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File: 0f1f8f1e3874b3d⋯.png (197.89 KB, 376x265, 376:265, splatterhouse.png)

bc9a2c No.15260082

ITT: Discuss the Splatterhouse series

8b1436 No.15260084

I thought it was strange that Jim Cummings voiced the Mask in the 360 game.

I like Jim though, I don't see him in a lot of stuff now-a-days.

bc9a2c No.15260093


Jim Cummings was most certainly an interesting choice, but I think it worked quite well in the end.

8b1436 No.15260102


Oh yeah, he was the right amount of intimidating/creepy, how I always imagine the mask sounded in the older games.

It was actually the best part of the game.

bc9a2c No.15260319


How is it gay?

838802 No.15260328


Kill yourself

7dc828 No.15260400

a0ed52 No.15260545


I actually liked the game on TurboGrafx-16. The port was good enough imo. Never played the arcade version until Mame years later. The arcade version of the first is the best in the franchise.

The sequel on Genesis is alright as well but is noticeably inferior in controls and sound. The last couple of levels are pretty crappy as well.

Third changed things up quite a lot. Never got around to beating it. It is a pretty difficult game and I prefer the scrolling style of the other two games.

I have never played the reboot released last gen so cannot really comment. It seems like a crap game from what I've seen though. It would have been better off if they did a retro style remake of the original like what Capcom did with Bionic Commando and Resident Evil. I think those two games have remained the best remakes so far.

838802 No.15260582


Says the retard who stays in a thread he dislikes. Drink bleach faggot.

250488 No.15260808


>Third changed things up quite a lot. Never got around to beating it.

It actually is piss easy once you learn that back -forward - back - attack is the strongest move in the game and spammable without any resource cost. Without it, yes the game is quite difficult.

My theory is that they wanted to implement a desperation move as was tradition in every contemporary beat em up. When they gave Rick a superform they ran out of buttons and didn't have the time to figure anything better than adding it as a secret. I would have given it a health cost and mentioned it in the manual.

8e2f3d No.15261190

To fucking hard. I got stuck on the chainsaw dude.

8f9b93 No.15261369

Tried the game on PS3, dear fucking christ that framerate is abysmal

8f2e33 No.15261526


mostly this, i found the game way too timing oriented.

it didn't have variety it was just press at the right time or fuck you. a little leeway or at least less repetition would have been nice.

af279d No.15261855

File: acc857d56e7ef9f⋯.webm (13.28 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Splatterhouse (2010) Open….webm)




The 2010 game was pretty fun, despite it's glitches, but a really important chapter sadly wasn't included which detailed the mask fighting against the corrupted and protecting the Aztecs before winding up imprisoned on the body of Cortes, which was the mummified corpse that crumbled at the beginning of the game.

202eae No.15261869

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The worst part about that game was the final level. In that one level you could feel just how much the switch in studios and rushed development hurt the game.

The "final boss" and ending were extremely disappointing.

af279d No.15261886

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The final boss was clearly fucked by the crunch time. That said, the ending mirrors the ending of the original where nothing is really resolved and it's a grim note.

3fd290 No.15261948


I kinda like the ending in the original, despite all you went through, it was always too late to save her.

d36781 No.15261966


I just wished the soundtrack was more Brutal Legend and less BR00TAL METUL. I think Tim Schafer is a huge fucking cunt, however the licenced heavy metal songs in Brutal Legend were probably the best in gaming history, when it comes to Heavy Metal anyway.

202eae No.15261972

File: 274155e435692b2⋯.png (580.92 KB, 1132x508, 283:127, ClipboardImage.png)


yeh, everything else up to that point was pretty nice. I also liked the slight Lovecraft elements they added before Lovecraft hit the limelight and every dev was shoving his work into theirs haphazardly.. well, before they found out he was an "icky" racist anyways.

202eae No.15261975


I dunno, I feel like the soundtrack fit the over the top edge pretty well.

3fd290 No.15261985


I enjoy alot the actual original or updated ost of the old games but find the licensed ones bothersome, but that might be because i dislike gutural and screamo.

