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File: 2ff6e4a79071553⋯.png (27.65 KB, 900x315, 20:7, 2ff6e4a790715530a28fbcc70f….png)

File: 84254383dd1bd33⋯.png (12.07 KB, 550x398, 275:199, 84254383dd1bd338a83359d59d….png)

File: 533499bfe3ddb2b⋯.png (8.03 KB, 255x150, 17:10, 178e19f7bfc425108eedba31fa….png)

a620aa No.15271876

We only have so much time before the google caches and any sort of archives stop working. We can still save a lot out of Emuparadise.


Right now, there are (((google)))-cached versions of many download pages where you can still download the shit from

We need to get on this shit right fucking now, if we start coordinating we can have most of it backed up to anons and easily shared in share threads or some other archives at later times, but we have to fucking hurry

Focus on niche shit first, japanese versions, unusual shit that's hard to find and so on and move up to the more mainstream shit is what I'd recommend.

I'll get the PSX/PSP e-boots and neo geo shit going


Find a page you want to download from (if you don't see a ROM set or anything you're looking for, use an archive)

Use a search engine to look up the page you're trying to download from

Hit the little green arrow next to the search result that will say "cached"


And that's it for right now.

I got a Neo Geo ROM fullset and fan translations/hacks/patch fullset for the SNES so far, be sure to grab whatever you can, the more obscure, niche and hard to find the better

Anyone with the bandwidth and space should try to snag the biggest ones they can find

Godspeed lads

a620aa No.15271880

Be sure to be quick about it too, google caches only last so long

13e173 No.15271884

Anyone with fast internet?

a2882b No.15271915


gonna have to ask you to post links because startpage doesn't let you get that arrow niggy

e24ed1 No.15271926


It's a Jewgle thing.

a2882b No.15271932


grabbing dos fullset

a2882b No.15271997


never mind the torrent is completely dead rip

cfba82 No.15272021

ce4554 No.15272024


Thanks for the heads up, OP. I'll save as much as I can before everything is shoah'd. I should've known to buy more hard drives before something like this happened god damn it

9fc9fb No.15272031


Fuck off. Check out my dubs instead.

cfba82 No.15272036



0ca555 No.15272037

Did someone do this when dmupataduse took down all the Nintendo roms?

13e173 No.15272041

File: 66845688ef5476b⋯.png (38.46 KB, 619x825, 619:825, 78ae4b2a06c2e0c15b3d704514….png)


Oh god my fucking kidney hurts from laughing so hard at this sentence.

9fc9fb No.15272043


>if i do the le goy meme these 8channers will not call me out for being a redditor!!!!!

NYPA faggot

d03c58 No.15272054

There's already an older emuparadise thread with some of these instructions in it at >>15269882 which would be a better place to put all of this.

0e6de0 No.15273002


a620aa No.15273072

I've moved on to mainly downloading (mostly half-obscure/obscure) psp e-boots that are of interest to me now

1196f0 No.15273096

File: d57609d642e788d⋯.jpg (20.23 KB, 325x394, 325:394, how could God allow this.jpg)

>go to get the God Hand iso

>it's already gone

a620aa No.15273100

File: 58df8f423bbf579⋯.png (5.01 KB, 581x82, 581:82, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm downloading the U.S. version right now for you anon, its working fine for me.

I'll drop it in the vola after its done

e24ed1 No.15273102

File: 33b0ccc47c1b417⋯.jpg (36.22 KB, 600x610, 60:61, segatasanshiro.jpg)

Got all the Saturn isos I could grab, sadly some of the links weren't cashed so looks like Segata Sanshiro Shinkenyugi can't be grabbed.

1b2908 No.15273106


Why are you panicking trying to archive shit that had generally a poor track record of being reliable dumps when you could be hoarding proper sets?

13e173 No.15273110


Make a new link so retards don't ruin the old ones.

1196f0 No.15273148


Thanks pal. It gave me a "This game is unavailable" to me. Probably because I live in Euroland

a620aa No.15273154


I've not heard anything about Emuparadise's sets not being reliable though? Except maybe recently with Nintendo sets, maybe but those were just rumors with nothing else posted with them

edc109 No.15273155

File: 0c5b4deaa6f5c09⋯.jpg (205.08 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 0c5b4deaa6f5c0968e030f7630….jpg)



Hey pally, for the time being I'm just downloading what I need, but are you going for the full site-wide download? If so, can you tell us what you COULDN'T download, so that I try something else and if it works I'll let you know?

0da6d1 No.15273157

>just get home no idea what's going on

>check emuparadise read the post get bummed

>scroll down to see comments

>not even 5 comments in people are already saying Nintendo did nothing wrong

Every day I get more and more convinced that copyright law is one of the biggest evils of the modern world.

d8c007 No.15273166


>Every day I get more and more convinced that copyright law is one of the biggest evils of the modern world.

What part of it makes you not 100% convinced yet?

1196f0 No.15273172


The fact that the whole planet would become China.

d8c007 No.15273176


Sure thing schlomo

a620aa No.15273184


I don't have the autism, speed and bandwidth, or storage space to go for a full site-wide download sadly

Everyone should just get what they can and get out since it will likely all be gone within a few days, I've already had 1 or 2 things be unavailable for me


Nintendo shills are the worst, but most of the people I saw in that comment section earlier were shouting "Fuck Nintendo" from the rooftops, must've been a recent influx

5174e6 No.15273189

Copyright law wouldn't even be a problem if companies weren't spergs about it. If anything, turning a blind eye to people pirating your decades old games is good for business. It's free advertising for any new games you might put out. I would never have been introduced to a lot of things I ended up putting money into, if it weren't for piracy.

0da6d1 No.15273191


Fuck Nintendo was the top comment but like the 4th reply was "yeah how dare they protect their IP". Then they have to protect their IP or they will lose it. I'm pretty sure all of that protection stuff is mostly nonsense when it comes to piracy. I have never heard of anybody losing a copyright because somebody pirated a thing and they were not sued.

5174e6 No.15273192


They've done nothing morally wrong, but it's a spergy move on their part. Yeah, just go ahead an piss off your fans, that'll make them buy an NES mini.

edc109 No.15273201


Well I guess I'll just tell you what I wanted to try. Apparently you can't do shit with just the basic link because of the invalid referral problem, BUT, if some more /tech/ savvy anon could help, the page's source gives me this:

onClick='ga("send","event", "ROM", "Download", "Sega Genesis - Megadrive - 32X (GoodGen 3.00)");'

Do you think it could be possible to use that function via, I dunno, some code injection?

1f046e No.15273210


Yeah. They've been on a piracy rampage for a while. Even loveroms seems to have shutdown for good, even after they got rid of the nintendo stuff.

f500af No.15273212

File: de72204bc12c30b⋯.gif (942.24 KB, 253x216, 253:216, Kojima.gif)

>Try to download MGS2

>It is already gone

503fbc No.15273213


The MGS games have been gone for years.

9ed055 No.15273215



American copyright law is really at fault it seems then. I blame Disney for making copyright laws the monsters they are now.

1b2908 No.15273219


Well shit just for a few examples they still carry headered SNES stuff, disc image in retarded .bin/.ape or worse formats and fucking goodsets for when you just want that completely unfinished hack,incomplete dump that crashes halfway through the game or bootleg zoophilia cartdump for your GBA.

a620aa No.15273222

2c77f4 No.15273226

Go grab all the games you wanted to play while you can, but there's no sense in trying to archive emuparadise. The ROM dumping scene has been maintaining full verified console romsets for a very long time; google "no-intro some console" (or redump for disc-based systems) and you shouldn't have trouble finding anything.

d77c16 No.15273229

I have the full pack of DS games from Emuparadise if no one else has it yet. It's all unzipped from the 64 individual packs into one. I'm repacking it now, though it will take a while, it's 300 gigs.

Looking for a good place to host it.

0da6d1 No.15273235


Disney extends the length I cannot see them being responsible for the protection stuff. Even if they didn't need to protect their copyrights they could still take shit down easily. This just limits copyright in some nebulous way. The only benefit they get from it is a smokescreen when they do it which doesn't even matter because the vast majority don't even care.

f500af No.15273237

9ed055 No.15273238


I think the laws need to be reformed into something sensible.

13dcb7 No.15273244


How about we reform it so that copy right only last as long as patents do.

So if your content is 20 years of age or older it becomes public domain.

9dc5c3 No.15273247

File: 895c4edf6d91931⋯.png (6.34 KB, 364x126, 26:9, downloads.png)


I am downloading the files right now, just in case it takes too long for you.

9ed055 No.15273250


Or reform it so that IP holders don't risk losing their IP whenever someone makes a fan game.

0da6d1 No.15273263


I don't think anyone thinks otherwise.


If anything that is too long but I can accept that.


Yeah if there is a hard-limit on when it expires they should not need to keep enforcing their copyright.

5174e6 No.15273266


We need a "don't be a fucking sperg" clause.

cfba82 No.15273277

Could somebody save the old PC roms? I can't atm and I had a bunch of stuff I meant to save.

4ad170 No.15273284

You dumb niggers do realize there is more than one source for ROMs on the internet, right?

e58593 No.15273293


>You dumb niggers download malware like me.


Unless it's some trusted torrent no regular site was as good.

0da6d1 No.15273295

Back when Underground Gamer existed I had the entire Saturn and Dreamcast catalogues backed up on a hard drive. After they got shut down though the hard drive failed and I couldn't recover anything I am still really bummed out about it.

cfba82 No.15273301

File: 0e8b57cc4c2b0c0⋯.png (85.96 KB, 253x250, 253:250, Tschüss, Juden.png)


Yeah, but Emuparadise was one of the best. No bullshit, guaranteed virus-free and easy-to-find obscure roms.

0da6d1 No.15273306


Yeah emuparadise was a stable whenever I needed anything I could always just grab something from them. They even had really decent download speeds.

15c0fe No.15273310


is there such a thing as getting a virus from running a rom via emulator?

80266f No.15273317

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

001983 No.15273326

Use IPFS to host this shit or else you people like to lose stuff.

d77c16 No.15273328


Most other rom sites try to get you to download an .exe installer for the rom, I'm not fucking kidding. I don't know what's in them, and I don't care to find out.

06b8d8 No.15273329


Some roms are coded with something called access violation exception that gives you a window popup and tries to trick you into sending a report with your credit card info. I had this happened to me twice so I reinstalled windows to be safe.

a620aa No.15273347


Uploading it to the /v/ola now, my upload speed is not great so expect it within an hour or so


Thanks friend, its greatly appreciated


>Old PC roms

Like what? You mean the PC engine? or are you talking like DOS stuff?


Jesus christ, nice work anon

I'll try to find any good places that would be able to host something like that, though you might want to split those into several .zips of 50/25 GB or so each for feasible downloads

for now people would probably just appreciate a torrent or something


I feel like these are relatively minor issues at the end of the day, but you bring a fair and good point regardless especially if there's better ones out there

d77c16 No.15273355


I'll try to split it up into six or so packs instead, I suppose. Probably a better load off my computer too.

know any good torrent sites with quick registration? I just use fucking pirate bay for everything

cfba82 No.15273390


DOS, they had loads of great DOS games.

1b2908 No.15273405


One can forge a ROM in a specific way to gain code execution on any machine, for now only ZSNES and VBA have properly documented ways of doing that but it's more a case of people not looking for it than it not being a problem in other emulators.

