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File: 58c3e3d703dc20d⋯.jpg (225.83 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, a83abdc15f38a9732f5f52db2f….jpg)

File: 277bb1ab9469f29⋯.png (616.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5e0a2a6e0d6d899b65a4511a17….png)

File: 2dc507e006b0c07⋯.png (686.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 9b6ca7a9f4a6309acb2cac1a35….png)

File: 0bc52572314873a⋯.jpg (4.67 MB, 4961x3508, 4961:3508, 64035328_p0.jpg)

File: 161c6c7c31d734f⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 3508x4961, 3508:4961, 64203385_p0.jpg)

7d9722 No.14793408

634e19 No.14793412

…That's it? I thought it was a huge success.

d78883 No.14793418


>persona 5 sold 2.2 million

<persona 5 shipped 2.2 million

It's in the article's name you fucking clickbait faggot.

It probably sold far less copies since Atlus was only willing to give the shipped numbers instead of the actual sales numbers.

.t Connor

029666 No.14793441

Thats not really much

ba0ade No.14793451

As shit as FFXV was it took a big piss on Persona 5 sales wise. I fucking hate this timeline.

d5ea09 No.14793453

did it make a profit?

209aa6 No.14793472


isnt that a huge success?

c30aea No.14793484


Why? Both are equal trash, but at FF15 has good music at least.

aafd76 No.14793490

File: 831c306694eb5c6⋯.png (364.58 KB, 968x1401, 968:1401, ClipboardImage.png)

Are there accurate numbers for the other entries? All I find is VGChartz and a Sega report that states that the entire Persona franchise together has sold 8.5 million. and of course it's outsold SMT, because fuck you.

Pic related is VGChartz, since that seems like the best I could find.

It does seem like the consensus is that Persona 5 is the best selling one so far, which pretty much means all future games will be like this one. There go any hopes of it being good ever again.

9ba94e No.14793491

File: 03df46da0cf3419⋯.jpg (8.51 MB, 4288x3216, 4:3, P5 Makoto ass.jpg)


Well, it is the best-selling Atlus game to date. They're not a AAA company, after all.

beb799 No.14793507

File: d3df6f9e692fdb7⋯.mp4 (740.77 KB, 326x326, 1:1, mildy_perturbed_sponge.mp4)


How many times do I have to explain this to you illiterate niggers? Shipped means they've already made their money. They get their money when the copies ship out. It's up to the retailer to move those copies and make their cut by moving enough of the inventory. Which if a series that usually sells less than half a million has shipped over 2 million copies, means they've made more money than they've ever hoped it would.

The only time shipped means nothing is when it's a massive budget title like Mass Defect or Battlefieldfront 2 where the initial shipment won't let them make their money back so they're actually counting on retailers selling through their initial shipment in order to really start profiting off the second (or god forbid third wave) of shipment.

e2196c No.14793511


they didnt pay a gaying localization team, so thats a yes.

d78883 No.14793520


Still clickbait faggot. Don't make excuses for that shitty practice.

ae528a No.14793553


Are you retarded?

de6d9c No.14793576

>Shit game sells well because its Japanese

Woah, amazing

ee0b68 No.14793830

File: c9cc3f034bc88df⋯.jpg (259.06 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, ClbFcwzVEAEmb2r.jpg)


You retard, we're interested in how many people were legitimately interested in the product. "Shipped" doesn't tell you that as retailers regularly take it up the ass. Successfully scamming retailers doesn't mean a game has a healthy future ahead of it.

690080 No.14794064

>filter all the goons butthurt P5 didn't get (((localized)))

>only 5 posts in thread

I love how angry this game's success makes people.

e073ab No.14794108


Aside from it pissing off goons, is it a good game? I've played through Persona 1 and the both of 2 and I enjoyed those.

19b3b9 No.14794146


P5 is what P4 and, to an extent, P3 should have been. Don't expect P1 or P2 though, with the 3rd and it's succesors Atlus took the series on a very different direction.

690080 No.14794155


5 is more like those than 3 and 4 are, so I'd say it's worth trying out. Keep in mind though that in 3, 4 and 5 only the main protagonist has the 'Wild Card' ability, i.e. Persona switching.

aafd76 No.14794173


It has the waifufaggotry from 3 and 4, but somehow the characters are even less likeable. And that'd be fine enough if the actual party itself wasn't obnoxious as shit, but they sound like they were written by some edgy 13 year old, since their most common insult towards the villains of the game is "Rotten adults."

The aesthetic is pretty nice, the music is solid, though 3's OST was way better and even 4 had more memorable songs. Dungeons do vary as well. I personally prefer 3's, but 5 had some pretty fun ones, and the battle system itself is really fun. The lack of localization is a great fucking sign, and frankly, the only good thing about the game's writing. Just a shame that it was wasted on such shit writing and such a shit story.

e073ab No.14794186




Alright noted, P3P is on my list as well so I might check it out first and see whats up with that, if I like that I'll what I'll do. I'm more used to the mainline SMT games though like Nocturne, Strange Journey and DDS.

204f04 No.14794190


Just so I can get a sense of your tastes what would you say has good writing?

3a9b13 No.14794218


Good for Fatlus

690080 No.14794222


Don't go in expecting every boss to be on the level of shit like Gabriel, Lucifer, Captain Jack etc.

Persona games since 3 are 'easy' by SMT standards, but if you don't mind a more laid-back experience you should like at least one of them.

79b69b No.14794223

File: 382751c0b7281b5⋯.jpg (74.14 KB, 650x623, 650:623, 1496981806407.jpg)

I want to fug Yusuke.

aafd76 No.14794236


While far from ideal, I think that Persona 3 had a way better cast, and it's a better place of comparison. Only Fuuka is really obnoxious in that game, and while Junpei starts as an obnoxious faggot, he actually has a bit of an arc to him.

