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File: 2f9693de13f0e0f⋯.png (880.13 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 4d961fa3c5496d167fa1b87208….png)

b54d09  No.15571137

Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread thread.

I've become interested in playing Disgaea. What's the best version of Disgaea 1? Would I be better off with PC, or should I emulate the PS2 version? Did NISA royally fuck up the translation as they are wont to do, and if so, is there a fan translation patch that fixes things?

de8725  No.15571155


It isn't?

b54d09  No.15571171

File: 4428bdb70c79229⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 501.04 KB, 950x1200, 19:24, 9bd840ff348cbd786de6dbdca7….png)

File: b110e3eaf23fa5e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.88 KB, 615x876, 205:292, 96a0407b9afc72255b497b1e16….jpg)

File: 42d565b864a69cc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.38 MB, 1575x2415, 15:23, 263284af54fa800bced44207ae….png)

File: 11d034d56ecc348⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.26 KB, 840x900, 14:15, b0219b64f295fbf10e5a8f89f8….jpg)

File: a866efb7a8dd6fc⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 731.86 KB, 1024x1380, 256:345, c0b112dc826a8f3a188fa610b6….jpg)


Something like 5% are furfags at best. They're just a loud minority. Myself included, but there's a difference between fursuiters+ERPfags and fetishizing furry vidya characters.

d68722  No.15571192


Most aren't. Some are. But only when you bait them out. Like posting Klonoa, Pokemon, Animal Crossing threads, etc. Or like how your baity question just did right now. >>15571171

039e7d  No.15571199

File: 4016bdac8c4424f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 36.09 KB, 640x1601, 640:1601, 4016bdac8c4424f0abbaa004c4….png)


Because they're new or don't think every thing is black and white. People also say /v/ is /pol/, remember?


pic related

d89ea9  No.15571202


> Like posting Klonoa

Fun fact: I was behind 90% of the Klonoaposting back on cuckchan before we all moved over here. Literally the only reason I stopped was because I have a static IP now and didn't want to shit where I eat, so to speak.

ed9027  No.15571216


/v/ and borderline personality disorder go hand in hand.


mia is great, too bad she's in a stupid game.

261642  No.15571236

The fuck happened to the last QTDDTOT thread? it was on auto renew

039e7d  No.15571238


>/v/ can't be more than one person

b54d09  No.15571241


>mia is great, too bad she's in a stupid game.

I recently replayed the game(s) via emulation and it was even more boring than I remember it being when I played it on PS2. The gameplay is absolute trash, and the story is pretty boring. Everyone says it's amazing, but that's only because it did what did first. It didn't do what it did well. Also, spreading side stories and backstories across a dozen different mediums is not an excuse for poor story execution in the primary product.

497831  No.15571331


>/v/ and borderline personality disorder go hand in hand.

speak for yourself

ed9027  No.15571381

File: 94f2594d3c993fd⋯.png (666.64 KB, 638x479, 638:479, im outta here.png)


i used to like it as a kid, hell i loved G.U., but i replayed the PC version recently and realized how boring and bland it actually is.

the original was alright i guess, but goddamn stop sending me to farm virus cores you fucking artificially-extended game.

>get to unlock new area where somethings gonna happen

>you cant go here until you farm 20 penis cores, 10 cunt cores, and 5 ass cores

>they only drop from enemies that appear 5 at a time per level or some ridiculous shit at a 10% rate per enemy


06aeda  No.15571394

I started playing toddyrim with Morrowloot ultimate and survival mods,(Frostfall mainly). It added fixed enemy level scaling and an item progression slant like Stalker does in addition to Skyrim's perk progression, and turned it into an acceptable game (in my opinion) .

Is there games like this out of the box? They don't have to be action games.

9b2c36  No.15571493


Disgaea 1 was handled by Atlus, at least on the PS2, as NIS didn't have a western branch until shortly after (Atlus had also handled Rhapsody for them prior). The series quickly went to NISA after that, as did the spinoffs and other NIS developed titles. As for the PSP ports, I'm not sure which one it was, but I've heard NISA broke the DLC for one of them.

b51960  No.15571646


Just ignore what everyone says about the translation quality and enjoy the series. Disgaea writing is going to be meme-y no matter how far back you go. For example, horse wiener in D1.

Emulate/pirate the PSP version or download the PC version. I'm not sure if the PC crack has all the bugfixes that the official release does, though you could always check and see if the community made a patch for it

43e1a5  No.15571659

File: 9c0e282a8e52989⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 973.21 KB, 1725x1581, 575:527, Twerkey01.png)

File: e628ebb59bf53ce⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.03 MB, 1725x3081, 575:1027, Twerkey02.png)


If I fucked a Twerky, would that be considered anal or oral?

b54d09  No.15571660


>Just ignore what everyone says about the translation quality and enjoy the series.

No. I have autism.

>Disgaea writing is going to be meme-y no matter how far back you go.

>>15571493 already said NISA hadn't been established yet.

>For example, horse wiener in D1

I've heard, looked into it, and it was part of the original Japanese script.

b54d09  No.15571662


Does it shit or eat from there?

506957  No.15571667

Why is always Etna and not Flonne?

