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File: ae7ccc1792438d0⋯.jpg (99.33 KB, 980x1436, 245:359, Kreia_art[1].jpg)

db1972 No.14654320

Villains who were right in your opinion.

>There can be no free will when The Force exists

>The force will literally manipulate you and the universe as it pleases for an endless cycle of chaos and balance

>Jedi and the Sith will both fight in wars that kill millions every few years over what amounts to basically a religious conflict

>Destroying the Jedi, the Sith and the Force is the only way to free the galaxy

2145d6 No.14654327


Nice double-post, retard.

121286 No.14654347

File: 8f4d4b73b26d5f6⋯.jpg (35.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, thegotobuddy.JPG)

Acidently made 2 threads?

Ontopic, kreia is quite objectively correct in that the force is a cancer on the universe and all life.

I'd be rooting for the sith since they're not hypocritical or contradictory except that they're too blind to see their retarded cycle of betrayal actively hampers their pursuit of power making them 1-2 IQ points above jedi which usually sit under 80.

Pic related did almost nothing wrong, except trying to stop the player from activating the mass shadow engine which was just intended to destroy malachor and the sith base, which would be inline with his wishes of just ending the sith/jedi conflict. Might be a writers oversight who knows.

5ae480 No.14654353

File: 9bed289c041a4e1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 9.17 KB, 372x310, 6:5, Did.PNG)

No you didn't brad, you did the worst possible things you could have done.

Rando is the only hero in this story and he was too good for those 2 assholes, Brad and Buddy.

5ae480 No.14654363

I guess in a way you actually play as the villains in the LISA games due to you screwing everybody over, with the exception of the first one.

c4cb55 No.14654368

File: e4f7a0dd4b8ffd9⋯.png (583.97 KB, 1427x764, 1427:764, ClipboardImage.png)


>Died trying to protect the privacy of Americans

>Trying to stop the Patriots from controlling speech

>Trying to stop the Patriots from becoming Big Brother and a full-blown Illuminati that truly controls the whole world

Soldius is one of the few cases where a vidya antagonist who's death made me truly sad.

c4cb55 No.14654373


Pardon my butchering of the English language

6d86ea No.14654374


You do understand that the spoiler checkbox is not just for porn and skeleton memes right?

1a92e3 No.14654376

File: 29463dc4f2249e0⋯.jpg (319.66 KB, 749x500, 749:500, Solidus was right.jpg)

8b9c82 No.14654388


c4cb55 No.14654396


Two different discussions entirely, waste of dubs

5ae480 No.14654401


Solidus was the true hero of MGS2.

But Raiden still listened to and obeyed the patriots even after they spilled the beans, what a fucking idiot.

Solidus and Raiden should have teamed up and gangbanged the Patriots together as a father/son duo.

c0bef5 No.14654409

File: 24c22002b61d500⋯.jpg (119.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, slave-costume.jpg)


Nah, Kreia was an evil bitch who had a grudge against the force because of her place in the universe and couldn't be more incorrect because you can't destroy the force. The Star Wars universe would cease to exist without the constant conflict of good and evil, that's the nature of it's universe (hence the name, it's not "Star Peace").

5ab26a No.14654425


I think he knows Kreias plans. And it could be this: Establish her school of thought as the only Force school. Meaning that all Force sensitives will be gathered to Malachor V and taught to shut themselves out forever from the galaxy. (Too bad that did not worked out so well with Nihilus and Sion). Notice the academy built on it, it was meant for that purpose. And Malachor V is effectively a prison. Alternatively, use the Exiles wound in the Force to kill the Force itself, but in-game no one seems to know exactly how.

G0-T0 could have agree with Kreia because his mission was to contain Force-users from fucking up galaxy so he needs Malachor V intact.

d16c3e No.14654426

File: 46575da12ca1799⋯.jpg (69 KB, 516x737, 516:737, ribbon.jpg)

>it's another "anon's don't understand what the word villain means" thread

1dee41 No.14654428

File: bfb2500becef342⋯.png (650.03 KB, 570x754, 285:377, Trabant_(Super_Tactics_Boo….png)

>neighbors laugh at your shitty barren land

>constantly referred to as a barbaric nation

>all because of some some dispute between a brother and sister and her bf like 100 years ago

>make trade a living hell for your economy because they're bffs with all the countries surrounding you

>sell your body and soul to mercenary work

<look at those cowards aiding a country we invaded and occupied with no justifiable cause

<god I fucking hate those thracians, why wont they all starve to death already

Fuck Quan and fuck Freege.

0521d5 No.14654431

File: de0d6e9be83e444⋯.png (28.88 KB, 800x494, 400:247, FlagN.png)

>brought strength, unity, peace and order to more than half the world

>gave non-humans rights and freed the dwarves from persecution within the empire

>more tolerant of witchers and mages than nordlings

>more culturally and technologically advanced than the nordlings

75a16a No.14654436


>lucas the awkward sperg manages to look and act more chad than modern soycreatures.

What a world.

c4cb55 No.14654443


The force is bound to all living things. So the only way for Kreia to achieve her goal would be to sterilize the galaxy of all life. She's not wrong in saying that the force should be destroyed but she doesn't grasp that the logistics of what she's trying to achieve are fucking asinine.


You think he ever fucked Carrie Fisher in that outfit while she was high on coke?

c0bef5 No.14654448


Evolution isn't always positive. Evolution can lead to extinction.


I think everyone fucked Carrie Fisher in that outfit while she was high on coke.

1a66a9 No.14654457


>a fictional universe would stop existing in the real world because of events in that fictional universe

Now that's a low IQ post.


The whole point of why Kreia is obsessed with the Exile is because he found a way to live without the force. Thus proving her right. Pay more attention my knee grow.

