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File: 3fd5749bd330ac8⋯.webm (3.9 MB, 400x240, 5:3, 3fd5749bd330ac8086805fe4a….webm)

dcb753  No.15241989

Jewtendo applying Switch piracy detection to 3DS

>Looks like 11.8.0 backports the Switch's aauth ideas to 3ds – network comms now send an encrypted(?) copy of app ticket to the server.

>They may not act on it immediately, but like on Switch this lets N perfectly detect pirate accesses vs normal ones, and ban however they like.

RIP in piss, get ready to buy a second 3DS for piracy.

07aa1e  No.15242068


Do pirate servers for 3DS online multiplayer functionality exist?

I somehow haven't been banned yet despite using anti-semitic Miis on CFW for years.

4a98cd  No.15242093


>get ready to buy a second 3DS

Fuck off

907499  No.15242104

Pretty sure all this means is that shit like freeshop no longer functions. Unless I'm mistaken, they havent implemented, and likely are unable to implement, a network check for in game shit. Theyd need to patch individual games for that. What that means is you can still install ripped CIAs and play online without any risk. Its shitty, but easily worked around

e667ed  No.15242110

File: 7f891454b5243c7⋯.jpg (4.73 KB, 210x176, 105:88, DeaFwDVX0AI-i6z.jpg)

Or, now this is a galaxy brain idea but hear me out…

Just don't install the update, retard.

5c8c4a  No.15242114

File: 41a4d8e767931f2⋯.png (315.14 KB, 392x486, 196:243, 856abf9e58028b4daaa8043f96….png)


>no source

bc4f55  No.15242121

File: 7dc7a6936cb948b⋯.png (672.75 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2018-07-30-210010.png)


Do you really think that you'll be able to play online if you don't? Because that's the point. They're altering how the netplay stuff works server-side, so your 3DS will need to dance the same dance, the one that has easy to detect pirated copies. Realistically though, if you ever modded a system expecting it to work with online features, you were doing it wrong.

88332d  No.15242167



So piracy will still be perfectly feasible, if not a tiny more inconvenient without freeshop, and only online will be affected?

bc4f55  No.15242190


No idea if they're tightening against freeShop but it was a mistake to rely on that solely. Mirroring and some sort of validation DB of all the different games should always have been in the cards.

907499  No.15242337


Yeah pretty much. Except they still cant detect people playing online with hacked devices. It's pretty much just more complex encryption on app tickets that nobody can replicate yet. You can still download games using CIAs then play online.

b10358  No.15242343


It's all over gbatemp and /r/3dshacks I know >reddit but it's legitimately useful for 3ds news

b10358  No.15242349


AFAIK if you dont use use any CDN methods to download and install the game and side load it though FBI you're save.

f7911c  No.15242351


f7128c  No.15242408


Completely inconvenient. Japanese games will be impossible to find if we can't get them straight from ninty.

17470a  No.15242410


freeshop still works fine with this update as far as i'm aware, it just means you won't be able to pirate monhun and play online.

af386d  No.15242523

File: 3b45264cbb51b05⋯.jpg (57.12 KB, 704x679, 704:679, 3b45264cbb51b0525220dedb51….jpg)


You can still pirate just fine on the 3ds. The day after the update I got my first 3ds to homebrew and I thought I was screwed. However both the hack guide and Luma got a patch not even a day after the latest update so I was able to work it out.

Though if they ever took down those dsiware titles that might cause problems for anons like myself who didn't have access to a hacked 3ds to being with.

808323  No.15243904


Always pirate never buy.

unless the game really impacts you in a way, then its okay

55aa83  No.15243915

I thought you can still use Freeshop even if you are banned?

1b8342  No.15243948


My 3ds account got banned but I can still play (and download via freeshop) games. Too bad I can't play them online.

e829e0  No.15243951

So? Don't update and keep pirating. Its at the end of its life anyhow and you can pirate everything worthwhile.

6e7af9  No.15245209

File: bd898d5c262f459⋯.png (42.88 KB, 921x667, 921:667, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 24b3f486617fcac⋯.jpg (43.34 KB, 500x338, 250:169, sup.jpg)


I actually visited Hell Reddit to check this out since you niggas just refuse to check it even when it's useful, so check it out.

It seems the update makes it so whenever you download shit from nintendo directly "illegally" (ie. freeshop) they will know your shit, but apparently it's only if you got the update.

Looks like they're able to make it impossible to download the shit altogether, but didn't do it yet.

My advice is to STOP USING FREESHOP, even without the update.

