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File: 3b0a5325f69754a⋯.jpg (27.46 KB, 682x421, 682:421, rdr2.jpg)

6e7884  No.15473900

So what are the odds it'll be anything other than a vehicle for a reskin of GTA Online?

583e28  No.15473905


>skin suspiciously darkened

>negro facial features just look at that nose

Plot twist will be that he's half indian or half nigger.

e7a0e4  No.15473908


Guaranteed they'll bring back the cash shop fake money in some shape too

6e7884  No.15473915


Shark cards again basically.

6e7884  No.15473917


Don't even joke about that.

022f1a  No.15473942


Probably be degenerate and progressive to all hell, with Martsons wife laying down the law on you and kicking your ass for talking back at one point. They'll use some retarded justification like you were drunk, but still. Also, the women will have all the sensible ideas and the gang would clearly have survived if they just listened to the superior sex.

Game will be further simplified than RDR as well as GTAV, but graphically pretty. Despite an open world map, the game will feel streamlined and linear because of a lack of any branching choices in the story and a dearth of sidequests. They'll remove tying damsels to train tracks too. They'll also do all they can to put the kaibosh on modding happening to prevent the backlash that occured in gtaV.

63a655  No.15473943


With the little bit of news they spilled about RDR Online, it's sounding like a repeat of how GTA Online was handled: release the base game first to leave players wanting, if not begging for, multiplayer once they've lost interest in the story after a week, release multiplayer at a later date and label it as a "beta" so no one is allowed to talk shit about it, once they figure out how to not keep the shitty multiplayer servers from crashing, then comes the Bear Dollars or whatever they'll call it this time.

f9eaea  No.15473961


$10 says they go full broke back mountain with this shit.

51c09f  No.15473968


Very good

6e7884  No.15473969


Think they'll do the delayed PC release as well? It seems to give them a free second round of release week hype after all.

51c09f  No.15473976

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>$10 says they go full broke back mountain with this shit

Isn’t broke back mountain considered problematic transphobic and homophobic now just like how liberals hate rocky horror picture show now? http://itsbetterthanyours.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-rocky-horror-picture-show-and.html?m=1

https://www.please use archive.is/lets-not-do-the-time-warp/

0bc490  No.15473979


Am I missing something? When did R* go SJW? They're probably one of the only companies who isn't afraid of being politically incorrect. The only poz'd things in V were the fact Trevor was a crossdresser and Michael was a cuck, hell the nigger, whose name I can't remember, only got out of the ghetto when he started working with white people. There are various other politically incorrect tidbits throughout most GTA games. I've never played RDR was it poz'd or something?

bf53dc  No.15473980

File: b4ca6521a3c1f37⋯.png (829.42 KB, 1490x845, 298:169, I.png)


i guess if you think some twitter post represents everyone

63a655  No.15473989


Almost guaranteed they will, if it worked so well for GTAV as well. I am curious however if they will also even bother bringing RDR1 to PC too.

6e7884  No.15473992


Usually they avoid bringing old games over since it shows up the new one. A remake in the new engine with the full multiplayer crap is much more likely I think.

e91232  No.15473998


People actually liked that shitfest of a movie at any point in human history?

bf53dc  No.15474007


not really that's why its called a cult classic. meaning not many people liked it but those who did liked it a lot

0b3df9  No.15474009


they liked it ironically

94b283  No.15474023


They're only politically incorrect in a South Park manner, as in "lol everyone is dumb" whileleaning left anyway, only they're British so there's an added sense of perceived superiority.

e75e41  No.15474028


Previous Anon is just speculating, pessimistically assuming that Rockstar will put a bunch of cucky shit in the game because other companies have been doing that for a while now. I'm going to wait until I see proof of cuckery, myself. I definitely believe they'll do the shitty microtransaction stuff they did for GTAV just because it's proven to be so profitable.

583e28  No.15474042


Leftists always turn on the last generation's 'achievements' it's why they aren't worth pandering to.

4a267e  No.15474048


We're just getting into the virtue signaling from gamergate in big games, since they take so long to make we've only seen a little of the effect. Big games coming out this year are primed to be filled with it.

dda484  No.15474072


>what are the odds


7bfe78  No.15474080

File: f76248e94656656⋯.jpg (148.58 KB, 520x853, 520:853, 69a7d78a139b383da798e6ff16….jpg)



I never understood this.

Please explain to me how getting free DLCs and being able to obtain everything by playing the game is bad in current year for a triple A company?

You have the choice to obtain whatever you want by simply playing the fucking game.

e91232  No.15474081

File: 23ef95a3c4767cc⋯.png (587.7 KB, 492x594, 82:99, ClipboardImage.png)


No clue how anyone could've liked a mobie based on a theatre show written by a guy that looks like this.

022f1a  No.15474088

File: 4fdbe1b63d20fa4⋯.png (247.57 KB, 479x354, 479:354, reaction_face_one_billion.PNG)



Has everyone forggoten that their recent GTAV has the main cast being a degenerate bisexual canadian, a literal cuckold backstabber and an alpha nigger, who regularly fucks a white blonde chick? In fact, the only character not displayed as a walking dumpster fire is Franklin, the main protagonist. The rest is just being realistic about where rockstar is going with their continuous simplification of game systems of every new iteration of a game in the series, from GTA2 to GTAV.

c05a0b  No.15474153


Because when the only reason to play the game is to progress, you'll get curbstomped by a guy's wallet.

a5f162  No.15474166


He's an american.

