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File: 82282f662c2ce5b⋯.jpg (68.29 KB, 860x536, 215:134, Dark-Souls-Remastered-down….jpg)

6de3d5 No.14798781

The only good Souls game is Dark Souls, and even then it's only good until you reach Anor Londo.

Demon's laid the groundwork so it gets a pass but 2,3 and Bloodborne can all go die. They're just worse versions of Dark Souls and none of the new shit is any good. Lorefags can fuck off too, I've never seen people pull so much bullshit out of thin air than loretwats with the Souls series.

8ee5cc No.14798836

>playing a game whose artificial difficulty is based on being unable to cancel attack animations

Souls games are for non gamers to prove their epeen. Muh commitment to every uncancellable attack animashun kek

Muh years spent in the gutter respawning kek

b1e881 No.14798853


It still bothers me that we never got to see something like Catacombs again. That is still the best area in the game and series.


Is there any game other than Gunz that actually allows you to cancel everything?

077add No.14798855

File: a5aec9e221e8bee⋯.webm (139.44 KB, 455x445, 91:89, majestic.webm)




I understand not liking or wanting a PS4 but this is just retarded.

ed90c4 No.14798866

Dark Souls was shit, only Demon was good

417fd6 No.14798868



I'm surprised you've made this far in life without the concept of "forethought"

6a94a5 No.14798869

417fd6 No.14798872


god damn fucking flags

69810b No.14798880


Sadly so. No comment on Bloodborne since I don't own a niggerstation but DS2 is is bad and DS3 is "not as bad" but still not good as the first game.

I wonder if they tried too hard to capture the first game's "magic" and they should have instead just go in different directions. Maybe that would had been better since it's obvious they didn't get what was good about the first game.

65ff42 No.14798922



Demon souls was shit, the only good video game ever made was Pong.

8dbbf6 No.14798983

Shadow Tower > King's Field > Soulsborne > A feces/vomit stew > The Soulsborne Community

8fecd9 No.14799043

File: d7feb3ac5c27ae4⋯.jpg (193.37 KB, 600x576, 25:24, 149089136457.jpg)

>there's a good Souls game

6e65ef No.14799149

Marketing for remastered really bad

aa7de4 No.14799177


Dark Souls does get worse once you reach Anor Londo, though I would say that it picks up slightly once you get to the bonfire inside the main building and stays good through Ornery and Smokey. After that though, with the possible exception of the Dukes Archive which is somewhat more in keeping with the first half of the game level design-wise, it becomes terribly linear and boring, with uninteresting enemies, badly thought out enemy placements and single track level designs.

6639ed No.14799195


I like Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3, and hate Dark Souls 2.

6639ed No.14799203


>Is there any game other than Gunz that actually allows you to cancel everything?

The Virtua Fighter series has animation frame cancels, also one or more of the older Street Fighter games (starting with 2).

Also, Gunz… what happened to that gookshit? It was fun to play with f2p but there weren't enough maps, and playing against whales sucked.

6639ed No.14799212

File: a5a370da17cb524⋯.webm (11.42 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ravelord Nito.webm)


>It still bothers me that we never got to see something like Catacombs again

6c3165 No.14799231

File: 7b882de2edb4fd4⋯.mp4 (4.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Dark Souls Take On Me.mp4)


The only thing that made me want to play it was the atmosphere and the trick weapons, which were way better than weapon arts in 3 imo. I suppose having quickstep instead of rolling was another good point but they really shot themselves in the foot making it ps4 exclusive, they could have eventually had a PC release. I do, however, like 1 for the slower combat.

8c8174 No.14799240


Dark souls is just a normalfag meme. It's disgusting and equivalent to soyboy posting. I am glad I didn't fall for that garbo.

f691a7 No.14799250


Look at me, guys! I hate Dark Souls! How cool am I?

72305d No.14799259


bloodborne is better and the combat is more fun. less weapons, but each weapon has a much better/more complex moveset. the weapons have a better balance and each weapon is viable. nothing is objectively better. the smaller build variety doesnt really matter since dark souls only has 3 builds and one of them is just a safe/boring option. (speed, tank, or magic) bloodborne only has speed and magic.

dark souls is 2nd, then demon souls, then dark souls 3, then 2. 2 is the worst.

858b28 No.14799270


being able to cancel attacks is artificial easiness, to make up for the players very poor ability of forethought

29b7e6 No.14799276


>Is there any game other than Gunz that actually allows you to cancel everything?

Near a tomato

86c582 No.14799318

File: a275ab3062a4dd9⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 275x155, 55:31, born to be shiggity.gif)

6639ed No.14799428

File: 51cc15a91931034⋯.webm (7.89 MB, 400x225, 16:9, dark_souls_equipping_item….webm)


>Dark souls is just a normalfag meme.

That's funny because none of the normalfags I know in real life got passed the 'Berg, I'm assuming just like you.

7b39a5 No.14799483


I like how he figured out himself, but still advocates for less clever people being unable to do so.

Is he just putting himself on a moral high ground as an ego boost? Like saying "i'm smarter than other gamers!"

72305d No.14799510


a friend of mine failed the tutorial because he thought there was some obscure way to beat the boss and didnt feel like reading all the soap stones to figure it out.

72305d No.14799534

File: fbffde4620ba48e⋯.webm (4.93 MB, 426x240, 71:40, dark souls developers dro….webm)


he only figured it out because people yelled at him enough.

i dont think he would have figured it out on his own.

his argument is that dark souls doesnt explicitly tell him how to equip items, it just gets you to the screen. which is like every rpg i've ever played up until this last generation of games.. he also was confused how this room with a 1 way entry had a message he thought appeared thinking he would only see it on his way back out the room.

he's retarded.

7b39a5 No.14799560


Then he shouldn't be playing games.

they say if you have an IQ lower than 84 you're unable to work, since your brain is stupid enough to be unable to efficiently translate verbal instructions to tasks to perform.

I can't see him being much different than that.

His IQ is definitely in the 90s range.

5c1fc3 No.14799565

>Bloodborne is a worse version of Dark Souls

Spotted the anon without a bloodbornebox

6c3165 No.14799578

File: e3e7429ca9a2742⋯.webm (449.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Stop_it._Get_some_help..webm)



Surely he would look around and see the open exit door right in front of him when he walks in.





72305d No.14799589


no, if you were able to equip items or knew which way to go after beating that boss, then youre the stupid one, because the game didnt explicitly tell you to do that. he said so himself so it must be true.


>Surely he would look around and see the open exit door right in front of him when he walks in.

tbh i never even noticed the soap stone message was there. but if i did, i'd know you were expected to read it when entering the room after beating the boss, not after running halfway up the stairs and turning around.

also, why would he stop going up the stairs? he didnt inspect it to see if there were items? its not like you can see the top landing of the stairs until you actually run up the steps. but the cutscene starts.

c596a5 No.14799591

File: b0f5721887098f3⋯.jpg (9.16 KB, 314x326, 157:163, Blank _4cbe3c62dfc7f43dd15….jpg)

any kind of magic is shit, the balance of the game is shit, half of what makes this game is shit because they made it multiplayer, DS a shit

6c3165 No.14799597


I mean when entering the boss fight, the door that he can fit through that the big fatass beating his ass can't fit through.

72305d No.14799603

File: 4caee7aeb117f67⋯.webm (1.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Bloodborne fight clip.webm)

File: 92c30fb3d57bdec⋯.webm (2.02 MB, 1500x844, 375:211, bloodborne spooky.webm)

File: 2061177c9a6e45a⋯.webm (3.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, bloodborne the one reborn.webm)


bloodborne was great. i can understand liking dark souls more, but both are amazing. bloodborne is like if they had a better crafted sequel focused on the objectively more fun dex builds.

its not perfect, but the combat is superior, and the world is waaay superior.


whats the matter little fella? bad at bideo gays?

72305d No.14799607


?? but the soapstone he's talking about is the one you an open only after beating the big fatass. hes standing with his back facing the stairs to undeadburg.

6c3165 No.14799612

File: 59029fc6d355062⋯.png (42.17 KB, 171x106, 171:106, blind or dumb.png)


They do have a facing.

72305d No.14799622


im willing to accept that the nonsense letters could make sense from the other direction, but none of that matters since it should be obvious that the devs didnt think youd spin around and read a clue backwards, and leave through the door you entered

2f6ac5 No.14799633

The only good Souls game is the one that never existed.

04e326 No.14799652

All of the games suffered from budgetary concerns, cut content and rushed deadlines. DeS, 1 and BB made do the best, 3 was haphazardly shoved into BB's engine halfway through development and DS2 was a mess before they even scrapped it to fix it.

