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File: 1de84a1d6e7e6fc⋯.png (13.14 KB, 513x224, 513:224, sebastianhaiku[1].png)

b2e3e4  No.15467478



In his dad's castle

Killing everything in sight

Upside-down too

The princess's castle

Indivisible presses

Magical paintings

Wearing sunglasses

In the middle of the night

Vision augmented




4dd775  No.15467485

An awesome prayer

Approaches swiftly, GRAVEYARD

Keep your dignity

acf12c  No.15467494


>Castlevania: SOTN

>Mario 64

>Deus Ex

Did I win?

23252b  No.15467498


>Symphony of the Night

>Mario 64

>Deus Ex


'Prayer' is one syllable. I can't figure out the game, though.

Villagers undone

World held outside your grasp

Fuck the cat loli


nigger beat me to it

9759dc  No.15467499


what the fuck is a haiku?

1871be  No.15467503

OP is big gay

Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay

Super faggot man

23252b  No.15467504



ef72d0  No.15467505

Just got a new job:

Fuck children; save the planet


Fuck your guesses; it’s a good haiku

23252b  No.15467509

File: dff8531c838d706⋯.png (76.79 KB, 335x314, 335:314, unteraluigi.png)

cbe5ca  No.15467516


Chink poetry that

never manages to rhyme

it's that fucking bad

b2e3e4  No.15467521



Yes, those are the correct games in the OP. Now figure out the last one too.

23252b  No.15467526


Altered Beast?

eaf883  No.15467527



cbe5ca  No.15467536

This game is so shit

It's not a very good game

It's your favourite

b2e3e4  No.15467539

File: 1852c80359f3cd1⋯.webm (88.04 KB, 318x504, 53:84, naninani.webm)





b2e3e4  No.15467543


>Villagers undone

>World held outside your grasp

>Fuck the cat loli

Dark Cloud?

48ee9c  No.15467554

A hot desert town,

Three hooligans take the hand,

Not Alexanders.

Style, impetuous

Defenses, impregnable

Grovel at your feet




23252b  No.15467558


Final Fantasy 6.

23252b  No.15467561

File: 72492d002b9ded8⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 359x398, 359:398, Nailed It.gif)


I could have made it less obvious with the cat loli.

424154  No.15467566

What have i performed

For all of my many deeds

It returns to nil

cbe5ca  No.15467568


I actually don't like that game, so spot on.

7a072c  No.15467572


God Hand

806dac  No.15467581


The loli ape escape game?

23252b  No.15467590


Head of the fountain

Shatter walls and build your strength

Perhaps you'll survive

d685ea  No.15467609


Works in Nip, doesn't work on English and sounds so goddamn pretentious.

ee7ed9  No.15467619

Go save the world tree

Through mist and branch to kill dwarfs

'member your mantra

eab85b  No.15467626

File: 2b6814db307fdf3⋯.gif (5.42 MB, 816x480, 17:10, 87bdfsa54d3.gif)


>sounds so goddamn pretentious

Using less words to convey/suggest a deeper meaning isn't pretentious, you don't even know what that word means, faggot.

cbe5ca  No.15467656


It doesn't in their rice paddy lingo, not a single time, not even one small rhyme.

d685ea  No.15467674


I meant in English, you know the words conveyed because they are spelled that way, plus the amount of syllables can get in the way while the syllables and their usage in Japanese vary, which makes it work.


You won't learn Japanese with that attitude.

cbc091  No.15467677

A tale of eight tales

Spawned by one cruel betrayal

He did nothing wrong

bfec1e  No.15467679

the goat is dead now

flowers, gold yellow, sorrow

eternal torment

black disease, ruin

machines malfunction, begin

humanity gone

lines of paint, coins, gold

cursed and sold, magic ruin

ball of pink, nightmare

this game sucks ass man

reddit has it's hands on it

community gone

1871be  No.15467682


Video games aren't like poetry and haikus don't rhyme

9a510c  No.15467689


This is retarded because haiku's aren't even possible in English because they're actually based on morae and not syllables.

For example, "in" on your first line would count as 2 morae.

cbe5ca  No.15467690


I don't want to though. They don't make games that I like anymore, and the ones they used to make that I do like have all been translated adequately because they never had much to translate in the first place.

eab85b  No.15467697

File: 352a8f21b22bea7⋯.jpg (104.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, t4e4eht3wh.jpg)


That's a common misconception. Jewish modern textbook knowledge says that haiku's are based on morae, but if you actually do some research in the original japanese it's based more on ligma.

bfec1e  No.15467700


I thought it was more based on updog.

cbc091  No.15467706

bfec1e  No.15467708


>he doesn't know what updog is

I bet you don't even know what the Icup is.

eab85b  No.15467711

File: 6336918e86c544c⋯.jpg (145.24 KB, 599x819, 599:819, 1441742887397-0.jpg)

File: 8e18f66786fc538⋯.png (276.17 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1459188120803.png)



It's like I'm back in highschool

eab85b  No.15467712

File: a37c7d4769e795b⋯.jpg (168.95 KB, 600x905, 120:181, 1441742887398-1.jpg)

bfec1e  No.15467719


classics never die

d82b46  No.15467729

File: 4f6dcd415eb1652⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 262x300, 131:150, NOGGER.gif)


>the goat is dead now

>flowers, gold yellow, sorrow

>eternal torment


>lines of paint, coins, gold

>cursed and sold, magic ruin

>ball of pink, nightmare


>this game sucks ass man

>reddit has it's hands on it

>community gone

TF2? Too many games have been raped by reddit. Be more specific.

bfec1e  No.15467731


>first one


also, correct

>second one


>third one

might as well be

it's a valve game that used to be a mod like TF

642089  No.15467738

It's not Goldeneye

The same team worked on it though

Fuck that gay robot

bfec1e  No.15467743


perfect dark?

ee7ed9  No.15467745


Garry's Mod


Perfect Dark

Rare's character designs have always been garbage, from the "put googly eyes on things" school of stupid shit.

A bear and a bird

Blue backpack and yellow shorts

Hot witch game over

642089  No.15467749


>perfect dark

good job

Sort-of RPG

Also sort-of a sports game

You'll master your bait

bfec1e  No.15467751


Nah, I'll give another hint though. Only the matchmaking is left.

