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HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

90d931 No.15143280

So Slitherine might have actually made a good game this time

No crack yet since it's been merely an hour since release, but I'll post the crack when available.

c3be3b No.15143307

File: f1cb2bbc1158a4f⋯.jpg (116.87 KB, 375x500, 3:4, Duck Hunt Dog.jpg)


It's on gog, it's only matter of time.

90d931 No.15143331


>It's on GOG

That's pretty neat, I was actually on the Scene Games section of GOD, but I guess I'll just keep an eye on the regular one.

Might actually give it my money if it turns out good

4b78f5 No.15143338



It's made by Proxy Studios who made that Alpha Centauri clone few years back.

76b4e9 No.15143350

Is it actually fun though?

I want action 40k games and people only make strategy (wich is good, but you can take 40k to all kinds of places).

f2f32c No.15143372

Warhammer is really overrated. Especially 40k.

90d931 No.15143378



>It's the publiher


Should have paid attention, guess they started publishing games as well, certainly better than at developing them, that's for sure.

>who made that Alpha Centauri clone few years back.

Pandora something, I think I remember seeing it around at the time it released.


Waiting for the crack to see

The britbong only played Space Marine so the other factions might just be more of the same.

90d931 No.15143399


Yeah, and so is Conan, Lovecraft, Dune and A43.

0fc99d No.15143417


Been watching this game for some time, looks basic in everything but as long as there's an editor and mod support, we're on our way to getting that Chapter Master game.

f2f32c No.15143418


Warhammer 40k - 1987

Warhammer Fantasy - 1983

Dune - 1965

Conan - 1950

Lovecraft - died 1937

And now reminder that nu-warhammer has nothing to do with what was published in 1987.

90d931 No.15143428

File: e0bb97622345907⋯.png (31.98 KB, 510x546, 85:91, Anon.png)

90d931 No.15143719

a1e4af No.15143764




90d931 No.15143772

acc5df No.15143979



I never understood why people liked it and why it kept getting games, movies, comics etc…

Until I read the novels. Those are legit gold

90d931 No.15144061

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Because the Hyborian age is a great fucking setting but just like any fantasy setting you can completely fuck it up and not understand it's atmosphere or main writing points.

Here's a piece of work that does it's own thing, mainly comedy but nails the atmosphere and setting pretty well, paying tribute to it via it's setting and parodying some of it's tropes.

Check out El Mercenário/The Mercenary too if you want another pretty unique Sword and Sorcery setting.

a1e4af No.15144070


I respect Conan and Robert E. Howard for showing some of ancient periods of history how they probably were, but with enough element of fantasy to make it enjoyable read and with a protagonist who is acting like a man.

Nothing on level of Conan can even reach modern media.

10f888 No.15144085


You are REALLY trying to fit in with that post, aren't you?

a1e4af No.15144096

Anyway, is linux version planned or not?

90d931 No.15144133



It has Linux support

a1e4af No.15144149

258e92 No.15144152

> good game

Looks like a civ 6 mod with only 4 factions.

Imperium, Spess Marines, Necrons and Orks.

So 2 more than usual I guess.

a1e4af No.15144200


Apparently no diplomacy either.

7bf92d No.15144212


the first dune book is not overrated. the rest are meh-tier tho.

429c25 No.15144414

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





10f888 No.15144679


Are you forgetting how in the new fluff the necrons allied with the Blood Ravens to kill the tyranids?

I wish I were kidding

76b4e9 No.15144691


>And now reminder that nu-warhammer has nothing to do with what was published in 1987.

thats because '87 40k wasnt even the same thing, it was called rogue trader and it was full of crazy, hilarius shit.

711390 No.15144693


Aren't Ultramarines already racemixing with eldar?

76b4e9 No.15144709



>lets spread false information

The necrons didnt ally the blood angels, they simply attacjed the nids instead of the imperials and then fucked off.

Eldars and the imperium arent allied, they are just on a ceasefire because the galaxxy is literally split in half and theres demons everywhere, although guilliman owes the eldar god a favor though.

e00dc0 No.15144821


You're thinking of that rouge trader era librarian who's long retconned

Marines don't have balls now

04a3db No.15144972


It's rather ironic. Back in the day, GW was protective abouts the 40k IP like an overbearing mother, but nowadays they whore it out to everyone who's asking.

Guess the mom turned into a madam.

