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727500 No.15281279

I've been thinking of setting back the bump limit to 325 or 300 since it seems like while some threads do very well, others tend to stagnate a bit. I'm a bit on the fence with it, so I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it yet.

I'd want your opinion on doing random streams, we already promote the community by doing game night, Whatever TNA anon is doing, and big video game events. However I was wondering if you guys would be interested in the occasional Jackbox or Mario Retardy stream in addition to these. I could also make a fool of myself by streaming vidya and basically becoming the next DSP, but I feel like that would be an unethical misuse of my position to post it here.

Emuparadise archival threads will be allowed as needed since it's a time sensitive issue, but please follow the rules when making threads. Make sure you reach either post 700 or page 13 before making a new thread.

If you think it would help the board, I can cut the page count by 2-3 pages. However it won't be done today, I'm not gonna make any drastic changes without discussing it with my team and the community here.

I'm considering doing an OC thread for flags replacements and maybe some banner replacements if anons feel that it's time for a new coat of paint. If not then that's fine too.

Any ideas what we can do for our 4th anniversary?

I'll be on and off, but I'll be reading the thread regardless. If you have any questions post them here or email me at markthejanny@tutanota.com.

Thank you very much for using /v/. I look forward to your responses.

727500 No.15281293


Just so it's out there.

90534e No.15281294


Just don't touch the bump limit if it's not causing problems.

727500 No.15281297

also if you're getting infinite captcha, refreshing seemed to have fixed it for me.

51aba7 No.15281300

File: 562072930227b1e⋯.jpg (92.86 KB, 455x1024, 455:1024, stu's gonna burn it down.jpg)

Oh boy, another episode of mark shitposting for a half hour then fucks off and nothing changes.

727500 No.15281301


I was thinking of shrinking it to 325, but I'm not gonna do it today.

83d591 No.15281315

How much did Jim pay for TNA anon to do things?

a0d269 No.15281316

Don't we have a guy doing Jackbox every Monday? Or are you saying that you'll sticky his threads.

727500 No.15281318


These threads are meant to be more of a feedback collection and a Q&A more than anything. If you wanna talk with me about your issues with the board or just yell your head off at me then this is the thread to do it.

727500 No.15281319


I'm thinking of stickying his threads

b1eec3 No.15281321


Was wonderin what the was about. Thought I may have shitposted a bit too much and was being told to stop.

727500 No.15281324


To my knowledge, he does it for free

727500 No.15281331


yeah it was weird, codemonkey is probably monkleying around with the code again

a0d269 No.15281339


Got em lol

727500 No.15281352

Cafe guy is telling me to move. keep the replies coming, I'll be around.

727500 No.15281354

fucking flags jesus christ

8b97f3 No.15281380

Make a new rule to ban /leftypol/ shitter on sight.

a0d269 No.15281385


Not worth the effort, the games fill up so fast and the threads are always bare since everyone is focused on the games.

Pls don't sticky them I have enough trouble joining quick enough as it is ;_;

be2061 No.15281393


>feedback collection

>but only feedback that puts me in a positive light

Yeah we've tried this before, you don't fucking listen.

d7bc27 No.15281402

The bump limit is fine, let threads die naturally. Streams via /v/ hosts are fucking botnet so don't bother as you won't get many shekels from the views. Although making a new thread to suggest banners sounds nice.

6c57b7 No.15281432


So I'd like to say that I am over all satisfied with moderation on this board, it's pretty good for the most part…


I think that mods are not removing enough of this /pol/ larping everywhere. They are quick to remove commies screeching from threads, but /pol/tards manage to slip by always. They also hardly get bans, unlike commies. Obviously this violates the no politics rule. They also never play video games, but are all too happy to shit on them for any arbitrary meme reason like right wing SJWs like:

<oh boo hoo this character is a NIGGER i guess i won't be playing it

<oh no this character is a JEW


You can see this behavior is derailing the threads and even if you filter them, the newfags won't and they will just keep responding to them further derailing the entire thread. It kills good threads about vidya, because once derailed with politics the thread won't go back to discussing vidya. Please clamp down on ALL politics, not just select few.

0042dc No.15281433

How long till you gotta (((leave)))?

And are you gonna do anything other than shitpost today?

b1eec3 No.15281435

The bump limit thing, I mean I enjoy that space threads are still up on first when I go looking, I don't know from where I am whether or not it attracts others to it by being up for longer. I think that's a you call, Mark, and anybody else who notices anything in that realm. I'm not really bothered by much that goes on besides snakes and rats and seeing a few threads staying around longer is fine.

Random streams, I've enjoyed watching the ones that pop up from time to time, though I don't personally bother with Jackbox due to my crippling autism, or rather the fact that I don't like signing up for shit. I think that's kind of the way it goes though. Don't know besides hosting a 24/7 stream of Kung Pow what kind of stuff that would entail. On one hand it might be neat, but the novelty might wear out quick and harm the spontaneous streams that come up. I enjoy codebreak's streams every saturday, and because I've gotten busy in the past month and some it's really the only one I catch outside of UT shittery which will always hold a special place in my heart. That's just my two cents, I'm not opposed to it, I just think maybe there might be a little harm in doing something always planned when, even if they're not always there, there's beens treams that come up. Something to think on maybe.

RIP in Pieces emuparadise.

I don't know that dropping a couple of pages would be a good idea. I still often go back to many threads and cap them or just watch them, as I do. Having those 'extra' pages helps me by allowing more time. But that's just me, and it's not a huge deal.

OC thread yes.

4th anniversary, I have no idea, I'm no good at planning those things. Cake.

727500 No.15281436


Well I was never on streaming myself, but rather do more community streams. Regardless let me find the banner page.

8c655c No.15281441

Leave it at 350, its good as it is

727500 No.15281446


I plan on getting rid of more larping, however it NEEDS to be reported sooner rather than later because there's only so much we can do.

727500 No.15281447



727500 No.15281453

ac20d9 No.15281456

File: 6f9a6bca3a8ea1b⋯.png (185.4 KB, 490x360, 49:36, vlcsnap-2018-06-16-23h29m4….png)

How open are you towards other boards advertising events of theirs? I don't think I ever saw a rule for this.

727500 No.15281462



Mind you when I mean Larping, I mean the shit that derails threads. Not someone making a thread about how Mario is a nigger.

727500 No.15281467


I'm not against cross promotion, I even talked about it with Thrax during the Ace of Spades game night.

07a68b No.15281470

Obligatory screeching about 4am threads.


Just buy an ad even though pretty much everyone just runs adblockers :^)

9aee58 No.15281471

File: dfb73a18854989f⋯.jpg (86.55 KB, 700x613, 700:613, 5f26e21b23ff570568fca7b712….jpg)


95% of the time /pol/ post are brought out cause of leftyfaggots, this is also false flagging mark. You should know that.

No one here wants to play as a nigger or a jew, get the fuck over it. This has nothing to do with Politics. Whenever I see a thread derailed by politics its cause one lone anon wont shut the fuck up and keeps baiting with terrible leftypol shit.

So no Mark, don't listen to this faggot.

727500 No.15281477


Yeah I know, why do you think I called it larping?

b1eec3 No.15281480

File: a5f933710f86e54⋯.png (364.78 KB, 684x379, 684:379, those are the eggs right t….PNG)


This is the more common occurrence over the past couple of years, yes.

727500 No.15281488


Thank you for bringing up the concern though. That said, I don't mind playing as Wario despite him being a kike.

acc0d8 No.15281493

File: 0224c6c179c193f⋯.webm (4.42 MB, 500x496, 125:124, 17 - At the end of the wo….webm)

/v/ should have 5 pages and a bump limit of 150.

