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File: cdcf2a8e26f56e1⋯.jpg (247.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, YAKUZA 0_20180610202911.jpg)

e1e8fd No.14946852


>I want to try this series out, what should I do?

If you have a PS3, full release order. If you don't, emulate 1 and 2 for PS2, then go for 0 then Kiwami. Never mistake Kiwami for a suitable starting point because this game 100% expects you to have played 0 first. Yes, the PS2 games are rough, but they are still fun, and you get to experience how much the series evolved. I really recommend you try them.

59b9dc No.14947368

File: d94d2363cb159c2⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, greattaste.png)

File: 395cf57cc28e8af⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, greattaste2.png)

Y'know, one thing as the resident moveset autist that always irked me is the fact that barely any of the Yakuza 4 movesets from non-recurring characters were recycled, while every single boss moveset from 3 still sees regular usage and I don't see why. In particular Arai's moveset is pretty cool and Sugiuchi's karate moveset is very much distinct from Joji's karate moveset, yet Joji's moveset is still probably the most recycled moveset in the entire goddamn series.

e1e8fd No.14961934

File: f1851f2143749c9⋯.png (238.44 KB, 566x798, 283:399, ClipboardImage.png)

Also, Hokuto ga Gotoku is confirmed for western release.

As I'm not a fan of fist of the north star I don't really much care, but I know many were looking forward to that.

4e6a43 No.14962006

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


And that's not all:

Extra Carnage – Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise features everything available in the original Japanese version, plus extra carnage for the localized version! For the first time, witness the full effects of Kenshiro’s brutal Hokuto Shinken on the lowlifes and thugs of the post-apocalyptic wastes.

Dual audio, extra carnage and a 2018 release. These cheeky bastards have been working on this for quite a while. It's nothing special but probably the best thing to come out of this E3 for me.


4e6a43 No.14962016

File: e54e9a04f157c7e⋯.jpg (1003.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Fist-of-the-North-Star-Los….jpg)

File: 42ad0b99cc81495⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Fist-of-the-North-Star-Los….jpg)

Comparison shots.

158d03 No.14962017


31908b No.14962020

34069a No.14962101

File: 663986cec2cabb9⋯.jpg (55.33 KB, 432x435, 144:145, get up my baby.jpg)

48dd70 No.14962387



Well now I'm excited.

93c2b6 No.14964303

They're gonna show Lost Paradise on the twitch stream in a few minutes if anyone cares.

4e6a43 No.14964378



They already showed a bit of Kiwami 2.

4e6a43 No.14969687

Yakuza 0 and Kiwami coming to PC.

d266c6 No.14969737

File: d538517a75a1e97⋯.jpg (47.15 KB, 464x454, 232:227, YES.jpg)


dfab78 No.14969754


Confirmed. I don't even need a PS4 anymore.

dfab78 No.14969764


* As long as it doesn't have Denuvo

500ff8 No.14969767


I want the remasters of 3, 4, 5 too.

34069a No.14969795


Apparently it does >>14969760

5c7115 No.14969803

d266c6 No.14969826


What a fucking timeline

dfab78 No.14969859


Then sadly it is a pirate. Damn it SEGA. It's almost like you don't want people to support you on PC.

c8dfaf No.14969865

File: 768a1201efdad9e⋯.mp4 (6.63 MB, 360x270, 4:3, TROLOLOLOLO.mp4)






d8face No.14969937


They shot themselves in the foot. Won't be happy when they turn around and say they won't be porting any more because they didn't sell well.

31908b No.14969987




Which chinpira thought that was a good idea?

500ff8 No.14970000


>They shot themselves in the foot

I don't know what strange alternate reality you inhabit where the vast majority of people actually care if a game has DRM or not. Let me tell you, most normalfags don't even have any idea what DRM is, let alone give a fuck if a game is saddled with it.

dfab78 No.14970001




> It has shitty DRM on it so it is an automatic no buy.

> I'm sorry guys. It just didn't sell. I guess people don't like the game on PC.

dfab78 No.14970055


Wasted quads. This is SEGA. Their titles are niche and plenty of their playerbase isn't going to want to touch this shit with Denuvo. They hurt themselves big time.

500ff8 No.14970082


It will sell.

d8face No.14970091


I imagine the people that would play Yakuza aren't exactly normalfags. It's a pretty niche series that has the fans translating the games when sega refuses to bring them west. Not exactly your typical consumer.

500ff8 No.14970180


>It's a pretty niche series that has the fans translating the games when sega refuses to bring them west.

Only translation projects I'm aware of are the one for the PSP game that has been moribund for years and an attempt to unfuck Yakuza 3, which is likely to be abandoned as well with the rerelease of 3.

>Not exactly your typical consumer.

SEGA is obviously betting on "niche console game getting ported to PC" to get more money, just like they did with Valkyria (another niche title that goes as a cult hit) and they sold a shitload of copies of that game.

ab0773 No.14970216

File: 115ae7b1091fe59⋯.png (300.09 KB, 837x667, 837:667, 1421306642319.png)



05f81a No.14970240

File: d63cd71fe0cef12⋯.jpg (30.64 KB, 352x450, 176:225, trash.jpg)


This is great


Into the trash.

d266c6 No.14970242

File: 58abc876af578b3⋯.jpg (14.91 KB, 400x299, 400:299, comf.jpg)

>Buy to support it

>Pirate a copy and add it to my infinite collection on my 8TB External HDD


>Let good goys buy it

>Pirate it and add it to my unlimited collection of games on my (GB external HDD

34069a No.14970247

File: a69aad58adf7ef7⋯.mp4 (6.16 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 龍が如く 維新!_20180207143108.mp4)


There's also the KHH Subs fan translation for Kenzan and Ishin, I used it while playing through the latter. I think the same guy did a complete translation of 0 before it got localised as well.

d8face No.14970265


5 and 0 got translated before the western ports came out. I've seen a few playthroughs on youtube where someone translates it as they play it. Did Valkyria have denuvo?

500ff8 No.14970323


>Did Valkyria have denuvo?

No, but I think you seriously overestimate the general moral fortitude of the average weeb. Remember, these are the same retards that have kept NISA in business for more than a decade.d

24bf7f No.14970430

File: 69a2aeacde1d4db⋯.jpg (124.79 KB, 1104x621, 16:9, I could always.jpg)



dfab78 No.14970469


If you say this then you underestimate the autims of the average SEGA fan.

d8face No.14970568


I'm more so just worried that their decision to put denuvo in will lead them to be unhappy with sales figures and pull the plug on porting the rest to PC. I'm not expecting every Yakuza player to boycott the game but I think it's evident that there's a healthy amount of autism in the fanbase. I can only hope for the best but I don't expect it.

