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File: a58339c936cfea4⋯.png (54.5 KB, 900x658, 450:329, Doomguy Smash.png)

bb7be1  No.15277971

>FPS representation

>Beloved/powerfull character from one of the most influentional and important video games

>Doom 64

>Could get some work around violence, hell, realistic weapons and shit

>NuDoom even gave him a lot of new weapons and abilities

>A lot of stuff to be represented such as music for example

>Probably Zenimax's most important ip, since not even Fallout had that much of an impact

Doomguy should be in Smash Ultimate.

ad0803  No.15277983

Add Turok as a nemesis for Yoshi

7d4549  No.15277996

I would be okay with it as soon as Zionmax loses the license.

ce95b3  No.15278006

File: 1af54f98c24e171⋯.png (2.74 MB, 1065x1310, 213:262, 5700db540fc505c4f1e386f23b….png)


If Bayonetta and Simon (plus Richter) can get in, I don't see why Doomguy cannot. In terms of appearance, they are most likely going to tone it down and make him look more "kid friendly", but it would be entirely based on his OG appearance, nothing from Nu-Doom. The main downside to his inclusion, however, would mean that you know who will be one step closer to Smash Bros.

398720  No.15278016


fuck you, Dragonborn for smash. THE KIDS LOVE HIM

ce95b3  No.15278017


Get out of here Todd, you are not fooling anyone!

ca5cec  No.15278033

File: 77745eacd023062⋯.png (10.01 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


But Sans has already been in every Smash game

1941c5  No.15278044


Considering they censored Richter Belmont's quote of "Die, monster, you don't belong in this world" to remove the word "die", they would at the very least have to censor DOOMguy's name.

d1e627  No.15278048

File: da7bcb629022083⋯.png (324.63 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, doomguy loves his bunny da….png)

Anon, it wont happen.

You cant compare the violence and dark settings of castlevania and bayonetta with that of doom, besides, i dont think japs care much about doom.

07ef2d  No.15278049

I don't want anymore third party ip's in smash tbh

1941c5  No.15278060


Both points can be addressed, interestingly enough. Castlevania lessso, but Bayonetta was it's own brand of inappropriate, and they managed to get her to work. Like I said, I'm not sure how likely it would be to call him DOOMguy, the word doom is iffy, and I doubt we'll hear RIP AND TEAR any time soon, but it's at least possible, unlike someone like Duke Nukem, who wouldn't be the same without his quotes.

As for japs caring for it, every new character has been to appease the west. Ridley is big here and insignificant in Japan. K.Rool is big here and insignificant in Japan. Castlevania, sure, is a classic, but it was bigger here than there, and even if it wasn't, that's two for three. There's then also all the assist trophies and Echo Fighters, like Daisy, Knuckles and Shovel Knight that no one wants in Japan.

398720  No.15278063

File: 5b9596b3d0f4640⋯.png (612.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


you can't escape me kid!

fbf6d0  No.15278064


Wasn't there that one megawad that was made by various Japs? Granted I don't know how big the doom community is over in Japan.

1941c5  No.15278075

File: 98f556ae5139c48⋯.png (95.16 KB, 1240x826, 620:413, ClipboardImage.png)

So, who would be the reps for Valve, as unlikely as that is?

Gordon Freeman seems like the obvious choice, but normalfags love LE CAKE IS LE LIE LOL, and there's also TF2.

>inb4 some Dota character

ce95b3  No.15278093

File: b23c147945c70bb⋯.png (934.8 KB, 916x525, 916:525, TIME TO CRUSH SOME SKULLS.png)




I can't find it now, but I'm pretty sure somewhere in Sm4sh, there was a description of an item that had the word "doom" in it. Either way, I think "doom" has a less negative connotation than "die", but you may be right.


>i dont think japs care much about doom.

I don't think the japs care much about Negan either, but yet, here we are.


>inb4 it's Francis riding on his bumper car.

48e068  No.15278104


francis didn't eveb say that quote my dude

d1e627  No.15278106


Anon, let me put it like this.

In castlevania you play a vampire hunter, you fight against classic monsters and evil with god by your side to preserve the light and justice of the world!

In doom you go around running sanicfast in a dystopian future brutalizing everything you find in your path, wich is ok because they all happen to be demons or possesed, but that would be like trying to get splatterhouse or mortal kombat in smash.


Id be ok with chell orthe robutts TBH, think about those moves you could do with the portal gun.


Yet luigi was straight up murdered in that trailer, its odd really.

6ba877  No.15278111

File: 00fa35c521f3b61⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 500x281, 500:281, fuck_this_shit.gif)

I don't want to ever give Bethesda/ZeniMax Media another dime. NuDoom tranny would fuck up Smash biggly.

d3635d  No.15278116


Since Shovel Knight became an assist trophy despite being a shoe-in character, most western characters, including Doomguy, might get the same treatment to gauge Japanese interest. If he were to become a fighter, he would play almost like Ganondorf but with better projectiles, speed and grabs.

1941c5  No.15278118


>In doom you go around running sanicfast in a dystopian future brutalizing everything you find in your path, wich is ok because they all happen to be demons or possesed,

And in Bayonetta, you play as an incredibly lewd witch that brutally murders angels and has to remove her attire for attacks.

>Id be ok with chell orthe robutts TBH, think about those moves you could do with the portal gun.

I don't even know how you would pull a Portal gun off without making in insanely unbalanced.

6ba877  No.15278127

File: 80f4ff9dd1f0ec8⋯.jpg (99.61 KB, 771x1037, 771:1037, bayonetta_by_splashbrush-d….jpg)


but In Bayonetta you do it in style, in nuDoom you grope demons genitals before you rip and tear them a new asshole.

642fe7  No.15278131


Read >>15278118 because he beat me to posting that argument. The content of their original game doesn't determine roster viability. I think it's too late for Doomguy/Doomslayer to make it in the game at launch. But with enough buss he could be post-launch DLC. Not to mention he has enough sci-fi and cartoon weapons that they'd get around the realistic violence issue. IE: Chainsaw(Looney Tunes use it all the time), Plasma Rifle, explosives out the ass, etc.

d1e627  No.15278132


>I don't even know how you would pull a Portal gun off without making in insanely unbalanced.

Im sure you could find a way.

>you play as an incredibly lewd witch that brutally murders angels and has to remove her attire for attacks.

Anon, theres action-violence, and then theres shock violence, bayonetta is stylish action and her lewdness can be tonned down, you cant tone down doomguy without missing the point of doom.

d3635d  No.15278144


I already know he can only be dlc as a fighter or assist. It would really help if someone during QuakeCon (which is this weekend) ask the devs if they have already talked to Sakurai about Smash. If they tell us to vote for Doomguy in the DLC Ballot, we know that they have yet to talk to Sakurai.

04b69a  No.15278146


Style is for girls. Men do things brutally.

29dc61  No.15278158

Why not doomgal?

1941c5  No.15278161

File: 54e3c36dbc156e2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 128.15 KB, 383x286, 383:286, ClipboardImage.png)


A dyke is unlikely as the company's sole IP. Square Enix on the other hand…

781c5f  No.15278165

>tarnishing doomguy's reputation even further by including him in TR4.5H

Please no.

d1e627  No.15278167

File: 324c42032e9431d⋯.png (467.76 KB, 526x799, 526:799, Rada_Ex_01_lateral.png)



Barbarians and uneducated plebians do things brutally, civilized men and efficient people do things with finesse, wich is stylish.