>bear and a bird


bfec1e  No.15467775

How about these

Genocide, empire

a red dragon, big babies

silent black, the dawn

cycles, mentors, you

wife is murdered, beasts roam free

cycles, gates, guilt, you

4dd775  No.15467786


Nope. Hint: It's a bullet hell. Main characters are a zombie supersoldier, a girl with pretty much every chronic disease, an artificial loli-shota demigod, and a mech-piloting fairy.

fbb16b  No.15467821



ca146b  No.15467827

skilled and foolish men

casting rods, empty of bait

into muddy wells

4dd775  No.15467828



ea37c8  No.15467861

He's in a haiku

The worst thing he could think of

But funny as hell

4dd775  No.15467868

Depressed man leaves home

To save RPGMaker

A Platonic quest

8e6130  No.15467871


Niponese poetry that rhymed would be the dumbest shit ever. The language only has 5 vowel sounds and "n", they have to constantly reuse the same words for different concepts let alone diversify their ending sounds. Rhyming never caught on there because the language rhymes consistently in normal use.


Lisa, easy.


First is Drakengard

4dd775  No.15467872


I know nothing about Lisa other than that it's some post-apocalyptic game with a balding man as the protag.

9a510c  No.15467873

go dungeon crawling

beating and raping monstergirls

pure waifu harem

fec90c  No.15467882


It's the hombre who attends the Penny Arcade gaming convention

It's Pax Mayne!




A game with only matchmaking that still works.

Can't be The Ship, that requires direct connect via console. L4D still worked last I checked. CS: GO maybe, but I think it has private servers.

Oh, could it be Portal? Ruined by reddit fits, with their stupid cake memes, and the sequel had matchmaking co-op.


Sakura Dungeon?

8e6130  No.15467886


Dad kills wife and child

He Journeys forth to get revenge

Everything turns dead


Father loses daughter

Skeleton boy is a fag

That girl has a dick


Boy stuck on island

Dog, duck and finally mouse

Shit gets confusing


The Dungeon of Lulu Farea

b2e3e4  No.15467894

fec90c  No.15467897


> easy

God of War

> medium


> hard

Kingdom Hearts

8d5ae9  No.15467899


Medium is Nier.

1b11b9  No.15467914

Alone and hunted,

You must pave over the world

Though that makes things worse.

4dd775  No.15467921


Nope, not Lisa.

bfec1e  No.15467937


Counter Strike was the answer. The only one that ever gets players is GO and it was killed by reddit.

46c2db  No.15467948


>nigger beat me to it

gta sa

08ca2d  No.15468037

File: f85003b59d26b27⋯.png (30.87 KB, 531x295, 9:5, ClipboardImage.png)


>'Prayer' is one syllable

Pic related.


Some porn game.


Shadow of the Colossus?


>last one

Could be a lot of games.

1b11b9  No.15468087


>Shadow of the Colossus?


bfaf55  No.15468158


A nigger might say "Prair" (as in, "prairie dog") rather than "Pray-er". In which case, it would be one syllable.

fec90c  No.15468179


Depends on the accent. The southern US or Australian drawl has it as a single syllable, while upper-class English would have it as two.

92dc82  No.15468190


Drakengard, E.Y.E.


God of War, Nier, Kingdom Hearts


Banjo Kazooie

Desert samurai,

stone men and cannibals

Alien wasteland

Cloistered frustration

I want not subterfuge but

Cuman genocide

Fumbled narrative

abandon your galaxy

never to return

Game with two players

move you, the pawn, underground

with six fingered hands

92dc82  No.15468195


>fucked up the first one

e18cf5  No.15468208

His hearth was stolen

The world is going to end soon

Kill God in the end

accd2e  No.15468225

Are you fellow nips?

Nay, everyone's Korean

Also muh tattoos

Innovative game

Always posted as a joke

'cause of the title

Having fun fighting?

Command that army instead

Stay for the soundtrack

fec90c  No.15468229


third one is Brutal Legend

8e3690  No.15468230


Space Funeral.

C'mon, people, it's not a long game.

eea4be  No.15468249


1 is Yakuza

2 is underrail

03f83e  No.15468251

Alone in the world

She's truly independent

She don't need no man

Again she explores

A world of duality

Help dormant sentients

354e84  No.15468263

It's up to me now

I need to warn the others

Before darkness falls

I must return home

Pestilence is approaching

A prelude to war

aa8087  No.15468264




Yakuza 2 to be precise. Underrail wasn't what I had in mind for 2 but I guess it applies.


Sounds like it could be ReCore.

e74a24  No.15468276

Maze brimming with traps

Still the girl moves onward

Her whip clears the way

Halls full of corpses

Still the girl moves onward

No bones will stop her

She faces creatures

Still the girl moves onward

Deeper and deeper

And as child meets child

The battle ends. The girl stops.

Holding her father.

45104c  No.15468278


La-Mulana 2?

e74a24  No.15468282


Damn right, although I guess mentioning the whip made it a bit easy.

141767  No.15468285

OP's site is fucking me up when I try to do these. How is "million" two syllables? Wouldn't it be "mill-ee-on," not "mill-yun"?

97c195  No.15468286

Children revive trees

Post apocalyptic mist

Their gloves talk to them

May have made it slightly too hard, but there isn't too much more I can think of that wouldn't instantly give it away

549089  No.15468293



4be941  No.15468379

File: e337ce856433a08⋯.png (611.38 KB, 960x528, 20:11, ClipboardImage.png)

The theme of this post

Glorified picnic blankets

Death by jet engine

Be mutant dindu

The source of child support checks

Stolen by emo

I like the big flicks

Now I am the action man

In-law is a fuck

Ships in the water

Turning seas into war zones

My penis stiffens

9a510c  No.15468389

9a510c  No.15468402

eating and eating

gaining more new body parts

journeying through time

002748  No.15468455

flags stick out of dirt

demons humans aliens

all yell cleanse purge kill



Is it any good?

5389b4  No.15468532

These are both probably too easy, but this is fun.

rice ball on the floor

"what's this?" he asks, and bends down

his life is ended

it was all a dream

the opening told you this

nerds still complain tho

2f94e3  No.15468544


That lifestyle does not appeal.

I do not like dick.

d4d171  No.15468545

1. Machines and mystics

A blimp that kicks it all off

Ancient Prophecy

2. A night of carmine

From the isolated shrine

Our heroine comes

3. Conquer many lands

Do it all for the sake of

Dispensing 'justice'!


Dawn of War?