I used it yesterday fug

246179  No.15245218

>Losing out on console netplay

And nothing of value was lost.

1ab047  No.15245228


What would be the alternative to freeshop'

01d8b0  No.15245235


eshop :^)

6e7af9  No.15245248

File: e37b1266f2bfee2⋯.png (19.21 KB, 97x113, 97:113, feed me.PNG)


Manually downloading .CIA files from somewhere, puting them in your SD card, then installing via the FBI 3DS app.

1ab047  No.15245263


OK, I was kind of worried for a moment, looks like I will have to begin downloading some backups just in case this goes very sour.

55aa83  No.15245273


Go to Homebrew and use FTPD.

6e7af9  No.15245277


The worst that can happen is an online ban.

There's no risk of a brick or something like that.as far as I know

If you enjoy playing Monster Hunter, Smash or whatever other online game in it, I'd avoid using the freeshop already.

But if you don't you should hoard all the games from it while you still can.

372cb1  No.15245287

Citra is simply better for playing 3DS games now, it didn't use to be like this 6 months ago but it has progressed just that much. Not like I care about online or that bullshit for that matter, there isn't a single good online-focused handheld game.

1ab047  No.15245293


I play Pokemon and I usually do alot of wonder trade.

bc4f55  No.15245677


What happened on Vita? That has its own freeShop and got recently laid the fuck open.

058df2  No.15245741

The only thing this affects is freeshop. You can still download directly from their servers and install using FBI and a QR code.

1ab047  No.15245749


Wait, directly from their servers using the later two? since I am still not savvy enough I have to assume freeshop is just a "streamlined" way to do that?

058df2  No.15245798

File: 2f770004e68fe80⋯.png (87.22 KB, 921x667, 921:667, source was reddit wanna fi….png)


Well, things might change in the future. To be safe, all this means is we can't pirate directly from Nintendo servers. Better start archiving now.

bcd51d  No.15245812

>doing this now of all times

Why? What's the point?

Literally every fucker with a 3ds has homebrew already and freeshop has been around for ages.

What's the fucking point? They'd be better off just dropping support and going full switch.

R They stoopid?

058df2  No.15245824


smegma cashed in some bugs cause he needed rent

f7128c  No.15245975

Jewtendo is still allowing downloads on earlier firmwares, right? What was even the point then?

bc4f55  No.15246337


Might be detectable. After the SuMo ban wave I would hold the fuck back in case. Download through an intermediary that isn't your 3DS.

1ab047  No.15247044


Well, this is certainly a little more practical for me in a sense, I assume CIAs have no real science when it comes to installing and don't require more than just the file in question right? I mean, once dumped they also add the necessary keys to run it, right?

776590  No.15248031


Yeah, you just download the cia, put it in your sd card directly, then install it using fbi.

459dc0  No.15251284


>anti-semitic Miis

QR code pls

dfb429  No.15257272


Did he really? Jesus.

024f78  No.15257341

What's the point? The 3DS is near it's end of life.

Side note: I've had a CFW 3DS for years, but I barely ever used it. The 3DS just didn't have many games that interested me, other than Monster Hunter, and I already had physical copies before I hacked it.

5261ff  No.15258054


Monster Hunter isn't an online game.

15bc7d  No.15269443

File: 6e1d7147dd45d19⋯.png (5.06 KB, 504x127, 504:127, Untitled.png)

Since there's no homebrew thread, I'm posting this here.

I need help with my 3DS's SD card. I formatted my 3DS using system restore because I wanted to give it to a friend. After formatting, the SD card couldn't be read by my PC. The drive just comes up but it shows up grey. The SD card is still able to be read by the 3DS though. I tried my 2DS's SD card and sure enough the SD card is able to be read.

43f046  No.15269453


SD/microSD | 2GB or lower | FAT16 |
SDHC/microSDHC | 4GB to 32GB | FAT32 |
SDXC/microSDXC | 64GB or higher | exFAT |

43f046  No.15269458


>I formatted my 3DS using system restore

what the hell are you even talking about?

15bc7d  No.15269470


> system restore

Fuck I meant system format. Basically I formatted everything on my 3DS with the SD card inserted. Now the SD card won't read. I also forgot to mention that the 3DS was already modded along with the SD card and I've also backed up the SD card's content in a folder.

b150c9  No.15269483

File: cf2618378a9ef92⋯.jpeg (18.8 KB, 500x245, 100:49, despair.jpeg)

>tfw was waiting for the 3DS price to crash and never bought one

Looks like I missed out on both Switch homebrew and 3DS piracy now

15bc7d  No.15269497

File: 8ddff614c6d9b12⋯.jpg (107.02 KB, 1238x813, 1238:813, 71q8G2cmmAL._AC_.jpg)


Look for second hands maybe. Check your gamestop for any soccer moms trading in their 2DS and tell them you'll buy it for 20% more than what gameshit is give them.