Persona 5's cast is more one dimentional than 3 and even 4's. They're all obnoxiously whiny, despite promises that this would be more adult than 3 and 4. Then there's fucking Futaba, who's a literal asspull in character form. They wrote themselves into a wall? Futaba can pull something out of her ass because she's a l33t hax00r. And the rest of the cast is pretty useless, then.

The story itself is also told in a pretty stupid fashion, where 85% of the game is a flashback, and that defeats a lot of the plot twists that could have come.

There's also that one part where MC supposedly dies, and it might have just been the way the story was structured, but it was fucking obvious that he wasn't actually going to die, to the point where it was unnecessary.

97069c No.14794241


>every game store and toy store has shelves riddled with copies of P5.

how likely do you think that is?

663284 No.14794244

File: 484d3501882b849⋯.jpg (331.31 KB, 560x560, 1:1, Hypergay.jpg)

e073ab No.14794295


>but if you don't mind a more laid-back experience you should like at least one of them.

Alright. What I've seen from 3 looks good so I don't worry too much about it pissing me off.

85913f No.14794393


>we're interested in how many people were legitimately interested in the product

Who are "you"? Why are you interested in the amount of sales of a product

beb799 No.14794441

File: 40cd98034df5002⋯.png (189.33 KB, 1000x963, 1000:963, 74b171de5ae210a15894c17bde….png)


What? Do you think Persona 5 only actually sold 400,000 copies like previous entries and there's now 1.8 million copies rotting in $10 Walmart bins? That's simply not the case and you know it

I think it's funny that you bring up Stillborn because this is a nice example of the polar opposite situation. Stillborn shipped millions of units initially because the hubris of the publisher lead them to believe they had a big hit on their hands. But Persona 5 started with small shipments so the fact that they've done more shipments to the point where they've hit 2.2 million units shipped and the game is still retailing at full price is an indication of success, not failure.

0fd3d2 No.14794458

File: 9e7b28401e8f255⋯.png (98.36 KB, 804x827, 804:827, 9e7b28401e8f25522309b2b665….png)

>Relatively niche JRPG probably made on a relatively tame budget ships 2.2 million units


Never change, goons. This game was a success because you faggots didn't get your filthy little mitts on it to censor out all the fun shit. Go die in a fire.

beb799 No.14794470

File: d429c38717e2abc⋯.jpg (125.29 KB, 502x708, 251:354, __morgana_and_niijima_mako….jpg)

File: 10a86a896359e69⋯.jpg (117.09 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, __niijima_makoto_persona_a….jpg)

File: 5266b1a0585ad6a⋯.jpeg (3.2 MB, 3000x5000, 3:5, 0a71311014d036ebaafc84bca….jpeg)


Finally someone who gets it. Have some Makoto as a reward

d612ad No.14794473

Regardless of actual vs shipped sales, P5 was the most underwhelming persona game yet. Tons of wasted potential, but that is what happens when your development gets sent to hell due to one of your main actors dying.

First draft was still best, what we got was a pale imitation of p2.

8df912 No.14794474


considering the game is still priced at 60 bucks a year after launch, seems like it's selling well and they have no interest in dropping the price. If it's shipped 2M units, it probably sold well over 1.5M units considering that's a lot of replenish to hit.

-t. someone who has managed retail stores in the past.

beb799 No.14794476


Oops, one was a widowmaker, it looked vaguely like Makoto in the tiny thumbnail

e073ab No.14794478


Maybe I'm out of the loop but why where goons so pissed about the translation? I still today this day don't get it because as far as heard the translation was actually good.

79b69b No.14794484


I would have liked Makoto better if Makoto was a trap. Her boyish figure is kind of a turn on but no dick no sell.

9751e4 No.14794491

File: 4d282c858349b6c⋯.gif (744.31 KB, 785x757, 785:757, 4d282c858349b6c3d36da69446….gif)


Alright, you're intentionally shitting up thos board with your trap posts. Just know that I can show everybody your post history if you keep it on. Test me, motherfucker.

542034 No.14794492


There are a number of goons in the translation business, and they've been there since at least the GBA years, if not earlier. Presumably one or more of them was pissed off that they didn't get hired for Persona 5.

0fd3d2 No.14794501

File: def8934e49f2d0f⋯.jpg (27.33 KB, 600x315, 40:21, ANTHONY AT HIS BEST.jpg)


The faggots trying to turn vidya into a political shitshow have realized that they can't penetrate Japanese markets conventionally to change the way they make their games, so they aren't 'progressive' enough for them. In order to do this they've started infiltrating localization teams. When P5 came out with a faithful localization that remained true to the story being told in the game without taking out any of the sex stuff, the homo jokes, and not having any of the female characters rant about patriarchy while also telling a story about a corrupt government official without telling a single Trump joke, (((they))) decided to start complaining about how the localization was super bad and really hard to understand you guys!

e073ab No.14794502


So they where afraid of losing control, that's pathetic.

690080 No.14794505


Goons were mad because it was translated properly, they and their friends didn't get to (((localize))) it like they did games like Fire Emblem IF, #TMS FE, and anime like Dragon Maid.

beb799 No.14794514

File: e78c76aff023f95⋯.jpg (94.82 KB, 600x900, 2:3, df4ad3a68bc0a644e7288c5392….jpg)


Because it was a direct translation and not a (((localization))). Basically, they're upset the characters in the game don't call Onigiri "Jelly filled donuts. Also like >>14794492 pointed out, the goons are butthurt that P-Studio went to a good localization team and didn't bother with their treehouse tier bullshit.