5389b4  No.15468565

criminals fear you

they all attack you at once

just mash triangle


E.V.O. Search for Eden, and I'm ashamed it took a second glance to realize it.

0257e3  No.15468820


>is recore any good

Well, there was then, and there's now. Initially it was hyped as an xbone exclusive, an open world metroid-y thing by developers of metroid prime, yada yada. A big deal, basically. When it released (xbone and windows 10), gamejournos pretty much collectively said "wow, this is fucking nothing" and it was promptly forgotten.

Since then, two things happened - a definitive edition was released, adding an alright amount of content (two overworld areas and ten dungeons, most notably). And more recently, THQ Nordic (those madmen again) took it off windows 10 and put it on steam for twenty bucks. At that price or pirated, on win7, and without the expectation that it's the Next Big Thing in open world, then yeah it's worth checking out. Think a clunkier and less stylish Darksiders 2 built around robot familiars you can collect and customize.

c0022e  No.15468832

i lost all the stars

journey to earth my cute son

don't get bears or cows

b36e53  No.15468845


Katamari Damacy?

c0022e  No.15468852



002748  No.15468863

Red Green, Yellow,Blue

Time stops, favoring no one

Clairvoyant victor


Sounds nice. How's the shootan?


>Dawn of War


813a8a  No.15468881


Haiku please stay

0257e3  No.15468891


It's technically a TPS but it plays like an RPG, so don't expect anything from that angle.

d58f91  No.15469019

Giant robot fights.

Best fighting game on PC;

endless roundhouse kicks.

b2e3e4  No.15469559


>it was all a dream

>the opening told you this

>nerds still complain tho

Mario 2?

b3e418  No.15469651

Function without heart

Rain meteor from the sky

Look master a wolf

5389b4  No.15469658

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Mario 2?


aa3fc8  No.15469688

File: 72f3248ee009a89⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 630.5 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Broken promises

Commit bestiality

Friend died in the cold

b2e3e4  No.15469693


Loli's Dogma.

fd7e9a  No.15469702

RIP my caravan

General Gobbledigook

Take drugs, kill a bear

03f83e  No.15470425


No, my 2 haikus were metroid prime 1 and 2.

de7d21  No.15470483

Slaughtering mechas

In a tuk tuk with cannons

For freedom and cash

bfec1e  No.15470524

bfec1e  No.15470535


>responded to the wrong post

first one was supposed to be


b2e3e4  No.15470666


Honest Hearts

0257e3  No.15471681

My boss is a cunt

Better be in a cartoon

Than meet the deadline

a91aa9  No.15471708

Suplex a mecha

Memes, DNA of the soul

Nanomachines, son

873dc9  No.15471729

Here there is no breeze

Nor falling leaves to tell time

but eternal honks.

3d6685  No.15471732


>not making a haiku out of the lyrics

Which of them will succeed

Strong or weak

(yell) Rules of Nature

bd9e2d  No.15471768

Bro versus twin bro

Girl seeks vengeance for mother

All for lost power

a91aa9  No.15471802

File: 5a3b74a8e6cfb64⋯.gif (915 KB, 500x750, 2:3, Mistral.gif)


I sharpen the knife

And look down upon the bay

For all of my life

0b12fd  No.15471813

An immersive world

Numerous great quests to find

A mountain to climb

bfec1e  No.15471900

File: fef547d7b85333f⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1466222849381.png)


Why hello there, fellow imageboard user.

I hope you bought it 50 times because it's a good investment.

068534  No.15471988

Living in tunnels

Kill the hostiles, change filter

Do They need to die?

Metro 2033

a2aafe  No.15472041

Head to Jupiter

Shouldn't have come here Stalker

You will be worm food

b2e3e4  No.15472100

Husband? I'm a girl!

Hammer is the mightiest

Forges a woman

9a510c  No.15472105


Good shit nigger, but yeah you should be ashamed.

a86a8a  No.15472108

Headwear is queen here,

but the queen's a bit nutty;

collect old watches.

0257e3  No.15472150


Hat in time?

9a510c  No.15472228






According to this, prayer is one syllable, unless prayer means a person who prays.[prair] and [prey-er] are essentially two different words with different usage but the exact same spelling.


girls give you money

guards get pissed in town if hit

lots of mini games


cowardly slaughter

ascend to confront yourself

arising up high


seek to slay a king

extraterrestrials scheme

prevent genocide


the balance crumbles.

dragons abound here and there.

mollusk versus child


the messiah awakens

henceforth destruction ensues

to a new planet


canine specter howls

precious stones prevent any loss

beware betrayal


quaint crayon scribbles

non-stop wailing never ends

a bird delivers

424ab6  No.15472250

File: 308c159a4d8174e⋯.mp4 (2.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kirby cake.mp4)

File: 7c986c4670be632⋯.png (56.18 KB, 631x316, 631:316, mark kirby cake.png)

fa2679  No.15472320

File: f84be52319e297d⋯.png (6.34 KB, 618x234, 103:39, classic syllable structure.PNG)

File: 5e4b6139cc9c815⋯.png (129.95 KB, 645x775, 129:155, heavy syllable types.PNG)

File: 390a2185445f4b0⋯.png (87.79 KB, 1042x644, 521:322, syllable weight.PNG)

>He actually thinks that haiku is about syllable and not mora

Haiku isn't about syllables but Mora, a phonological timing unit that represents a minor sonority peak (with the syllable representing a major sonority peak thus is why it is mostly occupied by vowels which are the most sonorous sounds. Every vowel is a mora, but every mora is not a vowel. Moras that are not vowels are basically at the Coda of the syllable. In Japanese, dipthongs (two consequetive vowels), long vowels, geminates (two consequetive consonants) and the nasal /n/ can be moras in the coda position (not the nucleus).

The reason I am throwing this autistic fit is because what you are writing is not a haiku, because you are actually using more moras than what the Japanese are using. English is not always a CV.CV.CV.CV structure language, like Japanese which barely has any coda consonants (save for few cases like /n/)

So yeah, how about you learn Japanese and perhaps some linguistics the literature can use more than kikes like Chomsky. Anyways here is my try for Xenogears:




e1a3cf  No.15472330

File: 67c5b60a3e3a097⋯.png (434.18 KB, 571x540, 571:540, Dexter shrugging.png)

Firearms are plenty here

Your foes need condiments and bun

Whine about platform.

9e7b31  No.15472332


Sounds complicated

Can you explain in more detail, with examples in English?