29dc61  No.15278173


what just because she's stronger and better than doomguy she's a dyke?

ed1bf5  No.15278180

File: 706f10a407a7730⋯.png (365.61 KB, 745x465, 149:93, ClipboardImage.png)


Gordon would be the only good rep for Valve, lots of fun potential with the Gravity Gun and Tau Cannon. The Mac colors would be great as a reskin

29f267  No.15278227


Yoshi also had a fps, so he also represents the fps on Nintendo consoles. Never ask me anything ever again.

ce95b3  No.15278258

File: 6bdce29e2362a61⋯.jpg (123.71 KB, 1194x1191, 398:397, Mind as well.jpg)

File: ce0593cfc19f035⋯.jpg (288.46 KB, 1650x1470, 55:49, Bayonetta and Jeanne c199d….jpg)


Ah shit you're right, well its good to know that I have been living a lie for centuries now, but thanks for clearing it up.



bcfeec  No.15278285

File: 252557614c7484c⋯.gif (579.86 KB, 280x211, 280:211, 252557614c7484ca3bf0951cf3….gif)


This reminds me of those nuDoom webms.

d1e627  No.15278298

File: f0a27848900e6e2⋯.jpg (696.27 KB, 953x2560, 953:2560, doomguy in animuland.jpg)


Doomslayer and doomguy are the same person, play doom 64, nudoom is a sequel to that.

c8677c  No.15278400

File: cce428a96d22f35⋯.png (10.86 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

Implying it won't be duck cuckem

e4c388  No.15278433

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I used to think that Doomguy would never happen due to the heavy religious iconography in his games (the demons he fights and the locations he visits are very clearly based on judeo-christian depictions of hell), but now that Simon got in and literally hits you with a bunch of crucifixes as his Final Smash, anything's possible.

d1e627  No.15278447


Anon, the vampirekiller has a crucifix as handguard and made out of silver.

The boomerang is a crucifx.

He throws holy water at you.

Im so glad sakurai didnt cuck out and censor the christian iconography.

d3b269  No.15278450

File: f793235d247776d⋯.jpg (585.01 KB, 1280x1600, 4:5, Mustard Chef.jpg)

DoomGuy wouldn't be a bad choice if his name wasn't DoomGuy.


>implying they wouldn't add this faggot before doomguy

294fc9  No.15278453


>Considering they censored Richter Belmont's quote of "Die, monster, you don't belong in this world" to remove the word "die"

Are you actually this stupid?

f3af89  No.15278462


Anon, his name would be "The Doom Slayer™" because of Doom™ made by Bethesda™, which was released in 2016™.

e4c388  No.15278468

File: fce50c06762130f⋯.jpg (89.19 KB, 708x398, 354:199, master-chief-thumbnail-708….jpg)


>Implying Master Chief wouldn't be the biggest and fucking coolest megaton reveal in the entire history of the Smash series

>Implying it would be a bad thing to lap up bear and birdfag tears

>Implying a character with an actual fucking name is worse than one with none

7d4549  No.15278471


These games aren't made by ethnic Jews so you don't really have to worry about them getting offended or acting on the feigned offense of one of their tribesmen pretending to be one of those mythical soccer moms.

f3af89  No.15278479


Isn't his "real Name" John Smith or some retarded bullshit? I don't even follow Halo, but I feel bad for anyone who liked it up to ODST. 4 and beyond seems to be a straight skullfucking of anything interesting in the series.

d3b269  No.15278495

File: 48ea1f5900027a1⋯.jpg (107.42 KB, 602x792, 301:396, 48ea1f5900027a133497d4c130….jpg)


Don't get me wrong, I think Master Chief has potential. But part of me knows that between DoomGuy and Master Chief, Master Chief might be more likely as much as I would prefer DoomGuy more. Despite that, I still Master Chief is unlikely, but I wouldn't be entirely opposed.

ed1bf5  No.15278504

File: 1a2e4d78e19dcaa⋯.png (232.19 KB, 509x509, 1:1, banjo-smashified.png)


>>Implying Master Chief wouldn't be the biggest and fucking coolest megaton reveal in the entire history of the Smash series


1941c5  No.15278521

File: c536391d3b1833f⋯.png (640.22 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>still shilling for baby's first platformer

>a slow painful chore of a platformer at that

>when Battletoads already have a fucking moveset and are getting a new game

f72119  No.15278522


>skullfucking of anything interesting in the series.

that's OK, it's part of a different canon. The originals are still fantastic. Besides there's plenty of game series that get 1 great game and a dozen shitty ones, few that get 5 solid ones.

e4c388  No.15278528

File: 9fd067a0b7eace2⋯.png (412.42 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


His full name is John-117, he has no surname because all the SPARTAN project are kids who were abducted by the military and trained to be elite supersoldiers and all their names follow similar naming conventions (other SPARTAN names include Shane-112, Catherine-B320, and Emile-A239). Chief himself is considered far and away a legend even among these supersoldiers.

And I haven't really played anything after Reach. I was going to buy Halo 4 when it came out, but I waited a bit and I heard all the fans complaining about it, and apparently 343 studios fucked everything up, so I gave it a miss. Halo Infinite is apparently the last chance they have to redeem themselves.


I can understand that, but I like Chief more. I did play a bit of Doom growing up but Halo really stuck with me in my high school years.

ed1bf5  No.15278558


Battletoads would be cool, but not nearly as monumental as Banjo. Fucking K. Rool garnered more excitement from fans than Simon, imagine what seeing Banjo for the first time in a decade would do

472a74  No.15278561


It would probably be chell, her moveset would be more kid friendly and her brand more kid recognizable than gordons

472a74  No.15278571


I like MC over doomguy, but not as an actual character. He would be a cool snake echo. Doomguy is probably a better as a standalone character than chief.

d3b269  No.15278577

File: a47e6c477bbd4ea⋯.jpg (18.15 KB, 320x287, 320:287, 1437937141845.jpg)


I say this as a fellow hopeful Banjo-Kazooie fan, we both know their chances are slim. But at least they're still more likely than Master Chief


Battletoads would be great too, they're also high on my list of wanted newcomers, but don't you talk shit about Banjo-Kazooie.


I could see Chief being included if they went for him using Covenant weaponry and stuff like the Spartan Laser. Arbiter as an assist or alternate skin / echo would be nice too. But as I said, it still seems highly unlikely unless more Playstation characters get added and suddenly Smash Bros. becomes a celebration of "all of gaming history" and not just Nintendo + Friends. What would his Final Smash be?


DoomGuy is more fun, but I agree Master Chief has a lot more going in terms of Smash Bros.

6bcbb1  No.15278596

File: 4af1ddb64115c97⋯.jpg (7.28 KB, 204x162, 34:27, 1452026863236.jpg)

if snake can work I don't see why doomguy couldn't

e4c388  No.15278616

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Snake echo

What the fuck are you on about. Chief mainly uses ballistic and energy weapons, he doesn't use things like fly-by-wire rockets and plastic explosives. Also no main protagonist of another series has ever been an echo of somebody else from a different series, and that'd be the dumbest thing they could do.


Spartan Laser could be his Neutral B. He just hunkers down and starts charging, releases a deadly blast once it's at full charge.

Final Smash is vid related.

622a62  No.15278640


But why did they censor die if the straight up have the word death in the game, as the name of the CV boss death.

3b2ee9  No.15278642

You know who should be in Smash?

Anyone who isn't a fucking Chrom.

1941c5  No.15278644


So, someone from Three Doors?

f8636a  No.15278646


This tbh

d3b269  No.15278648

File: a8803ce47ec83d6⋯.gif (345.59 KB, 480x320, 3:2, EphraimCrit.gif)


Fire Emblem deserves better characters to better represent itself. Here me out.

>Marth - Sword User / Classic Rep

>Arvis - Tome User / Villain Rep / 16-bit Rep

>Ephraim - Lance User / GBA-Handheld Rep

>Ike - Axe User / Modern Rep

622a62  No.15278652

I kind of want MGRR raiden in smash. If we could get snake, raiden is a total possibility.

7d4549  No.15278656

File: 1bee477b3a6eb7b⋯.png (1.06 MB, 657x900, 73:100, Shining_Force-box_art.png)


He obviously means there needs to be someone from the superior SRPG series.

1941c5  No.15278658


Fire Emblem deserves to have one character at most, it's a shit series that was never good and should have stayed dead.

1941c5  No.15278664

File: cce19f8329bcec3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 562.63 KB, 615x1000, 123:200, ClipboardImage.png)


Someone mentioned that with Ridley, Nigger Samus, K.Rool, Simon and Richter, they seem to be appeasing the west with these characters, so I'm expecting him to come up.

bd4ada  No.15278667


Fire Emblem has now become the waifu series. They got more reps that Legend of Zelda for christ sakes. Well its 6 and 6. But imo they have 3 wasted slots, Lucina, Robin, and Corrin (dumbest one of all, Lucina is a close 2nd but they got that dumb bitch as a echo fighter so its meh).