In short, they're upset P-Studio went with a translation team that respected the material and not a team that wants to remove boob sliders and give moogles special snowflake pronouns.

e073ab No.14794528


>the goons are butthurt that P-Studio went to a good localization team and didn't bother with their treehouse tier bullshit.

Well I hope that they still don't give a fuck about their whining.

85913f No.14794534


The fuck does that even mean, what Burch said

beb799 No.14794541

File: 9465529f891a5a2⋯.png (58.91 KB, 1267x1057, 181:151, 7c3beca671e6ed2ecaaa8e8e94….png)


If I had to guess, it's him admitting the writing was too smart and he's too retarded to make sense of it.

4cd8f9 No.14794550


Right now some cocksucker at Atlus is thinking it would have been over 4 million if not for piracy.

0fd3d2 No.14794553


He did a series of tweets about how he couldn't understand several of the lines in the game. One of the news broadcasts specifically got his goat like he just couldn't figure out what was being said because the line had a few clunky pieces in it due to being slightly more literal.

I guess Anthony just can't handle it if there isn't a meme in every sentence, it's the only way he knows how to write.

85913f No.14794560

79b69b No.14794581


Alright, I'll leave, only because I'm being disruptive

3c0544 No.14794588

File: 13ef499c6729046⋯.gif (4.11 MB, 400x200, 2:1, tried not to kek.gif)

9aa530 No.14794619


It somehow feels more Scooby Doo to me than even P4 did and battles are perhaps the least difficult they've been the entire series. You get so many second chance abilities from advancing party member social links that even the dangerous part of a fight where you're still sussing out the enemies weaknesses isn't an issue anymore. Writing is spotty in some places with a handful of outright bizarre lines that seem almost out of context and the special events like summer vacation and school trips lack much of the charm that P3/4 had. I found myself agreeing with the characters bitching about how boring a trip overseas was, it was pure wasted potential when all they did was telegraph your next party member for a second time. The soundtrack is good, but doesn't have anything really memorable or worth listening to standalone like the previous games did. As for the characters >>14794236 has it fairly spot on. Futaba's backstory starts to monopolize the plot after her dungeon and everyone else takes a backseat. I feel that most of the positivity surrounding the game is due to how long it's been since P4. I enjoyed the game despite its problems but I would recommend P2, 3, or 4 before this one.

1ad5f4 No.14794626

File: de9f37c8751d694⋯.jpg (95.79 KB, 1257x591, 419:197, anger.jpg)


go back to 4/v/ you fuckwit

69e11d No.14794643

File: 83c8b047b5fe10e⋯.png (79.22 KB, 196x255, 196:255, 1445931705491-4.png)

>faggots using sales figures to prove a games good

I just find it a chore to play, if i wanted to simulate what it's like to have a naggy bitch dictate my life to me, i'd call my mom. The pacing is glacial, the slinks are just waifu pandering, and the the combat is so fucking casualized they give you a prompt to restart a boss if you die, and save rooms less than a minute apart from each other. Persona 6 is going to be even more of the same, maybe they'll give you a restart prompt for all battles, or they'll remove persona leveling entirely in favor of fixed skills. Hell they'll probably just add a save option in the menu.

690080 No.14794655

File: f6e10393fc35cb2⋯.jpg (21.79 KB, 680x447, 680:447, 5f4.jpg)

d2c0a8 No.14794667

File: 26eec9bc8756639⋯.png (105.97 KB, 1147x883, 1147:883, atlus fail.png)

Atlus is finished!

690080 No.14794677


What happened to connor anyway?

ef3998 No.14794698

I expect this thread to be full of cancer so I'm just here to say:

Goons btfo

20d7f2 No.14794826

b1599a No.14794869

>gender bending jewish degeneracy

Fuck off.

Why are you afraid to post the male MC being a fucking male. Why are all the pics female? What is wrong with you fucking waifu cucks? You have to get your faps from every single form of entertainment you absorb? You cant just have a neutral zone and porn for the rest?

690080 No.14794888

File: 3be6b342e262905⋯.jpg (23.62 KB, 680x522, 340:261, unlimited_bait_works.jpg)


What the fuck are you talking about?

d2c0a8 No.14794898

File: f15963e82c30bcd⋯.jpg (42.24 KB, 790x770, 79:77, So_wasn't_connor_and_pals_….jpg)

File: 8ec9f4f80e32e7c⋯.png (295.66 KB, 1733x813, 1733:813, connor_bubsy_thread.png)

File: a9e96eebfe743b0⋯.png (60 KB, 577x263, 577:263, Stop_it_Connor.PNG)

f8fa9b No.14794937

File: cdc6b3c20c520b7⋯.webm (6.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Persona-Phantom Blood.webm)


good post. Post like these make me I wish more people actually understood basic economics.

e2196c No.14794951


odds are he is getting a job in atlus right now.

2b7a72 No.14794979

File: ec5807341388608⋯.png (111.39 KB, 800x853, 800:853, get smoked v.png)

I'm happy the game sold well and beat sjw pressure to cuck the localization let's hope more games keep this trend.

6a560e No.14795006

File: e901439043d232d⋯.jpg (13.77 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (1).jpg)


>Persona 3/4 go "Senpai this" and "riceball that" for more than 10 years now

>Persona 5 does it


wtf do these people want? Did any of them play the previous games?

69e11d No.14795014

File: bc304222d4b7968⋯.png (134.87 KB, 635x457, 635:457, 1473707128725.png)

>no one ever talks about the game because it was vastly inferior to p3 and even 4

>no one talks about builds

>no one talks about the bosses

>instead they just connorpost and jerk off to the girls

and people said persona 3 was the cancer that killed smt, if only they knew how bad things really were.