1e837d No.14970614


>SEGA could have get some shekels but they choose to go full-jew instead, thus drastically decreasing their profits from making a port

Fucking wew.

5485a1 No.14970672


>only 20 bux

Good to see sega following at least one good rule of gaming.

8832ee No.14970713



Fucking nuke sega europe already. They're the cancerous fucks that convinced sega to adopt this

d266c6 No.14970776

File: 47a12abd33aaf8a⋯.png (675.19 KB, 993x923, 993:923, 74c2c005a73e2b3e0ed7a8c067….png)

>18 eurobucks

Guess I'll support the port and pirate it on the side

49edce No.14971012


I told you they'd do this.

1e2aaf No.14971087


>Add to Cart

>Not item already owned

49edce No.14971208

File: 9a7013121fc0e6e⋯.png (232.95 KB, 798x335, 798:335, that font though.png)

What does the font remind you of?

dfab78 No.14971347


Every heavy metal album ever.

105982 No.14972279


lulz. That censorship totally reminds me of the SNES Mortal Kombat or something like that. Japan went backwards.

e1e8fd No.14974792


Holy fucking shit. For cheap too. That's it, I'm playing it all over again.

>Unlocks in august

>Two weeks away from my birthday

>Also the month where I traditionally spend the month with my folks and thus have only my notebook laptop on hand


1b3779 No.14975275

I send a tweet to @sega_official, the Japanese twitter, that I am not buying a Denuvo game Did it in Japanese. I suggest you do the same.

067e85 No.14975380


It's already like number 4 on steam's top sellers list so that definitely not going to happen.

31908b No.14977711

File: 1799de23e61395f⋯.jpg (28.21 KB, 320x230, 32:23, f4g2aRnji5KK0p3A5dinUQFn7q….jpg)

So when are we getting a mod which replaces all NPCs with Memejima?

e1e8fd No.14977736

File: eb86990ec4fbca5⋯.jpg (340.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, YAKUZA 0_20180509222413.jpg)


If there's one thing I wouldn't expect it's modding capability. Model ripping, sure. But most games aren't moddable the way some believe, and if denuvo does anything, it's actively hampering mods.

I really just wish it runs smoothly and denuvo is removed. I'm not on the edge of my seat for the latter though. At least they didn't go for selling it full price.

c487c7 No.14978750

File: f519cf5a977f541⋯.png (23.86 KB, 638x168, 319:84, why.png)

I swear to God, games being confirmed for using Denuvo is either a baitfest, they're actually paying people pennies just to defend DRM, or people are full of blind idiots. Even ironically liking Denuvo should be made illegal. This is why even if you buy games, you should still crack them.

31908b No.14978780


There's some dude from the Eastern Finnish Isles who already does mods for the PS3 and 4 games, I think even with Yiduvo it's gonna be possible.

6aeb53 No.14978824

File: 494eb67efb044b5⋯.png (40.48 KB, 533x138, 533:138, ClipboardImage.png)


Steam discussions are always garbage, only browse if you want a reason to be pissed off.

c487c7 No.14978866


At least comparisons to Sleeping Dogs have been around for a while. I don't recall people generally trying to compare Sleeping Dogs or GTA to Yakuza like they're competing with each other. Most people also learn quickly that Sleeping Dogs is a GTA clone with Arkham combat while Yakuza is a spiritual successor to Shenmue.

cb29e3 No.14978902

File: e2d1a7aefc4c0bf⋯.png (19.2 KB, 1205x608, 1205:608, 1f26adb3ab14fe86a808cd59ba….png)

Send emails to Sega about Denuvo if you still care about this shit, they seem to be at least forwarding these emails somewhere instead of just denying them on sight,

Make sure to mention the word "feedback" in the email somewhere to ensure it gets to someone who matters.

This is linked as the "Global support page" for non-nips apparently

>Global Support Page


>USA email


>Nip sites


>PC/home console game contact inquiry form

(they don't provide an email address directly, its one of those forms you fill out and it emails to them ffs)


>Feedback contact form (basically anything is allowed to be talked about here)


9e1574 No.14979380

File: 7f367a4a36b6389⋯.png (667.67 KB, 960x1357, 960:1357, The COOL GUY SOSUKE.png)

blah blah blah old man

blah blah blah tougher than you and better looking to boot

blah blah blah true successor to the Komaki school

blah blah blah 1v1 me and my grandpa

e583f0 No.14979825


denuvo ruined all the mods we could have had for shadow warrior, and bully and dead rising 2. i mean there's barely any mods for total wawa 2

6aeb53 No.14983054

File: b8ec12e020bada9⋯.jpg (316.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, YAKUZA 0_20180422212924.jpg)


>shadow warrior, and bully and dead rising 2

What? Don't all three of these games predate denuvo? They're all just examples all PC games can't easily be modded.

Anyway, as someone who has all three PS4 Yakuza games, I'm happy as fuck they're coming to PC. I'm never going to argue Denuvo is good. Anons are right to be pissed since this is just fucking pointless and harms the game for no real benefit. They're sold for cheap, you don't fucking need piracy protection. But, you know, I've bought a fucking console for these games, I'm already the best goy so fuck it. I think I'll even drop some keys here come August.

f96065 No.14983348

In light of the PC ports I think I'm going to start playing this series. I can emulate 1 and 2 just fine and I can get 3 and 4 for a reasonable price. Do I miss much if I don't play 5?

6aeb53 No.14983475


They're going to remaster 3 to 5. A few weeks back an anon posited this was intended to get the entire series to the PC audience and another adamantly stated this would never happen. Now here we are. We're looking at the entire mainline series eventually finding its way to PC.

I guess you can argue they can stop if 0 and Kiwami sell terrible, but the greater plan of getting 3-5 off PS3 and "reaching new audiences" (their own words) clearly involved PC from the start. They're remastering the games anyway, the PC port costs should be minimal. In conclusion, unless something goes terribly wrong (like Arkham Knight levels of wrong) with Yakuza 0, I think the entire mainline is set to happen on PC.