<Thank you very much for using /v/

Go fuck yourself.

9aee58 No.15281499


Wario isn't a kike though? Also you don't count.


No shit, this place has much more traffic from external places other then the first Exodus.

6608b4 No.15281503


Probably better than having threads survive for a full month, honestly

a87de5 No.15281505

File: 98d044196382f0b⋯.jpg (42.9 KB, 214x214, 1:1, 1325086580350.jpg)


>It's not our fault we're acting like unwelcome niggers it's da leftys fault! We did nuffin!

9aee58 No.15281507

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>no webm

Sorry, but this song is so fucking good. Sega rules.

727500 No.15281508


Well yeah, I don't mind the Nazi shit since people are allowed to believe in what they want. It only annoys me when it derails threads about unrelated shit. That said there's nothing I can do when the devs are fucking baiting that shit like with Wolf 2.

07a68b No.15281512


Fuck that, give 1 page and have a hard 75 post limit.

9aee58 No.15281513

File: d1b66d7ce57dbb7⋯.jpg (56.12 KB, 584x576, 73:72, fbcf419fd2067473c3f1be30c8….jpg)


>starts false flagging in a meta thread.

Good job.

727500 No.15281520


>Implying Wario isn't a kike


a87de5 No.15281522

File: dcd9d1598cd5afc⋯.jpg (58.87 KB, 500x283, 500:283, fjfjfjff.jpg)


>anything I disagree with is falseflagging!

07a68b No.15281526

File: 3b7cccd6e353dc5⋯.jpg (49.27 KB, 680x535, 136:107, 3b7cccd6e353dc5bb609b2073c….jpg)


But you see, you're a shill because you aren't further right than /pol/!

727500 No.15281533

What if…

The Pope did 9/11?

ef2c81 No.15281535


Ignore this guy he's a crybaby because no one wants to listen to him talk about Stalin in a thread about Kirby

6b437e No.15281536

ban animeniggers and world of warcraft threads

9aee58 No.15281539


Wario is an evil Mario, both aren't kikes. Get over it Mark.




Doubling down false flagging already. Lets see how Mark handles this one.

0042dc No.15281540

A quick thing I want to address.

It's your and your vols' priorities, here an example.

Let's look at these two threads that went both undeleted and unbumplocked for at least one day.



Can you give me any reasonable explanation on why LOL threads get the boot and these did not. At least the greentext one didn't yet.

>b-but bideo gaems in the OP!

I hope we don't have to devolve back into why that argument doesn't fly.

4am uses the same guise and it still gets bumplocked.

Webm threads do it only occasionally and still persist, yet they also have run out of new content over a year ago.

/v/'s OC is drying up and anons must be worried that if they stick out too much with their threads they get deleted. Do you have any plans to differentiate between leeches and threads that give back to the board in the future?

I know you've been helping TNAnon with his Mania/Cup, but it's not so much OC for the board as it is OC for an event.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that the Draw Threads now have a new and proper OP, with links to important stuff and helpful stuff.

I wanted to ask you to remove any low effort Draw Threads that have neither the proper OP nor a drawfag making it.

We talked about it in the past few draw threads and the general consensus was to keep them sporadic and not turn them into a general tier thread to keep the Waifu-/Autism Requesters out, which if you could take care of them when they're reported would be even better.

Let me know if that's too much to ask.

90534e No.15281542


LOL threads aren't video games.

07a68b No.15281548


It's called shitposting you retarded double nigger.


It adds up, if you consider that the entirety of Europe was a day ahead of the US.

90534e No.15281552


Your complaints are valid, but you leave out the fact that leftykikes post their garbage and prompt replies, so you must be a leftykike.

a87de5 No.15281556

File: d385aa91c3ae8f7⋯.jpg (40.83 KB, 640x480, 4:3, jewdough.jpg)


>muh falseflagging

6b437e No.15281558


>Draw Threads

fucking cancer on cuckchan and shouldn't be allowed here either

9aee58 No.15281559


LOL threads WERE suppose to be in relation to video games.


double redditor you mean


>Still replying.

0042dc No.15281564

File: f572ef23e178d91⋯.png (160.61 KB, 760x780, 38:39, this newfag has lost his c….png)


>fucking cancer on cuckchan and shouldn't be allowed here either

ac20d9 No.15281568

File: 73e879a7b24203e⋯.jpg (20.85 KB, 430x384, 215:192, Scene 3.jpg)


>"it's not so much OC for the board as it is OC for an event."

>for event that only gets posted to /v/.

0042dc No.15281570


>for event that only gets posted to /v/.

>what is the 8Cup

>what is crossboard Mania

You tried.

90534e No.15281571


I took a look at your post history and all of it is politics. Go back to your designated containment board, faggot.

07a68b No.15281575


Ah, so you admit you use Reddit. Got it.

727500 No.15281579


Do you know who did the bumplock and who undid it?

LOL gets bumplocked since its just shitposting at this point.

I'm willing to work with anyone who wants to make OC or events for said OC.

I can edit the drawfag OP, just contact me

9aee58 No.15281581


I still will never ever fucking understand how anons can not just simply hide a thread they do not like. Of course good thought out criticism should be promoted.

>OC is drying up

It is cause good OC has to happen naturally. I have never had my threads deleted, I make the stick out, but it has to be about VIDEO GAMES, not all the garbage surrounding video games.

9aee58 No.15281585


I miss fucking dev Q&A threads.

ef2c81 No.15281590


The problem with just hiding a shitty thread is that the OP won't realize how shit his thread is unless someone tells him, and that can lead to more shit threads being made.

727500 No.15281591


I want to fucking do them, but none of the PR people email me back.

6c57b7 No.15281599


>nobody here wants to play with a nigger or kike

>get the fuck over it

>it's everybody else's fault

Why don't you faggots hang out on tumblr again? You and tumblristas are a perfect match for each other. Left wing and right wing SJWs please go and stay go.

6608b4 No.15281602


When was the last one? It's been at least two years since Dingaling, HuniePot, or TenNapel were here


>I took a look at your post history

Why not do something about it? It's pretty impotent to call him a fag and move on

6b437e No.15281603


only newfag here is you, delusional fucking nigger. the thing that's funny is that cancer like you think that you've been here for an amount of time you think you somehow stop being a newfag. wrong, nigger. you will always be one. drawfag threads have always been cancer

11f2af No.15281604


Please Mark, heed the plea about the waifufagging/autosm in drawthreads. The worst offenders are approximately four (4) lolcows who never get banned for whatever reason.

Maybe don't have pewter and cobalt autodelete most reports, as the real faggots don't get banned while those who piss your vols off personally do.

07a68b No.15281607


>anons can not just simply hide a thread they do not like

Most do, it's just the ones who get assmad at everything for no reason or don't give a shit about the quality of the board.


You're probably asking the wrong people, since what big company want to be related to the filthy goobldygoks who literally kill women for existing?

ef2c81 No.15281611

Would people be onboard with having more regular QTDDTOT threads? I've noticed the occasional thread that doesn't really have any substance, such as >>15281551

It might be helpful to have a thread where people can ask dumb vidya related questions or get recommendations without needing to make a thread for it.

9aee58 No.15281612


I understand this argument, but if its such a shitty thread should it not die on its own?



Yeah, I have been trying to get a dev from Morrowind to do it, he is really old now and gone crazy in the wild apparently.


Cry harder bitch.

