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File: 262c93357586d7d⋯.png (280.33 KB, 715x1118, 55:86, ClipboardImage.png)

28db05  No.15305248

Let's have a thread for all the shit games have done that you never would have believed if they didn't actually work.

>The Wampa Stompa cheat in Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

yeah dude, you have to enter a specific name, hold down most of the buttons, then use your chin move the control stick halfway in different directions to do the cheat. just trust me, it totally works.

>Dragon Kazooie in Banjo Tooie

yeah dude, you have to find a secret passage to get the ice key from the first game, then open up the huge ice safe and get the mega glowbo which you bring to humba wumba to turn kazooie into a dragon. it totally works man.


yeah dude, you talk to the old man and have him teach you how to catch a pokemon, then you fly to cinnabar then sail along the shore and you'll encounter a pokegod that multiplies whatever's in your 16th item slot. it's true man, really.

0033ec  No.15305284

Obligatory fully functioning Arwing enemy in OoT

1f8666  No.15305309


Skyrim with over 200 mods being a good game.

935f07  No.15305327

All the stuff Mortal Kombat has done over the years. Especially since characters who were fake secrets at first were made real in later games.

The Mt Chilead mystery, or at least the parts of it that have actually resulted in more minor secrets being found, like that playable teen wolf.

000000  No.15305348


If i'm not mistaken, there was a soccer game on Snes where you could insert some code to turn the arbiter into a dog.

And also in Daytona USA (Arcade or Saturn) you could race as a donkey after completing the hardest challenges in the game.

Could be those fake edited photos of older magazines though. Does anyone know about those two?

e4911c  No.15305362

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Pendulum manipulation in Mario 64.

c46245  No.15305411

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Panel de Pon Game Boy version prototype in Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (GBC)

To access reset the GBC to GB mode by pressing Up (2x), Right (4x), Down, Left (10x), Up (4x), Right, Down (6x), B.

Once the screen is displayed, pressing A (24x), B (24x) will launch Panel de Pon GB.

This even works on the 3DS VC version and people even posted screenshots of PDP to Miiverse.


There would tons more for Pokemon

>Duplicating Pokemon

Trade with someone and turn the system off when it says saving, don't turn the system off

935f07  No.15305455

>get Sonic 3

>get Sonic & Knuckles

>put the Sonic 3 cart on top of the Sonic & Knuckles cart

>go to the first level and grab onto the swinging vines. Before jumping off, put in a code

>this should let you quit to the main menu by pressing A while paused

>level select menu should now be available

>select level halfway through the game

>grab a different grabbable item that's only in this level

>put in the code again for debug mode

>go back to main menu then level select

>can now get Tails and Knuckles into secret Sonic-only last level, but they're all glitchy

>beat secret Sonic-only last level with Knuckles

>start game again without turning power off

>Knuckles is blue now

Lot of work for something really pointless. Pretty sure you can get Red Sonic by some similar means.

e15a12  No.15305463

A jumbled up glitch Pokemon existing isn't really that surprising. What's surprising is that you can actually get Mew in the game through a series of seemingly unrelated arbitrary actions.

935f07  No.15305475


Isn't the Mew glitch just the Missingno glitch but realizing that you can manipulate which pokemon is spawned by some stat of the last pokemon fought? I once went through with a guide of every trainer Pokemon's stats to get the diploma without trading by using the Mew glitch to get every pokemon I would have had to trade for, since of course you can't trade anymore. Good job making your game have a real life time limit, Game Freak.

935f07  No.15305483


Honestly one of my most unbelievable secrets ever was Yoshi on top of the castle giving you 100 lives. I couldn't believe that you reward for completing everything in the game was giving you 100 lives, which are now useless since you already beat the game, and which were pointless to begin with since already in this game dying was no different than game over, and saving didn't save your lives anyway. Couldn't believe that such a good game would have such a dumb completion reward.

10e0c5  No.15305485

>You can play as Bill Clinton in NBA Jam!

>no I'm serious!

be163a  No.15305543

That stupid tornado thing with the red crystal in Castlevania.

Also getting that spear in FInal Fantasy 12.

e5bf99  No.15305545


>And Al Gore

>And George Clinton

>And the Beastie Boys

935f07  No.15305569

If you do sideflips back and forth in front of a random NPC in the first Ratchet & Clank, her boobs get bigger.

e15a12  No.15305605


No, the Mew trick doesn't rely on that glitched shore of Cinnabar Island nor stacking items with the special trainer tutorial in Viridian City, it's much subtler and more unbelievable.

e15a12  No.15305607


You also get the special triple jump which isn't much to write home about. The only interesting thing left to do is race the penguin again.

2265e2  No.15305634


As I recall, it took someone well known in the Pokemon glitch community at the time to start a new file (given you can only fight trainers once at the time) to actually vouch for it with the two simple words of "it works" before anyone was willing to believe it. Does make me wonder how exactly anyone discovered it though.

5011a1  No.15305667

File: ea0ed1169026aed⋯.png (110.76 KB, 373x240, 373:240, 1434757161757.png)

If you play Fable 2 in the Snowglobe DLC there's a chest on top of a tower inside the cursed skull you're supposed to either use your dog or a co-op player to push you on top and over the chest in order to get out of bounds, then carefully move your way down the cliff and not slip off the map which will trap you unless you shut off the game, after carefully navigating the out of bounds area you can find a Headstone that removes all of your characters Scars and a Wineglass that increases your character's height by one every time you check it, additionally there is a flower that will teleport you back to the main area. Both the headstone and Wineglass have unique modifier attributes to them specifically meaning, that this is probably intentional since Scar Removal and Height modifiers weren't introduced in the See The Future DLC

c4a40a  No.15305694

If you walk out into the ocean you will find a secret room inside of a cliff face that houses a bunch of naked Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders in hot tubs.

7121f9  No.15305714


Nobody discovered it until about gen 4

837f6e  No.15305730


>the Zodiac Spear

fuck you for making me remember the stupid bullshit to get that goddamned spear

2265e2  No.15305773


I can buy it taking at least two or three generations of time, but I still wonder what the thought process there was, given the steps involved, whether it was a deliberate attempt to see what glitches they could discover, or happened at pure random.

61a9c6  No.15305784

In the first Dark Souls, you can roll off an elevator near Firelink which will get you onto a platform and if you jump onto the right spot, you'll be able to get taken back to the starting area. This also lets you go into an area that would be completely locked off otherwise as you have to get a specific item that only spawns when you come back.