Other I guess I won't even try

9e7b31  No.15472335



fa2679  No.15472392

File: 341b78929b2403c⋯.png (68.69 KB, 995x766, 995:766, Syllable Inventory.PNG)

File: cbb28336a2898d1⋯.jpg (2.31 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, 20180919_110849.jpg)


Alright, a syllable (represented by sigma σ) is basically a sonority peak (peak of sounds, because speech is like a wave, going up and down). It branches into two nodes, the Onset and the Rime. The rime also branches into the Nucleus and the Coda. So in a word like "bat", /b/ is the onset, /a/ is the nucleus (because vowels have more sounds in them, unlike sounds like /p/, /k/ etc, thus is their status as the peaks of the syllables). /t/ is the coda. The reason rime is called that is basically because of its rhythm: bat, fat, cat, sat, mat, hat, see how the phonemes /at/ rhyme?

Phonologists have discovered that the rime (if it branches into the coda) has more weight, and that syllable weight affects phenomena like stress (there are algorithm for stress patterns in languages, one way of defining them is finding heavy syllables, syllables that have codas). In order to capture this weight, the classical syllable structure was replaced by the mora syllable structure, in which the Rime (nucleas + coda) affect stress.

Take words like:


In.[sai].sor (incisor)

[vjoo].la (viola)

the syllables [gen], [sai] and [vjoo] are heavy because they branch into the coda, and thus they have two moras (syllable with two mora = heavy). In Japanese, haiku is not about syllables, but moras.

d93d7b  No.15472440

>Against an old friend

>I create advanced machines

>Eight sons to fight his

ebec03  No.15472523

Hyper realistic

Too much spent on voice acting

None on bug fixing

8d5ae9  No.15472535



b5c1e2  No.15472598


最高 is spelled さいこう, not さいこ

635aed  No.15472737


GTA San Andreas?

de7d21  No.15473140


Sounds like every AAA game released in the past 5 years.

a86a8a  No.15473325

File: ce3de3254283736⋯.png (255.88 KB, 600x450, 4:3, laundry.png)

59224f  No.15473816

>In Anime World

>Running an eternal quest

>For the twelve great shines




JUST cause 2

5bad64  No.15473873

File: 63fa38970084a89⋯.jpg (393.55 KB, 1600x2400, 2:3, JUSTrobot.jpg)

The Prestige remake

But with robots and AI

Thats pretty much it


5 is basically Age of Smegmar and probably what is happening to 40k right now, but those arent games anyways.


The last one is the game where the boats are girls but I do not play weeb shit or know the name.



d93d7b  No.15473921

File: 2810d062157edec⋯.png (14.16 MB, 2161x3021, 2161:3021, WilyAndRobotMasters.png)


Well, if you want to be nitpicky, Megaman 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, or 10.

Dr. Light built the robots in 1 and 9 (and there were only six of them in 1), Dr. Cossak built the ones in 4, and Wily stole the ones in 6 from various other creators.

22e1de  No.15475089

File: 318c70317714fda⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 354.57 KB, 640x640, 1:1, violetawe.png)




444b6a  No.15475222

An hourglass reverses

Fancy knife, so precious

Sand in my trousers

0a94c2  No.15475232


Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, if only because that applies to all four games

444b6a  No.15475349

File: 41eb4049353c182⋯.png (81.5 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Prince.png)


Buttocks on a boat

Hunted royalty gets mad

Ow the edge

A Kidnapped waifu stabbed

Spiky chains embed in arm

Snarky double

bfec1e  No.15476894


1 is Fable.

bfec1e  No.15476897



polite sage for double post

b2e3e4  No.15476938


10's bosses were inflicted with a virus, not built by Wily. The first 4 bosses in 7 were only reprogrammed by Wily. 3's were co-created by Light. It's only Mega Man 2, 5, or 8

bfaf55  No.15477142


>[prair] and [prey-er] are essentially two different words with different usage but the exact same spelling.

Those are called heteronyms (the opposite of homonyms). Like how "she is close", and "close the door" sound completely different, but both are spelled the same.

b0eb51  No.15477597

this game has shit guns

it's a physics tech demo

only good for mods

840b06  No.15477602


I have a business

Installing styrofoam nuns

Fuck a fruit basket

de7d21  No.15477609


>JUST cause 2

JC2 doesn't have mechas.

840b06  No.15477611


Half life 2 I guess

b0eb51  No.15477622



c2e5e2  No.15477649


Fuck off TJ.

1fb5e8  No.15477662

File: 9f51e2728de1acb⋯.gif (9.85 MB, 321x240, 107:80, laughingdata.gif)



Good taste my man.

Amazing parkour

Pretty subpar story though

Dropkicks are the best

11aff8  No.15477688


Advance Wars?

c2e5e2  No.15477706



Sengoku Rance?

9a510c  No.15477843


I think he meant サイコ as in psycho. What kind of loli would run around in spats catching apes in a net unless she was a psychotic loli psycho?

d0b9a7  No.15477854

I have a big dick

Enemy has one bigger

On the ocean waves

83ec26  No.15477863

Pilgrimage of light

Refill the chalice of life

One more year survived.

Holy fucking shit

Why did my dad save this guy

Dragon Fetishist.

Man, made of metal

A bloody typhoon of edge

Nanomachines, son

c4175d  No.15477870

Island full of fruit

Threatened by bad yellow man

Harder than Cuphead

b48bee  No.15477871


I don't remember there being a videogame adaptation of Moby Dick.

51159e  No.15477876

58ec3d  No.15477923

Have you seen a girl?

Black hair, turned seven last month

She is my daughter.

d0b9a7  No.15477928

58ec3d  No.15477933


Wow I made it so obvious I didn't even expect people to reply and you still failed.


38250c  No.15477944

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A massive tree burned,

While a dreamer wanders on,

Collecting its shards.

In the land of Hips,

A cat can gamble freely,

while a panda drinks.

The power of God,

And Anime on my side,

Can't stop the Jew Devs.

The answer to both,

Research and Fashion problems,

Is a big fat sword.

d0b9a7  No.15477952

File: 822f7846fa2511e⋯.jpg (45.31 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 822f7846fa2511e7d5022e0095….jpg)

c4175d  No.15477953




38250c  No.15477955

61a1b1  No.15477957

Beautiful Spritework

Shoot Train before it crushes you

Heavy Machine Gun

38250c  No.15477964



This has got to be Metal Slug, right?

