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File: b752af6f248e125⋯.jpg (43.1 KB, 431x500, 431:500, acute.jpg)

ceccbe  No.15445533

Come! Show me what passes for fury among your misbegotten kind!

78a016  No.15445549

Which game had better unit quotes? Dawn of War or Warcraft 3?

38160f  No.15445573


Dawn of War, easily. I don't even see WC3 quoted nearly as often as DOW1. The Orks voice palette literally defined their general voice palette for all future Warhammer games because it was that good, none of the previous games had them sound like that.

291c29  No.15445576

File: 14a59c81f1cded4⋯.jpg (184.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, AvsKF.jpg)

Whens the fighting game?

38160f  No.15445578


Also I'm sad every time I think about how incredible the Orks unit dialogue in DoW3 was compared to how fucking shitty the game is.

99f830  No.15445598

File: b61177f056072ee⋯.jpg (764.89 KB, 2255x2854, 2255:2854, How 2 WAAAGH!.jpg)


b5546c  No.15445604

File: 7f17c3bc6a248fa⋯.jpg (247.18 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.jpg)


So are we not going to talk about Space Marine?

5ef9bc  No.15445612

How's Space Hulk Ascension?

4b7386  No.15445661


the Codex Astartes does support this game

02be6d  No.15445678

An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.

c16920  No.15445682


>the Codex Astartes does support this game

But not P2P connection

02be6d  No.15445692

It is better to die for the Emperor than live for yourself.

787990  No.15445698

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ironically enough, Orks are actually pretty awful at ramming tactics. Armada 2 better fix that.

5ef9bc  No.15445750






a6700b  No.15445863

File: 56c3d9c68ef1a94⋯.png (232.31 KB, 813x391, 813:391, ClipboardImage.png)


Lord Cylarne is back and he's working on a new and improved version of UA, it will be done probably by the start of next year…hopefully.

430712  No.15445979

>Love DoW1

>Play it for 10 years

>Discover mods

>Mod it to hell and back

>Unbalanced but it's more content so I like it

>So much shit on it it can't barely run anymore

>Can't play DoW1 anymore unless I reinstall

It was worth it though.


I actually see the contrary. I do admit that DoW1 quotes are better, but WC3 has pretty cool details like clicking the units multiple times.

430712  No.15445984


What will he exactly improve?

52bc51  No.15445999


Why didn’t this happen in canon?

5ef9bc  No.15446026

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Can you imagine CoH-style joke lines in DoW?

3842b9  No.15446124

So when are we going to get a WH40k game all about being a Slanesh devoted space marine? I want to mow down Imperial citizens with a boltor while doing lines of coke on a motorcycle.

27b775  No.15446140


Go join Antifa then, and fail just like every Chaos cuck.

d8dedc  No.15446204


>Chaos cuck

I just wanted to be a spooky Batman/Jason Voorhees combo like the Night Haunter before me.

5088d5  No.15446216

File: 0c266cc2798dc86⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



<not snorting c'than shards

reported for being a heretic weenie

6297a8  No.15446217

I hold the secrets of the machines

2ef0e3  No.15446464

File: 5c4b38428f78438⋯.jpg (627.08 KB, 1500x1491, 500:497, 4708_cadian.imperial_guard….jpg)

File: ba62c6ba95d09e6⋯.jpg (327.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 70986.jpg)

File: 409d09a27a0be68⋯.jpg (434.85 KB, 1680x1289, 1680:1289, QJ0JonoL5od9R1ra66z5LVVesS….jpg)


Someone call for a…shanker?

Ready to unleash 11 barrels of Hell!

Always remember; The planet cracked before the Guard did.

6297a8  No.15446574



9c3be1  No.15446682

File: 30460ad4394e1fc⋯.jpg (380.22 KB, 1262x899, 1262:899, Imperator3.jpg)


38160f  No.15446712

I still want my asymmetrical multiplayer game where Space Marines are the rarest players. Eternal Crusade disappointed so much.

8f6e06  No.15446817


EC was proof that it will never happen. Asymmetric multiplayer is rare to begin with.

ab16d9  No.15446943

40k has the worst aesthetics. the armor, weapons, vehicles all look awful

38160f  No.15446962


>Asymmetric multiplayer is rare to begin with.

They could make it have an RPG system, but you unlock factions with more powerful basic units as you progress. But if you invest in the "noob" factions they eventually get on par with Space Marines.

>starter factions are orks and IG

>can't come close to killing Marines 1 on 1

>fast forward to end game

>IG player is a Commissar commanding two stormtroopers with plasma rifles and his own personal bitch psyker with a bomb collar – "keep your friends close and your enemies closer"

>Marines regularly die to his withering armor penetrating ranged firepower

>Ork player is a meganob with a power klaw and kustom shoota

>nobody can fucking challenge him in one on one except terminators on a good day

9c3be1  No.15446963

File: ff9fedd48cceade⋯.jpg (17.98 KB, 510x512, 255:256, ufookinwutm8.jpg)

ab16d9  No.15447013

do you seiously think weapons like the bolter look good?

38160f  No.15447024


Do you seriously enjoy taking Eldar dick up your ass while you post?

6297a8  No.15447026

>tfw no Sister of Battle gf

e6705d  No.15447045



If you're trying to ebinly ruse, don't be a tryhard about it.




ab16d9  No.15447073

>opinions that aren't my own are trolling wahhh

nice to see the post 2010 newfag cancer from cuckchan is here

6297a8  No.15447078

I know Soulstorm is considered really shit and I never played it myself, but how did it handle the new factions it added (Dark Eldar and Sisters of Battle)?

Are they interesting mechanically and different to play or just reskins of existing ones?

a41793  No.15447105

Is it okay to be attracted to the marines

44726a  No.15447295

File: e7d8b372d496bf2⋯.webm (3.97 MB, 626x360, 313:180, Imperial Guard.webm)


It already has by dawn of war 1

78a016  No.15447427


Will he fuck AI difficulties? Since all my friends are faggots I have to play UA by myself and the bots are too easy on normal difficulty but way too fucking impossible in hard mode.

6297a8  No.15447430


Trivia: The guy who voiced Sindri also voiced the Imperial Guardsmen

78a016  No.15447473


SoB have a "faith" meter which can be increased via certain structures. Allows for more powers for units and stuff. Pretty uninspired. Dark Eldar are even worse. You have to forage up souls from defeated enemies and those will allow you to use map-wide bonuses with various effects, but only one unit collects souls IIRC and Dark Eldar have almost 0 defense buildings, so a long battle will not go well no matter how good you are. From what I hear, they're just as situational as they are on the tabletop.


Half the voices are by members of the Dobson family.

fe82c7  No.15447486


No one cares if you think a bolter dosen't look good.

78a016  No.15447498


Are you the /sp/ poster, as well? Your post was seen as 'trolling' because it has no argument. Post an argument and some explanation why you think the bolter doesn't look good (free of the snarkiness faggotry, too) and we will reply seriously to it.

b6492f  No.15447604

File: 6a30fd9464d0104⋯.webm (4.05 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sindri Myr quotes.webm)

7f6426  No.15448467


I though steven blum voiced the guardsmen, his character in star wars rebels sounds just like them.

426b6d  No.15449142




Am I the only one who isn't that impressed with the ork talk?

They made the orcs far too comedic for my liking.

426b6d  No.15449147

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7f6426  No.15449151

File: 5be9c91ff35e01c⋯.png (166.47 KB, 890x661, 890:661, WOT.png)


Orks ARE comedic from an orkish point of view, its everyone else that sees them as brutal barbarians, but orks are having a grand time foightan.

d1614d  No.15449161


The bolters trigger me for some reason.

426b6d  No.15449164


Monstrous aliens that butcher women and children by the millions are hardy comedic.


I think it might be because the effect looks like they're fireing full auto, when its' completely unnecessary.

7f6426  No.15449168


For the humans, for the orks its just stomping pansy humies who cant foight proppa like an ork.

426b6d  No.15449172

File: 8138645914069c2⋯.jpg (79.71 KB, 1024x989, 1024:989, warlord_titan_by_golgothis….jpg)


Personally, I think the Imperator is ugly and needs a seriosu revamps. Especially the legs. The upper parts are redicously thin and unarmored.

The Old Warlord is hte best titan design.

e0383a  No.15449250

File: b9d571e5c0e8d9f⋯.png (85 KB, 327x300, 109:100, thinking.png)

>"I think you're corrupted I need to report you because the space book says so"

>The codex outright states to never get the inquisition involved instead report corruption to members of the brotherhood

Was this just shit writing or was Leandros a diversity hire?

9a3d69  No.15449259


Diversity hire.

Ultramarines suffer shortages just like everoyne else, the tards only follow the book.

52bc51  No.15449274


Maybe we'z woodn't stomp you pansy umies so gud if ya knew how ta foight.

52bc51  No.15449278


t. monkeigh

7f6426  No.15449283


Shit writting honestly, but we forgive it because old relic made 40k games with love.

In canon space marines hate the inquisition and dont want them meddling in their shit.

6efa98  No.15449449

Where are all the games where you play the primarchs? You'd think they'd make like tie-in shit with the HH Primarch books or something.

b89243  No.15449669


That would require some heavy lore research or a LOT of approvals from GW. too much work.

6297a8  No.15449735

File: 324e5763d6f346a⋯.png (20.11 KB, 1445x141, 1445:141, scott.png)


Just looked it up, they were voiced by Scott McNeil, alongside basically every Imperial unit.

Pretty hilarious he voices both Bale and Sindri


6efa98  No.15449740


McNeil was also SPESS MUHRINE CAPTAIN BOREALE wasn't he?

794e77  No.15449763


Pretty sure he was over 80% of the voices in Soulstorm

cfd71f  No.15449787

File: e85e2415bf8731c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.92 KB, 750x750, 1:1, Shas'O Kais.jpg)


To be honest, SM felt like it was written with the assumption that the average player had no/little prior knowledge of 40k lore (which is probably true all things considered). Hence why no-one seems massively fussed about the inquisitor arriving at the end, even Mira seems to think she can thumb her nose at the guy without getting her shit stomped in and she's a low-level IG officer.

What really bugged me was how poorly the Chaos enemies were designed. The combat system in the game is built around the player using melee executions to regain health and stomping around the battlefield as an unkillable juggernaught. Then 3/4 through the game they introduce a new enemy faction which has one dedicated melee unit and everyone else being powerful ranged units. Playing through on hard mode I ended up spending most of the late game fights camping behind cargo containers and pillars whilst sniping enemies because the moment I tried to engage in melee the psykers and plasma gun Chaos marines would wreck me.

>Tfw no Fire Warrior 2 where you play as a Shas'O and wreck shit in a custom battlesuit.