924daa  No.15474255


this. franklin was the only character to actually grow into a moderately responsible human being worth rooting for as the "good guy", trevor was the lmao XD so randum psychopath and michael was a useless literal cuckold

0bc490  No.15474305

>>15474088 (Heil'd!)

>Alpha nigger who regularly fucks a white blonde chick

I seem to have erased this from my mind as I don't recall anything like that in the story. Franklin only got where he was after he threw in with Michael and Trevor.

4a8aa7  No.15474364

File: dc46544915d27df⋯.jpg (55.89 KB, 728x376, 91:47, 1536621606857.jpg)

I fear that RDR2 is going to make /v/ an even bigger niggerfaggot hellhole that it already is

63a655  No.15474437


Only thing I can think of what anon meant is Franklin and Michael's daughter, which while I can see happening with how much of a whore she was, don't remember the two of them even having any interactions.

94b283  No.15474498


>continuous simplification of game systems of every new iteration of a game in the series, from GTA2 to GTAV

Nigger GTA V is dumbed down as fuck but saying that GTA 2 is actually more sophisticated than the PS2-era titles (and IV for that matter) is pure contrarianism.

e46818  No.15474510

File: bbca9b2e6d2befc⋯.jpg (37.65 KB, 585x585, 1:1, C1tovhLUQAADEkq.jpg)


Impossible, this place is a fucking reddita and twatter infested shithole rivaling cuck/v/ nowadays.

d51a2f  No.15474511

If it looks like RDR and plays more or less like RDR, what do you think it'll be? Certainly not the fun spaghetti western Read Dead Revolver was

33357f  No.15474545


I really hope not. RDR isn't that good of a game in the first place, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. There's something about the world, even though there's nothing in it, that's charming. GTA was never that good. Even San Andreas, the best of the series, is mediocre.


That's retarded, anon.

03b4a5  No.15474571


t. shit eating busta

94b283  No.15474586


>There's something about the world, even though there's nothing in it, that's charming.

This is the vibe I got from SA's world, I don't know why but even though it's rather empty and bad looking in many areas by today's standards, I just find the crude low-poly low-res look of all these areas so charming, especially over the years. But then again I'm also fascinated with that crude look of 5th gen games when graphics were primitive and those 3D worlds existed in voids with nothing else.

33357f  No.15474592


I should probably play the game a little more, to be honest. The only 3D GTA games I've bothered with besides SA are III and V.

94b283  No.15474617


VC is definitely worth it for the story and atmosphere even if the gameplay is rather outdated nowadays (I'm a little surprised the devs were barely aware of what a right stick is until SA).

dae187  No.15474639

File: e346bbb8bb94bb5⋯.jpg (104.73 KB, 1200x1192, 150:149, hitler in skyrim.jpg)



So I don't remember GTA5 being as pozzed as everyone describes besides the cuck traitor and degenerate canadian protag franklin isn't an alpha nigger he was a nothing nigger. He was just a stereotypical "get out da hood" nig which really just means "White people stuff mane I want to live in whiteyland nugga." If RDR goes poz then just put me in bunker mode. There are no games unpozzed might as well just play Tac shooters and fighting games for the rest of my life and forget about single player games. I won't support poz.

94b283  No.15474650


Franklin wasn't developed enough anyway. Like the hood portion is extremely short and then he gets his fancy house rather abruptly. This is actually because a large portion of the story was cut, the hood portions were originally much longer and the transition was smoother. V has a headache-inducing amount of cut content.

dae187  No.15474660

File: e5b8d8112adc4c4⋯.jpg (142.62 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, Dwemer fat fuck.jpg)


Everyone in that game was underdeveloped it felt like half a game. Probably relative to the fact that it's just half a map. Todd made better shit like skyrim here.

94b283  No.15474675


Don't get me started on the map. Although I was bummed at first the game was not gonna have multiple cities, I gigured it'll still be great if we get a rendition of LS as detailed as LC in IV and if the countryside is as diverse as in SA. In the end the whole map sucks, LS is shallow and undetailed (I prefer the one in fucking SA, it's not graphically detailed but has an atmosphere), countryside is mostly boring mountains, like two-three small towns, undersized desert and not even having any routes for fun boat trips (a one-way river and around the whole map, exciting). It's telling when a budget GTA like LCS from 2005 has more fun content than this.

33357f  No.15474685


It's not really the aesthetic. I think I like RDR's world because there's nothing in it. Games are always struggling to be more worldly by filling it with NPCs, culture, advertisements, et cetera. This is why I was so excited to play GTA V and particularly Online, because I thought it'd be the most worldly game out there, where you could play golf, influence the stock market, plan heists, all of this extensive and accurately simulated. It was none of those things. An even greater offender would be LA Noire, which I can only appreciate for its authenticity. RDR's bareness, however, manages to articulate this worldliness better than any other open-world game I've played because it leaves a lot more to the imagination.


