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File: efbbc5c5990d6e3⋯.png (135.84 KB, 500x318, 250:159, Kingdom_Hearts_logo.png)

01e2dc No.15058223

I was thinking about maybe getting into Kingdom Hearts, where should I start? The timeline seems convoluted as fuck with it's billions of spin-offs, prequels, side stories and re-re-re-remakes.

Would the HDMI Remix 1.5 & 2.5 Collection be a good start? Afaik those are the only two main line games so far and those versions are the most recent ones with all content from their previous incarnations.

771801 No.15058471

Rule of thumb on starting a series: Always begin with the original first release. It's the way it was intended.

ed6b91 No.15058508

>I was thinking about maybe getting into Kingdom Hearts, where should I start?

Don't. It's really not worth it. Go play some non gay game like Metal Gear Rising or Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

46b500 No.15058512

get the compilation on the PS4 and play 1 and 2, watch a recap on chain of memories before playing 2 (it's not a very good game so I'd say skip it)


those are even gayer than kingdom hearts

29c6ea No.15058524


You should always play in release order,

The Final mix versions are the way to go since they have everything the original versions do plus more content, like extra super bosses.

I would say the order is to play is pretty much

KH 1 - Chain of memories - KH 2,

358/2 days and birth by sleep. are pretty lose in what order to play since they are spaced years apart and have you play as different characters.

Re coded is shit and and pretty much nothing happens so just watch the cutscenes or play it until you get sick of it.

Dream drop distance is the most recent one and then 2.8 is basically a prequel chapter/demo for KH 3

29c6ea No.15058529


I personally disagree Sora's part of the game can drag on for a while, but i think Rikus half is really solid since you don't need to worry about building your deck.

ed6b91 No.15058530

File: 915485daa8e5ff6⋯.png (162.6 KB, 504x506, 252:253, 915485daa8e5ff6f087ed013b7….png)


>those are even gayer than kingdom hearts

>gayer than kingdom hearts


>than kingdom hearts

You're a liar, anon. You're a stinking, lying nigger.

fb712d No.15058533

If you haven't jumped in yet, I would wait to see if 3 doesn't fucking ruin everything first. Otherwise, here is the order. Both PS4 compilations are the easiest way to grab them all, but it's worth grabbing a couple it neglected in some form.

>1 final mix

>Chain of Memories, GBA or the remake depending on preference

>358/2 Days, works better before 2

>2 final mix

>Birth By Sleep, PS3/4 version for both analog sticks

>Re:Coded, honestly better to skip, just watch the cutscenes

>DDD, PS4 for both analog sticks


>KHX Back Cover, just watch cutscenes, game is mobileshit to the core

e43cf0 No.15058540


Oh god, don't. Save yourself time by realizing these things:

> The camera is really bad, constantly getting stuck.

> The plot is terrible and will give you a very gay vibe.

> The voice acting and animation will do the same. Look up a cutscene, any of them, on YouTube.

> The Gummi Ship sequences are a very weak Starfox, go play that instead.

> Combat is very button mashy, and KH 2 requires boss battles to be ended by performing combos (and I think finishers). Others are ridiculous.

> Level layouts are often if not confusing, then poorly designed.

Do yourself a favor and skip the entire series. DmC is a (mostly) better series.

46b500 No.15058543

File: dbf91e8aa552ed9⋯.png (587.49 KB, 600x737, 600:737, ClipboardImage.png)


shut the fuck up faggot get your gay cyborg and sweaty dudes hugging and grunting simulators out of here

29c6ea No.15058546


>358/2 Days, works better before 2

I don't know about that, 358/2 exists to answer lingering questions that someone would have after playing KH2 I playing it before KH2 might just be confusing.

29c6ea No.15058556


>Uses the reboot DmC letters instead of the proper DMC

>calls other things gay

d1f35e No.15058559

KH threads are shitposting threads, prove me wrong.

e43cf0 No.15058562


I don't know what the right way is, I thought they all went by that. Didn't play that one so no skin off my nose, cry baby.

46b500 No.15058564


shitposters will be removed

fb712d No.15058568


I thought it worked better beforehand to establish what the villains were doing, why, and everyone's motivations for going along or fighting it. I was able to enjoy 2 far more than release since it puts everything into perspective instead of feeling like a mystery box story.

29c6ea No.15058569


The fact of the matter is they advertised DmC the reboot with a lower case m, before that everyone always used uppercase DMC

the upper and lower case are important so people know which fucking game your talking about.

e43cf0 No.15058595

File: 38231b7d741e531⋯.gif (119.91 KB, 150x150, 1:1, dcattack.gif)


> You, swinging at the wind

7b4bd1 No.15058620


Get the 2 ps4 collections, play them in they order presented, which is release order. Also all the games are mandatory to understand the story.

a54ace No.15058658

Kingom Hearts > Kingdom Hearts II > Birth By Sleep > Dream Drop Distance

all you need to play

2c4a02 No.15058699

File: 4560a25fe09d610⋯.jpg (547.85 KB, 2700x1400, 27:14, 2752be9574309f17ece5cdc71a….jpg)

Play 1.5, 2.5 then 2.8 if you want to go in order and have all of the games in the least confusing packages as possible.

There also is a version of the games which put 1.5/2.5/2.8 all together in one package coming out soon but you dont really have to wait for that.

Recoded and 358/2 days in these versions are movies so you dont have to play the shitty ds versions.

Have fun anon!

1910cf No.15058718

>Play 1 on PS2/PCSX2

>Play 2 on PS2/PCSX2

Same for re:chain if you really want

It aint difficult..

c33781 No.15058768


Release order, not that hard faggot

46b500 No.15058796


>playing the inferior versions

don't do this.

e8a5f2 No.15058833


issue RE: chain of memories came out AFTER 2

e8a5f2 No.15058848


no, 358/2 days is tedious as fuck going into that right after RE chain of memories is crazy

5b9ec4 No.15058861


just play the first game for the PS2, and then forget about the rest of the series

i heard good stuff about BBS, though, but I haven't played it

a62495 No.15059382

Start by getting into another game and never go through the shame that is the little mermaid dance along

35bf6a No.15059482


>I was thinking about maybe getting into Kingdom Hearts,

Someone post the chronology screencap.

>where should I start



2c4a02 No.15059521

File: bb22f5e1111c10d⋯.png (92.34 KB, 350x500, 7:10, 1462576727702.png)


>Someone post the chronology screencap.

You blind nigger there is less than 30 posts in this thread.

All you needed to do is to fucking look only 8 posts above yours.

I don't know if this is a matter of sheer laziness or mental deficiency but you should be bullied anyways.

I hope somebody forcibly jams a replica keyblade up your ass you unbearable faggot.

000000 No.15059549

Enjoy your RETCONS

35bf6a No.15059561


>implying this post


>was what I referred to

Nigger you know exactly what synopsis screencap I mean. Kill yourself newfag.

c33781 No.15059587

File: ff963efec64db29⋯.gif (43.81 KB, 355x166, 355:166, ff963efec64db29cf0b81169a0….gif)


>uses the word chronology

>gets upset when he's directed to a chronology when he really meant "Kingdom Hearts explains in 13 posts"

4e1f07 No.15059796


Forget the plot. It is shit.

Play the very first game. Anything else is shit.

fb712d No.15059828

File: 3ba40d4c2785c56⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 3840x8000, 12:25, 1464485185130.jpg)

>somehow fucked up and only have the original

Anyone have the updated version?

66ceb6 No.15059983

File: 3527f0442cda9f0⋯.jpg (950.66 KB, 3402x4677, 1134:1559, ys731.jpg)

File: 18cfad221991584⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 18_1600x1200.jpg)

File: dc516d290d3b147⋯.jpg (45.58 KB, 480x272, 30:17, the-legend-of-heroes-trial….jpg)

Do yourself a favor and play better JRPGs instead. Why would you want to play convoluted messes when you could play good games instead?

7d498c No.15060010



>good games

The absolute state of nu/v/

b7cc87 No.15060020

File: a2df4265975a741⋯.png (5.12 MB, 5840x10000, 73:125, KHExplained2.8update-posta….png)

fb712d No.15060073


Excellent, thanks anon.

b7cc87 No.15060201


I'm sorry anon. You clearly have a case of niggerAIDS.

