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File: 3fdf320918f68d0⋯.jpg (9.19 KB, 391x111, 391:111, téléchargement.jpg)

a181a4  No.15455427


4b29b6  No.15455446

Soon I will be able to make love to Wario Land 4

0b555e  No.15455470

I should pick up the Wario games at some point. I played the wii wario land one a long time ago, and that was fun. Wario world looks interesting too. Are all of the Wario land games good?

a181a4  No.15455481

File: b68e82bd61d4d88⋯.gif (60.7 KB, 500x500, 1:1, b68.gif)


They are all great and playable!

But if you're a beginner in Wario Land, I suggest you the first ones (Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land or Virtual Boy Wario Land)

4b29b6  No.15455486


It depends on whether you count Master of Disguise as a Wario Land game.

284c1e  No.15455489

Wario Land 3 is a bad Wario Land game, the only game in the series worse than it is Shake it.

a49166  No.15455506

File: 24cc0b766085fab⋯.jpg (30.98 KB, 625x626, 625:626, Alright_Baiter.jpg)

55c733  No.15455512


Wario Land 3 is the best game in the series you fucking mouth breather.

e0a857  No.15455527

File: 95cf6ebcb945c94⋯.png (4.52 KB, 303x243, 101:81, wariothumb.png)


All of them are excellent. Except Shake It.

Haven't played it but from what I've seen and heard it's just a weaker and more shallow Wario Land 4

d67467  No.15455541


I've played some of shake it. It feels soulless, from the waggling to the uninspired levels and music.

a181a4  No.15455544

Vampire Wario as a echo fighter or riot

89252a  No.15455546


That's fairly accurate regarding the gameplay but the graphics and music are excellent.

a8b5d1  No.15455553



Warioland Wario for Smash as his own character when.

If there can be 3 Links there can be 2 Warios.

cb5a77  No.15455570


Shake It's a good game. it was just lacking as a sequel in some areas.

284c1e  No.15455576

File: d538517a75a1e97⋯.jpg (47.15 KB, 464x454, 232:227, d538517a75a1e9721ba63e3402….jpg)


>best game in the series

>the game where there is absolutely zero punishment outside of trudging all the way back to a certain part of a level to restart a section if you manage to miss a jump

It's a shitty metroidvania/walking sim hybrid. Not a Wario Land game.

cb5a77  No.15455585


It's just a more organically contextualised version of dying and going back to the checkpoint. And you lose coins.

71fe08  No.15455586

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


With bitchin' music

3d863f  No.15455603


Isn't that exactly how Wario Land 2 works?

cb5a77  No.15455618

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I like how Shake It went all in with the anime style.

026540  No.15455688

File: 2f721ab8698af75⋯.png (50.05 KB, 300x303, 100:101, 2f721ab8698af752ce87c1a242….png)


Wario Land is seriously underrated, at least to the mainstream Nintendo audience. Wario himself is an underrated Nintendo character, he's amusing yet stronk as fuck.

What is it about Wario Land? I never bother to collect coins in Mario games, but for some reason in Wario Land I need every single damn one I can possibly get. Is there something with the game design that evokes this behavior?


Yes, they're all


But maybe that's just me, I think all the Wario Land games are good in comparison to similar games. Even the ones that are mediocre for the Wario Land series I feel are good games overall.


Hi, Monafag

71942e  No.15455721


Has anyone ever fixed a rom of this game to not be in black and red? If they did it would be a fantastic game overall.

3c944c  No.15455729


>Has anyone ever fixed a rom of this game to not be in black and red?

Pretty sure all VB emulators let you choose whatever color you want for any game.

98c2ae  No.15455805


wario and waluigi sound like babies.

cb5a77  No.15455816


Virtual Boy Wario Land could do with a remake, or at least a digital release on something new. It's a shame that it's a game that ended up so lost to time, due to being on the Virtual Boy.

7e950e  No.15455901

File: a9a7c2ab47d147e⋯.jpg (43.9 KB, 332x322, 166:161, w3.jpg)

5c8d60  No.15456006

File: 06c51ea72f039b5⋯.png (5.79 KB, 320x288, 10:9, 1.png)

File: 54573c08673c664⋯.png (27.99 KB, 400x360, 10:9, 2.png)


Wario Land 1 was oddly atmospheric.

3901fa  No.15456205

File: 6e203c54876b849⋯.png (69.43 KB, 183x142, 183:142, 1518052268.png)

Post dem rankings.

R&D1 Warios:

VBWL > SML3 > WL4 > WL2 > WL3

Outsourced Warios:

World > Shake It! > Master of Disguise

026540  No.15456373

File: e9dc0e8e7563b04⋯.png (453.93 KB, 388x545, 388:545, Wario_Shit.png)


I can say I enjoy about all of them equally, they each do their own things right and wrong.

>Wario Land 1

Best Pacing + Consistent Fun

>Wario Land 2

Best Level Design + Enticement of Greed

>Wario Land 3

Best Puzzles / Use of Abilities + Gameplay

>Wario Land 4

Best Movement / Momentum + Mechanics + Bosses

>Wario World

Best Atmosphere / Aesthetic / Environment + Music

>Master of Disguise

Best Story + Characters + Dialogue

>Shake It!

Best Animations / Visuals obviously + Wario Personality

But if I had to be them in order

Wario Land 2 > Wario Land 3 > Wario Land 1 > Wario World > Wario Land 4 > Shake It > Master of Disguise

And I've never played Virtual Boy Wario Land, I haven't been able to find a good emulator.

cd39bd  No.15456606

File: 14b949e7daff9e2⋯.jpg (218.38 KB, 775x1000, 31:40, Princess.Shokora.full.2359….jpg)

File: ecabdc5100806f4⋯.png (6.79 MB, 2693x3224, 2693:3224, Princess.Shokora.full.2378….png)

File: d0d7f8e3046cb87⋯.jpg (812.85 KB, 900x913, 900:913, princesses_shokora___rosal….jpg)

File: 50f9e57ab945ffb⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 31571247_848849251979411_8….jpg)

File: 80073d5860476e3⋯.png (99.36 KB, 481x643, 481:643, 1467051743387.png)

Confirmed by Wario Land 4: Wario likes hot teenagers and mature women. Hates lolis and ugly hags.

I personally like Princess Shokora's "teenager" form the most. This is why I sometimes purposely miss a few treasures to get that ending.

3d863f  No.15456631


That's a toddler, not a loli.

ab5235  No.15456643

19756d  No.15456650

File: ce2d19b7e65ff4d⋯.jpeg (126.92 KB, 1040x1040, 1:1, e1ce8f7a1202706f2deb396ee….jpeg)


Still would hit it.

4e5480  No.15456695

File: e6c8a0d60a837d8⋯.png (249.99 KB, 500x790, 50:79, zombie_shokora.png)


I personally prefer the adult form. I really like her profile and how she actually looks like like a powerful adult instead of a 15 year old in a dress like most princesses.

The Wario games just have the best girls bar none

98c2ae  No.15456698


the music had a way of making the stages appear bigger. it felt like i could see the whole level instead of just whats on the tiny screen.


isnt 14 the age of consent in japan? thats probably why hes okay with the loli tomboy princess, it isnt criminal to the japs so they dont have to write wario as not in to it. i wonder if its shunned upon when you go after girls that young when youre not in the same age group though.

i gotta say, with those numbers i had to do a double take when reading through my reply before posting.

4c4e5e  No.15456700


Shota is best

98c2ae  No.15456738

File: 60489f02c80a734⋯.png (106.01 KB, 317x194, 317:194, 50f9e57ab945ffbd6688e54693….png)

6f4842  No.15457190

Would you have preferred if Mario Paint retained it's own IP rather than adopting the wario one?

Legitimate question, I understand that up until D.I.Y. it hadn't really gone back to user creation but still, the WarioWare series was roughly a successor to the mario Artist games.

e7b8c4  No.15457277

File: 6a1aa4bc249e9ef⋯.png (108.88 KB, 411x477, 137:159, Avgn rage.png)


>New Super Mario Bros confirmed for the Switch

>It's not a new entry but a remake

>With Toadette as the main feature

<No Wario

<No Miiverse shitposting

They almost got me


>Is there something with the game design that evokes this behavior?

