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File: 29e74102281ac1f⋯.png (364.99 KB, 720x576, 5:4, 3092screenshot1.png)

File: dd0d556f8aef4eb⋯.png (18.06 KB, 256x224, 8:7, 3007screenshot3.png)

File: f1117d55221f44f⋯.png (4.66 KB, 160x144, 10:9, 3784titlescreen.png)

File: a2f5379686ac15a⋯.png (2.09 MB, 14080x9280, 44:29, AcrozzMap.png)

2432d9 No.14791713

There are tons of fantastic games that usually have very minor flaws with them. Maybe bugs, or censorship, or just really minor shit. If you're a perfectionist like me who HAS to have the perfect and complete experience of a game to enjoy it and can't stand missing stuff, these types of patches are a godsend. So, let's have a thread sharing some you find neat, or try to find ones for games you like.

For clarity's sake, we'll define improvement romhacks as something that can but isn't limited to grammatical fixes, retranslations and decensorship, improved or fixed sprites, bug and exploit fixes, and implementation of new features or cut features. The romhack should still be the same core game, so a hack that changed all the levels to be hard wouldn't count, though a hack that added a hard mode would likely count.

Anyways I'll post some to start the thread off and give people an idea of what this thread is for

>Thousand-Year Door+


An improvement of Thousand Year Door that restores a bunch of censored content, and comes in a variety of patches so you can tailor the perfect TYD experience to your autism. The guy who made this used to post here, no idea if he still does but I remember talking with him and saying it would be difficult if not impossible to restore some of the stuff (Like the Red Eye and Body Mark), and seeing that he managed to is nice.

>SMAS+W Title Screen


A really minor hack that restores the blue to the background of the title screen, as well as lets you remove the "+ Super Mario World". Really minor, but helps make SMW feel like it's supposed to be part of the game and not just tacked on.

>Super Mario Land 2 DX


Removed lag, colors, playable Luigi, this is what the ideal improvement romhack looks like. It's seriously incredible, and I hope other GB games will get this treatment (Like Metroid 2 and Kirby's Dreamland 2)

>Pokemon Polished Crystal


This is an insane romhack that adds a ton to Crystal. In addition to everything you would expect, it has a restored Kanto size, tons of new locations, physical/special split, Pokemon color variation, special Pokemon sprites based on certain conditions, gym leader rematches, improved visuals the amount of new content is way too much to list here. It does sorta go a bit beyond the scope of an improvement with the sheer amount of changes, but I think it's incredible to see what can be done with the Pokemon Crystal engine. (The code is public too, so if you wanted to change things you could, albeit not easily, but still possible).

d6bc12 No.14791738

this thread makes me hard. It would be really fucking nice to have a database of the best versions of games so I wouldn't have to sift through shit or find out something that makes me wish I had experienced a better version of the game.

Anyways one of the most common problems I notice in remakes or ports or what have you is that the audio is changed, usually for the worse. It seems to be countless across anything Final Fantasy especially.

>Persona PSP audio patch


Basically a patch restoring (some) of the audio from the original PS1 version. The music they used in the remake is very much different from the original. While I still kinda like it, it sets a very different tone and I doubt it can really be part of the original vision for the game. It should be as simple as applying the file to the iso. Unfortunately it seems like only some of the tracks can be restored because of fewer tracks being used in the PSP version overall, and the quality isn't the best for whatever reason. Still its at least helpful for those that want to try.

Though I think the creator of the patch just suggested playing through the PSP version because of its far superior localization to understand the story, then just going through the PS1 version so that the music actually fits the context and vision of everything.

d6bc12 No.14791740

oh, and I would suggest mirroring this thread on /scurv/ (or some other board) or posting it in the share threads every so often as an archive when you're done if you care about that at all OP, I'm sure it would be a great help to everyone; I know it would be for me

186a22 No.14791752

I've played Polished Crystal - didn't like it. It adds too much arbitrary shit and I kept thinking "wait, this doesn't belong here". Remember that, to add new Pokemon, they've also removed some old ones. Moves too. Perfect Crystal is better.

2432d9 No.14791964

File: 4fa523f1c695d25⋯.png (8.85 KB, 256x224, 8:7, 1988screenshot3.jpg.png)

File: 70572def80863ac⋯.png (4.63 KB, 256x224, 8:7, 3572screenshot1.png)

A few more I know of

>Major Fixes for EVO


A simple patch, this patch removes some minor censorship and fixes up the translation, which was mediocre and odd originally.

>Mega Man 3 Improvement


A lot of old content is restored, a lot of bug fixes, an intro is added, and one of the best things, lag and slowdown are greatly reduced.

>Metroid mOther


This one is a combination of a few Metroid hacks, this one has improved sprites (with animation), save files, a minimap, and beamstacking. Very fantastic and makes the original Metroid an appealing game to play.

I've been looking into what the ideal Earthbound patch is, but there's so many of those out there it's hard to figure out which one is the "perfect" one.


Good idea, will keep it in mind


I can respect that. Hopefully though, afaik breaking the limit on both Moves and Pokemon should be next on the to do list, so hopefully that will be happening sooner than later.

23fdb0 No.14791978

File: 7526262ac7a2800⋯.png (206.03 KB, 320x319, 320:319, ClipboardImage.png)



3f8d0f No.14792007

The patch for theif and theif 2 that makes the game not a piece of shit to run graphically and for manuverability.

b03031 No.14792022

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

All those texture mods for n64 games are really nice, but only a handful of games actually have and of them saddly.

f60d44 No.14792074

I love the Fire Pro Wrestling 1/2/Final restoration patches.

44fc3a No.14792123

Link's Awakening quality of life hack. Essential for the game IMO.


A Link to the Past hack that makes a lot of minor improvements and restores some of the censored content.


Mega Man X3 hack that let's you play as Zero fully, like X4.


Fire Emblem 4 hack that makes it play a little more like the GBA games.


Final Fantasy IX hack that speeds up the combat. Another essential one.


Streets of Rage 2 decensored hack.


Sonic 3 Complete, best way to play the game.


Mega Man 7 hack that restores all the content that was cut from the western version.


