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File: a37d79f40eac7bc⋯.png (354.16 KB, 894x894, 1:1, attention grabbing image.png)

File: 94514019d29efa2⋯.png (57.76 KB, 502x476, 251:238, SMT.png)

9fd50f  No.15410116


Let's discuss the best JRPG series ever made.

>favourite game?

>favourite spin off?


>expectations for SMT 5?

Will it be a real successor to magnum opus that is SMT 3 Nocturne unlike the steaming pile of garbage that was SMT4?

Spin offs like Persona welcome, but keep the SMT vs. Persona faggotry minimal.

a4fd26  No.15410126


>the best JRPG series ever made


I think OP is wrong. His sexuality should be called into question.

9fd50f  No.15410146

I'll start

>>favourite game?


>>favourite spin off?

Either SMT if… or Persona 3.


Angel and Pixie.

>>expectations for SMT 5?

Kaneko art, misery, less handholding than 4 and cool new demons.

Also an interview for anyone who hasn't read it by now.

>Shin Megami Tensei V producer Kazuyuki Yamai shared a development update on the upcoming RPG in a new magazine interview.

Here are the tidbits:

>“We’re working hard on it. Yes, it really is in development. (Laughs.)”

>“Mostly everything, from existing demons to new characters, is currently running on the hardware.”

>“We’re making a game with content appropriate for a numbered title and without any compromises.”

>“We’ll share an update when time is ripe, so please wait a little longer.”

>“We’re constantly considering a port or remake of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. We’re thinking we want to watch for an opportunity.”



Prove me wrong. Oh, wait you can't. I won again checkm8, m8

222327  No.15410159


>“We’re constantly considering a port or remake of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. We’re thinking we want to watch for an opportunity.”

All they should do is add the option for a cute female demi-fiend, add an Ancient Cave like section to the Labrynith of Amala (with some obligatory new demons) and make non-strength, non-magic stats actually do something.

9fd50f  No.15410204

File: 5bf29c9320bc5a0⋯.jpg (184.44 KB, 920x750, 92:75, Alice and Jack.jpg)


Yea, non-canon feMC would be cool and as you said, I'd prefer a port with minor additions to a remake too, but of course balance the new changes out or atleast add a new, crippling difficulty.

I forgot to add Alice to my demonfus here>>15410146

for some reason.

5686bc  No.15410208

>favourite game?

Strange Journey

>favourite spin off?

Devil Survivor: Overclocked

>expectations for SMT 5?

It's not going to be good given the downhill trend starting with IV.


They're going to shove a waifu in the game to serve as the new canon route. A remaster is all it needs, Atlus is objectively shit when it comes to remakes lately.

63be8a  No.15410239


Alice is an op piece of shit in the gacha game.

ea8b62  No.15410255

I want to fuck Nekomata

9fd50f  No.15410257


Wasn't she super op in Raidou too? Been a while since I played it, but I remember her playing a big part in the game unlike in 1 where she wasn't even playable she just had those two demons protecting.

65ce4e  No.15410369

I hope to god they don’t just try to make another SMT like 4. I want them to try to go back to how they were in the PS2 era with the series but without the core team, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Atlus becoming heavy on DLC is also dampening my excitement for 5 since you know damn well demons will end up locked behind that shit.

961595  No.15410403


>“We’re constantly considering a port or remake of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. We’re thinking we want to watch for an opportunity.”

Is nothing sacred? What is this obsession ATLUS has with ruining everything good they ever did with needless remakes? Nocturne without Kaneko art no thanks.


Agreed. Nocturne remake would have needless Marie shoved in and a True True Demon Ending added for no reason at all. The only thing they SHOULD add to Nocturne is that scene that did not make it (was cut) in the original with Isamu getting pissed off at the Demifiend for stealing his waifu.

2a4b20  No.15410460

File: 02afe124b3b3093⋯.png (105.99 KB, 777x484, 777:484, 02afe124b3b3093c544781a46b….png)


I just want them to allow me to transfer the skills I want instead of having to reroll for an hour.

That's it, I don't want them to touch anything else, maybe one new dungeon that's optional but I really don't want them to touch it too much.

If it's anything like they did with the Devil Survivor games we would just get voice acting which could be turned off and maybe some expansion based on our paths, it would be nice fighting an army of angels after the True Demon ending.

This is the best scenario, the worst scenario would be adding a Marie into the game and replacing all the original demons with the new art.

It's gonna be the worst case scenario isn't it.

9fd50f  No.15410461

File: 96675e4a4e62c38⋯.gif (2.71 MB, 429x592, 429:592, Terry dancing infront of h….gif)


In the long run, shitting out DLCs instead of having good content will just harm them as a company just look at Street Fighter the only people who still play that garbage are niggers. We saw that Persona 5 was selling well, infact it was the best selling Atlus ip ever next to Snowboard Kids. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they have to decide if they want to sell peanuts and have a couple retarded wales paying for their microscam OR make good games and 10x - 100x as much. Being part of SEGA doesn't mean you're mentally handicapped.


>they SHOULD add to Nocturne is that scene that did not make it (was cut) in the original with Isamu getting pissed off at the Demifiend for stealing his waifu.

I'll rather not have cuckshit in muh vidya famalam.

879e89  No.15410500


>I just want them to allow me to transfer the skills I want instead of having to reroll for an hour.

Fuck off personigger. People like you are one of the reasons why modern megatens are brain dead simple.

2a4b20  No.15410556


What does rerolling a fusion for an arbitrary amount of time until you get the skills you want add to the game?

879e89  No.15411648


The games are balanced around not having all the skills you want when you fuse. Adding the ability to choose exactly what you want to inherit takes what little challenge the game has away.