The real problem with the series is that DeS was experimental because it was allowed to be, it was a project written off as DOA so they just let the team do whatever they wanted. As the series progressed, it moved more and more towards action and epic moments and bosses. It essentially became what it was trying to differentiate itself from.

7728fb No.14799694

dork soles is a shit franchise, most boring shit i've ever seen why do people even talk about it

25e312 No.14799705

File: 4f7a321236e208e⋯.png (429.33 KB, 540x539, 540:539, holy_shit.png)


>artificial difficulty


72305d No.14799708


because its fun, challenging, fair, and the level design is some of the best. and people like that it has a mesh based hit detection instead of hitboxes.

72305d No.14799719


>replying to someone that complains about not being able to cancel their attacks to dodge/parry.

25e312 No.14799739

File: 707d7528a62f3bb⋯.jpg (111.78 KB, 487x376, 487:376, Luigi's_chinese_cowboy_imp….jpg)



No, I'm confused because he used the word "artificial" what makes artificial difficulty any different than regular difficulty?

It's a fucking video game, it's artificial to begin with.

9b9679 No.14799758

I liked using magic build in Dark Souls II

2f6ac5 No.14799765


A good video game has any enemy that forces the user to properly maneuver the environment to defeat.

Dark Souls has pop ups that kick your ass due to poor game design and then when you know what will happen next you roll under said monster and shank it in the nuts killing it, then continue.

Dark Souls isn't hard, you die a lot, but it's not hard, such the term "Artificial difficulty."

72305d No.14799772


usually refers to shallow difficulty. like throwing in an element of randomness that can fuck you up at random. people use the dragon on the bridge as an example of the "artificial difficulty"

trial and error difficulty also comes to mind.

or think phone games similar to bust-a-move. the way they work is they give you the tools needed to beat it by giving you the correct colors, then as you do well, they amp up the difficulty by not giving you colors you need making it impossible, so they encourage you to buy more turns.


>Dark Souls has pop ups that kick your ass due to poor game design

no it doesnt.

>Dark Souls isn't hard


>you die a lot

whats alot to you? did you die more than 10-20 times?

1ef4b1 No.14799779

If it can be pirated, indeed, it may be good.

If not, it is shit.

2f6ac5 No.14799784


I've never played the game but normalfags say they do.

b1e881 No.14799807

File: 4529e58153a6874⋯.mp4 (789.23 KB, 480x480, 1:1, WHEN WILL YOU LEARN.mp4)


>Basing your opinions off of normalfags

25e312 No.14799809

File: 7abf79244574795⋯.jpg (227.84 KB, 800x800, 1:1, geacf5361fb281ba3569303122….jpg)



That's cheap difficulty, not artificial you dumb cunts.

c40e9e No.14799812



Holy shit, you are fucking retarded. Kill yourself immediately.

25e312 No.14799818




made by human skill; produced by humans (opposed to natural):

artificial flowers.

72305d No.14799823

File: 6c29cdc6a112ed9⋯.webm (2.23 MB, 640x427, 640:427, fallout NV too hard for r….webm)


the game has moments where you face an enemy thats too hard for you and you may have to come back, and lets you figure that out on your own because the game doesnt force or strongarm you to take an easier path.

reminds me of this faggot in the video complaining about fallout new vegas.


cheap difficulty is just a more accurate description of artificial difficulty.

its all the same.

another example is when you change a games difficulty and all it does is give the enemies more health and defense while you take more damage.

25e312 No.14799828


Yes, bulletsponges are shit, but in the end it still makes it more difficult to kill.

It's bullshit but it doesn't change the fact it's still difficulty.

c40e9e No.14799831


shit for brains much?

25e312 No.14799833


Why don't you learn your own fucking language first before talking shit.

9ccc3c No.14799838


To debunk the meme that it's hard.


Call it ShittingFlingingNiggers2000 For all I care, it's still there.

c40e9e No.14799862


Why don't you go drink some bleach and shoot yourself in the mouth, you down syndrome addled shit smear.

25e312 No.14799869


Your webm and your comment contradict.

7728fb No.14799873



It's not hard. It just kills you with something new that you don't know how to react to on every turn. Once you know what everything does, it's piss easy.

25e312 No.14799892

File: a18113d36f0f190⋯.jpg (77.38 KB, 522x606, 87:101, Eye_roll_with_body.jpg)


But isn't trail and error a big part of difficulty?

Sure it's isn't hard, but you still died to it, didn't you?

If it wasn't hard at all, you wouldn't have died.

But, now that you have died you can beat it easily. That's exactly what a fucking video game has half the fucking time.

>once you know it it's piss easy



c27a39 No.14799901


No it doesn't.

This thread has to be comprised of <18 year olds. Then again DaS released 7 years ago, so many of you kids haven't actually played it.

DaS is no more challenging then most games that released in the 90s and early 00s, but post 2007 challenge was absent in games so DaS became


25e312 No.14799903


This whole fucking "once you know it is easy" argument is complete bullshit spit out by casuals.

What, You want a video game to hold your hand and tell you fucking everything before hand?

Kill yourself, this is the exact reason why most video games suck

9ccc3c No.14799907


>isn't trial and error part of difficulty

Yes but that's part of it, Dark Souls is only that.

I can die 40 times playing Cat Mario, or I wanna Be the Guy, but I'll still beat the level, and do it more easily than I have in other games.

c27a39 No.14799920


>DaS is only that

<No builds

<No skill

>only trial and error

You're a genuine retard. You believe DaS=bad so no matter the facts are argument levied against you, you will argue that point even if it leads you into contradicting your own point.

25e312 No.14799923

File: 17243f581907373⋯.jpg (155.83 KB, 850x908, 425:454, fd39034f29d370e1e4c3216177….jpg)


>Yes but that's part of it, Dark Souls is only that.

Except, it isn't you dumb fuck.

>I can die 40 times playing Cat Mario,

>playing mario

>expecting difficulty

This explains why you're retarded.

72305d No.14799927


yes, but just doing that doesnt make the challenge fun. making the enemy faster, react better, use more variety, etc. is always preferred.


you either dont understand my comment, or the video.

9ccc3c No.14799939


>taking exaggeration as truth.



>muh skill n build

Dark Souls can be completed without them you know, even if it makes it a bit harder.

25e312 No.14799940


>video is named NV is difficult for retards

>has a retard talking about it being hard

>your comment and the retard's arguement are pretty much the same

I don't think (you) understand.

25e312 No.14799967


>backpeddling this hard

Admit it, you don't know what you are talking about.

02bf8d No.14799983




72305d No.14799988


>Dark Souls can be completed without them

dark souls can be completed without leveling up at all? did you mean to say that? or do you not understand what a "build" is?

becoming familiar with a boss and learning how it telegraphs its attacks is part of skill. also experimenting and learning its weaknesses is part of the skill. developing a strategy to win is part of skill. also having the skill of attacking/defending/dodging when appropiate and quick enough is a skill.


>your comment and the retard's arguement are pretty much the same

oh, so you dont understand my comment? because my comment was clearly not complaining about the same thing he was you illiterate nigger. try reading it again.

25e312 No.14799989


You can't just make a claim that it's all just memorization then change your mind and say it was exaggeration, stooopid.

25e312 No.14799993

File: 8ae37a66766cf46⋯.png (54.94 KB, 166x224, 83:112, mistake.png)


oh, alright then.

72305d No.14799995


dark souls is too difficult for him, what did you expect?

c40e9e No.14799996


down syndrome much?

25e312 No.14800008


You still don't understand english, faggot.

Go read a book.

d5912d No.14800031


There is no strategy to winning. you just memorize the broken hitboxes and the poorly telegraphed animations and before you know it, the game is over.

02d689 No.14800038



Where are those videos mirrored? I can't find them on his channel and jewtubing "tlgamer dark souls" isn't getting them either.

25e312 No.14800040

File: 4695f9ba96ca410⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 480x264, 20:11, really_makes_you_think.gif)


Wouldn't memorizing attacks be a strategy?

02bf8d No.14800041


>boss patterns

Not when boss patterns are cheaply done 1 hits kills


I never changed my opinion

25e312 No.14800054


Nice proxy, faggot.

02bf8d No.14800063


I still use the same flag you dipshit. Why does it matter that I use a proxy?

25e312 No.14800066


You're backpeddling again.

c40e9e No.14800070


Nice down syndrome, retard.

25e312 No.14800076

File: d9528f8ceeca31b⋯.gif (1.33 MB, 400x256, 25:16, Me_digging_your_grave._-_I….gif)


Stay mad.

e53d21 No.14800082

File: aa70b7cbb27f711⋯.jpg (44.38 KB, 400x300, 4:3, meme.jpg)

28f65f No.14800087

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






Vid related

28f65f No.14800093


Fuck I forgot.



e53d21 No.14800096

File: 43bfed4869f4ce7⋯.jpg (131.78 KB, 960x640, 3:2, ohmygod.jpg)


>game is too hard cuz game doesnt explain how to equip items

oh golly

c40e9e No.14800112


Stay autistic.