7f6426  No.15449789



I wonder if he just likes 40k at this point seeing how much he has done about it (and all his roles being really good and likeable)

376f7f  No.15449793


I'm a bit more butthurt that Space Marine will not get the two sequels it was supposed to get in order to advance the story. Being captured by the Inquisition and getting a look behind the curtains would be interesting as fuck.

Then again, I'm also the lonely faggot who still longs for a Serious Sam clone where you play an Ork Flashgit.

6efa98  No.15449811

I'm butthurt that we don't get to play the cooler factions outside of strategy games. Where's my Emperor's Children/World Eaters hack and slash? My Adeptus Mechanicus dungeon crawler? My Tanith stealth game?

dfafe0  No.15449818


>Where's my Adeptus Mechanicus dungeon crawler?

15 Nov, 2018

6efa98  No.15449823


Beg pardon?

dfafe0  No.15449825

14427f  No.15449827


that's because you see them from a safe distance. That's how you can laugh at their silly, or rather barbaric way of speaking and acting.

If you where a guardsman, you would not find them funny but brutally unedducated.


1cac25  No.15449831


Here's your (You).

7f6426  No.15449838

File: 236a9fda151cfc9⋯.jpg (453.92 KB, 1920x1243, 1920:1243, ork charge.jpg)


An anon on /tg/ once put things in an easy way for explaining.

If you could convince orks in a planet that the floor is lava, then 2 things could happen, either all the orks burn to death, or you have a planer filled with fire-resistant orks.

14427f  No.15449842

ddcef9  No.15449871


more like wrath of the fucking game engine when you decide to spawn one of those fucks

6efa98  No.15450081


>rogue factor

The Mordheim devs?

d1614d  No.15450125


>He wasn't part of Dawn of War 3

Wew, dodged a bolter round there.

4b0709  No.15450159


Hard isnt difficult, what do you have problems with?

7052fe  No.15450160

File: 7aae31c30c1577e⋯.mp4 (213.93 KB, 988x720, 247:180, Cleanse Purge Kill!.mp4)



Have some mobile games portraying the Horus Heresy instead



bd64b8  No.15450178

File: d00a392679286d8⋯.png (157.15 KB, 481x394, 481:394, d00d.png)


>Mobile Games

I feel like all this is a prelude to something.

>The Primarchs coming back.

>The endless stream of vydia to normalize people to the lore.

>The franchise getting big enough to have it's own threads outside of /tg/

There's going to be a flashpoint, where Age of Sigmar meets 40k and It all gets consumed into the ultimate Wammer Singularity.

Where GW unveils the casualizing to end all cazualizing, and Warhammer dies, to thunderous applause.

In the Grimdark Future there is only Age of 40k.

10a35f  No.15450188

File: ae3f38b359f9007⋯.png (63.29 KB, 830x900, 83:90, et sez yer a grot.png)


>implying it's not gonna be a normalfag 40k TV show/movie

>implying it won't take off

>implying that thirty years of 40k lore won't get Star Wars Legends'd out of the canon in favor of some entry level normalfag shit

>implying that this won't crash tabletop gaming in general with waves upon waves of normalfags

2a3814  No.15450213

File: 82916401be5818f⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2048x1606, 1024:803, warhammer_40k_deff_skwadro….jpg)

File: d54aba681b01940⋯.png (280.93 KB, 949x683, 949:683, how2dakka.png)

File: e42362c3deacba6⋯.jpg (24.87 KB, 216x282, 36:47, wot da zog.jpg)

File: 4b55e245f1dc731⋯.jpg (159.66 KB, 900x587, 900:587, w40korky-matic.jpg)

File: 91cb427b23a112b⋯.jpg (149.13 KB, 768x900, 64:75, w40kmithbustaz.jpg)

>tfw no Deff Skwadron game

7f6426  No.15450249



GW has no interest in crashing its only market where they have a great hold on (wargames).

For them the vidyas, rpgs and books are only promotional material that gives them some extra shekels.

53fc97  No.15450271


As a tabletop DEldar player for most of my life (no joke) I think it was an absolutely awful idea to have them in Dawn of War. They're raiders and pirates and pillagers, they're super light glass-cannon skirmishers, that never works well in conventional RTS, and most certainly not for an. Now, DoW2, that would have been a good game format for them to show up in.

It really didn't help that while some of the standard TT tactics worked wonders (Wyches in Raiders right into the heart of the enemy) the most effective way to play them was just to spam Mandrakes.


Option 3 - The planet gradually melts and the floor does indeed become lava.

60f698  No.15450273

File: cc0f2fa9448ce3e⋯.jpg (32.92 KB, 600x447, 200:149, not tommy.jpg)


>shooting the air and crashing into the ground


f4df79  No.15450285

Who /bloodbowl/ here? Thinking about getting it when it goes on sale again.

I hear the hardcore meta is pretty cancerous but I know a healthy group of relative shitters I could play with.

7f6426  No.15450290


I havent played it, but a friend of mine is really into it and says its great fun.

99f830  No.15450295

File: efe069a1918439f⋯.jpg (123.97 KB, 680x759, 680:759, 1437744775744.jpg)


>dis git don't want to shoot at stuff an' make things explode

You'z a right zoggin git you iz.

78a016  No.15450301

File: 3f9934a99683e79⋯.jpg (89.09 KB, 1200x755, 240:151, 2f369a27d9e1b0c3329d21b22e….jpg)


It could work. Here's what I'm afraid of.

>the incompetent devs make it so there's no friendly fire

20f946  No.15450305


Unless it’s about the Tau or Imperial Guard then there’s little chance of a warhammer show being popular among normalfags.

>Space Marines/Deathwatch/Grey Knights

Genetically engineered super men who are barely human and indeed rarely show emotion, hard for a normal to connect to.

>Inquisition/Sisters of Battle

Religious Zelots and the Inquisition uniforms might remind people of Nahtzees


>implying GW will ever make warhammer media with chaos as the good guys.

And yes, I know the Night Lords books exist.


Might work, but then again a bunch of snooty pricks whining about their dying civilization can only be milked for so long.


You’d have to have some lore knowledge or else viewers would get tonal whiplash from a story about a galaxy of eternal war that transitions into the Jolly adventures of Da boyz.


I don’t even need to explain why this wouldn’t work


Same here.

>Emperor and the Primarchs

Could work, enough normals like Game of Thrones that the constant scheming of the Horus Heresy could work as a show, but as someone else pointed out, you’d need a lore dump to understand it all.

78a016  No.15450326


Inquisition as a TV show would work perfectly, what are you on about? It would be like a Noir and follow a squadron of one of the orders (one for each season) as they search hive-cities and frugal villages alike in search of the taint of Chaos, mutant, and xenos. It wouldn't even need to be action all the time, it can be something akin to the Ravenor or Eisenhorn books. My only concern is that, for it to truly work and appease the fans, it must not be allowed to take any liberties (i.e. making the Inquisitor a 'good guy of justice' who doesn't kill unless it's absolutely necessary). It takes out some of the humanity of the character, but there should still be enough for viewers to connect to and enjoy. Even then, there are other members of the squad who can fill in whatever the Inquisitor is missing.

6efa98  No.15450355


Inquisition and Mechanicus could defnitely work.

e6705d  No.15450360


Well, the writting was fishy at the end, but it was speculated that it probably was intentional on the part of the Inquisition. Remember that the Inquisition is all about capturing all sorts of anomalous beings and objects to both study/destroy them as needed, Leandros probably told them that Titus was constantly unaffected by chaos yet claimed to remain loyal, essentially a blank.

So you have a blank who's also a space marine and fucking a chaos uprising up, that's pretty much all you need to truly peak the Inquisition's interest, so they could've pretty much faked the whole thing: they show up to "arrest" Titus just to calm Leandros down since accusations of heresy are a big deal and they secure a blank in the process.

882d43  No.15450373

I have a few Imperial Knights and I am slowly building up the rest of my ADdMech army.

c5464c  No.15450412


That's BS. Orks can only nudge reality a bit, not alter it completely.

FFS, half the writers are trash

ca3bc8  No.15450416

File: b2b6f0820667cf4⋯.jpg (239.96 KB, 893x1258, 893:1258, 1466181122434.jpg)

>tfw a proper Dark Heresy cRPG with chaos corruption mechanics will never happen


Relic has always been shitty when it comes to lore consistency. In DoW1 the main Chaos enemies you fought were the Alpha Legion and they fought completely in the open and acted more like World Eaters, in DoW2, the Blood Ravens chapter master who is a librarian tries to make a sacrifice to Khorne, even though Khorne is known for his hatred of psykers. And of course, DoW3 featured Gabriel Angelos, lacking all bionics for some reason, doing backflips in Terminator armor and helping with a female Imperial Knight which shouldn't happen because all of them are male in lineage.

e6705d  No.15450440


The least I can say is that, while shoddy, old relic's lore consistency was somewhat self contained in certain instances and lended itself to memeing and injokes while nu-relic's is just a trainwreck.

93b53a  No.15450454

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Inquisition defiantly has the easiest setup to write episodes for.


I think the best idea would be to make an "anthology" show. The only "Main character" in the 40k universe is the 40k universe. Each episode can focus on completely different faction or aspect of 40k, but each episode is a completely stand alone story. That doesn't mean there wouldn't be reoccurring characters, infact it would better fit the setting where an episode that followed one of the Primarchs and his quest to go down the street to buy some milk is constantly referenced in future episodes, but an episode that followed a group of Imperial Guardsmen's brave and noble sacrifice in hold a defensive line before being horrifically killed goes completely unnoticed. Then random episode about one of the freak races like Necrons of Tyranids can show up but wouldn't run the risk of overplaying them. Really try to hammer in the scale of a galaxy, where entire planets can be saved or destroyed on a daily bases.

Also, Cegorach would make for a great crypt keeper type of host.

2725e4  No.15450467

how does a space marine spends his free time?

7f6426  No.15450471


Depends on the chapter, but mostly studying the history and tactics of the chapter, praying, trainings and maintaining his equipment.

6efa98  No.15450484


>Space marines

>Free time

b797b6  No.15450554


>a female Imperial Knight which shouldn't happen because all of them are male in lineage.

That isn't true, Knight houses have no uniform guidelines on who can be a Knight and according to GW canon there are both female Knight pilots and female titan pilots.


Same way a warrior monk would, prayer, training and more prayer.

e8fa3c  No.15450572


Yeah, most titans don't look cool, they look like they should fall on their own.

I love 40k but the titans designs are just too retarded

27b775  No.15450574


>and according to GW canon there are both female Knight pilots and female titan pilots

>defending leftist cuckoldry

Go away.