3e14ad  No.15411653


So balance the game around it?

879e89  No.15411671


>wanting modern atlus to rebalance a game

If you want to ruin Nocturne just say so.

9e8313  No.15411679

File: 3493c860f2d60b2⋯.gif (26.22 KB, 350x300, 7:6, 3493c860f2d60b23b59035876f….gif)

Dragon Quest is the best JRPG series ever made though. I'd even take Wild Arms or Suikoden with that title than SMT.

3e14ad  No.15411681


I don't trust atlus either, but they can't touch the original

cf5ad1  No.15411692

File: fc9aedb91039b0c⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1680x973, 240:139, 0cn6g5hoahwx.png)

I want either Demi-Fiend or Jack Bros in the new Smash Bros.

SMT really deserves it after all of these years.

65ce4e  No.15411701


You’re not understanding something here. If you constantly reroll a Fusion, you’ll eventually get the combo you want. You just have the obstacle of time to get over to get to that point. The other option is having that same Fusion setup and then just choosing what you want, bypassing the time it would have taken. In both scenarios you get the skills you want on the fused demon from the list from the other two. You complaining about getting rid of the challenge by letting you choose from the list makes no sense when you can still get rid of the challenge by eventually rerolling for the Skills you want from the list.

092871  No.15411706


This, I fused shit like Victory Cry and Hades Blast onto shit like Preta and Will-o-wisp to make early game replays easy.

The only time I've noticed shit doesn't inherit is when the attack is just too fucking powerful like Hassohappa. I tried getting a bunch of really good normal attack-augmenting skills onto late-game demons and had to use really stupid roundabout fusions to increase the likelihood something would inherit.

647e88  No.15411731

File: 544f65190e49945⋯.png (83.03 KB, 248x304, 31:38, ugh.PNG)



>The other option is having that same Fusion setup and then just choosing what you want, bypassing the time it would have taken. In both scenarios you get the skills you want on the fused demon from the list from the other two. You complaining about getting rid of the challenge by letting you choose from the list makes no sense when you can still get rid of the challenge by eventually rerolling for the Skills you want from the list.

They actually did re-balance, it used to be with enough tries the RNG could give you a perfect build, for example, when Persona 4 yes yes I know >nusona but I needed a clear cut example got it's Golden version, it switched to the choice inheritance system, but they actually outright restricted some skills from being inherited. What used to be possible with enough autism before became literally impossible in the new "less autistic" version. Thus enabling slightly good builds more, but disabling the god-tier ones outright.

879e89  No.15411741


Nocturne already has restricted inheritance based on whether or not a demon can actually do the move. If they lack a mouth for example they cannot learn breath skills for example.

647e88  No.15411803


That's not what I'm referring to, original P4 has those restriction as well. When they changed the system, they added new restrictions that arbitrarily restricted whether or not certain Personas could, for example, reflect or null resistances.

f780f4  No.15411831

File: c8a16a96e2ba081⋯.png (443.58 KB, 500x347, 500:347, Breath of Fire II.png)


>Prove me wrong

Done. And this is without even having to get into the more obscure franchises.

879e89  No.15411837


I don't recall any changes and cannot find any proof that there were. Not that it matters much since skill cards made getting skill on demons easy anyway.

2a4b20  No.15412735

File: f7c617ae30114c6⋯.png (65.72 KB, 453x197, 453:197, f7c617ae30114c660de202d89b….png)


>The games are balanced around not having all the skills you want when you fuse

If they wanted to balance the game around you not having specific skills they wouldn't allow you to have said skills through fusion in the first place.

How do you even can say that they balanced a system that revolves around complete RNG on whether you get a good fusion or not?

> Adding the ability to choose exactly what you want to inherit takes what little challenge the game

And the little challenge the game has is based around a time restriction on how much are you able to wait until you get a perfect fusion?

And this is a good challenge?

So you can get it, so how did they balance it?

Did they balance around you not having these perfect builds? Well no because they are very obviously accessible, and most people who are aware of the system go for them.

They probably just thought it would be cool to have the demons inherit skills at random to allow for replayability, but they didn't take it into account that players would abuse this system to get the skills they'd want, thus making the player stop the game for an unknown amount of time until he gets what he wants, killing the pacing of the game. And ruining replay value.

There is a reason why even games like Devil Survivor and Strange Journey have systems that although restrict the player slightly, allows him to pick which skills the demon will inherit, instead of it being completely random.

Any system that halts the players progress and forces him to wait for an unknown amount of time based on a RNG value is a bad system no matter how much you try to sugar coat it.

2a4b20  No.15412738


Shit, meant for >>15411648

fc6c97  No.15412809



IMAGINE had the best inheritance system, where your fused demon had all the skills in a learning list and eventually would learn enough to activate them by either using similar skills or being hit by them, but the demon still only allowed 8 skills at max. There was also a pool for skills when your demons leveled up as well.


Oh god what's wrong with his legs and waist?

7e4b2b  No.15412827

SMT4 is bad and SMT4A is even worse

80eae1  No.15412843


I'll agree with that statement, as many problems as SMT4 had the story at least was cohesive sort of.

8c2a6f  No.15412847

why is it such a shitty boring game when you claim it's the best? i'd rather play Final Fantasy 1 again.

d8d783  No.15413022

Don't believe american weebs, the SMT series is so atrociously repetitive and off-key that no sane man would suffer to play more than one a year. 1. It's a collect-a-thon full of micromanagement, meaning a huge grind that you have to start all over every time. 2 And it's way dumber than its acolytes pretend it is, since eventually you will realize how dissonant and cheap it is to play a grand tale of demonic invasions featuring evil pokemen and bad snowmen. It's like grinding Evangelion fanfiction.