0a1cf5 No.14795018

There is a persona 5 anime now, does this mean they can stop making them and just make anime?

I would prefer them going back to making good games.

174e20 No.14795020

File: 6d80ce7da128881⋯.jpg (78.37 KB, 1768x270, 884:135, Kanji isn't gay.JPG)


>Did any of them play the previous games?

e073ab No.14795021


Better question would be "have they ever played any game besides portal or skyrim". To make an short answer no, they haven't but that's whats youtube for for these faggots.

6a560e No.14795043


Both Persona 3 and 4 had anime renditions of them. And Manga versions. I'd assume Atlus commissions them alongside the games to bleed money out of the Japanese fans.

251657 No.14795054

File: 770deaff464d87e⋯.jpg (19.05 KB, 512x512, 1:1, smug_smoked.jpg)


The translation is fine, they were just crinklesphinctered about the translation job not going to the good soyim clicque and are looking for a nontroversy to virtue signal against.

Forever smoked, Connor

4929fd No.14795096


I hope the next game has gender bending. They'll run out of stuff to stick on your head to summon your persona eventually. What's left? Monocles? Hats? Tattoos?

4a27a6 No.14795103


>They'll run out of stuff to stick on your head to summon your persona eventually.


690080 No.14795129


I'm assuming this is supposed to be a dig at how in P3 they used Evokers, in P4 everyone wore glasses, and in P5 there's the masks, except the SO don't need Evokers anymore and the IT's glasses didn't help summon their Personas- only let them see through the fog and help Naoto make my dick hard.

e66746 No.14795142

File: b72d60b3d00e876⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Kiryu.png)



<Persona 6 'featuring Kiryu Kazuma from the Yakuza series'

Could be cool.

e073ab No.14795156

6a560e No.14795159

File: a31fe7116e31738⋯.jpg (71.59 KB, 900x504, 25:14, persona_4___cards_by_proar….jpg)


>the IT's glasses didn't help summon their Personas- only let them see through the fog

Yeah they used those blue cards to summon their personas

690080 No.14795165


>P6 has a Yakuza crossover fight against Kiryu and Majima

>They have special variants of Orochi and Mephisto respectively as their Personas

>Alternatively they just beat the shit out of you like men

A man can dream.

251657 No.14795167

e66746 No.14795287

File: 890eaf7b514fe66⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 350x350, 1:1, move bitch.gif)


>Alternatively they just beat the shit out of you and your Persona like men

Fixed for accuracy.

Not as grand but I still want a Kiryu cameo in P5C. Such a simple thing to do and the Yakuza costume set for P5DAN just cements even more how connected the series are.

9a674e No.14795630

File: 2104c60cc796cd5⋯.png (296.13 KB, 650x902, 325:451, 3ca.png)


I guess the localisation wasn't "eat your hamburger Apollo" enough.


4a27a6 No.14795649



ef3998 No.14795659


where the fuck is the fucking archive for this?

I keep looking for the poll so I could cite it later but this is fucking useless without it.

f8fa9b No.14795679

File: 6b1ab8592eaa0e6⋯.jpg (302.4 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, __suzui_shiho_and_takamaki….jpg)


sorry but p3 and 4 are memes. If you are going to talk about "good" SMT games then persona is not the hill to die on.

9a674e No.14795685


Problem? I just Bing imaged it. I assure you I know absolutely nothing of ecelebs, memes or internet culture (nor do I want to)- aside from localisation of Japanese games.

495730 No.14795708

File: ae64524c6e08f6e⋯.png (1.3 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 1338328875222.png)


>with a sizable percentage that found it just decent


>81.5% of people at the very least liked the product, if not loved it

>still portrayed as a negative overall view

How do these cunts sleep at night, knowing their entire existence is solely dedicated to sowing disinformation? Not even with much tact or strategy, at that.

e66746 No.14795712

File: 6d2f5a54e649423⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 8500x1173, 500:69, localization.jpg)


Apparently she's a cunt. Dunno the details though.

fb8b88 No.14795802

File: 3740a8adbfe54ef⋯.png (685.73 KB, 652x1026, 326:513, AWKWARD_ZOMBIE_-_Minor_Set….png)




>I chose to leave Nowi out of my party.

Here's a cool thing if you're making a game or something: don't put an adult character in a child's body. It's really creepy! Another cool thing is don't also put them in garters and a bikini top? Someone please mail this information to the mayor of Japan. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go to jail for drawing this comic.

690080 No.14795873

File: 478e2cca2507193⋯.png (512.99 KB, 420x572, 105:143, wearyofdepravity.PNG)


I have many issues with this line of thinking, but I think the biggest is how infantilizing it is to actual women. Believe it or not, women with Nowi's bodytype (or an approximation) actually exist. These people are supposedly all about women's rights or whatever and (((diverse))) bodytypes but the instant you put a woman that's short and flat into fiction they lose their god-damn minds.

e3fbdf No.14795879

File: afbf6250471120f⋯.webm (4.21 MB, 320x240, 4:3, goons.webm)

>Goons and Neofags are still mad over P5 being successful

Does anyone have the screen captures of that resetera thread where they wanted to tell the devs how to make the game better

f6a026 No.14795973


So is she a confirmed goon/sjweeb? She sounds like one.

