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File: c8cd979b9fd3657⋯.jpg (110.45 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, F1HK0GJG0KQK4ZJ.LARGE.jpg)

bce2cb  No.15564295

and go

>What are you emulating?

>What is all time best emulator?

>Scannline yes or no?

>Worth Rom Hack?


Desmue Freelook

ability to move camera




PCXR-PGXP 4K Gran Turismo


ESA Reports Pirate Bay, ROM Sites and Cheaters to the US Govt.


>he Entertainment Software Association has submitted a list of so-called ‘Notorious Markets’ that undermine the interactive gaming market in the United States.

I guess we know now who mass reported all rom sites:

>ESA Members


Clickbait Cemu video talking about performance jump - still getting worst with each releas


a59f96  No.15564692

Fuck I really want an open source Wii U emulator, but almost all the games have been or are getting ported to Switch, so there'll be less demand. It was already shit compared to Cemu, now it's probably dead. Emulating Splatoon on Lakka never ever I guess. I wish they'd ported Splatoon too, I hate the sequel.

bce2cb  No.15564775

anyone here?

3957a1  No.15564790


>this happens literally a day after the french anti-piracy nigger gets in control of the ESA


efca2d  No.15564932


Is there a single country that doesn't give a shit about piracy?

9770ef  No.15564959


Africa? Nigeria? Congo?


bce2cb  No.15564992

File: 2f1255aac6fd84a⋯.png (19.84 KB, 600x223, 600:223, esa-members.png)


yeah, i know, the whole concept of ESA is just fucked up. Take a look who is in the ESA and it becomes clear as fuck

c83043  No.15565011


Council of evil.

4f01c6  No.15565017

I'd like to emulate Fire Emblem 6 on my 3DS but I can't get my custom made .cia to work. I can find a working and english translated FE6 .cia if I google but it comes with an outdated translation ( http://www.romhacking.net/translations/854/ ). I want to make a .cia with a newer translation ( http://www.romhacking.net/translations/2511/ ) but I just can't get it to work on my 3DS.

9770ef  No.15565074

Downloading some DS roms right now. Figure I'll just play them on an emulator unless I can put them on a memory card and play them right from my 3ds.

By the way, does anybody know the name of a Bomberman game featuring pets? I know it's not Tournament, the graphics were too good for that. The cutscenes had 3D images. You combined one pet with another to get a better pet. Just hoping to find it a little faster, it originally belongef to a buddy of mine, so I never got to finish it.

a2f9d2  No.15565097

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Also, the convoluted library/playlist/filebrowser/RetroPad nonsense can now be completely bypassed.

efca2d  No.15565106


You joke about this but if a Northern African country decided to host servers with pirate shit on it imagine how much dosh they'd be able to make.

65f160  No.15565143

File: aeb11e8ce58223d⋯.png (122.71 KB, 466x504, 233:252, formyschoolpaper.png)


>Entertainment Software Association

ec3321  No.15565145


Why do they insist on the PS3 layout anyway?

a1218c  No.15565179




>happy salesman

I knew it.

193239  No.15565187


has happened before and it never takes long before america swoops in and seizes the servers in exchange for some dollars

df4b5e  No.15565188


Believe it or not he was the best out of the ESA's leadership (meaning he was the least cancerous)

Mike Gallagher is who you can thank for the sorry state of things today; he took over in '07

03ccfb  No.15565192


Bomberman: Generations for the GC. They were called charabombs.

bce2cb  No.15565236



there is that year again, i think if everything burns down since 2007 the good ol' days can come back.

e9881e  No.15565242


And they plan to get new (((CEO))) soon, because Gallagher retired from that position 6 days ago.

4ce058  No.15565274

File: be082b29a5a680f⋯.webm (16 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Bisonte.webm)

>What are you emulating?

Played some Ridge Racer Type 4 on ePSXe earlier. Quite fun but the lack of an arcade mode really kills it.

>What is all time best emulator?

PPSSPP for its polish. Works right out the box like it's running on black magic.

>Scannline yes or no?


bce2cb  No.15565290

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


direct comparison, here the PGXP version, a hell lot better.

4ce058  No.15565303


Eh, I like the PS1 wobbliness. Matter of preference, really.

c021ce  No.15565371

>DS free look

This is nice, but how many DS games modeled pantsu?

8211f8  No.15565388

Still waiting on that workable OG xbox emulator that doesn’t require a state of the art computer.

4f01c6  No.15565391

File: 8593abe75724068⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.94 MB, 600x250, 12:5, LegendOfTheGondolaHeroes.webm)


Pls respond

42445b  No.15565397


Not going to happen for at least 5 more years probably and by that point PC as a platform will be fucked beyond repair thanks to Windows 10, Mac and Linux having pozz and the hardware manufacturers going along with whatever Microsoft wants

a2f9d2  No.15565409


I wouldn't be that cynical. A lot of XBox games are already 100% playable, and rapid progress is being made on what's left. The biggest letdown right now is 360 emulation, ironic, given the fact that Xenia was the emulator that completely blew away preconceptions about 7th-gen being unattainable when it was first revealed.

bf1cae  No.15565454


>PPSSPP for its polish. Works right out the box like it's running on black magic.

this, holy shit it's unreal, you just fucking install it pop a game in and it just works smooth as baby's ass cheeks, I was considering donating, are the devs fags?

193239  No.15565463


>are the devs fags?

yes and outspoken feminists

42b65e  No.15565525

>Kavanaugh Confirmed Edition

Is this relevant to (((copyright))) somehow or are you just saying that?

bf1cae  No.15565538


could you kindly provide a source?

d6ef22  No.15565556


>are the devs fags?

It's an emulator the answer is always yes in that case.

a2f9d2  No.15565564


Who cares? As long as they keep their nose to the grindstone on coding, and keep their front-holes out of my face, that's all that matters.

6a59b6  No.15565573

I haven't been emulating things since NES and SNES stuff at around the turn of the millennium. I have no idea what's what today, so if someone could spoonfeed me, I'd be happy.

Where do I start? Does that retroarch thing that was posted earlier come with emulators, or will I need to find those myself? I'm looking mostly for PS2, Wii and PSP stuff, I guess. Is Vita emulation in a good state?

979121  No.15565575


The primary contributor (henrik) is a dude with cancer who is close friends with squarepusher (head of libretro) who fucking hates trannies and niggers, so I think you're safe.

db1e82  No.15565583


>PPSSPP for its polish. Works right out the box like it's running on black magic.

Seconded for its multi-platform support. It has a fucking Wii U port for christ's sake.

a2f9d2  No.15565615


Yes, RetroArch comes with emulators (you can also get it without emulator "cores" and install or uninstall them individually within RetroArch), including a Dolphin core for Wii and PPSSPP core for PSP emulation. For PS2, you'll want a separate emulator, PCSX2. Vita emulation, sadly, is at a very preliminary stage.

Also, OP should've included a link to our wiki, which gives an excellent relatively recent overview of most platforms and emulators:


bf1cae  No.15565683

File: 30d84d31fc5fa07⋯.png (427.75 KB, 1000x1802, 500:901, 08703.png)





you're giving me conflicting information, anons

d6ef22  No.15565721


PPSSPP has hrydgard as the founder and one of the main contributor of the project, he also started Dolphin years ago but quit since.

Guy has cancer and is all around a pretty cool guy, probably the only person that's not a completely whackjob in the emulation scene.

I dunno about other devs but it honestly wouldn't surprise me if they were fucked in the head

I mean to put things into perspective here's another emudev, and as bad as he seems the majority of people in htat scene are equally fucked in the head in various ways.


bf1cae  No.15565740

File: 10630679d337a1e⋯.gif (3.7 MB, 320x180, 16:9, 10630679d337a1e59d2412e777….gif)


>that blog

well thanks, anon, I'll give it some more thought anyway

a2f9d2  No.15565744


>why are people who pour enormous amounts of laborious reverse-engineering and specialized technical education into a borderline-criminal hobby for free so leeches can play old vidya insane

d6ef22  No.15565753


Reverse engineering and coding have autism as a prerequisite.

Autism leads to manchildrens or trannies.

d6ef22  No.15565786


>Autism isn't real

If it is't real why do I have it?

a2f9d2  No.15565792


I'm not saying the current legal situation toward emulation is right, but that's how things are. If you engage in an activity that causes you to be hounded by lawyers when those same skills could be put to use for The Man in a high-paying job that wins mainstream prestige, you are a contrarian autist, plain and simple. Reasonable times, unreasonable men, etc.


Be honest, if things were the same as the 1980s, and most PC owners ACTUALLY PROGRAMMED, how different would things be? What if the majority of people whining about open source projects they use as a cheap substitute for commercial products ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTED to them, how much faster would this go? Even sharing ROMs, what if the majority of the people now begging for ROMs and whining about normalfag sites being shut down, actually seeded goodsets?

979121  No.15565798

d6ef22  No.15565811


Actually nobody will bother you unless you include copyrighted contents in your emulator orr you're dealing with Fatlus, on the contrary you can end up with a high paying job just because of that, see cottonvibes or anyone who tried to emulate iDevices.


bce2cb  No.15565813


>borderline-criminal hobby for free so leeches can play old vidya insane

well, this is some fucked up text right here.

a34f8b  No.15565979

Citra, yay or nay?

e9881e  No.15566004


It got way better.

Yuzu still sucks 1000 cocks with anything that isn't homebrew though.

d6ef22  No.15566030


>Yuzu still sucks 1000 cocks

Yuzu is still a very young project so it's not surprising, still went from nearly nothing at sub 1fps to rendering 3D at 30-50fps in a couple month.

eca383  No.15566034


Them using patreon and discord to decide what to implement next is not the best sign. It at least plays high-profile games now.

05321a  No.15566057


Shut the fuck up nigger.

a2f9d2  No.15566063


>iOS emus

Sellouts, just like Connectix with Sony & M$. The point is that actually reverse-engineering, developing, debugging, and maintaining an emulator over the years requires a particular strain of contrarianism.

af2895  No.15566066

File: d79337d6c7076e5⋯.png (441.79 KB, 420x795, 28:53, 1524975841693.png)

d6ef22  No.15566110


>requires a particular strain of contrarianism

I'm not seeing it.

b3b23f  No.15566229


Pretty good and easy to navigate with a controller.