<SMT is like grinding Evangelion fanfiction

I blame the yanks, though. Once a year, the grindan game is bearable; the turn press system was always a good idea. Pretending you have to follow this shit religiously, now that's idiocy. Amerifats can't even realize the shit surrounding them, let alone understand japanese media correctly: weebs are attracted by whatever means aggressively japanese - independent of quality.

<independent of quality

Remember this.

ad35b6  No.15413196


Take your meds lad

c32502  No.15420957

File: eccbd8b0c8475ee⋯.png (7.66 MB, 530x14989, 530:14989, Persona Kandori speech.png)

This was Satomi in his prime.

Comparing it to Caligula's disappointing narrative, I have to wonder what happened. Did he just get rusty?

480a3c  No.15420967


no idea what happened with caligula but it probably had more to do with other people than him

c32502  No.15421173

File: 2be5e6b419b442a⋯.jpg (408.72 KB, 640x943, 640:943, Oda Nobunaga by Kaneko.jpg)


I hope you're right.

The biggest problem with Caligula's story was the cringy villains with poor motivations. The good guys were pretty solid in comparison, strangely. It's almost like the game had two different writers at the same time.


I've been meaning to get into Breath of Fire, but I keep putting it off. I'll give them a shot soon enough though.


>expectations for SMT 5?

>Kaneko art

I wouldn't count on it, OP. Kaneko seldom draws anymore. You're probably setting yourself up for disappointment. But we'll see.

07182d  No.15421239

File: 7ac43e9398b0529⋯.jpg (27.73 KB, 512x413, 512:413, 81c90ecf47a640cd94b1f6e33a….jpg)

>favourite game?

nocturne. the only main entry i partially liked. the other ones sucked ass. i hate first person dungeon crawlers. i also hate the lameness of the smt4 games

>favourite spin off?

persona 4. for chie. that cute spunky tomboy


scathach. helped me out the most in dungeon crawling. was also a half naked goth

>expectations for SMT 5?

low. extremely low

I also started hating jack frost after smt4 apocalypse. that gay ass voice for king frost and black frost is faggoty ear cancer. cant wait to kill myself if forced to that in smt5

5686bc  No.15421256

File: 28141bd176f06ea⋯.jpg (101 KB, 1049x925, 1049:925, Get_Out_Jew.jpg)


>i hate first person dungeon crawlers

a1c11a  No.15421299


>I'll give them a shot soon enough though.

Be sure to use the fan retranslation patch for BoFII. The Maeson romhack is also compatible with said retranslation, if you wish to use it as well.

e21187  No.15421629

I don't think it can be overstated how bad SMT4A is.

e21187  No.15422406


Ok since I am somewhat free now I can elaborate on this

SMT4A is what you get when you mix SMT with Persona/#FE. Its the epitome of everything wrong with modern atlus, from the plot retcons to introduce a third wheel shitheel down to dumbing down everything for god knows what audience. It gets so bad I can't even force myself to finish it

>you play as a 15 year old with a 15 year old girl friend

>in fact majority of your party is 15 year old(this becomes relevant)

>the entire plot starts because you are forced to take idiotic decisions nobody in their right mind would take

>this is the theme of the game with you being forced to take stupid decisions but not actually having to face the consequences of them because it all ends up working out anyway

>another "theme" of the game is the power of friendship or the power of retarded AI in this case. At least now you can now chose which tard you want to wrangle.

>awful localization(similar to SMT4 in this respect) with Dagda speaking like an edgy redditor and some demons having straight up wrong descriptions

>the gist of the plot is your character fucking up everything the protagonist of the original game did while ruining his own life

>this is supposed to be some kind of master plan by Dagda which I assume doesn't make sense like everything else in the game

>game balance/progression is fucked. the first major boss can smirk himself but then that doesn't become relevant until 40 hours into the game at which point almost every boss is spamming almighty or smirk piercing

>enemy demons have stupid amounts of health(almost double of what you get when you recruit them) with you having random encounters with 3 demons with no weakness with 1000+ health

>none of the balance issues actually matter because the game is pathetically easy anyway. They just take longer because of how sluggish they made everything from SMT4

>from increased loading times to decreased speed of auto battle, atlus has made sure that every single part of this game is excruciating

>every single character is cringe worthy,they have a fucking love triangle in this piece of shit

>basic features like healing when you level up are locked behind App points, which are finite every NG run and can only be grinded using paid disc locked DLC

>the way the plot is presented every single human being in tokyo is fucking retarded along with all of the hunter association, they send 15 year olds posing as samurais(something you can only become as an 18 year old) to infiltrate Mikado which leads to a "disguise" scene where male and female party members split up to change into disguises and you get the option to peek on the females

>the disguises in this case are a fake mustache, make up and a coat to fool angels into thinking that they are 18 year olds

The thing is, that isn't even peak of the retardation of this game. There are dozens of tone deaf moments with one of the party member being a discount puck except he is a ghost of a dead samurai from SMT4 playing comic relief.

da762e  No.15422451

File: bb4ac1b2d28777c⋯.jpg (549.6 KB, 2132x1632, 533:408, CerberusSMT.jpg)

>favourite game?

Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei No im not kidding I did really enjoy the SFC ports of MT1 and 2

>favourite spin off?

Persona 5. What's there to say, Atlus can still make a good game when they try and blow the release schedule out by years


Cerberus, he is the goodest of bois.

>expectations for SMT 5?

None. I hope its good but by having no expectations atleast im not disappointed when its trash.

65ce4e  No.15422510


>villains with poor motivations

That’s just how Satomi Tadashi writes. The heroes are all mostly well written while the villains for the most part are fairly generic. Nyarly was the only good villain he’s written because he was just taking the piss out of everyone and playing 35D chess.

