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File: 8df3bfb0738a1ee⋯.jpg (268.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, DarkSouls2.jpg)

c52ff0 No.15092732

I finally got around to playing the DS2 DLC. Is this a joke? Some people actually consider this content not only the highlight of the game, but the highlight of the whole series? I've gone through Sunken King and over half of Iron King and it's the same shit as the base game with slightly better level design. Same enemy spam with shit AI with no really memorable encounters. Elana just stands there getting shit on and then summons fucking Vendrick of all things, which isn't even hard to just avoid while finishing her off. Sinh is hardly a threat outside his odd charge hitbox. Fume at least put up a fight. Everything else has been pretty forgettable. Is Ivory King going to improve things at all?

Souls thread.

b5524b No.15092752

File: 4a39749750fc730⋯.jpg (405.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180701175623_1.jpg)

Can I be in this thread?

bef076 No.15092762


IMO Ivory > Sunken >>> Iron, I liked the aesthetic of Sunken and the Sinh fight but Iron was just a slog

5a9029 No.15092807

What's a good gimmick run for DaS3? Really burns my ass that all the neat weapons in Ringed City are locked behind the ENTIRE FUCKING GAME so starting with anything from there is right out of the question.


Iron was interesting at first but also a huge bullshit GOTCHA at the end if you make it to the Fume Knight and didn't pack four wedges to kill the heal stations. That and the big fuckers with lava armpits put it at the bottom of the DLC sorting order for me, even if it gave us Honorable Samurai Duel.

451e9e No.15092816

File: 917bafd89be5e50⋯.png (265.36 KB, 589x730, 589:730, 1396919398539.png)

I really want to like 2, but the way it handles and looks really puts me off from playing any further than a couple bosses.


>Ringed City are locked behind the ENTIRE FUCKING GAME

Can't you just immediately go to it after finishing AoA, which you can get to from the Chapel?

11ec44 No.15092844

File: 65e50d60e6880b3⋯.jpg (192.13 KB, 1280x823, 1280:823, 0cbdd928cb34034fc2e4422ec0….jpg)


Are you cute?

c52ff0 No.15092862

File: 58418995aa69074⋯.jpg (208.23 KB, 576x1016, 72:127, DS3 Peasant.jpg)


Sure doesn't look like a Souls game. You must be lost.


Go full peasant.


The wonky controls can get tiresome. I'm enjoying it more now that I have in the past, but it just never feels right. Even basic character movement is odd. There is this inherent unresponsiveness it seems to have.

071298 No.15092868


>The wonky controls can get tiresome.

There's a fix for it iirc. It makes it a lot more responsive.

9751f0 No.15092875

DS2's main problem, other than Blighttown v0.5, were the boring bosses. The fact that they had to recycle them didn't help.

Had a lot of fun being a Ratbro and upgrading my small deathmaze though.

Is Nioh actually worth playing? Will it let me relive the sense of wonder DS1 gave me?

5a9029 No.15092878


>Can't you just immediately go to it after finishing AoA, which you can get to from the Chapel?

Yes, but I would need to beat the DLC which sort of invalidates a lot of the fun of a crazy build.



Good idea, but my friend I'm cooping with is doing that already.

2216e9 No.15092881


>The wonky controls can get tiresome

>There's a fix [that] makes it a lot more responsive.

How do they even fuck stuff like this up?

5d1b6d No.15092897


no dragon's dogma posters

5d1b6d No.15092902


>cathedral->painting->ringed citu

not locked at the end at all

44790a No.15092905

File: 4d7d88ea9807431⋯.png (660.03 KB, 540x532, 135:133, Alva.png)

File: c2c96fc33c7d910⋯.jpg (122.33 KB, 600x676, 150:169, drakeblood-set-lg.jpg)

File: d2f4035f4644b5f⋯.jpg (90.75 KB, 594x1080, 11:20, a08bdbcf7c915947312183433c….jpg)

What are your favorite armor sets in the series?

5d1b6d No.15092908

File: baaa5de48c4aad4⋯.png (3.18 MB, 3000x2960, 75:74, ClipboardImage.png)

071298 No.15092933

File: aa9d5d70cfd0f80⋯.gif (50.8 KB, 192x224, 6:7, aa9d5d70cfd0f8015e88b5bd9a….gif)


>not locked at the end at all

What are you on about, scrub anon?

Cathedral is at 1/4 of the game, anon. AoA is pretty damn short. You can finish it in less than 30 minutes.

c52ff0 No.15092939

File: 843114c78378914⋯.jpg (31.78 KB, 300x455, 60:91, Male Fluted Set.jpg)

File: 65a35d3fc49877e⋯.png (502.17 KB, 361x632, 361:632, Black Iron.png)


>Is Nioh actually worth playing?


>Will it let me relive the sense of wonder DS1 gave me?

Probably not. Nioh is very different from Souls games.


Something about the Fluted set has always appealed to me. Black Iron is pretty cool too. I'm more likely to wear robes though, even as a pure melee.

071298 No.15092951


>Will it let me relive the sense of wonder DS1 gave me?

Nioh isn't a 3D metroidvania, so no.

fb62f5 No.15092955

File: 9e6bf9f4ec72880⋯.jpg (22.38 KB, 211x368, 211:368, Selen.jpg)

File: 615d4a45ea8b754⋯.jpg (546.6 KB, 1024x1600, 16:25, Yurt.jpg)

File: c0753fd6f02b56f⋯.png (131.36 KB, 371x450, 371:450, FemFluted.png)


I like the Valkyrie look Selen Vinland has. Yurt also has some kickass armor. Dark Souls doesn't have that many stand out armor sets to me.


I like the female Fluted version better

5d1b6d No.15093030

imagine this anon

maybe I was saying the content of ringed city, and bear with me on this,

isn't locked at the end at all

5d1b6d No.15093033


forgot to quote somehow


b5524b No.15093045

File: a9d1622c12a182b⋯.jpg (407.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180701214803_1.jpg)


>Sure doesn't look like a Souls game. You must be lost.

>gain experience/currency by killing enemies like a souls game

>spend it at a checkpoint like a souls game

>checkpoints reset enemies back to life like a souls game

>if you die you're sent back to the last checkpoint without your money like a souls game

>lock on like a souls game

This must be a souls game.


Not Dragon's Dogma

cd2c0c No.15093048

File: f799c9df44ad4cf⋯.jpg (50.85 KB, 479x799, 479:799, 98930cba7d2cf835752ab1f950….jpg)


> a huge bullshit GOTCHA at the end

There's a single wedge locked behind Alonne. The worst you could possibly do is get every single other Nashandra and then have to deal with a single heal station.


>Blighttown v0.5

>Not Valley of Defilement 3.0



Some top-tier taste right here.

5d1b6d No.15093051


no time travelling sekiro posters

a53906 No.15093052

File: 74b5913cfb214bc⋯.png (11.08 KB, 480x340, 24:17, 76-1-1399332379.png)



The character doesn't "move correctly" because the dead zones are all kinds of fucked up. You're not able to fine tune movements while moving in one direction - you just kind of snap to an almost 45 degree angle from where you're walking when you adjust. On the PC, this can be fixed with fucking around with the Xinput interpreters. But, it involves inserting a dll, so watch out for potential bans, etc etc. I've been playing with the fix for a while and never got banned, but YMMV. See https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls2/mods/76/

bef076 No.15093110

File: a4d8fdfe47ab19b⋯.mp4 (1.16 MB, 480x480, 1:1, poisoned.mp4)


Elite Knight




DS3 starter Knight

Slave Knight

9e0a9f No.15093151

Why are soulsfaggots incapable of discussing their games without incessant whining?

e01bb6 No.15093175

File: f9cbca120b24d6d⋯.jpg (46.47 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1361979644281.jpg)


>Lothric Knight set

Fucking hell this is probably one of the sexiest armor sets I've ever seen in a game

It's so simple yet it hits all the marks just right

a5e75d No.15093215


> DS3 starter Knight

My favorite set. It's just so straight.

Also bastard sword

4e280e No.15093259

File: 97d64c6816f18c2⋯.png (544.45 KB, 919x720, 919:720, The Dark Souls of Fat Fuck….png)


>Souls thread.

a5e75d No.15093270

File: 24877a641ece786⋯.jpg (139.74 KB, 893x616, 893:616, DTQ6PRDX4AI8UT9.jpg)

File: 65203b583fd208c⋯.jpg (127.65 KB, 917x604, 917:604, DTQ6PtCX0AAJcFW.jpg)

File: 92b547db32f21c1⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 650x485, 130:97, DTQ6losWkAERJDG.jpg)

How do you like to pvp in DS3?

I enjoyed the invading the catacombs. Also play a warrior of sunlight just after the pontiff is fun because you get to pvp with invaders (who are usually more fun to pvp with) and it's kinda different from usual invasions as you need to escort the embed through a lot of enemy players. It's also a rare possibility to pvp as a phantom without boring ganks.

It's also fun to have a playthrough with a dried finger. But on ps4 it's incredibly rare to have the invader if going alone, it's ridiculous. On PC I had instant invasions all the time with dried finger. That must be regional though.

e060b3 No.15093287

File: 5d1026d39b07734⋯.jpg (415.79 KB, 1994x1480, 997:740, dark souls 2 falconer.jpg)


>Is Nioh actually worth playing? Will it let me relive the sense of wonder DS1 gave me?