Phantasy Star II hack that makes it play more like IV. Another essential one.


Yoshi's Island hack that stops the baby from crying.


ab9cfa No.14792138

I would fucking kill for a kirby amazing mirror fix that removes multiplayer lag, tried to play it a year ago with some buddies and it gets unplayable the farther apart you are

3f66b2 No.14792498

This is a good thread, OP. I like it and wish I have some romhacks/patches to recommend but I don't. The only recent patched game I've played was Final Fantasy 6: Brave New World - and it's not quite great as I hoped. I'll say the game holds up really well regarding the combat, leveling system, gear restrictions and creative use of spells/espers for characters (each character have their own speciality tied to espers. For example, Shadow can only use two espers that can boost his stamina for counter-attacks with his ninja blades and his dog, and his speed for more turns. His two espers' spells are mostly buffs and a few debuffs).

But then there's the problems with the game story, references and item/spell descriptions which are unneeded and stupid.

>My Little Chocobo (a NPC mentions that in late-game, when talking about another NPC)

>Red Bull drink - gives 200 HP and Float status (item description)

>Warp Whistle - Welcome to Warp Zone (item description)

>Atma Weapon - It's not very effective… (item description)

>the spell 'Warp' - Warp 9 (spell description)

I'm sure there's far more I haven't seen or missed. That shit is off-putting and ridiculous, so I don't know if I can really recommend that to anyone willing to stomach that crap. You could play it for the combat challenge as stats has changed in the patch, and made them actually matter - compared to the original where the only stat that mattered was Magic. The bosses has changed too, likewise.

66a3b6 No.14792515

File: 87d380503cae0b2⋯.jpg (14.99 KB, 253x218, 253:218, up ma ass.jpg)

7811ee No.14792520



818c77 No.14792532


>It would be really fucking nice to have a database of the best versions of games

The biggest problem here is that people can't agree on what the best versions are.

f72b84 No.14792622


Wouldn't the best versions of games be almost closer to the original games (including bug and glitch fixes to 'restore' them closer to the original) as intended by the original developers? I'll admit that my reasoning on that only runs under the assumption that the the games themselves were broken or glitched by localization teams in the past, when it might not be true for every game and that the developers originally released them as they are. (such as Pokemon Red & Blue).

747d60 No.14792629

While the obvious perk was the removal of NISA's shit in favor of a better fan-translated English script, Project Metafalica's translation patch for Ar Tonelico II not only includes the script redone, but also bundles the existing full undub patch ("dual" audio the game official had here had half the JP audio cut from it) and bugfixes, but also added a hard mode and even managed to re-implement (and translate) some dummied out content that apparently went unused even in Japan. The team provided a full changelog at the following:


64c16c No.14792630

File: 79e290b8010732c⋯.jpg (81.99 KB, 616x421, 616:421, laughing mantises 14303337….jpg)


Hardy har har.

6bff07 No.14792659


>Wouldn't the best versions of games be almost closer to the original games (including bug and glitch fixes to 'restore' them closer to the original) as intended by the original developers?

Not really. Take Final Fantasy VII as an example. There's a pretty deep Materia system implemented into the game that offers interesting combat possibilities but it goes underused because the combat in the game is piss easy. A mod that can successfully balance the combat to encourage players to experiment with the system (without becoming stupidly difficult) would present a clear improvement over the base game.

48ae83 No.14792660

File: c6db07f9eccc359⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1178x999, 1178:999, 000.png)


>removes some minor censorship

What the hell was censored in EVO? I loved that game and am very excited for the fan translation of it's prequel.


>page is 404

>Last checked it was nearly done

>Can't find it anywhere on the site

Why God?

6bff07 No.14792662


Did you try pressing the Download button on the Romhack page?


48ae83 No.14792671


>403 Forbidden on File: 3572

>You may get this error if you or an extension turns off referer information in your browser.

>Searching for evo and e.v.o. romhacks only brings up fixes for the SNES game.

747d60 No.14792675


The group's current website is https://46okumen.com/ , though it seems to have a problem right now and is giving me "site is untrusted" page across multiple browsers. Which is odd, because it was up a few weeks back when I was checking up on fan-translation sites.

6bff07 No.14792686


You want to download the "Major Fixes for E.V.O.: Search for Eden" patch, right?

747d60 No.14792691



Here's the translation patch for the prequel if that's what you're lamenting being unable to access. Searching for the English subtitle still pulled it up under the Japanese name (46 Okunen Monogatari: THE Shinkaron)


775d4f No.14792789

File: 6b8ebc3fb56a83c⋯.jpg (8.75 KB, 199x187, 199:187, 1388901476062.jpg)

Since we're also talking about translation patches

>Over 10 medarots games

>only one officially translated

>no translation for any other title

>Uguu adventures: little sisters tales

>15 translations patches

>over 50 romhacks, from added content and fixes to new additions

Just go exhentai and end it.

6603c0 No.14792814

6bff07 No.14792820


>no translations for Macross games

>no translations for Gundam games

>translation for PSP Yakuza game going nowhere


775d4f No.14792834


to be fair there are a handfull of translated or ported gundam games, but for the other two i have no excuses. Most mecha games are doomed to stay in japan.

Seems strange for a yakuza title to not be translated. I only played the first one, but they seem to have a huge following.

747d60 No.14792854


Yakuza is still pretty niche in general, though perhaps not on imageboards/online. I suppose the series has become more popular in general since 5, 0, and Kiwami though. Also, there's been a number of side game/spinoff Yakuza that were left overseas. Dead Souls was the only one that came west, leaving both Black Panthers and the samurai games Japan only, though I hear that at least one of the samurai ones wouldn't have made it overseas intact anyhow due to the nature of the content.

f23bc6 No.14792967

There's a pokemon XY patch that makes it playable. Too bad there's no way to apply it without pirating the game.

f23bc6 No.14792970

also I'm glad to see [spoiler] tags finally work properly

2432d9 No.14793761


Some shit. Not even joking it's literally some shit that's in one of the dinosaur levels that got cut out. It's minor.