45ac05  No.15566269

>achievements in old games thanks to retroarch and retroachievements

But why do they look so bad? It's just plain text; with that PS3 UI look, maybe the achievements need to look like the PS3. Any way this will be do some day?

df9358  No.15566282


cheevos are fucking cancer. I wonder what the hell happened to "just play the fucking game"

a2f9d2  No.15566288

File: 12d463eecf3c4f0⋯.jpg (56.86 KB, 567x561, 189:187, autism.jpg)


>using an inherently suboptimal input device for non-gaming tasks, even convoluted garbage that causes seconds-long tasks to take minutes is "pretty good"

The actual answer was autism:

<Reading a bit more about the issue, to see if there were any fixes in the offing, I stumbled on some weapons-grade autism.

<I had always sort of assumed RetroArch's authors were Linux Amish CLI users, who simply through together the laughable XMB-ripoff UI as something for console homebrew runtimes, and never got around to making a WIMP frontend simply because they don't care about graphical anything, and nobody who can program cares that much either.

<Never in a million years would I have imagined it's the result of Nintoddler autists who actually DID THIS ON PURPOSE:


>It might only not map out perfectly with an N64 or Sega Saturn/Megadrive pad but honestly, those gamepads are dated and history has proven that only the PS4/Xbone/PS3/Xbox 360 gamepad model has survived the test of time. Therefore, we go with the gamepad that is used by 90 to 95% of all gamers right now, not some ultra-niche group that is using an original N64 or Saturn pad.

>We want it to resemble a game console environment, not a UI for a PC game. At no point in time do we want to break this illusion. We also want that same UI to be seamless across all platforms that RetroArch is on. This is also deliberate. You'll have to simply accept that we are different, because that's how it's going to stay forever, and for good reason.

>Doing it the way PC games do it or Steam is stupid and retarded, and I will forever claim that. I want a console game machine-like experience, and not to get the feeling I'm just sitting behind a desktop computer. That's why the entire UI is fashioned like it is, because that seamless experience has to stay like that, and at no point in time should something lame happen that drags you out of that seamless experience.

>This is a hot-button topic at this point precisely because you guys refuse to accept that we are doing it different for a reason and you guys insist on an archaic UI paradigm that we don't put any stock in. Accept that we are different, if you want something else, feel free to write your own libretro frontend where you cobble together some lame WIMP windows and string them together. I'm sure you'd consider that an 'improvement', and I'm sure for all the wrong reasons as well.

Thankfully, they caved on the issue, and we can now put this embarassing, shameful chapter of history behind us forever.

4731b3  No.15566296


>I wish they'd ported Splatoon too, I hate the sequel.

Splatoon 2 is literally the exact same game just with more character customization and waifus.

5f441e  No.15566313


>I'm looking mostly for PS2, Wii and PSP stuff

You're better off with the standalone emus (PCSX2, Dolphin, and PPSSPP) than using RA cores for those systems.

>Is Vita emulation in a good state?



000000  No.15566360


If you have a n3ds try one of the retroarch gba forwarders.

You could also try the Ultimate 3ds Injector and/or the standalone GBA injector.

b3b23f  No.15566362


>Never in a million years would I have imagined it's the result of Nintoddler autists who actually DID THIS ON PURPOSE:

Wait, what makes him a Nintentoddler? Wouldn't they use something resembling to what Nintendo used?

>>using an inherently suboptimal input device for non-gaming tasks, even convoluted garbage that causes seconds-long tasks to take minutes is "pretty good"

Don't know what to tell you, I always use Retroarch with a controller in my hands and often when I configure something, it isn't much to do anyways.

Not really sure how something can take minutes instead of seconds.

What does annoy me a bit is that the right facebutton (A on SNES, O on Dualshock) has its functionality from Accept/Confirm switched with the lower button (B SNES, X DS) to Cancel/Back. Also for some reason it doesn't fetch the cores and their updates anymore even though the URL in the config file is correct.

I get the XMB UI reasoning though.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think "Fuck WIMP", I just understand it

a17a93  No.15566380

the only game worth playing on n64

4f01c6  No.15566389


I am using the Ultimate GBA VC Injector for 3DS 1.6b to create the .cia. I can install it just fine using FBI but running the game just throws me an error that forces me to power off the console.

59e623  No.15566442

How the fuck do I eliminate the incessant crackling sounds with Mario64 in retroarch(The github says to mess with the framerate which didn't work).

I am running on Linux with ALSA if that helps.

I also tried mupen64 by itself but the screen keeps flickering with that version

df9358  No.15566445


Can't you just run the game through an emulator and save yourself the hassle?

6a59b6  No.15566662


>You're better off with the standalone emus (PCSX2, Dolphin, and PPSSPP) than using RA cores for those systems.

Why is that? I got a PSP game running and it works fine after getting some core thing from some github they linked to, since menus text input wouldn't show up otherwise. It seems to work fine now, though with frequent crashes when I switch between fullscreen and windowed. I also got a Wii game running, though it runs like garbage. Changing the resolution, behind some option I don't recall the name of, didn't seem to change the poor performance much. I assume that means it isn't that my computer is somehow too toaster to run a fucking Wii game, but rather that there is some sort of setting I need to mess with and/or the game running poorly to begin with. If you know something about this, I'd be grateful to hear it, because unfortunately I know practically nothing about all this newfangled nonsense.

a2f9d2  No.15566733


>Wait, what makes him a Nintentoddler?

Because of his perverse obsession with Virtual Console

>Not really sure how something can take minutes instead of seconds.

Navigating directories, remapping and testing controls, shuffling items between lists, overviewing and altering settings. Mouse & keyboard WIMP were designed specifically for such tasks, gamepads aren't.


Post games and PC specs

22d28e  No.15566799


Do they still use that retarded system where you map buttons on your real controller to a virtual controller with different button names, then map buttons on the virtual controller to the inputs for every individual system?

979121  No.15567043



Your cpu isn't fast enough to maintain 100% speed with software rendering.

aae369  No.15567050


Retroarch/Libretro cores aren't updated and maintained as often or as efficiently as the standalone emulators for those specific consoles. You'll often get better results in terms of both performance and accuracy by using standalones.

4f01c6  No.15567062


I can. But I like playing games in bed, and a 3ds beats a notebook in terms of comfiness. I don't like emulating on phones

df9358  No.15567072


I meant an emulator ON the 3DS unless you don't have CFW, in that case go install it

4f01c6  No.15567141


OH. I do have CFW, it's just pretty outdated. I haven't updated shit since 1.3 before that pedo fiasco occurred. I tried to emulate WSC once and the quality was atrocious so I just thought every non VC emulator would be equally bad.

49dc2a  No.15567318

Too bad the Gamecube controller rumble doesn't work outside of dolphin. I feel I'm missing out of N64 games without rumble.

Do all bluetooth dongles have input lag? I don't want to ruin my controllers battery leaving it plugged in.

49dc2a  No.15567335


I feel the exact same way. I hate remasters and remakes but I'd pay for a proper remaster several years down the line. Splatoon 1 is my favorite recent game and I'll forever hate Splatoon 2.


Wrong, Splatoon 2 is irredeemable shit, shit music, some of it's ok, splatfest music is rad shit maps, edgelord clothing shit waifus. I spent more time playing squid beats than the actual game. Splatoon 1 is a masterpiece I'd love to see the game live on with dedicated servers and custom splatfests.

59e623  No.15567437

File: cba9089ce31a4f2⋯.jpg (34.86 KB, 291x389, 291:389, 0Muadmh.jpg)


Its not actually forcing the cpu at all though.

Also its not like I am trying to run this on a toaster,this case has a Ryzen 5 inside it.

f18b1d  No.15567451

File: 5fb03d2054b879f⋯.png (235.04 KB, 648x237, 216:79, tard.png)


>Wants an open source emulator

>just to play closed source games

This is why nobody likes freetards sh

7ccb20  No.15568264


You better hope it's a new 3DS because the homebrew scene doesn't optimize anything on the older models worth a fuck. VC injects are the way to go otherwise.

589f79  No.15568331

Is there any way to emulate light guns?

979121  No.15568575


Outside of a few exceptions (MT Angrylion w/ PJ64 or m64p/forked paraLLEl, RPCS3, maybe CEMU?), emulators are all about that beefy single thread performance, and unfortunately that's one category where AMD lags behind several years. The Ryzen 5 1600 for example, is about 10% slower in that category than a 3570k (mid-range intel cpu from 2012).

N64 emulation in general with software rendering is fucked, and even an 8700k can't maintain every game at 100%.

a2f9d2  No.15568686


>m64p/forked paraLLEl

>N64 emulation in general with software rendering is fucked, and even an 8700k can't maintain every game at 100%.

Whatever happened to LibRetro's Vulkan paraLLEl plugin? It still seems to be present in the latest RetroArch, but looking at its project page, I don't think it's actually being updated anymore.

a2f9d2  No.15568693


Aside from the obvious "use a Wiimote", there are a number of modern lightguns that work on non-CRTs, e.g.:


979121  No.15568715


In typical open source fashion, Themaister either hit a road block, or just tired of it. I don't hold it against him, but it's still disappointing nonetheless.

d6ef22  No.15568839


> The Ryzen 5 1600 for example, is about 10% slower in that category than a 3570k (mid-range intel cpu from 2012).

Depends entirely on the emulator and what you're doing in it, the benchmark in Dolphin will put it even lower than that (mainly because that fucking thing is so overtly intel biased it's not even funny) whereas the old PCSX2 bench would but it in the same ballpark as haswell clock to clock and CEMU will put it higher than a 4770k@4.2.

All 3 of those benches use less than 4 cores too so it's not a question of moar cores.


Dev ragequitted because the users whined too much, fixing it is a major endeavor (as in rewrite most of it, and that's provided you understand what the fuck was being done in the first place) and even then it will always have massive bottlenecks due to what it tries to do with your GPU.