I wish instead of Dark Pit who has no value, we got Phosphora instead.

ed1bf5  No.15278671


Zelda is likely to get at least one new rep that isn't an echo fighter. Skull Kid seems likely since he wasn't included with the assist trophies and Impa would be an easy echo fighter for Sheik though I want Adult Link as a Young Link echo so we can have every character from Smash 64 back, BOTW Link doesn't really count

d3b269  No.15278683

File: d0c90b46c779738⋯.png (229.07 KB, 343x383, 343:383, d0c90b46c7797388495dac9f14….png)


Fire Emblem only has 2 actual characters in Smash Bros. Marth and Ike. Lucina, Roy, and Chrom are almost entirely clones of Marth. And no one asked for Robin and Corrin and mean nothing to have in Smash Bros. On top of that, they're shit.


As someone who's played SMRPG and is a fan of Geno, no. I like him, but I don't want him in Smash Bros.


Actual Ganon would be nice. Not Ganondorf, but Trident-Wielding Ganon from the early games. Majora's Mask Link would be nice too with each of his attacks being a different transformation.

ce95b3  No.15278689

File: 6be07d23d9942fd⋯.gif (394.4 KB, 420x378, 10:9, FE was a mistake.gif)


Beats me man, all I can say is that they just simply have weird censorship policies.


Crom was asked for a good while now, but honestly, Lyn would have been a "better" choice… But we can't have nice things. In fact, Why couldn't it just be Marth, Roy, Ike, and Lyn?


Geno will literally be in the next direct, he has to man!

>Disrespecting Dark Samus

Begone fool.


This, but for Nu-Fire Emblem. They had it too good for too long and they need to end. I can't stand Waifu Emblem any longer.

8ccf72  No.15278690


>But imo they have 3 wasted slots, Lucina, Robin, and Corrin


Honestly Robin isn't a wasted slot because its a "character" that has popped up in multiple games and is mostly reliant on magic which makes him quite separate from the rest of them.

Lucina/Chrom are both low effort characters, though they are still a waste.

Corrin is technically as much of a waste as Roy/Ike, the inclusion follows the same logic; his timing is a bit scummy though.

All the Fire Emblem characters piled up and made a shit ton of bloat, something tells me they never intended Roy to be wanted ever again past Melee and for Ike to be replaced by the next character(but then realized the next character couldn't steal his moveset and he stayed).

ea0ffc  No.15278692


Really it wouldn't be hard to make Doomguy kid-friendly.

Just make his gun attacks hit characters with the generic "spark" hit effect instead of blood

Exaggerate the "rip and tear" aspect by just making him an incredibly angry guy

Make his normal punches and kick…well, punches and kicks.

Have him use demons against opponents (throwing lost souls at enemies, smacking enemies with an Imp like a baseball bat, picking up a Mancubus and slamming it over their heads to smash them, etc.)

Have his victory pose being him petting his bunny

It's not hard to conceptualize it at all.

7d4549  No.15278696


Just add the Chex Quest guy and call it a day.

3b2ee9  No.15278700


>asked for

By whom?

All those other people that were asking for Waluigi with tenfold vocality and numbers of FEggots?

b25a71  No.15278704

File: 9a09ae3a8c04bb0⋯.png (2.83 MB, 2800x2275, 16:13, Doomguy Smash moveset.png)

This may be relevant to your interests OP

04b69a  No.15278710


Impa could not be an echo for Sheik though dumbass. Impa fights with a big sword, while Sheik is nimble and fights with >her fists and some needles and other sneaky assasin tools.

ed1bf5  No.15278711

File: 44c831d2e992abe⋯.jpg (134.7 KB, 960x1242, 160:207, zeldaganonjpg-8dde8e_960w.jpg)


>trident Ganon

yes, especially with ALTTP Zelda

>MM mask Link

not really necessary, I'd rather keep Young Link as he is since BOTW and Toon Links are enough of a deviation

8ccf72  No.15278718


I think it was more of a longing for something they almost had(Sakurai mentioned he was intended for sm4sh but didn't make it), Lucina getting in instead probably helped this as well.

There's a reason why there wasn't much of a outcry, though a Chrom model-swap with Marth was one of the first mods for sm4sh for if i remember correctly.

ed1bf5  No.15278719


>Impa fights with a big sword

in a non-canon spinoff game, retard. I'm talking about Impa from OOT, though her Skyward design would also probably work

04b69a  No.15278727


It should be fully based on classic '93 doomguy though.

He could use:

Fists/brass knuckles.


Rocket Launcher.

Plasma rifle/gun.

And would use the BFG 9000 as his final smash. Could see him almost as a beefier version of Snake. And the weapons I mentioned would still keep it kid friendly because no bullets. And instead of doomguy, just call him Marine so people don't get pissy about religion and shit.

5e567d  No.15278730

File: 0d9bf9400bb6982⋯.jpg (17.08 KB, 233x331, 233:331, 1413445583144.jpg)


I would just like to say that Corn was the gayest fucking fighter that they could have possibly picked. Until now, I had memory holed his existence

b4bc38  No.15278733

Your neck should be in a noose

ea0ffc  No.15278735


How the fuck is "doomguy" offensive? Why would they even censor it?

Remember Nintendo put fucking Abigor in a mario game once.

476b37  No.15278742

>japanese competitive fighting game


The gayest of both worlds.

04b69a  No.15278743


Some Anon said that before, so I offered Marine as an alternative.

d3b269  No.15278745


>not really necessary

Well, if Link didn't get his fucking moveset changed for contemporary shit like Breath of the Wild. I'd have Link, Zelda, and Ganon based off of their classic iconic pre-N64 designs like LttP and then have Sheik, Ganondorf, and Young Link represent the N64 era. If anything, I'd slightly change Link's moveset to match the NES / SNES games and their items like the Fire Rod.

04b69a  No.15278746


Also wich game features this demon feller you just mentioned?

ed1bf5  No.15278748



Abigor was only featured in a German Club Nintendo comic, not an actual game

ea0ffc  No.15278750


I mean comic, not game.

Comic, game, same thing

ea0ffc  No.15278752

ce95b3  No.15278764

File: 4f32ff29894f7b6⋯.jpg (131.75 KB, 697x1146, 697:1146, corrin_by_akairiot-da8drcy.jpg)


Basically what >>15278718 just said. All I can say is now that I was there when people were close to thinking that Crom would be added in as well, when he wasn't just yet.


Corn and any "changeable gender" characters were always a mistake, along with the rest of Waifu Emblem.


>Competitive fighting game.

Never, ever.

66db17  No.15278810


anyone got the lewd version of that pic?

07ee14  No.15279021


John Halo.

07ee14  No.15279025

WE HAVE SEVEN FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS. HAL can't make room for someone cool?

ed7d25  No.15279033


>calling Ultimate "TR4.5H"

Sup Meleefag? I can smell you even from my screen.

9cf56a  No.15279122


i dont really have anything against yoshi but im morbidly curious to see how the reveal trailer for that would go given the recent trend of killing mario characters. poor poor yoshisaur

c9f829  No.15279153



5 actually has pretty good MP and by far has the most modular settings for custom games and the best map ediitor. The problem is the single player in it is ass, and more importantly, no local play, so the multiplayer is functionally online only.

4 likewise is without a doubt a step down from most prior games in the series in most ways, and has an absolutely fucking awful story, but it's more just "bad relative to the standards of the series" rather then actually bad. If it was it's own IP then I think people would have really liked it.

9cf56a  No.15279167

File: 0a9f209efc8a8cc⋯.swf (2.08 MB, 68658_jamezbond.swf)

wait, what if the fps rep was james bond 007

24d16c  No.15279168

File: a4f28d348e1bc77⋯.png (28.35 KB, 596x892, 149:223, latest(2).png)


While we're at it, let's throw in Commander Keen. Fuck it, ID tried making a SMB3 port, why shouldn't they?

9cf56a  No.15279175


it could happen. sakurai seems to like shotas

3e91f3  No.15279178


>tfw Young Link's canon age is 10

000000  No.15279313


No western shit must infect Smash.

071c09  No.15279357

File: 75f2d45b7d54b96⋯.gif (2.16 MB, 326x249, 326:249, shovelman.gif)


*teleports behind you*

beec62  No.15279374



beec62  No.15279378


Forgot to remove flag

c8677c  No.15279614

File: 07c825147e0708a⋯.jpg (7.77 KB, 192x324, 16:27, the heavy.jpg)


Five is shit and the only reason people pretend to like it (among people who actually play halo games) is because MCC is literally broken

fe91b1  No.15279629



Spartans last is good for a neut b.