Nioh and Souls are only superficially similar. Nioh is more structured around missions in a fixed area, and is not one large interconnected world. Since I get a massive boner from exploring fucking everything and finding shortcuts and opening alternate paths, this was a bummer.

Nioh also has a much faster, fluid feel, which is not surprising considering it's a Team Ninja game. It doesn't feel much like a Souls game, even DaS3 or BB, and they're faster than a proper Souls game.


I love the Falcon armour set from 2. It has a nice Roman feel to it, especially with the silver eagle shield.

b0a16d No.15093297


People actually think the DLC for DS2 was the highlight of the game? The only good part was the Ivory King fight.


Baldurs from 1, Vengarl's from 2, and either Executioner's or Gundyr's set from 3.

5b6ac2 No.15093382

File: edf9a7a204d0e24⋯.jpg (782.33 KB, 1280x1769, 1280:1769, Dark_Souls_II_Design_Works….jpg)


>he fell for the "its the best DLC meme"

anon that was just shit people say to rustle jimmies.

27e37f No.15093439


>Is Nioh actually worth playing?

I was super hyped to finally pick it up during the sale after pirating it and trying it for an hour or so. It really exposed itself as a lootfest within the next couple of hours, however. I regret dropping cash for it now, despite it playing much smoother than any Souls game.

be6a11 No.15093719


No, you are the joke OP.

d942d7 No.15093759

Dark Souls 2 I enjoy a lot better than 3. 2 is the best game for PVP for actually making almost every weapon decently balanced and viable. The game also added tons of new armor sets and the dual wielding mechanic allowing you to dual wield any weapon together in the game made Dark Souls 2 have the best character build variety out of all of them. 3 did nothing all that special when compared to 2, it just gave you pretty much more more of Dark Souls 1 and by the time I got even halfway through the game I already tired myself of souls games. At least 2 tried to be different, that's why it's one of my favorites along with Demons Souls. Fight me.

1cee3e No.15093768


Honestly, that game would have been 10/10 if they wouldn’t have cut corners with the enemy variety.

c52ff0 No.15094408

File: e3b9e337a84899c⋯.jpg (38.04 KB, 324x649, 324:649, 3d343f1bb87ada2f3777d13bd8….jpg)


Interesting. I'll probably just finish off the DLC shit and drop the game again, but it is nice this got a fix.


>At least 2 tried to be different

Different isn't automatically good. Some of the additions they made were solid though. The dual wielding is nice, I've been doing that on this character quite a bit. The armor selection is nice at least for cosmetic purposes.


That shit is such a mess I can't take it seriously.

f5ec32 No.15094426

How do any of you niggers say any of the DLC in 2 is good? What am I missing here? The first one is poorly designed trash with horrible level design (the first boss that I managed to find in it was just three NPCs for fucks sake) and the others are just a fucking crawl.

5e6d73 No.15094437

There are only three good things about Dark Souls 2, the title "Scholar of the First Sin" is really good, Demon of Song is a cool design and King Vendrick being hollow is a neat idea (but was set up poorly)

d07a6d No.15094525

File: b882d09b53b0894⋯.jpg (121.05 KB, 736x1041, 736:1041, dark silver.jpg)

File: 84d5f0916b229c6⋯.jpg (190.5 KB, 358x686, 179:343, paladin.jpg)


These two are my favourite sets in the series, but my favourite armour combination is probably the Royal Swordsman helm + Alva torso in Dark Souls 2.

2077e2 No.15094547

>you can't cancel attack animations: the game

'I know gaming, because I played dark souls'

4c4aa9 No.15095961

File: 6b95b6cbe07f1d3⋯.png (200.16 KB, 358x263, 358:263, dead.png)


go into Nioh thinking its Dark Souls, see what happens

5d1b6d No.15096080


>committing to attacks is hard

348115 No.15096130


Nioh is only like Souls in the way that checkpoints/losing exp on death works. It's a far superior action game, in exchange for inferior enemy variety, atmosphere and lore.

5f8591 No.15096135



348115 No.15096189


I'm not a big lorefag, but it's a draw for many soulsfags. Nioh doesn't have much lore, since it's mostly going on history and mythology.

5366dd No.15096259


Hopefully Nioh 2 can step up with level design and enemy variety, as well as adding to the already great combat. If they can, then From Soft should just move onto something else.

e060b3 No.15096282


I agree with most of this. That and it stills feels like a Souls game instead of the BB halfbreed that was DaS3. And power-stancing and shit was fun. DaS3 was a step backwards in so many ways. I'd say DaS2 had the best feel (since it was actually designed to run on PC from the start) but it has (some of) the worst level design (tied with 3) and enemy variety.


That and Nioh is a loot-grind disguised as a Souls game. Random loot is just so fucking shit. That and three stances per weapon is too many IMO.

cd2c0c No.15096296


I did that! What happened was that I put all my points into survivability and got no reward for it.


>Random loot is just so fucking shit

1000x this. I kept finding neat combinations of weapons I could use that had synergistic effects and then not being allowed to use them because you have to keep trading your weapon up. Between that and the complete lack of enemy variety I just gave up halfway through.

f97ca5 No.15096624

Finally finished Dark Souls 3 the other day, including The Ringed City. Holy fucking shit did that fight with Gael piss me off. Not because it was too hard or anything. It was about the right difficulty, really, and pretty fun. But what the fuck, the final boss of Dark Souls is some random fucking hobo with a broken sword eating the throats of the last living humans and then ranting about muh painting, really?

c52ff0 No.15096648


>DaS3 was a step backwards in so many ways

Compared to the absolute mountain of bad design choices in 2, 3 was a giant leap forward in most ways.


Everything else story wise is pretty fucked off, so it doesn't seem that odd. He's a pretty great fight too. The location at least is fitting, a massive shitty decaying wasteland.

cd2c0c No.15096668


Gael is the single best decision (and one of the few good ones) in DS3. You're fighting a random fuckass using broken gear with no backstory for reasons that don't make sense in the ruins of civilization and it doesn't actually matter who wins because everything's fucked anyway.

That is the fucking Dark Souls boss singularity. You can't be more Dark Souls than that. It's literally the perfect end to a series about meandering pointless bullshit.

ec0a0c No.15096678

File: 8760c14ab7caa39⋯.jpg (572.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180703014614_1.jpg)

File: a7384ae71452ec2⋯.jpg (580.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180703014624_1.jpg)

Painted World is super fun for med-*ium lvl PvP builds, good action with no dedicated gank squads and the added benefit of also getting invaded since the boss is optional.

How does Hidden Body look to others when I invade as a red? On my side it doesn't seem to do much because of the red glow.

Also ambushing people from the cliff is great, I start precasting Dark Beads and move up to the ledge at the right time to shotgun them right in the face.

I wish more souls had this strong PvP magic.

ec0a0c No.15096712

File: 39c6321df9fd1fa⋯.jpg (604.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20171214161353_1.jpg)


>go into Nioh thinking its Dark Souls, see what happens

<Go into Dark Souls, put everything into intelligence and start 3 shotting bosses

<Go into Nioh, put everything into dexterity and just cheese the shit out of everything with infinite ninja stars

I dunno I've had pretty similar experiences.

f97ca5 No.15096718


It's the stuff about the painting that really gets me. Using the fucking DARK SOUL to paint a picture is the most retarded thing I'd ever heard of. The fact that this alone was motivation enough for Gael to survive the apocalypse and then drive the last of humanity into apparent extinction after they'd finally inherited the world, shitty ashen desert/ocean that it is, it's just fucking maddening.


It's like pottery.

43cbb1 No.15097242

File: bdf62877f5a2f43⋯.jpg (31.7 KB, 620x372, 5:3, [HEWMANATEE RESTORED].jpg)

So, knowing DS3 was modded and hacked, when do you guys think someone decides to make an enhanced version of the game, adding new stages, lore and high doses of fun autism?

619c3c No.15098519


Three Crowns Trilogy is not only the high point of Dark Souls 2, it is the high point of the series, on par with The Old Hunters. The atmosphere, the items, the level design, the enemies, the bosses (challenge bosses aside) are all great.


The Gutter was a good level, it enforces no turtling and uses the light/dark mechanic.


Xanthous Set

Lautrec's Set

Looking Glass Set

Drakeblood Set

Vendrick's Set

Mirrah Chain Set

Fallen Knight Set

Exile Armor Set


I doubt anything as big as that is possible. But maybe somebody can improve enemy placements/variety in shitty areas like Irrithyll Dungeon, Smouldering Lake, Catacombs of Carthus etc.

c52ff0 No.15098559


>the level design

It's certainly not bad

> the enemies

It's a lot of soldier type enemies, how is this any different from the other games? It's the same shit we've already seen up to that point.

>the bosses

They have all been pretty disappointing. The "challenge" ones are especially terrible too and shouldn't be ignored when discussing the quality of the content.

>the items

Some of the weapons are cool like the whip sword. A lot of it isn't super unique though.

619c3c No.15098680


>It's a lot of soldier type enemies, how is this any different from the other games? It's the same shit we've already seen up to that point.

That's your bread and butter. Hollow/Humanoid type enemies are fun to fight. Then you get the iron giants / retainers / sanctum knights etc. to spice it up. If every enemy had some gimmick then the few times they show up wouldn't be unique encounters.

The new enemies do force you to switch up your playstyle though. The iron giants spew lava from their sides so strafing around to their back is risky. Some of the eleum loyce soldiers have icicles on their backs preventing backstab fishing. The possessed armor have unpredictable movesets and can fly up in the air to snipe you across barriers. Really cool stuff.


