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File: c9c2bcc64ee2bd3⋯.jpg (43.71 KB, 607x214, 607:214, 公告各位人,大家好WeGame于位... 来自WeG….jpg)

File: 3e642d191fa89ce⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 574x293, 574:293, Please Confirm Your CPU Su….jpg)

File: 70e4a54f406b146⋯.jpg (25.83 KB, 576x100, 144:25, PrtScr capture_6.jpg)

File: b4f81c95190c2dd⋯.jpg (59.71 KB, 1001x414, 1001:414, frox.jpg)

d89408 No.15276102


The new version of Denuvo requires a cpu that supports the FMA3 instruction set in order to run. Monster Hunter World that released today(in china) has that version of Denuvo implemented, and its why it warrants attention at all. I guess even with voksi behind bars those geniuses at Denuvo are still scared of being easy to crack. Its SSE 4.1 2.0; FMA3 has even less support across AMD platforms. All the people who can't play MHW Because of denuvo, the chinks, for whom the game is already released on yellow steam(wegame), are blowing up with frustration and anger over it. Here's to another nail in the coffin for Denuvo.

(Please direct all shitpostingdiscussion about Monster Hunter World to >>15237567 .)


03b48b No.15276108

So…it doesn't support the FX 8350?

f9adc4 No.15276114

File: e0f059e805dc87d⋯.jpg (72.85 KB, 579x680, 579:680, jewboy.jpg)


But my black friend who voted for Hilary said that denuvo doesn't impact the game at all!

Fucking drumpf.

d89408 No.15276120

File: 6e3d37ca3daaa5f⋯.png (188.8 KB, 597x600, 199:200, JgPPwTQ.png)



Check what instructions your cpu supports with CPU-Z

Sorry for using reddit/steam/resetera for news but it just travels down the pipeline faster there.


e1a2ef No.15276130


A quick moonrune translation from picture 1:

[Notice] Hey hunters. WeGame is going to give a 20 RMB (3 dollar) voucher usable in-game to every hunter who has bought "Monster Hunter World™" before August 8, 2018. You can check "Your Assets" to find the 20 RMB voucher usable towards any item that is over 20 RMB.

Also, the development team is currently fixing the Denuvo bug that caused some players to get a fatal "Permissions Error". The WeGame platform is planning to issue a game update at around 11:30pm tonight to fix this problem. Sorry for all the trouble this has caused.

7752b6 No.15276159

File: e2c3f62154690b5⋯.gif (9.22 MB, 400x300, 4:3, e2c3f62154690b5c081d4eecbd….gif)


Truly amazing, these are the same companies trying to stop people from pirating while providing more justification for piracy.

adad28 No.15276165

>Denuvo cause no issues they said

>just like get used to it, it's part and parcel of PC gaming



615250 No.15276167

File: 7a5c09a8b4714e0⋯.jpg (18 KB, 366x380, 183:190, wtf are you doing.jpg)

>denuvo now has higher system requirements than the games that use it

holy fuck as if it wasn't already a giant piece of faggot shit

5d8262 No.15276175

File: 2adec3977e179b3⋯.jpg (45.41 KB, 439x598, 439:598, 1494937175006.jpg)


>they're so desperate to prevent piracy they're preventing people from being able to even play the game at all

>a game that they paid for

I feel like I should laugh, but I'm honestly just kind of disgusted.

b9f52e No.15276189


It's Starforce all over again.

adad28 No.15276192

File: 88822be827f4e30⋯.webm (368.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, desperate.webm)



Your turn.

aca541 No.15276198

File: 0caf7505d25c183⋯.jpg (42.24 KB, 492x472, 123:118, owl smile.jpg)

As a silver lining: the shittier Denuvo gets in ways like this that actually just straight-up REMOVES the ability for people to play it, the more pressure gets put on the publisher to remove it. Retards and cucks will put up with performance drops and bloat, but they won't tolerate being made unable to play it.

ea6d02 No.15276204

File: 7523a3a117e17de⋯.png (42 KB, 420x420, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



2e41cb No.15276207

File: 818dce0eaae6609⋯.png (818.77 KB, 878x548, 439:274, sfvfuckups.png)

capcom would approve of this

d6d05f No.15276208

Yet retards like Sega and Capcom and all the other publishers will still insist on using that piece of shit.

They deserve nothing but piracy for this.

03b48b No.15276211


【公告】各位猎人,大家好。WeGame对于每位在2018年8月8日24:00之前购买《怪物猎人 世界™》玩家补偿的1张20元平台代金券已于今日发放给大家,大家可在“我的资产”中查看,平台所有售价20元以上的游戏皆可使用此券。


d89408 No.15276218

5b2bb4 No.15276220


Volksi doesn't even need to be sued and unpersoned to destroy Denuvo, they're perfectly doing it to themselves.


[Announcement] Hello everyone, everyone. WeGame has issued a 20-yuan platform voucher for each player who purchased the "Monster Hunter WorldTM" game before 24:00 on August 8, 2018. It is distributed to everyone today. You can view it in "My Assets". This ticket can be used on all games that sell for more than $20 on the platform.

In addition, the developer is actively repairing the flashback problem that some players have caused in the game "authority verification" due to D encryption. The WeGame platform is expected to update the issue at around 11:30 tonight to solve this problem. We apologize for the inconvenience.

101f36 No.15276225

>cattle in the steam discussion pages using the old poorfag card when confronted with wrongthink

It's beautiful.

16c101 No.15276236


I have no idea how you can go to the steam forums without feeling physical pain due to the concentrated retardation.

765d79 No.15276239

File: 63815a23392f5d2⋯.webm (1.34 MB, 640x272, 40:17, AHAHAHAHAH.webm)

>Shills are still defending this

>Shills will call you poor if you don't own the latest overpriced piece of overrated trash $600 CPU

The absolute state of the industry

6c9e58 No.15276240

File: cb4a7511790e5a4⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1500x736, 375:184, Cassus Fett.jpg)

Denuvo is so good at stopping pirates that it even stops paying customers from playing the game.

16c101 No.15276252

File: 76658ea7e4cc9ba⋯.jpg (35.74 KB, 777x704, 777:704, big think.jpg)


Wait. I've got it. I've figured out the final solution to the pirate question. Just don't release the game at all instead of paying 200k$ for Denuvo

b0bd25 No.15276255


came here to post this.

it may actually be me, i have a terrible memory

49bf23 No.15276256



In threads where OP complained about Denuvo, I saw cucks saying "nah, OP is just being ironic" as a deflection.

03b48b No.15276261


There are a LOT of retards in steam, which are the people that kept making cuckchan steam threads.

Bottom of the barrel failed normalfags.

833b12 No.15276267

So is it fixed? This was only a temporary thing?