272424 No.14654469

File: bcdc6c9f8ee7fb7⋯.jpg (263.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180329210605_1.jpg)


>Kreia would have to sterilize the galaxy of all life

She would've fucking done it, m8, if she knew that the Exile wouldn't try to stop her.

c4cb55 No.14654477


So did Luke in the Soy Wars trilogy Okay, but we're still facing a logistical issue. Because to destroy the Force she'd need to find a way to force that upon others and to do it in a widespread manner. The logistics of forcefully separating every life form from the force is simply impossible.

c0bef5 No.14654481


You want to stop acting like a nigger and tell me how I'm wrong? If there weren't wars in Star Wars people wouldn't watch it/buy it and as such people wouldn't write it/make it. It would cease to exist. Doesn't sound low IQ to me, sounds like you're too "low IQ" to understand.

60e288 No.14654486


>Raiden still listened to and obeyed the patriots even after they spilled the beans, what a fucking idiot.

Weren't they holding Olga's baby and Rose hostage?

da288d No.14654488

File: 51560f50603eedc⋯.png (124.86 KB, 842x191, 842:191, sims2.png)


>Discovers that the world is just a game

>Works to free the people of the world from being controlled by an invisible force

>Gets bested by the goodest goy of all, the player's Sim

779ae3 No.14654523


Yeah, that and the fact that solidus just dropped "lol i killed ur mum&pop" on him two seconds ago for no reason

>tfw you'll never play as raiden infiltrating the Patriots to save sunny

1a66a9 No.14654532


I think she was happy having a proof of concept.


>lord of the rings is no longer of the rings because the ring was destroyed

ed9f02 No.14654541

File: 24acae5a31bab3c⋯.png (115.67 KB, 185x491, 185:491, Handsome_Jack.png)

c0bef5 No.14654545


Autism. You must love Disney's Soy Wars because boring gray is exactly where they're heading. Star Wars is fun because of the Jedi vs the Sith, attempting to take that away is just self-insert fedora faggotry.

272424 No.14654547

File: 347ca65be599b0b⋯.jpg (496.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180201170653_1.jpg)

File: 0ef3ab8eb956be8⋯.jpg (461.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180201170701_1.jpg)

File: 92671ab4f08dec1⋯.jpg (468.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180201170859_1.jpg)


The general idea she had was to take the excruciating pain of Malachor and "free" it from the planet, allowing it to deafen all life to the force. The very first movie demonstrated that force sensitives can feel when a planet's wiped out, but I imagine a quick vaporization from the Death Star is painless compared to whatever the fuck happened to everyone on Malachor. If it's so strong that a jedi in orbit would have to cut himself off from the force entirely in order to survive, then it makes sense the rest of the galaxy would be fucked by it, too. Since killing god is so hard, though, she took the much easier route and retrained the Exile to follow a much more reasonable form of the jedi code, in turn training his other force sensitive companions, who then pass down knowledge gained from Kreia. She might have failed at destroying the Force, but she definitely succeeded in forever changing both the jedi and the sith, even if no one but the Exile knows it.

c4cb55 No.14654558


>lord of the rings is no longer of the rings because the ring was destroyed

I mean, yeah. The story ends shortly after the ring is destroyed. Also, all post LOTR fiction isn't called LOTR. It's called Middle-Earth.


>Star Wars is fun because of the Jedi vs the Sith

t. Faggot who never read the Boba Fett comics. Star Wars can be fun without Jedi or Sith characters. It's just not easy to write the story without the Jedi and Sith because it's a narrative crutch that's easy to turn into a compelling story.

c0bef5 No.14654562

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Star Wars can be fun without Jedi or Sith, but it is a fun and interesting universe BECAUSE of the conflict between the Jedi and the Sith with the Force at the core. Just because I said it's interesting because of something doesn't mean I ever said it can't be interesting without it. None the less, you take away that core conflict and the Star Wars universe has little to nothing any other Sci-fi universe doesn't.

d198f5 No.14654564


Wait really?

4812e4 No.14654568


the yuuzhan vong make it clear that life can exist without the force

cb3890 No.14654578

File: 47322231b32ca33⋯.png (505.45 KB, 500x678, 250:339, Complex.png)

His plans are beyond us mere mortals.

1a66a9 No.14654584


KOTOR2 subverted the Jedi vs Sith thing and that was interesting enough. Don't compare it to Disney Wars.


I mean by your argument everything past the original three movies isn't Star Wars because by the point the war ends.

c4cb55 No.14654587


Life can exist without the force but all life exists with the force by default. What Kreia is trying to do is like if someone tried to turn all the water on Earth into purified drinking water.


Wrong because it's called Star War*s*, not Star War. The title implies more than one war.

c0bef5 No.14654589


>Don't compare it to Disney Wars.

I like KotOR 2 as well, but what you need to remember is that KotOR 2 didn't say gray is the way to go, only Kreia, the lead villain, said so. The game doesn't agree with her, she's just an interesting villain with a good perspective that people can understand (like all good villains). Doesn't make it right, doesn't mean the game confirms it. The problem is people who pop on a grey jedi fedora or the idiots at Disney take this cool subversion too far and forget the core of what made Star Wars so compelling in the first place. Subversion is only worth a shit when it's done with respect and reverence for what it's subverting. This is why TLJ is so fucking terrible.

0521d5 No.14654591

File: 72f98116fcb88ea⋯.mp4 (15.53 MB, 1280x544, 40:17, clonewars.mp4)


>Episode I: Trade Federation dust-off and localized millitary engagment between TF, Naboo, Sith and Jedi

>>Not war

>Episode II: Clone Wars

>>Not war

>Episode III: height and end of Clone Wars and rise of Galactic Empire

c0bef5 No.14654602


Don't tell him there is a whole TV series about the Clone Wars, or about all the comics with other eras of war like the Golden Age of the Sith, or the video games that cover other eras of war like Knights of the Old Republic.