And they're all overpriced Wiimotes,

b07a4d  No.15568857

does anyone know how to fix my n64 emulator (1964) so that it doesnt get slow as fuck around explosions, smoke, or glass?

i've tried fucking with settings but nothing i do seems to help.

ab6737  No.15569244


Citra for me improved significantly in the past weeks alone. Went from running Pokemon Sun in 3x resolution barely holding 100% (with a 1080) to 10x resolution without breaking a sweat now.

dfbcb2  No.15570164

File: fcf40efbf2316af⋯.webm (8.16 MB, 960x540, 16:9, pcsx2 2018-10-10 22-39-58….webm)

File: 76f38ef93927835⋯.jpg (115.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pcsx2 2018-10-10 22-08-42-….jpg)

>What are you emulating?

Valkyrie Profile 2.

Too bad my potato can barely run this thing as it is, so I can't record actual battles.

I absolutely love how animated all of the environments are, there are very few screens where everything is standing still.

>What is all time best emulator?

PCSX2? I only say that because it can run the greatest number of games that I am interested in.

But from what I've heard the actual software is a mess.

>Scannline yes or no?


I don't see the point if they look terrible on a monitor.


Most eastern European countries, really.

I'm pretty sure I could host a pirate server in my own and no one would give a fuck, it's just that the upload rates are dismal, so nobody bothers.

1fd120  No.15570223



holy shit tilde.town what a cesspool of "woe-is-me-because-i'm-a-tranny-fuck-cis-whites"

fa8201  No.15570248

Emulated Start wars: Racer Revenge using PCSX2 recently in an attempt to see if it was speedrun viable on emulator so as to steal my buds shitty world record without re-buying a console.

Was alright at first, minor slowdown in some open areas but then I hit 3 tracks in particular, had a crash on hardware rendering, switched to software rendering to fix it & had huge frame drops presumably due to fog and water/weather effects. Shame really I would have beaten his record if not for the frame drops and crashes.

af1467  No.15570432


What's weaker, a potato or a toaster?

ba7540  No.15570536


It gives more incentive to do things in the game than nothing.

f18b1d  No.15570551


I think the general conventions are that toaster=a machine that was mid to high-end 10 years ago but is weak now while potato=a low end machine from 10 years ago that's just barely usable for modern shit now. So in that sense potatos are weaker

dd7bef  No.15571147

Stop giving these fucks any money

dfbcb2  No.15572296

File: 3d760a513447a9b⋯.webm (11.38 MB, 960x540, 16:9, pcsx2 2018-10-10 22-42-18….webm)



Then it's an 8 year old toaster.

At this point, I might as well just buy a PS2.

I get some weird slowdowns every now and then.


>buy a PS3

>play my game

>see a cutscene


I just turned them off after that.

05d00d  No.15572310

I've been getting into arcade emulation with MAME. What are some games you guys would recommend? Preferably shmups.

b79623  No.15572351


>I get some weird slowdowns every now and then.

VP2 is just one of those games that has insane requirements.

bce2cb  No.15572456

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Valkyrie Profile 2.

This game looks simply gorgeous upscale. There are so many details going on in the city and everything seems to be very organic. Never saw something similar on newer consoles. What i find very strange is that almost non walkthrough exist on pcsx2, just a few videos showing how good it looks on pcsx2 but thats it. Why is nobody playing this? It is a good game!

this is the best you can find on youtube


>also embed

dfbcb2  No.15572544

File: ca478646f7006fc⋯.webm (2.6 MB, 960x540, 16:9, pcsx2 2018-10-11 12-15-20….webm)

File: dbc9b3183f5764b⋯.webm (4.89 MB, 960x540, 16:9, pcsx2 2018-10-11 12-16-31….webm)


I haven't seen any game that had that much detail and life to its world before or since. The first Rayman had a lot of lively movement, but it's nowhere near this.

>Why is nobody playing this? It is a good game!

I remember recommending the first game to couple of anons here, but they were quickly put off by the very lengthy introduction.

If you haven't played the first one, you're certainly not going to bother with the second.

It's a shame, but that's the way it is.

On a side note, Squeenix announced some kind of a port/remaster/remake/rewhatever a few months ago, so maybe something good will come out of that.


It annoys me slightly because so many other games are fine, yet this one shits itself from time to time.

979121  No.15572742


>every room filled with 15mph winds

I don't know about this one, scoob.

677b8c  No.15572880

File: ae73c6e4f722452⋯.jpg (86.24 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1482162510166.jpg)


To be honest the first game isn't nearly as good as the second, i'd even say that it isn't good at all, that's why most people are put off the franchise after playing the first game and getting bored to tears on the first chapter; 1 plays like ass, has some really terrible 90's anime voice acting (70% of the cast is from pokemon even), you can overpower everything with magic staffs (you get a shit ton of really powerful ones early on, like the unicorn horn, but they break if you attack with them…so you just cast spells from the menu which doesn't count as attacking, and finish off melee combos from your other einherjar with a soul crush from lyseria and do 20x the damage of even your strongest heavy warrior with might reinforce), has some absurd requirements for the good ending, getting some einherjar is a pain in the ass, playing on normal or easy means you'll fuck yourself out of tons of experience, weapons, characters and 3 dungeons so normal/easy is ironically harder than hard mode, the seraphic gate is a mess, the midgame boss (dipan's king, forgot his name) is complete bullshit and loki, the optional true final boss, is a complete joke.

It has some really beautiful prerendered backgrounds and sprite work, and the PS1 cover art and manual are pretty, but that's it, i wouldn't play this game unless you liked the second one, personally i only played it because i found the PSP copy for 5 bucks on a pawnshop and i just can't say no to cheap vidya, 2 was a game i actually researched and bought because i liked it.

2 meanwhile revamped the combat system to play more like some sort of brawler/fighting game. you can dash around the arena, timing matters, some moves can chain into others, you can chain attacks from light warriors with attacks from archers/heavy warriors, bouncing enemies rewards you with more attacks, break mode lets you go apeshit since it gives you infinite attacks and lets you cancel moves into others/each other for as long as it lasts, you can break off individual parts and it actually fucking matters since enemies with no legs or arms can't move or attack, decapitation kills, breaking horns and cutting wings and tails cripples, even breaking pieces of armor reduces defense, attacking from the back doubles damage, the einherjars are a lot more easy to recruit and you can choose which ones you want, the "turn enemies into crystals" mechanic actually gets some use in the main game and some of the seraphic gate puzzles involving this are fun and creative, there's a lot more enemy variation and the 3D setting means that fighting a dragon actually feels like fighing a gigantic beast, not just another slightly bigger pixelshit monster who attacks just like any other mook, learnable skills and items with skills means you can break the game in half if you so wish, the bosses are all fair, seraphic gate gives you new characters with unique moves (freya has chun li's attacks, teleports and lasers, brahm jumps all over the fucking place, can launch with uppercuts and vomits blood, hrist is the only one who uses a spear) for you to play around and most importantly the game has an undub so you don't have to listen to the cartel of the japanese PS2 game era.


He is in the town that is right next to the sea, of course there's strong winds.

efee38  No.15572885


It started out as hombrew for the ps3, that's why.

b79623  No.15572904


No it didn't.

05ecc3  No.15572905



aa5227  No.15572934


>hardware cucks


dfbcb2  No.15572999

File: ef9a8d90df5a44a⋯.webm (440.86 KB, 210x340, 21:34, thighs1.webm)

File: 1751ff44f29b422⋯.webm (4.9 MB, 752x582, 376:291, thighs2.webm)


It's all right, you can hide behind her massive thighs.

Once she closes those, only a tiny breeze will go through.


I actually never completely finished 2, although I did play a lot of it, so now I'm going to finally remedy that.

Compared to 1, the second game is full of detail (imagine my surprise when I found out that you can tear the abdomen of an enemy or cleave the arm he holds his weapon in) and you can skip the power attacks which makes the combat a lot smoother.

The first game on the other hand has very slow battles made worse by having to wait for every special attack to finish and many of those are made completely redundant thanks to the first aid skill.

I agree with what you're said about it, but in its defence however, I'd say that it has one of the best vidya OSTs, does not demand grinding (you can finish each dungeon once and move on), the premise of collecting souls and shaping them into worthy einherjar is executed well and the progression between the chapters is decent.

It also has a fantastic atmosphere. The good ending being practically impossible to get without a guide is some top tier bullshit though.

Did you play the DS game? How is that one?

979121  No.15573031

File: ad40251fbe2c64f⋯.png (159.34 KB, 264x345, 88:115, thigh math.png)

>>15572999 (czech'd)

5d21c8  No.15573033

File: fd8f9496b542285⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 211x247, 211:247, dungeon fetish.jpg)

772b90  No.15573049


>mostly lithe warrior girl with nice thighs

Who wouldn't want to caress them legs is a girl right?

bce2cb  No.15573052

File: f883f8ad37e322b⋯.jpg (68.1 KB, 256x230, 128:115, Covenant_of_the_Plume.jpg)



First one wasgoodwith a uniqe way to tell a story which i always thought was something not everyone would enjoy. Yes, it was slow paced and the major theme was very mature. But i wouldn't say it was bad, the dev's learned and progressed their style, as seen in the second game which is of course superior! Both are worth to play but it isn't for someone who just want weeb shit and fortnite loot boxes. I would call the targeted gamer as somewhat of a delicious Philosopher wine.

What are your thoughts on the third game?