5a9b82 No.15060305


This. I've tried them and they're shit.

c381b9 No.15060733


Wasn't there a mobile game that was set in the far past? That image is going to have to be updated again.

c33781 No.15060761


The plot of that is literally covered in the first post in the image.

b7cc87 No.15060771

File: 343e349131f57bd⋯.png (209.34 KB, 575x784, 575:784, Nomura, Why (updated).png)



Wasn't there something like three of those games?

66ceb6 No.15060781



No wonder I find people like these in KH threads.

c33781 No.15060782


Re:coded was a mobile game before it got ported to DS., it's covered by Xionfag. There's KH X and KH X Unchained, those are also covered by Xionfag in the image.

1d39ef No.15062370



How does it play? I pirated 1.5 and it only came with the cutscenes along with a text summary of what was going on.

f72de0 No.15062397

File: 142524be755af2c⋯.jpg (4.66 MB, 2016x9368, 252:1171, Kingdom Faggots summary.jpg)


At least post the proper image, without the waste of space for that waifufag garbage.

ca4963 No.15062509

File: 48c4b283691bebb⋯.jpg (54.2 KB, 300x423, 100:141, sora the explorer.jpg)



playing the regular PS2 versions when the Final Mixes exist is dumb, because you'd have to replay the entire thing just to see the extra content later.

1fm > re:com > Days > 2fm > BBS > re:Coded > DDD > 2.8 (if you actually care to buy that shit instead of waiting for the 3 re-re-re-release Ultra Maximum Boogaloo Remix Rehash Remake Premium Complete Pack)

play in that order, Days literally ends at the beginning of KH2.

re:coded isn't really necessary, but its a good game nevertheless.

don't bother with the GBA games, they suck and the console versions are better.

a54ace No.15063073


Yes. 1.5, 2.5 and then 2.8 is all you need to play, which is basically KH > KH II > BBS > DDD and if you feel like bothering with chain of memories you can do so too.

Pretty sure after DDD or BBS you'll want to play 2.8 just to get that demo preview of KH3

holy fuck those spells with aqua are super fun can't wait for KH3

a54ace No.15063081



don't bother with re:coded or any non final mix game. Just watch cutscenes on youtube, it's a rehash of KH gameplay on the DS.

a54ace No.15063088


Ys? yes Trails in the Sky? mediocre at best

42aaf5 No.15063303

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Since this looks like the resident KH thread, did you fags listen to the full version of the new theme song? It's alright, but it ain't Simple and Clean.

3fe3f0 No.15063329


It's the weakest one of the 3 games.

2c4a02 No.15063334


Nope, because it sounds like shit, even in both languages too.

It lost all of the hype the previous songs had, the lyrics are dumb and that piano melody is really off putting too.

Whoever made that song really must have lost her talent for music over the years.

b0b796 No.15063563

File: 8c8fb4ac9104090⋯.jpg (46.43 KB, 587x585, 587:585, 8c8fb4ac9104090977d7784969….jpg)


>waifufag makes posts with his Kingdom Hearts waifu

>anon erases his waifu

I'm uncertain if it's ironic or fitting that it was Xion on top of all of this.

b7cc87 No.15063593


>Shitting on Xionfag

c1e229 No.15063864

What was the one game on the psp called where you played as 3 wankers called terra auqa and another one I can't remember at all? I played the fuck out of that one as a kid.

b7cc87 No.15063994


You can look this shit up anon.

4233c4 No.15064153

File: 3b7f885986ca2f3⋯.jpg (109.8 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 1525553524305.jpg)


I think this song perfectly captures the essence of KH3 in the fact that it'll never beat KH2

b7cc87 No.15064202


It's shit.

910c73 No.15064343


>that piano

if they hadn't had it on a rhythm like that it wouldn't be so fucking grating

105a95 No.15064448


I like it

07f374 No.15064517


>I was thinking about maybe getting into Kingdom Hearts

Unless you're younger than 12 or have severe autism(the Sonic/Pokemon type of autism, not the dorf fort kind) I would strongly suggest avoiding the series. Most adults who play it were really into it as a kid and are invested in the series as a result. You don't have that investment and are therefore free from the curse. Don't take that for granted.

b29d32 No.15064542


>Luariam =/= Marluxia


48cb0a No.15064644


Accurate. I was given a copy of the game for free and having tried playing it for a few hours I found it cringe as fuck and the camera made me ragequit. I found myself struggling why anyone even likes this enormous pile of shit.

5f77a6 No.15065744


I found the PS4 collections for really cheap together so I grabbed them. Regretted it that night once I finally played them. I figured with everyone talking about it it couldn't be that bad, but the gameplay is some of the worst I've ever played. I didn't mind the camera, but the combat is so boring and the controls are god awful. The fact that they fucked up which button is jump and which is attack should give you an idea of how much of a fuck they gave.

These games aren't just bad, they're immoral for cheating kids out of a good game. Kids see these Disney characters that are universally loved by children the world over plastered all over the cover, so they ask their parents to buy the game, only to get home and find that it's nothing but generic weaboo trash about Final Fantasy characters. As if Final Fantasy is in the same league as Disney. I remember how disappointed my friends were when we were 12 and the first game came out, so I avoided it for years. But years of hearing it shilled here as if it were actually a good game convinced me to give it a chance. I should have known better.

c381b9 No.15065813


It lacks a lot of info from the mobile game's plot; like how Marluxia's somebody and fucking Ventus were leaders of Keyblade unions and were handpicked by one of the Foretellers.

29c6ea No.15065833

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The flaw with Kingdom Hearts 2 is that it does have allot of depth, it just for the none of that depth is necessary to actually get through the game, mashing attack works fine for the most part.

aacd4e No.15065879

File: 43ce4bd240d2558⋯.jpg (41.96 KB, 288x467, 288:467, 1380987589302.jpg)


>people keep saying the rhythm is off

I don't ge-


Ok that part was shit.

But everything else is on point. Do people have trouble listening to songs outside of the 4/4 time signature or what? I might be rusty at it but isn't this in 6/4?

b7cc87 No.15065923


>The fact that they fucked up which button is jump and which is attack should give you an idea of how much of a fuck they gave.

Confirmed retard. Various game switch these buttons between western and nip version and the difference is negligible. I can't take your other criticisms seriously in light of this.

b7cc87 No.15065927


> it just for the none of that depth is necessary to actually get through the game

Unless you play on critical in final mix.

11cb12 No.15066370

File: 7e17ff45cbca6d5⋯.gif (2.55 MB, 680x673, 680:673, 1468092064996.gif)

Start with DDD

Then play COM on PS2

Then 2

Then Days

Then COM on GBA

Then 2.8

Then 1

Then BBS

Yep, this is the right order. Definitely.

c381b9 No.15066574


No no no, first you play X first and then Re-Coded, but the rest of your list is spot on.

2436ea No.15067381

File: 4cb9189de8a7028⋯.gif (47.3 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 4cb9189de8a70281c29643494f….gif)

Honestly, just skip 1.

Kingdom Hearts 1 is a game that has aged fucking atrociously compared to Kingdom Hearts 2. I recently 100% the Final Mix version on ps3 and jesus christ it's such a slog.

>Tiny levels that you have to keep backtracking across several times per playthrough

>Some of the series' worst boss fights

>Opening chests take forever

>Most of the keyblades are worthless

>Equipment all together is a joke.

>Hollow Bastion is aids

>That entire quiz at the beginning is stupid and cryptic

>By the time you get the best gear. You're already overleveled for it to matter

>Magic builds completely break the game

>Strike raid gives you total invulnerability

I could keep going.

b7cc87 No.15067391


KH1 is decent, but still full of flaws. It's only superior to 2 in that the story isn't super autistic, and having a Disney x Final Fantasy crossover with a special snowflake OC Donut Steel as the MC is already pretty autistic.

>>By the time you get the best gear. You're already [too] overleveled for it to matter

Didn't KH1FM have a no leveling mode as well?

aa2a94 No.15067468


I never post without reading a least a few of the first posts, but I swear people aren't even doing this and just posting their first thought.

