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File: 2754657ae6b41c5⋯.png (81.61 KB, 480x453, 160:151, Nintendo.png)

7c3909  No.15279746

Why haven't you paid your 20 dollar yearly fee to Nintendo?


Post last edited at

a3df28  No.15279775

File: 6bac3d040008be7⋯.png (185.37 KB, 276x299, 12:13, scream in edge.png)

I never pay for online other than my usual internet bill. If I wanna play a game online with other retards, that's what my PC is for.

2a6e4c  No.15279785


I like how they say it will "provide access" when it is, infact, "denying access". They are not offering a new service, they are removing a service that already existed and gating behind a paywall.

49d4e4  No.15279787

I just wanted to destroy people in Smash

649004  No.15279790


because fuck paying for internet twice.

849ced  No.15279801

Who the fuck cares when the switch catalog is like 95% single player only games?

9c8a10  No.15279820

>Having to pay again to use the internet you already have

How is anyone okay with this? It doesn't matter how cheap it is.

bb31e0  No.15279832

File: 46dcf4187638c0b⋯.jpg (128.24 KB, 713x382, 713:382, 46dcf4187638c0b269b84f4f1c….jpg)

This change of services may be illegal in my country.

Any legal anons or anons in general know about that kind of thing?

I'm pretty sure even though I "accepted" the terms of use, my countries law supersede's that action.

bb31e0  No.15279835


I forgot to add that this may be able to be made into a class action law suit if it is found to be illegal in my country and that may make Nintendo rethink their paid online model.

b6e88f  No.15279847

File: 0100dcfeeb2db19⋯.png (231.15 KB, 640x540, 32:27, smash players.png)

3253a5  No.15279854



296234  No.15279857


Jesus, the length people will go to justify their shitty habits

4d1f9e  No.15279859


What's your country then? Let's do some research and cancel this shit.

bb31e0  No.15279860

3253a5  No.15279865


If you need another signature I'll be there

bb31e0  No.15279866

Some resources to look into, will be browsing through them but go ahead if interested.



bb31e0  No.15279877


What is a major failure?

A major failure with services is when:

a reasonable consumer would not have

acquired the services if they had known

the nature and extent of the problem.

What I'm really trying to find is something in regard to " If the initial product is changed after some time to such an extent where the main features of the product are unusable without paying additional costs to the company"

Also any information pertaining to Terms of Use and what is illegal and what is not.

e73ddb  No.15279880

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Console thread

>PSN increased it price

>XBL still a thing

>Bitches about Nintendo alone

Hmmmm 4chan went down again?


5c3855  No.15279885


>Growing library of NES titles

There it is, the reason that emuparadise has been striken down.

7c8f7e  No.15279891


probably and Nintendofags will throw money at nintendo for anything.

6be969  No.15279958


Too broke from my $60 yearly fee to sony

de9142  No.15279969


And this is why I never share controllers except with close friends I absolutely trust, but the last time I did that was over 10 years ago.

21a5a1  No.15279970


>Not getting it for free/dirt cheap


53b439  No.15279975


>dont make fun of nintendo!

>others are doing it!

those things arent new anon, this is. is this really a complicated concept for you?

53b439  No.15279981


i never use psn plus, i just use it for single player.

i buy all of my games physical, if you dont have PSN, each game with online capabilities contains a 2-day trial. if you go to attempt to play it will prompt you for a 2 day trial. i use these sparingly to occasionally download that month's free games, or use it to take advantage of a ps+ sale.

also, some multiplayer games dont require ps+. i believe this is a dev choice, which makes me wonder why any dev would choose to limit multiplayer to ps+ users.

281161  No.15280001


>some multiplayer games dont require ps+

I thought that was forced on every game by Sony?

37a598  No.15280002


I'll probably get ten years worth before they try and raise the price.

37a598  No.15280005


it is unless the game is F2P

f86699  No.15280008



79e1a3  No.15280031

File: cd051e819a7f55f⋯.png (389.54 KB, 600x788, 150:197, 35f345139d9faf5545378a9a21….png)

Still waiting on the word on if they're going to let you keep the NES games you "get for free" during your subscription or if it'll be the same aids that is the Free* games with playstation plus

*Free means renting the games until your payment lapses also if you don't pay for every month you don't get to rent those games :^)

d1bf34  No.15280053


kek do they actually do that? Give you things for free that you have to pay for?

6e1cef  No.15280055


God speed aussies. Now if only we could force refunds on their digital platform like steam.

6e1cef  No.15280060


I can garauntee its gonna be like psn.


The only benefit to plus is sony gets generous with its psn discounts with it, rivaling even old steam sales sometimes. Fat fucking chance that nintendo will be that generous.

53b439  No.15280062


yea, in ps+ and xbl if you get a subscription, you can download and play the free monthly games, but only as long as you have an active subscription, so its really more like a free rental.

79e1a3  No.15280075


Well as far as we're talking here, Playstation plus calls it "Free" and the marketing spin was that you were paying for discounts (Ha) and some premium access to some things and "goodies" (Profile pictures and Themes). Honestly the situation with it would be better if they weren't as fucking slimy with it and just let you rent the ENTIRE Playstation Plus "Library" whenever you paid for it, instead of insisting on having to pay for it month after month after month for some table scraps and maybe 1 big title that you can't even keep if you aren't a subscriber anymore or if they had arbitrarily decided they can't hand out anymore.

While I still detest microsoft I have to admit they're better about the whole "Free games with your subscription" thing, since they add the titles to your account for keeps even if you cease your subscription. And they have a rental system that doesn't blueball you for concurrent subscriptions

333143  No.15280274

File: 0f4beec23be6990⋯.jpg (65.93 KB, 416x454, 208:227, switch owner.jpg)

they still use fucking friend codes too hahahahaha

4adf00  No.15280293

File: 7e5e6f7e099f264⋯.png (129.3 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, sip 2.png)


Weird how you don't see so many dedicated threads complaining solely about Sony or Microsoft. Probably all the Smash threads have console warriors assblasted that Nintendo is getting attention so as per usual (especially with cuckchanners) anything that Nintendo does, even if Sony or Microsoft is doing it, gets a dedicated hate thread.

If you don't want to pay twice for internet then don't buy any current gen console.


Subscription-based game access is the next level of jewry.

451dbe  No.15280513


I don't wanna make assumtions, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was console warrior faggots combined with metafags who want Porchmonkey to give Mark the boot. Just look at the emuparadise thread, they practically admitted it.

425529  No.15280528

File: e002330437aacd4⋯.jpg (145.08 KB, 753x438, 251:146, e002330437aacd417cdd82ca82….jpg)


Is shitman even relevant anymore? The only people I see propping him up are self hating white kids and memer beaners.

