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File: 4dbbcbfcc090f09⋯.jpg (26.25 KB, 301x292, 301:292, Crash_Bandicoot_3_Warped_O….jpg)

7c810c No.14723857

>Play game as teenager

>No problems at all

>Massive dopamine hit when I finish the few sections that have even mild difficulty

>Play same game years later

>It's hard now

>Just get frustrated when I get stuck

Anyone else get this? I swear most of /v/ is probably 19 years old or less.

41758c No.14723868


Yes, it's called depression.

7c810c No.14723877


I don't know, I was a pretty depressed teenager too. Seems more like the inevitable approach of death to me.

2c2367 No.14723883

this is a template thread

af9986 No.14723890

As a teenager you're more impressionable and find just about anything entertaining. I've revisited God of War recently and I'm just bored, I don't remember bosses having so much health and such simple attack patterns.

7c810c No.14723895


>I've revisited God of War recently and I'm just bored, I don't remember bosses having so much health and such simple attack patterns.

I haven't played God of War in years I wouldn't have been a teenager by that time strictly speaking but I have fond memories of it. I guess I'll try it and see if your theory holds up.

39e0c0 No.14723901

>play games years ago

>don't even care about anything

>never progress much

>play same games now

>have fun, never noticed the small details and how fun the gameplay is

>end up beating the game

I guess you're just tired of vidya.

7c810c No.14723907


How much older are you? If you're still in your 20s that's not going to last.

ddf2c9 No.14723913

I have the opposite situation

> play game as 10 year old

> hard as fuck

> play same game during high school or college

> still hard but I git gud and beat it

I'm 25, I expect to get worse once I hit wizardry

af9986 No.14723916


I don't know, I don't remember the hydra's biggest head being so basic. On hard it's like 2+ minutes of whacking the head while dodging a very telegraphed attack with a tiny hitbox.



I figure it happens with some games and not others

91bd20 No.14723921


The catalog, anon, the catalog. >>14707836

It depends though. I had the same experience with Crash Bandicoot a while back, but shit like >>14723901 happens to me, too.

39e0c0 No.14723922


Games I've played when I was 7-13. Though I am slightly under 20.


I guess, but it's mostly because there aren't good complex games being made that much, so I'll eventually do everything I could have done with the older ones and have no newer ones to learn and find stuff.

7c810c No.14723923


>I'm 25, I expect to get worse once I hit wizardry

It will, particularly if you have to interact with normalfags at work or wherever and you can see their families.

7c810c No.14723924


>Though I am slightly under 20

Then you're still a teenager anon.

af9986 No.14723972


>there aren't good complex games being made that much

I feel like a lot of modern games aren't "complete", so to speak. As in they fumble a fundamental aspect or three while getting one right. A game has good ideas but has shit polish, the execution isn't there because the devs don't have the skill or budget to make it happen and the content is limited. A AAA game has the polish maxed out(not sure how well this statement applies now since it's been a while since I've played a AAA game) but everything else is trashed. A game like Ronin has some nice execution and ideas, but feels like a mobile game in many ways and is criminally short. Gunpoint fucks up the execution but trades it in polish(kind of). It's hard to find a game that's "complete" and it's pretty heartbreaking to not find a game that rivals an old one because it's too busy fumbling basic concepts.

39e0c0 No.14723998


I guess.


I blame suits for that. Devs aren't talented and the marketing department is ran by kikes, but the ones that hires these cheaper but no-skill devs, give half of the money of the project to the marketing department and dogmatically listen to the bullshit marketing fags spew (more DRM, more PC content) are some fags in suit that only got their position because of money and contacts.

So you end up with unskilled devs that need to meet some retarded guidelines and get paid 2 fiddy for it.

71be58 No.14724002


It's hard to find a game that actually feels "free", letting you discover your own tricks and do things in an unexpected way. Compare TF2 to Overwatch, the former turned an old Quake exploit into an official mechanic, the latter keeps things entirely rigid and controlled. It's suffocating.

af9986 No.14724022


>It's hard to find a game that actually feels "free", letting you discover your own tricks and do things in an unexpected way.

Fucking hell anon I feel you. I gave Arkham Knight a go last year and the whole thing felt like a movie where the controller was a timed unpause button. Everything took control from me to swing the camera around in cool ways and have batman do shit I wish I could do, and after an hour or so I felt like I was barely in control of anything, just pressing buttons symbolizing concepts like Attack or Stealth or Platform and then having the game do all the heavy lifting like spacing, timing or anything involving an actual player.

71be58 No.14724060

File: f884fda9398f953⋯.webm (1.29 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Bamham combat.webm)


I don't get why this is what people want. Press the button and watch the pretty animation… the same animations, over and over. If you don't want to try, just play on easy mode or something.

68994c No.14724062


Im the same as you anon.

I got fallout tactics when I was in my early teens.

Im replaying it now and its much easier that I found it before. I played this thing for years as a kid but god knows what I was actually doing because I dont recognize anything past level 4.

d5b503 No.14725352


It's called being shit at vidya, git gud.

9cefce No.14727532


Looks exactly like that super OP counterattack move from assassin's creed.

9cefce No.14727536


I'm old as fuck, but I beat cuphead last year. It was hard, but still fucking awesome. Maybe you're just a quitter bitch. Ever think of that?

af9986 No.14727606


Problem is it's the entire cornerstone of the system. It knocks people down. In Knight you can time it to start tossing people around into others(and if you could actually get hands on with it it would be insanely satisfying). You don't choose which attacks you do(when attacking it just plays a random animation, anything from a punch to a weird ballerina spin punch) so you can't do a quick attack to interrupt someone's attack without it being a gamble, so it's your one of two defensive options(the other being dodge). The only time it's not useful is when you have those weapon wielding enemies and those are just as easily avoided by spamming dodge in any direction, considering it vaults over any enemy and from what I can tell has an assload of I-frames. I just don't get why you would make this feel so on rails when if it was made to be deep and complex and allow the player to go all out it would easily be one of the best and most satisfying combat systems I'd play, by virtue of it having some really, REALLY satisfying animations and sounds. I want to start suplexing niggers with DMC-tier depth, is that too much to ask?

