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File: 49ea921a43754be⋯.png (94.68 KB, 700x700, 1:1, vr taking pics.png)

d25b38  No.15549481

post game recommendations, reviews, headset news and the like.

Personally, I've been having fun with TrinusVR and dolphin VR, mostly a Zelda rerun.

I've been planning to make some Cardboard stuff but it looks like Daydream sucks and unity only supports regular cardboard after 5.6

d25b38  No.15549915

File: 44893a7ef0245fd⋯.mp4 (893.37 KB, 326x144, 163:72, gondola vr.mp4)

t-the future.

000000  No.15551102

I heard that there's a lot of lewd stuff going on in private rooms in vrchat. Can anyone confirm?

f8a068  No.15551112

File: fb4ee49fbc35284⋯.jpg (64.73 KB, 540x720, 3:4, fifa 07.jpg)

It's cool that virtual reality is good and working, now we can shelve it until we have deep learning AI waifu simulators.

b57e88  No.15551548

What headset is worth getting right now? How is vive? Or is it still better to wait?

af58fd  No.15551555


if only

d25b38  No.15552273


depends, if you don't care about money, best to wait for the next vive iteration, if you want the best money/performance ratio, buy an used PSVR, hook it up to your PC through trinusPSVR and hook up one or two phones through trinusHand as controllers. if I'm not mistaken, the cheapest trinusHand compatible phone is the moto g2 but any phone with a gyro will work.

b8f478  No.15552345

VR is only good for porn, and even then

>Paying that much to make your dick happy

85b407  No.15552472


I have VR. It's cool, but this is the main reason why I don't put it on that often.

000000  No.15552936


Yeah. I'm mainly interested in the porn and getting lewd with other degenerates in "games" like vrchat. Definitely not paying the price of a new gaming rig for this shit though.

3ca18f  No.15553919

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> hook it up to your PC through trinusPSVR and hook up one or two phones through trinusHand as controllers

Or you can just say fuck all that noise and just get VorpX so you can play a shit-ton of classic vidya that's actually good in VR. Plus, older games aren't as demanding so it's easier to hit benchmarks without turning the graphics options down to potato.

Yeah, e-celeb faggotry and jewtube embed. Just view it as a demonstration of what's possible.

d25b38  No.15554490


nigger did you even watch the video?

he had VorpX running on top of TrinusPSVR exactly as I suggested.

VorpX is impossible to try out or pirate anyways so it isn't worth it to risk paying for software that may or may not work, DolphinVR is free and libre so you know you're not getting scammed.

Also use invidio.

4bc5b9  No.15554492

File: 523242175c6a5ff⋯.jpg (204.74 KB, 1046x1910, 523:955, VR Waifu.jpg)

d25b38  No.15554554

File: 636458e1070c5a5⋯.png (674.34 KB, 500x1233, 500:1233, ClipboardImage.png)


Is this like we used to do where we cut out crucial information from comic strips? why'd we even stop doing that?

f702c4  No.15554618

Wmrs are pretty good, 200 bux, compatible with everything, and tracking in headset, wands have haptic now

dcb6ed  No.15554653


The crucial information that you're missing for that strip requires knowledge of who those characters are and their relationship. I don't think anything was cut.

Yours is pretty good though.

d25b38  No.15554728


>mixed reality

so can I still use it as a regular headset?

7aa97f  No.15554819

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah, literally the exact same thing; Window's Platform just used "WMR" as a way of differentiating itself, but it is quite literally the same, except tracking is all in headset.

Resolutions also tend to be higher


Acer is "THE" cheapest, but the ASUS, HP, DELL are all pretty similar in terms of quality (good)

The "HIGH END* is the Samsung one, which is around 100 bucks cheaper than the vive.

But yeah, as a headset it's 100% compatible with everything out there (with minor tweaking for oculus shit) and with controllers, it's still pretty much 100% with Steam's existing library.

d1aa20  No.15555155

Until there are other VR-games like Resident Evil 7 and Ace Combat 7 I think I'll wait. I have had mixed experiences with VR in the past some weren't so good for dorks with glasses, but apparently PSVR is adjustable.

000000  No.15557942

>make a jumpscare that's only visible/audible at point blank

>rig it to your finger

>run around booping people on the nose



e71af1  No.15557950



That looks like a furry emoticon.

e0e0bd  No.15560422


VR Porn sucks, it seems like no companies know how to produce it, theres some lewd games out there i need to try, but traditional porn in vr sucks

e0e0bd  No.15560467

i've never been a big CS:GO guy but once i learned how to play Pavlov VR i dont think that i've played anything else, i dropped like 65 hours into it in 3 or 4 weeks.

some of my best experiences in pavlov

>entire server puts deathmatch game on hold to teach new player the buy menu and reloading

>every little kid that joins a game is immediately vote-kicked

>getting to meet and converse with the other players, and running into them later in the week on another map

>discord group is cool

>see dudes from discord group all the time

>players get salty when i get double kills from splitting my aim while dual wielding.