49bf23 No.15276271


Not to mention Steam "community hubs" filterthe worst-of-the-worst steam users

6c9e58 No.15276276


I've noticed that for a while now. When someone makes a video/posts something shitting on something, shills come out of the woodwork saying "OP is just being ironic/The video is satire." Then they get absolutely BTFO when the OP comes in and tells them that their snake oil is for faggots.

49bf23 No.15276282



Meant to say "draw in"


But until OP responds, normalfags will go along with the cuck so they aren't "left out of le joke."

d89408 No.15276285





The general consensus from what I've gathered sees Denuvo negatively. You get a few trolls who try and say Denuvo is good to spite pirates or something. I got a warning for making a spicy comment about denuvo and the cock-gobbling faggots who defend it, I guess the moderators watch out for that stuff and anyone who rocks the boat.


Either a rollback to a previous(already cracked) version of Denuvo or a removal of Denuvo entirely. Methinks that Denuvo is using FMA3 to either slim down on CPU consumption, which they've always insisted isn't a problem, or to raise the bar for people trying to crack it.

41dd0d No.15276287

I don't get it, only relatively new CPUs have FMA3? My i7 3770K despite being close to six years old is completely fine with running games old and new.

765d79 No.15276289

File: 28927a37652a303⋯.png (105.38 KB, 1111x281, 1111:281, J U S T.png)

































































































0f93a3 No.15276290


>voksi behind bars

He's not. He didn't spend a single day being detained. He's just fighting off Denuvo with lawyers right now.

>Here's to another nail in the coffin for Denuvo.

What coffin? What are you talking about?

Denuvo's more alive than ever, doing even unpopular shit like what you just posted and getting away with it. No one is even cracking it right now with the scene being dead.

6ac4f0 No.15276293

File: 967a77f788b3444⋯.jpg (47.91 KB, 410x416, 205:208, 14605011547.jpg)


>Here's to another nail in the coffin for Denuvo

Yeah, keep thinking that.

I wish Denuvo would die but sadly they will always find a way to shove their shit into every new game

101f36 No.15276294



65ae6a No.15276295


>anime avatar


87a861 No.15276301


Someone should follow that guy to see if he won't have problems running the game.

b92d7f No.15276305


Some of the mental gymnastics they perform on those forums is astounding.

>people with shit internet rightly complain they can't preload beforehand and play at launch

>lol u cant survive not playing for an extra day or two what a loser lmao go outside u addict

5d8262 No.15276307

File: 9546de75d4d21dc⋯.jpg (116.55 KB, 800x800, 1:1, __lucina_fire_emblem_and_f….jpg)


>implying it's denuvo's fault and not the companies that keep paying for their shit to be included in their games

16c101 No.15276309


>couldn't wait to finally play MH on PC

But PPSSPP has been out for six years, and you could've played FU and P3rd on it for five years already, also you could've emulated the PS2 MH games for even longer. How fucking stupid are these Steam forum niggers?

5725c9 No.15276311

File: 97e18d1c4b029c5⋯.png (4.75 KB, 299x250, 299:250, Oekaki.png)


e7bb18 No.15276316


B-but that's piracy!!

966f98 No.15276320


They're defending Denuvo, they probably think playing on emulator = piracy = bad

ea6d02 No.15276322


>I would get ebola to play this game on PC

Well, he bought a denuvo game. Denuvo, ebola, same thing.

3b4b58 No.15276330

6ac4f0 No.15276332


Some companies develop their own protections but they also use Denuvo (see Ubishit with AssCreed Origins).

0f93a3 No.15276339


That's like saying you're a feminist because you paid taxes during the Obama administration

d89408 No.15276344


Considering that FMA3 only saw support from Intel starting in 2014


That's the faggot I got a community manager warning for replying to. I guess I should've known better.



I want blackpill shills to go die. Did you get a call from dispatch to shill in this thread against a problematic narrative?

833b12 No.15276350

So fixed and a non-issue. In fact it was never an issue except for some chinks as it was never reported broken here.

615250 No.15276353


yep goyim nothing to see here, install denuvo asap

5c83ce No.15276355


I remember when someone here told me they wouldn't try to force you to buy newer hardware just for DRM.

d89408 No.15276356


If Denuvo is still in the game its not a "non-issue."

765d79 No.15276358


The only way of fixing denuvo is to delete denuvo you fucking idiot

16c101 No.15276359


Run boys, the steam forums have sprung a leak.

833b12 No.15276362


Not saying denuvo isnt shit, you faggot. Im saying this was probably never an issue especially for NA.

2db259 No.15276363


41dd0d No.15276368


Bloated hardware requirements have been a thing for years now, which is somewhat similar.

0f93a3 No.15276370


I'm not saying everything is lost you dumb fuck. I'm saying we need new crackers.

And that Denuvo's doing fine. How is it not doing fine?

ea6d02 No.15276372

3b4b58 No.15276382

File: f2f110af03cb5e0⋯.png (17.21 KB, 287x89, 287:89, VVMY2ya.png)


5 within a day, it even says so on steam games that use denuvo

b61f63 No.15276388


It's a shame it's like 5 years old now and not something brand new, people won't care in this case.

e3ad4d No.15276399

Waiting for the inevitable repack

Fuck denvuo shit never buying it even though I have two brand new Ryzen pcs

d8d3d3 No.15276412

File: fa699b9eb59ca59⋯.png (81.91 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 183741303636532996410417.png)


>Volksi doesn't even need to be sued

Voksi wasn't sued, dobungo forwarded his dox to a bulgarian cybercrime unit and the cucks mobilized for israel. He's being prosecuted by the bulgarian state to appease the foreign jews. Dunbovo is not paying for any lawsuit, bulgarian taxpayers themselves are funding the case against voksi.

71d62a No.15276416

game industry is hold back by their own fear of pirates

at least i can play on max settings on my old rig, lel.

41dd0d No.15276417


Ideally, Denuvo gets cracked faster. Its success is that its uncrackable for the first week or so, where a game gets most of its sale from. If they kept getting cracked day one, especially for big games like this, then they would be done.

9bcc35 No.15276426


People will still defend it too even after devs mention it affects performance.

71d62a No.15276443


true, the level of brainwashed fanboism in the video game industry is unbroken to this day. Not one single niche or hobby scene has such amount of brainwashed idiots. Let them i say, these idiots are melked hard and based on what next brainwashed product is hyped they will swim with it no matter what, meanwhile i can sit back and watch this shit burns down.

aad8ea No.15276474

jesus christ, when will it end. how much more self-sabotaging can the industry get?

0f93a3 No.15276484


Of course. For that, we need crackers, though. Voksi was the only one doing it lately. We haven't heard anything regarding any scene cracker working on Denuvo ever since Far Cry.

d89408 No.15276488


They'll probably be pissy about being shat on by a scene-outsider and rub it in first.