2dbcce  No.15305797

File: c39f8cff6d7273d⋯.jpg (16.44 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 1422509091199.jpg)


The color palettes on all those old games are absolutely fucked, but the glitches in the early Sonic series are simply so numerous because the game is fucking spaghetti-coded like crazy. The "Asura" glitch is there, "Hyper" Sonic, zipping, all sorts of batshit insane glitches, but this is one of my favorites and it sort of proves that the devs were already planning an "expansion" before the development cycle was over.

>Sonic 2

>need S&K attachment

>need an emulator or GameShark

>use a specific cheat code, then activate the Level Select and Debug cheats

>go to the already-fucked-up Hidden Palace zone, which is nothing but garbage data

>use Debug to fly to a very specific area of the level and find a monitor with Tails on it

>if you found that monitor with Sonic or Tails, popping it does nothing

>popping it with Knuckles gives him an extra life


>Halo: Combat Evolved (original version)

>first level

>after cutscene with Master Chief getting out of his cryo capsule, immediately jump back inside it

>wiggle around and after about 100 tries you will zip above the stage and land on one of the light fixtures

>you can't stand on the ceiling proper or you fall back in to the level and have to restart and try another 50 times to get back up there

>have to jump across doorways and light fixtures all the way to the command room with Captain Keyes

>you can jump outside of the Pillar of Autumn and walk out until you reach the scale model of Halo

>walk up to it, and it gives you an input command

<Press X to flip [Insert String Here]

>can also glitch the first level to have three guns by walking up to Keyes far enough to activate the checkpoint and walking back, finding two guns, then walking BACK to the command room and activating the cutscene, giving you a third gun for the rest of the level

>dude, there's a grunt hiding on the last level, when you're trying to escape before the ship explodes

>just find this one specific spot, land your car on it, get out, and walk into this little cubby

>the grunt sits there and stares at you and says something stupid

The original Xbox Halo had so many goddamn out-of-bounds glitches, ways to fuck with loading zones, getting any vehicle into any space in the game whatsoever, fucking up cutscenes. It was insane, and hilarious fun; my friend and I played fucking hours upon hours of that game just hunting new glitches, trying to launch the Warthog with like 80 grenades, out-of-bounds glitches in multiplayer maps, you name it. I feel fucking old. God dammit.

0033ec  No.15305805


Oh come on, I figured that shit out on my first playthrough. The Painted World of Ariamas is hardly secret.

61a9c6  No.15305817

File: 515bb6a9798a7ab⋯.png (55.41 KB, 259x314, 259:314, f779193adf37a888a6041c708e….png)


I actually played with some random who never knew about it about 2 years ago. Granted anyone here actually gives a shit about games and will explore.

0033ec  No.15305821


Though to be fair it felt like it was trying to be secret.

4f264b  No.15305826


What are the steps to this mysterious mew glitch in gen 1? I want to know to put it to the test.

c86a4f  No.15305836

File: 9f6e05df344bc45⋯.gif (2.14 MB, 255x186, 85:62, 1416344817753.gif)

>Want to play Crash 3

>Put Crash 3 disc in PSX

>Press random buttons

>All of a sudden playing Spyro


>Open up tray, check CD

>It's Crash 3


>Tell other people of what I did

>Everyone says I'm full of shit

>No matter what I cna't replicate what I did

>Years pass

>Eventually find out that if you input Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Square you get to play a Spyro demo

>I was right all along

61a9c6  No.15305854


From what I remember, you have to let a trainer outdoors not be battled. After you are able to use Fly, you run back to the trainer and stand at the end of their line of sight to cause the ! to show up. In that moment you can bring up your menu and fly to some other place. I think you had to get into a wild encounter after, and once you finish it you had to do a little bit of walking and Mew would show up. It's been ages since I looked it up though.

2265e2  No.15305976


Need to leave two trainers unfought during normal progression; hard to go into specifics without visuals. Basically, once you have the ability to fly, you aggro the first one, but fly to Cerulean City before he can actually walk down to you (this also locks the start menu, if memory serves, and then go north and west to the area by Bill's Cottage and fight the other. Start menu unlocks again, fly to Lavender Town, take a few steps (west, I want to say), and a level 7 Mew will appear. You can catch it and the game will consider it legit.

There's video of the process out there as well.


Pretty sure the fucking manual mentions that, but I could be wrong.

2265e2  No.15306215



Checked my own copy. The back of the manual mentions checking the manual for the "secret" code for the demo, which is mentioned quite plainly on page nine. Did you have a disc only copy or something growing up?

a6e81a  No.15306608

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Arbitrary code execution glitches in Pokemon Red are absolutely crazy to watch. There's multiple different methods of doing it, and all of them sound like the kind of bullshit your friend would try to troll you with back on the playground twenty years ago:


Also vid related, there's an ACE glitch in Super Mario World. This video is of a TAS, but I know of at least one speedrunner who was able to achieve the glitch by hand, which is pretty damn impressive as parts of it involve very precise inputs.


Sounds like a debug item the devs forgot to remove from the game, rather than an out and out glitch. A lot of games have stuff like that, random items or NPCs floating way out of bounds that do useful stuff when interacted with. It's always wild when out-of-bounds glitches allow players to reach those things during "normal" gameplay.

5011a1  No.15306632


Knothole Island (The DLC that introduced appearance modifiers) has test levels and areas though.

e4f140  No.15306773

File: fc583750b23a3f2⋯.jpg (256.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mirror.jpg)

If you noclip through a mirror you don't go past the mirror, you enter a mirror world.

8201ce  No.15306855


That's literally how mirrors in video games work though. Which is also the reason why muh grafixs whore games can't do mirrors because instead of designing environments and lighting in a video game they need to waste tons of resources and processing power on thoughtless realism.

a6e81a  No.15306904

File: d58ccf12de9e4d9⋯.png (11.45 KB, 240x280, 6:7, coffee_instant.png)


Are there any games out there that use secret mirror levels to hide bonus areas or other easter eggs? Like, if you get through the mirror and turn the corner you find an area unique to that side.

I can't think of any games I've played that did this, but it would be pretty cool.

cb8693  No.15306907


What? Finding how to catch Mew was around in magazines back in 99.

5011a1  No.15306909


Super Mario 64 DS had a new stage behind a mirror iirc, and a star behind a door that leads to a blank white room.

c65edc  No.15306998

File: 1643e0e5e3fa3da⋯.jpg (42.16 KB, 470x600, 47:60, imfree.jpg)


yeah dude, if you reach the 13th area of the 4th episode, the game gets free and crashes on you. It's the truth, I swear.