7d9722 No.14796340


She's just a normalfag.

ffb2d4 No.14796366

reminder that it only sold well because normalfags were forced to step out of their comfort zones due to lack of ps4 games

677a6f No.14797418

File: ae8575d3ff70bbc⋯.gif (85.26 KB, 1045x771, 1045:771, yoyo_kid.gif)


>worked at gamestop for way too fucking long

>saw plenty of games come and go

>more than a few which weren't even sold, but literally just thrown in a big box and taken away to be destroyed, because no one was ever going to buy 200 copies of Madden 2006

>get in 3 or less copies of some completely unwanted shovelware game

>it sits on the shelves for years

>Never ever sent extra copies

>maybe we sell 1 copy after several price cuts

>never restocked

>meanwhile, over in the land of games people want

>get in a big fucking box of 50 copies of some new game

>sell them all in a week

>get another box sent out right away

>depending on the rate at which the units are moving, they might send even more than last time or keep them coming in regular shipments for months to come

"Shipped" units are a direct reflection of units being sold. Units shipped doesn't mean they sent out 2.2 million units to every fucking store possible, and now they're just sitting there gathering dust. They got that many shipped because they were selling.

afd8a3 No.14797449


>t. Square "4 million sales is a flop" Enix


>The faggots trying to turn vidya into a political shitshow have realized that they can't penetrate Japanese markets conventionally to change the way they make their games, so they aren't 'progressive' enough for them. In order to do this they've started infiltrating localization teams

Still the case that, for Nintendo anyhow, the western branch is seeking direct input on what the Japanese one's studios does to make sure the content is "acceptable" for worldwide release. Not related to P5, but just saying.

856cb6 No.14800052

File: 29ffb8b34ae9571⋯.jpeg (111.45 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1467390372838.jpeg)



I didn't even bother finishing persona 3. It's not like I hated the gameplay that much, but it really wasn't anything special. Also, I really got tired of the "mysterious, brooding" mc, his retarded friends and their retarded problems. Some of the side characters were okay though.

4fa0e4 No.14800513

File: cffb1c90c893ece⋯.webm (1.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [distant screaming].webm)


I will never not be furious over what the limp-wrists did with Persona 4 and all their chanting, especially from Troy "Please Accept Me, Hollywood!" Baker.

Bunch of chuckleknuckle-biting prostate massagers

46d88a No.14800677

File: 129c5138df545a1⋯.png (707.63 KB, 1024x1970, 512:985, Ji1JQ4q.png)

What happened to this? Did anything come out of it? Did Atlus even respond? Did the fags spread it all over Twitter?

d286f0 No.14800761


>Did anything come out of it?

Like resetera itself, it was a waste of time and energy.

a2a424 No.14800775


it's really good. it has a lot of little quality of life improvements over the others that make things a bit more bearable, the story is good, and the art is seriously next-level. the transitions/"wipes" that the game does to move to a new screen are genuinely incredible. i'm not an artfag by any stretch of the imagination but the guys who worked on the animations and art in general really outdid themselves here

e66746 No.14800817

File: b98a54c0e7606a8⋯.jpg (391.73 KB, 700x700, 1:1, sae & makoto2.jpg)


>Did anything come out of it?

We got a few good laughs.

>Did Atlus even respond?

Unlikely. It's difficult to give a sugary PR answer to a bunch of deranged faggots demanding ridiculously convoluted additions, policing the writers and make gameplay suggestions (that pic isn't the whole thing) that essentially boil down to nulling the gameplay portions and then end with "but it's not like we're pressuring you bigots or anything."


>the art is seriously next-level. the transitions/"wipes" that the game does to move to a new screen are genuinely incredible.

This is one of the things about the game that legit impressed me, particularly when they go from 3D to 2D, All-Outs is the most common but also happens with Iwai's menu. You can tell this is game that, visualwise, is going to age well. Sometimes I even forget it's a glorified PS3 game that's running.

f8fa9b No.14800911




Persona 3 is the only game in the Persona spin off series I've ever finished. Never finished 5 because I took a break and have yet to go back to it, Never finished 4 because my save file was corrupted after fifty pulse hours of game play. Like the Dungeon crawler but never was a fan of the Dating sim segments. So far my favorite games in the overall series where SMG1&2, Nocturne and Strange Journey.

8da547 No.14801496

File: da5327f77f1d3de⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, IMG_20170425_160811.jpg)

3494cb No.14801559


>Shipped means they've already made their money


0bb825 No.14801583

File: 404625f5ee4ea4f⋯.png (262.47 KB, 368x375, 368:375, 2 (1).png)


>Thats not really much

>2 million isn't much

>120 million dollars isn't much

ad9e90 No.14801686

File: 3608c8b8e4eddfc⋯.jpg (4.93 KB, 237x72, 79:24, 1457422964380.jpg)

>unironically thinking P5 was a good game

This is why JRPGs have such a bad reputation. I'm not gonna sit here and say all 'weebshit' is bad, but when you parade this basic entry-level garbage as the pinnacle of the genre, it's no wonder everyone mocks it.

6cd094 No.14802459

File: 356671eae2978e9⋯.jpg (31.24 KB, 400x360, 10:9, 1356112243358.jpg)


>Inferior to 4

I don't even think that's even possible. P4 was so dumbed down in terms of gameplay it's a joke. Dungeons are garbage and none of them are different in anyway but music and textures. Battle system is very bare bones. Most of the characters problems are high-school tier drama that can't really be taken seriously most of the time. And there are times where the pacing is very dry. I can't see how Persona 4 even got popular. It's 70% style, 29% high-school sluts, and 1% substance. For me, the only redeeming factor was the soundtrack. Most of the characters are unlikable for me except for the adults who don't end up joining your team.

I haven't played P5. How could it possibly be worse than 4?

3f89bd No.14806162

how much did final faggotry 15 sell?