I've been thinking about Vice City, but it just seems a bit too dull in terms of gameplay.

dae187  No.15474686


The city is nice until you find out that the pedestrian ai is less developed than GTA4. GTA4 was a more convincing city and had more atmosphere. GTA5 feels like a gta clone game in comparison when it comes to city layout, immersion, and atmosphere. The city in gta4 just felt more alive by default of pedestrian behavior, layout, and diverse NPC actions. If you were walking around brooklyn you saw packs of orthodox jews or if your in "hove beach" there are a bunch of eastern europeans. It wasn't as generic as 5 is. 5 is just a boring fucking game with an online life support mode for deadheaded gamers.

94b283  No.15474704

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Shit that's yet another point. I loved how in 3D era games, peds were repeating sure but each one had funny lines. Even those in IV had plenty, even if they were kinda fading at that point. Peds in V are just assholes with no redeeming features.

Also everybody dies instantly in V while IV had the cool feature of people not immediately dying from gunshots and even getting up after "killing" them unless you shot them straight in the head, just like in real life.

dae187  No.15474712


The thing I like about RDRs world was just that everything could be a potential hostile so it felt like you were in a western movie. I don't want these games to ape GTA they should be more action based as opposed to "Run from point a to b on horse and do an activity" The thing I like about RDR is that it actually wasn't "Narrative heavy" like it's critics claim it is. First off everything about the characters and story is window dressing because it's shot like a tarantino movie revealing details about the past here and there that are completely inconsequential to what's actually going on in the moment.

4b8c04  No.15474715


That's just LA, anon.

4b8c04  No.15474717


That's just LA, too, anon.

dae187  No.15474722


The peds in 4 were more detailed in terms of damage you are right. It's like in 5 they stopped giving a fuck about the things that made Rstar games good which are just small details that enhance the experience. They also suck at dropping references now and instead of drawing from iconic cinema they draw from the well of "mocking cultural phenomena of the era" which will not age well.

000000  No.15474724


Rockstar is leftist, so anything that they create will be shit.

6bd5d9  No.15474738

File: d1698b4580e28c8⋯.jpg (458 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 143485.jpg)

File: f25083fba711eb1⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 460x259, 460:259, 1509775904954.gif)

dae187  No.15474743

File: ed8899f7d2acb05⋯.jpg (34.35 KB, 480x360, 4:3, simplejack.jpg)



94b283  No.15474749

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




That's exactly why parodying modern day bullshit in wannabe South Park style is shit. Give me another period game any day now.

dae187  No.15474760


Realistic portrayal of nigger circa 1992

33357f  No.15474773

File: 21ae4986e0389f9⋯.png (707.26 KB, 673x723, 673:723, Sue_Murry.png)

File: 42dcc17341005f7⋯.png (99.88 KB, 350x268, 175:134, JockCranley-GTAV.png)


The game has a heavy emphasis on player choice, so I would not be surprised if this was an option. They might as well call the game Red Dead Effect.


>they draw from the well of "mocking cultural phenomena of the era" which will not age well

It was shockingly predictive with the in-game gubernatorial election, though.

6bd5d9  No.15474810

File: 9b2946b19b57fcc⋯.jpg (75.52 KB, 942x156, 157:26, dejat.jpg)

bf42c6  No.15474812


>inb4 all the "bad" options that make people hate you are the correct ones

>inb4 giving up your guns and marrying a nigger are the "good" options

bd0106  No.15474864


You're also forgetting how IV's cops actually acted like cops and attempt to arrest the player and other random perps around the city. In V they are completely absent until you do something, then they spawn in your asshole and try to kill you. They don't even try to arrest you, just flat out murder you or run you over.

d51a2f  No.15474875

File: 2654036e381662e⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 1771x1028, 1771:1028, The-Great-Silence.jpg)



I doubt Rockstar uas the balls, but it could recreate The Great Silence and let more or less be pic related or the mute fag That would be more "player choice" then the inevitable help the nigger because its the main story and you don't get a choice.

91ccec  No.15474876

File: 0c0c76502ab9ac3⋯.png (212.43 KB, 499x275, 499:275, catbrick.png)


to survive in multiplayer and not get griefed over and over again you need:

- a jet

- an insurgent for driving around and not getting blown up

- a good sniper rifle

- a money hungry homing missile launcher that costs like $1500 per rocket to refill

- a tank

getting all this takes literally months of continous grinding if you dont get any shark cards

if you don't have at least half this stuff you will get repeatedly stomped on in freeroam by people that do

i was fortunate enough to have a hacker drop me 30mil but this kind of thing happens fairly rarely

so tell me more about how fair and balanced gta online is for people that don't want to fork out for shark cards you fucking shill faggot

dae187  No.15474884


we didn't really mention cops but also the firemen and the paramedics in 4 were alot better than the retards in 5.

