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File: 57cf241ae5c736d⋯.png (43.1 KB, 649x503, 649:503, war_bros_by_masked_observe….png)

e2f6c8  No.15406427

War Bros Edition

Last thread is on page 13.

But we should grind further.

I've been seeing increasing amounts of Volts in ESO. Do you think old fast boi will get nerfed just like Ember did?

675f35  No.15406490


b33cdf  No.15406553

Great frame on ESO, but not as great as a Saryn.

Wouldn't be surprised if he gets nerfed anyway though.

f0b086  No.15406913


>Do you think old fast boi will get nerfed just like Ember did?

Of course not anon, it'll just be a (((rework))).

39c3f2  No.15407113

I never got to play good ember

f12d64  No.15407328


Playing saryn is huge pain in the ass though, she's basically worse atomos.

With volt you press 4 once and watch game win itself.


She was never good.


4af339  No.15408217

What's with the Cancer awareness event?

dd9eda  No.15408437


They want to raise more awareness for their game.

9a699e  No.15408461

Wtf does the Chicken nugget maker company LeYou have to do with Warframe's development?

They own DE and also made a suddenly new company called Athlon which are apparently going to be making a Lord Of The Rings based MMO which will inevitably flop.

How Chinkjewed is Warframe nowadays if at all?

How far does their influence spread

60c3ac  No.15408465

File: 0b6e01034091bd7⋯.jpg (21.22 KB, 273x500, 273:500, Niggers.jpg)

>Go to buy carrier blueprint

>Something goes really wrong

>Get double charged

>Down to 45k credits from 200k+

>Been Double charged

>Didnt get the blueprint, never mind 2 of them

>Support says theres no record of the transaction and closes the ticket

>No creds

>No blueprint

>No luck

I mean, its just credits but I still feel ripped off. Fuck.

051b3f  No.15408950


She's the same, but her 4 now costs more energy, has less range, and deals less damage. So you'd be getting the same general experience, just statistically inferior.

889b0b  No.15408996


>How Chinkjewed is Warframe nowadays

They created an innovative system by which players jew each other for premium currency. This way DE and their chink masters get all of the profit and none of the blame.

c8eea0  No.15409074

File: d5ec476fe99cbe3⋯.jpg (26.91 KB, 271x294, 271:294, FUCK.jpg)

>love painting my frames in creative combinations of colours and showing them off

>love going outside the weapon meta and experimenting, even though experimenting with weapons is never worth it

>hate almost everything else, from the repetitive gameplay and grinding to the new lore and expansion

Something tells me I should do something else with my time.

9d963d  No.15409159


Well anon as long as you're having fun there's no real reason to stop but if you aren't enjoying yourself then yeah go do something else.

b4eb57  No.15410399

So i beat war within and got my first riven. Gotta kill 18 enemies in a dropship alone.

Now i can load up IO and throw a mirage prime mirrorball at one but do i need to get 18 in one mission and it resets if i dont? or is it cumulative?

3bf032  No.15410459


unless it stipulates in one mission, they usually carry over.

b4eb57  No.15410476

File: 45599b92c0d7682⋯.jpg (77.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ITS JUST LIKE THAT ONE EPI….jpg)


turns out yes

>open riven

>1.9% damage to corpus

>0/1% punch through

>0.4% status change


876e52  No.15410516

File: 1d76a4e2b193b13⋯.png (716.99 KB, 783x505, 783:505, 230410_20180905181513_1.png)

I heard the tales but I never believed them until that horrible night…

cdffbb  No.15410517


but what weapon is the riven for?

b4eb57  No.15410553

dc4db4  No.15410573

File: 75d17528eb72ffe⋯.png (42.69 KB, 520x311, 520:311, pay2waste.png)


These "awareness" campaigns pay people to advertise for them (when you see them state fundraising expenses, that's what those are) so they can get donations and take most of them as administration fees and hand the rest out to organizations that paid them. Jews all the way down.

18dca1  No.15410619


No, Rivens are for a specific weapon after unveiled.

cfc289  No.15410840

File: f686b0bfce35fd8⋯.jpg (883.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe3293.jpg)

>Revenat getting buffed already

>They're likely shit.


I just want the eidolon frame to be fun.

dc4db4  No.15410871


>seeing some tweaks

+1 thrall, woo party hard

3bf032  No.15410890


They aren't even touching his 2 or 4, the only abilities that work.

bca52c  No.15411134


>0/1% punch through

>0.4% status change

Those are good fucking stats, you idiot.

You're supposed to max riven out before complaining about it.

Also what fucking rifle?

9398c7  No.15411168

I'm tired of this game. I'm tired of the grind. It's fucking endless, it's fucking futile. By the time I collect all the Warframes, weapons, and other bullshit, they'll just add more shit for me to collect. What's the point of having a high Mastery Rank, anyway? It's not like you get anything out of it, except maybe for the ability to slap your e-peen in people's faces, but that's not much if you ask me.

d31554  No.15411179

File: ba22ca72028d568⋯.jpg (59.75 KB, 350x468, 175:234, doom_box.jpg)

I'm tired of this game. I'm tired of the grind. It's fucking endless, it's fucking futile. By the time I find all the secrets, weapons, and beat a stage, they'll just add more shit for me to find, collect and beat. What's the point of having a high armor, anyway? It's not like you get anything out of it, except maybe for the ability to survive one more shot, but that's not much if you ask me.

dc4db4  No.15411206


>What's the point of having a high Mastery Rank, anyway?

Daily trades. I consider each to be worth at least 15p/day.

c706f9  No.15411823


The grind is the fun, anon.

If you turn into a miserable, meta piece of shit and only grind in the most efficient manner possible then you'll burn out.

55abe9  No.15411882



Play as Excalibur in plains.

Play as Ash in ESO.

Solo sorties with Mag.

Have fun!

Make friends!

Buy plat!

18dca1  No.15411908


Steve I really appreciate you coming into these threads, but this has to stop.

55abe9  No.15411917


You can stop playing and making threads anytime.

But we both know you won't.

4b6ead  No.15413149

File: bd14c9ea0fc23dc⋯.jpg (15.67 KB, 230x296, 115:148, 1466556300206.jpg)

>Revenant has 675 shields at level 30

>Passive is for when his shields get depleted

What the fuck do they even want to do with passives. Also OP is a cuckchan faggot

cfc289  No.15413201


Revenant has a ton of problems. All of his abilities interact with his thralls, but his thralls will die from other players clearing rooms without paying attention. His Mesmer Skin runs off a stupidly small pool of charges, instead of functioning like Iron Skin or being based off of duration. This means that your one protection skill runs out in any room with more than a few enemies. It also doesn't protect against self damage or splash damage from enemies so if you have a thrall run back to you (because they're weirdly passive and will group around you instead of attacking), and using his signature gun Phatasma, you are likely to accidentally blow yourself up. His reave is useless. Doesn't give health or shields worth a damn, and when you NEED to use it to maybe not die the cast time is so long that you'll just get shot down while activating it. Also like the ability it's ripped from Tidal Surge, it's a shitty movement ability but now has the added bonus of filling your screen with whatever your energy color is so you can't see shit. This means you're even more likely to fling yourself into a wall or nullifier you didn't see. His Spin2win only looks fucking retarded, and with the increased channeling cost doesn't have the staying power for higher level stuff.

I wish the dev team actually put work into frames, or gave frame design over to the guy who did nidus and harrow because clearly he's the only one who gets how abilities should work. Also didn't Rebecca work on revenant? Who let the mascot character actually do something important?

5fba81  No.15413225



Post a screencap of that riven with maxed out rank in mods segment preview on orbiter nigger. I thirst to know!

82978a  No.15413234

File: 4d7ff2c82e42fbc⋯.jpg (180.64 KB, 1280x976, 80:61, Fuck.jpg)

Amassed a bunch of rivens that I unlocked together on the plains of Eidolon. I use none of these weapons. At least rivens are a good source of endo.

4b6ead  No.15413239

File: d7e15b38ee11135⋯.jpg (33.17 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 1468263930341.jpg)


>At least rivens are a good source of endo

82978a  No.15413243


You can get like 700 out of a single one.

4b6ead  No.15413250


>Sell trash riven for plat

>Use plat to buy anasa statues

4af339  No.15413267


>buying statues with plat


4b6ead  No.15413271


Im not doing that, just offering a better solution than to fucking sell rivens for endo holy shit nigger what are you doing. At least that way he gets way more endo out of one

82978a  No.15413284

Let's be honest Archwings will be good before anyone offers more than a plat for those things.

aeeee6  No.15413298

File: 9afb1594678c39a⋯.jpg (34.59 KB, 390x350, 39:35, 9afb1594678c39acf08f8beb91….jpg)

Here is an insane idea

Archwing open world underwater or in space or in gaseous clouds above a planet like Jupiter

82978a  No.15413322

Speaking of the Archwing, I seriously hope the space missions are reworked once Railjack hits. I hate how you can see the Archwing has potential but the missions have you skating on ice in 720 degrees around items and fallen team members, flying like moths around capture points getting shot from all directions, or bashing yourself against mines and forcefields in mazes. I'd pick something more like spaceflight games, fucking wide mission areas with enemy vessels and high speed. Like a reskinned Ace Combat, that'd be perfect.

5fba81  No.15413460

File: 2be5678332e4262⋯.gif (2.08 MB, 208x200, 26:25, 2be5678332e4262f17fb80a436….gif)


I'd love a minigame similar to frame fighter or that zephyr 9/11 buper, an archwings sidescrolling shootemup like old river raid or tohou etc

9398c7  No.15413472

Alright so I finally got Mesa. Now what

f721fa  No.15413480

File: 75d7e4d093db7a4⋯.png (418.88 KB, 1400x569, 1400:569, virgin mesa vs chadus.png)


They become good as soon as DE revomes charges on them and you'll be able to use them infinitely in plains and fortuna.


Underwater is the worst meme in video games tbh.


Here's an instruction on how to play mesa.

db69b6  No.15413521


Here's another idea

On rails archwing missions with few "free range mode" rooms. Yeah, I want archwing to be Fucking starfox.

Archwing kind of feels good when you're going fast and shooting stuff. Untill you hit a tiny corner/pipe/etc that stops you immediately, making you maneuver awkwardly to keep going again.

Instead, just keep moving me forward, shooting stuff continuously.

4b6ead  No.15413531


You pull her out on the elemental enhancement sorties and the index. that is unless you actually like playing her

9cf935  No.15413550



Shouldn't you post your genius ideas somewhere where DE can actually fucking see them?