>fending off other players in deathmatch with a stranger i just met so we can have a conversation.

>being one of two dudes trying rapidly to reload kar98s and be the first to blow the others head off with it.

000000  No.15560499


Oh no, I meant porn as in erotica games, not as in traditional porn. I'm not interested in that.

cf1c8a  No.15560531



Keep in mind, this shit REQUIRES regular Windows 10. If you're running one of the cut down versions they sell to asian corps you won't have the fall creator's update needed to make this function.

I really want to get into VR and the WMR headsets are overall the best on the market but running regular Windows 10 is too high a price.

f9e222  No.15561857

What games do you wish to be ported in vr?

Mine would be Vermintide and Borderlands

000000  No.15561878



e0e0bd  No.15561891


any of the Max Payne games

Brutal Doom

Killing Floor 2 (for real this time)

Cities Skylines

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds




just to name a few

d77854  No.15562113


The Sims


Fortnite STW

d25b38  No.15562650


nice list but


first they have to unfuck the lighting so I don't need a 1080 ti to run it at 60 fps.

d25b38  No.15562660


The entire King's Field series but twice as fast and with better first person animations.

000000  No.15564256

Are these VR sets sturdy? Can they be easily maintained? I'm thinking that maybe I could wait for a bit and get a used one for cheap later, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

d77854  No.15564368

dc41ca  No.15564397

Orbus VR is a good first foray into MMO in VR

I'll shill this game til I die, if its successful The World might actuall be made.

d39ece  No.15565686


Metroid Prime, F-Zero and Battlefield 2142.

cbd80c  No.15565693

File: cee222c286cf943⋯.jpeg (34.23 KB, 277x182, 277:182, muhvr.jpeg)

468343  No.15565777


It's pretty fun, comfy vr mmo

8e66fe  No.15565820


What level are you?

Wanna party up?/make new characters?

9a4e3d  No.15567046

File: 63801c573f82963⋯.webm (3.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, vr chat.webm)


God dammit, you made me buy one.

00cac0  No.15567360


I'm thinking with this and and IV I can live forever in my house never having to go out. Imagine a perfect world…forever.

7aa97f  No.15567415

File: 567dda9ce6b0088⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1440x1280, 9:8, 567dda9ce6b0088af89ce34e5b….png)


I should be free after wagecucking tomorrow, I'd like to get a sword art not online party going. and clean up all the dust gathering on my headsets

9a4e3d  No.15567425


Is combat actually fun in this game? I'd be willing to give it a shot if it doesn't play like shit.

7aa97f  No.15567446

File: 05b1d7eb8d97fd1⋯.jpg (58.79 KB, 720x718, 360:359, ead76f4f75699bf8fdab4ed414….jpg)


Depends on the class, Rune mage, Ranger, and Musketeer are pretty fun;

Rune mage you need to make an outline (some of which need to be discovered or pieced together) cast spells, it's pretty accurate;

Ranger is pretty straight forward, you're using a bow, but there are skills you need to use to maximize dps

Musketeer is pretty interesting, you use a gun, but there are orbs you need to manually load and shoot that have different effects, be it DPS, AOE, or healing aoes, you also get a turrent that you have to throw up (literally) to add to the DPS or healing.

Haven't played the physical classes though.

9a4e3d  No.15567457


I might give it a shot. I just ordered my headset today, so I will start fucking around with games this Friday. Gotta fuck around with Pavlov and stuff first.

e0e0bd  No.15567503

need some horror game recommendations for VR, the more obscure the better

1fc4e7  No.15567617


phantasy star online vr

basically pso blue burst but in vr first person with motion tracking combat

pso is perfect for vr because it doesnt have jumping, dodge rolling, or any particularly fast motion that could cause vr motion sickness or disorientation.

7aa97f  No.15567631


Combat would actually work out perfectly too;

You would prep your weapon, and have something indicate the timing to do combos

1fc4e7  No.15567661


maybe if you combo with a melee weapon too quickly your damage drops off so you would learn rhythmic swings for effective attacks

the heavy attack would be a button that you press and hold to charge for a moment before attacking to give a single attack more energy

evasion of attacks is still rng based but it won't calculate a successful block unless you actually make the motion to block an incoming attack. (you will always get hit if you dont try to block, but if you block you will still have a chance to take damage based on your evasion stat so normal pso's game balance still applies)

wirh guns its point and shoot with classic pso's targetting system based on where the barrel of the gun is aiming. uniquely with vr pso you could aim mechguns at two different targets because its dual wield. gunfire timing would be the same as classic pso with one trigger pull being the same as a classic pso button press.