1d7400 No.14727627

File: e7776e7aa61f4fa⋯.png (71.17 KB, 261x405, 29:45, depression.png)

5cfec2 No.14727633


Wrong, sagefaggot. Depression is not being motivated to even try. At least he's trying.

I should know. Videogames aren't fun anymore.

599fec No.14727637

Nope its still easy.

51a6b7 No.14727659

I'm kinda in the same boat, the early Crash games have ass controls and after a while it gets tiring when you keep dying for going one pixel in the wrong direction.

ccce5a No.14727923

File: 57d403c04a9e702⋯.jpg (273.11 KB, 1000x952, 125:119, 65dd6cf525a414b3298fd2ae61….jpg)


>getting stuck in crash 2 or 3

You suck.

>losing skill growing up

Are you 35+ grandpa or did you hit your head along the road somewhere?

Regardless of all of that, warped doesn't have much of longevity in it's base, because stage mechanics are all over the place and have less time to mature than they were given in CB 1 or 2. Colored gems, secret areas and challenge sections got streamlined which makes already lacking stages even more shallow. I believe floor stacking and backtracking was also reduced, or cut to the point of non-existent in 3.

It's still a fun game and deserves a place in the original trilogy, but it has it's drawbacks that you must take in to account when judging and comparing it to other games after your first playthrough.

70d235 No.14727994





c2b9ef No.14728103


Only thing I get hit by now I didn't used to is feeling like I'm wasting my time, like I shouldn't be having fun or something.

8904bf No.14728124

File: 6b69ea3d877d3d6⋯.png (59.76 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 6b69ea3d877d3d656b6beafbbb….png)

>play Brawl when I was a kid

>love it

>play Project M as an adult

>love it

61fe25 No.14728131

File: 412fd43c97124b4⋯.gif (701.91 KB, 320x240, 4:3, TOAD.gif)


>Brawl came out 10 years ago

8904bf No.14728136


We get old Anon, get used to it.

98e9a9 No.14728176

You masturbated too much, and now your dopamine receptors are fucked.

4e145b No.14728182

File: 7302bce390b816d⋯.jpeg (16.96 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 7302bce390b816daa7083f2ba….jpeg)


>2016 was 22 years ago

8904bf No.14728183


How can he unfuck them? Ceasing pleasure for enough time?

e93b3a No.14728185

File: cf5d1b5b075eeb4⋯.png (240.19 KB, 881x515, 881:515, scared yotsuba.png)


>Yesterday was 50 years ago.

98e9a9 No.14728191


Variety is the spice of life. Stop masturbating and finding new sources of enjoyment, be it sports, model kits or whatever should help breaking the conditioning. I'm not a nofap shill, but is true that when your brain gets used to something it specializes on it so much you stop enjoying other things.

3ecb61 No.14728219


are you unhealthy? are you fat and is your diet shit?

Your reflexes and timing should be fine unless you're horribly unhealthy or closing in on 65-70 years of age….

914272 No.14729094

>finding any crash game hard

775f24 No.14729306


Fucking saved

99f84b No.14729310

My dad is 53 and he still plays games a lot, he's actually really good at some of them.

I think you just got bad at games.

17486a No.14729649


Same happens to me, anon. >>14727627 already figured it out.

f5c0ef No.14729698

Your reflexes crash after 17.

124f75 No.14729700

File: fe46b3c0d4dde10⋯.jpg (39.75 KB, 500x313, 500:313, 1457489122402.jpg)


>Play game as a teenager

>Have fun

>Hit 20 some years ago

>Slowly ceasing to play videogames in favor of doing nothing on my free time out of exhaustion and constant body pain


>With job and education

>Think about playing a videogame

>Immediately give up on it because I don't have fun with them anymore and haven't felt joy in years

All I have is like 3 emulators on my PC which I don't play anymore. Is it over?

adedaa No.14729707

File: c8ab603b684c6b8⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Sweat.gif)


>I swear most of /v/ is probably 19 years

How'd you know?

7f84c0 No.14729723


Play with a controller and wrap yourself under a blanket. Video games aren't fun if they're just another item on a to-do list, so settle in for an afternoon of comfort.

638f78 No.14729770

File: 7af9f9730531850⋯.jpg (347.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2890602-batman - batman - ….jpg)


>Compare TF2 to Overwatch, the former turned an old Quake exploit into an official mechanic, the latter keeps things entirely rigid and controlled. It's suffocating.

TF2 was made in a more innocent time when players didn't really exploit mechanics. It was also made in an era of dedicated servers where you didn't really have to explain things. It was made in an era where if you wanted to read about how to do something in a video game you went on gamefaqs and read someone's text walkthrough. Nowadays you can watch a video and learn how to exploit a mechanic much easier.

Now we live in an era of matchmaking where players don't really communicate with each other regularly so they don't swap advice on how to play the game. A lot of these issues stem directly from the lack of dedicated servers. With matchmaking players are forced to go outside of the game they're in in order to learn the nuances of play. (Either in a game's tutorial mode or view a youtube video). And that causes devs to make mechanics easier to perform because players are exposed to them much more. It goes from being seen as an "exploit" to "something that's mandatory".


That's only at the start of the game. As the game goes on you start encountering enemies that are uncounterable and use attacks that require either a gadget or dodging to avoid. A good example are the guys with knifes that require you to hold the counter button and move backwards to avoid. Or the guys with shields that require you to land a cape stun on. Especially in the challenge maps of City and Origins it eventually gets to the point where the game throws dozens of guys at you that have a mix of these guys. It gets to the point where countering isn't an option a lot of the time.

Arkham Knight was even more about this toward the end since they'd throw enemies like medics who'd revive characters, sword guys who'd teleport and electric guys that would require using a special gadget inorder to disarm. And who trying to damage or counter normally would cause you to lose health.