8c8ebc  No.15474941


A player who isn't cheating has to accept that their efforts will pale in comparison to the cheater. If you're getting ganked by some cunt just move server, it certainly doesn't mean you go and buy fucking Shark Cards to even the balance. I played the online for about 6 months on the bawx (how the fuck is anyone still playing this?) and rarely had anyone griefing with any level of success, the odd dickhead certainly but then the whole online is a clusterfuck deathmatch anyway, it's not like you can't grief a griefer back, shit sometimes that was the drive for a whole session depending on how it started.

e4858c  No.15474983

File: f45a11439a0947e⋯.gif (2.12 MB, 460x246, 230:123, autism intensifies.gif)

It rustles my jimmies when people call it just "Red Dead 2" because this is the THIRD game in the series.

0bc490  No.15474999

File: e3ff569e6f4055f⋯.png (834.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, e3ff569e6f4055f2fe9a54e971….png)


>SA the best in the series



f977d3  No.15476905

0ce293  No.15476910

File: da2835ee500f350⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 15181892651912903572739857….jpg)


Because if you keep letting it slide you'll eventually get another Battlefront II situation down the road.

Also story DLC being tied to an online mode with no way to play it once support for your version of the game is eventually dropped is a really shitty thing to be rewarding.

It's bad enough we can't host our own multiplayer games servers after support is dropped like the old days.

f9f214  No.15476960


GTA up until now was Leslie Benzies. With his departure, I'm expecting RDR2 to shift shockingly to current year where there is a clear right and wrong and right is wrong.

f9f214  No.15476962


>In V they are completely absent until you do something, then they spawn in your asshole and try to kill you.

That's LA. I think a lot of you aren't from California.

deebce  No.15477030

That man in suffering from some kind of medical disorder.

7369d7  No.15477148

File: 4befcf1a5bfb301⋯.png (9.79 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1411328404001.png)

I am willing to bet most people who call GTA V undetailed/empty are people that have literally only played the original PS3/360 version. The re-release on PC is a pretty big step up

8796d1  No.15477192

File: e5aa74835ee83c3⋯.jpg (36.86 KB, 460x215, 92:43, nig.jpg)


There`s people in denial regarding that, he is on par with mafia 3 mc

9ced10  No.15477614

So… how bad do you believe the new Red Dead Online will be? At least people wouldn't blast you with tanks or harriers.

ebffb9  No.15477638

File: 2888a1a787e9e0d⋯.png (12.66 KB, 399x370, 399:370, wider than you.png)


>He's an american.

Ah, I see. That kind of "white".

94b283  No.15477751


Despite your trips you a busta

d3adaa  No.15478195

cc605d  No.15478344

File: d1ed16044b0a26d⋯.jpeg (149.13 KB, 1000x933, 1000:933, 5b7a33e415080.jpeg)

File: ec8f9fe9010e278⋯.png (23.65 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Dm64KAWW0AITolT.png)


>56 Percent

You gotta license for that meme buddy ?

94b283  No.15478797

File: 1a07a25264eb361⋯.jpg (58.21 KB, 783x601, 783:601, image0.png.jpg)

Don't let the furfags know

39d571  No.15478897


>Red Dead will have horse genitals as a feature from day one while Bethesda that to have them modded into Skyrim.

Todd BTFO.

6f3383  No.15479089

File: a43f4543bba9e81⋯.png (8.26 KB, 344x135, 344:135, 1536897655916.png)


Never say never nigger

Shitholes can always go further beyond, just look at cuckchan.

63a655  No.15479338


I can only imagine being the person on the dev team who has to model horse genitalia, and whether they enjoy their job or not. Or if they just steal it from SFM porn.

cce89d  No.15479360

File: fc0b64fabfac7ae⋯.jpg (48.68 KB, 639x760, 639:760, [Todd disliked that].jpg)

eecddc  No.15479370




Is this better or worse than taleworlds modelling and rendering cammel anuses for bannerlord?

2614f9  No.15479379

who cares about this garbage it's not coming to PC and the only good game is red dead revolver

136b23  No.15479436

File: 01bef7b6b6a6f7b⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1786x1030, 893:515, 1408749643368.png)





He's tanned from being in the sun because he's a cowboy you fuck autists. Have you ever been outside?

0c8309  No.15479456

File: b9cf77316a6e96f⋯.jpg (85.75 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1446986933249.jpg)


>he's been outside

7369d7  No.15479467


>implying I'm wrong

44d9ce  No.15479835


Remember most of Europe has a lot fewer sunny days and daylight on average than most of the U.S; On average the American is more likely to be a bit more tan than his Yuropoor cousins because of this.

136b23  No.15480631

File: e5cc78cbcb48b2b⋯.png (375.94 KB, 490x490, 1:1, 1393950060531.png)


cowboys were out in the sun all day back then and it makes sense that he has a tan. If the retards here want to call him a mutt (it's a fucking video game) because he has a historically accurate tan then they are childish morons

a7ba92  No.15480892

File: 4a04e014ac1bd41⋯.png (464.1 KB, 620x508, 155:127, ....png)


>wasting time and manpower on this nonsense

>even thinking it up to begin with

c57226  No.15480915


I can already tell I don't want to be playing a 56% mulatto

0bc490  No.15480921

File: 4cf2dd877d2fb43⋯.gif (969.53 KB, 250x200, 5:4, 4cf2dd877d2fb430ac44b8da53….gif)


>It's just a video game, there is no slippery slope

a5093d  No.15480957


People call the Japs weird for drawing animal assholes and baby dicks, but they've been thoroughly blown out of the water.