Of course, sento nel core is a must.

d543af No.15266156


I always liked 2 over one because of the controls. as for the 2010 one I'm just frustrated it'll be never ever for a sequel that would be far more interesting to play though. (also the studio fuck ups.)

bc9a2c No.15268717

The arcade game is the best one.

ddf3f0 No.15269279


those hanged fetuses scared the fuck out of me when i was a kid

8e2f3d No.15269317


Is it possible to even kill chain saw dude without bringing 2 shoguns?

e63601 No.15276553


3fd290 No.15276560


Game got rushed and they had to cut out more levels and content.

82fb66 No.15276643


You can do it with one shotgun and then finish him off with the jumping slide.

da0517 No.15276657

Aside from nu-Splatterhouse, the only other Splatterhouse I haven't played yet is Wanpaku Graffiti, about how good is it?

af279d No.15277818

File: 24f854b3c24706f⋯.jpg (156.22 KB, 900x700, 9:7, Terror Mask Concepts.jpg)



I managed to beat him in just a fistfight, but you take several hits and he's just not fun to fight that way and it will be a game of luck.


It's very tongue-n-cheek. It's kinda fun and several of the engrish moments "Be garbage of cesspool" actually made it into the names of several of the achievements of the 2010 splatterhouse.


3fd290 No.15277850


Man i actually like how they portrayed the terromask in nu-splatterhouse, specially the sould the voice actor gives to it.

af279d No.15277875

File: 007e8b8d1af33e8⋯.jpg (31.96 KB, 960x540, 16:9, lets just say I'm god.jpg)


a thng of beauty getting Jim Cummings to voice it.

01c11b No.15277904

File: 8828daf97ca4925⋯.jpg (84.62 KB, 680x510, 4:3, absolutlely based.jpg)

>Plays Splatterhouse 2010

>Game plays like shit

>Story is shit

>See Jennifer

>She's hot as fuck

>Game lets you collect pictures of her

>Has nudes in them

>Continues to play for more nudes


d36781 No.15277934


I wish more games did this.

01c11b No.15278697

File: 6a88986eaa69717⋯.jpg (117.74 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 1870353-jennifer_01.jpg)

File: 56134072e72e86d⋯.jpg (200.1 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 1870349-1694715_jennifer_w….jpg)

File: 04d34f42a3a9252⋯.jpg (191.35 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 1870339-1694705_jennifer_w….jpg)

File: dbf1e71ee8a3b01⋯.jpg (182.18 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 1870341-1694707_jennifer_w….jpg)

File: 8286b7064c57513⋯.jpg (181.42 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 1870350-1694716_jennifer_w….jpg)


I do too anon.

Especially since we're living in the CURRENT YEAR

889e59 No.15278804


>he doesnt know

12f57e No.15278829

I personally feel they botched nu-Splatterhouse, the classic one had this creepy, disturbing atmosphere, with an upsetting soundtrack on top of it, while the new one seemed to scream : HEY LOOK AT HOW BADASS THIS GAME IS! CHECK THIS COOL SOUNDTRACK! HOW COOL IS THAT!? BADASS!!!


And that ruined it for me, also the monster design sucks ass compared to the originals.

538c8c No.15278889

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How would you go about making a new Splatterhouse game? I'd just clone Dead Space, set it in a mansion and surrounding areas like Clive Barker's Undying did, and spooksynth the fuck out of it. DS is the only game I've played that manages to retain the same pacing and feel as the first two games in a 3D environment.

538c8c No.15279452


That's not entirely correct. Devs that were originally making it were fucking up horribly and making something far worse than what we got. Namco didn't like this, kicked their shit off the project, and tried to salvage what was left. We would have got wigger zombies if things didn't change.


Why? There are already tons of 2D fan games out there as it is. Why not try doing something similar but different? 2D also limits the ability to present a really nice mansion to murder your way through, and that's really fucking important for a game where the main characters are the mansions.

8d932d No.15279681

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I personally think the pc engine port is the best version if only for this theme. Still really nice though that they included the old games in the reboot.

8d932d No.15279701


>Devs that were originally making it were fucking up horribly

I heard the very opposite, that they were making the game just fine and then namco lost faith in it and took it over, leading to the mess of a finale we got.

