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File: b1b17f6d4d0c636⋯.jpg (4.81 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, get rid of the old.jpg)

File: 51906e7b05c42d5⋯.png (63.32 KB, 1289x640, 1289:640, nintendo play retro online….png)

File: b12e14bee01e09c⋯.png (491.68 KB, 1164x649, 1164:649, stop having backlogs goyim.png)

43bd0b  No.15374371


The gaming industry fags hate that you have backlogs upon backlogs of games and are making efforts to fade it out entirely in top tier kikery.

>How does this affect me/you/others

First pic shows that gamestop is fully on board and are trying to encourage ignorant people to get rid of physical copies of their old games.


Because They can't resell those same games to you through an online subscription program or digitally when you already have physical copies and the means to play them

>But nintendo is still selling physical copies

Yes, however they are also using "rewarding" consumers who purchase online with a rip-off of an incentive called "nintendo coins" for every purchase made. There is still way too much of a chance of an outrage and backlash from outright removing all and future copies of games to come. So they along with other companies are moving forward to slowly fade out the existence of physical copies. And with digital copies, gamers will often have to keep deleting older games to purchase and play any of the newer games. See beginning of how the sinister cycle is intended to work? Out with the old, go shell out for day 1 dlc and more with the new titles.

And now you also see why nintendo is now "suddenly" deciding now of all times to start going on a purge of sites with all kinds of roms and emulators

5172ed  No.15374389

File: c55fd387305ff87⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 668.94 KB, 928x2666, 464:1333, c55fd387305ff870a6689b1944….jpg)

Good and correct post, nothing wrong here

Have bump

bc71e7  No.15374394

I buy physical whenever I can

e43a2e  No.15374395


I think you're right. Every game on our backlogs is an unsold $60 game in their eyes. Stupid thing about it is if they made games worth buying or set up a way to purchase their older titles cheaply they could easy monetize it.

But noooooo.

7f2fea  No.15374397

Nothing about this is new. Maybe instead of wording your post to provoke a fearful and angry response, you could point to where to find retro games and how to help archive them.

162111  No.15374439

This is nothing new. Look at all the faggots even on here who proudly scream "PC Master Race!" even though that was the first platform to start digital only material, and even managed to completely remove physical copies. At least some of these people are pirating and not dumb enough to pay money for digital license rentals, but look at how many here talk about how they use Steam.

Remember, never pay any money for any game that isn't complete and on disc. This goes for games with DLC as well. If they aren't willing to sell the game complete, then you shouldn't be willing to buy it. And "free" DLC is nearly as bad, since you still don't own it, and it can be removed from the servers and disappeared whenever they like.

It will only get worse faster if you don't demand full games that you can actually own, and call out people dumb enough to pay for digital license rentals.

The thing is, I will pay for physical copies of a good game, so long as the price is somewhat reasonable, because I want to vote with my wallet. But I still need to actually get to own something in that transaction, or I won't do it. I'm not going to pay for something I don't get to own forever.

PS: this goes double for games with online content, especially online focus, or god forbid, online only. They'll straight up cease to exist if nobody but you is playing, or if they just decide to stop running the servers. So make this known and stop supporting games like this.

2d1e94  No.15374440


They have been doing jewish trade-in practices for a long time, and they are almost on their way out. The bigger threat is the digital crap and streaming crap that is trying to become the new standard. Especially that of shit like (((origin))) and "play the game anywhere!" cloud-related shit.

ceb598  No.15374443

Aren't Gamestop teetering on bankruptcy?

2fc82a  No.15374448


Don't fucking put it all on OP, this isn't as common knowledge as you think it is. Instead of popping in this thread to shit on it why don't you contribute you fucking faggot?


Yep, this is their last gasp of air before their cancerous lungs collapse.

9b04db  No.15374455


There's nothing wrong with digital. The problem is DRM.

efbec9  No.15374467


Just wait until your OS is a service and you're not allowed to do anything outside of ToS. Emulators and physical retail games included.

162111  No.15374470


>there's nothing wrong with paying real money for renting licenses to digital games. Licenses which can and have been revoked at any time.

1852d5  No.15374472


What the fuck is this

358384  No.15374474


>this isn't as common knowledge as you think it is

You lost?You're not posting this on faceberg or even twatter,posting this over here you're just preaching to the choir

the same 10 choirfuccbois might i add

9b04db  No.15374482


Are you fucking retarded?


And you don't think consoles would go that route?

27bef4  No.15374484



jesus fucking christ lad

get a hold of yourself

3f9984  No.15374486

>first pic

They're gonna resell that shit at ridiculous prices after forcing scarcity

2cd137  No.15374487

File: 07c11961289b6f9⋯.png (13.1 KB, 351x293, 351:293, 1346178585944.png)

>remove the means to acquire a product you can't sell without removing these same means of acquisition





561b5a  No.15374490

Didn't places like kikestop actively started destroying physical copies of games as soon as the games were considered to be "too old?"

2cd137  No.15374492


Yes. I think they're already destroying 7th gen console games.

3f9984  No.15374494


Wouldn't be a surprise. Blockbuster would have their employees destroy VHS after they were no longer renting them before throwing them away.

162111  No.15374509


>Are you fucking retarded?

Yes. Good argument. I'm retarded for wanting to actually own the things I pay for.


This sounds believable, but then where did the used section from Blockbuster come from? I always just assumed it was things that they stopped renting for some reason.

a585fb  No.15374513

File: 88d60d753925f77⋯.gif (184.92 KB, 600x731, 600:731, 0b5.gif)


If companies only listened to my demands then ill buy their newfangled mess of a game. IS THAT FUCKING HARD TO DO?




561b5a  No.15374515


Shame too, scalpers wouldn't have such a tight grip on older games if they didn't needlessly destroy physical copies of games. I don't understand the logic of destroying a perfectly good product which loses them money in the long run. If its to drive up prices of these older then the logic is still retarded as a scalper will give a slightly better price and you don't have to pay taxes. Just look at the Xenoblade fiasco, even though new copies were made and priced as though they were older copies they hardly sold at all.

9b04db  No.15374520


If a digital purchase has no DRM, then you own it. You're not required to phone home over the internet, and you can make as money copies as you want on to other devices.

a585fb  No.15374532

9a04cf  No.15374535

Preservation is paramount. Current gen is lost to socjus and numedia. We let them erase history and retell it in their image then all is lost.

162111  No.15374545


What do you own, though? A license to reproduce the data so long as its only for your own use? The only difference between a legitimately bought game from GOG and a pirated one is the fact that your account says you bought it. Really all you're getting there is peace of mind. Give me the actual disc or cart I can store, preferably with a case and manual. Then I'll buy it. To do otherwise, all you're doing is really donating to the rights holders, most of the time not even the actual devs. You'd be better off pirating and donating directly to the devs.

efbec9  No.15374568


Consoles already ARE on that route. Why do you think Nintendo bricks your systems when it detects unauthorized software with updates?

6ffac3  No.15374573


they came too late to the party, i have several HDDs full of complete romsets/catalogues from first to sixth gen (plus vita, wii, wii u and 3ds) and i own more or less every single ps3/360/ps4 game i'm interested in, they can't do anything to make me purge my backlog short of personally coming to my house, shooting me in the head, erasing all my stuff and stealing my videogames

and not to be a fag but this retro purge thing already happened in my country, in 2013 vidya stores and pawnshops were putting up announcements claiming they would buy your old "gamer" things for a fair price, normalfags came in droves to sell their old ps2/gamecube/xbox games and consoles for a pittance and then the stores sold all that shit for literal pennies, i bought several xboxes for 10 bucks each and rare games that were at least $40 on ebay i got for 5 bucks or less, most notably god hand, okami, panzer dragoon orta and paper mario TTYD

d75bda  No.15374585

Be sure to back up those disc based games. Those early CDs are especially prone to failure.

d9452d  No.15374589


That make me think we are entering some dark ages, that sjw modus operandi remembers me of religious ways.

Eventually the dark will come but one day the fire will burn again and we will have renascence and Iluminism.

Its shitty we live in the end of an era.

141613  No.15374591


Its called swatting.

efbec9  No.15374599

So are companies demanding all old used software to be destroyed by resellers or suffer with legal threats?

0099dc  No.15374600


>trade the old. play the new.

Ahaha you can't make this shit up. Go fuck yourself.

9a04cf  No.15374613


Yeah its called the fall of rome.

Or the rat city experiment depending on perspective.

ba4cff  No.15374623



c3ada8  No.15374624


More like: Trade the old. Pay the Jew.

a3767e  No.15374631


>(1) and done trying to hide from simple facts

9a04cf  No.15374634



0099dc  No.15374636


>this guy again


200a43  No.15374641

Doesn't really matter at this point. My backlog has enough games on it to last me a lifetime.

65dcb3  No.15374642


Just burn the installer to a disk then, who cares?

ba4cff  No.15374643


And you're clearly jumping IDs.

162111  No.15374646


Might as well pirate and donate directly to the devs then.

ac6199  No.15374649


You again? So how many shekels do you get paid per post?

ba4cff  No.15374656



Just rember that golden ages are dark underneath and dark ages are golden underneath.

4ae9fd  No.15374660


I'm sure he gets quite a bit with how many he baits into replying to him. Always remember to ignore, report, and move on.

If he was serious he'd follow his own word

a51b38  No.15374668

File: 8ea2bc19e3f2792⋯.png (117.06 KB, 448x539, 64:77, good goy.png)


>Implying it's only Nintendo

>Implying it's not the ESA in general taking action with a new strategy against retro games


bc9c19  No.15374691


At least try to make it seem like you're not ID-hopping

ba4cff  No.15374695


>Millions of games from SNES, N64, PSX, PS2, Dreamcast and beyond are now permanently lost to history.

>millions of games

You're kind of retarded aren't you?

b45d6c  No.15374697


>If a digital purchase has no DRM, then you own it. You're not required to phone home over the internet, and you can make as money copies as you want on to other devices.


>What do you own, though? A license to reproduce the data so long as its only for your own use? The only difference between a legitimately bought game from GOG and a pirated one is the fact that your account says you bought it. Really all you're getting there is peace of mind. Give me the actual disc or cart I can store, preferably with a case and manual. Then I'll buy it. To do otherwise, all you're doing is really donating to the rights holders, most of the time not even the actual devs. You'd be better off pirating and donating directly to the devs.

Exactly, like for the music industry, if you give me an original disc with its booklet and artwork i'll buy it, but a digital file!?

At that point i'll just download the whole album for free, what's the fucking difference!?

Same for VG

efbec9  No.15374701

I don't think the future is purely going to be stream everything from the cloud unless there's a legal precedent that sets it. Until that precedent is set then I will keep archives of all software I own for preservation and curation. If the law says I must destroy all software for unsupported hardware and operating systems for my software then we will be in a truly dark age. Because this means I have to destroy my Nintendo cartridges by law. I'm just one Burger with one voice, one body, and one vote. I'll do what I can to keep this decision from happening. If I can't then there will be a civil war.

If Micro$oft pulls a Windows 10 and forces my version of Windows to update to Pascal, aka the "Windows as a service OS", then I'm going exclusively linux.


Have you taken the brown pill yet matey? Clearly you need something to go with that black pill of yours.

7afb8d  No.15374722


This post is fucking retarded. The only news sites calling Nintendo on their bullshit are PC oriented, because on PC, software is forever. Physical will degrade and break, digital will be archived and available forever. It's why PC players see nothing wrong with emulation, 20 year old software has little value and is meant to be archived and shared. CONSOLES are the ones who want to resell the same game over and over. PC archives and distributes.

5c9760  No.15374726

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I will never ever get rid of my childhood consoles. You dumb faggots who traded them in to upgrade to a new gamecube or PS2 or whatever made a grave mistake and now you get to lie in that bed.

ba4cff  No.15374732


I still need to repair my SNES.

880a45  No.15374734

>gamestop is taking advantage of retro games

So why aren't you taking advantage of gamestop? Do you know how easy it is to get cheap 1:1 accurate (or even not so accurate) labels, trade in a handful of games and ripoff gamestop for tons of free cash? Do you know how cheap countless copies of madden, cheapo DS games, and tons of other shit is you can just get tons of store credit back with and get brand new games for the cost of $4-8 to yourself?

When did you all become such whiny, bitchy women that you can't take advantage of a simple opportunity and instead let yourselves get fucked over like it's nothing? Either way I'm gonna be getting a copy of Yakuza Kiwami 2, Monster Boy, a Nintendo Switch, Gal Metal, and whatever the fuck I want and it's gonna cost me less than dinner at a sit-in restaurant.

162111  No.15374743


I never talked shit about piracy. I said it was more logical than anything other than getting a physical copy. Emulation is great. But I still want my physical copies. PCucks letting (((Steam))) and the rest that cater to their audience promote digital only purchases, and phase out physical purchases entirely, is the absolute height of cuckoldry though. You let them fuck you in the ass and then you're proud of it.


I still feel bad about destroying or damaging even shitty games. Someone out there might like them. It feels similar to burning or defacing books. I might not like the book but it still doesn't feel right. They should be preserved for historical purposes.

faaf44  No.15374761


Why not just use an emulator?

55a242  No.15374765

File: a0b6b9471da3b1d⋯.jpg (56.91 KB, 720x710, 72:71, 1503494288324.jpg)

You're not wrong but I don't think there's much of a conspiracy at work.

Gamestop has always tried to jew people out of their used games and consoles.

Selling digital copies rather than physical has always been a net-profit for companies because it 1. cuts down production cost and 2. removes the possibility of reselling games second hand.