0042dc No.15281614


>I can edit the drawfag OP, just contact me

Anyone can get the proper OP and the Anchors for the thread by going to the designated mega:


>Do you know who did the bumplock and who undid it?

Nothing got bumplocked. I'm saying that both those threads were not touched while one is a literal cuckchan /vg/ thread and the other being an image dump thread.

But on the other hand LOL threads get removed, so I wanted some insight as to why that was the case in this given example.

It just feels like you and the vols apply the rules with a personal bias in these situations.


>It is cause good OC has to happen naturally

Of course, but reducing the amount of threads it could happen in, especially those that are already about OC lowers the potential output a lot.


>When was the last one?

Was Taro the last one?

Did he ever receive the card we made for him?

07a68b No.15281617


Why isn't there a cyclical QTDDTOT thread anyway?

9aee58 No.15281619


This is a really good idea.

ef2c81 No.15281623


>if its such a shitty thread should it not die on its own?

Ideally this would be the case, but newer posters won't realize that a thread is shit if people are only just hiding it. My concern is that these newer posters will then come to believe that the shitty threads are acceptable.

90534e No.15281624


>who never get banned for whatever reason.

I am guessing the reason is they don't get reported.

6c57b7 No.15281625


You're the only one who is crying here. I was just stating facts, you're the one sperging out about someone saying how it is.

b1eec3 No.15281630

File: 172367ede31e3be⋯.gif (170.49 KB, 160x160, 1:1, joyful chinese girl.gif)


Absolutely this.

90534e No.15281632


>It just feels like you and the vols apply the rules with a personal bias in these situations.

LOL threads were tolerated up to a point, but they went offtopic and anons were just posting tumblr comics every time.

9aee58 No.15281633


Keep telling yourself that.

2247bd No.15281634

File: 3809ba8a205dba8⋯.png (7.49 KB, 350x400, 7:8, 3809ba8a205dba8c30796a592d….png)


>OC is bad!

0042dc No.15281640

File: bcec39934dd16b6⋯.png (4.27 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 0 out of 10.png)


Surely you have contributed to the board in such great ways that we will praise your deeds for the next decade still, oh wait.

If you got something actually worthwhile to say, be my guest and dish it out.

Either that or get better bait.

ef2c81 No.15281643


I would be fine with a cyclical, personally.

e9f0a3 No.15281646

File: ae098cf1a4779d2⋯.png (766.13 KB, 1009x807, 1009:807, jewtendo.png)


I liked it when the limit was 400.

Most of the threads that stagnate at 350 would stagnate at 300 or even 200 anyway, so this would cause any harm.

e9f0a3 No.15281649



2e45e6 No.15281652

File: 98cabb7637bdf3c⋯.png (18.83 KB, 304x240, 19:15, codemonkey_are_you_torturi….png)

I think bump limit is actually pretty fine, since most threads are now alive longer with a healthy amount of traffic.


Image related

6c57b7 No.15281653


Keep on being delusional.

727500 No.15281655


That's a surprise, if it happens again PLEASE email me

e9f0a3 No.15281666

Mark, while you're here, will you guys do anything about the autist who spams the drawthreads?

He's already been banned on /loomis/ and apparently he's banned on a lot of cuckchan boards as well. He usually isn't banned here, though.

9aee58 No.15281675


What is he spamming?

6608b4 No.15281676


>if its such a shitty thread should it not die on its own?

Are you serious? When do shit threads ever die naturally? I guarantee you this thread >>15281605 is going to see way more activity than threads with some effort put into the OP

0042dc No.15281677


And I just realized how much I fucked up the mega link, sorry I just grabbed it from the archive of last thread.



> if it happens again PLEASE email me

I'll try. I'm just wondering because there was vol activity during that time, but nothing came of that.


Do you mean the mabinogi guy or the one with the little witch?

We have three main autist in the threads right now.

d6441e No.15281681

Please stop granting special privileges to the gamergate thread just because they stroke your ego

c2202e No.15281690

File: 4b6b68b0502deed⋯.jpg (22 KB, 540x210, 18:7, current year.jpg)


>Gamergate threads

9aee58 No.15281695


No, I am not serious. Report the thread and move along?




d6441e No.15281697


forgot the S in there, thanks

90534e No.15281705

a5f32a No.15281710

File: b95e3e6bb1f3db2⋯.jpg (10.85 KB, 235x219, 235:219, fight me.jpg)

Crackdown on the /pol/tards is way over due. You aren't ever allowed to have your own opinion less you get the thread derailed because they are too autistic to keep it to their containment board.

727500 No.15281717


you mean the maidcuck? He's not breaking any rules in particular. I could delete his post since it causes drama. Additionally just kill him satan.

9aee58 No.15281724



Keep trying to false flag, its joyous.


>Deleting someones post since it causes DRAMA

Mark, please, just think before you post.

ac20d9 No.15281727


This is a good idea.

727500 No.15281728


Yeah, It's a bad idea I know

c2202e No.15281738

File: bf39f69d64922ee⋯.png (23.26 KB, 255x125, 51:25, anon gets tricked into cli….png)

b1eec3 No.15281749


It still gets me damnit. You nigger.

11f2af No.15281750


The maidcuck/mabinogifag/marielx has a rapsheet longer than lanced jack at this point. Just permaban him and cite all his other permabans on verious places.

Just to remind you, he can and will show you his two incherect spic cock to draw attention.

491330 No.15281753

File: d7749ec8b4ad4f7⋯.png (135.06 KB, 332x435, 332:435, 051.png)


Not today, spic.

Mark, instead of anchoring 4 AM threads, could you


9aee58 No.15281759


>Hey, so and so here, uggghhh I hate living with my parents!

fe7f4c No.15281761

kill yourself mark


Oh, right, but before you do, ban that fag this guy's talking about.

491330 No.15281767

File: 9c83aadd1e93d87⋯.png (23.22 KB, 546x567, 26:27, 1450430160192.png)


>maidcuck/mabinogifag/marielx has a rapsheet longer than lanced jack

What the fuck. Are you saying that this faggot that sticks to one thread is worse than a literal attention-whoring tripfag?



ac20d9 No.15281773

File: c2b2bdb45b3ed05⋯.png (75.84 KB, 594x189, 22:7, waterfox_2018-08-10_15-13-….png)


c2202e No.15281782

File: 8829b508a2ef11a⋯.jpg (423.29 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, thinking.jpg)


>two inch erect spic cock

Is Maidcuck actually Ruggarell?

07a68b No.15281783

File: 47b207d8295cf50⋯.png (64.32 KB, 396x410, 198:205, 9c8c80ff10a027094bcf3c1.png)


But you see, Ritsu needs his circlejerk on /v/, even if he literally never posts on /v/ outside of those threads.

0042dc No.15281787

File: f96338a86085117⋯.png (18.93 KB, 1214x126, 607:63, fucking leech.png)

11f2af No.15281789

File: e66cbca02561c35⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1299x927, 433:309, 5-31-2018_nevar_forget.png)


He is still a crossposter. He is also a tranny faggot who projects onto the waifu he attentionwhores with. Lanced jack fucked off after some timesee: WJK and stayed low. Mariel will continue until he gets permabanned, he is this autistic, I guarantee.

90534e No.15281792


I support this

9aee58 No.15281803



Im convinced he or it or she personally knows Mark at this point or is Marks online ego alter.

0042dc No.15281810


I've been wondering if that guy has a /cow/ thread like the Eerie guy who keeps returning to Friday Night threads. He's even been in 4am again the other day.