51f4ff  No.15280538


He's cute, I'll ram my dick into his stinky butthole

ebd676  No.15280628

File: 7d02b93d2b30200⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1422x800, 711:400, ClipboardImage.png)


So I went and checked and… yeah this is a real reply.

Jesus fucking Christ.

b57b2f  No.15280688


>Weird how you don't see so many dedicated threads complaining solely about Sony or Microsoft.

There are two very good reasons for that:

The first is that most people, like me, have completely given up on them. They've been written off as irredeemable shit, never to be touched again, or cared about in any way.

The other option, the one that is likely most common no matter how much posturing occurs in this thread, is that others have simply learned to bend over and accept it. They pay the fees to their overlords at Sony and Microsoft so that they can play their AAA of the month like Monster Hunter World or something, whatever these faggot retards play.

Meanwhile for Nintendo, this is a fresh change. Their final decline is happening now, and it's something to really complain about and resist, even if it's just wishful thinking. Don't worry, by this time next year, you won't hear about it much anymore, because Nintendo will have been written off in exactly the same way.

a519a7  No.15280707

Nintoddlers are the birth of mobage. Fight me.

459464  No.15280719



Average 69IQ Nintenmanchildren, everyone.

a519a7  No.15280720

Sure, you can still enjoy those video games but you have to come to the realization that you were the problem all along.

425529  No.15280722

File: 288f4022f978878⋯.jpg (48.86 KB, 1080x291, 360:97, Screenshot_20180810-095639….jpg)

File: ad56b88cb0f27b3⋯.jpg (86.16 KB, 1080x428, 270:107, Screenshot_20180810-095627….jpg)


Smelly fuckers apparently become pussy magnets. Pheromones?

a519a7  No.15280739


They are going through the stages of grief, don't be too hard on them. Or be so, there is always that option.

225655  No.15280748

>Growing number of NES titles

Kikes couldn't even give you access to every possible NES game. Must still be downloading full rom sets before slowly adding them to justify their shitty paid online.

567c32  No.15280768


Fucking gross.

aa4dc7  No.15280774

Ok now watch them delay it again

a519a7  No.15280839


Correct, females being a stink mess themselves are attracted to those that work and have a must about them.

25ce6a  No.15281346


Everyone has a natural smell to them, and that smell is supposed to be attractive to the opposite sex. Unfortunately, bacteria likes to get into things like our sweat, and that creates a repulsive scent on our bodies. Natural man smell is a pussy magnet. Man smell covered up by disgusting bacteria smell is a pussy repellent.

013c7e  No.15281529


>bacteria likes to get into things like our sweat, and that creates a repulsive scent

You're gonna have a hard time removing the half a dozen billion of them populating your skin right now. You may not want to considering that the majority of them prevent harmful bacteria from taking hold by sheer numbers, use only water to rinse sweat, and at the most homemade benzoate free soap to clean filth away, which causes the bulk of the smell. But (((Axe™))) knows best.

25ce6a  No.15281672


Of course you have bacteria, and of course a lot of it is good. But that doesn't keep bad bacteria from getting in. For some people, it doesn't happen. They can sweat all day, and their good genes just mean their sweat doesn't attract smelly bacteria. Some people are just a bacteria magnet when they sweat. Saying all hygenic practice, beyond using plain water, is bad, is just willful stupidity on the level of those people who think everyone should do the paleo diet. Bad stuff gets on us, and just water won't get it all off.

013c7e  No.15281741


>Saying all hygenic practice, beyond using plain water, is bad, is just willful stupidity

Good thing I didn't do that.

743dfa  No.15281745


>Kikes couldn't even give you access to every possible NES game.

There's actually a legal reason behind that (Beyond the fact that Nintendo doesn't have the ROMs). It turns out when companies were developing a lot those games in Japan, numerous studios issue the copyright of the game's assets to every individual who worked on the game. What the means for today is that the for vintage games not solely owned by the company, in order to resell them, they have to hunted down those same people who still own the copyright.

7c3909  No.15281756

File: 1428a5015b53fbc⋯.jpg (60.53 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1428a5015b53fbcc076f14f515….jpg)



I made a thread as well when Sony raised it's already shitty offer, twice and I'm on anything anti Xbox and Steamlike flies on shit

Kill yourselves you brand loyal cuckholds.

34dc5c  No.15281760


>This change of services may be illegal in my country.

It isn't

>Any legal anons or anons in general know about that kind of thing?

Yep, it isn't illegal


>I forgot to add that this may be able to be made into a class action law suit if it is found to be illegal in my country

It won't. You're retarded.

34dc5c  No.15281775


>Meanwhile for Nintendo, this is a fresh change. Their final decline is happening now,

>le ebin nintendoom xD

Where's that screencap of some usenet group talking about how Nintendo was doomed in the 90s?

04ddc7  No.15281777


Because I have a Super Nintendo.

cc9492  No.15281791

how many of you have are paying sony and xbox online servicies?

743dfa  No.15281799

File: 95c3295180cbe92⋯.jpg (193.34 KB, 794x946, 397:473, Judgement Day - 1.jpg)

File: c1c942f4028f0cc⋯.jpg (197.21 KB, 792x943, 792:943, Judgement Day - 2.jpg)

File: 98f27b5bdc1bf9c⋯.png (961.21 KB, 793x943, 793:943, Judgement Day - 3.png)

File: 1182fb53f202a1e⋯.jpg (203.39 KB, 784x943, 784:943, Judgement Day - 4.jpg)


>Where's that screencap of some usenet group talking about how Nintendo was doomed in the 90s?

<This one detailing how Nintendo had to use the government to fight Sega because they were getting their ass kicked?

f496fd  No.15282123

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I guess I will post this here.

Is this game going to be any good? The trailer just captures my heart but there's very little to see online while avoiding spoilers. Is it more on the puzzle platformer or action platformer side?

a170d5  No.15282230

File: 0bf8a4b73bd35ee⋯.gif (439.47 KB, 359x371, 359:371, 0bf8a4b73bd35ee356c016a213….gif)


>console warrior faggots are the reason the board owner has been fucking up

This is how I can tell you're new as fuck or a dick rider. probably both

00405f  No.15282330

File: dc973376329b52e⋯.jpg (53.93 KB, 330x600, 11:20, fuck you.jpg)


Because i already pay for my internet and i don't need to pay for it twice plus i have other bills to pay and saying it's a 1 year payment is a cop out i will stick with PC games since that's the only reason i see for paying for online.

d2bbec  No.15282349


B-but the online experience like xbox live couldn't exist until people pay a little extra and those servers are costly! You expect the company to pay for that by making good games that'll sell consoles?

04371b  No.15282888


Do you not understand how redtext is supposed to be used? And my post had nothing to do with Nintendo being kikes. I'm making fun of the retards for thinking that Nintendo is somehow doomed and will go bankrupt when they're doing great right now.