272424 No.14654620


I think most people who support Kreia understand that if she got her way, and the Force was removed from the SW universe, it would just turn into any other sci-fi story. What makes her, and by extension her specific situation interesting, is that she's one of the few characters who has had the opportunity to review both sith and jedi history, and decide that both sides are wrong. It's true, as long as the Force exists, the jedi and the sith will never end, and continue to have their cool space battles that result in planetary genocide. From the perspective of the singular person living in this fantastic universe, the Force only causes harm. The nature of the SW universe, however, draws in writers who want to write about space monk wizard battles and lightsabers and good vs evil, so it's actually really interesting to have a character who sees the shades of gray in such a black and white universe.

Nu-SW, however, doesn't do this at all. Luke's like a half-assed attempt at the basic concept of Kreia, a jedi who changed his mind at some point and decided the jedi shouldn't exist, only without the decades of experience living among both sith and jedi during peace and war. He's not a historian, he's not even formally trained since the order was gone before he was born. They want to have an edgy, modern take on things without establishing the necessary setting – and then not just making it extra, super, double canon by removing everything else, but using beloved characters to do it with.

db1972 No.14654811


>Blaming me for the site fucking up

I see you are pretty new anon.

db1972 No.14654821


Not all life, the vast majority of it. 99.999% of living things would die but the exile and herself prove that there are exceptions that can live without the force.

213252 No.14654877


>No fighter screen while landing transports.

>No bombing run before landing transports.

>Landing transports under AA fire.

I mean… rookie mistakes there.

000000 No.14655276


Malachor V was supposed to be her method of doing that, but there may be another. The Force nexus is essentially the opposite of a wound in the Force. The echo of the Force wound created at Malachor V traveled across the galaxy on its own, and affected all Force-sensitive beings under its own strength. A Force nexus amplifies Force powers beyond anything any Force user could ever hope to achieve on their own. The most notable and powerful example of a Force nexus is the Valley of the Jedi from the Jedi Knight games. Suppose that Kreia had dragged a Force nexus through hyperspace to Malachor V and executed her plan while empowered by it.

Or suppose that she teamed up with Solidus and Senator Armstrong. That could work too.

000000 No.14655300


Well, the nexus doesn't have to actually go to Malachor V. She could have just run through it before going there. Sheev was supposed to be looking for a Force power called Alter Reality that would basically make him a god, so if you got that power, you could presumably get rid of the Force, or make whatever other changes to the universe you desired before getting rid of it.

000000 No.14655301


Well, the nexus doesn't have to actually go to Malachor V. She could have just run through it before going there. Sheev was supposed to be looking for a Force power called Alter Reality that would basically make him a god, so if you got that power, you could presumably get rid of the Force, or make whatever other changes to the universe you desired before getting rid of it.

da64d6 No.14655306

File: e1baf4909ac8650⋯.jpg (28.39 KB, 529x403, 529:403, 11v7bfb.jpg)


>Star Wars.

>Bioware games.

>Star Wars Bioware game.

>Star Wars Bioware game that was pimped out to a third party.

>Third party being Obsidian the biggest faggots around.

>Star Wars Bioware game made by Obsidian.

>The third in the series was The Old Republic MMO.


Just fuck off.

75a16a No.14655333


how does it feel to try to fit in this hard you dense sperg. nu-obsidian is essentially an entirely different team from what handled new vegas and KOTOR 2.

84d679 No.14655388

File: f80cba168f2c2aa⋯.jpg (34.98 KB, 663x579, 221:193, 0727a31b1f8d64f81f26f4df56….jpg)

>tfw we were this close to a new golden age of star wars vidya before George cucked out

d6752a No.14655396

File: d5626f045052510⋯.gif (3.63 MB, 280x302, 140:151, d5626f04505251086576898652….gif)


>newfag incapable of separating the art from the artist

>hasn't even played the game

Top Cuck.

5c3dfa No.14655412


Travant is what every leader ought to aspire to be. Willing to go to almost any length to improve the lives of his people.

da64d6 No.14655427


>Mentions shitty New Vegas.

You are not even worth the time.

ee4c3c No.14655436

File: b8387c4f91a0d0c⋯.jpg (52.35 KB, 841x595, 841:595, __sakura_futaba_persona_an….jpg)


>The Star Wars universe would cease to exist

This is a bad thing how?

91b819 No.14655467

File: c8fa01dc71507fa⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 362.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Fallout-4-Father-2.jpg)



OP was too much of a brainlet to ever understand.

Get the fuck out of the way, here comes the one gaming villain who did nothing wrong and got fucked over for it.

>Could have advanced the world beyond what it was pre war.

>Get's destroyed because of a bunch of whiny bitching tribalists and sjw's who don't want life to get better.

d2126f No.14655521

File: 3af7ec2b14b0bcb⋯.png (7.88 KB, 182x172, 91:86, nigre.png)

In my option, Nigers are;t humans: my explanation: 1) short heda; 3 they savages4. culture of kill. That was my exlaining as why to nigres aren't human begins, exptrapolate your option.

5bc9e3 No.14655526

File: fe9e84cfdd08f3d⋯.jpg (19.55 KB, 325x326, 325:326, premium bait.jpg)

91b819 No.14655551


Fallout 4 is a shit game but say what you will the villain did nothing wrong. Still it's a Fallout game so the only proper path is a psycho path where you kill everyone like New Vegas.

917ea6 No.14655567


>The Star Wars universe would cease to exist without the constant conflict of good and evil, that's the nature of it's universe (hence the name, it's not "Star Peace").

People are discussing what would make sense in-universe, not what would make the most sense for the people making money off of it. When someone says that something is poorly written, they don't fucking mean that it isn't making money. Also,

>title references war

>therefore it cannot be about putting an end to those wars

How fucking stupid are you? You can't even imagine something that is pretty much the standard for any war-themed fiction (the main characters or faction trying to put an end to the war).

1d6f83 No.14655582

File: 002033301e13768⋯.jpg (37.07 KB, 687x680, 687:680, DYry0tlX0AEAaU7.jpg)


Essential NPC was knocked unconscious. Essential NPC was knocked unconscious. Essential NPC was knocked unconscious. Essential NPC was knocked unconscious. Essential NPC was knocked unconscious. Essential NPC was knocked unconscious. Essential NPC was knocked unconscious. Essential NPC was knocked unconscious.