9e1574 No.14983491


Depends. 5 had the most content and the gameplay was pretty tight, the tightest until 0 arrived and just blew 5 right out the water, but the story is as dumb as the other PS3 Yakuzas and the framerate is also the most unstable out of all of them in my experience. Also Haruka's section is crap since the singing concert part is just a glorified version of the karaoke minigame and the dance battles are way too simplistic and easy.

The only new character which I really liked in 5 was Koichi, who ends up being the most likable asshole in the entire series imo.

f96065 No.14983569



Okay, thanks. I'll wait and see if they're going to put 3 to 5 on PC then. In the meantime, is playing 1, 2 and then 0 and Kiwami like in the OP a reasonable alternative?

9e1574 No.14983635


Pretty much. There are a lot of references to the earlier games in 0, but most of them are references to the first two games and the fourth game (namely a character who is connected to Majima), since if you look at it chronologically, a lot of the characters who are important in 0 either are never seen again afterwards or die in Yakuza or Yakuza 2. There is one who dies in the third game, but he doesn't really have that much personality throughout all of his appearances. There is just one substory where you need knowledge about all the 5 games before 0 to be able to pass it. You'll know it when you see it, but you shouldn't panic because you'll have plenty of time to look up how to solve it if you really want to get the best possible outcome.

6aeb53 No.14983953


Yes. 1 and 2 are the start of the Yakuza franchise and are plenty entertaining by themselves, so definitely emulate them. Yakuza 0 is largely stand alone, but has some references to 1 and 2. Then Kiwami is full-on 0 references. I agree in saying 1, 2, 0, Kiwami is the best way to get into Yakuza.

832b13 No.14988313

I've just finished Kiwami and now i'm torn on what to play next. I want to play Kiwami 2 but I don't want to wait another 2 and a half months. I could just play Yakuza 2 but then I wouldn't want to play Kiwami 2 when it gets released. And I could also play Yakuza 6, but then i'd be skipping past loads of story. What a dilemma..

926c0e No.14989956


>I could just play Yakuza 2 but then I wouldn't want to play Kiwami 2 when it gets released.


1e837d No.14989997

Is there that much sense to start from the PS2 games if the gameplay is not better, the story's the same and there's less content?

6aeb53 No.14990009


The point is to see how the series evolved. But if you don't care about that, then I guess 0 and the kiwamis is all you have to consider.

f80fe8 No.14990019

Here i was hoping to finally try out this series but then denuvo'd

oh well

ec2462 No.14990032

I'll just buy Kiwami on steam when it release.

34069a No.14990227


Yes, plenty. A considerable amount of the content that the Kiwami games add is to the detriment of both games. Kiwami adds Majima Everywhere which completely fucks the pacing of the story and turns a character fairly important to the series' various plots into a meme, as well as locking about a quarter of your moveset behind RNG based encounters. And I say this as someone who enjoyed the system, and Kiwami itself, overall.

Kiwami 2 introduces a ton of heat actions which are either made completely redundant by parts of Kiryu's Dragon Engine moveset which fulfil the same purpose or aren't designed with the Dragon Engine in mind, since a number of them let you interrupt bosses' combos. It also reintroduces a basically unchanged cabaret minigame from 0 (which, if you liked, you can just play 0 for the same experience instead) and has the worst OST in the series by a large margin, not just in terms of the tracks themselves but also in terms of how terribly ill fitting they are in some of 2's most iconic scenes. Multi-coloured health bars also return in Kiwami 2 after being left out in 6 but make enemies feel weaker rather than stronger as a result of how retardedly high Kiryu's damage output is. Majima gets his own ~40 minute "campaign" but it only has 2 heat actions, both lifted from 0, and 2 bosses, both lifted from standard enemies in Ishin.

Apart from all that, both Kiwamis' cutscenes look distractingly odd at times because they use PS2 animations on PS4 models. The brand new cutscenes that they add just exacerbate this issue, since high quality PS4 animations make the janky PS2 ones stick out all the more.

Unless you've played 0 and 6 and are absolutely dying for some pretty marginal improvements to their respective combat systems, play the original PS2 games first. It's highly debatable whether the Kiwamis' combat systems are even better than the PS2 games' (or 0 and 6's) in the first place, since for the most part you only fight recycled boss movesets from the previous games which neither combat system was designed with in mind.

47b926 No.14990381


>since for the most part you only fight recycled boss movesets from the previous games which neither combat system was designed with in mind.

Not really true for Kiwami 1 since the core way the combat system worked was more or less the same through all the games until the Dragon engine really shook things around. Still, some of the choices were really baffling, I bet my left nutsack that they chose Baba's moveset for Hayashi just because they both have this power stance with hands on the sides as their standard stance and I bet my right nutsack that they chose Shakedown's moveset for Shimano purely because both of them have a similar looking charge move (not that you'd know since Shimano is so much of a joke in the original that people often don't even know that he even had any moves).

When it comes to Kiwami 2, it is completely true and you can see how much harder fighting against a recycled moveset from before 6 is compared to an original moveset or a recycled moveset from 6, since 6 introduced a sort of blockstun state (dunno how to call it) where in Kiryu's case if his move gets blocked, the next move in the combo will come out much slower, the same happens for the enemies which use an original moveset along with some strings being cut short if you block a move within the string. That's why the NJPW guys, Saigoh and Sodachi were much harder than pretty much any of the story bosses. The reason for that is that any enemy with a moveset from pre-6 basically say "fuck that" to those new rules and their moves come out as fast as they used to, regardless of whether they were blocked or not. Even though Kiryu doesn't feel nearly as wooden in K2 as he did in 6, it's still a pain to fight against sub-bosses who have fast movesets that are from pre-6.

1e837d No.14990427


>Kiwamis' cutscenes look distractingly odd at times because they use PS2 animations on PS4 models. The brand new cutscenes that they add just exacerbate this issue, since high quality PS4 animations make the janky PS2 ones stick out all the more

The animations seemed really off in the PS4 games, now I see why.


Thanks for the explanations, anons. I will add the old Yakuza games to my PS2 marathon list.

e583f0 No.14990719


yea im sure denuvo is the deal breaker and you weren't just going to complain about how shitty of a port it is and pirate it based on that instead

6aeb53 No.14994051


>Yakuza Kiwami 2 takes the 0 cabaret club minigame

Did they keep the decoration management from the original? I mean, the original was pretty token and heh, and there's no way I can be mad 0's cabaret makes a return, but if they at least bring that aspect I'll call it best of both worlds.