I.e. on reddit.

cfc289  No.15413562


>Shitsniffer anon still mad that mesa outdamaged him

e1a4f7  No.15413573

File: 4fd65bc19cca97a⋯.png (751.86 KB, 1465x1794, 1465:1794, 1509845007121.png)


But… the shitsniffer IS mesa.

db69b6  No.15413584


no, because my ideas are for you, anon

I care about you baby

I wanna bridge the gap between you and me, make conversation, know you better

what frames do you like playing?

wanna show each other frames?

f12d64  No.15413595

File: 268eba991be6191⋯.jpg (44.12 KB, 329x399, 47:57, 268.jpg)

cfc289  No.15413607


Shitsniffer anon is the guy who has a fit of autistic rage at the mere mention of Mesa.

8a8c18  No.15414138

File: 4be6c4ea0d82460⋯.png (661.71 KB, 1000x746, 500:373, qwefw.png)



its not about being out damaged. caring about something like that is for shitters. what i care about is out of the 36 warframes you have in this game the devs stop trying to make something unique and just carter to what already exist. most of mynki's designs are complete trash and the fact shitsniffer's kit got a pass by fatfuck must have been a personal request along with a long term profit plan. most of the newer frames people even care about are frames designed under spicblo not fatfuck. those frames include: nidus, re-reworked saryn, harrow, and one more frame i can't remember. these people that play jewtuber meta recommendations blow through the game and are the first people to complain about something being too easy and the first people to complain about something being unfair. these are also the same people that cry when something is too op for the game so it ends up getting nerfed the next day never to be seen again. Hell even rebecca made a tweet yesterday about making buffs to "her" designed frame cant even be bothered to remember the name, and wonders why no one cares for something that has only been out of a few weeks. people lvled it, took their judgement on it and just went back to shitsniffer or some other shitter magnet frame. the existent of shitsniffer, the most popular frame currently in the game, is detrimental and the only reason why she hasnt got gutted like every other frame is because DE wants to make a stupid amount of money on her prime access.

4af339  No.15414178


>DE wants to make a stupid amount of money on her prime access.

Isn't Chroma the next prime?

d3f0b7  No.15414183

warframe is srsly such a shit game. My god is it repetitive

cfc289  No.15414304


This is chok full of autism but here we go. That wall of text basically boils down to you thinking mesa is used more than frames like Loki, Equinox, or even Excalibur Umbra. She's not. Not even close. She's not even that strong in any place where damage matters and a properly modded Volt will outdo her easily. It's clear that most of what you typed is either pure bullshit or delusion that you honestly believe. Just accept that you hate her because you're the shitter.

As for revenant he's not used because his kit is really bad right now. Let's break him down a bit.

>Revenant has a fuckton of shields, a small health pool, and a passive that stuns nearby enemies when his shields are down

<This means that it's an ability that only works in the worst case scenario and doesn't do anything worthwhile. That's not even taking into account Mesmer Skin, which prevents (almost) all damage anyways.

>Enthrall is a single target cast that makes an ally friendly, and can spread out from enthralled units attacking others up to 47 units. Mesmer Skin gives free casts of Enthrall when enemies are stunned by it, Reave gives health and shields when it passes over thralls, and thralls killed by Danse Macabre give a small Overshield pickup

<The problem is that thralls have no way of not being killed by allies, meaning that most of those interactions go right out of the window in squads. Thralls are strangely passive, only attacking when attacked by others and grouping around you to make using landing a shot irksome best and suicidal when using explosives.

>Mesmer Skin is like iron skin but with a few charges and no "Grace Period" where getting attacked doesn't consume charges. Enemies that attack you are stunned, opening them up to Enthrall for free

<The problem is that even with near 300 strength, I still have about twenty charges at most and if there's more than a few enemies in the room those charges are gone fast. Also if you have streamline on, then the free enthrall is worthless since Enthrall is dirt-cheap anyways

>Reave makes Revenant charge forward, leeching health and shields from enemies and more from thralls.

<And that's it Reave has a strangely long cast time, leaving you open to get shot and if you need Reave to steal health, that's going to kill you more often than save you. The health and shields (not overshields, by the way) gained from Reave makes the large cost, long cast time, and it being a Tidal Surge rip off not worth it

>Danse Macabre is the only worhtwhile move because it deals a decent amount of damage in a disc-shaped radius. This damage adapts to enemy type, and you can move while using it

<However it chugs energy, won't hit anything above or below you, and you look like a god-damn idiot spinning like that

Revenant isn't being ignored because frames like mesa exists. He's being ignored because he's shit and already needs buffs

7e6227  No.15415143

Devstream tomorrow?

I expected them to at least mention a Chroma rework before his launch. An announcement is either coming tomorrow, or not at all.

8a8c18  No.15415205


chroma already got a rework and it was a flat out nerf between his damage boosting for eidolons and his tankiness

b61ad2  No.15415231


As a Chroma main I'm not seeing much a huge difference, I definitely feel less tanky though, but that's because corpus weapons at high level do disgusting amounts of armor piercing.

c706f9  No.15415258


If they make his 1 and 4 useful then Chroma will be in great shape.

4af339  No.15415443

Is there gonna be a fomorian event soon?

df0ef5  No.15415506

File: 83c80673e666cbb⋯.webm (1.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Warframe Animation Databa….webm)

I feel like I have to point out that Mesa is called shit sniffer because


If anything no one is calling that saryn or equinox, despite them being much better DPS frames.

cfc289  No.15415847

File: c3a2f434f2892ac⋯.jpg (638.43 KB, 1000x663, 1000:663, Rifle Hunter Tracking in S….jpg)


That's called tracking. Mesa's visuals are western-based. We've been over this before you IP-hopping autist.

18dca1  No.15415916

File: 625ec428fc291a3⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, Warframe use by MR Raw 1.png)

File: 508188883aa015d⋯.png (1021.28 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Warframe use by MR pie.png)

File: 6d735e460025ec9⋯.png (974.08 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Warframe use at MR10 pie.png)

File: 56c93b86e1d621a⋯.png (1023.95 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Warframe use at MR25 pie.png)


Assuming they don't deviate from the pattern they've set so far we will get Mesa Prime just in time for Christmas this year.


We still have the 1 week snapshot statistics to help answer this.

The only place you're really wrong is saying Equinox is more used than her. Though they are close enough at MR 25 that they might change places occasionally.


They'll probably wait until after this relay rebuild "event" is over in a week or so.

cfc289  No.15415949


Also, looking closer she doesn't even sniff it. She's probably doing something like pic related to determine the size of the "prey".


Yeah those are what I meant. That and that one nigh-incomprehensible that's a like a bunch of layered strips. Yeah equinox was a stretch but I had based it more on how often I see frames in ESO or in pub games on Mot. Mesas just don't show up nearly as often as shitsniffer anon would like to believe. She's a middle-of-the-road frame with a semi-strong 4

8a8c18  No.15415990


reminder these stats are very flawed.

18dca1  No.15416031

File: 8604ec5ea02002e⋯.png (614.84 KB, 873x583, 873:583, Warframe use by MR.png)


I just wanted to establish a more objective ground and wasn't necessarily attempting prove or disprove anyone. By the numbers I'd say Mesa is in a fine place and doesn't really need adjusting. Except perhaps letting you refresh her 3 as it is the most common cause of death of my friend who regularly uses her.

However it seems like you, as well as most, misunderstood the point of this graph. While it does fall apart under scrutiny it is only meant to see at a glance how diverse Warframe usage is and if there are any outliers.


Are you brain damaged? If you want to discredit these statistics you need real proof or at least solid reasoning instead of "lolno."

These are only a snapshot of a week in Warframe, but it is hard data that cannot be easily dismissed.

18dca1  No.15416037


*Outliers that see wide usage only. If a frame had the same level of dominance at higher levels that Excal has for the early game then it would show instantly.

8a8c18  No.15416090


>only gives a one week time window

>do it during acolytes even though frame powers dont work on them so people will purposely pick different frames to farm the shit out faster

>doing after sacrifice where the game gives you a fucking slotted warframe

>counting eidolon queue sections people already know the meta team is just volt, chroma harrow and trinity or just counting any known play node where people will always keep picking the same few frames because the community told them to

and a really important note

>having vanilla frames along with prime frames instead of all prime frames and warframes that arent primed yet

if they want better data, which im sure they have and arent sharing it, they should do a fucking raw month of sorties just cycling through the different gamemodes

18dca1  No.15416223


Thank you anon. I don't think it entirely discredits what we have, but these are important caveats to consider which I didn't list, barring the first.

Somewhat unrelated, but I wonder if these are the numbers Rebecca ran with to twist their arms into a Nyx rework. Scott was very resistant to the idea like the subhuman piece of trash he is. I probably shouldn't give her too much credit though.

8a8c18  No.15416577

File: 915563268d909dd⋯.png (6.65 MB, 1536x11278, 768:5639, wegrokpow.png)


>I wonder if these are the numbers Rebecca ran with to twist their arms into a Nyx rework

probably but she was getting to get tweaked anyways because she is getting a deluxe skin.

Heres the first page on her reworked 3rd power from DC if it got into the game or not. There is a 75% chance DE will just pick the ones with the most emotes.

18dca1  No.15416615


That top comment with Shattered Mind wouldn't be too bad. Very similar to Saryn, but you bring your own dots. It'd be pretty disgusting with Tigris that's for sure.

5fba81  No.15417738

File: 523c8af6ca67cb7⋯.jpg (210.18 KB, 1366x767, 1366:767, baro.jpg)

Ashkenazi is back, on Pluto

f43a5a  No.15417752

Baro is here, Primed Toxin Strike, Primed Bane of _ mods, Prisma Shade, and Machete Wraith.

7851db  No.15417753

So i'm past Pluto in what appears to be the 'no fuck players' period where i assume the F2P novelty falls off and whales can't pay their way to progression anymore and decided to do the derelict boss. I heard horror stories of 'can't make it past one head down' expecting something like a super hard bc wow era raid boss.

Its just a fucking RE4 boss. Thats it. Side straffed projectiles, scythe couldn't reach me. Went in as Nidus with no powers used and nuked it with Tigrex prime.

So this got nerfed or something right? because i hear people saying its impossible and that makes no sense.

d31554  No.15417754



Yeah tracking is exactly that- sniffing shit to make sure you're onto rabbits and not some fucking wolves.

Advanced tacking involves tasting it too.

3acb00  No.15417786

File: a4fbc954c71bfaf⋯.jpg (272.72 KB, 1222x733, 1222:733, Consider_Risa.jpg)






Only 5% of player base plays sorties.

They are irrelevant. If it wasn't make and forget mode it would have been shut down like Trials by now with rivens moved to ESO.

8a8c18  No.15417869


>Only 5% of player base plays sorties.

thats the same percentage as trials but trials got removed due to "not enough activity" and "too buggy". so thats flat out wrong.

