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File: e6a53d06611bdaa⋯.gif (950.47 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 67970c977b1bef2dd2824c83b2….gif)

d92b62 No.14652226

Why the fuck are games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO, Fortnite, PUBG, Dota 2, etc. popular? Where is the appeal? Personally, all of my colleagues and schoolmates play the aforementioned games like it's going out of style. The thing is, they can't help but remark how terrible the game is. Hardly a single game goes by without one of them, over the course of their match, screaming or raging at either a teammate for under-performing or an enemy for out-playing them.

There is no end-game for these titles. The 'goal' of each game is just to keep playing over and over again until your rank gets higher or some shit like that. What happens when a player reaches the highest rung of the "skill" ladder? I don't know. If you ask me, there's no reason to play after reaching the highest rank - let alone play the game at all if it has no substance - but I have not the mind of a normalfag, so anything I say is just speculation.

Anyone else have some input on the whole situation of these mainstream games nowadays? Don't even get me started on how they all have some form of lootbox with 'cosmetic' items that make you look like an even bigger faggot than you (probably) already are.

4c5741 No.14652252

File: 28ed347a4907a69⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1500x2098, 750:1049, 1521146064609.png)

Notice how all the games you named are multiplayer games. Your "friends" and normalfags in general don't actually like video games, they just use it as an excuse to socialize, kinda like "Netflix and chill" or whatever it is they say.

They don't have their own tastes, they just play what is popular as an excuse to socialize with others, and so that they wouldn't be left out. I mean, Fortnite is so big that even shitty jewtube vloggers and pop stars are playing it, if you're not playing Fortnite you're clearly an outcast.

Have a cute girl to save your shit thread.

dd9420 No.14652254


That's what games are supposed to be like, short 30 minutes games much like a football game.

933926 No.14652265


They're fun, try playing them.

641495 No.14652277


I think it's more because the vidya market has dried up to such an extent that games like LoL are pretty much perceived as the only thing really playable with friends out there. Normalfags play these games more out of inertia than anything; they play it because it's the only thing they've been playing for years, and ditto for their friends.

It also does not help that the online gaming model has turned so fucking cancerous that there is no more sense of community in games. Remember the old Battle.net? Remember all these chat channels and how each channel was virtually its own subcommunity within a larger community? Any of you kids from channel RPG? I miss you guys. It used to be so much easier to just make friends online and play your own fun variants of the game together, but games these days have either killed the community-driving features like chat rooms or so thoroughly diluted modding that every variant pretty much just looks the same. Nowadays, when I play an online game, I no longer recognize that these usernames if they're even displayed have actual breathing living personalities behind them. They're all just avatars of what might as well be meat puppets that do the exact same thing every game because meta, etc. Games have dehumanized gamers.

fc3465 No.14652301

They're designed to make you submissive to the developer/publisher approved way of playing ie virtual communism. You aren't supposed to be in control.

2f8fcd No.14652389


>Where is the appeal

Challenge and thrill of fighting against most dangerous species on the Earth (humans).

084412 No.14652421

File: b5c6be53279d1d5⋯.png (137.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, IMG_4276.PNG)

>it's another everything is shit thread

Oh boy, not like we have enough of these. Tell us of your enlightened taste OP? And I think you know why people play them, but you just want to bitch and crow about your ever so refined taste as you sit alone with no friends and have no fun.

d92b62 No.14652432

File: d37839411bf9988⋯.jpg (3.43 MB, 3345x7194, 1115:2398, 3f8fbf24bbae9586a3bb9f10d0….jpg)


>implying I can't have fun while alone

Normalfag detected.

8a5609 No.14652433


The most populare online games are shit. My normalfag coworkers rather returned to CS 1.6 than sucking Gaben's dong at work.

fc3465 No.14652441


Eat shit and die you phoneposting subhuman.

2be23a No.14652444

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

I dont even know what Kingdom Hearts is trying to do anymore.

>>14652421 This

I just fucking love the ceaseless bitching about videogames coming from this board.

I said it before and I'll say it again, shit games exist in every generation, play the things that you like and stop being so butthurt about games which dont appeal to you being sucessful.

2f8fcd No.14652449


>games like LoL are pretty much perceived as the only thing really playable with friends out there.

When Riot tired to kill soloq in the 2016 and force "playing with friend meme" they ended with players been so spiting mad that eventually Riot were forced to abandon idea so much that they fired idiot behind this thing, idiot who was leading Riot's physiology department for many years, not just random schmuck . So stop taking about things you don't know.

68ad1b No.14652457

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing.

People don't buy into a game anymore, they buy into the marketing.

b40146 No.14652475

File: c1f4e49c7bfbe28⋯.jpg (22.3 KB, 220x127, 220:127, IMG_3603.JPG)


If you were having so much fun then you wouldn't need to come here and bitch about people are not having fun the correct way now would you?

d92b62 No.14652496

File: 82da0108d14ce40⋯.gif (844.5 KB, 440x458, 220:229, 82da0108d14ce4094d8c4bc8b0….gif)


Eventually the (good) video game well will dry up because developers use games like LoL as their model instead of games like Morrowind or Fire Emblem 4. VERY very few of the games released in the past 3 years have been good. Thankfully, Japan seems to be doing well, but that may not be the case for long. We already know that their video gaming industry is slowly being overcome by mobage. It's up to us, the wise consumers, to do something about it. My thread here is just that - I mean to spark synapses in your brain, produce critical thinking. The more we understand our enemy (normalfags), the better we will be prepared for the future.

2be23a No.14652508

File: 3ebf7dd3735207b⋯.jpg (60.54 KB, 842x1024, 421:512, DL4WUAXVQAAdbXP.jpg)


You could try making your own games anon.

acdf8a No.14652512

>five separate first post worst posts

Sometimes I envy /a/ for banning people for shitposting.


To answer your question, OP (assuming you were asking it earnestly, which implies you haven't seen the umpteen threads we've had on the subject), it is simple: the games act as social lubricant for normalfags to congregate and say things like FUCKIN' BRO, DID YOO SEE THAD every so often. Nobody in his right mind would look at Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG, LoL/DotA, etc. and actually think either the game or the learning process of it was fun and rewarding.