832b13 No.14994764


The combat is still much better in Kiwami though because you can actually lock-on to enemies properly. Kiryu's dragon style has been fine-tuned to perfection (aside from a few great heat moves that were added in later games) and i've never had as much fun with a combat system, it's just a HUGE fucking shame you only get use of this style right at the end of the game after you've fought Majima 50 times as it's completely fucking useless without full upgrades. So you miss out on actually being able to enjoy it.

I do like most of what they did with the story, it was in serious need of fleshing out as you don't give a shit about any of the characters in Yakuza 1, but what they did with Majima doesn't fit in with the story at all. He was supposed to be a character to be feared, not turned into a joke that far outstayed its welcome.

If Kiwami 2 is as bad as you say I think i'll just play Yakuza 2.

6aeb53 No.14994843


Play Yakuza 2 by all means, I'm of the school of thinking that you don't outright need to play the originals, but the new ones will be that much more enjoyable if you do. Y2's a fun ride, just expect a contrived as fuck story and a pretty good waifu for Kiryu plot that was completely trashed by later titles. If I had to pick one thing I would fucking hate Yakuza for, it's cucking Kaoru.

b997fe No.14996543


the joke is people blame denuvo when it has nothing to do with restricting modding and there's too many games without denuvo to count that can't be easily modded

6aeb53 No.14997087


Dude, denuvo is all about checking the executable is not tampered with. There is no worse poison to modding than that.

f29f1e No.14997114


That's the main reason why there were no mods for Sonic Mania, because the damn game wasn't moddable.

a640b5 No.14997228


And of course the denuvocucks show up going "ur a pirate and im guna show your posts lololo"

6aeb53 No.14997271


I wish the thread could be about the games, but this is entirely on Sega, and anons are entirely right to be pissed. What a shame.

b1d323 No.14997281

Why is there no undub for Yakuza 1?

b1d323 No.14997295


This. The place is a cesspool.

6aeb53 No.14997336


>He doesn't want "Step the fuck up, it's time to die" and "Bring that shit, Kazuma"

There is an undub for Yakuza 1. It's called Yakuza Kiwami.

b1d323 No.14997358


I haven't actually played Yakuza before. Is the dub so bad it's good tier?

e6e013 No.14997371



926c0e No.14997375


Kiwami isn't the same game as 1

6aeb53 No.14997402


The dub is largely a cringe fest, and it can't decide between respecting the original script and localizing shit. Like, it famously decided to call Shintaro Kazama Shintaro Fuma because it sounded too close to Kazuma.Also, they chose to call the florist Kage. But in the same time they respected the honorifics to a T. Yakuza are supposed to call their family heads oyabun. They don't in the original, but they do in the dub. It's weird as fuck.

82001a No.14997939

File: 5ee76caf025be32⋯.jpg (19.64 KB, 480x360, 4:3, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….jpg)


by far the most annoying enemy in the series, thank fuck they got rid of this design.

0dcc03 No.15002477


Wanna know what's even worse? In 4 if you're Saejima or Akiyama it becomes painfully obvious how much of a detriment not having a grab counter is when you play through the game on EX-Hard and fight at least one enemy who's a grappler and one or more enemies who have a quick knockdown move that they spam all the time, so whenever he'd grab you, the other guy would knock you down, as soon as you got up, the guy would grab you before you even had a chance to hit evade, then the other would knock you down, rinse and repeat. I game over'd 3 times in the prison escape section as Saejima because in one part I would always get stunlocked by that same combination of enemies.

82001a No.15007615

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This attention to detail, my god, how can this go unnoticed?

6aeb53 No.15008410

>mfw doing Goromi in Kiwami

It really is full memejima, but I can't imagine being so cynical you can't have a blast with it.

22899d No.15013488

File: a3336204a07e3af⋯.jpg (56.89 KB, 736x552, 4:3, Revolver Occelot MGS3 (Pac….jpg)




926c0e No.15013493


Kill yourself

8f25fe No.15013496

ps3 emulator when, i have the rig, let me play in correct order

22899d No.15013504

Wanna see some cancer? Look at all these faggots who like shitty consumer practices:

https: //steamcommunity.com/app/638970/discussions/0/?newdiscussion=1

22899d No.15013506


Only if we kill ourselves together.

6aeb53 No.15013509


RPCS3 exists, but the yakuza games are not currently playable. The compatibility check dates are getting a bit old though, so you might want to find an iso and try anyway.

926c0e No.15013525



>Wanna see some cancer

Everytime you post


>Yakuza games don't work

Some do, but most don't

Sega is remastering 3-5 so emulation won't be needed for those Yakuza games unless they fuck up very hard.

45441a No.15013551


I don't know how they would even fuck up except if they do dumb shit like cut the content and/or if they actually fuck up on the one promise they made and that is stable framerate because God knows the PS3 Yakuza games had dodgy framerate.

45441a No.15013578


Kinda doubt it since both Hokuto ga Gotoku and Kiwami 2 are pretty good. Still, as you said stranger things have happened.

f0726a No.15013633

File: a6191d12e4cc122⋯.jpg (67.15 KB, 640x480, 4:3, just fucking end me now.jpg)


>oh its on pc now-


Oh for fuck sake, every time we get a long awaited port.

f0726a No.15013640



I don't even know why I went to see what they were saying. They're fucking speds.

f0726a No.15013652

File: 5a76d2aff9191b7⋯.jpg (67.35 KB, 647x543, 647:543, What a retard.JPG)

45441a No.15013660


Literally the most retarded post I've seen today.

d7c133 No.15013716



It's literally satire.

812ebc No.15013733


Jesus fucking Christ.

7328cf No.15013739


Do you niggers really allow yourself to fall for such shit bait just because it's posted on steam forums?

509623 No.15013755


Imagine expecting so much more from someone, only to walk in for the thirtieth time to see that someone covered in shit in the middle of your kitchen. They have an excuse for the first time, sure, but it almost always falls back to "It was just a goof, c'mon, don't be a fun-hating sourpuss" these days.

It's not even disappointing to see it anymore. It's just part of the grind that comes with a game getting released on Steam.

321b1e No.15013822

How's the HD collection for PS3? Was anything censored/removed or is it good?

I want to play the first game and get into Yakuza, but I'll never have enough CPU to properly emulate PS2 games.