His up b would be a man cannon.

Down b is sticky grenade

Side b is a ghost that slides and boosts around and can be destroyed like Mario's bike but much more maneuverable and can shoot, with no hitstun like fox's laser.

Master Chief has a ton of wacky stuff you can use, which is why I actually want him in the game. You can make the energy sword his final smash, or an orbital MAC gun that nukes the stage. There is so much potential for master chief in smash. Shame it will never happen.

9e6b64  No.15279630


Definitely John with Sierra for his last name, I think.

And yeah, Halo at least had some kind of charm and soul that was fucking lost after Bungie left and they forced The Forerunners back from extinction and killed Cortana for no reason just to force sequels after the plot central fucking war ended.


No, he should have been in from the start and not muh ironing board future waifu. Marth, Roy, Ike, Robin, Chrom and Corrin just for moveset would have been fine. I would like that Hector guy.

cefd8b  No.15279641

File: 6b2eaba690d21da⋯.png (928.37 KB, 833x1210, 833:1210, ClipboardImage.png)

This is not the monkey's paw.


17b644  No.15279655


Dark Samus, King K. Rool and Shovel Knight (assist trophy) were created by westerners so too late for that

9e6b64  No.15279668


Literally why I'm done with the series after the complete fanservice package of Ultimate right off the shelf. Indieshit was unacceptably allowed to get thrown any bone and Krystal is another shitty Assist Trophy, which is already cancer and full of useless shit that only lasts for a couple seconds and wastes development time and data.

0e482d  No.15279680

He'd be a better fit for the next Mortal Kombat

a703a8  No.15279703


I wonder if there will be one after MKX's could shoulder of a lot of the fans. I mean it would be cool if there was, don't get me wrong something to parallel Shujinko's story and how the new universe deals with Onaga would be frosty. But honestly I think the idea should be kept on ice until Boone and co can be trusted to not dilute the brand any more.

d1e627  No.15279752


How does it feel like to have autism?


This please, along a space marine.

e80d5b  No.15279759


>using females for a super soldier project

Feminist fantasies

ddc7df  No.15279773



I dunno about you but I'd like to breed a female super soldier.

e80d5b  No.15279781


>muh dik

Thanks a lot for being easily exploitable.

ddc7df  No.15279798


I don't know why I should conform to your worldview. Sage for /pol/dunk derailing.

2ca72b  No.15279812


Corrin should be female only :^)

9e6b64  No.15279813


Fuck off, retard.

e80d5b  No.15279822



Yet you didn't sage your original derail.


Cry more. Next you'll be reporting me for "derailing" when you are really just mad I called out faggots who are exploited by only thinking with their dick.

d06211  No.15279850

File: 745a791fc32b4cf⋯.jpg (60.05 KB, 480x360, 4:3, videoplayback.jpg)

He was already in a much better series though.

2ca72b  No.15279861

File: 694d398d4551483⋯.png (666.07 KB, 1102x1631, 1102:1631, 🌸.png)

doomguy might be cool, especially if it's his pre bethesda design


> /pol/dunk


6d2dbc  No.15279944


I don't see the issue: it's just a party game.

151ca5  No.15279955


While I don't disagree, I also don't think it's likely

2ca72b  No.15280105


>it's just a party game.

define please. surely it can't just be "game that's fun with friends"

f48935  No.15280173

I think it would make more sense for a space marine spec ops soldier type of guy in Smash to pick Bill Rizer from Contra rather than some shmuck from some gaijin game series

ece92d  No.15287535

File: 7c03298ed2cf30a⋯.jpg (69.48 KB, 634x1258, 317:629, doomguy 64.jpg)


ONLY if his D64 incarnation is used; that's the nintendo exclusive DOOM

8b53d9  No.15287979

>there are people ITT who believe the character's name is not Doom

da83a1  No.15290921


His fetish is bishie fuckboys, hence why Marth got into Melee before his franchise, or Pit's redesign.

60a6d3  No.15290970


I thought the only requirement was that it had a game in a nintendo console, not an exclusive one. Doomslayer would be the one in it, if anything.

4895c5  No.15290972


prove it fegit

6c911b  No.15291148

File: d4cc9bf1df0e286⋯.webm (15.3 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Anti-Ridley Niggers BTFO.webm)


>it won't happen just because

Never say "can't" faggot. Bayonetta is far worse and more inappropriate than Doom Guy and she got in regardless. MGS isn't as violent but it used to be pretty damn mature. Doom Guy has much of a chance to be in smash as anyone else, either as a playable character, an Assist Trophy or a Mii costume.

Reminder: Never say can't. That's what anti-Ridley and anti-K. Roolfags did and look how that turned out.

e35321  No.15291184

File: c74698bf02175cb⋯.gif (412.76 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1444795571491.gif)


How wonderfully big! They should've made him bigger just to piss everyone off.

c55e2b  No.15291230

Why is Nu doom so hated again? I played through it and it's not really that bad.

62f1f7  No.15291242

File: 26a14021e4a39d1⋯.png (313.57 KB, 400x1200, 1:3, 04d41a30eaaa2f3dc04363ce0a….png)


>1 hit visceral combat

>not that bad

d1e627  No.15291246


Youre right anon, no dream too big!

7d4549  No.15291258


The vast majority of people crying about Ridley or K.Rool are just Sakurai dicksuckers who are too afraid to have an opinion that doesn't lineup with the corporate mandate. If Nintendo said a new Smash would be literally impossible because of some dumb engine limitation excuse or maybe they just don't feel like it they would all fall for it immediately and act like they never cared about the series.

d8e948  No.15291315



Female spartans were at first a book thing, right? Besides, canonically the IIs and IIIs of both sexes were so altered by the surgical and chemical enhancements (that were such to the extent that a good portion of subjects became disabled or died throughout the process) that differences between them were slim when it came to combat ability.

e4c388  No.15291324

File: f277e45b01590e8⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1600x1348, 400:337, ClipboardImage.png)

This the new Smash general? Just a reminder.

2f82e9  No.15291326

This is a great idea, but they'd have to tone him down a lot and only use a really slim subsection of the game's weapons

Eternal is pandering to nostalgiafags a lot with designs, so they'd probably use that armor for him, along with weapons like the sword since realistic guns are a no-no for smash

7d4549  No.15291334


Eternal looks more like it's pandering to people who pretend to like the originals but are addicted to post-Blizzard shoulder pad fuckery.

2f82e9  No.15291337


In a perfect world, the castlevania reps would've just been Richter and Alucard

98e869  No.15291375


They all went through the same training, so everyone at least met the requirements of the Spartan II and III programs. For the IIs, they all made it through training, but the augmentation process killed and crippled about half of them. By the time the third generation of Spartan IIIs were completing training, the process had been greatly improved and none of them were killed or crippled by augmentation.

The direction that the Halo universe under 343 is going indicates that pretty much all special forces units will be folded into the Spartan-IV forces. So you basically get your pick of marine/army grunt or power armored superhuman for your ground infantry career.

e5782f  No.15291377


Doom is the King of First Person Shooters, NuDoom being "Not that bad" isn't nearly good enough

Yeah it's decent, but it could be so much better and it's not all that complicated to fix

Make the movement faster comparable to 1&2 without needing a stupid power up

have actual useful melee attacks that aren't scripted have Berserk buff your melee work like it used to instead of it just giving your more glory kills

Make the chainsaw an actual useful weapon and not yet another glory kill but for ammo.

Make levels open and have the enemies actually laid out though the level in interesting ways instead of hitting a bunch of Spawn enemies randomly objective.

Less press to kill instantly (BFG, Glory Kill, Chainsaw) more actual strategy to using the weapons

The thing that makes Doom levels interesting was that there was a probability of randomly running into a Cyberdemon or another actual threat, NuDoom makes things so predictable you only fight the Cyberdemon in the big Cyberdemon room and then that's it that was the only Cyberdemon fight.

6d699f  No.15291398

Doomguy makes sense. Every game with OG Doomguy (so not Doom 3) has been on a Nintendo system in some form and Doom 64 was an exclusive Nintendo game. They could give him his classic appearance and nuDoom as alt-costumes and make a sweet 2.5D stage. Either the BFG or the Berserk pickup could be his final smash and the classic health indicator could be added next to his percentage.