72305d No.14800128


>memorize broken hitboxes

so you discover, then memorize every boss and enemy weakness, and then the game is over once you learn how to kill every enemy?

wow, sounds like a video game alright.


he deleted the videos out of shame.


>1 hits kills

try rolling

a60fe2 No.14800137

Might as well ask here

Is Dark Souls 3 60 fps on the Playstation Pro ?

e53d21 No.14800139

File: 2995d82a7c1b516⋯.jpg (48.68 KB, 800x450, 16:9, pink wojak.jpg)


>1 hit kills

>old farrong guard fire meme dog on cursed loran chalice

322ad8 No.14800147


I don't do Duck Memes.


Yes and my point is that all you need to do is roll behind the attack and under their nuts/vagina.

07f5a6 No.14800162


New Londo ruins were fun

72305d No.14800176


FPS is just a meme. pspro is actually just a pspro.


>roll behind fire dog

thats a good way to get killed by his wet doggy shake attack.


i had alot of trouble with defiled amygdala

e53d21 No.14800191

File: 6b55f84f7d0d5e3⋯.mp4 (348.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, How miyazaki thought about….mp4)


i figured the tactic after 50 fucking deaths , casul intesifies rite ? all i had to do was to 2h ludvidg holy blade , and just L2 his face , while avoiding his rushing , i picked his hp one hit at a time , fucking tedious boss i'll say you that , and the fucking yharnam queen wasnt that hard compared to that garbo

02d689 No.14800209


>he deleted the videos out of shame

That's disappointing. I wonder why he wiped those in particular when he has equally shameful content plastered all over his channel.

72305d No.14800211

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


honestly i beat the dog on my first try. i used the electric shit on my axe and spun to won. hit him right in the face, then avoid the charge like you said… he was pretty easy. also the running L2 attack did a nice chunk of damage.

amygdala i needed help from people that came in. they combined took about half his health and it took me like 30 minutes to kill him. nonstop fire charge attacks to his ass. i never felt like i earned that kill, but i dont even care. fuck defiled amygdala.

the queen/king fights were both easy, but really fun. ever see vid related?

1a5d1c No.14800220

File: 054f637506009cd⋯.jpg (20.5 KB, 640x334, 320:167, JUST make it stop.jpg)


Everyone talks about cursed Amygdala but I found the Watchdog to be the real bitch of that dungeon by a mile.

e53d21 No.14800229

File: 600db54419d72ff⋯.gif (907.91 KB, 434x512, 217:256, skel.gif)



amygdala wasnt THAT hard , she was quite hard , but not on the same level as bork bork , you just had to force her jump by staying on her tail , then you charged you'r weapon when she jumped , safe and easy method , but i lookied it up after 20+ deaths

45456e No.14800240


>I've never played the game but normalfags say they do.

legitimately kill yourself.

6c3165 No.14800244

File: e6d0248d8979126⋯.webm (5.02 MB, 480x360, 4:3, contemplation.webm)


Or maybe they did and wanted to weed out the idiots.

72305d No.14800251


i wonder why the discrepancy. i often see people complain about the fire dog, but its one of the very few bosses i beat on my first try.


i couldnt get near amygdala, and when i did, id either get slapped. or she'd jump to the other side of the map, facing me. forcing me to have to run through her hands and hope i dont get killed in 1 hit.

the dog i barely had trouble with. found more trouble with the rifle spear hunter. and much more trouble with the katana hunter.


isnt that why soapstone messages exist? "try jumping" "treasure below"

6c3165 No.14800257

File: e99e25511d64fae⋯.webm (706.75 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ETUUUuuuUUU.webm)


Well, that's what the players use them for.

25e312 No.14800261

File: 0c00706611f3e9e⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2272x1704, 4:3, laugh_richard_stallman.jpg)

72305d No.14800286

File: 80d47110e4f3cdf⋯.jpg (163.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, tooreal.jpg)

8495ed No.14800392

File: 070f23a880f0acb⋯.png (178.21 KB, 303x311, 303:311, 070f23a880f0acb0735b005a29….png)


>Modern era

>Games are all shit now

>Diamond in the rough comes out with the design philosophy of what games used to be

>/v/ hates it because it gets popular

Stay contrarian, faggots.

d1b0bd No.14800397


>complains about contrarians

>while calling everything shit

Well look at you.

164099 No.14800400

Armored Core Last Raven is the best souls game.

72305d No.14800406


>/v/ is 1 person

>guy makes thread hating souls games

>entire thread is argument

>4cuck refugee enters threads and says /v/ is contrarian

try jumping


from up on poppy hill was the best thing miyazaki ever made before he started making games for fromsoft.

164099 No.14800407


He sounds like a 14 year old Peter Griffin.

351521 No.14800410


Same here. Sorcery worked well, Pyromancy was overall weak since there were too many fire resisting mobs, Dark was OP in PvP but awful against bosses and Faith was good all around. I liked getting summoned as a caster and just chunking down bosses with my spells. Iron Flesh + Havel's + Chaos Firestorm on Throne Defender was some funny shit.

164099 No.14800415


>There's a good souls game

If only you could day the same about battletech.

72305d No.14800420


the enjoyment of ds2 was killed for me by the level design and enemy placement. it just felt like a cheap mod to me.

the build variety and the like were pretty fun if you could get past that i couldnt

6cc627 No.14800423


>kill boss

>message says "keep going"

>go back the way i came


d346cb No.14800429


>The only good Souls game is Dark Souls, and even then it's only good until you reach Anor Londo.

Nah, the game is fine, even after Anor Londo. Yeah, there are some weaker aspects, but taken as whole, there's nothing so bad that its latter half is absolutely game breaking or totally worthless.

>Demon's laid the groundwork so it gets a pass but 2,3 and Bloodborne can all go die

All of those games have positives that you're just conveniently ignoring, though.

>Lorefags can fuck off too, I've never seen people pull so much bullshit out of thin air than loretwats with the Souls series.

I agree with this.

6/10 bait, could use some refinement, but you get points for managing to acquire more than 100 responses and also for managing to keep this thread on page 1

72305d No.14800432

File: 635c578fecc7bf1⋯.mp4 (7.73 MB, 640x360, 16:9, soy is bad.mp4)


in the full video he ran up the stairs… stopped, turned around, then read that. and ran through the door and back to the original bonfire, confused.

6c3165 No.14800436

File: 63815a23392f5d2⋯.webm (1.34 MB, 640x272, 40:17, incoherent laughter.webm)

25e312 No.14800438

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

72305d No.14800462

File: 89a2f1302e0b978⋯.webm (6.9 MB, 512x288, 16:9, DSP tries Dark souls.webm)

29bb0b No.14800471


You're kind of just parroting common /v/ opinions here. There's no point to a thread that just repeats the same thing DS threads already say repeatedly.

>even then it's only good until you reach Anor Londo.

It has interesting places afterwards, too. And other games have some interesting aspects to them as well. Just because they're not overall better doesn't mean they're not better in some places.

>Lorefags can fuck off too

You're acting as if that was people's fault. It's like this by design. They ENCOURAGED people to be lorefags from the very beginning. It's a genius marketing strategy to get people who are not even remotely interested in the gameplay to get into the games and talk about them, thus attracting more people into it. I don't particularly care about the lore, my point is lorefags are 100% FromSoft's fault, and they're very proud of it.

6c3165 No.14800479

File: 20af73c0fcfc27f⋯.jpg (45.8 KB, 500x500, 1:1, come on now.jpg)


I mean dsp is a professional idiot so he hardly counts.

6639ed No.14800485


>I can't find them on his channel and jewtubing "tlgamer dark souls"

I keep forgetting, but originally he was MCSU4 or something stupid (those letters and number, possibly different order) before he changed to TL Gamer, and yes he nuked them.

I have 2 more that I saved as huge .mp4s I will convert later. Remember folks, the internet is Las Vegas: what happens there stays on there forever.

72305d No.14800489

File: 5c935380e3dc671⋯.webm (2.68 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Dunkey - Dark Souls Backs….webm)

File: c7f02fc7a898234⋯.webm (9.51 MB, 640x360, 16:9, DSP getting scraped.webm)

72305d No.14800509

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

anyone remember this hysteria?

6639ed No.14800511


classic jump before draining

6c3165 No.14800514


See if they had chosen to remaster demon souls and put it on pc THEN i would consider buying that since I never got to play it.

29bb0b No.14800519



That'd be a port, then.