Sinh is a good fight, reminds me of Kalameet. Elana sucks balls because it's a roll of the dice if she summons Velstadt or not. If you haven't finished all the DLC's yet though then you're in for a treat.

c52ff0 No.15103223

File: a507b15f4660151⋯.jpg (236.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sir Alonne.jpg)

Beat Sir Alonne. Decent fight, although not all that challenging. I like the design, he's probably my favorite from the first 2 DLCs. The area up to him is not so great though. It's just a few big rooms with reused enemies copy/pasted around. Pretty disappointing lead up to a cool boss.

4e2fd2 No.15103337

The whole series after Das1 is a joke.

6d952c No.15104023

Why does everyone keep saying that DS2 is terrible, it's the best game in the series.

a07c2e No.15104098

I can't stand any of the souls games. I've been backstabbed through a solid stone wall before and it broke my spirit.

a5cf48 No.15104120


>The whole series after Das1 is a joke.


21b9cb No.15104126

File: e8c1d96bdf13014⋯.gif (17.86 KB, 150x170, 15:17, e8c1d96bdf130145af4031e50b….gif)


> I've been backstabbed through a solid stone wall before and it broke my spirit.

When your such a nigger even bricks try and kill you.

c52ff0 No.15104350


Probably because it's all sorts of fucked up, from the core gameplay to the design of almost everything else. Still has some fun parts but it's a mess of a game.


During PVP? The lag is unbelievable sometimes. I've never seen that in PVE though.

6d952c No.15105224


All of it is fun though, and it's better than Dark souls.

38be73 No.15105412


At least try harder with the bait

9f8818 No.15105465


> it's a mess of a game.

So is DS3, but at least DS2 doesn't pretend to be bloodborne.

6d952c No.15105467


It's not bait it's fact

Dark Souls 1 was a cheesefest and the non linear world lead to boring encounters since they had to account for the player approaching from any direction.

Dark souls 2 on the other hand used play conditioning to teach players how to use crowd control. It has much better spell variety and it has the most bosses of any souls game.

dc04bd No.15105534




Iron > Sunken > Ivory

Ivory had the best levels as far as how they're built and feel, but some of the most bullshit packed in there, especially with the Ivory King fight and the motherfucking loyce soul grind. Iron didn't have as much unfair crap as Ivory did. Sunken was decent all the way through, but Iron left a stronger impression.

Of the three Dark Souls games I have to say DS2 feels the most balanced overall, even though I fucking hate how the levels are stitched together like some kind of Frankenstein's monster.


Rekindled edition for the first Dark Souls was made possible by lax hack detection and a loose EULA. They really tightened the screws down with the Remastered edition, so I doubt we'll even see a port of Rekindled to that, despite the many genius and simple QoL fixes introduced in the rekindled edition.

c52ff0 No.15105623


What does DS3 even take from BB other than increased enemy speed and boss phases? And why is that even a bad thing? What is even the argument here? The combat works well since you have great control over your character in DS3 and a lot of stamina to work with.


Go away Harris.

5366dd No.15105629


Crowd control and leashing so you don't get ganked. That's not even considering the Souls games are not made for multiple enemy encounters. Can't comment on the spells, haven't done a DS2 magic, pyro, hex or faith run, was going to do hexes but the copy I got was patched so they were nerfed anyway. Most bosses isn't saying much when a lot of them aren't all that good.

38be73 No.15105671


>Dark Souls 1 was a cheesefest and the non linear world lead to boring encounters since they had to account for the player approaching from any direction.

This is hardly a complaint and it sounds like you're stealing points from hbomber

>Dark souls 2 on the other hand used play conditioning to teach players how to use crowd control

No it just had enemy spams everywhere with shitty level design making the entire game a clusterfuck.

>It has much better spell variety

I agree

>and it has the most bosses of any souls game.

more bosses ≠ good bosses. DS2 had the laziest bosses in the entire series but I enjoyed the Fume Knight and a few others.

dc04bd No.15105678


>Souls games are not made for multiple enemy encounters

Don't forget to mention the non-existent enemy AI. And if you want to run a faith build, get a DS2 PC version that isn't patched and isn't SOTFS. Lightning souls is a thing to behold.

a3d19d No.15106116


Slave knight a cool

a3d19d No.15106158


you have to use the white ring along with hidden body to make yourself look like a character ghost and not be red

cd2c0c No.15107547


> Souls games are not made for multiple enemy encounters.

>He's too shit at videogames to know which of his weapons attacks hit wide and how to utilize those

9cbd8e No.15107572

i haven't played a souls game since dark souls. should i go for ds2 or ds3 first and is the game playable on kb+m?

071298 No.15107599


>DS1 was a cheesefest

Depends on what build you're playing, dumbass. DS2 is also a cheesefest if you play as a mage.

>DS1 non linear world = boring encounters

<Having more encounters = boring encounters

Retarded faggot.

>DS2 has much better spell variety

This I agree with.

>DS2 has the most bosses of any souls game.

Yeah, fuck you. Quantity =/= Quality. Almost all of the bosses are shit, and some of them are recycled garbage and/or normal enemy units.

c52ff0 No.15107667


3. kb+m is claimed to be fine by some, I always use a controller though.

9cbd8e No.15107746


what controller? i'm curious if the steam controller is decent if you're on pc and have used it that it is

fb62f5 No.15107778


I just use a 360 one. Hasn't failed me yet.

c52ff0 No.15108136


PS3 controller here. Not sure how the steam one is. I haven't heard of many people even using one of those for anything.

5d1b6d No.15108179


there is no white ring

c52ff0 No.15111826

>Finale of the last DLC is just a huge gangbang clusterfuck

Seems fitting for this game. Overall I'd say all three DLCs are pretty even in terms of their levels. As for bosses, Iron > Sunken > Ivory. That is based off the main bosses, all the optional ones aside from Alonne are pretty shit.

950534 No.15112199


My mistake, the ring's only in DaS2 and 3

91cd1e No.15113996


Dark Souls Remastered > Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Edition > Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition > Demon's Souls Remake (by bluepoint studios) > Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Edition

This is the objective Souls franchise ranking, anyone who disagrees is a clueless low IQ subhuman that hasn't spend enough time playing and replaying the Souls games.

dc04bd No.15114235


Your list but Dark Souls: Rekindled Edition > Remastered

f2a4d5 No.15114244

>and then summons fucking Vendrick of all thing

He doesn't understand the lore, lol

f2a4d5 No.15114248


>hat all the neat weapons in Ringed City are locked behind the ENTIRE FUCKING GAME

You can access Ariendel as soon as you reach Cathedral. You could conceivably get to the ringed city before you even defeat the abyss watchers

c52ff0 No.15115535


>doesn't even include Slashy Souls in the rankings

The only subhuman here is you, retard.


Could be tough to kill Freide at that point though.

cf8112 No.15115740

File: 92fc0caf949ef69⋯.webm (2.75 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DSP thinks he got away wi….webm)

Playing DaS2 Remaster for the first time as an Hexer. Got the Giant kinship & killed Vendick just because. Now I would like to do the DLC areas, And I progressed somewhat in the snowy one. But I dont know if either for difficulty, or for better experience, in what order should one do the DLC areas. Your thoughts?

79c611 No.15115790


>in what order should one do the DLC areas

Doesn't matter. DLC are better and somewhat harder.

>playing as hexer

Half of bosses are nigh immune for everything except for physical damage.

c52ff0 No.15115836


I played them in release order, so Sunken -> Old -> Ivory, and the difficulty seemed to increase a little in each of them so that is probably a good order. If you have a fairly well developed character though it won't make much difference. Maybe check for items/spells from each and see if there is something you'd want sooner.


Aside from Aava I'm not seeing anything about them having very high resistance, to dark anyway.

2a200c No.15116572

File: 21dea2fe7cef1eb⋯.png (20.33 KB, 213x265, 213:265, blade_of_the_darkmoon.png)

File: 40e6f33508687da⋯.png (30.66 KB, 213x265, 213:265, blue_sentinels.png)

What is the difference between Blades of the Darkmoon and Blue Sentinels in DSIII?

dc04bd No.15116726


Blue Sentinels is the f2p version of Blades. Blades is the one with all the covenant rewards; blue sentinels is just available much earlier.

5fec3e No.15117039


Fucking wrong


Blue sentinels give ears for killing any red phantoms, Darkmoon blades will double the reward for every phantom killed in the "Aldrich Faithful" covenant.

5fec3e No.15117086



I forgot that blue sentinels can only be summoned by Way of Blue followers, BoD will summon in to any red phantom invasion with a red eye orb; summoning in a mad/red phantom or being invaded by an auto invade covenant will do nothing

cf8112 No.15119120

In which Souls is archery more viable/powerfull? I want to be Gough, and impale people from far away, but I heard that DaS 1 wasnt good for archery, so what about the other 2 games?

970bf6 No.15119150

Is there any possible way, even through some kind of exploit, to start a fresh Bloodborne file while keeping all your weapons? It's terrible that the game gives you some of the most interesting ones in the DLC, ie. after you've essentially beaten the game.

c52ff0 No.15119159


Demons and DS1 are both good for archery. In Demons you can upgrade bows to be quite strong. DS1 has great bows although they are quite slow so that may not work out. The long/composite bows are good for bosses though. I've done archery runs in both without too much trouble. I haven't used bows much in 2 but they are useful as secondary weapons so you could probably make it work. I tried in 3 but it got annoying fast. The damage wasn't great and shit is so fast you don't get many opportunities to attack so I just gave up.