0e7b58 No.14729846

File: b8376097ddc71ca⋯.jpg (66.15 KB, 698x739, 698:739, XS877cI.jpg)


>no good comiocs to read

>no good movies to wathc

>no good vidya to play

>even mango is going to shit

it can't be just me that is so jaded with modern entretainament. i got tired of going through my backlog, there used to be one good thing right after another 10 years ago, no any good thing you find is like an oasis in a desert

Divinity Original Sin 2 was the last game i really got into and being the only thing interesting at the time i literally burned out playing it, i can't remeber when was the last time i watched a fun movie or read a good comicbook

I had a long weeked last week and i was missing my job cus at least i had something to do over there

in fact, the only thing i get hyped about latelly is laughing at the salty butthurt and damage control everytime something new comes out and it turns out to be shit

even drugs, alcohol and hookers aren't helping me get rid of this fucking boredom, i have a metric fuck ton of moeny despite working in minimum wage cus i simply have nothing to spend it on

638f78 No.14729869

File: 06d50dffce1ec42⋯.jpg (118.9 KB, 600x900, 2:3, GAMEOVER2-600x900.jpg)


>it can't be just me that is so jaded with modern entretainament.

Maybe you're too focused on entertaining yourself anon. Maybe in reality it's that you're dissatisfied with life and that's just seeping into how you view entertainment. I'd suggest trying to do something else like learn a skill to avoid hunting for a dopamine hit like a video game.

7f84c0 No.14729889

File: 7d0b9b99f7e18e4⋯.png (277.96 KB, 502x668, 251:334, ClipboardImage.png)


I agreee, it's all shit. I'd recommend /tg/ shit, but that's going out too, and no one is going to want to play, let alone. help you refine a homebrewed system you worked on.

Only thing I can think of is to occupy yourself with some analog, tactile hobby, like metal work or machinery. Fuck, just buy some wood at home depot and make a bird house/feeder so you can feel just a little bit of joy when little birbs come to eat from a thing you made for them.

fd4946 No.14729892

File: b732f1155ed6651⋯.png (6.4 KB, 418x359, 418:359, 1441313065855.png)


You have a cartoony perception of depression, it can fuck with your dopamine receptors that anon is right

0e7b58 No.14729910


>Maybe in reality it's that you're dissatisfied with life

i'm a wagecuck and i spend most of my time doing a monotonous task, sometimes i entretain myself with my own imagination but that to is a weel that's running dry

>that's just seeping into how you view entertainment

i doubt it, entretainament is really going down latelly, Pacific Rim 2 was shit Jumanji 2 was shit, how the fuck do you fuck up movies with mechas kaijus and the rock is beyond me but it happened, comics i don't even need to talk about them, i was never a big fan of the capeshit genere but there was some good stuff coming out back in the day like Sin City or Danger Girl, and as for vidya, everyone is liking Soyny's bollocks with the NuGoW, need i say more?


>metal work or machinery

i'd love to, but i don't have neither the space nor time

>ust buy some wood at home depot and make a bird house/feeder so you can feel just a little bit of joy when little birbs come to eat from a thing you made for them

that'd be nice… i wish i had the time to raise a pet, but if i get one it'll be lonelly most of the time and i just can't bear the pain of burrying another pet

af9986 No.14729912


I remember Cold Hard Crash being one of the most infuriating levels to 100% mainly because of that dick move no-death area where you have to backtrack through a fucking ice stage.


Be that true(for the challenge maps anyways because everything else doesn't require much thought. Batman is a human tank who can take a gazillion grazes from these shield/electric baton/electric suit enemies that it doesn't matter. The knife enemies are also a joke the second you get the very early upgrade that lets you KO them the second they start attacking, and don't pull that "But in knight the combat specialists don't always use bladed attacks and also they have a quicker version of sword swipes, it's still pretty effortless to perform).

It's fucking boring. These oh so sweeping animations get boring insanely fast and you're left with 8+ hours of a completely dry and unenjoyable combat system, a mildly enjoyable stealth system, in the latter three games, open world+garbage collectibles(What's the point if you're going to mark them on the map anyways? Just condense them into 20/30 really difficult traps instead of scattering 200 worthless fucks and 3 alright puzzles and 2 death traps, and in Origin's case it's even worse).

And in Knight's case, a sluggish fucking excuse for a car(Pursuing APCs is a boring joke that might as well be onrails, riddler's tracks are too easy and lenient to give much of a thrill and the platforming can go fuck itself) and terrible tank combat(everything's a one shot except for one ugly fuck that takes two shots, no locational damage, the cobra tank stealth is ass and the dodge boosters really make spacing worthless because it's a get out of jail free card).

So what if you have to press X twice instead of triangle? You still have no regard for spacing and the timing is more lenient than ever because the dodge vault is impossible to be hit in, and in some cases Batman can glide 20 meters over to pummel some thug in the corner and every other enemy will whiff. Credit where it's due, I like how you can use Batclaw or the electric gun to get the big guys to lariat nearby enemies, but that's the one actual thing that the games do with enemy types, interactions. To me, it feels like every other enemy just has a different way of knocking them flat on their ass that isn't mashing attack or counter.

On another note, I find the games hilarious in which everything is taken so seriously and the camera is swirling all over the place and the music is so intense and whatnot and while I'm playing them I'm sitting dead bored in the downtimes like the animations of Batman taking off vents, cameras panning over to show wrecked cars(Seriously, it feels like they wanted to be Burnout Takedown and it failed miserably) and the animations that repeat like smashing a tv monitor or opening a door(The airship fingerprint doors are a huge culprit of this).

I'd really love to know how you pump so much effort in graphics, music, story(well, not that much effort) and then hand the gameplay off to a bunch of fucking retards who should be directing some shitty direct to dvd action movie.

7c810c No.14733731


>using a controller


Inferior input device.

17b317 No.14733803

File: b76b8365192d9ea⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Saitama devastated.gif)


Are you me?

9d9a67 No.14733829


it's only inferior if you're disabled. keyboards are only good for rts, clicker games like diablo and CS, and spread sheets.

47a870 No.14733959


There are some games that this type of frustration occurs and then there's the ones that get even better when you get older, it just depends on what game you are playing.

A few to name would be the Parasite Eve series (fuck the PSP one) and Xenogears. There much more understandable in their plot and characters and sometimes you might even relate (Douglas from PE2 with that CUTE dog).

When you mention about difficulty, it's more of a fact of not being used to the gameplay.

The best thing, EVER, is when you forget the game after so much time having not played it and you kind of rediscover it. Loads of SNES, PSX, PC and PS2 games that you haven't played for awhile and you kind of go back to them makes for a pretty nostalgic thing.

If you want something like this, go to /vr/ and pull out a game that suits your tastes or pull a game you don't remember quite well. Just don't go too nostalgia or remember about the bad moments like THAT LEVEL.