Multiple endings or the fact that you can spend the money?

6f4842  No.15457551


It kinda pisses me off that nintendo would never do a New Super Mario Allstars

98c2ae  No.15457587


mario paint kind of flips around. mario maker being the latest i think. hell the undo dog was an unlockable character.


would that include the 3d games?

6f4842  No.15457611


Realistically it would have been NSMB 1 Wii 2 and U, 3D land is kind of its own thing

f8caf1  No.15458134

File: 2445707c163206a⋯.jpeg (31.94 KB, 240x178, 120:89, BF4F081B-84E6-472D-A657-9….jpeg)



4b94b8  No.15458144

File: 70ba95b331b1d3c⋯.jpg (398.2 KB, 1332x1061, 1332:1061, female wario.jpg)

would you become her most precious treasure?

28dc97  No.15458145

Will we ever get a new Wario Land game? By the way, what makes WL2 so good? It's the only WL game I couldn't get into, for some reason.


NSMBU is not a remake. It's a port with a new funky mode character.

cd39bd  No.15458177

File: 0228d61c3704e5a⋯.png (147.92 KB, 500x338, 250:169, 1476743072808.png)


>gross garlic-muncher

>materialistic gold-digger

55c733  No.15458953


Wario is obese. Female Wario should be a gorilla like landwhale.

397224  No.15458973


>r63 women shouldn't be idealized female versions of their male counterparts


5c8d60  No.15459106

File: 9c9a28242df585b⋯.png (38.08 KB, 504x621, 56:69, 3.png)


The music sure but subtle things in the art gave it depth for something running on a 180x144 lcd; simple things like good use of dithering and objects dissolving into the foreground go a long way. And having most common enemies look emotionless gave it a sense of isolation.

a181a4  No.15459137

File: 901d08bd7849b46⋯.jpg (108.98 KB, 466x366, 233:183, 1463906983494.jpg)

Wario is the best boi

55c733  No.15459172


Wario is a fat ugly slob not some idealized adonis. It stands to reason that female Wario should not look anywhere near that attractive.

d84400  No.15459175


He replied to that argument on his same post. Are you saying you disagree with it?

026540  No.15460052

File: 26388779c776535⋯.gif (272.47 KB, 500x459, 500:459, 1459144387832.gif)

File: 5c49eff2e5ea42b⋯.gif (29.69 KB, 200x143, 200:143, 543c35f591b54.gif)

File: 8795bbb225ad206⋯.gif (54.58 KB, 500x420, 25:21, 32830770e5865b1fb0da1254f6….gif)

File: 2afa20d58b2d264⋯.png (4.66 KB, 480x320, 3:2, If you're such hot shit, t….png)


>implying wario isn't a peak physical modern day god maintaining the right balance between form, function, size, and shape.

They had to give Wario a gross personality in order to prevent people from obsessing about him, wanting to be him. Eating raw garlic helps Wario build pure muscle.



A gold digger would be a poor ass women who doesn't want to do anything for herself besides ride off someone else's money. Wario is the opposite of a gold digger, he gets his own money and he does things his own way.

d84400  No.15460060

File: 60fc06120f38ddb⋯.jpg (316.06 KB, 1299x1000, 1299:1000, b1b0f10de2d7c450bf668bfef8….jpg)

File: 50283bcc9559f18⋯.jpg (619.32 KB, 1324x2960, 331:740, 50283bcc9559f18681ed2d42fa….jpg)


>Spitting on Garlic


d84400  No.15460062

File: 03ef3e3ad0e70e6⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1852x1144, 463:286, 03ef3e3ad0e70e6d8ff5da4b72….png)


>2nd image is wrong one

>2nd image doesn't even look like the image I was looking for

>Password already switched


e3c67e  No.15460084


>testosterone goes down 0.2 points

>free-testosterone goes up 0.041 points

>17-beta oestradiol goes down 104 points

>sex hormone binding glob goes down 8.2 points

I don't know enough about those things individually to be convinced by the numbers.

68eead  No.15460104


This is great, but I'd really like to know how effective garlic is in comparison.

e0a857  No.15460110

File: 9039b7b554628cd⋯.png (6.04 KB, 256x256, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>mfw used to eat lots of onions but can't anymore due to horrible IBS

f47d62  No.15467010

File: 358dbe92d557ba6⋯.png (613.43 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 24999124_p3.png)

Bobo is so cool. I want the original bosses from the first Wario Land game to return somehow despite many of them having weird names. In fact I wonder if they ever returned if NOA this time around would try to change some of their names in a futile attempt to appeal to "western audiences", especially Bīfun, Hinyari, and Zenisukī.


Wario Land 4 is the easiest to get into with it's production quality and Wario having the best movement/mobility of the franchise. That is the best place to start as to this day Wario still feels good to control.

It's not the best game though, while slightly not as fun to control the best Wario games are Wario Land 2 & 3, 2 for a more traditional linear platforming that gives you all of Wario abilities right off the back with levels you just get to the end (but there are multiple paths and endings), 3 for a more Metroidy-like progression that you unluck your abilities as you go while continuously exploring levels in a more nonlinear fashion and even sometimes will go back to new sections of a previous level thanks to the new upgrade you got.


Shake it is fun but you are 100% correct, it's just a inferior Wario Land 4. Visuals and Music are excellent though.

052ba9  No.15467065

I want a new Wario World on Switch personally.

3d863f  No.15467122

File: 8fc5f0e2c55e0a2⋯.png (39.71 KB, 820x564, 205:141, 8fc5f0e2c55e0a2fa7f18db474….png)

Considering they both technically stem from the same series, Nintendo should make a game starring Wario and Daisy. It'd give Daisy-fags what they've been clamoring for, Wario fans get a new game, and maybe we'd get to see some Mario Land elements that haven't been around for a few decades.

3d863f  No.15467126

File: 2069a3290e695a6⋯.png (473.13 KB, 620x350, 62:35, 2069a3290e695a6add2846e433….png)


Where the hell is my second picture, Mark?

9a31cd  No.15467167


>tfw have crohn's disease so I know how bad digestive illnesses can be

Lost 30 lbs (then, a fifth of my body weight) out of nowhere 2 years ago.

f47d62  No.15467295



Could finally be the excuse they need to bring back Tatanga too, as he is the common link between those two characters and he is familiar with both Daisy and Wario, with the latter shacking up with Wario in order to get revenge on Mario. Maybe Tatanga is butthurt his parternship with Wario to get revenge on Mario didn't pan out so he wants to take Daisy again as his bride while beating up Wario.

3d863f  No.15467377


Hell, have Tatanga team up with Syrup. Syrup steals Daisy's wealth, Tatanga wants revenge on Wario/Daisy's hand in marriage, Daisy wants her money back, and Wario just wants a hefty share of Daisy's money for helping her get it back.

026540  No.15467408

File: 745b693bda928cc⋯.jpg (84.16 KB, 540x407, 540:407, 1440898096046.jpg)

>a game with wario and daisy

You fucking people are just as bad as the faggots who want Waluigi to have his own game.

3d863f  No.15467471


Sorry I like the Mario and Wario Land games more than you do.

c9fe13  No.15468060

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wario World may not be the best in terms of gameplay or duration, but man if it isn't Wario incarnate. From the goddamn tubas and trumpets to the mocking pause music to Charles Martinet going absolute bananas on his voice (what other character screams shit like HAVE A ROTTEN DAY whilst laughing maniacally and wrassling opponents?), that game had it all. Even tight as fuck controls while jumping.


>last one

Did they hex-edit the quote or is there some online generator?

026540  No.15468411

File: 5047a712f3f0235⋯.png (440.12 KB, 544x489, 544:489, Consider This.png)


>arguing over who's the likes what more / who's the biggest fan like it has any merit to it

But you should learn what's realistic and what's cringy fan-fiction-tier. I simply want what's best for both series and I'm willing to critique them. Nothing is perfect and not every idea is a good one, especially between different groups of people who might be looking for different things between each other.