5bc9e3 No.14655629



Okay, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here and give you one reply on the chance you're being legit.

Father (and the Institute in general) had the most retarded plan to fix the Commonwealth ever. Their entire idea was to replace and infiltrate society with robots that are very similar to humans (note that Synths do not age or reproduce like humans, so they're not just full-on test-tube people. They cannot act as a replacement in anything except as a facade). If they do this, and have all the brutal raiders and dirt-farming retards replaced with their perfect and harmonious Synth people, then you don't have a working society. You have a 1:1 scale replica of a working society. It's not a society if there are no fucking human beings living in it. It's all robots. It's fake. It's not an actual solution. That's like me trying to grow a lawn by replacing the whole thing with astroturf. It LOOKS like I've grown a lush and healthy lawn, but it doesn't do anything except look like one. Humanity would not continue, or advance, or progress, because there would be no humanity. Just machines that look human.

And let's say I'm misunderstanding. Let's say all the people-snatching and settlement extermination was just the intro phase and they wanted Synths to only exist to help people. Why make synths at all? Why not just stop at the Generation 1 or 2 Synths that aren't sentient and don't look like exact copies of people and use them as actual servant robots to rebuild everything? Why haven't they done that already? Why bother to keep themselves to hidden and do so much evil when they could just send the robots up to a city and say "we're robots from the institute, we're going to build you a farm and water purification rig" or something like that? What's the fucking point of building these sentient human stand-ins at all if you're just going to use them as slave labour? Face it, they had no fucking plan because the writers didn't think anything through.

91b819 No.14655670


Oh yeah no doubt, they had to have an extremely retarded plan because 4 replaced philosophy with plot but you gotta admit, at least they're better than the rest of the Commonhell, on the scale they're at the top.

e13bff No.14655683

File: e9cd9f42694531d⋯.png (96.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, teagan.png)

>nobody posted her yet

db8eb9 No.14655691


OP, let me tell you something:

In real life, Kreia have won.

bd61ef No.14655703

File: 6c213c599c9d304⋯.png (94.5 KB, 577x682, 577:682, 6c213c599c9d304bab0fc9ac78….png)





067870 No.14655712

File: 8a37ef69bb9a52e⋯.png (79.86 KB, 212x223, 212:223, Kreia boop the snoot.png)

File: cbdb2e05675a062⋯.png (499.09 KB, 644x446, 322:223, Absolutely Distrusting.png)


>literally too stupid to even realize the force isn't wholly sentient and is just the manifestation of the life essence of all living things and that the manipulation and corruption is a wholly human factor and that even without it, people will still fight over shit because that's the nature of fucking life, survive, conquer and evolve

You're still a faggot Kreia, even after all these years.

7d47aa No.14655725




Regardless of who is right, the Railroad were pretty fucking stupid and quite possibly the stupidest faction to date.

91b819 No.14655731


This is basically my whole argument.

The rest of the factions were so retarded the villain was literally the only barely passable one thanks to the rest, same with the rest of the Fallout games, you think you've found a good faction but as it turns out they're all shit and psycho run is the only acceptable run.

ef3d74 No.14655745


Wasn't their a character in Michael Moorecock's mythology who came to a similar conclusion? That the world would be better if all the Gods and supernatural powers were destroyed, because at the very least there would be peace?

ef3d74 No.14655751


what on earth is this post

067870 No.14655791

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Nothing wrong with Tunnel Snakes, Kings and Atom Cats, daddy-O!

91b819 No.14655815


I mean't the major factions, the NCR, Legion, Mr. House, and even Yes Man to an extent are all annoyances with little to no value.

>But Anon, it's reelisdick irl political parties have both good and bad sides.


Make the political parties or factions good, make them factions a person actually wants to fight for instead of constant harassing jackasses who will only make the player want to kill everything out of being a spiteful god.

5bc9e3 No.14655956



You insisted he's done "nothing wrong" though, which is bullshit. It doesn't matter which turd has the most sprinkles.

edb40a No.14655997

File: 07a940a6a7d1f7d⋯.jpg (155.94 KB, 1024x923, 1024:923, 07a940a6a7d1f7d72de62be0a7….jpg)


Nice spoiler faggot, was in the middle of it to.

849fdc No.14656000


i laughed

1a92e3 No.14656001


Raiden and Solidus had no choice. It was a kill or be killed scenario where Solidus was going to kill Raiden and use his nanomachines to track down the Patriots.

1bf423 No.14656018


>a fictional universe would stop existing in the real world because of events in that fictional universe

>Now that's a low IQ post.

Ironic, since you are too stupid to understand Star Wars without force powers or conflict between them would be just a generic sci-fi setting, and indeed would have stopped existing in the real world since it would have died. Too bad that didn't happen….

9c98c3 No.14656024

File: 5525ec64914f482⋯.png (224.57 KB, 385x799, 385:799, Your dick size.png)


>Not wanting your adopted daughter to be molested and training her to survive in horny guy hell is bad

>Brad is bad for facing one of his own problems for the first time in his life

>Implying Rando could even be considered a villain in the first place.

c803ef No.14656049

File: 932a0dc7ad2260a⋯.jpg (18.26 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 140258394428793.jpg)

febea9 No.14656107

File: 938e3391b57d98a⋯.gif (4.41 KB, 226x196, 113:98, FF3NES-Xande.gif)

This guy wasn't exactly right, it's at least understandable why he reacted the way he did. The characters all treat mortality as this amazing thing and treats Xande as being not able to appreciate how much better his "gift" to die of old age was so much better than the cool powers his fellow apprentices got. Giving an immortal being mortality is like giving a human aids.