70a65d  No.15422532


You haven't finished it, so you don't really understand how much the game feels like it was made by a team that haven't played the previous games (especially SMT II, based on one ending in particular) and seemed to think that smt and persona could be mixed you really can't, you just end up with the worst concepts from both of them

e21187  No.15422538


>You haven't finished it, so you don't really understand how much the game feels like it was made by a team that haven't played the previous games

I don't think you need to finish it to get that.

d8f6fa  No.15422581

6bbf8f  No.15422593


>“We’re constantly considering a port or remake of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. We’re thinking we want to watch for an opportunity.”

More indication that Demi-Fiend is potentially in DMC5.

e21187  No.15422599


They added him as DLC in 4A

Don't see why they aren't going to do that again in 5 if it even gets released.

28c612  No.15422605

File: 32bd82608fe0233⋯.png (556.97 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, 2d9817c6b407cca2f55aa6975f….png)

How's the server translation coming along? Hand me the download link for that while you're at it

9e190d  No.15422610


Dragon Quest has a lot of dullness to it though.


I want Stephen or The Hero to be in.

957525  No.15422624


True, it just means your critique is incomplete.

e21187  No.15422632


>it just means your critique is incomplete

If I found 30 or so hours of the game insufferable, its not going to redeem itself in the next 10.

2837b3  No.15422701


I think what he's trying to say is that it's worse than you realize.

418d93  No.15423287


It really is. SMT4A is inarguably the worst game in the franchise, with 4 a very close second. I say that knowing that a gacha game exists.

d1c49b  No.15430263

File: 636b8216b059d52⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1200x1080, 10:9, SMTI Vivian imgz.png)

File: 0a719800ff120ca⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 758.6 KB, 1286x642, 643:321, SMTI Vivian booty.png)

Gonna post links to the SMT Imagine private server just in case anyone wants them. The game seems to be mostly functional now.



Download links (same download, different sites) :



Also, posting some bare demon ass.

cc3963  No.15430267


I actually liked SMT4. Never played Nocturne Go figure.

f72f9e  No.15430362


>covered bottom

58f0bf  No.15433018


This. The retranslation is an absolute must. For an example of the original translations QUALITY, at one point they mix up "Yes" and "No" when an npc asks you a question.

c32502  No.15436132

File: 6595743c8fc0b4b⋯.mp4 (6.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, PQ2 Elizabeth character tr….mp4)

PQ2 Elizabeth character trailer.

Looks like you can get tickets from her, which seem to be quests.

There will be more PQ2 info at TGS and in an upcoming Famitsu issue.

98cdfa  No.15436147


does it play like the real thing?

c32502  No.15436191



Seems some NPC functions are still missing.

On the bright side, you can zoom out the camera a lot farther than in the original.

b77f8a  No.15442080

File: 9a2072410ec944b⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 2048x1275, 2048:1275, PQ2 Famitsu scans pages 17….jpg)

File: 64ba0acf8ed7598⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1172x1453, 1172:1453, PQ2 Famitsu scan page 172.jpg)

File: 0e0c65a0dd252c3⋯.mp4 (6.91 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, PQ2 Ryuji Sakamoto charact….mp4)

Some more PQ2 info.

>The story of this game begins from a point where the Persona 5 protagonist wanders into a strange world and pops out of a screen into a place that looks like a movie theater. When this happens, however, two people who should be there with the rest of the characters have disappeared: Makoto Niijima and Haru Okumura.

>The Phantom Thieves then meet Hikari and Nagi in the movie theater. After the two hear what they have to say, they conclude that Makoto and Haru were left behind in the movie. Suddenly, a movie trailer appears on the screen featuring a character that looks like someone who shares an important connection with the main character of Persona 5: Kamoshida.

>In addition to the male protagonist, the female protagonist featured in Persona 3 Portable appears in this game. She has also wandered into the movie world for some reason, running into the Phantom Thieves who are looking to rescue their lost teammates. Where is the SEES group she belongs to…?

Looks like PQ2 is inheriting P5's button-based combat UI. While it looks cool, I'm worried it might translate horribly to the 3DS with its tiny buttons, but I guess we'll see. Either way, I hope they'll include a classic UI option (but I won't hold my breath).

f8bf3d  No.15442979

File: 69523d65e4b30f5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 76.7 KB, 321x340, 321:340, a trustworthy fellow.png)

How do you guys think about a world of LAW?

5686bc  No.15443276


Looking good, this will be my final 3DS game along with EO Nexus. Hopefully they buff magic and nerf Light/Darkness spells.

30d0f9  No.15443317


>FeMC is back

That's all I needed. I can die happy now.


Go home (((Mansemat))).

93c5f4  No.15443325

Is Aeon Genesis ever going to get off his whiny ass to release the If… translation? I wonder how hard you'd have to shitpost at him for him to get pissy and cancel it outright.

cc3963  No.15443331

File: 7f5fd4adac2a117⋯.jpg (91.84 KB, 315x641, 315:641, 1432515404566.jpg)


>teens in your party is somehow bad this time

>but not in every other JRPG in existence

b24910  No.15443379

Pretty new to the series, started with the shitty spin off ones (persona 2, persona 3 and 4) and am now close to finishing strange journey, currently gathering the eggs so we can blow up the black hole. Are there any other smt games in first person? i looked at 4 and i gotta say the walking around in 3rd person doesn't do it for me

65ce4e  No.15443386


>making this large of a leap in logic making you come to the conclusion that that’s the way that anon thinks.