I bet you're the same autist asking for Mona to be playable in the Smash Bros. threads.

e0a857  No.15468420

File: 8a4bd5a66e370f3⋯.png (1.21 MB, 843x571, 843:571, ClipboardImage.png)


>Wario cucks Luigi and Waluigi at the same time by going on an adventure with their only love interest

>For them it's their only love but for him it's just the fifth bitch he's fucked today

026540  No.15468459

File: a5301c65898ea65⋯.png (69.55 KB, 231x181, 231:181, vacationwario.png)



>wario's love interest

She's only Waluigi's love interest. Luigi and Waluigi share a love interest in Daisy. Mario and Bowser share a love interest in Peach. Wario doesn't have a love interest, his only love his money, gold, treasure, etc. He's too fabulous to be bothered, the only lady he needs is cold hard cash.

0abf2e  No.15468469

Why Waluigi is called Waluigi instead of Tuigi?

026540  No.15468492

File: 7e78e246eebf2ea⋯.png (851.85 KB, 1280x927, 1280:927, Waluigi.png)

File: 9396c0592f71283⋯.png (8.97 KB, 1200x690, 40:23, Cyrillic G.png)


Funnily enough, the symbol on Waluigi's hat is a real letter. It's a Cyrillic "G" implying Waluigi himself is Russian or Slavic, and that G could possibly be the first letter of his real name.

27cbdd  No.15468500


You do realize those giant tits are all fat right?

27cbdd  No.15468505


>Wario and Waluigi actually were poor dudes from Belarus and Waluigis real name is Grigori

>Wario just wanted to be as popular as Mario to get rich, but he gave up and just used his own brutally direct methods to get money

0abf2e  No.15468511



So Waluigi is Guigi?

d5bc4b  No.15468513

File: 60a0d2bc942cfe2⋯.jpeg (49.12 KB, 581x593, 581:593, 534bbbe0d9d0467079f3a2397….jpeg)


This artist has made so much luigi NTR.

da54fa  No.15468535


Post it

026540  No.15468552

File: bfb4d4259e82f4a⋯.png (1.31 MB, 900x903, 300:301, BubbleWario.png)


Or Gilui.


>>Wario just wanted to be as popular as Mario to get rich, but he gave up and just used his own brutally direct methods to get money

>Each core Wario Land game has sold a little over 2 million each

>Each WarioWare barely manages to reach just around 2 million

Ironically, Touched is the best selling WarioWare game. And in comparison, the first Wario Land game sold over 5 million while the first WarioWare made a little bit over 1 million. I can't understand why Nintendo keeps opting to make more WarioWare games instead of Wario Land.

a8b5d1  No.15468620


>I can't understand why Nintendo keeps opting to make more WarioWare games instead of Wario Land.

Because its fucking dirt cheap to make shitty 3-second minigame collections compared to a full-fledged platformer game

16bd00  No.15468695


It's a combination of warui (bad/poor/evil) + ruiji (similar, also Luigi in Japanese) that results in Waruiji. Google it.

It didnt translate well into English sadly.


Or maybe he's Greek and that's just the gamma letter.

If i recall his greek name is something like "Goualuitzi" or whatever.


It's not like he is getting into Wario's games any time soon

What's wrong with wanting Waluigi to have his own game?


ddb777  No.15468837


Shake it is Wario Land 4 except with baby difficulty (from the makers of kirby's epic yarn) and poor level design. The music is great, though.

026540  No.15468922

File: 41353a9b5fb9b94⋯.mp4 (582.83 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Wah.mp4)


>What's wrong with wanting Waluigi to have his own game?

Multiple reasons. For one, it's not in his nature. Waluigi's ambitions lie in competitive spirit and wanting to win and come out on top. Showing off and proving how he's better than others. Whether that be sports, racing, dancing, parties, etc.

Second, I don't think it's necessary to give every Mario character their own game. Peach didn't need one. And Luigi's Mansion is more of circumstance. Even in that game, Luigi is in Mario's shadow. He's looking for Mario, trying to save Mario. Luigi is of a more relax and calm demeanor than Mario, he has no need to go out exploring or doing marvelous things unless he's brought along with. Or in the case of Paper Mario, it's again circumstance or made-up stories to impress his brother. On the other hand, Wario can work just fine without Waluigi but Waluigi can't work without Wario. Mario is a widely popular and influential character, it makes sense to have a doppelganger trying to imitate his likeness to steal some of his popularity. But why would anyone try to imitate Luigi unless they were purposely trying to ride off the duo aspect of Mario and Luigi?

Third, Waluigi by design is intended to be an awkward character, this is also the reason for some, he has become somewhat of a joke character. He's generally funny to look at. But for a character to have their own game, you need an instance where form meets function and vice versa. Their design needs to match the things they do and be able to stand as it's own merit. Waluigi by design is someone that isn't meant to be taken seriously, so why would you take him seriously as a main character unless it was a WarioWare-esque joke game?

What I wouldn't mind is having Waluigi as the main villain of a Mario sports or spin-off title. If I'm correct, he was supposed to be the villain of Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix, but got shafted in favor of more traditional elements. It would fit Waluigi's character, he'd want to outdo everyone else, but cheats and rigs everything in his favor and ends up causing some huge mess you'd have to fix to give everyone a fair competition. Could be like Mario Sports Mix too where you have to face off against Waluigi in a variety of sports.

And if they wanted to, they could contact Ubisoft to create a Just Dance-like final dance-off battle against Waluigi for that game.

e0a857  No.15468927

File: f45dcb5aa5b25ae⋯.png (769.62 KB, 480x640, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


>Has all these cute girls desperately begging for his italian sausage

>Doesn't give a fuck

Why is Wario such a chad?

c9fe13  No.15468988


Because despite being a womanizer at times, he knows that his high-test form would get weakened by the feminine wiles of a girlfriend. Also he can pretty much bang any of them for a healthy, strong son.

Look at Mario instead, he slaves for a single piece of royal pussy and at best he gets a kiss on the cheek.

cd39bd  No.15468991

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3901fa  No.15469162


Don't forget the shitty waggle gimmick, having to farm DOSH to unlock content, and subwahrine stages being terrible.

c0a823  No.15471005

File: 94659568bdf5d64⋯.jpg (144.04 KB, 500x673, 500:673, seawa.jpg)

File: ce103b31661d38f⋯.gif (2.82 MB, 540x319, 540:319, waa_laughs.gif)

File: 7e292d0cebe02f7⋯.gif (1.67 MB, 540x396, 15:11, wah_psycho.gif)

File: ce1ed48823a6a82⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 500x295, 100:59, 1525706625_walugi.gif)


Well, thank you for giving an actual response. You make some really good points so allow me to give you my own wall of text.

>For one, it's not in his nature. Waluigi's ambitions lie in competitive spirit and wanting to win and come out on top.

Waluigi is competitive, and his overall goal can be easily defined as him just wanting to be number one and have the glory he feels he deserves but doesn't get, but that doesn't necessarily mean he has to restrict himself to sports or party games.

Consider that Waluigi's so far largest appearences plot wise all have him try to attain power somehow to become the best at something. In Mario Party 3, he steals the Mischief Star Stamp. In DDR: Mario Mix, he steals the Music Keys to become the best dancer in the world (that whole "spread chaos" thing is something people blow out of proportion to make Waluigi into the Joker). Mario Tennis Aces, he and Wario steal Lucien so they can, in Waluigi's own words, become the best tennis players in the world. Other games such as Fortune Street have him reference a desire for power and fame that's fundamentally different from Wario's.

The original Mario Tennis bio for the character even stated that he was trying to store enough power to match and compete with the Mario Bros (at tennis), and this is something the Smash bios reference too.

What I'm getting at is that playing sports and showing up at party games is just Waluigi's function, right now, and that isn't necessarily what his character is about. You could very easily make a Waluigi game out of a harebrained and idiotic quest for power or fame, and that's an idea that's been explored in fandom circles before, see: Psycho Waluigi and the pirate Waluigi ideas that have been floating around recently.