94b283  No.15481314

Overall, a lot of shit has been revealed lately. Here's a summary:

- No PC version for now, but it's not ruled out. Initially somebody posted that a Rockstar dev stated it's "absolutely not coming to PC", but that was a mistranslation from an Italian article.

- Temperature system similar to Zelda Breath of The Wild, you need to wear appropriate clothes.

- If your horse dies, it dies for good. Oh and they poop while you travel.

- You can whistle for your horse as long as you hold the button, if you do it for too long Arthur will run out of breath.

- You can shoot weapons to break them.

- Characters have two sets of dialogue recorded, one normal and one yelling for when you're too far apart.

- Dogs will remember you and will not bark at you if you were nice to them, if you kill a random civilian you han expect their family to hunt you down throughout the game.

- Jacking trains is finally possible.

- Your gang members can loot bodies before you do.

b22432  No.15481406


Those two caricatures aren't just "lol drumpf" and "lol dindu nuffin hillary" though.

a56a45  No.15481453

File: c4bd4842c423309⋯.png (70.94 KB, 555x574, 555:574, pans.png)


>it's genius when japan does it!

03fdeb  No.15481523


>giving you the capability to play a song with pans is on the same level as letting your horses testicles shrink and expand

8294a8  No.15481609


no, that's wrong. it's because yurofags are peasants in denial and having a tan and/or calloused hands was the sign of a peasant. yurofags all think they are descendants of royalty instead of what they actually are which is dirt farming peasants

3a97b1  No.15481616

File: 0cdf6f905dfc236⋯.jpg (114.62 KB, 1080x889, 1080:889, Red Dead Redemption 2.jpg)


Literally sad they didn't do pic related

030d69  No.15481625


To be fair the Tanker chapter is heralded as one of the biggest TECHNOLOGY moments in gaming, simply because there's so much detailing to be found. Most noted being that fucking ice cubes melt at different speeds depending on how close they are to each other. It's a completely unnecessary detail, but it's there regardless.

03fdeb  No.15481626


Is that not just a western version of GTA V?

3a97b1  No.15481640


i'm pretty sure thats what RDR2 gonna be anyway. Just with stuff rockstar stole from Witcher 3 and a shitty Nolan-tier multi year story.

94b283  No.15481649


No fuck having 3 protags. It only made things worse for GTA V, less time to develop each one and the already short campaign of 69 missions had to be spread thin.

3a97b1  No.15481664


Not really, having all three protags having the exact same goal and being obsessively driven to fine it through most of the game would makes up for how shitty and unfocused GTA 5's story was.

fb659e  No.15481667

>buy gaytayay V when it gets cheap in some promo

>want just to race because the shooting in that game is garbage

>people just ram each other, wins whoever is lucky to get away at the begining

i can onl y imagine how shit this auto aim shitfest with slo-motion must be

b9c4f5  No.15481669

I read about a lot of the neat features like dynamic hair growth and the length determines how you can stylize it. A lot of the features sound really cool, I'll wait until the game comes out, I won't shit on it until then.

4adcf3  No.15482033

File: 6ce8e72dbe95634⋯.jpg (226.07 KB, 693x592, 693:592, 1445524034558.jpg)


>shitty Nolan-tier

6bd5d9  No.15482078


They have every Rockstar studio working on it.

It's likely done by code which would have been a pretty quick job.

Get horsetest size

Get temp

If temp is > #

increase horsetest size

else shrink

Of course it's more complex and intricate but for a professional programmer it's nothing.

6bd5d9  No.15482100


Come to think of it, it's more likely done controlling an animation of the testicles expanding and contracting.

You control the rate, and direction in time of the animation depending on the temperature.

be3d95  No.15482270


They are literally just animating the Cremaster muscle that controls testicular ascent/decent.

your balls don't actually change in size, but rather move up and down involuntary obviously due to temp. All they really need to bother with is moving the horse testicles closer to the abdomen.

e9d326  No.15482305


tfw the average american actually thinks like this

746b2f  No.15482339



>Michael was a cuckhold

Didnt he cheat first and they went “open marriage” after that?

89df73  No.15482350

>Red Dead Redemption 2




0be151  No.15482358


>they spawn in your asshole and try to kill you

little kek

0be151  No.15482405


youre talking about revolver but was that "really" the first game in the series?

redemption is so different than rev that i have trouble calling them part of the same series

0be151  No.15482423


so fucking this

2b6ff6  No.15482576


There's nothing funnier than you white cucks jumping the gun and willing to call ANYTHING a nigger. That nose is not black. I can guarantee that.

0be151  No.15482582


yea its been confirmed to be a prequel

5fd2fa  No.15483016

The first game was overrated trash and this one will be too.

0be151  No.15483240


no ur gay

b7c156  No.15483310

White people aren't even white, they're pink.

012fb8  No.15483679

012fb8  No.15483683


You as well leftist.

c57226  No.15483698

679f58  No.15483710


What the hell? There isn't one single post in this thread about R2D2!