However, anything is tolerable with friends, and these games have large populations of people. This doesn't mean you'll make friends playing them (I've made precisely five or six friends playing multiplayer games, almost all of whom were from Splatoon), but that the friends you do have will be able to indulge in this shitty thing with you. In so indulging, you will have something in common, which your brain recognizes as a trigger to release dopamine.

I have firsthand experience with people like this, and the other part of the equation is they just aren't very smart; it's one thing to meme about 80IQ huwaite trash, but it's another entirely to hear someone bemoan his lack of finances because he:

>doesn't know how to cook

>has a wife who doesn't know how to cook

>regularly orders food five separate times every weekend

Know what happened after we had this conversation? He walked to the school cafeteria and bought bad $11 CDN sushi.

You need to realize these people have lives of wage slavery and corporate dicksucking to the point they don't know anything else exists. Their approach to video games is just an extension of that handicapped worldview.

d92b62 No.14652525

File: 27888762a18d35d⋯.png (60.59 KB, 800x750, 16:15, 4a0722b27b9e56cb9c84f15233….png)


Everybody has their purpose in this life. Unfortunately, being a video game developer is not mine. That doesn't mean my input isn't worth its weight in gold.


You explain the problem pretty well. Any way to reverse the brainwashing? I've lost too many friends to that mindset.

acdf8a No.14652531


>Any way to reverse the brainwashing?

If there's a trick, I don't know it.

aa8a9f No.14652532


reddit bans shitposting, you might enjoy it there

b40146 No.14652537


Your whole OP is just "why do you play if there's not end game" which is the most retarded sentiment I've ever seen. They play because the gameplay is fun and they can play with friends. You do not find it fun because you don't like the game nor do you have friends with which to play. Mystery solved you absolute retard.

acdf8a No.14652571



Pushed the fucking button too early, fucking godddammit

What I meant to say is that there's no one-and-done trick to reversing a lifelong process which most people don't even realize exists. You need to talk to your friends actively about their taste in video games, and introduce them to good ones.

Of course, you cannot make a horse drink. If your friends say things like "dude, it's just a way to relax lol" or "why do you care so much? just let me have fun" then they're cut from cowardly cloth and you have your work cut out for you. I'm trying to introduce a friend of mine to fighting games so he'll realize how stupid trading card games are, but our conflicting schedules makes it tough. You need to be willing to do the legwork.

And remember: it is possible (likely, even) to do everything right and still have your friend retreat to his lair of CoD and Overcuck merchandise. Most people are simply not cut out to think about and play video games in a hardcore manner, and you need to be willing to accept that in the same way you'd accept loving a woman for who she is but knowing you'll likely never have a sophisticated political conversation about anything with her.

I don't mean to sound grim, but most people just don't know WHY they like or dislike things beyond the actual emotions they experience, and fewer still can differentiate between subjective experience and objective craft, which contemporary media has done nothing to help.

e7d2c2 No.14652750

File: 0435480381acab3⋯.jpg (425.99 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, Bernie.jpg)

Went to spend the weekend at my cousin's recently, since I hadn't visited in a while. Man, does he have terminal shit taste in games. FortNite, ARK, The Division, Destiny 2… he keeps wanting me to check out these games, like I'd be impressed with how "powerful" his characters have gotten after months of grinding and lootboxes. And that shit just bores me to fucking tears. Most of what he has are the same old cover-based boring corridor shooters he's always played… only this time they've been spliced with MMO bullshit and bullet sponge enemies so that you have a reason to hunt gear with the appropriate stats and status effects/resistances. I've been playing MMOs since PSO and Everquest… what exactly am I supposed to be impressed with? That's the crazy fucking thing about it… whole generations of people who either are too young to have been exposed to MMOs, or who played completely different genres, are now JUST NOW being introduced to those mechanics, and it's some new wonderful revolutionary thing to them. They can't yet see it for the carrot on a stick bullshit that it really is, except this time it's all about selling lootboxes instead of monthly subscriptions. And it's hooking these poor bastards just as MMOs hooked me when I was younger. At least with PSO/EQ/FFXI - I was still too young to really appreciate just how badly I was getting fucked. This asshole is almost 40 years old and should damned well be able to recognize a scam by now.

668679 No.14652769


Dumb mini-game worlds have been in the series since the beginning, I'm glad they remembered that Olette exists.

120a9e No.14652788

File: 2195f0ece460de0⋯.jpg (63.13 KB, 643x960, 643:960, 2195f0ece460de0352826e63e3….jpg)


>Multiplayer games are only for normalfags

I mean it'd be one thing if you actually talked about the game mechanics, but you're making a rather ridiculous statement here. Competition is in human nature. It makes the game interesting because you never know who you'll be playing against. It's like emergent stories in games, except the stories are about how you owned that one guy that one time.

>The 'goal' of each game is just to keep playing over and over again until your rank gets higher or some shit like that.

This isn't Dragon Ball Z faggot, people play multiplayer games to have fun. Getting a higher rank is just a secondary benefit. If you don't enjoy playing the game, there's no point wasting your time in becoming the best.

>Hardly a single game goes by without one of them, over the course of their match, screaming or raging at either a teammate for under-performing or an enemy for out-playing them.

This I personally don't understand either, and I think it's mostly a result of modern parenting. It's stupid to spend that much energy raging at a video game and to continue playing a video game if you're going to rage at it. Either learn some self-control or stop playing the game. I don't understand why you'd waste your breath.

4c5741 No.14652821


>It makes the game interesting because you never know who you'll be playing against. It's like emergent stories in games, except the stories are about how you owned that one guy that one time.

That doesn't lead to good stories, though. Either you win… again, or you lose… again. Very rarely will you ever have any truly memorable matches. You get momentary joy and little else. But a well crafted game will stick with you forever.

4fe6a5 No.14652828


>This I personally don't understand either, and I think it's mostly a result of modern parenting. It's stupid to spend that much energy raging at a video game and to continue playing a video game if you're going to rage at it. Either learn some self-control or stop playing the game. I don't understand why you'd waste your breath.

you say this on a board that regularly has threads like LOL threads or "let's hate [new game] threads", or threads like this one.


It's not about the story retard, it's the moment to moment game play of facing another person.