0f93a3 No.15276500


Sort of, I heard Voksi was in close talks with a scene group himself.

Either way, whatever message they might have is irrelevant as all I want for them is to show up and start doing things again.

6ac4f0 No.15276507


>Its success is that its uncrackable for the first week or so, where a game gets most of its sale from.

Exactly, this is what some people don't seem to understand when Denuvo is brought up in a discussion. They're always happy to say that "Denuvo is dead" because a certain game released a year ago got cracked today.

3835d9 No.15276528


I'm not going to defend this for a second and I agree with your assessment, but it's more like $300. CPUs are cheap as fuck right now.

ae30d8 No.15276545


>He's just fighting off Denuvo with lawyers right now.

I'm surprised Hungary actually gives a fuck about game piracy.

43da63 No.15276547


Well, the RIAA and MPAA both sue dead people for millions for downloading 1 mp3/movie, so we haven't hit that level yet.

fea28b No.15276564

AHAHAHA they are going to rely on broken microcode that is barely supported

that is…. i dont know what to say

7f27fb No.15276606

File: ee3480852afaf56⋯.png (412.21 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, thinking.png)


>Here's to another nail in the coffin for Denuvo.

I'm convinced Denuvo have some shady relations across the industry. Their DRM can't have been cracked that many times yet still be implemented into games unless there's something else going on behind the scenes.

So I don't think they'll die. I think they're using shady tactics like jews in hollywood to get companies using their shit DRM no matter what. Call it tinfoil or whatever but from the outside it just doesn't look right.

7f27fb No.15276620


Oh, and deliberately killing compatibility thus potential sales of software by only functioning on processors that support FMA3 instructions only adds to my suspicions. What company is going to say "Yeah, limit the number of people who can use our software by a significant margin. We don't want those potential sales. Thanks, Denuvo!" There is definitely some shady shit going on to get them to use Denuvo.

b7b03c No.15276632


IIRC Denuvo was originally developed by hollywood for media protection and is directly affiliated with Sony and EA.

It would be weirder if they didn't do shady shit.

ea6d02 No.15276634


Denuvo's creation was entirely funded by EA.

43da63 No.15276642


Its also an instruction set not fully supported by AMD chips, which makes me wonder if intel has a hand in it.

b7b03c No.15276651

File: c559cedf62736f0⋯.png (7.41 KB, 1045x53, 1045:53, sony.PNG)


How exactly does that work given they were part of Sony that became independent.

ea6d02 No.15276658


Maybe because they split off from Sony and became INDEPENDENT? You know, as in no longer affiliated with Sony?

7f27fb No.15276677

File: 3d35b16d04e69a8⋯.jpg (622.67 KB, 1600x2702, 800:1351, EA uses paid bots on petit….jpg)



That only intensifies my suspicions. We also see pretty blatant shilling/astroturfing for Denuvo on forums and social media; that's something EA is very familiar with.


That's why I say Denuvo must be doing some shady shit in the industry to have their DRM implemented. If it has come to deliberately shutting out a sizable portion of the market deliberately, no company would go along with that unless there's some shady shit going on.


Wasn't Sony also behind the Cinavia DRM shit that kept people from using Blu-Ray and DVD backup copies in their DVD or Blu-ray players? And it got to a point where ALL manufacturers were forced to include Cinavia in their players whether they wanted it or not. The last manufacturer standing was Oppo, but even they eventually caved to the Cinavia jews IIRC.

b7b03c No.15276694


Denuvo was part of Sony's optical media group, and was bought out by its own management, not by a third party.

You do not do that without a reason to, it's almost certain that they had already developed early versions of what would later become denuvo before splitting off.

Also at some point I recall a faggot pinging their authentication servers and the IP address belonged to Sony.

8b9217 No.15276703

File: 8beaa4ecd2807fa⋯.gif (661.41 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 8beaa4ecd2807fae201517db38….gif)



780e28 No.15276705

File: dc0f12b41be0666⋯.png (95.25 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Joachim_Guenter_-_Bust_Cul….png)

Paypigs BTFO. Your goddess can't save you now.

6ac4f0 No.15276708


>Their DRM can't have been cracked that many times yet still be implemented into games

If the DRM isn't cracked in the first week or month of the release of a game then it's a success for the DRM company and the publisher. They don't care if a game is cracked 6 months or a year later because it has no effect on the sales.

56ccf6 No.15276716

File: eed54931410180b⋯.png (340.98 KB, 766x564, 383:282, eed54931410180b5de9d089045….png)


84e44c No.15276718

>jew the people

>people want to be jewed more

>they even ASK for higher prices and more microtransactions

>jews gladly oblige

>people are still dissatisfied with the current level of jewery, thinking they're not being jewed enough

I shit you not, people actually have asked for higher prices on stuff. From giant moneybag corporations. Because they want to make sure that corporation never goes out of business.

e696a3 No.15276722

File: 17730491b071a2e⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 436x245, 436:245, they did it.gif)


>those who supported denuvo got double penerated

7f27fb No.15276738


Even if they don't care if the crack happens months later. The instances of day-one cracks, instances of cracks happening in just a few days, and all the people demonstrating that Denuvo impacts performance and bloats the executable; all of that had to incur some damage but it did nothing. Evey new game that came out had Denuvo regardless.

b7b03c No.15276739


That's wrong and you know it. That's a marketing line they tell people.

For the DRM company, sure it's a success, but publishers and investors are not smart people.

They are only capable of understanding one thing when it comes to software and piracy

>people are getting something without paying them

There is no be such thing as an airtight solution, but the people who force developers to use denuvo, and the people who funded denuvo's creation are way too stupid to understand this.

The goal of Denuvo, and the reason why it's being invested in, is to stop piracy.

It will fail, because this is impossible, and the people who were involved will walk away significantly richer having scammed retards.

84e44c No.15276771


Good goy! Enjoy your region locked always online unmoddable unemulatable port games! Don't forget to pick up a copy of Skyrim on your Xbox and then show your dedication to Bethesda by buying three more copies for your friends and an extra copy to have on your PS4! Oh, and don't forget to preorder Fallout 76 and tell all your friends to do the same! And while you're at it, don't forget the Switch version of Skyrim.

0c2cbc No.15276780

File: a757a440165345d⋯.png (289.88 KB, 700x700, 1:1, bashful.PNG)

>literally preventing certain people from playing the game if they don't have the right hardware

>system will probably be cracked anyway

>if you have non-supported hardware the only way to play it will be play a cracked version

Bravo Denuvo, you've really outdone yourselves this time.

b13a50 No.15276796


Sure if you apply the "will never get cracked or is shit"-standard denuvo is a failure, but if you compare it with everything else it's clearly the most potent DRM out there.