012fb8  No.15483726


RDR was not the first game you underage faggot.

21698f  No.15483740

File: 16d883bf5eebf49⋯.jpg (23.36 KB, 278x358, 139:179, rdr.jpg)


RDR was the first game, you idiot, regardless of which you're talking about.

26b92f  No.15484800


so easy to spot the redditors from cuckchan. fun fact: old /tv/ rightfully hated nolan

214d84  No.15485127


They've been working on it for 8 fucking years, retard. You don't spend 8 years making a reskin.

Here's a list of known features since a lot of info came out yesterday or the day before about it. Many of these are not present in GTA 5/Online in any form.


The tents in the camp are upgradable, unlock new features. Example: Dutch tent unlocks a fast travel map

Talk to your gang members during horse rides

Gang members also loot bodies after a fight

You have to share a portion of your loot with the camp via 'donations'

You can sing songs with gang members

Camps are described as 'homely'

The camp is optional so it isn't a big cousin that wants to go bowling

Your allies flank and give covering fire

Morale is important. Alcohol raises morale

Keeping the camp happy will give hidden benefits


The gang is still in it's heyday when the game starts

RDR2 starts with the Blackwater robbery and afterwards they flee to the Grizzly's.

The gang left their money in Blackwater

Arthur could take prisoners, leave them to die in the snowy mountain or kill them on the spot

When and how you complete missions is irrelevant to the story. This is no Witcher so no multiple outcomes and endings.

How you complete missions does have an impact on how NPC's react to you


Arthur can swim, but not very well

Arthur has to wear the right clothing for weather or suffer stamina penalties

Removing bandanna after committing a crime makes the wanted level go away faster

No more full outfits but full customization

Layered clothing

Tuck your pants into your boots, wear belts over clothing, roll up your sleeves, etc.

Arthur can get fat or skinny. So eat healthy and exercise

You can wear dead animals as hats

You can lose your hat but it will spawn on your horse

Mirrors reflect and Arthur will make comments: "You are getting old Arthur."

Arthur get dirt under his fingernails

You can take a bath

Beards grow and you have to groom them. Barbers do a better job than you.

Lighting strikes (which could hit you)


NPC's remember behavior. Example: NPC remembered Arthur helped him after a snake bite

A farmer will behave differently then a sheriff

NPC's put bounties on your head and bounty hunters will come after you

You can talk with every NPC and the remember your conversations

NPC's comment if you are dirty/bloody

Most NPC's have terrible dental hygiene

NPC's react to environment and lean on things

Townspeople remember your crimes even after you paid your bounty

All NPC's have schedules

The AI maneuvers around you, seek cover and even climb houses to gain the high ground.

If you don't hit NPC's in vital organs they might absorb multiple bullets

NPC's might fall to the ground but get back up to surprise you

Hand to hand combat is more dynamic. Faces deform after getting hit. Black eyes, bruises, broken lips.

People grown when crouching or picking stuff up

Animal cruelty is a crime. Shoot a dog and someone will tell the sheriff

When you join a group in conversation they will talk about you too


You have to pull back the hammer before you can fire

Gunfights are much slower

Cover is really important

When hit you can gain a limp and lose stamina

You can pet animals. Petted dogs won't bark at you again

Prisoners can be tied to trees

Play honorable and gain more bounty cash

Dollars are as much worth as in 1899

Shoot hats of people and steal them

Move-able dead bodies

Track-able animals

Shoot horses so they throw off their rider

Deadeye: now has 5 levels, Level 1 allows for slowdown, Level 2 allows you to paint targets and unleash a barrage of shots, and Level 3 allows you to manually pick your shooting points, etc.

Shoot weapons out enemies hands

Crafting weapons, foods, drinks, etc.

Dive rolling and diving while shooting in deadeye

Bounties return

Train heists outside of missions

Hunt legendary animals

Hunting with bow gives more money for pelt

You can see where you hit an animal

All buildings are enterable

Fire warning shot at animals and NPC's


Can hold these weapons at the same time: 2 small guns, 2 rifles, lasso, throwing weapons and a knife.

Guns have stats

You have to clean your weapons or their stats become lower and they might jam

Guns sound really powerful and make booming sounds. Sounds carry really far

Every part of the gun is customizable. From the hammer to the grip.

Bullets load one by one

Bow and arrow count as rifle but is stealthy

Double wielding again confirmed

Shotguns blow off arms and legs

Guns have way more recoil

Bandolier: Ammo capacity for longarm weapons is increased by 50%

Gunbolt: Base ammo for sidearms is increased by 50%

Holster: Slow degradation of all weapons by 20%

You can spin guns when putting them away

TNT throwing, throwing knives and gattling guns return

Different types of ammo and ammo is craftable

Weapons rust

214d84  No.15485128



Part 2


Horse testicles shrink or elongate in accordance to the weather

Dynamic horse testicles, they shrink in cold weather

Name your horse

You can scold or praise your horse

Whistle radius grows when the horse bond grows

Horse equipment is fully customizable, from the saddle that has golden pins to the hair

A Dutch preview said they put dreadlocks in the hair of their horse

Horses shit dynamically

Walk your horse around

Jump from your horse onto a moving train

Brush your horses. Arthur makes remarks about the horse depending on the horses gender

Store horses in stables so you have more backup horses

Horses die and can't be resurrected

Tell a horse to flee to spare it's life

Horses kick behind them. In one preview they even killed a man

Horses have personalities

Horses move sideways

Horses can learn tricks


Sprinting by tapping (X)

Weapon system similar to Max Payne 3. Weapon wheel.