Also the prequel has been out a while, I hope you're able to find it. It's a neat little game. I might have a mirror but I'm not sure if I can find it on my computer.


>Sonic 3 Complete

Can't believe I forgot that one.

cc3f89 No.14793775

Polished Crystal is shit, get Crystal Emu Edition by LocksmithArmy.

Polished Crystal is more of a complete overhaul, whereas Emu Edition is just improved vanilla. It's the same game except you can get all 251 Pokémon without trading, their locations have been well placed.

32789f No.14793809


Adding to your SOR2 uncensored, here's Bare Knuckle 3 translated, since the localized SOR3 not only fucked up the difficulty, but also recolored the characters and made the plot cookie-cutter crap instead of the original nuclear menace.


def493 No.14794276

Even Nintendo made ROM hacks. See, when they were making Super Mario Advance 4, they had content from all four game lying around, so they decided to make DLC for SMA4 in the form of eReader cards. Theoretically they could have made infinite levels for it, but you could only store 36 levels on the cart and only 38 levels were made. Then years later when they ported the GBA game to Wii U, they added all 38 levels to the base game. So of course somebody ripped that info off the Wii U version because who wants to just play it on the Wii U?


Ideally, I'd rather have somebody make a level editor for SMA4, one that allows you to export the levels to dot code format, so you could use it on a real cart. Unfortunately the only person who understands any of that is busy with the Satelleview and N64DD, probably better uses of his time as far as obscure Nintendo devices go.

c1418d No.14794485

File: 96487fa3a9ff01b⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 15080132458.gif)

38f837 No.14794525

File: 5821e0fc5949b72⋯.png (594.48 KB, 878x900, 439:450, your new home.png)


>Yoshi's Island hack that stops the baby from crying.

Casual shit.

0a895f No.14794526

File: b5329ca4b168832⋯.jpg (162.45 KB, 408x700, 102:175, Fate_Extra_CCC_PSP_game.jpg)


You don't know nothing

>released for PSP when the West stopped translating nip titles 6 years ago

>1 years later

>guy starts project to translate it

>stops at the start menu

>2 years go by

>another guy picks up the title and project

>except he's an SJW

>and his translations are complete fucking garbage

>posts the start menu again

>6 months later no progress just a post saying "he's totally working on it"

>2 years of absolute silence on the project

>start of this year SJW posts the progress he's made finally

>it's just a few paragraphs into the initial dialogue

The cock tease never fucking ends

0a895f No.14794536


I thought the pure 251 hack was called Perfect Crystal

052c16 No.14794548

File: 2ba309164a86809⋯.jpg (42.5 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Godzilla Unleashed Overhaul

>Not playable on an actual Wii system, must be played on Dolphin

>Overhauls the game so it's useable with Gamecube controllers and not waggle

>Replaces the buttrock soundtrack with soundtracks from the Godzilla films throughout the series

>Makes use of texture replacers for both monsters and stages

>Page of lore on each kaiju and mecha and how they fit into the Godzilla universe

48ae83 No.14794636


>You want to download the "Major Fixes for E.V.O.: Search for Eden" patch, right?

No. There's an entire fan translation for the prequel E.V.O: The Theory of Evolution that was recently finished.



afa984 No.14794644

File: 441337af77dc30d⋯.jpg (89.02 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 58508ceea8e50fe4581bff0857….jpg)


Why don't these dumbass fucking nips understand that there's an audience for their shit in the west? The existence (and popularity) of their shitty mobile game is proof enough of that.

052c16 No.14794665

48ae83 No.14794672


>also I'm glad to see [spoiler] tags finally work properly

They've always worked properly. However, they aren't regular spoilers you newfag. They're only for embedded spoilers.

f23bc6 No.14794678



I've been using the chans for a LONG time, buddy.

0a895f No.14794707

File: 821efdeb5e20941⋯.png (578.66 KB, 720x1019, 720:1019, GawainAF.png)


Again, I don't think it's the nip's fault, it's the US branch of Sony's fault. During the early years of the Vita nips continued to make exclusives for PSP and US translators just did not support any of them because Sony pushed the Vita in the west fucking hard. This is evident by the fact Fate/Extra the prequel was translated just fine when it was released earlier in the PSP lifecycle.

7811ee No.14794863

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


We need a Yoshi's Island hack where the baby cries at random intervals and perpetually gets LOUDER.

6bff07 No.14795077


I bet you the filthy Marxist rat is sitting on the project out of spite so no other team will pick it up.

e1992f No.14795099


Can't other translators just start from scratch?

6bff07 No.14795118


As far as I understand it the "polite" thing to do in the community is not to start work on a project is someone else called dibs on it. It's why that lazy shit Aeon Genesis is such cancer, he'll pick up a dozen different games and then sit on them for years on end.

1ba4f3 No.14795131


What happens if someone does start working on a game that's already been called? Do they get blacklisted from the community or something?

48ae83 No.14795153


I assume so. There will be people doing everyting they can't fuck his shit up, especially the first translator and his retarded followers. It's probably like the Cartel. Remember how nyaa.si tried to take a joke made by pantsu and say pantsu was full anti-semitic bigots?

e1992f No.14795164


>Do they get blacklisted from the community or something?

What would that even accomplish?

1ba4f3 No.14795188


>Remember how nyaa.si tried to take a joke made by pantsu and say pantsu was full anti-semitic bigots?

I hadn't heard about that. I've got to stop using .si


I assume it would make it harder to find a programmer to work with.

dce9d8 No.14795196


> Do they get blacklisted from the community or something?

I remember Gideon Zhi getting assmad about a group releasing Mystic Ark before him on September 11 so he conveniently released his own translation in the same month on the 26th.



How exactly? Is that actually a thing that happens for fucking fan translations? Why the fuck are they called nyaa.si then, are goons fucking retarded?

6bff07 No.14795203


>Is that actually a thing that happens for fucking fan translations

The whole scene is filled with attention whoring drama queens. They can't exactly stop you from working on other projects but they can make your life miserable.

dce9d8 No.14795214


I could buy that after seeing the shit on the Fire Emblem Serenes forums.

