists already in some other game, but I can't think of it. Anyone happento know?

9d5a3f No.14658365


eb64df No.14658403


I fully agree with cuckchan.

70b6c7 No.14660310

someone screencap resetfags reaction to our version

12c4b8 No.14660328


My account got banned before I could even post

904de3 No.14660410

File: 1154cf33a8d590c⋯.jpg (117.32 KB, 1024x748, 256:187, hitler_oven.jpg)


>Jews are white, anon

Kikes are not white, they are semites, if jews were white they shouldn't bitch and whine about antiSEMITism against them, don't you think?

764a97 No.14660444

File: b6318308c379214⋯.png (354.67 KB, 504x554, 252:277, M Heh.png)


That was actually great for the first three, decent enough for the next two and IMMEDIATELY goes into the real agenda.

It's obvious they were actually uppity about the LGBTBBQ and non-pozzed localization but they needed to sandwich that into actual points and fluff as if people won't notice

572ee8 No.14660447


What's shocking is I felt the game did a very good job with its themes and it carried those themes very strongly through to the very end of the game. I don't know what they fuck these people are talking about. The story was really fucking good and rewarded you for paying attention. The bigger twist felt a little forced with the whole switcheroo thing and basically withholding information from the player, but God damn son. The game is over 100 hours long. I can't remember the last time I finished a game where just the main quest was 100+ hours. Persona 5 was that god damn entertaining.

764a97 No.14660455

File: 73125b877de3407⋯.jpg (43.3 KB, 960x540, 16:9, violent orgasms.jpg)




12c4b8 No.14660461

File: ae80a649c827bb0⋯.jpg (18.97 KB, 300x486, 50:81, 1456175934488.jpg)


Do it yourself baka

16b40f No.14660464


Its very telling that the first things they highlight in pay-attenton-to-me-red are

Offensive jokes

A localization that wasn't culturally enrichened

really makes you think.

9eb464 No.14660466

Atlus is going to take this shit seriously, aren't they

904de3 No.14660468

File: 938c8846daed214⋯.jpg (258.43 KB, 763x990, 763:990, A Wyatt Mann - Holohoaxers.jpg)


>Are you one of those kooky retards who thinks the holocaust didn't happen?

>Unironically believing the holohoax

commit sudoku



>I think they're only interested in things that are on the spotlight and that people care about. That's why you see so many femifaggots trying to get into Dark Souls even though it has nothing they could remotely be interested in, and then bitching that it's "too hard" and it needs "skip boss button". At least Persona 5 has style, nice music, art and dating simulator shit that fags might like, Dark Souls had nothing. Their interest doesn't lie in videogames, but in pushing an agenda onto people who consume them.

Exactly, well said.




Good they told RetardEra to fuck off, but it's not like gameFAGS are any better than Neofags

d55a9f No.14660899

Newfags on gamefaqs are usually kids from twitter / plebbit / cuckchan(of course) and youtube so they are isnufferable shitheads but the oldies that were crypto-redditors or worse; secret neofaggots / resetera-roamers were are still far, far worse. I dunno if goons like the site at all but I wouldn't be surprised if they inflitrated it to destroy it like they always do.

082552 No.14660939


This. All email addresses are disposable so the wording they use is fucking stupid.

That said anyone dumb enough to actually use a work or school email address on a private website is fucking retarded.

b85792 No.14661078

File: 52dda1213d679fe⋯.jpg (77.4 KB, 252x509, 252:509, 12_inch_skeleton_dick.jpg)


I like this idea. We need more female representation where the MC gets turned into a cock sleeve

dce95a No.14661100


I don't have the heart to stand another ending like emergence. Fuck all of that.

88066a No.14661111


How about making the protagonist a right winger that needs to summon gods and monsters from the European pagan and Christian pantheon to fight the forces of Moloch and the Jew? Would that make them lose their shit?

04492a No.14661132


>More. LGBTBBQBRAAAP party members

>Fewer perverted party members

Step 1 of giving good criticism, don't contradict yourself

669355 No.14661178

I can tell these guys never played Personas 1 or 2 because most of their mechanical complaints only apply to those titles.