6c3165 No.14800527


Fair enough, as long as it isn't shit.

6639ed No.14800538


Demon Souls runs perfect in RPCS3 btw. No need to remaster/port to PC just plug in a good USB controller and play the PS3 version.

55b7e1 No.14800540

File: 9f13cfd43bacd88⋯.jpg (199.84 KB, 720x690, 24:23, 0ebfbac267d6ea5cc068bc505a….jpg)


And in the end DS2 wasn't easier, it was just worse.

72305d No.14800548


"oh they think it'll be easy? what if i add 5 poison rats to this boss! still too easy? i can add more!"

29bb0b No.14800553


They'll never do it.

Demons was the prototype for Dark Souls, the less refined game that lead to it. Dark Souls was the popular one that's capable to attract a large enough audience to justify a remaster. Not saying the remaster is good, just that it makes more sense from a business standpoint. Plus, there's already some PC code to work from, meaning less work and money involved to make it.

Aside from all that, Sony has a hand in Demons' copyright and trademark, so it's less easy to pull off something like that.

29bb0b No.14800560


How does it run on an FX-8350?

I imagine it runs like dogshit on anything other than Intel or a high end Ryzen overclocked for single threaded performance.

6c3165 No.14800570

File: eda75d2b73ca98f⋯.png (70.21 KB, 250x324, 125:162, thinking_in_hd.png)


I will have to look into this.


I just like having slower, perhaps more strategic combat and maybe have magic be anywhere approaching not useless in direct combat because people can just roll and negate your spell which you can only use a set amount of times.

72305d No.14800571


>Sony has a hand in Demons' copyright and trademark

sony is the reason it was created, they even funded the project. same goes for bloodborne. theyre going to grip onto it as long as they possibly can.

29bb0b No.14800602


PS3 is a dead platform at this point so technically they shouldn't be this jewish about it since they're not going to be selling any new PS3s for people to play Demon Souls on. They're just holding on to it for ultra conservative and needlessly fussy business practices. Much like MGS4.

d346cb No.14800603


Last I checked, the emulator has a Vulkan backend and native multi-core threading support, which means you should be able to get some mileage out of it on weaker systems. Do your own research, don't get mad at me if you download the game and emulator and it doesn't work for you.

2a492b No.14800614


>They're just holding on to it for ultra conservative and needlessly fussy business practices.

Its simpler than that, they hold on to it so they can resell it in the future to make more low effort profit.

29bb0b No.14800622


I'm not such a bitch about it, don't worry.


I wish. They haven't resold it by now, I doubt they will. They just like sitting on IPs and doing nothing with them.

72305d No.14800629


>implying they wont remaster it onto ps4 or ps5

899419 No.14800638

DaS3 was a lot of fun despite some glaring flaws, such as armorfags being fucked in the ass

14081c No.14800646


I'd like to see both get ported to ps4, but at the same time it's OK for games to stay on the platforms they were intended for.

6639ed No.14800671


>DaS3 was a lot of fun despite some glaring flaws, such as armorfags being fucked in the ass

I definitely enjoyed it more than DaS2 since the only two things I actually liked about 2 was the armor and the dual wield stance.

I know 3 has some issues, but I think some are limited to the one shitty DLC. Which… I have no DLC for 3 because I have yet to see them go on sale.

6639ed No.14800675

File: 31615c925a967e3⋯.mp4 (11.26 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Reupload - Dark Souls Play….mp4)

6639ed No.14800680


oops that's a dupe of the other one sorry. i'll start converting the next one.

b700c7 No.14800687


We need some kind of "Bright Souls" tbh. Some colorful clone that still requires the player to get good.

55b7e1 No.14800690


DS3's second DLC is fantastic, it's final boss is one of the best fights in the entire series.

6c3165 No.14800693

File: 30c529cec6b891a⋯.webm (4.01 MB, 1066x600, 533:300, How to Webm 8chan.webm)

fc7b6f No.14800713


Really? I thought catacombs was probably the worst part of the game.

817ea8 No.14800740

File: 8bf664f71fb3057⋯.jpg (19.97 KB, 480x359, 480:359, 7r2WmP.jpg)

>few redditors really poorly criticizing dark souls

>/v/ gives them all of the (you)'s

1b8f06 No.14800785


>Demon Souls runs perfect in RPCS3 btw

Maybe in a really high end setup. But for less than that it runs not well. I mean, a RX 560 4G and a Ryzen 1400 at normal stock is very powerfull, but should run the game at default specs (Not upscaled graphics or resolution). But to me, it runs badly…

bf75e7 No.14800796


>nothing is objectively better

everything is better than the fist of gratia

but I get your point.

6639ed No.14800811


Yeah I kind of assume everyone has 16Gb of RAM and a 3ghz quad core CPU in CURRENT_YEAR + 3. My bad. Maybe get a job?

6639ed No.14800820


I know what I'm doing. I just accidentally re-uploaded the source of the previous encode. Also you're fucking pleb for using anything but ffmpeg.

826577 No.14800824

File: 3887312d78133cd⋯.jpg (243.9 KB, 500x584, 125:146, Dark Souls.jpg)

It was always shit.

bf75e7 No.14800825

File: 993d6f11d0c5c5d⋯.png (49.18 KB, 251x222, 251:222, hitler tips fedora.png)


you got a job?

899419 No.14800829


Ringed City is pretty amazing, it's a homage to the entire series and sends the game off with a bang

6639ed No.14800889


>you got a job?

Yeah probably one of the best ones an autist can get too. I clean offices at night; which means I don't have to talk to or work with any other humans. Sometimes called a custodian, or janitor. Literally all I do is vacuum, sweep, and take out the recycling on 6 floors of an office building. Takes me a little over 1hr per floor and I make $20/hr.



I have heard this so many times. I seriously can't believe they haven't gone on sale. Is DLC sales even a thing? Maybe I've been waiting for something that doesn't exist…

899419 No.14800893


DLC sales happen all the time

fec5f2 No.14800920


>20 dollaroors per hour for cleaning shit

Man, that sounds like heaven.

778b49 No.14800951


>he's a janitor

>in an office building

>he does it for $20 an hour

6c3165 No.14800962

File: 06b94282d3f8455⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, DaS1 Covenants.png)



Either of you autists want to play the third game at some point? I have one meta level character.

a3d62c No.14800973


>Survive just fine on $11.40/hr part time at Walmart

>Eventually get up to $12.70/hr over two years because of performance

>Also 10% off, and a few perks/bonuses each year (profit sharing, deferred stock incentive program, 25% off three items in November, annually buy work boots at cost, etc)

>People whine that they overwork us, when all we have to do is show up and put in an honest effort, there's no expectation to get certain things done, even

>(((Minimum wage))) in Ontario goes up to $14

>Canadian dollar is still so far behind the US's, it makes more sense to just dump all my income into stocks and wait for the dollar to equalize, then go back to cash for payment

Seriously, normalfags can't into budgeting

bf75e7 No.14800992


I got banned because one of my friends insisted I delevel a character to play on the meta.

I could use family sharing to get a new account though.

899419 No.14801055

File: b336aa828cd11f3⋯.jpg (54.97 KB, 787x866, 787:866, 809ef2b27d189e037c593d4c57….jpg)


I only play singleplayer

38a53f No.14801061


I know those tits.

b700c7 No.14801201


Who the fuck cares about meta

cc771a No.14801230


same here

I don't have any friends who play so I'd rather go it alone

alot of SoulsBorne haters ITT

probably can't get past the first level

and they're probably playing offline

I'd hate to see how they would react after getting all the way to within sight of the boss foggate for ValleyDefilement-5-2 / NewLondo / ShrineAmana only to have some glitchy faggot invade and kill you.

6c3165 No.14801309

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Family sharing

Yeah that works. I have a couple low level characters, and at any rate, when you use password matchmaking the game scales down high levels to match the host. Somehow while trying and failing to make Harrison Ford to play an Indiana Jones character I made a near-perfect copy of Russell Crowe and decided to make Maximus, been using the Valorheart.

One thing that would be fun is getting a bunch of anons and cosplaying as peasants, and ganking any knight faggots that invade.


By metal level i mean a character in/above the pvp meta level of 120, so it's simply a reference to higher leveled play. I think the character is 150~something.

42d8f1 No.14801312

File: 9d8ff9ef9225d6e⋯.jpg (68.42 KB, 232x288, 29:36, fucking_casuals.jpg)


This is the most casual thing I've ever heard.

>Spam attacks endlessly because lol no consequences

>When an enemy attacks roll out of danger instantly mid-swing

It just takes away all thinking and planning and turns it into a mindless button masher.

390a10 No.14801340


"Artificial Difficulty" typically refers to something the player has no control over, such as random and/or unforeseeable events that are impossible to predict. Basically anything trial-and-error related.