Nintendo are known to be mega jews that constantly swing around their big dick C&D's with threats of killing your mum if you don't comply.

It's just a perfect storm of bad practices meant slightly boost the bottom line while giving no shits and hurting the consumer.

5c9760  No.15374766

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7afb8d  No.15374768


Why do you think Steam controls your library? Steam Works is effortless to break, all steam games are easily available for download from various sites. Digital has made archiving even easier because you don't have to ROM dump and deal with any physical DRM.

The danger is online only games and games with invasive bullshit drm like denuvo. Other then that, steam has made archiving games easier then ever.

9b573c  No.15374780


because im not a lying nigger.

859c98  No.15374787

File: 7d82cb76428c56d⋯.jpg (41.79 KB, 499x371, 499:371, ef3167d9d904f3bad300831f9e….jpg)


Show us your receipt when you get it, I want in.

162111  No.15374794


Okay so you're pirating. Great. I'm not going to talk shit about that. All I was saying was to not pay for digital licenses.

>physical DRM

specialized hardware is not physical DRM. Argue that modern consoles are shit, I won't disagree, but there used to be a point to specialized hardware.

ad3e64  No.15374797


>Hating PC for digital distribution

>Ignoring that it's the only platform you can pirate and emulate on

83ecf4  No.15374803

Nothing to worry about they statt'ed deplatforming wrong thinkers and seeing how the common regressive treat their costumer

> muh don't buy it.

It will only be a matter of time until they start banning account full of game from normalfags, heck EA just did that to someone by error a few more gaf like that and people might impose physical copy.

94994e  No.15374804


>gamestop is fully on board and are trying to encourage ignorant people to get rid of physical copies of their old games

>because [online retailers] can't resell those same games to you through an online subscription program or digitally when you already have physical copies and the means to play them

So, let me get this straight: GameStop is trying to take in a lot of physical product because they want to help online retailers sell more digital copies? I don't think you thought this retardation through, because everyone knows that GameStop relies on used product in order to make a profit. They'd be eating into their own bottom line if they decided to start hoarding a fuckton of product that they couldn't turn around and sell. If Nintendo is involved at all, there is likely some kind of collaborative promotional campaign going on that somehow benefits both parties (and usually at the consumer's expense, but that doesn't bear mentioning).

>Nintendo is "rewarding" consumers who purchase online with a rip-off incentive called "Nintendo coins" for every purchase made.

I think you conveniently forgot to mention that consumers can also acquire these reward points by purchasing physical copies, as well using Nintendo's smartphone apps, and possibly other things.

>There is still way too much of a chance of an outrage and backlash from outright removing all future [physical] copies of games to come, so they along with other companies are moving forward to slowly fade out the existence of physical copies.

They don't give a shit. If they wanted to remove physical copies, provided that doing so wouldn't somehow inconvenience their business operations, then they would. The truth is that, while online distribution is the future, we're still not quite at the point where it's common and convenient enough for the average user that it can absolutely replace physical sales. If they got rid of physical copies now, a large pool of revenue would just up and vanish, because a lot of people still rely on their ability to acquire physical copies in order to be able to play. When everyone around the world has easy and affordable access to reliable and fast internet infrastructure, then digital will be poised to phase out physical distribution. Even then, physical distribution may still exist, albeit in some limited capacity, given there is enough incentive for said corporations to cater to those who would prefer it.

>And with digital copies, gamers will often have to keep deleting older games to purchase and play any of the newer games. See beginning of how the sinister cycle is intended to work? Out with the old, go shell out for day 1 dlc and more with the new titles.

Alternatively, you could try getting a larger hard drive. HDDs are pretty affordable these days, and you can buy enough space to house entire libraries of games and across all the previous console generations. It's retarded to think that limited hard drive capacity is even a concern anymore.

Nice bait, 5/10, you made me reply, here's your (you).

fe250f  No.15374813

File: 6cbfe18ebd062f0⋯.jpg (47.42 KB, 673x449, 673:449, 1817938eb1c7418f1a9873ca85….jpg)


Digital is the future, but not in the way you understand it.

Digital without DRM, or the option to remove it, is.

01d81b  No.15374821



>bluepilled (1) and done cuckstains trying to rationalize the fuck out of the inevitable

880a45  No.15374822


niggers steal, whites take advantage of a system built by jews. Jews expect their untrained lackeys to see through everything and cover the costs of everything they don't.


nigger I've done it tons of times. Just look up what retro games give a good return on gamestops site, don't bring in too many, maybe 3 - 5 games in the 20-25 credit range, trade them in, get a card or get a few games then and there.

4bc7e0  No.15374829

File: af6dbb60019977d⋯.gif (6.36 KB, 256x256, 1:1, tux-animated.gif)


>Just wait until your OS is a service and you're not allowed to do anything outside of ToS.

Excuse me, sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Linux?

fe250f  No.15374838


You are also a (1), buddy.

The only reason so many PC games are easily available to us (and console games by extension) is thanks to digital preservation.

Physical is good for a first release, but it is not a permanent solution and games are fragile as fuck anyway.

f2ef7c  No.15374845

File: 940ef8a5e51fe24⋯.png (9.9 KB, 190x190, 1:1, 86.png)

>gamestop wants you to throw away the physical copies of all their old games

>pretending not to know about the leaks that they're behind a lot of the $100+ retro games that somehow so rare they're that expensive yet at the same time ALWAYS in stock from some random seller

Also you retarded faggot, they give you the rewards system for physical copies, they just give you points equivalent to what would be a top markdown for a digital copy.

Shit most people I know literally aren't aware mynintendo even exists

7afb8d  No.15374847


Buy digital if you want to support a certain dev team. That's all. If you are concerned about your 'license' being revoked, have a crack as a back up. That way you support who you want and are immune to any license bullshit.

This isn't hard.

880a45  No.15374878


you can pirate and emulate on fucking everything, piracy is for BRs and white niggers and emulation is for plebeians.

8e3204  No.15374888



Kys libshit.

efbec9  No.15374911


See >>15374701

I'm going to buy an SDD first before installing a dual boot. Old PC. Old HDD.


Why not both? Keep repro disks around if you want to play on original hardware for when you still have it. Digital will last as long as the curators can pass it around.

Which opens another can of worms about Silicon Valley controlling the internet as we know it. If and when they change their policies. So we need an alternative to the internet for sharing abandonware. But that's another topic for another thread.

9cdbb2  No.15374927

File: 1a29abbadbc9f71⋯.jpg (87.54 KB, 953x960, 953:960, brain_damage.jpg)

All this paranoia, let me spell it out for you.

Gamestop wants people to trade in old games for $10 so they can sell them to collectors for $100 this is nothing more than a company making money from idiots.

Nintendo is trying to cash in on nostalgia and at the same time by reselling old games they can legally claim ROM sites are costing them money and sue them, as we all know Nintendo loves to sue.

They also want people to move away from physical copies because physical copies:

1) Cost money to produce

2) Are sold through retailers that take a cut

If you have a basic understand of business you can see why they are doing these things.

f2ef7c  No.15374936


Hang where you stand secondary.

fe250f  No.15374940


I'm not saying you should destroy the original physical software or hardware.

In fact, I'd prefer to use them whenever possible.

But the reality is that the availability of such items is limited, games are rarely if ever reprinted and console hardware is in a constant state of decay.

Unless someone figures out how to 3D print PS2s and game discs, a digital solution is your best bet at preservation.

691c4e  No.15374974

If the industry hates backlogs, why is Nintendo trying to sell the same "classic, must-play" games every other year?

They don't hate backlogs; they just like making money. See >>15374927.

cbbfc2  No.15375014


>I don't understand the logic of destroying a perfectly good product which loses them money in the long run. If its to drive up prices of these older then the logic is still retarded as a scalper will give a slightly better price and you don't have to pay taxes.

Far as I've heard it's simply avoidance on paying taxes. Destroyed merchandise being able to be written off compared to still being unsold and usable, or something.


They do once they officially can't stock them anymore, though usually they'll try some sales before that to get some profit on them. But usually prior to that they'll start trashing cases and manuals because those are "extraneous" and "unnecessary", and they want to save shelf space. Sadly, there's plenty of people into vidya that don't care about anything but the cart/game, and have binders full of disc only copies (Nintendo also not helping matters with those "travel" cases for DS and 3DS games; more incentive for people to trash the rest). That said, with Gamestop having picked older systems back up, if only for warehouse stocking (not like they'll sell those in the brick and mortar stores), I'm not sure what they'll be doing at this point for seventh Gen. Obviously they want to clear the stores out of them (last time I went in one, the Wii section was a very small spinning stand and sharing space with the WiiU, and PS3 was relegated to a stand alone shelf and part of a bargain bin), but if they want to be able to say they stock all the way back through third gen, it would be weird for them to just drop them entirely instead of sending stuff, at least what has demand, to a warehouse. Then again, Gamestop's not especially smart.





I don't even see Orta going for much more than $15 where I live. Still, $5 each isn't bad and all, especially with how Paper Mario and God Hand have shot up.

7793c4  No.15375045


Until you read that Ben Cuckera article the OP didn't post

bda165  No.15375089


You need to work on your reading comprehension.

A DRM-free offline binary installer that can be stored/copied from a personal hard drive, such as those provided by GOG or Humble Bundle, are far better than an equivalent physical installer such as a disc/cartridge. Digital installers are easier to save, transport, and share with others, and they don't have a shelf life like discs do, so long as you back up your HD.

Now, what is troublesome is maintaining compatibility between old installers and modern platforms/OS's. GOG installers have great compatibility on Windows 7, and I assume there's support for Linux, but what about in the future? 20 years from now when I want to install one of my old pirated GOG games, will that thing be compatible at all? If it's too old to play natively, will future PC hardware even be capable of running a Win7 partition, or will it be necessary to play via a VM?

This is why it's so beneficial when old games have their source code made public, because it's far easier to maintain compatibility through open source projects. You can't really do that with discs.

efbec9  No.15375100

File: 469d0d0f6827323⋯.png (231.84 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Sketch100133634.png)


This is true. All hardware is in a state of decay. Including your own hard discs and the discs of servers used to store ROMs online. I'm saying enjoy hardware while you still have it. Study it. Once it's gone. It's gone.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket either. A cold hard drive or solid state drive if preserved in an air-conditioned environment will last longer than one in use obviously. But environmental factors like fires, bombs, SWAT teams can and will ruin these drives in an instant. To me digital preservation is about how and when you can copy software without corrupting the source more than the medium it's stored on.

Also a note about software as a service. For the longest time I wanted to get into animation and was recomended Adobe Flash. When I looked into buying Adobe after liking the jolley roger version we had Adobe went to a subscription only model. So I swore off learning Adobe's software and chose to go open source because of their pants-on-head retarded decision.

5a3d5b  No.15375119


Your hardware will decay over time, even if you're not using it.

dcc578  No.15375121

File: 5a882252e2ec4ea⋯.jpeg (60 KB, 700x465, 140:93, Kike Vault.jpeg)

File: 7ea8585ad60e383⋯.jpg (6.5 KB, 320x167, 320:167, a7c.jpg)

File: 6bc071a186e3658⋯.jpg (115.03 KB, 638x780, 319:390, 0516bcbf557928265832d6f876….jpg)


>There's nothing wrong with digital.

>Having to subscribe to half a dozen companies @ $13 a month just to access their on-demand game libraries for a handful of games

>Games are on a rotation, so you don't even get the full catalog.

>Mostly front-loaded with failed microtransaction carriers

>Lifetime licenses are obliterated with physical copies - you now have to "renew" your licenses at the low price of $2.50 per game every three years to maintain access.

>Music and IP licenses in the games prevent extension of existing licenses - you lose access to games because the kike publisher is too stingy to pay some fag-band more royalties

>Games get regularly butchered to remove licensed content and replace it with generic placeholders.

>Removed licensed content sold back to you as DLC

>Games are regularly butchered to remove all "problematic" content of the [[[current year]]].

>Popular games get put in a "vault" where they are never ever sold or distributed, except for a 6 week window once every 10 years as a means of creating artificial scarcity.

The Future is so Bright, I gotta wear shades!

dcc578  No.15375136

File: ca2b7c9e5100998⋯.mp4 (11.35 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Archival.mp4)


>To me digital preservation is about how and when you can copy software without corrupting the source more than the medium it's stored on.

Archival without distribution is just slow death. Redundancy and use is key to preservation.

f9c71a  No.15375142


They want their customers on the subscription model where all their digital assets are under their control and can't be resold or transferred to newer generations of hardware. That's what the xbone was intended to introduce to the market, their shill Ben Kuchera famously defended it on Penny Arcade's editorial site which caused it to shutdown due to backlash.

The cut a retailer takes and the cost of manufacturing physical media is nothing compared to the used game sales they've been missing out on. It's just a legal form of piracy from their point of view.

9cdbb2  No.15375155


>The cut a retailer takes and the cost of manufacturing physical media is nothing compared to the used game sales they've been missing out on

You really believe that? Here is Rooland the standard retailer cut is ~40-50% and maybe ~20% of people buy second hand.

I don't doubt that they want subscriptions and if they can legally take away your library when your subscription expires they will. I just don't believe that the death a physical is due to this, I think the death of physical is because so long as you legally own software you buy digital is better for both company and customer.

c63339  No.15375202


See >>15375121

Fucking delusional autist.

ceb1bd  No.15375272

File: 02ed4abbb5edb36⋯.jpg (79.88 KB, 272x252, 68:63, neat_shit.jpg)


They know that the modern gaming industry can't hold its ground against older, higher quality vidya. Back everything up and save it anons even if you can only play on an emulator any older games you may have are gold compared to the trash heap turds they push out these days.