621ee0  No.15307048


You can unlock a playable horse on the Saturn version of Daytona. It doesn't lose speed or traction when it's off road.

5f5518  No.15307093


This is definitely not true. I've known about this glitch maybe even pre-gen 2. I don't recall how it goes but I remember that in the end you go to a random grass patch west of Lavender Town.

566490  No.15307123


lots of old games do that, it's not uncommon.

0da2ef  No.15307136


Lol fag

8410c3  No.15307210

>GTA 3 / Vice City

There's a cheat called "flying cars"

If a car gains enough momentum it will temporarily defy gravity with comical results

If you're skilled enough you can use it to cross islands prematurely

If you spawn a tank, rotate the turret so that it's facing behind you, and spam the fire button you can generate enough forward momentum to stay airborne indefinitely

The tank flies better then the actual planes the game gives you. Although turning is a bitch.

And it has no artificial ceiling. You can reach out of bounds areas like the tops of skyscrapers. You can reach the prop jumbo jets flying well above the map. You can travel high enough to "leave the game" causing it to lock up out of confusion. If you've ever looked at the sky in Vice City you might have noticed one of the artifacts in the sky that leaves a contrail looks like a shapeless blob. That's a low resolution flying saucer. I've probably clipped through it at least five times back in the day.

e7e0bf  No.15307298

Persona 1's secret snow queen quest can only be activated by doing the following series of actions. It is a secret alternate campaign that isn't mentioned anywhere within the game itself unless you do these very specific things at the beginning of the game.

I only figured out it existed because there's part of a cutscene shown as part of the opening video where the school freezes over.

Talk to the female student (女子生徒) in Class 2-4.

Talk to Tsutomu (黒瓜) in the Library on the 3F.

Head to the Drama Club (演劇部) at the St. Hermelin Gym on the 1F and talk to the people inside. (Walk through the emergency exit on the 1F, pass through the trash burner in the 1F Passageway, and walk around the outside of the gym and you'll find some club rooms at the other end. The Drama Club is at the first door, but also visit the other rooms cause you'll get some extra equipments!)

Head back up to the 3F and talk to the people in the Student Council Room (生徒会).

Go downstairs to the 1F and talk to Principal Ooishi (大石校長) in the Principal's Office (校長室).

Now go back to the St. Hermelin Gym, go inside the Gym (体育館) and go through the door next to the stage. You'll enter the Gym Storage (倉庫). Take the key item, Snow Queen Mask (雪の女王の仮面), from inside the box. (If the room states "There seems to be nothing here.", you may be missing a step in getting the Snow Queen Mask.)

Head back to the 1F Passageway and watch the scene

e7e0bf  No.15307313


there's also persona 4's true(ly ridiculous) ending which I imagine some people STILL don't know exists

409912  No.15307360

You actually could catch missing No. though.

You had a fish in a specific spot in one of the cities. My brother would catch them for me all the time. It corrupts your save.

e4911c  No.15307549


That's the whole point, anon. Glitches that are real but SOUND bullshit.

a98856  No.15307604


You mean Sonic 3? It wasn't planned as an expansion. they were originally supposed to be one game, but SEGA ripped it in half to meet christmas sales

6367f6  No.15307662

If you fulfil certain conditions with no hints in Etrian Odyssey Nexus, one of the easiest being scanning 100 different guild cards with at least one of them being infected with a vampire, you unlock an event at the bar. Talk to the man there, then go to the starting area and visit the square with the event with a bat. Go to two other points after that and you'll get an accessory that turns anyone into a vampire with red eyes. You also unlock secret vampire portraits.

c85e7a  No.15307873


No, he's saying that the 1 up in Sonic 2's originally cut Hidden Palace Zone doesn't grant you the extra life to anyone except Knuckles while you're there in the (original) final game. It's a glitch because after checking the footage of the S2 Beta version, it still grants you the extra life there, which makes sense since it isn't missing all of the level tiles compared to accessing it in the final pre 2012 version in it.

ebd962  No.15308114

In Half-Life 2 episode if you carry a gnome all the way through the game you get an achievement.

Crazy I know! Yet somehow also true.

c4a40a  No.15308143


That excuse doesn't even make sense considering it came out in February.

935f07  No.15309920

In Crash Bandicoot: Warped, if you get ten relics by beating levels with fast times, you unlock a secret entrance to Level 7. From that secret entrance you can get the Gold Gem, which allows you to access a secret path in Level 11. On that secret path, you have to make it to the final section, where you get chased by a triceratops, then let yourself get killed by the third pterodactyl that you pass. Instead of killing you, the pterodactyl will carry you to a super secret level where you ride a dinosaur and are guaranteed two gems and a Platinum Relic just for beating it because it has no boxes to collect and a ridiculously high Platinum Relic time.

Also there's another secret level by crashing into a particular street sign in one of the motorcycle level, but that one isn't as bullshit, because at least the street sign is unique by having a picture of an alien on it. I still can't figure out how you're supposed to figure out that that one particular pterodactyl takes you to a secret level.

79c82d  No.15309950


>I still can't figure out how you're supposed to figure out that that one particular pterodactyl takes you to a secret level.

Repeteadly fucking up, i guarantee you a lot more people ran into that secret level in the ps4 remaster than the UFO level, that one is well hidden since you're probably never paying attention to road signs.

da94b9  No.15309964

File: f5edee066a51707⋯.jpg (143.69 KB, 500x400, 5:4, portrait of ruin mamonos.jpg)

In Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, equip the cross as Johnathan's subweapon and send it through some of Charlotte's magic as she uses it. Depending on the magic used, the cross may change its shape/size into a number of forms. However, this seems to be a purely aesthetic change, with hitboxes and so forth not altering. Some combinations of Johnathan's cross with Charlotte's various magic, however, will freeze the game. Dark Rift, as an interesting example, causes the cross itself to become invisible while the sparkling effect remains.

79c82d  No.15309970


Are they as powerful as the imperials or yggdroids though? Unlocking them seems tedious and i don't want to do all the requirements and be rewarded with a poor hexer/dark hunter mix.

935f07  No.15309996


Honestly the motorcycle levels are some of the hardest ones to beat if you're trying to get Relics. Certainly harder than getting the Gem from the Gold Gem Path. But of course the filthy casuals probably aren't even bothering with the Relics, so you're probably right. I mean I did find the secret level from getting killed by the pterodactyl when I was a kid. But I also found the other one by crashing into the street sign.