5c9791  No.15417884


Did you miss

>If it wasn't make and forget mode


8a8c18  No.15417909


all they have been doing is putting existing tilesets nodes into the rotation which isnt a hard thing to do and it still sometimes sleek. they gave up on it when they made the drop table a permanent one.

4af339  No.15418195


Its a pretty good haul imo this time

>prisma shade

>good syandana

>prisma liset

>5 primed mods

6857d9  No.15418204


The only hard part of that boss is bugs.

53c97a  No.15418242

File: e8a61eed4662424⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x1033, 1920:1033, Warframe.x64_2018-09-07_18….jpg)

Huh, didn't know that there was such a place in the relays.

Above Baro

cfc289  No.15418249

File: 546344549666f7c⋯.jpg (121.43 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 20171110_093217.jpg)



You're reaching remarkably hard to justify your autism. And before you get excited, that's dirt.

3bf032  No.15418608


>Only 5% of player base plays sorties.

Can you prove it? Cause I don't know what the fuck anyone does in this game other than sorties, fissures, eidolons, and misc. missions to grind a specific item.

cc29ae  No.15418757

File: 51436083f2e464f⋯.png (420.2 KB, 956x594, 478:297, credit.png)

Double Credit Weekend. Anyone buying boosters? Anyone want a booster?

9398c7  No.15418797


>Anyone want a booster?

You just going to give me one for free, is that it? I won't suck your dick if that's where you think this is going.

cc29ae  No.15418830


In infinitygrind clan? If not just whisper me username MrDaylight

3bf032  No.15418870


>back to school double credits

I hate kids.

85b8dc  No.15418889


>Rhino in school with a backpack

What do you think he'd study?

81373f  No.15418912

File: da48db06531af7c⋯.png (892.77 KB, 421x1031, 421:1031, ClipboardImage.png)

So, why are you still not playing the game entirely in solo with frames and guns that actually allow you to have fun?


>rhino is a mid/highschooler

This is too good.

8a8c18  No.15418957

File: 94b7eaef0eba1d3⋯.webm (11.63 MB, 1000x562, 500:281, shitsniffer.webm)


it sounds more like you are looking for something or provoking something rather than leaving it alone so here is a little treat.

8a8c18  No.15418977

File: 07249dc4f3e1dfa⋯.webm (15.5 MB, 1000x562, 500:281, shitsniiiifferrs.webm)

85b8dc  No.15418980



Stop forcing your meme so hard pls

e2f6c8  No.15418986


It's a really old meme. It wouldn't be brought up if some mesa shitter lol didn't throw an autistic fit trying to defend his waifu.

85b8dc  No.15418996


>It's a really old meme

no it isn't

f464a8  No.15419005


The fact those webms are above 2MB and have sound tell me that it's not a "really old meme".

I remember this autist spamming this shit a few months ago. He was literally the only person in the thread to do it and he'd do it every thread.

e2f6c8  No.15419030



It's as old as Mesa herself.

3bf032  No.15419100



You're an autistic faggot, but I admit those got a laugh out of me.

cfc289  No.15419447


>his waifu

Mirage wasn't mentioned even once. It's just really obvious that this is a case of "Meta outdid me, so I'm gonna reeee every time it's brought up". Like the tierfag that was on cuckchan for a while.

c9eb85  No.15419494


Looking on google, it's a forced meme that never caught on from 4chan. Explain yourself.

4af339  No.15419566


>Googling memes to try and fit in

c9eb85  No.15419567


Lephantis? The issue is it has special coding that caps damage and zeroes out specific things. It's a big ball of hacks and if you don't know you might get shit on depending on what gear you brought. People bring their 6 forma rivened opticors and do shit damage because of the per shot damage cap and freak out. Meanwhile, players bringing garbage weapons with a high fire rate burn him down easily. If aware of this mechanic, can take a good high fire rate weapon and the whole mission takes about 2 minutes solo.

c9eb85  No.15419596


If you recognize a meme that is only used on 4chan then you need to go back.

876e52  No.15419602


Lephantis is weak to corrosive mostly, you just need to shoot the pink spots with something that deals decent damage, and yeah, lower rate of fire like Opticor does jack shit despite having more damage, so that's why he can be nuked then?

5fba81  No.15419656


Regular one is easy, maybe people meant the polar star or whatever the fuck it's called star event on plains? sortie tier tripod?

8a8c18  No.15419713

File: 7487225ce825b9f⋯.webm (9.01 MB, 1000x420, 50:21, Warframe - Are You Fast E….webm)

e37405  No.15419733


Base Lephantis is a pushover, I managed to murder him solo with forma-less guns no problem in an average of 3 shots to each head. Bring a high damage per shot shotgun and git gut.

Now sortie Lephantis is a whole nother spiel.

4b8783  No.15419753


They're mostly the same other than for scaling. But you can have a really bad time with that fight due to the damage cap and scripted mechanics. Try with an ogris, for example. There's no legit reason it should be so shit, it was DE's failed attempt at getting rid of the extreme invulnerability phases seen in older bosses that everyone hates yet prevent it from being one-shot.

f78ce7  No.15419857

File: 02e2b79bd05d1b9⋯.png (14.42 KB, 674x425, 674:425, 1447438164884.png)

First time I ever bought so much shit from baro, mirage skin, every primed mod, machete, shade and the cape. Probably could have skipped the bane mods but I want to experiment with them

8a8c18  No.15419911


if it hasnt been nerfed yet you can double dip gas procs using banemods

18dca1  No.15419938


I've messed around with them on Builder and they are a damage increase in many cases. It's just a matter of having the Endo and the Credits to rank them.

f78ce7  No.15419961


Nice, cant find anything about it being fixed. Here is some faggot from DE confirming it if anyone is curious http://archive.is/IOnhr


Looks like I wont be regretting it, just have to figure out what they will replace. and grind some endo

0c8e16  No.15419991


>grind some endo

Don't forget the 1000+ copies of ammo case and what not you have anon. Dissolving all those useless dupe bronze and silver-tier mods will probably get you enough endo for at least 2 or 3 of those primed mods.

f78ce7  No.15420030

File: d898f0703017c19⋯.webm (5.79 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Breaking bad.webm)


But what if I need 1000 ammo cases some day? Thanks, I actually forgot about those

3bef36  No.15420493

>a few days ago a kohm riven

>today a scoliac riven

Is Steve rewarding me for telling all of the goyim on 8chan about his game?


Shade is good.

Machete is MR fodder, plain and simple.

Don't buy the prime mods unless you have been playing for years and have a super excess of resources.

Primed fever strike can go on every melee weapon. It's good.

3bef36  No.15420497


Primed bane mods, I mean.


Fat stacks of anasa were always enough endo for me.

I usually sell my duplicate mods for credits.

f78ce7  No.15420696



I need to collect everything I can, surely you understand. I only had to do a couple of rifts to get the remaining ducats and there was an ukko fissure up so it didnt take long. I've been playing for about 600 hours now so im at the point where I have all frames/weapons/mastery levels I need. Now I just jew and occasionally run rifts and sorties

cdcf88  No.15420969

Any 8ch clan?

cc29ae  No.15421117


The original full up and clan managers didn't want to go above 100 because it causes clan research requirements to get exponentially more expensive. Leave your username anyway and I'll ask.

I think there was an alt clan created a few months ago too. They had room and aren't autistic about it so maybe you'll get in theirs if they still lurk the threads.

3bef36  No.15421230

Today I discovered that Hieracon is the best credit farming spot.

Get two excavations done then leave.

50k guaranteed.

cdcf88  No.15421240


estro2, at MR 24

e37405  No.15421334


T2 index is the best farming spot you dolt.

bca52c  No.15421340


Why are you calling high index T2?

e37405  No.15421348


because T3 has lower cash per minute than T2

bca52c  No.15421373


Not it's not? Not since index rework.

e37405  No.15422068


It is in practice due to stupid AI and human error. The payout aint worth it because once in a while there will be an MR1 excal feeding the cats.

7851db  No.15422086


>Tonkor Hexa-Lexitron



>+17.2% damage to corpus

>+1.1% punch through

>+39.7% status chance

81373f  No.15422093

File: a2ebd1287fa7a59⋯.png (58.7 KB, 271x192, 271:192, ClipboardImage.png)



I heavily recommend turning that into endo.

7851db  No.15422097

File: f5ff10f57df420e⋯.png (58.02 KB, 237x200, 237:200, 1998 california ps1 snk SF….png)


>Take a look at mods to convert

>duplicate mods: 4307

>only MR9 and only just unlocked operator mode

f46914  No.15422102


Is this some shit meme I am missing? Thats one of the worst things you could do with a shit riven

81373f  No.15422104

File: 13a06343541ff85⋯.png (1018.01 KB, 521x994, 521:994, ClipboardImage.png)

Man, this mirage skin baro sells is actually fairly lit.


Thing is, tonkor is absolute shit garbage after the nerfs. Unless you're willing to put in, uh, lemme check, six formas i think, and even then it's just a mediocre grenade launcher that slightly tickles enemies once armor ramps up.


Well, he's not going to have a transmuter on hand anytime soon nor three more shit rivens to transmute. And finding a buyer for a fucking tonkor riven is about as easy as getting a blowjob from your kavat.

85b8dc  No.15422115


She looks like Harley Quinn now.

7851db  No.15422118


i kind of prefer the colour options on the base prime skin that makes her look like a slutty Nights cosplay.

81373f  No.15422120


That's kinda the point. But hey, nothing stops you from repainting her to your tastes.

18dca1  No.15422302

File: 673af6e623a887b⋯.jpg (198.97 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 20180908063325_1.jpg)


It's the best solo Endo grind and it's good for quick credits and spending your first mission reward bonus, but the Index is far, far superior.


You know you can take screenshots rather than write all that out right?


Only now?

18dca1  No.15422311


Oh, I should say that if you're really autistic about it then completing the first two tiers of the Sortie before the daily reset then completing the third tier with your Daily First Reward Bonus is the best option.

5fba81  No.15422390


>got a daily login 3h credit booster today

>there's a x2 credit event till 10th of the month

>still got that 3day sortie booster from the other day

>every high tier index now scores 2 million grofit

is this what it means to achive quantum happy merchant singularity?



7851db  No.15422403

Took down my first Teralyst.

I had no fucking idea what was going on.

ae1041  No.15422404


>Only 5% of player base plays sorties.

Seriously? There is particularly no barrier to entry, isn't overly hard, doesn't need coordinated groups and is one of the few places where you actually get to use your maxed out warframes and weapons. Why would nobody play them?

55abe9  No.15422411


Why play them in the first place?

Rewards are shit, randoms can easily fuck you up in some modes, unfun limitations like snipers only on an infested map or whatever, difficulty is all over the place etc etc.