Cool post my man

d7329a  No.15375314


We talking repro carts? Because the cheapest I've seen ds games go for is 8$.

162111  No.15375350


>Buy digital if you want to support a certain group of rich suits and their socjus hires who do nothing but hinder the work of the few good dev teams who they don't manage to keep out of the industry entirely.

Fixed that for you.

9b573c  No.15375414


> whites take advantage of a system built by jews.


>implying you are white

cb0dae  No.15375421

Honestly at this point anything that can be made into a digital copy and distributed digitally is just a game of pretending. Companies pretend they are selling you something and you pretend you own it.

There will be a change in mentality regarding digital medium in the future (if it's not happening now) because the digital realm is completely incompatible with the old practices in which people sold and bought stuff that couldn't be instantaneously replicated and shared. If it's me that you ask, I bet the future will be something similar to patron-funded projects and crowdfunding.

What do you think?

880a45  No.15375433


nope, authentic carts, replacement stickers.

162111  No.15375435


I mostly use my Wii U and Vita for emulation. The handheld convenience is nice, and the Wii U can even do good DS emulation with a proper touchscreen and several ways to configure it depending on if or how you want to use the TV or not. The only consoles you can't emulate well on those don't emulate well on Windows either.


>Alternatively, you could try getting a larger hard drive. HDDs are pretty affordable these days, and you can buy enough space to house entire libraries of games and across all the previous console generations. It's retarded to think that limited hard drive capacity is even a concern anymore.

>just buy more hardware, goy

You can keep every old game on a relatively small drive, but new games are becoming ridiculously huge ridiculously fast. Yes, new games also happen to be shit. But that's beside the point.

Cucks on here are acting as if people saying not to pay for non-physical copies are saying that digital backups shouldn't exist. An absurd strawman argument. Nobody is saying that. There is no reason you can't have a physical edition and a digital backup, but modern companies, and cucks like you, are trying to take away our physical copies, which only fucks over the consumer in many ways already listed in this thread.


>they don't have a shelf life like discs do, so long as you back up your HD.

>they don't have a shelf life like discs do

>immediately describes how the drive does indeed have a shelf life and you need to back it up

Always back up everything. But doing away with original physical copies isn't helping at all. What percentage of consumer hard drives from 1985 are still working today? What percentage of Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt cartridges are still working today? I'm willing to bet the NES carts are more reliable. And yes obviously modern drives are more reliable, but it's very disingenuous to imply that physical games simply stop working over time, unless you're talking about a very long time frame and bad conditions. For as much talk as you people give about disc rot, all my PS1 and Sega Saturn games still work. Hardware is another matter, depending on the hardware, but again, that's what backups are for.

You'll say it's absurd to say this, but physical libraries are important. How many digital only games or DLC simply do not exist anymore? For as much talk as there is about tablets, I still can't bring myself to say that we should eliminate physical libraries.


>I think the death of physical is because so long as you legally own software you buy digital is better for both company and customer.

You don't legally own software you think you buy. Steam, PSN, XBL, and whatever half assed "service" Nintendo is trying to make you re-buy the same games on again, all make clear that you are renting a license for access to the game. People can and have had these licenses revoked.

It's also not better for the consumer for you to not be able to share or sell your own property. The fact that you can't really goes to show that it's not your property at all. You don't own it.


SJWs and other scam artists have already taken over crowdfunding as well. I can see your thought process, but these people have already worked their way into positions of authority and made sure that only their friends can make use of them.

283c68  No.15375448


What a fucking mouthbreather. kys.

931b76  No.15375462

File: a29728401a8319f⋯.gif (5.79 MB, 541x304, 541:304, a29728401a8319fb460c1b439a….gif)


you get "coins" for physical purchases too butthead

162111  No.15375524


I'm blackpill as they come, but you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded.

eb6926  No.15375531


>The left and the kikes fucking won

>this faggot again


a4fdc9  No.15375540

>buying physical copies

>paying for digital copies

>not doing what you want 'cause a pirate is free

Dumb plebs smh

162111  No.15375559


Naw. Because people are checking out of society in higher and higher numbers due to what you describe. Soon we'll reach the tipping point, where society will either listen to us or crumble. They're becoming aware of this, calling the people who see the problems "incels" right now. Japan calls them herbivore men, and they realize the problem that is the herbivore men checking out. They're not at the stage of listening to them yet, they're still trying to shame them. But that obviously won't work, it's the shaming that caused the problem in the first place. So either soon they'll listen, or society will crumble, and our kind will take the normalfags down with us. So be it.

ba4cff  No.15375560



Motherfucker are you still going? Give it a fucking rest.

880a45  No.15375623


>Spoofeed and facilitate access to emulators and roms for normalfags to start using them massively.

that's what got them wiped from the internet last time you dumb CIA plant

880a45  No.15375646


What got them wiped out was dumb fuckers like you advertising it everywhere. Go tell those CIA faggots you work for to keep crying over Trump, though.

162111  No.15375648


If they're spread enough they can't be eliminated as easily. If they're not as widely distributed it's easier to get rid of them. More copies are not easier to destroy than fewer copies.

7d378f  No.15375689

File: 9b4f99d1a53da09⋯.jpg (53.99 KB, 580x387, 580:387, mdisc-100592316-large.jpg)

Reminder to archive on M-Discs.

5cea24  No.15375692

File: fca06b786b077d3⋯.png (2.08 MB, 837x955, 837:955, segata_sanshiro_real_by_ma….png)

To the Games Industry: Just try and get me faggot, I'm behind like 7 Everdrives.

f9c71a  No.15375714

File: e9ee6da205315fe⋯.webm (12.48 MB, 720x480, 3:2, output.webm)


That's a pretty shitty rip.


That argument is the one Ben was paid by Microsoft to make back when the xbone was first announced, that with the secondhand market gone game prices would decrease in the long run as publishers and developers would be making the profit that used game stores were making.

>The Xbox One will kill used games and control second-hand sales, and that’s great news (Really!)


You can see that he was pretty pissed about the shit he recieved for defending it in another 'article' of his that tells gamers to shut up and take the abuse

>Used games, Twitter complaints, and Sony: Why the Xbox One “backlash” doesn’t matter


bbf6e2  No.15375739



Is this some sort of 50's idiocracy? sauce?

5cea24  No.15375748


Pretty sure it's The Time Machine, saw it forever ago.

bbf6e2  No.15375754

File: 70a8053b0d05321⋯.jpg (31.12 KB, 650x354, 325:177, what have you done.jpg)



08d7fd  No.15375765

File: a1a9ca0b5842b64⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1036x1590, 518:795, hyrule warriors birth of a….jpg)

I'm gonna get a retropie soon, does anyone have the magnet links for complete sets of NES, SNES, Game Boy, and GBA ROMs handy?

563c6d  No.15375768


>complete sets

hopefully you mean No-Intro sets.

baf416  No.15375789


There's a thread up for it currently, retard. I'm saying OP adds nothing to the topic except a short burst of unfocused outrage

08d7fd  No.15375890


> no intro sets


I remember downloading complete sets years and years ago that were properly collected and collated with duplicates removed but I've long since lost them. I'd love to get them back in light of recent fuckery.

563c6d  No.15375918


I remember that Archive has some old ones, if you don't mind old ROMs.

2e15e7  No.15376024


I traded my SNES and all the games to get a N64 back in the day.

f4ab35  No.15376027


hyperbole yes, but his sentiments aren't exactly wrong.

Lots of PAL and asian region games are now completely unobtainable by the average player.

4b79e8  No.15376079


Did you know you can not do any of that and still enjoy a free digital library of games? Your attachment to cartridges and CDs is unhealthy.

1604e7  No.15376081


Physical backups are good.

4b79e8  No.15376087


HDDs and a dock.

c38f2b  No.15376099


>The only news sites calling Nintendo on their bullshit are PC oriented, because on PC, software is forever.

fucking lol

>Physical will degrade and break, digital will be archived and available forever.

And where the fuck you store all your digital files, you dummy? That's right, inside HDDs, which have more a possibility to break than CDs/DVDs, or getting your files corrupt. CDs and DVDs can be easily well conserved, it's all depends how well you treat them in the long run.


>Ignoring that it's the only platform you can pirate and emulate on

Imagine being this stupid

1aa54e  No.15376124


>get DRM free digital game

>it's like any other software, literally just copy it wherever you want and whenever you want

>backups all day

>only potential threat is it ending up incompatible with modern OSes, same as any physical game (and you can just run the old OS in a VM anyway).

You're retarded. DRM-free digital software is identical to simply having a disk except instead of storing it on that disk you're storing it on your HDD or SSD. If you want to be really autistic you can just burn it to the disk.

762035  No.15376129


Really reliable storage system must include redundancy. CDs/DVDs have expiration date, so for forever and reliable storage you need at least two copies and rotation of disks, with copying and destroying of old disks approaching failure age. Its big hassle with large databases. Also big hassle when access is needed, also possible point of disk failure.

With HDD storage these processes can be automated with RAID storages (replacing old disks is still manual)

a109de  No.15376154

File: a5420486aeeb80b⋯.png (342.68 KB, 720x715, 144:143, a5420486aeeb80bd2b32049aba….png)

Compressed, the combined size of all the later (ps2, dc, xbox, vita, 3ds. ect.) system roms hovers around 50Tb. Where does one get even semi-reliable storage like that without spending a fortune?

If anyone has the space:

ReDump - GameCube : https://1fichier.com/dir/UKN3VMxi

ReDump - Commodore - Amiga CD : https://1fichier.com/dir/4nJZccz0

ReDump - Commodore - Amiga CD32 : https://1fichier.com/dir/3LfG0VGP

ReDump - Commodore - Amiga CDTV : https://1fichier.com/dir/jBGsRVn5

ReDump - CDI Philips : https://1fichier.com/dir/GlwdLXaC

ReDump - SNK NeoGeo CD : https://1fichier.com/dir/6l8kXaNQ

ReDump - Saturn : https://1fichier.com/dir/isuiHjB6

ReDump - Fujitsu - FM-Towns : https://1fichier.com/dir/HTvFNE8T

ReDump - 3DO : https://1fichier.com/dir/BErfpR8J

ReDump - Dreamcast : https://1fichier.com/dir/emBgpPtz

ReDump - XBOX 1 : https://1fichier.com/dir/uC84F4rv

ReDump - PSX : https://1fichier.com/dir/wM5zdwkd

ReDump - PS2 : https://1fichier.com/dir/uExVcS2h

ReDump - WII Nasos: https://1fichier.com/dir/rvvjMaHV

ReDump - SEGA MegaCD : https://1fichier.com/dir/DI9FvzgI

ReDump - NEC : https://1fichier.com/dir/PIvJeUeE

c38f2b  No.15376156


>CDs/DVDs have expiration date

Where does that date generally reach though?

Because i know there are people who love to mention about rot & decay in CDs/DVDs, but I have still a large bunch of PS1 & PS2 games in excellent condition. I'm not dismissing on the idea to make backups, that's a good recommendation no matter what. And I'm not trashing on HDDs either, I use those to store all those game executables, isos and roms.

525ee3  No.15376158

File: 0da4eb023821599⋯.png (562.79 KB, 675x900, 3:4, 0da4eb023821599614ce6035bf….png)


>gamestop supports and incentivises fucking scalping

No, that's even fucking worse.

1aa54e  No.15376166


>Where does one get even semi-reliable storage without spending a fortune?

Magnetic tape, if you're a large enough business to afford the setup costs and don't mind sequential access. Not practical for a home user though.

1aa54e  No.15376169


It depends on the climate you store them in as far as I can tell. With CDs/DVDs the bigger worry is that ~20 years down the line nobody will be making hardware for actually reading them. You might think that's unlikely but look at the history of floppy disks.

0db8cc  No.15376177

File: 795481af64b69d9⋯.gif (826.41 KB, 250x250, 1:1, ded67728eef2a96ea6f8397325….gif)

4bc7e0  No.15376178

File: c2e3a2475de3487⋯.jpg (12.61 KB, 500x500, 1:1, s-l500.jpg)


You can still buy a floppy drive now.

a109de  No.15376180

File: 441db86650dbbe7⋯.jpg (390.67 KB, 910x958, 455:479, 5c16b40c03cdd946a3f086d9e8….jpg)

d4f12b  No.15376185


>What percentage of consumer hard drives from 1985 are still working today?

That's why you always keep multiple backup copies, preferably using the 3-2-1 backup strategy. And change backup media formats when the current one starts becoming obsolete.

1aa54e  No.15376186



Though actually if you can get a good deal on a second hand tape library it's not that crazy. I just checked bong ebay and they have a not unreasonable one for £50 (you could probably jew the seller down to £40 or less too). It's a level of autism I've not yet advanced too but I've been considering it for just how damn cheap and small tape is.


For 3 1/2 sure, not so much for 5 1/4 (i.e. actually floppy floppies). Then you have to account for the fact USB might itself fall out of fashion as looks possible. You can chain adaptors obviously but that's annoying and impractical on a large scale, not to mention the hassle of reading them in bulk or refreshing your stock of them.

81c763  No.15376190


Unless you backup your physical copies there is no difference. Keep in mind you cannot backup modern console games without breaking the system open.

Ergo you're fucked when that disc fails.

31c96a  No.15376196


Well if you're serious about archiving data I'd recommend you get a tape drive.

They can be pretty steep in cost depending on which one you buy but, you can get 6tb tape for as as a couple of hundred bucks. And they're specifically designed for archival too.

81c763  No.15376198

Also there's a huge chance your disc drive or cartridge reader fails forcing you into a costly repair/replace scenario. Get fucked there is no difference between physical/digital.