6367f6  No.15310042


I don't recall yggdroids being very strong unless going for some insane gimmick build as a solo character. Also, they aren't in Nexus.

Vampire isn't a proper class, but rather it changes the character's force skills and raises all stats by 10%. Their force boost makes them unable to die for three turns except to instant death, and their force break revives everyone and does more damage for each party member that was revived. They also regen a small bit of health per turn at night, and lose it during day. Obviously they are a pretty gimmicky "class", but they should be powerful when they get to do their thing. Anyway, if you want OP classes, the retarded hero class is deliberately OP because fuck you and all your old classes, and nightseeker does insane damage.

79c82d  No.15310099


>I don't recall yggdroids being very strong unless going for some insane gimmick build as a solo character.

Yggdroids were insanely strong even if you didn't subclass them, we're talking about a class that has 3 great passives, a damage buff that drains a fuckton of health, but lets you hit ungodly hard for 3-4 turns and also sets up another insanely powerful attack that does more damage the lower your HP is, the bots that either strenghten elemental attacks or absorb them and core dump+sleep mode which works really well considering their high HP, although you kinda need to subclass them into hoplites for this strategy to really work, but really it's all about yggroid subclassed into gladiator for retarded amounts of damage.

>Also, they aren't in Nexus.

Which sucks, i need my megane androids.

>Their force boost makes them unable to die for three turns except to instant death, and their force break revives everyone and does more damage for each party member that was revived. They also regen a small bit of health per turn at night, and lose it during day. Obviously they are a pretty gimmicky "class", but they should be powerful when they get to do their thing.

Same as an yggdroid really.

>Anyway, if you want OP classes, the retarded hero class is deliberately OP because fuck you and all your old classes, and nightseeker does insane damage.

I'll give them a try once they localize the game, weird that they bothered to bring this game to the west and not monster hunter XX, etrian odyssey is a lot more niche.

92fd34  No.15310109

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0f1e1d  No.15310216

File: e9177276a5b9194⋯.png (2.59 KB, 256x192, 4:3, SpaceHarrierSMS-Message.png)

>hey put ERI as your initials in every high score spot

6e1720  No.15310259




You fags serious? The only way to get Mew without hacking the game is checking under the truck

2265e2  No.15310297

File: 23c09223ff838be⋯.jpg (366.34 KB, 1724x1244, 431:311, oak is full of shit.jpg)


>Believing that senile fart Oak's lies.

373d60  No.15311933

File: 65388ba683f52e6⋯.jpg (44.05 KB, 758x137, 758:137, creatures 2 cheat.JPG)


>sound like bullshit

Pic related is for Creatures 2 on the C64.

294571  No.15312468

File: 0939dc7ee3cf9de⋯.png (666.2 KB, 940x703, 940:703, Maximum smug.png)


>Mortal Kombat

jesus christ, you could make an entire thread about that

>Dude this green guy showed up and said "Blocking is useless"

>you gotta go to the Pit stage and if you see a witch or santa clause in front of the moon, you gotta get a double flawless victory and win with a fatality, then you fight this green guy named Reptile in the bottom of the pit


>oh yeah if you win with only low kicks before the ? stage you'll fight a green Kitana who moves super fast

>yeah if you are on the portal stage and that "toasty" guy shows up and you press down and block, you fight this dude called smoke

>if you get 200 wins in vs mode the game turns into Pong

294571  No.15312514

File: 95391bad43e04a0⋯.webm (7.36 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Primal Rage Fatalities (P….webm)

Primal rage

>You can smack the worshippers

>if you smack a worshipper back and forth enough times the game will suddenly turn into volleyball

>vs where both play as Armadon

>do the spinning buzzsaw attack at the same time

>do this three times

>suddenly a whistle blows, everyone walks off the screen and says "bowling time"

>you now do the buzzsaw spin to hit worshippers as pins for a game of bowling

jesus I love shit like this.

058228  No.15312600

File: 007e708a3213563⋯.png (3.07 KB, 320x224, 10:7, sonic_3d.png)

>If you fuck around with your mega drive/genesis while playing the game might skip to a later level

1e4e3e  No.15312618

File: 5ab0ae643268336⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 550x266, 275:133, 5ab0ae643268336812d49ed461….jpg)


why does this picture still fucking enrage me all these years later?

387c6d  No.15312764

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Embed related.


Explanation of this one:

>Super Mario 64 has a room in the upper floors where one wall is mostly mirrors

>The painting that previously lead to Cool Cool Mountain is visible on the mirror side, but it's a blank wall on your side

>If you jump into the 'blank' wall, you go to the tenth main level, Snowman's Land

>In the DS port, there's a Power Flower sitting on one of the room's pedestals

>if you use Invisibility, you can walk directly through the mirror to the 'other side'

>Trying to jump into the "Snowman's Land" wall on the mirror side leads you to the Wario stage instead

>If you use the room's main door on the mirror side, you find a tiny 'white void' room with invisible walls, containing one of the castle's secret stars

0b7a95  No.15312846

Master Hand unlock

If you fall into a pit in super mario world, and on TOP of a goomba that is loaded you'll pop out. The death barrier is deep in the pit. It happened to me once and it freaked me out.

That one glitch in true crime where you are stuck pushing someone on a beam forever because its physically impossible to mash the button fast enough.

7e3d10  No.15312868



6849e8  No.15312909


Wow, so that Sonic 3d Blast secret was simply because the devs would rather use a shortcut to get their game through the quality testing phase, as opposed to making a good game that doesn't crash.

Christ, maybe the industry was always shit

387c6d  No.15312941


To be fair, the ex-Traveller's Tales bongfag narrating the video seems to have spent the last weeks of dev-time fixing bugs before the game went 'gold', so wiggling the cart or ROM corruption is the only reliable way to trigger the 'secret' in the final release.

058228  No.15313007


Not to mention that this happened a lot with the mega drive. I remember playing quackshot, tripping on a wire and teleporting to nearly the end.

c4a40a  No.15313029


Traveler's Tales were always terrible. The only thing that hasn't really changed is big companies outsourcing to talentless retards for chump change.

67df63  No.15313031


Because it contains everything from bad advice to outright lies in a strategy guide

But if it was Cranky Kong we'd know he was intentionally trolling us

cfb277  No.15313167

File: 2c61905f227ea7e⋯.png (318.67 KB, 792x587, 792:587, 2c61905f227ea7ed97fe2a6fb2….png)


got a video? for all its faults I have a soft spot for the fable games and never saw this before.