15bc7d  No.15269660



bumping for help

0e5a79  No.15269680

File: 06189990013babc⋯.jpg (184.94 KB, 1000x1243, 1000:1243, soybeast.jpg)


I'm trying real hard to think of what Switch games are even worth emulating, let alone pirating. Odyssey and Tennis, probably, but what else is there that is worth it? Splatoon 2? But why would I want a game that always needs to be online to play multi and that doesn't have custom servers?

2494c0  No.15269683

File: 1247ddf0132c6a1⋯.jpg (85.38 KB, 900x502, 450:251, NewN3DSXL_galaxy.jpg)

I think my old 2011 3DS may be on its way out, so I need to get a new old with a firmware old enough that I can easily mod it. Any Galaxy 3DS should work, right?

15bc7d  No.15269874


If you can find an unopened one yeah.

5095bc  No.15269901

File: 2e1f6b38364c1c5⋯.jpg (31.73 KB, 396x353, 396:353, 2e1f6b38364c1c5f57dca76045….jpg)



I pirate the shit out of 3DS games, but it's pretty understandable Nintendo doesn't want people eating up their bandwidth pirating games from their own fucking server.


>it just means you won't be able to pirate monhun and play online.

Oh no


>It's only if you use freeshop

Phew lol, I always used FBI anyways.

db21d4  No.15270168


The rabbids on I guess got it for 20, was fun but eah th switch needs some heavy hitters.

15bc7d  No.15272403

File: 92efd08f66bc48c⋯.png (154.25 KB, 1870x740, 187:74, 2qtpdj7jyhd11.png)

File: f33e324a2cef424⋯.jpg (178.97 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, 6YDfpXt.jpg)

Looks like using Freeshop is fine if you don't use sleepmode to install your games. I'm probably fucked now though since I used sleepmode often.

c7a988  No.15272460


Not using that PoS software. I don't get why anybody ever bothered with freeshop when using it was a pain in the ass and downloading through a computer is just easier.

b1f98d  No.15272466


But piracy isn't theft so even if you're using their official servers and bogging their shit down it's morally justifiable :^)

9545fc  No.15272472



dfb429  No.15272486

File: c8a3a34610dd534⋯.jpg (47.8 KB, 669x559, 669:559, mini chihuahua (16).jpg)


>soyboy draws another soyboy

The irony.

55cbba  No.15272570

I haven't touched my 3DS in like a year. I was running Luma. What do I need to know?

15bc7d  No.15272597


Don't update, don't use freeshop update luma

e7f1a1  No.15272653

File: bd3f04195c99630⋯.gif (540.16 KB, 1280x1422, 640:711, 2B Braaaap.gif)

The number of games the 3DS has that are worth playing online, and still have a playerbase, can be counted on 1 hand. You aren't losing out on much value by staying offline permanently with an 8 year old handheld console. Don't update your system. Finish your MonHun grind before the pool is closed.

47d2b2  No.15272772


Have you tried actually formatting the SD card (on the computer), then reinserting and powering on the DS?

20f38d  No.15272780

File: 9ae6ceaa1413889⋯.jpg (42.01 KB, 363x207, 121:69, 9ae6ceaa14138894fa3efef086….jpg)


If it can be read by the 3DS it should've been formatted to FAT32.

Can GNU Parted read the card's partitions?


>using Freeshop is fine if you don't use sleepmode to install your games

Can someone here confirm this with MITMproxy or some other Russian hacker software?

Sounds a little too good to be true.

15bc7d  No.15272824


>If it can be read by the 3DS it should've been formatted to FAT32.

Nah, turns out there's some weird deformation with the SD card I'm using. It doesn't fit very well into the reader so I have to find a sweetspot when using it.

55aa83  No.15272850


and Monster Hunter 4U is perfectly fine on its own. Though not long ago a few lads on here got to play Kid Icurus Uprising and played a few matches. Only games I know worth playing online.

ca7cbe  No.15273167


You cucks want to make /v/ global that bad, huh?

e40a2c  No.15273195

File: 039e016b522795a⋯.jpg (6.75 KB, 180x217, 180:217, 12938068_239050453113892_4….jpg)

>i cant pirate games anymore


482add  No.15273248

5e1378  No.15275871

File: 4c377a2a8d86a06⋯.png (87.8 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, 1428519341623-2.png)

I downloaded Fire Emblem if with the new update, played Nintendo Badge Arcade and i'm still not banned after a week. Remember to DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING from Freeshop then build CIAs using Godmode9, before Freeshop dies for good.