120a9e No.14652838


Have you ever tried making a game? I've made a few. It's a lot of fucking effort, and it doesn't pay well. Even when I worked with a fully-fledged team of ten in college, and all of us were motivated people (believe me you'd notice if they weren't) we were only able to produce a basic proof of concept with two levels after a semester.

Really, all anyone does when they throw out this hum-dinger of a suggestion is make themselves look like a gigantic moron. I love video games but I can't begrudge anyone who doesn't want to work on them. You need people from every kind of discipline (It has that in common with movie production, which as everyone knows is also its own version of hell). Even small indie games need an artist, sound guy, programmer, a director, and at least someone who has time to manage the forums and PR shit. The availability of people in these different disciplines is a huge problem by itself, and then you're making it worse by narrowing it down to "games industry" which most people avoid because it's risky and doesn't pay well.

Having said all that, it's still fun and I don't regret making the games that I did. I'd do it if I were paid a decent wage and the hours weren't bullshit, but that's not the state of the industry right now.

120a9e No.14652846


>you say this on a board that regularly has threads like LOL threads or "let's hate [new game] threads", or threads like this one.

That's different. The saying is "misery loves company," it's fun to shit talk about things you hate with other people. I can see the appeal in that. What I don't see the appeal in is getting frothing mad every time you die in a video game about killing other players, especially when no one is around.

4c5741 No.14652854


>It's not about the story retard, it's the moment to moment game play of facing another person.

What's the point of momentary pleasure if you'll forget it a few seconds later. It's the video game equivalent of junk food.

120a9e No.14652855


>Very rarely will you ever have any truly memorable matches.

Very rarely are any good games released at all. What is your point?

>Either you win… again, or you lose… again.

You can't possibly be this obtuse. "Durr, I reduced your gameplay experience to a simple sentence. Wow your game sure is boring!" What exactly did you prove by typing that?

120a9e No.14652869


>It's the video game equivalent of junk food.

Ah, so you just want to feel elitist about not playing multiplayer games. Got it.

4fe6a5 No.14652876


This is like asking what's the point of vidya at all. It's fun. Time wasted having fun is not time wasted. And there are so few games that will ever positively impact you, that almost no one will ever remember any video game. And people form tons of memories from playing pvp games and some meet friends there. Do you genuinely have autism? Cause this whole social factor of gaming seems to completely pass you by.

2f8fcd No.14652896

File: 06764448b44f88b⋯.jpg (71.28 KB, 530x604, 265:302, 067e.jpg)


>Either you win… again, or you lose… again

In your case it was

>you lose and then lose … again

It explains everything.

641495 No.14652906


>team of 10

>only 2 levels in a semester

A perfect illustration of Brooks' Law.

4c5741 No.14652916


Generally, unless a game is just bland, I tend to remember my experiences with it pretty well and remember them fondly, even the bad ones. I will remember specific moments, moments that were particularly enjoyable or particularly laughable.

But I will never remember individual matches of an online game. It just all blends together. The game was either kinda fun, or not that fun. Never will I recall any specifics. There's nothing to look back upon with true fondness.

e5cb88 No.14652953


>The game was either kinda fun, or not that fun.

So you just don't like a genre and demand that no one else like it either then? Cause of course if you're not having fun you won't give a shit about it.

d92b62 No.14652992

File: 2e42b7dcdf903e9⋯.png (147.86 KB, 270x400, 27:40, 2e42b7dcdf903e9a689d2c28f7….png)


I wasn't saying multiplayer games are for normalfags, dummy. TF2 is a multiplayer game and I think it was the top of the line before the F2P update hit. I can go into that deeper but I'd rather not. All I'll say is that I have a few titles in mind when I think of "favorite multiplayer game".


As a recovering Dota 2 addict with over 2000 hours, this intrigues me. I'll need to meditate more on whether what you say is bullshit, but I'll list out my candid thoughts on the matter.

I can say with certainty that I am capable of picking out a few of the countless matches I've played in my history of Dota 2. Those matches didn't happen recently, mind you, some of them happened quite some time ago. I'm sure other people have similar experiences that they can remember. The problem with this that I see is that, out of the countless matches I've played, only a handful I can remember as noteworthy or extremely fun. Is that really a problem? I don't know - like I said, I'll need to meditate on it some more.

120a9e No.14653017


Not really. It wasn't a late software project, the whole thing gets created within a semester. And only 3 of us were programmers. I agree with the concept of Brooks' law, but generally it only applies when you add more developers, not other team members, Assuming those team members aren't design fucksticks that middle management decides gets to call the shots who then make the remaining developers do more work, of course.

120a9e No.14653041


You said that the only reason to play those games is to reach a higher rank, and then proceeded to say that "I don't understand the mind of a normalfag." By basic mathematics, you are saying that multiplayer games are for normalfags based on the misguided assumption that everyone only plays them to autistically watch their rank increase. You are confusing competitive multiplayer games for WoW and its clones.

33f020 No.14653057

File: 3efae05d96b9aaa⋯.jpg (203.49 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, 3efae05d96b9aaaf1131780974….jpg)


This right here is a casual. His idea of "everything" is the nongames OP listed.


>ignore it, it'll go away

Yeah, that's why not a single good game came out after the first few years of this decade.


I teach at an elementary school.

In my experience, the kids who play those games never once played anything else. I've noticed sometimes when people get started in a medium they may or may not get stuck at whatever they started with.

It happened to me, when I got into music I listened to nothing but nirvana for10 years and during those 10 years I never once tried anything else. My first video game was test drive, I don't remember which. Maybe test drive 6. I played that for a long time and for years and it took a long time until I tried anything else.

I can tell you one thing though the next generation will save gaming, not many kids play video games outside phoneshit which was never good, and the ones that play shit games get bullied.

The class I teach has 48 kids, 3 play league of legends, they all get bullied by the few others who play video games (9 I think).

A variation of this I noticed is that sometimes the casual does try other games, but they're more of the same. The casual will jump from Hat Fortress to Overwatch, or 10 years ago Call of Duty to any of the 1000 shooters that copied it.


This argument is also valid, I've seen it happen. I have 3 relatives who are video game casuals, if their discshit/real life group isn't around they will never touch their shitty nongames.