3bd595 No.15067485


>>Tiny levels that you have to keep backtracking across several times per playthrough

Are you sure you aren't talking about every KH game after 1? Because I love empty fields with fucking nothing in them, so much fun you fucking retard.

b7cc87 No.15067488


I gets worse. >>15059587

b7cc87 No.15067490

2436ea No.15067582


Nigger, what are you on about? The only level I can think of like that is the Lion King level, which makes sense since it takes place in the fucking savannah. You're even given a faster movement form to compensate.

c91d9c No.15068234


The quiz determines how fast you level up in the game:

early: you level up easily for the first 50 levels and the next 50 is a slog

mid: equal dispersal of exp points

late: takes more time to level up for the first 50 levels but the last 50 are a breeze.


KH2 has a better fighting system than 1 but the charm of the levels is superior in 1.



753918 No.15068272


The first fucking level in the game is fucking Mulan, I watched the god damn movie when I was a fucking kid since my cousin wouldn't stop fucking watching it, you know what I expected after KH1 with it's actual level design when heard a sequel was announced? Level design, something to explore, it's out in fucking China, there's a lot of rural elements they could have added to it. A bigger fleshed out game, more areas like Destiny Islands or Hollow Bastion fleshed out with shit. In KH1 you have objects you can interact with, stupid platforming segments, they bothered fleshing it out, they tried. There's no level design in KH2, it's just a bunch of fucking empty fields with shit to tap x on with hallways connected to them, that's it. The retarded cutscenes, re-used worlds and the Goofy death scene were the shit cherry on top. My only solace is that I never bought the fucking game with my money, someone lent it to me.

b29d32 No.15068306

File: 512572ebcdd3cc8⋯.png (71.48 KB, 350x238, 25:17, 350px-Roxas_(Dual_Wield)_K….png)


>tap X to win

Do you even Critical mode?

753918 No.15068333


I don't give a fuck about your worthless meme game you fucking nigger, I never played RPGs for that. If I wanted to enjoy playing a fucking video game for the action I'd play a video game that was actually fun like Devil May Cry or Shinobi, an arcade game like the hundreds of the little shits you can play in arcade emulators, not fucking Kingdom Hearts 2. Or you, an old fucking Square game with environments to explore even with how fucking linear they can be, at least there's something to fucking explore, not an open fucking circle connected to another god damn hallway.

c33781 No.15068341

File: 84f51ae361ab695⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 150x267, 50:89, ((((((you)))))).gif)


>I wanted to play a JRPG not an ARPG that's why KHII was shit

a19ea6 No.15068363


Yes you fucking retard, KH 2 is shit, why would you niggers hype up the Critical shit mode when you don't give a flying fuck about the content of the games? Why would I put myself to suffer a mediore action JRPG with half-assed JRPG elements and half-assed combat, when I could just play a better PS2 game? I'm not a fucking retard like you, I had enough sense as a fucking kid at least.

c33781 No.15068384

File: 776a1bd382ec798⋯.jpg (53.47 KB, 403x452, 403:452, smugpug.jpg)


>being this booty blasted you could enjoy the depth of KH gameplay because it didn't serve it to you on a silver platter

c33781 No.15068407

File: 77a092eff80d0d0⋯.jpg (94.36 KB, 774x880, 387:440, Smug Lily.jpg)


>oh no someone's having fun with a game on /v/ again

76f643 No.15068408



>mashing X then hitting ▲


ed6aee No.15068458


Out of all the valid rebuttals to that guys post you manage to come up with one thats propably the worst possible.

>"haha why are you mad that I'm eating shit?"

People like you make fun a buzzword.

c33781 No.15068488


>Out of all the valid rebuttals to that guys post you manage to come up with one thats propably the worst possible.

Of course anon, he came into this thread fully prepared and ready to discuss why his assumption that the game is bad may be wrong, that's why he's been spewing shit proven he's never gave a fuck to even try. Certainly that will entail a full, serious, and detailed response as opposed to getting shat on for his low effort posts.

aacd4e No.15068532

File: ee0e9e4ea66306b⋯.jpg (14.89 KB, 350x384, 175:192, 1393156262606.jpg)


KH 1 has much better and intricate level design. With worlds actually having some semblance of exploration.

KH2 is a flat plane of fucking nothing. The game never botheres to challenge you until critical mode, proud mode is unfun HP bloated bullshit.

KH2FM actually fixes some of it. But only in like one section with actually fun level design that takes advantage of growth abilities and specific new bosses that aren't press x/triangle to win.

I love KH2 but it pretty much trades interesting level/game design for deep as fuck combat that the game needs a post game to barely goddamn fix.

2436ea No.15070136


Intricate level design? I'll give you Hollow Bastion, but the fucking tarzan level exists. The level that's 80% loading screen because each arena is painfully small, and is only accentuated when the game makes you constantly pace back and forth from the top of the treehouse, down to the jungle over and over. The Alice in Wonderland World is literally just 3 small cells. Olympus is just 1. Neverland by far had to be the most aggregious level design considering it's source material. You have this magical island full of kids who never age, living in a giant treehouse, and a large pirate shanty town. And you make the level based around one small pirate ship.

And FUCK Atlantica and Monstro

b7cc87 No.15070157


>The small worlds are too simple

>Fuck the worlds with actual complexity, let alone design, in their levels

Wew lad.

2c4a02 No.15070194

File: 03804d946380240⋯.jpg (12.9 KB, 398x270, 199:135, 03804d946380240c5ec5d7cd1c….jpg)

>tfw I get to see a thread of angry manchildren flinging shit at each other like bunch of autistic monkeys over KH out of all things

I'm not even going to ask you guys to stop, keep going for my entertainment.

2436ea No.15070201


Atlantica sucks dick because they decided to fuck up your movement controls, take away your dodge roll, and place everything you needed to find at opposite ends of it's map. THEN they decided it would be hilarious to place mob spawns ontop of objects you needed to interact with to progress, leading to a fucking wave-defense gameplay since the game would keep spawning in more shit on the higher difficulties. There was a reason KH2 turned it into a shitty ocarina mini-game.

Monstro sucks dick more so because it doesn't have 'intricate' level design. The place is a shitty maze packed to the gills with enemies in each room. It's just not fun.

c33781 No.15070222


>implying anybody stated Olympus was complex

If it's not painfully obvious to you that that is the tournament world with nothing else it's because it is. In fact I'd go as far as to say that KHII fucked this up by making that world more complex than it needed to be for the sake of story.

ce9b28 No.15070680



*gay dialogue ensues*

Kill yourself faggot. Kingdoms Hearts is the biggest Yaoi bait I've seen in mainstream vidya, fags and girls do not like MGR, it's too high skill for them. I've played enough of the series to know this.

ce9b28 No.15070780

File: 94310931297c013⋯.jpg (91.84 KB, 805x601, 805:601, 1392411872496.jpg)


>get 1.5+2.5

>yet another fucking collection coming out

God damn Square Jewnix!


>be me

>be near end of the slog known as KH Final Mix on Proud mode

>somewhat of a tough timing trying to get past the boss above the volcano thing and the enemy rush immediately after that

>Friend wants to play

>ok here is new game

>I accidentally save over my save

>haven't picked it up since

b7cc87 No.15070841


>Atlantica sucks dick because they decided to fuck up your movement controls, take away your dodge roll, and place everything you needed to find at opposite ends of it's map.

If these things are problem for you, you're a casual of the highest order and need to go back to playing farmville.

>THEN they decided it would be hilarious to place mob spawns ontop of objects you needed to interact with to progress

Oh no! An action game placed enemies between you and your objective. That's totally unfair!

>leading to a fucking wave-defense gameplay

What are you defending?

>since the game would keep spawning in more shit on the higher difficulties.

Wrong. There are never infinite enemies in Atlantica on any difficulty, standard KH or FM. Did you even play the same game?


>Monstro sucks dick more so because it doesn't have 'intricate' level design. The place is a shitty maze packed to the gills with enemies in each room.