762035  No.15376207


> With CDs/DVDs the bigger worry is that ~20 years down the line nobody will be making hardware for actually reading them.

Then you copy them to a new format of disks. NBut yeah point is digital copy independent from the media is needed for such transfer.

1aa54e  No.15376215


>Then you copy them to a new format of disks

Which is a bit of a pain in the arse if you're doing ~200 disks at once, at least without some sort of automated solution. If you're paying for that might as well just use tape or stick with cheaper HDDs.

>NBut yeah point is digital copy independent from the media is needed for such transfer.

Exactly, although it's never truly independent of the medium on which is exists.

31c96a  No.15376220


It varies wildly on who made them and the conditions they're stored in.

If you're in a climate with low moisture and you're storing official discs, you should be fine for a while unless you're in a damp climate because the moisture can fuck them up.

But, what you should be worried about is if you're storing any burnt discs, that's the most susceptible to disc rot. Although CDs/DVDs were made to be a universal standard, the manufacturing process between each company wasn't.

So while you could use the discs on and CD/DVD player, there's no way you could tell that the company made a shit disc until it's too late.

And hard drives are the same too. And they're even worse because with hdds they could fail mechanically over time.

That's why whenever there's an archiving threads you'd always hear anons recommend tape drives. They're specificly designed for archival.

d4f12b  No.15376222


>For 3 1/2 sure, not so much for 5 1/4 (i.e. actually floppy floppies).

While not as easy or cheap as just buying some $10 chink-made 3.5" USB floppy from ebay or Dealextreme, at least there's this:


It's a bit expensive, but I guess someone who really needs something like that nowadays will probably be willing to pay the price.

37971f  No.15376223


>have to sing up

Can you give us the direct link, my dear anon?

1aa54e  No.15376229


>Then you copy them to a new format of disks

Which is a bit of a pain in the arse if you're doing ~200 disks at once, at least without some sort of automated solution. If you're paying for that might as well just use tape or stick with cheaper HDDs.

>NBut yeah point is digital copy independent from the media is needed for such transfer.

Exactly, although it's never truly independent of the medium on which is exists.


Looks good to me. I have some old games on 5 1/4'' I need to backup.

dcf1a8  No.15376251


Is that literally everything anon?

Holy shit thank you, and god speed.

a109de  No.15376270

File: cf59756f36c460c⋯.png (26.67 KB, 124x124, 1:1, rorru.png)


Atari - 2600 (20180619)



Atari - 5200 (20130303)



Atari - 7800 (20140326)



Atari - Jaguar (20160723)



Atari - Lynx (20170903)



Atari - ST (20150621)



Bandai - WonderSwan (20180619)



Bandai - WonderSwan Color (20160925)



Benesse - Pocket Challenge V2 (20170514)



Casio - Loopy (20170409)



Casio - PV-1000 (20100525)



Coleco - ColecoVision (20140803)



Commodore - 64 (20151122)



Commodore - 64 (PP) (20131204)



Commodore - 64 (Tapes) (20180307)



Commodore - Amiga (20180722)









Commodore - Plus-4 (20090105)



Commodore - VIC-20 (20170315)



Emerson - Arcadia 2001 (20081124)



Entex - Adventure Vision (20081125)



a109de  No.15376272


Part 2.

Epoch - Super Cassette Vision (20130331)



Fairchild - Channel F (20120223)



Funtech - Super Acan (20170315)



GamePark - GP32 (20100224)



GCE - Vectrex (20170908)



Hartung - Game Master (20180609)



Konami - Picno (20180205)



LeapFrog - Leapster Learning Game System (20180608)



Magnavox - Odyssey2 (20120223)



Mattel - Intellivision (20180625)



Microsoft - MSX (20170123)



Microsoft - MSX2 (20170106)



NEC - PC Engine - TurboGrafx 16 (20180307)



NEC - Super Grafx (20180226)



Nintendo - e-Reader (20180411)



Nintendo - Family Computer Disk System (20180726)



Nintendo - Game Boy (20180728)



a109de  No.15376277


Part 3.

Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (20180726)





















Nintendo - Game Boy Color (20180715)



Nintendo - Nintendo 64 (20180726)













Nintendo - Nintendo 64DD (20171120)



Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System (20180721)



Nintendo - Pokemon Mini (20140804)



Nintendo - Satellaview (20180610)



Nintendo - Sufami Turbo (20180607)



a109de  No.15376279

Part 4.

Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (20180730)









Nintendo - Virtual Boy (20160317)



Nokia - N-Gage (20081203)











Philips - Videopac+ (20120223)



RCA - Studio II (20090104)



Sega - 32X (20180325)



Sega - Game Gear (20180719)



Sega - Master System - Mark III (20180307)



a109de  No.15376280

Part 5.

Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis (20180728)





Sega - PICO (20180726)



Sega - SG-1000 (20180726)



Sinclair - ZX Spectrum +3 (20130225)



SNK - Neo Geo Pocket (20170810)



SNK - Neo Geo Pocket Color (20170204)



Tiger - Game.com (20081125)



Tiger - Gizmondo (20070531)





VTech - CreatiVision (20120223)



VTech - V.Smile (20180302)



Watara - Supervision (20130102)



c17207  No.15376285


Because it's impossible to find roms nowadays and you can't plug your cartridge into your computer?

1aa54e  No.15376303


>you can't plug your cartridge into your computer?

There are USB adaptors if you really want them. Where exactly do you think roms came from?

0db8cc  No.15376309

File: 20c41972d5821c9⋯.jpg (24.06 KB, 512x445, 512:445, 20c41972d5821c99be48800e04….jpg)

File: 85e8f9eea6a07b4⋯.png (150.57 KB, 463x411, 463:411, 85e8f9eea6a07b43b862717c6c….png)

File: e01bc19774db222⋯.jpg (46.3 KB, 312x395, 312:395, e01bc19774db222c99517d88df….jpg)

File: 6beca9a6d44cef5⋯.png (194.49 KB, 512x323, 512:323, thumbs up.png)






Did I miss the return of glorious Share Hitler or something?

a109de  No.15376314



no-intro sets. not a whole lot of space required. Suggest anyone download, archive and upload elsewhere.


Larger sets range from ~500Gb to 12Tb. These are rare so downloading and archiving at least one set is useful

37971f  No.15376319

File: f0b734c403546b1⋯.jpg (32.12 KB, 602x191, 602:191, 5c2.jpg)

1aa54e  No.15376324


>Larger sets range from ~500Gb to 12Tb. These are rare so downloading and archiving at least one set is useful

Any idea how large it'd be total?

a109de  No.15376340


Like I said it's close to 50Tb. That's including the links I forgot to post.

No-Intro - PS VITA PSN & DLC : https://1fichier.com/dir/qBYvLUqD - 26-04-2017

No-Intro - PSP ISO : https://1fichier.com/dir/bXoTIYB5

No-Intro - PSP PSN & DLC : https://1fichier.com/dir/sQo1BHUD - 26-04-2017

No-Intro - PSX 2 PSP : https://1fichier.com/dir/IwOFhPPH - 26-04-2017

No-Intro - NDS : https://1fichier.com/dir/UwPJXwkz

Nintendo - New Nintendo 3DS : https://1fichier.com/dir/zCYoI8yC (0 MISS)

Nintendo - New Nintendo 3DS (DLC) : https://1fichier.com/dir/i5CzZ6hl (0 MISS)

Nintendo - Nintendo 3DS : https://1fichier.com/dir/fBmm4pty (0 MISS)

Nintendo - Nintendo 3DS (DLC) : https://1fichier.com/dir/tbKoAg94 (0 MISS)

Nintendo - Nintendo Wii (DLC) (Decrypted) : https://1fichier.com/dir/c5AUNYjj (0 MISS)

Sony - PlayStation Portable (UMD Video) : https://1fichier.com/dir/RflVVaJx (33 MISS)

Sony - PlayStation Vita : https://1fichier.com/dir/kkQNPXAI (0 MISS)

Microsoft - XBOX 360 (DLC) : https://1fichier.com/dir/ixDYTIGG (0 MISS)

a109de  No.15376357


Some extras, for completion's sake and just so you fags don't have to register.

TOSEC - https://1fichier.com/dir/KlGsxATR

TDC r13 - https://1fichier.com/dir/qy4ynfDY

If the devs/publishers aren't a bunch of jews/sjws I suggest you support them but:

PC ISOS: https://1fichier.com/dir/kgFKkv8r

GOG: https://1fichier.com/dir/LYaZJErR

e9e1b8  No.15376361

File: a03d28e6fb89dee⋯.png (109.71 KB, 738x741, 246:247, Darwin's Finches and their….png)


Another reason they want to remove physical copies is so people can't lend their games to their friends. Or trade games they've already beaten for ones they haven't played yet.

You can't do that with Steam loicenses, once you buy that shit you can't lend it or trade it with anyone. Also they don't have to physically manufacture games and pay for CDs, cases, ship them, etc. Yet still charge the same amount for digital copies.

1aa54e  No.15376367


Right I didn't realise it was all the same links. 50TB isn't that far out of the realm of possibility for a total backup.

31c96a  No.15376372


Only to accounts on the same machiene.

1aa54e  No.15376373


No you can play someone else's game when they're offline. It was only added because of a legal issue too.

8de5d8  No.15376374


Is there more like this?

31c96a  No.15376393


You forgot the arcade section anon

Capcom CPS1


Capcom CPS2




Neo-Geo Arcade












Emulator Based Sets

These sets provide a complete set of ROMs for a particular emulator. Most games are compatible with MAME as well, although not every game may work depending on which version of MAME you are using. The sets match up with the version of the emulator posted below. It is recommend that you use the corresponding version of the emulator in order to get maximum compatibility with the games.

CPS3 Emulator (v1.0a)



FinalBurn Alpha (v0.2.97.43) (Arcade Only)















31c96a  No.15376395

31c96a  No.15376403


> still sharing and you just been access for the accounts.

But you cant share between friends. Hence why it's called "family share".

31c96a  No.15376465


>Share it with a friend then?

How the fuck can you do that when you can only fucking share games to accounts on the same machine you fucking dolt?

> honestly do think companies want all their physical copies BACK not due to "You are sharing our games with your friends",

Really what about the fucking huge stink that microsoft cause when they tried to include drm on the XBO to prevent game sharing?

193fbb  No.15376484


I wonder if you yourself could stand your purity test.

Probably not.

Like the fucking majority that is unable to think for just a minute ahead.

c9df0b  No.15376538


You've heard this before but pirating the goddamn game gets me around all the account hoops and authentication bullshit to get to the entertainment in my life.

And how has defending DRM made digital rights easier better for consumers livelyhood?

3cfe93  No.15376542

There are issues with No-Intro dumps….


Anyways, I'm not a expert and just downloaded the NES dump as it was smaller. (256~ mb)

Meh. (I also saved CoolROM's entire RPG section for SNES so, that's something I guess. Granted I only nabbed one of each game I wanted so *meh.*

If it's still here I'll do a filename list of what I got. Maybe I got something … who knows.

08d7fd  No.15376618

File: b175021931ae7c3⋯.gif (561.99 KB, 500x382, 250:191, skele thumbs up 2.gif)




thanks man, much appreciated.

860339  No.15377081


Is there an easy way to bulk download these?

31c96a  No.15377100


jdownloader2 might be a good option

b8e2e0  No.15377155


N64? more like N64 cents.

ecb877  No.15377342

File: 7314749ae631f9c⋯.jpg (10.33 KB, 252x248, 63:62, american.jpg)

File: 83c9722a3eb2bee⋯.gif (1.74 MB, 320x240, 4:3, dalailaser.gif)

File: 6f97d7a434d05e6⋯.gif (272.86 KB, 320x240, 4:3, fuckyeah.gif)

File: 940f93b11e55cde⋯.jpg (33.59 KB, 190x388, 95:194, nice.jpg)

File: a222295d58ddab9⋯.jpg (18.89 KB, 320x283, 320:283, yes3.jpg)

efbec9  No.15377642


We still have to keep in mind that the open free internet won't be around forever. Some say open free internet died in 2007. We have to be prepared to find alternative channels of distribution too.

Excuse the soap box but video games are important to preserve because they teach object oriented computer programming design, logic, and simulation, regardless if the rules make sense in real life or not. Video Games made the 70's-90's generations smarter before Hollyjew corrupted it. There are some newer smaller titles that are trying to adhere to the logic and design rather than microtransaction money making schemes, but those are very few and far in between.

We can't let the Jews win by erasing a cornerstone of human history because it was made by "racis Nazi white nerds lol". This is a fucking lie half of the good games were made by Japanese NEETs from the 80s and 90s who got together and made partners in crime.

c94ac2  No.15377654

File: c6ecc44ee7f4e53⋯.jpg (47.02 KB, 387x490, 387:490, fresh-herpes.jpg)

Friendly reminder that all these Roms are also available on The Pleasure Dome, as well as full MAME romsets.

Buy PC games now. Console proletariat is the realm of piracy since the Nintendo DS era.

Oh, and Copyright Infringement is a civil crime. If you're caught, declare bankruptcy, and list the plaintiffs as creditors. It'll stop their case dead in its tracks.

9565d3  No.15377670

File: e7980ebc7276c06⋯.gif (591.06 KB, 314x447, 314:447, e7980ebc7276c06e7d48342161….gif)


Archived the thread for posterity, bookmark it and use it later. Hopefully the megas won't be taken down by spooks in the mean time.

a109de  No.15377717


make copies, host what you can too

76cd98  No.15377742




f54290  No.15377765


>since the DS era

except no, it's been for a lot longer. In fact I advise against emulation and snapping up consoles that can be modified to either run off a external (or intenral) HDD or get a flashcart.