Only people that play it are hucksters making plat off whales with rivens and statues and then spending the rest of the day in trade chat/market.

5adcdd  No.15422415


They already defiled his 4 though, 60% increase in energy drain.

f43a5a  No.15422430


>rewards are shit

>Free plat is shit

Alright, we took the bait, you got your laughs, now get the fuck out you fucking retard.

5adcdd  No.15422436


You have to potential to get a plat lottery ticket via the way of rivens though.

55abe9  No.15422447



>time is free

>spending months on un grinding what is essentially gachapon and turning it into 2nd job is not shit

And I thought I'm steveposting there.

585c5a  No.15422461


most sorties take around ten minutes and never longer than 30. what?

f43a5a  No.15422468


>time is free

So then why are you online, time isn't free. You're wasting your time here by your own logic. I already get that you don't play games since you're posting here, but you're wasting your precious time shitposting.

5adcdd  No.15422496


Maybe months cumulatively, but it's not like trying to get a perfect roll on a riven to jew/ imp your favourite weapon or your breadwinner lanka or the fucking focus system. I will admit however that sorties along with the rep system are gay daily mechanics to keep you "engaged" for their player count metrics.

d90777  No.15422508


Shitposting is much more time efficient than grinding your soul away, isn't it?

e2f6c8  No.15422890

File: 063caaf4624b123⋯.gif (290.3 KB, 500x449, 500:449, 1413766532582.gif)

>ask why nobody so few people play sorties

>get answer

>get triggered by an answer

Nobody is telling you to stop playing sorties.

But as far as meta goes they are irrelevant, deal with it.

If you like them, just be glad they cost nothing to maintain, otherwise DE would just remove them like raids.

81373f  No.15422901

File: 2fc1670abc23ed5⋯.png (96.46 KB, 615x652, 615:652, najimi think.png)


>as far as meta goes they[sorties] are irrelevant

>the only source of rivens that are crucial to 99% of endgame "meta" that's either gaydolons or long run survival


6d0b91  No.15422921

>play Warframe for first time

>check out thread

>shitsniffing meme

This sounds like the type of game where you drop it once the grind gets too much. I like sneaking around but that playstyle feels unpopular.

81373f  No.15422939


Why would you want to sneak around in what's essentially Dynasty Warriors but with guns and magic?

865548  No.15422944


sneaking around is okay but unless you play solo people are going to try to go fast which will fuck up your sneak

f46914  No.15422945


Who wants to sneak around when you are playing a space ninja capable of obliterating everything on the map without looking? Although occasional stealth is fun with the right warframe, not really worth it though

1aa6f5  No.15422954

File: 8498b048eed3dbe⋯.png (929.19 KB, 756x730, 378:365, moderately smug.PNG)



>crucial to anything


Memes are born from the perception or reality as much as they define it.

Shit sniffing is real.

18dca1  No.15422955


Rivens are not crucial for anything other than Jewing people like you who think they are.


The game, ironically, isn't really build for stealth. There are stealth attacks and alert states, but there are no other stealth mechanics that foster that type of play style. Enemies are simply too good at seeing you and you have no way of effectively staying out of sight short of invisibility mechanics that are limited to a few frames and pets.

No, people like this game because you can go fast and kill fast.

d90777  No.15422956


>This sounds like the type of game where you drop it once the grind gets too much.

Yeah, that's about right. However, if you're diligent, it's possible to acquire a large number of Warframes and weapons in just a few months' time, so even though the grind is initially a pain, eventually you'll get to the point where there won't be much left to grind for, and you'll have to find something to do to keep the game interesting.

9d963d  No.15422970


They really don't want to let you get comfy though what with the releasing of like twenty events over the course of a month. Also if you haven't been farming rhino and nyx get the fuck on it because that shit is going to be worth a fortune since nobody will have been doing it because of all of the events.

81373f  No.15422972

File: 28de4c590081f9e⋯.png (830.92 KB, 832x607, 832:607, sensations of the caribbea….PNG)



>doing more than 1 tridolon a night without a rivened out sniper rifle

>doing any significant damage with a frame that isn't nidus past a 1hr mark

1aa6f5  No.15422974

1aa6f5  No.15422978



Fuck I mean yeah if you want to solo 3 eidolons with mk-1 braton and loki then yeah you probably gonna need riven, but otherwise just don't use wrong/bad gear/frames.

18dca1  No.15422994

File: 69e1394685ac914⋯.jpg (237.14 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 20180908103215_1.jpg)


I have a Rubico riven I can sell you goy. Sounds like you need it.

81373f  No.15423010


Show me that if you're so great.



I'm not mentally retarded to use a weapon that's shit even outside of the meta unless it's stuck with a riven.

2f74b3  No.15423417

File: 62a2490d8f4053c⋯.gif (2.67 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, oreimo.gif)


You've been invited.

cdcf88  No.15423964

File: 69bdccdb58b6e83⋯.gif (269.07 KB, 234x249, 78:83, jes.gif)

06f117  No.15424011

>only one Kronen P. Blade and 2 Khora parts before the grind is over

>still fucking leavers on sanctuary shit and no dice on that one fucking part

end my miserable life

d90777  No.15424051

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Think DE will ever make a space mexicans game?

0c8e16  No.15424461


>teralyst fight

>hose it down with potato lasers until shield breaks

>be like a mob boss and take out it's knees and shoulders first

>run the fuck away or void mode during the big magnetic waves

>repeat steps 1-3 three more times

>try to stop all the little sentient fuckers from healing it while it's on the ground

>accept that you can't see shit because of all the eye cancer going on

>wait until terry stands up again and then shoot it until it dies

>it's head is the tentacley thingy that hangs below the "neck" that most people mistake for it's head

>do this with a minimum of two charged lures to get maximum rewards

The worst part is the eye cancer. That never gets better. The rest is just repetition; once you learn the tells for his moves it's not too hard to know what's coming and react to it in time.

876e52  No.15424536


Speaking of magnetic waves, so you void mode, does that mean you have arcane nullifiers or you don't worry too much about losing all energy?

3bef36  No.15424544



I know that two have already replied, but I will too.

Rivens are not essential.Most guns do not need them and the ones which do are usually regarded as shit.

This meme needs to die.

dc4db4  No.15424549


Arcane nullifiers are because harrow is the most retarded member of any group and is expected to fail to push his one button on time. Otherwise you'll hear "on cooldown" or "sry" or just silence and switch back to find you have no energy.

0c8e16  No.15424551


You'll lose energy if your frame is hit, but you can also fudge it with Harrow 4 or Limbo 4 and then you don't have to void mode. Or be Zenurik and just bubble your energy back.

3bef36  No.15424566


Didn't Limbo get nerfed?

I recall reading that only half of the attacks are blocked by the rift now.

3bef36  No.15424574


Only in the context of teralyst fights, that is.

dc4db4  No.15424579


If you see a limbo in an eidolon group just quit and reroll.

876e52  No.15424593


I can attest that most eidolon attacks aren't negated by the rift, the only exception is energy spikes and eidolon bullets, the rest makes Limbo a little pointless, recently I have done tridolons with Nyx, with a decent energy pool you can be invincible but there are no team benefits.

830329  No.15424750

File: dfd31a30adaa844⋯.webm (7.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, nice katabatic route.webm)

afe578  No.15424956

File: 8c3d89b77cb4896⋯.jpg (83.95 KB, 487x459, 487:459, 12491412795653.jpg)

>Never get octavia neuroptics

>Decide to check what rotation it was

>I had to wait for the 20 minute mark and not 15 minutes

All those wasted runs


>If you see a limbo in a n eidolon group just quit

God tier advice right there but I might be a bit biased because I like playing equinox.

876e52  No.15424970


Or you can just, you know, go to the recruiting channel and get the usual four frames for tridolons.

0c8e16  No.15424993


>if Limbo, then quit

I dunno, I did a successful tridolon run with a Limbo who ran a range/duration build and we were able to dodge all of the magnetic waves no problem. He was on point with his Cata's too. They only lasted as long as was needed. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth things went thanks to him.

876e52  No.15424999


I used to do that, but then I suddenly began taking damage from most stuff I didn't use to.

1a3eb5  No.15425006


>high level corpus weapons pierce armor


>>15419911 (checked)

Are bane mods separate multipliers? If I go shoot a corpus dude for 1000 with a random weapon, will a Bane of Corpus mod make it do 1300 dmg? I'm not sure if I want to spend ducats for them or not.

db69b6  No.15425042


Our god is a cruel one

3bef36  No.15425052


Why though?

Chroma is only used in Eidolon hunts.

Nezha sees general use.

db69b6  No.15425055


Chroma is the next prime

dc4db4  No.15425210


Limbos on eidolons are garbage. At best, all they provide is defense in a fight that requires no defense if done right and you sacrifice a huge DPS boost from harrow to take them. They usually wind up blocking attempts to combo stack and have no idea what that means so literally do not understand that they are fucking the run up, block attempts to fill lures and don't understand that either, and before I just started quitting groups when I see them they've blocked my shots by forgetting to drop cataclysm. They're worse than useless.

876e52  No.15425267

Is Reckoning supposed to kill? because even at 200 STR it does jack shit, Hallowed Ground and even Smite kill faster and I am speaking of enemies of the same level.

8a8c18  No.15425475


when people really only go gas and corrosive (or viral of people have 4x CP) there really isnt a point for bane mods other than that sleek i talked about


and again chroma already got tweaked.


fatfuck doesnt want another insta win button frame. shit was nerfed years ago. you can rad proc them to take aggro off you and you can strip armor after a few hits but thats as useful as its going to get

876e52  No.15425625

File: 01006cf31e09156⋯.png (972.18 KB, 1276x720, 319:180, 230410_20180908233257_1.png)

Hmm, this thing is nice.

876e52  No.15425627


That's stupid, the thing doesn't even kill everything in sight, only the ones lifted.

84d9b5  No.15425642



876e52  No.15425644

File: 1d0a0f8e55d8f39⋯.png (974.71 KB, 1276x720, 319:180, 230410_20180909000737_1.png)

Maybe a roll could save this one considering I wanted to make Tonkor useful.

876e52  No.15425650


My Latron Prime still works wonders.

84d9b5  No.15425656


I just hate clicking every single TIME to make a shot and each shot not evaporating enemies like tigris p

876e52  No.15425660


Are you sure you got the right build?

3bf032  No.15425676


post yours then tough guy

876e52  No.15425788

File: 31b6bc08ee71518⋯.webm (15.17 MB, 853x480, 853:480, latron_prime.webm)


Let's see, testing on Lv100 Corrupted Heavy Gunners, not sure it this is the kind of enemy you want to kill in 1 shot, I can't say it can go against Tigris Prime obviously, also, is it fire and let the slash kill in that case?