44fb6d  No.15282911


It's gimmick feature. There's no proper way to utilise it.

aa4dc7  No.15282916

File: f89ae8bbe307cba⋯.gif (2 MB, 356x400, 89:100, disgusted cup.gif)

Ok guys, let's speculate. How long until Steam introduces a subscription fee?

They're the only one left now.

143f69  No.15282933

File: 607ee1414363963⋯.jpg (741.68 KB, 939x1300, 939:1300, tumblr_p71l3nbfix1xppcnbo1….jpg)


source on pic

c7c875  No.15282956

Boy am I glad I stopped being a buyfag. Hope hackers manage to bypass the paywall somehow, if only for more soyboy tears.

0f986b  No.15283004

File: 01041a1781a1390⋯.jpg (12.75 KB, 500x397, 500:397, yosh.jpg)


>They're the only one left

Cornelius Vanderbilt made his fortune by always having the cheapest options when compared to competitors. Steam would be wise to do the same, otherwise there'd be no incentive to choose Steam's online service over any other provider. And now, being the only (((free))) option, adding a paid online service would a disastrous business move. Even adding a payment option which remains cheaper than competitors would be a bad idea due to backlash.

But it's Valve we're on about here, so it's only a matter of time.

04371b  No.15283029


>Ok guys, let's speculate. How long until Steam introduces a subscription fee?

Never? Steam is a storefront. Making it gated (which would be stupid to begin with because Valve doesn't own the servers for every game available through Steam) would piss off publishers and independent studios because now their customers would have to pay to get the privilege to pay for their games, and they wouldn't see a cent of that subscription fee. Valve has absolutely no reason to make Steam a subscription based service when they don't host games through that service.

a16f48  No.15283031

File: a67b06b4222aba5⋯.jpg (127.37 KB, 1106x975, 1106:975, Capture.JPG)


If Steam went subscription, it'd quickly be replaced. Valve (probably) isn't that stupid.

7d040f  No.15283075


Looks like a neat premise but…

>No Gameplay

How am I supposed to give a shit?

7d040f  No.15283118

File: b0a61b70b1b6ce4⋯.jpeg (46.41 KB, 334x335, 334:335, 58399c6c43719.jpeg)


It's not like MS, Sony, or Nintendo own the servers their games are running on either aside from a handful of first party titles. Hell, most of their games are still fucking peer to peer. A lot more of the games available on Steam run on Valve's private servers than Xbox games run on MS servers. Sony doesn't even have private servers for their first party shit.

The thing is, developers have to agree to Microsoft and Sony's online policies if they want their games on those platforms. Developers actually have to license the right to put games on consoles, which is why they have to pay a (usually) 10~12% royalty fee on game game sold. This, of course, stacks with the 30% distribution fee they get for games sold through their marketplaces. So when you buy a digital game, about 40% of that sale goes directly into Sony, Nintendo, and MS's pocket.

Valve doesn't own the PC platform, so they have no legal means by which to cut developers off from publishing their games on the PC if they don't agree to Valve's retardo policies. They could still try to charge for online, but there's nothing stopping customers or developers from going to another distributor (or just making their own) - so it would be suicide for them to try. Even fucking Microsoft won't dare to try to charge PC players for full featured access to Xbox Live via their crossplay/play anywhere initiatives… which really makes the console players salty as fuck, because it shatters the lie that MS has been feeding them all these years, and reduces the perception of their subscription to being what it's always been in reality - a shitty game of the month club which they make multiplayer contingent upon in order to extort a monthly fee out of you.

I really wouldn't be surprised if sometime next generation, Microsoft actually ditches their Live Gold fees and replaces that with GamePass as their recurrent revenue stream. Especially if they need an advantage over Sony. Who knows where the market will go after that. There may be light at the end of the tunnel (Or it might just be a train coming at you in the form of everything going game streaming where you need to pay a monthly fee just to play games at all).

4839fc  No.15283186

File: 356ba38602243b6⋯.jpg (29.59 KB, 365x400, 73:80, south-vietnam.jpg)


not that i have a console or use this service but look up playstation now.

4839fc  No.15283194



fuck i meant to put playstation now in quotes like "playstation now" its their current streaming services which you can play games like red dead redemption on pc via streaming.

e4c952  No.15283229

Why would anyone want to play a video game with someone else? It's a shameful activity that anyone with any self-respect would do in privacy and secrecy…or just avoid entirely. It's like inviting someone else to jack off with you.

649004  No.15283249


> It's a shameful activity that anyone with any self-respect would do in privacy and secrecy

how is it more shameful than board games?

e4c952  No.15283262


For the same reason that listening to rap is more shameful than listening to classical music.

04371b  No.15283263


>It's not like MS, Sony, or Nintendo own the servers their games are running on either aside from a handful of first party titles. Hell, most of their games are still fucking peer to peer.

Except they use Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo's servers to matchmake. That's the difference. Steam doesn't integrate itself like that in every multiplayer game on Steam.

>Valve doesn't own the PC platform, so they have no legal means by which to cut developers off from publishing their games on the PC if they don't agree to Valve's retardo policies. They could still try to charge for online, but there's nothing stopping customers or developers from going to another distributor (or just making their own) - so it would be suicide for them to try.

That was the point I had already made.

c7c875  No.15283272


>likening video games to nigger music

Go back.

a519a7  No.15283280


That's a pretty sick Poland flag.

79e1a3  No.15283293

File: 5cbedb340bf7c75⋯.png (806.45 KB, 936x762, 156:127, 0407516045140.png)


Realistically they couldn't because any Online mode could be broken into a LAN mode and not need to verify, and any LAN mode could be Forwarded through the internet.

Of course this is assuming hosting is still doable from a client, and you also have to bear in mind ALL of Valve's SDKs have been cracked and are 100% usable without steam and any game they release could be recompiled to use its own servers.

Hell even MMOs aren't safe considering reverse engineering the hosting software has been a thing since like 2003 and the only limiting factor is traffic management and server size.

79e1a3  No.15283297


FYI: There's already hacks to get Nintendo games with LAN on the switch to play over the internet.

e4c952  No.15283299


It hurts because it's true.

c7c875  No.15283316


No, really. What are you even doing here?

e870a7  No.15283338


>Super Smash releases



I'm fairly sure not updating the console would be enough.

719c5d  No.15283411

the fact that its cheaper than the competitors makes it more palpable easier to be a good goy

04371b  No.15283464


>I'm fairly sure not updating the console would be enough.

Congrats, you're a moron. You typically have to have the most updated FW to even go online in games.

9d4394  No.15283494


You mean I get to play 30+ year old games for 20 dollars a year when I can play them on the internet for free, what a deal!