5943a7 No.15273427


It's great that you're doing this, but you need to start thinking further down the road. Start archiving everything from other places and making collections in multiple locations for anons to access (IPFS, torrent, DDL, etc. ). Over reliance on these sites are just going to bite you all in the ass since based on this thread and the other one there are anons that aren't very knowledgeable on sites to pirate from, so when big sites like this go down people start freaking out.

1b2908 No.15273430


Just type eXoDOS in your favorite search engine, you'll have all the DOS shit you could ever want, that and Win3xO are the two biggest collection for that.

a620aa No.15273450

File: 8f2853976653cce⋯.png (61.88 KB, 983x555, 983:555, ClipboardImage.png)

God Hand is up on the /v/ola


You're right. No arguments there.


TPB is fine for right now especially since it will get it out to the most people; I'll try to think of some other options though of course



This is way too big for me to download unfortunately, if some other wants to take up the torch on this one please feel free to


Eh? Post caps

001983 No.15273461


quoting my own post so u nerds see this shit *dabs* *Adabs* asdkwrSAklssssssssssssssssaf

fd40e8 No.15273471

I was thinking of a law where if a movie/videos game/book/whatever is not available for sale for a certain period of time, it is legal to download for free or copy and distribute unless it goes back up for sale. This way nintendo cant sit on 30 year old roms that people physically cant buy and it lets shit like old abandonware be legal to distribute.

0e19ae No.15273473


> /v/ola

May I ask what this is?

I grabbed God Hand from the cache thankfully but it'd be good to have a resource to hit up in case I feel nostalgic for any other PS2 games.

d77c16 No.15273474


Considering that you technically can buy it on the NES Classic, I'm sure that would be considered good enough.

fd40e8 No.15273479


True, but it still has to be able to be bought, and if the nes classic runs out of stock for lets say 3 years, then it goes back to being pirateable legally. If nintendo really wants to shut down these sites, they would need to have a way to purchase the roms.

a620aa No.15273485


Look in the share thread OP

Just this once though:


d77c16 No.15273486


Pretty sure their online thing will be out by then, and if it's the Netflix-tier system that it sounds like, I still think it counts. I absolutely agree with you, but any laws like this will simply be circumvented. The only thing that would happen is Nintendo getting more efficient at virtual console or it's replacement.

1196f0 No.15273492


Downloading God Hand right now, thanks pal.

0e19ae No.15273494


Thanks based anon. I have some PS2 iso's backed up that I could put up. I'm VPN-less at the moment tho.

ce4554 No.15273509

File: 6abde3254f7e4e0⋯.png (221.48 KB, 600x690, 20:23, e6c5f339e4d52709ccc6ab3e0a….png)

At least 50gb worth of gcn/ps1 vidya already downloaded. Hopefully these caches last a while longer because there is much to be done. Today I've also learned how insultingly tiny the library of games for gamecube actually was

4f390d No.15273511


>If anything that is too long but I can accept that.

The limit cannot stand without stipulations. For example you cannot be permitted to hold a copyright for 20 years and in all that time produce NOTHING with it. I would say after 5 years of inactivity you should be forced to sell or use the copyright, and if no buyer can be found for it the copyright enters into a probationary state held by the government. Copyrights in this state are not public domain, but are essentially available for anybody to purchase at public auction for practically nothing.

The ultimate goal of copyright is to protect and foster the product itself, NOT the creator. Creators who fail to produce anything with their copyright are guilty of copyright infringement by way of neglect.

c92b1c No.15273512

>Nintendo destroyed emuparadise

>Kikes destroyed paradise

f48aa5 No.15273513

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

goddamn it nintendo, you've finally ruined everything

fd40e8 No.15273517


You know, if nintendo actually had a way to pay money to play their old games they would have a very very slight justification for pulling this shit but they take down all the roms for their old games that they dont even allow anyone to get legally anymore. Its fucking bullshit.

c7cc77 No.15273519


For reference, there's a link to a torrent in one of the share thread OP links that has pretty much every single PSX game and it is well seeded.

49fdc5 No.15273525

File: d88baccd1cc36af⋯.jpg (43.67 KB, 642x361, 642:361, Got Milk.jpg)

Do you people have complete repository of NDS, GBA, PS1/2 & SNES games, fellas?

a620aa No.15273529


No problem


Keep in mind that volafile is meant to be an "on the fly" file-sharing system rather than a permanent archive, everything gets purged after 2 days so anyone can upload there and not have to worry about being chased down or anything and be fine. You should let the share thread or here know what you're sharing though so people can grab it before it expires and whatnot

I'm still trying to find more permanent solutions for hosting large amounts of content though; you can always try IPFS and whatever other shit anons suggest for that though


Good job faggot, keep up the good work

d77c16 No.15273531


I'm working on packaging the 6400 DS roms right now, will have it up as soon as I can. The first 1000 is ready.

d8c007 No.15273533


Do you have NTSC-J stuff?

0e19ae No.15273540


Nope, USA only, sorry J-anon.

d8c007 No.15273549


Damn. I'm looking for Tales of the Abyss in jap, why is it so hard to find? If there's an undub someone must have it

49fdc5 No.15273566


Link them when you're done. I'm craving for some DQ9 and Order of Ecclesia. If only there's a decent DS emulator around. God damn it.

0e19ae No.15273579

I've got a bunch of PS2 RPG's queued up in jdownloader right now. Mods should really sticky this so we can co-ordinate backing this bitch up.

a620aa No.15273584


I'll upload an undub to the /v/ola for you anon. Look there within a few hours or tomorrow

1ab438 No.15273590


Nintendo had nothing to do with this

e0c861 No.15273595


download Dual Hearts, it shall not be forgotten

49fdc5 No.15273596


Actually, they did. When they sued LoveROMs for housing their 1st party games, Emuparadise's balls shrunk and deleted everything, including that's not even Nintendo-made games. In short, they're still at fault. Fuck you. Kill yourself. End your life already. Put a bullet up your fucking head!

d8c007 No.15273599


Don't bother, I can find the undub pretty easily. I just meant that if an undub was made then the jap version should also be accessible but I guess not

1ab438 No.15273615


>Actually, they did. When they sued LoveROMs for housing their 1st party games, Emuparadise's balls shrunk and deleted everything,

Sounds like Emuparadise's fault to me for being run by spineless people. Quit being autistic.

0e19ae No.15273621

Added to the list for you

a620aa No.15273635



The lawsuit ninty used against loveroms was ridiculous, I think it ended up being billions or trillions of dollars total, not including that they also wanted the sources on all the downloads

0da6d1 No.15273639


Nintendo charged and sued the loveroms guys so emuparadise took everything down in case they tried to do the same to them. This is specifically because of Nintendo. I don't even remember the last time anybody besides Nintendo shut down ROM sites.

97c861 No.15273641

I have 2722 NES games. They total 164MB compressed, 566MB uncompressed. Do I need to upload it somewhere or is it available elsewhere?

a620aa No.15273647


upload it to the /v/ola and post in the share thread if you don't mind anon, for right now quick and dirty is fine

ce4554 No.15273664

Since we're on the topic of archiving stuff, any suggestions for some decent hard drives to store all this vidya on? I'd guess multiple smaller ones is the way to go external or not I'm not sure if that matters. Any names to avoid when buying?

5b6b36 No.15273668


And again: Just because Nintendo did something against one site doesn't mean they need to be blamed for others being pansy ass faggots.


>I don't even remember the last time anybody besides Nintendo shut down ROM sites

Sony and SEGA have attacked ROM and emulator sites before.

49fdc5 No.15273670



Link them please.

320994 No.15273673

d697e9 No.15273701

That feel when romsets are the main reason why digital storage is so expensive, and the prices never go down. Because they want only the rich to have access to such resources when they want.

49fdc5 No.15273706


Thanks anon.

1b7af2 No.15273709

at least coolrom is still a thing

b7291e No.15273711


That requires manipulating law makers who are already getting fuck tons of money from Jewish company's like Disney. The only way copyright law will become better is with an over taking of the government tbh.

86bcda No.15273713



77f485 No.15273721




I blame faggots with no Tact, tbh.

f3fbbf No.15273723

Could anyone post some full romset torrents? I've had some trouble finding them

86bcda No.15273725


Is that what happened?

d697e9 No.15273726

Now, why aren't you downloading the latest NO INTRO romset?

77f485 No.15273738


Loveroms kicked this mess of, they had emulation in browser, and ADS on site.

They get reamed with a HUGE lawsuit (which is really just to spook em) Emu was untouched, but took shit down as a precaution.

a620aa No.15273741


I don't remember loveroms having anything like that, think that was something else that also happened very recently

yeah it was github


5b6b36 No.15273742

0da6d1 No.15273743


That is probably a large part of it but EU's copyright laws have gotten a hell of a lot stronger. The guy who ran emuparadise is Indian so he probably wasn't worried about himself but other contributors were probably getting spooked. I mean blackcats-games got their servers and domain seized and the admins were sent to jail in the UK. I think the guy who was hacking the shit out of Denuvo until last week is also facing jail time.

5b6b36 No.15273748


Loveroms did have ads and in-browser emulators. That github hosts Javascript files that these in-browser emulators use that contain the ROM data for some games

d77c16 No.15273753

Seems like Pirate Bay's uploader is down again. Good alternatives?

0da6d1 No.15273754


This shit is beyond ridiculous emulators have precedent protecting since back in the 90s. Which protected a PSX emulator from Sony while the PSX was their current console. The idea that they have the right to take down a fucking Game Boy emulator where even the hardware itself is legally cloneable now is fucking insane.

d77c16 No.15273758


The emulator in question came with actual roms in the pack, I think.

5b6b36 No.15273762


You're a fucking idiot, I just explained that it wasn't the emuilator they were trying to take down it was the ROMs that were packed within the Javascript executable for the in-browser emulator.

0da6d1 No.15273777


Calm you tits I missed your post.

5b6b36 No.15273793


You're also fucking stupid for not reading the article >>15273741 posted where it says

>The repository in question offered JavaScript-powered versions of many popular titles including Advance Wars, Dragon Ball Z, Super Mario Advance, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, and Legend of Zelda.

ffff88 No.15273806

Grabbing Amiga, I guess

0da6d1 No.15273827


Oh no god forbid I badmouthed Nintendo for DMCAing 30 year old rom files that people refuse to sell. Even if I was wrong and they have the right to take down roms being distributed. I still wholehardedly disagree with companies DMCAing decades old video games.

5b6b36 No.15273829

NES/SNES Gundam games up on vola

97c861 No.15273856



I put it in the vola.

4e96c1 No.15273863

File: 91f9b5111540322⋯.jpg (598.63 KB, 771x1157, 771:1157, 1401318172220.jpg)

Last year, I started going through EmuParadise and other sites and downloading all the games off the recommended images, though mostly just the stuff I thought seemed best or most interesting to me. Everything up to the PS1 era is easy enough to get in huge batches, but once you hit PS2, downloads are slower, download limits can fuck you over, and sometimes it's just not easy to find certain games. My thought process was that, sooner or later, ROM sites would start getting shut down. Some bullshit law would kick in, or some legal department would finally get the right vector to C&D the shit out of these places… I hate being right. I also hate that I stopped downloading and backing up shit to my bunker drive months ago.