The expenses in the long run might not seem worth it but consider how much it costs for say Conker's bad fur day unboxed in ok condition and you're already at half of the cost of a everdrive. Emulation is far from perfect, even titles like Jak and Daxter run like ass on PCSX2 and have issues depending on the various renderers. The hardcore emu fags here have deluded themselves into thinking emulation is the defacto thing because PC is all you need, but with flash carts and modded consoles you remove the emulation issues as it's all issues stemming from the emulation of the system's hardware, not the game.

Granted some emulators, like dolphin are much more "complete", in this case emulation would be a good alternative, supplementing what you can emulating WELL with consoles with either modded hardware or a flash cart to bring up on what you either can't run or what doesn't run well.

This of course runs counter to collector fags and if they wanna build an actual library more power to em. However from a "I want to play video games" standpoint if you're content at playing buggy incomplete emulators, then you may as well pre-order fallout 76

1b9824  No.15377786

File: a7f5011a861f9c1⋯.png (124.79 KB, 288x284, 72:71, pofsfd.png)

If the blackpill faggot is still in here then I'm getting the fuck out

I left 4niggers to indulge in less shit that would anger me and turn up my (probable) schizophrenia, but this little nigger is really cranking me up

860306  No.15377813


If the collector doesn't pull the data and get the emulation online (which most don't), then your theory and OPs can exist together.

Hell, most collectors don't pass on their shit since they have no loved ones. So it gets tossed in the garbage.


Its why emulation websites are so good. If one doesn't have it, another will. Then the other sites copy that emulator and put it on their server.

It's like any image on the internet- as long as someone saves it and shares it so others can save it, it will last forever.


If only we had a message board to discuss video games. Then as we shared shit we liked, it'd trickle down into mainstream from the few who lurk on that website and other places.

If you find something good, talk about it.

36afef  No.15377928

File: e2fab0fcb0f8357⋯.jpg (51.91 KB, 360x512, 45:64, Dong_Cheng_-_RTKXII.jpg)


This. Also don't forget games that simply can't be emulated well due to other factors like unique hardware, like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Butokai, and the PS2 era Dynasty/Samurai Warriors games.

>to this day there is no software/emulation solution for the Warriors game's disc swap feature

>my PS2 is already having a little trouble reading my burned copies of the games

3e2f8d  No.15377992


Fucking legend.

31c96a  No.15378124


>>to this day there is no software/emulation solution for the Warriors game's disc swap feature

Doesn't pcsx2 let you do that though? You can change image files without needing to restart.

>my PS2 is already having a little trouble reading my burned copies of the games

If you're not playing on a slim ps2, get a network adapter. Seriously, they're like 20 bucks at most and it lets you have a hdd so you can play games of it if you have freemcboot installed.

36afef  No.15378196


PSCX2 just does not handle it for some reason, despite the ISOs being the exact same that I had burned. And playing it off a HDD or network via OPL does not allow you to swap disks, since you have to physically open the PS2, insert the original Warriors game, reopen the PS2, and reinsert the Xtreme Legends expansion. There haven't been any hacks or modified ISOs to play the game with all the content without performing the disc swap.

dbbbb1  No.15378389






Sega is considering razing Brazil and turning it into free real estate for new console-making factories where Brazilians not initially killed would be enslaved.

3b0c7c  No.15378437


>using ps2 "we totally didn't slap together 3 different old renderer plugins and hope it works we totally can code Vulkan plugins but don't want to!" as a benchmark for general emulation quality

Everyone laugh at this stupid faggot

860339  No.15378467


Downloading all the 3DS shit. What about title updates? Is there a way to archive these?

df3352  No.15378611


I didn’t trade in my GameCube, I fucking loved that thing. My mother traded it in so she and my dad could afford to buy an Xbox despite me repeatedly telling her no. Took me years before I could replace it

aebef4  No.15378645

File: 8ff171e5fb053f2⋯.png (596.07 KB, 868x807, 868:807, Snak Thumbs Up Smile.png)


Thank you for this post OP.

I now firmly believe I'm doing the right thing in buying physical copies of games, and playing older consoles.

c1e9d9  No.15378756

I'm already on board with the whole "mutiny against TPTB" as an /o/ anon. A day comes when they tell me I can't drive my car anymore, that I have to take the engine out and turn it into a metallic sculpture, then that's it. I lock myself in my car, loop Red Barchetta on at full volume and cause havoc for all the peons in their auto-driving soapboxes. Until I run out of gas, I'm brought to a stop, I'm killed or I decide to take my own life, I will make it my aim to have the most historically significant car chase in history. And it won't only be me. There'll probably be hundreds or even thousands of us filling the skies with the sounds of loud revving V8s. Their Teslas and Prii driven by their onboard Asimo chauffeurs will be totally overwhelmed. Moralfags bitching about us "killing the planet" will be ran over in the process.

I recommend you do the same when they come for your games. It's unlikely, but they just might. And if they do you gotta be ready to fight. You gotta be ready to kill. They are infringing upon your rights, and in order to dignify oneself as a human being, and not a co-operative slave, it is your job to respond to that infringement with an appropriate fucking answer.


To a good chunk of /v/posters, those ARE their childhood consoles though. Someone who was 12 in 2001 is now almost 30. Someone who was 12 in 1994, upon the launches of the PS1/Saturn and the announcement of the N64 will be 40 in less than a handful of years.


Narcissistic abuse, anon. Nothing any of us could do about it. There are hundreds of horror stories out there, thousands untold. If you're white, educate your children to not be domineering little shits when they too have children of their own. If you're not, educate the children of your peers to do the same. Let the next generation grow, respect their decisions and only intervene when they refuse to step in line.

7f7855  No.15378788


What we need is to create a bill that makes the internet unaffordable. This will kick every nigger off the internet.

a7e90a  No.15379168

It's related to this.

Nintendo shoah'd the Pokeymen romhack wiki.

1cd212  No.15379217


That cant be real, what wiki?

a7e90a  No.15379223

b0a16d  No.15379227

Hey Nintendo I can get your games for free lol

7e9ca8  No.15379275


Anon are you the same guy who shared fucking everything back in '15? Also kudos against Nintendo kikery.

d3a4a1  No.15379284


>Didn't places like kikestop actively started destroying physical copies of games as soon as the games were considered to be "too old?"

Not quite, they destroy shit they can't sell, so you can't make a profit off it by diving through their trash.

c94ac2  No.15379297

File: c3fde4dc4fc9391⋯.jpg (30 KB, 450x641, 450:641, im-bubble-tea-suck-my-ball….jpg)


> ok condition

See, this is the problem: you faggots trying to play the speculative market on console sales. This isn't comic books (and comic books ain't comic books anymore); stop buying this shit for value. Play the game inside the hunk of plastic, swap it with one you want to play, or let someone else have it.

Don't even get me started on all you half-faggot millennials with your "man caves" filled with unopened boxes of Gamecube and Saturn games. Read a Thorstein Vebelen book on conspicuous consumption, and stop being a fucking generation of tools.

> except no

Piracy on the DS was when it went sufficiently mainstream. Everyone I knew at work had a DS with an R4/DSTT/M3DS, as did most of their kids.

Yes, I was helping to sell Game Boy flash carts back in the day, but the sales were nowhere near the explosion of the DS era. Not even in the same ballpark.

> PCSX2 is representative of good programming

OK kid. Here's a nickel, go download yourself K&R.

e17b0c  No.15379483

File: 77f8456f1672a29⋯.jpg (133 KB, 362x447, 362:447, Restored.jpg)

467bd1  No.15379508


There's another video game board here, you know.

b70d68  No.15379561

File: e700dc3ddaca1cc⋯.png (48.18 KB, 800x800, 1:1, v.png)


I just dropped by to say keep up the good work anon.

d3a4a1  No.15379622


>If you're white, educate your children to not be domineering little shits when they too have children of their own. If you're not, educate the children of your peers to do the same.

Can't quite tell if you're advocating celibacy, or if it's something else. Either way, what an odd thing to bring up here.

8c3f5a  No.15379647

This is probably a dumb question but what is a "No-Intro" set in regards to these ROMs?

d3a4a1  No.15379667

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>swap it with one you want to play, or let someone else have it.

Nigger, we're in a thread RIGHT NOW that explains why those two options are SHIT.


>This is probably a dumb question but what is a "No-Intro" set in regards to these ROMs?

Means the rom is clean, without the intros you used to see in ripped games, like vid related

d75bda  No.15379691


Why did the GBA get the worst of these intro roms?

8c3f5a  No.15379908


when the fuck did that start happening? When I used to fuck around with ROMs I had NEVER seen any of that shit.

d75bda  No.15379920


I've only seen it happen in GBA roms. 99% of the roms I downloaded back around 2003-07 had them. I got them from sketchy newsgroups

411c0c  No.15379930


I would listen to this song for hours.

dd704f  No.15379936

File: 20d6acd9235229a⋯.webm (3.03 MB, 640x360, 16:9, drowning_in_plebs.webm)


Man I can't wait this winter when Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran are gonna gang-rape /leftypol/ unicorn to death.

8532fe  No.15379940


Thanks for unearthing this awful memory from the depths of my mind.

>Friends!? Sure he have!

This shit grammar bothered me back then and still bothers me now.

d3a4a1  No.15379974

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>when the fuck did that start happening?

Since at least the commodore 64/Amiga days. Don't see many console games with intros these days though, not entirely sure if No-Intro just replaced them all or what.

d3a4a1  No.15379982


>console games

*Console roms

If you look for trainers you'll probably find some though.

f9c71a  No.15380007


Back when pirated GBA carts were being made and some of the earliest flash carts were released they were everywhere. Most rom sites don't have them as they are intended to be used with emulators and don't need the intro to bypass piracy protection. Later flash carts applied anti piracy patches to games automatically as well.

If you weren't dealing with pirated games or flashcarts back from 2001-2004 you'd never see them.

89a7ff  No.15380041

File: 6017860ba2cabfc⋯.jpg (137.14 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, 1367158185597.jpg)

File: e8cc5d5f047b5ab⋯.jpg (103.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1397263369262.jpg)

File: 0c4e08c5ab02f81⋯.jpg (39.21 KB, 409x419, 409:419, 1423533131731.jpg)

File: 24dfaddac90b593⋯.png (371.33 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1372465792652.png)

File: f68d8c8313ad7a5⋯.gif (401.42 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1377843499376.gif)


No way in hell am I gonna archive all the shovelware like these autists, but I'll gladly grab that good shit while I can. Thank you so much Anon!

d75bda  No.15380157

File: 2b7fb7f4ed9f5fe⋯.jpg (72.36 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1457904879677.jpg)

Anyone got a link to the PSP set?

8c3f5a  No.15380251


>nice private hacked propriety injection service, doll

Wait, is this dude's links virus/malware?

66e34b  No.15380277


Why would anyone masturbate to this, this is a depiction of literal actual hell.

8c3f5a  No.15380315

So we can store this stuff in a software sense basically forever but what do we have in hardware replication?

I'm not talking about emulation on a raspberry pi or something like that.

I'm talking reproducible hardware.

d3a4a1  No.15380334


>what do we have in hardware replication?

Not a whole lot, some consoles have quite a few options in replaceable hardware, workarounds to things like the Suicide battery and there's clones for certain chips, the C64 SID chp, for example. When it comes to things like proprietary chips, your more or less shit out of luck, tech in that area hasn't really advanced beyond the NES on a chip or those god awful retrons.

d3a4a1  No.15380348

There's also shit like the Saturn CD and GD Drives, seems the scene has opted for just throwing away the CD drives and replacing them with a very limited supply of expensive as hell everdrives.

8c3f5a  No.15380368


I would assume if you could emulate it in software it could be created in hardware. What the emulation scene needs are some electrical and computer engineers on the job.

8c3f5a  No.15380529


Ok so...

We clearly need an 8chan /v/ project for ROM creation/preservation since anything else is unreliable?

ddcea4  No.15380572

File: dda2db6a2971567⋯.pdf (63.85 KB, The Official No-Intro Conv….pdf)


>hashing standards

I would definitely advocate for a modern hash standard for future work, as byuu does SHA256, but updating the hashes for existing games necessitates re-dumping or trusting of the older hashes. Also since there's multiple hashes it'll be challenging to generate a fraudulent match to all of them (well the ones that use SHA1 and MD5, which some aren't).


That's probably talking about things like iNES headers, which are not actually part of the ROM, and are only some half-assed way to tell an emulator the cartridge layout. byuu's NES dumping has a much more thorough markup for telling bnes how to set up the emulator, and something similar for SNES games.

>naming conventions

The Official No-Intro Convention ostensibly documents that though I only have a PDF from 2007 and can't find it anywhere at the moment.


So what is MAME doing? Because their older naming convention is batshit with stuff like 8:3 filenames to the ZIP files, and no stability for how to name the files inside.


Bullshit. Shut up Tor.

b202f0  No.15380575


theyre going to ask for proof

7d378f  No.15380628


>make sure if and when you store your BDs IT IS NOT WITH POLYMERS, as the dyes and other emuls will mix! Using Aluminum foil here.

Wait, what? Do they make Disc sleeves out of aluminum foil now?

ddcea4  No.15380653


>signed ROM hashes

The same problem as Retroshare in that it can determine who dumped what game, and that could potentially cause legal problems for them (smoking gun).

>citing CPU vulnerabilities with relation to hash breaking

That is not at all connected. Also I think you're grossly overstating the threat of fraudulent dumps. Much more of a problem is half-assed dumping standards. In the case of No-Intro thankfully they seem to have moved on from obsolete Vita standards at least for PSN.