76b4e9 No.15144986


Well they lost THQ and their old bong videogame companies, the only option they have left for vidya is opening the market for small studios or sel their souls to EA/ubisoft or any other big boy company, wich one would you rather have?

e4777f No.15144991


Well there's also Paradox and Focus Home for AA studios, maybe Digital Devolver is big enough too.

e4777f No.15144992


Publishers not studios

76b4e9 No.15144998


Focus home already worked with GW.

I would never trust paradox with 40k, they would ruin it with current year crap and also deliver unfinished games with a fuckton of DLC that modders have to fix.

Id gladly give 40k to devolver though.

41c388 No.15145003

File: 2bda21c521843d2⋯.jpg (219.38 KB, 895x892, 895:892, 2bda21c521843d2904b6a08e4b….jpg)

88d30c No.15145016

File: e73f47dd19537df⋯.jpg (280.4 KB, 1246x810, 623:405, not lewd.jpg)

76b4e9 No.15145021

File: f4043b79d3abf46⋯.jpg (142.93 KB, 1041x895, 1041:895, yvraine.jpg)


But anon, sexeldar is made entirely out of fetishes for people at GW to wank to.

7c09d4 No.15145048


>worth a buy faggot still makes videos

>faggots shill his shit on our board


283d2a No.15145386

File: 4cac4ea2ab43129⋯.jpg (188.16 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 4cac4ea2ab43129f4d1f1c73f8….jpg)


Maybe someday it'll return, we can dream

9ac4e2 No.15145545


It's on hooktube you nigger.

f8b9af No.15145554

There needs to be a 40k game made with the Fallout 4 engine except with competent writers who actually get the lore and the ability to kill anybody.


So is everything else you don't like, homo.

Nobody cares.

"overrated" is pseudo intellectual slang for "I'm gay"

5d1ac9 No.15145596

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Reminds me of Gundarr

dd13de No.15146111

I finished the first Sanctus Reach campaign an hour ago, takes like a week to do. Very fun. This game, Gladius, I have seen it for a while, it looks functionally the exact same as Sanctus Reach. Only that in Gladius every character is enlarged above the map, whereas SR has units taking cover within areas (I'm sure Gladius has that, but its not 1:1 scale).

I am sure to pick up Gladius at a later date when its 50% off, too busy with other WH40k games!

cd3a0b No.15146624

File: 4c687b27d617145⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 245x187, 245:187, feels schway man.gif)


>tfw found a xbox copy for 10 bux at the FLGS

I liked gamecube and ps2, but holy fuck the collectorfags have ruined the pricing of any game not from this gen.

be2217 No.15146655


That garbage has two stereotypes and really superficial tropes.

It's absolute trash

7820c7 No.15146821

File: 4ec689a539e9073⋯.png (127.99 KB, 1018x919, 1018:919, 1446622372819.png)


don't remind me that we never got a full series of this, it still hurts to much.

c607a7 No.15146859

Sanctus Reach is not recommended enough!

0fc99d No.15146886


>Playing as Space Furries

It was a good average game, but you're a damn heretic who consorts with beasts.

c607a7 No.15146959


It is space wolves, not space furries you sick fuck.

And there are 3 other factions.

38dab3 No.15147401

why are some people comparing it to civilization? does it actually have anything more than a few superfluous similarities? how does the combat play out? does it stand out in any way?


who is he trying to fit in with? is that an appropriate response?

0fc99d No.15147409


Space Yiffers with Wolf-everything, not even the Luna Wolves was that horrible you furfag.

38dab3 No.15147429


by fang and claw i shall be your undoing, pup. AWOOOOOH the moon grants me strength. you cannot stand against the might of the pack because we have your scent and thats another wolf thing.

0ce47f No.15147469

File: 92acb2ad0c9c117⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, WOLFWOLFWOLFWOLFWOLF.webm)

b25c4b No.15147754


I miss when 40k wasn't grimdark as fuck, that was pre 3rd edition though so next to nobody here was even born before 3rd ed. turned 40k in skull-motifs the game.

429c25 No.15147914

File: 27929df6fd951b9⋯.png (450.84 KB, 736x958, 368:479, 03f6fe8a2bb123486c88a432e9….png)

Playing necrons i pirated it you fucks and are the questlines meant to end with no reward?

