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File: d8bd8a6a63b5f04⋯.jpg (71.56 KB, 760x485, 152:97, Feminist Art Burning.jpg)

c91af8 No.14654289

Seems like their hatred towards Japanese-made video game titles have upped the ante over the past 4 years and I've been really wondering on how they got this massive hate boner against the Nips? Is it really the fact that they're "uncaring" about "women's representation"?! Very dated and archaic when it comes to female character designs that they SHOULD follow the West's (low)standards now on how to portray women?! I thought they're "anti-imperialism" yet they're acting just that, ideologcial imperialists who are now doing everything in their power to gatekeep the publishing of some if not, most of the Japanese video game titles coming outside off Nipponland's shores. They've now taken control of every know "localization" houses and with the ResetEra's "suggestions" on how Atlus SHOULD make their future Persona games, it really made me think. Let's go deep into this matter because something can be uncovered from this.

96f054 No.14654293

>Throwing depictions of Ancient Greek and Roman architecture in a fire

I will fucking kill them all

d1f4ad No.14654298

Have we really run out of games to talk about that we have to come back to ebil feminists all the fucking time?

They don't play video games and most of the japs know that.

Bitching day in and day out about that won't make video games any better.

I'm just so tired of all this.

c91af8 No.14654304

File: e9b09a21aea5ea3⋯.jpg (160.1 KB, 700x506, 350:253, If I Ignore 3.jpg)


Not tackling the main problem won't solve the issue and save video games.

5e82bd No.14654308


>Do we always have to come back to ebil feminists all the time


9dfaa6 No.14654310

File: 9686e90f673318d⋯.png (134.86 KB, 252x217, 36:31, chuck.PNG)

this thread again

f8003e No.14654323

File: 2d468dcc2de1908⋯.png (79.86 KB, 765x294, 255:98, Colony Drop isn't Ground Z….png)

File: 9b6083f9d001358⋯.png (39.22 KB, 1268x660, 317:165, goons 3.png)

File: 2dcb22b76397908⋯.png (296.04 KB, 1346x995, 1346:995, Goons a primer.png)

File: d69bf5a24ca320f⋯.jpg (159.25 KB, 1791x430, 1791:430, goons and GG.JPG)

File: 88887e2a4e87c59⋯.png (21.61 KB, 1795x151, 1795:151, goons, a simple primer.PNG)


>I've been really wondering on how they got this massive hate boner against the Nips?

They're goons.

03e730 No.14654346

It's not rocket science. They want control of Japanese games, and they've been failing for ages to do it by direct control of Japanese society and by failing to get the Japanese to try to chase western money by making westernized games. This infuriates them.

d1f4ad No.14654359



Not in the GG thread I don't think.


That's why we have the GG thread for the legwork so the board isn't clustered with these kind of threads.

1c18bd No.14654378

I see the /a/ goons left their containment board and are now trying to get people to shove their head in the sand here like they do when their anime is in danger. It won’t work on us, faggots.

03e10b No.14654390

Everything is political whether you like it or not. Japanese media, which typically promotes virtue and merit, is therefore nationalist propaganda, and must be destroyed or subverted into globalist propaganda, which is basically cuckoldry applied to everything in your culture until it is annihilated. The two major influences from Japan to the West are anime and vidya. This is why Netflix, with Soros as a top shareholder, is currently trying to ruin anime, and the leftist funded and staffed gaming press or "feminists" is trying to ruin vidya.


0035a7 No.14654392

File: 4a75de0134f6219⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 500x459, 500:459, 068abc2c78a76214bcbfac4cd5….gif)


>Back to your containment thread, faggots

That's how they got rid of us in the first place. Watching those threads get nuked like they were exposing some secret government crime was the weirdest shit I ever saw on 4chan.

Go back to your containment halfchan.

654105 No.14654394


those are fakes right?

f8003e No.14654399

File: 888dac486e67de8⋯.jpg (196.92 KB, 720x918, 40:51, art_burning.jpg)

5fd788 No.14654405

03e730 No.14654411


>Just want to ruin shit because men enjoy it


d1f4ad No.14654412


>MUH b-back to your containment thread

You are one dumb nigger, you know that?

Since you have so little faith in anons going to the GG threads to talk about these issues and think you have to make threads over and over again sure doesn't paint GG in any good light nor does it do anons justice who do the fucking legwork when it comes to these issues.