53a582  No.15276741

File: 7a2192ec22846e5⋯.png (65.93 KB, 1354x397, 1354:397, Freeshopded.png)


a58e19  No.15276744

>get ready to buy a second 3DS

lol no

53a582  No.15276747

File: 0dca135cfb4670c⋯.png (18.5 KB, 1311x95, 69:5, Freeshopded2.png)


It affects all versions too.

a58e19  No.15276755

File: f800a0474e5ae03⋯.gif (253.25 KB, 450x282, 75:47, pirate.gif)


I'm not pirating anything you obnoxious cunt, i am merely altering some bits & bites on my own hardware.

5e1378  No.15277287

File: 7dcea0528d6ed78⋯.mp4 (9.42 MB, 426x240, 71:40, The End of Club Penguin.mp4)


Well that was quick. Back to the shit .3ds file torrents, then.


57ee60  No.15277676


There's a no-intro set for 3DS

56abe7  No.15277718



What about the .cia format? Never tried .3ds, how similar is it?

6a999d  No.15277721


.3ds is the ROM for emulators; .cia is the installable file

56abe7  No.15277749


Ah, thanks.

5e1378  No.15277755


Like >>15277721 said, but if you want to run them as 3DS titles you need to convert them using Godmode9, which is retard-friendly, but slow as fuck. The only PC utilities i know use the ancient methods for old firmware.

b68144  No.15277760




.3ds is the decrypted ROM format created by those flashcard makers whom I forget their names

.cia stands for CTR Installable Archive and is the official format used by Nintendo but is encrypted and requires your 3DS to decrypt it.

7a676f  No.15277774

File: 87391d65b7afb8e⋯.webm (3.12 MB, 1200x623, 1200:623, Gondola_at_the_fields.webm)


Man one of the best things about having a hacked 2DS was just going into free shop and getting some shovelware to dick around with when you wanted something different.

an end to being pleasantly surprised I suppose

56abe7  No.15277778



Appreciate the in-depth info. Unless this new firmware affects the ability to generate CIA files to install on my 3DS directly, I should be fine for now.

f7128c  No.15279541

Is there no back up of the 3DS titlekeys website? It seems Jewtendo took it down. How the fuck am I supposed to pirate the whole 3ds library through FBI now?

6c024d  No.15279666

File: 111ab39b43a8893⋯.webm (2.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, xDDDDD.webm)

So say I was going to get a 3DS for the sake of custom firmware, should I go for the New 3ds or is it even worth the five or so extra bucks. Also where do I find one in a normal size? I don't dig this XL shit and I never have.

7dd27e  No.15279673

2e08e7  No.15279705


>tfw I bought skyrim three times

>Morrowind four

>bought all other TES games once

Help me

a01d2f  No.15279768


>Also where do I find one in a normal size? I don't dig this XL shit and I never have.

Never would've thought you were related to manly tears satan.

01c8cb  No.15279907

File: 0a84aa46efe7615⋯.png (25.11 KB, 400x480, 5:6, QR install.png)

Are there any sites that lets you download games directly using QR codes? 3DSCIA packs their .cia files in a zip file.

I'd prefer installing games without taking out the SD card so maybe I could use the FBI's QR installl.

5e1378  No.15280028


You need to tweak your hosts file if you are using Wangblows. wiiu.titlekeys.gq 3ds.titlekeys.gq

cfdbf0  No.15280296


Tried the hostsfile tweak, Villain3DS is still giving me an 'invalid URI' thing. Anyone else managed to get this to work?

9cc0d1  No.15280372

A tad late there. Are there even any worthwhile games coming out for 3DS anymore? Also the only online community that isn't dead is probably MH but I got bored of that ages ago.

5e1378  No.15280388


If the Freeshop dev is correct, there is absolutely no way to workaround the 403 error. I can still download Wii U titles through Nintendo CDN just fine, though. Let's just hope some absolute madman manages to find a new exploit.

cfdbf0  No.15280435


From what I understand of the situation, it's just first-party titles getting blocked by this and you're still free to loot the third-party shit. The problem I'm having is that I'm getting the 'Invalid URI' when I try to grab anything and I think that >>15280028 fucked up with the new titlekey IPs 'cuz both of them lead to the Wii U titlekey site.