2601b3 No.14656139

KOTOR 2 was such a terrible clusterfuck.

c803ef No.14656146

File: beefd113f1377b8⋯.png (360.69 KB, 800x645, 160:129, Cap.png)

>Want to be merchant

>Need supplies

>Pay mercenaries with money to find things for you

>Some die

>Their families blame you

It's not her fault that they accepted the contract. That's just capitalism. If they couldn't handle the job they shouldn't have come.

7ee550 No.14656219


Other than the slavery and treatment of deceated soldiers Nilfgaard did nothing wrong. The northern realms aren't worth saving.

7ee550 No.14656220



7d0125 No.14656268

File: de7f5024321956b⋯.jpg (109.82 KB, 720x720, 1:1, oma.jpg)

8b1666 No.14656273


>Being this young

>Knowing (not even old) gamehistory this bad

db1972 No.14656556


Kill yourself Newfag

db1972 No.14656561


>Plays Fallout 4

>Calls anyone else a brainlet

db1972 No.14656586


Ok people would fight, but out of their own free will. Think about how shit the SW universe is compared to even the world we live in today. Without the force starwars would be more boring and there would still be wars but it would still be a fuck ton better than how they have it.

d54540 No.14656614


lol you don't comprehend the force at all

db1972 No.14656623


Fuck off Lucas. Take your butthurt somewhere else.

e3c1bf No.14656636

File: 27e881cfd9200fe⋯.jpg (229.95 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1475132040226.jpg)


>Pay mercenaries with money


<That's just capitalism


you're doing it wrong

d54540 No.14656654


You literally don't fucking comprehend what it is or does, canonically or acanonically. You're retarded.

1cd0c7 No.14656657


Kreia being right isnt a matter of opinion. It is objective fact

9813b2 No.14656664

File: f37edb92fa53b10⋯.png (2.71 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Pontiff_Sulyvahn.png)

>A Pope who doesn't molest children, but rapes everyone else

>Wants to burn the entire world after covering it with oil, so that he can grow his vegetable farm

f002c5 No.14656665

File: ec8a44e8d9b43ca⋯.png (415.33 KB, 800x666, 400:333, and there it is, my man.png)



But of course

3aa346 No.14656697


He was anything but right.

He was a cunt that antagonized everyone for no reason.

That whole game was shit.

6b9b40 No.14656786


>implying Carrie Fisher was ever not high on coke.

6b9b40 No.14656833


TLJ is terrible because of that fat anachronistic gook they shoehorned in tbh.

2a368c No.14656852


Nilfgaard was a combo of the Romans and the Nazis IIRC, which makes them alright in my book.

5b72f4 No.14656878


His reveal was really cool bullshit and I am absolutely livid that they ended the game in a fucking cliff hanger.

The game devs should be forced to stare at a wall for a few good hours to think about the retarded shit they've done.

dbb0fc No.14656883


They are the Holy Roman Empire equivalent.

2a368c No.14656916


The idea of the Institute as some hidden evolved pre-war relic trying to fix everything with technology had promise, but the Bethesda writers ruined it by making them lol so evil. Their original concept was probably pretty cool, but probably too many playtesters got confused about who they're supposed to like and who are the bad guys (like how the Legion was reduced from a worthy alternative and successor to the NCR to just baby killing fags in football gear) so it was dumbed down.

6b9b40 No.14656924



The Institute plan was retarded on a few levels, they insisted on being insidious which puts everyone they're claiming to want to help on edge, not to mention the kidnapping and duplicating already existent people who're out in the world so they're totally obvious at the same time.


Railroad might as well be the SJWs of Europe, inviting ruin into their lives and exposing everyone else who does not want to the lies and destruction their pets bring.

edit: changing dìscord to 'disagreement' negates legitimate uses of the word, just cos some faggot chat service uses it isn't a good enough reason to discard it.

d08df4 No.14656928


there's a lot more wrong with it than just that

121286 No.14656963






>talking shit when you obviously missed key elements in the story

The force isnt a necesity, the exile among others can live without it so life in the galaxy doesnt require force. People would still advance, invent and wage war but for their own purposes instead of just being controlled by the cancer of the soul, the force.

Anyone who disagrees with these objective observations is just a sperg who couldnt handle kreia's banter like a little bitch.

479a84 No.14656969


Any narrative ruined by spoilers and not enhanced by them is a shit narrative.

f685dc No.14657061

File: 634c7589a97c19e⋯.png (41.02 KB, 122x168, 61:84, too hot to handle.png)

cacf9a No.14657171


>muh meds

Hello /leftypol/

d65361 No.14657244


Not an argument fat fuck. Maybe write a better universe next time instead of getting mad when people deconstruct it.

cacf9a No.14657255


>I'm not leftypol!

>proceeds to post more leftypol d&c


2d24c1 No.14657273


It's nice how they added lighting and shadows and ignored the abysmal cropping

979c54 No.14657291

File: 20bd15f5aa17838⋯.jpg (25.07 KB, 270x357, 90:119, Breen_upset.jpg)

File: ca12b0621cc1cf9⋯.jpg (4.62 KB, 87x224, 87:224, Jacques de alderberg.jpg)

dc3a4d No.14657306


>the last white

db1972 No.14657315


Both the movies and the games explain it anon. Unless you are trying to argue that you know how it works more than the movies and games.

db1972 No.14657389


>cuckchanner calling anyone else a shitskin

04d1dc No.14657403


>being the only sane person in this whole fucked up universe

How did she managed to create such a plot in the first place? She wanted to make Teagan unpleasant but it all backfired.

cacf9a No.14657421



2d24c1 No.14657435

File: 992607f54446356⋯.jpg (169.34 KB, 361x747, 361:747, know more about penises.jpg)




Yea, totes got him mad bra.

75a16a No.14657444

File: 088ca58b7329b8f⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1468439731446.png)


I bet kriea gets you so bootyblasted because she tells you the hard truth just like your father told you the truth about how much of a genetic dead end you are.