0d77fe  No.15313241

File: cd9a5e5293cf32f⋯.jpg (151.73 KB, 315x350, 9:10, 1350797267683.jpg)

File: 6ba11c83c7dabe6⋯.png (76.43 KB, 590x332, 295:166, 1351910693110.png)

>Hey, you can throw hadokens in Mega Man X, and you get it from Dr. Light wearing Ryu's karate gi! You just have to get every item, beat every boss, then go through Armor Armadillo's stage 4 times with full health and energy tanks at the end, then climb up the wall above the boss door!

28db05  No.15313438

File: 56ad0f4aab5e909⋯.png (7.31 KB, 240x160, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

In Golden Sun: TLA, if you were pointlessly contrary on every Y/N question asked to you through the plot up to Lemuria, Kraden will lose his shit and call you out for being an obstinate asshole.

16e8d2  No.15313544


Golden Sun is really dumb.

9ec81c  No.15313891


I unironically miss the fuck out of co-op Halo with friends. I was just talking with co-workers about when Halo 2 came out, too. I used to meet with a group of friends and we'd play with two xboxes + 8 controllers over Xbox Tunnel. Those were probably the best days of my life. We'd LAN Red Alert 2 on occasion, too.

Steam has destroyed it all.

Fucking hell, m

ae1bd3  No.15313905

Fred Durst is an unlockable character in WWE Smackdown: Know Your Role!

8bb55b  No.15313925


>steam made it so you dont have any friends

79c82d  No.15314139

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Best i could find, pay no attention the choice of music and awful quality, it is a video from nearly a decade ago after all.

1428af  No.15314574

File: bbd502e910090b5⋯.webm (12.59 MB, 800x720, 10:9, bbd502e910090b5ee195db6f4….webm)



>pokemon red

Now watch pokemon yellow and get your mind blown, this is possible on a real gameboy. In this glitch you get to, catch a mew, play pokemon crystal, listen to a rendition of "still alive" by GLADOS, play super mario bros for the SNES, and play zelda for the SNES. The end is also possible on a gameboy.

e4911c  No.15314605


That's a pretty good one. I just wish the creator's explanation was a bit more specific. I might just be retarded, but I don't think the original description explained all too well how all of this is done, at least how the data is streamed at the end there to the cartridge.

1428af  No.15314650


It's streamed over button presses. Lots of button presses, more then you can humanly do in a reasonable time. Hence a TAS.

c0059d  No.15314652


It's fucking amazing what you can do with those games

Anyone got any glitches that physically destroy the cart/disk/operating system? I always get a kick out of those

8fe08d  No.15314671

File: 754dd62748f7177⋯.png (279.98 KB, 712x523, 712:523, 1522118894490.png)


>remember that post being capped and posted to other threads a few months after it happened

>It's almost been 10 years since then

I don't like it.

e4911c  No.15314683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not quite what you're asking for, but it did remind me of this.

c4a40a  No.15314697

If you open the disk tray on the overworld in FF7 and put in Saga Frontier it will screw up the geometry just right so that you can walk to the snow town and skip pretty much all of disc one.

9ec81c  No.15314702


That's bullshit but I believe it.

d14b14  No.15314710


What the fuck did I just watch

1428af  No.15314748


Button pressing autism by tool assisted input. Attach four wires to a LRAB part of a gameboy with plastic removed and attach those wires to a adrino/rasberry pi GPIO controller and you could do the same thing on real hardware.

Modern software is shit optimized if you can play 24fps video and sound on something as ancient as a gameboy.

9a814f  No.15314755

File: 711f732b978c7a4⋯.png (77.84 KB, 267x200, 267:200, smug plank.png)


>catch mew

>catches celebi in video

>play super mario bros for the SNES

>game is clearly stated to be on a NES

847fbc  No.15314798


>yeah dude, you talk to the old man and have him teach you how to catch a pokemon, then you fly to cinnabar then sail along the shore and you'll encounter a pokegod that multiplies whatever's in your 16th item slot. it's true man, really.

That's not Missingno. That's M. Which uses Missingnos sprite. I want to say this because for many years I though all those screenshots of Missingno with the name "Missingno" was just a photoshop or they nicknamed it. The title "Missingno" is a proper name in the game but the only way to get true Missingno is through Mew glitch

16098e  No.15314820

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>stand under a grate for 12 hours to traverse parallel universes

It's like some sort of lynchian nightmare. Like accidentally stumbling across the lodge in the middle of some dudes back yard.

e4911c  No.15314896

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You have not seen anything yet.

In Mario 64 DS's B Button Challenge (equivalent, since B is jump there), a common tactic is to overflow the item ID counter which is an 8 bit integer, equivalent to 4294967296 unique values, until an ID corresponding to the star item is reached.

This takes 420 years.

d14b14  No.15314906


>420 years


ab0cc5  No.15314945

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Minus World being an entirely different set of three glitched stages on the disk version of Super Mario Bros.

Once completed, the game resets to the second quest, as though 8-4 had just been beaten.

f6a4ef  No.15315093

File: 56ad0f4aab5e909⋯.png (7.31 KB, 240x160, 3:2, 56ad0f4aab5e909f7aac716497….png)

File: f996bd4d462dde8⋯.png (16.69 KB, 240x160, 3:2, GSTLA_01.png)


In Golden Sun, if you cast retreat at 0PP and teleport around mercury lighthouse until you reach the top (without recruiting mia), you can find a secret character who transforms into the guy at the front of the party and copies all of his moves. It's true, my uncle works at Ninrendo

f6a4ef  No.15315097

File: b2a1dcc0bcbbfd4⋯.png (60.77 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Finaldutchfarmersy2.png)


Wrong image

9a814f  No.15315254

File: a7487df3b8adfc4⋯.jpg (88.79 KB, 600x518, 300:259, wat original.jpg)


Holy shit, I never thought to see something more autismal than Pannenkoek.

>get shell

>move up mountain

>go into red coin area, collect red coins

>build up objects for 847 years

>collect star

e4911c  No.15315312

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Even better, this one takes 1052 years.

2265e2  No.15315365

File: b0551c266061472⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1546x2000, 773:1000, 1312325959726.jpg)


Because you trusted Oak?

64d322  No.15316383


That can't be real.