Could have summed it up as

<Remove the main character being the fool arcana, no more snowflake syndrome

<Stop adding party members 75% into the game, front load that shit so you can develop them.

<bring back the ability for every party member to swap personas

<bring back party synergy moves

<remove the fucking navigator

<remove the mascot character

<make negotiations available at the start of the fight not after downing every enemy

<bring back P2 style group negotiations it adds character and interactions between party members

<Let bosses be affected by status ailments

If we're going to have social links make them more based around multiple people hanging out not just the MC and some others. P5 did this a bit better with the group hangout options but it should be something you can control not an event you stumble into. So you can invite multiple people together and maybe some Social links won't advance until two other non-MC party members have interacted together. I'd honestly frame it so that you don't control the MC exclusively and instead you assign people to hang out and then run the scenario. Stuff like Ulala and Baofu's interactions don't work if the MC is a third wheel.

<bring back reverse S.Links and enforce them more strictly.

<Give more than 3 options for dialogue with S.Link responses

<reduce the number of social links overall

<Don't write an after school special.

Ignore anything about representation. That doesn't make a game better. Plus these kids don't know about Jun from P2 which isn't surprising.

88066a No.14661318


>have social links make them more based around multiple people hanging out

We all know Persona needs a harem route to make all the waifuing make sense. In my experience nothing brings forth as much rage and vitriolic butthurt as a male with multiple girlfriends that are aware of each other. You can't believe the eruption of asspain this causes to both women and soyboys.

669355 No.14661362


>We all know Persona needs a harem route to make all the waifuing make sense

I have a solution for that Remove the waifuing alternatively have a clear relationship Social link(s) and other females are in the friends category exclusively. The dating sim logic of "everyone must be available for the MC" just gums up the works.

56077f No.14661375

File: 4e36a049b07a8d3⋯.png (946.27 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, ebin cock.png)


>don't make offensive jokes about the LGBTQWERTY fascists

How is this even possible? Their entire existence is an offensive joke.

81cce5 No.14661387

File: 2f240d13e874262⋯.mp4 (581.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, I don-t have a big BUTT li….mp4)

4bc8b6 No.14661391


You have to use a payed email.

7bc865 No.14661406


maybe even a paid one

4bc8b6 No.14661415

File: ef36e6e01d2e2a6⋯.jpg (36.12 KB, 600x800, 3:4, CC-KxLMUsAAGj7c[2].jpg)


There was no need to embarrass me like that.

eb64ff No.14661429

File: 03064a89f21f1f1⋯.jpg (95.95 KB, 640x359, 640:359, d2f9ea5af4e65a3bba1ec42baf….jpg)

Resetera can rest easy because it looks like Atlus has seen the error of their bigoted ways and is turning a new leaf. Homophobes truly and decisively BTFO.

028a8e No.14661431


Just looking at that "mans" hair gave me aids.

0a99a2 No.14661442



They're commies.

ab8ed1 No.14661469


Holy fucked I skimmed this list and that's the microcosm of how shitty ResetEra and Neofag is/was. There's no end to their retardation.(there's one or two ideas that actually make some lick of sense, but in a sea of shit, and differing opinions, they're officially lost and never to return, unless I missread those too and they're only good for the first few words and turned to shit)

ab8ed1 No.14661495


Wow, didn't see that on my first look-through, that's some fucked up shit and these people need to be purged of any outside contact (or life, if the law of the land permits)

88066a No.14661519


>this salt

See what I mean?

c982e9 No.14661546

File: 152b418e903c9d8⋯.png (89.38 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 6vnPYVQ.png)

File: b495ca076b471f9⋯.png (4.46 MB, 2700x3400, 27:34, headpat_erafied.png)

File: 9036d85c54de486⋯.png (2.38 MB, 3026x2160, 1513:1080, megumin_erafied.png)

File: 15b7d0df5c09e2f⋯.png (583.7 KB, 640x800, 4:5, murasaki_erafied.png)

File: d2cbc169d4579dc⋯.png (199.29 KB, 750x400, 15:8, touchmychest_erafied.png)

ab8ed1 No.14661557


Ironically, it's how you know they're full of shit. If you were trying to make two groups of people equal, it's only right if it's equality upward, as equality downward is simply making the lives of certain people miserable simply because the other group is.