58ec3d  No.15477967

File: 5ff79d81d421a80⋯.gif (49.62 KB, 124x121, 124:121, Metal slug marco_winpose.gif)


the slug of metals the second.

61a1b1  No.15477974



That's correct, my men of enriched melanine

58ec3d  No.15477975

My dead wife called me

back to the place we called ours

so I could kill her.

8de591  No.15477984

All hell's broken loose

Nigger protects little girl

You have no choices

2c7bb1  No.15478065

I am a nigger

do steal and kill yet

help the blind

I'm not sure this is how haikus work.

38250c  No.15478116


First: Five Syllables

Middle: Seven syllables

Last: Five Syllables

87b88e  No.15478132


Silent Hill 2


The Walking Dead: Season 1

Friendly pedophile,

My sister wants to fuck me,

Watchers, they dance

87b88e  No.15478136


(The) Watchers, they dance*

2c7bb1  No.15478142


Oh shit, I accidentally the middle sentence.

I'm being a faggot because I can't make it any easier without making it obvious.

I am a nigger

steal and kill, but help the blind

it's all for a street

de7d21  No.15478278


San Andreas. The "help the blind" part took a me a second until I remembered Woozie.

c96d9d  No.15478318

Before I was masked

Nobody cared who I was

A big guy for you

2c7bb1  No.15478328

Trust not the people

they are as fake as gold bars

Trust only your girl.




Arkham Origins?

b2e3e4  No.15478620

Who can be trusted?

Lone wolf and man in coat

Trust nobody else

99feda  No.15479027

File: be0554b772a38b3⋯.png (369.9 KB, 832x868, 208:217, be0554b772a38b3853a82ec908….png)

I love Sim City


Its 90%

58ec3d  No.15479054



I just started playing it and it seems to be shaping up that way.

4cd03b  No.15479104


>black disease, ruin

>machines malfunction, begin

>humanity gone


b2e3e4  No.15479152

afcc75  No.15479181

File: 790626905003fd5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, spoiler.jpg)

Bitter bartender

Your white haired boss is the best

Robot lolita

f7341a  No.15479204

littleshrimp's new game

original character

do not steal, okay?

b2e3e4  No.15479263


Replace the middle line with

>Lone wolf and man on the couch

My memory is shit.

2c7bb1  No.15479298

Take a drag, it helps

Mission, rescue, fratricide.

Now you're on your own.


I don't think anyone will get it, so Elona

8d4547  No.15479307


Sounds interesting, is that game any good?

afcc75  No.15479319


Well, "game" is a bit of a stretch, it's more of a VN.

But I had fun with it, for what it's worth.

38250c  No.15479336

Ninety-nine puppies,

And All I got for it was,

The sequel's trailer.

f7341a  No.15479344


Kingdom Hearts

38250c  No.15479350

7e36b7  No.15479461


It's a conversation/drink making simulator.

8d4547  No.15479589


Saw that, but is it fun? The western devs also make me wonder if it’s pozzed?

58ec3d  No.15479614


>The western devs also make me wonder if it’s pozzed?

he's our guy

70d0d8  No.15479644


Touhou? I don't get this one.

c4175d  No.15479686

A world of magic

But you are a fat virgin

Leave your mum's basement

23252b  No.15479716


I didn't think this one would be particularly difficult. I guess I'm the only fag on /v/ who liked Isles of Terra.

03f83e  No.15479841

Korea's finest,

Your base is under attack,

Conscript reporting.

d93d7b  No.15479919



de8ed2  No.15480041

Thirteenth Hour heralds

A mysterious Tower

Ah the End Begins!

24dfb6  No.15480246

She was perfection

When asked whether to join her

I only said, "Nah."

d4d171  No.15480298

File: 6bf83ca920c86db⋯.jpg (52.21 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1435584871389.jpg)


system shock 2 baby


Majora's Mask perhaps?

f29f58  No.15480312


Consider it bought so long as it’s fun. I’ll watch some gameplay.

a36020  No.15480375

A discussion was held

Withered, at nature's behest

Vengeance calls: note deuce

4f9209  No.15480434


Terranigma. Ezpz.

daf267  No.15480436

Seek satisfaction

Take the enemy princess

Hyper weapon time

de8ed2  No.15480440


Sorry anon its


Terranigma i would have also accepted Illusion of Gaia and Persona 3.


Rance has too many games where he does that shit.

af2279  No.15480454



a14fbb  No.15480460

its not homm but close

a classic fantasy war

big titty halflings

af2279  No.15480470


I want to say one of the new King's Bounty games

Second guesses: Fantasy General or one of the later The Settlers

a14fbb  No.15480484


no, but now i have to double check them for big titty halflings

af2279  No.15480565

File: f8991de8ce2d8b4⋯.jpg (88.69 KB, 448x448, 1:1, metal-marines[1].jpg)


that sounds just like Metal Marines

5bad64  No.15480593

File: 3474cc128629661⋯.jpg (216.16 KB, 817x1222, 817:1222, doom-patrol-set-photos-07.jpg)


You are correct.

aa3fc8  No.15480608


Destroy lives for fun and cash

Fuck Revelation

a14fbb  No.15480610



aa3fc8  No.15480611


Shit, you got it.

23252b  No.15480615

Crazy racing fun

Cutscenes I can't remember

Childhood forgot

af2279  No.15480636

File: c5bb2592800719f⋯.jpg (49.2 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header[1].jpg)


Mega Race had some funny cutscenes you'd want to remember and it came out long enough ago that you might have forgotten it

23252b  No.15480646


>PC game

I'm afraid not, anon. This game was one my older brother played with me approximately twenty years ago, and we didn't have a PC. I wish I could remember it. If it helps, the cutscenes invovled strange, alien-looking creatures doing wacky shit.

af2279  No.15480655


do you know what system it was on?

aa3fc8  No.15480662

You have a bad day

Designated piss button

You regret nothing

23252b  No.15480669


It could have been anything up to the third gen, because this memory is from before my mom died and that happened when I was nine, in 1998. Anything from that generation that played cutscenes is probably a contender. I wish I could remember more but I can't.

23252b  No.15480671



Fourth, fifth and sixth gen also would apply, upon further review. Why are console "generations" so fucked up? It's confusing.

bfec1e  No.15481037



bfec1e  No.15481057


Mirrors Edge


>Dragon Fetishist.