306a0e No.14806186

I thought japs were huge nerds. They have a population of 200milions, if 2 millions is a success for them, their industry is done and finished.

498c52 No.14817348


so it flopped

96b71f No.14817437


>This is why JRPGs have such a bad reputation.

The real reason is because the rest of the genre is even worse.

b93fb3 No.14817438


542034 No.14817439


Wrong thread, anon. Persona 5 is on Sony consoles.

924fc3 No.14817467

File: f894f9360526a4c⋯.jpg (111.73 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Persona firing range.jpg)


>and people said persona 3 was the cancer that killed smt

It is.

Although SMTIV is also guilty.

d674c9 No.14818507


>Not Blunderfront 2

It was staring you right in the face fam.

a074f6 No.14818561


Persona 3 at least stayed true to the darker occult aesthetic of SMT and required you to properly ration your time. Then 4 comes along with bright as fuck colors, carefree, happy, no planning required and basically being an 80 hour episode of Scooby Doo. What the fuck happened?


The randomized dungeons killed it for me. There was nothing seperating the floors from one another aside from visuals, no gimmicks or anything to mix it up at all for 80+ hours. Just the exact same copypasted pieces you've seen a thousand times before but this time with a new color. That shit drove me insane, the characters were pretty good though.

8df346 No.14818971

Dropped Persona 5 because that cat wouldn't leave me alone. Does it ever fuck off?

fb5eb9 No.14830312

000395 No.14830375


PS4 is shit too you nigger

8b34bd No.14830490


cat is cute tho

542034 No.14830502


I didn't say it wasn't.

b1821b No.14830511


I tried to watch Dragon Maid but I turned it off the second that tyranny appeared was that in the original text or was that (((them))).

3b1121 No.14830730



This is true. I played it.


This is goonery. Learn the difference.

d3668b No.14830830


>I thought japs were huge nerds.

You thought wrong.

a5f4fe No.14833071


>Japs huge nerds

Extremely fucking loud minority. Same as the SJW's and (((Dank))) memers in the west in terms of loudness.

c1b3cb No.14833091

File: 32bda2d5ecb71b4⋯.png (674.13 KB, 1017x963, 113:107, nqzaxd5dfM1ua8rvzo1.png)

>still playing this shitty excuse for a translation

b9a226 No.14833144

File: 40872afd1dd66a0⋯.webm (2.1 MB, 633x443, 633:443, 38523a442fdae56113eb02c5c….webm)

7176a0 No.14834220


A loud minority with one very important difference. Japanese nerds will actually buy stuff, and lots of it. They are one of the few loud minorities that consistently puts their money where their mouth is.

151bf3 No.14837124


And that's why Japan makes good games. Piracy has fucked the non-shit western devs out of the market.

d78883 No.14837157


>it's the pirate's fault!

Fuck off.

Jap devs can be major jews, but atleast they still cater towards their core audience and don't abandon them because they drank the kool-aid and to score cheap virtue signaling points. Pirates did not fuck them, western devs either willingly or unwillingly gave in to to these leftist faggots.

82b663 No.14837172


This. It helps a lot that PC gaming is not a thing there and even if consoles are broken almost no one pirates if it means losing PSN.

39f279 No.14837954


>Watching anime dubbed.

Wow guys, laugh at him.

6f0f6c No.14838702

File: 6a32d9a70fe05f4⋯.png (93.81 KB, 530x455, 106:91, sadayo kasumi.png)

>goons are dum

>games fine

>translations fine

>art/animations fine

>waifus are fine

>dungeons are better than last time

>streamlined a few of the bumps in the P formula

>world is comfy as fuck

>OSTs catchy

>sadayo kasumi now exists

whole lotta kvetching over nothing in here. its persona. its not a regular JRPG, nor a fucking VN. its also not a (mainline) SMT game. you judge it by the recent personas (preferably not by the old ones, as few/none working on those are still on the team). i say it stacks up pretty good. i wish theyd done some things they didnt, and vice versa, but all in all, it was the last game i payed full price for that i felt i got my moneys worth with

any manufactured outrage about the (lack of) localization is manufactured outrage, and if you faggots didnt jump on the bait every time we could have persona threads without all the whining and bitching

25d14b No.14839122

File: 7246e797277bb28⋯.png (387.3 KB, 1000x660, 50:33, 7246e797277bb283b56e6c64bd….png)


As a defence you do actually have characters in social link events that do deal with more adult problems, like the Hanged Man guy being related to the first victim of the plot and his extreme grief over the death of his sister with it being portrayed pretty realistically, being unable to cry and feeling nothing but subtle denial and depression until the last part where the grief hits him full force and he finally cries.

The Death link being an old woman who had to deal with the death of her husband, who had Alzheimers and died without even being himself, the Justice Social link with Nanako's whole situation with being a single child with a dead parent, Temperance being about a step-wife who has a son that won't accept her, the Devil social link being about a nurse who feels dead on the job who hears about one of her patients she cared for dying, etc. Persona 4 got real.

Persona 5 was a little harder to sympathize with, since most of the social link problems were california-esque since it was set in Tokyo and most of the social links were linked into the story instead of being about learning about the people behind them.

25d14b No.14839162

File: 76d47c0957268f2⋯.png (298.75 KB, 674x666, 337:333, FA5E8FF3-9AFA-4FA1-BC55-3E….png)


The only complaint I have about recent SMT games is that they pussy out on elemental spells, back in the day Zio and Bufu spells were the shit because they actually inflicted stun type status effects that helped you but were also really fucking devastating if they hit you. Like status effects in general in RPGs are underpowered because no one has the balls to make a fight where shit could go south at any time.