Feels like a mix of civilization and endless legend and isnt actually too bad. Necrons get a definate power creep from pretty flimsy the moment theyve woken up to unstoppable power machines mid game and beyond

f3f1e6 No.15148296

File: 1725b2f131750c0⋯.jpg (782.51 KB, 1202x2914, 601:1457, what eldars deserve.jpg)

Done a game as Imperial Guards. Thoughts.

<Big Problems

>Only 4 factions (Guard, Smurfs, Orks, Necrons)

>No diplomacy even in cases where it makes sense such as the Guard and Space Marines.

>Not enough units. Guard only has the Standard Guardsman, Ogryns, Techmarine, 3 Heroes, Heavy Weps Squad with Rockets, Sentinel, Hydra, Base Leman Russ, Baneblade and Two Planes. That's only 13 Types when we should get at least as many types as Armageddon had, or even better Ultimate Apocalypse.

>There is these shards you capture on the map. They give empire wide bonuses of either boost to your resources, health regen for troops, movement, max health or vision. This leads to very bad snowballing. These stack, so if you capture 3 movement shards, all your units move 3 extra tiles.

>If you can't keep up on the capturing, you've lost, lack of superweapons such as nukes means game gets decided by mid-game.

>Units get upgrades as in extra abilities but there is no upgrading types, eg, changing the heavy weapons squad to have a lascannon or a heavy bolter.

>Not enough structures, while the focus is on combat, the cities are bare bones. There is only 1 structure for each resource but they worthless because I only got bottlenecked by ore anyway

>There should be utility structures. Eg, ability to upgrade you city with walls so that enemy units in them take damage, and FUCKING ROADS. The huge map is too tedious because units travel too slowly.

>No naval units

>No units calling spacecraft

>No Chaos, Nids, Elves or Tau

>This may be my retardation, but I think that units use a 2-action system as xcom, eg, shoot or move and shoot or just move. When some units moved, even if they only moved 1/4 tiles, they still couldn't move after. Again, this could be my retardation

>No Infinite queue.

<Minor Problems

>I don't think the balance is good. Space Marines I think won't be good because they only get 1 city, whereas guard can spam them and by 30 turns I had 5 cities producing units. It felt like production capacity was more important than resources.

>No unlock all map tech

>Tech tree is shit, it's just 5-6 techs in a column and you need two of those before you can research the next column. It's not a tech tree, it's is just move left to right

>Very little buildings to be built out of base, Guard only get citadels built by Techpriests. Guardsman should be able to build trenches, tank barricades, mines, turrets etc etc.

>Abilities feel more like spammy abilities rather than waiting to use it, They might as well have been passives since I always used it when I could

>Units level up but I don't know what higher level does. I think it's just extra health since they level 5 does the same amount of damage as lower level units. I don't know what the max level is.

<Good Things

>Constant combat. In the Future, there is only war.

>Even when you can't find enemies, there is craptons of wildlife.

>Rally points from cities exist

>Abilities from heroes are powerful, but again, they may as as well just be always on, whenever I got a chance to use it I did.

>Quest system is good. Quests aren't stupid bs like in Endless Legend with travel across the map and are completeable within 5-10 turns.

>Cities are well made on the military aspect. When you build a barracks and a manufacturum, both of those buidlings can produce units simultaneously leading to Imperial Guard still being able to build standard guardsman as you produce Baneblades. Unfortunately, building two barracks just ups your production speed, not being able to build two infantry at once, likewise for vehicles.

>Armies can be big. At the end I think I had around 200 troops, but turns still move quickly.

>I reccomend playing on the fastest setting. This allows you get more troops and along the tech tree to get the cooler units faster. The game still takes more or less the same amount of time, just with numbers of troops increased.

<Other things

>Smurf bias. Guardsman say "Praise The Emperor and Guilliman."

>Not enough unit names after the level up. You can change the unit name though.

>AI is alright. Better than civ but nothing special, game is more focused than civ though so that's to be expected.

d67f5b No.15148311

File: c269c5b8f3df58d⋯.jpg (16.49 KB, 374x356, 187:178, question_tiger.jpg)

Is it worth a pirate?

f3f1e6 No.15148322


Yes, it's only 1.5 GB

acc5df No.15148328



it's pretty funny actually

if you like slapstick that is

9c55d5 No.15148472


>Matt Ward

They just didn't kill one another, but to me it was still retarded.


Girlyman is following his father's footsteps and is trying to invade the webway for Eldar hookers, yes.


>No naval units

So what happens when you encounter a body of water? Impassable terrain?