Go be retarded elsewhere with this “hurr durr you don’t like it this time so that must mean you support it in every other instance”

222327  No.15443482


1, 2, If…, Devil Summoner, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. Nocturne in NG+ (kinda). Majin Tensei and Devil Survivor during battles.

07182d  No.15443662

File: cfe4262ea53cfd3⋯.mp4 (9.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Tranny_in_SMT4.mp4)

>vid related

I don't know how to feel about this video. A man turns into a female demon. Basicially, a tranny. In this same game, Lucifer also secretly masquerades in the body of a teenage girl. Seems like demons can change their sex, whether at will or via transformation.

The implication of this being: There's a likely chance that the hot SMT female demons you face either were or weren't originally male in the beginning.

cc3963  No.15443686


I'm just saying it's a stupid fucking thing to complain about if you play JRPGs. The characters are fucking teens in 9/10 JRPGs.

0f663b  No.15443697


They act like modern millenial teenagers and do stupid slapstick hijinks instead of people with their shit together like teenagers in a post apocalyptic world would try to act. I got that from his post. The complete dismissal of tone of the games from people outside of the series never ceases to infuriate me.

b1ebbc  No.15443788


>The characters are fucking teens in 9/10 JRPGs

Good thing we're not talking about 9/10 JRPGs mongo.

00f624  No.15443890


Some other shit.

>Bosses are damage capped to hide their shit stat design where even what the game would consider under levelled your DPS will still be retarded.

>It's plot literally retcons every ending of every previous SMT


647e88  No.15443942

File: 64ed3ff3b69dba7⋯.png (3.09 MB, 1920x816, 40:17, 64ed3ff3b69dba7719bb53bac5….png)


>swallows the red pill

>becomes a woman with big breasts

Was this what /pol/ wanted all along? To be the sexy girl?

bd92d0  No.15444186

File: 003089ec08d6d44⋯.jpg (748.01 KB, 1212x2368, 303:592, SMT Hero art.jpg)



Most of the mainline SMT protagonists were teenagers. Strange Journey's guy is an exception.


Yeah, demons can be quite loose when it comes to gender. To begin with, a lot of mythological figures are sexless, so MegaTen is adapting them faithfully for the most part. And then there's the whole demon fusion thing to consider.

As for Dullahan specifically, he/she has appeared throughout the franchise in different forms, from male to female.

One very interesting case in the spin-off "Persona" is Hidehiko. Most initial personas (so far in the series) match their user's gender, but his didn't.

b1ebbc  No.15444195


>Most of the mainline SMT protagonists were teenagers

Most of the mainline SMT protagonists were given no age and they didn't act like brain dead children either.

Hell SMT 2's protagonist is literally artificially aged to be an adult.

3bd658  No.15444216


Well yeah, its teens and anime and haven't played a single one of them but i am guessing some of them are in school or some teen relatable stuff.

That sameness used to piss me off, but its obvious they are trying to make their players feel identified, teens are most likely the ones who would play this and school because they need things in common, also anime because its japan.

In my case if jrpgs started having mostly bitter adult guys as protagonists and darker themes id probably find them more appealing than the usual college teens save the world game.

647e88  No.15444283

File: 24dfc55e61cd10a⋯.jpeg (74.84 KB, 439x800, 439:800, cute demifiend boober.jpeg)

File: 8c47ab32b690a8e⋯.jpg (140.29 KB, 495x800, 99:160, cute demifiend butt.jpg)

File: b84bdf3b96a53bc⋯.jpeg (110.72 KB, 800x679, 800:679, cute demifiend in bondage.jpeg)

File: 9aa6f8d045888ce⋯.jpg (248.04 KB, 661x824, 661:824, cute demifiend ready to fi….jpg)

File: 1662c5cb7ccd965⋯.jpeg (122.23 KB, 723x724, 723:724, Lewd demifiend bun.jpeg)


>Most of the mainline SMT protagonists were given no age and they didn't act like brain dead children either.

SMT Nocturne trio were all canonically high school students and MC had the option of getting wet over his teacher's dream. While I admit that it was more ambiguous in the past it's silly to be shocked by them being youngsters in and of itself. I do agree with the disguise complaint though.

b1ebbc  No.15444292


>SMT Nocturne trio were all canonically high school students

Chiaki's entire reasoning to meet her homeroom teacher was to ask for career advice.

Its time to stop doing damage control for the worst SMT game by making shit up

9efce2  No.15444301


>if jrpgs started having mostly bitter adult guys as protagonists and darker themes id probably find them more appealing

SMT games are pretty dark. Genocide, betrayel, the whole package. And the protags are literal self inserts as they don't really have any characteristic, but instead your decisions throughout the game change the story and if he's "evil", "good" or so.

3e49f1  No.15444307


I want to fuck female Hitoshura.

f353c8  No.15444538

File: 3a9ce84db1031c9⋯.png (142.78 KB, 600x700, 6:7, sweatlus.png)


I really hope they add a FeMC to the Nocturne remake.

c0e28d  No.15444595


>Nocturne Remake

do you want another new "waifu" character forced into the plot?

5686bc  No.15444610


>Hoping for another modern Atlus remake

f353c8  No.15444629


No, I want an additional FeMC route like in P3P.

105c9b  No.15444652


Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2

To be like Nocturne and DDS, third person, excellent 3D models full of attention to detail, and same fast paced combat system. No smirks would be ideal

6f5a1a  No.15444695


> The characters are fucking teens in 9/10 JRPGs.

It's less a problem in the earlier mainline games since as someone pointed out you played a non-descript aged individual in SMT1 and you're a genetic experiment in SMT2. Nocturne is also ambiguous as to the MC's age and I don't know about IV since I never played it but you could go anyway with Flynn. But for the Persona games, having nothing but teenagers has just led to some really boring characters overall because of the greater emphasis on plot.