You'd actually die in RPGs because of this. Spells had something like a 40-50% chance to apply these effects on both sides. Sleep used to be a really good effect, poison actually mattered, etc.

If you want to make a hard, complex and yet fun game you need status effects that give the game some tension, and the recent games haven't been good at this. Hell the whole reason you lost turns in Nocturne if you missed was to pound this type of play in, making battle a risk-reward type of gamble.

The games just feel too SAFE, that's my issue, but they're better then whatever the fuck is going on over here in the west.

e66746 No.14839250

File: 5763e7e1dd36aa9⋯.jpg (744.57 KB, 1670x1181, 1670:1181, tae47.jpg)

File: 3d497a0a4e6cabb⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 1546x2196, 773:1098, sadayo91.jpg)

File: d6666f4e1d48100⋯.png (682.45 KB, 716x1012, 179:253, sae24.png)

File: efcadec8a5d197e⋯.png (5.43 MB, 1416x1003, 24:17, hifumi13.png)

File: 50925d209f36348⋯.jpg (582.05 KB, 1200x864, 25:18, shiho2.jpg)


>we could have persona threads without all the whining and bitching

To be fair, at the moment there isn't much to discuss, no big news atm (besides the goy-fleecing dancing games) and people who might be playing the games aren't certainly discussing 'em (I'll be resuming my P5 NG++ run soon but don't think I have anything new to say). Another telling thing is that the last couple of threads mostly stayed up because of waifu roll and the gay community's guide to pozz P5.


I liked the Death and Hanged Man stories, particularly the later, it was interesting how it underlined the fact that to spare his feelings, people were just shunning him. That shit was heavy.

Devil was some bullshit though. Don't blueball me like that!


Shock and Freeze are in P5 though a thing that bothers me is that, for the most part, those just seem to work when it doesn't matter i.e. piss easy or underleveled enemies. Likewise with Ailments besides a few enemies that seem to be particularly susceptible (usually particularly strong physical types with no weakness) but the AI will ride your ass all day along, if anything, I'd say those are the times in P5 where you can get your ass handed to you because one asshole just put your whole party to sleep or brainwashed.

Incidentally, part of my NG++ run was making fusing some overpowered Personas and one of them is a Hua Po with multi-brainwash plus boost. Hopefully I didn't waste my time and money on that.

e0ad51 No.14839294

File: 8c250c0d9d498cc⋯.jpg (567.28 KB, 660x1877, 660:1877, 1315136481671.jpg)


I do not own a bloodbornstation so I never played p5, I`ve been told the cake is in fact the worst girl. Now how that insanity can be? Is it really true?

3f79ea No.14839347


A weeb game limited to two shitty consoles of the same brand, one of which has been one of the worst console generations yet to exist, gee anon, I don't know.

Seems pretty damn decent to me.

But don't forget this news means nothing because

>shipped, not sold

ef3563 No.14839469

Are Persona 3 and 4 translations any good, or do they need fan patches? I'm playing through 5 and am starting to look around for the next.

e66746 No.14839501

File: fc9ac8d53dd559a⋯.png (278.49 KB, 900x1500, 3:5, sadayo47.png)


Do not believe Makotofags and their lies. Glaze the cake and never look back.

ef3563 No.14839537


>piracy did nothing wrong

Piracy advocates are like niggers and spics dismissing their abnormal crime rates and shithole communities. It's not like you're talking in bad faith: the problem is that you're too stupid to understand the intrinsic rewards of integrity.

You think that piracy is just about getting what you can't. Gibs gibs. When the real problem is that piracy brings the whole system down: you are a lazy nigger who doesn't have to work to get his rewards, and devs have to become irredeemable whores because all the money is in the whales.

4fa0e4 No.14839542

File: b73112c2e0dd6d2⋯.jpg (40.79 KB, 807x760, 807:760, Study Time.jpg)


>cake is in fact the worst girl.

Each cake, especially Nurse Cake and Teacher Cake, is superior to every single party member girl in every way. The only problem is they aren't playable out of bed

8df912 No.14839543


but muh piracy will result in the crash despite me insisting piracy does not harm and I totally don't just want free shit I'm here to make the game industry better by not supporting the devs I want to stick around

d78883 No.14839551


>putting words into my mouth.

Where did I imply that piracy was nothing more that free shit for me?

>impying piracy significantly affects sales

>brings the whole system down

Explain and provide proof.

Fuck off.

Piracy is the greatest tool we have against uncontrollable greed and strong arming you corporate whore.

e66746 No.14839815

File: 0a86328450af0a7⋯.png (788.27 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, morgana.png)


>jack off in class

12c81b No.14839821

File: b5593d83e30923c⋯.png (263.17 KB, 500x499, 500:499, b5593d83e30923c1964720303b….png)


>just buy the trash that's how they'll start making good products

6f0f6c No.14839828



kawakami a best

its like if atlus personally consulted me on what would be perfect waifubait for me


i get ya. but it doesnt have to be THIS bad. this is like 80% of the thread talking about goons. its obsession is what it is. no room for fun

3f79ea No.14840147

When am I able to emulate Persona 5?

d7df50 No.14840225


>you will never ice a cake

31bcc9 No.14840266



Nice. Post the part where he fucks her.

e385c1 No.14840282


anon, there are only 2 million nips that are still young.

7031aa No.14840344

File: 65206d19db219ec⋯.jpg (35.59 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ...hey.jpg)

I legit can't stand the tone of P5, even though I think it's a good game. The whole "We're gentleman thieves, and we dress up in dumb costumes and fight adults because we're edgy and cool" was really obnoxious and the more I played it the more I wanted to disassociate myself with such little kids and go back to the gang at Junes. But otherwise, I think the game is excellent.

e385c1 No.14840385

File: cda25a1016372e5⋯.jpg (47.28 KB, 526x239, 526:239, 1431180618226.jpg)


>to the gang at Junes

7031aa No.14840407


No, I mean it. At least the party of the previous game wasn't filled to the brim with edgy faggots.