Sorry, forgot to enable audio.

3bf032  No.15425793


It's the fact it takes a almost a whole magazine to kill that is the problem. Not expecting a one tap here, but something like the tiberon prime can usually rape something with three taps of the burst.

4617de  No.15425814


Pausing AI in the simulacrum makes enemies take x8 damage from stealth multi as they are spawned unaware of you.

876e52  No.15425815


Trading Hammer Shot for Vigilante Armaments can do the trick, I still have to re-check things, btw, was Latron Prime unvaulted in the last 2 years? in this one I messed up with the forma and added too many, I would rather build a new one as to not trigger my autism with the number of forma on display.

3bf032  No.15425820


only applicable to melee weapons friend.


Can't you forma it out?

876e52  No.15425835


Yes, but as I said, the stupid forma counter drives me nuts.

3bf032  No.15425837


Then just buy a new one if your autism drives you that much. Latron isn't very expensive.

4617de  No.15425843


>only applicable to melee weapons friend.

I'd forgotten that, you're right.

876e52  No.15425845


That's why I was asking if it was unvaulted, I can shelf my current one and grab a wraith since the riven has some nice bonuses.

3bf032  No.15425850


Nope, boltor prime is currently unvaulted. Though if you want you could probably trade a boltor prime set for latron cause people value it higher.

876e52  No.15425857


Then I will have to get some relics, funny thing, I could get myself a boltor prime but I think I will go for the Telos instead.

3bf032  No.15425863


Neither of them are very fun to me. I potatoed and forma'd both, and use a riven on them, but they really are just underwhelming.

3bf032  No.15425892

File: 2451cd6d8bedef4⋯.png (238.09 KB, 286x364, 11:14, wew2.png)

So, uh, estimates on this thing's worth?

876e52  No.15425893


I got a Tipedo riven myself, yours has a better roll though.

d90777  No.15425926

Fuck you dumb niggers, space mexicans would be fun as shit.

3bf032  No.15425929

8a8c18  No.15426039

File: 581c1fcf958ac39⋯.webm (3.99 MB, 524x350, 262:175, titania project-1.webm)


he is mad no one laughed at his joke

d90777  No.15426069


just think about it


>that webm

you have no business making assumptions about people's emotional states when you listen to this kind of filth

8a8c18  No.15426094

File: 2678eb89b85be4f⋯.mp4 (1.39 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, warframe bottleneck.mp4)


unfortunately audio stuff like that doesnt do it for me.

5c9791  No.15426730



661502  No.15427902

File: 78f8abbc6626349⋯.png (77.64 KB, 412x410, 206:205, 63454434545342347.png)

Any of you faggots wants a cheap vaykor hek? 25p Also have loads of other stuff I cant be bothered to sell because apparently every faggot in game only wants lowball everything to the extreme. Im not selling a rhino prime set for 100p

5c9791  No.15427959


I want Ash and Volt Prime Accessories, but I doubt you'll be selling those.

661502  No.15428119


I only have the ash neuroptics, volt chassis and systems. I need volt neuroptics myself, unfortunately didnt manage to get them when baro sold the relics and I started playing after he was vaulted.

ffb2c5  No.15428123


what the hell is going on with that chicks hair?

3bf032  No.15428143


He said the accessories, not the frames. The accessories being untradeable and as of right now unbuyable either.

661502  No.15428146


I have absolutely no idea what those are

3bf032  No.15428154


The prime access packs gave you cosmetics. Look up targis prime for an example.

7851db  No.15428184

>sedna boss



>the sacrifice

>4 things left to do

So have i almost finished the tutorial?

ee6bba  No.15428244

What are you supposed to do with rivens for trash weapons? I've got cycron, afuris, and spectra rivens and no desire to keep them. Are they even worth trying to sell for plat? Are those weapons secretly good with a riven?

3bf032  No.15428270


I don't if I'd call that the tutorial, cause there is no end game.


cycron is pretty good last I heard, and other wise just sell them to some nut for 20 plat, or get 4 of them and transmute them for a second try at something good.

8a8c18  No.15428275

File: da47fc936e8e080⋯.jpg (60.67 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1430504445489.jpg)


rebecca is a weird girl.

b74183  No.15428285

File: 6f9be8eccd91cca⋯.png (10.67 KB, 800x700, 8:7, grin.png)


No no no, once you get to the grind, you start talking about waifus.

It's the same with all games.

580bf2  No.15428303


Nice Ukrainian cosplay.

3bef36  No.15428305

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If the afuris riven works with the dex furis then it might be good.

Sometime people will buy trash rivens for 3-7p. I don't know why they want them and I don't care.


Cycron is a shitty meme gun.

Its disposition can make it good, but few will buy a riven for it with its reputation.


>tfw quirky jewish gf to teach you how to haggle

3bf032  No.15428341


It has a 30% status chance, 12% crit, deals rad, slash and puncture, and has innate punch through. Only problem is shitty damage.

ee6bba  No.15428391

File: b10d164365e28ac⋯.jpg (289.89 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 20180909164426_1.jpg)


>If the afuris riven works with the dex furis then it might be good

Hm, just checked. Looks like it does work with the dex, didn't even think of that

3bef36  No.15428393


>shitty damage

The entire purpose of a gun is to deal damage.


>max disposition

Looks as if you're in luck, anon.

ee6bba  No.15428411


Few rolls and I got this, the status duration has me kinda bummed since it's more of a status gun but that +damage is pretty sweet

ee6bba  No.15428413

File: be093fb8ea1a390⋯.jpg (217.35 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 20180909165447_1.jpg)



whoops, forgot my image

3bef36  No.15428421


Status duration means very little because this is a horde killing game.

Status chance is what matters.

The damage will make this gun very good, but the recoil reduction isn't very useful. Even 3 forma will make those pistols shred.

3bef36  No.15428433


>515 platinum

I'm impressed, rabbi.

I've probably gotten 350+ shekels from rivens alone.

I spent the shekels I got from selling my scoliac riven on cosmetics to make my operator look like 9s. I don't even regret it emotionally but I know that it wasn't kosher.

227f22  No.15428441

File: fd6def9977b3131⋯.jpg (33.28 KB, 337x276, 337:276, be093fb8ea1a390bb4d09df281….jpg)


ever heard of PrntScrn?

ee6bba  No.15428454

File: da03d246dcb2133⋯.png (513.55 KB, 871x440, 871:440, dex furis.PNG)


this looks like the best i can do with the dex furis, wish i could compare it to my prisma gremlins but they havent been added to builder yet

3bef36  No.15428772

File: e00e53a16ac6937⋯.jpg (41.14 KB, 960x540, 16:9, kizuna universal reaction ….jpg)

Brozime was right. Rivens were a huge mistake.

I just killed 8 eidolons in a single night.

When I looked at my squadmates' gear I knew that they knew what they were doing but never knew that this level of FAST was even mathematically possible.

One Volt with a lanka was dealing 85% damage and knocked down the Eidolons within seconds of them rising. Amps were stripping shields within twenty seconds. We have reached peak FAST. There are no more lands to conquer.

After we left one of them recommended a 223 or 322 amp. (currently 122) I can buy either at this point. Does anyone here have an opinion on amp builds? I must become the minmaxing shitter.

3bf032  No.15428819


>only eight

pssh, that's nothing kid. The real minmaxing shitters get 9 on a bad night. But anyway, amps are the real determining factor in how fast an eidolon dies, cause once you can one shot a limb you can't go faster than that. A 223 or 322 amp would probably be good, but for amp damage you just want to stand behind volt's shield and get madurai for massive damage.

0c8e16  No.15430088


>amb builds

I have a 233 I like. The shotty-style from the primary really helps take out the shields quickly, and is good for the occasional horde of Voms that can converge during the fight. The homing laser on the secondary fire is great for when you have a screen of eye cancer and need to find and kill the small little flashy thing among a field of flashy shit. The crit/status boost from the 3 brace is noticeable once you gild your amp, and starts to become much more powerful with the right amp arcane.

From what I hear, the 3 primary is solid at both downing ayydolon shields and clearing out crowds of Voms but brings the danger of some self-damage. I've never used the 2 secondary so I don't know how useful it is, but it seems to like it's just shorter-range wider-aoe version of the primary 2.

dc4db4  No.15430187


>8 "eidolons" per night

>20 seconds per shield

>peak FAST


You really don't need rivens. You can do a 5x hydro cap without them if you all play correctly (a premade that practices together, not a PUG). That's the teralyst, gantulyst, and hydrolyst all being killed within 10 minutes (3 minutes 20 seconds per "eidolon" on average), repeat 5 times.

Regular mods and group buffs are enough to one-shot synovia if used correctly, regular focus skills and amps are enough to one-shot all but the first shields on the teralyst. There's nothing for rivens to improve other than to cover for mistakes, shitty builds, and bullshit (shitboxes, staggers, bugs, etc.) and only chroma needs one as only chroma needs to shoot. I'd strongly recommend using one on chroma though, as losing a run to something you could have recovered from is not fun.

>Does anyone here have an opinion on amp builds?

x23. The prism is useless, use whichever you prefer.

18dca1  No.15430315


Rivens pissed me off for all the reasons Brozime stated in his rant which I'd only watched recently. It was pretty cathartic to listen to. They at least fixed the Kuva requirements though they tried to defend it retardedly. However during these fixes they also added Dispositions which have done nothing to fix the problem inherent to the Riven system which is that only strong to decent weapons see any real benefit to them and weak weapons do not. It is also a system they can't touch often without incurring the wrath of the many who put down tons of plat on these things.

My last reckoning when it comes to amps was to use the 3 brace if you have the Madurai way-bounds unlocked or the tier 2 brace if you do not. Chances are you'll probably be using Madurai anyways for Void Strike so at least you do not have to unbind them right away. That comes when you want to start using Unairu Wisp I suppose.


He and the other guy may be on console where the Tridolon numbers are lower due to load times.

I assume you use Virtuous Fury with the 2 scaffold as well?


In game Dispositions are a decent indicator, but inaccurate. Use `

https://semlar.com/rivencalc/afuris/321 to determine a weapon's true disposition. Here we can tell that the Afuris line has a 1.39 True Disposition. Pretty respectable, but it isn't the highest.




It isn't a terrible mod, it would go in nicely if weapons had 10 slots, but as it stands there is almost always something better than it; even if the increase is slight. You conclude as much just a few posts down >>15425815

dc4db4  No.15430443


>I assume you use Virtuous Fury with the 2 scaffold as well?

Yeah. It's not as necessary as people seem to think, but it can shave a second or two off of terry. It's much more useful in a bad group where every shield takes repeated hits.