7346a0 No.14735727


I am very depressed then, considering I don't even play vidya anymore.

4c9cdb No.14735941

it's called enlightement, the reality we live in is changing. WE are changing. we didn't grow up, are you fucking kidding me? we've got autism and a million other problems. we never grow up, so you can't blame it on "you grew up" or simply just "depression" the way you see EVERYTHING has changed forever and will continue to change. good things are happening anons. flow in the zone to flow with the force of God.

4c9cdb No.14735944



3f520e No.14736560

File: 5874687a774df64⋯.jpg (129.56 KB, 482x500, 241:250, afraid of red bull.jpg)


>good things are happening anons

I agreed with you up to this point. Games are getting worse every year. Western society is on a moral nose dive.

44b81f No.14736628


In fact, yes.

I'm replaying Castlevania Dracula X after 10 years and I can't fucking get through Stage 3 without being thrown down by those fucking medusas. What is wrong with me.

a27f25 No.14736985


I mean that depression fucks with your motivation. He's motivated enough to try, and the fact that he gets frustrated is proof he does want to beat it. Otherwise, he'd lose interest, not due to frustration, but due to the game not even giving him a reason to care about it even though he does want to get enjoyment out of it.

75ce51 No.14737158

File: 33cea2339abb5df⋯.png (815.89 KB, 688x688, 1:1, 1452373823594.png)


>not even giving him a reason to care about it even though he does want to get enjoyment out of it

Hey, that's my entire life.

45f769 No.14737364


>hate school and shit, think life is a drag

>play video games for fun

>"things'll get better when I'm older"


>hate school, hate work, think life is a drag

>play video games to escape

>things are worse than they were in high school

>"things'll get better when I'm older"


>hate work, hate life, holding on to old bottles of antidepressants so I can kill myself with them if things get any worse

>can't play video games; not enough time, not enough energy, completely lose interest within an hour even if it's a game I enjoy

>feel like my soul is crushed when I beat a game I enjoyed, not knowing when I'll find another game that can suck me in

>no longer have any hope for the future

Don't grow old. Find some way to planeswalk before you turn 21.

If you get slapped with depression and/or autism just kill yourself because things don't get better. The drugs just help you act like a good little worker drone.

60a7a8 No.14737387

File: 837c82a67e77213⋯.jpg (105.31 KB, 1090x1200, 109:120, 837c82a67e772132368320af9b….jpg)

Nope. My reflexes and skills have been improving as I age because I've been taking care of my health.

55296f No.14737397


Give it time.

60a7a8 No.14737415


Yeah, I'm sure in another 30 years when I'm retirement age I'll have some trouble, but boxing three times a week keeps my reflexes sharp enough for vidya.

a418a8 No.14737436

File: ad9ba6ac02cc7bb⋯.jpg (529.59 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 31e6d3a5e4b21ad04782ed67fa….jpg)


>no longer have any hope for the future

This, but beginning from when I was a teenager. Depression isn't just being sad -really really sad- at some event. It's having no hope, not enjoying life, and losing, day by day, what enjoyment you still find in the pasttimes you desperately cling to. Life is hell.

91c25c No.14737451

File: a5819ab2fd97125⋯.jpg (74.1 KB, 501x640, 501:640, a5819ab2fd971258f3d9bec831….jpg)


Spongebob is older than most users on this board.

There are people browsing this thread right now that have never seen a floppy disk or have ever experienced dial-up internet.

You have been shitposting on image boards for longer than some people on this board have been alive

821fa6 No.14737479


>Spongebob is older than most users on this board

I am calling bs

c40238 No.14737513


Spongebob premiered on July 7th 1999, over 18 years ago almost 19 now. Though the joke is most users are actually underage or 18 just barely

821fa6 No.14737518

File: e336d0300740657⋯.png (575.83 KB, 800x480, 5:3, IMG_3978.PNG)


Wow. I didn't realize it's been going that long. I almost can't fault it for being not very good anymore, they've kept it alive for almost two fucking decades. That's just impressive.

16bdcd No.14737523

Let the kids have their shooty twitchy games.

Strategy games are more fun for me now. That and old-school platformers.

Of course the awful feeling I get when I know I'm wasting time with an achievement placebo is the problem.

821fa6 No.14743558


>stop looking at porn

Varg is that you?

821fa6 No.14743620


It's called a joke you preachy faggot.

000000 No.14743772

>be me as a teenager

>vidya is great

>play games and have a lot of fun exploring imaginative worlds with innovative gameplay mechanics

>be sort-of-good at vidya

>have hope that the creativity, intelligence and spirit of gamers and nerds will overcome society's retardation and create a better future

>be me as an adult

>vidya has degenerated into DLC cash grabs and social justice cuckoldry because of soyboy turncoats, liberal cultural imperialists and normalfag retards

>go back and play old games instead of buying new stuff

>skills have greatly improved, completely destroy challenges that used to be ultra-tough with little effort

>but life is still shit because liberals

>wake up one day

>1998 was literally, actually 20 years ago

>fuck this shit, this future is faggy as hell

>start reading advanced physics books in an attempt to build a time machine and alter the past

>this greentext story stops here because this process is still ongoing

b5e188 No.14747838


You played dumbed down accessible games that weakened your skills.

d5b503 No.14754071


Leave normalfag.

451d06 No.14754170

I'm not quite having the same problem myself, it's like I'm getting mental cobwebs or it feels like my thoughts are filled with cotton. At first it was just with video games but now it's with just about everything. When I have moments of clarity I'm on the ball but thats happening less and I'm getting more and more tired despite getting enough sleep.

Is this happening to anyone else?

b05f19 No.14754267

File: f9bcaf95a823ca3⋯.jpg (226.13 KB, 1181x886, 1181:886, 1389411685116.jpg)


>Tomorrow came and went last week.

>For real.

f2ad69 No.14754603


The remaster has spherical hitboxes, whereas the originals were rectangular. It's just minor enough to notice, Crash controls ever so slightly more slippery than he did in the originals.

That being said, you should still git gud and finish it.