Fucking do it, Nintendo. I'll actually buy this game if you do.

d8e948  No.15291400


343's direction really kills the whole ethos around Spartans. Turns a desperate attempt at curtailing insurrection and aliens into something kinda insignificant.

Speaking of the insurrection war, would've been cool to that be handled in a spin-off, like ODST. Shame that won't happen now.

6c911b  No.15291435

File: 25f0109fc779e1b⋯.gif (899.03 KB, 400x245, 80:49, Wario.gif)


This. Its like some obsessive brand loyalty rather than an actual appreciation for characters and liking games for being good. They'd obey and hang on Nintendo's every word without thinking or trying to enjoy shit, simply just doing or accepting whatever Nintendo tells them.

Anyway back to the main topic. If Doom Guy does manage to get in, which of his demon foes would likely get to be an Assist Trophy? I'd like the Cacodemon (the one that looks like a Beholder) if anything.



Good riddance witch. But I wonder. Kat & Ana haven't been mentioned at all. Could those two actually work as playable? Did anyone want them?

e35321  No.15291440


>In a perfect world, the castlevania reps would've just been Simon and Dracula


ed1bf5  No.15291455

File: eb57398a957523f⋯.jpg (150.37 KB, 640x965, 128:193, Doom_cover.jpg)

Doomguy would only be good with his 64 design or his OG design this art redone for Smash would be GOAT


Cacodemon is the best choice, they're iconic enough and the design is super simple, just have it fly around and munch on enemies

2f82e9  No.15291456


>Speaking of the insurrection war, would've been cool to that be handled in a spin-off, like ODST.

The book that killed off the Rookie was sort of about the insurrection


>Doom assist trophy

It'd be that robot dude they set up as the villain and gave that big ass sword to at the end of nuDoom 1

e4c388  No.15291457

File: a7846cc69a889a2⋯.png (310.64 KB, 3176x1642, 1588:821, virginwitchchadrockstar-co….png)


Kat & Ana could work, I guess, but I want Mona.

ed1bf5  No.15291485


Kat and Ana are assist trophies. The only good Wario-themed rep is Captain Syrup

93555b  No.15291502


Captain Syrup doesn't even fight. She summons a fat ass genie.

6c911b  No.15291510

File: 3edf15a41cdec45⋯.png (146.57 KB, 1250x914, 625:457, 3edf15a41cdec45d01c2ad26d3….png)


I honestly prefer Mona myself and she has closer ties to Wario than any other WW character except maybe Jimmy T., but would she be given original moves or be a Peach echo? Echo would honestly save time and allow for more work on major characters. If a Peach echo, they could have weapon meshes switched around, like her guitar instead of a golf club and animals instead of Toad. She could also use her moped in the same fashion Wario used his motorcycle. Also if she gets added, it'd be nice if they gave her a Captain Syrup costume because Smash definitely needs more villains or rivals (even if they're just alternate costumes). One foe for every hero I say.


But Kat & Ana haven't been confirmed yet which is what makes me suspicious. I honestly hope they are assist trophies and another Wario rep is chosen instead, like Mona or Syrup.

e35321  No.15291526


I don't like Captain Syrup but "not being able to fight" isn't an excuse. Duck Hunt dog, ROB, Mr. G&W and Villager were never fighters but they managed to work. The genie would probably be her final smash and they'd probably have her use a staff or a bag of gold as a weapon. But fuck if they add her and make her another swordfag I'll be pissed.

e35321  No.15291536

Forgot to ask. What are the chances of Shantae getting in either as playable or an assist? Shovel Knight managed to get in as an assist, so she seems likely. Also, are Banjo & Kazooie a possibility? Sakurai wanted them in Melee and Microsoft/Rare clearly wants them in too as hinted in Nuts&Bolts.

e4c388  No.15291549

File: d09848138514664⋯.png (153.57 KB, 2113x1654, 2113:1654, butterfingers.png)

File: 49103ef8aef7407⋯.png (365.83 KB, 2842x1654, 1421:827, monasmashmoves.png)


Goodness no, the last thing we need is another Peach echo. Mona has plenty of potential for an original moveset that's heavily based on her various jobs and microgames.

I've been posting it around, but no one seems overly interested in my moveset idea for her. I've illustrated some of it.

>Neutral B makes her spin a pizza on her finger and toss out slices that damage opponents, random toppings determine what kinds of damaging effects they have (jalapenos do fire damage, meat/sausage does extra heavy knockback, pineapple plants flowers on their heads, etc.)

>Side+B is a Moped Rush that functions much like Wario's bike, except faster and lighter - she's also able to perform tricks like hot donuts and flips

>Down+B makes her pull out one of her animal friends, who walks around like Dedede's Waddle Dees in Brawl - they are walking hitboxes that absorb hits for Mona, but also attack the opponents depending on which animal it is. Monkey throws banana peels around, elephant leaves sticky goop from its trunk, pig kicks soccer balls at people

>Up+B is based on her Boom Box microgame from the first game - she lights a firework with a string attached to it and it flies up towards a wireframe box, and pressing B again with the correct timing (once it's in the box) will detonate the firework and propel her up further, but if you miss she instantly goes into freefall. Further subsequent uses will make the wireframe box smaller.

>For a tether grab, she pulls out Pyoro and holds onto him as he stretches his long sticky tongue out

>Final Smash: "I'm Late For Work!"

>Mona's watch beeps and she realizes she's late for work. She speeds away on her moped and crashes into her opponents, knocking them onto a country road similar to Falcon's final smash. Mona comes speeding down the highway with a zillion cop cars chasing her, who all crash into the opponents. She then presses a button on her moped and deploys her pig who kicks a large round bomb into the cop cars and opponents, sending everyone flying.

3e91f3  No.15291576


>Naming special moves

Jesus christ, it's just a normal attack, it doesn't need lore

2f82e9  No.15291595


Shantae has a chance at an assist trophy, though she's less popular than Shovel nig

With King K, Rare characters are clearly on the table, but the big hurdle here is Microsoft, so while it's not impossible, I'd say chances are closer to 0% than 100%

Also Duck Cunt seems like a semi-replacement for that general concept, so Sakurai may have given up on ever getting them

04078c  No.15291596


In a perfect world you wouldn't have been born

f3af89  No.15291603

File: 64fb1fcf2264c8f⋯.jpg (22.73 KB, 768x576, 4:3, 1407621369507.jpg)


>Rare characters are clearly on the table

oh god pls no

7d4549  No.15291609



They have been since Brawl.

e4c388  No.15291622

File: 4ccf2379dfa57fd⋯.jpeg (659.48 KB, 3520x2733, 3520:2733, monawink.jpeg)


>Attack names are lore

>Only named her final smash if you can even call a quote a name

You stupid, fool

2f82e9  No.15291644


>Being mad that Simon isn't in the best and most popular game in the series

>Being mad that Twinkula and Best Belmont are better than Not Conan

6c911b  No.15291656

File: 2a71069b3782bae⋯.jpg (113.24 KB, 680x684, 170:171, Bane shitposting.jpg)


Those look fine but the toaster move just doesn't seem all that interesting, but still good overall. Moped Rush should be a must.


If added, Banjo & Kazooie could still be very unique when compared to Duck Hunt. My only gripe is that if B&K get in I'd like to see Gruntilda in too since I like the idea of the more iconic mascot characters getting their respective archenemies or rivals to be playable. Speaking of, if they added a rival for Mega Man or Pac-Man, who could they possibly pick? ProtoMan and the Ghosts? Could the Ghosts work if they follow a similar style to Olimar's with one in the lead as the main attacker and the other three following behind? And would ProtoMan be possible at this point since he's part of Mega's final smash? Hell, could Yellow Devil be playable at this point considering being a "big guy" is clearly no longer an issue?

e4c388  No.15291665

File: ba882da8b69c9b6⋯.jpg (71.28 KB, 800x800, 1:1, monaboobsashley.jpg)


>Those look fine but the toaster move just doesn't seem all that interesting

I completely disagree. I think it's cute and speaks volumes to her character, as well as being useful as a health recovery and projectile.

If you down with the college girl post good Monas

6c911b  No.15291666


Diddy is playable, Krystal is an assist and K. Rool is playable. Rare characters have been on the table from the start. Considering that Rare is longer a Nintendo property, B&K would probably be their only representative and maybe Grunty if such a thing happens, but like another anon said, the odds of Banjo getting in is close to 0%, maybe even a 5 or 10% at best.