21a373 No.15273869

Just a PSA to not use winrar because it fucking sucks and 7z is better. Don't care how the backing up goes, I'm unaffected by it.

0e19ae No.15273880


I'm picking up the slack on the PS2 front right now. Going through and grabbing RPG's first, then moving onto other genres and skimming the recommended charts to see if there's anything I missed. I have a couple of TB's to spare here so I'm just copying links like a fucking madman right now

ffff88 No.15273894


Aside from redundant physical copies, what else can you do to ensure your backups say intact?

4e96c1 No.15273910


Other than keeping them on a relatively new external drive that gets little use outside of stashing files on it. No form of storage media is made to last forever, but you can at least use something that will last you long enough to transfer it to something else that's more reliable, later on. I'm not building a time capsule here, after all. Just trying to ensure that if I ever want to play these old games that I don't have to shell out to some shitty company that poorly ported them to Steam and demands 60 dollarydoos for them even though no one at that company worked on the games.

9c7306 No.15273932

File: 258e1ac3ead5f7b⋯.jpg (19.16 KB, 500x346, 250:173, 258.jpg)



how does it feel being retarded OP?

Regardless, there are already complete ROM sets for most consoles on torrent sites. Companies can't take those down. Everything is moving towards a decentralized model

I also want to call you retarded for downloading through your browser and not using a program dedicated for downloading shit off the internet like Curl but I'm not sure if Emuparadise lets you.

0e19ae No.15273946


I think EP errors you if you try to DL more than one file at a time unless you're premium, which I think is kinda moot at this point anyway.

13e173 No.15273951


>Nintendo did something

Nintendo will do it again, literally the only reason these people willingly shut the site down.

a620aa No.15273954



Nice job m8s


I was getting up to 4 files downloading at once earlier today, but now its limiting me to 2 at a time it seems

97c861 No.15273978


In my experience Emuparadise made you do some stupid captcha before it gave a download link, I think that was also only temporary. It could be downloaded with something like wget, but it didn't get the right filename.

0e19ae No.15273989


I'm using jdownloader on all the cache'd links I've dredged and I've had good success so far

61999f No.15274002

File: 0cc66ad4879b1d6⋯.jpg (105.28 KB, 422x599, 422:599, Kowloon Youma Gakuenki re-….jpg)


Heads up, TIZ has some JP only PS2 RPG called "Kowloon Youma Gakuenki re-charge". Probably not of that much use or interest to those that don't know moon, but on the other hand from what I remember, Emuparadise never even had that one, at least as a stand-alone download. Not sure if it's any good, but I had gotten curious about if anyone had bothered uploading it after seeing some anon mention it in a thread. Might be worth grabbing for posterity if you're attempting "full sets" for the PS2 (which would likely be easier to do if split into major genres, if you ask me).


Nico's retro split site (in that older games were moved to a different domain) has both USA English dub and USA patched JP dub for Abyss. Checked TIZ as well, but they only have it in English. Also, their site's being really fucking slow; I doubt they're well equipped to absorb that much of EP's former traffic.

Also, if you're a moonspeaking Tales fan, I do hope you got Destiny 2, Rebirth, Destiny: Director's Cut, and NDX in some format already, and maybe some of the other escort titles we didn't get (Radiant Mythology 3, for example), as well as Eternia/Destiny II, considering the former ones are JP only and the latter is expensive as fuck (US anyhow; PSP port was brought to Europe but not NA) and has no PSN version on any region's storefront. JP versions of Eternia should also be considered, on the off chance someone down the line wants to use it to rip the skits and translate them back into the western versions.


I remember an anon on cuck/vr/ years ago lamenting that his local area had not one copy of the game, because no one had even cared to order it out there (assuming any knew about it to begin with). Makes me wonder if he ever got around to actually getting it, be it ordering online, or pirating. Regardless, it's still at TIZ for the time being.

>Back cover tagline is "Two worlds in peril, one unforgettable duo."

>But people can't forget what they never knew about to begin with.

I swear I've only ever seen about three copies where I live, and this area has a surprising amount of interest towards niche games in my experiences.


Surprising how the normalfag friendly mind operates. I remember when share threads here were getting links 404ed hard, only for some to find that lurking normalfags had been sharing links on their faceberg pages for their fellow normalfag friends, as if that isn't location prime for material being flagged.

a620aa No.15274009

Dropping a few random PS1 RPGs and other shit into the /v/ola and Path of Radiance

d77939 No.15274022

Has Archive Team been notified? Are they doing anything?

0e19ae No.15274030


I'm focusing mostly on NA releases as it's of most interest to me. I don't know moonrunes so I'm skipping over anything that doesn't have a translation patch.

45b02c No.15274035


>that they dont even allow anyone to get legally anymore without costing an arm and a leg



Or the judges in charge of the new copyright extension case have the balls to state how ridiculous it is.

d8c007 No.15274044

Found this folder of PS2 isos including japanese ones https://1fichier.com/dir/uExVcS2h

Jdownloader seems to work, it's slow though unless you have a (((premium))) account

1b2908 No.15274051


You can significantly speed shit up with just a free account though.

d8c007 No.15274058


I did try making one right now but the confirmation email won't come

d8c007 No.15274066


Nevermind, the account is working. what

0e19ae No.15274070


Someone grab Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter 2 from it, google pruned the emuparadise dl links from the results, can't get a cache.

4c5789 No.15274073


IIRC I have Monster Hunter in my PS2 HDD.

13dcb7 No.15274083

61999f No.15274088

File: 864d508e368b70f⋯.png (236.58 KB, 664x510, 332:255, monster hunter.png)


CDR has both, as well as the Japanese version of MH2.

2e5e4e No.15274094


That's a good site. It also has some interesting videos about chemtrails.

1196f0 No.15274095


You can find MHFU, P3rd and I think P2G in the monhun general.

21a373 No.15274096


just bought premium for 6 euros, aint waiting 30 minutes. pretty solid.

d5c160 No.15274117


How do you not own a copy of this already? Shit, I could rip a copy myself.

bd44cc No.15274125

File: 401e18879f980ac⋯.png (9.71 KB, 554x135, 554:135, wtf.PNG)

I have pirated for years, but never saw something like this, so I have to ask, what the fuck are those codes and how do you use them, and yes I am a fucking faggot for asking to be spoonfed.

a620aa No.15274132


>638 TB

JEsus christ, what the hell?

1b2908 No.15274140


*2.638 TB.

0e19ae No.15274143


2.638 TB

1196f0 No.15274144


>PS2 Collection

A lot of vidya.

1b2908 No.15274146


Remove the "-", you should be able to figure out the rest yourself.

64b434 No.15274151


Shit I'm gonna have to break for a new hard drive for that.

61999f No.15274152



Careful, you'll get people more focused on arguing about than actually working on backing shit up/uploading/finding alternative sites with shit. But yes, MGS2, Sons of Liberty original anyhow, is cheap and easy as fuck to find these days if one actually wants a copy.


>ATII Relocalization Beta


You can ignore that particular one now; game's seen a full patch release since then. Does need the US original ISO as a base. Just saying.


1b2908 No.15274166


Also regarding that patch

PCSX2 doesn't support it properly last I checked

Basically the game requires a CRC hack to work, that CRC hack is applied if the .elf matches the CRC, this patch changes that so the hack isn't applied anymore and you can't change that without manually modifying the source and compiling yourself.

bd44cc No.15274170


Is there a tutorial on how to do that?

2e5e4e No.15274171


Read the fucking share thread OP. They obfuscate stuff for the reasons mentioned at the end of >>15274002

282932 No.15274172

File: b06a9494aa59db2⋯.png (600.71 KB, 1829x550, 1829:550, Archive games.PNG)


>Careful, you'll get people more focused on arguing about than actually working on backing shit up/uploading/finding alternative sites with shit.

Acquiring and archiving the physical copies of games is important too (Arguably much more so) because, unlike ROMs and ISOs where you can endlessly make copies of them, you will have (((collectors))) who search out and destroy products to increase the "value" of their collection. Regardless…


f9ce99 No.15274176


>I don't have a credit card so I'm fucked. Good on you though, it's actually pretty cheap

868291 No.15274177


what happened?

a620aa No.15274183


emuparadise shoah'd itself because Nintendo's been taking extreme action lately against rom sites (possibly against them in secret too)

their shutting down right as an extremely high profile nintendo direct comes along is almost too suspicious, but that's just my opinion

c26dc9 No.15274184

I've got some odds and ends, not much but I've got a lot of mecha games

1b2908 No.15274185


Nope, shouldn't be super hard though, find where the CRC hack are listed, search the ATII CRC, replace with patched CRC, compiling is the easy part.

a620aa No.15274186


bost 'em

64b434 No.15274188

File: 4d19b150dcbe661⋯.png (205.08 KB, 468x345, 156:115, 4d19b150dcbe661bc36c42eae4….png)

any other sites can I pick roms off of?

6fadaa No.15274189

File: 1a3c682bd9ddbe7⋯.gif (785.9 KB, 269x201, 269:201, ae4d6ffb43855dff84148b5227….gif)

I went to try to download some gcn games and it's a no go all of them say it's unavailable. If you guys got any obscure games that you'd like to archive I got a spare HDD with around 500 GB on my PC at the moment I just bought it a few months ago and can use it for now until I get an external at some point

61999f No.15274195


That's odd. I'm pretty sure the patch creators said they'd double checked that it worked on every means of play at the time before releasing their finalized patch, and checking the comments for a few articles on their site, there's no claims of it not working in PCSX2. Any chance a more recent update to the emulator might have broken it or something?

f9ce99 No.15274198


I managed to download tales of symphonia (J) from the forums a couple hours ago

c26dc9 No.15274200


I will in a bit

in the meantime

I noticed this when trying to grab a few more I don't have. If a way can be found to access the download server directly you could just rip through everything and go straight to the server hosting them, after all if the DLs are still going then the server hosting the files is still there, just the links removed.

If a smart enough anon can punch a hole then we'll be set till the server itself is taken down

1b2908 No.15274210


Well nevermind, issue existed at some point but was resolved while I wasn't looking


a620aa No.15274218


some anons have got them pretty much fully downloaded, request them in the share threads is what I'd recommend

I tried downloading an example one and it worked fine, did you do the google cache trick?


Yeah that's what I figured, I just have no idea how to go about it

868291 No.15274220

File: 46494ffdccb4be5⋯.gif (5.22 KB, 170x214, 85:107, Chiyo_chichi.gif)


>tfw I ignored mainstream society and "the gaming industry" for two months to enjoy retro shit and the greedy bastards are now trying to get rid of the last thing that i enjoy

I want to burn something.

e2bc1e No.15274226

File: 5086f6f57d3d947⋯.png (9.54 KB, 668x108, 167:27, the goods.PNG)

I downloaded this a long time ago, but I suppose this is as good a time as any to upload and share it:


Atari 2600 Goodset. 2687 Atari 2600 ROMS, and it all fits in 3.7MB.

6fadaa No.15274229


I don't know how to do that can you tell me how?

I'm dumb I know

186495 No.15274243

File: d789e702dce62b2⋯.jpg (24.54 KB, 365x519, 365:519, Elf's face when she realiz….jpg)


I know that there are some M-Disk like Blue rays that hold about 50-100 GBs each. Too bad they require $100+ burners to write to them.