7f6426  No.15450580


40K is what 40K is, not what you want it to be, stop this bullshit already you do it every single 40k thread on /v/.

8f6e06  No.15450589


Good 40goy.

>Let's have 1 knight unit in the entire game and have it be a female one.

>Lets shove as much minorities as possible just because 40k does have those in it.

>more women too

>now disabled women

>gay niggers/gypsies too since there should be some

>but make sure that they are shoved in the game rather than the 99.9999% of normal thins in 40k.

You should be executed.

20f946  No.15450591


Lad, if you think GW has only started being leftist I have bad news for you.

You realize 40k was supposed to be satire, right? It doesn’t matter now because GW’s political and religious affiliation is to the church of the almighty dollar and they’ll say or do anything in order to make a buck.

b797b6  No.15450601


>stating facts from the lore means I need to be executed

If you don't like these things then I suggest you don't play 40k since they've been in the game since the 80's/90's.


>defending leftist cuckoldry

The whole game was made by a bunch of lefty uni students in London and regularly made fun of right wing figures at the time.

27b775  No.15450605


>pozz is okay



>You realize 40k was supposed to be satire, right?

It started out as satire, but despite the herculean efforts of the filthy anglos the fans wanted to take the lore straight, so they dragged it, kicking and screaming, toward that end, and now a human supremacist, xenophobic theocracy bent on galactic genocide are the good guys.


>and regularly made fun of right wing figures at the time

Sadly for them the fans disagreed.

b797b6  No.15450612


>are the good guys.

I think you have a misunderstanding of the central themes of this tabletop wargame.

7f6426  No.15450616


>facts from the lore are not ok because i dont like them

Then youre welcome to go and make your own setting.

This is not a case of retcon, this is not a case of SJWs disregarding the lore, this is a fucking stated fact in the setting, so fuck right off.

27b775  No.15450622


Spoken like a true centrist cuckold.


The problem is that she is a female warrior that isn't properly "sexualized" and "objectified".

8f6e06  No.15450627



>If you don't like these things then I suggest you don't play 40k since they've been in the game since the 80's/90's.

All lore scenarios have been extreme exceptions. Stop being a faggot about exceptions and trying to make the norm.

There is nothing like a retarded faggot that wants women in his millitary fantasy for the sake of inclusion.

20f946  No.15450630


What’s you’re opinion on the Salamanders?

Or Tallarn?

Or the Celestial Lions?

You can throw buzzwords all you like but you can’t change what’s been made.

20f946  No.15450636


Give him the benefit of the doubt, it might be /leftypol/ false flagging. No one could be this retarded.

27b775  No.15450641


>What’s you’re opinion on the Salamanders?

They're aren't niggers though. And just because the cucked Bongs like to nibble at general idea with their pozz speshul units doesn't change the truth that it was the fans that made 40k what it is today despite every effort from GW to stop it.

You /tg/ faggots should really learn to stay in your shithole and watch your hobby burn to the ground.

7f6426  No.15450647


This faggot has been at it for some time and always with the same bullshit lack of arguments.

If you say things that are in the lore youre a leftist and thats not 40k, and if you prove it to him then he says youre a cuck and that is not ok and youre /leftypol/, the guy is a legitimate idiot.

7f6426  No.15450656


>40k is what i say 40k is, not what the codices, GW, or the official material says it is

What exactly is your mental problem?

6efa98  No.15450658


The tallarn are giant pussies whose regimental champion was beaten by a woman half his size.

Vitrian Dragoons>>>>>Tallarns.

6297a8  No.15450660

File: 113ef1294af9d58⋯.jpg (34.9 KB, 503x595, 503:595, caught anglo.jpg)

b797b6  No.15450667

File: 398f87eda7b2cc1⋯.jpg (107.08 KB, 800x496, 50:31, Sisters_of_Battle_Rogue_Tr….jpg)


>All lore scenarios have been extreme exceptions

That isn't true though, even back in rogue trader there were female characters/troops, same with Warhammer fantasy.


Yeah I think I've argued with him before.

93b53a  No.15450675


>Khorne hates psykers.

Khorne hates sorcerer not psykers. As long as you mind bullet someone's face off on your own and not leech off a demon, its all good for him.

ca3bc8  No.15450685

File: 735821e9f7c05bf⋯.jpg (56.45 KB, 361x477, 361:477, Tu'Shan_Nocturne.jpg)

File: 946bc08c304b40e⋯.jpg (43.22 KB, 500x575, 20:23, Tumblr_n3xrijV9YZ1tvfheeo5….jpg)


The Salamanders are white, at least they have a Caucasoid type skull, the only reason they have black skin and red eyes is the interaction between their genetics and their gene seed.

Tallarn are also Caucasoid, as seen by this picture. Just because they live in the desert doesn't mean they are Arab.

Celestial Lions are probably niggers though, I can't find an official picture without their helmets.




>implying there is any real difference

99f830  No.15450691

File: b37a167ad48dd8b⋯.png (993.71 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, a lemon is a mighty fruit.png)


It depends on the chapter, Space Wolves for example enjoy drinking large amounts of alcohol and eating large amounts of meat, and of course many will walk around out in the snow, wearing nothing.

7f6426  No.15450698


Tallarn have been shown both as anglo afrika korps and a durka space talliban.

60f698  No.15450700


why couldnt a woman be a princep?

b22172  No.15450707



Sallies were originally niggers with the odd caucasian through in. But they were turned into jet black guys with demon eyes when they got their own novel series in 5th edition.

Tallarn are fucking obviously desert rats.

Celestial Lions being black is another recent retcon like fem knights.

7f6426  No.15450715

File: a0f089fbfb2e846⋯.jpg (714.94 KB, 1920x1357, 1920:1357, imperial knight charge.jpg)


Knight pilots are not princeps, they are augmented humans but not in the scale a princeps is.

17ca52  No.15450718

File: d25c7e913e227e6⋯.jpg (143.07 KB, 960x632, 120:79, Ork_Warboss_with_Group.jpg)



Orks are the comic relief. But they are also the most terrifying force in the galaxy. Their culture is based on British skinheads and football hooligans. However what makes the Orks great is that they demonstrate a common theme, that things are not always as they appear to be, and juxtaposition of reality with the surreal. This goes all the way back to their origin story. They were created by the gods who existed before the Chaos gods to fight the Necrons, who are also ancient as fuck. The Eldar were also created for this purpose if I remember correctly. It was the last desperate gasp of an old guard of gods who knew their number was up, and their desperation and short-sightedness resulted in an unstoppable bio weapon that plagues the galaxy.

Yes, Orks are not really a race of individualistic life forms as you or I may think of them. They are a purpose built bio weapon. They are delivered via fungal spores and it's a very effective method of invasion because their whole ecosystem is contained in this fungus. They can make fungus beer from it, Gretchin grow from them to do menial tasks, and squigs grow for food. Each time an Orkoid lifeform dies it releases tons of spores which grow into more Orkoid life in time. And to top it all off, they are linked by a gestalt psychic field which allows them to shape reality just with superstition. The principles of basic mechanical engineering and chemistry are literally written into their DNA so Ork and Grot mechanics and support crew don't need schooling.

This all sounds very dire and serious. But to the Orks, it's all great fun. You see, the only way to make a self-sustaining lifeform purpose built for war is to make war their life. Like all humans want to have children (barring the mentally ill – a pacifist Ork would be viewed with the same suspicion), all Orks want to fight. It's a constant urge that underscores everything in their psyche. Fighting is indeed as good as sex for them because it's how they reproduce.

So if you're an Ork, why be serious? You're here, at the biggest fight you've seen in years after the Warboss took you on an interstellar journey to find the "promised fight" of his dreams, and it's fucking glorious. It's like an Aryan woman with childbearing hips knocking on your door and telling you she wants to be your wife. Hell yeah, it's time for stomping! Time to mash their puny skulls in! Time to get stuck in and make your axe dirty! Because for an Ork, the only thing better than fighting is fighting non-Orks.

That's what makes Orks great, the juxtaposition of how horrifyingly dangerous, crude and disgusting they are with how jovially they approach war, even if it means their own death.

b22172  No.15450743


The simplest answer is that 40k started out as fantasy in space, so the title "knight" was treated a bit like the historic counterpart, what with 40k knights pilots being chivalric and coming from noble houses and whatnot. Being all male was just part of that.

They've expanded upon and modernized the fluff when they brought back Knights for the tabletop game.

This also means the all male version is actually from the parody heavy 80s and 90s and the female inclusion is a more recent thing.

52bc51  No.15450747


It would be popular just because there’s nothing else in the sci fi genre thats good.

52bc51  No.15450761


Explain the Sister of Battle.

93b53a  No.15450766


Nuns with guns.

20f946  No.15450771


They just kind of exist, GW acknowledges them. But they don’t know what to do with them. They don’t have a Matt Ward that obsesses over them or shows them love. And they’re not the best seller so there’s no reason GW to lavish updates on them.

7f6426  No.15450775


Anon youre behind on times, they are getting plastic models, GW has already shown prototypes of the models.

6297a8  No.15450778

File: 132737fb1a8eac2⋯.png (20.56 KB, 836x721, 836:721, big E sob.png)

52bc51  No.15450782




Anons, I already know this, I was asking the false flagging commie what he thought of them.

8f6e06  No.15450802


>comparing troops to titan pilots

Nice leap of logic tbh.

6efa98  No.15450806


I want to fuck one.

6297a8  No.15450816

93b53a  No.15450833

File: 818664b811c724d⋯.webm (1.85 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Yo Soy Monsignor Martinez.webm)

File: e29555d862992fd⋯.webm (379.22 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Hank Hill and Lupe.webm)

File: 8bc52cfda6615eb⋯.webm (3.41 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Monsignor Martinez.webm)


My bad anon, have some holy priest.

7f6426  No.15450835

File: 4b2f3d70922c1c8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.16 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, imperial headpat.jpg)

File: 580f8650b51d88f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.98 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, imperial headpat 2.jpg)

File: 6175ad4bcba185c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.15 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, imperial headpat 3.jpg)


>not wanting to have a healthy, monogamous relationship with a daughter of the emperor

2725e4  No.15450842

File: 13d86bd71d98ee1⋯.png (843.94 KB, 898x526, 449:263, Hypocrisy.png)


false flagging or not they should be ignored, we got a great intake of retards since the elections, some are serious, some are just like shitposting aussies, others are metnally ill, as an example in the Grand Strategy threads there was this autist that spergued about certain things like the cultural assimilation in Victoria 2, he claimmed that was a direct lefty cuckold propaganda and if you disagreed whit him you were a jew cuckold nigger, etc. he would also point out that you were the exact same guy that shitposted at /pol/ in certain thread some time ago and also claimmed that spics, muslims, jews and black were organizedly conspiring aganist the board by shitposting and stuff, he derrailed so many threads that his posts always were deleted as soon as possible. It is better to just wave them off.