>There should be utility structures. Eg, ability to upgrade you city with walls so that enemy units in them take damage, and FUCKING ROADS. The huge map is too tedious because units travel too slowly.

It's 1UPT too, isn't it?

>Smurf bias. Guardsman say "Praise The Emperor and Guilliman."

It's kinda like "For the God and the King!", though it still sounds retarded.

76b4e9 No.15148476


I am personally offended by the lack of chimeras and other APCs.

Also, they are praising roboute not because smurf bias, but because the game is set after the fall of cadia.

429c25 No.15148481


Necron are incredibly OP too once stacked with passives and aoe buffs from heroes, you have an army of stupidly armoured behemoths

702a02 No.15149171


Water is impassible terrain but even on the lowest ground (most water) setting, there is barely any. The maps are feel like long plains. If you've played Cossacks 3, they're like that.

>It's 1UPT too

It is, units can walk through friendlies though at least, although when you kill an enemy there is a 3-5 second death animation before the map updates and you can move through that spot. Some units also have a long fire animation. Basilisks take around 2 seconds to fire and you can queue click faster than the animation, but the enemies health value doesn't update until after it's finished so you can waste attacks on enemies with 0.1 health left.

Also about it being 1UPT, it's not as bad as Civ's where units have a tiny move range. On flat ground early game guardsman can walk up to 3 tiles. I've tested it as well and I was correct. It is the XCOM system of move then shoot, you can't move by 1 tile 3 times in a turn, you either take 3 turns or rush into the fog of war. There is an overwatch system though where units can fire on incoming enemies during their turn but it's hard to predict due to line of sight.


I don't think any transports exist in the game at all. Also I've not been keeping up with the new lore. The only thing I know of GW recently is that stupid Warhammer Adventures Book for 2 year olds. Is it worth it to keep up with the new canon or not?

76b4e9 No.15149204

File: de63f1386377f2f⋯.jpg (125.24 KB, 960x960, 1:1, punished guilliman.jpg)


> Is it worth it to keep up with the new canon or not?

Depends, theres mediocre stuff but also really interesting things happening right now.

First of, cadia was obliterated so the eye of terror prlapsed, now the galaxy is cut in half, the terran side is the one where guilliman managed to salvage things and the other side its whats knowns as the dark imperium, noone knows what terrible things are happening there.

Punished guillimans is actually an interesting character to read about, specially since slowly hes becoming much more of a cold dick like the emperor was and is now suffering a crisis because hes starting to believe the emperor is trully a god after some shit he has seen.

The eldar actually got shit done and are trying to fuck over chaos with a weird soulbomb thingie and their awoken Ynnead.

Primaris marines are pretty boring but could be worse, they are not the game breaker i feared they would be.

Fucking corax finally manifested and hes hunting down traitor primarchs in the warp apparently, he has now mastered his warp shenanigans like the emperor without falling to chaos.

702a02 No.15149252

File: 35a869529029d49⋯.png (4.1 MB, 1895x1079, 1895:1079, Basilisk Spam.png)

File: 7b7dec8b6f5cf8b⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1921x1075, 1921:1075, Building System.png)

File: 9790bda4ef97620⋯.png (3.44 MB, 3721x1071, 3721:1071, Tech Tree.png)


Doesn't sound as bad as I thought it would be. I thought it was all Abaddon ramming the Cadia with his ship tier.

Here's some screenshots aswell.

76b4e9 No.15149296


Theres stuff that has been skipped over and i assume its for later books and such, for example, after the indomitus crusade things were stabilized in the terran half of the imperium, the admech managed to reverse engineer necron pylon tech (but on a very limited manner, so you would need a huge ammount of them to clear a route through the rift), also, the imperium is suffering from manpower shortage for the first time in its existence.

ef8c5f No.15149328


I could only make it through a couple of seconds. Who the fuck is this faggot and why are you posting it?

13168d No.15149329


Sounds retarded beyond down syndrome. Just like what the 8 - 14 years old gw audience would find "cool".

76b4e9 No.15149392


>1 and done le downvote man

Mind explaining whats so retarded about it?

a8d4d6 No.15149460


it sounds like dragon ball z if youre not in to it

c6e20e No.15150105


i respect your right to have shit taste.