029939 No.15274244


Burn Nintendo of America and NISA.

ce4554 No.15274245

File: 49c78a600c7b748⋯.jpg (35.81 KB, 355x327, 355:327, 0218f59d0fd3ae24530ca4aa23….jpg)


>only for some to find that lurking normalfags had been sharing links on their faceberg pages for their fellow normalfag friends

holy fuck, how do people like that even manage to get on a site like this and still use facebook in such a stupid fucking way you're blowing my mind right now

868291 No.15274246



a620aa No.15274247

File: 9ad34fe82e55033⋯.png (48.77 KB, 1516x841, 1516:841, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5999038ade20440⋯.png (75.84 KB, 1764x775, 1764:775, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ba72b9d64fdb783⋯.png (72.57 KB, 1594x560, 797:280, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 87c024ec1af029d⋯.png (160.8 KB, 1666x906, 833:453, ClipboardImage.png)


Very nice one m8, saved


copy the link address of the direct download link of the iso you want to save, paste it into google and use the cached version of the site

Here's a quick step by step example

1b2908 No.15274248


You really don't wanna rely on goodsets for that system, considering there's a guy who spends his free time making his own publicly available set


6fadaa No.15274251


Oh thanks that's perfect I'll give it a try

282932 No.15274260

File: 5fd75c24c549162⋯.mp4 (301.41 KB, 320x240, 4:3, startrek_Q_'Don't_Provoke_….mp4)


Anon, the famous Qanon posts his email in every post he makes, which links to his Facebook with his real name, address, and everything. In addition, you have boomers that mindlessly follow him with the same exact level of competency.

6fadaa No.15274264

File: 30646d4cb0b46c0⋯.png (16.47 KB, 783x418, 783:418, eh.png)



So when I copy link location and then paste it into google, google shows absolutely nothing like I'm trying to grab P.N.03 because I can and I just get this

bd44cc No.15274268

File: 6789169409a5528⋯.png (3.06 KB, 471x41, 471:41, I am too retarded.PNG)

File: f8ef407467b9d08⋯.png (39.39 KB, 621x487, 621:487, deluge.PNG)

File: 20b5a1b0dcbc25b⋯.png (7.31 KB, 446x117, 446:117, deluge2.PNG)


I still don't get it, the OP mentioned magnet links and removing "_" symbols, so I ended up with pic2 and pic3, but I still don't get what's with the #%, I tried putting them together, removing and leaving the # , % symbols, tried without the magnet part, also tried using it as an infohash, but I don't know how those work. I can't figure this shit out.

4031d6 No.15274271

Please sticky this thread Mark, we need as many anons as we can get on this.

a620aa No.15274278


Oh fuck. I guess that one was too obscure or untouched to even show up on jewgle; everything I've downloaded to this point has showed up except that one, looks like you'll have to use another site for it

That or tolerate the european version


No idea about any differences or anything with it

1b2908 No.15274281


remove the https:// part and add cache: instead

6fadaa No.15274287


This worked thanks. Time to find more

a620aa No.15274292


Oh shit, nice

655aef No.15274298

Thanks a lot Nintenjew.

868291 No.15274300

Sorry guy's I wish I could help but my Internet speed isn't exactly great

a620aa No.15274310


just downloading anything you would want from the site helps out anon, it gets it on more computers and whatnot and makes everyone stronger for it

Older games (especially 16 bit era and older) have much smaller filesizes as well so that's something to keep in mind too if there's anything there you care about but again, just getting what you want before it all comes crashing down helps as well

6fadaa No.15274311

Give me titles of games to grab I'm drawing massive blanks here

d77c16 No.15274315

Sorry guys, internet is a massive pain in the ass. I'll have to repack a bunch of shit tomorrow to cut down the file sizes, so I could actually upload shit somewhere.

Just know that DS games are safe, I'll get them to you eventually, hopefully tomorrow.

a620aa No.15274322

File: c12cab99a8312e9⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 1675x4607, 1675:4607, gamecue chart.jpg)

File: a3e529820fad2be⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 1600x3500, 16:35, gamecube chart2.jpg)


assuming you're getting gamecube shit still, these might help I guess

6fadaa No.15274325


Okay I'll download whatever I figure. Got any lists for older stuff?

I got a bunch of nes, sega genesis, and gameboy roms at least

282932 No.15274332

File: 50708d14ebfb07b⋯.png (54.55 KB, 591x430, 591:430, ClipboardImage.png)

Not exactly from EMuparadise, but I have some of my own ROMs and ISOs backed up (Some backed up myself, others downloaded from other places around the net). Anywhere I can post them? They are NOT complete sets. Just random games I own or have interest in.

868291 No.15274335


Ii suppose I can make a few rom-set's tomorrow…

a620aa No.15274339


ideally you'd be able to upload them to a permanent/hosted site like Mega and drop that in the share thread so that its permanently archived for anyone looking for them; leaving them in the vola or torrent is fine for now but uploading them anywhere it can be seen also helps as well

282932 No.15274341

a620aa No.15274343


unfortunately I got nothing older than genesis/snes in terms of charts


That's fine, yes

d77c16 No.15274345

File: 80521e711e8fd6f⋯.png (168.58 KB, 428x744, 107:186, ClipboardImage.png)

Letting this run for the night.

Gonna probably host them on several Mega accounts, assuming I still can't get torrents to work properly.

a620aa No.15274355


Fukken amazing, doing god's work mate

0e19ae No.15274357

I got 136 links queued in jdownloader of every PS2 RPG available that I can get my hands on, even shit that nobody really wants. Keep this thread alive anons, we need to work together to get a backup going.

e2bc1e No.15274358

File: 73cff19d38597f0⋯.jpg (37.4 KB, 531x407, 531:407, kractivate_it.jpg)

If you want to help download romsets, start here:


So far the cached links on these are still live.


Does anyone have archive-tan images saved? I can't find her online but I would really like to archive her.

d501a5 No.15274361

File: 6a081e231d2e799⋯.jpg (138.17 KB, 555x970, 111:194, 9009c44c60b5c1ec2d763083fd….jpg)


It's kinda surreal having whole catalogs sitting on external hardrives and knowing probably 80% of the games are garbage.

1b2908 No.15274364

Well I was about to try and get a basic no-intro set on my VPS to seed but I just found a decently good set elsewhere


4e8360 No.15274370


Their older stuff (everything up to 5th gen) is fine, but their PS2 and Gamecube sections are full of bad dumps and quite a few of their GBA games have intros.

e24ed1 No.15274371


And if you get a 404 then? Totally fucked right?

fddae7 No.15274373

File: 4be9e16e2a81e0c⋯.jpg (7.27 KB, 187x269, 187:269, 200 nice.jpg)

To all of the people backing this shit up… Thank you.

61999f No.15274374


Mainstream media attention, I'd most wager. Also doesn't help that Wheelzebub welcomed reddit rapefugees to come here with open arms, and I'd suspect some simply can't give up shit like faceberg, let alone their own tastes in vidya/anime/posting style/etc.


Depending on who you ask, you shouldn't trust any of those images to begin with.


You cross checking that you've got fan-translated ones too? If so, it could also be more useful to also look for both the base JP versions of those ones as well, just incase someone down the line makes an update (usually those being built with access to the raw file in mind, rather than stacking over an existing patch).

1b2908 No.15274377


Yeah, I think there are other caching services but couldn't name them off the top of my head outside of archive.org

c26dc9 No.15274380


Don't blame hotwheels, blame the fact people didn't chase them away nor did people like Mark or Imturkroach allowed them and lead to the state they were (for /pol/) and are in (for /v/)

I have a few DOS games because a few DLs from emuparadise aren't broken shitty uploads

d501a5 No.15274382


I did it like 3 years ago, I am just double checking everything right now for the sake of share threads and too see if it all works.

0e19ae No.15274384


No fan-trans, USA only. Only one I remember had a trans patch was Front Mission 5.

Got a link to a decent patch list? Is romhacking the norm?

868291 No.15274386


this. god bless

e24ed1 No.15274388


Sure, and the odds they'd have that specific page captured are low (doubly so given it's just old japanese roms). Oh well, I'm sure I'll find them elsewhere, I really should find a redump for the Saturn.

a620aa No.15274389


Pretty much, yeah

d501a5 No.15274392



Is romhack dot net still up?

1b2908 No.15274396


>I really should find a redump for the Saturn.


Hope you have Jdownloader

d501a5 No.15274397


It's still up, just looks different.

61999f No.15274400


>trans patch

Should just say translation, given the state of things (I know there's some games that have genderswap patches, probably a few tranny ones as well).

>Got a link to a decent patch list?

RHDN should have a list for English and other languages, but I'll double check and see if they're missing anything I know of. Sometimes they're slow to update once something's come out, and at times they won't host patches themselves between filesize issues at points (AT2 up there has a 1.6GB patch, size mostly from full undub and restored content Japan didn't even get) and respect for creator desires ("muh pageviews").

67cf91 No.15274405

Are there any JP exclusive games from the 6th gen that I should have? I'm learning nip but won't even be on the vidya level for another 2 years.

e24ed1 No.15274411


I do, thanks.

0e19ae No.15274418


I know, it's late, I'm tired.

There's only 14 listings for fully playable translation patches on PS2, grabbing the ones that aren't already on a US release

c26dc9 No.15274419


most if not all SRW games

Anything Gundam

e24ed1 No.15274432


Damn, it wants a password and if it's there I don't speak enough moon to see it.

0e19ae No.15274436


A couple of the Japan-exclusive ones are only on this one here


PS2 Archiver protip: If you wanted to double up you could pick between this and EP to grab goodies.

61999f No.15274439



Yeah, I'm not seeing anything I'm aware of for PS2 that they don't have listed at this point.


If Tales is of any interest to you, the PS2 remake of Tales of Destiny, particularly the 2008 Director's Cut, is one I've seen moonspeaking fans consider amongst the best of the 2D entries in the series. System also had Tales of Destiny 2 and Tales of Rebirth as JP exclusives (though those do have PSP ports, also JP only), and which still have no English patches (best there is are some translation scripts by someone named "lanyn". Just a few ideas.

e24ed1 No.15274441


Nevermind, I see it now. Forgive my temporary retardation.

282932 No.15274444


Also, see about downloading older ROMs from services like the Virtual Console. Programs like FreeShop get around the need to pay for that shit, and it's usually easy enough to extract the games (Which is how I got a lot of my ROMs). However, I have experienced problems with trying to extract FDS (Famicom Disk System) and GameGear games.

9e5867 No.15274450

>backing up what is sitting in well-seeded torrents on private torrent sites

What am I missing here? Did they have anything unique?

a620aa No.15274451

>>15274444 (checked)

Will keep that in mind; PKGJ is a good idea for anyone that has a vita but I dunno how easy the PS1/PSP and vita titles are to extract

f9ce99 No.15274460


It's a good idea to use that collection to get all the Jap games that are hard to find otherwise

4ed6e9 No.15274471

File: 12b9d1fb80bf5d5⋯.webm (151.5 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ZSNES exploit demonstrati….webm)

How much actually on Emuparadise is solely on there and not already covered by a No-Intro torrent or equivalent? Also I vaguely remember using some weird tool ages ago to automate the archival of some crappy artist. It was like wget but opted to check 404s with Internet Archive and various search engine caches. Cannot for the life of me remember what it was called though.