I don't know but I want to.


la la la la la

la la la la la

the watchers they dance, such fun

Angelus best girl in the entire Drakengard/Nier universe without a shadow of doubt. Prove me wrong, pro tip: you can't.

0257e3  No.15481116


Didn't think anyone would get it, good job.


Postal 2

fc67e6  No.15481160

Racing among stars

Racing within outer space

Racing on rainbows

99feda  No.15481175


not quite

03f83e  No.15481269


Nah, command & conquer red alert 2.

87b88e  No.15481318


I'm more an Accord man myself, but you have fine taste, my nigger.

Skinny blue vampire,

He was killed and killed again,

All over a sword.

Red hot rampage,

Strawberry on the shortcake,

Gotta mow the lawn.

Adorable squirrel,

Suffers the worst hangover,

Sunflower titties.

Hand drawn witch cleavage,

Only pedos enjoy this,

So sayeth dwarf lover.

d4a5e2  No.15481327

floating skull could have

fucking told me where to get

my fucking journal

de7d21  No.15481331


Updated my journal

353cc2  No.15481380

My legs are broken.

Help, where do I go on mars?

My legs are ok.

de7d21  No.15481584


You gain Brouzouf.

b3d55b  No.15481662

in a foggy town

gas station attendant

is the mastermind

070219  No.15481676

Fifty-six to choose

Only four are viable

Some have good assists

afcc75  No.15481829


>Red hot rampage,

>Strawberry on the shortcake,

>Gotta mow the lawn.

No More Heroes?

0257e3  No.15481852


Soul Reaver, No More Heroes, Conker's Bad Fur Day and Dragon's Crown


Purse owner the fourth, Although the attendant was the primary instigator, she didn't really mastermind anything per se

87b88e  No.15481903



Spot on, guys.

aa3fc8  No.15481988

Please don't snap me in

Smack me when I have five bars

I can't control it

aa3fc8  No.15481994

Is this vidya?

Know the secret? Go to end.

Plot twist: Lesbians.

b54356  No.15482054


>Hand drawn witch cleavage,

>Only pedos enjoy this,

>So sayeth dwarf lover.

This is the best reference to Dragon's Crown I could have ever imagined, thank you

91df6f  No.15482219

File: a0a723cbc2a97b2⋯.jpg (46.4 KB, 607x468, 607:468, 0.jpg)

Speed starts really low

Eating corpses in a cave

Elves please go away

Little girl follows

Dying in the puppy cave

My spells have failed

Mutations spreading

Hide in basement of an inn

Comfy training time

67f01e  No.15482714

>mighty chimpanzee

>his quest is for his lost love

>his partner a shark

8edc1d  No.15483189

File: 3e8a9b7044cb774⋯.png (370.95 KB, 638x475, 638:475, 14048245785.PNG)


Civilian justice league

0b14b8  No.15483297

File: a07b8dfa2745e6c⋯.png (37.04 KB, 586x578, 293:289, 1522886965073.png)

Can anyone screencap the bread and post here?

Screencap not working here.

bfec1e  No.15483959


Accord is definitely a top tier waifu. Excellent taste.

b0eb51  No.15484010

File: ad3b8d9306b197e⋯.jpg (125.73 KB, 424x283, 424:283, i couldn't find the anime ….jpg)

Only one nigger

"good guys" bash the fash in space

Sequel has unlocks

90's kid meme game

Good with emulator hacks

Führerbunker gun

Are these still demons?

For mouse, a new dimension

First shotgun a shit

Make your own mascot

What could possibly go wrong?

Almost had a show

Only on Xbox

Just like previous haiku

Even same color

Will the sequel come?

We've waited for it so long

Gotcha, it's not that

Girl has lots of dreams

>lel she's on acid xD

Maker went missing

Just got a remake

Music from a band member

Third one has furbait

bfec1e  No.15484165


>Make your own mascot

>What could possibly go wrong?

>Almost had a show


fc67e6  No.15484580

Seems like mine ( >>15481160 ) was too difficult for you guys. Answer was Mario Kart btw.

348abb  No.15485373

There's no story at all

But lorefags think otherwise

burn yourself alive

Sit down in a chair

Wake up in another chair

It's copy not cut

A maiden's a slut

Rolling stone gathers no moss

The fat man doth hook

9632a2  No.15485404


8 is Yoshi's Island

9632a2  No.15485408


6 is LCDDEM?

9632a2  No.15485442

A fanmade sequel

Schizophrenic manic mess

Chainsaw wolf bike dream

Drugs before sleeping

I wrote it down in a book

Now it is a game

Disease and rust

Take a nap in the PC

Urban nightmare world

2a0ba2  No.15485445

File: 1eb62821d100cef⋯.png (120.3 KB, 899x724, 899:724, 1369408324515.png)



The creator is probably dead at this point

f4edad  No.15485459

Kill monsters for cash

Use cash to buy better guns

You gormless tosser


>There's no story at all

>But lorefags think otherwise

>burn yourself alive

Dark Souls

a7da48  No.15485503

File: b6e6fde2d366761⋯.webm (1.91 MB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ANiceDay.webm)


Lady with chainsaw

Is secretly a furry

And rides a moped

It's just a black book

Nothing strange is happening

What do you mean dead

A keyboard pillow

Her face is hollowing out

Don't wake up again

I wanna believe the guy's still around.

2a0ba2  No.15485522


yume 2kki and .flow

Give me some more difficult ones so I can test my knowledge on these shitty fan games

9a510c  No.15485525

9b76e9  No.15485656


Live a Live


5 is Meme Girl Returns


5 is Blinx

You stop evil plots

Your dad is better than you

Third game stars a priest

38c3a8  No.15485733


No love for limericks?

I remember that very, very old limerick thread and a lot of inputs were really witty.



escaped cave today

I just want lots of money

my legs are okay


everyone calls this

map painting simulator

more like: 3rd Reich sim


make delivery

ad infinitum repeat

Baltic DLC

348abb  No.15485797


Gone Home


1. E.Y.E

2. Hearts of Iron? Probably a different 4x

Pick up the dagger

Let others feel the dagger

Press tab for your score

Your lover is dead

but that is not confirmed

until the next game

**Same game as above, but way easier:

Blink to high places

Possess to fall safely down

Time Warp is easy mode

8af799  No.15485889

My very own bot

A mercenary life for me

Fuck, overheated


3. Euro Truck Simulator?


2/3. Dishonored?