You act like this thread unveiled some super secret ebil plan to take over video games when it's just the same old "stop ruining my bideo games!" thread.

Come back when there's actual fucking news instead of a pseudo GG thread where you can bitch, moan and complain.

55da57 No.14654413


we all know gg is less interested in accomplishing anything and is more interested in recruiting more twitter friends.

654105 No.14654415

File: 55e4d4705248267⋯.jpg (802.16 KB, 2048x1153, 2048:1153, 89026.jpg)

File: 1b20aacfb4278d8⋯.jpg (109.77 KB, 962x561, 962:561, 9f0c4d0f-fcd8-4b31-a855-47….jpg)


>deemed to be problematic

I fucking hate Social justice warriors, i fucking HATE feminist, and i FUCKING HATE MARXIST HORESHIT IN EDUCATION!

ab2b3d No.14654416

I thought they just hated anything not made by their friends or themselves

611c4d No.14654419


>accomplishing anything

What is being accomplished here? Theres literally nothing of informational value ITT.

We going to post pictures everyones seen a hundred times like >>14654323 ?

Or just tell people to dig like that'll accomplish something like OP did?

55da57 No.14654421


cool, cry about it on a video game image board.


bro keep emailing I swear those journos haven't yet told all their advertisers they're being targeted by internet trolls.

0035a7 No.14654422


>it's just the same old "stop ruining my bideo games!" thread.

So? Politics in games matter, suck a dick. All Marxists must die.

5fd788 No.14654424


double dubs comfirm

bb0f16 No.14654432

File: da27ea2d3773a9a⋯.jpg (30.75 KB, 680x383, 680:383, Smug 2.jpg)


>RREEEEE your a nigger because your willing to talk to people in other threads about your opinions.

Why are you so mad Chaim?

Gotten bored of your big giant empty containment thread: >>>/leftypol/

5c237b No.14654435

d1f4ad No.14654444


That can have benefits when it comes to sending advertisers tweets about how some faggots is doing underhanded shit and they should consider dropping out of giving them money or fucking whatever.

These threads are always the same where they are vague about "something" so everyone can bitch until bumplock without anything of value coming out of it, it's so tiresome.


>So? Politics in games matter, suck a dick. All Marxists must die.

I'm fucking fine with day of the rope for marxists, but fuck me if that was all I ever talked about on /v/ anymore. Morale is on an all time low here because we keep pushing ourselves back into this depressing shit instead of doing something worthwhile.

This isn't even about politics, it's just the same old "god damn womyns being mean to superior japs".


>I got no points but I'm sure I'll look smart pointing him to leftypol!

611c4d No.14654445


Keep making strawmans, maybe they will answer my question that was very reasonable.


Funnily enough /leftypol/ is the exact epitome of this thread, garbage threads where the OP comes to ask/tell something about their shit opinnion which leads to either people just flingin shit and/or OP getting sent to the gulag since he asked something not politically correct.

So in counterargument, why dont you go blogpost your opinnions somewhere else?

cb34c3 No.14654451


Ritsunigger doesn't post on /4am/. He doesn't post anywhere on 8ch except the 4am threads here, he's your problem.

0035a7 No.14654454


>instead of doing something worthwhile

Post an alternative instead of standing on a soapbox saying "stop posting what I don't like"

55da57 No.14654456


>imblyign 400 anons in ggs prime will matter when one blue checksiemarksie will say "ur doign gr8 sweaty" to any tweet they approve

>thus hiding all the replies below it

>not knowing how twitter works

>for a twitter movement


I don't know what's so unreasonable about saying "no, I'm not in it for twitter friends" but I guess if you think that's bad…

d1f4ad No.14654465


>Post an alternative instead

Now isn't that ironic? Read the OP and tell me what to do, anon.

I fail to find an instruction in it on how to do something worthwhile there.

Unless replying with "yeah, fuck them!" actually counts.

But here's an idea. Why not make a thread about a game that was censored/altered/"localized" and start there.

Unless of course right now there is nothing to complain about so we just pass the time with this thread until something actually comes along that's worth a thread.


>not knowing how twitter works

Am I supposed to feel bad about this?

df2a35 No.14654467

File: c1adf1809a49613⋯.jpg (2.93 MB, 8000x8000, 1:1, Merchent Ultra HD.jpg)


>The main problem


The main problem is the fucking greedy kikes running this shit you mong. The same guy trying to jew us with pre-order bonuses, DLC, microtransactions and lootboxes is the same motherfucker that promotes faggoty ideologies within this industry and society in general.