There are some ways to edits saves, although I've never looked into them much. It is possible somehow.

ebf53e No.15119672


DaS1 has the fog ring+hawk ring+Pharis bow combo, which lets you cheese most enemies from outside aggro range, which can be fun.

DaS2 bows are more tools than weapons, best for applying poison (which is very strong in DaS2)

DaS3 has some neat greatbows besides the Dragonslayer bow from DaS1, but that's more for PVP. In PVE you're going to get rushed by enemies pretty often so it's difficult to fight effectively.

Overall, I'd say DS1 for Bow PVE, and DS3 for Bow PVP (almost purely for obscuring ring + greatbow shenanigans).

2a36ce No.15120064


>Aside from Aava I'm not seeing anything about them having very high resistance, to dark anyway.

Its a combination of overall high resistances everywhere + HP bloat. Most things in the DLC have minimum 50% resistance to everything.

It's still doable but it's 2-5x faster if you just stab things. Almost all of the bosses rush you anyway so it's not like you can escape melee range and stay safe without learning to dodge/block, might as well have R1 dispensing quick attacks rather than slow as hell spells if both are doing roughly the same damage per hit.

2a200c No.15120578


Bushido Bill Goes to Japan.

5fec3e No.15120608


>what would happen if we made the balder set more complete and changed the helm


>what if the elite set looked cool

That's what I think with these two sets and I love them to bits.

7e7492 No.15122227

On my first DLC in DS2. Did the Iron Tower, only got through thanks to help. Stuck at the Blue Smelter demon, looks like I need to put dark pine resin on my weapon to do damage. The 2 phantoms are a good distraction but died halfway through, will try next day.

5fec3e No.15122499

Why the fuck did From think it would be a good idea to have about 5 shields in the game that can preform the weapon art of the weapon in your right hand? Why did they also think it wouldn't be a good idea to make the left hand weapons do swipes on the block button and weapon arts on the parry button? Why even use any shield other than the eagle kite shield when it is a decent shield that allows weapon arts? What the fuck

b6794e No.15123110

>Sinners Rise

>only bonfire has three ranged enemies right next to it

>top of the elevator has three ranged enemies in opposite corners

>bottom of elevator has three tough enemies, but they're the most reasonable of this level

>then a bunch of zombies that lunge and explode, possibly 1-hit killing you if you have low health pool

>then, as the final fuck you, there's a dormant exploding zombie hidden underwater who doesn't aggro when you enter his room, but does when you're using the gate switch and likely believe you cleared out the whole area

Is this what people mean when they say DSII has shit enemy placement?

235c3e No.15123266

fc181e No.15123500

Dark Souls 2 is such a bad game. It's got so many problems, but you can dismiss the entire game alone with soul memory and iframes tied to agility.

Why do people defend this shit?

c52ff0 No.15123724


>using weapon arts

There is your problem


Just get the Scholar version, there is only 1 archer next to the Sinner bonfire in that one :^)

It's more about the copy/pasting of enemies to add difficulty, which just makes the game more tedious. The enemies are still dumb as shit and usually not that hard on their own, but put 8 of them together all spamming attacks and you just end up with a massive ball of hitboxes swarming you, and the combat doesn't work as well with large groups like this. It's still playable, and it does make for more challenge, but it usually just seems like a lazy way to add difficulty.


>you can dismiss the entire game alone with soul memory and iframes tied to agility.

SM only affects multiplayer, so it's not as bad as many other issues (still not a great idea). The agility thing is pretty shit for all players though.

61d12f No.15123769

File: 87a96b7ef83cfdd⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 250.49 KB, 500x570, 50:57, 1465986752989.png)


Here comes the best DS3 girl

e6d3f6 No.15123785

File: cca416e8996b7e1⋯.png (129.9 KB, 500x728, 125:182, when-he-gives-you-the-pick….png)


Because it's not too bad when compared to RPG games as a whole, and looks nice. It mostly gets shit on because the widely acclaimed game that came right before it had already solved 90% of its problems, and it was overhyped at launch.

f97ca5 No.15123909

File: 150b44c94f82c19⋯.png (205.63 KB, 1063x752, 1063:752, dancer_of_the_boreal_valle….png)


>you will never fuck the beast right out of her, returning her mind to relative normalcy

>she will never hang out with you in Irithyll, holding you tightly with those absurdly long arms as you sit on her lap

>you will never marry her and then link the fire, allowing her to live on to raise your half-god children as the new rulers of the world

Why even live?


The second set of royal guards is actually pretty decent. The dragon-man mutants are awful, though, as are the exploding hollows. I've heard Scholar of the First Sin is actually worse in regards to that area, though. Something about replacing the dragon-man things with another Flexile Sentry.

6d952c No.15123927


It's not bad, it's the best game in the whole series.

The only people who hate it are the people who are bad at it and can't handle a truly difficult game.

c52ff0 No.15123995


>I've heard Scholar of the First Sin is actually worse in regards to that area

I don't think it is any better or worse. There is a Flextile down there at the start of the water area, which some could consider an easier fight than the old enemies that were there. Then you have the normal exploding cunts in the jail section. Some areas are certainly worse in Scholar, but the Sinner section I wouldn't say is one of them.

cf8112 No.15124009

File: b685865bb124b91⋯.webm (7.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, average_invasion_experien….webm)



Precisely, after having played vanilla (No DLC) DaS2 pirated version a long time ago, I have been playing DaS2 SotFS (I have just recently beaten Fume Knight, and I will go to kill the other boss in Iron Crown, plus doing the Ivory Crown DLC+finish the game), and im liking it somewhat more than DaS3.

It have its issues, but the game looks to me a better sequel than DaS3, even with its faults and screw ups. Problem with DaS3 its that its almost a rehash, but worse, of DaS1 with too many & retarded references to the first game (Anor Londo in Lothric, REALLY?), combat too fast and with mediocre magic, too much linear & simple world, weird plastic textures & graphics, and many of the areas doesnt feel as cool/memorable than DaS2.

Also, knowing how the devs screwed the game, it also show why DaS3 looks so imcomplete and too much safe ( For example, the game was supposed to have the Pontiff Sullivan as the true final boss of the game, both in game & in lore, and it would have shown/explained more about the Age of Deep stuff, but instead, it was dropped & cut from the game because reasons, and instead we got mediocre rehearsal of Gwyn boss battle; Also, you were supposed to fight Giant Yorhm as the tutorial boss too). DaS3 is more polished & more put together as a game, and many of its bosses are very good, but thats it. DaS2 was screwed a lot in development, and it suffers from it, perhaps more than DaS3, but in the end the game is better DaS game in my opinion.

2fc30c No.15124027

can't run the dork souls remastered because of some missing gpu thing

is there any way to improve the performance of the original port?

already set the dsfix resolution to 800x450 and disabled all the dof/aa shit, is there anything else i can do?

it's playable but the framerate is definitely sub 30

cf8112 No.15124543


What is your PC setup? It could help to know.

f97ca5 No.15124585


Oh, true. The Flexile Sentry is pretty easy to fight alone, due to how easy it is to bait him. I guess I'm just soured on the Souls series recycling bosses as basic enemies. I blame the Demon Ruins.


I don't generally mind how Dark Souls 3 turned out aside from the DLC, but Pontiff "Literally Behind Everything" Sulyvahn being relegated to the Irithyll/Anor Londo midboss was pretty lame. At the very least they could've done it like Dark Souls 2, with Nashandra dropping in on you after you beat the Throne Watcher and Defender.

bef076 No.15124732


IIRC Pontiff was originally the last boss, and Soul of Cinder was an optional boss in Untended Graves

cf8112 No.15125830

I have just finished DaS2 as an Hexer/Dex character, killing all the bosses except Lud and Zallen, the King's Pets. So if not now, i would do another playtrought of the game, so I like to hear any recommendation to what kind of build should I do next. Any suggestions?

2a200c No.15125892

File: df9427741ef1614⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Sekiro-Shadows-Die-Twice_2….jpg)

File: 9c9e810ee047d93⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Sekiro-Shadows-Die-Twice_2….jpg)

File: 182f14b7443b3d7⋯.jpg (2 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Sekiro-Shadows-Die-Twice_2….jpg)

File: 25b5288a68a6720⋯.jpg (2.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Sekiro-Shadows-Die-Twice_2….jpg)

File: 57c96877d8cf67a⋯.png (948.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fromkid.png)

Do you think The Souls Community will take to Nipborne?

cf8112 No.15125911


By being marketed as a Soulesque game, while being developed by FROM, even if it doesnt have Souls gameplay? 100% sure than yes, anon. Plebebian will alway fall for that shit. Besides there is the superior "japanese Souls" (game is only superficially similar to a Souls game after all), its called Nioh, and it will have a sequel too in the near future. Im interested in Sekiro too, but im not retarded to get hyped, and it will not be a Soul game.

65aff9 No.15125929


Nioh 2 sounds more like a souls game than this FROM's new game. Custom characters, hard as balls, multiplayer its gonna have the lot. FROM dropped the ball.