4435aa No.14801603


I disagree on the quality of the series but 100% agree on the lorefags, especially when you consider that when other games pull the same shit they get lambasted for it.

Lore should be used to expand on the world and the story/plot of the game but since DS has no story there's only lore and that's bullshit

>muh deep lore

b700c7 No.14801617


>Lore should be used to expand on the world

but doesn't Dark SOuls do that?

41fa95 No.14801751


Pretty sure it's just a case of hating it because it's big, since /v/ is where contrarians tend to flock.

b08e30 No.14801766


Heres a better one

ffmpeg -i <file you want to encode> -c:v libvpx(-vp9) -b:v <desired video bitrate> -c:a libopus -b:a <desired audio bitrate> -speed <0-4> -threads <number of desired cpu threads>  -y -ac 2 -f webm  <output_filename>

d346cb No.14801778


don't forget to do two pass encoding by using the -pass command. It takes a bit longer but you get better compression/quality.

4435aa No.14801853


>Dark Souls the story/plot is an unlockable hidden away on item descriptions and "envioremental storytelling"

10/10 a masterpiece

>MGSV the story/plot is an unlockable hidden away on "truth tapes"

0/10 what was Kojima thinking?!

Let's not pretend that what most people know about the world of DS wasn't from reading wikis or watching YT videos.

4a8717 No.14801871

File: eee4423776245b0⋯.png (665.16 KB, 857x677, 857:677, eHujOpU.png)

6c3165 No.14801918


The only problem I can see with the tapes is that you have to listen to them. You either have to actually sit down and listen to them because you're actually invested in the shitty story about wolbachia that turn the friggin frogs gay and how english is an evil language, or you play them while playing the game which can be but is not necessarily distracting. The thing about item lore is that it's usually a short blurb that you can read and get back to the game and not lorefag over which I do not condone, though I think it would be nice if souls had taken a larger cue from "show, don't tell".

fd1aa7 No.14801968

File: 07ecc99a7e6e584⋯.jpg (33.83 KB, 500x575, 20:23, no fun allowed.jpg)


>and not lorefag over which I do not condone

6c3165 No.14801999

File: 274e5a4afd70c95⋯.mp4 (2.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, it's_time_to_stop.mp4)


I mean, within reason; when you start using a fucking shoe or something to invent a kingdom out of the ether it is time to stop.

bdc09c No.14802004


I've never been invested in the story of either game (I've never played them), so I'm not biased to either side. But your argument is ignoring the quality of the story itself affecting how people feel about it. Just because they use the same delivery methods, doesn't mean they're equal in every way.

4a8717 No.14802020

File: f9cd2e1f7bcec10⋯.png (90.29 KB, 449x389, 449:389, Gwyn Lord of Autism.png)

6b527c No.14802648

I'm doing a poison/toxic/acid surge/pestilent murcury/any type of mist that decays shit

>What should I pump for poison/toxic mist?

I'm pretty sure just leveling the pyromancy flame makes them stronger, but do stats affect it?

I also have a story-teller staff that has poison on the alt. How do I make that stronger?

>Pestilent murcury

I'm pretty sure casting this does a set amount of damage over time within the cloud regardless of levels or staves used.

All in all, I think leveling dex and nothing else is the safest option to increase my cast efficiency, leveling endurance is also good so I can keep ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING so there becomes no way to attack me as I play the slow and steady game, and I think luck, because luck has some tie to status ailments I think?

95adc5 No.14802761

File: 5866cdd086a2fbf⋯.png (369.47 KB, 641x480, 641:480, 1363292398411.png)

>tfw you didn't fall for the Souls meme

fd1aa7 No.14802766

File: 20c46a3343b58d8⋯.gif (761.7 KB, 487x560, 487:560, 20c46a3343b58d8e6d9c7ea3f3….gif)


>look at me im a contrarian

Whatever retard.

95adc5 No.14802771


nice dubs. Enjoy your meme game.

fd1aa7 No.14802792

File: 46b5c6f461278bd⋯.jpg (145.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mumen rider.jpg)


Thanks, enjoy being a faggot.

1ef4b1 No.14802797

Dark Souls is the Dark Souls of Dark Souls.

As told by every journo.

95adc5 No.14802805

File: 7c665fa990287c8⋯.gif (40.85 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1356599630101.gif)


>playing meme games

>no ur a fag!

Wow you're fuckin gay son.

fd1aa7 No.14802839

File: aa21358d016c961⋯.png (78.16 KB, 237x300, 79:100, e2780df06b6c47d9400145aa1f….png)


>i'm cool cuz i dont like things other people liek

It's okay anon, we were all 14 once.

6639ed No.14802841


>DLC sales happen all the time

Maybe Valve doesn't tell me about them because I have them in my wishlist.


>>20 dollaroors per hour for cleaning shit

Actually the somaliniggers have to take out the regular trash and clean the shitters. I literally vacuum flat office carpet, sweep some hallways, and take out all the paper recycling bins. Dealing with actual feces is for the shitskinned. I'm just a white autist.


I don't live on a Philippino pig farm so I can't do it for free.


At my current pace of my completionist re-run I just married Anri, and was about to go kick Nameless' ass. I'm not even sure I'll hit meta after my first full NG+, but maybe?

f1442d No.14802910

File: bd94878fca69e87⋯.jpg (291.59 KB, 850x850, 1:1, 4042b7bdaf2272f9c5572b64ac….jpg)

>OP is a (1) and done with a low effort cuckchan tier OP about an old topic that promotes shitposting.

>Followed by another bait (1) and done.

>Thread proceeds to be cuckchan shitposting.

Should I dump lewd webms or Junji Ito?

95738c No.14803027

Speaking of Dark Souls, I started replaying it recently. I killed Manus today.It's really strange that before today I didn't remember him having:

(1) a leap attack that breaks lock-on making it almost impossible to see to dodge correctly, and has a landing hitbox that partially hits behind the player meaning that even with a shield up you'll take considerable damage

(2) a 5-hit combo attack where any single hit guarantees with hitstun that the following hits will all land, which would be completely fine if the second hit of the combo wasn't timed perfectly to land right after the i-frames from a fast dodge roll end but before a second dodge can be used

I'm amazed during replaying it how much cheap bullshit like this I'm coming across that for some reason nostalgia, rose-colored glasses, or what have you blinded me from remembering from my original playthroughs. I still enjoy it overall but God fucking damn some of these bosses are programmed just to be gigantic cunts, I swear.

Also OP fuck you Bloodborne is fantastic.

5ad308 No.14803063

File: 3c5e8e7acf782e0⋯.jpg (45.04 KB, 398x373, 398:373, 1328742423123.jpg)


95adc5 No.14803080


>hurr durr i play shit games

It's ok anon save your scat fetish for another board.

fd1aa7 No.14803096

File: a341fde17d5c0c2⋯.mp4 (194.4 KB, 474x360, 79:60, stupid.mp4)


Oh good, you're back. I was looking for a retard to laugh at.

ffe920 No.14803113


The lore is better, and I like the faster gameplay, but Dank Souls has objectively better and more tightly knit level design. I fucking love the layout of Dark Souls and Bloodborne doesn't pull it off quite as well. Especially with the larger number of completely isolated areas.

95adc5 No.14803133

File: 3922c696a1fee52⋯.jpg (37.82 KB, 505x545, 101:109, 3922c696a1fee523b94c6bde57….jpg)


>plays meme souls

>calls others retarded

Nice argument dummy.

29bb0b No.14803383


See what happens when you give the (You) thirsty whore a taste of some nice (You) semen?

Next time, don't

02d689 No.14803502


>and has a landing hitbox that partially hits behind the player meaning that even with a shield up you'll take considerable damage

Well yeah, he's smashing you from above so your front-facing shield shouldn't block that. It's a very easy attack to dodge.

>where any single hit guarantees with hitstun that the following hits will all land

Anon get some poise or just wear the wolf ring if you want to use light armor.

>which would be completely fine if the second hit of the combo wasn't timed perfectly to land right after the i-frames from a fast dodge roll end but before a second dodge can be used

It sounds like you're treating it like DS3 where rollspam can get you out of most tricky situations. Don't do that. Instead, you should be rolling THROUGH his attacks, and you won't have any problems with that combo at all.

>I'm amazed during replaying it how much cheap bullshit like this I'm coming across

The only cheap bullshit in 1 is Bed of Chaos.

>some of these bosses are programmed just to be gigantic cunts

Again, only Bed of Chaos. Post your your character stats and gear, I want to see what you're dealing with.

b700c7 No.14804483



6c3165 No.14804495


Make sure to be under 30%, that's what affects rolls in this game. Get something infused with simple because it'll give you FP back over time for free, and upgrading the simple item makes it gib moar.