>ROM-manager's should decide it on my behalf!

Then don't use that program! However, the No-Intro naming standard is a decent way to name ROMs, the only thing I don't agree with is the ID number prefix for libraries like the GBA. I have my own shell script framework to handle importing of random ROMs. If they match No-Intro they get the No-Intro filename, and if not, they get the ROM's hash as the filename.

>that's not their definition!

You said you didn't know what it was. More to the point, the site's name No-Intro stems from their attempt to provide clean sources. Not games tainted with "intros" inserted by the game's dumper, as I've seen a few Amiga games do.


I don't even know what the hell you're on about now. If you're using a tool to mange ROMs according to No-Intro standards, then the filename is of course going to be changed to reflect that. Even bsnes's ROM importing stuff generates a cartridge folder with its own naming convention. You're free to rename them afterwards but if you run it through the same tool again, of course not.

ddcea4  No.15380728


What specifically? The SNES stuff was more thorough at determining the cartridge layout, and the NES stuff is about the only new thing to try displacing the highly deficient iNES. If you're talking about his politics, then yeah, he's lefty as fuck. I'm not letting that overshadow the legitimately good things he's done.


Enough /pol/ soapboxing to clutter the real discussion. It's really tedious.


>I did not!

You are though. Like, how often has this ever come up? Shit dump standards are an actual problem.

>Incorrect, I just read their definition!

Point to their definition of "intro". Because in my experience almost all of byuu's ROM data hashes match No-Intro once you take iNES and worthless SNES copier headers out of the equation, so they aren't tampered with. Again. The No-Intro part of their name stems from dumper "intros" (think demoscene type bullshit that you have to sit through to enjoy the real game which is about tampering with the game) which they didn't want any of that sort of crap in their DB.

>Just plain file renaming

I rename my GBA ROMs to strip off the number. They stay that way once imported through my framework. However I prefer starting from a sane naming standard than GoodROMs or whatever else it started out as.

6e8b0e  No.15380754


Wireless mesh networking should hurry the hell up, but necessity being the mother of invention as it is I don't think it will happen until the internet is properly compromised and people want to share shit like this freely.


Heil for that excellent idea with complementary digits, but we all know the fucking lefties would start using the higher prices paid for by actual real human people to subsidise monkey access to the internet, like those fucking banana phones Obama was handing out to the pavement apes.

afc75e  No.15380762

File: d787b1859764174⋯.png (167.45 KB, 594x574, 297:287, nice desu ne.png)

ddcea4  No.15380784

File: bf326fd62e620cc⋯.jpg (238.66 KB, 720x720, 1:1, __aragaki_ayase_ore_no_imo….jpg)


Dumping older cartridge games correctly is actually perilous because the cartridge's memory mapper is in between and doesn't provide 1:1 access to the ROM's contents. Notably, some regions of memory can be mirrored, and then you also have special regions used for coprocessor access. This is one of the major things byuu's copying attempted to figure out and document per-game with a proper markup for describing the cartridge layout. CD-based media offers its own problems, a good example of that is the deliberately malformed error correction stuff on certain PS1 games.

Ironically, despite the loathing, digital games can sometimes be archived easily. All you need for PSVita is the .pkg files for the game (and patch(es) and DLC(s) if applicable) and they're straightforward to hash and download. To actually use them requires a NoNpDrm fake license, again, simple. GOG game installers are similarly easy.


Oh piss off. You contributed nothing but a bunch of reposted whining to the thread that isn't remotely vidya-related.


Blah blah politics take it to /pol/.

6e8b0e  No.15380805


Yes? Finish your sentence.

361e3d  No.15380893


>ITB we also

Niggger I have drnkenly tried to type this out several times

I'm happy your still here, I know and understand what you mean

I thought I was alone.

I love you.

e91c2b  No.15380926

File: d0b716d353290a7⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 656978.jpg)

They will never take me alive. Playing Growlanser 4 instead of pre ordering Spiderman.

e91c2b  No.15380949

File: 7fde9c95f16da7e⋯.jpg (111.33 KB, 638x548, 319:274, treblinkasurvivors2.jpg)


GameStop is dying because gaming is pivoting to digital yes. Publishers were on board with digital day one.

Retail takes a huge chunk out of a publishers paycheck and this industry HATES used games with a vengeance. Basically the Jews won.

a2912a  No.15381076


>Basically the Jews won.


Let's hope this thread BTFOs the hopes of the bluepill autists once and for all. There is now nothing you can do to reverse this course of events. The victory of the kikes has been officially set in stone. We no longer have any choice but to accept it and surrender before our suffering worsens.

More people are finally realizing this, despite what autists want to believe. The slaughtering of our freedom has begun.

204058  No.15381110

Good morning /v/ the kikes won.

37af07  No.15381170

d4f12b  No.15381197


>Back when pirated GBA carts were being made and some of the earliest flash carts were released they were everywhere.

This. Those cringey shitty crack intros were everywhere If you were downloading roms in the late 1990s/early 2000s. Mostly GBA roms, but also quite a few Genesis and SNES roms, cracked MS-DOS games and even PS1 ISOs.

I'm really glad this shit went away.

cf962c  No.15381223



>no Link: The Faces of Evil

931b76  No.15381249


for a short time digital was cheaper than retail and then retailers started crying about how unfair it was, threatening publishers and developers to not carry their goods if they didnt do something about it.

poor australians got hit by this pretty hard.

7c0966  No.15381254

Good to know the blackpill fag is in a state of perpetual losing

1ea167  No.15381292

File: 0f6bed8590d31a5⋯.jpg (5.04 KB, 255x191, 255:191, get mad.jpg)


eat a fucking glock for breakfast you defeatist cucked retard

I would pay 500$ right now to break your sorry fucking nose through the internet like the soyslurping psyop-ing garbage that you are.

imagine being this fucking cancerous and pathetic that you need to project your defeatist submissive fantasies in order to spread them into other unsure anon

imagine being this much of a scummy kiked rat



Notice how this once faggot samefags it up like he was on halfchan, "THIS!" with an exclamation mark he says. Pathetic, apply yourself.

cfbc8a  No.15381305


Digital is simply a better service, that is why it's winning, not just with video games but with every type of media. You might care about owning a physical copy, but nowadays a physical copy is just an alternative to downloading from the Internet, because DRM is present either way. You're not really against digital distribution, you're against DRM, but you're too much of a fucking moron to understand that.

31c96a  No.15381370


Here you go anon.

No-Intro - PSP ISO : https://1fichier.com/dir/bXoTIYB5

a07a9e  No.15381388



They can't. It's an Atlas Shrugged type situation. The design techniques that made older games so good are either ignored but modern devs or actively mocked and derided.

Remember that moment at the beginning of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts where they shit on collect-a-thon platformers and force you to play an "open world racing game"? That's the modern dev design philosophy.

0b1253  No.15381399


So you're all between 25-35 and still chase the same hobbies? Sad. Grow up.

0db8cc  No.15381404

File: 3f0b6ab4da5feb3⋯.png (256.2 KB, 1130x545, 226:109, Neon Genesis Evangoofion.png)


One of my friends recently stunned me when we were discussing the modern state of vidya.

He's more or less a generic reddit going normalfag, who's very excited about the new Spider-man: Arkham game, but does know when he's playing shit. I implored him to reconsider buying or even playing the game he has already played before to which he replied:

"You've got the memberberry syndrome, you just hate everything that's new, hater"

0b1253  No.15381408


>he said video games are for kids so must be politically active and lean to the right

All that time in front of a screen melted your brain.

0b1253  No.15381412



Even someone as thick as you should know what I meant but just in case you want to play thick I made sure to get it exact

0db8cc  No.15381417

File: d32f3981a9befc4⋯.mp4 (1.9 MB, 400x224, 25:14, semi_automatic_pistol.mp4)


>he thinks video games are for children

>yet he posted anonymously on a videogame board

>on an imageboard that doesn't show up on google

>with perfect knowledge on how to reply

(you) need to come up with better bait, dipshit

946862  No.15381423


8ch got re-listed on (((Google))) to flood the site with shitters. It was on the front page of CNN, IIRC.

efef12  No.15381431


>Not alone

On what? Being a degenerate? Or mentally ill? I'm like 95% sure that's 94%+ of this board. And the last 6% are just degrading slower than the others.

482159  No.15381433

He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the future controls the past.

c1e9d9  No.15381529


It's a perfectly normal thing to not want more niggers and shitskins in the world, anon. Spread the message whenever you can.

31c96a  No.15381533

File: ba795923db7af75⋯.png (189.65 KB, 1636x920, 409:230, k.PNG)


>8ch got re-listed on (((Google)))

The fuck are you talking about?

931b76  No.15381582


imagine being 13 and telling people how much you wish to enact violence on them over the internet

00adf9  No.15381814


But anon I don't have a backlog, I've played everything I ever wanted to since the ZX Spectrum was released. All I have now is nushit, the rope is looking increasingly attractive.

03592d  No.15381943

Digital was a mistake.

efbec9  No.15381995


Don't bother replying. Schlomos Shekelberg shills are high fiving themselves with foreskin cream trying to disuade us from preserving history to do something stupid like do a mass shooting or some shit.

8de5d8  No.15382029

File: d24e95f42d7ba3a⋯.jpg (35.08 KB, 640x480, 4:3, rubbing hands jewess.jpg)



This should be good.

2acee4  No.15382076


Is that egoraptor?

7070de  No.15382085

File: 9b90f1315abff24⋯.jpg (163.02 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 8chan-jewgle-v.jpg)

File: 703af34c5a10d60⋯.jpg (191.48 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, asmr-doxxing1.jpg)

File: 71a795fa7406a8f⋯.jpg (236.28 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, asmr-doxxing2.jpg)


it is relisted, but for some reason isn't in the results if you only searh for '8chan' by itself. if you search for '8ch', or search for '8chan' + something else, it shows up. it can also appear in the results if you search for something without using 8chan or 8chn in the search query. pics related.

2acee4  No.15382102


I've found some really old drawthreads by searching specific strings. Makes you wonder how long data stays in our servers.

60d5b6  No.15382104

File: a5a9c1692a7404d⋯.png (25.8 KB, 389x233, 389:233, hghhjgjh.png)

This is your future

2acee4  No.15382109


Speak for yourself t. gentoofag

60d5b6  No.15382119


I'm using 7 /w no updates and my next OS will be QUBES

efbec9  No.15382136

Thinking about trying Linux from Scratch and building my own Linux OS from there.

162111  No.15382585


Exactly. So you have to back it up either way, only the ways digital only games are stored are not typically going to last as long as the way physical games are stored. I'd rather that there is an actual original physical option for the many reasons already listed, instead of taking that option away. There's a reason publishers want to do away with physical, and it isn't for the good of the consumer.

65761e  No.15382806

Minor emergency: I notice a ton of great archives but no Super Famicom! SNES is up there, but not the Japanese versions. Does anyone have an archive they can upload so we can start backing up?

60d5b6  No.15382838


Ya but when they talk about "eliminating backlogs", the only way I could see it happening is through game licenses that expire or something super jewy like that.

6ffac3  No.15382934



I liked the paradox PS1 rips, they always came with ntsc, color-fix and pal options in case you were a britburqa or a BR monkey that had a shit pal tv.

9c03c8  No.15382979

File: 555ef5bb69e9db0⋯.jpg (83.03 KB, 736x736, 1:1, Egoraptor transvestite mod….jpg)

File: 595b3d3d2d8fa35⋯.jpg (54.87 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Egoraptor transvestite mod….jpg)


No, this is.

efbec9  No.15382986


If I can I will try to make a "physical" version of a PC game you can copy, store, and run off directly on an SD card without installation.

d4f12b  No.15383015


>pal options in case you were a britburqa or a BR monkey that had a shit pal tv.

PAL in hueland has always been PAL60 though, so it was better to just use NTSC mode - a no-brainer as since the late 1980s most TVs there had a PAL/NTSC switch. Only if you had a really shitty old TV you'd have to use a color transcoder device to play in color when using NTSC mode.

591fd0  No.15383118



Wasn't the whole point of GoodSets to prevent bad ROMs from going around? What ever happened to that? I used to only download Goodsets when I got ROMs.

d4f12b  No.15383180


Maybe I'm an idiot, but as far as I could understand from the discussion and archived links, GoodSets are still fine and trustworthy. Iit's the No-Intro sets that apparently aren't all that reliable.

65761e  No.15383183


Wait, does "no intro" refer to dumps that haven't had the dumper's intro prepended to them? I wasn't around during the glory days.

08101f  No.15383342


I love the fact you have to be a legal adult to even view the site.


Is this why Jews were gassed in Germany?


Everything is actually secretly archived, including your IP addresses.


xwd or you don't exist.


alpine & void are nice. sourcemage is pure autism.


What sources? I got some from cylum's 2017 set.

efbec9  No.15383368


Was thinking about making a barebones Linux OS made only to play video games. Maybe a web browser and a chat client. Like a Steam Machine if they didn't suck. I'll use a proper OS for a dev environment. This barebone OS is for a media center.

65761e  No.15383387


I have a set but I have no fucking clue if it's complete or not (my guess is it is not) or how accurate the dumps are. I just grabbed it from isozone or something a year or so back.

591fd0  No.15383490


I'm not really into the ROM scene, but from what I can understand, NoIntro sets are just ROMs with just any potential intros removed, but otherwise apparently have no quality control?