At least the first 2/3 were pretty good.

538c8c No.15279753


>lost faith

More like just couldn't financially handle Bottlerocket trying to DN:F their way through an easy life. There was a leaked version of the game floating around from just when the game changed hands and it was a horrible, barely touched, mess despite the game being announced in, I think, 2005 or 2006, if not earlier. The whole game seems rushed because it absolutely was rushed, effectively being made in just a year. Of course it is entirely possible that I am remembering things incorrectly, heard only one side of the story, or maybe merged from the Bearstein universe where this was the case.

af279d No.15279837

File: 136e1587e41035e⋯.webm (2.67 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Splatterhouse -The saint ….webm)



The game did deliver moments of horror, and to avoid loading issues, I walked/jogged through areas. There is a shitload of subtle details and sounds and lots of ambiance that you simply won't see if you just run at top speed. Biggyman's chapter was done in an excellent manner.


I felt that the 3d combat aspect worked fine, even the 2d segments felt rather faithful with Rick mostly one-shotting anything coming his way, especially with a weapon in hand. if anything, I think the 2010 game's main problem is allowing/encouraging faster movement outside of combat, thus not letting the player actually take in what was going on in the environment.

e31ec4 No.15279843

>the reboot isn't on PC

Fuck. I have a huge boner for characters with multiple personalities.

3fd290 No.15279856


Rick doesnt have multiple personalities, hes getting possesed by a demon inside a mask.

e31ec4 No.15279868

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's really what I meant, I just worded it poorly. Multiple protagonists inhabiting the same body then I suppose.

538c8c No.15279893


I don't remember being able to defeat anything anywhere near what could be called fast in 2010, outside of the scrolling segments. Everything took way too long to defeat even with power combos to the point that I really didn't want to fight anything at all. It and 3 really share the same problem of being too much of a beat 'em up, with slow combat, durable enemies, and faster overall pacing. A good Splatterhouse game needs to have a slow pace, quick, deadly, and simple combat, and rely primarily on gimmicks to challenge and defeat the player. This is why I mentioned Dead Space, which has enemy encounters that mostly rely on trying to trick or surprise players, but are very quickly dealt with before slowly moving on to the next room that will try a new trick. The house itself being a character is another thing you can't really appreciate due to going through everything so fast. I can remember every scene in 1 and 2, and most of them in DS1, but can only remember a few bits and pieces of 3 and 2010. This isn't to say the beat 'em ups are bad though, they are great fun and still bring a lot of Splatterhouse to em, but they just don't have the same spirit.

8c5c94 No.15279920


If you can find a demo or something or gameplay footage I'd like to see how awful it could have been

e37d2a No.15279974

File: d5f7fa4c858c992⋯.gif (939.22 KB, 500x386, 250:193, 0cdee210a38f485d0f3c2c8de2….gif)


>There was a leaked version of the game floating around from just when the game changed hands

I can't find any info about this.

8d932d No.15279993



I actually remember hearing about this demo as well, it was a while ago and I cant seem to find anymore information on it.


I did find this site though with a bunch of old information.

538c8c No.15280039

File: e2401f51d439a2f⋯.jpg (126.55 KB, 920x1190, 92:119, never_forget.jpg)

File: 4a0cc8084266afd⋯.jpg (58.95 KB, 896x504, 16:9, Splatterhouse-Bottlerocket….jpg)


I am having trouble finding anything on it as well. Was gonna link West Mansion in case it had info on it, at least maybe having some decent coverage of the early development, but someone else already did. You might be able to find it on a 4chan /v/ archive though as I am fairly certain that is where I first heard of it.

I absolutely hate what I'm about to link, but it does give a pretty good insight into what happened. https://archive.is/GZsbx

Pics are the horrors that would have been if not for namco stepping in and getting shit in order.

e00431 No.15280084





Looked up this series and immediately had to fap to her. Glad to find out the direction things go after the first game.

538c8c No.15280087

File: 59a891264e0a5f3⋯.gif (9.35 KB, 123x200, 123:200, demon.gif)


>fapping to this

No matter how you re-package her, expired meat is still expired meat.