Oh no! You have to actually pay attention to where you're going!? You have to defeat enemies in an action game!? How will vidya be ruined next! You can fucking run by the enemies you tard.

b7cc87 No.15070857


>>I accidentally save over my save

>>haven't picked it up since

How do you fuck up this badly? I always create something like 10-15 saves at a minimum and cycle through them each time I save. Then when creating a new game, say on a different mode or a no level run, I'll do the same but leave about 10 blank saves inbetween the new set of saves.

ce9b28 No.15070991


But there are just as much shit to interact with in the 2nd game as the first. Environments are only there to look pretty in these kinds of games, you were expecting survival-horror tier detail from fucking Kingdom Hearts? Wew lad.


>he's unironically defending atlantica

This has to be bait.

c33781 No.15071034

File: b4bff15eeaf1844⋯.png (364.46 KB, 1280x1016, 160:127, d96a3e41cb80e6f30c74b3ef2b….png)


I would say Atlantica isn't that bad except for not giving you faster movement options and the enemies having a higher than average spawn rate, and no matter what it was better than KHII Atlantica, and has a more interesting level design (not movement or fighting, level) than any of the KHII worlds.

89f6ad No.15071103

File: 2a2c1923d776d01⋯.jpg (12.01 KB, 256x256, 1:1, y.jpg)

>I was thinking about maybe getting into Kingdom Hearts

Are you seriously saying you're going to play a game with Disney characters and you're above the age of 12?

89f6ad No.15071147

File: c00b735128011cb⋯.jpg (212.37 KB, 1800x1578, 300:263, not liking things sure is ….jpg)

Wait. Forget I wrote anything.

There's people above the age of 12 that play Nintendo games.

42aaf5 No.15071214

File: 20cb3b6e342589b⋯.jpg (256.67 KB, 600x588, 50:49, 1386295775084.jpg)


Yeah, that one part's fucking weird.

I'm hoping they make a different version for the end credits without that bit, or with it tweaked so it doesn't sound so bad.

7c1b70 No.15071227


Simple & Clean and Sanctuary both got remixed for the opening and closing. So I think this'll get the same treatment. Regardless, not a Utada's best work. It's compounded by the trailers it's used on being shittily cut and mixed.

c33781 No.15071236


The song is fine and honestly no song could live up to the hype of KH3 release but it's main issue is that it's the theme for an action rpg and it feels lowbeat and mellow. Granted, the credit version of the songs always do, but they're advertising this as if it's the main version, which is concerning. I'm fine with it if it get a more high energy remix for the opening but I'm not holding my breath

b11044 No.15071893

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Honestly I like it. I feel like it'll be a lot better with video attached to it though. It sorta seems divisive in the same way the latest BnHA opening is divisive, where it's a very different tone from previous songs and not everyone is gonna vibe with that. I like it for the same reason as why I like that latest OP though, it has a sense of finality to it. It's saying "Yes, this is it. This is the final chapter you've been waiting for. Some will like it, some will feel bitter, but this is the final chapter."

e785e8 No.15071980


365/2 does not work better before 2 you stupid faggot. That game gives away seriously important details about the plot of 2 that would go over your head if you watched it before playing 2. Release order.

b7cc87 No.15071989


>That game gives away seriously important details about the plot of 2 that would go over your head if you watched it before playing 2

Such as? To me, a whole bunch of 2 makes less since without Days. Like "you make a good other", or just about everything Axel says.

c33781 No.15071991

File: 15974c56274761d⋯.jpg (30.69 KB, 250x312, 125:156, Emanon.jpg)


I read the manga, why the fuck is the anime ending? Is it going to get it's own anime only ending? Is this Fullmetal Alchemist all over again?

c33781 No.15072011

File: bd694669268764c⋯.png (205.81 KB, 680x1100, 34:55, Old man.png)


Roxas being Sora's "other half" was mentioned in CoM, it was fully explained by the end of KHII, as well as Axel's relationship with Sora/Roxas. 358/2 days offers very little information for the amount of gameplay it offers, introduces Xion who has nothing to do with KHII at all, and barely fleshes out Roxas and Axel more than the KHII with the only exception being several dozen ice cream scenes. I don't even think Xemnas receives much of an explanation of who the fuck he is in the game.

It's fun to see the various Organization members interacting for a tiny bit, but there's no fun to exploring the bad guys inner workings if you don't even fully understand why they're bad guys in the first place. There's a reason you don't play BBS first even though it comes first chronologically, and that's because you're missing out on a whole shit ton of context.

b7cc87 No.15072021


The newest OP is shit. First one was best.

42aaf5 No.15072057


If it gets a good upbeat remix for the opening, I'll be okay with it.

>Regardless, not a Utada's best work.

It's a shame, other than this, her recent shit's been pretty good.

b11044 No.15072061

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's not ending, it's just that the current season of the anime is covering All Might's final showdown with All for One, so there has to be a sense of finality to it. It's the end of the era of All Might, not the anime. Sorta like how KH3 is the end of the Xehanort story arc, but supposedly the series could continue beyond it either with just a new villain or completely different characters.


Personally I prefer the 3rd OP, but that's just me. Never said I thought that the latest OP is the best one though, I just like it.

fb712d No.15072084


I mentioned actually playing it because everyone always gets upset about the cutscene version missing story details. My personal belief is that CoM, 358/2, and II function as their own little trilogy about Org XIII. CoM sets up the Org and their greater importance in KH. 358/2 fleshes them out, puts you on the bad guy team to see the series from a different point of view, and what their stated goal is (new KH). II closes it out with the "death" of every last member while giving the reveal of what Xemnas truly is and starting preparations for KHIII. Taking in 358/2 after II is like the Hobbit after LotR.

Maybe it's personal preference, but I never felt like 2 made any fucking sense until going through 358/2 Days. You have the not-so-bad-guy trio and their struggles with a new element in KH (nobodies) plus the base reason why Org XIII does their stuff.

>make KH through tons of hearts instead of 7 princess hearts

>use a keyblade wielder for this

>plan A: brainwash Sora

>plan B: use Roxas

>plan C: use Xion

>plan D: cause heartless shitstorms that Sora has to clean up, so he accidentally follows A

Kingdom Hearts II without the backstory of 358/2 Days feels like half a story, since you don't know half the characters or why they do what they do.

f20aa2 No.15072441


>Tumblr nose

And into the trash it goes

c33781 No.15072471


I can understand your perspective but my largest concern is bringing up the Xion sub plot. KH II follows the perspective from Sora. Sora goes into KHII blind about the Organizations goals and we find out about it as he finds out about it. It certainly isn't the deepest most complex plot but it's self-contained

f28eac No.15072482


The only thing gayer than Kingdom Hearts is Blue Reflection. It's a better game too.

8dc3f7 No.15072593

Play I

Watch recap of Chain of Memories (the real-time card combat is chaotic and not very fun, but you should at-least know the story so KH2 isn't as incoherrent)

Play II

Stop being invested with the story, because beyond this point is where it gets autistically-complicated and impossible to follow.

Skip the DS games

Play Birth By Sleep

Play Dream Drop Distance

Skip II.8 or whatever (unless you find it for really cheap)

Wait for III, and hope that it's good.

fb712d No.15072596


>Sora goes into KHII blind about the Organizations goals and we find out about it as he finds out about it

I can understand arguing for the story to take place in that order, from the MC's perspective. All the non-numbered games do have their own little story that you can see wrapping everything together in the post-II cutscenes as they build up towards III. How Mickey and Yen Sid are figuring out just how fucked everything has been over the last decade or so. Maybe I was just more unsatisfied with II on initial release because I was a dumb teen and let the hype get to me instead of the story being at fault. Why do you think the Xion sub plot is so integral to being told after II?

ce9b28 No.15074542


I've never made this mistake before. I never do it in any of my favorite games. Lesson learned I guess, but this killed the whole momentum for me to get fully caught up on the games since I only played KH2 as a kid.


It is that bad, that's why it was totally changed for the 2nd game as to not not be a total slog to play. It's objectively the worst world in both games.


The only thing wrong with BNH's newest intro is that the song is good, the animation is good, but they don't go together well at all.

f72de0 No.15074575



It's a literal waste of space that makes you scroll in twice as much. Not to mention makes the file size bigger for no reason whatsoever.