6c911b  No.15291681

File: 9ee522796c6fc17⋯.png (271.13 KB, 762x456, 127:76, wario_and_mona.png)


>If you down with the college girl post good Monas

Of course. Who isn't? If she isn't playable, I'd be pretty bummed if she's at least not an assist or a mii costume. I mean I'd still buy Ultimate unlike the shitshow that was Smash 4, especially now after finally getting Ridley, Simon and K. Rool in Smash, but Mona and some more villains/rivals would be icing on the cake.

e5782f  No.15291689

File: 574d6ddb111a65f⋯.png (416.33 KB, 800x450, 16:9, The Groose is loose.png)

I'v gotta be honest Them adding a Warioware character as a fighter doesn't make any damn sense to me. I like the games, but I really don't see enough there for any of those character to have a fighter made out of them.

It'd be like legitimately expecting Groose to be a fighter, Like you gotta be a little realistic with who you think the're gonna pick.

2ec3c3  No.15291690


>it's the Monautist again

No one wants you here, go back to tumblr faggot.

e35321  No.15291698


>if they added a rival for Mega Man or Pac-Man, who could they possibly pick? ProtoMan and the Ghosts?

I'm more interested in who they have in mind for Sonic and Yong Link. Skull Kid seems absolutely likely at this point, but for Sonic all signs point to Shadow since his Assist Trophy hasn't been confirmed yet, which I hate since he would just be a shitty Echo of Sonic with a gun and a time stopping Final Smash. A better rival character would be Metal Sonic or even Knuckles, but Knuckles is already an assist, so I'm holding out hope for a hovering Metal with fiery jet blasts, hand/wrist guns, stomach laser and a Neo Metal Sonic-related Final Smash. Maybe even make him a duo with Eggman and have Eggman hover in the background from a distance like the Pokemon Trainer while barking orders or screaming. Either that or make Eggman a Bowser Jr. semi-clone…

b25a71  No.15291705



What if the next Direct has a trailer with an actual fakeout for Skull Kid, that transitions into a Groose reveal?

e5782f  No.15291719

File: 2ebe3d1f2740011⋯.webm (744.67 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Shadows gun.webm)


I would be cool with Metal Sonic

but you do know Shadow only used guns from 2005-2006 (and that was only in vehicles) right? he hasn't touched one for 12 years. save fpr webm related

5d8f50  No.15291723


I'd die from laughter, for one thing.

6c911b  No.15291724


>I really don't see enough there for any of those character to have a fighter made out of them.

Same could've been said about ROB and Game & Watch (or even Groose), but here we are (especially with Groose since he only has a catapult and a bird as the only things notable about him, otherwise he's always just standing around and making fun of others, never even holds an item like a stick or a sword). Groose would be a great addition, but if Girahim couldn't get in, I don't see why he would (although its not impossible). At best Groose would be an assist who attacks from the background with his Groosenator. He might get a DLC Mii costume in the future though.

6c911b  No.15291744


Groose pulling a Dedede would be nice, but pulling the same gag multiple times will only make it dull.

b25a71  No.15291749


No but this time it's an actual fakeout, and Groose gets revealed instead of Skull Kid, who is shown explicitly as an assist trophy

e35321  No.15291762

File: 63c408ae3a3593a⋯.webm (1.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, how to trigger k.webm)


>but you do know Shadow only used guns from 2005-2006 (and that was only in vehicles) right? he hasn't touched one for 12 years. save fpr webm related

Doesn't matter. A lot of Smash characters have a move or taunt referencing an older game as part of the whole gaming history theme of Smash. Shadow could be given his dumbass gun from his 2005 game but have it shoot lasers/energy bullets to maintain the E rating.

6c911b  No.15291780


That could work. But what would Groose's moveset even be? And would his final smash be like Snake's and Bowser's where he shoots and aims at the stage with some kind of rapidly firing catapult? I'm still leaning on him as a possible assist if anything.

e5782f  No.15291784


Not even Snake uses his guns. the gun thing is just the butt of every Shadow joke, it really isn't a big part of his character I thing his Chaos powers have much more potential.

e4c388  No.15291790

File: 5cc495b0470e1da⋯.png (775.51 KB, 900x720, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


>Just wanting another shitty echo

>Not wanting Eggman, literally the most important character in the whole series next to Sonic himself

Personally, I'm thinking we'll get both Shadow and Eggman playable. Shadow with the echo fighter moveset and Eggman with the unique moveset.

097c6f  No.15291804

Why is Doom 16' shit and why will Doom Eternal be shit?

d432d5  No.15291809

Originally James Bond was gonna be a character in Melee before Rare got bought by Microsoft. although shit from GoldenEye still made it in. How would have James Bond's presence affected the future of Ultimate

6c911b  No.15291826

File: 79c654271c6d870⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1280x971, 1280:971, latest.png)

File: bb3a24b82f7f49a⋯.png (200.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, EggWalker II.png)


Because the new developers are hacks.


>Shadow Echo

Ugh. Anyway how would Eggman fight though? Would he ride around in a smaller version of the EggWalker? Or would the EggMobile just hover slightly above the ground like Bowser Jr. but have more weapons and the ability to turn into a car and walker?

7d4549  No.15291831


If it was going to be anyone from Skyward Sword it would be Ghirahim.

e5782f  No.15291832



Doom Eternal will be pretty much the same in terms of quality, from how it sold they don't need to change much to attract the normal fags sales.

e5782f  No.15291835

2f82e9  No.15291843


From the gameplay demo, they seem to be trying to fix some of the original's issues

Less arenas, more open level design, possibly somewhat less reliance on the shitty glory kills, though they're still there

e4c388  No.15291854

File: 37ba05a311639a7⋯.jpg (46.23 KB, 655x480, 131:96, image.jpg)


The way I picture it he'd be heavily based on the Eggwalker from SA2 in his default form, but he can extend a variety of weapons from it or alter transformation modes.

Many of his moves would source his boss appearances from Sega Genesis Sonic games, but less juvenile than Bowser Jr. His weapons would be more deadly and robotic themed instead of boxing gloves and giant forks.

>Spike bombs

>Laser cannons

>Guided missiles



>Electric traps

>Giant fists

>Jet boosters



430681  No.15291855

File: fa513cc6baf5def⋯.jpg (49.93 KB, 535x711, 535:711, fa513cc6baf5defa415aed56ec….jpg)


>Eggman being the first fighter with three modes/transformations

Neat. It makes me miss Sheik and Zero Suit Samus no longer being transformations for Zelda and Samus.

430681  No.15291856


>no longer

I mean being. Fuck.

6c911b  No.15291885


I like it. Although I think he should have a sort of "big wheel" transformation that somewhat functions like Wario's bike. And for a Final Smash, it would probably be a cutscene where he summons the Egg Fleet to rain down missiles and lasers or something similar to Bowser's where he gets into the EggDragoon and he attacks the stage with his drill and lasers.

Fuck, all this talk of Eggman fighting in his EggWalker makes me kind of hopeful for Dr. Wily being playable. Having Eggman, Wily, Bowser, K. Rool and Ridley together would be an autistic treat if anything. However Wily doesn't seem as versatile as Eggman, unless he fights in the Wily Capsule α (the one with metal tentacles) to set it apart from Eggman and Jr.. Either that or have the Yellow Devil be playable and let Dr. Wily hide inside its body via a custom Wily Capsule that serves as its eyeball.

6c911b  No.15291894

File: 15481a8f7c0552d⋯.webm (409.4 KB, 490x360, 49:36, wew wew.webm)

File: 24a9e9c465bf868⋯.png (559.93 KB, 572x470, 286:235, Evil Friends Forever.png)


Forgot pic and webm.

e4c388  No.15291930

File: 4a32aa3020824e9⋯.png (1017.44 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



No real need to summon the Egg fleet when pic related will do just fine.

6c911b  No.15292020

They'll probably go with either that or the EggDragoon considering how often both are used.

e5782f  No.15292109

File: 0711c492f1f35a2⋯.jpg (63.92 KB, 998x717, 998:717, egg carrier.JPG)

File: 1323a85cdbe1ffc⋯.jpg (37.33 KB, 1312x433, 1312:433, egg carrier 2.JPG)

File: e8828d2b52c50ff⋯.jpg (39.81 KB, 1403x556, 1403:556, egg carrier 3.JPG)

File: 7dd6598e6bac0b8⋯.jpg (41.97 KB, 1395x651, 15:7, egg carrier 4.JPG)

File: 408a924150163fb⋯.jpg (54.79 KB, 1397x777, 1397:777, egg carrier 5.JPG)



They could also go back to the Egg Carriers mega laser and do the same pose from the intro

The Sonic Adventure intro zooms in allot so i need more then one pick

a968f2  No.15292320


It’s summerfaggotry/raiding.