10a35f  No.15450872


There's a fag that specifically seeks out CRPG/Fallout threads to cry about Avellone and how he couldn't play Fallout for more than ten minutes before he "realized it was leftist trash". Probably the same fucking guy, because this place attracts a special kind of special. I also believe a huge chunk of the tism is unironic "alt-rightists" or normalfag neo-nazis who think that having any kind of fun is degeneracy and that you're useless and not fighting for the white race, etc., etc.. And I think that they came here because they sucked up the "8chan is the most hardcore place on the internetz!!!!" meme.

467bc9  No.15450875


Instead of being limited to just some orkz, Players should actually draw from a common pool, and whoever gets the most friendly fire casualties, gets bonus XP/award.




There isn't any difference between the two, actually, but iirc he goes apeshit only if you kill with warp powers, otherwise he doesn't care. I think. I have to admit I'm not up to date with the lore.


Male fantasy and amazon fetish.

8908d1  No.15450882


You know that the Sisters are almost all heavily scarred and psychologically damaged?

Oh, I get it…

6297a8  No.15450893

File: 8cabd37087f3626⋯.jpg (45.2 KB, 532x491, 532:491, lick.jpg)


>l heavily scarred and psychologically damaged

7f6426  No.15450896

File: ca17833d69c373b⋯.jpg (496.26 KB, 1920x1344, 10:7, sister of battle purging g….jpg)

File: 12c54cff20e835d⋯.jpg (272.23 KB, 1920x2715, 128:181, sister repentia.jpg)

File: 8d9c2970b1db39b⋯.png (224.55 KB, 600x800, 3:4, tsundere catachan guardswo….png)


No, SoB are dominatrix/nun fetish, the catachan females are your amazon women, either that or you wanted to bone ellen ripley or that chick with the machinegun in aliens.


10a35f  No.15450897

File: 69631d4f90f1307⋯.jpg (69.47 KB, 675x904, 675:904, tanya thumbs up.jpg)


>have almost exclusively white bob cuts

>some of the most zealous servants of the emperor

>thinking they could've been not-fugged in the head

anon, sometimes you just have to stick your dick in crazy

8908d1  No.15450902

File: f071f3b08c7641d⋯.gif (5.22 MB, 466x480, 233:240, giphy.gif)


>>have almost exclusively white bob cuts

That's just one specific Order.

10a35f  No.15450905



i never really gave one eight of a shit about their lore, I just thought they were cute

7f6426  No.15450919

File: f8b0e04c5ac9ffb⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 857x1200, 857:1200, sister hospitaller 2.jpg)


The ones with the white hair (order of our martyred lady if im not wrong) are for the sisters what the ultramarines are for space marines or cadians for the imperial guard.

6efa98  No.15450920

They're supposed to be domanatrixes? Pretty much all I want to do is rip them out of that power armor and put them in a frilly dress.

8908d1  No.15450923

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

There's an actual SoB audiobook if anyone cares.

7f6426  No.15450925


Early sororitas had high heels and used whips.

4aed5d  No.15450940


The baneblade looks cozy.

1d68aa  No.15450949

File: f089b867c115e3f⋯.jpg (40.26 KB, 604x436, 151:109, Link Faces.jpg)


It saddens me that Gears of War exists. I'm fairly certain that if GoW had never been released Space Marine would have been an enormous success. The fun of both games comes from theoverblown male fantasy of being an impossibly huge dude hacking your way through unambiguously evil creatures trying to destroy humanity, but since GoW came first most normalfags figured Space Marine was a ripoff. Even when playing Space Marine, I knew it felt exactly like a Space Marine game should play, but it managed to feel exactly like GoW even without having cover based shooting.

20f946  No.15450952


>Catachan women.

I’ve always pictured them as redheads. Probably because I use Meryl from Metal Gear as a point of reference.

88a948  No.15450955

File: 500797f6c776385⋯.jpg (231.16 KB, 1080x717, 360:239, Imperial guardsmen.jpg)



Every sorcerer is a psyker, not every psyker is a sorcerer.

Call upon gods, demons or the fucking Emperor is pussy shit to Khorne, you do that shit yourself.

and no, when Khorne gives out power, thats a gift, he can not and will not take that back, but you have to do something to earn it from him. He hates leasing out power.

4aed5d  No.15450972

File: a7427dcfcb4ae0d⋯.jpg (410.79 KB, 1200x1948, 300:487, serveimage.jpg)

File: 96c255ce775cd6e⋯.jpg (307.57 KB, 800x800, 1:1, serveimage1.jpg)

53fc97  No.15451002


>or that chick with the machinegun in aliens.

I thought Vasquez was a man

53fc97  No.15451015


Played it during a free weekend a couple of years back, be ready for a game that feel like the RNG is quite heavily weighted against you. Good game, don't get me wrong, solid adaptation of the tabletop rules but be ready for a lot of very untimely fumbles and players sleeping through the match.

9a3a31  No.15451036


This is so fucking delusional on so many levels. If you were in the games workshops stores during the early 2000s WE NEVER TOOK THE VIDEOGAMES SERIOUSLY. We always thought the games were dogshit up until warhammer total war was announced and we thought that maybe we might get a half decent GW based videogame besides like the couple RTS games they made(which are only good because of GW licenses and are overshadowed by better RTS games)

172558  No.15451055


>Then 3/4 through the game they introduce a new enemy faction which has one dedicated melee unit and everyone else being powerful ranged units.

If you have a serious issue getting into melee with cultists on hard you need to git gud.

9a3a31  No.15451060


Matt Ward

88a948  No.15451075

File: eb54a1974cb0d04⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1281x680, 1281:680, stern.png)

File: d86bda25fc0b6be⋯.jpg (374.58 KB, 1024x1605, 1024:1605, stern2.jpg)

File: 393849e03b45f5c⋯.jpg (79.75 KB, 444x665, 444:665, stern3.jpg)

File: 3bf29a2fcc3cc4e⋯.jpg (267.5 KB, 894x894, 1:1, clipboardImage.jpg)

File: 9bb3c78456bfc77⋯.jpg (87.24 KB, 630x719, 630:719, sob.jpg)


>An entire sect of over zealous nuns training their minds and tight bodies to purge and hunt heretics and demons.

>Rock hard abs

Can't we just cuttle?

20f946  No.15451087


Don’t most 40k players hate the games because they bring even more kids than usual?

Like we’re talking twelve year olds that go up to Blood Angels players and say “you painted your Blood Ravens wrong.”?

7f6426  No.15451102


Hey, sister stern is sly marbo levels of swole and tough, shes no regular sister.

2a3814  No.15451163

File: df4b34692aee8c1⋯.png (186.02 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, delicious blood shielding.png)

20f946  No.15451173


Ah, Matt Ward.

From Blood Angels allying with Necrons to Grey Knights slaughter Sisters, what will he think of next.

9a3a31  No.15451179


IDK most of the people I knew didn't care about the games because in the early 2000s we were the retarded kids. The old guys I imagine absolutely can't stand the videogames though.

e8fa3c  No.15451182


>Grey Knights slaughter Sisters


8908d1  No.15451228


Some idiot - I think it was Ward - wrote a blurb about Grey Knights landing on a world infested with demons only to slaughter the resident Sisters coven and using their blood to ward off Chaos.

6efa98  No.15451232


Captain genius decided to have Grey Knights smear themselves with the Sister's periods because it warded off daemons or some shit.

7052fe  No.15451243

File: 1fae012340119d5⋯.png (264.59 KB, 500x439, 500:439, sweating buckets.png)



Reverse image search gives me nothing

88a948  No.15451245



>Sister's aura's and hymns not being so powerful it actively protect's ally units.

>Fucking Grey Knights not having enough faith but the sisters

having more.

>Anyone having more then fucking Grey Knights.

>Fucking Grey Knights team killing loyal allies.

>Space Marine armor not being fucking space marine armor and being able to handle that shit.

So much wrong with that.

7f6426  No.15451259


>Fucking Grey Knights team killing loyal allies.

But they do that all the fucking time, even to marines.

>Space Marine armor not being fucking space marine armor and being able to handle that shit

Anon, terminator armor can be opened like a tincan by genestealers, imagine what demons can do.

7052fe  No.15451264

File: f8699bcf3f7d6ef⋯.jpg (87.49 KB, 1238x600, 619:300, pure.JPG)



Nevermind Yandex found a way

7f6426  No.15451294


Does that escalate?

53fc97  No.15451316

File: 15f67d7e213bca4⋯.mp4 (7.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Gropadi.mp4)

7f6426  No.15451324

File: 8f00f265ce8b57a⋯.jpg (126.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, stop posting lewd.jpg)

53fc97  No.15451348


Stop lewding innocent sports.

172558  No.15451437


>>Fucking Grey Knights team killing loyal allies.

Have you ever read about the Gay Knights?

78a016  No.15451455


Don't they kill any and all witnesses? Or am I thinking of some other type.

172558  No.15451477


That's their old edgy retarded lore. Nowadays they toned it down slightly but since it's warhammer nobody can agree on whether they slaughter all witnesses, mind wipe them, or only mindwipe the important ones. Watchers of the Throne has the Gray Knights essentially being an open secret to the upper echelons of Terran politics.

38dbe3  No.15451514


It's like a /k/ommando womb

262268  No.15451576

File: 66b449b2f069e0f⋯.jpg (12.19 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)



Post that source, if you're so great.

17ca52  No.15451603



It's sad how the legitimate historical jokes and satire are forgotten in 40k now. The Sisters of Battle are a joke about how the Catholic church would constantly threaten the authority of sovereign rulers. The reason they exist was because, in a nutshell, the Ecclesiarchy rebelled against the Imperium at one point. At this point in time they had a standing army, so they used that in their rebellion. When they lost, a law was passed which read something like "no man in the Ecclesiarchy shall be allowed to take up arms henceforth." Naturally the Ecclesiarchy, being conniving bastards, made an army of women to get around this. That's the only reason Sisters of Battle exist.

38dbe3  No.15451606

File: c731fcabc64552a⋯.png (72.27 KB, 345x250, 69:50, stroking smugs.png)


>redchan.it is the dark souls of imageboards

Everything makes sense now. Who's our vaatividya?

7f6426  No.15451612


That is still canon, but the anon is talking about a meta sense, as to why they were created by GW.