>they literally remove denuvo year or so after release or if servers go off

Just like how everyone removed that CDRom or whatever it was called DRM that had strong ties with denuvo?

45441a No.15013879


You mean the HD versions of Yakuza 1 and 2? They're pretty much just straight ports, I only noticed Y1HD adding an environmental heat move when you're at the batting cages. I only hope you know nip though because the HD versions of 1 and 2 never went outside of Japan.

9cb384 No.15013881

File: b6fbd106ec81597⋯.webm (252.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Haruka sexual.webm)

Was Haruka asking to get impregnated?

926c0e No.15013895





You guys do know that many of the retards posting there are nothing more but cuckchanners trying to be ebin trolles right?


Do not sexualize Haruka

Haruka is pure

645c1e No.15013918


I'm afraid any mention of a game coming to PC seriously undermines the discussion on it. Such a shame, I've been enjoying Yakuza 0 a ton lately and now there's this baggage associated with it.

At the very least I'm excited for Hokuto ga Gotokou, I just wish our release could have had a pun in its name.

509623 No.15013921


Defending Denuvo, even in jest, is stupid. People who do it, even in jest, are stupid.

321b1e No.15013922


> I only hope you know nip though because the HD versions of 1 and 2 never went outside of Japan.

Fuck me, I thought it was in english. I'm learning nip, but I still can't into my copy of Akira's Trip.

Is there any PS3 version of the first or am I fucked here?

645c1e No.15013940


quit taking bait like a retard and talk about that in another thread, not here. You have a dedicated thread, and here you'll only generate ire and bring yourself failure to your "cause", much like how Sonic Mania still has denuvo.


You can run the originals on a CFW PS3 quite easily. There's even an undub for the first unless you really want to hear "Kill this arrogant motherfucker!"

321b1e No.15013954


My PS3 is unpatched and I like buying physical copies of games.

The undub sounds nice though. Original language + subtitles is usually way better than dubs.

ebb6bf No.15013963


>My PS3 is unpatched and I like buying physical copies of games.

well you should patch it faggot

it offers good stuff and even MGS4 multiplayer

645c1e No.15013971


I'm with you on physical copies to an extent, the PS3 has a lot of great games I wish I could have gotten at the time - but the convenience of CFW for so many of these games and features is very nice. The undub helps keep things very consistent with the rest of the games.

45441a No.15013976


MGS4 multiplayer should be the last reason one would get a CFW

321b1e No.15013998



Still, I don't like the idea of patching my only console, specially with all the shit I could lose since I'm on the latest update.

I was planning on beating the few remaining games I have then buying a NogameS4 and jailbreaking my PS3. I guess I'll do that then get the undub, since I hate bad dubs to the point where I just give up on playing the game.

45441a No.15014017


Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this, but iirc a few months ago a CFW was released that works on even the most recent PS3 update, so even superslims can now get a CFW.

645c1e No.15014096


I've read it's not quite full CFW but I believe you can do most things a standard CFW can do, including PS3, PS2, PSN back ups without much issue. I don't know where the limitations are, and it may be more like PSP CFW on 6.60/.61 where you're required to do a quick reflash on each boot.

22899d No.15014542


>MGS4 multiplayer

Did MGS4 Online not even have dedicated servers? If so, why would you wanna play that lag fest?

b1d323 No.15014572


idols are sluts

c33014 No.15014578


Damn son, the onyl thing that really bothered me about the jap version was how there was zero blood or gore. This really makes it look ten times better.

b1d323 No.15014611


a85afe No.15015194

you pc cucks are some of the most entitled faggots i've ever seen, jesus christ

you beg for YEARS for yakuza to come to your shitty platforms that is filled with terible simulator games, early access fuckery and pixel shit indy games.

it finally does because us cosole gods have been picking up the slack buying these games full price and paying for limited edition versions to get these games localised becasue we love the franchise so much.

then if just ONE thing is not to your liking i guess its time to pirate.

holy shit i hope sega come to their senses and never port anything to your shitty platform ever again

926c0e No.15015219


Here's your (You)

a85afe No.15015239


you could have at least posted the kizuna ai webm

5485a1 No.15015245


why would he post cancer AI?

b1d323 No.15016322

Should I download a complete save and start on Hard for Yakuza 2?

b1d323 No.15016473


>download save from gamefaqs

>difficulty: easy

9cb384 No.15019911

File: 6497b6a46403f50⋯.png (2.91 MB, 2560x1408, 20:11, Yuta_in_Big_Lo's_office.png)


Its too late anon.

I took her innocents

49edce No.15026732


The bodies look like they stay on the ground longer too.

f371b0 No.15028466


Nice. Hope we get the Kenshiro game too. Imagine the mods… for Lyn.

845ed1 No.15035603


6d2b81 No.15036341

Why does Kiwami get so much hate? People say its unfair but when I went through the game it was super easy are these people just newfags who joined with 0 and spammed Beast and square?

d753ba No.15036375


I picked hard from the outset since I played 0 before but I'm just getting my ass kicked with less opportunities to do cool heat actions all around. I didn't check normal difficulty, but it just might be Kiwami's combat is designed to be less fun than 0's.

6d2b81 No.15036385


Are you swapping between styles?

845ed1 No.15036388


The only hard part which is complete BULLSHIT is beating that car shootout part on Legend. You basically have to learn a pattern to be able to beat it and even then you can just lose if you don't have enough health left to kill the chink driving the truck because you're basically guaranteed to take at least one hit before he dies.

d753ba No.15036399


Of course I am. But the number of interactable objects is reduced from 0 so beast is largely useless, and rush is so much improved it's the go-to answer.

6c7f8f No.15036403



845ed1 No.15036422


I thought the object manipulating part of beast was shit even back in 0, but beast had stupid good damage in 0, like the light, light, heavy clothesline did more damage than it needed to do and the bearhug shaved off a whole bar of health no matter who you fought against.

d753ba No.15039200


I never actually really used that. When fighting in this series, I'm looking for heat actions before efficiency. Maybe it's part of why 6's combat feels so unsatisfying.

Also, I kinda wish I could rip my shirt off the Yakuza way.

4f41b5 No.15045040


I wouldn't say I'm the complete opposite because I like my heat moves like pretty much everyone who played and liked at least one Yakuza game, but I'm more into efficiency and understanding the system in-depth and I was still disappointed with 6. Groups of randos are consistently harder than bosses, but even then the dropkick is so OP against groups it's laughable, it's basically like playing bowling. Combat was also slow and wooden as fuck even when you completely upgraded your shit, I can say that Kiwami 2 is thankfully much snappier and adds much needed improvements.