Customizable HUD. Remove at will the radar, HUD or compass

Aim assist can be tuned down

First person and 3 third person views confirmed

Cinematic killcam from Max Payne 3. Depends on your honor level from which perspective you see it.

Stealth and crouching confirmed

Tricorn camera's and selfies confirmed


John Marston and Bill Williamson have the same voice actor as the last game

Opossums play dead like in real life

Drive-able trains

The map contains 5 states: Lemoyne, Ambarino, New Hannover, West Elizabeth and NEW AUSTIN

Dead bodies won't despawn but decompose and attract scavengers

Newspapers return

Condensation and glowing heat from bullets

Snow trails

Mountains rise above the cloud line. So no dynamic weather

Hunted animals make terrible dying sounds

Animals have a different marker than dead bodies

You are able to pick up most items in the game

Different camera angles

Spilled oil has that "rainbow" look to it

192 music tracks from original composer

Physics just like real life

Honor system returns

Prostitutes can be used but no full nudity

Gunfight legendary shooters

You might find notes in drawers and learn useful information

Dynamic weather yet again confirmed

e74241  No.15485130

game looks completely deriritive and will probably shit over rdr2010's only good feature its story

2e35ae  No.15485154



you retards know nothing about tans and facial genetics

5e009a  No.15485174


>Your allies flank and give covering fire

Sounds good, but that depends on ai.

>Arthur can get fat or skinny. So eat healthy and exercise

Could be annoying depending how it works

>Mirrors reflect and Arthur will make comments: "You are getting old Arthur."

I hope this means Hitman-tier mirrors and not Mafia 3.

>NPC's put bounties on your head and bounty hunters will come after you

How is that any different then shooting up a town and getting a posse after you?

>NPC's react to environment and lean on things

They already leaned on objects and pretended to be doing things.

>All buildings are enterable

Which means they'll keep town sizes tiny.


>Aim assist can be tuned down

Does that mean it can be turned off or just decreased to some point?

>Tricorn camera's and selfies confirmed


Absolutely retarded

>Mountains rise above the cloud line. So no dynamic weather

>Dynamic weather yet again confirmed

What are you trying to say?

4c3f5c  No.15485176


>having a tan is a slippery slope

LOL, you're an idiot. Stay miserable, nigger.

214d84  No.15485183


The top of the mountain doesn't have dynamic weather since it's above the cloud line. Only areas under the clouds have dynamic weather

And auto-aim will probably function similarly to how it is in GTA where you can choose, full auto-aim, partial auto-aim(tracking isn't as strong as full), free aim-assisted(locks but doesn't track), and full free aim.

fd9478  No.15485772

cockstar north are such faggots because rockstar san diego made a better game than the shit show that was gtav. i hope cockstar north didn't meddle in american creative genius with rdr2

4b2c60  No.15485795

File: 5af454ab6529d2e⋯.png (11.26 KB, 500x560, 25:28, 5af454ab6529d2efe23f3c69fd….png)


>having a tan isn't a slippery slope


f2b531  No.15485836


>Dynamic horse testicles

But no jiggly boob physics? Western priorities man…

5b8da3  No.15485871


No jiggly horse boob physics either

d33bb5  No.15486445


jewstar north is terrible

09341e  No.15486456

>this close to release

>still barely any gameplay footage

They sure do have a lot of confidence in their product.

e61364  No.15486653

I hope there will be amerimutts. You deserve to play as your ancestors.

dce362  No.15487184

File: 6ad0c3fab0650de⋯.png (1.65 MB, 965x1127, 965:1127, 37b47d1f343e833632a6c86443….png)


They have confidence that normalfags and whaled will pay up the ass for their microtransaction filled garbage fire.

If the singleplayer doesn't have it then it will be extremely short, shallow and empty and there will be no updates to it as they'll be too busy making sure people keep paying for microtansactions playing the multiplayer by dishing out said updates to thirsty normalfaggots and streamer cancer.

0271eb  No.15487208




I'm not American and even I think you're fucking retarded. Being half Anglo and half Germanic or any of the other combinations of white races makes you a mutt now?

99117d  No.15487240



So it's GTA:SA in the old west?

0dae92  No.15487271

File: 2fb27264c127fc9⋯.webm (623 KB, 480x360, 4:3, astro nigga.webm)


here you go you autonomous buttplug

0dae92  No.15487457


>so easy to spot the redditors from cuckchan

indeed it is

1e0161  No.15487620

File: a8e2db9f27349aa⋯.png (163.46 KB, 220x272, 55:68, ClipboardImage.png)


The publisher already stated that this game would have just as many if not more microtransactions than GTA Online.