One time I was at home shitposting and playing CK2, my cousin walks over and asks what I'm doing. He keeps making random questions until I realize he's doing it out of boredom. I ask him if he wants to play a good video game instead of his LoL faggotry. He indirectly answers my question by saying he can't play a game because he can't use his discfaggotry group. He says "a game" but he never played anything other than league of legends, this showed me that in his mind nothing but league of legends exists and this single game is video games in general. It also showed me he didn't actually play the game for fun, just to socialize with his dicshit group.

67d864 No.14653071

File: 798720920bdbc40⋯.png (156.38 KB, 470x496, 235:248, 798720920bdbc403fec6d9b0aa….png)

This thread is not over until the Weebs show up and brag about their Japanese overlords and how amazing they are for consuming nothing but Japanese media. Usually accompanied by some lewd anime girl.

You know it's true

62121e No.14653091

File: 59ee3143eada8a5⋯.gif (1.33 MB, 540x349, 540:349, free shrugs.gif)


Jap stuff that makes it across does tend to have at least more polish, but that's just the result of the export filter keeping the egregiously bad jap shit localized to Japan.

Weeaboo games also just feed into different genres, so if you like, say, FPS, you won't find anything worthwhile in the stream of RPGs and beat-em-ups Japan usually puts out

d92b62 No.14653113

File: 2af6fddf8b7488b⋯.png (88.42 KB, 500x363, 500:363, lifehasmanydoors.png)


Ah, I see my folly. I should reword that, then. I suppose what I was referring to were competitive multiplayer games with a 'ranked' option for matchmaking. Yeah, there's nothing inherently wrong with multiplayer games, but when you add "ranked" a la CS:GO or nuTF2 then you get a wave of people taking the game either too seriously (when in ranked matchmaking) or not taking the game seriously at all (in 'casual' matchmaking). You may not act this way, but a lot of people really do care about their digital rank or K:D ratio. A server browser like what TF2 (used to) have worked best for all parties since it allowed players to find the right kind of server to suit their mood. Need I remind you that no modern multiplayer games use such a thing anymore.

e89d37 No.14653134

File: a3cf64884616583⋯.jpg (273.94 KB, 600x828, 50:69, 63257863_p0.jpg)

Just stick to Japanese games, they are the only ones making anything of worth for like the last decade now. The Western market is all AAA garbage and indie pixelshit.

33f020 No.14653135


I think true weaboos are another cancer in gaming.

They killed the japanese industry by buying anything as long as it has waifubait in it.

In the 90s we had great japanese games like streets of rage. You couldn't even tell they were japanese, they just did what they could to make a fun game.

Nowadays you'll never even see people talk about the gameplay in japanese games, they'll just talk about their waifus and favorite anime girl character, or how they want to fuck someone's elbow joint.

These people don't even like video games, they just want to interact with anime characters which can't be done in an anime because anime isn't interactive. That's why the japanese games industry has been dead for so long.


>lot of people really do care about their digital rank or K:D ratio

A lot of modern shooters are adding suicide to player deaths or removing suicide options altogheter because K/D fags will kill themselves in game to avoid lowering their K/D.

It's the digital version of measuring your dick size

3a9fab No.14653139


>Elder Scrolls.

>Fire Emblem.


You are the one with the shit taste anon. AW > your shit.

2f8fcd No.14653146


>I teach at an elementary school.

Too old and cold to play mp twitch based games competitively. This is the pattern.

5ca2db No.14653160

There's a serious lack of good new games anon, that's why.

d92b62 No.14653162


I've played Advance Wars (2) as well. It was a good game. The GBA Fire Emblems were good as well.

120a9e No.14653164


Matchmaking in general is a cancer. Games need to go back to the localized lobbies and dedicated servers of pre-2006. At the most, it should exclusively exist for ranked matchmaking, and that's only assuming that your rank/skill/MMR tracker works (most of them don't).

CS:GO is miles ahead of most of its competition by still having a community dedicated servers option. The only stupid part is that they made their cosmetic system tied entirely to matchmaking, so you can only "earn" them by playing vanilla matchmade games.

The ability to put up dedicated servers controlled by the community allows those members to enjoy themselves more. They all get to go to a server they know they enjoy with a higher ratio of people they enjoy playing with than other servers every day. Matchmaking prevents any cohesive communities from forming by constantly jumbling everyone together, and you get the phenomenon of retards constantly bitching about their teammates, which eventually leads to long-term animosity that makes the matchmaking experience worse. This is the phenomenon you see in Dota and LoL which causes the communities there to be so grating and insufferable.

120a9e No.14653169


>A lot of modern shooters are adding suicide to player deaths or removing suicide options altogheter because K/D fags will kill themselves in game to avoid lowering their K/D.

What? There were shooters which considered themselves "competitive" which didn't already do this? We had this figured out in Doom if I remember correctly. It never ceases to amaze me how the new blood doesn't pay attention to the successes of the old.

2f8fcd No.14653184


> This is the phenomenon you see in Dota and LoL

People bitch about teammates in MOBAs because they can't leave lost games. In games where they can at will there is no bitching, players just walk away from retards to another match.

120a9e No.14653196


Yes, but leaving is just a "workaround" for the core problem, which is that you are getting matched with people that you don't want to play with.

b0d1d9 No.14653216

It's just basic competitive drive that most men tend to have. That's really all it is. The games are terrible but marketed well and have absorbed the entire competitive market place so the people who want to play games to fulfill their desire for competition are pigeon holed into playing bad games. With women in the workplace and sedentary lifestyles on the rise it is only natural these men end up seeking a "climb" in these ladder styled games. Any basic analysis of it allows you to draw a pretty direct comparison to the fundamental design behind the competitive systems to emulate what men previously had in the workplace and social sphere. The rage is also quite natural considering that if it were a team based competitive effort in real life and some of the members acted like how they do online they would get their shit kicked in.

All of this is blatantly obvious and a very entry level observation. You should have been able to deduct for yourself if you have a fully developed brain. It would have been kind of cool if the competitive game scene boomed when games were truly made to be as balanced and fair as possible, but it's hilarious to watch the dumpster fire either way so whatever.