There is no need for a conspiracy for something that is objectively the best at what it does to be successful.

4c4dbd No.15276825

File: 7b8aba70bec5b25⋯.png (200.96 KB, 553x441, 79:63, Dante_Joey_Wheeler.png)


>Denuvo cucks eternally BTFO

You can't defend it anymore. Denuvo is pushing forced obsolescence on consumers with CPUs that are plenty powerful to run the game and Denuvo. Every single one of you that spouted that shit about "Just get an SSD and you'll be fine" can now go suck the fattest of nigger dicks

cc7eba No.15276826


>not knowing anything about cracks

Denuvo cracks do not remove denuvo. It's still running on your system, it's just duped into thinking your copy is legit.

0c2cbc No.15276827


99% of the people here "defending" Denuvo are people baiting for reactions, not every troll is super exaggerated and easy to tell. Some are very subtle and that makes them even more effective.

3ee4b1 No.15276828

>all these fucking replies

They already fucking patched it. >>15276330

4c4dbd No.15276833


Sure, just like how no one here bought Fallout 4 and played it on Steam, right?

b7b03c No.15276876



They switched to an earlier version of denuvo that did not require that instruction set.

You don't just accidentally introduce new instruction set requirements to software, it wasn't a bug, it was a feature.

fc318e No.15276882

File: 8de2ac89b14b80e⋯.jpg (23.95 KB, 640x430, 64:43, 2YqKOTz_d.jpg)

>Jesus Christ.

>What the fuck.

>I just want to play video games.

2b1c59 No.15276887


Play old games gayballs

84e44c No.15276895


I'd make them for you, but I like having a stable job.

fc318e No.15276901

File: 2fe263d4fd384b4⋯.png (428.7 KB, 540x533, 540:533, 2fe263d4fd384b44ef3a998434….png)


I have played all of the classics. I am almost 45. I just wanted to play the new monster hunter with my son.

c92608 No.15276902


>play it with you're wife's son

alright there

b13a50 No.15276907


Nobody here is defending denuvo unless you count telling the truth to that, you hallucinating cunt.

2af36b No.15276909

>steam removing bad MH reviews

Gotta throw out the smokescreen.

92a302 No.15276970


Never underestimate the retardedness of upper management and investors. They want DRM whether it works or not. Same way some people want more TSA shit in the airport. They want to feel safe, even if it's an illusion.

c02747 No.15277011

I'm not familiar with FMA3. Don't most CPU's now have FMA3? Can someone explain to me why the FMA instruction set in particular is important?

c02747 No.15277020

File: 6b35b0048bfe9ca⋯.gif (739.4 KB, 487x560, 487:560, go-away-facebookjak.gif)



Hit the road jak


6ac4f0 No.15277024


>That's a marketing line they tell people.

No. The most important phase of a game is the first week and the first month of release. Those numbers are used later to re-assure the investors.

ea6d02 No.15277029


That is one misbehaving loli

0f93a3 No.15277040


>Don't most CPU's now have FMA3

<FMA3 is supported in AMD processors starting with the Piledriver architecture and Intel starting with Haswell processors and Broadwell processors since 2014.

>Can someone explain to me why the FMA instruction set in particular is important?

<FMA3 and FMA4 instructions have almost identical functionality but are not compatible. Both contain fused multiply–add (FMA) instructions for floating point scalar and SIMD operations, but FMA3 instructions have three operands while FMA4 ones have four. The FMA operation has the form d = round(a · b + c) where the round function performs a rounding to allow the result to fit within the destination register if there are too many significant bits to fit within the destination.

<The four-operand form (FMA4) allows a, b, c and d to be four different registers, while the three-operand form (FMA3) requires that d be the same register as a, b or c. The three-operand form makes the code shorter and the hardware implementation slightly simpler while the four-operand form provides more programming flexibility.

961f60 No.15277061



how did capcom go from having some of the best pc ports w/ mt framework to this

714d78 No.15277133


If I'm reading this correctly does this mean that a chip that supports FMA4 does not do FMA3? Excuse me if it's stupid questions but this

>FMA3 and FMA4 instructions have almost identical functionality but are not compatible.

Reads as if you can have one or the other.

0f93a3 No.15277146


Processors can contain both. For instance:


They're incompatible in the sense that you can't send a workload intended for FMA4 to an FM3 instruction set and have it work because they use a different amount of operands.

0f93a3 No.15277150

e63486 No.15277152


Anyone who still plays AAA from the past decade deserves all the trouble they are getting. Hopefully, we can wake up a few more normalfaggots on the state of our hobby.


>console war crap

>console vs PC shit



>how did capcom go from having some of the best pc ports w/ mt framework to this

(((Love of money))) is the root of all kinds of evil, though I personally wouldn't call all of Capcom's ports as good. Didn't SFIV and V have networking issues?

3af90d No.15277169

File: b3d177a0f833e9d⋯.png (155.89 KB, 500x405, 100:81, 1523850351.png)

>fucking denuvo retired my good ol' ivy bridge, not a game

714d78 No.15277181


They can contain both for some processors, but is it also true that some processors don't support FMA3 and thus, being so new, would be unable to support the Denuvo?

75f00c No.15277185

File: 44ac068e2658c8d⋯.jpg (472.03 KB, 767x953, 767:953, soybeast.jpg)

Best piracy protection ever.

>Waiting for RLD to release a cracked version which runs without a hitch even on Windoze7.

0f93a3 No.15277198


All Intel processors made since 2014 and AMD processors made since Piledriver support FMA3.

Older processors than that are the ones that are going to be unable to run Denuvo. Newer processors aren't going to be an issue.

It's specially offending in the case of Intel because newer iterations don't usually bump up the performance much and thus don't give people much of a reason to upgrade.

d62622 No.15277208

File: cd6198df15c65e6⋯.jpg (53.98 KB, 305x309, 305:309, cd6198df15c65e64cfb36b2ae1….jpg)


>DRM now has system requirements

5e7907 No.15277237

File: 4f956c7a93ce9e9⋯.jpg (110.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1380836219637.jpg)


It's as if those companies want me to pirate their shit.

5e7907 No.15277245


Denuvo are the same guys who developed Strforce. it's their job to screw with your hardware and make the games unplaybale.

9be6be No.15277278

File: 64b2972b39d4da8⋯.jpg (87.62 KB, 727x507, 727:507, 1449567666485_proc.jpg)

i just wanted to hunt monsters

d98494 No.15277332


>the version of denuvo MHW uses has system requirements of it's own

Holy shit this is hilarious. Get fucked Capcom. The only potential good that can come out of MHW's PC release now is that it bombs so hard they learn their lesson and don't do this shit when DMC5 comes out. They won't. It's fucking Capcom and it's like they required to make some massively stupid decisions with every game they release.