Why not.

a40d6f No.14805273

File: 22f39405a9d4298⋯.png (601.39 KB, 919x720, 919:720, 3454634234.png)


Dark Souls 2 and 3 are prime examples of "no fun allowed" changes to the meta.

Devs have this bizarre assumption that by nerfing everything fun to use you can somehow fix people coming up with a new meta. Metas will always exist, all you are doing is making the game less fun for everyone.

In DaA 3 I don't even have 1/3 of the build potential I had in DaS1 because they split everything into separate skills and made all the equipment absurdly heavy. I hope your happy fromsoft, your game is so "balanced" now. :)))

72305d No.14805520


the best way to "nerf" is to buff everything to that level giving the player equivelent options. unless the weapon is absolutely broken.

ffa509 No.14805633

File: bf0f2e4fe32c016⋯.png (175.44 KB, 304x300, 76:75, p192n1v77g1gqt8fc11741ppp1….png)


>This is the most casual thing I've ever heard.

No, you posers pretend you're hot shit PRECISELY because the souls games have a low skill ceiling.

To a casual, experts in DMC and RE:Mercenaries look like supermen whose moves are too fast to even be seen. Because the skill ceiling there is as high as the player's own abilities. By comparison a souls game is a rhythm game where you either play the song right or try again.

>you don't need to play hundreds of vidya to become an expert

>all it takes is to git gud at dark souls

This is what soulstards actually believe

6c3165 No.14806484

File: 6b0024bf83b1aa4⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 320x200, 8:5, hehehehehe.gif)


Dota has more skill.

39c092 No.14806559


Both can work well and it's viability depends on the game.

Uncancellable needs more planning and commitment, better for slower games whith emphasis on carefulness and tactics.

Cancellable results in faster moves, where you can dish out damage carelessly as long as you are close enough to the enemy. Better in a game where you have good ranged damage options or that have a faster non-stop flow to it.

imo Uncancellable needs more skill in order to execute whitout getting penalized for poor execution.

Cancelable allows for more cool shit if you have the skills, but doesn't make it much harder if you don't have them.

6639ed No.14806608


>Why not.

I'm not sure DaS3 pvp meta is worth it. I'm using a refined dark sword, and when I invade I do decent. Whenever I go blue and get summoned for help we do decent. Whenever I get invaded the person is using a huge weapon, seems to be way more powerful than I am when they land hits, and can swing their huge weapon fast enough to rollcatch into combos. The pvp meme area from Pontiff to Anor Londo is fucking boring too…

Frankly I find it pretty fucking retarded, but I still play online because sometimes it's funny to pop Giant seeds.

6c3165 No.14806732

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I'm using a Yhorm's, with 66 STR two handed it tends to kill incredibly quickly. That and Fume Ultra Funsword both have very high STR scaling. I need to do a spears character for the fun of it.

6be18d No.14806755


>dat face

potion seller…I need your strongest potions

a9f788 No.14816676


I wish an animu girl would do that to me ;_;

501cfa No.14818832


Bloodborne is better.

5e61af No.14818865

File: 22acbd21746ac4b⋯.jpg (12.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 22acbd21746ac4ba00a0642d68….jpg)

>being this contrarian

Kill yourself turbonigger. Dark Souls 1 is a pretty great game, although it has its flaws. Dark Souls 3 isn't as good, but still moderately good. Bloodborne is probably the best of the "souls" games, although few like to admit it.

Dark Souls 2 is definitely shit, though, fuck that game.

6639ed No.14821076


>few like to admit it

few have played it. i'm not a soynygger, and even if i was i would never buy a console for 1 game.

02d689 No.14821089


Correct. No game is worth nearly 500 dollarydoos after tax.

5f61e1 No.14821091


Bloodborne can't be the best because it costs $450 ish.

0d7471 No.14821092

File: eca48d7cdd33f68⋯.jpg (49.71 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, CQCHDFeW8AA9LGu.jpg)


>dark memes


000000 No.14821130

>all the casuals ITT who couldnt get past the first boss who now sage and call souls shit

Lmao git gud

e76977 No.14821141

File: a8e5ab9673d0739⋯.webm (3.13 MB, 950x720, 95:72, plan_s.webm)



>223 replies

a71d50 No.14821243


Bloodborne is a well executed DS3. I wish they stuck with the great level design of DS though. That that was dropped always disappointed me.

1a59e1 No.14821266

Bloodborne is so fucking overrated it's insane. It is a good game, but nowhere near great. Every playthrough feels the exact same since there is barely any variety in the combat. The enemies bosses are all just huge fast shit or human sized fast shit that all hit hard as fuck and chimp out constantly while screaming until you're fucking deaf. Then for variety there are ones that gun spam with infinite ammo. The performance is shit too. It's good for a few runs and then it just gets boring. I really don't get all the dicksucking for this shit. Compared to other action games it is sorely lacking. The level design is pretty cool at times though.

ace60d No.14821290


>elitist faggot detected

All games boil down to knowledge and practice.

Even in Super Mario, once you know the levels, where the enemies will pop up and so on, it becomes easy. Knowledge is power.

And DMC is shit.

04e326 No.14821785


BB is a tricky one. It has great lore, story, art design and fun combat. However, as you say, the combat is the most redundant of the series.

>Compared to other action games it is sorely lacking

This is a big issue few talk about. The SoulsBorne games have moved further into action territory but do it poorly compared to a lot of others. What was once a series about trying something new, encouraging players to think outside of just "hit and avoid damage until dead". Almost subversion as it went the other way. The bosses in DeS are very unique, nearly all of them different than damn near every other game out there. None of those unique bosses or ideas carried over to DS, let alone BB or DS2 or 3.

If you haven't already watch this, it sums things up well.

They are onto something with the transformations though. The beast rune, ayy lmao rune and the dragon stones in DS. They should make a new game about all these things interacting and fighting against each other and together. Some B movie about all these different monsters or something.

6de3d5 No.14822754


I may not have posted at all but I've read almost all the replies, as long as the thread is on topic who cares how much OP posts?

02d689 No.14823374


You're alright.

875a6e No.14835389


It's just butthurt PCucks anon.

ffe920 No.14835397


I'm of a similar opinion, except nothing has yet to top DS1's level design. It's fucking top tier. Memeborne is pretty good though. Certainly better than DS2 and 3 at the very least. Now it just needs to be on PC and easily moddable.

269d9c No.14835403


sounds like you were having some troubles there

7b8dea No.14835421


imo Dark Souls 2 is just fine as a PvE game until the expansions, at which point its a chore.

>Here, go through several consecutive areas where your +15 Great Sword takes 3-4 hits to kill the average enemy

It has really memorable landscapes (again with the exception of the expansion) even if they just end up being thematic levels like other video games.

d8da59 No.14835422

Dark Souls 3 is only as popular as it is because it panders to the nostalgic faggots that can't let things go.

>shortest game

>bonfires out the ass

>heavy armor sucks

>armor variety is less than DS2 BASE game, despite copypasting a 3rd of the armors from previous games

>bland NG+

>shitty covenants

>no blue eye orb

>blue sentinels and darkmoons the exact same

>left hand weapons no longer have full movesets

>very little moveset variation

>refined/hollow completely dominates

It's literally the same tier as DS2, but with a bit of make-up and references up the ass.

b700c7 No.14835436


>>shitty covenants

moundmakers is a neat covenant.

but the ds3 version of darkmoon blades was completely unneccessary (and obvious nostalgia bait)

4befcc No.14835439




>bonfires out the ass

ironically the game hold's back when it needs to, like archives and cathedral of the deep

>refined/hollow completely dominates


a1860e No.14839925

File: 24d34b0bf5a0295⋯.png (296.8 KB, 897x456, 299:152, i am bored.png)

The remaster's out.

It's shittier than DSFix.

4896ce No.14839968


Steam forums is a fucking salt mine right now between whales desperately trying to damage control shitty remaster and some hacker e-celeb "softbanning" accounts or some shit.

Get in while it's hot.

f22164 No.14839977

File: e9f9577119fc998⋯.png (24.85 KB, 1043x409, 1043:409, mad redditors.PNG)

File: 0cc993f1ee80ad9⋯.png (12.42 KB, 1188x206, 594:103, mad redditors 2.PNG)

File: 062d94865e3d31e⋯.png (5.17 KB, 803x123, 803:123, mad redditors 3.PNG)


atleast people are doing god's work like malcolm reynolds and making reddit upset

4896ce No.14839980


Yeah that one.

a1860e No.14840004

File: 8ebf3955136e4f0⋯.png (225.19 KB, 338x400, 169:200, those tags.png)

86ca2d No.14840015


Is it compatible with DSfix? Also I fucking called it, especially when the dev is known for shit ports.

a1860e No.14840020


It's DSfix with worse textures and visual effects.

a8be53 No.14840044


Ignore the autismo.