1cc38c No.14653235



And adding the fact that mindless masses act upon emotional drives such as carving for socialization without purpose, just for the sake of socializing.

emotional lowlife beings are not people, and thus, they flock to whatever "social gathering" that they can see and understand at a bare minimum. They are easily exploited exactly because of that.

e5cb88 No.14653242


Well look what the cat dragged in >>14653134

1cc38c No.14653251





Japanese products are better than western products.

e5cb88 No.14653252


Humans are social creatures retard. Just cause you are shunned by society doesn't mean you also lack social drives, unless you're an actual aspie.

1cc38c No.14653261


"You couldn't even tell they were japanese,"

Found the deformed kike's goon.

67d864 No.14653264

File: dcb5d5b0a64c05a⋯.jpg (47.69 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Oh my!.jpg)


>Japanese products are better than western products.

Still waiting on that Katana you bought on Ebay back in the 00s?

67d864 No.14653268

File: b9b564383eccab1⋯.png (195.02 KB, 643x537, 643:537, Look at (You)!.png)


>Muh Goons

The weeb's only form of attack, call someone who is not a weeb a goon.

e5cb88 No.14653275


Oh, never mind, it's just free entertainment commie again. Where's your "heh 04.png" or "smug 07.jpg"?

d8fd83 No.14653281

File: 2f50a888667beff⋯.gif (4.63 KB, 175x175, 1:1, DSP.gif)


tbh I'd rather have friends than "taste"

33f020 No.14653284


How about tasting your friends?

3a9fab No.14653287

File: 18ffe9ed802b260⋯.jpg (11.74 KB, 387x309, 129:103, 1522287145867.jpg)




cff222 No.14653290


I bought 4 budget brand dragon dildos from Twin Tail Creations for $179 US plus shipping and handling. It could be up to 8 weeks but it'll br worth it

fa2a56 No.14653295


>In the 90s we had great japanese games like streets of rage

Kill yourself. japanese games have always been inferior to their Western counterparts and liking them is a telltale sign of a soyboy.

d8fd83 No.14653305

File: 2c45c56fbde91a2⋯.jpg (4.93 KB, 165x115, 33:23, this.jpg)




120a9e No.14653327


> japanese games have always been inferior to their Western counterparts

But that's the thing, many Japanese games just weren't (and aren't) like the games in the Western market, that's what made them popular in the first place.

2dcf62 No.14653377


Almost always technically inferior, but almost always less politically tainted. It's a trade-off.

5ca2db No.14653389


I would guess that LESS men are playing video games today than 10 years ago.

b0d1d9 No.14653409


Why? Video games have only boomed in their popularity. There are hundreds of millions of little chinks and hapa's mindlessly grinding these competitive games.

4c5741 No.14653420


How many Jap games can you think of that had budgets of 100 mil or more? BotW is really the only one that comes to mind. Meanwhile, that's what a lot of AAA games cost nowadays. AAA western games are bloated with three hundred SanFran faggots doing nothing BUT focusing on the art. But fun is not something that's often taken into account.

62121e No.14653428

File: 8861fa0b6daf71f⋯.gif (428.21 KB, 200x183, 200:183, [Shrugging intensifies].gif)


Different places, different cancers.

In Japan, fun is sapped by waifu pandering and stagnation in gameplay, while western games are bogged down with bloat and the faggotry of those associated with it.

The best you can do is pull the good shit and those rare gems from the sea of shit that's not even worth the effort of notice.

2dcf62 No.14653441


Yeah, it sucks. Be nice if I could get even a few millies dropped on my head. Imagine a spaceship game where you cut and weld sections of hull together to make a functioning spaceship and everything has full Newtonian physics applied to it, including cargo. It could also be done as a submarine game.That one scene at the beginning of Titan A.E comes to mind…

4c5741 No.14653442


>In Japan, fun is sapped by waifu pandering and stagnation in gameplay, while western games are bogged down with bloat and the faggotry of those associated with it.

I won't disagree there. The industry as a whole is pretty shit, hencewhy I'm working on my own game. Too many good series have been lost to waifufaggotry, but still, it seems easier to find fun vidya from the Japs. It's not night and day, that's for certain. Just shit and less shit.

fa47da No.14653444

Remember split screen games?

I miss them. Almost no dev bothers making split screen games anymore.

de35c2 No.14653446


t. fattie who got bullied in high school

2dcf62 No.14653447

File: 09a48a0d3e3247b⋯.png (224.7 KB, 512x288, 16:9, space junker.png)



Just found a picture of what I was looking for despite not finding it earlier.

902002 No.14653448


>BotW is really the only one that comes to mind.

Yeh and with that budget it basically revolutionised the RPG genre by pushing it further than anyone else did before.


Online multiplayer is cancer tbh.

33f020 No.14653458


>Yeh and with that budget it basically revolutionised the RPG genre by pushing it further than anyone else did before.

What the fuck did I just read?

304ef7 No.14653480


Dire bait

8c8672 No.14653673

File: 1b0c31c7e3e4516⋯.png (161.51 KB, 526x491, 526:491, everyday birthday.png)

I don't care about OW, LOL, or other normalfag modern multiplayer games because of (((community guidelines))) brainwash cancer, So i only play DooM 2 w/ Zandronum, UT99, and other old and niche multiplayer games that haven't been shut down by the publisher kikes yet. And in my autistic opinion, the reason as to why i and most people out there play MP games, isn't the social shit, but rather the gamble feeling of not knowing what's going to happen, as well as the dynamic gameplay and player impact.

In this age where videogames can no longer have secret stuff without it being instantly datamined so that Xx_CandyassNiggerProGaming_xX can make jewtube shekels, SP games have been getting more and more predictable, to the point where even when jumping blindly and absolutely avoiding any information from a game, you still know exactly how it's going to play out and what's going to happen throughout the entire campaign.