Ignore it.

89a303  No.15294113


Fuck yes

d3b269  No.15295008


As much as I like Banjo-Kazooie, I would prefer Gruntilda to be a stage hazard or assist. Banjo-Kazooie as a series doesn't really need any other playable fighters.

6c911b  No.15295169


True, but I just like the idea of every iconic hero having their respective arch/rival playable. I just hope that Ultimate will have more villains in it than before. My only grievance so far is that Dracula isn't playable.

e0798f  No.15295269

File: f6112e9c72c7cd9⋯.gif (2.46 MB, 512x512, 1:1, f6112e9c72c7cd9d2466fc10c9….gif)


How does everyone fuck up by thinking the 93's default look has an ab window. If you look at the cover it's cloth that was ripped off by the demons.

7d4549  No.15295306



Are there any series where the villain would be the prime candidate for an entry? I can't think of anything Nintendo at the moment.

a968f2  No.15295308


>He likes the weeb bait Igavanias.


Also, Symphony of the Night isn’t the most well known. More people still think about Super Castlevania IV as the definitive Castlevania. That is the game that gave us the look for Simon that is used in smash, most of his moves reference that game as well.

2ca72b  No.15295317

File: 85398ee5d014382⋯.png (799.54 KB, 1000x738, 500:369, 853.png)


>Are there any series where the villain would be the prime candidate for an entry?

The dude from the latest pokeyman games

d3b269  No.15295357

File: 97a1583c7149ab4⋯.png (2.43 MB, 1115x1666, 1115:1666, Arvis.png)


Blood Falcon as a Captain Falcon Echo

Porky for Earthbound / MOTHER

Arvis for Fire Emblem villain and Super-Famicom representation

Dark Matter and/or Marx for Kirby

Ganon and/or Skull Kid for Zelda

I'd personally want to see Arvis so we can finally have a Fire Emblem character that isn't another fucking sword user.

7d4549  No.15295362



I mean series where the villain would get in before the hero.

b25a71  No.15295390


Wolfenstein ;^)

d3b269  No.15295393

File: fc2b30f214d17aa⋯.jpg (107.76 KB, 495x640, 99:128, Pyramid Head.jpg)

File: 3891b27a9a50dbf⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 2098x1479, 2098:1479, Fulgore.jpg)


Extremely unlikely but if they were to be represented, Silent Hill's Pyramid Head or Killer Instinct's Fulgore. Nintendo doesn't emphasize villains as hard as other companies. I'd say any game with a consistent villain or where the villain is the icon.

0b48d3  No.15295463


Who the hell plays Smash by themselves?

2ca72b  No.15295473


what kind of non-sequitur question is that?

3c239c  No.15295541

File: 1582ad2bb830921⋯.png (518.23 KB, 434x1076, 217:538, Andy.png)

File: f072e9f8ff4c640⋯.png (198.44 KB, 363x426, 121:142, Ray.png)

File: 7ba683a2bf9b9ba⋯.png (703.12 KB, 816x966, 136:161, Isaac.png)



>Master Chief

>more Castlevania

>more Sonic

>more random ass third parties

Fuck me for being fan of actual nintendo games right?


>fucking Warioware side-characters over these

c58506  No.15295594


Andy wouldn't be a good character imo. An Advance Wars stage or assist where tanks and soldiers appear and fight each each other would be great, though.

2f82e9  No.15295624


The basic criteria for getting into a smash game, if literally nothing else applies, is that they have to have been popular, or at the very least be an important part of nintendo's history

Warioware side bitches literally have a better shot than characters from dead franchises from the GBA-era that barely made a splash

4b61ef  No.15295653


I'm sure that if Snake could get away with guns and even an MGL as his final smash IIRC, then Doomguy can get away with his guns.

4b61ef  No.15295671

File: 3c0b0cd65a558e8⋯.png (206.19 KB, 400x315, 80:63, ClipboardImage.png)


>And the weapons I mentioned would still keep it kid friendly because no bullets.

But didn't snake have a grenade launcher as his final smash?

bae4e1  No.15295678


But that doesn't shoot bullets, it shoots grenades :^)

3c239c  No.15295692


>Kid Icarus

you realize that smash is full of franchises that otherwise would've been dead right?

and that enough support can get them in right? defeatism is cancer

>"it's not defeatism I just rather have muh mona, muh ashley, muh kat-ana, muh jimmy T, muh hat goomba"


>that barely made a splash

the popularity contest in sma5h is a mistake, and if you support is you are too, they should just be looking to please the fans of their actual fucking games

3c239c  No.15295702

File: 1aa91d54db07d35⋯.jpg (32.09 KB, 400x267, 400:267, 1aa91d54db07d35fc2ceecb3fb….jpg)


>Andy wouldn't be a good character imo.


>wii fit trainer


>duck hunt



>a goddamn pokemon trainer

>classic megaman


I thought we where past the whole "how is that even going to work?" bs since brawl

b25a71  No.15295709


No my friend, sadly people still use it as an argument.

I unironically want a Tetris rep.

c44151  No.15295711


<FPS representation

Japs hate FPS games

<Beloved/powerfull character from one of the most influentional and important video games

Doomguy is literally just the rip and tear meme. Doom fans in general exaggerate their affection for the games to establish gamer cred in much the same way that Megaman fans do. Unlike Megaman, Doom's history on Nintendo platforms is brief and unremarkable.

<Doom 64

Easily the most irrelevant and forgotten Doom game, never even got a virtual console release or a port to another system.

<Could get some work around violence, hell, realistic weapons and shit

Gun shooty guy shoots guns. Because Megaman is so fun to play as and fight, we need more of those.

2f82e9  No.15295732


>Kid Icarus

Well known, and a classic

Also nepotism, but unless you know of a way to retroactively make Sakurai the director of all these other series, that's not as relevant


All those characters can work as fighters and have their quirks and gimmicks that pretty easily translate into attacks

Andy could beat the shit out of people with his wrench, but when it comes to actual attacks from the series, he'd be summoning clusters of tank dudes like some kind of weird ass /k/ wizard, which would be goofy as shit

Pacman and Duck Hunt can make old school sprites show up for attacks because they're basically joke characters, Andy isn't that at all

d3b269  No.15295751


>dead franchises

>barely made a splash

6c5221  No.15295791


>K.Rool is big here and insignificant in Japan.

But that's wrong.

K.Rool made the cut because he actually won the popularity contest in nip land.

All you would have to do is tell our brother in arms from 5ch /v/ (it's not /v/ it's /game/ IIRC) to do it…

6c911b  No.15295826

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This essentially. Not sure where everyone keeps getting this idea that Japan hates DKC and K. Rool.

a39aaf  No.15295963


His final Smash could be summoning a Mantis sort of like Fox/Falco/Wolf's landmasters

ceaf1c  No.15296000

File: 049b4142aaaf4fd⋯.png (826.85 KB, 733x878, 733:878, MH4-Charge_Blade_Equipment….png)

You faggots know that we need a hunter in this bitch.

b25a71  No.15296002

File: 789695b1091b83d⋯.webm (8.05 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, I Am... All of Me - Shado….webm)


Chrom proved echo fighters can borrow from multiple fighters. His up-B could be Mewtwo's made into a Chaos Control teleport and they could even make his side-B Wario's.

e5782f  No.15296041

File: 345f7194f796e06⋯.webm (11.33 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ow the edge generations 1.webm)

File: 5fc0faeb39cb220⋯.png (569.58 KB, 621x458, 621:458, Shadow's bike.png)


There not going to put the Motorcycle in! that'd be too awesome!