0c8e16  No.15431348

File: 1c28b16e876260b⋯.jpg (88.11 KB, 633x758, 633:758, tfw.JPG)


>tfw no qt grineer gf

8a8c18  No.15432558

File: f8f61f45b86450b⋯.webm (13.56 MB, 900x506, 450:253, No Fisting.webm)

18dca1  No.15433270

File: 59f03870ef6cd80⋯.jpg (70.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 447d4810c3b08d93f5e101c9f6….jpg)

>Getting close to 25

>Only need one weapon left according to FrameDex's count + 6000

>Have to mentally add 6k to the tally since they have yet to add Prisma Twin Gremlins and Zylok to the list

<Meanwhile Phantasma is still listed as a secondary

>Look at in game mastery

>It adds up perfectly to FrameDex's count

>Spend the last 20 minutes counting and comparing both lists to see how they could possibly be equal when one should be 6k larger than the other

>Last step of trouble shooting before I launch a ticket or something.

>Untick everything one by one and retick them making sure everything is properly accounted for.

>Everything is unticked. Still says I have 1 item providing 6k mastery

>fucking what

>Show Founder items to check if I ever clicked one of them like a dipshit

>Everything is empty except for this phantom item

>Fucking pissed, I close the window in frustration

>Figure I should post proof of this fuckery ITT so anons know to not use this site.

>Reopen page and the phantom item and mastery is gone.

d11319  No.15433284


That picture makes no sense, you can't have the GF command without a GF equipped, should be only one box with just Attack

dbc3b6  No.15433392


>Needing lists

It's pretty easy to know what weapons you got mastered already, all the other shit is removed in one form or the other anyway

18dca1  No.15433591


I didn't need it, but I thought it was nifty and pleasing to my autism.

35a596  No.15434030

It feels like Hydron was nerfed, frames would usually take me 2 runs of 10 waves to reach Lv28 but I barely get 10 levels on the first run, any other good power leveling node?

85b8dc  No.15434044


Micro can be so cute, I wish most of it wasn't crush and vore related.

3bf032  No.15434064


Sanctuary onslaught.

35a596  No.15434112


Right, I forgot about that one.

f65755  No.15434123

File: bd3135170be666f⋯.gif (4.12 MB, 500x280, 25:14, tumblr_ou4wl7Mrbr1r7sijxo1….gif)


Yeah I'm starting to feel the same way. This game was a blast when I started playing and finding other frames but its just a constant grind for stuff. I used to like it for its interactive kills.

3bf032  No.15434142



I'm glad I don't feel the need to 100% this game. That'd be awful. Also high armor is great cause it multiplies your EHP, whereas shields get no reduction at all. And it can help you survive way more than one shot.

d90777  No.15434217

>trade chat

>use filter


>still see wts in the fucking chat


bca52c  No.15434269


Because it's include filter not exclude filter.

Jesus fuck how did you even manege to register in there.

0c8e16  No.15434274

File: 20c43976f210350⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 446x469, 446:469, dafuq.gif)


That's not how filters work in trade chat bro.

You add words to the filter that you're looking for, so that it filters out everything that doesn't include those words. So filtering by "nova" will filter out all trade chat messages that don't contain the word "nova." This lets you add words to search for specific items, such as "nova" "arca plasmor" and "anansa" so you only see trade offers that include at least one of those terms.

35a596  No.15434284


Did you filter for yes or not?

75e38f  No.15434310


Oh. Well shit. Thanks for the info.

0c8e16  No.15434651

File: 475001be28c3179⋯.png (154.05 KB, 559x556, 559:556, Trash.png)

>looking through my foundry for shit to craft

>need to farm more nyth and sentirum to complete my health and armor operator arcanes

>magus nourish? when did i pick that up?

>probably when hit i rank 5 quills i guess

>restores health over time to the warframe when you transfer out of it

>huh, that might be useful

>one seram beetle shell, ok

>3 heart nyth, nothing unusual there

>3 eidolon shards, those are easy to get


>87,000 polymer bundles are needed to get a max rank version of this arcane

I'm betting the local Korean dev that they probably hired for diversity reasons is responsible for this.

8125fd  No.15434790

File: 57e6626ceb75b1d⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 20180911041252_1.jpg)


you should really turn your brightness down or somthing. your game looks like shit

b2822d  No.15434876

File: 5dd33c5213e007b⋯.png (565.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, REMOVE OROKIN.png)


Try exploring the Lua tileset with your darkness settings - won't see shite

8125fd  No.15434890

File: 13caacecdcfdf10⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 20180716084242_1.jpg)

File: be1c708840b805b⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 20180911035709_1.jpg)


Looks good to me

9ffd80  No.15434903


>Make the kids hair silver and give her a blind fold

Why the fuck didn't i think of that? It's so obvious.

8125fd  No.15434910

File: fbae7d3205f0f88⋯.jpg (761.92 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 20180911040255_2.jpg)

File: 5c5009b5a1ed07c⋯.jpg (480.73 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 20180911034337_1.jpg)

File: a574e7801a42b06⋯.jpg (750.1 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 20180911033024_1.jpg)

1f449a  No.15435150


Seems fucking stupid

Turns a fun, above average support frame into a mediocre frame that never gets seen beyond uranus because it can't do anything good and the things that DE want to make it do are already done REALLY well by many other frames. Mediocre damage application, crap health and energy regen, very mediocre team tank and very mediocre damage resist buff. It's a bunch of QOL improvements sprinkled on top of a massive pile of shit to remind players that aren't playing frost, trinity, or nidus, that they should be playing frost, trinity, or nidus.

db69b6  No.15435375


Tbqh, Nezha isn't even that bad. He doesn't excell at those fields like the frames you mentioned, sure, but he is plenty viable and could be a versatile main, on par with excalibur. I literally don't use him because he is faggy as fuck.

Then why oh why rework nezha (yeah, bc of his deluxe, I know) over Chroma (who is getting a prime, supposedly)?

0c8e16  No.15435687

File: f3810b3f7571e10⋯.png (583.1 KB, 800x1400, 4:7, get em.png)


>nezha comes out

>the fags immediately pick him up as being a gayboi

>stupid amounts of faggy trap nezha bullshit art everywhere

>tfw finding /ss/ stuff of nezha and saryn is nearly impossible

4af339  No.15435770


Rhino does everything "he" can do better.

4af339  No.15435776


You can't make a male potato anon, they are ALL female.

You are just playing as a tomboy.

736845  No.15435777


Straight-Shota is still for fucking faggots. Kill yourself, pedo.

dc4db4  No.15435816


They've not fixed it because no one uses magus nourish as it's trash. elevate and replenish are the useful ones.

35a596  No.15436326


>stupid amounts of faggy trap nezha bullshit art everywhere

Never seen any.

b8bbd2  No.15436424

File: 2531a54fec98583⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1064x954, 532:477, Screenshot (2).png)

Think I got a good one boys.

1979b4  No.15436486


it's real in his mind, goy

8125fd  No.15436990


>You can't make a male potato

18dca1  No.15437929

File: 032d82968890b5e⋯.jpg (210.54 KB, 1828x1024, 457:256, 8E11D94B-1AF5-4783-B07C-D1….jpg)

File: a130c32fe62946c⋯.jpg (220.55 KB, 1920x1150, 192:115, sean-bigham-sb-orokin-akja….jpg)

File: b3c8f8e88bb076f⋯.jpg (312.78 KB, 1920x1177, 1920:1177, sean-bigham-sb-orokin-akja….jpg)


The pattern DE primes Warframes is fairly predictable. It's always male, male, female, female prioritized by release order and spaced out roughly every three months or one per season if you prefer. Our last primes were Mirage and Limbo so we are due for another male and Chroma is the oldest unprimed one.

They also confirmed he's next for good goys only at Tennocon along with Gram Prime and Akjagara Prime. Though there was no footage of him in particular that I've seen however.

Furthermore Mesa will more than likely be the next prime and we'll see her by Christmas.

I wrote up a whole post of what primes we can anticipate and when for every frame so long as DE follows their pattern, but I never screen shotted it. I can do it again if anons want.

35a596  No.15437984

I seem to be missing something with Titania, sometimes way after I have used any ability there are enemies covered in moths and my energy color, no, not my Razorwing drones, appears to be a debuff or something but I still don't understand what is happening there.

8a8c18  No.15438310

File: 20806ed6e8eafc2⋯.png (8.04 MB, 1536x12296, 192:1537, flowers.png)


they didnt have a pattern to begin with. only recently they tried to fix it after finally doing zephyr prime.

the akjagara probably isnt coming with chroma. most likely going to be dethcube prime.

18dca1  No.15438553


Yeah sorry I should have been clear that age priority is somewhat recent.

Speaking of which, they just announced that Limbo Prime Access is ending on the 25th and Valkyr Prime, Cernos Prime, and Venka Prime will be entering the vault. So now at least we have a date we can expect Chroma.

cc00c9  No.15438939

File: 0b33f0ab89e8854⋯.png (96.35 KB, 256x256, 1:1, lotus.png)



940e61  No.15438989


She's blind from all the jizz I shot in her eyes

dc4db4  No.15439231

File: 3b17b0e0d7fe58e⋯.png (292.56 KB, 574x511, 82:73, a good start.png)

Just did an hour farming polymer on Ophelia. I don't know why people complain about it, it's one of the easier resources to farm.

a08ed0  No.15439247


Because DE can't make humans that don't look like potatoes.

0c8e16  No.15439568

File: 010fc1c19c0e8aa⋯.png (278.04 KB, 299x390, 23:30, but she won't stop suckin.PNG)

>decide to have some fun with and adapt a khora build i saw

>forma her and venari

>hop into hydron


>running my third separate round because everyone is a pussy and leaves at 10

>leveling my new dagger zaw and forma'd akbolto prime as well

>swapping between the two for kills along with a good helping of 1 spam for khora

>first 5 waves end

>"Not eligible for this reward due to inactivity"

>mfw i have 50% of the damage dealth

>mfw over 100 melee kills

That's some nice sleek you got there Steve.

4af339  No.15439629


because you need a total of 202,820 for all the crafting using it

dc4db4  No.15439688


So it'll take 4 hours to be done with it forever? That's less than one WoW raid.

865548  No.15439716

if venka prime is being vaulted how the fuck am I supposed to advance in my syndicate ?

18dca1  No.15439729


They always change what the required item is when that happens.

0c8e16  No.15439776


>be done with it forever

Polymer bundles are used in a lot of consumable items. That's part of why you'll never be done with them.

60c3ac  No.15440393

File: 9dcc4f37ee7c8ff⋯.jpg (378.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180912182358_1.jpg)


Cephalon Pavel? Im TNO.