06ea9f  No.15485926

Oh shit it's a rat.

You should rest and meditate.

Now I can hit it.

f7341a  No.15485945


Armored Core

6b39bc  No.15485951


That's some Armored Core.

Wound up, chivalrous

He rides on a bottle donkey

For sweet cuckoo puss

8af799  No.15485972



Correct, but a bonus round to guess which specific one it is. Easy Mode:

This was a mistake

Should have left old shit alone

Hold the line, Raven

9b76e9  No.15487602


1 Is GMOD Murder or some variation of it.

71517f  No.15487753

File: 7e220a675bee578⋯.jpg (241.66 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, badger.jpg)


Awake and alone

Journal has been updated

The nature of man

It's fucking soccer

Except it's not quite soccer

What a save!

It's a fucking war

A war with waifus and lords

Roy is a man's man

Step through the portal

Pounding prehistoric cunt

It's a flying car

9b76e9  No.15487762


2 is Rocket League I think

4 is definitely Chrono Trigger.

d4d171  No.15487795



d4d171  No.15487813


1 is planescape

3 sounds like Fire Emblem but that last part could be a red herring

bfec1e  No.15487823


>my legs are okay


71517f  No.15487843

File: 0fa46c270f40fc9⋯.jpg (116.31 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, sleep mode.jpg)



Spot on.

Have some more, because this shit is pretty fun.

You're framed for murder

Clear your name with more murder

Catch the fucking train

Killed by a hit squad

Back with cybertech and spells

Buckle up, chummer


Big money and big prizes

The host always wins

Another school day

Writing poems for some slut

Don't leave her hanging

Let's board a spaceship

And be lesbians in space

Choose red, green or blue

9b76e9  No.15487866

File: 879539f4412e386⋯.gif (202.9 KB, 755x601, 755:601, 1458374408794.gif)


2 is Shadowrun SNES

4 is Doki Doki Meme Club

5 is Mass Defect 3

9b76e9  No.15487997

Soldiers versus bugs

There are some aliens too

Seven years from now

Cool hip snowboarders

Franchise died six years ago

Negro Englishman

School where bad is good

Protagonist is a nerd

Last boss is your slave

Aces of aces

A one man air force pilot

Shoots down a rocket

Sketch your character

Save a town full of furfags

From all that darkness

Explore randomness

The plot is full of bad feels

We fix the future

ed107a  No.15488093

paraphrase lovecraft

while nothing fucking happens

best girl is a bee

9b76e9  No.15488119


Night in the shitter

de8ed2  No.15488136

Creatures of the night

Hide behind their personas

Judgement approaches!

71517f  No.15488216

File: 3245b8a81a3f1a1⋯.jpg (22.06 KB, 332x361, 332:361, tshirttime.jpg)


Hey, you're pretty good.

Have some more.

It's TF2 but

It has waifus and cooldowns

And Rule 34

Fly around the world

Picking fights with the locals

Family men go home

Mercenary dude

Caught in a love triangle

and mommy issues

Your ride gets shot up

Kicking ass in Hollywood

I'll shit down your neck

Where it all began

Lord was assassinated

The genre is dead

You and two others

Kill robots, steal gems and jewels

There's also bat tits

f4edad  No.15488271


1 is San Andreas

3 is Smash TV


1 is Earth Defense Force 2025

2 is SSX

4 is Ace Combat 4


1 is Overmeme

2 is Street Fighter 2

3 is Final Fantasy VII

4 is Douk 3D

6 is one of the Sanic Adventure games but I don't know which one since I haven't played anything past the Genesis titles.

ed107a  No.15488285


anon you're right but damn you guessed that quick

a47df3  No.15488377


Don't Open It: Isolated - Alone Apart

de8ed2  No.15488451


i dont know what game that is but no its not.

23252b  No.15488490


Vampire: The Masquerade

de8ed2  No.15488569

8edc1d  No.15488748

On the waves of fate

I fight tyrants for loved ones

My cursed hand kills them all

8edc1d  No.15488772

File: 7d8accd05f3f217⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.37 KB, 696x1149, 232:383, 1.jpg)

File: 0048f800eaba07e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 260.23 KB, 1238x1639, 1238:1639, 2.jpg)

File: 8a4185d6e20d9c5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 178.2 KB, 650x767, 50:59, 3.jpg)

File: bfec1e3d62ba453⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 113.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 4.png)

File: 381a4bf3434a3a0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 268.47 KB, 475x490, 95:98, 5.PNG)


Fuck, didn't realize until I posted that the last was 6, not 5. Fuck it, i'll forfeit mine with the answer then.

9632a2  No.15490391


First and third are right but the second isn't. I like how you responded with your own haikus; that was a fun twist.

bb6b05  No.15490641

File: c7deb969a4afa61⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 280x182, 20:13, Young Fat Larry in Santa M….gif)



>i dont know what game that is but no its not.

Is this nigga for real?

aa3fc8  No.15491856

Tried picking my nose

Lockpick skill not high enough

Died picking my nose

4be941  No.15491878


Kantai Collection. The theme was capeshit and KanCole is considered a superhero game series by Wikipedia for some reason.

de8ed2  No.15491897

File: c51c12e4033bf09⋯.jpg (68.85 KB, 730x280, 73:28, nobully.jpg)


plz no bully

no i really don't know what it is

2338b0  No.15492166


Supreme Commander.

Man, I have to play through this game again sometime, even though I know I will forget to build anti-nukes and just get frustrated.

Good taste

aa3fc8  No.15492207

Looking for my son

But left my heart in Vegas

Mod overhauls when?

9b76e9  No.15495777




Fallout 3

9b76e9  No.15495789



Wait fuck


Fallout 4

Check em anyways

1b6469  No.15495808

File: ad38cb3a5aabfad⋯.jpg (108.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pKEI2iq.jpg)

Whatever the last line says i can only notice it says "loli", its like a batman signal for me

fda029  No.15495821

Space bug wreaks havok,

Growing for years, warping time.

Go! Save the future!

6fdb8a  No.15495842

File: bd24e8e7673add6⋯.mp4 (486.43 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Mario Paint Microwave Madn….mp4)

You leave a tavern

You get killed and reborn

You kill your helper

5bad64  No.15496089


3 is quake. 2 might be wolfenstein.

the first shotgun has a tight spread for far away targets if it is quake

f4edad  No.15496142


Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

e4d0ae  No.15496351



A world made of snow,

and quite a decent plot;

there's no best girl though


Fuck all the girl holes,

destroy the hell hole;

wolf fang rules


You try to protect,

but madness abounds;

your waifu is kill.