8e418a No.14795243

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Thankfully people have started translating games AG got dibs on because they know he's an incompetent worthless fuck.

48ae83 No.14795264


>I hadn't heard about that. I've got to stop using .si

It happened early on when both sites went up. Someone at .si, who is likely and SJW goon, saw an off color joke made by someone at pantsu, and decided to use it to everyone not to use pantsu because racism. That's why everyone considers .si to be part of the Cartel.

48ae83 No.14795275


>Why the fuck are they called nyaa.si then, are goons fucking retarded?

Yes. It's hilarious how the SJW website is called Nazi.

91acd6 No.14795321

File: 72593091f899188⋯.png (19.8 KB, 1895x913, 1895:913, e375a3e623afde68cd50a466ff….png)

Is the translation of Dai Gyakuten Saiban finally done? Last I heard, it was just the first case.


Is there a romhack that makes TTYD fun?


>Link's Awakening quality of life hack. Essential for the game IMO.

Really? I mean, sure, the improvements are nice and all, but the game's fucking phenomenal even without them. Certainly the best in the series.

23bd12 No.14795406


I'm not forgiving that stupid meme references nonsense but the FF6 editor is pretty easy to use so you can swap the text if you're so inclined. I changed a few things in Brave New World myself, mostly retouching the character sprites to my personal taste.

1ba4f3 No.14797042


>I remember Gideon Zhi getting assmad about a group releasing Mystic Ark before him on September 11 so he conveniently released his own translation in the same month on the 26th.

Was he just sitting on his translation and putting off it's release to milk attention or something?

747d60 No.14797119


Speaking of which, the fucker announced yet ANOTHER project recently with Hero Chronicle. Betting it's going to just rot on that backburner like most everything else has.


>I remember Gideon Zhi getting assmad about a group releasing Mystic Ark before him on September 11 so he conveniently released his own translation in the same month on the 26th.

Dynamic Designs, I assume? Actually been wondering about how both patches compare, as it's a game I've been meaning to play myself.


Usually a game will only see one group work on it, I suppose because it's considered to "fill the niche" and that the other group's time might be better spent translation something no one else is working on. Occasionally though, a game will see multiple patches, sometimes due to part of a team breaking off from a main group they consider too slow, or other times just because some people think alike and picked the same game on their own.

0dd8f0 No.14797124

Paper Mario Pro Mode

Super Mario RPG Armageddon


a3ae5f No.14797222

File: cbd6d2c2fa90bd1⋯.png (178.87 KB, 500x374, 250:187, c3bb8f1a05ada04d82cbe09461….png)


>TTYD ROM hack

>no changes to the game's incredibly low difficulty

864caf No.14797368


>Was he just sitting on his translation and putting off it's release to milk attention or something?

That's all he does all the fucking time, why do you think he did that?

114f23 No.14797464

File: 53e419968cfb2cb⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, foreshadow.png)

File: 240ee8b5f9e1f19⋯.jpg (66.05 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 72437241.jpg)

>Castlevania SOTN romhack that ports all the extra item and content to the superior PS1 version

>Never ever


>Like Metroid 2

But it already exists! Not as a hack, though.


>Mega Man X3 hack that let's you play as Zero fully, like X4

I'd say is even better than X4 since you can change character in the middle of the stage if needed, unlike X4 or any X game except X8. The ability of selecting either Zero or X in the maverick select screen was introduced in X5.

39948b No.14797654

I once made a hack for ALttP that made Link's hair blond instead of the aposmatic fuchsia it normally is when I was something like 12

23cf35 No.14797815

File: 0a274d7a75eb7ee⋯.png (554.79 KB, 2700x8028, 75:223, EVO chart.png)

71c8ed No.14797836

File: 80963010e52a4fb⋯.jpg (134.06 KB, 640x565, 128:113, 50380_front.jpg)

Phantasy Star: the old official translation was a mess, the SMS Power! retranslation is far more faithful and has the superior FM soundtrack.

847ed4 No.14797844

>Breath of Fire II re-translation patch:


If you know anything about shitty translations, you probably know about this game.

>Secret of Evermore rebalancing patch



0b7471 No.14797919


What a trip. All this time I never knew there even was a prequel.

06ad44 No.14797926

File: 6d851824c212fad⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 2448x1377, 16:9, before.jpg)

File: 6cdeb5508547d5f⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 2448x1377, 16:9, after.jpg)

Xenoblade Chronicles has a recommended HD texture pack with redone character portraits, and several sets of button prompts to swap in whatever input you're using. Unless you're using a real Wiimote with your PC, although I don't know why you would for this specific game.

7d6bce No.14797957

File: e9ddae175d57c9b⋯.jpg (7.26 KB, 250x345, 50:69, DaleGribble.jpg)


Shame it doesn't adjust the absurd encounter rate. Holy damn. No patch can be perfect I suppose.

6a06c1 No.14797971

File: 0113d26352ff38d⋯.png (866.17 KB, 5536x6272, 173:196, 1525068554573.png)

https://github.com/TheFakeMateo/RedPlusPlus is Polished Crystal but for Red.

7f7504 No.14798027

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Should have played deeper anon, there is so much attention to detail to be seen later on and stuff like pokemon adventures manga trainers that you can fight. My personal favorite moment was walking into Lugia's chamber on whirl islands and be hit right into the fucking face with a faithful remix of power of one quietly start to play. Just the song, no shitty extra dialogue or animations, just you staring the bird down while this plays. Made me freeze up for like three minutes to just listen and think.

f339f7 No.14798080

>TYD hack.

It better change Rawk Hawk's name to Hawk Hogan like in the Spanish version.

>inb4 "jabanese berzion is golden hawk :DDD"

Golden Hawk is lame. Hawkamania for the win.