3f76ae  No.15573053

File: 6afa76e5c8fde58⋯.jpg (55.9 KB, 579x610, 579:610, 6afa76e5c8fde58d1cb6881521….jpg)


>To be honest the first game isn't nearly as good as the second, i'd even say that it isn't good at all, that's why most people are put off the franchise after playing the first game and getting bored to tears on the first chapter

I'm guilty of this. I played it until they gave you free reign to roam the world and I couldn't find where to find new warriors and make progress. I'm normally against handholding that was a bit ridiculous.

dfbcb2  No.15573111

File: 76f38ef93927835⋯.jpg (115.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pcsx2 2018-10-10 22-08-42-….jpg)

File: 9555025f1ae5968⋯.jpg (167.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pcsx2 2018-10-10 22-07-41-….jpg)

File: 73e089aadfab3a1⋯.jpg (180.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pcsx2 2018-10-10 22-06-30-….jpg)

File: 320ac29cc37293c⋯.jpg (114.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pcsx2 2018-10-10 22-08-37-….jpg)

File: 734abd7724715c5⋯.jpg (163.42 KB, 1808x1016, 226:127, pcsx2 2018-10-10 20-18-15-….jpg)


Oh fuck, I never realised they were THAT thick.


>slim figure

>wide hips

>massive thighs

>small, budding breasts

>cute face

What do you think?

I want to touch her face, caress her hair and thighs and lovingly impregnate her over and over again.

I've never seen a more pleasing female protagonist than her.


Nigga, all you had to do was press start.


I'd definitely agree that it's not easy to just jump into, especially today when very few people have even the slightest bit of patience.

The story of 1 is pretty good and Lezard is an inspiration to waifufags the world over.

Like I said, I haven't played the third yet, but I will after I'm done with 2.

1fd120  No.15573154


<slim figure

<wide hips

<massive thighs

<small, budding breasts

<cute face

<What do you think?

Pedoniggerbait. Fat ass/thighs + no tits == niggerbait. Cuteface == pedo. I think you're a degenerate spic.

d4fd09  No.15573170


Exactly. Well said.

dfbcb2  No.15573188

File: 61d0b020aeaec29⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1498x1768, 749:884, ^BFA87E6BDCE83BF292356F1A4….png)

File: c94d5fda86838ac⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.36 KB, 900x1168, 225:292, 1a32ef7f618a3eae73e0757242….jpg)


I think you're a pleb.

Have some girls.

4ce058  No.15573192


So you like ugly-faced skeleton women?

a2f9d2  No.15573220

File: d964ed27275488a⋯.jpg (5.5 MB, 4500x5000, 9:10, elf.jpg)


Not far enough


No, he's probably a burgerstani fat fetishist.

df9358  No.15573225


If the game itself isn't incentive enough for you to want to see more of it, then the game is just boring and cheevos are a generic band-aid that will not solve the problem.

fe4f9e  No.15573233

What is a good snes emulator? I have tried about 7 and six of them were broken. When one finally worked, I only found out later that all my save files and save states were wiped out upon restarting.

b79623  No.15573259

a2f9d2  No.15573261


SNES9X is the most polished, comfortable, and mature IMHO. Higan is the most accurate, if you're playing one of the few more problematic games and have a powerful machine.

979121  No.15573273

File: b6bea87a025d203⋯.png (56.25 KB, 1460x1120, 73:56, R-Type III (USA)-181011-12….png)

File: 4556d253ea7f275⋯.png (765.36 KB, 1460x1120, 73:56, R-Type III (USA)-181011-12….png)

File: 33c91e3e4f375ce⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1460x1120, 73:56, R-Type III (USA)-181011-12….png)

File: b908e79a6ee4540⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1460x1120, 73:56, R-Type III (USA)-181011-12….png)

677b8c  No.15573286


>I actually never completely finished 2, although I did play a lot of it, so now I'm going to finally remedy that.

Get to it, it is one of the best JRPGs i've played, the story is kinda bad, yes, but the gameplay is top notch, triAce's best work for sure.

>does not demand grinding (you can finish each dungeon once and move on)

Not if you play on hard and go for the best ending, you're gonna have to grind a bit just to fill up your experience orb, some einherjar benefit from higher stats and having certain attacks from the get go, this way you can turn lyseria into a murder goddess the very moment you get her, and sending characters to valhalla is less of a chore because you don't have to suffer a thousand battles with them, just pump them full of experience, patch up their stats with good equipment, send them off and get a nice item in return.

>It also has a fantastic atmosphere.

Not really, it's all ruins.

>The good ending being practically impossible to get without a guide is some top tier bullshit though.

Don't even remind me, if you send the wrong character you get locked out of the good ending, and even if you do pick the right one, get him to the required level and send him with the right equipment you can still fail because his hero rating is too low/high, needing you to equip him with angel lips or some other item, they also never tell you that lyseria is not required to be sent over (even though she fits the requirements of most chapters) and if you do send her you'll never get her back once you arrive on valhalla, she merely vanishes and it sucks because she's the best character in the game besides the obvious postgame ones.

>Did you play the DS game? How is that one?

It's in my backlog, but i don't think i'll ever play it, i don't like fire emblem and games like it.


Agreed, but this game always pops up whenever people talk about hiden jems, and people who look up those kinda games aren't your average fortshite-playing normalfag.

>What are your thoughts on the third game?

The premise is kinda cool, and the protagonist does sacrifice his childhood friend in the beginning just to get an einherjar, but fuck turn based tactic games, they're a chore.


You have to press start and lenneth will start "hearing voices from the dead" aka all the available dungeons with souls in them get marked on your map, you have to start with the tutorial dungeon though.


>wide hips

>thighs bigger than waist


Alicia is 17.

301ca5  No.15573471

File: 2b044dd6fd2fd03⋯.jpg (117.31 KB, 600x609, 200:203, wipeout2097.jpg)

any of you ever had a decent rom of this? every other psx game emulates fine (tekken 3 arcade mode can fuck up if you watch the end cutscene), but wipeout just gets stuck on the first loading screen, tried multiple roms from emu (at the time) and they all acted the same

1b7afc  No.15573516


That third Screen looks relatively similar to a small trinitron.

383fc1  No.15574569

8993ba  No.15574586

File: 0294b81f679ea07⋯.webm (1.05 MB, 480x328, 60:41, Super Smash Bros Commerci….webm)

You guys know about Kaillera? You can play emulator games online using it. Like Project64k for example let's you play games like mario kart or smash online.

d57511  No.15574611


I set up kaillera a month ago for ePSXe and Mupen64. It was a pain in the ass for really trivial reasons (like having to delete the .net file every time the emulator stops, or else it will desync at launch, shit like that), and that's the type of stuff no normalfaggot would ever deal with. Hell, to them, pressing more than one button to install a game is too much effort. It's probably why Nintendo thinks the online NES games thing is a good idea, frankly.

8993ba  No.15574617


>and that's the type of stuff no normalfaggot would ever deal with

I was using project64k online in 2009 and it was rather active back then. People do use it. And yes, it is a huge struggle.

c5f9bf  No.15574787

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5f441e  No.15574853


What emu?


SNES9X really is the best middle ground as far as compatibility, accuracy, and usability is concerned. If you are autistic about accuracy and have a decent machine, then Higan is best just remember Byuu is a giant faggot.

e9cbf4  No.15574875


>remember {Insert name of emulator developer} is a giant faggot.

Why to even pretend otherwise?

caf361  No.15574894

File: ff8184d358226e2⋯.png (5.15 KB, 330x126, 55:21, frontend.PNG)

what's the best frontend for mednafen?, the wiki only lists pic related but doesnt give some descriptions for them, unless they're all basically the same

df9358  No.15574963


I'd say mednaffe

caf361  No.15574984


mind explaining why is it the best one? unless you havent tried the other two

74ad0c  No.15575137

File: d73de478a102a3f⋯.jpg (265.07 KB, 618x1000, 309:500, 793873_p0.jpg)


wow I never noticed that Alicia was packing.


trying too hard there mate

df9358  No.15575167


Exactly as you guessed, it was the first one I tried and it worked well enough for me not to bother trying out the others

4ce058  No.15575213


The first two wipeout games get stuck on the first load screen because the music is in CDA stream, and can only be played when you either mount the rom in a virtual disc before playing, or by burning it into a CD.

The latest version of ePSXe SPU audio core fixed that and runs the games normally. It's not the games that are fucked, it's dependent on the audio plugin you use.

5f441e  No.15575233


PEOpS audio driver in PCSXR loads it fine for me as well. I don't know what that anon's issue is unless he's using some outdated plugin, a faulty core, or some highly inaccurate trash like pSX .

d27c22  No.15575760

Does anyone else feel some input delay on Super Mario World? I'm using snes9x.

df9358  No.15575843


Super mario world does have a 2-frame IIRC input delay on original hardware , but you can use retroarch's new run-ahead feature to remove it. Was testing it yesterday and it really makes a difference

c021ce  No.15575894

File: 024e3c32f358dd5⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1920x591, 640:197, thigh.png)

c2ddc2  No.15575966

File: 12f44281b8ab2f6⋯.png (32.02 KB, 487x408, 487:408, Oekaki.png)


>not being a comfy breezeposter

dfbcb2  No.15576357

File: bd1fe2392190257⋯.jpg (114.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pcsx2 2018-10-10 22-07-21-….jpg)


>Not really, it's all ruins

I meant the general feeling it gives you when recruiting new characters and seeing the few cutscenes that there are beyond the introduction.

>Get to it, it is one of the best JRPGs i've played, the story is kinda bad

All I really care about is seeing more of Alicia. It's great how even with the PS2 graphics you can tell which one is in "control" just by looking at her face.

The beginning of the game had me laughing for quite a bit.

>strange girl enters a pub and walks up to some guy moping in a corner

>"H-hello, mister, c-could you take me to Dipan?"

>sizes her up, nice thighs, short skirt, pretty

>pretends he's not interested at first

>ends up on a wild chase with her anyway

But I'm actually surprised there haven't been that many cutscenes so far, which I think is odd for a JRPG.

Not that I'm complaining, but the one time I wouldn't mind seeing a character's face a bit more often, it doesn't happen.

bce2cb  No.15578615

File: ec7476f63c0cb74⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 3840x2225, 768:445, ec7476f63c0cb74e45f0f7bf82….jpg)

shameless selfbump

c5f9bf  No.15578638


>muh THICC

Such an obnoxious fucking phrase.