Anyway, onto my main point, locking most heat moves behind the autistic dragon rage heat state was dumb and the activation conditions were as bog-standard as "evade" or "complete your standard combo" which lead to the heat moves looking pretty disappointing, not to mention the distinct lack of a heat move while your opponent is down.

d753ba No.15045130


Yes, locking heat actions behind the reee mode was just fucking dumb, especially since it's good for basically one heat and then fuck off back to the grind. I would have been okay with it if it only unlocked the normal combo heat actions, and maybe a few that corresponded to Climax in other titles. 80% of actions behind reee mode is completely unfun.

Glad to know they did better with it in Kiwami 2, I'm actually really looking forward to a game that utilizes the engine to its potential. I'm less looking forward to hearing JINGON a million fucking times again, but what can you do.

4f41b5 No.15045267


Yeah, not only is the combat itself faster, but there's way more heat actions, along with some classic ones coming back like the Komaki flowing counter heat moves and of course weapon heat moves, because they're thankfully coming back. Most of the new heat moves are available in standard mode, only the one I call "The Essence of Skullfucking" requires autistic rage mode. It's the one from 0 and Kiwami where Kiryu punches his opponent, then puts his head as if it was in a vise between his fists and then drops the poor fucker right onto his knee. THAT'S the kind of heat move that you should lock behind autistic rage mode. You can also charge more moves, if you charge light punch you get the attacks you had from beast style in 0, the charged heavy attack is changed to a drop kick and if you do a charged attack while running you get a double kick into a jumping axe kick. I have a lot of problems with the game otherwise, but the only really big problem combat-wise is what these 2 anons described >>14990227 >>14990381

That's why minibosses in long story battles or sidestories or side content that you fight often end up being harder than bosses that got new movesets, from which there's only a few. I remember Ryuji getting a new moveset and Shindo got a new one too which is way worse than his moveset in the original.

Also, Majima's campaign is pretty shit and the combat is meh too, you only get 2 heat actions and his mad dog style, you can't upgrade his abilities or anything like that and his two boss fights are just 2 faggots with a gun, one of which is Dio Brando's uncle who works at Nintendo.

b60590 No.15046708

I just finished Yakuza 0 as my first Yakuza game. Kind of went crazy out of order but someone here recommended it and I really enjoyed the shit out of it. It was between that and Kiwami because I don't have a PS3. Should I play Kiwami next? Which game has the best arcade games?

b60590 No.15047207

File: 8de2ac89b14b80e⋯.jpg (23.95 KB, 640x430, 64:43, 2YqKOTz_d.jpg)


Also that ending really made me feel something.Majima went through hell for Makoto and he got no closure with her. Made me feel like absolute shit for the rest of the day.

Do all Yakuza games have a gut punch like that at the end of the game?

I nearly cried when she found the watch. Fuck.

d753ba No.15048299


>Should I play Kiwami next?

90% of the content Kiwami added from the original is 0 references, so yes. It's literally designed to be played after 0.

39f607 No.15049322


In Kiwami 2 Majima and Makoto meet again. I don't know nip so I can only guess what happened, but this is what I know 100% - Majima leaves the Tojo clan due to Terada's poor management of the clan which is actually a 5D interdimensional mahjong move by Terada, you'd know that if you played 2 and Majima then goes to Sotenbori. The rest is a spoiler for everything new that happens in Kiwami 2 so you can either read up or wait in order to experience it firsthand in August. He goes to a massage parlor and as he's lying on the chair Makoto suddenly shows up. Majima recognizes her when he glances to his side as she massages his arm and sees the watch. She realizes this and then probably goes on a talk where she reminisces about the man who saved her life 18 years prior and allowed her to live a happy life with a family of her own right now. Majima shows that he's glad that Makoto leads a happy life now because he's smiling throughout her whole speech. When Majima's leaving she gives him a business card and then I don't really know what happens, Majima just shakes his head and negates something, she probably asked him if they've ever met before or something like that. Majima then gives a gift to one of her coworkers and tells her to give it to Makoto. In the end she goes on a plane ride with her husband to somewhere and she opens the box and sees that the gift are the watch straps in the original lightbrown color, as she had to replace her watch's ribbons with blue ones, and realizes that the customer that noticed her watch was actually the mysterious yakuza who saved her life.

Also, if you hate gut punches, just wait until you get to the epilogue of 6.

6408ad No.15050748

File: 429c5021d961faa⋯.jpg (238.74 KB, 2000x1087, 2000:1087, 429c5021d961faac544c8281d6….jpg)




7f4fd5 No.15050833


So she could remember Oda's voice basically at first earshot, but completely forgot Majima's? Quit the plot contrivances and just make them hug, holy shit are they no fun faggots when it comes to the characters' waifus.

39f607 No.15050978


Truly, all of the main characters for some reason have to get blueballed to oblivion. Remember Kaoru? I distinctly remember at the very beginning of 3 her and Kiryu promise each other that they'll meet again once she receives new training and once Kiryu gets used to the whole orphanage business. You can already guess how that ended up. What's more I don't think Kaoru is even brought up once after the very beginning of 3.

7f4fd5 No.15051000

File: 99b79640156962f⋯.png (624.62 KB, 664x639, 664:639, rampaging chris.png)


Oh yes, Kaoru was a huge part of what made Y2 work despite the ridiculous plot, and her getting jettisoned with little ceremony is, without a doubt, the one thing I can say I hate this series for. She deserved none of this.

4e6a43 No.15051191



They can't cuck the fujoshi audience.

7f4fd5 No.15055732


Fictional characters are more important than fujoshi.

751887 No.15056492

With the surge of samurai games and the popularity of Yakuza, do you think Ishin might get noticed by Sega America senpai?


It's funny as hell and I like the system but boy oh boy does it take focus away from Nishiki/Kiryu and focuses on Majima/Kiryu instead. And as another anon said, completely fucks the pacing of the story now and has some really weird moments.

Like when Haruka gets kidnapped and you face Majima in the baseball center. He says it's been a long time, but you were just fighting him minutes ago, possibly more than once in the past hour.


I dunno about Kiwami 2 but at the end of 0 Majima takes great care not to let her hear his voice. From the trailer in Kiwami 2 it looked as if he was trying hard not to cry out.