Why the fuck are you trying to extract ROMs from virtual console releases when there's not only multiple sources for a No-Intro ROM set, but practically the entire library has documented and verified hashes in a public database? On top of that, VC releases are frequently doctored or censored, as with for example the word "bugger" in Super Mario RPG, or certain visual effects in Super Metroid.


Actually yes.


For archival purposes you actually need to download the .pkg files. Fortunately the URLs to them are public, as are the necessary NoNpDrm keys.

1a1653 No.15274479

File: 6ef3c7ddf31a672⋯.png (405.1 KB, 598x485, 598:485, sgdrddrgdtrh.png)

>tfw the convenient PSP eboots are all gone

why didnt i download them when i had the chance, fuck

1b2908 No.15274481


Freeshop is basically a dead man walking right now, Nintendo implemented the Switch security for 3DS so basically they just have to flip a switch and you'll need a completely legit non-shared ticket to download stuff off their servers, which means no freeshop.

61999f No.15274484


You can find eboots on other sites (PS1 games usually rolling with the "PSX2PSP" class), but overall they're not as apt to be quite as cohesive as EP was. At the same time though, EP didn't always have prepatched stuff people would upload to other sites anyhow, so I used to have to use a mixture of places to find what I was looking for.

a620aa No.15274485


A lot of them are still up, use google cache and get what you can

I've uploaded ones that are of interest to me to the /v/ola

e2bc1e No.15274495

File: 2dc3fc13b4a51d6⋯.png (28.42 KB, 500x480, 25:24, the worms.png)


It's always worth it to spread this stuff around, plus I'm sure many anons here including me do not have access to private trackers.

I've been wanting to get in, though, since I finally have the bandwidth and storage space to seed and build a good ratio. What is a good vidya tracker these days? The tracker thread on /scurv/ is 404.

1b2908 No.15274508


>What is a good vidya tracker these days?

All of them are an absolute pain in the ass to get into since the BCG shutdown.

1b2908 No.15274517



Although there's always PD for emulation stuff, but they took down Nintendo stuff preemptively too.

282932 No.15274519

File: 9dd18f7dae1b83f⋯.png (2.14 MB, 715x8514, 65:774, 8v hacking guid.png)


>Why the fuck are you trying to extract ROMs from virtual console releases when there's not only multiple sources for a No-Intro ROM set, but practically the entire library has documented and verified hashes in a public database?

The legal loophole that the usage programs like Freeshop to download games is not illegal, and that Nintendo has some explaining to do (In court) if they ever attempt to attack users for using the services. On top of this, evidence has come out and proven that Nintendo, themselves, is downloading the ROMs illegally.

>On top of that, VC releases are frequently doctored or censored, as with for example the word "bugger" in Super Mario RPG, or certain visual effects in Super Metroid.

Nintendo's emulator censors/"patches" the output of the games. The actual ROMs themselves remain untouched. The only VC release that has had the ROM actually altered is Donkey Kong: Original Edition because the game is a literal ROMhack (And, even then, the emulator still changes some of the original file: https://tcrf.net/Donkey_Kong_(NES)#Original_Edition ).


>Freeshop is basically a dead man walking right now

For downloading the games directly onto the 3DS, yes. However, that doesn't stop people from using programs on the computer (Like the one mentioned in this pic) from downloading games using the tickets.

2ccaf3 No.15274523

File: 29a419dee6ea9ad⋯.jpg (45.8 KB, 630x478, 315:239, 29a419dee6ea9ad9561b0245d5….jpg)


t. angry anti-emulation kike

go be a faggot somewhere else

1b2908 No.15274526


> that doesn't stop people from using programs on the computer (Like the one mentioned in this pic) from downloading games using the tickets.

They can blackilist those tickets serverside though so in time that'll go away too.

Although if they don't update the WiiU that leaves a lot of stuff easily accessible at all times.

5b6b36 No.15274533


>On top of this, evidence has come out and proven that Nintendo, themselves, is downloading the ROMs illegally.

I want to see this evidence

>Nintendo's emulator censors/"patches" the output of the games. The actual ROMs themselves remain untouched.

That explains how Pokemon Yellow's editing of Jynx's sprite to make Jynx look purple and not black (despite the color palette of the game not supporting purple) works.

ce4554 No.15274553


>Nintendo, themselves, is downloading the ROMs illegally

With them trying to get rid of popular sites like emuparadise (their competition) I think this claim is hilarious enough to be true. Kill off your competition, the people that have maintained and loved these games for years, take their work (so you don't have to put any effort into this) and sell it back to them as your own. If that isn't the most genius kikery then I don't know what is.

282932 No.15274561

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I want to see this evidence

1b2908 No.15274567


>>Nintendo, themselves, is downloading the ROMs illegally.

>You do know that the only thing that makes downloading ROMs illegal is that you do not have the authorization of the IP owner to get a copy of it, so if you are the IP owner you can give yourself that authorization and thus make it perfectly legal for yourself right?


>I want to see this evidence

VC ROMs have iNES headers, which only is a thing in downloaded or dumped carts with some modern dumpers.

2289d4 No.15274582

File: 3e87ea9c03f09cb⋯.png (752.04 KB, 1080x1002, 180:167, 1455131929119.png)


>Normalfags ruining good shit (again)

The more accessible this shit becomes, the more likely it'll get flagged and reamed, Emuparadise and coolrooms and places like that are good in a pinch, but I normally got my roms from forums, or private trackers

I'm willing to bet my left nut that Emuparadise will make a return in some form and start hosting shit again.

But until then, Sets, and the like aren't hard to come by.

ISOS on the otherhand might be a lil' more difficult to get, but then again, I got most of my ISOS from forums. But now, I'm honestly tempted to invest in a couple of 2 TB drives, and just host a shit-ton of content.

282932 No.15274588


>which only is a thing in downloaded or dumped carts with some modern dumpers.

<The Wii VC version of SMB is identical to "pirated" copies floating around online, when a fresh dump would sport even the most minute of differences (As stated in the video)

647dea No.15274589



Copyright does not have to be defended, trademark does. This is a matter of copyright. Nintendo didn't have to do shit, unlike with popular derivative works using their trademarks (overhyped fan games with "POKEMON" right in the name for example). I don't blame them for doing it, with the whole muh piracy hurts sales bullshit, but that's obviously wrong. And even if it wasn't, the older shit shouldn't keep being milked anyway. This helps them do nothing other than alienate fans of their games, who will find the roms elsewhere anyway. And for what, Nintendo Network™ subscriptions? Nintendo's going to go further and further down the jewish rabbit hole with the new fucker in charge. I miss Iwata.

1a1653 No.15274590

File: 084a9464214cc46⋯.jpg (33.22 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 084a9464214cc462af84e555dc….jpg)



Thanks Anons. I grabbed a truckload of the best ones.

Is anyone working on a SNES, N64 and Sega Genesis archive? I'd do it but I've got work starting soon.

1b2908 No.15274599


><The Wii VC version of SMB is identical to "pirated" copies floating around online, when a fresh dump would sport even the most minute of differences (As stated in the video)

That's fucking retarded, if you take your cart and make a proper dump of it, it will match the no-intro hashes

3e5183 No.15274603

Someone post the torrents in >>>/t/

67cf91 No.15274615

Will you niggers stop spamming the vola with individual NES games? Anything people actually want is being blocked out and shoved down the list within minutes. There's romsets that are less than 300mb you could be posting instead.

3e5183 No.15274616

Someone already posted all the PS1 games as a torrent, where's everything else in /t/?

61999f No.15274618


TIZ has SNES fullset spread over two downloads, though I would assume any games on it to be official raws (IE: no romhacks or fantranslations). Tried hitting it up earlier but the third party hosting was bitching at me for some downloads I'd done earlier.


Part of the issue is that they were both doing things that made it easy to attract normalfags, like in-browser emulation. And unfortunately once your place gets as popular as EP, it's hard to get at least some of that attention to fuck off without making it inconvenient to use, or at least telling jewgle to delist you. Though, that's assuming they weren't reveling in being big shit on the direct download block.

86085c No.15274637

For the love of God I hope someone got Okage

08bfa8 No.15274644

I don't even know why you guys are making such a fuss about it. I thought 8 /v/ was smarter than that and knew better sources to get their games.

The thing is, Emuparadise has been dead since a long time ago, even before they took out the Nintendo roms. No site updates or new uploads for years, it looked abandoned already.

Besides, it's more like shittydumpparadise. Tons of 8-bit / 16-bit roms have intros or are bad dumps. With the 5th / 6th gen ISOs it's even worse, I'd say 40% of them or even more are bad rips. Their mame romset was also outdated af. Even their DOS games section is full of bad releases that have issues or don't work, with nuked releases, corrupted files and the like. It's actually retarded to even think about archiving the site.

3e5183 No.15274650


Then give a better recomendation for a site or torrents instead of bitching about it.

61999f No.15274653

File: f289dea8b7d33f2⋯.jpg (117.76 KB, 1000x709, 1000:709, 9ec8acddb8c8e349e1026af371….jpg)


Okage had been off there for a while due it being cleared for a PS4 "HD" digital rerelease. Same with other games like Wild Arms 3. TIZ does have two downloads of Okage if you need it, one CD format (being that the game was a CD release to begin with), and other DVD. I would assume either or both work with emulation and loading.

1b2908 No.15274657


>I would assume either or both work with emulation and loading.

Emu should work but for console loading you want the DVD one.

75d545 No.15274661


except it's true.

in a nutshell, no copyright = no r&d, because everyone except some other shmuck to foot the bill for research, then Simply copy.

4ed6e9 No.15274662

File: 456b48b1619a563⋯.png (341.42 KB, 390x594, 65:99, 456b48b1619a56301acd8deeef….png)


So they are actually clean ROMs inside, it still begs the question why you are doing it in that ridiculously roundabout way instead of what's already done? Virtual Console is worth archiving. Using it as a source for ROMs is retarded.


Shut up if you don't know what you're talking about. For NES ROMs No-Intro only hashes the ROM data. However the No-Intro ROM sets you see floating around online will not match these hashes because they also include iNES headers, or otherwise they are not playable in most emulators that use the iNES header to determine the cartridge layout. The plain ROM will not tell you anything about the cartridge, and iNES is an emulator-only thing.

In a similar vein, older SNES game copiers have their own headers on the ROMs. These are actually worthless to emulators but show up on a lot of ROM dumps because that was how they were obtained.

72d3ee No.15274664

make archives of the google caches before they vanish from google

1b2908 No.15274671


>Shut up if you don't know what you're talking about.

Some modern dumpers will shit out headered ROMs, one even recommends you test the fucking ROM in virtualNES to see if your dump is good and that shit doesn't do headerless ROMs, how about you do some basic research next time.

e2bc1e No.15274683


You're mixing up copyright and patents.

4ed6e9 No.15274685


That depends how modern you're talking, and even then it's still delightful irony that Nintendo is relying on pirating devices.

61999f No.15274689


>Emu should work but for console loading you want the DVD one.

Even when the game was CD format to begin with? I mean, obviously the PS2 doesn't really do native loading for PS1 games (which used regular CDs), but the PS2 library itself was spread over three forms of medium, so I'd think it should be able to load any of them. Or did the system run CD PS2 games via the PS1 compatibility or something?