7284db No.15277334


Make your own games

c92608 No.15277356


Also people who are "hype" for MHW are retarded enough to buy it no matter what

3d30f4 No.15277480

File: c90de2efe493e6a⋯.png (618.07 KB, 838x872, 419:436, audience hunter.png)

I'd have thought Crapcom would take the PC debut of a key franchise more seriously but it's the stereotypical Jap port. They needed it to do well since the hype bubble for their attempt to normalfagfy MH burst.

326957 No.15277497


Now they are complaining about their golden goose? They have to deal with being a quick fad that died now that they told off their niche audience.

41dd0d No.15277504

>tfw DMC V is going to be a shit port AND Denuvo'd

b9f52e No.15277515

File: 01df0094fbd490a⋯.mp4 (525.22 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 01df0094fbd490a040765977c8….mp4)


Don't forget the munter.

3d30f4 No.15277526


They have samurai scowls because the Jew downgraded their stock to underperformu based on monster blunder being a flash in the pan. They had dreams of it becoming a long-lived DLC delivery device printing moofah moolah for years.

79a631 No.15277529

File: 4e9cca975bc4978⋯.png (6.73 KB, 512x512, 1:1, pog.png)

>Denuvo is getting closer to malware status with every patch

917bda No.15277541


All DRM is technically malware

79a631 No.15277548


I'm talking actual legitimate malware status here though, like Starforce. Or late versions of SecuROM.

4cee2b No.15277549

File: 008c16b9ab80b88⋯.webm (1.36 MB, 1000x562, 500:281, CUCK REEPORT.webm)

File: 48fdc7747faad3c⋯.png (56.66 KB, 749x622, 749:622, Kaldaien_gets_a_visit_from….png)


cae2e3 No.15277556

File: 5b14df4e60591f5⋯.jpg (158.17 KB, 570x558, 95:93, 5a.jpg)


>I have played all of the classics

db6a9d No.15277569

File: 423230b5c5a5a7c⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 480x270, 16:9, insane clap.gif)

>DRM so good it keeps paying customer from playing the game

Bravo, Denuvo.

Next step: don't launch the game at all. That's the ultimate DRM, that way no one can play it.

e1f32a No.15277606

File: 5a724efb6b292db⋯.jpg (48.85 KB, 600x716, 150:179, Only Men Lifestyle.jpg)

>mfw playing World today because I'm not poor and have a reasonably modern CPU

0e1b00 No.15277628


>Insulting Ebola-chan this way

I am slightly infuriated

48d051 No.15277639

Rest In Pieces

bec12f No.15277645


can't wait until the next decade when you'll need to own a monstrously powerful rig just to run a tiny pixelshit indie game, 99% resource usage being denuvo

8bcb12 No.15277648

File: 8efd3e2dd077c7b⋯.jpg (33.39 KB, 332x430, 166:215, CkghJlQUUAAIzHy.jpg large.jpg)


>playing a game for gay babies to own pirates

Wow, you sure showed them!

765d79 No.15277657


I make more money in a month than you make in a year

6fdee0 No.15277664


>$600 is more than mommy's $60

well no shit

e1f32a No.15277668


I'm playing it because I feel like it, I'm only stopping by to tell you because I'm amused.


Wouldn't surprise me. You're still a manlet, though.

3b20a2 No.15277670


>Denuvo, ebola, same thing.

Rude. Ebola is:




And to top it all off, she kills niggers by the boatload.

0f07e8 No.15277817

>"upgrade" to a CPU with PSP/ME backdoor in order to experience DRM

Whew now I really wanna play games with Denuvo.

09e22a No.15277825


Send some of that dick sucking money my way.

f1352a No.15277857

This shit is getting ridiculous. How will DRM look in 20 years? Will the devs keep the only copy of the game on a fully offline computer at the studio, letting people play it for $10k/hour while constantly being watched to make sure they aren't trying to copy it to a flash drive?

c02747 No.15277910

File: 1eda3223bbdbd9c⋯.jpg (333.51 KB, 877x865, 877:865, the summer of 2014.jpg)


well I'm glad I don't play games with Denuvo


>I would get ebola

careful what you wish for

e84911 No.15277948

File: 8237d8b62a6a414⋯.jpg (15.54 KB, 539x480, 539:480, c510e8188af55ff217b812f0b1….jpg)

Thank gravy for old games lads, all of which are free nowadays anyways if you know where to look. Also, an hero anytime payfaggots, continue to sacrifice all your shekels to the DRM jew.

1b80cc No.15277966



We already know the next step is streaming as a service. The next goal is you not even remotely owning your games at all. But "renting" the ability to play it sometimes.

b34459 No.15277976

The goal here is to push older hardware out of the equation. Both for obsolesence reasons and to be able to control what you do with your computer. Remember secureboot only letting you have windows?

Whilst there's reports of denuvo being patched, make no mistake, it will return.

41dd0d No.15277992


Sure, but DRM doesn't need to be hardware specific. Games already are optimized poorly so people have to upgrade.

a45005 No.15278020

File: 5af35ff1ccf5ede⋯.png (312.8 KB, 600x661, 600:661, pirates in 2018.png)

>voksi on a cracking spree

>constantly attention whoring for good boy points from thieves

>his attention whoring gets him police cucked

>pirates everywhere scream how it's unfair and how denuvo is so btfo they need to get him to stop his crime by involving the law

>yakuza 0 gets released on PC

>god tier game

>pirates can't play it

>MHW has even more retarded version of denuvo

>pirates can't play it and their q6600's will no longer cut it

>pirates face when

e84911 No.15278036


>paying money for DRM software

>wasting power on DRM software

>imagining that if every DRM cracker went out of business we would then buy your DRM software

the delusions

917bda No.15278040

File: a0aeb2ee6e6ae78⋯.png (7.47 KB, 282x250, 141:125, Oekaki.png)


>New denuvo ends up killing off the Ancient Hardware fags that buy capcom and Sega games

>No more PC versions because low sales

a45005 No.15278043


>admitting you get paid

low IQ


>No more PC versions because low sales

win win tbh

03b48b No.15278050

File: e00b6c287b92f59⋯.jpg (88.06 KB, 662x552, 331:276, e00b6c287b92f590002ff06685….jpg)


"Low IQ" and "tbh" contradict each other.

917bda No.15278052


While admittedly a lot of their new games are shit, the precedent is bad.

a45005 No.15278067


You seem to be deluding yourself with the notion that your piracy affects sales. I'm fairly certain MHW will do just fine, receive its "mixed" steam review and along with it 500K sales which is very good for a PC port. There will also be plenty of shilling about how it's "the ultimate port of MHW! get btfo consolefags!"