Why did ROM people ever move away from GoodSets? They sometimes intentionally included bad dumps or other mishaps for the sake of completeness, plus had region differences, but they were the definitive source of top-quality ROM sets. When the point is to archive ROMs that could be lost forever, it seems obvious to only produce GoodSets.

Am I missing something here?

d7e34e  No.15383625


>50's Idiocracy

It's an adaptation of H.G. Wells "The Time Machine". Have you ever heard of that book; it's a classic piece of literature and you're probably an ignorant Homelander so you probably haven't.

08101f  No.15383730


From scratch is too much, and Linux has two only display servers: Wayland and Xorg, who are the same developers.

You will also need audio daemons, devices interpolation (joystick1, keyboard2), maybe an IRCd and XMPPd, but web browser implies working dns resolver, internet support etc. etc..

Huge undertaking if from scratch.

I rather work backwards from existing distros.


Time to check each one lol


Upload it! We allow .pdfs here!

5cea24  No.15383804


Hitler is a hero.

6492a1  No.15383837


Google de-listed it, but they only delisted the main page - so their crawlers still pick up, archive, and return results for each individual forum and thread. Either they were really, really fucking lazy - or somebody didn't want to black-list the site and did only the minimum amount of censorship to get their boss (or whatever special interest group) off their back. Even with the main site being delisted, it'll still pick up links and topics from other sources. For instance, it'll bring up the Wikipedia article on 8Chan - which provides a link to the site.

d4f12b  No.15383842


>NoIntro sets are just ROMs with just any potential intros removed, but otherwise apparently have no quality control?

In the beginning yes, they were just roms with intros removed but no quality control at all. As the project matured they gradually added quality control and as intros became a thing of the past, the project shifted focus to preservation. However their qc methodology, standards and naming conventions are still not as reliable / accurate as GoodSets.

The problem with GoodSets is that afaik the project is dead / abandoned. Most Goodtools haven't been updated in over 8 years and no new ones have come out. I'd love to see GoodSets for 5th gen and 6th gen ISOs, but since these don't exist, No-Intro is the best we've got and definitely much better than downloading broken ISOs from places such as Emuparadise (which had absolutely no quality control at all and I still think archiving anything from there is actually a disservice).

65761e  No.15383900



Forget sets and stuff, what we need is a list of known hashes for good, complete ROM dumps. Then we can start canvassing our archives and checking them against the list. Does this Dat-O-Matic from No-Intro have that? I can't make heads or tails of it.

c72a60  No.15383976


You are retarded. Holy shit.


They just want to gobble up old games so they can sell it to retro-normalfags at a premium. They are not just burning money as a conspiracy against you and if you don't want to sell your old games you can get around the whole thing by not selling your old games.



>Because it's impossible to find roms nowadays

Took me less than 10 seconds to find the complete SNES library with the dark web tool called "google".

c72a60  No.15383993


>Look at all the faggots even on here who proudly scream "PC Master Race!"

Yeah, those people are acting as if the PC was the primary archival platform on which you can play every old game imaginable. Crazy those people.

d3a4a1  No.15384010


>Yeah, those people are acting as if the PC was the primary archival platform on which you can play every old game imaginable. Crazy those people.

Disingenuous nigger.

efbec9  No.15384202


I plan to have two versions of Linux distros on two separate drives. One that's Linux from scratch as a tool to learn how to work Linux inside out. The other is a working distro to figure out how others optimized Linux to begin with. If anything I want to at least attempt to try to make my own small size streamlined multimedia OS, though drivers would be up to the user. I suppose this is wishful thinking.

And as strange as it sounds I think I can get behind a simple philosophy project. I'm not making an OS that does everything. That's too much for one man. Linux from scratch is a project for fun. If I break it. No biggie. That's what the other stable Linux distro is for.

daf892  No.15384220


This man is your friend. He fights for freedom.

f84f92  No.15384390


That's objectively false. If a company makes a sufficient profit it can invest the funding into better materials, enabling the production of superior products at a reduced rate, which improves quality of life for both. Take this socialist bullshit out of here.

The problem with video game companies is that they don't need to invest money into improvements beyond technical bullshit, because retards will pay for it. Don't play a company for being predatory - blame the people who let themselves be taken advantage of. Don't like it? Pirate. That fucking simple. People who play shit games deserve to suffer.

5a73e7  No.15384722


Goodsets on webarchive does, but a simple autoplay script should be enough of an assessment. I know Cylum's sets had lots of junk. I really don't have time for this.


>small size streamlined multimedia OS

There are several like that, one in particular that's used for pirate TV & movies. But if it's to learn, have it.

You will need to triple boot or more since you'll need one as primary PC, the two others for practice, and as many others for branch work. A virtual machine is highly recommended for source based distros: you don't want to compile something that breaks the distro out of control.

Most of us devs are opting out of monolithic kernels because the final experimental nail in coffin of undocumented registers in a chip have made it no man's land levels of insecurities.

5a73e7  No.15384730

>>15384202 Honestly, use one HDD as boot madness w/Grub and a VM, the other for data. ZFS should be enough for the slave drive.

ddcea4  No.15384738

File: c0aeefb2ff8d73d⋯.jpg (2.97 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, pirates.jpg)


Ostensibly, but it's way out-of-date. Also for whatever reason they add lots of trash ROMs, which is why they have naming for bad, overdumped, cracked, and the like, and why games come in a whole lot of different ROMs. It's pointless.



No. Fuck no. Goodsets is obsolete and much poorer standard than No-Intro. Which isn't to say No-Intro can't improve but there's no need for regression. No-Intro also make some effort to move forward.




theisozone is a poor source for CD-based games. Redump are a better standard.



Click the floppy disk for whichever system you're after. You know. Those things that still represent a save icon even though the tech is long defunct.

5a73e7  No.15384761


>Goodsets is obsolete and much poorer standard than No-Intro. Which isn't to say No-Intro can't improve but there's no need for regression. No-Intro also make some effort to move forward.

Elaborate on all 4 of your arguments. I want to see how you came to those conclusions.

ddcea4  No.15384818


I've already pointed out that Goodsets archive garbage ROMs. No-Intro has a few bad dumps mentioned in their browsable DB such as for Pokémon Black and White but those don't get included in their dats. They also have indication of games that have been dumped multiple times vs. once (unverified). As for quality control, all the shitty Mai and Vitamin dumps for Vita games are flagged bad and effectively removed. There isn't yet a stable cartridge archive format but they hash .pkg files from PSN now. Like NoPayStation without the pirating allowed. The main thing they need to work on is a modern hashing format. Signed hashes are probably going a bit too far, on top of being more difficult to deal with, but it does at least need to move to a more secure one than SHA1 or MD5.

46fe3d  No.15384913


I hope Krikzz has an apprentice. I mean, 100 USD per console library is really inexpensive tbh. My GBA Everdrive has me covered for NES, GB, GBC, and GBA. Literally thousands of dollars. That leaves, in terms of shit I personally give a fuck about, what, SNES, Genesis, and N64–all stuff that emulates well?

36afef  No.15385066


I'm looking to get an Everdrive because N64 emulation is kinda hit or miss for the non first party stuff.

d3a4a1  No.15385257


>I hope Krikzz has an apprentice. I mean, 100 USD per console library is really inexpensive tbh

Krikzz didn't make the saturn/dreamcast shit, and they aren't an especially good option anyways. Unlike an everdrive, they cost 130 euros, didn't actually need an everdrive to begin with, as the library of games is small. and CD-Rs are still a much cheaper option, AND they only work on specific models of the machines so if you don't have, say, a launch dreamcast or a saturn with a very specific CD drive, you're fucked.

c1e9d9  No.15385288


God I'm glad I jumped off the sinking GG Game Grumps ship while I could. They should've shut the channel down in 2013 when Jon left.

35ebe5  No.15385297


>Ever watching Game Grumps

You're part of why the internet is so shit.

bb44f7  No.15385310


>The gamecube is now considered retro

Where did all those years go?

fd5526  No.15385326

File: a957455a8a2f9ec⋯.png (83.06 KB, 200x345, 40:69, 158264-.hack-Link_(Japan)-….png)

Piracy is NOT a good solution for archiving games. The entire NES library is what? Two gigabytes? One PSP game is 1-1.5 gigabyte. I'm seeding all the PSP JRPGs out of principal but a one terabyte seedbox is €25 per month.

A modern game can go over 100Gb. And finding seeds for the obscure games is not easy. Sure GTA4 will always be out there. But ni no kuni 2?

ddcea4  No.15385331

File: 251cf7c7160b283⋯.jpg (396.68 KB, 1250x1425, 50:57, 1284323273435.jpg)


Don't act so high and mighty like you haven't enjoyed trash or guilty pleasures.

529fd0  No.15385385


this is how industries die

35ebe5  No.15385410


I guess you got me there.


>A modern game can go over 100Gb.

Why the fuck would I archive a modern game?

c1e9d9  No.15385459

File: 2fb7757021b3c9f⋯.png (199.56 KB, 531x610, 531:610, 2fb7757021b3c9faa88f624f0f….png)


A 5TB portable hard drive can be had for <$150. 5 years ago you would've been lucky to get 1TB for that price. The size of modern games will not become a problem until they surpass the 500GB mark, and even then we'll probably have 10TB drives by that point. And as >>15385410 said, what need would there be to archive games from the CURRENT YEAR anyway? If they're still being sold then there's no point.


Jontron was, is, and will forever be /ourguy/ fgt. He never cucked out in the face of SJWs and only redditors/tumblrtards hate him. You're not from those places, are you?

8d7737  No.15385539

File: ab6bda87476f317⋯.png (1000.04 KB, 869x763, 869:763, richard-stallman-was-right….png)

ddcea4  No.15385649


>Do you recall the reason why?

Who cares? What's the point of a typical goodset having a whole bunch of cracked or shittily dumped variants included with the [!] game? The edge cases that people actually care about can be done elsewhere.

>Selective, or by standard?

When downloading a dat file it has a bunch of filtering options, but yeah, by default, it's only good ROMs. No-Intro, unlike byuu, also include some unofficial stuff.

>Exclusive to GoodSets

No-Intro does it. I don't know if goodsets does but I strongly doubt it.

>What's the raw standard regarding No-Intro's choice to remove those two

Never mind it wasn't fully removed, it was only like the first couple of entries that happened to be red. Nevertheless there is now a section for PSN encrypted/decrypted .pkg files which is state-of-the-art. For cartridge games there isn't yet a dumping standard because internally they're a folder tree much like a digital game on Vita, and those are troublesome to hash.

>GoodSets never did Vita work, so this argument is moot.

An example was asked for and I gave it. At least partly.

>Never heard of torrent poisoning?

Yes and it's rarely a problem in practice…

>But those aren't post quantum.

…which is why I believe you are vastly overstating the threat posed by the less secure hashes with ROMs. On top of that, signed hashes introduce their own complications, mostly trust in whoever holds the private key(s) and how to distribute the public ones. Compared to just running md5sum(1) or equivalent. The other biiiig problem is redumping everything. Just trusting the existing files isn't enough if you're assuming people actually compromised them.

>It's ok to avatarfag.

You dummy. There's hundreds of those and I have not once seen them on here.

ddcea4  No.15385789

File: 1e7c6172c015e83⋯.jpg (38.74 KB, 680x660, 34:33, 000000.jpg)


>words words words words words words words


>In the case of dumping, you have to have examples of what isn't a dump

It's done. By defining how to dump a game, and having multiple people reproduce the same output with the same game. If people are stuffing around with it or doing it wrong, or the cartridge is bad, it won't. Of course if the actual dumping technique is wrong or sub-standard it may be superceded later, but again, for a time, the only way to copy Vita games was Vitamin and Mai. Many similar examples exist of what was best at the time but no longer.

Also unless your DB actually catalogs ROMs with intros (fuck intros), ones that are dumped incorrectly (why on earth would you even bother documenting these, let alone distributing them in a ROM torrent, they are no value) it makes no sense to have a naming system for them. No-Intro is about good, or at a minimum, unverified (likely valid but not reproduced independently, and something to test against later).

>If it doesn't follow guidelines, it's "hobby dump"

No it's done wrong and isn't worth documenting.

>Your so called "pre-patched" ROMs, yep, hobby dumps.

If you're talking about ROM hacks or unofficial games those aren't necessarily in scope for a DB. Usually they're interested in official versions of a game for a platform, not every bootleg or weird third-party add-on (NES has loads of these for example). Modified games made to work on sub-standard emulators or game copiers generally aren't of interest either, the only major exception is that they sometimes have hashes against decrypted and encrypted for validation of that, because distributing the actual keys would quickly get them in hot water.

efbec9  No.15385832


What dumb ass retard archives services instead of video games?

467bd1  No.15386144

File: d7d5d6a15d17466⋯.jpg (150.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot1488.jpg)


Jon Aryan Jafari

efbec9  No.15387183

Lots of posts got nuked in this thread.


>The virgin Egoraptor.

<The chad Jontron.


Thanks. It's to learn.

65761e  No.15387233



Thanks lad, I never clicked on the download link 'cause I'm a raging tard. This looks good.

000000  No.15388219



>only 1 download per hour

>20 days for 500 games

Is there not a quicker way?

0396b5  No.15388377

File: 94bb3f598900d28⋯.png (36.56 KB, 1100x640, 55:32, gamestop.png)


>tfw all the Gamestops near me are dead and all that's left are humble vidya businesses that sale both new and retro games

Feels good not to be cucked by GameStop niggers.

0396b5  No.15388382


If not for Jontron, that pile of garbage would never have been so popular.

591fd0  No.15388561

File: 0a2d35d276e5b0c⋯.jpg (17.94 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 0a2d35d276e5b0cbbfca6ad506….jpg)


I see, thanks anon.