63ff9b No.15152940

Mediocre gaym. Played as IG on a huge map so I could have assloads of enemies. Even gave AI some bonuses. Results: first opponent you meet (I met necrons) are fairly tough since you're about on par. That's when you learn to use the terrain to your advantage and slowly attrition the faggot to death while your city churns out more troops. Then you annihilate him and realise you're now sitting on an assload of troops, so you begin a slow march across the map, stomping out any enemies without even a smidge of difficuly, since your hard-fought lebensraum left you with artifacts (snowball pretty hard) and resource outposts galore, meaning your cities can now churn out units 24/7. Finished the game by annihilating everyone else before I could even research any end-game techs.


>I don't think any transports exist in the game at all.

IG's plane can load up troops.

b1ea2a No.15152995


WaB is /ourguy/

c439fa No.15153163

File: cf873c73870d0a3⋯.jpg (21.4 KB, 240x300, 4:5, oohbaby.jpg)


>11 basilisks

63ff9b No.15153502


>GW actually ressed Robotic Girlyman

Fucking why? This looks like a move towards the ending the franchise.

73b5a4 No.15153588

its alright, not worth 40 bucks for whats essentially a wh40k themed "warlock". my issue with it is there doesnt seem to be that much to the combat. if the very basics of combat are interesting you automatically have an interesting tactical combat game but that seems missing.

tell me if im wrong.

edc509 No.15158937


I strongly question why they used Ultramarines instead of one of the more questionable space marine chapters like any of the ones that suffer from the Red Thirst, or the Dark Angels. The lack of diplomacy would make that make sense.

>those space marines are drinking blood/taking xeno relics whatever

>kill them

>those guardsmen are interrupting our sacred rituals

>kill them

76b4e9 No.15158989


Because he was never actually dead (unlike other primarchs) and is the only one capable of getting the imperium back together after the emperor.

bf7efd No.15158997


I hoped they would give paintjobs matching chosen colour, but instead it just changes the base colour. Cheap.

af2bd2 No.15159109


>shooting at the same target

how is this related to diplomacy ?

9ac4e2 No.15160535


Is there any sort of supply cap, maintenance cost or attrition at all? Those would be a good way to curb snowballing or at least make the game a bit harder once you get big. Maybe a settlement cap? The game looks like My First 4X in a 40k setting from what I'm reading.

c7f208 No.15160668


More than enough reason for me to wnant to torch the modern world.

edc509 No.15160680


All units have an upkeep cost. Thing is, you can easily outpace it by building more buildings or cities. Those also have maintenance costs, but again, you can build more to outpace those as well. Pop cap in cities can also be overcome with more buildings. The hardest limitation in game is the production time, which can also be reduced by tech, or building more of the same buildings. You can build, at most, three buildings per tile. This gives you a lot of room to work with, and if your primary resource drain is from units, and you have a city with any 40% increase to ore production bonus tiles around, you can just throw three mines on the one tile, and get a hefty chunk from that.

Anons in this thread have said what I've observed better than I could. I also clicked on the DLC thing in the menu, and I am pretty sure Chaos is already in the files. Random warp spawn as wildlife appearing mid to late game in mass numbers might make for a good way to deal with snowballing too much, but I doubt they thought that through and muh multiplayer balance.

0fc99d No.15160869

Well, the entire game can be called Budget Warhammer 40K Civ Mod, waiting if they'll add more factions like the Space Elves both Craftworld Cowards and BDSM Fetishists and the Blue Fedora Tipping Commie Ayy Lmaos.

50f603 No.15161377


From what i've heard GW is moving towards the return of the Primarchs. Some pieces of fluff hint that Corvus Corax has been sighted in the warp. The new "Dark Imperium" stuff is basically 40k's version of Endtimes and Age of Sigmar

e4777f No.15161619

I pirated it and gave it a try a few days ago.

It doesn't feel like a 4x, it feels like a turn based RTS if that makes any sense. I don't understand how resources past the city ones work (played as Astartes), but the economy seems very simple like an RTS, and from the getgo you're constantly fighting and never seem to stop. I'd love to play with a few friends. Does it have direct connect or anything?

c607a7 No.15161693


If you really like tactical battles, you should try Sanctus Reach.

No base building or anything, pure tactics.

0ce47f No.15161709

File: a9b0f9130e11363⋯.png (1.01 MB, 600x800, 3:4, Commander Farsight.png)


>Commie Tau

>not Red Tau of "Fuck your greater good shit we have to fight Chaos"

e4777f No.15161728


I recall a friend who's really into 40k not liking it but I can't recall why.

What the fuck is up with the wildlife?