Shut the fuck up nigger and go back to >>>/cuckchan/

a2f9d2  No.15578754


>zero mention of the sakurai/shimomura divide


301ca5  No.15578773


epsxe however i got it running with pcsxr but as >>15575213 says

it's an audio issue, i'll get it sorted

cheers btw

301ca5  No.15578812


sage for dp but i downloaded that plugin and it's not showing up for me to select, other plugins show up fine (lilypad for controller), any idea were i'm fucking up?

807014  No.15580619

File: 7674db6e1933d08⋯.png (37.43 KB, 626x524, 313:262, Configure Pete's PSX D3D (….png)

File: 18bacbc53306e6a⋯.png (60.94 KB, 567x400, 567:400, plugins.png)

File: aa5bc34eae85681⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Enhanced PSX emulator.png)

Im trying to emulate harvest moon on epsxe but none of the settings seem "right".

im not a fan of 2d filters, but i am a huge fan of 3d stuff to be high resolution and as clean looking as possible. i also dont like every texture to look like waves in the ocean whenever i move. im not a fan of emulated scanlines, but could be persuaded if it actually looked better.

this is so far the best way i have set it up. but im not satisfied at all.

These are all of my plugins. are there others or newer versions i should get? should i be using a different emulator all together?

807014  No.15580646

File: 5ce4c56683088ca⋯.png (29.47 KB, 625x518, 625:518, 2018-10-13 01_48_12-Config….png)

File: fb79000b4edc9c3⋯.png (4.4 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, default plugin.png)


this is as nice as i could get the default plugin working… i think the other looks better. this one isnt bad, but i think the other looks better. the other also performs slightly better for me.

fd520f  No.15581369

File: 798038cb103a989⋯.jpg (12.08 KB, 300x266, 150:133, 798038cb103a98955d67b21b5d….jpg)

>Keep hearing DraStic being a super good emu


>dodge me with that

>finally have a smart phone

>Oh I could put it on this now

>have to pay with no demo to see if a fucking DS emu even works

Anyone hack like a .apk I can just use to download it, if it works paying their fee is what ever if their product is good after but I want results first.

527f90  No.15581379


Smartshit will always be a meme. Should've gotten a GPD Win instead

fd520f  No.15581416


Is that even usable as a phone?

975baa  No.15581422


Here's your spoonfeed you fucking cuck, use Google next time


975baa  No.15581453



Also that being said you can refund any purchase on Google play within 1 hour of buying it

58cff9  No.15581475


XMB is good shit, easy to navigate with a controller

Which, I am fully aware of the retarded faggot who is not aware that libretro as a project is meant to be on ANY platform it can be stuck on which includes, you know, GAME CONSOLES

That being said, I wish they would have done a blades UI

5f441e  No.15582937

File: 7a049a7f44f4b2e⋯.jpg (108.5 KB, 569x428, 569:428, 1352800223222.jpg)


Make sure you have spuPeopsSound_110b.dll and both .ini files with it in your plugins folder. That one seems to work for me.



First off:

-Stop using epsxe. Get PCSXR and PGXP.

-Stop using any default plugins and stop using Pete's direct 3D renderer.

Now get Pete's OpenGL2 plugin and the Open GL2 Tweak dll, which will allow you to fiddle with with more options for visuals than any of the older GL or D3D plugins can. Read more about this on the emutech wiki

955322  No.15583512


Kaillera kinda sucks this days, I prefer using p2p connections like in Kega fusion. It's not perfect, but I never had any major issue in co-op games.

807014  No.15583559


OK, i am trying to figure it out but information im finding seems to be conflicting.

i found this forum post


which seems to have the plugin and dll youre talking about, but trying to find the pcsx-reloaded emulator's most recent stable build is becoming a challenge.

58375a  No.15583667


Will this work on toasters? I know PS2 emulation is very demanding but I'm still waiting on some parts I ordered so I want to give PS1 emulation a shot instead.

807014  No.15583715


im still trying to figure it out, but this seems to be the toaster-friendly version compared to others like mednefen.

what are your specs? mine are pretty low.

58375a  No.15583769


That's the problem it's proprietary so I don't know what it is, the toaster I got is a hand me down I'm using until i got my own PC fully complete. I definitely know I don't have a AMD Radeon HD 7570, my research into it is it's microshit 6*** series made to be the bare minimum of a 7570.

5f441e  No.15583780



Here, just follow this:



You might have some hiccups if you're toaster is like 7 years old. Really though playing PS1 games in high res isn't that demanding on hardware these days.

807014  No.15583809


know anything about transferring save data from epsxe to this emulator? the memory card files dont seem to cross over… and thats a major problem for me.

5f441e  No.15583832


Search for a PS1 memory card manager program, there's tons of them.

807014  No.15583852


>missing dll

not off to a great start… had to install c++ redist 3x just to get the emulator to run.

807014  No.15583979


somehow a fresh install of pcsxr is attempting to pull game specific mcd data that no longer exists. i dont even know how this can possibly happen. i kept the 7z file. completely removed the emulator. re-extracted it. and it still somehow looking for mcd data from the epsxe emulator.

this is driving me insane. also, from brief testing and following the links, this emulator looks like pixelated trash. but i'll figure that out afterwards.

does pcsxr keep some ini somewhere thats not in its directory that i need to wipe? i figured removing the entire application and reloading it from the original download would give me a nice "factory reset" but that's not the case apparently.

807014  No.15584156


what am i supposed to choose as the graphics plugin? the gl2? or the gl2 tweak?

is there a way to make this emulator not sound like echoing ear rape?

807014  No.15584246


also, is there a way to not have textures flying in every direction, disappearing, showing inverse colors, and producing garbage all over the screen?

this emulator at its base, assuming the file i have is a new/stable build, since this emulator seems to be dead. adding pgxp and petes ogl2 tweak makes everything completely insane with garbage and glitches all over the screen.

also, transferring over the memory using memcardrex doesnt seem to work, but i cant be sure if im even doing it right because simply accessing the empty memory cards makes the emulator freeze instead of just saying "no data found"

is this because i selected "per game mcd"? does that function not work on this emulator?

is everything fucked up because im using the simulated bios instead of loading my own bios?

ive done alot of emulation in my time, and never have i seen such a clusterfuck of an emulator.

301ca5  No.15584456

File: 195b4ff898eebae⋯.jpg (416.1 KB, 1815x1021, 1815:1021, 195b4ff898eebae3c3fa37af8c….jpg)


>Make sure you have spuPeopsSound_110b.dll

nah closest i've got is cdrPeops.dll , also don't have the .ini files either, fucking weird one lol, i'll try downloading it again, cheers though

ffb81c  No.15585583

File: 0986707f48f1021⋯.gif (939.72 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Jojoposing.gif)

Out of the like 20 percent of games marked as playable on RPSC3's website (meaning beatable) what are worth playing?

041bae  No.15587003


Best set up for psx emulation

98d466  No.15587300

File: 758866e50f4802c⋯.jpg (25.89 KB, 460x345, 4:3, yojimbo-thinking.jpg)

mednafen or pcsx reloaded?

979121  No.15587309



98d466  No.15587312


on what exactly? from what I've read med is better for 2d and pcsx for 3d, is that correct? also what about saturn emulation, do I use mednafen or ssf?

4221ba  No.15587389


Unironically Israel I bet

979121  No.15587405


>shit pc








>do I use mednafen or ssf?

Couldn't tell you. I know ryphecha was making great progress on SS emulation before (she?) started doing paid "consulting" work for polymega and stopped working on mednafen.

98d466  No.15587410


I see, thanks anon

>polymega and stopped working on mednafen.

that's a shame, what the fuck is polymega?

979121  No.15587426


Retro Game Box™ #3902

747877  No.15587510

File: d8f48903fba7aa4⋯.jpg (7.54 KB, 135x264, 45:88, 7df20489a9a481b3a31c13a6e9….jpg)


Nintendo still hard at work directly and indirectly killing anything left decent about video games.

ffb81c  No.15587853

Come on niggers,PS3 game recommendations in that slice

3dfd40  No.15588871

File: 8ed4b6b6f48dbc2⋯.jpg (57.93 KB, 388x500, 97:125, 1377595804354.jpg)

should i emulate snes on my psvita or 3ds? which one has better emulation?

58cff9  No.15589033

File: aa1a1d4289062b1⋯.jpg (12.17 KB, 235x300, 47:60, 2918739108273.jpg)

So, potentially retarded question, since it's here

How hard is it to find a v3.6 vita? I was thinking about grabbing one to install retroarch on, and what Cores can you use with it?

1fd120  No.15589135

File: 3c0139d811a4727⋯.jpg (10.14 KB, 245x251, 245:251, intredasting.jpg)

Is there any way to pre-compile all the whatever the fuck Demon Soul's keeps compiling as I am playing? RPCS3 runs silky smooth 60fps on my i5 6600K 16Gb + GTX1060 6Gb but only after I've run through a new area and it's compiled.

I feel like I would enjoy the game if the compiling while playing shit didn't completely break the immersion…

979121  No.15589145


Donate to the Patreon to receive access to the Exclusive Compiled Shader Packs for a Stutter Free Experience!

1fd120  No.15589155


that better be a joke

979121  No.15589204


It is. Are you using async shader recompilation?

a2f9d2  No.15589272


Sadly not. Emulators like CEMU can share shader caches made by other players, between PCs (and between most versions of the emulator) with radically different configuration, because a special intermediate shader format is used. RPCS3 doesn't support this as such making cache sharing largely impractical, in part due to (blatantly unwarranted) legal paranoia on the part of the devs.

f18b1d  No.15589756



Unfortunately since every console made after the 6th generation uses a fully programmable shader modern, emulating any console made after is going to have to use a shader cache. Even the GameCube used partially programmable shaders but these are much smaller so you don't notice them compiling as much in Dolphin. There is actually advantages to this model, it makes developing accurate emulators much faster on the GPU part because you don't have to deal with weird proprietary APIs or shader languages anymore. OpenGL calls on modern consoles are the same as OpenGL calls on modern PCs.

a2f9d2  No.15589887


Dolphin is now a special case, since Flipper's shaders are simple enough that a performant realtime on-GPU interpreter (übershaders) was implemented.