4d3367  No.15567828

Google Earth VR

308428  No.15571002

i want a vr gundam cockpit sim bandai pls

5212a8  No.15571089


I see good potential with VR MMOs. A stepping stone to all those isekai LNs they keep producing animes of. I will get my headset next month. How is the player base and what can you expect for endgame?

629442  No.15572396

File: 1273f4d921ebd7f⋯.jpg (89.44 KB, 720x712, 90:89, duno51626fqz[1].jpg)


You know what's really sad? Like, really fucking depressing?

Everytime I see webms about VRChat with all the faggots talking to each other, having fun and everything, all I can think of is "Is this what being with friends is supposed to look like? Goddamn, I've missed out on so many good feelings!"

Then I go out and what I find is zombies with their faces stuck to their phones, no interesting or fun conversations, nobody is even trying to have fun, just waiting for something, anything to happen.

I've literally sat down with a group of 6 guys and they all kept talking with each other with Messenger on the phone. Only time they said anything out loud was to comment on what was said in the chat.

You know what's really sad about VRChat?

That people talk with each other a lot more than most do IRL.

That the warm feelings and fuzziness of just hanging out and having fun with others flow more naturally in a VR environment than in actual reality itself.

I honestly don't know what's worse: knowing that I lost many oportunities to feel the same thing IRL or that the real world never was like that anyway and all those oportunities were as virtual as VR.

c0fd8f  No.15572611


I sorta know this feel anon, I never played VR chat, just a bit of rec room, but it was so easy for everybody to get on and have real conversations.

I think it's sorta like here, in that it's private, or at least more private than in real life, so people don't have to keep up appearances so much. It's a shame the real world isn't like that, but who knows, maybe VR will be like the internet 2.0 for helping different people meet each other and get away from reality.

d39ece  No.15573587


I browse this site and others when I'm at work or with my family apart from my cousins; we can have a laugh because I don't feel I can connect with them very well. I definitely talk more over the internet than in real life. Everybody seems like "my kind of people" online. I have got friends irl, and we can be pretty non-PC around each other, but I can't be as edgy or comfortable with them as I can with random faggots who browse imageboards (which includes most people who probably go on VRChat). I miss the tinychat room for v4c.

I don't even usually say this much in person, to be honest.

3f0b25  No.15573598


>What games do you wish to be ported in vr?

First-person games in general. Maybe racing games, too

d39ece  No.15573649

Fuck, this thread has made me want to get PSVR. I have Resident Evil 7 and Ace Combat 7 to try, but everything seems to just be tech demos or spin offs.

eaf72a  No.15574562

File: 55365414a944d0f⋯.jpg (513.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FN4aBGEFmmwv5eMNpxJmcS.jpg)


More Mechwarrior than Gundam, but Vox Machinae looks pretty cool. Hope it gets a single player campaign.

d81f15  No.15584470


Porn is the future.

8e66fe  No.15584678

debf68  No.15585979

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Get New Retro Arcade: Neon. Its fucking really solid especially if you like retro aesthetics.

99e2ad  No.15586906

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Everything is POiiSED

d39ece  No.15587188


ZOE could be good I guess. Maybe Super Hot. One of my friends really likes Until Dawn, so maybe I could get The Inpatient for them to play or something.

ffb07d  No.15587276


The Lenovo explorer is the best value proposition I found with the Windows Mixed Reality headsets. You get a nice headeset and controllers that work natively with SteamVR for about $200


>Someone finally made a mech pilot VR game

Finally a good reason to get into VR

3ca18f  No.15587370

File: e51329086e46eca⋯.jpg (140.19 KB, 774x583, 774:583, DSC00933.jpg)


>Hope it gets a single player campaign.

Hope it gets a $150 controller that is precisely good for only the one game, but is 1:1 with the cockpit. And then blow another $200 on one of those force feedback gaming chairs that shakes your ass each time the mech takes a step.

c7f8bd  No.15587890

File: b542d1a78c47ed3⋯.jpg (43.25 KB, 480x480, 1:1, ROBOCOP.jpg)


>winblows 10 required

Time to buy used htc vive instead

b3a4ee  No.15589442


>If you're running one of the cut down versions they sell to asian corps you won't have the fall creator's update

False, LTSC 2019 was released recently

3221c0  No.15592292

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't know if i could deal with the motion sickness with Ace Combat. Looks fun though.

000000  No.15599035

I recently started fallout 4 in VR and surprisingly I'm really enjoying it. (after modding it to hell first, of course.)

Makes me think, what other story based VR games you guys been playing recently that you'd recommend?