847fbc  No.15316395


It probably doesn't take as long for other levels. I imagine there are other methods of overflowing the item ID back to star. The only reason that took so long was because one would have to wait for those enemies to spawn the flames

55cac0  No.15316424

In some of the Ratchet and Clank games you could access a museum that contains cut content through either convoluted, time sensitive means or direct, very difficult means. I liked the way you could access the museum in 2. On a city planet I can't remember the name of you needed to derail yourself at a specific point on a grind rail about midway through the level and phase through some solid looking geometry which gave way to a corridor which contains reskinned variants of pre-existing early game and current level enemies that only appear in that area of the game. And even when you do manage to clear them out the entrance to the museum only appears within a specific 2 or 3 minute window so you'll need to set your system time to account for the amount of time it takes to reach the entrance from the starting area when the level loads.

Or you could get every skill point in the game. Then you can access it by pressing a button.

bda15f  No.15316496

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


read them and weep, not a hack, but not accessable through normal means.

6b5c50  No.15316515

File: f57703b7f46a04b⋯.jpg (160.75 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, e1f35f469178e3c361dccf6ea1….jpg)

On the GameCube port of Sonic Adventure DX, you can access a debug menu by running out of lives on the first Chaos fight as Sonic by pressing the Z button on a specific frame. There is an option here to remove all gloves/shoes from character modles, revealing blocky feet and hands. This also incidentally removes Amy's dress, but there's nothing underneath, so she runs around like Ray-Man with no torso.

dcd5be  No.15316558


The cheat codes for Goldeneye. In its case it was more how long it took for the cheats to become known. The game had been for something like 5 years before it was all released and by that time you think everyone knew everything about it already.

9fdf76  No.15316666


was this the unofficial bradygames guide with the error-riddled pokedex in the back and the shit brown cover?

4a6629  No.15316715

File: 38a7f4185d28dcc⋯.png (2.85 MB, 1920x960, 2:1, oneoftheseloveinterestopti….png)

If you enter a button code (the code itself varies by port) during the intro at the right time, on the screen where you select the love interest you get a 6th hidden option of a male character (like all the love interests he has a role in the story if not-selected and can be recruited as a "normal" character).


>If i'm not mistaken, there was a soccer game on Snes where you could insert some code to turn the arbiter into a dog.


4a6629  No.15316749

Just got this as a random page on Cutting Room Floor


>The proper way to enable debug mode was finally discovered after digging through the game's code for a few hours, and it's a real doozy - it requires the U.S. cart, a Famicom, and a Family Basic keyboard!

000000  No.15317125


That is it.



7121f9  No.15317152


>Normal means

>Kid link with bow

>No Navi hint until it's dead

c68e20  No.15317185


What game?

70df7a  No.15317186


I was how mirrors worked, thanks to additions to dx11 and opengl mirrors can actually work with ray casting these days.

a99ea6  No.15317413


I remember that while stuff would still mess up, the game was pretty playable as long as you left a slot in your party open. Sending it to the box would completely fuck everything but as long as it stayed in your party stuff worked.



The first gen pokemon games have no buffer overflow protection meaning you can literally code the game using itself. Not pictured is the computer inputting thousands of directions and button presses a second to create the code needed for all that shit.

294571  No.15317453

File: ae5c3220c67b42b⋯.png (19.32 KB, 126x126, 1:1, laughing tears.png)


>Original Metroid on NES

>use passcode:


>you start with Ridley dead and kraid alive

>but the game has about 400 years logged into it's time table

>you can't leave the starting screen as it won't scroll

>this bricks the NES cart

>this would even brick a WiiU

294571  No.15317471

File: c5c5d456e55bb5b⋯.gif (701.13 KB, 400x320, 5:4, oh right the murders.gif)


>start a new game

>"Don't worry, you'll get to keep all your pokemon!"

I feel sorry for the kids who listened to that shit.

4898cc  No.15317528

File: 193555e9970b77f⋯.png (45.65 KB, 506x434, 253:217, SM_-_SpaceTime_Beam_that's….png)

>yeah man, if you do it right you can equip the plasma and spazer beams at the same time to get a super beam that's so powerful it crashes the game

>but if you shoot it while jumping backwards through a door it'll reset all the bosses and powerups instead while letting you keep everything you already found

78759f  No.15317571

File: a89c43089976620⋯.jpg (8.08 KB, 240x208, 15:13, 2Kiqa.jpg)


I actually found mew under that bus. You have to save right before doing it and take out the batteries in your gameboy without turning off the gameboy beforehand though. Then when you restart you can move it with strength and fight him. He's hard as fuck to catch though. And be sure to bring a low level since he's just level 1.

He's not really that fun to use though, especially when the novelty wears off.

cfb277  No.15317939


I might try to find my old copy and recreate this. shame fable is pretty much dead and we'll never learn more of the lore other than the disjointed shit presented in the three games.

9e023d  No.15317976


Quite a few games that have hard crashes by means of overflow can do something of the sort, if garbage ends up in save data. You'll end up crashing when the game tries to parse the save file for the file selection screen, and you don't get far enough to delete said save file. If you have some other means of getting rid of the save, like removing the battery, you'll be fine.

You don't really see wholesale irreversible destruction that often, though. Aside from the rare "oopsie, in specific circumstances our uninstaller deleted a little more than it should have" on computers and overflows in very early floppy-based games that allowed writing saves to the same disk, I can't think of anything.

c4a40a  No.15317995

In the original release of FF2 you can turn any enemy in the game into a frog by having your intelligence score low enough to underflow. This works on the last boss too.

5b3e73  No.15318010


That would be a 32 bit integer

bda15f  No.15318064

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Yeah, dude, you go back on the SS Anne's map, surf into the water, go to the right, push the truck out of the way, and there is a mew is under the truck.

23:55 in embed.

35e5f8  No.15318178

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It gets even more ridiculous: the type, level and movesets of the encounters on the Cinnabar coast depends on your name. If you have certain characters as the 3rd, 5th or 7th letter in your name, you can get the regular L-shaped missingno, the 'M glitch pokemon that multiplies your 6th item slot and evolves into Kangaskhan once it gains a level, the Aerodactyl fossil missingno, the Kabutops fossil missingno, or a Pokemon Tower ghost missingno. You can also encounter glitch trainers with glitch pokemon of their own. Also the sprite data for 'M and L missingno is so large or badly null terminated that it corrupts your Hall of Fame, your character portrait data, and the battle UI.

And then there's the 8F glitch item that lets you write map coordinates as data into memory, save it into your save file, and then execute it as arbitrary code. Imagine if they printed this shit in the hints section of a games magazine back in 1999.

55eea6  No.15318222


You can also just use the 'broken' teleporter on top of the fountain between 12 am and 2 am, which teleports you to the bit of level geometry you're talking about.

e4911c  No.15318225

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Already posted it here >>15314683 .