2e8398 No.14756214

File: 0f8c38822afcace⋯.png (642.76 KB, 1022x731, 1022:731, 1518751047594.png)


>Play games as a kid

>Fucking suck ass but complete some of them

>Play games as a teenager

>Excel, parts that used to be hard become normal

>Make challenges for myself just to get that dopamine hit

>Play games as an adult

>Do the same challenges I used to just to prove I still can to myself

>Get through them by the skin of my teeth, dopamine hit isn't there anymore and all of the challenge is frustrating now

>Only just barely better than I was as a kid and going downhill fast

Sometimes I entertain the idea that I'm actually a frothing downie retard that everyone puts up with as an obligation, and that my whole life has been a lie. It honestly wouldn't be too far from the truth.

83acb8 No.14756413

File: dc35d832048d576⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Richard beard.jpg)

>22 years old

>Replayed Allied Assault including the expansions after 4 years

>Beat Sniper Town on Hard in 20 minutes

>Die 8 times

>Still have fun trying to find the sniper motherfuckers

>Play the last few missions of Breakthrough which are poorly designed with enemies that can see you through the bushes and draw distance fog, no enemy ammo pickups or even any ammo pickups during the missions and vehicle sections that are absolute trash and unfair as all hell much like the last mission which is an anti climatic sniping mission with all of the bullshit I just listed at the same time

>Still have fun despite some frustration

>It's actually easier than I remember when I played it in Normal

It's called: "Not being a fucking casual"

83acb8 No.14756423


Modern Mango I'd argue is still good though despite an endless amount of trash which isn't as predominant as in Anime.

2ca980 No.14756442


S-stop it

14e620 No.14756603


can you give me a few mango recommendations, my dude? I have only been reading OPM lately, and Vinland Saga.

4f1bee No.14763948


Week starts on Sunday though.

d8bd7f No.14770823


You had terrible taste in games then and you have terrible taste in games now go back to >>>/neoFAG/

359aad No.14770838


Learn to speedrun

7c810c No.14772569


Learn to trannyrun*

d8bd7f No.14774450



What even happened to speedrunning?

a65e03 No.14774489



It's only trannyrunning when you stream it or make a "career" out of it.

d5b503 No.14781377


What is it otherwise then? Just fucking autism?


fe817e No.14781424


>Play same game years later

>It's hard now

>Just get frustrated when I get stuck

Sounds like you need to git gud

d8bd7f No.14790393

a63cd6 No.14798124


Ruins everything.

2ae067 No.14798250

File: 26e4a87937fa2cb⋯.jpg (41.67 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 26e4a87937fa2cb46263e5f4bf….jpg)


>feeling like I'm wasting my time, like I shouldn't be having fun or something

It's because your mind is telling you you're not doing anything productive. You have to find a secondary aspect you can appreciate, like the art or music or story, or just play games that are short but sweet. If you always play the same genre, grind a lot, or just play games only to beat them, it's no surprise you became like this.

394f79 No.14798745


I wish you all the best, TOR anon. May you bring us the future we were all promised.

5955ac No.14798776


That is mind fog. It has to do with a combination of diet, exercise, sleep, and stress / mental anguish. I got it really bad as well as I am heading into my late 20's. I am going to have to make some major changes this summer to correct things before it is too late.

000000 No.14799054



Same here. It's partly because we dumbed ourselves down for so long with dopamine distractions like fapping, vidya, internet browsing. We have to live irl too, it's the only 'game' that matters.

04674b No.14799119

File: 25f457083bd01ec⋯.png (108.43 KB, 1273x747, 1273:747, Quarter_Life_Crisis.png)


Anon, I…

05feb2 No.14799273


Does it even taste good? Why the fuck would faggots be all over it?

47b4b1 No.14799390

I used to get dopamine hits that would make me feel like I snorted cocaine after winning a match in Dota 2 several years ago. These days I barely feel anything whether I win or lose.

2c2367 No.14799418

File: 418d52a3f43c709⋯.png (211.49 KB, 575x581, 575:581, 70e59f63ce370c550c880e140d….png)





be4e5a No.14799429


Seriously this. For the past 13 years I kept telling myself that things will pick up once I finish high school, undergrad, grad and then phd studies. They didn't. School was replaced by college, then college was replaced by job. Stress levels never recovered and everything is just 500 shades of shit. Nothing brings me joy anymore, because I keep worrying about all the shit I have to do and haven't done yet. All work and no play does not make Johnny a dull man. It makes Johnny burnt out, bitter and dead on the inside. Sometime next week I will finally buy a ticket to peace. Thanks for everything, my /gensokyo/ bros.

04674b No.14799457


Oh, is it? I saw it posted and saved it because it was relevant.

757d3e No.14799469

yeah. It's shit, I think I really just lost all passion for video games, and any other thing in my life

fuck this shit let's just all commit sudoku together

757d3e No.14799476


>Sometimes I entertain the idea that I'm actually a frothing downie retard that everyone puts up with as an obligation, and that my whole life has been a lie. It honestly wouldn't be too far from the truth.

you are me

e5dfbf No.14799549

File: 21534dfea6b44d6⋯.png (335.47 KB, 417x515, 417:515, 1445640998149-4.png)

File: dd62c31448672d5⋯.webm (814.31 KB, 640x360, 16:9, pls rember.webm)

File: 3e919ff6027c4ab⋯.webm (5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Fuck Evil.webm)

Just a reminder: Depression is the secret final boss to all video games. Don't give up and quit now, faggot! Your death means the jews win.

a3cd7b No.14799746


>Don't give up and quit now, faggot! Your death means the jews win.

So I continue to suffer and pay no small part of my meager income in taxes that go to pissrael, or the jews win? You really cannot understand that depression is the death of motivation. It takes more and more effort to achieve enjoyment of anything, while that sense of enjoyment becomes more and more fleeting. After a while, you find that spending the entire day in a darkened room, sleeping as much as possible, is a great way to spend a day. You keep your utility and food expenses low, on top of not having to deal with the bullshit outside of your home. That is the siren song of suicide.

6dd211 No.14800928


>sometimes i entertain myself with my own imagination but that to is a wheel that's running dry

You have no idea how lucky you are. Imagination takes my mind even in the middle of conversations. So I always have to have something repeated to me. Shit sucks when classes or work directions are involved.

a16005 No.14800955

File: 2b91b72cdd83311⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 500x375, 4:3, FUTURE.GIF)


>Your death means the jews win.