>I don't think it's necessary to give every Mario character their own game. Peach didn't need one.

I agree with this. And I can agree in the case that Luigi is an unlikely hero who still lives in Mario's shadow and wouldn't really work as well as a character if he didn't. But Luigi's Mansion illustrates why I think Waluigi needs his game because Luigi himself needed Luigi's Mansion. It was Luigi's Mansion that essentially defined what is Luigi's character, which was all over the place for the 2 decades prior, and gave him a style and a game series and essentially a character all his own that weren't just derived from being "green Mario". While I don't think Waluigi is that starving for character, the point stands that Waluigi, much like Luigi, absolutely should stand on their own even if they aren't meant to leave their initial places in the Mario series. Luigi never stopped being the underdog living in his big bro's shadow, and Waluigi wouldn't have to stop being the black sheep who never gets respect.

And as I said, Waluigi has no business being in Wario's games, and he's missed his chance at being a major villain in a Mario game. Frankly, as he is now, neither of these options suit him the same way him breaking out and finally getting his own game do.

>Wario can work just fine without Waluigi but Waluigi can't work without Wario

Out of all the arguments I've seen as to why Waluigi shouldn't get his own game this is the one I can understand and accept the most, even if ultimately I don't agree with it.

Much of Waluigi's character was built from the Camelot cutscenes which starred him and Wario, and they've established them as a comedic duo. Which can give you the impression that Waluigi needs to be part of the duo to function, because that's what endeared people to him in the first place, being the Laurel to Wario's Hardy. But just because Camelot has specifically written Waluigi and Wario as a inseperable comedy duo, doesn't mean that this has to be all that Waluigi gets when he's written, because most other takes on Wario and Waluigi that weren't made by Camelot didn't stick to this rule. Wario's development team ignores Waluigi's existence, and most of Waluigi's other appearences have him function separate to Wario, as the flamboyant yet cynical oddball with a chip on his shoulder looking out to be number one.

Consider also that Waluigi and Wario haven't really done anything together since the cutscenes from Mario & Sonic (and much earlier, those Gamecube movies made by Camelot), and that Waluigi and Luigi haven't really interacted since that cutscene from Mario Tennis, and you see that, ultimately, very little of Waluigi's current character, and people's experiences with Waluigi, are predicated on Wario, or Luigi for that matter

He very well could function independently if given a starring role suited to his brand of mayhem>>15468922

I'll split this into another reply.

e123ea  No.15471043

Wario Land 3>Wario Land 2>Wario Land 4>Wario Land 1>Wario World>>>>>>>>>>>>Everything else

4470dd  No.15471057

File: 81c003d369f93f3⋯.jpg (44.39 KB, 600x462, 100:77, o44hchf54ix01.jpg)


>peak physical

He's built like Kyriakos Grizzly. If your only metric for 'peak physical' is 'raw fucking power' then fuck yeah he's got peak form.

If you want mobility and jumping in there as metrics, he sure as shit isn't.

4470dd  No.15471081


>Wario can work just fine without Waluigi but Waluigi can't work without Wario.

This is why we need a spinoff game like the Mario and Luigi series, but Wario and Waluigi: A Friend in Greed.

c0a823  No.15471098

File: 331bbdcb1527e2f⋯.jpg (111.94 KB, 800x450, 16:9, make waa miserable.jpg)

File: d88eead21c36288⋯.png (72.54 KB, 1346x668, 673:334, hero of unconcia.png)

File: 6f971534bbdb451⋯.jpg (54.02 KB, 800x450, 16:9, _1280.jpg)


>Waluigi by design is intended to be an awkward character, this is also the reason for some, he has become somewhat of a joke character. But for a character to have their own game, you need an instance where form meets function and vice versa.

First of all, being awkward is not a reason for a character to not be able to function in a starring role. Octodad is a great example of how the form defines function even if that form is weird and janky.

Waluigi's design actually makes him easier to make something out of because he has the most "human" proportions and design of the main Mario cast, besides the princesses. It's why it's easier to mod Waluigi into games like GTA or Zelda than it would be to insert Mario or Wario.

He is awkward in a different, more self-aggrandizing way that Luigi is awkward, and if Luigi's awkwardness translates well into his gameplay in his games, so should Waluigi's.

>Waluigi by design is someone that isn't meant to be taken seriously, so why would you take him seriously as a main character unless it was a WarioWare-esque joke game?

What makes you think he has to be taken seriously if he gets a starring role?

Wario wasn't taken seriously at all by the Wario Land series. Even when every other plot element was noticeably dark, and even when the characters were darker, Wario was still Wario, goofy anti-hero kicking ass and getting his ass kicked to kick more ass. There are a lot of other games (hell, media in general) out there with goofy, awkward and un-serious protagonists.

It's not like Waluigi falls apart the moment you treat him with the least bit of seriousness. In my experience as a long time Waluigi fan, I can honestly say that misery and relatibility are big reasons as to why a good portion of his fans like him. I'm not saying he should get a super angsty fanfiction-tier storyline (I personally really dislike when people interpret Waluigi as a brooding sad sack when he's really just an overdramatic drama queen who's mad nobody thinks he is as great as he does), just that he doesn't have to be a complete and utter joke.

>What I wouldn't mind is having Waluigi as the main villain of a Mario sports or spin-off title.

I can agree to this. If Waluigi isn't going to leave spin-off hell, he might as well become it's ruler then.

I'd also point out that one of the reasons why I think Waluigi should star in his own game instead of being a boss or player option in a Mario/Wario game is because Waluigi has drifted more into an anti-hero/villain role recently compared to what he used to be in the early 2000s.

But honestly, I don't think there are really any limitations on what Waluigi can do. The personality is there, the niche he has on the Mario universe is there, and while gameplay wise he might be a blank slate and without a really set origin, that's a good thing, because it ultimately gives developers free reign to do whatever they want (as they did with Luigi when they decided he should star in a Ghostbusters knock off that had no jumping or powers ups).

Waluigi is the single biggest wild card character that Nintendo has right now and he's being wasted in sports game. It's been 18 years already, the same that Luigi had before Mansion happened. I think Waluigi needs at least one game, and I think it's time they at least give it a shot. Psycho Waluigi proves the character can work as the lead, and Sea of Greed might also reinforce that. And things like the new Brawl In The Family book starring Waluigi surpassing it's Kickstarter goal, or all the outcry over Waluigi's exclusion from MK7 and Smash (annoying and cancerous as that was), proves that he has an audience and people willing to spend money for him.

All he needs is a chance.

689b17  No.15471174

File: de58dd35294006c⋯.jpg (117.86 KB, 1014x571, 1014:571, WA taste.jpg)


Is the Wario Land series effectively dead thanks to Wario CalArts Ware? I would honestly have preferred Wario Land make a comeback and have some minigame mechanics and a few characters from Wario Ware in supporting roles instead of WarioWare continuing to be its own mind-numbing thing.


>Confirmed by Wario Land 4: Wario likes hot teenagers and mature women. Hates lolis and ugly hags.

689b17  No.15471242

File: 855818136966554⋯.png (850.8 KB, 1280x927, 1280:927, Juigi.png)


Originally, some of the names Camelot came up with for Waluigi started with a J (according to the 2008 issue of the Nintendo Dream magazine), so its likely his original symbol/letter was gonna be a crooked backwards L resembling a J. Some of the names they came up with were Jeroji (not sure what that means), Juigi (Jewigi?) and Jinani (nani?).

And according to the link below, they also planned on making a Wapeach and a Wadaisy but Miyamoto rejected them and they were supposedly gonna be savage-looking amazons or something (or dressed like ones, fuck these moon runes).


689b17  No.15471243


Fuck. Meant for >>15468469

c0a823  No.15471298

File: 79d0ffa4e535c70⋯.png (112.29 KB, 540x536, 135:134, Princess Bleach.png)


Interesting. I've known that they thought of creating a WaPrincess but I didn't knew that they envisioned a "shemale Wario/Waluigi".