1de95f No.14657458

File: da22749d95b693c⋯.png (173.68 KB, 346x483, 346:483, 66491814_p8.png)


>people will still fight over shit because that's the nature of fucking life, survive, conquer and evolve

>People in real life experience sudden shifts in the battle because of some mysterious force decided the winner beforehand and they can't actually win the fight

>Life, survive, conquer and evolve means the best buddhist survives and everyone else can get wrecked.

You what

d54540 No.14657483


Yep, and they explain it in such a way that proves you're wrong.


>hurr durr all canon says i'm wrong but that's not an argument

Holy shit, kill yourself. Go back to NeoGAF.

db1972 No.14657531


I see you aren't going to provide an argument and just continue to have an autistic fit that people don't treat your universe the way you want it to be treated.

0c25fa No.14657543


>all movies and other canonical and non-canonical documents say you're wrong

<hurr u no argument

Sage now.

067870 No.14657559


Fallout 4 did this the worst. Hell you become Director of the Institute only for you to continue serving as their errand boy.

067870 No.14657585

File: b7418fd2de7ee09⋯.jpg (115.19 KB, 634x533, 634:533, PIGGED.jpg)


She probably fucked everyone in that suit while on coke. The sad part is we'll never know how many.


>Railroad might as well be the SJWs of Europe, inviting ruin into their lives and exposing everyone else who does not want to the lies and destruction their pets bring.

Essentially. Even Deacon in his somewhat pozzness realizes the Railroad is a bit fucked up when he brings up the fact that Desdemona never clears missions for helping actual humans in need. Only synths. They preach equality bullshit but when it comes right down to it they only want to help synths because their boss fucked one as implied in her fucking death dialogue.

b9e4a5 No.14657612

File: 53fc94a38f7ee18⋯.jpg (45.06 KB, 500x292, 125:73, 011.jpg)

>disease turns girls into biological weapons

>world governments desperate to get their hands on these girls

>society views infected as dangerous

>whoever miraculously manages to not become social outcast will be tracked down by the military and end up going to war or being used as lab rat

>opportunity arises to put infected in suspended animation until cure is found

>she takes it

>some dumb "feels over reals" bitch comes and ruins everything

I'll bet half the girls on the island had nowhere to go back to due to being disowned by their family or their family having been killed by the military when the girls were taken. Hell, even Ranka highly suspects her and Rinka's parents probably sold them to Bhikkhuni, but Rinka doesn't want to admit it. The principal absolutely had the best interests of the girls at heart and was using the only feasible method available at the time to save them.

db1972 No.14657625


So you aren't going to bother actually explaining yourself I see.

cb3890 No.14657626

File: 3b6f69ca29e09b4⋯.png (45.18 KB, 229x238, 229:238, top_0040.png)


I am still mad that he wins in the end and that they disregard previous lore about Espers AND the special ending from VLR

d54540 No.14657633


<literally everyone is telling me to watch the movies or read the books or learn literally anything about the topic i'm failing to comprehend before spewing shit on it

<gee i guess no one is going to answer me

Reported, then.

db1972 No.14657642



You mean you anon. I did watch the movies and read multiple books. You can't argue and it's clear your autism has been triggered.

e13bff No.14657645

File: a79dcf741bf0f3a⋯.png (11.56 KB, 490x411, 490:411, 1447022823364.png)


>How did she managed to create such a plot in the first place?

By being as much of a dysfunctional mess as the supposedly "good" protagonists.

c4b306 No.14657646

File: 1fd89c94c9fda84⋯.gif (469.71 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1491343523579.gif)


>literally everyone


c0bef5 No.14657657


>y-you just missed key elements of the s-story

<anyone who disagrees with these """"""""objective observations"""""""" can't handle bantz

<ignores what everyone else posted

<including what he linked

To be fair you have to have a very IQ to understand KotOR II and Kreia's philosophy, much like Rick and Morty.

d54540 No.14657662


>ha ha wow no one refuted me it was just you ha ha lol you're wrong now



24e8a6 No.14657669


Sounds better than just having a puppet kill potus because solidus killed his pop&mom i wouldn't be shocked if mgs2 ended with raidens death, and solidus becoming the protagonist or dying as well.

db1972 No.14657693


Why don't you bother refuting it then instead of acting like an autistic?

c371a9 No.14657703

File: d34e70154e1b8f4⋯.jpg (214.43 KB, 800x572, 200:143, Caesar.jpg)

>sees how corrupt the NCR is

>sees how much suffering the tribal bullshittery of the wasteland causes

>unites the warring tribes by killing only one of them

>creates a force that could stand up to the NCR and then absorb them to create something stronger than the both of them

>Legion territory is free from raiders

>Legion forces dont have to worry about resupply becuase they live off the land so well

>Legion grunts who are armed with fucking lawnmower blades are constantly fucking up NCR grunts who are armed with assault rifles

The only thing he did wrong was get brain cancer

816156 No.14657709

File: b6e898fcbcc6970⋯.jpg (20.16 KB, 255x255, 1:1, descarted.jpg)


>Talking about video games on /v/ - Video Games

>Fuck off

Go back to cuckchan, homo

9b787c No.14657724

File: cdf8b5d92d7c025⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1597x2000, 1597:2000, MGS Villains Chart HD.png)

dfa305 No.14657762


<There can be no free will when The Force exists


Free Will always exists unless maybe you go full Deist.

<The force will literally manipulate you and the universe as it pleases for an endless cycle of chaos and balance

Yes, and? The Force IS Goodness itself. I don't care what it wants to manipulate, its always right.

<Jedi and the Sith will both fight in wars that kill millions every few years over what amounts to basically a religious conflict

What, and just let the Sith kill billions every few years?

<Destroying the Jedi, the Sith and the Force is the only way to free the galaxy

True, but you'd be destroying a fundamental part of their Universe. I doubt its as simple as destroyin every Jedi or Sith. I don't believe the Force can be destroyed.

Fuckin Centrist.

db1972 No.14657787


>The Force IS Goodness itself. I don't care what it wants to manipulate, its always right.