If he needs everyone to know that it was his work, he might be browsing the wrong board on the wrong website.

f6d719 No.15074997


With Ariel being a summon I wonder if Atlantica won't be appearing in KH3, they've already shown that other mini-game world and 100 acre is most likely in the game.

b7cc87 No.15078032

File: 11481bb0f7dc34e⋯.jpg (84.6 KB, 1428x902, 714:451, 11481bb0f7dc34e94f1922ea1c….jpg)

84946d No.15078311

File: b8552eeaa99d5da⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1222x1869, 1222:1869, 213629a5a63688e67a3c0f0ce1….jpg)

>TFW used to love the KH games.

>TFW played DMC series and Ninja Gaiden 1/2 and now suddenly all these games feel bland as fuck even on critical.

b7cc87 No.15082854

File: fbb9eaafd2922ac⋯.png (277.1 KB, 578x600, 289:300, Larxene.png)

a54ace No.15082905


ironically Roxas is the easiest critical mode boss, just reflectga his ass and glide his desperation attack

f20aa2 No.15089307

File: 56321465080def9⋯.png (272.28 KB, 419x479, 419:479, ClipboardImage.png)



>Stinky Pete, you're out of the box

>Then you're the one who turned on the tv

<Yes Woody, it was all my doing

<Buzz it would appear you have failed to save Woody

<Let us meet at the appointed museum, where your space age and my westerns will join together!

a2a88a No.15090763


Needs xehanort edit

8b573b No.15090961

File: ee7a67afe443e5f⋯.jpg (37.32 KB, 464x650, 232:325, 4e85823dccfc5e8d435ce4107f….jpg)


>I'm uncertain if it's ironic or fitting that it was Xion on top of all of this.

a2d4cc No.15090976


Why would Xehanort bring back her and Marluxia, when the both of them were dirty traitors from the start? Could he really not find anyone else to join the Xehanort Club?

fb712d No.15091186


Sunk cost fallacy. He poured too much of his heart into them already to walk away.

a54ace No.15091236

KH1 is very outdated gameplay wise

29c6ea No.15091317

File: 158f71dd3a95f83⋯.png (39.33 KB, 164x297, 164:297, 164px-Pink_Agaricus_KHUX.png)

now that i'v been emulating the engilsh patched KH1 final mix for the first time, i'm not sure if it actually is better then the original version.

I mean you get the bonus fight against unknown and that's cool, and a few quality of life improvements like leaf bracer.

But they made item synthesis like 10 times more tedious then it was in the original version, now forcing you to jump though hoops to fight the new gimmick heartless.

I also thing they messed with how much EXP you need to reach max level, since I remember still leveling up around the 90's after beating Sephiroth, but now at around the 60's i beat him and didn't level up at all.

Final mix is neat but if i were to replay KH 1 again in the future I think it would just go with the original version again, since Geting the Ultima keybalde wasn't anywhere near this much of a pain in the ass.

9cc238 No.15091504

File: 3ebc763f41a234e⋯.png (52.44 KB, 200x222, 100:111, sniper 'i know where you l….png)


i thought the ultima key was too easy to get in the original.

but then there's shit like pic related, piece of fucking shit i swear, way to make me mad at a videogame.

8595eb No.15091839

File: f197a11028f489a⋯.png (576.29 KB, 1024x394, 512:197, kingdom_hearts_ii_fm_sora_….png)


>I also thing they messed with how much EXP you need to reach max level, since I remember still leveling up around the 90's after beating Sephiroth, but now at around the 60's i beat him and didn't level up at all.

Did you change your personality test answers from the last time you played? The "Your journey begins in the morning/ afternoon/ night"?

c33781 No.15091855


>I also thing they messed with how much EXP you need to reach max level, since I remember still leveling up around the 90's after beating Sephiroth, but now at around the 60's i beat him and didn't level up at all.

Remember those obnoxious personality quizzes in the tutorial? That determined the exp needed to level. Unless you're absolutely certain you chose the same answers what most likely happened is you answer in a way that makes you level up for the first 50 quickly as opposed to the last 50.

29c6ea No.15091866



I'v always pick journey begins at Night every time I play the game.

That still wouldn't change the fact that regardless of which answer I picked Sehiroth used to give out a fuck load of EXP that it gaining levels in the 90, that should be enough to get you levels in the 60's no mater which answer you picked.

it's not that big a deal though since due to Tech boost the Ice Titan nets you far more EXP now then he did originally.

5b9ec4 No.15091897


wait, wait

so if I said I'm afraid of getting old, I level up slower?

29c6ea No.15091917


the way it works is journey begins at morning you level up faster until level 50, and then slower at after that

Afternoon is balanced in how you level up

and Night is you level up slower until level 50 but faster after level 50, also the totally amount of EXP you need to reach level 100, is lower then if the other 2 options.

c33781 No.15091921


>That still wouldn't change the fact that regardless of which answer I picked Sehiroth used to give out a fuck load of EXP that it gaining levels in the 90, that should be enough to get you levels in the 60's no mater which answer you picked.

Not really no, the overall exp needed for level 100 is lower as well as it being easier to level 50-100. If you chose the morning option it requires a shit ton of exp to get to level 100.

8595eb No.15091923

File: 37bd93205af3ef6⋯.png (675.11 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, roxas__namine__xion__ventu….png)


I just wanted to be sure. Rather than changing the values of the exp thresholds they probably just nerfed how much EXP he gives.


I don't feel like looking up an answer key, but >>15091917 answered right as I was typing.

9cc238 No.15091929

reminder that no matter how autistic you are, you will never be as autistic as the guy who grinded to level 100 in destiny islands.

5b9ec4 No.15091932


thats a different question, anon

in fact; i don't even remember that question; I didn't play any remix versions

I refer to the original PS2 version

29c6ea No.15091944

File: 3050e491419778c⋯.jpg (90.58 KB, 922x925, 922:925, kh.JPG)


There are 3 questions they ask you at the start determine if your journey begins at morning, afternoon, or night.

8595eb No.15091949

File: 3c7ea38ec4d35c7⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Roxas-Axel-and-Xion-Best-F….png)


It's not a question. When you answer Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie's questions the game says "Your journey will start in the [time of day]" and gives a generic description of it that hints at difficulty. It was absolutely in the original version.

>>15091944 (checked)

fb712d No.15091970


I just did it recently, and the trick I found to work best was to use everything at your disposal to boost summoning power and have mushu take them out. There's a youtube video that shows how to sneak up on them with it. Worked wonders for me.

9cc238 No.15091976


they're still real assholes

7e3edc No.15092057


Most of the final mix heartless are, once you find their gimmick they become more annoyances than anything.

b7cc87 No.15092098





What the fuck is this shit?


I think that was just a theorized time because it would take years of playtime to hit 100 there.

8595eb No.15092140

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I was artistically rattling on about Kingdom Hearts to a friend over chat a few weeks back. Can't remember how it came up to begin with or why I needed to look up a picture of Axel, Roxas, and Xion eating icecream, but I did a simple image search for it. I found what I was looking for and a lot more that I wish I hadn't.

It's so unsettling and painful to look at I have to share it with everyone.

a54ace No.15092896


It's best to choose the slow start so the latter levels are very fast for post game grinding

29c6ea No.15095127

File: b6412ba0ddf2996⋯.png (117.46 KB, 300x318, 50:53, 300px-Phantom_KH.png)

File: 487a2687c1195d7⋯.png (102.89 KB, 300x303, 100:101, 300px-Phantom_KHFM.png)

I reallly like the concept of this boss, having to keep track of the clock and use Stop on it to prevent the Death Sentence is really cool, but the biggest problem is you using magic in this fight constantly and there is no way to get MP back, if you don't have enough mp items or a massive MP bar then it's actually impossible to win the fight.

This fight could have been better if hitting him when the heart is the wrong cooler dropped some MP orbs for you.

b7cc87 No.15097894

File: 81587b94059972d⋯.png (1.12 MB, 913x965, 913:965, insertion.png)

fb712d No.15097940


It might've been intentional that you can't get MP back in the fight, easily at least. You get some hits in through the white orb and MP rage. They had the eels in Ursula's fight to prevent this, so they were aware of such a problem happening. Optional bosses in RPGs are usually designed with the player learning to either break the game or develop a specific strategy, so the fight could be built on that logic.