They've already won, Anonymous, the only thing left is the eternal serenity of the grave.

23f173 No.14800961

File: 4bb3ac33a35a275⋯.png (516.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Uh, you don't get to rest peacefully.

b3d93b No.14800967


>You have been shitposting on image boards for longer than some people on this board have been alive

This one fucking terrifies me.

23f173 No.14800977


Then you should know very well how to piss normalfags off.

b3d93b No.14801011


My chemo folder exploded when my HD ate itself.

ee7efe No.14801267


You took that in a very different direction than I expected. I have trouble enjoying games these days because none of it challenges me. The only games I can enjoy anymore are in-depth games that make me think like Factorio. Kingdom Come was one of the few exceptions where I was able to enjoy a simple action game semi-recently.

23f173 No.14801314


Oh no, I just mean simple things like saying "bump because it triggers you", or "OP here" even though we have IDs, or purposely naming images something like 157xxxxxxxxxxx.png

db080d No.14802524


I swear I played RPGs as a teenager just to get thru life itself. Then I had a life for a few years there.

Now I swear I play RPGS to help me prepare for death.

I've no one to blame, because it was the better way.

Looking forward to E3, a little bit closer to heaven.

3cd6c8 No.14802593

I have the issue of noticing how shitty some older games are. There are some games I've gotten way better at, but I have low tolerance for bullshit in games now. I think it's a side effect of how piss easy modern games are, they've softened me.

For example: I played through Super Bomberman 2 a few months ago for the first time since I was maybe 12 or so. I'm apeshit bananas at the first 4 levels, but the last level pissed me off because it seemed to be designed purely to fuck with you and ruin the flow of gameplay.

Conversely, shit like Mario 64 and Mega Man X I've hit speedrunner levels and love every second of the games because they're flawless legends.

I'm 27, for reference.

3cd6c8 No.14802618

Also if you don't get the same satisfaction from accomplishment in games anymore, it's because you need a harder hit. Yes accomplishment is a drug.

1b8b09 No.14802664

File: c84fcaf289c2efb⋯.jpg (327.45 KB, 1420x1420, 1:1, goin quackers.jpg)

I am starting to enjoy games for children and platformers the older i get. And when i was a child i used to prefer grim dark rpgs, gta-likes and shooters. Is this what autism is like?

a1e74d No.14802687


Kids want to be adults and adults want to go back to being kids, it's not that uncommon

1b8b09 No.14802693

File: 2cfe2afee06afee⋯.png (767.65 KB, 754x734, 377:367, this guy.png)


I am just insecure how to not overdo it like this guy.

29f924 No.14802716


You're fine. Just by being cautious of becoming like that guy, you're already doing better than him.

712ec6 No.14802756

File: 74ab03958faf67a⋯.jpg (32.86 KB, 720x667, 720:667, 74ab03958faf67a983ff013ae5….jpg)



Rick and Morty memes aside, what is wrong with this? Are adults just not supposed to be happy or have fun? Would this picture be acceptable if he were eating cheerios and watching the news?

I regularly go back and enjoy games or shows I enjoyed when I was a kid. Why should I or anyone else be ashamed of that?

5aa1a4 No.14802765


smoking anything is literally mentally retarded

1b8b09 No.14802775

File: 39cb27bd3c05189⋯.png (578.57 KB, 820x563, 820:563, Burning Faith 1.png)

File: 0048e87c80a7afd⋯.png (422.02 KB, 822x576, 137:96, Burning Faith 2.png)

File: 1c4af766f9c3006⋯.png (339.61 KB, 825x438, 275:146, number 8.png)


Apparently the guy is microsoft marketer.

712ec6 No.14802827


What, do you want to live forever?


Yeah I could already tell he was a faggot from the way he proudly flaunts being a fan of R&M, but that pic wasn't criticizing him for being a shill.

5356f5 No.14803053


What's wrong with Rick and Morty?

712ec6 No.14803062


It's an okay show with an unbelievably cringey fanbase. Personally I like Justin Roiland and his work but hate Dan Harmon. However, the fanbase that surrounds the show is not something you should want to associate yourself with.

5aa1a4 No.14803070


found the kid with down syndrome

20ccf3 No.14803079

File: 2355ebef9fe863e⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 150x111, 50:37, 1520479636130.gif)

2ea0db No.14803126

File: 5c9f03910cd0f5f⋯.jpeg (102.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ayy.jpeg)


Just search for "McDonald's Szechuan sauce". Its self explanatory. Season 3 was written by women and redditors went insane over it.

78434a No.14803134


More accurately, desensitization. Years of low effort/high reward activities, nearly endless instant gratification from video games, porn, drugs, junk food, etc makes it harder to feel good about anything.

347118 No.14803162

File: 2993873d9b560ba⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 414.24 KB, 1500x2146, 750:1073, ggnbsfpruujz.jpg)


That's pretty good. Here's some hentai

594229 No.14803163

File: f89ec9920e7a386⋯.png (100.01 KB, 336x488, 42:61, sonic the bandicoot.png)


>dad takes me with him to his friend's house

>play this game with dad's friend's kids (boy and girl)

>have lots of fun with them

>week or so later

>the father and kids died in a car accident

And that was the only time I ever played that game. Well, besides a demo disc (pizza hut I think).

2b6e0e No.14803178


Git gud fag.

035720 No.14803206


if you want to passive-aggressively whine about how being an oldfag sucks because you're the last one there are people who will indulge you on


b3d93b No.14803263


I know that wasn't meant to be funny but you better take responsibility for finding my sides after they drop out of orbit.

e135d8 No.14803374


lol, that video was staged

1e597f No.14803399


>Shit-tier fanbase

>Having anything to do with the series

Just say the jokes are flat and tryhard, plus the artstyle is painful to see at times

000000 No.14803423


Well, it's not like I can promise anything here, because it might turn out to be impossible. But I have the sense that I'm on the verge of an earth-shattering breakthrough that will make it possible. The side effects may be something to be wary of though.


This is pretty close to my experience. Our standards for what makes a good game have gone up because we've played so many games and seen the best of how everything can be done. There are some games that hold up very well no matter what though, like Mega Man X.