024db0  No.15388651



Yuo feil at speling.

4b8f3f  No.15388701

File: 1bcf69ead28e18a⋯.jpg (25.85 KB, 680x456, 85:57, fellow_boyz.jpg)

File: 32c71027737c74d⋯.png (486.99 KB, 753x600, 251:200, Muh Nigga.png)



This nigga

024db0  No.15388735

File: cc4ded600598785⋯.png (934.4 KB, 869x763, 869:763, rms was right again fixed.png)


Fixed it.

000000  No.15390663


>Brown hidden 8 hours /v/ Deleted all posts by IP address: <IP hidden>

Oh, Brownpill IS a MOD!

Makes sense.

Remember, download sub quality ROM sets and never verify them ever again!

Something something bitrot and data loss!

cbbfc2  No.15390709


Fucking Gamestop was considering the Wii "Vintage" in 2013 or so.

f2abe7  No.15390745




keep dreaming abdul

cd2cad  No.15391049


That is their only option to save their asses before enough people start asking "Bro,If it's digital there is like infinite copies right ,right (hits blunt) so why do they all cost 60$ shouldn't they be worth next to nothing"

ddd40c  No.15391219

File: bbd8512cb5eaeef⋯.jpg (16.32 KB, 396x430, 198:215, 11393189_1136171856399804_….jpg)


Agreed, Jon and Erin worked well together, now it's so mediocre and bland

Also the camera man Barry should have stayed hidden behind the camera as the unseen actor, infront of it's he's lost his charm

ddd40c  No.15391223


Unfortunately no his videos are obviously paid advertisements, and when it's scripted he's not as entertaining as when he's goin on the fly

ddd40c  No.15391225


b70d68  No.15391242

File: fa5da130d94db6f⋯.png (235.08 KB, 716x716, 1:1, in_the_four_hundreth_mille….png)

File: c775e2a501aa337⋯.png (225.6 KB, 500x491, 500:491, heresy.png)

File: 16ca6b45ff0224f⋯.jpg (77.43 KB, 512x504, 64:63, chaos.jpg)

4b8f3f  No.15391297


The DS folder is down. Anybody know of another one?

8e5be3  No.15391417

File: 234b5e945375a21⋯.mp4 (11.46 MB, 360x280, 9:7, wacko jr. in wonderland pr….mp4)


They had cracktros during the C64 era (and other 8-bit computers). They're actually quite useful because many of them include trainers and some games are almost impossible to play without them, due to bugs or just questionable design. Console games typically got a lot more testing, but many computer games were a rush job of getting a game ported and out into the shops.


> bitrot

Use par2cmdline or a similar tool to create PAR 2.0 files so you have enough redundancy to correct most errors. Also have multiple backups on different media.

00adf9  No.15391853


>Jontron was, is, and will forever be /ourguy/ fgt

>'our' anything

Have you swallowed enough of his cum yet?

a88f88  No.15392202


This anon speaks truth. More people need to dump their shit online first, but most collector fags don't even fucking play their games to begin with or even know anything about them other than their monetary status as disc-based beanie babies. And this is coming from someone with experience in this.

931b76  No.15393270


requesting the remake of this image with the big titty shygal

931b76  No.15393276




you must have missed the part where he sold his soul to disney

ddcea4  No.15393960


An argument for trainers is not one against archival of the original. In particular, I have not found a clean copy of the Amiga game Crystal Hammer (Arkanoid clone), and the intro for that is like a full minute before I can play it. It's terrible. That, and Pac-Mania, and Hybris, are my childhood.

Also the bit-rot solution is spreading copies, and hashing.

8c3f5a  No.15394098

Not only should we archive the roms and emulators….all of this software in software form.

We should also make an effort to archive the specifics of the actual hardware.

Full on circuit diagrams, names of components involved, and data-sheets on those components.

Anything truly and completely proprietary and unable to find on the market should be marked as such and its functions documented as best as possible through reverse engineer diagnostics.

My end goal is to be able for a person to be able to piece together their own NES or SNES or SEGA or whatever, maybe it doesn't look as good as the originals, but it functions exactly the same if you plugged a cartridge into that homebrew machine.

Likewise, I would want a homebrew cart to work just as well plugged into a genuine machine.

c3e317  No.15394392


For the larger ROMs, you can compress space by putting all regions and versions of the same game in 1 archive. Most of the ROM would be the same so the combined archive file would be smaller than the individual files. (This varies between compression algorithms and the compression setting used, but I know it works with 7z.) Anyone who's serious about archiving and wants to save storage space (or make the whole collection more compressed and more accessible to others) should consider that.

I can't test this in practice myself due to shitty bandwidth. However, to test this in theory, I put the Gamecube list into an excel sheet. Using the data given, the total space of all the ROM archives is about 1.827 TB. (Assume rounding errors due to only 2 displayed decimal places shown on the website.) By splitting the filenames and removing duplicate ROMs of the same versions this drops to 0.986 TB, or almost half of the original archive size.

Keep in mind that number is just an estimate. One issue is not knowing exactly how much of the ROM has changed between versions, but most of the content should be the same minus translations and possibly bugfixes. Another issue would be because I didn't feel like over-complicating this and check if the duplicate ROM is part of a 2-disc game, but again, a lot of the content would be the same. The final error would be games with alternate names in foreign languages. I figured matching the names and their translations just for an estimate would be too much work, but a lot of them seemed to have English names still.

If someone has the bandwidth and disk storage to spare I'd love to see the numbers in practice. Here's the document if anyone cares. https://files.catbox.moe/3k8mty.zip

52d0e9  No.15394678

Don't forget nearly every game on 360/PS3 and EVERY SINGLE GAME on Bone/PS4 have huge day 1 patches that is essentially the other half of the game. Even if you buy physical you are still shit out of luck when the patch servers go.

31c96a  No.15395786

File: ae5319b01c8c23f⋯.png (514.1 KB, 355x560, 71:112, 1495361161352.png)


What the fuck are you using it for?

8e5be3  No.15395794


Amiga disk drives were very flexible in what they could do compared to other computers like PCs and Atari ST, so that made the copy protection pretty fucking solid if any work was put into it. And they HAD to be cracked in most cases (very few games on Amiga didn't have copy protection, and relatively few let you install them to HD), and when the crackers did all that hard work, they put their intros in there. You don't like that? Go use an IPS dump instead. If there isn't one yet, go make an IPS dump of that game if it bothers you so much. I don't care tbh, so long as the game runs.

31c96a  No.15395867

File: 6ccb469d201a262⋯.jpg (52.52 KB, 450x600, 3:4, TGS01O_E01.jpg)

Considering anons are sharing romsets, here some of my warez.

[Original Xbox] HDD ready (# -I) [ENG / REGION FREE] 397GB- FirstRun70


[Original Xbox] HDD ready (J -Q) [ENG / REGION FREE] 374gb- FirstRun70


[Original Xbox] HDD ready (R -Z) [ENG / REGION FREE] 399GB - FirstRun70


>mfw I got a crystal xbox with a v1.0 motherboard for 20 bucks

I modded the bios and replaced the drive for a 150gb drive i had laying around

8e5be3  No.15395889


Typo, I mean IPF, which can be loaded fine in UAE presumably, though I never tried this.

Also the one exception to Atari ST was Dungeon Master. FTL bought their own commercial disk duplicator and customized it so they could write "fuzzy logic" bits onto each disk they shipped, in such a way that the ST drives couldn't properly read it each time and it came out random. Then their copy protection checks (at many spots in the game, some very far into it) tried to read that special disk sector several times in a row, and if it was always identical then the program knew it was a pirate copy (because the ST drives could only write "normal" bits that read in identical the same every time) and then some time later made the game to start misbehaving in subtle ways. Those guys were pretty devious!

8e5be3  No.15395919


I've seen some super lame shit. In this thread for example, some collector talks about his "sealed" copy of an early 80's game, when it hasn't been properly dumped and other people are trying to get a working rom dumped.


Meanwhile the disks in all those "sealed" copies are just going to degrede over time. Insnity!

31c96a  No.15395942

File: 1a687bad1c042aa⋯.mp4 (311.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Maximum kek.mp4)


>Becuase it's my favorite OS? I like the layout,

Nigger are you for real?

>ease of use and look.

Yes because windows tiles totally isn't a bloated shit fest of a ui. And what makes it easier than 7 or 8.1? I'm genuinely curious to why you think 10s easier.

>Why, is that a problem?

Where do you think you are.

06123b  No.15395948


>taking the worlds most least effort bait

calm down man

31c96a  No.15395952

File: 05473068dc9743f⋯.png (635.44 KB, 960x958, 480:479, 05473068dc9743f48c6c250d96….png)


>Mistaking banter for anger


31c96a  No.15396018

File: 43344d065d5e95d⋯.jpg (15.75 KB, 234x234, 1:1, 1497225848480.jpg)



I'm in absolute awe, the is the best bait i've ever seen.

c14ace  No.15396100


Nice. I'll be downloading these when I get home

7c0980  No.15396143

I thought Sony was developing some kind of relaunch of the ps1/ps2 like how Nintendo relaunched the snes

31c96a  No.15396161

File: 9ece21a32c2abc6⋯.png (358.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9ece21a32c2abc6dd231203a3c….png)

1d5b70  No.15399454






Kill yourself, dumbass cuckchanner.

860339  No.15401948

File: a829bda317c9731⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 250x188, 125:94, Bump.gif)

Bump for all the good links

47962f  No.15402089

Wow all my posts were deleted

47962f  No.15402107

File: a0bb8c8ef43a581⋯.png (375.84 KB, 635x457, 635:457, 1524968054827.png)


Mods were upset i use windows 10?

That's pretty sad


Fucking hell, why does everybody hate windows 10?

000000  No.15402141


Get over it, Windows 10 is shit m8.

If you really want to get spied on that much, you better get paid for it.

8c3f5a  No.15402303


Windows 10 is microsoft trying to get you tied in with their microsoft ID shit.

Then they're trying to get your data to sell to other companies and they actually run ads on your desktop.

They're essentially playing google's game except it's baked right into the OS.

Which makes it even more sinister when you think about it because now they're gathering information on a whole new level. Not just what sites you visit but anything and everything you do on your system in general.

You could disable a bunch of this stuff from what I know, but honestly that's the game they're playing and there's always some stuff popping up about how shit gets turned back on during updates and other shit.

With all that said, you're kind of fucked for choices in PC OSes to play games on that aren't a console emulation. But this is off topic here really

e7671c  No.15403703



Not everyone likes a dumb faggot like you too, so fucking what?

Remove yourself from the gene pool before you spread any of those cancerous filthy shit taste in technology.

At the very least go back to your own habitat:






Here's an anecdote explaining why Win10 is an OS that you should never use regularly.

While at work, I once borrowed a laptop with Win10 pre-installed when my own PC broke, for a few weeks. That laptop was literally my only choice, so don't bother asking why. Tried to disable updates through the hosts file, and so far the OS looks like it hasn't successfully updated itself, even to this day. But it kept restarting the laptop at certain times of the day automatically, as if it tried to install some updates. Finally, on one day the OS disabled Microsoft IME and foreign language typing support by itself, two of the most important features of Win10 that I repeatedly use since the first day I borrowed the laptop. Yes, those features were usable before that certain day. Whenever I try to reactivate them the OS acts as if there's a certain update that needs to be downloaded and installed so that those features can be usable again. System restore doesn't work at all.

It seems like Win10 was trying to punish me for not letting it do whatever it wants.

Fuck Microsoft.

47962f  No.15405435

File: 9d571c88050ac9e⋯.jpg (27.57 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1533938276173.jpg)


I don't care i'm getting spied on.


Ever heard of AdBlock?


Well, i hate other OS's. Mac is too cluttered.

I'm a loyal Windows 10 fan, so fucking get over it, faggot.

And i don't even use those other websites, so check your facts.


Seriously, go fuck yourself. All of you. If you aren't using windows 10, you aren't using the best.

000000  No.15405491


>windows 10

>loyal fan

No such thing, the term you're looking for is Microsoft employee. No one is idiotic enough to believe somebody would unironically like Windows 10, and brag about it like a faggot as well. Go ahead, keep complaining that others are crybabies and Nazis for disliking a shit product.

If you want to praised for using your faggot aids OS, go back to Reddit- you'll receive no opposition from that hugbox.

47962f  No.15405731

File: 78920fe3bc66f1f⋯.gif (725.12 KB, 300x168, 25:14, feab387c6d2df77c872d058d9a….gif)


But i like Windows 10.

Give me one good reason why it's bad.

>hurr spied on

I don't give a shit what they see.

8c3f5a  No.15405749

File: f066d60a914f80a⋯.jpg (129.21 KB, 1920x1088, 30:17, Snapshot_20151213_230502.jpg)


>ever heard of AdBlock?

You may not have understood this but the main issue isn't the ads its the gathering, use, and selling of personal use data.

You also don't seem to understand that when it comes to security, if one hole is open for one entity it could be used by another.

Kind of how like your asshole keeps getting invaded by dicks when its original and intended purpose is to expel shit.

47962f  No.15405804

File: 973641a23a1a130⋯.gif (46.94 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 1525283611778.gif)


>asshole keeps getting invaded by dicks

>implying i'm not bisexual

i don't give a fuck if they steal shit from me

I don't even have a credit card, bank account, anything so there's really nothing to take in the first place

8c3f5a  No.15405918


>No credit card

>no bank account

You're either underage or extremely poor.

Either way you need to go and stay go.

47962f  No.15405923


I carry all my cash on me, and what i don't carry is at my house. I don't need all that shit.

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