5ca0a0 No.15098246


Anon, every Metal Gear game can be boiled down to "arbitrary soundbite" Huh? Who's footprints are these? and *gay dialogue ensues*, even Rising. Not to mention that Raiden is prime Yaoi bait.

29c6ea No.15099781

File: ab1c1105e77a369⋯.jpg (209.36 KB, 722x870, 361:435, Roxas loaded.jpg)

For whatever reason i was trying to get a good time, on the poster duty mini game as Roxas and I discovered that if you do enough jobs and get 2000 Munny before trying to get on the train you get a bonus 2 AP, at the start of the game, I had no idea this was a thing

and then I found this pic which fits perfectly

12c28a No.15100380


well you are told to get the 2000 munny so it's not like a secret

29c6ea No.15100436


Actually your told you only need to earn 800 munny, but I that scene they say that watermelon is too expensive because it costs 2000 munny, so i guess that's the hint for you to get 2000.

03988a No.15100823

File: d1f285905c79e15⋯.jpeg (185.7 KB, 800x480, 5:3, 3a28888c4b18b0e25b8840d76….jpeg)


I wonder what her name without the X is…

b11044 No.15100873


Leaner, obviously.

910c73 No.15100948




one of the easier ones actually

03988a No.15100971


Arlene is way too normal. Not anime enough.

a54ace No.15100979


Kingdom Hearts 1 is broken anon

Just MP Haste, MP Rage (key), max your MAX MP gains from boss kills before doing this boss (In other words, leave this boss after colosseum), Leaf Bracer to ensure living the DoT if you get hit by it, and that's it.

Make sure to put party members that can help (Peter Pan casts Aero, Donald can cast stop if you set magic to advanced only and frequently for you)

a2d4cc No.15100992



Relena is also a possibility. It sounds like a real name without actually being one.

29c6ea No.15101039


I haven't had trouble with the fight since the first time years ago, but it's still a bit unreasonable to have a boss that 3/4th of the time you need to be hitting it with magic and there is no way for the fight to give you your magic back, with out the use of items or skills you may not have at the you fight it.

The Kurt Zisa fight has a phase where you can only attack it with magic but then hitting it with keyblade attacks drops MP orbs. Phantom could have done the same thing,

Phantom isn't even hard if you just bring an elixir or 2, but it's still the only boss in the game were it could be impossible for you to win if you don't have enough mana .

ef8e22 No.15103874

File: 6b56f5467ea26c8⋯.jpg (273.5 KB, 747x309, 249:103, KingdomHeartsPreviewE3Fea-….jpg)

How is Axel still alive and what is he doing with Kairi?

Does Sora get cucked by every other male in the universe?

a2d4cc No.15103973


When a Nobody and their Heartless "die", the person both spawns from is brought back to life. So Axel's back as Lea and apparently so is the rest of the Organization, but everyone just calls him Axel because it's cooler, I guess.

2601f0 No.15103982

229e34 No.15104040


It's shown in DDD that Lea Axel decides to go on a journey to learn how to use his keyblade I assume he's there to protect Kairi while she's doing the same thing.

ef8e22 No.15104050


I thought the black cloaks go away with them but I guess he kept his.

c33781 No.15105934


Play 3D or if you can't because you're a faggot be a little bitch and watch the cut scenes on youtube.

b7cc87 No.15110696

File: 698e789056d8074⋯.png (93.98 KB, 338x333, 338:333, Untitled.png)


b11044 No.15114342


It's been shown that the black cloaks predate the organization by quite a bit, so he could have been wearing it before he got turned in the first place

b7cc87 No.15118131


>inferior versions

Enjoy your censorship and hanging form transformations. English patched KHFM1&2 are objectively the best versions.

6b3c4b No.15118212


Kingdom Hearts

Chain of Memories (GBA) or Re: Chain of Memories

358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Birth By Sleep Final Mix

Dream Drop Distance

That should give a proper experience of the story, lore and the evolution of the series mechanics. All you need is a DS you should already have from years ago, 3DS and PS4.

6b3c4b No.15118221



It just fully hit me Larxene is fucking back and my dick might cry at the amount of porn she could get from noncucks with Twitter and Patreon alone.

b7cc87 No.15118252




03988a No.15125255

File: 00f722fabff41b3⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1269x1920, 423:640, 26a5cf64268131b73a565c92ac….jpg)


I don't even know why I like Larxene as much as I do. Her attitude, maybe?

8595eb No.15126405


I've wanted to hate-fuck her for years.

2456b9 No.15126434

KH1, Chain of Memories, KH2, final mix versions for all of them. Both the GBA and PS2 Chain of Memories is good. Everything after KH2 sucks dick and you can pretend it never existed.

b5c1a3 No.15130537

I've been play kh2.

I really wish Organization XIII would stop saying they don't exist.

No faggots, you do exist, you have a body and a mind and a sense of self, however you do not have a heart. you are a creature without a soul, but you do exist.

What annoys me further is that Dr Finklestein in Halloween Town's second arc is a creature that does not have a heart and that's why it went mad stealing christmas presents. I really feel like this is a bad translation issue.

b5c1a3 No.15130544


Recoded as well as it starts off RIGHT at the end of Kingdom hearts. What with the message in the bottle thing.

b7cc87 No.15130570


> however you do not have a heart. you are a creature without a soul

That was actually lie by Mansex. Organization tier nobodies usually grow hearts after a short period of time.

a54ace No.15130573

KH1 > CoM > KH2 > BBS > DDD > 2.8

All you need to play. ignore coded. ignore 356/2.

Watch the cutscenes on the final mix collections if you want.

As for cutscenes priority

2.8's super prequel Chi stuff >356/2 > Coded

a54ace No.15130579


That's not Axel, That's Lea

they're training to become keyblade masters

458f48 No.15130682


This is correct. tbh 1+2 FM are all that is worth playing, I'm pretty sure movie versions of the other games exist.

a54ace No.15130715


Also, you don't need to play CoM if you don't like it, since the gameplay varies greatly and you can just watch the cutscenes on youtube, but for the most part the core is 1+2 FM , BBS and DDD

eb6551 No.15130784


When did we learn this???

c33781 No.15130786


3D faggot. Seriously, as far as critical plot points. I -> II -> BBS -> 3D and you're 90% set for KH III.

eb6551 No.15130789



I'm starting from scratch I already neat all of 1.5 workin on 2.5

7bd83d No.15131377



Why would you do that to yourself? The little shits are barely useful, they made me miss donald and goofy.

b7cc87 No.15139354

File: a8a503635201342⋯.png (1.1 MB, 904x954, 452:477, full_insertion.png)

6b3c4b No.15139377


Re:coded just tells you how Sora and Riku get the message about the 3 hurting.

Anyone could beat KH2, unlock the secret ending in BBS where Sora is shown stoically reacting to the letter of what you just finished playing and immediately put 2 and 2 together.

6b3c4b No.15139417


>What annoys me further is that Dr Finklestein in Halloween Town's second arc is a creature that does not have a heart and that's why it went mad stealing christmas presents. I really feel like this is a bad translation issue.

This is honestly one of the few Kingdom Hearts things that straight up doesn't make any sense even in this series.

And I think that was some reasonably sentimental shit about basically not living.


I fucking love the Dream Eaters, a lot of them are cute as fuck and satisfying to kick Xehanorts' asses with the underdog assistance of and they have the satisfaction of finding and training your own allies to face the challenges ahead, something Pokemon has long since fucking lost.

2456b9 No.15139632


I'm pretty sure this entire heartless thing is a lie, several of the organization members are clearly capable of feeling emotion.

b7cc87 No.15139658

190cdd No.15139908

Honestly, you shouldn't be playing for the story considering that yeah, it is convoluted as fuck and it really feels like a surrealist charade of a plot. Just play 1 and 2. If you like them then you can look at the spinoffs, but just know that nothing gets better after those two.