No seriously, the fuck are they doing? It's takes almost nothing to run a server these days.

cfdf11  No.15283516

File: 4089da6cf6e3dbd⋯.png (259.08 KB, 486x419, 486:419, 4089da6cf6e3dbdeb593813a4f….png)


>You mean I get to play 30+ year old games for 20 dollars a year when I can play them on the internet for free, what a deal!

>when I can play them on the internet for free

Not for much longer kiddo, Daddy nintendo is about to remove that possibility.

>No seriously, the fuck are they doing? It's takes almost nothing to run a server these days

Since everyone else is doing it, Nintendo thinks they can do this; worst thing is its probably gonna work.

04371b  No.15283591


>No seriously, the fuck are they doing? It's takes almost nothing to run a server these days.

The thing is it's not just servers for matchmaking (since most of their games are peer-to-peer and not running on server instances) that Nintendo has to keep running. They also have to keep running their eShop servers, update servers, etc. and not just for the Switch but also for the Wii U and 3DS online services that are still currently running. That last part is probably the biggest part of this: Remember, the Wii U was sold at a loss per unit and ended up being a relative flop compared to other consoles and the Wii. It probably only reached profitability late in its lifespan (probably in 2015 when Splatoon came out and pushed sales of the Wii U). Since they sold the system at a loss, and game sales within the first year were abysmal, they were in the red for 2013 and into 2014 in terms of revenue. Despite being in the red they still had to pay to keep their online services running, which were of course free to use services. It wasn't until 2015 that Nintendo was profitable again, so that's two years of having negative revenue while needing to pay to keep your online infrastructure running. I'm sure shareholders saw this as a problem and pushed to have some sort of paid online service with the next console in order to A. recoup costs from this time and B. prevent operating costs from hurting too much if Nintendo posted a loss ever again. Plus we're talking about Nintendo, who in the gaming press has always been mocked and questioned for their online service being flimsy or poor since the Wii, especially with how Brawl's online experience was. They at Nintendo probably thought if they charged for their online services people would think their service would be improved over their previous free service (even if this isn't the case when they implement the paid online).

9dbfc1  No.15283604


>Since everyone else is doing it, Nintendo thinks they can do this; worst thing is its probably gonna work.

Not only are you underage, DMCA shit has happened to rom websites before.

1722c6  No.15283614


meme spacing refers to spacing every single fucking sentence. it doesn't refer to never including any spacing between paragraphs, at all, ever.

make that shit readable next time.

5bb311  No.15283618


every time you spend any money at all youre giving money to literal child rapists

1722c6  No.15283629


also, apparently 'r3ddit' wordfilers to 'meme' now. good job on another completely pointless wordfilter you fatass.

33818a  No.15283642


stop being a hoe and read a few sentences in your life

ed8f6b  No.15283653


>Not for much longer kiddo, Daddy nintendo is about to remove that possibility.

You can't stop pirates.

5bb311  No.15283654


b-but piracy is a service issue lmao

5bb311  No.15283662


they havent stopped shit, big whoop emo paradise is down. like how raiding pirate bay stopped all piracy forever.

04371b  No.15283664

File: b1c6fca5507c435⋯.jpg (40.96 KB, 640x803, 640:803, 29e.jpg)

cfdf11  No.15283679


Its been a bit more effective this time, try to get a rom the way the average dumbass would; they don't care about some 5% of people.

Emulating is quite a bit more widespread than normal piracy, they are simply trying to push it back to normal piracy levels.

5bb311  No.15283691


do you actually give a damn about the average dumbass? all them existing does is encourage emulator developers to ask for patreon dollars since they know theres a bunch of suckers out there.

04371b  No.15283692


Well it's not their fault LoveROMs and emuparadise made themselves easy targets with in-browser emulators or is it?

a519a7  No.15283716


Yes. Now fuck off. Why would you care so much what I care about that you do not care about?

cfdf11  No.15283718


I care about them because their money is pushing the cancer further and nothing else.

I doubt 80% or so of the population is disappearing anytime soon.


That doesn't really seem any different to hosting roms in general, I doubt it.

6733fc  No.15283746


<he cant actually argue about video games

nu /v/


a519a7  No.15283756

File: 46396e59e2cea34⋯.png (217.17 KB, 400x296, 50:37, ClipboardImage.png)


Really now. Imagine being that bullied as a BO that you would prefer ledditors over anons. Contemplative.


What is there to argue when I don't care what you think, faglet?

5bb311  No.15283761

File: cbb7e1a006d7c65⋯.jpg (54.69 KB, 622x417, 622:417, spider.jpg)


>I doubt 80% or so of the population is disappearing anytime soon.

haha yeah why would that ever happen

6733fc  No.15283762

File: 30684460367f522⋯.jpg (35.62 KB, 356x200, 89:50, brain.jpg)


you wouldnt post in the thread if you really didnt care think about it (((nuv)))

a519a7  No.15283779


You seem a bit perturbed and almost certainly ESL. If you would prefer old /v/ you can hop along back to >>>/cuckchan/ as you are likely a crossposter anyway, go crash yourself into something important.

5bb311  No.15283786


>were here were queer get used to it

a519a7  No.15283794


It's not my fault you have gay shit stuck in your brain. More systemic and a larger discussion than this thread.

6733fc  No.15283797


Only cuckchaners talk about cuckchan.

>but your peturbed I come into threads to tell people I don't care thats what a quality poster does.

Unironically kill yourself. Cut your throat and don't even leave a suicide note cause no one will care your gone.

You couldn't make a quality post if you tried you absolute child. Fucking garbage pile of human waste with nothing, nothing of value to say.

>but you mad dude I don't care

It's people like you who have shit all over this board and taken away from us, the true gamers.

a519a7  No.15283810


You seem to think a lot of things, but I am not you. And, you will never be me. I don't care why you are upset, because those I upset, it happens because it should.

5bb311  No.15283812

79e1a3  No.15283849


Some parts of piracy are, yes.

What pirate fags don't want to admit is that a lot of them would steal games like nogs if they wouldn't get tackled to the ground by some $11 an hour walmartcop.

a519a7  No.15283873


Pirates don't care. That is all. I cannot think of a single thing worth stealing in this clown world.

5bb311  No.15283879

a519a7  No.15283895


Why would I steal something I have full capability of making myself? Or do you mean you will attempt to prank me? I almost feel bad for that random household. Considering your behavior, I wouldn't even rule out that you're a child stealing kike.

79e1a3  No.15283903


bitch you can't make pizza

696385  No.15283915


>half a dozen billion

That's an extremely awkward way of saying six billion.