Thinking about it, we sure have had and still have a lot of autists around.


My theory for some time now has been that a vol has been involved in the threads and has a way to get Mark to overlook the threads.

It would explain why they stopped banning avatarfagging and porn dumping in the threads, too.

And not too long ago a vol was shitposting with his trip on in one of the threads.

(((Coincidence))) or not, something is definitely wrong here.

77cec6 No.15281815

File: f22ce4924e926e1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.77 MB, 2981x1677, 2981:1677, A collection of videogame ….jpg)

>4 years of this bullshit

We really are in this hell together forever aren't we?

ef2c81 No.15281821


Why is it that the pacifiers are the most disturbing things about that image to me

9aee58 No.15281823


Yeah, I know a vol is involved at this point.

90534e No.15281825


What are you new? The reason is nothing like that.

07a68b No.15281832


I'm more worried about the discoloration on the cockrings.

9c2965 No.15281839

Hey goys I was thinking of something but maybe I wont do it haha. What do you think, I lack conviction so I need reassurance from the group which is a terrible trait to have when you are in charge haha.

Ok 2 anons said things are ok so I feel better Im leaving now goodbye haha

77cec6 No.15281843


They're two tone silicone it came that way

0042dc No.15281848

File: d0dcbbf801d8716⋯.png (11.66 KB, 1209x95, 1209:95, vol in 4am.png)


>The reason is nothing like that.

There is no reason or logic to 4am anymore.

After vols and Mark went out of their way to modify rule 8 specifically to counter avatarfags it is the only thread that is now seemingly exempt to the rule.

You can check past archives and you will find plenty of avatarfags still roaming the threads, yet if you post something vols don't like you get the rule 8 ban.

The justification to that is that they get bumplocked, but why do they even get that sort of luxurious treatment where other threads gets crashed for even less without survivors.

491330 No.15281866



07a68b No.15281870

File: 5a4f9d8495365d0⋯.jpg (49.85 KB, 446x960, 223:480, Meta threads on v.jpg)


He's already gone.


I hope so.

17c925 No.15281874



It's missing a lot of anchors that were used as some points. I remember a knight anchor and an anchor with a lighthouse.

727500 No.15281882


Can I talk about it with the team? It's been a few years, and it's still not dead. So I'd like to consider it, but I do worry about Ritsu's mental health.

727500 No.15281886

>>15281866 (checked)

>Turning /vg/ into another /svidya/

Don't do that.

fe7f4c No.15281887


Ritsu won't have any mental health problems if he kills himself.

07a68b No.15281888


Sometimes going cold turkey is the only way to fix something.

9c2965 No.15281889


Its nice there, pls dont.

a43c41 No.15281892


You're not responsible for some autist's mental health. Do what everyone has been wanting forever now and fucking ban 4am already. They have their own fucking board for fucks sake.

17c925 No.15281893


Can't he use >>>/4am/?

90534e No.15281895

File: 7b66b11479bc0b2⋯.jpg (280.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, japanf.jpg)


>I do worry about Ritsu's mental health.

Worry about yourself, nigger.

11f2af No.15281896

File: 099ddde6c07e267⋯.png (162.46 KB, 375x429, 125:143, MORK.png)

If cakeboy is gone, then here is a fresh archive.








727500 No.15281897

File: 794296fe522a0e6⋯.jpg (3.09 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180810_163355.jpg)


I'm here. I was just finishing some Ice Cream at Trump Tower. Don't tell the boomers

e9f0a3 No.15281900


Requests for his OC waifu.

0042dc No.15281902


>It's missing a lot of anchors

If anyone has anchors that are missing, feel free to post them next draw thread or upload them to the booru with an anchor tag.

I'll add them to the mega when I can.


>but I do worry about Ritsu's mental health

He has no mental issues, he's just a leeching neet.

If he so desperately clung to 4am he'd have an hero'd the moment you removed the namefield.

9aee58 No.15281903




Why does "The Team" get to decided what all anons are telling they want on an anonymous imageboard?

491330 No.15281909

File: bc54b37dc04b587⋯.jpg (189.43 KB, 794x548, 397:274, 10.jpg)




727500 No.15281912


Of course, but I don't wanna blow my load like last time. I need to consult the team.

07a68b No.15281913



Ritsu refuses to use the board because the showershitter is associated with it, and instead just hides his irc and discord.


>milk product

>in Trump Tower

Of course you're a double bigot.

17c925 No.15281915


>upload them to the booru with an anchor tag.


Good call, there's already a few.

0042dc No.15281922

File: a42d6fb35a337d8⋯.jpg (20.46 KB, 538x445, 538:445, DROOOOONAL DRUUUUUUUUUUNPM….jpg)


>Ice Cream at Trump Tower


>like last time

You mean last two times and both were premature and short lived.


Cool, I'll work on it later today, thanks.

11f2af No.15281925

File: 2b7e7d392843aee⋯.webm (3.78 MB, 640x480, 4:3, aa43b7353652a68c1399522a4….webm)


>let me talk with the team

>i do worry about ritsu's health

Did you seriously hire ritsu, or one of his orbiter cocksuckers as a vol?


If so, then thank god you turned my application down. I would never want to be a mod under someone as devious, whilst also being so spineless such as you.

90534e No.15281931


Ritsu is not a volunteer.

9c2965 No.15281934

File: af2caee6fa6b0c4⋯.jpg (14.22 KB, 397x398, 397:398, 42efce997e2645ba878c9db5d3….jpg)


Maybe ritsu IS the mod

727500 No.15281941


Of course not, I'm just trying to approach the situation properly this time.

fe7f4c No.15281943

File: 2955146c0583689⋯.jpg (80.86 KB, 824x579, 824:579, 2955146c058368940394ce0002….jpg)


>ritsu is actually TWO volunteers

491330 No.15281946

File: 7f32ed2f1e66bd7⋯.jpg (78.74 KB, 192x174, 32:29, 7f32ed2f1e66bd7e1f8ca249ad….jpg)


>hire hotpockets

I'm afraid that implies payment. The right word would be recruit.

0042dc No.15281947




We're getting into deepest lore territory now.

Are you a vol, 90534e?

Or are you buttbuddies with Shitsu in some shitcord group?

77cec6 No.15281952

>Mark secretly keeps Ritsu as a pocket mod so he doesn't himself

8c655c No.15281954


Isn't that painfully expensive?


Don't delete 4am. Its got problems especially with a certain individual but its still has plenty of video game discussion and they don't really bother anyone as far as I'm aware

727500 No.15281963

File: b0423a4575a6794⋯.png (159.71 KB, 199x329, 199:329, Ritsu_manga.png)


11f2af No.15281964


Seconding this. 90534e should put their trip/cap on and stop the charades.

Who the fuck on the team is buttbuddies with that braindead faggot shitsu?

Revoke their priveleges, and permaban them.

You keep sleeping with dogs, Mark, stop being surprised when you wake up with fleas.Though in this case, fags and poz/soreass can be changed out

07a68b No.15281967

File: ff517927148655d⋯.png (404.19 KB, 627x593, 627:593, 78941564198231.PNG)


>Mark is Ritsu

Suddenly it all adds up.

90534e No.15281968


Yes and I don't blame you for imagining reasons to explain why 4am still existing, at least in the format of shitsu's circlejerk. I have been of the opinion of dealing with it other than bumplocking it, but bumplocking it and forgetting it is easy. But really, it's not tolerated because we like it (we don't) or because shitsu has any influence (he doesn't).