5a6c09 No.15139918


It's honestly not that convoluted now that nomura has pretty much cleared the convolution with DDD, 2.8 and BBS. Back then it was "who the fuck is the lingering will" or "what's xehanorts plan?"

b7cc87 No.15140004


>It's honestly not that convoluted now that nomura has pretty much cleared the convolution with DDD

<The game that introduced time travel fuckery

<Clearing convolution

3334f3 No.15140009

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

03988a No.15140266

File: afa7c53a43598bb⋯.jpg (2.04 MB, 1182x1912, 591:956, 0a052ba31bda53c17d88ec9e48….jpg)

You know who's cute? Kairi.

2c4a02 No.15140286

File: 05a920d63639b81⋯.png (108.31 KB, 400x390, 40:39, 05a920d63639b81ac608b6b0c2….png)


Kairi a hoe.

Rule 63 boys are where its at.

They are infinely cuter than that horrid swine of a creature.

2c4a02 No.15140289

File: 6f2e144ed79bf3a⋯.jpg (92.37 KB, 441x661, 441:661, 6f2e144ed79bf3a3bc54407d1f….jpg)

File: a6a68800db04f3a⋯.jpg (432.78 KB, 1008x1080, 14:15, a6a68800db04f3a0565d28b5f4….jpg)

File: 71913cc5f748aaa⋯.jpg (57.98 KB, 550x309, 550:309, 5bb1588d6c9ec6e5ecdd75d843….jpg)


What the fuck, wrong image.

b7cc87 No.15140416


Nigger, that first image isn't R63. It's just Kairi in a Sora dress.

b7cc87 No.15149347

File: 5641828862860cc⋯.png (1.08 MB, 876x950, 438:475, womb_depth.png)

7407c9 No.15149405



She acts like a brat that secretly wants to be punished because she likes the attention.

b7cc87 No.15154506


It's simple. She's a cute animu girl with an attitude and elemental theme to match.

f20aa2 No.15155829

Anyone go to the kh concert? Know how long it goes for?

b7cc87 No.15159013

File: 6e2a8c2531858b4⋯.png (332.25 KB, 837x397, 837:397, ConfusedPuck.png)


I thought that happened during E3?

210576 No.15160069


Find the remixes and/or a compilation pack.

The order goes like this:

Birth By Sleep (prequel of sorts)

KH 1

KH: Chain of Memories

KH 2

KH Dream Drop Distance

KH: 358/2 Days (It tells of Roxas, during his time in Organization XIII. Setting is a bit after KH1 and during KH COM and KH2. I dunno where I should place it).


There's a mobile game called KH: Chi, it gotten remade or something. But the setting is set thousands of years before the main games, though you can skip this one, unless you get really, really invested.

29c6ea No.15160492

File: e66f4ec61b0da3e⋯.webm (7.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Kingdom Hearts in a nutsh….webm)

You know what's funny this video was made before Terranort was shown.

It's only gotten more accurate now

b7cc87 No.15160513


>You know what's funny this video was made before Terranort was shown.

Terranort was created in Aqua's first game. You mean Aquanort?

c27e20 No.15160515

File: a69ac00e2d34423⋯.jpeg (76.32 KB, 640x747, 640:747, dirty water 1.jpeg)

File: a07ea95fe35dddf⋯.jpeg (64.66 KB, 767x1199, 767:1199, dirty water 2.jpeg)


Dirty water is the best kind of water

c5350b No.15160526

Anti-form is best form prove me wrong.

Protip: You can't.

29c6ea No.15160528


yeah my bad

c381b9 No.15160677


I'd like it a lot more if you didn't have zero defense or could heal somehow, other than that it's pretty fun

f20aa2 No.15160684















>Implying you can skip X

>Not knowing about the mystery box, the gazing eye and Lauriam, among other things

b7cc87 No.15160706


>>Implying you can skip X

>>Not knowing about the mystery box, the gazing eye and Lauriam, among other things

All covered in the shitty movie that comes with II.8

f20aa2 No.15160881


Lauriam's not in back cover, neither is Gaston

No one get's left out of kingdom hearts like Gaston

b7cc87 No.15160899


Well I bet Lauriam is retarded bullshit.

b7cc87 No.15167748

File: 16b275165760f41⋯.png (1.11 MB, 865x991, 865:991, impreg.png)

b7cc87 No.15172643

File: 2514e07ebaa7467⋯.png (1.01 MB, 864x928, 27:29, hard_again.png)

000000 No.15172774

new worlds, confirmed

>kingdom of corona (tangled)

>toy box (toy story)

>monstropolis (monsters inc)

>arendelle (frozen)

>untitled big hero 6 world

old worlds, confirmed

>twilight town

>radiant garden

>olympus (hercules)

>carribean (pirates of the carribean)

hmm. just 3d animated shit is new? fuck

4f46e6 No.15172895

You know, I was that I was the only one who thought these games didn't make any sense, but I was wrong. Even the people who play them don't know what the fuck is going on. The question is why keep going?

c3e0d2 No.15173166


blonde with very pink skin is god tier great taste my man

03988a No.15173251

File: 283a7fdac530502⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1349x2000, 1349:2000, eaf00ecc862a3b7e21a1d7403c….jpg)

It's been eight games and I still have no idea why Utada Hikaru doesn't want to meet her boyfriend's father.

2b651a No.15173252


I'm only here to laugh at the writing.

c33781 No.15173269


It's probably because of how Japaneasy she is.

256564 No.15173279


Smug Ven demanded attention.

5c859e No.15173299

File: 3ff0a02729ce36d⋯.jpg (371.96 KB, 850x525, 34:21, ohohoho.jpg)

File: 956ffc7c5e01ed7⋯.jpg (100.23 KB, 605x611, 605:611, pthbl.jpg)

I don't know shit about KH but whoever this is she needs a hard dicking and fast

ad2bdb No.15173340


honestly thought that was a dude

03988a No.15173398


>People think Larxene is a man

>People think Marluxia is a woman


b7cc87 No.15179888

File: 1cf96fbb223be8e⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1531x1159, 1531:1159, this_cock.png)

000000 No.15185434

This morning, I felt this premonition that Riku will die in KH3. Can't explain why but the song, Don't Think Twice, sounds way too tragic for some reason. Maybe Xehanort can still exploit the remaining evil left in Riku's heart and manipulate him to fight Sora or something. Whatever this foreboding feeling I'm getting is, something tragic is definitely going to happen in KH3. I just know it.

03988a No.15191406


I'll be shocked if any of the main three don't make it through, to be honest. I'm pretty sure the ending will be almost unambiguously happy, but maybe that's just me.

b7cc87 No.15199096

File: fd1a6c024c7cf7e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1069x1153, 1069:1153, or_this_one.png)

6df62b No.15199141

Tried to play 1.5 but the shadows were fucked and then tried to play the ps2 version of KH on hard and got stuck on the Traverse town Boss, and now I am playing on normal.

Is it really worth playing this series?

b7cc87 No.15199168

File: 7f0258150583a19⋯.jpg (30.75 KB, 278x300, 139:150, 1449193190898.jpg)


>tried to play the ps2 version of KH on hard and got stuck on the Traverse town Boss


>Is it really worth playing this series?

If it's challenging enough for you to get stuck on an early boss, then I'd say it's worth it.

6df62b No.15199170


I would get 1 or two hit KO'd from the boss.

263086 No.15199414

File: 780267501f3fa18⋯.jpeg (298.31 KB, 600x600, 1:1, rad_uncle.jpeg)


>Stop being invested with the story, because beyond this point is where it gets autistically-complicated and impossible to follow.

But that's exactly why you should get invested, so that you can discuss and laugh at the absurdity of the story in threads like these. Shit, trying to explain Dream Drop Distance to a guy that'd only played KH1, KH2 and BBS while he's in complete and utter disbelief was some of the most fun I've had in years.