5bb311  No.15283960

File: 98eb9b82866854c⋯.gif (125.76 KB, 500x356, 125:89, tumblr_o2jgj7EQQm1uuxhjio1….gif)


>when you say pizza everyones mind immediately jumps to child sex slavery

kikes ruin everything but they cant ruin authentic italian cuisine flavor

696385  No.15284017

File: fc28ddfeaa27e79⋯.gif (24.32 KB, 281x148, 281:148, OwO.gif)


If you crop that it looks somewhat lewd

5bb311  No.15284062

File: 0636f833c58af0b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 168.78 KB, 370x490, 37:49, creeper in a half shell.png)


this is our child

490646  No.15284092

>kills emuparadise

>one week later

>sells roms

7c2685  No.15284108


Why is Link so perfect?

b682a3  No.15284110

File: 7f5a64ff5a622c4⋯.jpeg (18.7 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 00.jpeg)

7c2685  No.15284112


Just look Giratina up on e6.

5bb311  No.15284116


sakurai pls go

7d040f  No.15284341


>They also have to keep running their eShop servers, update servers, etc. and not just for the Switch but also for the Wii U and 3DS online services that are still currently running.

eShop more than pays for itself. For first party titles, the money saved on packaging, cartridges, distribution, etc - more than makes up for what they lose keeping the download servers running. For third parties, Nintendo not only gets (assuming industry standard) a 10% cut of every game sale just for being on a Nintendo platform via royalties, but they also take another 30% in distribution fees. So 40% of every game sale, almost $25 on each new $60 release, goes right into their pocket.

>Muh updates

Wouldn't be nearly as necessary if companies weren't already skimping on QA and were releasing buggy as fuck products that require a patch every few weeks just to either keep stable or to feature creep and bugfix shit that should have been in them at launch. It's not like Zelda or Splatoon's expansion packs were free.

>But muh WiiU was a flop so they couldn't make back their money on game sales!

So paid online is now Nintendo's punishment to their players for not buying a WiiU? Fucking Glorious.

7e6b8d  No.15284352

File: e0ee47e051a96b1⋯.jpg (268.35 KB, 504x488, 63:61, 1516249133997.jpg)

I have no issue paying 20 bucks a year for online for my Splatoon fix

and neither does the average consumer

c24b6e  No.15284654


Well, it's not like washing your hands completely isolates you from your feces. Trace particles of shit get everywhere, even your lungs and your mouth.

The only thing this hand sanitizer hype gets us is selection of resistant bacteria. Instead of ten billion benign bacteria inhibiting the growth of a few thousand pathogenic bacteria, you may now have no benign bacteria and two hundred pathogenic bacteria, rapidly multiplying because you wiped out their inhibitors. Soap and water is fine, but for the love of God, don't sterilize stuff that doesn't need to be sterile.

00aafe  No.15284797

File: 9717ca030573833⋯.jpg (28.53 KB, 414x420, 69:70, oy.jpg)

>yfw you never paid for any online gaming service ever

03553a  No.15284801

File: f1ae3c02ad6d82e⋯.png (36.4 KB, 214x205, 214:205, 1321804365238.png)

The one single argument anyone has for Nintendo's paid online is "it's cheaper than the other consoles!"

And the goddamn fucking retards that believe for even one second that nintendo's online will improve even slightly when you start paying them makes me want to suplex myself into the sun.

b6e88f  No.15284802

File: e3ba798bded02a1⋯.jpg (96.93 KB, 1276x664, 319:166, smash bros.JPG)

File: 8c4e8172f80e8d9⋯.png (78.54 KB, 588x570, 98:95, smash smell.png)


At least try to mask the stench if you cant wash properly.

2d962c  No.15284807


t. dylanmeditates

03553a  No.15284809

File: c0de9dacdf00530⋯.png (33.79 KB, 172x166, 86:83, 1308518180486.png)

I also can't believe how people aren't calling them out on the cloud saving service being locked behind this shitty online service. There's absolutely no reason why they couldn't let you back up your saves into your SD card. I'm completely sure they didn't include that specifically to force people to use this shitty service.

And what's worse, is that anyone who has sent their Switch for repairs (which is a lot of people given nintendo's deficient hardware) has lost their saves, even if it's just to fix their docks.

This whole paid service is likely one of the most anti-consumer moves Nintendo ever pulled and the fanboys are welcoming it with open arms and roaring applause. I wish consoles would fucking die already.

eae669  No.15284909


You aren't able to save onto an SD card? (I don't own a Switch)

eae669  No.15284917

Also, what happens to a cloud save if someone ends their subscription?

37a598  No.15284918


Nope, it's only on the console. I'm pretty sure it's illegal too so someone should sue.

79e1a3  No.15284933


What makes it worse is both the 3DS and Wii U got local archiving. And before that the Wii

3ecc52  No.15285067

File: d6452b32086ed90⋯.jpg (30.46 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Dorks.jpg)


Remember when Sonyfaggots used the same exact argument to defend fucking paid online on the PS4?

That sure lasted long

37a598  No.15285093



To be fair, 20 bucks a year is basically nothing. My issue with the service is how they charge 4 dollars a month rather than two dollars in order to look like a premium service rather than a cash grab.

c09e31  No.15285107

Daily reminder the reason why nintendofags hate paid online is because they are aspies with no jobs

649004  No.15285118


>Daily reminder the reason why nintendofags hate paid online is because they are aspies with no jobs

Or maybe they're aspies who hate paying for internet twice


37a598  No.15285145


It's a waste of money, but I was willing to pay for cloud saves anyway. So it doesn't impact me that much, additionally I'm gonna stock up on codes.

136b86  No.15285176

File: bae5ccbc384472e⋯.jpg (38.08 KB, 600x450, 4:3, consider the following .jpg)


> Subscription-based game access is the next level of jewry.

Of course it is. Why do you think they are hammering hard on trying to incentivize players purchasing the digital versions of new releases by being rewarded with gamestop-tier credit/points? Why do you think Nintendo earlier tried a fucking jewish-tier purge of ROM sites as an intimidation? They absolutely hate that players can have backlogs of games in physical copies to be able to play at any time they want. A player that can go back and play a game that was released 10 years ago ( because physical copy disc life has seen a repeated trend that they will always outlive any modern day lifespan of game company servers) will always be able to go back and play, where as if they only had digital, then they'd be constantly having to delete older games to make room for the data to download and play newer games. Because that's a hidden devious market tell. "Why play the old when you can play the NEW and NOW "

a60f59  No.15285188

I have a switch and don't see myself bothering to pay for their "service". Maybe if Nintendo's own online games had actual dedicated servers for play, then maybe, otherwise peer-to-peer is garbage and no amount of 'premiums' will ever fix that. As for NES games, I already have the ROMs and physical cartridges for most of them. The gimmick of added online features really doesn't sell it to me either.