You underestimate how fucked the Psoy audience is these days and how it's basically without principle and its entire foundation built on lies.


mad kid

917bda No.15278076


No retard I mean Denuvo negatively impacting sales (which it does)

a45005 No.15278085


not enough to matter retard

3c995f No.15278094

File: 0cdbe7cf8b6932b⋯.jpg (330.43 KB, 1000x1438, 500:719, 이코마 리나.jpg)


Yes anon, not being able to play one specific game is surely the greatest tragedy to ever befall my person.

Now if you excuse me, I'll go pick basically any other game I feel like playing and proceed to pirate it

a45005 No.15278107

File: 7162598b7c01fc7⋯.png (199.68 KB, 706x641, 706:641, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ff2febb2336db25⋯.png (61.13 KB, 250x367, 250:367, ClipboardImage.png)



sorry you're too upset you can't steal games right now. I know the moment they're available to you, you'll be rushing to play them.

e84911 No.15278145


>I know the moment they're available to you, you'll be rushing to play them.

You greatly overestimate the quality of your AAA shovelware. I don't cheer when those games get cracked because I want to play the, I cheer because those games were garbage to begin with and the less money that reaches the company's pockets, the less likely they are to create an even crappier clone in the future.

a45005 No.15278147


>I-I'm not that desperate! Now excuse me, I'm going to replay stalker for the 4th time this year, deus ex for the 3rd time this year, and my bi-annual doom replay is coming up. I have better things to do while I wait for yakuza 0.

56c0f9 No.15278151


>actual antipiracy shill

>hurr durr piracy is stealing

go kill yourself, nigger.

e84911 No.15278152


Try warcraft 1 and rocks of death, nigger, which is vastly more enjoyable than CoD 18, return of the same game but repackaged.

242ff0 No.15278155


Sure, everything is enjoyable if you grew up with it. If you forced anyone else to play it today I assure you it would not go over well.

e84911 No.15278160


I didn't grow up with it.

a45005 No.15278166

File: 31272e78a6d40d0⋯.png (893.71 KB, 960x480, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>playing warhammer clones

blizzard never made anything good. The Lost Vikings is OK, but everything else is shit. I get that it's your favorite because it's all you have, but I'm taking it away from you.


I'm just gonna pirate this wallet! Quit being ashamed of what you do.

56c0f9 No.15278170


in the case of the wallet, the wallet is taken from one person and another has it instead. the wallet is no longer in the possession of the original owner.

this isn't the case with piracy. with piracy, the original product is untouched, nothing is taken away from the company at all. it's copied.

an actual comparison would be taking a picture of his wallet, not your false-equivalence bullshit.

get the fuck out, shillnigger.

e84911 No.15278171


Warcraft 1 is good for what it was and the time it was made. Also, copying isn't stealing stupid.

a45005 No.15278174



>it's not stealing if I change some definitions around and look at that now it's piracy check mate guise look at this funny music video of the same thing

WC1 also sucks. Play a real strategy game.

242ff0 No.15278175


>hey look I wrote this book that's critically acclaimed, would you buy it for 10$?

>lol no I am gonna pirate it fuck you nigger lmao piracy is not stealing praise geg xDDDDD

56c0f9 No.15278178


it isn't you dumb fuck. if you download a pdf or otherwise digitally copy a book, the original books remain untouched and in possession of their original owners. that's not stealing.


e7bb18 No.15278182


It's more like

>Hey, I have the last copy of my book, would you buy it for $60

>No, I'll take it to the photocopier and copy all the pages instead, for free.

You have the book, and so does the author, to sell to some shmuck. In typical theft, he would no longer have a book to sell.

e84911 No.15278184

File: a3992d93dee2782⋯.png (21.82 KB, 624x274, 312:137, for shill anon, then repor….png)


Read, then reported for being a disingenuous gayboi.

56c0f9 No.15278185


if the original owner has the book still, then it wasn't stolen from him and thus no theft occured.

this is very simple, faggot.

242ff0 No.15278186


So you are going to argue semantics? Stealing someone's intellectual property is still stealing. If you had a ground breaking idea that would sell for millions but then some hindu nigger breaks into your computer/house/whatever and steals it, makes the money instead of you are you gonna call him a thief? He just pirated your stuff after all. You still have the idea, right? So does he. Except you are the one without the money.

3c995f No.15278187

File: e19e8e4b5aa6a34⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 4065x6039, 1355:2013, 118.jpg)


Even if such an scenario came to pass, it would really mean jackshit in the end.

I still wouldn't have had to shell out some shekels to play your shitty game and put with with your bloated piece of crap DRM.


This isn't reddit faggot, you might be lost.

56c0f9 No.15278188

File: e72a937ce7b5834⋯.jpg (108.95 KB, 700x525, 4:3, wdytwa-pirateversion.jpg)


>intellectual property

get a load of this kike.

e7bb18 No.15278189


Patent law exists for a reason, to answer your retarded example. And you're making it out to seem like I stole the author's unpublished book, slapped my name on it and am selling it myself and reaping all the profit.

e84911 No.15278191


idea isn't a product, an idea is an idea. Good try at false equivalency. This is a copying of a product, not worming into someone's mind.

242ff0 No.15278194


t. has never produced anything worth protecting

I've met faggots like you. You do a whole 180 on the anti-copyright spiel the moment you have something that's worth money.


Patent law is intellectual property law. I thought that wasn't stealing, smart ass. Way to null your arguments. By that logic, video game publishers have the full right to prosecute pirates because they are in violation of patent law.

a45005 No.15278199

File: bf78cdc0374c011⋯.png (13.12 KB, 610x373, 610:373, ClipboardImage.png)




>your bloated piece of crap DRM.

I don't own or make any DRM, I just enjoy fucking with pirates, who are essentially niggers.

56c0f9 No.15278200


>i have nothing to say to counter his point, so i'll pretend like i know how he'll react in the future



>patent law is intellectual property law

straight retard shit.

if the original owner is still in possession of whatever it is you claim was stolen, then it wasn't actually stolen, because nothing was taken from him. it's not theft, by definition. you're a fucking retard, and probably a kike.

242ff0 No.15278205


If the original author sold his intellectual property to an interested party, then the interested party is then the owner. Therefore it's perfectly legal for them to chase after pirates violating the patent law. Please, drop this embarassing faux superior morality side and just say you like to steal shit for free.

56c0f9 No.15278209


>intellectual property

even if you buy into such a stupid concept, it's still not theft because in order for it to be theft, something must be taken away from the person it's being stolen from. if nothing is taken away from the person, then nothing could have been stolen.


e84911 No.15278213


>just say you like to steal shit for free.

Not. stealing. Stealing is actual taking of property, the definition was literally posted ITT. I will give you a term for this. That term is unwilling duplication. That would be an objectively correct definition of what piracy is.