The progression from kid to adult is supposed to be a risk versus reward thing. As a kid you're in a very low-risk environment, but you also get very few options. As you grow, you risk more and have more expected of you, but the rewards are meant to be greater. That's what society is supposed to be like, and that's what we were trained by video games to expect. When you beat the first boss you may get an okay weapon, but when you beat a boss much further in the game you get the Face-Smashing Axe of Ultimate Doom, or the Colossus Armor of the Sacred Dragon Dildo. Most of us want to be kids or teenagers again because our current society doesn't give us those commensurately greater rewards for completing more challenging tasks. Instead you just get worked harder for less pay and shrieked at by feminazi cunts, while frat boy dipshits and no-talent whores get to the top through connections and sucking every dick in sight.

ee7efe No.14806623


>What, do you want to live forever?


d8bd7f No.14818005

File: a07b8dfa2745e6c⋯.png (37.04 KB, 586x578, 293:289, a07b8dfa2745e6ccb71fde26f8….png)

000000 No.14818026


>i have a metric fuck ton of moeny despite working in minimum wage cus i simply have nothing to spend it on

The feels are reals.

9ec131 No.14818701


Liar spotted

>wanting to live at all

9ec131 No.14818890


>implying the jews don't have death too

c8a69a No.14819653


>second pic

Johnny Uranus is a telescreen salesman? I thought he was homeless

5105ed No.14820939


If you feel that way, you should go on welfare. Bleed the beast.

b9b980 No.14827722


It's not that faggots like soy, it's that soy turns people into faggots. It probably started out as some Chad taking a bite of the wrong food or something and then to soy got to their brain, corrupting them for life.

cdfa4a No.14828946


You might have a hormone imbalance, or a dopamine overload which desensitised the receptors in your brain.

Try cutting out all forms of stimulation for some months.

No caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs.

No television, video games, television, porn.

Read books, do relaxing things, meditate.

Sleep 7.5-9 hours a night in complete darkness, no LEDs, silence.

Eat plain foods, avoid sugar and salt.

No fap for a couple of months.

cdfa4a No.14828954


After that, avoid overstimulating for as long as possible.

Your brain should regain some of its sensitivity.

cdfa4a No.14829029



Also, look for long term rewards.

Take up a constructive hobby or activity that takes time and skill and practice.

Woodcraft, musical instrument, electronics, archery, martial art, foreign language, painting, drawing.

Pour your focus into it, appreciate your improvements over time, you will have a deeper sense of pleasure from completing a long project, not just a temporary rush.

It is the man's red pill.

f8d4cb No.14829127

File: 53614561e20decf⋯.png (410.79 KB, 720x480, 3:2, inbetween.png)


Feel like it's the other way around, at first I get frustrated but I carry on, then I get a nice overwhelming feeling of overcoming a challenge/wall, after that it's just confirming the fact that I'm good at a portion of the game i'm playing until it spikes up in difficulty, then it loops back into hatred of that one part, until I overcome it which I usually do.

Now that I think about it, being a master of a few genres usually bleeds a lot into other genres as well.

9dcdc4 No.14829174



828155 No.14831579


Depression also results in you not being able to enjoy shit you used to enjoy.


He's a adult who hasn't matured. After all those years, he shouldn't still take pride in consuming garbage. He certainly shouldn't show it off as if it's isn't proof of his awful parents.

926d60 No.14832078

File: 35e0cbca29205bf⋯.jpg (65.02 KB, 740x1020, 37:51, 35e0cbca29205bf7ac9a3401bc….jpg)

>You where better at video games as a kid

>Just turned 23 and getting worse and worse every year.

Think its because I play less and less fps and more strategy games (and mainly singleplayer fps games).

c89da2 No.14837084


It's shit genetics.

000000 No.14839938


You could become a terrorist or something like that, big

there is great fun to be made


>Don't grow old. Find some way to planeswalk before you turn 21.

like The Supreme Gentleman


find a new objective in life, like getting rid of the jews

it's them who destroyed games, women, life, everything

the holocaust repeat is near, I can feel it coming


>Of course the awful feeling I get when I know I'm wasting time with an achievement placebo is the problem.



>Depression also results in you not being able to enjoy shit you used to enjoy.

maybe depression is a result and not a cause

234099 No.14840014

No it's the opposite, I find games that I played when I was young much easier now that I'm older. Probably because I play less like an idiot now.

a25e86 No.14840016



He's not, that's the thing. If you were happy with doing something would you share that you're happy doing it with other people, or just do it?

It's like virtue signaling, he's showing people his STATUS, not what he enjoys, it's what he identifies as, what his beliefs are, what he partakes in.

It's what he WANTS TO BE identified as.

He's not happy. I know from experience he isn't, when someone does something like this it's a cry to be accepted by someone. If you're happy you'll probably want to share it with someone, but he's not gushing about the cartoon, or the cereal, or even the bong, he's just stating his status for everyone to see, a cry for attention.

It's not like on here where people will defend a game to death because they personally like it.

000000 No.14840120


>find a new objective in life, like getting rid of the jews

>it's them who destroyed games, women, life, everything

You're giving women too much credit. Nobody made women this way except women themselves.

01007b No.14840162


>You will never retire to a woman with nice big bags of ice for your head.

000000 No.14842849


or women were always trash, it's genetics

e4daa9 No.14842870


Unironically this,fuck vidya fucked my childhood and my teen years,fucking wasted all of them adn now i am wasting my youth….

9c9fe8 No.14842960

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


tl;dr Show tries to send a message about enjoying life to the fullest, shit tastic writing fucks it up and makes rick SEEM like the nihilistiv voice of reason when he really is just an asshole who got dealt a bad hand.

0e4e28 No.14843015

File: 8f36658d2cc0385⋯.png (376.08 KB, 554x521, 554:521, 1.png)

>pretty good at most games as a kid

>get better over the years by regularly playing them

>still can't play any competitive multiplayer without developing shakes and being really stressed 5 minutes in even in the most laid back shit


sometimes life is bad

78434a No.14843022

File: d7c16eec35d3729⋯.jpg (119.49 KB, 1473x942, 491:314, JES_Commonwealths.jpg)

Supposedly, reaction time peaks at age 24.

tfw 24. It's all downhill from here

1902e6 No.14843031


That shit was staged you dummy.