With that said, no reason for me to be a nigger and chimpout and go on impotent social media rampages. Still have Octopath Traveler to finish and MonHun later this month.

b16ba5  No.15285191



If you both were main characters of a mario game you name would be poorio. Its not paying for interet twice. Its paying for a service of their online. I wouldnt expect aspos to understand though. This requires thinking farther than what is in front of them.

136b86  No.15285196


>.0001 Nintendo Coin(s) has been deposited into your account

37a598  No.15285197


Money isn't an issue for me and I'm likely to be getting the service. I just wish I didn't have to pay at all. Although I'd much rather do 20 bucks a year than 10 a month. It's a much better deal than Sony's system.

906bd1  No.15285198


>20 bucks a year is basically nothing

20 bucks a year for a very high chance of your details being stolen every year is a pretty good deal for a nintendrone.

37a598  No.15285209


Steal them faggot

906bd1  No.15285219


gotta fatten up the lamb before harvest

The service hasn't even begun yet.

e3b996  No.15285227


jokes on you im gonna use your moms credit card

3ecc52  No.15285267

File: 0c01ba3079e06bb⋯.png (22.32 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 0c01ba3079e06bbf0fa73134e4….png)


>A yearly fee isn't a yearly fee

Go suck a circumsized cock, I bet you also defend outrageous taxes applied to everything you buy or even own.

bc2307  No.15285300


You know nothing of private security

e3b996  No.15285313


paul blart detected

bc2307  No.15285323


NEET detected. I had to conduct CPR and use an AED on somebody a few weeks ago. Paramedics took him away before I knew if he survived or not. Before that, I stopped a 10 year old from stealing a car by literally pulling him from it and stopping it.

446352  No.15285330


t. faggot

594289  No.15285356

can't wait for 5 years in the future when steam starts charging a monthly fee to players for games on their multiplayer servers.

7a1b3b  No.15285399

File: acc55195fc3f6e7⋯.jpg (33.14 KB, 320x243, 320:243, 12749840_451679685043056_7….jpg)


Auditing the famicom collection right now.

e3b996  No.15285426


how much would you have to get paid to be willing to resuscitate a tumblr whale with mouth to mouth?

e3b996  No.15285477

File: 32a712871c4f9c4⋯.png (19.62 KB, 158x255, 158:255, mrkikes.png)


well, if they pay me up front i could pay someone else half to do it for me.

ab4b0d  No.15285512


You aren't "paying for the Internet twice", you dipshit. You're paying for access to Nintendo's servers.

20cddb  No.15285812


Peer to peer is not dedicared servers you fucking moron

34dc5c  No.15285915


The peer-to-peer matchmaking still uses Nintendo's servers, you fucking moron. If you're going to rightfully criticize paid online use words correctly. You aren't paying for Internet access twice. You're paying for the grand privilege of accessing Nintendo's network. Which one sounds more kikeish to you?

483d05  No.15285940


fun fact: we're actually genetically designed at a subconscious, instinctive level to react differently to people's BO based on their genetics. you likely find a male's odor to be unpleasant and that's simply your body saying "this person is incompatible as a mate"; it's the same reason that you likely find your mom's/sister's odor the same way. it's your brain's early warning system to tell you that you're too genetically similar to that person and they would make a poor mate. so if you meet some hot chick that you think you want really bad but her smell is unpleasant, you guys are likely related somewhere along the family tree, and you find her stink unbearable because if you fugged your kids would be weak

b57b2f  No.15286134


>You aren't paying for Internet access twice. You're paying for the grand privilege of accessing Nintendo's network.

It's practically a technicality that Nintendo's servers are being accessed. There's more traffic and processing involved in viewing nintendo.com than there is in passing off peer to peer matchmaking.

Thus, while you are technically correct, it's worth noting that on a sliding scale from "paying for internet access twice" to "paying to access Nintendo's network", paid online falls much, much closer to the "paying twice" side. You're just making excuses for Nintendo to make free money with absolutely no effort required on their part and probably already pay Sony or Microsoft for the same nothingburger.

8ae711  No.15286246

File: d5db93b6bd93969⋯.gif (338.43 KB, 538x572, 269:286, tumblr_inline_oi255zHnqn1t….gif)


>Peer to Peer is still using dedicated servers

7d040f  No.15286584

File: 472679e53809514⋯.jpg (270.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, n_mhp_8work_130922.jpg)


I remember one time I was going through HACCP training at my first job, and since it was a new procedure in poultry plants at the time, we had all these lecturers come in and tell us how everything we were doing was wrong. For instance, before HACCP, you didn't need to wear sterile surgical gloves to handle product. So they took us in the break room and made us rub our hands down with this UV florescent hand cream. Then we were given up to 10 minutes to wash our hands as thoroughly as we thought we possibly could - to the point of getting a rash from scrubbing - and then they came out with a UV light and inspected our hands. That shit was all over in the nailbeds, embedded in any little cut and grooves of your fingerprints, fucking everywhere.

Unfortunately, 70% of our second shift production was staffed by illegal immigrants who couldn't speak a word of english, and didn't have the first clue about sanitation or why it was important even after having it explained by their interpreter. The bathrooms in that place were rancid. They'd wipe their ass and then use the poop to stick the TP to the side of the stall. The toilets looked like someone had slammed a waterballon full of bean encharito diarrhea into them - totally coating the sides of the bowl, up and over the edges. They'd shit in the trash can, in the corners, and in the sink. There was literally shit everywhere.

And you could not get these fuckers to wear gloves. You constantly had to walk behind them and make sure they had gloves on, and make sure the ones they did have on didn't have the fingers torn off because they wouldn't change them when damaged.

Things have probably gotten a lot better now that HACCP has been in place for a while now, but at the time, it was a huge hassle for management to comply with the new regulations and they tried to cut corners as much as possible - and it was a huge hassle to everybody working the line who weren't used to the extra layer of scrutiny. Even the FDA officer assigned to our plant on second shift didn't like having to comply with regulations, so she'd basically do one round of the production floor at the beginning of the shift - and one at the end of the shift - and the rest of the time she'd sit in the break room chainsmoking and filling out logs. The only place she was regularly inspecting was my station - specifically because I was the only employee back there running the ovens and I had to handle both raw and cooked product. Whereas on the production floor, each station only ever dealt with one state of the product. People handling the raw product only handled raw product, and those who handled cooked product only handled cooked. (They were turning blocks of frozen chicken fat and skin and soy and some 20% meat into breaded Cordon Bleus - while I pretty much just made whole rotisserie chicken)

e870a7  No.15286823


Let's hope if a clipboard would do the trick.


Look at the shills at GameXplain for great retardness


>Guys wipe your ass before going outside

This is same people who will saturate their mom's credit card for a shitty Mario Party ripoff.