6f54ae No.15125953

File: 1f5c21f1f7e7ded⋯.jpg (34.56 KB, 393x382, 393:382, 1529624122238.jpg)



I'm sorry, i've seen many a company fallen from the corrupt hand of this filthy creature

I just cannot ignore this ancient evil, gonna have to wait and see instead of buying day 1

348115 No.15125967


>Sekiro will be an action game departure from Souls but still be more like Souls than Nioh

I wonder how much of Sekiro was in response to Nioh in the first place. A set, voiced protagonist is atypical of From games, isn't it? Clearly they've wanted to get the action game shit out of their system for a while, though.

dad215 No.15126023


I imagine that's because they're going to try to make the game more "cinematic" and "immersive" like nu-GoW. That's the feel I got from the E3 footage.

92a575 No.15126073


Don't forget the parrying dagger that blocks and parries instead of attacks and parries, making it just an objectively shit shield.


40 str 18 dex estoc and longsword powerstance. You get straightsword speed and swings on the estoc's reach.

2a200c No.15126079


I just wonder if it's going to be more a samurai game or a ninja game?

04b204 No.15126155

Number of owners according to steam leak.

DARK SOULS III 3,294,533

DARK SOULS: Prepare To Die Edition 3,289,250

DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin 1,453,157

DARK SOULS II 1,266,678


92a575 No.15126172




cf8112 No.15127840



Well, if you already have the original one, and there are still many people playing it, no need to get the remaster, which barely improves things even if considered a remaster (Good job, FROM, in making a lazy remaster), unless you havent got the original one before (Like me, so is excusable, and I expected the remaster to be good enought, but damn, it truly is lazy and barely worked on….)

I expect that number to grow thought, because of new people, and maybe some old user will want to get bigger & active online presence.

dc04bd No.15127861


They took the original off the marketplace so the remaster has a stranglehold on new players. Its a shame too because the original just started to get good mods, like the Rekindled edition.

2fc30c No.15127985


>They took the original off the marketplace

well that's gay

some of us can't even turn the remastered one on, unlike the original

04b204 No.15128027

File: 2b496652bed7dda⋯.png (13.03 KB, 239x211, 239:211, asdsssasdsadasd.png)


>Good job, FROM, in making a lazy remaster


Even with sales and all that bullshit they made 10kk$ by doing nothing. How does that make you feel?


Oh, right. I purchased original for a fucking 5cents. But now you cant do that. You have to spend 40$ for 10 years old game.

I dont even know which is worse, ds2 "remaster" or this.

cf8112 No.15128060

File: b248c8a4ec2a408⋯.jpg (37.5 KB, 225x350, 9:14, goto.jpg)


>I dont even know which is worse, ds2 "remaster" or this.

SotFS added some new stuff, and fixed some issues, altought It did some screw up with enemy placement. But the remaster of the first game its just barely upgraded graphics, while it gave a shitty online connection between players by the weapon you wear; And no new content, plus Bed of Chaos is still as shit as before, with no change at all. You tell me which one is worse.

dc04bd No.15128072


SotFS is also the "deluxe edition" you would have held out on getting DS2 for so if you were waiting to get a good deal on DS2 then SotFS was that. If you were impatient and got DS2 you also got a discount on getting SotFS. In my case, I pirated DS2 for the unpatched memes and I got SotFS on sale.

87c74c No.15128078

Anyone have images/guides/recommendations for fun builds for Dark Souls 1? First time playing these games, I started off playing as a typical knight with a longsword + shield combo mostly blocking though the game on a STR build. On NG+ I felt I might have cheesed the game by just blocking through most things so I went with two-handing a zweihander and dodging through everything, and then on NG+2 I still felt I might have cheesed because of poise so I went with the gold and silver tracer combo and Ciaran's armor even though my character's stats were nearly all in STR bleed and poison are a hell of a combo. Now I don't know what kind of build and fashion armor to do in NG+3.

dc04bd No.15128088


Try greatbows.

04b204 No.15128108


>But the remaster of the first game its just barely upgraded graphics…

But its still ds1 and not fucking ds2. Remaster for ds2 was improvement, but it was released only a year(?) later original release. It costed less. But its still was fucked up in many places. Even if you had "complete edition" you still have to pay for "more complete edition". I dont fucking know, fuck these jews.

9cbd8e No.15128263

File: bf1c436176d77ed⋯.png (36.36 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Mace_(DSIII).png)

imagine my disappointment when i found out the chaos blade is trash in ds3. hiltless and chaos blade from ds1 were my favorite weapons, but it's worthless in ds3 for the penalty. seems like they nerfed bleed awhile ago unfortunately. anyway, i want to start a new character so does anyone have thoughts on this weapon? i've read that it's maybe underrated and am planning on doing a raw/buff build on it with miracles

b487f9 No.15128271

File: 26a17b4e8b4d70c⋯.png (96.52 KB, 463x522, 463:522, disgusted anime girl.png)

Is there anyway to make Dark Souls 2 into a good game?

cf8112 No.15128282


DaS2 is a good game, stop with the meme already.

04b204 No.15128283


And I am pretty sure that chaos blade is a straight sword and all straight swords are good. What do we think about generic mace? Well, its a mace.


Just play a game of pretend. You can also play with light and effects setting, turning game into black and white game. Also running game at 30 fps may fix a couple of issues, but roll animation is still unrelated to iframes and I am not sure if it works in sofs

ac608d No.15128286


I like the mace a lot and used it for pretty much the whole game for PvE. I never extensively tried it in PvP, though. Against other players I felt more comfortable using the Partizan, Thrall Axe and Vordt's hammer.

66bb61 No.15128290

File: 831f9246b57cd7c⋯.png (263.53 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 0fde429d65a1bbb16d06c81c67….png)

I only came into this thread to call the retard who said DS2 was a good game a cockmongling retard.

Not even offering a (you). You doubtlessly live on welfare as you are too stupid to breathe unassisted.

a0a6c1 No.15128294


Can't say for sure with DS3 Mace, it was a beast in DS2. I do know, however, that the Great Mace infused with Heavy combined with 50+ strength destroys everything. Two hits and they are stunlocked, if they live that long. It does something like base 709 damage at those stats and fully upgraded. Insanely fun making everything my bitch with that weapon.

Try it, probably will be a good weapon.

dc04bd No.15128295



(you)s for everyone.

b487f9 No.15128306

File: ccb1d779403a80e⋯.png (225.71 KB, 811x549, 811:549, 1464291001838.png)

cab293 No.15128753


SL1, no pyros

cf8112 No.15129025


Go for either a magical build if want to be powerfull, or a Dex build. Also could try >>15119672

2a200c No.15129185


>imagine my disappointment when i found out the chaos blade is trash in ds3

What's wrong with it?

d96488 No.15129599



Even if DaS2 were in an objective way the worst Souls game, it is still a good game, at least a 7 or 8 out of 10. I don't know what is your problem with the game to bash it that much.

ac8d69 No.15129891


They're butthurt they couldn't git gud.

cf8112 No.15130403

So are there any alternative of Dark Souls lore videos to Vaatividya? Im curious.

04b204 No.15131077


Yes, I seen some good videos with research and references. It was more about what dark souls is based on, like japs religion and all that crap. And I really cant recall names or any other way to find them.

cf8112 No.15132880


Any examples/links?

2a200c No.15134860

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I like the guy that datamines the Souls games and shows the cut content.

cda59d No.15134881

>Its the year 2018. Six years have passed since the first game appeared on PC.

>the other two games alsowere released on PC too.

>games are popular, and sold plenty on the platform.

<It is only with the Remaster of the first game in this year when they bothered to put keyboard+mouse buttons in the game, instead of Xbox ones.

<The other two games haven't been patched to put it yet.


cf8112 No.15135144

File: 1f603db8aff5f5f⋯.jpg (128.26 KB, 1280x553, 1280:553, 136728201.jpg)


FROM/Bandai must really love to always cut content, and to not release it later as a DLC/update. What the hell is wrong with them? In these times in which DLC are a good way to earn money, they could release, besides the existing DLC for the Souls games, any cut content, or ideas left during development. But no! looks like they really get money or something…

2fc30c No.15137315

how do you beat the fucking gargoyles

the moment the second one shows up i'm pretty much dead, either because i can't escape two fires or because the lock-on spazzes out

598385 No.15137326

File: b6e60383c34bddf⋯.jpg (98.29 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, smug (3199).jpg)


>struggling with gargoyles

You're in for a ride, youngfag.

cf8112 No.15137504


Maybe is a little hard the first time, but it can be done alone. In any case, when in help, summon any companions available. What is your character/weapons?

2fc30c No.15137523


the default one, currently using a halberd since i like the damage

cf8112 No.15137569


>the default one

And that class is…?

cd2c0c No.15137589


The same way you make every boss a cakewalk in that game: increase your DPS.

3101ce No.15137628


I tried playing Dark souls 1 like it's a good game and got the whip on my first and last playthrough.

Fun for about an hour, then you'll feel like shit the entire way through till you just capitulate and grab a falchion.

fb62f5 No.15137736


I'm assuming he means Warrior. The one that starts with a shit set up and the OP longsword. Warrior has med roll with only 5 fucking poise because of the helmet. He'd have been better off choosing knight assuming he went with what the game assigned him on character creation.

f7b472 No.15137755


it all comes back to demon's souls, and the despair.