Doing that for even the first gen of fully programmable pipelines would probably be too tall an order for today's most powerful GPUs though.

I can imagine other approaches, such as scripts that "pre-play" games to generate shader caches, or even explicit reverse engineering of games to extract the original shaders directly out of the ROM (similar to what was done for cart-based games that used add-in coprocessors to decompress assets, before emulation of those coprocessors existed).

fe4f9e  No.15590651

Has anyone else played Waluigi's wadventure?

It has some of the best level design I've seen in rom hacks.

fe4f9e  No.15590653

File: c0b8eee60d7bf95⋯.jpg (35.31 KB, 480x360, 4:3, serveimage.jpg)


forgot picture

9d9fb6  No.15590768

>What are you emulating?

A bunch of GBA Castlevania games and Parasite Eve on Mednafen because it's October along with Ace Combat 1-3, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter and Ace Combat 4 and 5 on PCSX2, Resident Evil REmake and the two Metroid Prime games on Dolphin.

>What is all time best emulator?

Objectively PPSSPP, but in my opinion, Mednafen. It allows me to use only one program to emulate most 4th and 5th gen systems which is amazing to me,

>Scannline yes or no?







I like Alicia though and I'm a burger. Some people just have shit taste and don't want to admit it.

370a2c  No.15590775

Which is the best og Xbox emulator?

Where do you find your iso for such systems? (Tpb has sets but not completely)

bc548b  No.15590797

Lates Xenia build runs all XBLA Perfect! Even a Toaster runs them somewhat good.

All you have to do is unlock it yourself in the code since the dev is a massiv cuck. Don't ask me how, sorry, got it from a friend. It is basicly just one line where a '1' have to be changed into a '0'. Just search it up, i am sure there is something online explaining the shit.

Finally going to play Ilomilo and Island of Wakfu.

fdf1d9  No.15590818

File: b2befe40228c0d6⋯.png (112.57 KB, 779x745, 779:745, 246853267.png)


The vita thread would have been a better place to ask, but it looks like that got bumped off. That depends on your budget and the area/sites you use to try and find one. The guaranteed way is to buy an unopened bundle from before 3.6, but those are disappearing by the day. Buying used ones online or in stores that don't explicitly say 3.6 are a gamble but will be cheaper most likely, just confirm with whoever you are dealing with that it is 3.6 or below.

>Cores can you use with it?

These should be most of, if not all the cores.

2b8208  No.15590837


Bitchin I can put my atari collection on it.

2392d1  No.15592853

File: 1c854b81fcd2990⋯.png (966.74 KB, 1254x1033, 1254:1033, hulk.png)

I didn't get into emulation to get life advice.

26a59b  No.15592862

File: ed83ceba7bb1600⋯.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 449:401, laughing sluts.png)

15206d  No.15592891

File: ec2427be3febd78⋯.png (375.36 KB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, cream_the_rabbit_by_krizei….png)

How sthat piece of shit Citra, performing as of late, can i play anything as intended with an i5?


>-Stop using epsxe. Get PCSXR and PGXP.

>-Stop using any default plugins and stop using Pete's direct 3D renderer.

You are not the boss of me epsxe4lyfe

979121  No.15593228


>can i play anything as intended with an i5?

There's at least 89 different i5s anon, how could we possibly answer that question?

15206d  No.15593251


i5 8600K, why would i even use anything older than a year on my computer?

2333d7  No.15593293



Why don't you just download it and see for yourself? I have an i5 4670k and Citra runs Omega Ruby flawlessly.

a71da7  No.15594104

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Switch Homebrew is starting to look promising now that it has openGL support.

a2f9d2  No.15594111


Wasn't this already the case with Lakka installed?

f18b1d  No.15594125

File: 0e670d40563b92d⋯.png (3.5 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, RPCS3_RDR.png)

>Decide to try out RPCS3 again

>Last time I ran it was about 2 months ago and RDR ran like trash and looked ugly as fuck

>Now I'm getting a ~5-10 fps performance gain and more accurate graphics now

impressive, the game still runs like hot garbage but its now to the point where I can show it off to people I know and say "look RDR is finally on PC"

d153a6  No.15594162


>I've updated the texture pack for my penis bell, check the link in the description to download it.

imagine how lucky you be if that been couldve been you

4c97fb  No.15594178


Wanna try that again?

bc548b  No.15596041



still lurking and searching for those evil rom sites?

3bbdb0  No.15596070

File: fbca565788990b6⋯.png (500.62 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, bomberman DEMANDS to be in….png)


In our defense, whenever we try to buy shit legally, companies act like huge jews and inflate the prices so much its disgusting.

I miss the PSX days when everyone had a PS1 and pirating was piss easy so everyone had all kinds of vidya.

473530  No.15596089

File: b9937facf86c103⋯.jpg (81.94 KB, 682x450, 341:225, Polan.jpg)


>why wouldn't I support a den full of kikes?

Because you aren't the goodes of goyim?

d07679  No.15596269

File: 40b11f077013633⋯.png (438.52 KB, 390x550, 39:55, jazz.png)

where does /v/ get its ps3 iso/pkg from? got pcsx3 working but all I have on it is vf5fs.

I need me some kamen rider battride war genesis and the one on nicoblog doesnt work

58375a  No.15597311

File: 7de7fff4e62d4c1⋯.jpg (5.38 KB, 188x246, 94:123, 8e3c850353ea838f25a795c7c1….jpg)


I hate how certain software programs are dumping OpenGL for Direct X and you can't switch it back without doing a bunch of tinkering you shouldn't have to do beyond a config file. More taxing on the hardware my ass OpenGL is simply more compatible.

a2f9d2  No.15597406

File: fd8b63eebe85a46⋯.jpg (73.62 KB, 439x467, 439:467, vulkan-logo.jpg)


Vulkan is great, Vulkan is merciful, praise Vulkan.

DX12 is sinking fast alongside XBOne, all of this will be over soon enough.

a71da7  No.15597904


unfortunately my GTX 760 GPU dosen't have proper vulkan support. Vulkan runs like shit.

63aa79  No.15598931



anyone got a rom for Evil Dead Hail to the King Dreamcast ISO?

7d3c48  No.15599047

File: 8101afba3815ca3⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 367x451, 367:451, AH HAHAHA FAGGOT.jpg)






>Curse Client

7e2e37  No.15599079


What browser do you use?

693871  No.15599085

File: 5868072c1e68b81⋯.jpg (111.02 KB, 664x551, 664:551, This.jpg)

Reposting because mods are FAGGOTS and locked my PlayStaion specific thread.

How the fuck do I fix this in PCSX2?

26a59b  No.15599086





get a real ps2 works every time

693871  No.15599090

File: da967b21ae2be9f⋯.jpg (61.52 KB, 748x477, 748:477, BIOSes.jpg)


I had on about 10 years ago, but sold it. What the fuck am I missing to get this stupid error?

The fuck is "Branch, Branch, Branch!" supposed to mean?

1fd120  No.15599108


>Are you using async shader recompilation?

I was not, but I will look for that. Thanks, anon.

693871  No.15599112

Jesus fucking Christ.

>Make Playstation Emulation specific thread.

>Mods lock thread for being a duplicate.

>Emulation general thread is dead.

Bravo you absolute fuckwits.

1fd120  No.15599118


Congratulations, you're retarded!

693871  No.15599125


How? How is making a thread to cater to a specific console when this thead is deader than McCain retarded?

Do you have the answer to help me?

3a2346  No.15599170



Don't act like you didn't fuck the proverbial dog on making sure you didn't have a name visible in your own thread. And no, for once the mods weren't being faggots. This thread was on page 2 prior, and considering that this is still the early hours for burgerland, getting bumped a few times in the night is acceptable. Also still almost 120 posts to go until bump limit at that, so no, I would not call the thread dead yet. Especially when for troubleshooting, it can work in your favor that a question remains visible in a slowish thread for more eyes that might see it, as opposed to cuck/v/ speeds. A slow thread can have a value of its own, such as making the question you're asking visible for longer and to more potential eyes.

Now, I'm not sure when the last test for the game was (wiki does at least say the page for it was last updated in July), or if it is actually related to your problem, but I notice that both the NTSC-U and PAL versions of Dropship are listed as being broken emulated on Windows to begin with on the pcsx2 wiki (with other operating systems not having a status). I would recommend that, if you are trying to set up the emulator for the first time, you pick an initial game that actually can run properly with it to test with, and go from there. And maybe a low demand one, at that.

693871  No.15599176


Right, thankyou for that.

I downloaded another (US?) version of Dropship and it gets fractionally past the load screen then fucks up on the US BIOS, so I'm just assuming you're right and it's just fucked.

I guess I'll just uninstall it and give up I spose.

27bd28  No.15599188


well you can get a PS2 and softmod it or a fat ps3 and CFW it if you're determined to play. I did both and I love being able to play them on the original hardware, not to say I'm not a fan of emulation but i realize there's still a long way to go before they become the preferred way to play a console game. Brushing off my old PS1 and I'm gonna get a PSIO chip installed on it.

693871  No.15599193


I considered that, but I'm not paying to play an old game I used to own for nostalgia reasons. If I can't just emulate it and have it work "out of the box" it's not worth the effort.

Besides, the MGS HD Collection is backwards compatible now on Xbox One so I'm happy for the meantime.

27bd28  No.15599202


Its like 60$ to get an old PS2 fat, you could probably find even cheaper ones that don't have a working CD drive which you wouldn't need if you do an HD softmod and you can pirate all sorts of games you'd have problems running on your rig. Its not about momentary satisfaction, its the idea that you're taking proprietary crap and making it into your bitch flying right in the face of what Sony wants to do, that is, "rent" you the exclusives they've bought the rights to over the years on their shitty streaming call-it-a-service-but-actually-buttfucking-you thing.

693871  No.15599211


You're absolutely right, but as you can see by my ID change it's 00:00 in the morning and I've crawled from my PC to my bed to phonepost so I'll take heed on what you've said and have a look at the "pawn shops" we have around here and see what I can find.

Thanks dude.