55da57 No.14654472


>Am I supposed to feel bad about this?

if you are part of a twitter movement, yes

bb0f16 No.14654478

File: f79f62d67c43cc3⋯.jpg (29.41 KB, 490x333, 490:333, Jewish Subconscious.jpg)


I came here to discus how SJW's are using localization to disrupt the artistic purity of games that come from japan.

i.e. What the OP has actually posted about.

I'm not blog posting my opinions, I'm pretty sure everyone here can see who is blogposting.

So tell me Mr. Know it all, would you like the next monster hunter game to have female faces as ugly as ME Andromeda's or not.

Or are you just here to astroturf and blackpill.

654105 No.14654490



you keep saying you you fucking cocksucker but that means absolutely NOTHING and solves NOTHING.

df2a35 No.14654497

File: 88fa191059a19dd⋯.gif (776.26 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 88fa191059a19dd168b9151c2c….gif)


t. Mark

d1f4ad No.14654502


>So tell me Mr. Know it all, would you like the next monster hunter game to have female faces as ugly as ME Andromeda's or not.

Do you have anything to back up that Capcom is actually considering doing this or will you just bitch about it in preemptively to mentally prepare yourself in advance for something that might never happen?

Would you like to post about how "This is why the japanese industry is superior" for the rest of the thread? Would it make you feel better? Would if make Capcom come here and say "well shit, this nigger opened our eyes"?

If there's actual evidence that there's talk about it at Capcom I'd be all for making a thread about it, but this thread is worthless without an actual issues to sink your teeth in.

The vagueness of "there's some feminists who want nip games to be bad" doesn't get us anywhere.


Well I don't coordinate any twitter movements, but I'm pretty sure it helps having people with good looking/known accounts on your site when some retarded journo out of nowhere goes to blame GG again for his/her/xir life being shit.

55da57 No.14654524


it's actually proven not to matter time and time again

654105 No.14654544

File: 9e585ab03fa4dd8⋯.png (899 KB, 978x686, 489:343, 1385751926871.png)



bb0f16 No.14654559


>Read the OP and tell me what to do, anon.

Ok, the chans have been a nexus for Japanese culture for the longest time.

Step 1. Get people to realize that SJW's are trying to ruin Japanese video games by filtering them through their distorted world view. (You can start this with threads like these chaim :^)

Step 2. Get people to, in mass, go to these companies (not their affiliates in western countries, the Japanese branches) and tell them specifically that these people in charge of localization will ruin the game for western audiences.

You don't even have to get people fired, just put on enough pressure and doubt on the SJW's in charge of localization.

Then when a game eventually flops in the west they will be the first ones on the chopping block.

Step 3. Message companies about how this change or that change ruined a game, Bring attention to it.

Making a well edited video on why the localization change is bad and (((who))) is responsible can go a long way.


>Would you like to post about how "This is why the japanese industry is superior" for the rest of the thread?

>nip games

>It will never happen Goy

I don't really prefer Japanese games or Western games over one another, but thanks anyways for outing yourself



556020 No.14654575

File: dce5046c2c2aa73⋯.webm (603.04 KB, 360x360, 1:1, jew_cupboard.webm)



I wonder who…

d1f4ad No.14654576


>Step 1. Get people to realize that SJW's are trying to ruin Japanese video games by filtering them through their distorted world view. (You can start this with threads like these chaim :^)

So you're saying that you want the newfag audience who's not been aware of this since at least 2014, gotcha.

>Step 2. Get people to, in mass, go to these companies (not their affiliates in western countries, the Japanese branches) and tell them specifically that these people in charge of localization will ruin the game for western audiences.

And you do that with threads where you bitch moan and complain about ebil feminists like these. Got it.

>Step 3. Message companies about how this change or that change ruined a game, Bring attention to it.

Fair enough, but do tell me where this thread's OP even makes mention of actual issues you can point to rather than vague "womyns trainy to ruin my japanese video games!".

All good points that will never happen in a thread like this and you know what to do but waste your time here instead.

>let me give you this honest reply so I can filter you before you criticize me

I was not aware that running away with your tail between your legs was the modus operandi on saving video games. You got a video games blog with a comment section that I can post in so you can close it, champ?

4a9a17 No.14654582


On a similar note, does anyone here have that Goon vs Anon, Identity vs Idea battle post? Where it talks about Goons despise anonymity because they can't be shamed for what they say while us Anon's can speak freely of ideas while free of identity.