>you fool, don't you understand? no one wishes to go on.

cda59d No.15138182


*they really HATE to get money…

f6d6cc No.15138239


locking on makes many bosses harder than they should be, learn to alternate

cf8112 No.15139245

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

I found this video about how DaS2 inst as bad as retards say. Now, this guy goes more about comparing DaS2 to one, instead to do it with DaS3, and I find some of its points not good, or misinterpreted. Still have some good points tought. Would be nice if anyone post any other better videos similar.

c52ff0 No.15139319


That video is terrible. It's so terrible someone made a 9 part video response to it dissecting just how terrible it is and how full of shit hbomberguy is, and how fucked up DS2 is as a game.

bfa8f9 No.15140167

Does anyone have image dumps of the item images in Dark Souls 2 and 3? I need them for something stupid and retarded.

2a200c No.15140353

File: a59c6d6acd4d0a4⋯.png (156.56 KB, 283x317, 283:317, NIOH.png)


That was the biggest shock for me as someone who came into these kind of games via Nioh. In Nioh you pretty much want to keep locked on to your opponents as long as you are attacking them. Even Ogress.

8983b6 No.15140369


>It's so terrible someone made a 9 part video response to it dissecting just how terrible it is and how full of shit hbomberguy is, and how fucked up DS2 is as a game.

what are those videos called? Doubt I can sit through 9 parts but i'm curious

2a200c No.15140403


>Doubt I can sit through 9 parts but i'm curious

I sat through an 8 hour through dissection of why The Last Jedi is complete shit. I'm sure you can manage.

84243b No.15140456


The Last Jedi was good just because it triggered rightysoys

8983b6 No.15140483


>I like shitty thing because it made people I don't like upset

don't be a retard


so what are the videos regarding DaS2 called i'll give em a whirl

c52ff0 No.15140594


RE: "In Defense of Dark Souls 2" - A Measured Response

3726ee No.15140640

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Without soul memory, DS2 would be one of the better games. Arguably, it had the better PvP mainly because of how hit detection was registered in the netcode compared to the other games. Soul memory is what killed 2 because buying consumable items ends up increasing your matchmaking level, without leveling you or your gear up.


I'm currently doing a smough run. Had a friend mule some of my souls and equipment over so from high wall I had the gear and levels to fatroll in that mess and be able to 2 hand the hammer. Currently working my way through areas so I can get to my current level range. I make it a point to devour all human enemies with the dark hand.


Alva for sure, and also the sunset set. In 1 I like Artorias' set, and sunset is a winner.

8983b6 No.15140645


thanks, boss

3c1afe No.15140646


Fuck off back to /tv/

6cc3e7 No.15142172

In Dark Souls 1 im playing now as a cleric using faith and a mace, and will go to great maces if possible. Should I infuse with divine, or should I wait to infuse with lightning?

c52ff0 No.15142213


You're probably better off sticking with pure physical on your weapons, and using a weapon buff for extra damage on bosses. Having a secondary divine weapon can be useful for the catacombs/Nito, but outside of that the split damage isn't always that great. Lightning infusion also doesn't scale with any stats, so it's better for low level characters or ones without decent strength/dex/int/faith.

2fc30c No.15142214

File: ddcaf245b213bea⋯.jpg (362.01 KB, 720x720, 1:1, ddcaf245b213beaceefd5e2d46….jpg)


well i finally beat them with halberd

tried longsword and shield but i was doing fuckall damage there and just died to the fire over time

tried switching between halberd+shield and halberd to survive the fire but it was too gimmicky to work

in the end i just got lucky enough to avoid the fire long enough and managed with the halberd

should i give up now? i hear blighttown is impossible compared to this

cf8112 No.15142226


Dont give up. If you are struggling, you could grind some to upgrade your weapons, or get better equipment, or level up some needed stats.

3726ee No.15142318


Blighttown was only allegedly difficult because it lagged like a son of a gun. I never had any problems with it, though. Just take that area more slowly and more carefully than other areas and you will be fine.

9cbd8e No.15143984

beat ds3. game is garbage anti fun artificial difficulty bullshit. ds1 was the master piece. i have no idea what the fuck this garbage game was supposed to be, but it's not dark souls. it's too fast paced and limits the viability of play styles. the faster pace doesn't make it more difficult, only more annoying

c52ff0 No.15144275


>game is garbage anti fun artificial difficulty bullshit.

What is artificial difficulty about it?

>ds1 was the master piece.

Hardly. It's one of my favorite games, but it is far from a masterpiece. Some areas like Lost Izalith are absolute shit. It has it's own bullshit like poor hitboxes on some enemies and Ornstein just fucking glitching out with their animations sometimes.

>it's too fast paced and limits the viability of play styles.

It's not the speed, it's that they didn't make a variety of playstyles suited to it. If poise and defense were useful you could be a tank like in DS1, but everything aside from dex and pyro is kinda shit in the game. This is a fair point, quite unfortunate too.

>the faster pace doesn't make it more difficult, only more annoying

It does make it more difficult though. You have to react to shit faster, learn more boss moves, these are skills you develop to take the game on. They fail in some design decisions, but I do think they made the game harder than the previous games in many reasonable ways.

cf8112 No.15144287


Thats too much bashing for the game. Game was still good enought, but yes, regardless of what many say, DaS3 is a downgrade in many aspects compared to the other two games. DaS2 is even better sequel than 3. Many of the bosses of the third game are awesome & memorable, but even said bosses are always the same 2-3 phases bosses, because it worked for Ornstein & Smought in the first game, amirite?

cd2c0c No.15144358

File: c7d2cb20fbaf132⋯.png (30.06 KB, 904x624, 113:78, ds3 is shit.png)

9cbd8e No.15144647


the faster pace added to the problem of input queuing and i consider that to be artificial difficultly since it got me killed more times than anything else. it's just bullshit unnecessary mechanics and further reduces the viability of a lot of weapons

cf8112 No.15144654


That image is 120% spot on.

3726ee No.15144834


I play it with friends

5fec3e No.15146021



>DaS3 is shit

agreed, the lore and boss placement as well as general enemy placement was not fun to deal with. The game itself is actually very fun with how much dumb shit you can do solo or with friends. Running around at low levels with a heavy weapon to trash shit just so you can get all the equipment you want and then respec to the way you want to play for NG+ and onward is the true fun of the game. It is certainly the easiest, but it has the most polish on it, and while I can go back do Dark Souls if I want to experience armor and poise as it should be, I can also appreciate the fast-paced action that DS3 allows.

Ur opinion a shit.

6cc3e7 No.15147911


>DaS is shit. I agree

<your opinion a shit

Make yourself clear. Just say that the game is still good but flawed or that isn't that shit, if that was what were saying.

3726ee No.15147941


I think that just like the second half of DaS1, 3 was rushed. For example Sulyvahn originally being the final boss etc. etc.

5fec3e No.15147998


DaS3 is shit, but that doesn't make it not fun.

cf8112 No.15149381


Yes, you can have fun to even shitty games, but that doesnt make them good or OK. DaS3 is not really bad, and its an above average game in my opinion, so its not that bad, true but it is worse than the other Souls games.

5fec3e No.15151010


>that doesn't make them good

I know, that's what I said.

>DaS3 is shit

>but it's still fun


Also someone try to tell me that VIT+STR is not the best build every year, please

9cbd8e No.15152518

how is sl99 pvp in ds3 on pc? i want to fight gank squads

f97ca5 No.15152563


SL99 overlaps with the SL120 meta, which means you will be fighting metafags and fight clubbers. I would say stick to the SL 30-50 range and invade as a Mound Maker if you really want to fight gank squads. No reason not to twink out, either.


While digging around I found out that a statue of Prince Lothric early in the game has the goddamn Profaned Greatsword and Sulyvahn's bangles on. The leading theory on that shit is somehow that Sulyvahn has a secret past in the kingdom of Lothric that is never once mentioned in game.

I think it's far more likely that Sully was originally going to be the Prince of Lothric himself. Which would've made sense, since the final stretch of the game is the climb to the top of Lothric Castle and fighting him either there or in the Kiln. Maybe they would've had a False King Allant setup, or something.

e9169b No.15152629


>I kept finding neat combinations of weapons I could use that had synergistic effects and then not being allowed to use them because you have to keep trading your weapon up.

Did you try, you know, soul matching the equipment to a higher level?

cd2c0c No.15153483


I was flat broke after doing that a few times.

dc04bd No.15153513



Soul matching calculates cost by the items original level and the new level it is going to, not the level of the item as it currently is if it was soul matched previously.

cf8112 No.15158349

File: 7ebf6aeae1f4f67⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, DaS2 friendly co-op player.jpg)

Hello. Are you in dire need? Let me help you, anon! You can trust me :)

I wasnt stupid the first time I played the game, so I distruted him, and I dodged his backstab at the last moment when I opened the chest near him. Did you were as lucky as me or not?

b6328d No.15158363


That's the same NPC who invades you in the Old Iron King DLC, isn't it? I summoned him just to try and kill him.

c977d0 No.15158460


Soul matching is best used to inherit abilities or to increase the "+ level" of your equipment.


There's also a couple of items that can be used to reset soul matching costs for an piece of equipment.

cf8112 No.15163618


>40 str 18 dex estoc and longsword powerstance. You get straightsword speed and swings on the estoc's reach.

Just started my second playthrought of DaS2, and Im doing this in mind, going for a full melee build, just killed the Last Giant, and the power stance of the Longsword+Estoc is good. Now, Im doing it with my Estoc being in the right hand, to have a basic trusting attack. It is good, or should I do the inverse? Any other advise I should know if going with this build?