454572  No.15440424

>go into region chat

>ask something along the lines of "how much do you think this riven is worth" and I link the riven

<some fag bitch private messages me and tells me that it's against the rules to ask that kind of question in region chat

fuck you that's some gay moderation.

18dca1  No.15440485


We're talking about moderators who ban on site people who meme "Nezha is a trap" or anything similar for being transphobic.

cc00c9  No.15440820


>putting trade shit in region

What did you expect?

dc3f15  No.15440886

Recommend me an automatic secondary that is not Dex Pixia (since that one is a given using Titania)

0c8e16  No.15440933


>secondary full auto

Prisma Twin Gremlins, Akstilleto Prime, Azima, Twin Grakatas all work. PTG was two Baro's ago and if you missed it then you're SoL, Akstilleto Prime is vaulted atm but not too expensive to get, Azima everyone gets as 50 day login reward and has a fun secondary and Twin Graks are super strong but need like 5 forma and Pistol Ammo Mutation plus Carrier with Ammo Case and probably Pistol Scavenger mod to boot if you plan on using them with any regularity.

454572  No.15440967


that's fucking gay


<defending retardation

thanks for your cuckoldry

dc3f15  No.15440982


OK, guess I'll check the market then.

454572  No.15440983

Just in case it wasn't clear, cc00c9 is the cuckold.

dc4db4  No.15441075

File: 1c29a5e8d283fee⋯.png (26.95 KB, 664x68, 166:17, lifer.png)


Region has rotten hotpockets. Do "/profile server". That's your SJW moderator, and he's said he does it for free.

dc3f15  No.15441084

Testing the Nezha changes, Health Conversion can work better now, turns out the halo still preserves the armor stacks even at 90% damage reduction, you can still use Chakram on corpses and they will release orbs (it was healing pulse before), duration based Fire Walker is way better, Divine Spears are almost instant now.

315011  No.15441576

File: 3c606c0ae84025a⋯.jpg (522.31 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 53298759326582736352902332….jpg)

File: 5db3366a38137fd⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1437x1075, 1437:1075, 67349855423.png)

>Do defense rift

>Get valkyr and mag chassis, bretty gud

>Faggot host wants to leave at wave 10

>Game bugs out and gives me pic related, cant do anything

>Just before doing another mission they want to do another hotfix

I just want to play vidya

ae5754  No.15442584




Can I join too?Captain_SCHWINGMR11

55abe9  No.15442719


When faggot hosts leaves you leave too.

Learn the rules of nature or suffer.

dc3f15  No.15442797

File: f7aa8c258658c05⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1276x720, 319:180, 230410_20180912204453_1.png)

The irony of using gayest Nezha skin is lost to these people.

73970d  No.15443432


>playing pony frame

You don't get to speak about irony.

dc3f15  No.15443467


That's kind of stretching it.

8a8c18  No.15443483

File: c9d0551a7bea601⋯.png (140 KB, 665x598, 665:598, wkerjwe.png)


I know there is an entire screen cap of people losing their shit simply over the naming process for that frame. if you call that a stretch i cant wait to see the next frame DC gets to name.

dc3f15  No.15443489


That's the thing, the only relation to the pony and the frame is the name and I am pretty sure is not the first time a female musician character is named Octavia.

cfc289  No.15443533


Also the hooves in the screen cap aren't even pony hooves, and the overall design of the frame draws way more from a marching band uniform than anything pony related.

0c8e16  No.15443654

File: 146e0b7c769cdbf⋯.png (316.37 KB, 536x598, 268:299, 146e0b7c769cdbf7685121e2a7….png)



>"it's totally named after the pony from MKP: FiM!"

>no way at all it's a musical reference to the octave because she's a musical frame

>nope, it's 100% MLP for sure

>all things named Octavia after the inception of MLP: FiM are based on the pony

Your brain on autism.

8a8c18  No.15443667


then just like everything in DE's game the name of something drastically overplays what it actually is since OCTAVIA cant even play a full octave of notes on that fisherprice music sequencer

dc3f15  No.15443700


That's the real crime.

0c8e16  No.15443722


Yeah, pentatonic scales are limited, but in the context of the game it works. Let's be honest, hardly anyone even knows what a normal octave is, much less how to properly work minor tonality into a song in order to create tension and drive towards a resolution. Plus we only have 4 full bars to work with, and with a little finagling you can make chords that approximate the notes not present in the pentatonic scale.

It still bugs me too though. Props to them for an innovative idea, but if you're gonna go that far, at least give us the full 8 notes to work with, if not an entire scale complete with flats and sharps.

dc3f15  No.15443729


Or allow us to use our own files, maybe midis, chiptunes or even MP3s with some kind of adapting software (mostly to indicate the game which one of the four parts are used by a song's segment.)

ac5589  No.15443731

nova is also a pony frame. she literally has pony hooves and her helmet appears to have a horse snout

a93ce7  No.15443741

>horsefuckers coming out of the woods to defend their shit

It wouldn't be a warframe thread without screeching degenerates, would it?

454572  No.15443743

Can someone explain to me why I sometimes can't log in? The game just tells me "check your info" as if that provides me with adequate information to troubleshoot. I checked my fucking info, my info is not the issue.


Alright, but what the fuck is Oberon supposed to be?

a93ce7  No.15443746


Male pony frame.

dc3f15  No.15443748

File: b418148af2ecd26⋯.png (882.76 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


I thought she was kind of inspired by Range Murata's artwork and some popular robot figurine.

ac5589  No.15443750


he's a goat

cc00c9  No.15443751


Those legs are clearly bell bottoms.


Sometime the networking is fucky.

Sleek coding.


Deer man. He doesn't really fit with the rest of the cast, but at least he and titania can keep eachother compay.

Unless you have autism and want to see ponies in everything.

8a8c18  No.15443756

File: 411e3a1adaf3d56⋯.jpg (84.32 KB, 788x1200, 197:300, weg34.jpg)


knowing DE they are probably fearful of people injecting shit into their game. hell,. clan emblems are basically inspected by hand still


i think all the legacy frames needs a pbr to better match their concept tbh

dc3f15  No.15443758


I wish Titania had more potential while outside Razorwing mode, I mean, I like it and all but her other abilities don't do much, is basically an archwing without arsenal, her 1 has some leniency but it doesn't even deal much damage nor affects enough enemies, her 2 is useless without proper context and only by memorizing a table you would know what it does, her 3 would be useful if the range wasn't so clunky and messed up due to momentum, also, not enough DoT either.

dc3f15  No.15443759


PBR? as for the clan emblems, I thought it was just to milk platinum from people.

cc00c9  No.15443762



I would just like an octavia rework which adds more instruments and allows us to choose scales and how many measure we want.

Or maybe for just 70 platinum you can buy improved features for ovtavia!


Yeah, she's a cutie, save for the long neck.

It's a shame that she and so many other frames are in the "press 4 and ignore 1-3" bin.

3bf032  No.15443765


Horse hooves do not have heels on the back dumbass, and her helmet looks nothing like a horse face. This is some real dumb shit.

8a8c18  No.15443768


its basically DE's term for retouching something to match whats currently possible in the game or there was some cut corners that could have been fleshed out

ac5589  No.15444109


what do you have to gain by defending the obvious ponyframe that is nova?

b09d82  No.15444174

File: 3944605fad38830⋯.jpg (43.53 KB, 591x960, 197:320, 1419298855553-3.jpg)


>if the designs has anythign resembling a H O RSE its ap ony frame

>if it has a long face? pony frame, fuck off oberon and chroma

>if it has a name sharing a pony? pony frame, fuck off octavia.

>if it has a 17 inch dick? pony frame, fuck off nidus.

>if it has stubby feet? pony frame, fuck off nova

>if it screams while being fucked? pony frame, fuck off excal umbra and valkyr

>if it is one with animals? pony frame, fuck off whora and titania

>if it can regularly be used in lol so random humor? its a pony frame, fuck off limbo.

>if it can take a punch from my scrawny ass fist? pony frame, fuck off rhino

>if it can be an absolute useless piece of shit and contribute nothing unique to the team? pony frame, fuck off wukong

>if it has one horn? pony frame, fuck off nyx

>if it farts and shits ass gas everywhere? pony frame, fuck off saryn

>if it has broad horse like shoulders? pony frame, fuck off atlas

>if it can feel pain? pony frame, fuck off harrow

>if it has thick sexy horse thighs? pony frame, fuck off ember

>if it can be a special snowflake that can be an alicorn? pony frame, fuck off equinox

>if it can give you extra energy like unicorns? pony frame, fuck off trinity

>if it can fly like a pegasus, pony frame, fuck off zephyr

>if it can sniff dog shit? pony frame, fuck off mesa

>if it can rape the dead? pony frame, fuck off nekros

>if it can be pretty and show its self off a lot while generally being shit? pony frame, fuck off mag and nezha

>if it looks retarded? pony frame, fuck off loki and hydroid

>if it can trap you in a corner and make you regret sneaking away from your parents when you were five and went to see the pony stables at the fair, and the big bull of a horse stood between you and the exit, making its 20 inch intent very clear to you and permanently scar your child hood as the fair ground worker just could not get there in time to make the pain stop? ==PONY FRAME==, FUCK OFF VAUBAN YOU SHIT


1aa6f5  No.15444190

File: b0b55e5dfd4982b⋯.png (3.2 MB, 1896x5168, 237:646, b0b55e5dfd4982b3ab58c73758….png)

File: 65bd3a799ae1bda⋯.jpg (173.34 KB, 1300x942, 650:471, hooves-of-animal-close-up-….jpg)

File: 3a0e66d66bfa923⋯.jpg (174.82 KB, 1100x650, 22:13, OCTAVIA-noble.jpg)

File: 4872acfdf0d23f0⋯.jpg (118.14 KB, 891x835, 891:835, 1466210572634.jpg)


>horsefucker having a melt down in real time


b09d82  No.15444200

File: fef24ffc3ef3e3d⋯.png (874.34 KB, 800x565, 160:113, ClipboardImage.png)


<horse fucker having a medlt down in real time :^)))))


1aa6f5  No.15444205

File: b28f8bec99e1ed7⋯.jpg (43.14 KB, 463x592, 463:592, 1272048721180.jpg)


Nice dubs.

Also you promised to kill yourself, so you better deliver.

b09d82  No.15444212


>ignoring my argument

yeah just like i'd fucking expect fuck off and come back when you actually can discuss civilly fuckface

1aa6f5  No.15444230


I don't have anything to discuss with confirmed horsefuckers.

274184  No.15444233


Nova is the ponyfaggot frame, proceed to kill yourself

cdbcdb  No.15444245

File: a1ba59d568f5566⋯.mp4 (4.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, uooooooooooe.mp4)



How do you even check who's the fuken host?