2a3814  No.15451616

File: 03438e25853329d⋯.jpg (42.15 KB, 477x297, 53:33, you know what to do.jpg)

17ca52  No.15451625


I mean that is why they were originally created. To make a historical joke. I am sure dick appeal factored into GWs marketing department letting it go through to model production, but that's why they exist.

38dbe3  No.15451631

File: ed68cfbae839bd2⋯.webm (16 MB, 640x272, 40:17, Streaming_this_movie_beca….webm)

88a948  No.15451641

File: 8e0d1ec678de622⋯.webm (5.16 MB, 640x360, 16:9, TTS - Heresy Scene.webm)


>Anon, terminator armor can be opened like a tincan by genestealers, imagine what demons can do.

Sorry meant to say Grey Knights armor not meant to do specifically what it was designed to do with all the extra seals and shit and prevent demon corruption aids.



I mean "extra super duper loyal, we brought extra flame throwers to help burn heretics Onii-san". Which needs an additional threshold boarder considering 40k.


Imperial guardsmen can't be trusted to keep a secret sure, but that wasn't the case ether. Kill Sisters who called for help, and bathing in their blood so they could protect themselves makes them out as cowards rather then "well intentional zealots".

Even if their specialized tailor made armor could do its job, and the Sisters actual powers doesn't work with them just standing right next to you like it normally does. They still preformed a fucking blood ritual like a chaos cult, maybe they where already infected.

1d68aa  No.15451658


The satire started disappearing when 40k became one of the few bastions of pure idiotic manliness could be celebrated. It was originally all satire, but as people had to become more and more aware that defaulting to violence isn't a realistic adult response, it's become one of the few franchises where you get to revel in an unrealistic level machismo, but everyone except for the most hardcore of SJWs doens't complain about it because it's all so obviously a joke and unrealistic.

6297a8  No.15451675

File: 322903e69886dc3⋯.gif (2.84 MB, 250x255, 50:51, drills laugh.gif)


>but as people had to become more and more aware that defaulting to violence isn't a realistic adult response

What the fuck even is this post

1d68aa  No.15451704


A few decades ago you could reasonably expected to be ok when you knocked a guy the fuck out for talking shit to your girl. Nowadays you'd get arrested. Defaulting to violence is no longer socially acceptable.

17ca52  No.15451716


>Implying you can't be self aware while celebrating machismo

I'm pretty sure it's mostly because of the 13 year olds who got into the hobby later.

88a948  No.15451774


>It's all so obviously a joke and unrealistic.


>more aware that defaulting to violence isn't a realistic adult response,

What do you mean by this? You sure its not about bureaucratic rot, war being hell, and humans always needing something to believe in?

8bcb34  No.15451813

File: 63e97379d18df35⋯.jpg (35.91 KB, 401x276, 401:276, muh dik.jpg)

Ayo where da adepta sororitas at

1d68aa  No.15451847


>What do you mean by this?

I mean in the context of real life, it's not reasonable to immediately respond with violence. 40k gives an outlet where violence is the ONLY reasonable response.

047a41  No.15451902


on my dick

f4df79  No.15451988


>manliness and machismo

>defaulting to violence

Brawling out your differences certainly falls within machismo, but it's hardly the defining trait, anon. The average American video game is still extremely violent even with masculinity deemed taboo. Even pozfests tend to be very violent.

d45988  No.15452048


orks are the cast of seinfeld after theyve just had enough

7f6426  No.15452058


Now i need a constanza ork.

17ca52  No.15452074






88a948  No.15452149


That would really depend where someone lives and whats done/can be done as a living.

969530  No.15452223

File: 33b443eefcfe0db⋯.png (70.74 KB, 265x258, 265:258, 33b443eefcfe0db66dc50f2ac3….png)


Well that was heartwarming. Shame she's such a bitch in the movie.

41e777  No.15459027


Nah, it's just GW licensing the rights to whoever fucking wants them. Every once in a while we actually get a decent game out of it.

b857e2  No.15459053


From what I can tell most of the new games are being published by Focus Home Interactive, a publisher known for low budget games made by devs who are somewhat lacking in skill(Cyanide Studios) and/or imagination(Spiders Studios/Slytherine Studios).

It just baffles me how little thought has gone into this.

d1b45a  No.15459541


I'm far more interested how a faction that is all but fully built for hunting demons somehow gets Living Saints, i.e., demons.

7f6426  No.15459573

File: 56effaadb0add9d⋯.jpg (120.04 KB, 736x838, 368:419, 40k deitys.jpg)

File: cab7fe59a6fdc51⋯.jpg (635.36 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, legion of the dammed.jpg)


Because the emperor is reaching godhood status and is starting to spawn his own daemons in the form of living saints and the legion of the dammed.

Granted, there are benign gods in 40k, the problem is that all of them got killed/absorbed by the chaos gods (save for isha).

b857e2  No.15459577


>40k deitys

What about the new Eldar thing?

7f6426  No.15459579


The ynnead was an eldar prophecy before that image was drawn (i guess) but noone knew what it was yet, other that some eldar were really adamant on the ynnead coming.

474173  No.15459582


Really decent game, but short and set up for a sequel. Definitely worth a play through or two but not quite a finished product.

f4df79  No.15459607


Oh yeah, I've watched it. In even an even vaguely similar skill match-up, RNG is the deciding factor more than skill. Definitely not a game you take seriously.

>mfw watching some youtube autist smoking, drinking, hyperventilating and whimpering to the soothing words of his stream fanboys as he tried not to have a panic attack over a tournament match in some niche RNGfest sports game

e0383a  No.15459634

File: f4e6b8c717fe9c1⋯.png (119.29 KB, 402x564, 67:94, f4e6b8c717fe9c11a67798cdae….png)


The sisters only allow shotas into their chambers.

6297a8  No.15459658


Oh yeah, wasn't them stealing shotas part of the /tg/ fanon?

138022  No.15459665


>Anon, terminator armor can be opened like a tincan by genestealers, imagine what demons can do

That lore is shit. SHIT.

You need to hit a weak point in the armor.

78a016  No.15459676

File: 666904c0a9fcd59⋯.jpg (130.36 KB, 500x480, 25:24, 013e66fa04f54ca9f57940aa9b….jpg)


Continue. . .

b857e2  No.15459683


I thought it was just a Ciaphas Cain thing.

6297a8  No.15459687

File: 18a771881ffe533⋯.jpg (151.5 KB, 715x937, 715:937, sack.jpg)


Well, there's not much to say.

It started as a one-off joke that the SoB kidnap young boys, some OC got made, and that was it.


Pretty sure it's a Space Hulk thang

b6cccf  No.15459689

File: 28bac68dde0f1f4⋯.jpg (107.18 KB, 600x480, 5:4, these are not the images y….jpg)



Gotta remember that GK are Inquisition at the end of the day.


Do they? I've always read that it just shreds through like a hot knife through wet tissue paper. Which never made complete sense to me, but I've always accepted because 40k

8c44c2  No.15459704


Termie armor being opened like a paper bag by genestealers is a quality of genestealers, not termie armor. Against most things found on the battlefield, terminator armor is more than sufficient protection, being akin to wearing an entire tank around you body. Genestealers are designed to tear through armor, and they can shred a battle tank just as easily as they can flak armor.

7f6426  No.15459742


Their convents anon, not chambers.

Although sororitas do not have forced celibacy.




Anon, it has been like that since space crusade, the predecesor to space hulk.

b6cccf  No.15459757

File: e8cc38932623a3d⋯.jpg (77.75 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 16415_826577907364633_2823….jpg)


I realize i'm going full tangent here, but from an evolutionary perspective why would the stealth/scout units have more badass cutting capabilities than the Warriors?

53fc97  No.15459766


To rape the-I mean, to implant their gene cyst into their victims.

7f6426  No.15459768


Because they are the equivalent of genestealer commandos, a single genestealer is supposed to infiltrate a planet, lewd lots of people, produce cults and weaken the planet's defensive capabilities for the upcoming invasion.

8c44c2  No.15459769


Their primary purpose is to tear through bulkheads and such so that they can infiltrate ships/hive cities and spread their genestealer virus. The ability to absolutely fuck up armor is just a bonus. Warriors maybe not have the claws but they are stronger, tougher, and have access to more specialized weapons.

d45988  No.15459797


they need to make clean cuts to steal the jeans

78a016  No.15459807


Which is sharper? An Eversor's sword or a Genestealer's claws?

8c44c2  No.15459814


Genestealer claws. Eversor's sword is just a normal power sword.

b6492f  No.15459823

File: b421e03a35b6851⋯.jpg (289.07 KB, 535x800, 107:160, sons_of_malice_banner__lar….jpg)

3e8684  No.15459846


Didn’t the Emperor summon the ghosts of dead space marines, custodes, and Ferrous Manus to fight demons in one of the Horus Heresy books?

a6700b  No.15459876

File: 266aa24e050d11e⋯.png (44.63 KB, 128x128, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 47993a6faf31e8e⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1679x1049, 1679:1049, ClipboardImage.png)

File: abfed5b2b3cd9ff⋯.png (181.06 KB, 400x225, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Balance changes from some community mod, more abilities, retextures for Necrons, some new units though we don't know the extent of how many.


Lord Cylarne has said himself that updating the AI is important so most likely.

6297a8  No.15460006

File: ec63f7d00ebe4bb⋯.jpg (101.4 KB, 300x439, 300:439, malal.jpg)


Shame so little is done with Malal, apart from one traitor chapter he doesn't really have anything.

Which is a shame, because he's the embodiment of Chaos' inherent selfdestructiveness, and thus could be pretty interesting from a lore perspective.

7f6426  No.15460015


Malal is stuck i nlegal hell because someone else owns the name of malal, hence why GW uses malice.

b857e2  No.15460024


So where is Malice? Has he shown up in the post Girlyman lore yet?

b5ad01  No.15460040

>tfw the 40k Men of War mod is pretty much dead

7f6426  No.15460047


Not that im aware of, possibly could appear in wrath & glory, seeing how before that he showed up in dark heresy.

78a016  No.15460050


Don't know, but it's to be implied that Guilliman will soon open up the box. You know what I'm talking about - that box.

6297a8  No.15460058


What's a good way to catch up with the new lore?

Any must-read stuff?