81af6b No.15163866

Talking about power stances in Dark Souls 2. Is there any tier list to which PS sets are the most overpowered in the game? I have been watchind This is How you DONT plays videos of DSP playtrhought of DaS2 remaster, and because the gout pig always was handholded by the chat, he used OP build like PS with rapiers, then with double maces, and at last with double Zeinhanders. In my playthroughts I rrmnber using the rapiers PS, so I had my fun, but then, don't know if that was a cheese build.

cf8112 No.15166105


Now I remember that the one in Iron king looked similar, and I looked, and yeah, its the same guy.

093fb4 No.15167339


>Placing Dark Souls 3 over Demon Souls and Dark Souls 2.

Its shit

cf8112 No.15168770



Overall I list the DLC as: Ivory>>Iron>Sunken. Ivory design, enemies, and style is amazing, and the Bosses are cool (Ivory king was the shit, and the invisible tiger at the beginning was interesing). Frigid Outskirts was a pain in the ass, but it was interesting, and looked nice, for being a slogish way-to-the-boss area (Compared that to Sir Alonne & the Smelter Demon…). Iron King DLC, as some have said, is an amazing area with a giant tower in the middle of a barren ashen area, and the bosses were good, with also interesting enemies, like Giants that prevent you to sidestep them with lava. But its also an are full of too much difficulties, and enemies like the giants, plus the hard hitting enemies, plus the ashen idols/traps, plus the bullshit way-to-boss levels as I mentioned before makes the area somewhat slow to pass; Its good, but the DLC was somewhat a slog, to be honest. Sunken was nice, good design, with platforming, hard at the beginning when you dont know nothing, but once you know, it becomes somewhat easy (Then again, enemies in that DLC had a lot of poise). Sihn boss was good, and the Elana, Squalid Queen boss fight was good enought. Just my two cents about the DLC

c52ff0 No.15169097


>complimenting the Frigid Outskirts in any way

You may be the first person ever to say something positive about that pile of shit. You may want to get your head examined by a doctor.

cf8112 No.15170915


It was a bullshit area, and I didnt enjoyed much, but compare that to the boring & bullshit shit in the way to the smelter demon in Iron King. But its true that the area is just "Lets fuck up with the player because Dark Souls must be difficult just because, amirite?". Im just barely complimenting the Frigid Outskirts, because at least scenery & enemies were good, and it was a challenge to the player to pass.

c8b025 No.15172121

I heard that poison is really powerfull in Dark Souls 2. So should I infuse my great sword with a poison stone?

dc04bd No.15172167


Infusing is a meme, just go straight raw and apply elements/status as necesarry. Lightning is OP in the base game because so few enemies resist it and many are weak to it, but they nerfed lighting miracles hard and made enemies in the DLC areas more resistant to lightning. With focus mechanics in DS3, is making a lighting miracle build viable?

fb62f5 No.15172333

File: 16a5c2aaf02ade9⋯.jpg (128.41 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Mephs.jpg)



>Miracle builds

9cbd8e No.15172349


that lightning arrow miracle is nice and the sunlight talisman weapon art allows you to actually poise through your sunlight spears. i've also been messing around with life regen build which seems nice. i've been able to reach ~25 health regen a second and combined with lloyd's shield ring you have a neat little paladin tank

the biggest issue with miracles in ds3 is that the progression sucks. there's only a few offensive miracles and most are obtained at the end of the game

3c1afe No.15172358


He was one of the few things I liked about DLC. An NPC invader that uses real invader tactics. He was great.

He got me the first time I saw him in Iron King DLC, he ran his ass down the stairs after I got him under half health and the enemies killed me. When I saw him in Ivory King I wasn't gonna play any games, backstabbed him right away.

fb62f5 No.15172377


Damage for miracle builds sucks ass for both the miracles themselves and the damage you do. If you even want a chance at making a faith based weapon, you have to go through 90% of the game until you get a weapon with innate lightning damage. If you want a damaging miracle that doesn't shit the bed then you once again have to go through 90% of the game until you get them. It's ridiculous. In Demon's Souls you could immediately start the game with the OP plz nerf Temple Knight and then bum rush world 2 or 5 for a Mirdan Hammer and bless that shit until you do 150 magical and physical damage with scaling per hit. In Dark Souls you could take the master key and leg it to the Astora Straight Sword and be set up until Ornstein and Smough. In 3, you have to get your faith up to fucking 60 and complete a majority of the game before you start doing anything even remotely close to what you could accomplish in 30 minutes in DeS and DaS. Wrath of the Gods is also a shell of its former self because every one can now roll spam through it with the great idea of infinite i-frames you get for as long as you have stamina and the fact that enemies can close in on you faster than you can say "God Damnit!"

9cbd8e No.15172416


yeah, for the lack of damage the fp costs are ridiculous too. after messing around with the demon's scar it made me think how badly miracles needed a similar weapon

c507b4 No.15173508


If you're relying on the leo ring, estoc-dominant power stance is the way to go. Otherwise, the other way around is generally better owing to the width of attacks.

Make sure to make full use of all movesets, too. Some things are best handled by twohanding a longsword, and sometimes you want to simple dual wield so you can chain attacks between each weapon.


Fuck no. Poison's best on lighter, faster weapons, or with weapons that already are innately poisonous. The best thing you could do would get a few attunement slots and a few casts of toxic mist.

c52ff0 No.15173527


Poison is really useful for some enemies that are shitty to fight, like the giants. You can just buy a bunch of poison throwing knives though. Throwing knives are very nice to have around.

9ee055 No.15174931

File: 0683bae025ad436⋯.png (680.39 KB, 750x645, 50:43, 1435031577907.png)

File: fba9fe1237fa336⋯.jpg (318.13 KB, 400x780, 20:39, Alonne Captain Set.jpg)


I like my big metal armour. Especially when it looks good in firelight like brass or gold.

9ee055 No.15174953


Ivory King is my favourite boss fight in the series, not because of the single guy, though he is rad and he has a huge build up lore-wise, but it's the biggest fight in the whole series numerically. You have you, four Eleum Lloyce Knights, and two summons dropping down into the last embers of the Bed of Chaos, against waves of enemies until you fight through to the final guy. It feels like an actual battle, rather than every other attempt at making fights with lots of dudes where it's just you, maybe one or two guys, wading into a room full of guys sitting in a mosh pit, and wading in with big swings until they all die.

c0c815 No.15178245


>doesnt look like a souls like

it definitely looks like an ocarina of time like, and guess which game dark souls is based off of?

6aa5c7 No.15178285

File: 38ebe4004db8285⋯.jpg (306.79 KB, 1504x1328, 94:83, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_yu….jpg)




shit i know this one




f77b63 No.15178335

File: 07c7920fc528932⋯.png (223.12 KB, 590x335, 118:67, 07c7920fc52893275ed5139463….png)



Look faggots the only reason Souls is not called King's Field is because fucking retarded Fromsoft keeps selling the name of their RPG series to what ever faggot is publishing it at the time. So they have to keep ID hopping. Souls is not based on King's Field it fucking is King's Field. But none of us played the early games we all just claim we did.

bb07e8 No.15178358


Literally no one considers the DaS2 DLC to be good, blow it out your ass. At worst, they'll say that the zones are much better than the base game (aka prettier), or that the Iron King's bosses are the highlights of the entire game (Fume Knight and Alonne).

146cd2 No.15178380


you werent really missing out much. kings field was a slog through ass deep mud.

2a36ce No.15178949


>Fume Knight and Alonne

But they are the same recycled melee boss that the game already pulled 10x over.

cbc979 No.15178987

>four kings



b320f4 No.15179215


Pretty much the entirety of Artorias of the Abyss was cut content from DaS1, and DaS1 and Bloodborne have a lot of cut content from DeS. Some of DaS3 was cut from 1, and as far as I'm aware 2 doesn't relate to any of this.

cd2c0c No.15179330


It's between 1 and 10 kings, but there's only ever 4 at once. How many did you get?


2 has cut content that is from DS1, like the mask of the father, but it doesn't have content that was cut from DS1.

5fec3e No.15179853


>das had exactly as much production time as it needed

>turned out the worst of all

cbc979 No.15180744

File: 0103317f86f5dde⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 480x339, 160:113, giphy.gif)


>How many did you get?

Something like eight or ten. I hate bosses like this. Orni and Smough also was two on one, but that was good action fight, meanwhile bossfight with the kings looks like gif related.

b320f4 No.15181038


It was rushed to hell, on top of the AotA stuff being cut the second half of the game in general was quite rushed, with the most obvious example being the entirety of demon ruins / lost izalith, which they had the opportunity to address in the remaster yet failed to. And DaS1 is the best anyways

c52ff0 No.15182205

File: f1a80ae2a8545ae⋯.png (140.56 KB, 300x650, 6:13, 1407496285481.png)


Are you fighting them super early or something? You should only have to fight ~4 total and one at a time unless you are doing pitiful damage.

a0a6c1 No.15182480

Anyone else get really bored when doing NG+ in these games? I love going through, taking my time but as soon as I hit NG+ the fun decreases rapidly. I just finished a NG+ run in DS1 as a sorcerer, dropped it at NG+2 because the boredom finally caught up to me.

c52ff0 No.15182559


I usually don't do NG+ more than a few times for each game. For me a lot of the fun is making the character, so once that is done and I've killed everything I want, I don't have much reason to continue. I do appreciate that they have the infinite NG+ system though.