The groups from P2:IS and EP show that if you put some adults in the party, you can draw upon the fact that these characters will have more life experience behind them to inform their own character, growth, and troubles. Even mixing the age groups helps with party dynamics and dialogue.

While you could have kids that have seen some shit the Persona series really hasn't done that outside of P3's SEES group. So what you are left with are a bunch of normal high schoolers going through a situation and unlike P1 where story beats are sparse and concise, with P4/P5 it's hours upon hours of the same high school shit.

I'd like them to at least do college aged people in Persona 6 but I'd also want them to drop or severly overhaul stuff like Social links and dungeon pacing because these games have become a slog to bear through.

bd4066  No.15444716


I really hope you choke on your tendies and die.

f353c8  No.15444745


That's not really nice.

7dba8d  No.15444746

have you guys tried the gachashit phonegame?

961595  No.15444756


>I'll rather not have cuckshit in muh vidya famalam.

It's not about having cuckshit or not, it's about Isamu's development. You meet him and his a chill guy with a terrible fashion sense and all of a sudden he turns into a complete nihilist and expresses a lot of disdain towards the demifiend for unknown reasons. The reason being a cutscene that didn't make it to the game where he realizes the teacher cares more about the demifiend than him.

7fda02  No.15444764


Yes, I believe the general consensus is that's it's a good game ruined by huge amounts of pay2notgrind.

7fda02  No.15444765


Oh, and that most of the NPCs are irredeemably annoying.

7dba8d  No.15444790


afro pewdiepie can go unsummon himself from the planet, man he's annoying.

80eae1  No.15444794


So you want a shitty waifu character who ruins the plot, and 90% of the character motivations got it

647e88  No.15445263

File: e26472142b3fae6⋯.jpg (84.36 KB, 850x1190, 5:7, Stop_35.jpg)


>he doesn't know that literally all High Schools have their students fill out forms about what their first, second and third choices are for careers and college

I hate SMT4A as much as the next faggot but hate it for actual reasons.

1edba3  No.15445295

File: 4bb09425864116a⋯.png (175.76 KB, 500x343, 500:343, alice hee ho.png)

File: 982684291536c4d⋯.jpg (107.08 KB, 1000x635, 200:127, panic.jpg)



>Soul Hackers

>Alice, I'd die for her.

>Really high.

b1ebbc  No.15445317


>but hate it for actual reasons

I hate it for plenty of actual reasons but you seem pretty hung up on damage controlling for it with made up bullshit.

All 3 characters in Nocturne have graduated from high school which puts them 3 years above 15 year old shitkids if not outright adults.

1cf329  No.15445382

File: 4751e0d12417205⋯.png (584.39 KB, 449x597, 449:597, 4751e0d12417205a0e28015916….png)

>The best X!

093ffa  No.15445398


>favourite game?


>favourite spin off?




>expectations for SMT 5?

I don't own a switch so don't care.

647e88  No.15445455

File: 026167b5a44947e⋯.png (757.87 KB, 1046x542, 523:271, After we graduate.png)


Where can you point it does it blatantly state that they are all graduated? Why would a trio of college kids even know that their homeroom teacher was sick let alone have the time to visit her? Because I can find something that blatantly states that Chiaki at least has not graduated. The main character's are High Schoolers, 18 maybe, but still High Schoolers.

b1ebbc  No.15445514


>Why would a trio of college kids even know that their homeroom teacher was sick let alone have the time to visit her

Its explicitly stated that she contacts the three of them because she doesn't want them to die during conception

647e88  No.15445530


Yes and Chiaki says she hasn't graduated yet. Things that were actually mentioned in the story haven't stopped you from being retarded for the last 3 posts. Provide me definitive proof that Nocturne contradicts itself by having Chiaki say she hasn't graduated but simultaneously has.

b1ebbc  No.15445536


>Yes and Chiaki says she hasn't graduated yet

She doesn't

Your screenshot states the complete opposite. If she hadn't graduated, she could've just talked about it during her school hours.

647e88  No.15445542

File: 14a54cc2a56fac2⋯.png (11.3 KB, 271x269, 271:269, Aw I'm loving this.png)


>If she hadn't graduated, she could've just talked about it during her school hours.

Yes, she could have gone to school during school hours to talk to her teacher in the hospital about career advice. Makes perfect sense that Chiaki had the ability to be at the High School and the hospital at the same time.

b1ebbc  No.15445561


>she could have gone to school during school hours to talk to her teacher in the hospital about career advice

Except she wasn't sick to begin with and only feigned sickness to call them to the hospital to save them from conception. They would know she wasn't actually sick if she was still their homeroom teacher.

Are you actually thinking before you type or is this some ebin trolle?

647e88  No.15445605

File: b9727452212e6d4⋯.png (377.99 KB, 1064x546, 76:39, Yuko is in the hospital wh….png)


>They would know she wasn't actually sick if she was still their homeroom teacher.

When the world is remade in the Freedom route she is still in the hospital you mouth breathing retard. She was out of school for a long time even if it was fake. You'd know that if you'd played the game to get all the endings. Yes, she faked being in the hospital, but that wouldn't stop her from telling the students to show up and you still have not actually explained why Chiaki states she hasn't graduated yet. So please again.

Why does Chiaki state she hasn't graduated yet? Please post actual proof that any of them have graduated when Chiaki references that fact that she hasn't graduated yet.

b1ebbc  No.15445613


>but that wouldn't stop her from telling the students to show up

Which is why literally only 3 people showed up during the conception in a non operational hospital occupied by a cult right?

Just save me the trouble and fuck off

You've already moved your goalposts from teenagers to 18 year olds.