As it is I think it's for the better they weren't created then but I would like an evil princess to join the main cast at some point.

f6bdb8  No.15471303


Miyamoto exists to shut down your hopes and dreams. His role at Nintendo is to ruin projects.

5d5ab3  No.15471317


built guys can run though

cb5273  No.15471327


Miyamoto has shit taste. Does he even like video games anymore?

8da3e2  No.15471333

File: 27294a4851bf3ad⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 3026x3572, 1513:1786, papermarioisdead.jpg)


Tell me about it. Not counting his recent shit, fucker even hated DKC initially despite it being a huge hit in both the west and with japs. He just screams petty and uncompromising unlike poor old Iwata (rest his soul). Should've been Shiggy instead honestly.

689b17  No.15471347




Miyamoto is basically like a Deviantartfag whose way to possessive and controlling of his OCs to the point where he even shuts down good ideas if they don't align with his views. All he's doing is holding his creations back by adopting this weird possessive stance as of late. He always was possessive but its only gotten worse in recent years due to wanting to preserve some sort of Disney-like control over his creations' images.

689b17  No.15471355


Also forgot to add: some say he took a risk with Rabbids, but that felt more like a cheap cash grab/business opportunity if anything, but in the end it shows Miyamoto can be a greedy hypocrite.

689b17  No.15471369


>shemale Wario/Waluigi

I don't recall that. It just said they would look "savage" or something. The "WA" in their names probably didn't mean they were gonna be female Warios, just that it meant they were "WA" bizarros. Also in case none of you knew, the character Boshi from Super Mario RPG was called "Washi" in Japan, indicating that he was Yoshi's "WA" counterpart too. Might've been an interesting set up for a possible "WAshroom Kingdom" as a bizarro mirror world of sorts.

8da3e2  No.15471382



I forgot that little cunt existed. If Geno does make it in Smash it would be nice if Squeenix stopped being dicks and let them use Boshi as an alternate costume for Yoshi and better yet, give the rights to SMRPG back to Nintendo. Its not like the stupid farts at Squeenix are doing anything with them.

f47d62  No.15471385

File: 94e218544eae160⋯.webm (2.09 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Wario World of Laughter.webm)


>Wario World may not be the best in terms of gameplay or duration, but man if it isn't Wario incarnate

Pretty much this. More polish, more levels and more exploration of said levels while incorporating the transformations would have made this game superb, but either way it was 100% Wario. It has some of my favorite Wario voice acting too, back during Martinet's prime.


Wario and Daisy would dislike each other, especially since Wario may or may not have directly or indirectly responsible for her kidnapping in the first place. Which honestly would make a team up of them more entertaining, them hating each other throughout the whole thing has a lot of potential for comedic gags.


>Peach didn't need one.

She didn't but her game was great, hell of a lot better then the NSMB series for sure.

>Wario can work just fine without Waluigi but Waluigi can't work without Wario.

This is unfortunately true about Waluigi that I've noticed though, at least in the spin-offs. Wario stands out strong solo but Waluigi really has trouble branching out of Wario's shadow and he's almost always paired with him at every opportunity. Mario Tennis Aces Story trying to imply that Waluigi is also motivated by Greed makes this even worse for the character.


One of the few things I'm okay with Miyamoto shutting down. The Wa gimmick being overused would have been bad, and we would have likely had 3 Wa characters created only in spin-offs forever entrenched in spin-offs and never amounting to anything. Not only that but the abuse of the gimmick would have likely cheapened Wario himself as well. Most will disagree but I think this was a smart choice.

026540  No.15471394

File: 857c97c9b85c0a5⋯.png (338.85 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 857c97c9b85c0a52c3f2853318….png)

>people actually wanting doppelganger versions for every character

>people still believing the fake miyamoto dkc drama quote

>people thinking miyamoto is entirely to blame and not other developers adherence to appease him

Did this thread come from fucking Bizarro world?

689b17  No.15471399


>we would have likely had 3 Wa characters created only in spin-offs forever entrenched in spin-offs and never amounting to anything.

I don't know. Having that many WA characters might have led to said characters (including Waluigi) actually appearing in Wario Land, and with Wario Land having a proper recurring cast there'd be need for creating WarioWare.

8da3e2  No.15471407


>actually defending Miyamoto

Seriously faggot? For what purpose even? The man only makes things worse and the developers are Japanese and they can't help but respect their elders. Miyamoto makes the requests so he's the one to blame. That's like blaming the dog for attacking you when it was the master who ordered it to do it. At the very least hate both.

87eb9a  No.15471419

File: 0519e64db7f991b⋯.jpg (237.55 KB, 448x458, 224:229, 1441130166041.jpg)


This is a thread about what is essentially Bizarro Mario, you retard. Also who gives a shit if some anonymous posters don't like Miyamoto? Not like the man is infallible and without flaws anyway.

87eb9a  No.15471421


I could probably stomach WaPeach, but WaDaisy would be pushing it since I can barely stand regular Daisy as it is.

aed7c8  No.15471438


Might be more, might be less. It's definitely easier to stomach raw garlic than it is to stomach raw onions, at least for me.

c0a823  No.15471454

File: 7ce2500af9ed442⋯.gif (534.18 KB, 257x327, 257:327, 1535764410686.gif)

File: cbadce6771d48a1⋯.png (179.34 KB, 431x258, 431:258, cheated.png)


It's right there in the link that you posted although I could just be a shitty translation.

>Might've been an interesting set up for a possible "WAshroom Kingdom" as a bizarro mirror world of sorts.

Yeah, no, I agree with >>15471385 on this one. Wario and Waluigi are enough as it is, and at most I'd just take a single evil princess (not even necessarily a WaPeach, that concept is stupid), and really, we have Captain Syrup if they ever feel like putting a female villain.

It's weird that people are just now finding out about Boshi


>Having that many WA characters might have led to said characters (including Waluigi) actually appearing in Wario Land

I think it's the opposite and we'd have a lot of boring evil clones just being around for sports game. We'd just have an Archie Sonic problem.

Waluigi doesn't show up in Wario Land because the studio that makes Wario Land strongly hates using characters and series they didn't create (Wario was created out of spite for Mario and the princess saving storyline). I doubt any of the other WA characters, regardless of whether they were created by Camelot or not, would fare any better. Waluigi was lucky enough to last as it is.


>Mario Tennis Aces Story trying to imply that Waluigi is also motivated by Greed makes this even worse for the character.

Nobody really paid attention to the story of Aces so it's not that big a deal, and there's more to support the idea of Waluigi being motivated by glory than not. You could even kind of argue that his is a sort of greed too, just not on the money. There's even a moment in one of the Baseball games where Waluigi steals a treasure chest from Wario but agrees to give it back and join the team once Wario beats him, which reaffirms that it's not so much money as it's the attention Waluigi is after.

Camelot just kind of treats Waluigi and Wario as designated comic relief rivals with the same goals but separate gimmicks, Wario being the strong fatass who likes garlic and generally doesn't care about anything, and Waluigi being the contortionist and flamboyant weirdo who tries way too hard.

As it is I think there should be at least an attempt made to move Waluigi away from Wario's shadow, at least for a little bit. It's not like Luigi's case where he has to be specifically in Mario's shadow to work. Everyone overshadows Waluigi, Wario more so than the others. And Wario has fuck all to do with Mario these days.

026540  No.15471456

File: 087afc200e1ec51⋯.jpg (146.55 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 087afc200e1ec51e2279c212ba….jpg)


I didn't say I agreed with him, only that he's not entirely to blame.

>Oh it's Japan's fault and their culture

That's not an excuse, either way the new Paper Mario's were left half-assed when they could've been decent even while being restricted to using characters around and before Super Mario World.


>Not like the man is infallible and without flaws anyway.