12f57e No.15281816


>That's not entirely correct. Devs that were originally making it were fucking up horribly and making something far worse than what we got. Namco didn't like this, kicked their shit off the project, and tried to salvage what was left. We would have got wigger zombies if things didn't change.

<wigger zombies

Absolutely disgusting


>I heard the very opposite, that they were making the game just fine and then namco lost faith in it and took it over, leading to the mess of a finale we got.At least the first 2/3 were pretty good.

Is there any footage of the WIP version?

I didn't know the game went through all that trouble and this definitely picked my curiosity

8d932d No.15281990


I never found the demo, but i did find this wall of text talking about how bandai namcos CEO thought mobile games were the future and they should just finish splatterhouse and throw it out the door.


shits fucked, Granted im willing to admit rocket bottle might have been incompetent as well but I am fairly certain namco is the bigger dickhead in this whole mess.

3fd290 No.15282045


But anon, dont you kill her and later resurect her in 2?

Then rick'o boy wouldnt be boning that but a restored version of her.

538c8c No.15282212


That article links to https://worthplaying.com/article/2010/1/14/news/71532/ which is what I was talking about.

>might have

They straight up lied about what they were making. This was the same case as what happened with Colonial Marines, except nobody cared since Splatterhouse isn't a big name. They showed everyone what they wanted to see, told em what they wanted to hear, then started fucking around and making a completely different game when nobody was looking.

12f57e No.15282515



>They straight up lied about what they were making. This was the same case as what happened with Colonial Marines, except nobody cared since Splatterhouse isn't a big name. They showed everyone what they wanted to see, told em what they wanted to hear, then started fucking around and making a completely different game when nobody was looking.

I finally read about it, basically the developers of nu-splatterhouse were the former developers of the "Mark of Kry" on PS2 and when Namco hired them, they told them specifically that they wanted a new Splatterhouse that was close in tone to the original trilogy and these fuckers instead wanted to develop another "Mark of Kry" with the same mechanics, ignoring completely what Namco told them, even after repeated calls.

It's a rare case of a company taking charge to fix the mess their developers were doing.

Nowadays companies put their hands in their developers' work only ruin it by injecting their cancer.


Those uppity developers deserved to get the boot, Namco tried to save the game but it was already too late, the damage was done.

ce0564 No.15282924

File: e522bfb77306c44⋯.png (26.4 KB, 185x208, 185:208, 1384198953431.png)


>being THIS fucking new

01c11b No.15282950

File: 228cf1aa49b88d4⋯.png (2.74 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Tomura's_creepy_smile.png)


>Not knowing BASED has been posted in this imageboard for a long time

What are you, a 14 year old kid?

12f57e No.15283178


>hey guise do i fit in?

You are trying way too hard

3823be No.15283304


anyone who unironically uses the word 'based' in such a way should unironically go back to cuckchan.

188645 No.15283934

File: b4a8570554a9bf2⋯.jpg (54.57 KB, 600x800, 3:4, ken-sama the gaijin samura….jpg)


202eae No.15284693

File: d403461c08405aa⋯.png (647.24 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4c6602ac96e8493⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1590x1088, 795:544, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8522505d60be7ea⋯.png (262.49 KB, 600x540, 10:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 88e9e371b8a902f⋯.png (265.36 KB, 474x650, 237:325, ClipboardImage.png)

I wonder what Japan likes so much about Jason's design anyways

part 2 is the only one I really enjoyed.

af279d No.15284915

File: d22dfa7d74c2143⋯.webm (5.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Splatterhouse - Splatter ….webm)


Splatterhouse 3 certainly shared that problem, but one of the things that isn't explicitly said is that a few of the combos and moves in the 2010 game will instantly kill an opponent.