647e88  No.15445632

File: c18abb25c402c87⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1576x1600, 197:200, c18abb25c402c87000e1597ad4….png)


>Which is why literally only 3 people showed up during the conception in a non operational hospital occupied by a cult right?

Because she only told those 3 students to come you faggot. Jesus if you actually listen to the Drama CD you'd know this too.

>Which is why literally only 3 people showed up during the conception in a non operational hospital occupied by a cult right?

Yes, see when you are in a cult that can take over a hospital you can also give yourself a reason to be in said hospital for a long time faggot. Turns out if you can fucking take over an abandoned hospital in fucking Shinjuku your cult has a lot of sway.

>You've already moved your goalposts from teenagers to 18 year olds.

>eightteen year olds

>teen year olds


Yes anon, 18-yeard-olds that haven't graduated High School are teenagers and yes anon, they're High School Students.

Again, please provide proof that they graduated High School you mouth breather. You have still failed to post anything and instead you're just slinging rhetoric like it covers your lazy ass for not reading anything properly.

01fe79  No.15446388


>I hate it for plenty of actual reasons

Care to share with the class? Because whether they are high schoolers or not it's not an issue for Nocturne since the setting completely ignores that piece of information once the introduction is over. It's kind of trivial to get mad at the age of characters when it doesn't contribute to a problem in the actual game, or the story within.

f353c8  No.15446501


That's not what i said you fucking nigger. You're strawmanning.

5686bc  No.15447382


If you want a FeMC then that's what you're going to get. Never wish for a modern Atlus remake.

012280  No.15447768


He has a point though. This is Modern Atlus. You're not going to get a FeMC (hell, they haven't even done that since Persona 3 PSP), you're going to get a shittily inserted waifu with an alternate route that retcons the other endings into bad ends because NEW = GOOD WE KNOW BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL WRITERS.

It happened with SMT4A. It happened with Strange Journey. It'll happen again. It's all they know now.

b1ebbc  No.15449056


>Care to share with the class

Go read up the post I made

Now fuck off

fc6c97  No.15449961


David Hogg Psy-op memes aren't allowed here you filthy cuck-channer.

bd92d0  No.15450035

File: 89d2799dcf34770⋯.mp4 (10.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, PQ2 Nintendo Direct traile….mp4)

File: 90d5bdc8c631151⋯.png (497.69 KB, 1056x594, 16:9, PQ2 Caladrius.png)

File: 20f6b0709ecf692⋯.png (547.68 KB, 1056x594, 16:9, PQ2 Pele.png)

File: 8de083f162453bd⋯.png (488.35 KB, 1056x594, 16:9, PQ2 Hare of Inaba.png)

PQ2 trailer from the Nintendo Direct.

Detailed info on a few of the sub-personas. I doubt they'll change in the final release 'cause it's only a couple months away.

6f5a1a  No.15450127


>Go read up the post I made

None of your posts have anything to do with giving reasons for not liking Nocturne or even SMT4A. It's been arguing over who is a highschooler or not.

6be76b  No.15450276


Maybe get some reading comprehension and learn how to follow conversations

>reasons for not liking Nocturne

Where the fuck did I say anything like that?

>or even SMT4A

Go look for the only list in the thread about it.

80eae1  No.15450424


What you said you wanted a FEMC like in P3P. So that's what you'll get. The FeMC was hilariously poorly written and the only people who like her just want to jack off to her.

6be76b  No.15450751

File: f73219d33ab58ed⋯.png (295.07 KB, 535x641, 535:641, citra-qt_2018-09-14_23-22-….png)

Playing through soul hackers right now and jesus christ

>the absolute state of Atlus

0021b2  No.15452393

File: e1791dbe78b78fd⋯.jpg (85.37 KB, 1000x786, 500:393, IMG_2823.JPG)


Have you gotten past the dolphin painting boss? I'm stuck on that one at the moment. Is there any strategy to defeat him or do I just keep attacking?

30d0f9  No.15452423


I brute forced it when I played but the game gives you a vague hint earlier. Good game with a gun-shaped COMP.

879e89  No.15452493


There is a trick, while the game let's you brute force it there is another, much easier way.

b8531d  No.15453000

File: 7041faacb774ed4⋯.png (165.23 KB, 303x311, 303:311, 10_int.png)


You have only yourself to blame for playing a modern atlus title. Why even subject yourself to that when the DS generation was the last good one? And I mean that across the board for all their in-house productions.

28c612  No.15453296

Man I was hoping reimagine would have at least have some translation out. Guess I could stick with replaying strange journey or vanilla nocturne

6be76b  No.15453692


Just keep using magic on it.

cc3963  No.15453716


Don't be retarded. There's no such thing as "homeroom" in college. The characters are high school kiddies.

6be76b  No.15453723


You can meet your homeroom teacher after graduation

In fact its pretty common to do so too.

5686bc  No.15453724


Make sure it's the vanilla Strange Journey.

7dd88b  No.15454573

The MC in Nocturne is a high school student and his 2 friends are classmates. I cant believe that dingo up there is arguing agaisnt this fact

f7fc83  No.15456821

I was excited for PQ2 coming out this year but then i realized that its just the Japanese and the English version still hasnt been announced yet. Im mad that they havent announced the English version yet and that its probably gonna take a long time to come out cause of a dub which i rather not have

0a162a  No.15462666


The shitty dub for the first one killed it for me.

de0e99  No.15462718


does imagine have a decently sized playerbase?

bc1daf  No.15463346

File: 39f629895e99ab5⋯.png (84 KB, 1128x762, 188:127, TGS 2018 Atlus Stream Even….png)

Apparently this is Atlus' TGS stream schedule.