86ca2d No.14840049


Ah, that's unfortunate then

d704e1 No.14840051

File: 6d7995b97b4fe0c⋯.jpg (28.17 KB, 582x600, 97:100, 1465372785772.jpg)

>There's a dude streaming right now that is already hacking and banning people by invading in the remastered


02d689 No.14840060


Link it, this is the one time where I'd actually enjoy watching someone else play vidya.

a1860e No.14840064

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I wonder if streams work as embeds?

02d689 No.14840068


Thanks anon.

8790e6 No.14840071

File: 21e402a5d39bca4⋯.png (4.91 KB, 146x25, 146:25, ClipboardImage.png)



it is pretty darn relaxing for anyone who doesn't have journalist tier skill. Personally I'm just going to wait for the switch version. Even at 50% off this version just isn't worth it. At least on the switch it'll be portable. If I didn't play this game as much as I do I wouldn't even be considering it, but I still replay the damn thing so I think that justifies the purchase…

7ba5c2 No.14840106

File: b3caf62ed52c9ec⋯.jpg (18.15 KB, 367x380, 367:380, Absolutely_disgusting.jpg)


>There are people who actually don't find Dark Souls relaxing

DS isn't even hard, it's what I would describe as "Old Fashioned" difficulty. It's about the same level as Nintendo-Hard. The reason it got the reputation it did was because the average AAA shit today is so fucking easy for casuals that DS feels like the hardest shit ever to these fucks

86d7e4 No.14840132

File: 5dc0866febcca89⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1105x903, 1105:903, fug_with_both_hands.jpg)


If PS3 remote play wasn't totally fucked in the head I'd be able to at least play it in bed. As it stands though, same, at least when the hacks are out. I've already bought the game once and the "remaster" is just an excuse to sell it at full price again.


Happened with Cuphead too.

8790e6 No.14840135


One of the guys I worked with back in the day got stuck in the Undead Burg for almost 3 hours before giving up on the game. I wish I could have seen what he was doing because it's hard to imagine somebody having that hard of a time with the game… but then again, you do see a lot of "I can't take this signs" around the undead burg.

4efc4c No.14840157


I'm glad someone else gets it.

Dark Souls isn't hard, it just has a set difficulty that is higher than normal (for today), and it requires that you either learn to play (the fabled "git gud") or you fuck off.

Baby mode difficulties, waypoints, quest trackers, floating markers, adjustable difficulties, tutorials, all that shit is superfluous garbage for people who actually know how to play, and who find joy in the experience of exploration and experimentation, which old games had shitloads of (although in some cases it was a little too esoteric, like having to bomb every wall in Hyrule because there was no indication of any kind as to which tile was vulnerable).


He probably never encountered an enemy that you couldn't kill the first time you meet it so he tried to melee solo the Hellkite on the bridge.

Either that or he just doesn't know how to play a game that doesn't make objects you interact with glow like the sun so he missed a ladder somewhere.

a1860e No.14840166


In his defense I was stuck in the catacombs for a long-ass time.

didn't realize there was a different path until someone told me that i wasn't supposed to be in the tomb of the giants

7ba5c2 No.14840167


>and who find joy in the experience of exploration and experimentation, which old games had shitloads of

I think that's exactly what DS is trying to re-capture and does right. A lot of old games were vague as fuck, and that's partially what made older games so interesting and bigger than themselves. Ocarina of Time has countelss "urban legends" surrounding it for example, its just how games were back then. That's what I think a lot of games today try to re-create but always fail to do so without it feeling contrived.

4befcc No.14840245

the state of steam forums right now

>salt from hacker

>salt from people buying remaster

>salt general

8b4137 No.14840298


He's not calling everything shit, he's calling you a faggot, faggot.

8ad685 No.14840423

File: 0f25f78136abaf3⋯.webm (15.09 MB, 960x540, 16:9, dark souls cheating.webm)

As soon as I saw people complaining not just about hackers in the Remaster but referring to a singular hacker in a he-who-shall-not-be-named fashion, identifying him only as "him," I knew Malcolm Reynolds was back. On the DS3 launch he would summon people using "reddit" as the password, and would cause players to get insta-banned when he struck them with his weapon, because it would apply to them various flags that the game's anti-cheat is looking to block.

Ages ago he put up a video about using Cheat Engine in Dark Souls 1, but it seems to have been deleted from his channel. Luckily I have it saved, though it's a bit long to comfortably sit in a WebM.

ce261b No.14840479

File: a5c5109c95ba8a4⋯.webm (5.93 MB, 320x240, 4:3, a5c5109c95ba8a4588b6af173….webm)

yarr mateys, whar be de booty?

86d7e4 No.14840517

File: 1d69c6d653db1cb⋯.jpg (215.06 KB, 904x1280, 113:160, Kneel.jpg)


It shouldn't even be that hard, as long as your players are willing to stay the hell away from any online discussion of the game, where people with too much time will document it to every minor detail.

a71d50 No.14840749

File: a14b33a3857be2d⋯.jpg (275 KB, 1803x1351, 1803:1351, a14b33a3857be2da5ebff81347….jpg)

>tfw I fell for the jewish tricks despite already having prepare to die with dsfix

>apply for refund right on 2 hours played

>state reason: I already own this with 'prepare to die' with dsfix

>steam refunds it

Thank god. Wasting 26AUD neetbux was making me sour. please bully for falling for goymaster all the same.

6cde4d No.14840768


Lad you should've hacked it and softbanned some redditors before you refunded it tbh

4befcc No.14840773


since DSR transition DS from 32bit to 64bit the video is outdated and useless

Said he was going to make a new one I think

7c5b86 No.14840797


a 90 iq isnt low you fucking retard

ffe920 No.14840810


>a 90 iq isnt low you fucking retard

t. Several standard deviations below average

d8da59 No.14840819


>they say if you…

<believing in what (((they))) say in the first place

>giving any shits about IQ

Spoken like a true reddit scholar :^)

ffe920 No.14840853


>IQ is rigged by the kikes

Then why don't they bump up nig scores to push multicult?

ce261b No.14840858


If they did that, then they wouldn't be able to shame whites into giving the disadvantaged those dibmedats

ffe920 No.14840873


Sure they would. Just point at poverty rates of nogs. They hardly ever point out nig IQ as a reason for gibs as far as I've seen anyways. It's pretty much ignored outright becuase it's considered racism to point it out.

8ad685 No.14841079


Outdated sure, but useless no, if you want to generally keep messing with the original.

b68501 No.14841118

File: cf09487b3ef727d⋯.gif (2.85 MB, 400x225, 16:9, vorgil peeking.gif)

>With Prepare to Die Edition and DSfix I struggle to maintain a consistent framerate and get stuttering everywhere

>Remastered gives me a solid framerate despite having higher system requirements and has been called a botch job

I'm not shilling here I just don't know why everyone else's computer here seems to run DSfix just fine but I've tried it on three separate machines and always have the same problem when running it at 60fps. If modders find a way to fix the absolutely atrocious texture hack job the people in charge of Remastered did I can see myself using this version from now on.

Does anyone know if they fixed the ladder glitch in Remastered?

47605f No.14841177

File: 270daed9d7c754a⋯.gif (1.72 MB, 292x432, 73:108, 270daed9d7c754aa0ad8f7c968….gif)

File: 57ee635f6fb288e⋯.webm (2.55 MB, 480x360, 4:3, MechWarrior 2 Intro.webm)


Mechwarrior 2 is bliss. Don't try to pretend you know Battletech, underage-kun. Nu-battletech is shit though.

47605f No.14841206

File: 3dc8a582bca0fc6⋯.jpg (212.61 KB, 1010x768, 505:384, 3dc8a582bca0fc63048bfd8f2a….jpg)


>/leftypol/ false flag shit

Only leftists complain about IQ testing (because inequality of outcome hurts their fee-fees).

31af31 No.14841220


mega that shit plz

1b8f06 No.14841290

Never got the original game. Is there any reason to not get the remaster, when its the first time you will play it in a non-pirate version?

04e326 No.14841307


>More active online community once again

>Smooth 60FPS

>Some minor quality of life improvements like popping multiple souls at once

>Some SOME of the texture and lighting changes look good

<Most however are inferior to PTD Dark Souls

<Funding Jewish tier business practices, this shit costing money when there are other remasters that existing owners got for free is enough right there to never give a penny

<Easier than the first game due to omni-directional rolling and more summons

<PvP is also different because of more summons

<Original PTD Dark Souls is now gone forever for legitimate PC players, total kikery that again doesn't deserve a penny

You can pirate original Dark Souls and get Wulf's connectivity mod for online play.