Plus in Kiwami 2 it's around 18 years later, so she could've forgotten.

7f4fd5 No.15057498


>It's funny as hell and I like the system but boy oh boy does it take focus away from Nishiki/Kiryu and focuses on Majima/Kiryu instead.

Sure, but Kiwami elaborates on Nishiki enough to still make it an upgrade from the OG in that regard. In terms of screentime, Majima is definitely king, but you also get why your bro turned into an asshole.

>And as another anon said, completely fucks the pacing of the story now and has some really weird moments.

What is this pacing you speak of ? 80% of Yakuza's appeal is running into goofy shit in between scenes of serious drama and spending hours fucking around in between story missions. Sure, Memejima everywhere is a bit overkill in this regard, but let's not pretend pacing is a thing to be preserved in this series.

b60590 No.15057550

So I am in the post game of 0. What do I do for top fun?

b60590 No.15057569


Do you think Majima changed his appearance and mannerisms so dramatically so there is absolutely no chance of Makoto recognizing him? It would make sense. I only played 0 though so I am clueless.

9cb384 No.15057595

File: 21d765dd4ebb79d⋯.jpg (73.77 KB, 900x506, 450:253, Haruto_Sawamura.jpg)

>tfw you will never take care of a baby

dfab78 No.15057753

b60590 No.15057849


Last I heard it was going to be uncensored in the west though.

dfab78 No.15057862


If you read the articles, it isn't the west that is censoring it.

b60590 No.15057880


I copied and pasted the link and it just brought me to the site's front page. Nothing about Yakuza. But I read they are only censoring any scenes with outdoor smoking and these won't be censored in the western release. I don't have a source I just remember reading it somewhere.

b60590 No.15057887


Also they are uncensoring Hokoto No Ken for the western release so it may hold true regardless. I hope so anyway. I just fell in love with these games and would hate to see them go to shit.

34069a No.15058557

File: aa346b670b0e7e5⋯.jpg (7.9 KB, 218x150, 109:75, wew.jpg)

832b13 No.15058563


That really is the shittiest part of the game because you have to fight a load of goons and a boss beforehand AND YOU CAN'T FUCKING SAVE IN BETWEEN. I really thought if there was one thing they'd fix from 1, it'd be that.

926c0e No.15058571

File: 2f77e910014addb⋯.jpg (79.81 KB, 456x386, 228:193, 2f7.jpg)

001397 No.15058657


>But I read they are only censoring any scenes with outdoor smoking and these won't be censored in the western release.

It would be pretty ironic if the Western remaster of 3 becomes THE definitive release of 3, considering what a fucking hackjob the original western release of 3 was. Though the article is so vague when it comes to things being censored the only concrete evidence is that Kiryu smoking is omitted on the cover because Japs hate smoking now, despite the fact that the trailer to the remaster clearly shows Kiryu performing the heat move where he spits a fag at a fag's face before decking him. Other things, like tittays, are a-ok, it seems, it's just smoking that is problematic to "modern Japanese sensibilities" now.

b60590 No.15059142


What did they do to the original release? They removed titties?

001397 No.15059257


They removed a whole bunch of shit, like the hostess minigame, the tittays in the form of the massage minigame, shogi, mahjong and pachinko. Also missing are about 20 sidestories, some of which are what I call "important" side stories as they continue into other games, kind of like how you meet Fake Kiryu in both 2 and 4 and how Stardust loses its importance in 4 and 5 to the point that there is not even one scene that happens in it anymore, but you still get info about them through sidestories involving Yuya. Same goes for the florist's son who goes from a fuck-up to a respectable and responsible family man by the time you meet him in a sidestory in 4. So you have a sidestory in 4 where a guy recognizes Kiryu from 3, even though that particular sidestory was completely removed from the western release of 3 so you just sit there wondering just what in the fuck is going on inb4 that chinpira shows up from a few threads back and says that those were just, as he called them, "pointless fetch quests". The translation itself is sometimes very shitty, in dialogue and elsewhere. Not only is the good ol' Fuma/Kazama bullshit back, but also the infamous renaming of Morning Glory Orphanage to Sunshine Orphanage, which only brought problems later down the line and it didn't make sense anyway, since Kiryu called his orphanage Morning Glory as it is a flower which turns to the sun the same way a sunflower does it, and is also the symbol for summer in Japan just like the sunflower is, in honor of Kazama's Sunflower Orphanage where he grew up in. Now I have no idea why the fuck they changed it to "Sunshine Orphanage", if you told me that they thought westerners were too dumb and didn't know what a morning glory is so they just put in sunshine because both sunflower and sunshine have "sun" in their name, I'd actually believe you. This becomes a REALLY big problem in 0 where Majima manages the Sunshine Cabaret Club. This could lead you to the false conclusion that Kiryu and Majima have something in common to each other as they had something called "Sunshine" which they manage and which gave them good memories, when if you look at the original this is absolutely not the case.

Also, they had to change a part where Mitsuo gets called a niglet because westerners are too cucky to even handle a character being racist to a BASED black man.

7f4fd5 No.15061086

Seeing how the intent seems to be to make the entire mainline series available on PS4 and PC, do you think there might be a chance Kiwami 1 and 2 will come bundled with the originals? I doubt it would be too hard to do, and that's always free PR.

1a4a70 No.15061444


Link to the undub? I was under the impression it never got finished.

751887 No.15063579


I think I would've prefered less Majima and more Nishiki to be honest. Maybe a few playable Nishiki moments to get to those cutscenes that you see. They especially could've toned down how much you needed to fight specific Majima types because fuck trying to find dancer/cop Majima so many times.

As for story, I mean things don't line up well. Like you're going to do story bits but then Majima gives you this run around to get you to the docks for a fight to give him an excuse as to why he's wearing the bandages for his next fight. It's so weird.

8ce056 No.15063616

File: 3a65055db53b6ad⋯.jpg (152.79 KB, 220x381, 220:381, Yakuza_Kurohyou_PSP.jpg)

File: 6e0372cd9dff6b4⋯.png (96.83 KB, 594x960, 99:160, 2508498-yakuzapsp2.png)



They probably didn't put more emphasis on Nishiki because there were already two whole PSP games dedicated to him, it's just a shame we never got them in English

Does anyone in this thread know of some kind of story summary or English subs for the cutscenes for these games

4e72d1 No.15072882


2d96cd No.15075611


Can't really help you too much, there is a translation effort by the same guy who hosts the Kenzan and Ishin games, only this time it's gonna be a patched version of the game rather than just translations on a website. God knows how long we're gonna wait for them tho.