I remember it has an image of ROTJ Luke vs Vader battle on it.

49ae63 No.14654586


To be fair, it's a combination of both Judaism and the feminine mindset. One is still a threat to society without the other.

f155f1 No.14654601


>and with the ResetEra's "suggestions" on how Atlus SHOULD make their future Persona games


d1f4ad No.14654610


Lo and behold it has an actual thread that's worth talking about.


c9542d No.14654618

File: 5b399e66f3fdfce⋯.jpg (208.24 KB, 800x533, 800:533, feminism.jpg)

There's a common mantra you'll see in feminist art: the personal is political.

SJWs don't just hate Japanese video games, they hate those who play them. They hate them not for their gameplay, their story or anything like that, they hate them simply because they're made by Japanese people and they see Japan as a backwards nation.

They don't like the culture of Japan and they don't like Japan politically, so they twist various forms of media from the nation heavily with their viewpoints and ideals. When they change something it's not just because they don't like it, it's because they want to control what the audience will see. It's why they're always trying to get into localization studios. it's why they're always looking for translation jobs; the personal is political.

82f2b4 No.14654634


So you're saying they fuck with Japanese-related entertainment not out of a sense of moral duty, but as a direct political statement?

292d30 No.14654683


I just read the link unlike half of the thread it seems.

And they didn't actually burn any art, just modern "art".

c9542d No.14654698


That should have been obvious, just look at the painting she's holding.

OP was being sneaky with his filename but he was most likely using the image as a invocation for the ideas he's expressing.

f155f1 No.14654892


>pre-order bonuses, DLC, microtransactions and lootboxes

its a fucking business not a charity, anon.

e8bc0b No.14654911


That's why I pirate all games and that's why you're a stupid kikel goy.

1448c7 No.14654991


you are still a goy, your ISP is owned by a jew

49de2b No.14655085


Consider any NISA game. If any of their games were translated 1:1 and ported with all of the content the game would be vastly different than what NISA has done to it. They specifically translate a certain way and cut "problematic" content based on their personal opinions. In turn, the game influences it's audience differently.

This is not specific to videogames either. Manga, movies, books, etc have all fallen prey to the same effect depending on their localizer.

09f59f No.14655378


The Japanese are mostly apathetic, yes, and don't forget that they also have their own specific variant of pozz - they have no problem whatsoever normalizing faggotry etc in their media. We are at a dangerous point of no return where the average normalfag, Japanese or Western or otherwise, doesn't even realize that what he thinks is "normal" is actually a warped, pozzed viewpoint. On the other hand we have muh based mooselimbs who hate kikes even more than the typical NatSoc LARPer, but are a cancer all on their own since their main reason for hating kikes comes down to a form of literal wewuzkangs-ism; they think they're the ones who should be in the position the kikes are now enjoying.

2b2423 No.14655453


omg they'v gone full isis,this can't be real

c9542d No.14655457


They see them as being culturally and morally backwards, not economically and technologically.

557dbe No.14655487


It's not just that they have Japan and the Japanese people, but also the fact white men enjoy the products Japan makes. That, I think, is the major sin Japan has committed, because there is no more grievous a sin to a leftist/feminist than a white man being happy and content.

Think about it. Nigger "culture", expressed through rap and movies aimed at them is far more misogynistic than anything Japan or the white man have ever created, same goes for Middle Eastern attitudes towards women, but you won't hear a peep from the feminists about it. Why? Because white men do not enjoy or want to participate in either of those cultures.

7e3b42 No.14655589




Daily reminder that dykes and dyke fetishists deserve rope more than faggots because at least AIDS deals with them.

d3bec6 No.14655609

File: d7cddac924d5a70⋯.jpg (69.35 KB, 736x490, 368:245, normalfags should die.jpg)


>Comparing yuri with real world dykes

you deserve the rope too, faggot.

f79edd No.14655624


Begone autogynephiliac psuedo-cuckold dyke fetishist

de3dab No.14655642


>but I never understood why they'd do this

Because they do not understand the concept of how to build a society, but at the same time they are more than willing to enjoy all the benefits of such a society, especially if some sugar daddy is the one paying. Basically it's because they never matured past the 10-16-year old mindset which coincidentally is also the first time they had their periods. Women mature first physically, but their mental development is stuck there.