9471ef  No.15286957


Donate to my patreon then.

7d9f40  No.15287026

File: 1345941117d0a3e⋯.jpg (119.7 KB, 497x640, 497:640, 1390781485242.jpg)

>paying a subscription to play online on a system you already spent hundreds of dollars on for a game you spent ~$60 on

what a joke

7d9f40  No.15287091


Sounds about right, spics love to shit everywhere

Hopefully it is better now yeah, the chicken plants here (Maryland) has alot of niggers that work there, and I'm sure they're also struggling with torn gloves considering their 5 inch ghetto nails

9633c6  No.15287128

File: 2773daf54865c3f⋯.jpg (7.52 KB, 236x251, 236:251, 1468880338307.jpg)

>online nes multiplayer

they murdered emuparadise for this?

e28d4d  No.15287204

File: 7be235f3f126096⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 280x296, 35:37, barf guy.gif)

5d1147  No.15287471

>There are people here unironically defending this

>After the whole PS4 thing which was ony defended because of all of the 2000 dumb niggers who pay 50 dollars yearly fot Cbox Live

History really repeats itself

9b1555  No.15287503


There should have been a bigger fan push to try to pushback against this payed online with petitions.

26bc2c  No.15287518

File: 05762af19372bc9⋯.jpg (32.26 KB, 600x321, 200:107, RitT.jpg)

File: 30f341d11e66404⋯.jpg (104.5 KB, 460x215, 92:43, htoL#Niq.jpg)


It looks visually similar to Rose in the Twilight and Htol#niQ so im gonna say its probably gonna be another platformer/puzzle game similar to those games.

425529  No.15290486

File: 9f8a2d64033b90b⋯.png (15.14 KB, 300x272, 75:68, spark-greedy.png)


Is that spark?

83f9f3  No.15290503


if it's anything like the games here >>15287518 it will be piss easy with mind numbing gameplay with nothing redeeming outside of the art direction.

Seriously fuck the NISA shills that said they were good games, I want my bandwidth back for pirating those turds.

37a598  No.15290507


I doubt it.

5d1147  No.15292428


ac0aef  No.15293115

>paying annual fees

Not if I can help it.

Healthcare, rent, car? Yes

Gaming, tv? Nope

fdcad5  No.15293297


I don't play online multiplayer.


<all the "free games" are going to be rented

<they're going to raise the price each year

<it's going to be p2p

Can't wait for the Switch to become the PSP 2.0 and for proper CFW and lots of emulators.

fdcad5  No.15293314


>Weird how you don't see so many dedicated threads complaining solely about Sony or Microsoft.

You're 5 years too late. We had thousands of threads complaining about PS+ subscriptions and M$ has paid online since the 360 era, Slowpoke.

>console warriors assblasted

Pot calling the kettle black.

ae796c  No.15293331


bigboy bf uwu

f4a008  No.15295121

no because consoles are for brainlets and children

8df85b  No.15295197


>Steam doesn't integrate itself like that in every multiplayer game on Steam.

I thought that game developers flocked to steamworks like flies to shit since it's convenient to use. I mean, that shit is piss easy to circumvent, but it's still there.


No, since that'd involve going out.

3dc02c  No.15295211

I play MK8 on Switch at the moment, does this mean I won't be able to play online anymore?

446352  No.15295221

can we just fucking kill switch fanboys

446352  No.15295230


yes. You're not going to be able to play games online anymore without subscription. this should pretty much make the jew alarm bells go off in any sane person

3dc02c  No.15295251


That sucks, I mainly just wanted to play it with my friend (locally) when he comes to my place to hang out but it was kind of fun being able to jump into a game. I can live without the online.

649004  No.15295284


>can we just fucking kill fanboys


getting away with it is the problem

f09ab4  No.15295367


>Not for much longer kiddo, Daddy nintendo is about to remove that possibility.

There going to get buttfucked when we get Emuparadise IPFS Edition.

cf42c7  No.15295381

Payed online dumps down the value of fighting games. Their loss. Also If I payed for game I need to have access to all content what a scam. Too bad I'm not a law maker or selling locked content behind extra services other than normal internet connection would've been illegal.

0ce171  No.15298451


This (along with the inherent misery/homoeroticism/tragedy and social self-harm) permeating such events is a prime reason I could never envision going to/participating in such a thing. Gross unwashed spergs with a shitty attitude about how repellent they are just makes one glad the internet exists so you don't have them in your air.

e3bc29  No.15298651

File: 5cc7e2054f16acb⋯.png (7.51 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, Nintendo of America.png)


I will never stop hating Nintendo of America and the shitty influence they've had on Nintendo devs in Japan. Pandering to americans was a mistake. Even the most pure japanese games feel like they're trying too hard to pander to these western shitstains.

29232d  No.15298705

File: 11386e1cc290ca0⋯.jpg (60.49 KB, 706x706, 1:1, 1449952504996.jpg)


>tfw we will never have pure nipponese games free of gaijin or hollywood influence ever again

3c4034  No.15298715


NoA is complete shit. They worked to stop Xenoblade from coming West. They also didn't do shit to bring the new Taiko game to the West. NoE is the savior of Nintendo in the West, and NoA should be disbanded.

29232d  No.15298759



Fuck you for reminding me.


NoA's influence has already started fucking with NoJ on a grand scale. We're pretty much boned in every regard. That's why I always just played the japanese versions of the games. Its like NoA controls Nintendo now. Even Shigeru. https://archive.fo/0fnSZ

I'm honestly surprised NoE turned out the way it did. I thought they'd be worse than NoA, yet they're the only sane fucks left in Nintendo and what NoA should've been from the get-go instead of being the censor-happy political fuckwits they've always been. Even in the 80s censoring stupid or harmless shit or refusing to bring stuff over from Japan out of fear of failure or offense. Fuck NoA.

29232d  No.15298771


>Fuck you for reminding me.

Fuck. Meant for >>15284809

>the fanboys are welcoming it with open arms and roaring applause.

21dec2  No.15298776

File: 71fd016b5a9fa81⋯.jpg (6.02 KB, 173x196, 173:196, Disgusetta man.jpg)



Absolutely disgusting. I can understand not using shampoo and soap when showering (water should be enough to clean your self) but not washing your hands 3rd world shithole tier.

8261b8  No.15298791

File: 2024a60a3c944c4⋯.png (136.36 KB, 314x326, 157:163, OH NO!.png)







Man I'm really gonna hate buying the new Smash Bros after Nintendo pulled this corrupt stunts. Probably the only reason I'll get a Switch. Seriously I know maybe they'll make the new Smash work on PC (maybe) eventually, but the temptation to play it on the move is too much. Wtf are my options here? If Nintendo starts pulling this shit with Smash's online play I might as well not buy that shit.