And feminism is shit because not only does it try to create equality downward through Marxism, but gender wise, they're trying to elevate themselves in areas where they either already have more rights than men, or where there's already equal rights, and it's natural social interactions that create any perceived 'inequality'.

Funnily enough, many of the groups that they champion are the purveyors of actual injustices against the other groups they defend as 'marginalized'. Islam is a shit religion that actively kills people through their religion, and they bring with them their shitty religion, which doubles as a shitty political system, and turn their host countries into backwards shitholes. This happens even when they claim they're running from their former country due to the same policies they want to implement AGAIN. Progressives do the same thing when they migrate out of the coast into areas that are/were prosperous till they bring their garbage policies and voting with them.

It's narcissism in its worst, most concentrated form. They're never wrong, it's their enemies who fuck it up every time without fail, even when they never entered the room and haven't been within a 1000 mile radius for months.

ab8ed1 No.14661563


There's a hentai for that (multiple, actually, if memory serves correctly)

e3a337 No.14661572

File: 7a8d4abfe288d43⋯.jpg (42.7 KB, 600x480, 5:4, o.jpg)


>that Megumin

ab8ed1 No.14661576


Let's be honest, they probably meant it as a 'clever' double-entendre cause they would be opposed to that too, unless it's their wife's boyfriend Jamal doing said excessive hand holding (with HIS DICK!)

d11e84 No.14661646


>>this salt


Same guy but I don't think you understand the difference between being salty and suggesting a reasonable alternative (that also includes multiple romantic social links just better integrated into the story). Then again using soyboy unironically doesn't fill me with much confidence in your reasoning capacity.

ab8ed1 No.14661659


That last pic made me fucking FURIOUS!

LIKE FUCKING GOD! Saying ND should never make something like Crash again (they no longer have the rights anyway but that's besides the point) shows these faggots only like games cause they can walk around a fucking tech demo and feel like they're in some special convention for special individuals.

The Last of Us was in no way innovative gameplay wise (I never finished it, so I forget how the story ended up), and I assume it's heaps of cutscenes. Games like these are the western equivalent to FF XIII, long, boring, surface level complexity, and too many sequels. At least the devs realized they fucked up and at least tried with FF XV (and XIV is amazing, Yoshi P is the truest bro).

88066a No.14661662


We use soyboy because it makes people like you upset. And your suggestions are shit. Harem with proper harem mechanics is the superior choice because there's too many good waifus to let them go to waste.

1fae77 No.14661703

File: f8ab29e1eb9742e⋯.png (185.02 KB, 518x421, 518:421, hello?.png)



>multiple waifus

04e920 No.14661712

File: 5404b31201af84c⋯.png (127.85 KB, 288x288, 1:1, dumb.png)

I actually can't find a single thing to critique with what they're saying though.

Mind you, I just skimmed over the first third of it but everything is some variation of "Make this more mature" or "Make this better". Sometimes referring to genuine problems (lack of character development, horrible translation, handholding, refusing to actually take its own themes seriously), but sometimes referring to pointless things (give us more personas pl0x) that no one would really disagree with.

Are we just making fun of it because it's Resetera thinking Atlus will listen to them, or is the funny stuff further down?

7c5698 No.14661721

File: 1614f0c8f12a595⋯.gif (7.62 MB, 326x354, 163:177, horror.gif)

>I actually can't find a single thing to critique with what they're saying though.

>Mind you, I just skimmed over

What a worthless post

04e920 No.14661723


It's fucking tl;dr when it's just filled with stuff like "Make the bad things less bad" or "Put more good things in".

7c5698 No.14661726


You didn't even read the thread where people highlight the dumbest suggestions for your lazy ass to find out why people think it's dumb.

d11e84 No.14661727



I'm sorry. You must be new here if you think there is anything resembling a consensus. Aybe reddit is more your speed.