You sound like a cuck or a Muslim.

>Force causes the galaxy to go into huge war all for a higher purpose in order to balance itself

>Sure entire planets got destroyed in the conflict but the force balanced itself for the millionth time so it's good

If the Force is so good why does the Dark side exist? Why does the Light side have to stop most emotions and they still do evil shit all the time?

707d2d No.14657792


>I don't think the force can be destroyed

Play the game, she was going to cut every living thing off from the force.

12cf7f No.14657797


>the force is goodness

What part about it having a light and dark side did you miss?

dfa305 No.14657817


>cuck or Muslim

Nod an argument, but wouldn't you be embarrassed if you were BTFO by one?

>why does the Dark side exist?

Light casts a Shadow.

>Why does the Light side have to stop most emotions and they still do evil shit all the time?

Because Lucas doesn't understand Stoicism or Buddhism. Name 2 evil things they've done. They kidnap children for their Monk army, there I gave you one.


Midicholrians don't count, that's not the real Force. You can't cut off stuff from the entity of Goodness that permeates all things in the Galaxy.


The part about the Dark Side being a willful corruption of the Light. There not need be a Dark Side in an enlightened and peaceful universe.

db1972 No.14657825


>It's a corruption of the light

And ISIS is a corruption of Islam right?

555e4e No.14657826


Remember when Obi-wan said to Luke after he asked 'so it controls your reactions?' "Yes, but it also obeys your commands. The Force is not a force of goodness itself. It is life. Life which has an interest in continuing to live. It works more like a symbtiote. It gives you magic powers in return for allowing it to use you as its host (force sensitives) who are agents in the material plane to maintain its balance. These wars of which kill billions upon billions.

a3054a No.14657835


It's absolutely baffling that anyone would consider the A.I. Patriots' motives "hard to find fault in" or "better than the hero's." Their logic is the exact same logic of every single dictator who has ever existed.

Are you trying to troll me? Because you got me to respond, I'll give you that much.

dfa305 No.14657846


Yes. Now you're getting it.

Or are you implying that the Force is inherently evil?


If the Force is indeed a living organism, I am less inclined to defend it. But to say the Force is inherently evil would be to say also that Life is inherently evil.

db1972 No.14657860

File: 0f34e72b90befb8⋯.png (347.53 KB, 1080x650, 108:65, 1396119801045.png)


>Isis is a corruption of Islam

>Yes. Now you're getting it.

Oh ok, you were baiting.

555e4e No.14657905

File: f15ce1058a8b64d⋯.jpg (76.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f15ce1058a8b64de7012b4c29d….jpg)


Life is inherently suffering. If it wasn't enough that you have to destroy to survive, you add onto that another system of destruction, with magic powers. You've doubled the prerequisite amount of suffering in the universe. At a bare minimum. But-

>implying ISIS, in all its barbarism isn't Islam defined in its purest form

11b8ac No.14657964


move a.i patriots to meh tier and solidus into the god tier and all is gucci.

9e2240 No.14658475


but that's literally every game ever. i can't think of one game where you climb through the ranks, and there is actually a well-conceived leadership role waiting for you. it's always treated as an afterthought.

9e2240 No.14658510


and now you know how dictators get power. people practically beg to be subjugated. it's actually amazing when it doesn't happen.

4d237b No.14658535


>All those monarchy cucks on /pol/ who wants a single person to have 100% of the power and do whatever he wants

>They actually think this is a good idea despite history showing it's shit every time even more so than communism

dfa305 No.14658549


Leaders are expected to conceive of their own roles.

f40cd8 No.14658746


SJW's are actually huge broken messes, so whenever they try to create villains, they usually just end up writing the reasonable people they know in their day to day lives that call them on their wacky bullshit. It's just afterwards they have to make their "antagonist" commit genocide or kick puppies so the audience doesn't just relate to them instead of the "hero" of the story.

8730f3 No.14658839


>Jedi and the Sith will both fight in wars that kill millions every few years over what amounts to basically a religious conflict

Flat-out wrong and Kreia must either be senile or lying to you since she was a historian. There were more wars with those jews in Alsakan than there were with the Sith.

000000 No.14658872


>Solidus wanted the public to be ignorant

>Patriots wanted to tell the truth

This chart was made by the Patriots, wasn't it?

db1972 No.14658902


>Flat out wrong

Sorry, you are right. BILLIONS

There are countless times where the sith/jedi wars lead to the destruction of entire planets.

8730f3 No.14658998


>There are countless times where the sith/jedi wars lead to the destruction of entire planets.

There's like two, the destruction of the Primus Goluud system and when Exar Kun fucked up the Cron Cluster. Two instances in four wars with the sith and that's me being generous and not counting Revan as the dark jedi larper that he was.

db1972 No.14659059


>O-Only 4 planets got destroyed!

Oh and all those planets in the SW movies including the new ones.

And this is just what we know of.

6c895c No.14659219


Did nothing wrong. The Force is a malignant entity that whittles away at its users characters while only bestowing lame, fairweather, and crapshoot superpowers (tossing shit all over the place, choking people, shooting lightning, and abrupt jump cuts; oh, wow, whoop-de-doo. It can't even untie granny knots; get a stand, faggots) so it needed to be destroyed.


The institute was completely retarded. They wasted everybody's time with pointless experiments that don't make any sense in the grand scheme of things and their motivations are as clear as an Indian cesspit.


in addition to brushing and flossing: another very good way to help protect your permanent teeth is with semen

f57df3 No.14659573


>His plan to end the game almost made everyone commit suicide beforehand

>haha no here's a literal plot device

c0bef5 No.14659691



Atheist fedora fag detected.

db1972 No.14659749


This. Only a fedorafag would deny the light of Islam. I bet he doesn't even fuck children.

2daa84 No.14660496


Kreia is an idiot.

You are an idiot.