425529  No.15298812

File: dae4a33c08798a3⋯.jpg (52.78 KB, 750x692, 375:346, [incoherent_hissing].jpg)


This post gave me cancer.

d173f5  No.15298944


What sucks is kikerosoft made sony start doing their jewish business practice when ps3 online was free

8261b8  No.15299148


One of the worst things to happen to gaming was when Microsoft decided to stay in the console market. Fuck the 360 honestly and fuck Microsoft as much as NoA.

53b439  No.15299183


because the last console i bought from nintendo was an N64 and they havnt made a console worth buying since the SNES.

4395c1  No.15299752


They re-release 5$ steam bargain bin stuff on the switch and charge 69.99 and you're surprised that it's 20$ for a year. Okay pal.

dbb4c1  No.15300443

File: c6054ccdc0cdcd5⋯.jpg (52.54 KB, 480x480, 1:1, IMG_0804.jpg)


>This one detailing how Nintendo had to use the government to fight Sega because they were getting their ass kicked?

But that's wrong. Genesis had SNES beat in the US and Canada by a very slim margin, along with Brazil. Everywhere else, Nintendo won out.

49e557  No.15300460


>each game with online capabilities contains a 2-day trial


425529  No.15300809


Nintendo fanboys are newfags, anon.

79e1a3  No.15300837


Most of them do, Gamestop employees probably steal all the vouchers before reclosing the boxes so that might be why you weren't aware of it.

963b54  No.15301106

File: 38064fdc1035be9⋯.jpg (101.39 KB, 1417x999, 1417:999, el atrocidads.....jpg)

>complaining about 20 dollars year

>when everyone else has been doing almost 20 dollars a MONTH for years and years now

e727fa  No.15301658

File: 62ea44cfe260942⋯.mp4 (5.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, NOA translation team at it….mp4)


They can't even do their own fucking job in translation

>in localization/translation department

>"I was also playing when there was still japanese text so I was like I don't know how to do this I don't know what I'm doing how do I get out of here"

e727fa  No.15301663

File: 9663ceb2d8930b8⋯.png (785.72 KB, 841x473, 841:473, moogle translation concern.png)

speaking of western translation, who remembers this?

edbf0e  No.15301701


This has been going on on /v/ for years. Stop being a newfag.

3ecfee  No.15301724

16e34f  No.15302469


Absolutely disgusting. Good thing there is a fan translation for the PSP version.

c0195f  No.15302651

File: 044bc0daeec3634⋯.png (739.09 KB, 730x638, 365:319, smug_glamorous.png)


Fuck off goon, and take your chuunibyou with you

81b226  No.15313548


based nintendy charging customers to use their own internet connections

840204  No.15313706

The best online service is PSN plus. Because Sony got hacked and leaked your account information and it was swept under the rug :^) Pay us to secure our system goiym.

0f7fdc  No.15313777


this is why i wash my hands to evade relationships with other humans.

9c72a6  No.15313799




7c3909  No.15313851

File: 3cbb50ac284cac9⋯.jpg (126.79 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 714zs02mY4L._SL1500._1024x….jpg)

File: 520037984a0951f⋯.jpg (240.76 KB, 882x498, 147:83, snes-classic-edition.jpg)

File: b70761a332b0700⋯.jpg (95.14 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 11352485-2674581769009416.jpg)




7b4b3c  No.15314216

File: e26d80310e324a7⋯.jpg (38.8 KB, 430x320, 43:32, 080604_emoriots.jpg)


>and the marketing spin was that you were paying for discounts

Has anyone else ever actually sat down and compared prices between MS/Sony/Steam during their respective summer sales? It's always 100% the case, but the vast majority of the time it seems like the PS+ price with the membership "discount" is the same price as Steam puts up on their shop - the price as dictated by the publisher. Whereas, if you don't subscribe to PS+, you'll end up paying somewhere between 5% to 10% average more than what Steam's prices are.

So, basically, as long as they're buying digitally - Sony gets their pound of flesh out of their players whether they subscribe or not. You either sign up for their shitty non-service to avoid the markup - or you pay the markup anyhow and still don't get multiplayer.

Unless you're smart and just don't pay them a fucking dime in the first place, sticking to second-hand copies of physical games if you absolutely must buyfag.

425529  No.15314231


Is that what the aftermath of an urchin gangbang looks like?

79e1a3  No.15317277


Does microsoft even have a summer sale? I thought they just threw a shitload of money at some indies every year.

494a77  No.15330375


Sonic-tier haircut.

7e6b8d  No.15330388


I found and bought an SNES classic when I was in a Target buying a Mop, they're actually everywhere now.

88e119  No.15335789


Now the hype is off nobody wants them.

f0ce32  No.15335815

>Its not even every previous Nintendo system, its just NES games


e72051  No.15335841


Don't forget the UK, where the Mega Drive beat the SNES, as well as Master System giving the NES a thorough ass raping since Nintendo thought they could trust Mattel to handle their distribution.

c82502  No.15335948

>Nintendrones would shit on Sony and Microsoft for online subscriptions for years

>As soon as Nintendo does it it's suddenly a good thing

Enjoy your paid for peer to peer.


Gabe might be money hungry but he isn't retarded, he knows that would backfire just look what happened with paid mods the backlash was so massive they got rid of it within hours, I could see EA doing it in Origin though.

cb1387  No.15339856

I hope enough people boycott the service and they cancel it. If not I'll stop playing Splatoon 2 I don't enjoy it anyway. I just want to improve my rank.

3cd807  No.15340994

File: a8286c734f264cc⋯.gif (63.58 KB, 360x357, 120:119, 1412871951295.gif)

313b11  No.15341029

I was going to say I can't understand why they have let it run for free for so long if they were going to charge for it because people wouldn't start paying for something they already had for free but Sony basically did the same thing for PS3 to PS4 and people payed for it. Gaming is fucked.

93ff24  No.15341259

File: 210215e974fdc0f⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 1754x2381, 1754:2381, cute nun.jpg)


>see picture of cute nun

>reverse image search, most hits seem fishy, but one is from gelbooru

>can't actually look at the picture, need to search for it

>search for nun vomit, only get one hit

>it's a dead nun shoved into a box with her limbs chopped off

I did end up finding the actual picture, but Jesus Christ.

cb1387  No.15345392


Well at least the PS4 has voice chat and free PSN games and maybe some other perks. The Switch has buggy online and nothing. You can't even send messages to your friends!

b3ddc9  No.15345459


>yeah you’re getting fucked in the ass but they brought some nice lube

ce05d6  No.15345694


>free PSN games


cb1387  No.15346134


You're dumb.

fc6f85  No.15347972


Christianity in an islam powered country is a wonder.

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