With a MP game, or at least on the ones i play, you never know what's going to happen, you don't know what enemies are up to, you don't know how you're going to end up during your current "life" and every small action from each player can impact and change the whole match, and whatever unscripted events like 'crazy killstreaks' could devolve from it, could lead to the players feeling a competitive sense of "being hardcore" that other games directed at them cannot provide them. Not to mention instant gameplay is the quintessential focus of any MP game above any fancy packaging, and no normalfags besides the multiplayer casual's counterpart: The cinematic story crowd, have enough time to play a decent SP game. Thing i don't give a shit about either, because most videogame stories just feel the same for me, the only videogame stories that i ever cared about were DX and MW

Of course, i can't just feed myself shooters and MMOs for the rest of my life, so i still also play SP games that offer me gameplay-side stuff that MP cannot offer me, as one of the pro points for SP that i've never seen mentioned here: the variety of genres and mechanics compared to that of MP games.

But of course, normalfags are normalfags because they don't want to make any effort to look out there and search for the few stuff that could fill their niche, and instead they just sit and feed themselves with whatever's trending until it gets stale even beyond his low standards. That's how FOTM turds are made.

But i never understood why /v/ is always treating multiplayer, skirmish modes, roguelikes, sandboxes and other types of games with focus on unscripted events as such a boogieman and as broken game design that should be eliminated from every fucking game in existance. I just want some unpredictability and sense of surprise in my games, man.

8c8672 No.14653734


Correction, i do care about decent SP games. Just not about the stories.

078aa5 No.14653755


Pretty cool idea, decent movie too.

ca0473 No.14653770


I don't mind having those (((rules))) since I'm non-confrontational, but the issue with community guidelines is that you see the same types of people repeatedly. You either get an adult who shout out commands/locations, people who spout memes, or kid. That's it.

I remember adding a lot of random friends in GMOD and CS:S because the lack of rules meant that people could about everything. R6 Siege and Overwatch though? None because I could meet another person who talks about the same inoffensive topic in the next game. People don't freely talk because they feel as if they're walking on eggshells.

2dcf62 No.14653781


I actually got curious just today i've had this idea for quite a while and found a paper by some chinks/asians that makes what I'm talking about possible. I understand a little bit of the math but your objects are undirected graphs based on what players can see at the current time. Very precise, and you get deformable objects that can be cut apart in real time, and supposedly you would be able to merge them as well. Battle damage from weapons could be simulated by deleting some nodes and re-drawing.

8c8672 No.14653821


It gets worse than that, in matchmaking-based MP games, players are encouraged to report any """""toxic""""" behavior that goes against the guidelines so that the company can easily control all the player's and force them all to play in one concrete, dull, way. People have already noticed this and LoL, the game that implemented this shit, is already dying from this, but a lot of other e-sport shit games like Overwatch have picked this up too.

84a341 No.14653981

Not everyone is into weeb jap shit, outdated arena shooters, and muh sonic.

But yes, most everything you mentioned sucks primarily because of the muh esports and streamers faggotry. In essence, the games themselves (yes, even overwatch) are decent to good and well polished (pubg no), but the devs/majority of players are the epitome of faggotry. And the loot crate shit is obnoxious, but mostly unobtrusive to the core gameplay. They are multiplayer competitive games, not sure what you want from them beyond being able to hop in a match and go.

Yes, I wish we could get an amazing new RTS instead of ASSFAGGOTS. Yes, a top-tier “realistic” milsim-ish survival/battle royale game that isn’t just a gook amateur hour cash grab or made by EA would be nice, too.

Yeah, I’d love an arena shooter that didn’t just look pretty and try to lure the mainstream with half-ass ASSFAGGOTS features like Overwatch…or take the lazy way out and rehash UT/Q3A and scream “classic nostalgia cash-in!”

But that’s not what we’ve got available. This is what is there. And if you want a decent game to play with your normalfag friends, you might have to compromise a little. But that doesn’t mean you have to line the dev pockets with cosmetic money, or make the 100th thread about the same tired shit.

Personally, I’ve never played a moba beyond the mods in starcraft/wc3 almost 20 years ago, but I guess dota/lol look okay if I was into that shit. The popularity of those games does actually mystify me. But whatever. Just gimme a new good RTS like the original Company of Heroes, or a fresh take on the turnbased/rts hybrid like Kohan. I’m forced to play tactical team based milsim FPS because there is nothing else.

84a341 No.14653990

And I want games with player-run dedicated servers again. That might be my biggest gripe with the state of today’s MP games. Always locked into some corporate faggotry where they force you to play their approved way only.

84a341 No.14654027


Whatever you dumb nigger. He’s 110% correct. Jap games have been dumbed down to being loli cartoon porn for friendless virgins. Once I got a taste for Western games on my grand dad’s PC in the early 90s, my consoles mostly collected dust aside from the occasional quality exclusive.

fdf1a5 No.14658569


Fuck off goon.

17a644 No.14659353


You are a massive faggot.

f919ce No.14659754

Dey free. Any nigga off the block can play that shit.

c85d7f No.14659924


It certainly goes beyond games too: Super Bowl parties are a prime example. Most people don't really give two shits about the game, but will watch it because it's a social gathering. There's plenty of actual football fans who hate the shit out of this.

The fact of the matter is that most of society is extroverted, and thus games that appeal to that are more likely to do well than games that don't. As an actual aspie, I can't say I understand the appeal, socialization is fucking anguish for me.

824994 No.14666459


PUBG isn't free.

1cfbc6 No.14666528


>Riot's physiology department.

I think the translation for that is off. I don't a game company would need a department for anatomy studies.

21b959 No.14668276

prove you arent a silver pleb OP

I bet you whine about "smurfs" too lmao kys

408d73 No.14668625


Git gud and get friends with taste.

c3383f No.14670052

File: dcbed4278866373⋯.jpg (71.99 KB, 643x836, 643:836, 20180501.jpg)


Too "washboard" flat

372530 No.14670054


usually the game soft-reset each season, so you climb once again xddd

what a fugggen meeemememe and yeah that's the only reason to bother***

2ca25b No.14670120


all those are multyplayer shit, i can get why normalfags would use them as an excuse to socialize

on the very least, as shit as they may be, they are still games

honestly i'm more concerned about the shit taste friends like mine have that praise non game garbage like TLOU or everything Telltales ever made like it was the holy grial of vidya

>hurrdurr yuo gotta play them to experience them

>you can't just get the same experience from watching a youtube video even though there is no gameplay other than brain dead puzzles and QTEs

>hurrdurr the story is tailored to how you play, muh meaningfull choises they really say these buzzwords to my face, even when i rub in their faces that all choises lead to the same ending wich put TT shit beneath even hentai VNs gameplay wise

>hurrdurr anon, why you shit on TLOU? muh relatable characters, muh shinny graphics, muh cinematic story even after pointing out that Evil Within does survival horror much better and the stealth is Manhunt tier, only more boring and brain dead

>hurrdurr you just hate on the new GoW cus you don't own a pisspoor

>hurrdurr grow up and play it before dissing it even when anyone with half abrain cell can tell how shit it is with nothing but a few minutes of "gameplay" fotage

>hurrdurr i like TLOU, i like GoW, why would i hate Nu GoW?