70236b No.14661736






If they were left to their own devices, they would've killed themselves. Since there are normal people though, they have a group to target.

2c494a No.14661739


>didn't ask for more darkies

I'm surprised they managed to keep that one in their pants.

abc503 No.14661747


Giantbomb did a playthrough of 4 that got big years and then it spread to the usual suspects.

e3a337 No.14662036


>give us a female MC!

>respect the LGBTQ+ community!

>let us skip dungeons!

>give us better localisation even though anyone complaining about localisation has been shot down!

>casualise the game near the end, we need breathing room!

>let the decisions made in social links influence and change the story/other social links with tons of different endings!

>make the blank slate MC not a blank slate!

>remove the calendar and shrink the time of stuff like drinking coffee because I can't micromanage!

>give me gay romance social links!

>make every S-link give something good so I can steamroll the game even more!

>make the MC dying not a game over state!

>make the waifu dating sim aspect even more waifu dating simy!

>let us delay enemy turns so we can turn this game into trails and endlessly chain it because it wasn't already easy enough!

Most of what is said on the list isn't feasible in terms of programming.

What we'd have if ResetEra had their way is a 5 hour game with 10 endings, custom characters and clipping all over the place.

It's like they don't understand how difficult it actually is to code.

7bc865 No.14662247

File: 1d3cb7e5707896d⋯.webm (4.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, leftypol.webm)


>It's like they don't understand how difficult it actually is to code.

They have no idea what goes into making a game. None at all. They don't understand programming or asset creation or project management or QA testing. They take all of this for granted.

It's like when they demand studios include, by default, both male and female player characters. To them it's just "as easy as being inclusive!" and changing the character model. None of them stop to think about

> making character design concepts

> completing focus group testing

> identifying potential VAs

> interviewing VAs to narrow it down to just one

> re-recording and editing all lines of spoken dialogue in the game that include gender-specific language relating to the MC

> creating entirely new textures and animations

> rigorously testing the new model, animations, and secondary features like hair physics to ensure they don't cause other problems

All of these people grew up in unbelievably sheltered environments in which they were conditioned to think of nobody else's work or effort except their own. If they were made to understand even a fraction of what goes into making any of the shit they enjoy on a daily basis (not just video games, but mundane shit like running water or electricity or their brand-name coffee) their fucking heads would explode.

e3a337 No.14662349


It's actually worse than just that in the case of Persona 5. Atlus didn't make the animated scenes, Production I.G did.

So to just add a female MC into Persona 5, Atlus not only need to do exactly what you mentioned but also pay Production I.G to redo all the fucking scenes but with a female model instead.

Then they'd need to swap out some of the circumstances that happen in the story to make it more believable, create new social links for female MC to date with all new scripting, VA, testing.

Hell in order to have a female MC in Persona 6 they'd need to simply the setting so it's realistic for both female and male option.

As a long term fan I'd rather have more fucking dungeons and gameplay polishes than the exact same content just with a female MC to keep a minority happy.

3aafc9 No.14662524


For a FeMC they'd need to make her the one main character, which, considering the fanbase wouldn't be the WORST idea for the series, but the harem route would either become a fanfavorite wetdream, or increadibly creepy. Probably both, with EVERYONE ELSE falling into the latter category.

43b57f No.14662530

3aafc9 No.14662573


Do you really want to play a character who cheats on her boyfriends with all of the possible romance choices?

Sounds like a great porno, but not great for storytelling.

88066a No.14662581


How about agreeing the female MC idea is shit and telling women and orbiting betas to fuck off?

43b57f No.14662605



Obviously a female route should only have yuri romance.

7bc865 No.14662686

File: d5c9822ea09c54e⋯.png (851.65 KB, 1223x1541, 1223:1541, ClipboardImage.png)


>Do you really want to play a character who cheats on her boyfriends with all of the possible romance choices?


No I do not.

3aafc9 No.14662729


Yuri would be the best way to do FeMC in Persona.

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