557dbe No.14655665


>but I never understood why they'd do this

Because they are Jewish programmed robots with no thoughts or opinions of their own. They are raised in an environment where they are constantly told white men are responsible for all the world's ills. In what Western history class are students ever taught about the Muslim slave trade in Africa? In what class do they get to hear about Israel's defacto apartheid state against the Palestinians?

>Do they want to live in a tribal shithole with no indoor plumbing?

These are the people that in the same breath advocate gay rights and the endless importation of mudshits from the Middle East (where they throw faggots off buildings). There is no logic present in their thinking, just emotions, which are fleeting. One moment they're rapturously declaring how tolerant they are because they aren't disgusted by faggots, and that makes them feel good, in the next they're crying for all the dead little mudshit babies washing on the shores, and that makes them feel good too, because they're showing how compassionate they are.

Leftists, and especially women, are narcissistic imbeciles that lack the ability to make logical decisions. It's best to think of them as overgrown teeangers and treat them accordingly.

b66977 No.14655690

There are slut feminists who praise the sexual liberation of women, and there are ugly dykes who hate it when men enjoy sexually liberated women.

557dbe No.14655730


You'll note that neither group is in conflict with each other. The "sex negative" feminists don't attack their fellow sluts, but blame men for it.

Also, they're both sides of the same coin. The "sex positive" feminists are just sluts that want to ride the cock carousel as much as possible without anyone in society being allowed to criticize them for it, and the "sex negative" feminists are there to make sure men draw no enjoyment from it.

Basically, women need to be beaten back into the kitchen and all feminists should be summarily executed.

2b623b No.14655753

The only real reason why is because they can't immediently get their fat disgusting hands on them.

This is the only realistic answer because of the whole giant ocean between them, but you'd be damn'd sure if they could get their hands on it, they would.

Remember that shit attempt by netflex to try and make a "western" anime?

Yeah, basically that.

You can see feminists already trying to take over the medium by hitting it at the imports, the only problem with that is the orignal still exists as a comparison and thus they'll always get shit on for not sticking to the orignal.

79441c No.14655775


Olympics are coming up there, they see this as the best chance to influence and change Japan with the illusion of international outrage. Same reason you see bullshit about anime in the press now and why it's going to ramp up over the next couple of years.

Why? Japan, warped as it is by post-WW2 Westernization, still has something resembling a culture. That simply can not stand.

b66977 No.14655790


ya it's so strange, the slut feminists are reacting against social norms and traditional morality muh patriarchy, as if exposing their tits in public and being promiscuous empowers them, while the prude-feminists act as the "no-fun police", making sure that men take no enjoyment from the degenerate hijinks of their slut-feminist counterparts in real life or in media.

the whole movement is schizophrenic, women should never have been allowed to vote or take on serious careers.

b7a458 No.14655820


they gotta get the process going in every country they can before Sweden or one of the other early adopters implode

2ac9e0 No.14655849


Well there's a gene that will quickly die out.

557dbe No.14655929


>Why the hell did anyone ever take these people seriously to begin with?

Jews and money, also, thirsty beta enablers. First wave feminists all came from rich, well connected backgrounds. The really sad part is that it was traitorous men that gave them the right to vote.

>We should have had this level of hatred against feminism 15 years ago.

We should have lynched these cunts back in the early 1900s when they started their campaigns of terror.

>You see any women on that list?

We need some use for them, I sure as fuck don't want to keep one chained to the bed, I'm too lazy to clean after her.

2ac9e0 No.14655943


>We should have had this level of hatred against feminism 15 years ago.

They kept it extremely well hidden. Did you ever see a purple hair anywhere outside the hipster joints even five years ago? Now the fuckers are even in the workplace!

Smartphones might also be a contributing factor because since the tipping point (maybe 2014 or 2015) every butthurt SJW the ability to call up an army of other SJWs via Twitter of Facebook and mob their targets.

12107f No.14655948


A damaged, mentally unstable leftists needs absolute control of his enviroment (through infiltration and corruption) to be able and shut down everyone laughing at him. They don't stop, it's a necessity that all insane people have.

dd2545 No.14655949

File: c7be170e7ff3303⋯.jpg (18.57 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Hm.jpg)


7d4f44 No.14655964


As a European seeing this angers me greatly.


c9542d No.14655971


It happened in South Africa and they burned postmodern art.