72d3ee No.15274694

dont forget to backup wonderswan its an often overlooked console

08bfa8 No.15274697


Not hard at all. Just google No-Intro sets for 8-bit / 16-bit systems, ReDump sets for disc-based systems and TOSEC sets for really obscure systems. For really obscure DOS games and obscure japanese PSX, Saturn and Dreamcast games, go to theisozone (even though downloading from that host they use can be a pain).

Learned about all this shit just by lurking on /v/.

1b2908 No.15274707


>Even when the game was CD format to begin with?

The deal is that some backup loading methods for PS2 rely on quirks in the way PS2 handles DVDs so yeah in some case you need your CDs backup to be modified to DVD.


>That depends how modern you're talking

In that case the Kazzo Dumper/Programmer, at least the one tutorial I found on how to use it.

> then it's still delightful irony that Nintendo is relying on pirating devices.

The irony is even greater once you realize that their legal page is straight up lying to you about self dumping being illegal which isn't entirely false but rely on them ignoring anything but US law and bending a few definitions to their favor


Not to mention I posted a well seeded magnet for the most recent of those collections earlier in this very thread

282932 No.15274722


>Not to mention I posted a well seeded magnet for the most recent of those collections earlier in this very thread

Then…what's the point of all this? This thread, this discussion, the need to archive everything from the site before it's lost? If there's an already, better, available option out there for acquiring these games which is easy enough to find (Just look for the latest emulation thread in the catalog, and you'll find the right places), what do we need to worry about aside from just doing our shit of either adding support to the pile by helping seed the torrent, or finding physical copies to preserve?

1b2908 No.15274725


Well that was my first post but if anons wanna do something together and feel good about it I'm not gonna stop them.

282932 No.15274785

File: 9bc7821889a82ff⋯.png (195.35 KB, 518x361, 518:361, Rescued the nurse.png)


True, you'll feel good, but it's just a waste of time. And, seeing where the night has gone, I've wasted a few hours uploading games when I could have been doing something else more productive. I'll finish uploading the rest of my ROMs, because I might as well since all I have left to contribute are a few Sega CD games, but there seems little reason to strike up the alarm bells and backup everything from every ROM site getting shoahed (Aside from emulators, emulator plugins, and system BIOS because those are a messy business to find the right ones for certain systems). If anything, all people should be doing (If you're that dedicated to preservation) is archiving the website's pages on archive.is/archive.org/etc. and verifying that you have every ROM listed on the site even to the point that you have every rerelease/revision of a game (IIRC, there are four versions of 影の伝説 for the Famicom floating around out there, not counting the Western releases) along with every single Alpha and Beta (Did you guys save the Pokemon Gold/Silver beta release?).

<Pic unrelated

f9ce99 No.15274796


Well, making all this movement led me to find >>15274044 so it was worth it for me at least

bc37ff No.15274813


>due for an "HD" release

Wait really? I just heard about this. When I tried emulating it in the past it ran like dogshit. If its a proper "HD" that would make three games for the PS4 I want. The other two being Kingdom Hearts.

adba75 No.15274814

I have every ps1 , gba(c), and (s)nes roms backed up

54f37a No.15274913

edc109 No.15274933

Okay just for reference, in case someone misses shit:

Using this link I was able to get to one of the fullsets, but I don't quite get how to do so for the others && for individual roms, furthermore there seems to be another way to get into the rom database, using:


Only I can't get it to work properly because yesterday fucking google crashed on me

adba75 No.15274970


How do I use this?

bc37ff No.15274977


Damn I am slow.

469b9e No.15274978

File: eaef39c0ca0827e⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 320x240, 4:3, xceca621bd6459b88fd06eb290….gif)



>am i fitting in yet?


45c779 No.15274986


lurk moar

54f37a No.15274997

Quick question. If a romsite

a. isn't making profit(no ads or so)


b. all the roms on their site are of a certain age(15 years old iirc)

They're completely legal and can't be taken down? Wasn't the reason loveroms got buttfucked so hard, because they had ads?

adba75 No.15275000


The no-intro set is well known there's nothing about knowing about it that would make me fit in.



I don't use /v/ what exactly is the big deal about just saying it?

adba75 No.15275043



It was a butchered magnet link, the secret club faggotry is always an unnecessary annoyance. Especially for something as well known as no-intro sets.


4e0f43 No.15275130


annoying yes, but necesary. Its not for secret club faggotry but to make it harder for people not from the site to find their way to it, to avoid take downs down the line. Not because someone from nintendo or other companies is in this thread right now, but because other sites make archives of mirror of threads, those stay up forever and then someone looking for that same thing finds it, shares the link, gets passed around with more and more people until some normalfag puts it on facebook or some shit and OOPS got taken down.

Share threads are a fucking pain sometimes becuse i dont know how to recognize that mess and it takes me a while, but thats how that content stays safe.

edc109 No.15275173

File: c44e6a8de0670ff⋯.jpg (137.33 KB, 1150x1000, 23:20, 1345758810248.jpg)


You can still download shit even if the download link is kaput and can't get the cached version, follow these instructions:

>use the following url as base

>replace "Castelvania%20(USA)" with the exact name you get from the download page, i.e.:


The page's title is:

Mother (Japan) ROM

Therefore, take that first part [Mother (Japan)], put Mother%20(Japan) instead and it should still download without having to find the cache

NOTE: may/120 is the folder for the NES games, I don't think it works for ALL the subgenres but at any rate all you have to do is find at least one of them that is still working properly with the cache and repeat the same steps, also consider using the same extension as the one suggested below in the download page i.e. zip in this case.

edc109 No.15275193



Parenthesis and other characters are also codified, so for instance, the code for a (USA) game is as follows:

Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (USA)

edc109 No.15275208

Alright, also be careful of the folder's name, i.e. for playstation 2 games it doesn't follow the same nomenclature as the others:

b23ef1 No.15275274

Does no one know about Vim's Lair?


efa3c1 No.15275296

just in case here's a 6000 nds roms pack if any of you are interested.


61999f No.15275311


Yeah, it's digital only, upscaled, and I think they've been adding trophies and such for games given that treatment. Unlike other companies that have been doing HD ports though, Sony seems to see no reason to do physical rereleases of the games at this point (the ones that aren't out and out remakes, anyhow). Anyhow, if you'd be looking to justify dropping money on a system, you ought to be looking into actual games made for it, rather than just buying it for a port machine when a PS2 (or as the case might be, PS3) could suffice for the originals in the first place. And definitely don't be the sort that drops money on a system for a single game, if you mean one of those other two would be Kingdom Hearts III.

26bac5 No.15275352

File: 885ec535fceb956⋯.jpg (25.41 KB, 960x540, 16:9, My nigga.jpg)



What's the fucking point of just dumping nes roms on the vola when you can just upload the entire romset in a single zip?

980247 No.15275366


>immediately recognize this soy zombie

D-delet this

edc109 No.15275369


Well fuck, ended up "compiling" a list of the exploitable downloadable links, so if you're still missing something this should set you up nicely.

Please notice that the fullsets have some weird issues with naming so your best bet is to always double check with either archive.org or a cached page.'97,%20The%20(1997)(SNK)(Jp)[!].zip



edc109 No.15275370[!][B1460%20CE%2001592-2%20RE1%20R71].zip < TurboGrafx16

%5B1991%5D%5BPCE%5D.rar's%20Maiden.rar GDI[DCCM].7z CDI


%20[U]%20[SLUS-90094].rar Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (World 910522) Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (Brazil 950403)'s%20Venture%20(US)%20[CP3000U0G%20-%20CAP-JJK0A0]%20[N.A.].zip Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy


http://static.emuparadise.me/GameBase%20Amiga/Games/Q/Quicksilver%20Pinball.zip <bizarrely, the amiga games are still available[!].zip[!].zip[ST]/SAT1%20Bingo%20%281992%29%28PCSL%20Software%29%5Bcr%20Wondersoft%5D.zip <os

can still be downloaded <bios still

available on main page

edc109 No.15275371[TAP]/Dizzy%20-%20The%20Ultimate%20Cartoon



<remember, you need the rom's number for ds


(v2.0.194).zip[NTSC-U]%20[SLUS-01397].rar Roms/Hit & Blow 1999 SCEI Jp Pocket MuuMuu .bin#3858229853917154553

<technically doesn't work but the unconverted ROMs are still available from main site

And that should be it, some sections were virtually unavailable and some require forum membership. Hope you'll get your vidya downloaded soon enough.

61999f No.15275425


>Cursing counter


ab7562 No.15275426

File: 46b79cdf50e7141⋯.jpg (72.93 KB, 476x470, 238:235, uwe-boll.jpg)




26bac5 No.15275462

File: c9b593f70521198⋯.gif (496.55 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 0609f9bca821a16b96a30164f4….gif)


You know damn well why.

dbc64c No.15275486


I miss that site a lot.

dbc64c No.15275491


The direct download isn't working?

e58593 No.15275576

File: 0963450f224ca67⋯.png (9.89 KB, 1369x25, 1369:25, ClipboardImage.png)

Emuparadise had a shit 7 part full set for GBA roms (part 6 of which is broken BTW) so I've re obtained them all and putting them on the vola as a singular file.

4c5789 No.15275677



I got Okage off EP a few hours ago.

4fa087 No.15275822


I like to help but my internet been lagging recently. Sorry.

26bac5 No.15275865

File: 6b39da2f8bc5b91⋯.webm (1.12 MB, 640x361, 640:361, Wew.webm)


>the gba romset is 12gb


f7ab97 No.15275929

File: dcc3865a99531f4⋯.jpg (37.01 KB, 621x471, 207:157, 1351434137504.jpg)


good shit anon, thanks.

a09492 No.15276086

If anyone has these specific games it would be greatly Appreciated… For the DS: mario vs donkey kong, fire emblem, yoshi's island, Pokemon White & Black2.

d77c16 No.15276197

Finally done with those DS game packs, what a pain. Shit fucking internet makes it hard.

Posting all the individual magnet links would take up too much space, so here's my "all uploads" page, they're all in order there.


6a247a No.15276262


Yes but I'm not helping you lmao.

7f0f32 No.15276357

File: 41547c2d423a431⋯.jpg (390.78 KB, 2048x1548, 512:387, sad sonic.jpg)

Here's a romhack of Sin and Punishment I got from EmuParadise that translates all text in the ROM to English. It used to be available from romhacking.net as a patch, but the niggerlicious mods there took it down for plagiarism.



a06efd No.15276379


Nothing there, no search results

d77c16 No.15276392


That's strange. Works for me after logging out, too.

Just try searching for "Emuparadise Nintendo DS ROM Pack" then.

977bcf No.15276396

File: dc8bfdbf055933a⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 635x457, 635:457, Thyhopeconsumed.gif)


>secret club faggotry

>not needed to keep retards from sharing magnet links on kikebook

You make things difficult for everyone in a non constructive way.

c26dc9 No.15276400

I noticed when extracting some things from the cached version of the DL links that 7z is telling me there is data after the end of the payload itself.

should I worry?

d77c16 No.15276402


No, that happened to me as well. It seems to work fine.

a06efd No.15276407


Found it anon, god bless. How large is this altogether and is this every ds game? I will add to my seedbox later tonight

d77c16 No.15276424


Don't mention it, just doing what I can.

It's 6400 DS games in total, there are multiples, though, for different translations of games. I'm not sure if it's every game, but it was every game hosted on Emuparadise's full packs.