727500 No.15281969


7 dollars for Superman Ice Cream. also I got a suggestion for having it once a week. Thoughts?

ac20d9 No.15281971

File: 36e4387bbed0216⋯.jpg (96.91 KB, 800x800, 1:1, pikachoke.jpg)


I think this is the first time I've felt genuinely offended in a long time.

491330 No.15281972

File: 6038edb5a4b93ba⋯.jpg (134.4 KB, 414x669, 138:223, 15.jpg)


>its still has plenty of video game discussion




727500 No.15281976


Yeah, 4am is fucking gay.

0be2be No.15281978

File: 3be35cf3e6c2c55⋯.png (199.24 KB, 720x400, 9:5, BuuGlare.png)

309243 No.15281981

File: 377de75192c7fe5⋯.jpg (42.59 KB, 445x472, 445:472, deviant.jpg)


<trying to laugh off accusations

0042dc No.15281986


>once a week

It would be a start to be honest, but we've heard you make promises before.

Two full bans that were lifted and a rule change that's now meaningless in the thread it was meant for.


It's not easy to take your words as gospel considering how long this farce has been going on for. I do believe that when you say it's a pain in the arse for vols that it's true, but I cannot shake this ill feeling something is very wrong behind the curtains.

727500 No.15281987


Hi Ritsu

727500 No.15281988


I have my reasons for keeping it as long as I have, although I think it's been long enough to reconsider without it being considered a "flip-flop".

9aee58 No.15281997

File: 1727383ad22010b⋯.jpg (59.04 KB, 500x747, 500:747, 1727383ad22010b5ecfa0a2f4f….jpg)


11f2af No.15281999

File: 06aac84dfbe3cd2⋯.jpg (38.9 KB, 640x430, 64:43, 06aac84dfbe3cd2599eaaafda0….jpg)


If the general consensus of the vol team is that they couldn't care if it disappeared, then JUST FUCKING DELETE AND BAN 4AM

What is stopping you, one lone vol who has the most brownie points?

You aren't going to face any repercussion from pulling the trigger, 4am has a dedicated board, IRC channel, multiple discord groups, multiple cytubes, etc.




07a68b No.15282000

File: 0c2b617c5574f67⋯.jpg (61.02 KB, 675x900, 3:4, 0c2b617c5574f67b729b0d8210….jpg)


Remember back in 2015 when Mark tied to ban 4am but went back on it? Remember when Mark tried to ban it a year later?


The people still posting are only posting because Ritsu is posting, and if you get rid of him the threads wont be a problem.

491330 No.15282001

File: 40fcd1d4c09470e⋯.jpg (237.46 KB, 2192x2152, 274:269, 38a154de69a7836f72718a8eb4….jpg)


Mark, fuck off and yamero. Joke about this one more time and I'll persuade bui to start spamming again.

Oh, and ban 4 am threads. It's the consensus.

feae1a No.15282002

File: 0711e1fe7ccb97a⋯.png (75.95 KB, 998x794, 499:397, 2a61f1974fad1071f66ad3f8b0….png)



This is why /v/ is so full of cuckchanners.

727500 No.15282004


a joke for a joke.

0042dc No.15282005


I know I probably sound as whiny as other anons who are more extreme on this issue, but I feel you've missed your chance to clean house at least 3 years ago.

I wouldn't have minded a 4am in the fashion of early 2015 with people like Tutor anon around, but the only option of redemption I'm seeing as of right now is full removal.

If anyone can come up with something better I'm all ears, but we've had these talks for years now and still nothing happened.

90534e No.15282007

File: c7ff17196c1717d⋯.jpg (78.84 KB, 873x718, 873:718, my_wifes_son.jpg)


I consider it almost every day, anon.

9aee58 No.15282012


727500 No.15282013



>no fun allowed



I was talking about /qresearch/

d6441e No.15282015


consider addressing gamergate threads

9c2965 No.15282016


Why dont you pull the trigger, whats stoppibg you guys from going

>not vidya gg no re

727500 No.15282018


Well you could delete it at 5am.

07a68b No.15282020

File: 6198f53d83c11f3⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 931x1187, 931:1187, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_ro….jpg)


Jokes don't exist on the internet remember?

727500 No.15282021


Fuck that, the GamerGate threads will stay.

d7bc27 No.15282022


>getting rid of ritsu

Hell will sooner freeze over (un)fortunetely. IMO the dicord's and dedicated board for 4am aren't actually owned by ritsu but by other anons trying to shut down 4am. Let 4am continue lest ritsu get all autistic about it again.

0042dc No.15282029


There was a point in time when instead of killing the threads, it was only Shitsu who got the ban and the threads seemed better off.

It might be my memory playing tricks on me, but it was around the time when Lime was still around.

Back then I supported the idea of a dedicated vol only for 4am with a list of avatarfag to look out for to clean house.

It seems silly to me now but if deletion is not an option at all, then I see next to no more viable ways.


>Well you could delete it at 5am.

That actually sounds like something worth trying.

90534e No.15282030


Why would we delete GG threads?

90534e No.15282036


Do we all agree that shitsu avatarfags in 4am threads? I want to know.

727500 No.15282037

Can someone give me a (You). I wanna see if Codemonkey fixed notifications.

d6441e No.15282038



Where did I say delete them?

07a68b No.15282044

File: f7b924aa2ca19a1⋯.png (909.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f7b924aa2ca19a15e6731e331a….png)

491330 No.15282046

File: 1f308dce7576966⋯.png (382.89 KB, 605x704, 55:64, (You) kumoko.png)

d7bc27 No.15282047


>delete at 5AM

Actually I wouldn't mind that either, as most dicsussion dies down like 45 minutes into the thread, with occasional posters going into the hour and 15 to hour and 30 minute mark before totally dead.

11f2af No.15282050


Suck cock elsewhere, fag. That tranny niggerfaggot will kill himselffinally when he gets banned and 4am deleted.

And guess what?

His parents will quietly bury him, and nobody will remember him soon after. He only remains an issue because faggots like you want to stir the pot and keep him suffering.

I understand a desire for schadenfreude, but his suffering leads to the board suffering even worse.

Misery loves company.

727500 No.15282051


Yeah, and the best part is that they cant say anything since it would be after 4am.

9aee58 No.15282053

File: 54db5c5428e7161⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 500x497, 500:497, fbcf419fd2067473c3f1be30c8….jpg)



d7bc27 No.15282056


Why would (you) need to be adressed like such to recieve a notification? How does that even work? Javascript?

727500 No.15282057



Didn't work, Thank (You) thoughm

90534e No.15282058

File: 44944699d6f89ed⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1623x905, 1623:905, mark_.png)

727500 No.15282061


Basically if someone quotes me id get a notification.

d7bc27 No.15282064


Ritsu has been banned hundreds of thousands of times, it won't work unless he willingly gives up.

0042dc No.15282066


>Do we all agree that shitsu avatarfags in 4am threads? I want to know.

It's a matter of perspective right now.

He keeps using the same images every thread titled "Reaction Image ####" which used to be "Ritsu's Reaction Image ####".

I would argue it's not avatarfagging, but his very first post in each thread is "Hey everyone, Ritsu here".

I'd say it goes more towards tripfaggin since he tried that but Mark disabled the name field.


Not to mention Shitsu fucks off about 60-90 minutes into the thread anyway.


Are you actually still worried that you get some autistic revenge spam from them?

It never happened before and at worst you'll get DMX spamming his niggerspeak but even he fucks off quicker than the Bruce Dumping Bot.