02d689 No.14841323


I'd just pirate it, it's not worth $40.

8fd415 No.14841339


>that pic

He was gassing animals for 4 years dude what the fuck.

cd0145 No.14841346

File: b176ba341da5a4c⋯.jpg (601.46 KB, 1280x795, 256:159, 18c4855d1a2180018ada8e7e2b….jpg)

I like all of 'em including 2. I don't understand the meme that 2 is somehow 'bad'.

b68501 No.14841348


>He was gassing


8fd415 No.14841355


There still is no proof that holocaust didn't happen.

e73f1c No.14841361


outlawing "holocaust denial" is proof enough

12323d No.14841363

File: 4b93040d81cbc27⋯.jpg (55.28 KB, 497x348, 497:348, ass up.jpg)


How is he softbanning people? He's changing their stats when he invades isn't he?

756924 No.14841373


No it's not.

9b9679 No.14841380

Why the shit textures? Because console performance?

02d689 No.14841382


Yeah, he explained it on the stream. Nothing he's doing can get him softbanned, because the anti-cheat checks your player attributes and which slots your items are in, and despite modifying fireball's effects, it's still in the right place, and none of his stats are out of place. But his spell alters player stats which then immediately flags them because the anti-cheat is worthless.

6f920d No.14841383


2 is the weakest of them all, yet still the best vidya from 2014.

It's best problem was the failure of implementing the ligth effects from the trailers, which left massive areas looking either too brigth or color-washed.

b3162f No.14841386


>cheap difficulty is just a more accurate description of artificial difficulty.

I like to think there's a difference between the two.

Cheap difficulty is an obstacle that can be passed through obscure ways or abusive mechanics. Like old Mortal Kombat games and their input reads.

Artificial difficulty are obstacles that has no reason to be difficult but can only be reasonably passed by meeting an artificial requirement. As much as I love Dragon's Dogma they for damn sure love to pull this shit. Level 15 and your weapon has 300AR? Have fun spending 2 hours on a troll. Level 17 with 315AR? The fight can now be finished in 15min.

Artificial Difficulty usually stems from devs programming retarded formulas on how damage is calculated. Hence the reference to DD.

529f2b No.14841397


As there are no proofs for a so called holocaust.

There are proofs of over 2 Million killed Partisans and Robber Bands (mainly jews, because, suprise, jews were the main drive behind communism and collaborators of the soviet union and "social democrats") and included in the 6 Million figure), but that is no holocaust.

There are proofs of Labor camps, famine and sickness, which claimed up to 1 Million inmates but that is no holocaust.

There are possible proofs of one mobile execution van (so called gas van) for execution of criminals in Poland.

Or if you think there are proofs you must also acknowledge the german atom bomb that was used to combust jews on the spot, the holocauster, the headcrackermachine, the 1000 People electric chair, soap and lampshades made out of jews, that 2 Million of those alledgedly gassed were gassed using Diesel Engine fumes most of those killed by the fumes of a captured Soviet Submarine, and 40 meter high blood fountains that burst open at random on the mass graves of the gassed jews.

Also you have to disregard the deaths of the asoscial, gypsies, gays, communists, social democrats, traitors and other undesireables and claim that they only died because of jews and a hatred for them.

b3162f No.14841401



>tfw DS3 hit it's peak when you could invade boss arenas as a Mound Maker from a bug

>having to juggle between the boss, the player, and their buttbuddies. Maximum multitasking.

>fun was gone when they patched it

That was legit the most fun I had in the souls series as a whole. It truly felt this was what Mound Makers/being the wild card was supposed to be.

02d689 No.14841410


>yet still the best vidya from 2014

Divinity OS

Wasteland 2

Legend of Grimrock 2

Shadowrun Dragonfall

Shovel Knight

Anon, DS2 isn't even top 5 for 2014.

6f920d No.14841422


>Divinity OS

>Wasteland 2

>Legend of Grimrock 2

>Shadowrun Dragonfall

>Shovel Knight

Thank you for prooving my point that DS2 is the best game of 2014

02d689 No.14841425


Oh, you're a console gamer. Fair enough, you didn't get a single interesting game until 2015.

446edf No.14841458

File: 2b5cab1fb11a7e3⋯.jpg (57.24 KB, 436x358, 218:179, 1387129180456.jpg)


ahhh here's the root of the problem

>I can die 40 times playing Cat Mario, or I wanna Be the Guy, but I'll still beat the level

>but I'll still beat the level

He's just fucking bad and has never beaten Dark Souls.

a60fe2 No.14841460

DaS III > DaS > DaS II

for multiplayer though, DaS II has the most flexible combat with most room for creativity

6f920d No.14841522


>you can only have a PC or a console, never both

Hey everyone, we have a retard here!

02d689 No.14841556


I appreciate you not even bothering to deny that this is a fox and the grapes situation. Hey, at least you got Bloodborne, right?

77f573 No.14841561



So anyone who has an N64 or PS1 isnt a "real gamer" because they own a console.

Fucking Kill Yourself.

02d689 No.14841576


Please tell us all about those N64 and PS1 games that were being released in 2014.

8ccda9 No.14841580

File: 6d4a34b310ddad1⋯.png (962.83 KB, 586x944, 293:472, 6d4a34b310ddad1bfa7d06b378….png)

Demon's Souls is the superior game, you know this to be true. The only reason Dark Souls got so popular was because of kids that didn't own a PS3. DaS has levels that are completely ripped from DeS, then neutered and shortened. The only "difficulty" in DaS is the damage increase from DeS. DeS let's you explore without punishing you nearly as harshly, and sets up smart or predictable traps every once in a while, DaS just forces you to pussyfoot through the entire fucking game.

That Drake sitting on the gate in DaS? DeS has an entire section where that fucker hunts you down the entire length of a fortress wall. This is not to say that Dark Souls in it's entirety sucks, but had From wizened up and released Demon's on every platform as their first Souls game, we would have a higher standard of quality for what classifies as a "hard" game.

6f920d No.14841584


Why of course I have BB, I'm not a poorfag like you.

>fox and the grapes situation.

Would you kindly (without overheating your brain) explain to me how having a GameBoy, Snes, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP and a PS4 has stopped me from playing games in my 486, Pentium 2 and Current PC?

02d689 No.14841595


You're getting way too bent out of shape over me calling you on your shit taste. Reminder that this started because you claimed a 5/10 at best game was the best game released in 2014.

6f920d No.14841599


So you can't.

Filtered ;^)

395e1f No.14841604


The level design in bloodborne is fucking ace tier man. You can clearly spot cathedral ward from almost every outside area in the main game and can see many areas way before getting there. There are lots of shortcuts and loops that tie the game together, and the environment is the most incredibly detailed I have encountered in a game. There is some serious 'tism on jewtube going over the thought that went into the level design and there is a lot you dont see on a first pass.

a71d50 No.14841606


Is this bait? Anyway, I actually enjoy the meme souls games, except 2 which I have never bothered with. I have a hankering to play bloodbourne again, but I could only play it on my mates bloodbourne machine which I no longer have acess to since he moved to sydney and I really cant justify buying a console for one game.

If they didn't abandon the level design of Dark Souls, I could put so many more hours into DS3. What a waste.

02d689 No.14841607


>redditor says stupid shit

>gets called on it

>f-filtered!! >:(((

We both know you're reading this, but now you can't respond without making yourself look even more like an underage twat. Well played, kiddo.

04e326 No.14841629


Pot calling the kettle black. Get that cock out of your mouth and be quiet.

02d689 No.14841634


How cute, do you have anything intelligent to add to the conversation, or are you merely going to white knight a fellow redditor?

6f920d No.14841663


Remember anons, filter ID: 02d689 for a exponential increase in thread quality.

02d689 No.14841691


Remember anons, pretending you filtered someone after they embarrassed the fuck out of you doesn't take the sting away.

ad1825 No.14842101

File: c878ffcf723408d⋯.png (60.51 KB, 631x481, 631:481, john titor.png)


Shills are even worse.

77f573 No.14842494


>Sullying John Titor's name just to be a cunt on steam.


5d380c No.14842502

I have 700 hours in Dark Souls and at least 100 hours in DeS and DS2 but I FUCKING HATE the series, change my FUCKING mind.

b1e881 No.14842521

9471fa No.14842893

File: 04c7aff5f38d47a⋯.jpg (51.45 KB, 600x450, 4:3, comrade_shortman_reporting.jpg)


de be ye olde Dark Souls with flav'o'DSFix.

And maybe battling other shipmates somehow.

321c04 No.14849475

09890c No.14849792


There aren't that many shills on /v/ though.

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