2daa84 No.14660504


> It's true, as long as the Force exists, the jedi and the sith will never end, and continue to have their cool space battles that result in planetary genocide

As long as factions exist, wars and conflict will never end.

It's a pointless point. Life IS conflict. As long s there is life there will be conflict.

fa56b3 No.14660527


I'd move down patriots since they are pretty straightforward evil. I'd move up Ocelot since subversion is probably the most realistic effective strategy on the lot, and Liquid to top tier because what he really wanted was plain revenge.

Also, where the fuck is Armstrong? He'd be up there too.

2cd855 No.14660727


Your argument is a fucking brand name.

db1972 No.14660929


>Lucas being this butthurt


>Idiot can't even understand the point of the game

7a4069 No.14661040

File: 53bedc5656a8332⋯.png (23.79 KB, 606x266, 303:133, nigers.png)


Are you saying that Russians were right?

6415e9 No.14661107

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Give me sharmat or give me death

DJ Daggy Def just wanted to have sweet ass mech fights and share the divinity of the heart with the world, what's a little anti-backwards bullshit and some face tentacles compared to that?


G0-T0 is one of the most interesting characters in the damn game and nobody ever talks about him because he's not really relevant to the plot or backstory and doesn't foster loads of discussion

It's a damn shame


>Grandpa the kid

>Could have made the world better

But didn't, and wouldn't

Goddamn anon, not only is it a shit villain from a shit game, but was the worst fucking villain in that game

You could have brought up DiMA and the other faction leaders from far harbor, or the autistic cosplaying spic chick from automatron, or even the random assortment of bad guy of the week-style jackasses from nuka world, but instead you single out the guy who did literally everything wrong

47ed7e No.14661205

Sin in FFX; seeing how degenerate and meaningless society had become in FFX-2 made me realise sin was necessary. Only half joking.

f28f03 No.14661220

The GLA in Command and Conquer Generals. Whites will be accepted in the occupied caliphate, and while second class citizens, would still benefit from a half-decent society. At the end of ZH China takes over Europe, and now forever and ever Europe will be flooded with smog and chinksmell like everywhere china controls.

5253fa No.14661295

File: ab28de4f33f6428⋯.png (165.8 KB, 265x379, 265:379, Did somebody say MURDER.png)


Ah, the original Metal Gear Rising. Yeah, too bad. Would have been an epic comeback for LL2 corp and have them somehow tie some Tenchu references to it if Kojimbo wasn't a moron for letting an inexperienced team handle it and trash it until somebody picked it up.

But we would have lost Revengeance and that's not really preferable.

Also you fags didn't post the best of them. He only wanted to slaughter his enemies, slaughter some more dragons except for his trusty waifu and be a good brother while slaying all the abominable Cthulhu gods. Which of course is frowned upon in his world and even the moralfag fag Lenard thinks he's a villain at times.

8f5c51 No.14661358

Pagan Min.

9b0f83 No.14661372


>only half joking

>half joking

>joking at all

Every day we stray further from Yevon's light.

Half joking too, but the Youth League or whatever throwing a shitfit and barring you from 100% completion if you chose to return that one sphere to the New Yevon guys you stole it from actually pissed me off when I played X-2.

2ed6d5 No.14661733


Apparently she was based on a real person.

ba5358 No.14661759

File: 6e7966126ef9be8⋯.png (644.67 KB, 786x942, 131:157, ClipboardImage.png)

>Is sexually aroused by fighting.

>Just wants good fights.

>Leads a strong empire.

>Kills people looking for the biggest, most fun fight

>After you give him the fight he wants, he kills himself because he will never experience a better fight

He did literally nothing wrong. The guy just wanted a good brawl.

He's basically an EvE Online player.

59363a No.14661768

>Villains who were right

are people still confusing "villain" and "antagonist"

75e72d No.14661777

I don't know jackshit of the SW universe but isn't destroying the force impossible?


I think it can still count as a villain if it's a well intentioned extremist

397454 No.14661783


>Did nothing wrong

<Mismanaged his part of his father's empire so bad that nearly half of it rises in rebellion because all he cares about is fighting

<The second he loses a fight he kills himself like a little bitch because he couldn't cheat using a god to win his fight

He did everything wrong you stupid nigger.

ba5358 No.14661788


>Deliberately caused the rebellion to get more fights.

He did it just to get good fights.

397454 No.14661791


Which was stupid and not something he should have done. His father's empire was completely fine and working as they wanted it to until his retard son ruined everything just to get into a fight that he couldn't win even after he fused with a god. He is the biggest retard loser to ever live.

ba5358 No.14661812


>Not something he should have done.

>Not doing things in your own interests.

>Not doing things for fun at the sake of an entire empire.

Zenos was a chad.

397454 No.14661822


Zenos was a retard baby that his father sent to the ass-end of his empire to learn how to actually be a leader so that one day he could lead the empire. He then proceeded to ruin all of his father's work to become the emperor because he is a retarded edgelord who would rather fuck up everything his father worked for just so he could lose have of his father's empire and kill himself like a little bitch when he loses one fight. Zenos is a retarded coward who failed his father, his country, and his people.

2ed6d5 No.14661930


I don't really agree with this but he was a fun villain.

461ab4 No.14664523


Well, he says right there that he wants a religion in the galaxy, and since Kreia just ate the souls of the last known Jedi masters, he goes for the next best option in the Sith.

461ab4 No.14664562


Don't forget when Nihlus ate that planet that the Jedi were hiding on. Hell, he's implied to have done that to several planets, he just wanders around like fucking Galactus.

461ab4 No.14664569


Correct. He only wanted to stabilize his country, and reunite with his step son.

cfe1f7 No.14664599


>slaverymaybe as a temp punishment or for PoW I'd be fine with it

>Disvows the use of tech and modern medicine but its ok if its for him

>Recruits a literal psychopath as his general AND his next of kin

>Allows homosex

>Doesn't plan ahead if anything where to happened to him, so his entire would empire crumble

Independent or bust.

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