2cc2ab No.14800233

I'm looking for some Gen 4 and 5 Pokemon hacks. I'd like anons to give recommendations and pros and cons of the hack

d72e60 No.14800425


Check out Spirit Gold and BlazeBlack/VoltWhite

b0dc05 No.14800445

File: 5bda8ea4f691b14⋯.webm (4.12 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, paper mario viking funera….webm)


It does if you use the Extra Mod

2cc2ab No.14800717


Good man

b0dc05 No.14802998

File: c85208cbd0464a3⋯.png (8.51 KB, 211x239, 211:239, bowser smw.png)

File: 0bf71bf784e7401⋯.png (3.83 KB, 256x224, 8:7, 2778screenshot1.png)

File: 089382c699fa648⋯.png (9.3 KB, 256x224, 8:7, 2778screenshot2.png)



I'd suggest Super Mario All-Stars+Super Mario World Redux instead. It changes the colors of Yoshi's arms to the body color of the Yoshi you're on and makes Bowser's sprite match how he usually looks. Yoshi can eat dolphins again. It also fixes typos in SMB2 and makes Mario and Luigi's hands in SMB3 white.


cca290 No.14803046

File: 7be59f780c38888⋯.jpg (180.77 KB, 318x488, 159:244, 7be.jpg)

>thousand year door +

>restoring references to Vivian being a tranny


413008 No.14803071

File: 771a1569c141707⋯.png (472.63 KB, 1055x720, 211:144, 1377485749769.png)


>>Thousand-Year Door+

Does this work on an Wii or only with an emulator?

8cae22 No.14803083

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's a tiny edit of like, two values, but the romhack that removes the outlines from Pokemon Sun/Moon makes the game look a hundred times better.

b0dc05 No.14803142


>Does this work on an Wii

From what I remember in the threads Griscuit made, the answer is yes.

f48d30 No.14803330

File: df9750b1ec02ffb⋯.jpg (251.59 KB, 728x728, 1:1, df9750b1ec02ffb846fb5c10d9….jpg)


>Vivian gets constante bullied for being a queerbag in both Japanese and Spanish versions, being portrayed as typical mentally unstable, incompetent and crybaby crossdresser.

>While in (((burger))) version you just have to admit "she" is a "girl" like the good little goy you are, even though "she" still behaveds like a tranny, otherwise you are a bigot.

Also reminder Bombard is best companion.

e1992f No.14803436

File: e83a6a151e1515e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 9.1 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 493466_Noill_Paper_Mario_S….png)

File: 38a9ce01c7ac889⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.15 KB, 443x746, 443:746, 936431_Noill_Paper_Mario_V….jpg)

File: c3772275c6a59ed⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 222.2 KB, 1600x1382, 800:691, 1468098022399-0.jpeg)

File: b6b64c3c6e1f10e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 256.97 KB, 800x1110, 80:111, 任天堂落書き_p8.png)

File: 4826140f9d34dae⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 283.13 KB, 998x1200, 499:600, 任天堂落書き_p9.png)


there's nothing wrong with liking r63 vivian

a0b720 No.14803440

File: d2303d039e440c3⋯.jpg (30.59 KB, 306x392, 153:196, 3DAB870500000578-4260060-i….jpg)


Reminder you are jacking off to gayniggers. You are just in denial.

da5b21 No.14803498



I'm not sure if this patch does adjust the encounter rate, but it gets rid of the massive grinding which also helps.

413008 No.14803693


> Spanish versions,

Are spanish localizations generally less pozzed?

f2d32e No.14803778


>Needing to grind in BoF 2

I bet you use nothing but regular attacks.

761e1b No.14803832

File: ec9d23ae0f8b898⋯.gif (2.27 MB, 300x332, 75:83, f5e746a8f94d296857ff9b38bd….gif)


>Super Mario Land 2 DX

>Removed lag

Woah, what?

32c699 No.14803834

48ae83 No.14803869


Not sure, but it's what I've heard. I believe they don't tolerate as much SJW shit because they take shit like Latinx as an insult to their language.

e621e7 No.14803905

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

In no particular order:

Andy's Adventure - a modified campaign for Advance Wars 2 that takes the piss at everything related to both game and AW community alike

Anything XenesisXenon makes - not really a single romhack but this guy has made the Advance Wars games his total bitches by being able to edit in and out features, such as infinite COs, pre-submerged submarines, an actual time-limit for LAN parties, Forces in AW2 and more

Simpsons Hit and Run Multiplayer Mod by Donutteam and Donut Mod - absolutely fantastic, they take SH&R and make it an even funnier experience, really stable multi too

Sonic Robo Blast 2 - THE Sonic fangame, it's basically a Doom Wad where you actually get to play a functional 3D Sonic, fully moddable and customizable with plenty of extra characters, it's even got a capture the flag mode

Mario Kart Wii - not plugging in a specific mod but there's like a billion custom tracks, don't know what the editor is called like but it's amazing what autists can do

C&C Generals Rise of the Reds - adds "Russia" and the EU as countries in C&C Generals and tweaks some gameplay issues as well as adding some legacy units

Rhye's and Fall - A Civilization 4 mod that makes the game actually historically accurate for once and lets you play any relevant nation in the recorded time slot whence it was active. It's got a stability mechanic, so that you may see civil wars or even parts of your country breaking up if you don't pay attention to them, specific regional cultures (so that conquering Rome as the Spanish doesn't immediately flip the population to your own), Historic Victory conditions that see you try to recreate the accomplishments of the single civ you're playing as as well as try and do what they couldn't (i.e. have Rome never fall to barbarians, or make Germany win the world wars) and plenty of other cool shit like special Modern times wonders

d72e60 No.14803916


I recently played this hack with the translation patch and I recommend it; not having half the roster be useless is really something, and Ryu actually gets good spells to use if you don't like spamming dragons.

90c5ef No.14803928

File: eec8f4b0c43b605⋯.png (19.7 KB, 586x448, 293:224, Bare Knuckle III (Japan)-1….png)

File: e4a513702d48d86⋯.png (12.43 KB, 586x448, 293:224, Bare Knuckle II - Shitou h….png)

File: 74b4c324f86384a⋯.png (31.78 KB, 586x448, 293:224, Bare Knuckle - Ikari no Te….png)


>streets of rage hacks

The japanese versions have english menus. Why not just play them?

Here's pics from the japanese version of each game.