979121  No.15599511


It should fix the stutter, you'll just have missing textures while they're being loaded instead.

c2ddcd  No.15599960


Dropship is coded like shit so it does weird shit with the VUs

The warning is not meant for you or even to be understood by you.

iirc this has been fixed somewhat recently. or at-least whatever was breaking the game was understood.

2f5dcc  No.15602141

File: 2cd4995978e7483⋯.jpg (51.96 KB, 748x477, 748:477, b764759b2781bc7b79e50e45bb….jpg)


You can't hide, Jesse.

979121  No.15602147



621947  No.15602403


I know, I know…

I fucked up.

Point is that Dropship was a criminally underrated game- the music, the Ace Combat-esque dogfighting and even the vehicle sections were good. I can't recommend it enough.

74d85f  No.15602592

File: e9e541f7a17ad7b⋯.png (8.37 MB, 2821x2160, 2821:2160, Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (USA)….png)


Looks like crt shaders. I've been experimenting with them lately. While not as good as the real thing, at high resolutions they look pretty good.

979121  No.15604199


Are you using DSR or do you actually have a 4k monitor? If the latter, would you mind taking an off-screen picture of that?

b02665  No.15606288


No I'm using DSR.

a14076  No.15608743

RPCS3 keeps crashing when I fire up demon's souls.

Older versions ran the game just fine, but had low FPS.

Is there any fix? What's the fastest version of RPCS3 for demon's souls?

46d930  No.15608759


Stop being a retard.

The I will respond.

a14076  No.15608782


The only thing on their site about demons souls is not to use the PSN version. Which is not the one I have.

19fc90  No.15610054

3995a8  No.15613068


>10 days ago

Are you running any special settings in Valkyrie Profile? I've just started playing it and I've got some strange ghosting going on in cut scenes.

f18b1d  No.15613113


Not him, but what resolution do you have it set too? In RPCS3 there are two resolution settings, reported resolution, and resolution scale. If you have the reported resolution set to something higher than the game originally supported, it will crash, it run at your native res you need to set it to the games stock reported res and then raise the resolution scale instead.

19fc90  No.15613359


Search up game titel plus pcsx2

First link always gives the pcsx2 wiki game link with all settings for each game

7dbe3b  No.15613543


Do what >>15613359 said for every game.

Personally, I enabled speedhacks, but didn't touch the cycle rates or the fast CDVD.

You can't fix the forest area, just bear with it, it's pretty short and I think it's the only place that fucks up.

7dbe3b  No.15613550


Oh and make sure you set the right aspect ration in emulation settings and then select the one you want in-game.

Otherwise the picture will be distorted.

31b99b  No.15614898

Anyone know a good magnet for Famicom and Super Famicom? NES and SNES is fine but I'd like to practice nipspeak at the same time.

I'm sure no one needs it now but here's the magnet for 6000+ NDS I've been slowly seeding for a while. Uploaded about 700GB so far.

31b99b  No.15614899


Fuck sake magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5138ec77d5abad7d8ffa1e6ee5c2433ad9788843&dn=NDS6000%2b&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fexodus.desync.com%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fopen.demonii.com%3a1337&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fzer0day.ch%3a1337

3995a8  No.15615368

File: ce670bc47f9a8c6⋯.jpg (869.43 KB, 2296x1274, 164:91, How.jpg)

File: 19ad120d091e201⋯.jpg (864.82 KB, 2296x1274, 164:91, do-I.jpg)

File: 32fc04bd8446de1⋯.jpg (867.79 KB, 2298x1276, 1149:638, computer.jpg)



I'm either doing something very wrong or there is a multinational conspiracy going on against me.

Was it a mistake to just pick the latest development Version? I did that because the stable 1.4. seems a bit old at this point.

The texture offset (assuming that's what the wiki meant with TC Offset) doesn't seem to work all that well either.

Processor is an i5-4690K and GPU a GTX 980.

7dbe3b  No.15615516

File: c4b9fa9a7e44c66⋯.jpg (99.35 KB, 705x658, 15:14, 1.JPG)

File: ff6c866c3440058⋯.jpg (164.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pcsx2 2018-10-15 22-23-15-….jpg)


1.5 is great, you did good.

Don't use OpenGL though, that's just silly (my experience with it while emulating VP2 isn't all that great, it might need more tinkering).

I used to have the same problem as you do, these are my settings.

The only downside is that sometimes the lightning will completely disappear during a cutscene, so everything will look very bland and dark, but those moments are rare and last for a very short while.

Slight ghosting can also happen during some scenes, but since everything is in motion, it's not as noticeable. This would be an extreme example.

I'm not sure the presets do something good or not, but you can uncheck that box under "emulation" and set the speehacks yourself.

Just don't touch the cycle rates, it'll fuck up your framerate and audio.

3995a8  No.15615628

File: 8998633dc2a6d9e⋯.jpg (811.18 KB, 2089x970, 2089:970, life-is-hard.jpg)


>Don't use OpenGL though, that's just silly

Strange, that one has given me the best results so far.

This might take some trial and error autism on my end I'm afraid, but thanks for the suggestions anyways. At least the actual game play sections work well.

1f8cc0  No.15615696

Is there a working/good gamecube emu?

3995a8  No.15615697

File: 9e91f98da7e8861⋯.jpg (922.73 KB, 1916x810, 958:405, ps2-emulation-is-random.jpg)


Downgrading to the version you're using improved things by quite a lot, now I've only got those small rectangles at the bottom. Seems like the latest version is a bit fucked in regards to this game and maybe blindly copying everything is the true way to wisdom.

Thanks again.

7dbe3b  No.15615715

File: c71a24319b80d92⋯.jpg (49.45 KB, 639x440, 639:440, how to use a drill.jpg)


No problem, I completely forgot about the newer versions, so I never tried them.

Have fun.

3995a8  No.15615718


Dolphin is pretty close to perfect, should work right out of the box as well.

387293  No.15615733


>version has to be extremely specific for things to work

>newer versions only introduce new issues

Jesus Christ that emulator is absolutely fucked.

7dbe3b  No.15615749


To be fair, it's an experimental dev build, not a proper release.

1c959f  No.15615752


Always upvote Ai-chan XD

3995a8  No.15615798


Their latest "proper release" is over two and a half years old, though.

So it's at least a bit fucked.

979121  No.15615962


>27% of library plays perfectly

>the bulk of this is shovelware/wii shovelware

Anon please.

3995a8  No.15616022


I played several Wii and GameCube games on that thing and had no issues at all without having to jump through hoops like with the PCSX2 stuff.

You could put the original hardware on my table and I'd still go with the emulator.

So I'd say the one who came up with that "perfectly" definition is probably some autist who cries about the emulator not having the the same framedrops the original hardware had in a busy scene.

You might be trying too hard.

979121  No.15616044


>merely following what the developers claim of dolphin's current capabilities is trying too hard

Anon you might be autistic. You could just admit you jumped the gun with the pretty close to perfect claim instead of doubling down like a woman when you find yourself caught out.

7dbe3b  No.15616056

File: 93699243a3c8e10⋯.png (1.07 MB, 512x1000, 64:125, 1434641569223-1.png)


Well, I never said it wasn't fucked.

From what I've heard it's because the whole program is built upon hacks rather than attempts to properly emulate the PS2's hardware, but I also heard that they're trying to unfuck it now, so it might actually work out of the box in about 10 years.

I had to do a lot of dicking around myself to get VP2 into an acceptable state, not just in looks, but framerate as well.

Honestly, it was well worth it.

58cff9  No.15616128

File: d06708a157cfcfe⋯.jpg (69.52 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 2389172390182301.jpg)

Hey it's me fucking stupid guy again, been wondering, can you get your PS1 games off your PSP and use them on an emulator? I have a bunch downloaded on there and was curious, I assume you can just, y'know, use PSP games directly in an emulator but I was curious about how PS1 classics would work

36938b  No.15616337


Dolphin is far from perfect and outside of super mainstream releases games are full of issues. Dolphin devs fudge the numbers by listing every working game as working perfectly and with the issues only highlighted upon closer inspection. Their benchmarking process is list games as working if they get to the first playable scene and nothing past that.

5f441e  No.15616820



Enjoy your sub-pcsxr accuracy.

bea916  No.15618082

Finding zero info, does the official wii u game cube adapter not work on anything else other than Dolphin? I don't want to have to buy a mayflash adapter. Trying to emulate N64 using retroarch, the controllers not even detected.

a2f9d2  No.15618227


I presume you're on Windows. Dolphin has its own built in driver, anything else will require a DirectInput driver, e.g.:


Plus possibly XInput support, necessitating a DirectInput-XInput shim such as x360ce:


Note that only Dolphin's built in driver supports rumble

979121  No.15618233


It should work with retroarch, there's definitely an autoconfig file for it.

49dc2a  No.15619103


No, I'm using the latest build.


Oh yeah I think I remember using the the wii u usb driver years ago, it wasn't reliable, sometimes it wouldn't detect the adapter and it fucked with other input devices, I remember the camera for Dark souls 3 was moving on it's own, wasn't until I removed it, it went away. I'll try using it again and just disable and re enable when needed.

d99809  No.15619393


PS1 classics can be dropped directly in an PS1 emulator. You can download the PSN versions off some sites, it's nice for multi disc games

87a879  No.15621257


I had the same problem with the flickering on Mupen64, just change ScreenUpdateSetting to 4 in mupen64plus.conf

103fa0  No.15627210


>Using epsxe in 2018 unironically

Wew. Why not use an emulator that isn't shit, like pscxr or Mednafen?

ee5be7  No.15627240

File: c4efa96ce63cc1e⋯.jpg (22.75 KB, 432x403, 432:403, 1502755435299.jpg)

Been playing sim city 2k GBA version on my GPDXD. I think the game is borked. even though I have lots of police stations the city demands more.

341185  No.15627313


Doing what i want > your opinion

807014  No.15627434


>Why not use an emulator that isn't shit

because it wont let me carry over my save data nomatter what i do :(

58cff9  No.15627503


Memory card files are universal stupid, or are you talking about savestates?