727500 No.15282074


Nothing to do with revenge spam. I just don't wanna flip flop like in the past, and do it properly.

90534e No.15282081


>I would argue it's not avatarfagging

I would argue it is, he uses the same pictures every time and in the same context.

>which used to be "Ritsu's Reaction Image ####".

Yeah, I had him rename his files.

11f2af No.15282088


Okay, but please, please ban marielx on sight. That mexican faggot is too autistic to use VPN, and only posts from home and work.

He has been permabanned from most cuckchan boards, if not globally by now, as well as countless RP and MLP forums.

e9f0a3 No.15282089



Don't you allow it because the last time it was banned they started spamming the board until it was allowed again?

da620f No.15282091


But it's technically 4 AM at any given point at least somewhere in the world :^)

727500 No.15282092


Is DMX genesis poster?

90534e No.15282093


No, he's the one who roleplays a nigger.

727500 No.15282095


We run in American EST

e9f0a3 No.15282096


He was recently banned on /loomis/ as well.

I don't think he understands that /loomis/ is a board specifically for drawfags and not a board for requests.

0042dc No.15282097


>I would argue it is

I mean it is over the span of threads, absolutely.

But it's a weasel way to stay clear within one thread.


>Is DMX genesis poster?

No, a faggot avatarfagging as the rapper DMX while talking in ebonics.

Geneis posters never bothered with 4am, really.

727500 No.15282101


No, I'm asking if its the same guy.

727500 No.15282102


Ah alright, thank you.

11f2af No.15282103


>Helping a brain damaged tranny niggerfaggot

Why, naivete, pity, something else?

Please explain your full relationship with shitsu in detail.

90534e No.15282104


Actually we run in unix time and we see dates formatted to our locales.

07a68b No.15282105


I don't think they are.

727500 No.15282107


I wouldn't be a good christain, if I let him die.

53c207 No.15282108

Why would making the bumplimit 325 instead of 300 do anything at all? I could see if you pushed it all the way to 750 there might be some difference, although the biggest issue with that is that the threads autolock at 751 and for an active thread to suddenly lock like that is a bit frustrating (common problem on /hgg/) The only way I can see 300 and 325 being any different is if people expect the thread to die at 300 and write it off early.

07a68b No.15282110


But you're not.

727500 No.15282114

File: a748fd3211ecbb5⋯.jpg (22.41 KB, 600x643, 600:643, lexicon.jpg)




727500 No.15282116


But i can be

11f2af No.15282118


But i was replying to a vol, and also you are jewish?

Is 90534e a sockpuppet VPN app on your phone?

e9f0a3 No.15282120


> I could see if you pushed it all the way to 750 there might be some difference, although the biggest issue with that is that the threads autolock at 751 and for an active thread to suddenly lock like that is a bit frustrating

The reason for this was originally because 8chan threads got fucked up around 800 or 900 posts, which used to rarely happen until the exodus.

The code is better now and threads don't start chugging along until around 1500 posts. I think CM should bump it up now.

90534e No.15282122



What do you even mean? Who said anything about helping?

727500 No.15282125


90534e is batman

0042dc No.15282130


>But i can be

>jew larping as christian

Is that even kosher?


Guessing it's Cobalt. Judging from the vol activity in the log anyway.

07a68b No.15282131


Jesus once whipped Jews, he once also instructed his followers to arm themselves.

727500 No.15282132


If we wanted to help him wouldn't we have stickied the thread?

7f77d5 No.15282134

Why do you ban and delete so much? We have no culture or impact and are pathetically reusing memes we made years ago on 4chan. Those don't spontaneously appear, they arise from a swamp of shitposting. We have to post threads about games a dozen times and ban evade before they eventually stick like with starcontrol. Good posts critical of Nintendo franchises have been deleted with "bad opinions" as the stated reason. People are completely uninformed about a lot of new games because the news gets deleted, not that it wasn't posted. There is so little fun here that even when we do get rare OC like the warframe datamining people just assume it happened on 4chan. The vidya sadism thread had a chance to get good then you banned the poster who was making it interesting and posting OC. Can you not see that you've been strangling the board?

727500 No.15282141



b-but Jesus forgives.

11f2af No.15282144


You made him rename his reaction images. If you really never caeed, you would have pushed him to crank up the autism in his filenames.

Is it you, cobalt? You're the worst redditor out of your fellow vols, followed by pewter

727500 No.15282148


>Why do we delete shit memes

because they're shit, cuckchan literally mocks oldfags now with the 30 year old boomer meme. Why should we allow such cancer to fester?

07a68b No.15282149


Only if you accept that he's actually the Son of G-d and not some Jew trying to make Jews not as Jewish.

9aee58 No.15282152

File: 61e1a595fa98687⋯.png (42.58 KB, 1044x327, 348:109, 1.png)


0042dc No.15282153


>b-but Jesus forgives

Only if you beat him in the ring.

We'll need TNAnon to arrange a redemption match.

727500 No.15282154

07a68b No.15282157

File: 6c4ae570bc0d621⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 12020253.png)


You could have prevented this.

d7bc27 No.15282161


You wouldn't be a good christian anyways because of matthew 19:17


>fake jew larping as christian

Not kosher in the slightest.


Batman is OP.

727500 No.15282168

mobile site is acting weird, temp head off

727500 No.15282173


I should have tipped

da620f No.15282174

File: ffb640f1a7908e4⋯.png (179.71 KB, 308x539, 4:7, 0411e0d87e8b86f6c23091d27c….png)


>the jew recoils when he is called out as a LARPing Christian

90534e No.15282178


I forced him to rename because he was being impersonated outside of his thread and that was causing trouble. Also anyone who complains about reddit here is a cuck from cuckchan who came here a few months ago and think they fit right in.

feae1a No.15282185

File: 1228f4f6e93f2ec⋯.png (223.39 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 1228f4f6e93f2eca3176bc8c07….png)


>Also anyone who complains about reddit here is a cuck from cuckchan

90534e No.15282193


Reddit doesn't know about 8chan. They think this place is a myth, remember?

47caac No.15282195



These are only cancer, because some faggots do the same requests in every fucking thread and don't get banned for doing this for very long time.


Friendly reminder that fenceshitters will be killed first during any SHTF scenario.


>Special privileges to the gamergate threads?


fde9eb No.15282226

File: 741bf54c96d47f7⋯.png (742.55 KB, 1384x1496, 173:187, 741bf54c96d47f7dc39bdfffb2….png)


Too be honest, the Wojack and Pepe memes have been run to the ground. Most memes die some time after, Wojack, Pepe and their variants need to go into meme retirement. Not even Trollface was this overused.

47caac No.15282238


>Reddit doesn't know about 8chan.

These were idiots from Neofag/Retardera, faggot.

48363f No.15282242










0042dc No.15282245

File: c5cf633bbd66042⋯.jpg (54.04 KB, 457x566, 457:566, waiting on the good times.jpg)


But it's not the memes themselves that are shit.

It's the derivatives that are shit, just like with (((modern art))).

As shit as Soyjack and Kekistani-tier posters are, they do not reflect the original intent of the original memes.

But not all derivatives have to be shit. Like gondola.

It's the context that matters.

fde9eb No.15282255

File: 6a114700a1e7982⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1000x1244, 250:311, 8chan hair girl.png)


The derivatives are utter shit. But that doesn't mean that the classics aren't overused and stale. Most memes created on imageboards die, memes have a lifespan. It's better to create new OC than to hold onto an old meme, remember that shit like Trollface and 'all your base' was an imageboard thing until they died. Wojack and Pepe are past their expatriation date.