Didn't say he was, I just think he gets way much more hate for the mistakes he's made in comparison to amount of good he's done.

b65012  No.15471467


I kinda imagined Wapeach as some sort of Decadent Diva surrounded by muscular Mushroom bodyguards in suits and with ear-intercoms things. Cold, distant, monochrome and showing no emotion. Wadaisy would be the opposite, young, loud colorfoul, foul mouthed and with lots of henchmen

c0a823  No.15471509

File: baecadd080520af⋯.gif (2.33 MB, 350x242, 175:121, 1536716831172.gif)

File: 79d0ffa4e535c70⋯.png (112.29 KB, 540x536, 135:134, Princess Bleach.png)


>Cold, distant, monochrome and showing no emotion.

Peach barely shows any emotion as it is and everyone loves the Wa characters for how exaggerated and expressive they are, so I'm not sure if that direction would work. You risk also just having an evil Rosalina, or the Shadow Queen.

The thing about Wario and Waluigi is that they are not so much as "evil" counterparts as they are exaggerated distortions, complete opposites in some ways but also eerily identical in others.

Wario is the same as Mario in a lot of ways, just done to the point of gross excess. Everything Mario does, collect coins, beat enemies, take castles, beat dragons and rescue princesses, Wario does so too, but with far more brutality and selfishness. Mario is strong and protective, Wario is buff and violent. Mario is active but Wario is extremely pro-active, always making his own riches and keeping busy. Mario is a bit of a over-eater, Wario is a glutton. Mario is confident, Wario has an ego the size of a whale, ect. To a slightly different extent the same goes for Luigi and Waluigi

So I figure WaPeach would just be this really intrusive, plastic bitch who wants to attain all of Peach's beauty, poise and authority through brute force (whether hers, or her henchmen's), gaudy fashion and intimidation. Peach's known for her graceful abilities and magical prowess, so I figure WaPeach would probably just be comically powerful with maybe some dark magic in her. Maybe instead of being kidnapped but still compassionate and understanding to her enemies, WaPeach would be so terrifying no one alive would dare to kidnap her and it makes her angry.

You know maybe the guys at Camelot were on to something when they said the WaPrincess would probably just be Wario in a dress.

c0a823  No.15471552


>WaPeach would just be this really intrusive, plastic bitch

So, Daisy then

89252a  No.15471842


>Wapeach and her advisors/guards devise countless plans for her to get kidnapped and save

>including who will save her, it has to be the strongest, manliest guy around

>most fall through, but eventually she actually gets kidnapped by some monster, accomplishes by vastly overstating the wealth of her small nation

>finally, she hears fighting going on in the lair

>the door opens, her savior comes

>it's Wario

>he throws her aside as quickly as possible, starts searching for loot but can't find much

>he finally decides to talk to the princess, to ask her if he can get a reward for saving her

Truly a couple made for each other.

dbd158  No.15471944

File: 2d891be4f569dbf⋯.jpg (92.22 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1471478751145.jpg)


>Eats Healthy

>Actively goes out treasure hunting in various unexplored ruins across the globe and then relaxes in her own castle in between adventures until some asshole pirate decides to rob her.

Why do you hate thick lara croft anon?

27ce4d  No.15473139


Same here could you imagine an Odyssey scale Wario World game? Sign me the fuck up.

3901fa  No.15474110

File: 79f72ce862a341a⋯.jpg (70.41 KB, 637x478, 637:478, vbwl.jpg)


Your ranking is missing best game.

3d1cb0  No.15474193


>implying Wapeach wouldn't try to marry who kidnapped her to try to get at their wealth.

c0a823  No.15474370

File: e889dcbf8f0e8a4⋯.png (19.7 KB, 960x640, 3:2, wario-land-4-03.png)


Games that shipped over a million copy

Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land

>Shipped 5.10 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling Wario game and the 10th best-selling (first party?) Game Boy game

>Sold 1.59 million copies in Japan alone according to an old Tokyo Game Show slide, making it the best-selling Wario game in Japan

Wario Land 2

>Shipped 1.46 million copies worldwide

>Sold 260 733 copies in Japan, total

Wario Land 3

>Shipped 2.20 million copies worldwide

>Sold 254 968 in Japan

Wario Land 4

>Shipped 2.20 million copies worldwide

>Sold 484 591 in Japan

>Sold 719,055 in the US

Wario Land: Shake It

>Shipped 1.06 million worldwide

>Sold 114 263 in Japan

Wario Ware

>Shipped 1.10 million worldwide

>Sold 622 898 in Japan

>Sold 245,572 in the US

WarioWare Touched

>Shipped 2,47 million worldwide

>Sold 1 136 255 in Japan, making it the best-selling WW there and the 2nd best-selling Wario game in Japan after the original.

>Sold 320,850 in the US as of August 2005. I will try to find the lifetime data for this game later.

WarioWare Smooth Moves

>Shipped 2.36 million worldwide

>Sold 658 422 in Japan

Games that did not break the million barrier

Wario World

>Sold 142 618 in Japan

>Sold 263,264 in the US

WarioWare Mega Party Games

>Sold 400 785 in Japan

>Sold 136,825 in the US

WarioWare Twisted

>Sold 463 938 in Japan

>Sold 114,195 in the US (According to Oscar Lemaire in the above-linked blog post, it had sold less than a thousand in its opening month. That's some pretty good legs…)

Master of Disguise

>Sold 289 872 in Japan

WarioWare Do It Yourself

>Sold 187 404 in Japan

- I don't have US sales data but it's likely the game did not sell well as it was quickly and massively discounted. A few years back, whee Super Mario 64 DS still sold for $40 new, DIY was sold $5 new at Best Buy (mind you, this was before the NWN shutdown)

Game & Wario

>Sold 63 567 total in Japan according to Famitsu. Media Create has it at 70k.

>According to the NeoGaf "leaker" Creamsugar (who had a NPD subscription or something), the game had sold 36k in its first two months in the US.

>The game did not make the Top 40 in the UK when it launched- if you removed games in console bundles and bundled with accessories, it was #40. There's a distinc chance Game & Wario sold less than one thousand in the UK.

945093  No.15474682


which game is this?

3901fa  No.15475465


Looks like Wario IV with a new art style.

f47d62  No.15475762

File: f2c909c4f653551⋯.png (228.89 KB, 538x345, 538:345, Wario Rio 2016 Eye on the ….png)


Shipped doesn't mean sold. Did Wario Land 2 and Wario Land 3 really sell at least 800,000 over in the US each to reach the million sold mark?

And why did the series sales really dip after the first game? It never got up to that much in sales again.


not a game, just mockup fanart from the Owlboy creator

c0a823  No.15475882

File: 7a7fd22f07d9ae2⋯.png (16.1 KB, 503x234, 503:234, warioland sales.png)


Wario Land 2 came close to 800,000 and 3 surpassed it.

>why did the series sales really dip after the first game?

If I had to guess I'd say it's because the fact that the first game was sold as Super Mario Land 3, on top of being Wario Land. You put Mario's name in anything and it will sell.

c0a823  No.15475914



How come Wario Land sells so much more in America and WarioWare sells better in Japan?

8178d5  No.15476136


Burgers easily identify as fat greedy kikes. Dunno why nips like 3 second minigames though, I thought they only craved hundred hours of grinding in games.

c0a823  No.15476210


Something to do with how Wario's character is perceived differently on the US than he is in Japan.

Wario and Waluigi have always been more liked in America than the US.

16fe2e  No.15476243

Wario games actually worth playing:

Virtual Boy Wario > Wario Land > Wario Land 2 > Wario Land 3 > Wario Land 4

That's it. You've played them all.

bdb695  No.15476706


>More liked in America than the US.

76dcc6  No.15476733


>more liked in America than the US

a181a4  No.15477281

Virtual Boy Wario Land is the best!

4daad7  No.15477603

File: cef550a8bb273bd⋯.webm (6.2 MB, 450x360, 5:4, Warios striker charged An….webm)

File: 0e81c3cb13681c6⋯.webm (7.38 MB, 450x360, 5:4, Waluigis striker charged ….webm)

28dc97  No.15477615

File: ffca03dde3efe84⋯.jpg (76.55 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1430240676033.jpg)



>Actually trusting that shitty site for an accurate record of any game sales

782075  No.15477700


Wario Land 4 is probably the one game I replayed the most on the GBA. Love it to this day and pop the cart back in whenever I want to just run around and punch stuff. Also had some good bosses with a neat gimmick of being able to basically pay-to-win.