242ff0 No.15278214


>it's not theft even though i argued that patent law would be in favor of the prosecution


e7bb18 No.15278215


No, anon. They would have a case against me if I took, let's say, Half Life, made a game called Quarter Life, starring Gordey Cheapman swinging a crowbar around at aliens in a facility called Dark Mesa, and tried to sell that, then sure, they should prosecute me, alongside the entirety of the Google Play Store.

I didn't rip off their idea and try to profit off of it. Nor did I take their idea and make money off of it first. Hell, I'm not even making money off of pirated copies of the fucking game, I'm not selling them. You seem to equate that to what piracy is, which is retarded.

Piracy is literally making a copy of something. I'm not stealing a physical CD off of someone's hands, there are no fewer copies of the game out in circulation for legitimate customers to buy. It's like borrowing a CD of the game from a friend, and giving it back when he needs it. He has his game, and I have it too when I need it.

56c0f9 No.15278216


i wasn't the anon who brought up patent law. try paying attention to IDs you dumb fucker.

242ff0 No.15278220


like i give a shit nigger, go back to >>>/cuckchan/

56c0f9 No.15278225


>ah, i see, i was wrong

>still, fuck you!

no, you're the one who needs to go back.

calling others cuckchanners doesn't help you fit in, especially not when you're the one blatantly behaving as such with your antipiracy garbage.

maybe if you weren't such a brainlet you'd have paid attention to IDs and not mentioned shit about patent law that i never even brought up.

242ff0 No.15278232

File: 5dc8b2decb3dcec⋯.jpg (30.58 KB, 410x380, 41:38, 5dc8b2decb3dcec0558122538f….jpg)


you won't fit in here with your edgelord piracuck attitude, cuckchan.

56c0f9 No.15278235


>pirates are cucks!

>i'm totally not the one out-of-place here


f7d19a No.15278238

Yeah keep going Denuvo make your shit worse and worse until it pisses off everybody.

242ff0 No.15278240


>i-i-i ww-w-will fit in if i use le funny jew mamay!


b34459 No.15278242


copying only becomes piracy when you make profit from it. Making money from knock off copies hasn't really existed since the 2000s. Free distributing something isn't piracy.

df01dd No.15278244

There is literally nothing wrong with piracy.

a8a656 No.15278246



>9$ go to the publisher

>book isn't printed anymore

>but the publisher still has the rights so pirating it is still illegal

Based corporations

56c0f9 No.15278253



every sane person recognizes that there's nothing wrong with piracy, but you'll have shills every thread trying to consensus crack and push their "piracy = stealing" bullshit and defending denuvo.

e84911 No.15278255


It's ironically the only form of communism that works, because there is no scarcity of code, it can be copied an infinite amount of times. The only catch is if the hardware is good enough to run it.

8206a0 No.15278257

File: 32717fff4dc14d0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 248.53 KB, 1087x1295, 1087:1295, jewnose.png)


>getting offended at being called a jew.

Fuckle the fuckle off, you goddamn niggerjew.

f7d19a No.15278274


No piracy is necessary because of the communism that is modern copyright law. Especially with the near universality that all stuff that can be pirated also cannot be returned if you are dissatisfied with it. Supporting art should be a choice people gladly make not something people gamble on to see if maybe they will like it.

665028 No.15278568

File: 218f880404d96ee⋯.png (36.04 KB, 630x707, 90:101, 218f880404d96ee6f9f7e2dea4….png)

I'll just wait for the cracks while playing literally anything else.

Distance is about to be released and Forsaken Remastered and Overload out so I'm going to have some fun until then after I finish the original 2 Descent games.

Fuck jews


38a391 No.15278852

File: 9902113668e1d83⋯.jpg (33.75 KB, 540x353, 540:353, i_regret_nothing.jpg)

>mfw I bought Automata on release

6a1be9 No.15279119


>FMA3 is supported in AMD processors starting with the Piledriver architecture and Intel starting with Haswell processors and Broadwell processors since 2014.


>Intel Core i3, i5, i7 starting with the 4000 series supported. Older ones are not.

Intel players with Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge can't play this game, holy shit. So the Core i3, i5, i7 starting with 2000 and 3000 can't play the game.


It's supported.

6a1be9 No.15279141


>Kaldaien gets a run in for computer crimes.

>Only way to have a computer crime is if you actually steal hardware, pirate, or child porn.

Search the sex offender database for an Andon M. Coleman in Florida or any publicly available criminal database. We might be onto something.

This might be his Facebook: https://archive.fo/y9UNU

Compare it to his Github: https://archive.fo/0zQai

>Cape Coral, FL

>Kaldaien's github lists him in Cape Coral, FL

9093c5 No.15279166

File: 5ce70eb432ac46c⋯.jpg (189.08 KB, 1462x1462, 1:1, 1440898337946.jpg)



they would rather screw over their users who legitimately paid and waste resources on DRM rather than make good games and provide a good experience. i'll bet pirated version won't have to deal with this type of shit and it's easier than if you paid.

3b331b No.15279191


>games being literally unplayable by design if you don't just pirate them

9093c5 No.15279197


>If you had a groundbreaking idea that would sell for millions but then some hindu nigger breaks into your computer/house/whatever and steals it

Companies do that all the time, in fact Microsoft is watching your desktop and any data you have on your computer legally microsoft can see what it is and either use it or sell it to 3rd party.

ae22b1 No.15279214

File: a29ac376112063b⋯.jpg (12.01 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 8NoqtbsA.jpg)


It is a shame these bait posts didn't get more replies.


You know it started off as people pirating games with Denuvo to bypass the terrible inconveniences like Sonic Mania, now it'll come down to pirating the game to even PLAY it.

I've said it before, i'll say it again, what a world we live in.

3fd5d1 No.15279228


>Streamer gets banned for running the game at more than 18 fps, which means he's using the pirated version

ae22b1 No.15279261

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Holy fuck i'm waiting to see that.

b8728a No.15279280


Didn't this exact same shit happen with the last big Capcom release with Denuvo?

b8728a No.15279285

File: d5c985b7c0e610f⋯.gif (443.85 KB, 200x171, 200:171, 1426843052061.gif)


It'd sure be a shame if I didn't have access to tens of thousands of other games at my leisure. Oh no, I can't play one specific game I could easily afford but opt not to buy due to shitty DRM practices. Woe is me.

f45262 No.15279306

File: 90242d418c4324c⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 400x225, 16:9, heh 05.gif)


The same lesson applies:

Always pirate.

Never buy.