525959 No.15282268

File: c2c9e4e7df816a1⋯.webm (882.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mark.webm)

6f81cb No.15282276

d7b5cd No.15282279

What happened with the drawthread?

0042dc No.15282283


>It's better to create new OC than to hold onto an old meme

But the old re-surges when they are needed. They are the foundation for anything new.

>remember that shit like Trollface and 'all your base'

We can't say that they are dead for several reasons.

One being that we don't browse each and every single imageboard there is and another being that there's always a time and a place for them. For example, Cats was in the 8chanmania several times. Anons remembered and nominated him in.

There's hardly ever a timeless specimen of OC, so going back to the roots every so often is refreshing, but I do see your point of them being overused.

It's an issue and one that's hard to combat.


>What happened with the drawthread?

It died a natural death past page 14.

727500 No.15282288

Gonna call it a day



727500 No.15282291

thank you to everyone for joining.

0042dc No.15282295

File: e5072686dfb8ab9⋯.png (538.48 KB, 1006x768, 503:384, rly mak u tink.png)


That was actually productive for once.

Who are you and where is the real Mark?

fde9eb No.15282296


I'm just surprised nobody made a wojack to make fun of all the stupid wojack memes. But that would just mutate wojack into spurdo sparde.

8e6dd1 No.15282300

File: aac242fbbeeabe1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 648.04 KB, 580x800, 29:40, Mark.png)

36202c No.15282302


>I've been thinking of setting back the bump limit to 325 or 300 since it seems like while some threads do very well, others tend to stagnate a bit. I'm a bit on the fence with it, so I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it yet.

>If you think it would help the board, I can cut the page count by 2-3 pages. However it won't be done today, I'm not gonna make any drastic changes without discussing it with my team and the community here.

Reduce the bump limit and the page count. The board gets stale as fuck when the same threads keep rolling around. That or turn on the auto-bumplock feature where you can have the board automatically bumplock threads after a set number of days.

>I could also make a fool of myself by streaming vidya and basically becoming the next DSP, but I feel like that would be an unethical misuse of my position to post it here.

I like when you streamed Sonic. Do more but keep it strictly vidya.

0042dc No.15282304

File: 6185290ce090449⋯.jpg (287.77 KB, 2000x1859, 2000:1859, tfw to smart too enjoy gam….jpg)


>I'm just surprised nobody made a wojack to make fun of all the stupid wojack memes

People kind of tried to be fair.

Retarded Wojak and Brainlet Wojak were just really shitty approaches to it.

525959 No.15282306

File: 2877608b0a04071⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 64.3 KB, 300x100, 3:1, mark banner.png)

ac20d9 No.15282312

File: 03689929c97f05e⋯.png (233.64 KB, 721x376, 721:376, [Chuckles].png)



36202c No.15282320


>Cafe guy is telling me to move

Why are you posting from an internet cafe nigger?


Honestly most of that is /leftypol/ false flagging, entry-level D&C tactics at best. Don't fall for it.

f0ecfd No.15282370

yeah, having the bump limit at 350 is just too slow. some threads stick around for weeks now

770db7 No.15282375

File: f9e53c89a6d6f50⋯.jpg (142.25 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1533522920669.jpg)

36202c No.15282382


>some threads stick around for weeks now

Even when it was 300 some occasionally managed to last for over a month. Currently it takes roughly 2.5-3 days for a thread to fall out of the catalog after the last bump which is just excessive. It can ever be 4 days if the last bump was Sunday night because the start of the week is slow as shit.

36202c No.15282408


I'm fine with 4am finally getting banned but it'll just lead to the Friday Night threads getting infected with the blogposting and avatarfaggotry instead. Right now those threads have a good balance but they'e always hover dangerously close to 4am-tier bullshit and that could easily tip them over the edge then we'd have lost another comfy thread and a little bit more of our unique culture that we've formed since 2014.

36202c No.15282414


>Gonna call it a day

It's a bit early, this should be a sticky for a few more hours at least so every timezone can see it.

acc0d8 No.15282447

File: 89a9586182b6e85⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 483x364, 69:52, 1463578028171.gif)


Thanks for treating a thread like a youtube channel, fucking faggot.

01e67f No.15282622


please don't delete 4am

d0c8c1 No.15282663

Ban Marielx

Ban 4am

Remove Alto

9f7b2d No.15283358

Delete 4AM because it's the ultimate antithesis of what you stand for. It's a fuckin' template thread that just serves as an imageboard chatroom, which is cute and all but they have a place for that and it's called /animus/. Alternatively, if you can make it cyclical and pin it at the bottom of page 14, that'd be fine too. Fuck it, make a new page 15 for all the useless bullshit cycle threads that nobody wants to see but you can't be bothered to delete.

Don't ban Marielx because being an identity-confused spic retard isnt against the rules; maybe make a rule to bully the shit out of him though because he's been the same retard for years and nigga needs to learn.

Memes are memes; they die eventually so don't get your balls in a knot over what gets used when. Also don't show what pisses you off because then people know what to use explicitly to fuck with you, Brogief.

Don't moderate from your phone, especially while taking a shit.

Giantess girls are a terrible fetish and you should be ashamed of yourself.

do a barrel roll

6608b4 No.15283412


>it NEEDS to be reported sooner rather than later

I guess it's a little late for this since the thread died, but what wormhole do reports fall into? I know I reported a few things while this thread was still active as soon as you posted this and none of them were taken care of, but none of them showed up as dismissed in the board log either. I know the same thing has happened more than a few times

7c5be0 No.15283511


Don't need to the op usually posts an update with the join code so its getting enough attention from that bump. Jackbox is really fun though! Join us if you haven't tried it yet!

32360d No.15283553

File: bf7e140e8c17ce7⋯.png (179.11 KB, 250x354, 125:177, Fantasy_zone_arcadeflyer.PNG)


>play touhou


a8172f No.15283572


act like niggers, get shit on like niggers

eat a bullet stormnigger

d47d0c No.15283714


in almost every instance of /pol/posting i see, it's in response to leftypol saying some stupid bullshit. and in what few cases it isn't, it's some blatant glow-in-the-dark CIAnigger posting something like "we need to take action and physically kill all women and leftists immediately", shit-tier falseflagging which leftykikes use to come to meta threads like this and whine.

considering that /leftypol/-minded faggots are the ones primarily responsible for the decline in vidya quality, both gameplay, artwork, and storytelling, it shouldn't be a surprise that they're the ones that get banned from a vidya board and not those of an ideology which hasn't utterly gutted a once fun-filled industry.

a85d8e No.15283734


>ii-i-it's not POL shitting up the threads!

>it's those people who have differing opinions - er, leftists! /leftypol/!

Yeah, no. Every time I see something directly in tow with POLtard's views, they tend to flock and shit on the poster with different opinions. Tell me, does POL even play video games or do you just shitpost about them? What's the difference between left wing SJWs and right wing SJWs again?

e7c67d No.15283751


I've got to get around to playing it too one of these days.

90534e No.15284871


Go away.

32e17e No.15284954

File: 6b1656e7ca4f011⋯.jpg (95.38 KB, 500x738, 250:369, 41f4caf5df8776d7ccf43ea87f….jpg)



did they make more then one?

dc8b6b No.15284995


Yeah the second one is even better

f12e0f No.15285038


That, and the fact that /pol/ is currently normalfag central, and these normalfags think it's their duty to "redpill" everyone everywhere. See, whenever /leftypol/ bait gets posted, you'll usually see a couple of "new" posters come into the thread purely to argue with that /leftypol/ poster. Usually, it's the /leftypol/ poster bouncing IPs to argue with himself to shit up the thread, or these /pol/ normalfags thinking that some faggot baiting in a thread about a platformer from 1992 is a direct threat to the white race, and that they absolutely MUST BTFO the baiting faggot. I choose to believe that anyone from /pol/ that didn't come in in the last two months doesn't just bite the bait that easily.