000000  No.15599210


>story based VR games

No thanks. I just want to drive cars, fly planes, and molest anime catgirls in vrchat. Still waiting for vr to become affordable in Europe though. Fuck paying 750 bucks for a vive when it costs 500 in the US.

7a33e9  No.15599236


The US price does not include tax. If you want cheap VR, you can buy a Pimax or that Razer HMD, both are around 300. But you should just wait for next gen, or the one after that. Porn is literally the only saving grace of this generation of VR.

000000  No.15599274


>The US price does not include tax.

Whoa what. Is this common in the US? That would make me less angry about the pricing.

Also, which vr headset has the lowest brightness? I'm photosensitive.

927aaa  No.15599364

File: cc8928d441c63f6⋯.webm (14.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, astrobot1.webm)

japan studio are unsung heroes

7a33e9  No.15599425


As far as I know, no consumer good prices include tax in the US, because it's applied on a state-by-state basis.

>lowest brightness

Pimax 4k has low-ass brightness even at the highest setting.

92074b  No.15605858


Windows 10 is better than the alternative, which is Windows 8.1. Those are the only two versions of Windows that are still supported. No more security for Windows 8 and older.

dc8558  No.15606513

Oculus Go is $199 for a 3 degrees of freedom headset and controller. The screen's slightly better than the rift, apparently.

downside is obviously you're limited to games that are ported from the gear vr, so mobile shit.

However, a program called ALVR will stream SteamVR games to the headset as long as you have a 5ghz wifi setup or an extra router to do it with.

I decided to bite the bullet and buy vorpx, and everything it supports will go through the steamvr -> alvr -> oculus go pipeline. (You don't need to have the game in Steam to use SteamVR if you're using vorpx.)

My video card is supposedly not powerful enough to run a Rift but it turns out it streams fallout new vegas, rez infinite, subnautica in VR just fine either using the wiimote-like Go controller or most commonly just playing with a gamepad.

dc8558  No.15606592


if anyone's interested I just tried DolphinVR with this setup and it works just about perfectly, so thanks anon.

The biggest issue setting up a lot of games for VR is properly handling menus (the last thing you want is it rendered as if you have your nose touching it). the default dolphinvr configs handle this well, when you go into a menu in SSX 3 for example it pops up a billboard type flat screen in front of you, then returns to full 3d when you exit it. SSX 3 is great on this thing.

97aa43  No.15608158


>No more "security" for Windows 8 and older

If you are depending on having a shiny new OS to prevent malware, you already lost. I can use an XP machine connected straight to my cable modem, no firewall or antivirus, and be fine. I've done it before and still haven't had my bank account stolen or had my data held ransom. Kind of like how you need a condom when you fuck a crackwhore, but you can safely bareback your faithful wife, you just need to learn to recognize risky clicks

97aa43  No.15608206

File: 6139dd0a52d061c⋯.png (87.51 KB, 786x252, 131:42, Screen-Shot-2018-10-17-at-….png)

b45f8e  No.15608212


>macfag calling others NPCs

97aa43  No.15608221


I use 8.1 though. If I didn't have an NVME boot drive, I'd use 7. If I didn't have a Pascal GPU, I'd use XP.

548411  No.15608224


While it's not difficult at all to disable all telemmetry and permanently disable all automatic updates (as in, it will never try to download or install anything, on any occasion) on Win10, it's still shit compared to 7.

I'd go back to 7 if I could, but this computer doesn't have native driver support for 7 or 8, only 10.

The fact that Win10 requires fucking around, messing with files, and using third-party scripts to disable telemmetry and updates itself is proof that it's not as good as its' predecessors, since an actual good OS wouldn't require you to do those things to make your computer run the way you want it.


Like the other anon said, if you're so stupid that you need security updates in order to keep your system secure, then the problem is you yourself and not the OS.

Always disabled all updates on every Windows system I've run, and had zero issues whatsoever; likewise, running Slackware on a fucking 3.* kernel years after 4.* was the main focus, absolutely zero issues.

97aa43  No.15608227


I'd rather get a docking station for my Android smartphone than use a Mac desktop tbh

97aa43  No.15608238


>Those are the only two versions of Windows that are still supported. No more security for Windows 8 and older.

My Sony PSP hasn't been updated in about a decade and definitely isn't supported by Sony anymore. Why doesn't it have any viruses?

Maybe the design of an operating system decides how secure it is, not if it's still "supported," as if being "suported" means jack shit

Windows 10 is a shit OS and is probably LESS secure than Windows 7.

c1c706  No.15608332


>if not receiving security updates makes a system less secure, why doesn't my obscure piece of borderline offline hardware have viruses

You probably won't get many viruses on DOS either.

daa6de  No.15608340


Game console (walled garden) =/= Standard PC

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