To be fair there's alot of half-indian cowboy stories, just look at this game.

057761  No.15488087


>Martsons wife laying down the law on you and kicking your ass for talking back at one point

I'd be surprised if they did this. She was the town bike getting passed between everyone in the camp according to Redemption 1. Plus I don't think Rockstar has gone full nu-male yet.

43ebea  No.15488476


Take Two Interactive has confirmed Shark Cards for Red Dead Redemption 2.

365bd0  No.15488483


Slavs are jewish, not white. Also not video games, sage doesn't negate that.

c55067  No.15489155

File: 0c965a2ca4553c8⋯.png (766.23 KB, 961x800, 961:800, 0c965a2ca4553c8a17b3c109b4….png)




That's pretty damn funny, considering how I know a ultra liberal woman who would perform in the live action performances, and later became a tranny herself

c55067  No.15489226

File: 744002101956fc4⋯.jpg (14.07 KB, 480x360, 4:3, porkchop.jpg)


So essentially The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, except replace the soldiers with cowboys, and the indian with a spic.

I'd play it

77ed0c  No.15489325


>all slavs are Jewish

Okie doke.

fff020  No.15489491


Red Dead Revolver MC was a half injun half white, so yes, it's possible.

fe6211  No.15489512

File: 07c5b09affe3bf2⋯.png (888.88 KB, 1232x806, 616:403, j7b.png)


>SA the best in the series


136b23  No.15489578

File: 6733f1ef2051c87⋯.jpg (85.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jack Marston.jpg)

File: 44af0725b16cc13⋯.jpg (44.29 KB, 513x513, 1:1, John Marston.jpg)


>>having a tan isn't a slippery slope

Both John and Jack Marston had tans in the original game because guess what? The game takes place largely in the desert on the border between Texas and Mexico where it is very sunny and hot. If you're a cowboy riding around killing people and doing shit and you're out in the desert sun your skin is going to tan. I can't even believe I have to explain this.



>let's make sure to bring up the percentage of whites in America in a thread about a wild west video game

Kill yourself derailing kike shill

fff020  No.15489606


They know it, they just like being contrarians to annoy people.

0bc490  No.15489788



Everyone knows Vice City is the best GTA game. You two are just niggers.

0bc490  No.15489810


>69 missions

>Split between 3 characters

>~23 missions per character

>GTA III had 73 missions

>GTA Vice City had 70 missions

>GTA San Andreas had 107 missions

>GTA IV had 94 missions

Stop defending it.

Polite sage for double post.

d31427  No.15490101


tbh we don't like Nolan but will admit he made 6 minutes of cinematic perfection

Everything else he has ever done has been shit but the Plane Scene is masterful, much like the pipe strip from Garfeild

f502ee  No.15490928

File: 932d93d17f505e7⋯.jpeg (40.9 KB, 720x484, 180:121, image.jpeg)

>*whistles for non-magic horse*

>autoruns on road to quest marker

>*cowboy curtis vision activates*

>"Mhmm….partner's got giant slash marks all over himself….a Mexican™, I reckon."

>"Come on, Buck"

>*follows revolver*

>guys in Sherrif™ costumes appear


>"You stink, partner" THE ONLY COMPASSSS THAT I NEEEEEEEED *shoot guys and they trip for 3 minutes, does a cinematic dead eye and blow them in half"

>"Mhmm….Mexicans™ pretending to be the Law™……better hollar at the camp about this"

>"Giddyup, Buck"

>*autoruns on road back to camp*


>"Just some rascals posing as Sherrifs™, here's proof *shows deceased hogtied Mexican*"



>10 coins received

82f8f9  No.15491122


I don't know why but this always makes me laugh.

fd0f47  No.15491292


It's really unfortunate that everything is hidden behind a paywall, because there's plenty of fun to be had in gta online. It's one of the few games left where you're allowed to be an absolute dickhead and not get banned straightaway. I consider a multiplayer game good when there is absolutely no chance of a bad player ever killing a good player, something that can't be said for other games like fortnite and csgo. I would say gta online is similar to tf2 in the sense that there is an enormous amount of little hidden mechanics as well as both communities being fucking autistic.

>wear a bulletproof helmet so you can't get one shot in the head

>use the homing launcher because its rockets are faster than the rpg

>reload weapons more quickly by switching weapons

>additionally, you can spam rockets by switching after shooting

>use first person mode because it is far superior to third-person

>lag yourself so you can oneshot with your sniper while appearing as a spaz to your opponent

>kill yourself so your opponent doesn't kill you

>punch before killing yourself so you can kill yourself quicker and cheaper

>wear all black so you are harder to see.

And that's without talking about abusing your motorcycle club and ceo or the fuckloads of vehicles that counter eachother, passive popping, godmode glitches etc.

b256dd  No.15491502


>So what are the odds it'll be anything other than a vehicle for a reskin of GTA Online?

So its gonna have cars and helicopters and shit?

1fd690  No.15491511


Didn't I play this game already?

b256dd  No.15491517


I liked GTA1 and 2. They had a much better sense of speed.

c23fe3  No.15491789


Is brokeback mountain a good movie?

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