>Kroot hounds

>Catachan devils

>same planet which isn't Catachan or Kroot

c607a7 No.15161731


That's Slitherine fucking shit up.

725676 No.15161993


>Red Tau

>Fuck the castes. Everyone is equal!

Vanilla Tau are a totalitarian state, sure, but it is not a communist one, because there is not marxist concepts like equality. Ironically, The Farsight are more like communist, because they are against totalitarianism, and want more freedom, but its in the liberalism/marxism way, so that mean total destruction of the castes, and equality.

0ce47f No.15161998


>oy vey goyim chaos doesn't exist, just breathe in some greater good gas and let the ethereals tell you what is real

cb27f4 No.15162007

File: e0a7dca884bd0bb⋯.png (255.63 KB, 1100x726, 50:33, Battlesuits_ready_by_majes….png)


Anyone got the "Tau are basically the British Empire with Mecha" screencap?

725676 No.15162015


Never said the Tau empire were good. The Ethereal foolishness, and obsession for control will be their hubris, thats for sure. But the Farsight Enclaves, in the long term, doesnt have that bright future by wrecking the entire caste system, and taking the poz.

Then again, the Imperium was, is ,and always will be the best option anyways.

0ce47f No.15162023


Tau Empire doesn't have fusion blades, they really lack anything melee.

a4504f No.15162031

The game looks mechanically sound but where's the content? Oh right, there is no content.

093afe No.15162235


Gog version does, though I wasn't able to play with my friend through it because of some port issues.

372bb6 No.15162816


This. So much.

There´s actually a small Threadnought on Steam complaining about it and the Dev just keeps repeating, "Git Gud".


Fuck this.

Maybe I´ll get it on 75% trash sale.

90d931 No.15162827

File: 2719f578689a52d⋯.mp4 (5.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Gaze upon this.mp4)

e4777f No.15162877


I managed to join a public game though

372bb6 No.15162981


The Necron game experience summed up perfectly.

Watch this guy beating a map easily, barely loosing a unit or two.


7514e0 No.15163007

File: 66cfb58ce27e524⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.05 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 1463585437656.png)


>he doesnt know how to embed

e4777f No.15163230

Can confirm; GOG version works with multiplayer without registration of any sort

ea42be No.15163273


It's a playlist.

f596a2 No.15163352

4x games are completely saturated in the market. They have reached a point of almost copy and paste. This game feels like a watered down Civ 4 with a 40k skin pack.

This genre really needs things like RPG elements we see in Age of Wonders to not become ultra dull after the first 2-3 hours.

000000 No.15163362


How's the multiplayer? Anyone wants to play?

000000 No.15163365

e4777f No.15163559

Are the turn resolutions comically long considering the simplicity of the game, or is it just me?

0d5bb4 No.15163784



>those trash fucking filehosts

What the fuck is people's problem recently? Why not use a good old fucking torrent? We're back to 2004 with fucking "Download cap reached, please wait 24 hours or buy a subscription".

e4777f No.15163807


I just got it on my private tracker

10ac87 No.15164428

File: 0f2f12a59e8c4b5⋯.jpg (486.49 KB, 1774x1432, 887:716, sad.jpg)


>units use a 2-action system

I hope anon is just being retarded. Are people really so dumb that good old action points are too complicated for them these days?

If it's true then this will sadly go into the ever increasing pile of games I'm not even going to bother with even though they looked somewhat interesting at first.

e4777f No.15164463


There are movement points that dictate the maximum move distance. Regardless of how fare you move that's your entire move, though. This is baffling, as there is a movement "counter" that shows, for example, 3/3 if you haven't moved and 0/3 if you have. Some units have speed boost abilities which can be used to increase the maximum range, or restore movement points (for example speedbikes have 5 and an ability that gives 2. If you haven't move it goes to 7 from 5, if you have it goes to 2 from 0). You can attack once, and if you do it means you can't move even if you haven't yet.

10ac87 No.15164495

File: a4db6804fcd49fe⋯.jpg (1006.17 KB, 860x2237, 860:2237, compu.jpg)

70041a No.15169650

File: fb50f0592d79ef9⋯.webm (7.07 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Space Wolf - Steam Gamepl….webm)

>Find out this game even exists.

>Looks fun.

>Buy some dlc cards.

It can still be fun even if you don't but and DLC right? Right!?

652c7d No.15170096


>Warhammer 40k game

>it's more turn-based shit

When will someone release a warhammer 40k game that truly captures the true speed of battles as is detailed in the fluff?