19f3ea No.14804124


Funny story about that. My friend (who is a professional at Japanese and teaches it as his job) contacted them one or two years back about working with them on the CCC project. Dead silence on their end for months – they had only contacted him after an absurdly long time. My friend decided not to bother assisting them because not replying to a message on a project – especially an offer to help – for months on end didn't exactly bode well for him. The people running that CCC project are absolute shams.

61196a No.14804137

>tfw you are a Falcom fan

>no translation for Brandish Renewal 1, 3 and 4/VT

>no translation for The Legend of Xanadu I & II

>no translation for The Legend of Heroes II

>no retranslation for the Gagharv trilogy

>no translation for Dinosaur/resurrection

6bff07 No.14804141


>and the EU

But the GLA is already in the game.

1e7085 No.14804161

There's a translation of the Nipponese version of Mega Man Battle Network 6 to restore a lot of content cut in the English version. It also adds ways around event/dongle only shit and stuff that required multiplayer to do.


Apparently, thanks to the game supporting the wireless adapter, VBA-M is able to warp pipe it into online multiplayer.

1e7085 No.14804197

File: f2a3f1cea180d19⋯.png (18.05 KB, 256x224, 8:7, Breath of Fire 2 Retransla….png)

File: ef2abce59b3b935⋯.png (24.03 KB, 256x224, 8:7, Breath of Fire 2 Retransla….png)

File: cb67b7549fb3396⋯.png (18.24 KB, 256x224, 8:7, Breath of Fire 2 Retransla….png)

File: 01a8c019c3de7d7⋯.png (14.48 KB, 256x224, 8:7, Breath of Fire 2 Retransla….png)



Definitely stack this on if you're going to play the retranslation. It doesn't make the gameplay super awesome, and there are plenty of stupid flaws this doesn't fix (most of the Shamans can't be obtained till almost the end of the game and characters still lose their abilities in them) but it's a huge improvement. Mushroom girl Aspara is god tier in this hack, only held back by lowish MP and high spell costs.




a0b720 No.14804476


PAL European versions in general are less POZed than burger versions, as ironic as it may sound.

5cccb7 No.14804682

File: 59ceabb8bfd8c92⋯.jpg (217.17 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1b9c7ce4a2e5f21659e08416c0….jpg)


Oh hell yes they are, and because spanish is such a barbaric language most of the time you get insults or swearing even in fucking mario games aimed at toddlers, for example whenever a character says damn/dang or something like that it often gets translated as mierda/carajo/coño (shit/fuck/cunt) because these words although tecnically swear words, have no such stigma over there because everyone, even 5 year olds, use them, gay/tranny bashing is also very common no matter what kind of game it is, if they ever demean a character these madmen translate it wonderfully, comparing him to an homo or a woman (if it's a male and a coward) or outright calling him girly if said character looks even remotely feminine.

Nathan drake swears like a fucking sailor in the spanish translation and both link and kirby have been called girly in a very rude way ("afeminado" which roughly means "faggy").

3cd256 No.14804699


Looking at that pokemon map got me nostalgic and a bit teary eyed, wtf is wrong with me? How old did I get

0a895f No.14804753

File: e3cd4e315c740e9⋯.jpg (383.61 KB, 1902x2048, 951:1024, e3cd4e315c740e9232fa80aba6….jpg)


>capture all 251* pokemon!

*does not let you capture all 251 pokemon from Gen I and II

For all it's improvements there's a big fucking glaring problem. Though they are fixing it in the 3.0 patch to include the rest of the Gen II pokemon. But also making even more changes by say, making Sunflora a Fire/Grass type

519134 No.14804766

I remember a long ass time ago getting a flash cart of Link's Awakening that had 4 button support for the Super Game Boy. Wouldn't know it was called or if the rom ever got dumped though.

f48d30 No.14805928

File: 6a563c7889abc39⋯.jpg (8.47 KB, 256x166, 128:83, fistro pekadorrl.jpg)


Wait, when did Mario characters actually swear? The only "swear" I have seen was in TTYD is when the old looking witch calls Vivian "damned" (condenado) after he gets lost on the spooky village where you fight Doopliss. Also, in the Yugioh World Championship 2011 Edition for DS this character said "coñazo" (pain in the ass; although it literally translates to "big cunt/pussy/vagina") and called another character "niño de teta" (It means momma's boy, but literally translates to "tit child").

Please enlighten me more on Spaniard localization.

t. Spaniard.

90c5ef No.14806281



Contemporaneous liberalism is an american export. These past few years europe embraced it though.

Games being pozzed is the standard because the entire gaming industry is situated in the US.

c044a7 No.14806386


>Is the translation of Dai Gyakuten Saiban finally done?

Last I checked, the first two cases are done, third one is on the way

90c5ef No.14807282

Is there a hack that translates the japanese text of the japanese version of killer7?

The eurocuck and amerilard versions are censored.

0dcf36 No.14807390


They've been working on the third case for a long ass time then. Hell, you can find a fully translated No commentated longplay series of DGS on Youtube last I checked. Then again, I assume they didn't translate all of the press events and the like and just straight translated what you need to choose to continue the story.

bc88da No.14809419


Spanish speaker here. I played all the Mario games in Spanish when possible. They never swear a single time in any game. These are fake news.

b86b33 No.14810008


How so?

56a0d9 No.14810026


t. the only experience I have with the spanish language is the illegal tacos that stole my car

e621e7 No.14810776

File: 5f709b70f593acc⋯.jpg (165.52 KB, 944x1121, 16:19, 5f709b70f593acc9f30f85ec7e….jpg)

Say, other than Romhacking.net, are there any other resources to learn game hacking, game modding, reverse engineering and all that jazz?

5763f0 No.14810794



not that anon but what i took from it was that, it would be nice to have a list of valid attempts at optimizing games even further than the original.

747d60 No.14810807


GBAtemp seems to have subdivisions of at least some system forums specific to things like homebrew and game hacking (Fan-translations also being group in the jurisdiction). Might still be a crapshoot though, unless you make an account and ask for something specific (and I'm not big on namefag communities after twelve or so years of lurking anonymous imageboards).