4fa0e4 No.14840428

File: bf439903edad00e⋯.png (279.74 KB, 738x436, 369:218, Persona 5.png)



They aren't even edgy. They're "Kids Next Door"-teir with a cartoon cat for a Scooby van. I don't care that the first boss is a rapist-beater and the third tricks out students to be drug mules and/or get them blackmailed into sex trafficking. The entire game is an inverted Persona 2 with NONE of the maturity it pretends to have, especially in its main cast of characters. Also, never forget pic related

4fa0e4 No.14840438

File: b8529c4d3659fa4⋯.png (187.44 KB, 500x453, 500:453, Morgana's Character Arc.png)

afd8a3 No.14840563

File: 886b325f8ca9bcb⋯.png (101.2 KB, 350x350, 1:1, let him get off.png)

2bcf17 No.14840649


That picture reminds me of when I was looking around to in a toys r us during their going out of business sale to see if they had anything worth buying dirt cheap and when I looked in the electronics department it was completely cleaned out except for 30 copies of sunset overdrive.

cb06b4 No.14840681


I wish I had had the cash to stop by mine at the time. I remember a while before that Zellers went out of business and I looked around during their closing sale.

>a bunch of garbage 360/PS3/OG Xbox games nobody had wanted even when they were new

>nothing else

They closed in 2013, for context. A lot of people blame them closing on Wal Mart and Target but they always had a shit selection to start with.

7031aa No.14840758

File: c6d8a166cf93c2c⋯.jpg (53.19 KB, 480x600, 4:5, winter chie.jpg)


That's precisely my point. I think the art style and presentation is great, but the tone is grating as fuck. I don't want to play as some whiny teenager that thinks he's being cool by wearing dark clothing and telling a teacher he needs a time out, I want to play as the regular teenager that goes to school, does his work, and just lives like a normal person until he has to put on some spooky glasses to see inside of Silent Hill and metaphorically whip a psychiatrist's wet dream into submission.

a799e6 No.14840786


Dude, Japs pirate tons of shit just like everyone else. Nintendo DS piracy was fucking crazy, to the point where even housewives were warezing games. But somehow, despite all the piracy that still goes on there are still enough legit sales to support the market, because Jap devs still make solid games and provide service that people are actually willing to pay for anyway. It also helps that most Jap devs tend to be much more conservative and realistic with their development and marketing budgets.

f0a1e4 No.14842709


I think they recently had a big hullabaloo about piracy over there, claiming that something near 500 million had been lost due to video game piracy in Japan alone.

I forget where I read it now though, doing some research this might be been news about manga piracy to the tune of 50 billion yen in losses, and probably sounds more likely.

But it would not surprise me if things were the same for video games.

25d14b No.14842733

File: ec1113f53eb4442⋯.jpg (77.17 KB, 1507x864, 1507:864, 3b5453c8e8e9c4af138fd36bb8….jpg)


>500 million in losses

>people just didn't buy the shit games and that's what caused the "losses"

It's not a loss if you throw money away. Maybe make better games instead.

d78883 No.14842774


That's the logic of buyfaggots right there. Maybe if you buy enough shit they'll eventually grace you with a good game, but don't expect them to stop the massive jewing and greed though.

b4aa49 No.14842782


>claiming that something near 500 million had been lost due to video game piracy in Japan alone.

>doing some research this might be been news about manga piracy to the tune of 50 billion yen in losses, and probably sounds more likely.

Does this have more to do with ease of access/format rather than people just wanting shit for free though?

Digital Manga is still decently "recent" in JP and fewer people want to have so much physical shit to deal with.

It's extraordinarily simple to just have a JB console/PC/etc, dl a torrent and load a pkg or dl some image files onto your phone.

It's less simple to deal with bullshit like the digital store products at full price months/years down the line, with the worst UI/DRM implementation on the planet, holding your shit hostage to the platform.

I'm not going full

>hurr all piracy is a service problem

but I suspect a decent portion of it could be reduced with three simple steps



>Allowing legitimate backups

a12dbd No.14842926

File: 7b2eb22141db588⋯.jpg (771.58 KB, 1643x2195, 1643:2195, Dana.jpg)


The problem is that people don't buy the good games.

a12dbd No.14842939


>real guns

Let me explain this to you: if you have a gun in Japan you are either organised crime or a terrorist. Hell even the criminals in Japan don't usually have guns. In "not America" guns are bad.

8b4319 No.14842954


>I do not own a bloodbornstation


bf3208 No.14843305


The problem is that there aren't enough people who buy good games to justify spending excessive AAA budgets on developing good games. But there are lots of complete idiots and suckers out there. Much like Hollywood movies, AAA game development budgets are entirely reliant on the greater hordes of marching morons, otherwise you don't get the HUGE SALES you need to pay back the HUGE DEBT you took to pay for the HUGE MARKETING CAMPAIGN you hired so you could get the HUGE SALES you need to pay back the HUGE DEBT you took to pay for the HUGE MARKETING CAMPAIGN etc etc etc. The AAA game industry is saddled with a ginormous, useless financial tumor that churns loudly but produces nothing, its sole purpose to waste as much money as possible in order to justify its own existence.

Meanwhile, smaller developers who don't fall for the HUGE HUGE HUGE bullshit can keep their budgets reasonable, and stay comfortably profitable by making good games for the smaller but more dedicated demographic that actually buys good games.

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