0f8648 No.15170099


FYI it's a mobile game without the stamina system.

70041a No.15170167


>Turn base

Given its roots, that sounds like it would be a positive, but I get what you are saying.

652c7d No.15170241


I get that the tabletop is turn-based, so-to-speak, but that's only because it has certain limitations that video games do not. The limitless capabilities of video games should be taken advantage of instead of trying to revert back to how the traditional game is played.

Another case of this is the games based off of Dungeons and Dragons like Neverwinter Nights.

73b5a4 No.15171261



im reminded of a point and click adventure with its unforeseeable deaths

c36a54 No.15172093

>isoleech because 1 & 0's are not getting my money

>try out shitty civ clone

>no idea how to play this, get killed in the "tutorial"

>into the trash it goes


cf8bda No.15172418


git gud

e827a9 No.15172444


No one will. Because the W40K game itself is a slow boring mess of shit.

f04df2 No.15173039

File: 7a526c8abef0ce6⋯.jpg (112.03 KB, 500x500, 1:1, raven guard stealth.jpg)


He means how the things are supposed to be happening, not how the tabletop game plays.

For example, marines are supposed to be sanicfast and really agile in their power armor, even more so without them.

73b5a4 No.15173884


cant they also spit acid?

f04df2 No.15173912

File: e1376806f50eccb⋯.jpg (925.5 KB, 1172x872, 293:218, raven guard centurions.jpg)


Yes, also eat people's brains and gain recent memories amongst other really weird things, they can also be half-asleep and vacum seal themeselves in space.

8d4206 No.15173953


Not the sneaky Raven Guard, that organ is defective for them.

5f1190 No.15182157


Haven´t all these special organs degenerated and become infective by now?

I dimly remember years ago reading a book alluding to it , no idea where the lore is currently.

ec3394 No.15182275


just make ig and marines allied on the skirmish start screen. or not allied if you want to imply chaos

6f44f3 No.15182329


Almost all chapters have some sort of flaw, ranging from irrelevant to debilitating. Except the Ultrasmurfs because of course.

10ac87 No.15182344

File: 73f60cc9062f0dc⋯.png (103.89 KB, 307x310, 307:310, 100% termie legs.png)


Man, I love 40k art. That one guy on the left, waving a chainsword in the air while riding his bike towards the enemy.


d67f5b No.15182345


>barely loosing a unit or two.

I played and won a whole campain as Astra Militarum and lost only 2 units

Git gud

f04df2 No.15182513

File: dedb00b44657852⋯.jpg (3.43 MB, 2000x1068, 500:267, dedb00b4465785220ec814e4df….jpg)


GW operates under the priciple of making all artwork look like heavy metal album covers.

50b743 No.15182692


Because they take inspiration from classical pictures.

b70940 No.15182723



Whover in GW designed her needs to be purged. Absolute shit.

b70940 No.15182758


And Dark Angels.

IIRC, the scars don't have a flaw too.

f04df2 No.15182761


Anon, shes a mixture of eldar (both craftworld and deldar variants since shes trying to unite them along with the ynnead and the archon) and a lot of sexy things (bare feet, latex clothing, big hips, big boobs, thigns like that.

I dont know what you expect an eldar to look like.


That too, specially romantic art of the napoleonic era with baroque elements.

50b743 No.15182767


Dark Angels has serious flaw is that they are the grimmiest son of the bitches and are secretly heretics (as well as having the largest armory of Terminator suits in existence)

303370 No.15185168


Like a normal eldar farseer.

WTF is with the stupid bare feet, the obnoxious dress and he insane hair?

50b743 No.15185181


She's not a normal eldar farseer.

79462d No.15185368


Shes not a farseer, shes a corsair turned female gladiator turned diplomat.

0c84ce No.15190318


Does anybody knows what Proxy's going to do with the game, besides fixing it?


I would have had, if I didn't have scheduled playing with somebody else then.

fe76b7 No.15192154


Remember when ETTS was good?

0c84ce No.15192159


[X] was never good

a94028 No.15192170

Holy fuck what is with enslavers

f04df2 No.15192207


They hunted old ones for sport, the weird thing is seeing them in real space.

000000 No.15194808


fcd77e No.15208428


GoG is DRM free so it should be instant.

bdd3ca No.15209567


Red Nails was such a good story. Starts with a giant lizard chase through the jungle.

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