It's 185 gigs zipped, 298 gigs unzipped.

a28c82 No.15276434

File: 7acfe2223d611ec⋯.png (46.92 KB, 600x700, 6:7, oh-jesus-everything-is-on-….png)

Why is Nintendo so Jewish? And why do people suck their cocks?

97bda5 No.15276441


Why are you so new?

Why didn't you lurk for two years before posting your badly cropped normalfag memes?

a06efd No.15276444


Shit thats a huge pack anon. Ill have to clean up my seedbox some to fit it all in there. Fucking nintenjew making my life difficult. Know anywhere i can find a ps1 iso pack? I looked at archive.org like an anon mentioned but it didnt seem to have links

d77c16 No.15276458


Looked through the thread, there's one on /t/, right here. Didn't try it though.


a620aa No.15276483




very good find anon, this will help immensely


good shit

469b9e No.15276497

File: 9be19eb02473ad7⋯.png (538.88 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 9be19eb02473ad7c019bfa5696….png)



a waste of time then because those files will be gone in 2 days time,but i guess you tried

080e9a No.15276512


An "LG WH16NS40" gotten for less than $100 has served me well for writing 100gb M-Discs. The discs are the expensive part, not the burner. You can back up all the old pre-CD console/arcade/computer games on them without it being very expensive (less than $200 USD for burner+discs), but CD and later will get expensive if you want to do them all.

2e5e4e No.15276565


It's not entirely a waste as long as other anons download it before it's gone. The more people that have things archived the better.

Though with vola's shitty speeds I'm not sure if it's even possible to download 12 gigs in two days.

43d243 No.15276566

File: 8ecc279bb5d3dc5⋯.jpg (25.7 KB, 688x470, 344:235, tenchi.jpg)

>all this and now the Wii U titles keys site is down, rendering uTik useless

5ab792 No.15276610


Fitting in is normalfag anon, I truly don't give a shit. If I did I would be on Reddit no?

5ab792 No.15276616

File: ffb9b902f8737ea⋯.jpg (96.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Anise.jpg)


Yeah good idea we all know people love to seed old and obscure content!

4aaaf8 No.15276644

Post some recommendations lists so I can know what to backup

b040e0 No.15276660

File: bd898d5c262f459⋯.png (42.88 KB, 921x667, 921:667, ClipboardImage.png)


Nintendo finally noticed people were getting their shit directly from them. 3DS titlekey shit got fucked, too. They can even potentially ban people for trying it directly from the console.

80019c No.15276665


Unironically true if the content is worthwhile.

Example: https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/967925

DDL is unreliable, check the vast majority of links on Holyseal being dead for proof.

9d31ab No.15276690


i fucking hate nintendo.

43d243 No.15276704


3DS got fucked a few weeks back, but they hadn't touched Wii U yet. I just downloaded updates through uTik for Splatoon and Smash the other day and they worked fine. Even playing online.

This is the first time in about 3 or 4 days that I've loaded uTik up, thinking I'd mass download shit before Nintendo fucked it too. Looks like I might be too late.

a620aa No.15276712


check out hte recommendation list thread, I'll dump what I got there

5dcd59 No.15276734

File: 95c3295180cbe92⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 193.34 KB, 794x946, 397:473, 95c3295180cbe9239d42f04d68….jpg)

File: c1c942f4028f0cc⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 197.21 KB, 792x943, 792:943, c1c942f4028f0cca74c59fc06d….jpg)

File: 98f27b5bdc1bf9c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 961.21 KB, 793x943, 793:943, 98f27b5bdc1bf9c2146b704f9a….png)

File: 1182fb53f202a1e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 203.39 KB, 784x943, 784:943, 1182fb53f202a1ecb015426566….jpg)

File: 41a8ca52bafd492⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 89.5 KB, 763x294, 109:42, 41a8ca52bafd492dc2d35c3d70….png)

Some nice reading to fuel your hatred.

9d31ab No.15276765


lieberman and hillary clinton were the enemies of video games in the 90s.

b3f7a2 No.15276777


>born and raised in CT since late 70s

>played video games entire life

>never paid attention to politics

>grew up hearing my dad yell about Joe "the jew" Lieberman

>always laughed at it

>when finally old enough to break away and start learning about the real world realize why he hated that faggot

>continue on to this day almost 40 years later shitposting on the internet about joe "the jew" lieberman

469b9e No.15276791

File: c52e93ac9950ff0⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 400x225, 16:9, ddbaa858b6ed560e2d.gif)


>with vola's shitty speeds I'm not sure if it's even possible to download 12 gigs in two days

and that's why i said it's a fucking waste he didn't even upload it to the old vola room where the deletion time is 4 days

422c8e No.15276853

File: f226ae0d966f09d⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 188x200, 47:50, 1533675789778.gif)

>worried about backing up all the memes you can get elsewhere

>not a word on the retro magazines and artbooks you actually fucking can't


efa3c1 No.15276879

here's all the ps2 usa isos from emuparadise, you can pick what you want to download.

The magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8517b29d393c291aa331e9f479b3767321b200ed&dn=My%20Sony%20PlayStation%202%20(USA)%20Collection&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fopen.demonii.com%3a1337&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a80&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce

5dcd59 No.15276913


Emuparadise can't have straight up deleted everything. There was a lot of shit you couldn't find anywhere, they must've kept backups.


efa3c1 No.15276945


they must have just made the downloads unreachable but i'm expecting they're waiting for all of this to die down.

b396d6 No.15276959

File: 397b97ffbb8800e⋯.jpg (136.19 KB, 1200x1137, 400:379, CN.jpg)


Read this thread, holy shit

Time to do my part I suppose

I just put the emulator and all the roms together in one zip file


It's win kawaks 1.64 with all CPS1, CPS2, and NEO-GEO games, gl and god speed my niggas.

422c8e No.15276960


there are lots of dedicated rom sites. i don't know any equivalent for artbooks or for old game magazines. that should be the priority.

i'm downloading some of them, in any case. everyone i tried bar the dracula x one is still up in Google Cached

43d243 No.15276967


The links are still there through google archive, they just removed the links on the main site.

Grab what you can before the archived pages shit out.

4aaaf8 No.15277093


Please spoonfeed me the thread I'm a retard

4aaaf8 No.15277118


Nevermind, still a retard tho

90fe23 No.15277283




These three have the right idea. Personally, I don't see the point in archiving their complete sets since just about all of them can be obtained elsewhere. We should be focusing on what you can ONLY get from Emuparadise. Rare soundtracks, digitized manuals and books, and so on. Especially when there's only so much time to work with.

26bac5 No.15277399

Since we're on the topic of archiving shit, where the fuck can I get rom dumps for teknoparrot?

For the love of me i've only been able to find Initial D 6aa and Mario kart DX

4aaaf8 No.15277495


Yeah, damn emuparadise has some really obscure soundtracks and in FLAC

e9d21e No.15278007

File: e4ddd4f66db2323⋯.gif (945.52 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 98769869836493276392 happy….gif)

b18073 No.15278062


I'm getting constant errors from that torrent, Anyone else?

13b8b4 No.15278077



This is going to be more efficient and more likely to succeed if we don't split our efforts like this for torrents. I'm opting for >>15276197 since it's just one link to seed.

13b8b4 No.15278080


Fuck I meant >>15275296 for single magnet.

4c5789 No.15278115

File: 2d3bf1a9fd15d0a⋯.gif (598.5 KB, 540x371, 540:371, 1465979541677-1.gif)

Bad news. Google is starting to cache the new download pages.

0e19ae No.15278149


Google has started switching over to yesterday's pages for the new caches unfortunately.

However, as pointed out by this anon here: >>15275173



You can still access the files through the links in there. The Playstation 2 folder is still active.

You will have to format the urls to be html friendly. Convert names using this https://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/

so for instance,

GrimGrimoire (USA) (En,Ja)



tack it onto and it should work.

0e19ae No.15278239


Also addendum.

Folder structures for other systems:

PSX 2 PSP: happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/PSX2PSP/

PSP: happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/pspisos/

PSX Japanese ISOS: happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/psxj/psxjap/

PSX US ISOS: happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/PSX-Redump/

Dreamcast ISOS: happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/Dreamcast/

Gamecube US ISOS: happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/Nintendo%20-%20Gamecube/USA/

823b93 No.15278311

start making torrents i'll seed them after i d/l them

e9ffd2 No.15278326



This doesn't seem to work for PSP games. The files are named differently and this name doesn't seem to be in the source code. This could be true for other categories as well.

61999f No.15278341


From an archived download link, I'd assume? Because for a long time they hadn't had that, and other games, listed on their front end.


They didn't have that many artbook scans there anyhow, and admittedly I haven't checked to see if those are still up, but I'd wager they're lower priority than purging of games. Some other sites like TIZ might have some artbooks there as well (though it wouldn't shock me if some portion are just mirrors of EP's scans), but that's more likely to be a case of having to broaden your resources. I do know of a few places, though obviously even between them all it's not like there's a full catalog of artbooks, even just for vidya related content.



Trying that for some PS1 games and just getting a taunting "Your princess is in another castle" message.

0e19ae No.15278397


Which ones? Want to try for myself.

61999f No.15278424


Was trying to get at the Japanese files for Tales of Eternia (in case someone ever fan translates the skits and patches the game with a script rip from the official English release). Checking the listed host style they'd used for it, it was split into three individual discs (and thus three downloads). Tried compiling the the url with that base IP, the JP PS1 folder name, and then the encoded disc name after it (IE: Tales%20of%20Eternia%20(J)%20(Disc%201) ) and got a 404. Same thing trying for the JP discs of either Lunar game. But that's assuming I'm putting the urls together right in the first place.

e9ffd2 No.15278435


I found another one:


One would be inclined to think there's an asia redump, and probably non-redump for US ISOs as well. This is a different kind of hell. Probably not worth it.

I've made a c# application that will compile a html file of all games with links. I'm thinking I could add links for all the different subdirectories next to each game title.

a195b9 No.15278445

>cake kike locks the new thread while nothing is done to the 8 smash threads shitting up the catalog






I'm seriously getting fucking tired of these double standards for jewtendo

a195b9 No.15278451


I meant 5, woops

used to be 6 or 7, I think 1 or 2 fell off the catalog or something

a195b9 No.15278461


Found another one


6e8b7c No.15278473


He's a kike and a nintendo shill, of course he's foaming at the mouth over people downloading Nintendo roms without paying.

a195b9 No.15278477

Look another one


e9ffd2 No.15278542


I think I'm just gonna drop it. I was looking at some ps1 games I downloaded.. [U] gets replaced with (USA). Sometimes a version number is added, and you have no way of knowing what it is, it seems. Sometimes other random shit gets slapped on.

518f63 No.15278599


that's not the vola this


is the vola

b18073 No.15278618

File: a45d00927f6092d⋯.gif (441.56 KB, 350x260, 35:26, dsognsdiogubnsi.gif)


>the nintenyearold being a shill again

The hell you say!

2e5e4e No.15278724


It wasn't actually Mark, it was Brown. Remember, we have multiple faggot hotpocketeers here.