6a06c1 No.14813438

File: 0cbd73c4749d0f4⋯.png (22.51 KB, 576x544, 18:17, 1525823837921.png)


df2a04 No.14813818


>makes it playable

By adding content out of thin air or making it easier than it already is?

823831 No.14813827

Xenosaga uncensored?

5b7c45 No.14814029


Is this loss?

d72e60 No.14814051


Just play the original version :^)

360105 No.14814252


Play the undub.

823831 No.14814316


does it remove the censorship?

fa0931 No.14814359


Do you know what the censorship even is or did you just hear about it from one of your butt buddies?

8fc246 No.14814440


I believe he's referring to the Albedo self-mutilation/Kirschwasser torture/MOMO molesting sequences, which were pretty drastically toned down for the western release.

fa0931 No.14814491

File: f27ef1d56f2d2eb⋯.webm (759.13 KB, 480x360, 4:3, grabbler.webm)



If he just downloaded it he could have read the readme himself.

0b7471 No.14814508


"afeminado" is a clear cognate with "effeminate", big difference in tone from "faggy", I should thing.

5b7c45 No.14816029


329eb9 No.14821837

File: a08d35e662dcca0⋯.png (24.83 KB, 256x224, 8:7, 2ahcj2b.png)

File: 50c03d3c0979ccc⋯.png (13.18 KB, 256x224, 8:7, b3sk9h.png)

File: 5b427a7c5e9413c⋯.png (11.81 KB, 256x224, 8:7, tam2av.png)

File: 6851d8c69ac8fee⋯.png (35.77 KB, 500x280, 25:14, Final_Dungeon_Room_large.png)

One of my favorites is Maternalbound.


It's really just an uncensoring\ mistranslation fix hack for earthbound/mother 2 to make it more similar to its Japanese counterpart (NOA made a lot of changes to the western release), but it also adds some minor content like the missing npcs in Threed (third pic related) and changing the starman juniors color palette to be pink to line up with how the starman junior looks in the first Mother game. If you want a vastly enhanced version of Earthbound/Mother 2, I would recommend Mother 2 Deluxe.


>It’s only a completely uncensored, back to the Japanese text, completely reprogrammed in a bajillion ways, redrawn and palletted enemies, new enemy sprites, new colored maps, difficulty way increased, new items added, psi animations changed, new psi added, enemies much more difficult, and a BILLION other things done Earthbound!

Haven't played much of M2DX due to the game softlocking when you use the fly honey on master belch, but it seems to be fixed as of the latest version. Also the romhacks developer is working on a new final dungeon. Last pic related.

41a1fb No.14823366



d19e5a No.14825829

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


d19e5a No.14830877

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

206883 No.14830938


One of the pantsu devs used (((echoes))) and got labelled as a nazi by the cartel, and faggots like Xythar went out of their way to tell sub groups to avoid pantsu.

19f3ea No.14833798

I'm guessing the Fire Emblem Fates retranslation patch never came to fruition? Shame.

87bdc3 No.14834035

I think F-Zero GX Unleashed should get a mention here.

87bdc3 No.14834058

File: 1f92cbfa95d250e⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1378x1080, 689:540, dog in a tank.png)


People need to put more attention in the Italian modding community. This might look shit tier, but many slav-made vidyastuff looked like ass too while being cool as fuck.

e67841 No.14841223



Reading through the Polished Crystal website, I'm not sure if I should play either

>• Type-enhancing items raise by 20%, not 10%.

>• Rock Smash has 75 power.

>• Fly has 100% accuracy.

>• Cure poison when it reaches 1 HP outside a battle.

>• Unlimited-use TMs.

Unnecessary OP babyfication.

>• Removed: Spearow, Fearow, Lickitung, Goldeen, Seaking, Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff, Shuckle, Aipom, Stantler, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Smoochum, and Delibird. (I miss them too. :( )

Removing obnoxious and bad Pokémon is a good idea, however it makes Nuzlockes less of a challenge.

>• Falkner is in Dark Cave, encouraging you to beat Sprout Tower first.

Unnecessary but not that important.

>• Restored original Japanese sprites for Beauty, Fisher, Medium, Sage, and Swimmer♀.

>• Move stats include type, category, power, and accuracy.

>• Fast text by default.

That's nice.

d19e5a No.14841298


The Italian gaming world is a barren, desolate wasteland of FIFA, furfag TF2 mods and whatever latest cinematic experience or dweeb anime fighter there is. At least at some point we had point and click adventure games or even those edgy Grezzo games. On the other hand, slavs are much more into DIY gaming experiences, so they get to have better stuff.


Is there even a point in playing Pokèmon games so much if half of them is luck and the other half is just extremely easy in the single player mode?

>ywn have a moddable Pokèmon TCG online

81c4ad No.14841574


What about the Spaniard gaming world?

>inb4 FurFun.

0d1950 No.14841711


No this is comfy.

9c9f3b No.14841727

File: 243ff2257228bad⋯.jpg (121.78 KB, 600x923, 600:923, vaporwave samus.jpg)

AM2R is actually being fanpatched since it was cancelled. A lot of bugs were removed, new gamemodes have been added, inproved options and controls an a fuckton of things more. If you wanna play AM2R, I highly recommend downloading the patch, improves the game on just those little bits.

17b535 No.14841729


When you think about it Pokemon really is the proto walking simulator.

d19e5a No.14843327

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


How the hell should I know? Being from a Mediterranean country doesn't mean knowing all of them.


It is though, half the gameplay is repetitive and the only satisfaction you get is from filling quotas or imposing challenges on yourself rather than getting challenged by the game.

2f318e No.14843432


Didn't they make Severance: Blade of Darkness and that SRPG for the Gameboy featuring Napoleon? That's about all the games I can recall that were made in Spain. Oh, one of the autist working on the RE4 HD project is from Spain.

38b16f No.14843447

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



I hope this updated version still has the PUA /pol/tard goomba who hates racemixing and gays

35d051 No.14843449



Locomalito (Hydorah, Maldita Castilla, Curse of Issyos) is from Spain.

17b535 No.14843451


Curse of Issyos is a good game.

740b94 No.14843452


Stop shilling your thousand year door romhack here faggot. No one cares.