So instead, I'll share another from ZZAZZ, his latest A button challenge for Pokemon Blue. He just has to manipulate hardware timing to prevent a crash and repeatedly run a map script to change the exit in Viridian Forest to the Hall of Fame. Best part though, is that he needs the in game timer to reach a specific value range which starts at 41 hours, so he needs to wait for 41 hours before doing that script.

c1b235  No.15318312



It's a TAS where he starts up the arbitrary code glitch and uses it to write in the rest of the video.

Here's his detailed explanation


ba1f04  No.15318326


>encounter gary oak on cinnabar island

>team of six, leads with a level 200 something

>hit it

>hp barely moves

>hit it again

>hp rapidly depletes

>the bar is empty

>it wraps around the entire screen in both axes

>the lowest row empties halfway

>game freezes

GOOD 🔥💨 SHIT 👏💯😂😂😂

4a6629  No.15319914


>6 character names shown

>most fairly unique

>didn't even bother searching for them

4a6629  No.15320638


Does Twilight Hack count? It doesn't do it in game, but it is an exploit based on making commands escape the name input boundaries it expects.

9bd74d  No.15321049


Off-topic but that picture is hideous uncropped. Fuck you for posting it and tempting me.

a6e81a  No.15325421

File: 386f48dade2517b⋯.jpg (188.66 KB, 1200x532, 300:133, female_managers.jpg)


>aside from the rare "oopsie, in specific circumstances our uninstaller deleted a little more than it should have" on computers and overflows in very early floppy-based games that allowed writing saves to the same disk, I can't think of anything.

Not video games specifically, but your post reminded me of this story about Toy Story 2's development. Halfway into making the movie, somebody ran '/bin/rm -r -f *' on the hard drive where the movie's source files were saved, and when they went to restore from backup it turned out their backup system had been failing for over a month (evidently their backup drive ran out of space as the movie got larger and nobody noticed). Colossal fuckups like this are equal parts hilarious and terrifying to hear about.


5809be  No.15327764


>7:27 vid

could have started at 4:20

5809be  No.15328017


I bet spergs who watch this shit still argue the semantics of 'a press'

5809be  No.15328167


This nigger needs a better hobby.

5809be  No.15328238


>but not accessable through normal means

Get yer eyes tested blindanon

5809be  No.15328276



I like how Dr Oak gets all the blame and some shitty writer making stuff up gets away with being the villain.

5809be  No.15328345


>glitches that physically destroy the cart/disk/operating system

Can you imagine the amount of anal oedema it would cause if a modern title did this?


So it was deliberate, seems like an insane idea to actually implement, funny only for people who hear about it rather than fall victim I suppose.

c4a40a  No.15328420


There are modern titles that do that.

dc9f4b  No.15328488

File: 55d2cfa0d99788f⋯.png (27.09 KB, 1099x987, 157:141, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9ba541e26532590⋯.png (45.21 KB, 1091x987, 1091:987, ClipboardImage.png)



The guy literally went through the code till he found a way to trigger it.

You're essentially glitching the Gary fight to happen again with the variable for him filled which causes the game to pause as a fail safe and then after leaving the pause screen replaces it with a wild Pokemon who's special stat equals the last encountered which for mew can be the first trainer in the cerulean gym, a youngster past nugget bridge or even more randomly a gambler with slowpoke past lavender town.


It's pretty easy, I recently did it on a rom hack of Red which adds the gen 2 pallets and have done it in both Yellow and Red on cart.

To do it as soon as possible you catch Abra but if you leave the needed trainers you can do it when you get fly too.

Save before trying.

Step 1: Walk in a trainers line of sight while mashing pause till you pause where you should be spotted.

Step 2: use teleport / fly to go to cerulean city, you'll get the ! as if a battle begins but till then will leave.

Step 3: Pause should stop working now

Step 4: fight either, Gambler past lavender town or youngster past nugget bridge, in yellow you have to instead fight a trainer in the gym and do grown 4-5 times I can't remember the exacts.

Step 5: Pause works now fly/ teleport again

step 6: walk on the bridge till the game randomly pauses

When you un pause you fight a level 7 mew

dc9f4b  No.15328490




8b3869  No.15328685



fa89c4  No.15328737

File: 8e5fcf5f49cf67a⋯.jpg (623.86 KB, 2506x3260, 1253:1630, img001.jpg)


Objectively best RBY strategy guide coming through.

5809be  No.15328750


Do tell, there must be vast salt mines I have yet to explore.

2265e2  No.15328754


That's the joke. Especially since Oak should come off as an authority figure whose advise is to be trusted, yet thanks to game mechanics, doesn't know the name of the kid in one of the four houses in the entire town for years on end, let alone remember what his own grandson's name is. Real question is if the guidebook writer/translator intentionally made shit up, or was given bad information to work with.

0e1fae  No.15328772


My absolute nigger. This thing even tells you how to get Missingno.

c447b4  No.15328831

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dark Souls 2 Pick Ax.

c447b4  No.15328853

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Batman Arkham Asylum Secret Room In Warden's Office

42ee04  No.15328882

File: f31260ec136d9f6⋯.jpg (174.65 KB, 737x570, 737:570, 20180614_145407.jpg)


I believe NISA's localization of Witch and the Hundred Knight reliably bricked PS3s when you got to a certain part of the game. The original jap release was fine, NISA is really just that incompetent.

25d75e  No.15328935


The whole crux of it after pausing and flying away was that you had to fight a pokemon with a specific SPECIAL stat, I think it was 21, or 17. >>15305475 is right to remember it that way


Isn't the tornado/crystal part of the game, not a glitch?

294571  No.15328961

File: 35e3309664748d6⋯.png (13.24 KB, 585x179, 585:179, Cranky Kong replies.png)

File: 9dd041d46873158⋯.jpg (44.47 KB, 500x223, 500:223, Cranky Kong tip.jpg)

294571  No.15328975


it actually depended on your cart. I could run into missingno (blue) but my brother could only run into M (red)

f854cc  No.15329023


I would listen to Cranky complain about things all day.

5011a1  No.15329146


>So it was deliberate, seems like an insane idea to actually implement, funny only for people who hear about it rather than fall victim I suppose.

Actually, the way passwords in old NES games work is actually having the game execute code to load a certain game state. ENGAGE RIDLEY MOTHER FUCKER just happens to load a weird state, you can actually load lots of weird glitchy states with these "passwords".