64c653 No.15183115


Same here. Did a NG+ as sorcerer and that was it.

b6328d No.15183141


Hell, if your weapon is upgraded enough, you only have to fight ONE. The kings all share the same life bar and you can damage the first king while he's despawning, so you can theoretically just keep whacking away as he's disappearing and wipe out the entire health bar in one go.

eaf102 No.15183146


>get to gwynn

>I already defeated him once on another char

>beating him means I have to do all the bonfires again if I want to pvp or co-op anywhere I want

>dont even fight him, call that character complete and make a new build

fb62f5 No.15183174


I've seen it. Do the most broken build which is Dark Bead, Staff of Izalith with 99 Int, bellowing crest ring, power within and Crown of Dusk then pop it off as soon as you see the bastard and there you have it. One Kings defeated in less than 30 seconds.

cd2c0c No.15183251


> Staff of Izalith



bro are you high

fb62f5 No.15183369


Where we're going, we don't need RTSR. Staff of Izalith has a slightly higher scaling than Manus' Staff at 99 int

c51e6c No.15183385


> Is Ivory King going to improve things at all?

I thought it was the best of the dlc, best for exploration and planning strategy. I liked the game and the dlc just fine but I played the Sotfs edition before getting the original to see the difference. I an understand now why the original version is criticized, but it's still better than most games.

cd2c0c No.15183398


Not as high as the tin banishment catalyst at 40 dex 40 int, which both still lose out to the tin crystal catalyst.

fb62f5 No.15183431


Point is, when you do so much damage you can kill every boss up to NG+5 in one shot, it doesn't really matter.

9cbd8e No.15184307

is there any way to prevent myself from playing with lagchinks? it's rather bullshit how if i disable cross region play people still get to play against me in ching chong land

c52ff0 No.15185444


Multiplayer is a laggy abortion in every game. Either accept it or don't play online.

e2cbb9 No.15185479


>disable cross region play

Dark souls have 2 regions, Japan and The rest.

5fec3e No.15186176


NG+ is really geared for making a character throughout the NG experience and then starting NG+ as the badass version of your character that has seen the shit and made it back; NG+ is really the sequel game playthrough where you start with the equipment from the first game and then go through getting stronger.

6abf73 No.15190251


Funnily enough, King Allant was completely full of shit and dead wrong.

81406f No.15190322


>Complaining about the Nioh lore

It was pretty straightforward to give a goal in the game. Reminded me of the golden times of gaming, where the big baddy did something to you and you had to chase him down and beat up his minions.

I liked how every boss and enemy still has some connection to japanese lore or history. That was fun as shit reading up on. I don't get the criticism for it.

c52ff0 No.15203064


How? There aren't a lot of cheery, hopeful people in any of the games. Shit is pretty vacant and bleak.

5b6ac2 No.15203091

I can't believe this three weak old thread is still alive.

fb62f5 No.15203105


In Demon's, before the scourge of the Old One, the people were prosperous and as happy as any man can be. The Soul Arts provided an abundance of food, leisure and with the faith of the clerics, miracles could heal any condition besides those deemed "irreparable" such as the plague and lepers which is where all those faggots in the Valley of Defilement come from. I wouldn't be too chipper either if my very comfy life under a benevolent king was stripped from me and everyone I knew and loved was either a soulless husk or dead, never to be seen again even in the afterlife.

2102a5 No.15203109


It's just boring.

5d1b6d No.15203138


what should it have been then? something FF tier?

c52ff0 No.15204588


Well yeah, that was before shit hit the fan. I thought he would be referring to the current state of the world with his statements.

cf8112 No.15204596

Im playing DaS3 trying to make a fast dex build using curved swords (Maybe going to great curved swords), and interesed in having pyromancy as support. Any advise to stats/equipment?

bff6d4 No.15204621

Souls was awesome the first time you play it

Then every sequel was the exact same shit. Nothing improved and things got less deep.

It's a slap in the face to think I'd want to play exactly the same game 5 times in a row of releases.

cf8112 No.15204799

File: e5da62c7b8d1738⋯.jpg (65.95 KB, 552x716, 138:179, sanic roadkill.jpg)


You are right in part. Problem with Souls games is that the sequels are really mediocre/flawed. Both Demon Souls & Dark Souls were excellent games, and it would simple tfor FROM to make sequels that at least werent dissapointing, right? if not surpassing them, at least to make the sequels worthy enought.

But instead, FROM and Bandai made a clusterfuck of a game with DaS2, that although made good things (And some of the bad were just badly executed), the game had many fatal flaws, that werent fixed later, even in the "remaster". But at least DaS2 added new stuff, and felt like a sequel; Now compare that to DaS3, that its just DaS1.25: We want the Bloodborne audience. Just look at >>15144358

The developers just had one job when dealing with the sequels, and they fucked it up.

2b3209 No.15204878


I actually wouldn't say Fromsoft is bad at making sequels in general, it's just that DS2 and DS3 had such terrible development issues that they simply couldn't make coherent video games. I'm pretty sure DS2 had 3 directors throughout it's development. first Miyazaki (who left to make bloodborne) and then two other guys who ended up scrapping most of the original vision, and apparently DS3 started before bloodborne was finished, and so Miyazaki only came onboard like halfway through development and supposedly scrapped everything up until then and started over. Obviously Miyazaki isn't the only person who makes these games good, but the chaos in production and lack of coherent creative vision is probably why those two games are so lackluster compared to DeS, DaS, and BB.

fb62f5 No.15204973

File: 078d7f29ff4c22c⋯.jpg (498.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Demon's.jpg)


Nah. Allant is like the ultimate blackpill. He had an entire kingdom worshiping his every step and he threw that all away because "WAAAHHH HUMANITY IS CORRUPTED WAAAAHHH." People loved him so much that not even his own son albeit tricked by the false king in his final moments couldn't believe that his father became a monster. That is what makes this one game my favorite out of all of them. People somehow like DaS for the "atmosphere" but I don't feel it. But this game. Never before playing this game had I felt the oppressiveness of complete DREAD. I didn't even want to continue some parts of the game because of how disturbing and bleak it was.

cf8112 No.15204986

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>People somehow like DaS for the "atmosphere" but I don't feel it. But this game.

Do people said that? Demon Souls had the best atmosphere since the beginning. Sure, DaS1 had a good setting, and DaS2 had its moments too, but the atmosphere & music of DeS makes it special. Specially the music, because while Dark Souls games music was too much classical epic orchestra (Good one, thats for sure), Demon Souls soundtrack style was interesting & original. Dont know why this style of music wasnt passed to the Dark Souls games, what a pity, because it would have improved the games.

fb62f5 No.15204998


I think that too. Sometimes simple is better than throwing brass and string everywhere. Although, it might have clashed with the art style present in Dark Souls. Dark Souls is very much "realistic" in it's look while Demon's is very dream-like. Funniest thing is that some sounds can be heard that made it into DaS and they really clash with the game and stand out so much. Did you know that the toxic blow dart assholes have the same death sounds as the Dreglings? Once you hear that "uuuggggghhh" you won't be able to unhear it and it throws me into a giggle fit every time.

fb62f5 No.15205007

File: d0852f081287d31⋯.mp4 (3.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Smough Laughing All 3 Soun….mp4)


Fuck, I forgot the video. But shit like this really throws me off and I can't take it seriously anymore now that I can't stop hearing the fat official instead of Smough.

bb7d88 No.15205652


The best Souls game will always be Dark Souls. They cannot capture that same magic again.

cf8112 No.15205892


Obviously. But thing is that we say that because the sequels, even if still good games, were notably disappointing. If the sequels, or at least one of them were truly a good sequel (Doesnt mean that would need to be better than the first one), then the consensus would be different. But alas, From/Bandai fucked up, and so the first games, even with its many archaic features, stay king.

c52ff0 No.15211628


I half agree. I think Demon's Souls and DS 1 are roughly equal with each other. I also think 3 is quite good. Perhaps not as good as Demon's or DS 1 in a lot of ways, but I still enjoy it quite a bit.


True, Demon's is the king of getting the mood just right. The level design and sound make it such a great game to even just walk around in.

2749e7 No.15212354


I think DSIII's problems were due to them switching engines midway through. Pretty sure Miyazaki was the director from the start.

cf8112 No.15225163

Small question, but when people say that Demon Souls magic was OP as fuck, it was the sorcery part (Spells only), or it was all magic, bot spells & miracles?

f97ca5 No.15225588


I'd say Gael is right up there with Kefka in terms of "random fucker becomes the final boss because he was in the right place at the right time", actually. So Gael is FF-tier.

fb62f5 No.15225630


Both. Second Chance is essential for any build in NG+ as most bosses start one shotting you, but it's good to make retards upset if they think they got a backstab/parry on you. Wrath of God is the best in this game with ridiculous fucking range and insta-boss kill because they thought it was a good idea to make over 90% of the enemies weak to magic. Blessed weapons also have insane regen on them so if you have the regenerator's ring, Adjudicator's Shield and a blessed weapon with the regeneration miracle. You end up with something around 3-5% hp regen a second. It can completely negate poison if done right. Heal can also bring you up to full health if you have high enough faith. Evacuate is a good alternative if you somehow run out of archstone shards. Faith also happens to coincide with the strongest weapon in the game, the Meat Cleaver. It has an S in not only faith, but strength and dexterity as well. It ends up with the highest scaling in physical and magical damage of all weapons.

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