2742f7  No.15460092

File: 0ea1d9c1e5abb4e⋯.png (50.7 KB, 1305x663, 435:221, 1517116970275.png)

Everyone should play Space Marine, it was free recently and theres 1000 players online at all times, the Exterminatus mode is basically 4 player coop and extremely fun. Good luck beating it. You can get weapon perks in regular multiplayer which is very alive now too, aswell as cool armours and so on, but Exterminatus is where its at. Same thing for Dawn of War 2 on Steam, the last stand mode in Retribution is great and again, good luck beating it. The unlocks and 40k aesthetic is what makes these games go from mediocre to goat for me, the playerbase is very good as to be expected from any 40k game, with frequent for the emperors in the chat. Play it cucks, you can get both games for under 10 euros or even for free, also Space Marine isnt pay2win, all the unlocks are cosmetic

b857e2  No.15460096


>tfw haven't still finished a single Dark Crusade Campaign despite loving the game

2742f7  No.15460099

File: dedda5f74682aa2⋯.jpg (103.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Celestine.jpg)


>Because the emperor is reaching godhood status and is starting to spawn his own daemons

damn demons look like THAT?

b857e2  No.15460109


Human gods, human daemons.

7f6426  No.15460117

File: b3c0e628fb72fc5⋯.jpg (167.87 KB, 1024x724, 256:181, sororita shlickfic 2.jpg)


When they avatars of the emperor, yes.

2742f7  No.15460120


Does that mean Emps thinks sexy blonde girls are demons? Or does he just really like sexy blonde girls? Seeing as all the armies of chaos gods somewhat reflect their patron gods personality, either way I can get behind these human demons if you know what I mean

2f8056  No.15460122


It would be faster and easier to just get a helium tank or gun if you want to die.

6297a8  No.15460123


Saint Sabbat > Saint Celestine, TBH

b857e2  No.15460133


It pretty much means humans fuck yeah . Why Emperor never thought to direct all the Chaos worship towards himself and the warp is beyond me.

78a016  No.15460135


Daemons are just like humans in that we were created in God's image. Same goes for Slaanesh daemonettes - they're made in the image of Slaanesh. Living Saints are just like that in that they were made in the God Emperor's image - with all of the beauty and grace and power that comes with it.

05bfd0  No.15460142


Because he thinks worship is dumb and humans should direct their efforts towards other, more material things. Him becoming a chaos god is just an ironic fate.

7f6426  No.15460151

File: e64262ecd8b5fe3⋯.jpg (943.6 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, legion of the damned.jpg)

File: c2ff8fc3bcebe65⋯.jpg (303.67 KB, 1129x899, 1129:899, Saint_Katherine.jpg)

File: 1b6fcc19444a8be⋯.jpg (194.94 KB, 1403x654, 1403:654, Lord_Solar_Macharius.jpg)


His equivalent to chaos chosen/demons come in varius shapes.


He didnt know that was possible, now that he is being worshipped as a god, he is truly becoming a god.

b857e2  No.15460152


See this is where I'm confused. Did he inherently hate worship and gods(by the way The Last Church a shit and so is Mcneil) or did he simply adopt that stance because he thought worship sustained Chaos?

6178e7  No.15460158

File: 9c8c3b9bfe40bc9⋯.jpg (110.63 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 9c8c3b9bfe40bc994b1d0e0645….jpg)


>the last stand mode

i dont mind that you enjoy that, but its popularity really sent the wrong message.

7f6426  No.15460162


Apparently he grew to hate it after the age of strife and thought all worship fueled the chaos gods.

2742f7  No.15460175


There couldve been a moba 40k game, imagine that shitshow

6178e7  No.15460195


ill bet that would have turned out better

05bfd0  No.15460213


A bit of both but when you become an invalid with a gilded bedpan you don't have a whole lot of say about how people treat you, even if they treat you with reverence and worship.

915eef  No.15460214

File: 027c3c4631332e9⋯.png (167.84 KB, 220x284, 55:71, ClipboardImage.png)

So how's Chaos Gate?

b857e2  No.15460228

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Last I played it, it was a decent x-com clone with some pretty good music.


I was talking about when he was alive.

With his life on the line

No choice

b857e2  No.15460229

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh shit

9a786f  No.15460230

File: 625edf63b476735⋯.png (354.73 KB, 1043x800, 1043:800, 625edf63b476735620b990693e….png)

Threadly "is there any good Warhammer product that's not DoW?"

6297a8  No.15460238


>what is Fire Warrior

b857e2  No.15460241


Sanctus Reach is fun until you get a quarter of the way through and realize you've seen all the game has to offer.

9a786f  No.15460544

File: 174f55f91e072ce⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 809.05 KB, 1032x1200, 43:50, 174f55f91e072ce16db55ac1fa….jpg)



Those look fun, thanks. Have some heretic tits.

f4df79  No.15460631




>skull devoid of flesh representing our fat fleshy father

Fuck whoever made this, if anything the cycling of life is specifically anti-entropy.

4a482d  No.15460667

File: 8be47f9ccff41da⋯.jpg (139.36 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 8be47f9ccff41da682096ee3dd….jpg)




Here you go.


Khorne influencing a Tau solider being considering acceptable And that's even before the lack luster gameplay.

We'll never get Red Orchestra type game of IG vs Lost and Dammned, or some simlar thing

6297a8  No.15460669

File: c8e3b7c127d6d1e⋯.jpg (88.38 KB, 400x975, 16:39, Pedo_Sisters.jpg)


Based /ss/isters of Battle

a93da0  No.15463525

File: 9f9b21ceb954846⋯.jpg (210.63 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Imperial diplomacy with el….jpg)

Alright you heretics, listen to the Word of the Emperor:

A 40k RTS based on the Wargame engine.

>massive maps

>supports huge armies

>factions and armies (decks)

>infantry, vehicles, tanks, artillery, gunships, navy, logistics

>armament variety on units

>directional armor, AP/HE calculations, distance modifiers

>stealth, detection, line-of-sight

>veterancy, suppression, morale, critical effects

>great soundscape, unit barks

One major thing it lacks is melee combat, although there already is CQC in urban combat and I don't think it'd be a massive challenge anyways.

It's such a match made in the Emperor's paradise that it will never happen and the licence will instead be handed to developers making fucking mobile games and some lazy wannabe ASSFAGGOTS games.


>Half the voices are by members of the Dobson family.

Pretty much the entire game

415213  No.15463572


Melee in 40k is such a meme and is easily the single least realistic thing about it(the typical range of engagement.)

f30372  No.15463578


>least realistic


76fa64  No.15463658


99f830  No.15463664

File: 1875db4aa33c109⋯.jpg (109.54 KB, 1210x717, 1210:717, complain about.jpg)


>muh realism


850db6  No.15463676


>Raven Guard

These guys spend more time cutting themselves than the Imperial Fists do. And that says something when the latter stick their hands into the pain glove on every day that ends on the letter "y".

7f6426  No.15463688

File: 571ef139272055a⋯.png (1.37 MB, 900x900, 1:1, adeptus_arbites_by_lordcar….png)


>talking shit about the most glorius melee combat

The emperor would cut you down with his own sword for such insolence.

76fa64  No.15463711


I just want Tactical Espionage Action:Grimdark.


t. Tau

949f24  No.15463764

File: 4d8505fe1b0d700⋯.png (1010.77 KB, 3160x3254, 1580:1627, 4d8505fe1b0d7001651707a3f6….png)


>raised pinky on the arbites in the foreground

05fb97  No.15464152


>Khorne Daemonettes

This is heresy, even among chaos.

7f6426  No.15464176


Beating heretics and criminals to death is no excuse to lose your classy ways, anon.

76fa64  No.15464717


More like your pussy ways.

Would you fug an IG, Arbites or SoB?

7f6426  No.15464773


What kind of IG are we talking about?

Sororita would be hotter, but arbites qt would be much more stable as a relationship and you could get a huge social boost to get out of the underhive.

76fa64  No.15464830


I don't know. Choices are Vostroyan, Tallarn, Catachan, Cadian and Armageddon Ork Hunters I guess.

e3d1ce  No.15464898


>No Death Korps of Krieg

>he doesn’t want to teach a pale emotionless qt the meaning of love and give her something to live for besides dying for the Emperor.

You lack vision.

cfd71f  No.15464919

File: 2f1c00a0e037b80⋯.jpg (78.26 KB, 960x733, 960:733, Love Can Krieg.jpg)

File: 176ee63d2baa2cb⋯.jpg (860.77 KB, 2325x3225, 31:43, Guard Regiments 1.jpg)

File: 6c8483e23d5ccfd⋯.jpg (769.82 KB, 2325x3225, 31:43, Guard Regiments 2.jpg)


>No Krieg

What, you don't like screwing lifeless automatons that exist soley to martyr themselves in attrition warfare?

Also, all Vostroyan IG are men. The firstborn son of every family is sent into the Guard, hence the name "Vostroyan Firstborn".

7f6426  No.15464926


Mate, a krieger would be anything but cute.

a93da0  No.15464936

File: fb01cfa98cb712a⋯.png (154.46 KB, 600x700, 6:7, i will have someones head ….png)


> something to live for besides dying for the Emperor

e0383a  No.15464937


>And theres 1000 players online at all times

Really? might give it a shot later tonight thought the online would have been a ghost town by now.

76fa64  No.15464948


I was thinking of the Ciaphas cain IGs, Valhallarn I guess?

50f004  No.15464952


Last Stand is just a shitty WC3 custom game with a Warhammer skin. Space Marine was surprisingly good though (much better than Eternal Crusade which tried to ape it).

10eeed  No.15464970


Live for the emperor.

7f6426  No.15465001

File: 6071468e3cf4030⋯.jpg (40.01 KB, 400x571, 400:571, valhallan ice warrior.jpg)


Yeah, cain served wit hthe valhalans, wich are eastern front russians.

Vostroyans are cossacks/imperial russia and such.

e3d1ce  No.15465002


Anything’s cute if you draw it right.

/tg/ is a hell of a drug, when it can make automaton like clones from a nuclear hell World seem like Waifu material.


a93da0  No.15465017

File: d87676317b022f1⋯.webm (4.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, adeptus pepe.webm)



afcf40  No.15465030

File: eeab2ccaee7af4a⋯.png (31.57 KB, 620x333, 620:333, ClipboardImage.png)


You wanna live forever?

76fa64  No.15465032


I just want a gallery titled imperial guard babes and it's just that.

Why archive 14dchan? Has it fallen to Chaos?

e3d1ce  No.15465054


I wasn’t sure if Cake Rabbi had added it to the filter.

7f6426  No.15465060


There has been attempts, but /tg/ has tried to keep it clean.

You can see the ongoing editorial clusterfuck in articles such as zarus.

e3d1ce  No.15465066


But to answer your question, there are the beginnings of Chaos taint. Just look at the discussion page for the “Humanity; Fuck Yeah” article.

76fa64  No.15465104

So real talk, will that Mechanicus game have a shot? I looked at the devs and found I played two games of theirs, Hegemony wasn't bad(just kind of amateurish and it was pretty crash heavy) and Excubitor was trash, especially as a TD hybrid of which there are much more appealing alternatives.