58cff9  No.15627632

File: f5523162decfef6⋯.jpg (81.83 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 8912437894189741897.jpg)


Nice, now I can go dig out my PS3 and go redownload all my PS1 classics. In the mean time I got Um Jammer Lammy.

You're the fucking best.

807014  No.15627698



id be happy if either worked.

memory card files are supposed to be universal, but when i put them on the other emulator, the whole thing crashes every time i try to load any data. its not that it says its empty, it just freezes the second i select a memory card.

5d3a48  No.15627850


What are your specs?

0bdcad  No.15627851


Create a memcard with mednafen

Use one of the tools linked in the wiki to transfer the ePSXe save to your brand new memcard

Try loading it againagain

Could be ePSXe making malformed save only it can read for that game though so it might still crash if that's the case.

807014  No.15627860


i think its because i use 1 memory card per game. i've previously tried everything you mentioned.

0ce410  No.15628924

File: e22d2f26e31ae75⋯.jpg (27.08 KB, 366x374, 183:187, gay shit.jpg)

What the fuck is this?

What other n64 emus are there?

8bba25  No.15628936


Your first day with emulators I see. Show me some ID, young man.

0ce410  No.15629051

File: cd09f3dac62bfe7⋯.jpg (15.51 KB, 460x321, 460:321, cd09f3dac62bfe769732a29a34….jpg)


>Show me some ID, young man.

I hope this will suffice.

7dbe3b  No.15629301



Turbo faggot.

e4bbb3  No.15630349

File: cd0303dd7013e18⋯.jpg (102.06 KB, 1600x1312, 50:41, PSX-Original-Controller.jpg)

Why does every PS1 emulator have significant input lag? Every one of them! epsxe, psxfin, pcsx-r, bizhawk, all of them. Is nobody else concerned by this?

8bba25  No.15630415


It depends on your refresh rate, which should ideally be the same as the game, if you have vsync turned on in the emulator or vsync and buffering on your graphics drivers, the rate of input polling set on your system, what controller you're using and if the drivers for that are causing lag, if you're playing in fullscreen or windowed, if you're using Windows 8, 10, or 7 with the crappy aero shit turned on which causes a ton of input lag.

e4bbb3  No.15630426



No vsync either on the emulator or graphics drivers.

Logitech Rumblepad 2, I use it for other games with zero latency.

Windowed mode.

Windows 10, no aero shit.

8bba25  No.15630433

If you're using a keyboard or a controller varies the amount of lag. Some emulators have more input lag inherently, like Nestopia for example. Retroarch is typically pretty good with input lag. If you're using an LCD make sure all that overdrive shit and extra processing is turned off.

8bba25  No.15630442


Fullscreen typically has less input lag for most emulators. Also note a lot of PS1 games have some amount of input lag because of the way processing is handled. Old versions of SDL used by the emulator would cause keyboard lag. Try Retroarch and see how you fare.

59850a  No.15630475


>>ESA Members


You know your association is shit when Calypso is not the most shovelware tier member.

561614  No.15630748

File: 9743a3b08cd3c35⋯.jpg (131.27 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, brigandine.jpg)

What is the current best emulator for PS1? google search is giving contradicting results

I haven't touched emulators in a long while and i really feel like playing Brigandine

e4bbb3  No.15630802


Alright, Retroarch does a better job. The input lag isn't as bad but it is still present and noticeable.

747877  No.15631088

File: 74b77d2f989d111⋯.png (25.56 KB, 404x362, 202:181, latency.PNG)

File: f3a080b1026ff92⋯.png (36.77 KB, 478x336, 239:168, latency2.PNG)

747877  No.15631099

File: b35fb0235d6e34d⋯.png (45.07 KB, 496x492, 124:123, latency3.PNG)


d3d doesn't support Hard Gpu Sync apparently.

fb69d7  No.15631102


a PSP or PS2

27bd28  No.15631183



The internal emulators get good performance but are no more accurate since they're software and can't get around not having the original hardware.

If you're willing to buy a console to play PS1 games then get a PS1 and chip it for the PSIO, which is an accessory that lets you load isos from an SD card.

561614  No.15631210



No, i don't have enough money right now to spend on hardware, needs to be an emulator

And it needs to work on win10

404aad  No.15631250


Just use unirom instead, much cheaper and actually in possible to come by. Most PS2s have PS1 hardware on them and the best models have incompatible games in the teens (between 13 and 17 out of 2500ish)

27909c  No.15631295


Mednafen for compatibility and general use, or PCSX-R if you really need upscaled 3D. Ignore any other suggestions.

561614  No.15631336

f18b1d  No.15631353

CEMU 1.14 final has been cracked by the way if you're an impatient fuck that can't wait 6 days

e4bbb3  No.15631357


I appreciate the assistance but none of the options seem to make any difference, no matter what combination I use.

I guess I just have to live with the fact that every ps1 emulator has input lag and no one really cares?

48d973  No.15631599

File: a07d5c101d8d31b⋯.jpg (48.45 KB, 422x422, 1:1, a07d5c101d8d31b6acc1acca25….jpg)

I'm a fucking retard so I need to ask this. What is currently the best option for dreamcast emulation?

f22f39  No.15637805


Probably reicast, the libretro reicast plugin for RetroArch or DEmul

301ca5  No.15637930


open Config>Project64.cfg and set the run count to -1

a14076  No.15638947


Everything is at defaults except the required settings.

I already got Demons Souls to run on older versions just fine. Same settings with new ones though and it just does not run.

i5 2300, gtx1050, 16gb ram.

The game starts up, runs for a minute and then just freezes or crashes rpcs3.

03b777  No.15638972

Seems like Legend of Legaia is lagging on ePSXe and crashing on PCSX. Are there any other PS1 emulators that can run games without the lag and the snag?

a14076  No.15639009

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

There is a switch emulator progressing pretty fast by the way. Excuse the youtube link, but I can't be arsed to convert it into a webm or use whatever.

1fd120  No.15639100


hmm yeah i notice this with the new builds too. shits b0rked for now i guess.

503064  No.15639685


For pkgs I guess everybody uses psndl which afaik has ddl links for the entire ps3 psn library.

But for disc titles, I second your question. I'd also love to know a decent source for PS3 isos with good links, either some decent host like Google Drive or torrents.

I guess most use Nicoblog, but almost all games on Nicoblog are MEGA links. MEGA gives a 100 ~ 300 MB daily quota for my country / ISP and my ISP gives me a static IP address so no way around that. None of the free VPNs I've tried worked well because MEGA apparently realizes that the ip address comes from a VPN service and gives them ridiculous quotas as well. Seriously, I hate that faggots still insist on using this cancerous host, Kim Dotcom himself has nothing to do with them anymore and recommends people to not use it.

503064  No.15641775

I've finally been checking out on PS3 emulation with RPCS3 this past week. Tested about 20 games, being careful to check the compatibility list and only get games marked green / playable, minus a couple of exceptions marked as ingame that I wanted to try anyways.

I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed, and PS3 emulation seems to be in a much worse state than I expected based on what quite a few faggots have been posting around here. Of course I wasn't expecting Dolphin, Cemu or even PCSX2 tier, but based on a few posters around here you'd be inclined to believe it's currently on the same state Dreamcast emulation was a few years ago.

Almost all games I tested currently have serious issues and while they can be playable, it's far from an enjoyable experience - lots of bugs, glitches and random instability (I didn't have much problems performance wise btw, on my PC most games ran at 30+ fps with quite a few getting stable 60 fps). Most games will freeze or crash randomly after 15 to 30 minutes of play time, the only titles that I didn't experience any crashes or freezes were Dragon's Crown, Daytona USA and Nier. A couple of the worst were God of War Chains of Olympus HD (freezes every 15 ~ 20 minutes of play time or so) and Wangan Midnight (crashes about every 2 or 3 races, though to be fair the latter is marked as "ingame" and not playable on the compatibility list).

Before anyone asks, I've been using the safest / default settings (such as 720p without upscale), and only changing the settings required to get the games working.

Speaking of which, browsing the forums I've noticed RPCS3's compatibility list has a pretty lax criteria to classify a game as green / playable (the highest rating). If the game can be played to the end it's marked as playable, even if it's running at 15 fps, crashing every 30 minutes and full of graphics glitches and sound stuttering. So discretion is advised when browsing the list to find which games actually work.

RPCS3's compatibility list is also outdated af, since apparently the builds from the last few months made tons of regressions that have not been fixed yet. Many games that are marked as playable actually will not get past the intro or won't even boot in the latest builds, and the compatibility list haven't been updated - some games marked as working have been broken since last year.

Just wanted to leave this post as a warning if some anon haven't tried PS3 emulation yet, lower your expectations or wait another year or 2.



Yep, looks like I didn't choose a good time to get into PS3 emulation. Apparently the latest builds are completely fucked, though by "latest" it seems to be since may or june so I don't know how long it'll take for them to unfuck it.


>Their benchmarking process is list games as working if they get to the first playable scene and nothing past that.

Well apparently RPCS3 devs have been doing the same shit with their compatibility list.

665273  No.15642331

File: 9b1dc438f210dc3⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 263x189, 263:189, 1523416390093.gif)

Any CRT fags here?

How did you set up your DEMUL? I atttempted to lower the resolution and use interscaling to reduce the flickering but now I'm not able of opening games in fullscreen.

ffb81c  No.15650140

File: e552115daf8dc8f⋯.png (2.8 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Yo can anybody help me out here?

I can't get these fucking bars to disappear

b83b6d  No.15651964


Mednafen if you're computer was made in the last 10 years/is not a Chromebook is probably what you are looking for

561614  No.15664914

File: 737414de26a8d23⋯.png (554.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, happy olivia3.png)


Thanks for the suggestion anon, i got Mednafen, picked up Brigandine Grand Edition, patched to english and enjoyed the most fun match i ever had, I never finished a hard match when i was a kid, now i did and it was fucking great. One day i will make the spiritual successor to Brigandine.

I just wish the enemies scaled in the end, the last turns were too easy until i got to the Serpent of Chaos, that fucker almost fucked my ass

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