Damn. 3 hours for PQ2? That's crazy. My guess is they're going to demo the entire first dungeon. Might be overdoing it, but I look forward to it.

Just as I thought, no signs of SMTV. Looks like the game isn't TGS-ready. That's why Yamai had to come out and say "Don't worry, we're still developing it".


The private server's playerbase isn't too bad, but it's smaller than the official Japanese version's was.


He's probably just trolling.

MegaTen has always been about adolescent youth rising up against the gods, ever since the books.

3a5085  No.15464953

I just got Persona 5 couple days ago and Madarame is raping me hard. Is there any order in which the paintings need to be off'd or am I just underleveld? (playing on hard lvl 17)

The eyes and nose are all resistant to anything, but physical atk and they revive the others once one is down and the mouth is only vulnerable to elemental atk.

092871  No.15465185



I don't remember what I did, but make sure inked allies are guarding so that they don't get fucked by one-mores. Not to mention the tried-and-true USE BUFFS RETARD

968bf1  No.15465259


I been using rakunda, but then left eye uses it on me immediately and mouth uses bite and MC is ded.

f14a03  No.15465289


Buff yourself and debuff the enemy

Rakunda isn't going to do shit if you can't hit the enemy or get one shotted anyway.

3a5085  No.15465488


>every single one of his attacks is critical/weakness

>dude just buff lmao

I already tried. There has to be a trick. It goes like this

>1st turn: lower def and raise attack

He debuffs, bite(critical hit) another bite, one down,

>2nd turn: revive ally, attack him

He uses fire on all(hits weakness), bite(critical) another bite

game over

c465cc  No.15465599

File: bf68837999f936a⋯.jpg (429.43 KB, 827x1240, 827:1240, __asherah_shin_megami_tens….jpg)

Strange Journey is a fucking empty game, all is a boring grind and nothing interesting happens. I was promised a supernatural military rpg, and all I have is retarded anime characters whose only story, is they have to go from point A to point B, to point C etc.

Stop throwing this turd at people interested in good japanese games. It ain't so. For you it's a matter of weeb identity, but actual gamers can't ignore it when muh animu gaym PLAYS LIKE SHIT.

38f418  No.15465604


Git gud.

c465cc  No.15465638


I already beat the game before shitting on it, weebtard. Fact: you wouldn't be playing this shit if it was made by some indie retard, you're just in it for the animu memes

38f418  No.15465647


Git gud.

3a5085  No.15465705


Strange Journey is the least weebish SMT game. It's more like a mixture between western sci-fi and and Japanese RPGs.

>anime characters

I hate SJs art direction. It's literally an (((UN))) team for fucks sake.


>you just like it, because it has content which applies to your preferences

No shit?

07182d  No.15472692

File: 837eeecd225da5c⋯.jpg (14.87 KB, 295x342, 295:342, 837.jpg)

When not choosing Neutral routes, I feel like I go full Law with these games. It just means you prefer to be a morally righteous authoritarian instead of an immoral Chaos lolbertarian.

f14a03  No.15472706


>>1st turn: lower def and raise attack

Yeah buff your attack and lower his defense when he one shots you in a single turn

>>2nd turn: revive ally, attack him

Yeah attack him instead of lowering his attack when he is one shotting you

>He uses fire on all(hits weakness), bite(critical) another bite

Your entire party isn't weak to fire. Just guard with the character who is weak to fire.

How stupid are you?

c32502  No.15474252

File: 84a216dbf4feecd⋯.mp4 (7.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, PQ2 Yukiko Amagi character….mp4)

File: 89488b0a632ef43⋯.mp4 (7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, PQ2 Ken Amada character tr….mp4)

A couple more PQ2 character trailers in case you missed them.


Law and Chaos are just two sides of the same shekel. Both are in favor of someone in power robbing everyone else of their freedom. The only differences are in the methods, and who that someone is. There's hardly anything libertarian or moral about either of them.

d1c49b  No.15481285

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Persona Q2 livestream is up!


811e75  No.15481371


>It just means you prefer to be a morally righteous authoritarian

All paths in SMT are comically bad, because they stem from the japs' poor understanding of monotheism. The notion that right is always superior to wrong and not striking a balance, is something that clashes with their opportunistic nature. Imagine a smelly chinese entering a cathedral and shout that God has no right over his creation, because it now belongs to China: that's SMT in a nutshell.

I recently beat Strange Journey, the alignment bearers Jimenez and Selenin must be the most hamfisted and misguided rethorical artifice I've ever read in vidya narrative. Weebs believe it's a masterpiece.


>you just like it, because it has content which applies to your preferences

>No shit

I love it when a cretin talks too much and something like this slips through. He just fucking admitted that his preference is first thing anime period, he doesn't actually care if it's good or not.

2aebb7  No.15481379

I've played Nocturne, I liked the atmosphere but there was almost no story so I felt like I was just doing mindless pointless grinding for hours, big waste of time. Should I play IV, Personas (played 1st one, grindan again) and other spinoffs?

d1c49b  No.15481474

File: 13731a73318a291⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 1265x1920, 253:384, Persona blowdarts.jpg)

>tfw the classic Persona theme plays when the player starts a new game in PQ2

Neat. I'm glad the best theme is still getting the recognition it deserves.


Don't conflate Ishida's poor narrative with the classics.

3ca416  No.15485952


I just started with IV myself, and I already regret it. Grindan games should't be played back to back: wait a while before going back, to restart it all is just a chore.

You can always try one of the spinoffs without fusion, which are normal JRPGs.

e4f29b  No.15486472


>you're just in it for the animu memes

Jokes on you, fag, I'm in it for the monster collecting

d97a68  No.15500014


811e75  No.15500117


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