887723 No.15285121


>an imageboard chatroom

So does the GG thread and the fffriday night thread.

dc8b6b No.15285155


>leaves all the garbage threads up

>Implying I wasn't deleting garbage threads

If you want one word OPs with wojack images then go to cuckchan's /v/.

dd7caf No.15285156


>will this board ever recover?

this is like dank souls, we die over and over again, and every time we come back more and more hollow, until darkness and insanity only remains

acc0d8 No.15285164


>deletes the post, then replies to it

You're pretty awful at this.

dc8b6b No.15285175


He was a shitposting cuckchaner. He should've lurked a bit and learned how shit works. Although I doubt anything I do will satisfy you.

acc0d8 No.15285189


>He was a shitposting cuckchaner.

Did he show you his 4chan Pass™? You make a lot of assumptions along these lines, and they're usually based on "people who disagree with/criticize me." We wouldn't even be talking about this if you had done the sensible thing and just deleted the post that hurt your feelings, but you had to then comment on it as if that makes you right.

b59543 No.15285194


You do leave complete cuckchan garbage threads up for a long fucking time though.

dc8b6b No.15285218


I'm not showing you his post history if that's what you want.

dc8b6b No.15285221


Sometimes I use them as a reference in order to delete shittier OPs.

b59543 No.15285224


Like you leave them up just to compare?

dc8b6b No.15285238


Well I have one bumplocked and delete the rest

b59543 No.15285246


I was moreso referring to the past. There's been times when they have been neither bumplocked nor deleted. This isn't a case of "I didn't like it" either I'm talking low effort shitposting type threads. I don't know if the reports were dismissed or what but I wish I had archived them to show what I mean. I just didn't have the foresight to archive them and bring it up at the next meta thread. So I guess it's hard to show exactly what I mean

6eefc0 No.15285339


I'm not going to show you proof

c4b629 No.15285452

File: 43980e20933cd8b⋯.jpg (97.78 KB, 1366x636, 683:318, get fucked jewboi.jpg)

File: f8647f3e8e2809c⋯.jpg (64.38 KB, 703x521, 703:521, get fucked jewboi 2.jpg)

File: c95a8cfeed54e24⋯.png (143.43 KB, 1366x940, 683:470, get fucked jewboi 3.png)

File: 81238db16f9a350⋯.jpg (157.12 KB, 707x662, 707:662, get fucked jewboi 4.jpg)


No Mark


Thank you for making all these rules ensuring the both the quality of the board and the freedom of expression for anyone posting here and then never bothering to abide by them yourself instead running the place like it's your own personal blog making up the rules as you go along and enforcing them as you see fit.

Thank you for allowing share threads to be a thing and then making sure you piss off and drive away everyone that actually shared anything,now they're just gimme threads.

Thank you for maintaining #gamergate threads 5 fucking years later and not allowing any cancerous e-celeb threads only to then turn a blind eye when those #gamergate threads become cancerous e-celeb circlejerks and making sure they remain like that by flat out deleting the posts every time somebody even mentions it.

Thank you for making sure to ban and delete entire posting histories of anyone and everyone that could offer a contrary opinion to your own just because they would not spend their entire time sucking your micropenis for the whole thread prior to even making this useless thread.

Thank you for making sure to ignore even the ones that slipped amongst the cracks in this very thread before you eventually delete their posts too and then instead focus on the two sycophants you still have left.

Thank you for when in a few weeks time from now you will flip-flop yet again and reverse the decision you took in this thread regarding 4am threads just like you did with the increase of the bump limit a couple of weeks ago that you reversed in this thread based on nothing more than your feelings.

Thank you for holding these meta threads to get feedback from eveyone and then ingoring them and doing whatever the hell you feel like anyways.

Thank you for officially turning this place into the next 4chan dumping ground,instead of an actual alternative to it and letting 4chan becoming the dumping ground.

Contexts of screenshots

>the first one

I was banned for off topic in a webm thread

note: i was the only one posting any webms,the fucker i was responding to wasn't posting any in the entire thread,his posts were deemed acceptable and got to stay mine were deleted

>the second and third one

i got b& the very next day after my ban had expired for calling the OP of a Fortnite related clickbait thread a shill because he kept bumping his own thread,but later the kike flip-floped as usual and banned somebody (probably the OP of the Fortnite thread) for doing the same thing in a different thread

>the fourth one

Note rule #4

<Meta threads about 8chan, halfchan, /v/, its policies, bans, and users will be bumplocked. Exceptions may be allowed in case of important developments regarding 8chan. If you have objections to the rules, suggestions for new ones, need to contact us directly, or want to discuss a meta issue with the moderation, please contact the /v/ staff at markthejanny@tutanota.com. Direct all meta discussion about 8chan to >>>/sudo/.


not that it matters to someone that makes shit up as they go along


Now now Mark,don't go around shit talking the only people you may still have left posting on this board; they're your core posters now and you certainly deserve each other

I was initially intending to leave you with a parting webm but i think your new audience will have an ample supply of soundless>3MB webms and plenty of soyjaks to share with you,so you're gonna be set there

9f7b2d No.15285833


The GG threads are both essentially why we came to 8chan to begin with and also actually has people TRYING to talk about video game politics inbetween all the bullshit. Admittedly the current thread doesn't seem to be a good example of that, but some days are slow i guess. At any rate, banning GG threads would both be contrary to the essence of 8/v/ and also flooding a town to put out one house fire; if you want someone to police the GG thread to keep things on topic that might help make it shape up, but there's no guarantee that won't also kill it and also it'd be work which would burn the vols out. People also shit on mark for being too quick to delete and ban, and trimming the fat from GG threads would definitely fall into the catagory; while i think that's the essence of a strict BO and arguably the proper thing to do as the moderator of internet discussions, it's also what /a/ does and nobody likes them for it and it's what 4/v/ did and is effectively the reason we left to begin with.

The friday night threads are basically facebook updates and should probably be next on the headman's block after 4am. Shit, 4am should have gotten the axe before the LOL threads but here we are.

f488d5 No.15285873

File: f730e8fedbac223⋯.jpg (77.19 KB, 384x313, 384:313, f730e8fedbac223b01820eee6b….jpg)

Is there some new rule or something? At first, some with shitty OPs got deleted even though the thread was starting to improve. But now it seems that even if the OP is okay and the thread is on-topic it just gets deleted for no reason. What gives?

f23a0a No.15286022


I saw that DMC thread you're crying about and it was absolutely fucking terrible. You basically talked to yourself for like 40 posts. Then you flip out and throw a shit fit about being dealt with for spamming your own thread and got punished for it.

e6ad0a No.15286058

File: e3e9cbf364e3062⋯.jpg (457.9 KB, 1845x1230, 3:2, 1439314726484.jpg)

I think Mark and team do okay. Not great, but not terrible. Some things could be done better, but it could be a lot worse.

I wish more bait posts were deleted, but that can easily slip into overmoderation.

Mark, the more attention you bring to yourself, the more people are going to tear into you.

cbe817 No.15298139

You locked tons of shit threads yet the Overwatch one is still open.

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