689b17  No.15477892

File: 0a3091949999871⋯.png (171.13 KB, 509x347, 509:347, GIVE ME TENDIES.png)

I'm still curious what things would've been like if Waluigi had kept the "J" names. If he had been called Juwigi, would that shit have been censored at some point?


Too bad it'll never happen. Nintendo has no love left for old Wario Land…


>when they said the WaPrincess would probably just be Wario in a dress.

What if WaPeach and WaDaisy were just literally going to be Wario and Waluigi dressing up as the princesses to try and steal their schtick? I could see them doing that as some sort of sing that the Wa Bros are desperate to emulate others or that they're stupid enough to think they're crewed costumes can actually fool people into thinking they're the actual princesses and thus steal their fame and fortune.


>implying Wapeach wouldn't try to marry who kidnapped her to try to get at their wealth.

Sounds like the bitch in pic-related, except she does the kidnapping, raping and fortune stealing.

689b17  No.15477896



Meant "thing". Fuck.

b65a4d  No.15477916


What are they laughing at? Are they pointing at my small penis?

cb5273  No.15477942


What is this creature?

c0a823  No.15478173

File: f0d768c7467767a⋯.png (14.76 KB, 240x160, 3:2, wl4-36.png)

File: bd88d479e6edcf2⋯.jpg (94.6 KB, 310x638, 155:319, b97402b93c225d24a4ebf33f29….jpg)


>WaPeach and WaDaisy were just literally going to be Wario and Waluigi dressing up as the princesses to try and steal their schtick

This is exactly the kind of shit Camelot would write for them and it wouldn't be the slightest out of character.

>Wario crams his gargantuan ass into a Peach dress and wig with some really bad make up, eyelashes and lip stick, and ends up looking exactly like Shokora's Wario transformation but worse. The dress rips further the more he stays in it and it gets food stains all over it. He doesn't even bother to act like Peach except by doing some cute poses every now and then and saying "oh no".

>Waluigi goes all the way into his princess disguise and looks far more immaculate and well put together than Wario. He fits perfectly in the dress and he is constantly sparkling fabulously, and he actually bothers to act like a woman (or at least, himself as a woman). Unfortunately he botches the plan because he forgot he was supposed to pretend to be Daisy instead of just Princess Waluigi.

542bad  No.15478177


Why is 4 last? It's more like the earlier Wario games which you prefer.

689b17  No.15478340

File: de75a9407d32596⋯.png (267.99 KB, 720x798, 120:133, little mom.png)


A fat tumblr pirate queen from some mango/animu called One Piece. She's obsessed with diversity, is a fat insane fuck with pink hair, steals "diverse" men of either rich status or unique race, forces them to marry her, rapes them, then ditches them or kills them after she gives birth to their kid which she then uses to flaunt around her "look at how diverse and not racist I am" status, and she wants to bring about peace and equality through force, extortion and torment.

f4d98c  No.15478375

File: 9c1e8f2d7dd3adc⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1024x680, 128:85, warioman.png)

>not a perfect game but still fun as hell

>everything withing this game have solid bases that could be improved for an excellent sequel

>they never make a sequel

why they do this?

knowing that this game have so much unexploited potential hurts

ad8cbf  No.15478388



Don't forget that she becomes consumed with autistic rage if she does not get her tendies. An autistic rage so intense, she has no problem murdering even her children.

689b17  No.15478539


Also this and she abuses her kids. She'd make a fine Tumblr Queen and maybe a Wa Princess.

689b17  No.15478552


I loved this game, but something about the design (specifically enemy/boss designs and the way the worlds looked) sort of freaked me out. Especially those disgusting little gnomes that sing and dance for you.

ce2075  No.15478574

File: 901482acf4b1f6a⋯.jpg (43.15 KB, 640x360, 16:9, The Handler.jpg)


Holy fuck that is genius she is like a metaphor for Hollywood.

c0a823  No.15478711

File: 7e63ebdd97e5b34⋯.png (75.86 KB, 500x350, 10:7, wario visits his own grave.png)

68cf34  No.15478727


You're being hyperbolic right? There's no way someone could be that accurate with tumblrshit accidentally and I can't see it being on purpose considering nips don't have to deal with that shit.

689b17  No.15478739


She really is. Also her firstborn son is a pedophile and her second command who is somewhat based on the "Child Catcher" from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

689b17  No.15478774

File: 61c35d04d6242f1⋯.png (193.5 KB, 574x369, 14:9, big-mom-dream-834.png)

File: 1fd11d054ba2b12⋯.png (29.62 KB, 651x194, 651:194, Oda does not approve of ya….png)

File: 1fd11d054ba2b12⋯.png (29.62 KB, 651x194, 651:194, Oda does not approve of ya….png)


Nope. I'm 100% serious.

The author of said series has been getting a lot of shit over the years for his "anti-feminist" characters and "sexist" remarks, his offensive portrayal of queers as ugly crossdressers, and his Q&A sessions, where he told a lesbian yurifag to stop being a pervert and for rejecting some guy's fancharacters for being a gay couple. Its currently one of the biggest long running mangas in Japan apparently.

689b17  No.15478787

File: d93bcaa7f47ca00⋯.jpg (76.01 KB, 500x350, 10:7, 7e63ebdd97e5b3494f0236a95e….jpg)


Is this a Christmas Carol Wario comic or something? You got the rest?

68cf34  No.15478805


Welp. I guess I should put aside a couple of years to get caught up.

e5dd1c  No.15478814


693cb0  No.15478815


>Here lies Wario

>He never scored

542bad  No.15478834

File: 9c6d0cc925533a8⋯.png (161.07 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1518052323.png)


Better to have died with dignity than get shat on by nu-Nintendo.

c0a823  No.15478851

File: c975ba0d9fd7bd6⋯.jpg (901.61 KB, 886x1200, 443:600, Wct_1.jpg)

File: 79cda4348427566⋯.jpg (869.91 KB, 881x1200, 881:1200, Wct_2.jpg)

File: ba07fc88f7bf418⋯.jpg (865.25 KB, 866x1200, 433:600, Wct_3.jpg)

File: 4509a93f18ba321⋯.jpg (880.65 KB, 853x1200, 853:1200, Wct_4.jpg)

File: 69bf56eeb4b7a6e⋯.jpg (877 KB, 854x1200, 427:600, Wct_5.jpg)

c0a823  No.15478856

File: 43c3f61891be5d1⋯.jpg (805.66 KB, 876x1200, 73:100, Wct_6.jpg)

File: 439e33d0d5b2b21⋯.jpg (763.36 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, Wct_7.jpg)

File: de75c291e5e0500⋯.jpg (911.94 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, Wct_8.jpg)

689b17  No.15479021


Don't bother. Only the first half of the series is where it truly shines. Just read East Blue then skip to Big Mom's arc which, while humorous and fun to laugh at the fat queen, has a lot of disappointment when concerning the development of one of the main characters.



689b17  No.15479035

File: ee633a5dcf9fe5a⋯.png (30.4 KB, 348x319, 12:11, Juigi Time.png)


Cool, but why are Kid Clown and Bomberman there?


>Wario was stood up at prom and all his life spent living in Mario's shadow

Wario was the virgin all along rather than the Chad? How horrible…

951bed  No.15479365


Eh, there are some good parts. Impel Down and Marineford were good arcs. But I will admit that Oda has gotten into a slump of arcs that drag on and go nowhere like Dressrosa and Totland. the Katakuri fight was the most anti-climactic shit I’ve ever read

c0a823  No.15479750

File: 58c94b87afbe53a⋯.png (414.77 KB, 464x429, 464:429, 1534633885466.png)


>why are Kid Clown and Bomberman there?

The comic was made due to the release of Wario Blast so the two were associated for that period.

>Wario was stood up at prom and all his life spent living in Mario's shadow

>Wario was the virgin all along

The fact that Wario got his shit together and willed himself into becoming an immortal badass treasure hunter and CEO, who doesn't need to try and hog Mario's popularity, makes him more of a Chad than anything.