They're probably going by the page 13 rule because they're too dumb to realize that this shit is time sensitive and we can't wait a day for this thread to drop far enough. You should make a new one and mention that in the OP, maybe they'll listen.

c26dc9 No.15278781


>Can get elsewhere

unless you want to jump through hoops, download bloated files containing 80 versions of the same rom, open yourself to malware or suck dick to get an invite and then balance your ratio lest some assblasted admin kick you for "leeching" because your ratio is "too low". Let's not forget the sites that stick downloads on filesharing sites littered with malware themselves, slow as shit download speeds, a cap on downloads per day (2 max on some) said speeds are slower than dial-up in the boonies.

People like emuparadise for the isos and roms because of the fact it negates a lot of this, the only real limit is the downloads at once.

ee5fcb No.15278814

File: 1666469e81f661b⋯.webm (3.94 MB, 1920x1040, 24:13, ipfs mpv.crop.webm)

File: 28c0f7f49caecf7⋯.jpeg (51.83 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 41525062dc516766738e5bf5e….jpeg)

File: 8cbffa28ec30e08⋯.png (165.62 KB, 4000x2250, 16:9, ip.waist.png)

File: ccc75b353c9ff9a⋯.png (3.51 MB, 4000x2250, 16:9, mdag.waist.png)

File: f0745aa611390d4⋯.png (126.16 KB, 544x400, 34:25, stack.png)


How does /v/ know about IPFS?

t. /tech/

08bfa8 No.15278842


>People like emuparadise for the isos and roms because of the fact it negates a lot of this, the only real limit is the downloads at once.

And if you ignore the fact that it's chock full of bad rom dumps and bad iso rips (many of them non-working), that other emulation sites and collections ditched for better quality ones ages ago.

In particular, their Sega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast collections are a total fucking disaster, and anyone archiving them is actually doing a disservice to the community by perpetuating broken dumps.

0e19ae No.15278911


>PSX 2 PSP: happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/PSX2PSP/

These are also fucked. Looks like it's region code followed by SLUS code. I managed to grab Xenogears, on site listed as Xenogears (USA) but it's actually Xenogears [U] [SLUS-00664]

0e19ae No.15278931


Yeah I couldn't grab them either, but you can grab them from the archive on this post: >>15274044

0e19ae No.15278934


Wait nevermind I'm retarded, these are PS2 isos.

0e19ae No.15278942

f66436 No.15278948


c26dc9 No.15279045


That's not the fault of the site but those that upload it. Take Spyro 3 for example, across the board I was finding nothing but the shitty cracked one on every site. I had to go grab the .pkg for the PSP PSN off there to actually play it

Same goes for the abandonware. A lot of sites I've been to have really shitty uploads, the site themselves are fine but a lot of the shit I've come across won't save configs in dosbox, opting to crash or spit out errors.

>Other sites

Fun fact I once tried to put up a intact iso dump of SRW Alpha for the dreamcast on isozone, they kept cock blocking me and kept up their DL which has audio cut out of it.

61999f No.15279085

File: a4e0466b8512caf⋯.jpg (32.84 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1372042655607.jpg)


Thanks. Any chance you can find cached links for both JP versions of the PS1 Lunars while you're at it? First looks to be two separate discs (and thus download links) on the actual PS1 page, second seems to be three.

9c0dfd No.15279121

what happened to emuparadise?

9c0dfd No.15279130

File: 7fc0c9affea3aa7⋯.png (4.06 KB, 200x115, 40:23, download.png)


You niggers do realize you can cache the entire website yourself using YaCy


275ac0 No.15279131


The full sets are essentially No-Intro collections, which are among the most widely shared sets on the internet. Those are in do danger of disappearing. The other material is lower traffic, and thus endangered. Those should be our priority.


They're bowing out before they get Nintenshoah'd like LoveROMS and LoveRETRO.

61999f No.15279136


Killed all game downloads. Most likely prompt being that they got spooked by Nintendo recently suing Loveroms for all the money, and don't wanting to be next in line for a lawyer dicking.


9c0dfd No.15279154

File: a5f190dbf6cecff⋯.png (9.93 KB, 897x173, 897:173, dw3.png)


sucks about the website but pretty sure you could still get them off torrents.

dcd4fa No.15279208

File: 18a15d392381c44⋯.jpg (14.21 KB, 255x223, 255:223, crash bandicoot smiling v.jpg)


Do you have something like this for Japanese PS1 games?

9dc5c3 No.15279210

File: 4a618c70b78c6c2⋯.gif (4.48 MB, 500x746, 250:373, really mad.gif)

I have been trying for most of the day to download the GBA Fullset, but because volva's download speed is horrendous I was never able to do this. The download would reach halfway, then stop completely and now it stopped loading altogether. Can someone, PLEASE, make a mega download for the fullset if you have it already?

edc109 No.15279227

File: 815654ce4cf6574⋯.jpg (3.08 MB, 3000x4500, 2:3, BEst_Boy.jpg)


Yeah, so far the PSP, Arcade games and some other miscellanea titles have the same problem. For PSP etc as I told you, just go to archive.org and see if they have a theoretical link to the download, which won't work but MAY have the actual filename of the ISO you wanna get. For NDS games, most of them follow the numbering from another page within emuparadise that is still active, so if you just follow the links from there it will tell you what you have to add. It's a really wonky mechanism but as long as it works it's fine.


IIRC the Share threads have a lot of magazine dumps.


Doing G-D's work here anon


This, either go with a magnet link to it or a mega, vola is only useful for small chunks

67a01e No.15279398

Should we start our own site after this and do it without runnings ads on it so it doesn't get nuked?

9c0dfd No.15279486


if you do, don't have it on google or the traditional search engines, use yacy.

its a p2p search engine.

and the ads are there to help keep the website running server space is not free.

61999f No.15279495


That has its own problem of how are you going to fund keeping a site itself (assuming a front end with properly up-kept links), if not whole servers to store the games to download off (which if only doing really old systems wouldn't take too much space, but start getting into fullsets for disc based media, or more recent carts, and it can add up fast)? I would assume most anons wouldn't want to go a donation route after pigfeed's Next experience soiled the idea (never preorder an imageboard, or a website in general for that matter), and going the other direction, it's entirely dependent on the owner to keep it up out of their own goodwill (and what if he turns into cancer?).

67a01e No.15279550



Outside of torrents which has the issue of seeders, I'm not sure what we can do to keep these alive longterm.

9c0dfd No.15279605

422c8e No.15279869



ee5fcb No.15279906

File: b2bb0df6925ab5b⋯.png (687.86 KB, 801x422, 801:422, ClipboardImage.png)




c548bc No.15279939



Yes there are, try using a search engine and not being retarded.

PROTIP:the one that's mildly harder to find publicly is the Bandai Playdia one

00d437 No.15279972



there's also magnet:?xt=urn:btih:57c5611ce473c52c6262580887eac58c4be68cf1&dn=Sony%20PlayStation%20%28NTSC-J%29 but some files are not complete

c548bc No.15280004


Yeah the 1fichier link is fairly recent (8.9k discs) so that's probably as good as you're getting in something public, if you're willing to dig around there's slightly more recent stuff (currently at 9534 discs total with 17 misses) but that's private for the most part

The huge problem with the Asia set is that prior to 2016 it's a wasteland there's an immense amount of shit missing (the completed set goes from around 500GB in 2014 to 900GB in 2017 to give you an idea)

00d437 No.15280070


Well, I found everything I wanted from that one at least for now. But 400 GB is a huge fucking difference

e018ab No.15280122

File: cfac0a28eaa5937⋯.png (116.45 KB, 500x464, 125:116, cfac0a28eaa5937fc747e686e8….png)

Alright I'm retarded, I can find the cached emuparadise fullsets just fine but when I click on download it takes me to another page and that one isnt cached

e018ab No.15280133

Also if there's already some links to download console romsets somewhere, I have space and really fast internet. And, I know I have a torrent for all ps2 games somewhere, but I think it's american versions only

6edd36 No.15280135

If anyone wants to have a go at backing up the artbooks and magazines, you can try this script with violentmonkey or whatever:


These links aren't hidden like the rom links so archive.org works for ones that are already gone from google. At least for getting the file name, which you can then append to the base url.

The script works for roms as well if you uncomment the line with the comment..

I'm not smart enough to automate this shit, as my c# application triggers the google bot detection so you need to fool around with cookies and headers after solving captchas, and I barely know any c# let alone web shit.

00d437 No.15280136


You need to find the cache of the last page on the string i.e the one that has the actual download link

00d437 No.15280140


If you could somehow separate the files in https://thepiratebay.org/user/niggertendo/ torrents so we can actually pick which files to download it would be extremely helpful. Would take a lot of work though

6edd36 No.15280142



It's literally just the same link with -download added to the end of it. Also see >>15280135

This works for the roms where you can click "list all titles"

080e9a No.15280646


Same as any other data disc. I've used ImgBurn on Windows and whatever came packaged with the Linux distro I was using at the time. For M-Disc compatibility the only difference is the drive needs an extra-powerful laser for writing; non-compatible drives can read but cannot write to them reliably. Make sure it supports the disc's format (DVD, BD-R DL, BDXL, etc) for reading, and additionally has M-Disc compatibility if writing, and you are fine.

0a8c07 No.15280767


So, Windows Imgburn, ISO 9660, no ECC, no compression, reads on Linux cdrtools?

I'm having a hard time believing you.

Can you try restoring from your backups, both OSes?

0a8c07 No.15281146


since this thread is going to 404, tell me your restoration process here: >>15265968

5f2af8 No.15285365

So I guess it is a good thing I downloaded complete sets and a decent amount of gamecube, dreamcast, ps1 and ps2 stuff. I may have downloaded obscure collections.

I would really love that dos game collection. Maybe I'll buy a new external hard drive and double check what I got.

I do know I have the following no-intro sets.



Mega drive

Master system



PC engine




Virtual boy


Gameboy color

Gameboy advance

Atari 2600 (goodset)

Atari 7800

Atari st

Commodore 64

Atari jaguar

Atari lynx

Game gear

I might have more. I am new to the scene but if there is anyway I can help, I'll try to check here for responses.

5f2af8 No.15285401


Adding to this, I'm looking at my collection now. Here is a list of what I got so far.



Atari - 5200

Atari - 7800

Atari - Jaguar

Atari - Lynx

Atari - ST

Atari 2600 (Good2600 v1.00)

Bandai - WonderSwan

Bandai - WonderSwan Color

Coleco - ColecoVision

Commodore - 64 (PP)

Commodore - 64 (Tapes)

Commodore - 64

Commodore - Amiga

Commodore - Plus-4

Commodore VIC-20

Emerson - Arcadia

Entex - Adventure Vision

Epoch - Super Cassette Vision

Fairchild - Channel F

Funtech - Super Acan

GCE - Vectrex

Microsoft - MSX 2

Microsoft - MSX

NEC - PC Engine - TurboGrafx 16

NEC - Super Grafx

NES Hack and Trans Pack 8-16-2013

Nintendo - Famicom Disk System

Nintendo - Game Boy Advance

Nintendo - Game Boy Color

Nintendo - Game Boy

Nintendo - Nintendo 64

Nintendo - Nintendo 64DD

Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo - Virtual Boy

Nokia - N-Gage

Sega - 32x

Sega - Game Gear

Sega - Master System - Mark III

Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis

Sega - SG-1000


SNES Hack and Trans Pack 8-16-2013

SNK - Neo Geo Pocket Color

Tiger - Game.com

I've been trying to get my MAME machine going and I just happened to be download happy on emuparadise. Now I really need to back this stuff up on multiple hard drives.

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