40dbdc No.14656012

File: 8f76d050ae57456⋯.png (293.39 KB, 596x1024, 149:256, ClipboardImage.png)


I hope Japan never listens to them

e7bda6 No.14656029


Thanks for the second and third pics, been looking for those for a long time. I swear there was more though, mainly about their EVE operation.

77ebd9 No.14656032

File: 42f12769875ee04⋯.jpg (122.83 KB, 830x1050, 83:105, d29d318b46b14259a093abbb1f….jpg)


It makes me laugh and think of the drawing of the guy going "yeah, now my video games are safe now!" as he puts on the VR goggles while his house and town burn down due to bolshevist kikes.

78a98d No.14656051


I hope those doing so were charged the full market value of the paintings and jailed.

Can't help but notice there's a lot of niggers in that group, looks like university education is worthless over there.

e7bda6 No.14656063


Probably a few thousand tops. They were all post-modern pieces, including some from a nigger.

78a98d No.14656064


That picture conveys nothing, it's like something a mental patient would make.

7ccfcf No.14656092

File: 382a98ffc796c97⋯.png (59.56 KB, 672x917, 96:131, Fire Emblem is dead until ….png)


No, instead they have accidentally promoted total retards into positions of power.

78e838 No.14656151


>We should have had this level of hatred against feminism 15 years ago.

There were people with this level of hatred against feminism, but it was a less visible problem, and so normalfags seen the hatred as a problem. Second wave feminism had already taken root via subtler propaganda. The sad thing is half the anons now against feminism are only against it due to how unbearable it has become, and were perfectly okay with it prior.

557dbe No.14656266


Women should just be removed from public life, and once iron wombs are a thing from live in general too.

72fda7 No.14656354

File: cd03d617d7aa032⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1130x1428, 565:714, df149bc24e2f521335c032fc74….png)








>Wow this is all so tiring

>I hate this

>This is why i came into this thread specifically that I hate to stop you from talking about this

>Why are you still talking about this?

>Oh, let me guess, japanese videogames are superior

>You won't do anything, here's your blackpill

>Wow, you're still talking about this, just stop

For someone who's so tired about all this and not wanting to have anything to do with it, you sure did post a lot.

361f62 No.14656405


Shut it nigger goy


And nothing of value was lost


Double nigger goy

da8a86 No.14656412


>Have we really run out of games to talk about


8f0732 No.14657454


No, we haven't, /v/ is just awful.

72088c No.14657475

78e838 No.14657951


>If feminism had been exposed and destroyed back then

If only it had been destroyed when the suffrage movement first reared its ugly shrieking head, the world would be a lot better place for everyone.

21800e No.14658046

This grew because people did not started yet killing feminists as they must.

With feminists and any leftists, killing them solves the problem. Letting them live only enables them to come back by other fronts.

Kill feminists for being feminists.


You being tired is of no importance. This topic must be talked and actions be taken until all feminists are eliminated.

2f9176 No.14658139

The Japs are basically Nazis.

78e838 No.14659013


I hated feminism back then and spoke out about it. Unless it was blatantly anti-male it wasn't an issue to them. What was I supposed to do about it? Hell, like I said, half the faggots here wouldn't have done shit either. Best we can do is point it out, and give no fucking ground to them.

4d2eac No.14659359

File: edc38a3746f890a⋯.jpg (3.33 MB, 4877x6950, 4877:6950, Neptune Series Hyperdimens….jpg)


>Not keeping the talented female artists, writers and musicians around


When people pointed it out, they were most likely seen as sexist or had tinfoil hat enthusiasts. But now that they have wormed their way into making anti-male laws and social norms (like how it's mainly the male's fault if drunk women have sex) or how boys are now raised in school to not be boys. Family courts highly favor women and marriage holds barely any meaning now besides a alimony case later down the line. Even when warned, the average person won't believe it until it's already stabbing them through their skull despite the knife moving toward their face for decades now.

The thing that worries me the most is the systematic removal of anyone talented in establishments. Many countries will have the smart removed for petty feminist bullshit which will prevent tons of progress in many fields.

78e838 No.14659385


>talented females

Taking the spot of more talented males. There are no shortage of people in the world. There is a shortage of employable positions.

4d2eac No.14659699

File: 2d178e0f3204fa6⋯.jpg (368.68 KB, 567x800, 567:800, 68201345_p0.jpg)


Talent isn't interchangeable, nor does it grow on trees. A talented artist and musician can have their styles copied, but those people will never make the original works those people could create. Also they're not talking the spot of more talented men. If they were more talented, they would be hired too or replace the other artist.

e7141e No.14659770

It's not feminists. It's jews. This is what jews do to all industries built up by good goyim.