I'll never get hating humanity as a whole. I get hating certain parts of it,countries or people, even yours god knows I'd be a hypocrite saying otherwise.

But Humanity fuck yeah indeed. Best babes, best vidya, best cultures, best everything.


Why not? Might as well live long enough to stop fighting and make the Emperor's dreams come true.

e8fa3c  No.15465182

File: e9446a1e97d8f9d⋯.png (524.98 KB, 570x637, 570:637, 8ac959126637a4151c0e737c71….png)


>if anything the cycling of life is specifically anti-entropy.

53fc97  No.15465568

File: 1569914728fc3ff⋯.jpg (66.94 KB, 450x394, 225:197, alikhari450c.jpg)


That's kinda the plan

f30372  No.15465636


>tfw no sweaty Armageddon Steel Legion gf to ride in the cramped back of an APC with

a36e81  No.15465745





Wanna know how I know you're a virgin?

f30372  No.15465753

52bc51  No.15465765


The movie FAS are just a shittier Imperial Guard.

430712  No.15465784

>Launch DoW with mods to see if I can at least play a 2v1

>Me as Spacemarines against daemons and chaos spacemarines

>It's running ok

>Gear up

>We find each other in the middle of the map.

>Sending troops after troops

>Finally feel that rush and adrenaline of an actual 40k war

>Get to the point I have orbital strikes

>There's war all over

>Literally all over the fucking map since daemons don't stop teleporting everywhere

>Perimeter Defense Outpost fucking everywhere both with lascannons and bolters

>Shit have so many explosions and shit my fps actually start to drop to an almost unplayable level

>They manage to push me once they somehow kill my chapter


>Everything seems lost and then the game crashes

For the emperor, I guess.

So what are good space marines strategies?

>Equip your spaces marines depending on the conditions

I know, but I'd like to know what is more effective against what exactly. For example what is more effective against buildings orbehicle and out of all the vehicules what are moreeffective against what? I personally like to play with infantry and in somemaps it's hard to maneuver vehicles, so I just made a land rider helios to whirlwind the shit out of far units.

7a8b32  No.15465863


From what I recall Plasma was great against heavy infantry in particular, so like CSM and whatnot.

50f004  No.15465875


Space Marines are versatile, but their biggest strength is that, as in tabletop, troop for troop no one can stand up against you, at least for most of the game. Harrass everyone early and often because your Marines will be able to beat them in skirmishes.


Missiles are pretty damn effective and almost never miss. MP lascannons are even better with their insane range. Melee dreadnaughts are fairly effective if they get in range as well. And don't forget about your assault marines' melta bombs.

50f004  No.15465878



I didn't read very well. IIRC melta bombs and missiles are the most effective on buildings but someone may correct me. Also don't underestimate the heavy bolter, it will remain the best weapon against massed lighter infantry for the whole game.

430712  No.15465963


>Heavy bolters

I used to play with those a lot but they lose versatility against vehicles and building. I usually use my devastators with heavy bolters instead of my tactical marines, though.

Are flamethrowers and plasma guns even good for anything at all?

50f004  No.15465984


>plasma guns

Good for fighting against forces similar to yours in durability, like Chaos Space Marines, Necrons, and Ork 'Ard Boyz


Meh. I don't think these are very useful for marines in general. they're too slow to make good offensive use for them. Theoretically they'd be good at defending against melee units, but I haven't seen much success with them.

53fc97  No.15466014


The only army that can effectively use flamers in DoW is Sisters, massed flamers break morale, two squads fully kitted out will break just about anything except 'Crons.

1f7f07  No.15466051

File: 4e745942d3c1edf⋯.png (166.51 KB, 387x345, 129:115, 4e745942d3c1edf19960293dfe….png)


>TFW no Tangar Woad Warriors or Tanhollis Highlanders models (nor much lore on said Regiments and home worlds) Or even cute girls from said worlds

Would be nice to see some (human) Celtic representation within 40K, but I fear how it would turn out with modern GW. At least Infinity has a space Scotsman/Celtic faction


Usually, the upgrades have a description that says "effective against (insert target here)". Take some time in a training/tutorial mode to try out the various upgrades. This goes for all factions, but space marines are more durable, both with health and morale (for the most part) and are very good in the early game, but by late or even mid-game, most factions can have units/vehicles that can easily kill them if you don't utilize your early game advantage.


What >>15466014 said, but other factions that have flamers can be effective in breaking enemy unit morale if used right (having flame squad attack an enemy squad already being attacked by your other units to weaken said enemy squad).

430712  No.15466077

File: 782209e9ae89b1e⋯.png (2.81 MB, 2400x1350, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Alright. Another question, between terminators and stern/vanguard marines what's a better choice of unit? I do know terminaters are a lot more resistant but vanguard seems more versatile.

As for relic vehicle of choice I'd say the Stormraven.

>Can fly

>Can be used as transportation

>Fast as hell

>Eliminates pretty much any infantry


>the upgrades have a description that says "effective against (insert target here)"

I know but there seems to be some differeces that at fully explained like the melta gun and the multi-melta, which only significant difference is the setup time. From what a read a nice long distance conbination would be a multi-melta squad with a heavy bolter squad.

Also, if anyone is interested, a chart with the UA upgrades.

891570  No.15466108




/tg/ will have your head for this.

3e8684  No.15466321


But didn’t /tg/ make the story in


f4df79  No.15466362


Visibly autistic is a good look for you if you can't understand how an eternal cycle is entirely incompatible with an unavoidable end, anon.

His daemons and blessed servants, manifestations of what embodies Nurgle, are some of the most durable and perpetual organics in existence for a reason.

52bc51  No.15466365


/tg/ waifus the Death Korps too, I don't see what the problem is.

cdda14  No.15466369

File: 758841f50293505⋯.png (6.38 MB, 2817x3628, 2817:3628, Warhammer-Gals.png)



f30372  No.15466383


After all these years, the Perma-Virgin Macha fanon still brings a smile to my face

53fc97  No.15466730


>No tsundere Sun Bakery waifu who'll kill gods for you

>No Flayed One waifu who'll laugh at all your awful jokes and make you clothes

>No shady as fuck DarkAngel who'll throw you surprise parties

Inadequate roster is inadequate!

a04dfe  No.15466910

File: c7842fab7b361fa⋯.mp4 (1.23 MB, 720x404, 180:101, pelf5Sx.mp4)

File: 3466abd9a784e47⋯.png (39.01 KB, 647x225, 647:225, uhk8070.PNG)


In-universe, it's dependent upon the number of Orkz. On an individual level they can make a gun that should barely be able to hold itself together work semi-reliably, but the higher up the scale you go the more powerful it gets. If Orkz can make a trashheap capable of FTL travel, I think that altering their personal biology to be fire-resistant is feasible.


Like >>15451228 and >>15451232 said, there was a story where Chaos was fucking around with some daemon nanobot swarm or something and only the SoB could not be harmed by it due to their extreme faith in the Emprah. The Grey Knights, a Chapter that's basically the rock to Chaos' scissors in all regards show up and kill all the SoB so they can wear their blood to protect themselves against Chaos. It's the 40k equivalent of some mass shooter being unable to kill the police because of their kevlar, only for the US Army to show up and kill the police so they can take their kevlar.


MP4 related



>There couldve been a moba 40k game

There was. It crashed and burned so hard in Early Access it never released.

151464  No.15467752


Space Marines were also a bit of a retarded one to have in a DoW1 style game, even if they are fun to play. They are supposed to have, at most, one thousand actual marines spread out over various assignments. Granted, they went full retard with the DE in game.

>lets build a Dark Eldar city outside of the webway

>the place where slaneesh has a harder time finding us, and thus taking our souls

>it will be brilliant!

e654b4  No.15467764


Damn those dow1 helmets looked so much better.

a8f631  No.15467806

File: db949332add501e⋯.jpg (87.62 KB, 300x367, 300:367, Vance Stubbs.jpg)

File: ddaad7163c88d5f⋯.jpg (283.56 KB, 800x1153, 800:1153, Lord Vect.jpg)

File: eb40d0fd2f0c344⋯.png (157.06 KB, 1144x144, 143:18, Punished Stubbs.png)

File: 39540301a2c0e26⋯.png (697.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, GORGUTZ_'EAD_'UNTER.png)


Remember, Vect canonically got his ass kicked by Gorgutz and Vance Stubbs didn't Win Soulstorm

ecca02  No.15467849

File: 1f086d0ac05627f⋯.jpg (93.74 KB, 1024x517, 1024:517, imperial_guard_vs_ork_on_p….jpg)


>Dawn of War 3

Everything I hear about that game is terrible. Was there anything even remotely positive about it? I can't bring myself to try out that abortion to see for myself.

a8f631  No.15467863

File: a79b76840d1f01f⋯.jpg (146.84 KB, 1693x1402, 1693:1402, ChapterMaster.JPG)


Hidden within the game anon that my Friend Found within the World Builder

8838a9  No.15468129

File: 05e287665bda1b9⋯.png (3.08 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Space Hulk_ Deathwing_2018….png)

File: cc707219c38fe1d⋯.png (2.96 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Space Hulk_ Deathwing_2018….png)

File: f9781d09fd45d73⋯.png (2.9 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Space Hulk_ Deathwing_2018….png)

Unpopular opinion: I really enjoyed Fire Warrior back in the day and I wish it was remastered.

151464  No.15468145


That annoys me. The Orks need some glory as well because they tend to be jobbers in the games, but Gorgutz is the only commander in DoW that doesn't need some kind of bullshit excuse to bring him back. Eliphas coming back was pure bullshit, and the only thing good about Taldeer was her banter, otherwise she was yet another incompetent Farseer.

About the only other factions I would have an issue with are the DE because their whole thing was retarded, and Tau because that would require GW to acknowledge the victory and they sure as hell weren't going to do anything major to acknowledge that.

00e1d6  No.15468205


All Orks need to do to get away from being taken as a joke is to stop being treated as a joke and start being treated as the psychotic force of nature they are; an unending barbaric horde of giant burly creatures that often do not know fear or pain, a monster who revels in the anarchy and adversity that others try to control and tame.

Problem is perspective in an RTS, and Warhammer especially, where Space Marines are seen as the norm instead of the exceptional. Orks in this context aren't so frightening because they are arguably weaker than a space marine (who utilizes powered armour and special weaponry) and used in greater numbers. A great tide of shock-proof barbarians who can tear your limbs off with their bare hands are scary, but not when it takes 2+ of them to kill their 'equivalent' on another faction. They also have to play second fiddle to the other 'horde' race of the tyranid.