It's a mystery to me to this day, at a meanual squad debrief it's easy to notice but sometimes there's autocorrection if the guy has shitnet. Joining public is a chaos central, dunno nothin

302191  No.15444248

File: 9fdeb71959be824⋯.jpg (38 KB, 600x604, 150:151, 000fba99024595446a3d1f1b77….jpg)

Everyone is delusion - on here and on the DE forums, the degenerates want those frames to be ponies or whatever.

I say fuck those tards and just play - less drama = better.

1aa6f5  No.15444249


Person with the number one in the circle near their health bar.

How do you even live with IQ lower than 50?

1aa6f5  No.15444251


>Horsefucker jumps ID just to derail his outing


cdbcdb  No.15444267


thanks for info;

it's hard, nice standardized test

1aa6f5  No.15444278


I recommend quitting video games and becoming a farmer.

dc4db4  No.15444306

File: 233c8a4a0bb789e⋯.png (152.38 KB, 647x265, 647:265, wtf.png)

>try to buy 20 of a frame part from some guy on market

>willing to pay his higher than the going rate price to save daily trades

>says I can only buy 1

>trying to ask him why he's limiting it

>"Cause you are just reselling them and I can do that myself"

So uhh. What kind of autism did I hit here? He'd rather sell them one at a time than 5 at a time for the same price? Can you explain this? He took a long time between messages and was likely looking at my sales. Is it jealousy, maybe (I have a lot of plat in sales)?

315011  No.15444364


> looking at my sales

I didnt even know this was a thing, you can see the last couple of trades someone did or the entire history?

dc4db4  No.15444381


warframe.market sales. If you look at the statistics tab on the website it has activity for the last couple of months. Some traders hide it as other traders mine it for deals. I show mine as I want the Chinese farmers to see my big, meaty dick.

865548  No.15444394


can someone play rabbi and take me under their wing?

what I have been doing so far is selling sculptures and sometimes completed prime sets, I price them by looking at the highest buyers and lowest sellers and put it somewhere between those, leaning on the higher side since I am okay with waiting, but I feel like there is a better way

dc4db4  No.15444430


Being a proper space Jew takes some effort as the real plat isn't in in doing the work, it's in anticipating what people will do. It also takes a decent amount of plat to get started on the investing side of things and you sound broke as fuck so start with flipping stuff instead.

You have a set number of daily trades per day and it's pretty easy to buy low, sell high due to that limit crippling power traders - there's a lot of fat to chew on. They'll also only be operating in the highest margin items which you'll not know of yet, anyway. Start by finding something you can flip consistently and within a day. Divide the profit by the two trades it took and you now have a value of a daily trade. When I was starting out, I valued them at 5p and was making like 80p/day. As you get better, you'll significantly increase that trade value. Don't flip primed mods as the credit cost will eventually catch up.

Remember, space Jews don't do work and don't produce anything. Hold onto that mindset.

ee6bba  No.15444529

>niggers don't try counteroffers to give me better idea of what they want

No wonder why you keep seeing the same retards in tradechat for days on end, trying to hawk their shitty rivens. They think every fucking riven they have is worth over 9000plat

f46914  No.15444554

Any tips for infested survival? What is the trick with toxic ancients and their ability to oneshot you occasionally and how do I avoid it? Just stay out of their range? Doing derelict survival for octavia but no luck so far, around 40 min in I tend to get instagibbed while bulletjumping across the room

9d4231  No.15444565


If you see their sneeze animation, run away. What frame are you using?

315011  No.15444687


Saryn. I could probably use another forma on her, currently using a 10/12 vitality.

315011  No.15444690

>Id keeps switching

cc00c9  No.15446491


I always write "WTS/T" but I rarely get interesting offers.


>caring about IDs

0c8e16  No.15447716


>how to check host

Whoever is marked as 1 in your party HUD is the host.

bad77c  No.15448521



>Best credit farming spot

>Not The Index

Granted you're not going to get many actual resources from it but as far as credits go you can get 250,000 credits per run on high risk.

bad77c  No.15448530


Nourish is only good for Nidus and Inaros, use elevate instead you dumb faggot

0c8e16  No.15448564



Who said I was using it, faggot?

60c3ac  No.15449987

File: 3865ac7b78ebb6a⋯.png (338.08 KB, 710x752, 355:376, DevolverPunishedTester.png)

**>Start playing about 3 months back with 2 mates

>We get super into the game, but I put in the most hours and drum up lots of resources

>Mates brother joins us

>Sets up a clan for our little group

>Makes me second in command

>I contribute the forma and some other stuff towards a great hall, build us a koi pond and some benches so the atrium doesnt feel too empty, and contribute the forma to the ascension alter

>Mates bro/Warlord's computer dies and he wont be playing for the forseeable future.

>Skips over me and leaves the Warlord position to his brother, who hasn't even built a Dojo key yet, much less contributed

>Demotes me to lowest rank "as a joke" on the way out.

>Leave clan.**

Yeah into the space trash they go. /Blogpost


You guys up for taking one more on? Any other clan recruiters around besides?

60c3ac  No.15449992

File: 2ced37ca6e88959⋯.jpg (6.81 KB, 211x207, 211:207, Paperclip.jpg)


>Fucked up the spoiler

NVM. Into the space trash with me as well.

4af339  No.15450060



I'm so sorry anon

cfc289  No.15450610



>Cloven hooves

This isn't even good bait.

4af339  No.15450729

Apparently next Primes are Chroma, Rubico and Gram.

There was a PS4 leak.

3bf032  No.15451202


>priming a sniper and chroma at the same time

sasuga, DE.

dc3f15  No.15451276


Sadly the Rubico doesn't have that much puncture.

4af339  No.15451291


Its almost like they are giving the finger to the eidolons

3bf032  No.15451305


yeah, lanka will still probably outdo it, but they know what they're doing.

4af339  No.15451334


There are people who currently use the rubico over the lanka as it is.

I mean they're mad, but they exist.

b61f6c  No.15451335

>They still haven't made the game gorier.

3bf032  No.15451341


They're saving that for garuda I guess.

dc3f15  No.15451509


I tried it a few times until I realized its damage was not optimal, I tried Opticor but it was too slow so I settled with Lanka and Oberon Prime, still, pugs can't understand they have to park their frame on the grass when the energy spike comes.

4af339  No.15451527

24 hour Orange and Blue Potatoes up rn


Lanka is the best bet, most of the pubs I do it with know how to do the eidolons pretty well

I, however, do piss poor damage due to my using the mote amp and not having the standing or items to get a better amp

7ef2e3  No.15451564


>mote amp

You can start by getting the 111 amp, you can farm the wisps by going to the plains with a fast volt, do nothing but walk near the ponds/lake, go back to cetus, repeat. The 111 amp is miles better than the shitty water gun that is the mote amp.

18dca1  No.15451579



Itzal's 3 can also suck them up or any arcwing in general is fairly speedy though obviously annoying to use.

Wormhole Nova is another good option.

dc3f15  No.15452800

File: b7f8e62824801cf⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1276x720, 319:180, 230410_20180914165749_1.png)

File: 4652f81ae78bb5f⋯.png (979.79 KB, 1276x720, 319:180, 230410_20180914204430_1.png)

Why are all dagger stances using normal grip but the arsenal dagger animation has reverse grip? also, are there any good dual daggers or they are all shit?

81373f  No.15453382


Because it's a blocking animation and no, not really.

dc3f15  No.15453389


Well shit, so much for making a karambit knife and being unable to hold it properly.

81373f  No.15453394


You can't hold karambit "properly" anyway because IRL it's an absolute shit meme knife.

dc3f15  No.15453400


Still, it is supposed to be held in reverse grip.

81373f  No.15453423

File: 804717417b9281f⋯.png (41.21 KB, 589x412, 589:412, ClipboardImage.png)


I am now wondering how the fuck are you supposed to use it in reverse grip because, well, you can't do shit with it. I can barely imagine trying to slash someone, let alone stab without popping your wrist out.

Forward grip at least gives you some reverse edge cutting capabilities, but that's like saying that eating pepper X is good for gelmint removal and forgetting that you'll be on the floor dying from the spice.

81373f  No.15453852

File: b0e074b7c5ccb15⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 611.88 KB, 1611x1602, 179:178, vent loli.png)

I'm just gonna shit this out in here and possibly start some shit.

dc3f15  No.15453865


You are not supposed to twist the wrist with that thing, is basically for ascending and horizontal slashes, but yeah, pretty much fancy and that's it.

18dca1  No.15454730


If you really want to try the Okina are your best bet.

dc3f15  No.15455503


why do all dual daggers lack so much critical and status chance?

18dca1  No.15455690


I would imagine DE, in their infinite wisdom, figured that since they actually attack very quickly, and usually multiple times per attack then it would even out I assume.

This does make them slightly better than they look, but it just isn't enough.

One of the attacks in the blocking combo on Spinning Needle does five hits. All dual daggers have 5% crit chance despite daggers being the defacto "low base damage, high crit chance, high crit multiplier, high speed" weapons in virtually everything. Even if we were generously lazy and assumed that 5 hits times 5% crit = 25% crit chance it still falls apart. Lets throw on Blood Rush and get to 3x combo counter. The daggers would have just under 30% crit chance which one could incorrectly say is 150% crit chance on that one attack in that one combo. That seems directly in line with Atterax then. It has 150% crit chance at that point too. Except even with this very lenient comparison we know they are by no means equal since the dual daggers aren't hitting 150% but instead 30% 5 times at once, meaning they don't actually get to orange crit.

Of course that example leaves out the obvious other short comings like the pisspoor crit multipliers and range of dual daggers.

I ended up advising on the Okina since they have are the only ones with a 2.0 multiplier, status one can work with, as well has high speed and decent damage for that speed. With all four dual stat mods the Okina has a 51% status chance which does seem usable, if still inconsistent, for triggering Condition Overload. It would mainly be used as a pocket heavy melter used with Spinning Needle for the forced Impact procs to hold them in place and further strengthen CO, but it probably would still be much less effective compared to the Plague Kripath at that job.

The real insulting thing I don't understand is why they cannot use Covert Lethality.

dc3f15  No.15455736


I ended up making the Karambit because all other single daggers were shit, can't believe there are like 4 dual daggers in the whole game.

18dca1  No.15455782


Rakta Dark Dagger is fine. However any Zaw dagger you could have made would be better than it and all other single daggers.

Another mystery is why dual daggers are so mistreated and so few when we have dual swords out the wazoo. One could say it's because they have the most use (I have no idea) but adding more just snowballs that.

I actually named my Balla, Peye, Ekwana Jai 2, Fang because I completely forgot Fang already existed.

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