2265e2  No.15329234

File: 2e178ab4c852b09⋯.png (1.59 MB, 3584x2040, 448:255, 1423416359046-3.png)



I don't know if it outright bricked them, but I know it had a habit of apparently kicking the player back to the XMB, which I've heard could cause system damage, but effectively left the game borked out here, and NISA did nothing to fix it in that incarnation (I have to wonder if they at least avoided that for the PS4 version, but it wouldn't shock me if they created all new bugs). Disgaea D2's western release though could apparently destroy PS3s via casting fire spells melting them, or something.

NISA isn't just incompetent, they're lazy and almost willfully bad. In a case like NISA handling their own parent company's games, I'd think it would be easy enough to send the English scripts (of suspect "translation" quality) to the Japanese branch and let them handle the insertion and debugging since they've actually worked with the code in development, but no.

fa89c4  No.15329296

File: d39284efc3bc109⋯.jpg (951.04 KB, 2498x3268, 1249:1634, img025.jpg)


It also included the best analysis of Farfetch'd in any Pokemon game ever,

15aa68  No.15329975


I'm surprised no one has ever tried suing NISA for this, either the consumers or the original devs. Then again, I'm pretty sure Nips don't give a flying fuck about the state of their games in the west. They just want to sell the license off to someone.

Polite sage for offtopic.

16e8d2  No.15330136


>Versus Books

Lived and died with quality.

c4a40a  No.15330143


Have you ever looked into how much of a shitshow console mods for Fallout 4 was?

18393c  No.15330507


Sure it was a pain in the ass, but at least they thoroughly tested everything. Sony used to require 48+ hour torture tests of idling ingame or in the pause menu, after which the game was expected to continue working without bugs. Now almost every title needs a day 1 patch.

18393c  No.15330628


I read two stories in this vein about Crash Bandicoot. The first problem they had was a hardware issue that caused saving the game to corrupt the memory card, but it would only happen when fiddling with the controller during a memory card write. It turned out that the interference between controller inputs, the memory card controller timer, and an overclocked cpu interrupt timer they used to schedule physics calculations was interfering on the bus and sending corrupt data to the memory card. The solution was to lower the interrupt timer back to normal during save operations. Ever wonder why the framerate slows and the music skips as you save the game? Blame quantum mechanics.

The other (potential) physical damage issue was actually from normal operation: when Andy Gavin and his team pitched their prototype to an American Sony rep, who then asked how the level was being read from the disc. By seeking and streaming it into memory as the player progresses. And how many seek operations would that be over the course of the whole game? After some back-of-the-envelope calculations they produced a number of 40,000, to which the rep replied that the CD drive was only officially rated for 20,000… but the japanese executives didn't really have to know about that.

673139  No.15330957

File: e3e7736456ee708⋯.jpg (27.11 KB, 480x360, 4:3, How to commit suicide in S….jpg)

File: 9607b66962e53fb⋯.gif (785.68 KB, 185x185, 1:1, Mario's Brutal death.gif)


All of Super Mario 64 and SMW combined

646451  No.15331288



>not Marty the Thwomp's ending


>I was how mirrors worked


many games along the HL2 era put a second camera behind the mirror and streamed it's output to the mirror texture.

f5e781  No.15331498

File: 660f5100b82f929⋯.mp4 (6.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, SomehowExplodes.mp4)

>play Jade Empire

>there is a gambling minigame

>guy who runs it is called Gambler Daoshen

>you can savescum right before each match to ensure constant victories

>but Daoshen explodes if you beat him 20 times in a row

3a7447  No.15331876

>You can trigger a credits warp in Magi Nation using a Pokemon catridge

7121f9  No.15331894


What the fuck is this bullshit? Nobody in their right mind would call this an Easter egg. There's less than a millionbillionth of a chance of it occurring which means they put it in just spite cheaters. I'm sorry but if I buy the game and I own it I can play it however I want to. How dare you tell me I can't cheat and I have to play it your way

dc4cfe  No.15331900

File: b985c558cd6ec02⋯.jpg (164.52 KB, 1088x962, 544:481, CGem3Vb (1).jpg)

Not glitch per se but as a far as sounding like bullshit goes

>game built solely on sex appeal and sex appeal alone

>few years down the line start censoring sexy stuff because feminism

>get shit on decide to not double down

>it's too late

>your game is dead

>your next project filled with SJW garbage almost dies in flames

935f07  No.15335827

File: dadbe345d33c090⋯.png (367.09 KB, 900x1091, 900:1091, Pannenkoek pencil collecti….png)


I'm looking for more info on this and can't find anything. And Sonic autists are usually great at documenting things like this. I'm only getting debug modes for 2D games and info on a DX prototype.


The Insomniac Museum is actually in most of the games, and also a similar thing called The Treehouse is in Secret Agent Clank. They all have different ways to access them, but generally, if there's a clocktower in the level, it's probably actually showing the real time (which most people wouldn't notice anyway) and is a clue that you need to go to a certain place at a certain time. Or just get all the Skill Points. Insomniac stopped putting the Museum after character designer and eternally recurring easter egg Dan died, but in Into the Nexus, the last game before the reboot, the last level is an actual museum, and a slightly hidden room at the end of the level has a giant statue of Dan, with actual narration from the museum guide commemorating him. It was very touching. Then in the reboot the secret museum is back but it's shit and has practically nothing to interact with and no explanations for the stuff inside, which was the entire fun of the old ones.


He has one. Mechanical pencils.


Putting in a gameplay mechanic to make infinite money harder to get is nothing to get upset about. You might as well get mad that you can't just zip around the entire game in debug mode without putting in a code. I get being mad if the devs are doing some online bullshit to try to stop you from using a gameshark or whatever, but this is just complaining that they found a counter to an exploit.

fe80e8  No.15336097

File: ee004e64709f11a⋯.png (355.3 KB, 647x866, 647:866, 1515582990.png)


>people think Dragon Kazooie was a myth

What the fuck? I always thought you had to turn Kazooie into a dragon for 100% completeion how retarded do you have to be not to try everything in Banjo Tooie?

b86790  No.15336754


oh god i did the same

on the bright side i dont want to masterbate anymore

d482a9  No.15337573


this is your fault

28db05  No.15337645


Magi-Nation was full of secrets that sounded like bullshit, particularly the Orathan Flyer and some of the Hyren locations. Ormagon wins points for being a secret trading chain that spans the entire game, but it's hinted at a bit too much to really fit the thread.

5f1e35  No.15337717

File: cb76a2f927c3a7e⋯.png (311.49 KB, 525x394, 525:394, QPUs.png)


An A press is an A press! You can't just call it a half!

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