78434a No.14843032


It doesn't matter if it tastes good, it's in fucking everything. At least in the US, if you check the ingredient list on the back of just about any product in the grocery store, it'll have soy and/or high fructose corn syrup.

eb5fa2 No.14843034


That's only if you're a scrawny skeleton, or an overweight blob. Even if you kept to the most casual fitness program or a hard day's of work from blue-collor/manual work you generally won't reach you peak until you reach 30 or so.

1902e6 No.14843053


After 25 it only gets worse. Used to be ok at bullethell games but I'm a worthless shitbag at them now.

78434a No.14843069


That's good news, I stay pretty fit.

36a883 No.14843159

File: 31f3bb2ccf5cb37⋯.jpg (26.4 KB, 292x271, 292:271, 31f3bb2ccf5cb3734568e634d1….jpg)

>play game as a two year old

>get stuck halfway in and give up

>play game today

>little or no challenge anymore unless I play the shitshow that is multiplayer

19724b No.14843371


I'm sorry if this seems ignorant of me, but what's the deal with HFCS in the USA? I've heard they even put that shit in bread as well?

80ffe8 No.14843650

File: 6eca3f0ee9bc447⋯.png (3.51 MB, 1989x2650, 1989:2650, power girl.png)

The only games that hold appeal to me in the adult world are puzzle games and other logic games. Haven't tried factorio yet but I figure it will be pretty neato when I get around to it (optimizing supply chains is a form of logic puzzle in my view).

Oh man I love solving me some puzzles. Anyone got some good recs? Lately been doing Big Pharma but it's got a bit more RNG than I'd like.

Pic unrelated.

78434a No.14844036


US gov subsidizes corn and soybean agriculture so there's a shitload of it and it's cheap, so manufacturers put that shit in everything.

7ff0a7 No.14844084

>there used to be one good thing right after another 10 years ago

in my universe mainstream music went to shit in '90 and vidya in 1985 when new arcades with flashy big sprites took over. Consoles didn't beat arcades until the 90s. I'd rather have been born in 1960, but overall can't complain, I feel sorry for the lot of you, but DAMN you have the internet now, find the stuff you like and fuck the rest.

80ffe8 No.14844133

File: c2c2c1162ecc989⋯.jpg (153.87 KB, 2500x1181, 2500:1181, 1437937309640-0.jpg)


Find one good person to play co-op with.

bba999 No.14844288


Believe it or not your genetics evolve as you age, shit food will fuck your genetics up completely.

78434a No.14845148

>>14844288 (卐)

We're learning more and more about epigenetics, and it's spooky.

609b47 No.14845178

I've been playing Unreal Tournament since it came out and I just recently learned that holding shift stops you from falling off ledges

I also just learned about the mutator for shooting ammo pickups and making them explode

57526e No.14845350

File: efeb06b2767da79⋯.jpg (951.32 KB, 900x1141, 900:1141, 1437858601099.jpg)



Staring into your eyes in the mirror (reptilian brain sees a stranger, mammalian brain recognizes the self) and being in the sunlight also effect your genetics. Both of those are beneficial.

57526e No.14845386


Bread, all soda (overseas, pop has cane sugar typically; US uses high fructose in nearly every brand here even though most companies started here), for fuck's sake, most non-kosher pickles have it in them even, so not even that is safe.

Honestly I buy a lot of kosher stuff (not meat), under the reasoning that the jews are a lot less likely to poison their own.

aa6412 No.14845642

the primitive camera in mgs3 is hard for me to get used to anymore. gonna sell my snake eater copy for subsistence

5d26a9 No.14853272


>Buying kosher stuff

That might be even worse because you're funding the jews directly.

b8d01b No.14853687


What about strategy?

b8d01b No.14853731

File: bdb03a54a002a06⋯.jpg (14.58 KB, 397x322, 397:322, Chicken inside beer can.jpg)


>Tfw european so nofuns.

>But atleast my food isn't poisoned and the GMO limit is way lower than America's.

>Also my country's brands usually have zero soy, unlike burger brands.

Feels kind of good. I still would like funs though.

a1fea5 No.14854151


Regarding Batman Arkham, you can't ever win just spamming counter, you have to attack and that can leave you open to a counter attack from the enemy.

a12288 No.14856157


>this is a template thread

Is this the ebin new cuckchan maymay?

e06ed4 No.14862655



That's only if you're a puny mortal. Even if you kept to the most casual child blood siphoning program or a hard millenia's work of furthering the catholic church's cause you generally won't reach you peak until you reach 70 years before your natural death or so.

a7df53 No.14862662


>buying into the gmos meme


2e2dbd No.14863212


Roundup isn't a meme.

6efb5e No.14863220


i'm almost 30 and i have never had this. worst i've had is some burnout on world of warcraft for fuck's sake.

you're just shit.

9d6e07 No.14863371

Weirdest part for me is that around 13 I was pretty good at strategies and now I suck ass even against computer opponents (same games) that used to be easy as fuck for me.

95d0da No.14863658

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


At least he is not single mom

234099 No.14863920


It's because RTS games aren't about strategy they're about twitch skills which your grandpa reflexes can't handle

200b9b No.14864661


>RTS games aren't about strategy

>Real-time Strategy games aren't about strategy

That is literally what they are about. Yes, it takes some twitch response to react quickly to new threats. But it mainly takes practice and study to get really good. I think you are confusing RTS with competitive shooters, which is far easier to play just relying on twitch skills. But even those take lots of practice to get really really good. But the difference between the two is that FPS is a checkers level of challenge to master, with RTS being more like chess level of challenge to master.

185644 No.14867376


Yo I feel exactly the same way. Like my entire life is just a lie or an illusion, and I'm really just some homeless loser. Or I've been in a coma this whole time and shit like that "Wake up" image is actually real and someone is really trying to get me to wake up. Then I start thinking about it right now and I start getting dizzy and my vision goes all blurry and my head gets fucky.


b15c1c No.14874322


Nah. They're about how fast you can build your base/army and how well you understand the game/meta. Only when those two elements are equal can strategy even begin to come into play. For your average Joe, actual strategy is never involved. The genre is sort of bastardized in the same way that olympic fencing is.

d47bfb No.14876264


It's coz you grew up and when you're and adult you realise that Crash Bandicoot was a mediocre series all along.

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