But if you actually put Orks in an arena with the average Tyranid, the Orks would tear them to pieces and ask for more. Even a Warboss would give some of the bigger Tyranids a hard time. And that's without looking at the tabletop, where those bigger units can easily go down in a single round if focused.

53fc97  No.15468319


I agree, it was a bit nofrills but it was a good time to be had.

2f8056  No.15468337


Isn't there a whole planet that is basically an arena where the orks and tyranids are endlessly fighting because of how they reproduce?

850db6  No.15468342


Multiple ones, actually. In the Octarius Realm. Inquisitor Kryptman though himself mighty clever when he planted Genestealers on the Ork-ruled system, and expected it would end up as a giant stalemate.

Instead, the Nids first ate all but one planet of the entire system. And then Ghazkull showed up in a blaze of glory, killed the Nids, and incorporated hordes of the meanest motherfucking Orkz the galaxy had ever seen into his Waaagh!

Were are talking about hyper-evolved Orkz that probably are the size of a small house.

f30372  No.15468633


Oh yeah, that Space Hulk game was made by the duded who made E.Y..E., right?

Is it any good?

16bb73  No.15468672


breddy gud cover-TPS. haven't had time to give it a complete playthrough, but so far it's as fun or better than Gear 1 or 2. maybe a bit on the easy side.

would an i5-6600k + 1060 6gb be capable of running Deathwing at 1080p60?

651f5f  No.15468694

File: 725587ad3b2e56f⋯.jpg (53.26 KB, 245x249, 245:249, gimme your fukin head.jpg)


If only they made the game around this time instead of back then, would have definitely garnered more attention. It would have at least given it more of a chance to allow for more sequels.

It's a shame because I would have loved a Space Marine anthology game series. The first one would have been Ultra-marines, the second one could have been something like the Luna Wolves during the Heresy, and the third one would have been a big boy chapter like the Grey Knights, or Deathwatch.

Hell I would have loved a Predator-like game where a squad of marines were dropped on Catachan to find some traitor squad.

474173  No.15468724


Considering some of the stuff they are trying to do with 40k now, perhaps it’s best it was made when I was. You wouldn’t want the ultramarines to be put in their place by and under age, brown female soldier.

474173  No.15468738


Messy post but you get my point. trying to get on a normal sleep schedule is hell.

651f5f  No.15468741


I am pretty sure in that world, SJW pandering isn't really viable.

But as evidenced from Age of Shitmar anything is possible in the name of profit.

850db6  No.15468748



When will this meme end? Space Marines actively pushed you to enter melee in order to regain health by executing enemies. Taking cover was absolutely ineffective safe for these few moments when you actually faced ranged specialists like Flash Gits or Chaos Psykers.

474173  No.15468754


you have seen the adventure game that is being made set in the 40k universe haven’t you? It’s art and characters are straight out of tumblr.

there was also some new marketing material for 40k that tried to pander to fat feminists and numales that tried to make the space marines look friendly instead of threatening.

651f5f  No.15468764

File: 2b729bb6650e706⋯.png (350.5 KB, 674x728, 337:364, hank hill disgust.png)

850db6  No.15468773


All I wanted was Monkey Island with an Ork Mek Boy

474173  No.15468776

File: e621f479c7e9489⋯.png (517.38 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 39C4F318-2740-4296-9FA3-4A….png)


I can’t find the marketing image I was talking about though

99f830  No.15468780

File: 218d13adde1ef75⋯.webm (432.64 KB, 800x450, 16:9, CEASE.webm)

474173  No.15468787


The marketing pic was worse than >>15468776. It came across like a legit tumblr comic about how inclusive and emotionally validating the game is with some fat chicks and ethnic dudes posing happily with a friendly looking space marine.

651f5f  No.15468797

File: 9a16de8968443a8⋯.jpg (70.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, CJ holds head 2.JPG)


This is such a shame, how the fuck are we supposed to be the greatest force in the galaxy if we are letting this shit slide?

>The Necron design

Imagine waking up after a centuries old slumber to find out you have been redesigned to look like a Decepticon.

99f830  No.15468835


Haven't heard shit about an adventure game, but these are books for literal children called Warhammer Adventures.

f526a6  No.15468847

File: ea1825387762048⋯.jpg (157.24 KB, 582x800, 291:400, 1526935131915.jpg)

File: 6574ff91dd4020f⋯.png (3.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Space Hulk_ Deathwing_2018….png)


Pic related


It's not bad, but a little bit repetitive since there's not much enemy variety and the only cqc weapon with some weigth is the power fist. The level design is top noch and really looks and feels like 40k. I've sinked more hours into autistically looking at the little details than shooting xenos.

474173  No.15468848


Yeah, saw that after I posted the pic. Could have sworn there was an adventure game attached to those characters but maybe that was some misinformation when the pic first came out.

99f830  No.15468853

File: c6fe5842edac974⋯.jpeg (100.39 KB, 902x885, 902:885, A Huge Dick.jpeg)


The only plus side to all this is eventually these kids will find out the rest of 40K is a brutal unforgiving galaxy of terror and war, hopefully they learn to like orks though.

651f5f  No.15468867


From what the gameplay tells me it seems like a Left 4 Dead type deal mixed with some 40k elements. Am I off the mark by saying that?

f526a6  No.15468893


Pretty much, add some stubbers and rocket lauchers to the basic zombies and have maze-like levels. A cool feature is that you can seal/destroy bulkdoors to block/flank enemies. Also your squadmates can be manned by the IA so you don't have to deal with retards online.

651f5f  No.15468913

File: 3a98f2348090c41⋯.png (538.73 KB, 1120x905, 224:181, 3a9.png)


Just as long as the guns don't sound like peashooters and I hear a nice thump every time I take a step, I will get it the next time a sale comes around.

f526a6  No.15468940


>and I hear a nice thump every time I take a step

You got that. And even if it's bullshit that you can just run in Terminator armor, it feels good to slam yourself onto a tight pack of jeanstealer cultists.

99f755  No.15468949


Even worse,

>Let’s build our base across from the fallen Mon Keighs who would love nothing more than to feed our souls to She Who Thirsts.

>Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Carron might have been an Autist with a fixation on Metal Boxes, but even he could have beaten these idiots.

53fc97  No.15469036

File: 3f52b2c4ddf318c⋯.jpg (36.68 KB, 600x448, 75:56, not so lolcron.jpg)


> books for literal children

When I was a kid, still in single digits, know what I fucking read? GOTREK AND FELIX, motherfucker suave ass poet bedding a gypsy, stoutest fucking Dorf ever getting his eye torn out, mutation and madness abound. Books for kids, fucking reprobates have been listening to pearl clutchers.

f30372  No.15469131


>Also your squadmates can be manned by the IA

Surely you mean by Machine Spirits, and not Abominable Intelligence?

99f830  No.15469170

File: a2020c4c6e27360⋯.png (73.83 KB, 1011x801, 337:267, 1462727272748.png)


Part of the problem also lies with the UcucK in general I think.

3117c3  No.15469286


Are ultramarines still ultrasues after Matt Ward left or did a decent writer manage to salvage them?

f30372  No.15469306


Well Girlyman awoke from his stasis and is in charge of the Imperium, what do you think?

53fc97  No.15469311


They're even worse now.

3117c3  No.15469635


Hot eldar sex?

99f755  No.15469709


Robot Gorillaman turned into an emo from seeing how the imperium is. He took Cunto Shitarious on as his ward and left Calgar in charge of Ultramar.

Captain Titus remains the only tolerable ultrasmurf.

53fc97  No.15469722


Given that the Eldar's new living god looks very very much like it should be a daemon of Slaanesh I would not rule that possibility out.

f30372  No.15469726


Don't forget Rawbutt's Techpriest BFF creating uncountable numbers of Super-Duper Space Marines

53fc97  No.15469763

File: 2566f1fcd99949a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 472.05 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1504835208020.jpg)

File: 9efef348148bdbe⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 192.5 KB, 1000x1280, 25:32, e4473cf300b9470d93f9248621….jpg)


Pics for posterity;

One of these is a daemon of Slaanesh, the other is a slightly broken Eldar god.

f30372  No.15470437


Well, considering the Eldar gave birth to Slaanesh in the first place, perhaps Daemonettes looks like Eldar gods, and not the other way around?

d9e66b  No.15470595

File: 1785cd5f66e23b4⋯.jpg (351.51 KB, 1881x931, 99:49, 1785cd5f66e23b474408dfc664….jpg)

File: 2ce274655c68b62⋯.webm (1.98 MB, 885x480, 59:32, SERIOUSLY.webm)


I hope those fucking books fail miserably and those who wrote with them get curbstomped to hell and back, just for even trying to appeal to a "wider audience" and making it "kid friendly". They both deserve worse for how much lore these books break.

a8f631  No.15471269


>Necrons Kid Friendly

>Despite the fact they genocided hundreds or Thousands of Civilations during the War in Heaven and Flayed ones

What in the Emperor's Name is this shit?

00e1d6  No.15471468



Also ones a draft dodger and one of them was inventing/innovating technology.

53fc97  No.15471502


By Girlyman's shriveled scrotum!

I hope to high heaven that they're not making enough money on that shit to continue it.Hell, I hope whatever nepotistic bastard pushed it in the first place finds themselves destitute and dirt-farming.

a93da0  No.15472954

File: bf7925bf2d33c93⋯.png (4.03 KB, 627x138, 209:46, call the inquisition.png)


It'd be great to see some good drawings of what fates would await the heroes.

>the deserter traitor in front of a firing squad with adults around him to emphasize his youth

>the tech heretic as a gruesome servitor

>the adventurer in the hands of the Ordo Xenos

53fc97  No.15472970


>the adventurer in the hands of the Ordo Xenos

>the ordo xenos

That's a funny way of spelling Dark Eldar you have there.

a93da0  No.15473133


That's a fine alternative as well.

I just thought of the Ordo Xenos catching wind of this progressive do-gooder who hates fighting, wants to understand the alien and affiliates herself with traitors and heretics. They might want to look into that and I don't just mean investigate.

850db6  No.15474895

File: 8195acdda1f8460⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 638x654, 319:327, ClipboardImage.png)


Tahril rather hilariously considered Carron and Farseer Caerys (was that her name?) to be the only actually threatening enemies during his sector raid.


I, for one, am looking forward to how the books will portray Daemonettes, Nurglite Cultists, and Haemonculi.

Oh, and the Daemonculuba, of course.

8f4e3d  No.15475061


>Implying they'll let even a single mention of any chaos forces (or most of the grimdark parts of each faction) be made in these books

>Implying they won't try to ret-con the shit out of 40K and Fantasy/AoShitmar to hell and back to try and prevent future generations from knowing any of the good stuff

Like chaos, it must all be destroyed before it can grow more than it already has.

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