>Light > Strong > Grab = slams opponent to the floor and they explode into chunks

>Any grab move = dead opponent and a weapon in your hand

>weapon in your hand + grab = dead opponent, even the irritating as fuck blue guys who cut your arms off

>fighting one of the tougher foes? Use a Splatter Strike (hold a shoulder button + light/strong to shred most of their heath off, kill nearly everything else around you and then you can splatter kill it)

The game has a fairly clear playout of how you can butcher everything you come across, but as with the ambiance, if you try to rush the game and not pay attention to the little things, it becomes a dull and boring experience.

af279d No.15284937

File: bcd8be1c7d7aad9⋯.jpg (122.59 KB, 548x750, 274:375, Splatterhouse 2 box.jpg)



>Splatterhouse 1

>Rick and Jen are in a storm and end up hiding in the West mansion

>Jen is abducted while Rick is injured and thrown into the dungeon

>the terror mask shows up and says "She doesn't have to die" and promptly gives you the power to kill anything in your way

>you kill your way through the mansion and finally find Jen, having some sort of ritual done to her by monsters

>she gets up and morphs into a monster

>you slap the monster around while Jen asks you to kill her in the brief moments she's human

>she eventually collapses and thanks you before she dissappears

>Rick, in his rage kills the "womb" of the house, which causes the mansion to erupt into flames and die

>Because hell on earth is about to erupt, the only way you can stop it is to finish summoning it and then kick it's ass

>Mask summons Hell Chaos and Rick proceeds to kick his ass and send him and all the monsters back to hell

>the mask seemingly breaks and Rick has failed his waifu quest

>the mask laughs at him

>Splatterhouse 2

>Rick has nightmares over what happens for a long time

>the mask shows up and tells him "She doesn't have to die"

>there was a SECOND mansion (the USA version says "go back to the house" since the knowledge that the first mansion burned down isn't well known)

>if Rick goes there he can save Jen

>Rick does and he butchers his way through everything in a quest to save his waifu

>even opens up a portal to hell, kicks the ass of everything that comes out of it and goes into it and pulls Jen out

>the second mansion falls apart, Rick kicks the ass of an octopus monster that sounds like Micheal Jackson, Rick kicks the ass of a fleshy monster that resembles one of the forms The Thing took, and finally gets to enjoy a sunset with Jen

>Splatterhouse 3

>Rick and Jen tied the knot and have a son

>some wizard fuck wants to use their Son in a ritual for ultimate power

>depending on what you do and how much time it takes, Jen may or may not die to boreworms, and your son may or may not be sacrificed to make the Wizard powerful (but not as powerful as the mask)

>if you save both of them, the Mask tries to take the power for it's self

>Rick has a mental battle with the Mask and Rick wins which causes the mask to "Die" again

Truly a waifu quest.

af279d No.15284951


Jason embodies a lot of what Japan likes in their scary creatures. Namely a Mask that obscures the face of a creature wielding an unusually large weapon.

8d932d No.15293857

bump because splatterhouse threads are rare.

ec2011 No.15293968

Might as well post the other good songs from the franchise.

Any info on the original developers and composer? Where are they now?


bc9a2c No.15298526


bc9a2c No.15298537

The game had great music.

bc9a2c No.15301851


3fd290 No.15301856




Geez man calm down, theres really not much to talk about.

538c8c No.15301892

File: cc9cee1bb45c58d⋯.jpg (102.7 KB, 539x734, 539:734, 39cd78166dcbfda7d9c59878bd….jpg)


I don't understand why its been getting threads over the past few months at all. It is as strange as something like a Kid Chameleon or Chuck Rock thread being posted repeatedly. Is Grandpa Rick just trying to remind us he's not dead yet, and we should visit him in the Namco Museum sometime before he kicks the bucket?

3fd290 No.15301901


I dont want rick-o to be dead, but sadly, thats the state of the series.

39d062 No.15301931


Somebody ran at least two Splatterhouse games last GDQ, that might have something to do with it.

a25a33 No.15302202


>tfw rick and guts need to team-up

3fd290 No.15302214


You think guts would team up with someone thats being possesed by a demon-mask?

a25a33 No.15302225


maybe, depends on the actions and motives of the demon in question are.

hell, hasn't it been alluded to that guts might be zodd's bastard?

3fd290 No.15302243


No, thats just a theory some people push, zodd and guts only share mutual respect.

000000 No.15303013

bc9a2c No.15303153


Nope, I just love Splatterhouse.

bc9a2c No.15303164


Yes, visit him in the Namco Museum.

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