>hurrdurr you are just being conspiranoid to think (((SJournoWs))) are pushing for VNs to be accepted as vidya cus mechanics out them as noobs and it's easyer to turn vidya into subversive cultural marxist propaganda by focusing on muh narrative

i stoped talking to all these faggots, i just couldn't bare how plebian they were, no matter how much logic you throw at them they just shut down theyr brain and let the marketing indoctrination reply with the usual buzzwords pleb use to defend this crap

>hurrdurr, why u hate Death Stranding, it ain't even out yet, and it's $ony's money, why do you care if kojimbo wastes half the budget hiring expencive actors wich is so far the only thing being promoted about the game have faith in the man anon… Fukushima? who's dat?

911418 No.14670133


Look at the kike shilling for his overlords

2acee0 No.14670220


Weak bait.


Most good games I play, I remember, even some multiplayer ones, I can remember notable and interesting matches and the general sense of enjoyment. Mediocre and shitty games, I don't remember, unless they do something exceptional. He has a point in what he's saying.


>They are good and well polished





Do you even play video games?

030b0d No.14670249

When I'm playing CSGO, I'm doing my best to play correctly and don't rely on luck (check angles, give and use infos). Ranks don't matter at that point because there are awful people everywhere. Solo queuing is a pain but playing with a 4 other people you know is rewarding.

35f96b No.14670264

File: f6fdd78a484b720⋯.jpg (154.01 KB, 437x696, 437:696, cowtits begone.jpg)



b5cd5c No.14670265


It's a combination of the freemium model of a Skinner-box reward structure combined with a lack of depth that results in proficency being largely a matter of a few simple twitch-based strategies. People build the same fucking things over and over again in fortnite and use the same hero in the same lane in LoL and use the same weapons on the same maps in CS:GO over and over and over again because they figure that that's what they have to do to win and get their endorphin fix from "outplaying" someone and/or racking up artificially scarce virtual garbage. Beyond memorizing and practicing the handful of optimal strats and cheap tricks they have in each game, there is almost no skill to speak of and that is intentional.

f23432 No.14670289


There's no shortage of non-modern games that have a server browser and dedicated servers, but barely anyone these days outside of the developers and their PR team wants to invest the time and effort to found and grow a community.

The multiplayer games I do play have that exactly, but the case is hundreds of empty servers that someone slapped up (often laggy and will lose packets in some intervals because of cheap hosting or the admin doesn't load balance, or have QoS), and next to no players. If there are players, random groups will group on completely random servers with no sense of server community or taste.

11aae5 No.14670315

I hate normalfags so much.

They're cancer. They're the problem.

AAA developers can get away with anti-consumer practices and bad business because normalfags allow it. Money talks, and normalfags don't know how to vote with their wallet. They are easily brainwashed by advertisements or marketing. They only use games as an excuse to socialize with their normalfag friends.

If we want to have good quality games again, normalfags need to stop playing games.

Video games need to be a taboo again, something just for nerds and geeks like it was in the 90's

Bring back bullying. I honestly prefer jock Chad and slut Stacy over the post-modern normalfag trash we have today

c39bfb No.14670411


You just described any competitive game IRL included. Players play same positions, and polish their signature moves (if they have any).

35b27a No.14670422


I remember back in the day if you played tf2 you'd get a few good players, some okay players, and about half the team would be pretty bad. The teams would be even enough to have some competition no matter what your skill level.

c76008 No.14670487


It's the same motivation for playing endless matches of Perfect Dark/UT99/Q3A back in the day. It's this thing called "Fun"

c76008 No.14670503

File: 946e3ece322b484⋯.gif (422.19 KB, 300x173, 300:173, dungoofednow.gif)


>calls others goon

>can't even greentext

824994 No.14677611


Actual normalfags are ok, it's the normalfags who think they're not just playing bottom-of-the-barrel trash who are dangerous.

5d4511 No.14678556


In my uni gaming club, I gave the idea that we should make our own top games list for our website so that the site will gain more traffic. A month after my suggestion was approved, only me and 1 other person made our own lists since the original plan was to collate our individual lists into 1 list. Turns out that most of the club could only name 1 game that they really like and they would claim that they don't really feel that much of a connection to most games that they play. At least they know deep down that Dota, Overwatch and CS:GO are not the best games ever. So yeah, they just use it as a digital bar because they don't really care about how good the bar's food is, but rather who's drinking and eating with them.

46af8a No.14678627

File: 149ac767d391879⋯.png (1011.77 KB, 906x963, 302:321, 1066.PNG)

824994 No.14688658


>uni gaming club

Always a red flag.

c3695f No.14688847

File: 311d7bc7e7d91a5⋯.jpg (135.34 KB, 624x950, 312:475, 05ba81f06221db4b7f6ec753a9….jpg)


Welcome to the party, OP. Gaming has been mostly shit for over a decade since it got 'popular' in the late 2000s. More normalfags + rising cost of development = 'more accessible' which means 'It's shit.'

And everything is multiplayer because it makes much, much more money than singleplayer stuff.

Want to hear something really disappointing? We can't even get players to read subtitles anymore; even if they're written in third grade english. People just don't care and expect the game to hold their hand and wipe their ass the whole way. And that's how we have to make them.


You'd rather wallow in shit so long as it's with friends?

Go play CoD, faggot.


Of course the sonic fan is into vore.

37e1cd No.14688899

I dont get it either. I just keep going to fighting game locals which are full of old fucks like me. Makin me feel older and older.

3fdc87 No.14689940


And that's why you'll never really have either.