Wario is a goddamn role model.

cb5273  No.15479885


I quit reading One Piece years ago when it became clear to me that it was never going to end and I was way behind even back then. I still might go and read some of the arc this character is from. Oda does make some funny/interesting characters.

689b17  No.15480536


Impel Down was mostly good and I did enjoy Thriller Bark, Water 7, Drum Island and Laboon's story, although not as much as I did East Blue. I also liked Jaya and the setup for "anything and any dream is possible" schtick that leads up to exploring beyond the limits, which sadly didn't amount to much for me as Skypiea felt like a huge letdown. But the interest kind of started to die down for me with Sabaody and Amazon Lily and was restored a bit for Impel Down, but Marineford really didn't grab my interest like at all, not to mention the fights in Marineford haven't aged well considering that the shit known as haki we see now is barely like the shit that was barely present at Marineford, and Whitebeard and his crew don't really seem to have been all that close to OP or the other Yonko from what we see now. But I think that's partly to blame on the post-timeskip arcs rather than Marineford itself. The overall state of the series since the timeskip has sort of been shifting in quality by a lot with very little to leave you really invested. Sage for off-topic.

689b17  No.15480537


True enough. Big Mom and Kaido's arcs are the only post-timeskip shit that's manage to grab my interest again.

dbd158  No.15480678

File: 01ede67dfe2522a⋯.jpg (80.51 KB, 832x868, 208:217, 01ede67dfe2522aa32c38bea89….jpg)




The only negative thing about it was that it was a repeat of Arabasta thematically. Doflamingo was Dio levels of asshole and the arc also had one of the best depictions of a strong masculine father figures in any media I ever seen. If you are judging it by the shitty Toei anime then may god have mercy on your soul.

78bfd0  No.15483108

File: c8d7bc09d78e5ad⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1357x765, 1357:765, WarioPreparesForHisNextAdv….png)

I've spent way too much time making this

i would have liked to also draw the hair and the hat,and substitute the weights with treasure chests, but sadly i don't really have all that free time

c0a823  No.15484196

File: 6d58293ad3d84ab⋯.jpg (151.56 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Mario_Tennis_1.jpg)

File: 899e875c3620fd8⋯.jpg (67.67 KB, 800x556, 200:139, Wario teaches Waluigi how ….jpg)

File: 3afbf2d85cce6a2⋯.gif (960.91 KB, 245x180, 49:36, wario ma.gif)

File: 5c49eff2e5ea42b⋯.gif (29.69 KB, 200x143, 200:143, wario_cardio.gif)

File: 727de224159f2be⋯.gif (2.75 MB, 540x320, 27:16, waa_shot2.gif)



It is kind of interesting that Wario and Waluigi are the only characters who seem to actually train and work hard to keep their athletic form. We never see Mario or Luigi or the princesses do anything.

Wario is a weightlifter and genuinely looks closer to a real life one than most characters of his type do, and Waluigi is a gymnast whose entire backstory is that he worked relentlessly hard until he could compete with the Mario Bros and whose trademark move (the Biellmann spin) is super fucking hard for males to do

98c2ae  No.15487906


jesus christ mona just suck his dick already

176b77  No.15488338

I can easily see wario autism reaching sonic levels of autism in the near future, if not already there in some corners.

98c2ae  No.15488837


maybe at an individual level, but as a whole there is just no way in hell

c0a823  No.15488883

File: 539b0304bc62697⋯.png (275.2 KB, 474x348, 79:58, fuck you luigi.png)


Nothing will ever surpass the unshakeable pillar of autism that the Sonic fandom stands in, especially now that Wario is past his prime as a character and a substantial portion of fans are older (they have to be in order to have played Wario Land). Autism generally festers less on communities that are smaller, more tightly knit and consisting of older, more chill people drawn to the actual qualities of the work/character itself rather than some external fad or whatever. It's the difference between Rick & Morty/Bojack Horseman fans and Venture Bros/Space Ghost fans.

At worst you are going to find really bitchy WarioLand fags bitching about WarioWare, or obsessively autistic Waluigifags like me, but even then there's not many of them and the latter is more on the Mario fanbase. The thing about autistic Mario fans is that they tend to stick to the really murky depths of Deviantart and Tumblr, and thus they don't stick out as much as Sonic fans do despite being in a fairly equal number. They exist, no doubt, but you don't see that for a bunch of reasons.

Wario has it pretty good in general as far as fandom goes and the threads are usually some of the comfiest, although it sadly doesn't leave us with much to talk about since you can't really have much discussion if everyone is more or less on the same page.

f47d62  No.15489419


What exactly do you mean? There's very little fanart or fanfiction of Wario, and it's fandom itself is very small. Unlike the Sonic fandom which is very active the Wario fandom doesn't really do anything since let's be honest, it's franchise has stalled, with Wario Land dead and Warioware not really new or unique.

98c2ae  No.15489531


well there is that one game some wario fans are making with the chef.

33ca3d  No.15489722

Wario and the amazing clownibles. Would you eat a clown?

fa901e  No.15489822

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hell yeah

68c54d  No.15491486


3 could have been the best if its pacing wasn't all over the place and you had all of your abilities from 2.

542bad  No.15492084


Neither Wario nor Sanic autism will ever reach the level of autism that is Pokemonfags, and JRPG goons in general.

3c944c  No.15492599


>I haven't been able to find a good emulator.

Mednafen/VBjin no good? Mednafen even lets you change the Virtual Boy's color output to any hex color. For example, changing it to white shows all the games in greyscale instead of red. You can use it through Retroarch if you don't like command line for some reason.

I haven't played it yet though because I wanted to experience it in 3D, and the Virtual Boy Emulator for 3DS is still a work in progress.

3c944c  No.15492794

File: 556efbf570f8706⋯.jpg (92.17 KB, 1260x945, 4:3, Boo_MSC.jpg)


Wait a sec, how can you play soccer without any feet?

a8b5d1  No.15492918

File: 0ca20d846dc77e8⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Goomba-Batting-MSS.png)

File: 2f387979a70e182⋯.jpg (48.66 KB, 637x447, 637:447, GoombaBaseball.jpg)


Same way you can play baseball with no hands

bdb695  No.15493983


Quite uncanny how this predicted the fact that Wario games died.

f47d62  No.15494800


That's true, while that game looks good it's a shame it will always be a "not-Wario game"

c0a823  No.15494938


Could you elaborate on what that is?


>while that game looks good it's a shame it will always be a "not-Wario game"

That's kind of how I feel about Sea of Greed

73e779  No.15495258


I dunno if you've read Yotsuba, but Jumbo, a 30-something year old man, was hitting on a 16 year old in the first chapter

none of the other characters acted like it was weird or anything

a8b5d1  No.15495348

fc4cfc  No.15495696

File: 196d7f74bfa1e6d⋯.jpg (354.99 KB, 1600x1350, 32:27, PALEO-CARAMELIZED-ONIONS-R….jpg)


What a coincidence. I just made myself a sandwich with 4 onions worth of caramelized onions in it.

438125  No.15495717


>not making a sandwich with raw onions

c0a823  No.15495900

File: b5d2d7e94944785⋯.jpg (125.67 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, pizza_hero.jpg)

File: d833cc188daa779⋯.png (482.01 KB, 1397x696, 1397:696, wally.png)





>Wario and Waluigi both have games in development starring legally safe knock offs of themselves

I really like how both projects are looking but I also just wish we got actual Wario Lands and Waluigi games.

But I'll take it for the moment. They look great and, really, if Nintendo's never doing anything with them, the fans might as well do it.

c0a823  No.15495935


I mean it does feel in character for both of them to cheat copyright rules by just poorly disguising themselves as different people

6f2c7f  No.15495956

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c0a823  No.15495971


Why was Master of Disguise so poorly received?

I didn't play it and I always thought it looked really cool, and I love the music.

8582d1  No.15496031


Just wasn't very fun, I recall it being insulting easy and boring.

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