14b6af  No.15496833


5 is Drawn to Life?

Couple easy ones


Beacon gives vision

Kill massive flying lobster

Wasted potential


Roommate is lover

He's turned into a meatball

Get fucked by monsters


Models look like shit

Glorified movie promo

Dead on arrival

9b76e9  No.15496873


Quest for Glory 1



Its the Age of Sail

Six protagonists to play

Athens to Turkey

3deff9  No.15498693

File: 96c99a938274400⋯.png (784.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Two hours in length

The entire thing is great

Pink guy saves the day

Now your memes end here

I played college ball, y'know

Nano-machines, son

Unstable space mercs

fight on to collect solar

be sure to thank Joost

b8583a  No.15499062


If you've actually played the game you were posting about, you'd know I answered right. No prob though. I got my (You)s.

459f4c  No.15499183


Only one of those is actually a haiku. All the other ones fuck up the first line

976b83  No.15499199

you're not very big

what's the next step of the plan

eternal parody

8d420e  No.15501807

I've got balls of steel!

Time to kick ass and chew bubble-gum

Gas the kikes racewar now

bfec1e  No.15502039


Not only did filthy frank die, the whole project suffered a painful death didn't it. Just devolved into blatant youtuber shilling and now he's doing shit sound cloud mumble rap. The proof is in the pudding, just look at pink season compared to the pink guy album and how soulless pink season is. Look no further than the age restriction on the pink guy album and the complete lack of any age restriction on pink season. At least the project is dead now, and it ended on a relatively good note if you only look at the skits, a short skit staring dade and joji, a humble bowing out with an old friend of his.

polite sage for off topic

bfec1e  No.15502040

>and I forget to sage

niggers tongue my anus

3e0dcc  No.15503090

Stolen humanity

Fantasy world (with jetpacks)

Twelve hit points.

1cbbfa  No.15503179

Dense clouds of shrapnell

Amidst death-bringing sand

Hailstorms of bullets

Engines are roaring

They push the behemoths

Swimming in the sky

Yet one of them breaks

A thousand parts, and four men

All vanish from sight

0a7406  No.15505796


Lost with amnesia

I'll just borrow this man's gun

It's time to escape

d3775f  No.15505895

He awoke on a slab,

Though he has no memory,

He keeps a journal.

Machine or magic?

Upon flaming wings a fall,

With one survivor.

A hornless namesake,

The steel containers will draw,

Ire from the Chaos'

They shall move quickly,

While the prize flies in their faces,

The greatest, no more.

The city of Atlas,

Once populated by the brave,

Is now a ghost town.

0a7406  No.15506791


I enter in haste

Desperate to find the room

In despair she lays

c04bbc  No.15506796


>Subscribe please…

Got a chuckle out of that for some reason.

608c17  No.15506818

Dinos I kill here.

Time travel to the future.

Satellite strike too.



206400  No.15506923

Blue shit in the ground

Offworld oligarchy

Fuck those desert niggers

109b63  No.15506944

Islands in the sky

Gross neglect of body parts

And secret assholes


Planet escape - tournament




Bioshock maybe?

1cbbfa  No.15506955


Septerra Core?

206400  No.15506958

2c7bb1  No.15507025

A wonderful dream

become an adventurer

or run out nude

Time for school, you're new

have fun with friends and teacher

Expel the pregnants

A nigger nigger

lol Xd so random

and also the cuck

de8ed2  No.15507171


ohhh, i got you anon. im slow as fuck bully away.

But i opened it the first time and chose the tremere the second.

e4d234  No.15507328

File: 3bf1c5d8590cce1⋯.jpg (114.11 KB, 499x1063, 499:1063, 3bf1c5d8590cce1eb94ec4f00e….jpg)

Nameless hero

Save the world with murder

Third sucks giant ass

2c7bb1  No.15508089



ae283b  No.15508115

e4d234  No.15508141

File: 9498cda659ea324⋯.jpg (24.52 KB, 242x260, 121:130, 9498cda659ea3246f5a9edca06….jpg)


Correct. That was a softball though, first line especially is a dead giveaway if you're familiar with the game.

d3775f  No.15508175


First two are right. I'll make another for the fifth.

City saved daily,

the threat it succumbed to was:

The bottom line,

144ea4  No.15510004


2 is Splatoon

15a7f1  No.15516442

ce633b  No.15516464

Nigger Nigger Nig

Nigger Nigger Nigger Nig

Nigger Nigger Nog

f4b03f  No.15516476

File: b3e24a7b6a530b0⋯.jpg (137.24 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, hint.jpg)


You gain it all now

When you fall and your legs break

What is going on?

f4b03f  No.15516483

File: 7d939051345be3b⋯.png (841.26 KB, 476x695, 476:695, hint 2.png)


Another one:

It is the last one

Numbered from one to the last

But more are made still

89fb67  No.15516493


EYE: Divine Cybermancy


Final Fantasy

5dcb39  No.15516507



f4b03f  No.15516516

File: 698e6ec832b1803⋯.jpg (453.84 KB, 1500x1850, 30:37, hint 3.jpg)

File: c3c25ab95b142a2⋯.png (602.12 KB, 632x1264, 1:2, hint 4.png)

File: 46a39f3ea52e4d6⋯.jpg (105.69 KB, 1080x675, 8:5, hint 5.jpg)


I suck at riddles, it's hard to find the balance between a tough riddle and a solvable one.

Alright, here's a slightly more obscure one, each haiku's hint is enclosed

Stratagem you need

We must all cling together

to survive this war

squishy-soft, cloying

It was once japan only

but now it falls here

A birthday for her

But, sadly it was shallow

she deserved better

f4b03f  No.15516542

File: db23491fcd70645⋯.png (112.55 KB, 656x461, 656:461, anon i.png)


5-9-6 is wrong

a haiku: 5-7-5

get it right you scrub

2e207e  No.15516599


Third is Dawn of War: Soulstorm and Firaeveus Carron screeching at METAL BOXES.

Here's mine:

Prison vessel crashed

On an invaded planet

Reach the mothership

642089  No.15516641

Immersive as fuck

Can almost taste the vodka

Well, don't just stand there

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