2f318e No.14843487

File: 6c66ea4a29aa0ce⋯.jpg (43.48 KB, 640x299, 640:299, jagged alliance bia.jpg)

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action was one of the many attempts to recapture the glory of Jagged Alliance 2, and is likely the least broken and buggy of them all, but also the least ambitious. The base game, fully patched, still had a shitload of broken mechanics making stealth almost impossible, many mercs pointless to use and weapons that were severely unbalance (either under or overpowered).

The Realistic Rebalancing Mod fixes a lot of bugs and typos, rewrites some confusing descriptions, completely rebalances all weapons, makes stealth viable and turns what was a mediocre, frustrating game to play into a pretty fun experience. If you wanted to play something similar to 7.62, but without all the autism and bugs, this is the game for you. With the mod I'm actually willing to recommend a playthrough of it and the standalone expansion for anyone wanting to scratch that tactical itch.

Also, go play Jagged Alliance 2 mods, even the vanilla ones are great.

35d051 No.14843538


I was actually playing it today (and got up to the 4th stage until I had to go to work). Having beaten Maldita Castilla EX recently with the bad ending , Curse of Issyos feels kinda easier by comparisson, but it's quite fun nonetheless.


I do

ce18cb No.14845074

File: 28537aa7c5e3fdc⋯.png (60.27 KB, 791x662, 791:662, ms.PNG)

Anyone knows if there's a guide for polished crystal's content? I am using 2.2.0 and I've found a sea barrier in here (among other places that should have new areas) and all these trainers missing. Is that pic in the op just what they plan to add on future releases?

58f60f No.14845177


yes, hard to get people to except SJ when they're catholic





mira, hijo de la gran puta

dab028 No.14845228


>Removed best bird

Its shit.

6ec523 No.14845254


Vouching for that, i finished the game twice before i found out about that mod, and goddamn it made the game turn into something else.

I liked the winter sequel, dunno why they stopped and made JA online, should have kept making SP games.

d5a3c1 No.14845278


Been living in nipland for about six years now. They honestly believe that we don't understand these games. They are so far disconnected from any market that is not asia it is astounding. I've been asked if we have convenience stores like their Japanese store 7-11 back in the US. And this is by young(er) people too.

2432d9 No.14845654


Those earlier bits are modernization with the current Pokemon games. I'll agree with you on TMs and Poison, but the rest of the stuff really doesn't matter. Type enhancing item aren't that good anyways, and the same with both moves you listed. The Pokemon were removed due to data restrictions but once it's figured out how to add more than 255 Pokemon (which requires rewriting how Pokemon are stored) they should be readded. Same with moves.


2.2 is wildly outdated, you have to use 3.0 for the current new stuff.

a1ef83 No.14845686


>7-11 is owned by a Japanese corporation

Fuck, I never knew that

ce18cb No.14846078

File: 8c4220b025a31c4⋯.jpg (57.63 KB, 351x351, 1:1, 8c4220b025a31c471639023adb….jpg)


I spent 5 hours playing 2.2 yesterday and save files arent compatible, so that's good

66f31b No.14846098


Lots of companies in the west are ran by nips. I mean they have a fucking stranglehold on beer in leafland that isn't Molson or Labatt.

6a06c1 No.14846110


Try saving in a Pokemon Center. That seems to be the standard for upgrading ROM hacks.

747d60 No.14846220


I've heard you can preorder video games at fucking 7-11s in Japan.

6a06c1 No.14853246


660593 No.14853970


this, if you want lots of additions and things you might as well be playing HGSS, otherwise just get Perfect


>I doubt it can really be part of the original vision for the game

the question that you should be asking is whether it fits with the new version, not the original, as the two are quite different. Consider that Shoji Meguro was the composer and director for Persona PSP and also did some of the composition for the PSX version. I think if anyone knows what fits with the "vision" for the new version, it is him.


Does that actually work on the 3DS? I've seen lots of people use it on youtube with citra but there's always some slowdown and glitchy effects when they do.

629f4c No.14854637


I think 7 11s in the west carry some AAA games.

747d60 No.14857558



As an update, it seems like that translation group's site is no longer coming up as untrusted, at least in my browser. Still no progress reports on anything since January though.


There's not a whole lot of them around where I live (though they're still more prevalent than, say, Valero), and I honestly haven't been in one in quite a while. I will say though that I have come across shovelware at Circle Ks, and I don't just mean in those redbox rental kiosks, but I don't think you can preorder games at them.

feed39 No.14857594


>none of the male party members react negatively to the whole idea of being mistaken for gay

This is some Bioware-tier writing, holy fuck, people actually enjoy this game? I played it once and I remember one of them even having a wife at one point.

3f1af3 No.14860678


Mother 2 Deluxe seems really great, but I'm too retarded to figure out how to use this Earthbound Patcher shit.

>download the ".ebp" file to patch the game with

>this requires "EBPatcher" to use, so I download that

>EBPatcher requires me to download Python 3.2 and a module called "PyQt4"

>download all of that

>the readme text from each of these 5 things does not explain how to do any of this very clearly at all

>EBPatcher says it's supposed to auto-detect the patch

>every time I open any of these things in Python, they get some kind of varying error messages that I can't even read because it just closes instantly

help would be appreciated, kind anons

9504ad No.14861025


They used to sell games during the end of the ps2/start of the ps3 era, but the ones i saw didnt have AAA games, more like obscure schlock like leasure suit larry on the ps3, and steambot chronicles.

e2afc6 No.14861525

File: 38af0d0343ae970⋯.png (49.16 KB, 180x185, 36:37, 180px-Foreman_Spike_(Mario….png)


>Wrecking Crew 98 english patch

<It breaks after you beat the kike

641b8b No.14861614


It does, makes the game run better too.

3f1af3 No.14862663


Nevermind, disregard that, I managed to find the actual Earthbound Patcher program after some digging. I now have applied the patch and am playing Mother 2 Deluxe

dfe682 No.14862668


Is this version worth playing over the ps2 version?

1ba4f3 No.14862702


Yes because you can save anywhere in that version. You can only save at save points in the PS2 version.

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