891ad4  No.15280437


I got ding dong bannu'd after I made a custom cia with a gore icon and turned it into my favorite game.

f7128c  No.15283688



The urls don't work at all anymore. The ips still works, but that's for wiiu. Do you have the ip for the 3ds website? You posted the same one twice.

cfdbf0  No.15283908


Apparently the reason it's not working is 'cuz of some fuckery with the DNS. If you need to get shit NOW you can use this link for 3DS stuff: http://reddragonte.ch/stuff/3ds/encTitleKeys.bin 1st-party titles are still blocked and this won't get you all of the rest of it. I dunno if that's because it's out of date or if it's genuinely missing stuff but ideally you'll be able to grab whatever it is you want.

34cd4a  No.15283924

File: e30d394ef880e3f⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 270x235, 54:47, 2332818717d90a5769d34a97cc….gif)


I'm not distributing child porn you fucking nazi, I'm just distributing bits and bytes on my network.

20f38d  No.15284874

File: caccd803b2dfa5c⋯.png (350.29 KB, 619x454, 619:454, Screenshot_20180511_194507.png)


>torrent .CIA

>install it

>it wants to update

>update requires NNID password

I-I thought CIAs optained through 3rd party sources wouldn't get any official updates once installed?

5e1378  No.15285040

File: 69c7f82bcd32882⋯.png (76.06 KB, 1907x945, 1907:945, download.PNG)

>i can still download 3ds xenoblade somehow

How will Nintendo ever recover?

5e1378  No.15285105


>both of them lead to the Wii U titlekey site

Strange, because they are leading to the right websites for me. I got this hosts file tweak from another website while trying to get USB Helper to work, so i have no idea how to make it work for you.

1be6d3  No.15285108

I have no issue with this.

92aa48  No.15285308





5e1378  No.15285331


Because Freeshop was convenient. What better way to get free 3DS games than straight from Nintendo's servers? Now that it has been patched, it's back to the torrents, but good luck finding anything that is not made for running on chink flashcards.

20f38d  No.15285422


>good luck finding anything that is not made for running on chink flashcards.


cfdbf0  No.15287898


like >>15285331said, it's the easiest method by a longshot. Secondly, it is the ONLY place where you can be certain that everything will be available and you won't 'accidentally' end up with 4.3 gigs of dolphin porn or give your computer ebolAIDS.So yeah, people are flipping their shit a bit and grabbing whatever they want/can before they have to go back to the torrent sites.

f7128c  No.15287986


How do you get USB Helper to work after it was permanently discontinued?

dfb429  No.15288016


Download one game at a time iirc

dfb429  No.15288021

File: 918abd36e38934d⋯.png (160.15 KB, 455x480, 91:96, Bagoo.png)

5dd048  No.15288143


Where to find torrent's or the first party titles then now that nintys official servers are ded?

bf293a  No.15288621

Did someone make a torrent with all the cia? i meant including the recent ones and the various uncensored/translated

I waited too long to download the uncensored version of dragon ball fusion and now i can't find it anywhere…

b6eccb  No.15301872


Share thread maybe.

000ce7  No.15302154

So, if I downloaded games in the past using FreeShop and just stop using it now but still run those same games on a CFW 3DS, is there a problem?


CIAs built from FreeShop downloads are OK then? How does that work?


>Are there even any worthwhile games coming out for 3DS anymore?

Sekaiju no Meikyuu X just came out, and Persona Q2 is coming out this year. That's about it though.


It's kill

a4cf91  No.15303092

>m-muh piracy

I want shit colored people off my 8chan

dfb429  No.15304009


Are you for, or against piracy….?

9ab4e0  No.15307858


Even if this bullshit is true, its not like they can force me to update. Now fuck off.

This is more worrisome though: https://8ch.net/transparency.html

efeb03  No.15310921

so with both usb helper and freeshop dead its back on the rocks with 3ds piracy

I guess the Wii U piracy is still untouched so get that before it goes bust

4cc547  No.15311175

File: 1850529df19bcd7⋯.jpg (17.03 KB, 270x320, 27:32, 1850529df19bcd7892e9c2689a….jpg)

I haven't updated my 3DS in almost 2 years. I'm safe, right?

c9787b  No.15311738


>Also where do I find one in a normal size

import, with CFW you can bypass all region locks, and some games like pokemon aren't even region locked anyway

000ce7  No.15312272


If he's importing from Japan, the region lock would be a moot point anyway

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