9093c5 No.15279523

File: 4440c6d9f98e99f⋯.jpg (10.52 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1388418219345.jpg)


This is genius! this must be the new DRM denuvo has been working on! anyone with more than 12FPS must be using a pirated version!

bde7f4 No.15279537

File: 32889c1904d2f3b⋯.png (752.69 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 1430508191765.png)

>Wanting to play skyrim hunter in the first place

Yakuza 0 is the only game of any worth here.

a5b158 No.15279573


Hungary is part of the EU. And all countries that aspire to be part of the first world clamp down on piracy. He got too famous.

He will likely settle and agree never to touch a computer again for the next 10 years.

9093c5 No.15279578

File: ec7bb4c7d9177a2⋯.png (98.06 KB, 535x295, 107:59, f4d.png)


I don't give a shit about the game in the thread, im just here to laugh at denuvo and fags like you.

i've got over 30000 games on my computer and i couldn't give a shit.

61e08b No.15279594



79b98d No.15279622

File: 0b20f2ceb197362⋯.png (95.05 KB, 384x288, 4:3, ggggggggggggggg.png)

I don't even know what the fuck FMA3 is. All I know is that now that I got a job and can afford to buy a decent gaming PC, I won't because of these retarded anti-consumer practices and having to put up with Windows 10 sooner or later.

135bf2 No.15279637


I'm still using an i5-2500k because it's perfectly fine. If I wanted to play this game, I'd have to make a meaningless upgrade to my CPU as well as my motherboard, because the motherboard is also old and can't accept DDR4 RAM so I might as well do both.

e0e72d No.15279644


Read the thread. It got patched. Denuvo still sucks though.


An overclocked 2500k plays the game fine. I have a friend doing that right now. Just need a GPU that can do the heavy lifting.

ab2456 No.15279678

File: 67d91af0ac026d4⋯.jpg (29.12 KB, 620x775, 4:5, lol.jpg)


>I just want to play video games



da555a No.15279696


Not gonna defend denuvo but FMA3 has been around for nearly a decade now, so if you're running a toaster with a CPU released pre-2010 you might wanna consider upgrading

d89408 No.15279722


>nearly a decade

The first commercial CPUs to support it came in 2012. Just because something is developed in a lab doesn't mean its realistic for hardware at the time to support it.

aa3480 No.15279836

File: cde32c2c5b0145d⋯.jpg (35.82 KB, 360x538, 180:269, 1402295503423.jpg)

>just wanted a nice MH on PC

>MHW becomes a casualized mess

>PC version turns out to be terribly optimized

>now this

d25db9 No.15279851

File: 096dfdb5cf9f63d⋯.jpg (114.6 KB, 700x800, 7:8, 096dfdb5cf9f63d43125edfba3….jpg)


Like the others said, the first commercial CPU that supported it came out in 2012, it only became a standard in 2014 for AMD and Intel.

Even if that wasn't the case, CPU isn't needed for gaming, with very rare exceptions, if you're only going to use your computer for video games, there's virtually no reason to upgrade your CPU that often. If the game runs on older CPUs it should run on older CPUs, the fact that it needs a better CPU exclusively for an invasive DRM that hurts customers in order to combat a non-existing problem is preposterous.

5d1fa7 No.15279898


Pretty much I still run a 2009 CPU. No issues with the current generation of PS4 ports.

993471 No.15281259

File: fa2498afa0b82d9⋯.png (2.32 KB, 381x40, 381:40, cpuz_x64_2018-08-10_14-44-….png)

>have CPU that supports it

>still not gonna buy this garbage

I cant wait until it gets cracked so that MORE people will be able to play the pirated copy than the legit game.

7fa5fa No.15281283

File: a66b4796118940f⋯.png (230.7 KB, 600x240, 5:2, ClipboardImage.png)

Why the hell does Denuvo require a PS2 game that wasn't even released outside of Japan?

2f7d18 No.15281298

File: 3b26a9e0763b1ad⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 311x362, 311:362, 1483845113415.gif)


>tfw I'm on a 2012 PhenomII and SATAII

Not upgrading any time soon!

4343d0 No.15281317

File: 26cc4af71cd1048⋯.png (4.19 KB, 452x39, 452:39, ClipboardImage.png)



3835d9 No.15281984


>This cuck unironically believes the "You wouldn't steal a car" bullshit.

1b80cc No.15282621

File: 0b8c9b0ca402a9c⋯.jpg (33.5 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 0b8c9b0ca402a9c018e79c69ac….jpg)


>Not using your wageslave earnings to get a top of the line gpu to play fallout new vegas in 4k

Fucking pleb.

4f3714 No.15282697


But this thread has nothing to do with GPUs, nor does gaming and high resolutions have anything to do with CPUs which the thread is about.

d7d5f2 No.15282709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e6ca62 No.15282739


Well, we warn them about Denuvo. But those Steam users didn't believe us, instead they believe the shill.

e6ca62 No.15282769


I just hope that more people would join these Steam curators, thanks to these incidents, instead of being stupid (They won't be convinced if tech support got their game to work, so I'm banking on luck and them realizing that some guys going "Does this game have Denuvo?" in the forms have a point on why they want to avoid Denuvo).




6987e4 No.15282788

KEK my CPU isn't supported by DENUVO anymore.

I'm officially denuvo-secure!

e6ca62 No.15282796



I checked, his profile is private or he put it in private in a nano-second. Sad we can't follow him to see if he/she has problems.

c91c18 No.15282823

File: c447f4b804fe5ee⋯.png (731.22 KB, 1897x888, 1897:888, free.png)


>>a game that they paid for


6987e4 No.15282854


>released 10 days ago

>probably still buggy shit that needs a thousand patches like all newly released stuff these days

That can wait tbqh.

I bet it's cracked in a month


Don't worry. Just check on it regularly.

Whether you play it now or in a month doesn't actually make a difference. Maybe you will be experiencing less bugs than retarded day one buyers. I actually BOUGHT a game day one and it was full of bugs. The server menu had a scrollbar that couldn't be scrolled down and other horrible but trivial to fix things

e6ca62 No.15282857



So, it's similar to what happen with that Sonic Mania DLC or Sonic Mania alone, the actual game is quite small. But Denuvo is huge.

Or Tekken 7, only Denuvo was updated, not a game that needs some fixing from errors.

e6ca62 No.15282872


I tried telling normalfags to be weary about Denuvo, that it'll prevent legit buyers from playing a game that they played money for. While the pirates get a free game and all its DLCs working in a crisp fashion. But they don't believe me, until it's too late. I'm too whimpy to say "I told you so."

000000 No.15283108


We will be able to play it for free, eventually. Piracy is eternal and always finds a way.

Keep paying, while we keep getting everything for free, impotent soyboy.

789d8b No.15284232


>i am okay with being called a jew

>its a compliment even

>go israel!

1b80cc No.15284240

File: 687937f343ea7d5⋯.png (89.21 KB, 201x251, 201:251, 687.png)


yandere-dev, is that you?

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