6c2ecf No.14689963

File: 61b6f5c3262c7b9⋯.jpg (6.14 KB, 310x163, 310:163, pathetic.jpg)


So you buy shit games because you want to be popular. Holy fuck your pathetic.

e40407 No.14690412

File: 336f2dc1502c58b⋯.png (121.26 KB, 250x300, 5:6, ClipboardImage.png)

>Got gifted Overwatch

>Hate it.

>Doomfist comes out.

>Like it because I can dunk people.

I enjoy games where I can shit all over people. Any game that lets me do this is fun to me.

>Command destroyers and Black Ops in EvE

824994 No.14698180


Just do both, buy shit to play with friends and good games for single player.

5e34ec No.14704855


Get better friends.

1cc55f No.14705059


Newfag here, what's wrong with post 2000 games ?

fb3f65 No.14705485

File: d4847ea0a63a5d2⋯.png (6.63 KB, 128x192, 2:3, consider the following.png)

>why does anyone play multiplayer games?

You might be autistic OP.

1976b3 No.14705581


Keep your opinions in the trash where they belong normalfag.

8d4a98 No.14706897


Congratulation you just showed what a normalfag is.

b64372 No.14706963

File: 76d4b06fc69c5cd⋯.jpg (32.92 KB, 460x428, 115:107, cac86df1583e7b097ed3316bf8….jpg)

>all the crying babies in this thread

I've said it before in another thread and I'll say it again, go play FC5

The corporations coming back to us /v/ and Ubisoft is making progress again as an actual game company.

Or go play GOW5 or something, only different thing is the TPS camera.

Seriously, I love you guys, but you can't be ignoring all the gold we have now, relax and go buy yourself something to play now before it all goes to shit again.

d1d957 No.14707108

File: 9ba19c00b467333⋯.webm (947.15 KB, 1436x1076, 359:269, Shit for Brains.webm)

b70a5a No.14707222

File: 0c59ee80b2f395f⋯.gif (57.48 KB, 500x313, 500:313, hmmm.gif)


This shit right here.

I'm convinced that when people talk about League, Overwatch, CS:GO, Fortnite, PUBG, Dota, etc. - I don't think it's because they inherently have shit taste or are normalfags, but they have social obligations to play those games. I don't think anyone on this board actually plays those games on their own accord without some obligation or another. Whether it's friends, or a girlfriend or younger siblings.

edb385 No.14707291

File: fc663e751614798⋯.png (525.81 KB, 853x752, 853:752, Assaulted by cats.png)


>Crying babies

Strike one nigger. Barely anyone here even use that as an insult. And I like how you didn't specify who the "babies" were.

>The corporations coming back to us /v/.

No one believe this what so ever because it's not true.

>Or go play GoW5

Recommending a mediocre game as the alternative just because some people don't want to play or aren't interested in Far Cry 5 is retarded.

>you can't be ignoring all the gold we have now, relax and go buy yourself something to play now before it all goes to shit again.

You didn't even bother to explain why FC5 is good and just called it gold. Also no one here is going to support Ubisoft you fucking shill. You couldn't even attempt to suggest people should pirate to pretend to fit in. Also image macros of cats is newfag shit. Hentai doujin crops and loli are what you need. Make sure to show them to your boss before posting every time.

579e6e No.14707307


so, uh, you got some sauce on that pic?

edb385 No.14707344

File: 7df82022e7fdf94⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 1274x1916, 637:958, 1c4e408def71028bdf01597da2….png)

File: 13ca8ef2e602ffc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 31.25 KB, 300x159, 100:53, 49760781_p1.png)

File: 3310f8c92694baa⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 559.92 KB, 1130x1040, 113:104, 49760781_p1.png)


I thought this was well known. Many of these games aren't great and are mainly played to fill a social quota with friends or like minded people. Most won't talk about how good they are but how fun they are to play with friends because that's what they're looking for. A fun game to burn time with friends. As long as the game is decent they're fine.

I've never played all those except Overwatch. Overwatch is pretty damn boring and I only ever played it because it was the only game my brother wanted to play. I just want to play fighting games. I would admit I was having fun but that was because I was with friends. Whenever I'm not it's a very dry game.


It's not even porn. Just an edit I made. Third image is where the impregnation crop came from.

579e6e No.14707349


that's quite clever but also rather disappointing.

edb385 No.14707467

File: 7d1624ac0d46ff0⋯.jpg (356.24 KB, 698x843, 698:843, 12.jpg)

File: ec28f99b58a3223⋯.jpg (516.6 KB, 1147x950, 1147:950, Delicious marshmallow crea….jpg)

File: 7fdf0aedd0c2e74⋯.jpg (52.63 KB, 403x441, 403:441, 1425630317858.jpg)

File: 06b457f3a217480⋯.jpg (123.7 KB, 423x424, 423:424, i_022.jpg)

File: e9aa03ee38d5612⋯.png (226.33 KB, 597x489, 199:163, waterfox_2018-03-27_23-50-….png)


Have some more then.

767f66 No.14707531

File: 1bd55dad84dabad⋯.jpg (38.32 KB, 395x329, 395:329, 68422676_p0_master1200_1.jpg)


Reminds me of the fact that my niece who is around 11 has suprisgly decent taste in vidya. I remember she got Life is Strange , she played it for 10, 20 minutes then quit. Later refunded. I I asked her why and she told me that it was boring/stupid and wasn't really a game. That's coming from someone who plays Sims 3, sometimes 4and has told me that 3 is waay better, and Stardew Valley (pretty casual tastes). Never been so proud.

b70a5a No.14707628

File: 43afe33871b129b⋯.jpg (15.61 KB, 320x240, 4:3, the sims.jpg)


>4 and has told me that 3 is waay better

Is it?

I've never played 4 because of lol origin. I don't know if anything will ever beat the first two games though.

99338d No.14707634


3 is better than 4, but neither is as good as 2.

91b6fa No.14707687


It is, only thing Sims 4 has over 3 is better Sim creation, mood system, and multitasking.


3 does a few things better in some regards. If you had Sims 2 that was open world with the positives I stated about four you would have a really good Sims game.

91b6fa No.14707693

Oh, and bring back custom colors/patterns again from three with the ambitions expansion pack.

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