4a9a17 No.14661009


I still can not understand with Japan's employment system how someone like her even got hired by IS.

>No experience with FE or any interest in any games from IS

>Could not beat older FE entries

>Complains and has to have things changed to suit her but since it sells, gets promoted regardless of fan criticism

Just imagine all those other potential employees who applied for the job and were the opposite of the points above and yet didn't get hired because someone whose house was close to IS got the job instead.

830e37 No.14661034



05b8a3 No.14661077

File: 7c35d7ac00e8327⋯.jpg (99.62 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Honoraburu Arry.jpg)


It's great isn't it?

334226 No.14661090

File: b2a9074c3be6bbc⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ghost.png)


The same way under-qualified people have been hired since the dawn of jobs: connections.

611c4d No.14661091


>If they were more talented, they would be hired too or replace the other artist.

You have to be over 18 to post here anon, come back when you're not so naive anymore.

83bc4d No.14661345

File: b37c2400a9ebbcc⋯.png (414.17 KB, 600x445, 120:89, ClipboardImage.png)


I always wonder what Hamburger Hepler would look like if she was Asian

797c67 No.14661369


Assuming it's an actual sarariman job (I don't know how japanese devs work):

They're hired because they got good grades at a good university but that's just because that tells the company that they can work hard, it's assumed that they know nothing at all anyway. They're then told to learn whatever the company requires of them.

If they manage to do that, they get the position the company wants of them. If they fail, they get a windowless 2x2m room where they do data entry until it's time for retirement (except their job title changes every few years since it's seniority promotion time, so by the end they're VP of Data Entry)

4d2eac No.14662188


What makes you think I'm talking about the west? I'm talking about Japan. They don't have to give a shit about diversity hires and merely just hire based off talent for the most part. The exceptions being that woman who ruined Fire Emblem or people only putting their family up high like the CEO of Capcom. If someone better could replace that female composer for Castlevania games, they would have simply done so.

8e68c6 No.14666476


>They don't have to give a shit about diversity hires and merely just hire based off talent for the most part.

Japs have nepotism though.

509eb5 No.14668273

File: 96604c49719b748⋯.png (281.22 KB, 427x533, 427:533, 14234234324.png)


REEE ur an sjw!!11 u silence me freeze peach!! FREE MARKET OF IDEAS OK STATIST!

u need 2 lern philosfy, i buy milo yinapoipis book, veri clevar )))

cf1269 No.14672550

File: 3d931495f4dafd9⋯.png (359.09 KB, 927x705, 309:235, 1fcbe2db35d7b44f54bc788de4….png)

Stop complaining about them and do something. Get those jobs yourselves, and if not mail those Japanese developers to have more care when their products hit the West which will have an impact on the audience. They would care if they aren't retarded because money is being wasted.

f6af64 No.14673131

File: bf4e8911cc80202⋯.png (31.53 KB, 426x362, 213:181, 1418841304170.png)

Women get jealous of things that take attention/resources away from them

In nature if their supporting male leaves her for another female, then her and her young may not get enough food, lowering her offsprings survival chances

That's why women don't get along, they are always at competition so yeah sometimes they form cliques and work together, that is almost always against other females

Now many women see videogames taking a mans time and attention away, and that instinct kicks in to try to remove the thing that's her competition

It's basic petty nature at work, that's why they hate videogames, and the prettier women in them

5098d3 No.14673173

File: 658b026fbe5d264⋯.png (853.78 KB, 600x887, 600:887, firethingsaregoingtobeokay.png)


>I'm just so tired of all this.

Nobody gives a fuck about you and nobody ever will.

259bbf No.14677435


Moron, you forgot that some Japanese devs are trying to appeal to them, because they think that's what the West wants. Street Fighter V got censored, Star Ocean V got censored, and Fire Emblem on 3DS got a really fucking retarded translation. Those games got changed, because the fucking nips don't realize that the SJWs/liberals don't buy games.

7dcb61 No.14677473


I do my part by pirating whatever games I want to play that have subversive shit in them and/or emailing/calling the people calling the shots.

Is Girls und Panzer worth my time?

fbc9e0 No.14677630


>Is Girls und Panzer worth my time?

I've never even seen the show and I can tell you you should only watch it if you're a military otaku or can tolerate cute girls doing cute things. Preferably both.

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