2f82e9  No.15296052


The problem with some rando hunter is that it's not very distinct, and being iconic is seemingly a requirement for third parties

eaf785  No.15296057

File: 3f381045da5d66d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, newcomer.jpg)

When is she being announced?

e5782f  No.15296067

File: b0adaf8f9b55bf0⋯.webm (10.28 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ow The Edge Generations 2.webm)

File: 4a7c9cf3fa98bc4⋯.jpg (31.18 KB, 480x360, 4:3, shadow androids.jpg)

File: 8dd2ab331b2fabb⋯.png (417.53 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Result_Screen_-_GUN_Fortre….png)

File: 2373ee8657027a1⋯.png (463.64 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Shadow_Android_4_-_GUN_For….png)

File: dc655abaf1ef04b⋯.png (443.1 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Shadow_Android_6_-_Lava_Sh….png)


Now i'm wondering if they would make the Shadow androids alt skins? They are pretty obscure.

2f82e9  No.15296080


On one hand, they're really boring and shitty and wouldn't be worth the effort

On the other hand, they require zero effort

bb4a35  No.15296138


Just give him rathalos armor and greatsword. Iconic enough.

e5782f  No.15296142

File: 005d9e1710e81b8⋯.jpg (65.56 KB, 892x527, 892:527, cloke color.JPG)

File: bd4d584bb30640a⋯.jpg (158.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, color edit.jpg)


They should really just put in a color editor, because all games should have a color editor.

2f82e9  No.15296151


Then it's another anime giant sword guy

bb4a35  No.15296171


Fair point. What about a felyne in acorn armor?

2f82e9  No.15296177



da83a1  No.15296188


I unironically liked the idea of Ridley as a stage hazard, best friend for characters with instant knockout hits. What really pissed me off was the JustinRPG derailing threads with his scallie fetish

>King K. Rool

I really wanted him, much better than Corrin and Cloud together.

f8cefa  No.15296228


most of the time the best color swaps are already available and all you can do is make some shitty edits just like the one in your second pic.

The only real use case i found justifiable is when you can edit some girls outfits to look like they are showing more skin.

Shaming mention: KOF XIII censored the editor and made skin tones unavailable for some characters.

ceaf1c  No.15296231


Hammer bro with full Diablos armor

4b61ef  No.15296280


They'll find a way around it somehow.

8beb48  No.15296368


It could work. I imagine he'd have an insane grounded speed on par with Sonic but a very bad vertical game since originally he couldn't really jump. Maybe tool him to be a weak fist fighter (Because without power ups or a chainsaw he fucking is) but really good at keeping distance as long as he's got ammo.

f85d82  No.15296369


>Rathalos armor

>Not Hermitaur armor

a39aaf  No.15296422



a39aaf  No.15296426


Remember one of his taunts is him standing up to show how big he is.

c44151  No.15296450


>With King K, Rare characters are clearly on the table

Not at all. Nintendo owns rights to K. Rool and any other characters Rare developed for the Donkey Kong Country series.

8f7753  No.15296457


>Doomguy should be in Smash Ultimate.

Stop with this joke man, and no, if Bethesda can't even fucking bother to optimized their game and just make a unique port that doesn't include downloading more than the average Switch game, then he doesn't deserve it, he can stay in Quake Champions, which is a fucking unique type of hell itself.

16f14a  No.15296646

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Was this cartoon prophetic?

6c911b  No.15296654

File: 9f251a1266ed4ab⋯.png (202.07 KB, 434x380, 217:190, mah demon.png)


>I really wanted K. Rool, much better than Corrin and Cloud together.

I see you are a man of refined tastes.

6c911b  No.15296661


Mii fighters are bigger this time around and they can probably still use the Rathalos armor which covers their shitty face (on the male at least). So it'll be like the hunter is playable (if you can ignore the announcer yelling "Mii").

d5bc8f  No.15296802

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Or they could not do echo fighter dogshit and give him his Sonic Battle moveset combined with the shit he can do in SA2 instead.

2f82e9  No.15296837


They could do a whole lot of shit, but you know damn well it's going to be a sonic clone

Even his fucking brawl mod was largely a sonic clone

d5bc8f  No.15296855

File: ca2d11ba5e062f3⋯.jpg (243.26 KB, 800x440, 20:11, 14_Ganondorf03_Large.jpg)


You're right, I forgot this was being made by the same guy who decided the big bad sorcerer who can fly should be heavy as fuck with bad recovery and punch and kick people instead of doing magic shit.

3f6ec0  No.15296908

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


gearbox deserves to burn in hell.

0a8408  No.15297203


I remember seeing a "leaked" image for a new custom pallet option that was tied to Amiibos, but I'm not good enough at Google-fu to find it again.

6c911b  No.15297831


Ganon was a Captain Falcon clone. And he's still sort of is a semi-clone which sucks.

8f388a  No.15297873

File: 3f6ca44ca0f6193⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1078x790, 539:395, Black Shadow Size.png)

File: 68a695417ecd704⋯.png (765.75 KB, 1092x790, 546:395, Captain Falcon Size.png)

I just noticed Black Shadow is too big for smash, or at least to function in any way close to falcon even if you wanted him too. Which might be for the best as he's suppose to be a magical edgelord, meaning he might avoid being Ganoned.

He still does seem like the only secondary F-Zero rep that makes sense outside of maybe Blood Falcon, maybe Zoda works as well? He had quite a bit of focus in the anime for whatever reason.

As a note in case you can't see it, Falcon is about a head taller than the reporter.

Of course they could just retcon Black Shadow's size

e9f3b9  No.15297920

I'm honestly hoping for a Todd cameo on the day the game launches saying there was Mecha Hitler is in the game and Samurai then says good bye

e9f3b9  No.15297923


>meming the too big

Keep it up

ac195c  No.15297941



I also liked that everyone had their own signature.

f32ad5  No.15297949

File: 679fb5f351a2430⋯.jpg (66.59 KB, 367x548, 367:548, pants.jpg)

what if cow racer was a loli

2ca72b  No.15298194


>He still does seem like the only secondary F-Zero rep that makes sense outside of maybe Blood Falcon, maybe Zoda works as well?

what about Pico? He 's a mercenary and part of the original four in F-Zero. Did Goroh already show up as an assist trophy?

8f388a  No.15298309

File: 85abc8b981049ee⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1484x1104, 371:276, Pico.png)


Pico never really became relevant for whatever reason, in the anime he's fodder(hyped up fodder, but still fodder) and GX doesn't really feature him at all; he only pops up in a bar in the background of a cutscene in story mode if i remember correctly.

>Did Goroh already show up as an assist trophy?


Honestly i forgot about goroh, he works its just that he's been stuck as an assist trophy for so long that the idea of him being a character never really crosses my mind anymore.

01fb05  No.15298349


I wouldn't mind prodding that cattle.

c44151  No.15299783


>Pico never really became relevant for whatever reason,

He's the reason in-universe why there were no races between F-Zero X and GX. So I'd say he's pretty relevant, even though the story mode of GX didn't utilize him much. I like the anime, but it got a lot wrong about how it treated everyone that wasn't a main character (in the anime).

8f388a  No.15299914


Importance story wise is quite a bit less relevant than in game/anime importance sadly.

Yeah the anime changed a lot of shit for some reason, though the catch here is the last two F-Zero games were literally spin-off games based off the anime;

they aren't exactly like the anime but stuff like Zoda working for Black Shadow is a thing in those games(but Bio-Rex/Octoman aren't Black Shadows henchmen despite this if i remember correctly).

729aaf  No.15307981


its hard to recapture that kind of thing without making a straight up clone. a lot of the quality comes from the simplicity. if you want more classic doom you play mods and maps. otherwise youd end up with new super doom bros.

ceb280  No.15313380


Chell, normalfags don't even know who Gordon is.

83e590  No.15313416

File: d11483d0a877f68⋯.jpg (139.33 KB, 960x720, 4:3, bbL0ifA.jpg)


>Japanese Community Project (JPCP) is a 32 level megawad for limit removing ports made by Japanese Doomers.

We tested it with PrBoom+ with doom 2 compatibility (-complevel 2), ZDoom, GZDoom.

>Doom is a minor game in Japan, so Doom community in Japan is very small. The community has been weakening year by year, so we started this project 

for strengthening our solidarity, improving mapping skill, and so on. We aimed a low-threshold project which anyone could participate. 

>Some doomers were inexperienced mappers or beginners, so I supported map's detail and port compatibility. We finally managed to complete 32 maps which are the same quality as modern maps, but more feedback is needed for the final version, then I will upload the final version to idgames.

<The community has been weakening year by year, so we started this project

If this is true, the japs don't play much Doom.

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