03988a No.15199502

File: 4ce9732652ad357⋯.png (652.77 KB, 889x573, 889:573, 1528781126346.png)


I've noticed a lot of it recently, probably because KH3 is coming out and it's the first time the series has been really, truly relevant in like 12 years, but there's all these people who try to talk about how dumb KH is whenever you bring it up, like it's some kind of epic takedown or hot take. Bitch, those of us who have been playing this whole time have known it was retarded since forever. That's like going up to professional wrestling fans and saying "you know it's fake, right!?" Everyone fucking knows. That's half the fun. It's a game where Donald Duck goes "It's Sephiroth!" It's the kind of bullshit you cant even make up. That's why I'm still on this ride. Also, because sometimes beneath the anime bullshit Nomura can even pull off a decent scene now and then.

Also, it's fun to play. That helps too.

8b6e35 No.15199938

File: 30fd5332cf33f01⋯.jpg (54.57 KB, 433x650, 433:650, aquanort with her bedroom ….jpg)


I had a talk with someone about DDD and shit like Marluxia and Aqua getting norted and they thought half the shit I said was made-up.

0665fe No.15200380



Yeah, that makes sense if you're talking about Guard Armor on Expert. As a beginner, I'd suggest aiming at his appendages first before going straight for his torso. The first game's controls are really clunky compared to 2, esp. the jump, which I have suspected was original the jump of high jump until they made it into an ability.


>KH1, KH2 and BBS

So all the important ones besides CoM?

>trying to explain Dream Drop Distance

3D is basically Inception+time travel, and even then it's still byzantine in intelligibility.



That one actually bothers me as in CoM, Marluxia seemed a genuine renegade and the whole game's plot becomes contradictory if he isn't.


>Also, because sometimes beneath the anime bullshit Nomura can even pull off a decent scene now and then.

KH1 has a good number of those. I miss Billy Zane Ansem.

8b6e35 No.15202107


Pretty sure Marluxia still genuinely wanted to overthrow the organization, Xehanort just knew about it and let him do it because it wouldn't have an effect on his plans and he brought Axel to castle oblivion to tie up any loose ends.

263086 No.15202483

File: b28e7b86f1e8682⋯.webm (703.08 KB, 1035x1035, 1:1, Holy wake me up.webm)


>Marluxia seemed a genuine renegade and the whole game's plot becomes contradictory if he isn't.

The current state of the plot is contradictory to begin with. So Mr. Spock's big plan is to get 13 versions of himself from all across time to fight 7 warriors of Light because he fucked up his plan in BBS, but then why did Ansem and Xemnas ever bother trying to open Kingdom Hearts in KH1 and KH2? Did they know that Sora was gonna screw over their plans and old Xehanort had already planned around it? He must've Teen Xehanort said something about how Ansem was only on the Destiny Islands at the beginning of KH1 so that Teen Xehanort could time travel there because that's how time travel works, I guess. Shit, I think I have to rewatch that cutscene again, because I still don't understand DDD.

c33781 No.15202825


Ansem and Xemnas both suffered from the amnesia Terranort did: they knew that Kingdom Hearts was important but not why, at least initially. So both of them went after it but it wasn't until after Xehanort came back that they got the memories back.

263086 No.15202999

File: 5dc47cc60c89791⋯.jpg (51.18 KB, 510x587, 510:587, what.jpg)



Okay, I went back and watched a bunch of DDD cutscenes and now I think I have a better understanding of the time travel.

>time travel in Kingdom Hearts is sort of like Steins;Gate, you basically have to possess your older or younger self, but Ansem is just a heart so he can do whatever the fuck he wants

>Ansem goes back in time and tells Teen Xehanort what to do

>he sticks around on the Destiny Island for a few years so he can put Sora into the Organization's fake dream worlds(?) when Sora and Riku travel back in time to take the Mark of Mastery test

>this was all set up so the Organization could get Sora where they wanted him and turn him into Xehanort 13

>and this is all made deliberately absurd to make the Warriors of Light assume their plan is too batshit insane to be possible

But I still don't understand how Ansem knew the events of KH1 up until DDD. I think the opening of DDD implies that Terranort had never been amnesiac to begin with, but that still doesn't explain how he knew the events of the next year or so. When Sora asks Teen Xehanort how Ansem knew Sora was gonna be in the cave on Destiny Islands, he just says "simple," and Kairi flies into Sora like in the original scene, then Xehanort starts talking some shit about deja vu and Traverse Town. Am I still missing something? Does the Book of Prophecies play into all this?

b7cc87 No.15203177


>But I still don't understand how Ansem knew the events of KH1 up until DDD

Anon, when you say Ansem repeatedly in your post, do you mean Xehanort?

c73dc8 No.15203401

File: 589f498425870b1⋯.webm (3.95 MB, 320x180, 16:9, MetalGe(ar)neKelly.webm)


My favorite part is just retroactively applying rules to figure out absolutely retarded Implications. Like how Sora as of KHII could have used 5 or 6 keyblades at once.

b7cc87 No.15203413


> to figure out absolutely retarded Implications. Like how Sora as of KHII could have used 5 or 6 keyblades at once.

Explain your logic. The most you ever get to use at one time is three. Though you can hack the game and use six.

7407c9 No.15203416


He'll die and come back.

c73dc8 No.15203450


Somebody gets to use a Keyblade for every heart they've got inside them. Sora happens to have: himself, Roxas, Xion, Ventas, Vanitas.

Also I heard somewhere that the ability to use 2 keyblades at once could be integral to a person, that puts the count up to 6 (Sora himself) or 7 (Roxas) if that is the case, and if he had held onto Kairi he could go as high as 8.

263086 No.15203475


Seeker of Darkness, of course.

b7cc87 No.15203486


>Somebody gets to use a Keyblade for every heart they've got inside them.

And your reasoning for this is?

c73dc8 No.15203524


In 358/2 Days Roxas gets the ability to dual wield when he absorbs Xion, so it follows that by holding hearts that can use the keyblade you get the ability to use additional keyblades.

b7cc87 No.15203548


>In 358/2 Days Roxas gets the ability to dual wield when he absorbs Xion, so it follows that by holding hearts that can use the keyblade you get the ability to use additional keyblades.

Or it follows that by becoming powerful enough you can do this. Just like how Sora had magic powerup clothes in the second game that allowed him to dual wield. Or like how Xehanort can wield thousands at once in the Keyblade Graveyard. Roxas' growth rate compared to Sora was ridiculous. Left unchecked he would easy surpass Sora.

c381b9 No.15203559



I interpreted that more like Roxas was always supposed to have two keyblades but Xion took one of them when she was absorbing his strength. And the reason that Roxas has two Keyblades is because he was a nobody of both Sora and Ventus.

b7cc87 No.15203573


> is because he was a nobody of both Sora and Ventus.

A nobody is the body left behind when the heart becomes a heartless. Ventus' heart wandered and reached Sora, hiding inside him no homo. Ventus' body was lock inside Castle Oblivion for safekeeping by Aqua. How is Roxas a nobody of Ventus?

c73dc8 No.15203583


>Xehanort can wield thousands at once

Except that he was just throwing them around with wind at the Keyblade Graveyard.


The catalyst for using keyblades is generally from someone else, but once you've got them it seems like you can keep using a keyblade(s) even if you give the original one back.

c381b9 No.15203619


Looking around it seems that yeah, he's not Ventus' nobody- but he can use two Keyblades because Sora has two hearts; his own and Ven's.


Not to mention that Vanitas was throwing around a bunch of Keyblades too, they are probably doing it to look cool by using the wind, like you said.

Now what's really confusing me is that, apparently, the Riku Replica, of all people, is getting a Keyblade as well- which is going to be given to him by the actual Riku.

c73dc8 No.15203640


It wouldn't be hard for Repliku to grow a heart and from there you're off to the races.

a97702 No.15203870

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


but wrestling is real bro

a97702 No.15206899

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

do we have an answer for who is this guy?

367d80 No.15207216

a97702 No.15207352


and Me is some sort of villain or what?

367d80 No.15207572

File: 43a861494c41a3f⋯.jpg (158.08 KB, 1119x1200, 373:400, 43a861494c41a3fc16093123a2….jpg)


That's a good question, but I'm pretty sure that's a matter of perspective.

0665fe No.15207735



Mysterious Figure is probably one of the Xehanort's that have yet to be revealed.

b7cc87 No.15208279


Did you beat DDD? It's obviously young Xehanort. Same color scheme for most attacks and he uses various time magicks.

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