The only things I know for sure is that the reason all boss fights are in the underground coliseum is because the main character kills some Tojo guy and the patriarch of that family forces you to pay off your debt by fighting in the arena.

f3f578 No.15086752


Playable Nishiki, even token, could have gone a long way, I agree. But the thing with Nishiki is, he can have all the motivation he fucking wants, Reina's death means he's full irredeemable asshole no matter what else.

7bac7e No.15090781

Where can I find a torrent for Yakuza 0? I haven't played any installments yet but a video I watched detailing the series' gameplay got me interested.

8ce056 No.15091201


Yuakza 0 doesn't come out on PC until August 1st.

7bac7e No.15091537


Ah, alright. Have any other of the games been released on PC yet? I'm not sure if my PC can handle PS2 or PS3 emulator.

8ce056 No.15091567


Yakuza 0 will be the first game in the series to be on PC then Yakuza kiwami (a remake of the orginal) will be the next to be ported, aside from that you could emulate the original versions of 1 and 2, Yakuza 1 on PS2 is the only game in the series to get a English dub, so it's worth playing just for that since it's pretty funny to hear at times,

I don't know how your PC is, but if you think you can run 0 I don't see why you wouldn't be able to emulate PS2 games

7bac7e No.15091730


Thanks for the information.

>I don't know how your PC is, but if you think you can run 0 I don't see why you wouldn't be able to emulate PS2 games

It's been a long time since I last attempted to emulate a PS2 game but I remember reading that the emulator required high specs. I also remembered that I tried playing Shadow of the Colossus at the time and it was constantly stuttering. But I'll try it out anyway.

>Yakuza kiwami (a remake of the orginal)

Should I just play the remake in that case or is the original worth playing as well?

8ce056 No.15091766


I would playing both is worth it, so you can appreciate how the series started and how it evolved.

It's we still don't know the release date of Kiwami for PC anyway so you may as well play the original for now.

There is also a Kiwami 2 and in that case i recommend playing the orginal version of Yakuza 2 since Kiwami 2 while adding it's own things also had to sacrifice others, in the orginal version of Yakuza 2 there were 2 main city areas and a 3rd smaller area for you to explore, that 3rd area was cut from Kiwami 2 so the only way to see it is in the original game.

f3f578 No.15102158


>a 3rd smaller area for you to explore, that 3rd area was cut from Kiwami 2 so the only way to see it is in the original game.

Really? Did they transfer that silly telephone questline to sotenbori or did they do something entirely different since sotenbori doesn't have a tower?

8ce056 No.15102171


I'm not sure, I just know that the area was cut completely.

295e0a No.15102516


We'll have to wait and see. But I've read that some of the sidestories in Shinseicho will appear in Sotenbori, while some are cut.

105982 No.15108719


Don't these games supposedly suck balls?

04908c No.15108928


Says fucking who? Some nigger who never played the game and only based it off of the main character who looks like a wigger? Or would it be jigger? Anyway, right out the bat the game is made by Syn Sophia, who once upon a time were known as AKI, the guys who made all those classic wrestling games like WCW/NWO Revenge, WWF No Mercy and Virtual Pro Wrestling, the Def Jam games and Kinnukiman Muscle games. The gameplay is tight, you can unlock and use multiple styles and apparently there's over 20 unlockable styles. Apparently there's over 100 substories, 7 hostesses and 6 minigames, much more than I expected given the limitations of the PSP. I played it for a short while and gave up just because I don't know Japanese so I had no idea what was going on and I enjoyed it, the only real gripe I have with the game is that boss fights can go on for way too long, both of them I did took me around 5 minutes to beat.

b33adc No.15109202

You faggots think you're being all purist and elitist when you tell people not to start from the Kiwami games, but all you achieve is those people dropping out when the PS2 limitations crap in their mouths.

This is no opinion: there is a known, certified reason why niche groups are unable to spread further than their little pond. You suffered too much on irrelevant shit, to let it go and not ask others to do the same. So now you can't give out unbiased directions.

f2a990 No.15109644


>You faggots think you're being all purist and elitist when you tell people not to start from the Kiwami games

No, I just think it's fairly wasteful to start with games whose additional content is 90% Y0 references. 0>K1 I'm fine with, but you're going to miss 50% of Kiwami's appeal if you start with it.

34069a No.15109725


>You faggots think you're being all purist and elitist when you tell people not to start from the Kiwami games

That's not it. You gain a much better appreciation for all the improvements made to the series' formula over time by playing through it in chronological order of release. This is without going into the problems both Kiwami games have which the originals lack, such as Kiwami 1's recreation of the escape from Tojo HQ feeling extremely underwhelming and redundant after 0's much more grandiose recreation of that scene.

Even if you think it's purely done out of elitism, starting with Kiwami is still stupid, since it's as much a sequel to 0 as it is a remake of the first game and most of the meat of the game is references to 0.

39747e No.15109742


Cry more you fucking faggot and take your subhuman ass back to reddit. You always play games in release order. If you don't have a PS double and/or triple, whatever, you don't have to buy and play them, in that case just play 0 and then Kiwami when it comes out on PC. If you have a PS quadruple, play 6 after Kiwami and then Kiwami 2 when it comes out, then check out those rereleases when they come out. The anons before me already said it, but playing through Kiwami it's clear that it's a continuation of 0 and not the game you should start with, this is evident both in the mechanics pf the game and the side content. Take your word salad somewhere else, pseud.

f2a990 No.15115228

>someone bumps the thread

>it's for a fucking zoe quinn spam

I admit I've been in a bit of a lull playing Yakuza my idort ass got back to splatoon 2 but fuck that shit.

1772a0 No.15118831



a0022c No.15121850

File: eca2effd0e730cb⋯.webm (3.16 MB, 675x600, 9:8, RAH.webm)

The Rent-A-Hero was here.

Yakuza is for weeb niggers, and Kazuma's games are shit compared to mine.

1714da No.15123753

So… any tips for Mahjon and the batting center in Yakuza 6? one makes no sense and the other is kinda hard to find the hitting time even if you have a cheat sheet to where the ball is going.

I just got into autistic mode and I need to finish all of that in the FIRST chapter.

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