200076  No.15571681

where's all the etna porn

b54d09  No.15571683


She more popular from what I've gathered.

b54d09  No.15571687

File: 284532fafc27a36⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.66 MB, 500x500, 1:1, etna_tentacle_rape.gif)

ed9027  No.15571695




fuck both of them, Raspberyl is the best

1151f0  No.15571700

File: 061e2fcdf14105a⋯.webm (1.97 MB, 900x736, 225:184, SerpentineNiceCamel.webm)

File: d9bd707c262fdd8⋯.webm (1.95 MB, 800x720, 10:9, 45775919.webm)


That artist does some nice Etna art. Anyways you're best off pirating Disgaea 5 Complete Edition and applying the mods to it. Disgaea doesn't need to be played in any order and you don't need to play the first to get into 5. 4 and 5 are considered the most solid entries in the series. D5 PC being the best version when you apply mods. But if you must play D1, then I would say emulating the PSP version is a good bet.


f47107  No.15571701


the psp port, i'm not joking

d5ad26  No.15571708

File: 9c97b374d296df7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 477.34 KB, 782x849, 782:849, priere 2.png)

File: 7d6a8543bbc014a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 35.01 KB, 175x200, 7:8, priere 3.png)

File: bad7f46979bfce4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 58.98 KB, 200x234, 100:117, priere 4.png)

File: 8da6dd43d9099a5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 233.51 KB, 500x550, 10:11, priere 5.png)

File: f443440cfd7f84b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.53 KB, 574x620, 287:310, priere.jpg)




> etna

> flonne

> raspberyl

best girl is obviously Priere

200076  No.15571716


>udderly disgusting


041986  No.15571722


That third one isn't Priere. It's just a standard Disgaea succubus.

ed9027  No.15571728

File: 262016b24c06364⋯.png (105.64 KB, 346x327, 346:327, johnny bravo's 『Too Much M….png)



i was about to mention it but you beat me to it

b54d09  No.15571729


>Disgaea doesn't need to be played in any order

Are they all just different stories with the same main characters and no continuity or something? What about running gags and other references to previous games?

660dd2  No.15571736

File: 06d54a092c019c2⋯.jpg (229.38 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 1447238661257.jpg)

ed9027  No.15571757


it has running gags and recurring characters/cameos. but no continuing story, no.

stories and running gags get more retarded as the franchise goes on though.

1151f0  No.15571765

File: 460d1ed68618ea5⋯.png (321.79 KB, 1290x854, 645:427, Disgaea Tips.png)

File: 09791442d3d602e⋯.jpg (252.39 KB, 1556x2048, 389:512, Dj9ylUPUwAAhjWN.jpg)


Some characters make cameos in other games but the only game that actually carries over a plot is Disgaea D2. With each game, the mechanics get better and grinding gets streamlined meaning you'll being grinding less and actually tackling more content more often. Of course, you don't need to grind to beat the main story of each game. If you play smartly and experiment with your team and game mechanics. Then you can figure out many neat tricks.

I made this image years ago but it's still useful.

b44c17  No.15571767

File: 20c563164fff5c9⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.56 MB, 500x500, 1:1, etna.webm)


Should really be a webm for better filesize and the ability to have video controls.

cb37bc  No.15571783

File: 6002fe276baf062⋯.jpg (55.75 KB, 460x355, 92:71, 6002fe276baf062b28b46c003f….jpg)


niggers in anime are a mistake

660dd2  No.15571812

File: 8e0a15a43f9b408⋯.png (362.15 KB, 666x1000, 333:500, boobs.png)


disgusting flat chests are far more of a mistake.

97341d  No.15571850


Nope, it's definitely niggers.

039e7d  No.15571866

File: 701eb32630e5dbb⋯.webm (3.43 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, oh shit.webm)

File: 8f9e99337466b22⋯.webm (3.99 MB, 856x480, 107:60, innocent_man.webm)



Flat is justice, and niggers can't understand justice.


Get the fuck out

261642  No.15571882

File: c59efd46b1f7ab5⋯.webm (4.3 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Always carry around nigge….webm)

326915  No.15571898



Give me one reason they need rights

b54d09  No.15571907


What happenng in that second webm? Did he throw a fucking body in the river? Was there evidence on the phone he threw? That was a phone, right?

660dd2  No.15571908

File: c2343662fcbd319⋯.gif (1.57 MB, 480x853, 480:853, 087574a2faa427cdb1a964c9e8….gif)


>liking big titties makes you a nigger

then ooga booga, gibs me dat

s h i e e e e e e e e e e t

1151f0  No.15571910

File: deb64b15c1b37d8⋯.jpg (774.12 KB, 1100x1530, 110:153, 71075780_p0.jpg)

File: 355f2df948b45f5⋯.png (411.57 KB, 700x910, 10:13, 70947814_p1.png)

File: b20ad415eff384f⋯.jpg (5.16 MB, 2740x5820, 137:291, 63763933_p0.jpg)

File: 95772a83e96fd7e⋯.jpg (2 MB, 1500x2200, 15:22, yande.re 474965 azur_lane ….jpg)



Why is this even an argument? Both are fine. It's even better when the breast size compliments the rest of the character's assets.

b54d09  No.15571926

File: f3631f8986c3ef6⋯.png (165.79 KB, 305x518, 305:518, oppai loli.png)


>It's even better when the breast size compliments the rest of the character's assets.


660dd2  No.15571930

File: 99000948d44b45d⋯.gif (476.8 KB, 500x396, 125:99, 1447906663103.gif)


because flat chests are unaesthetic, they offer nothing to look at, they don't give visual cues of femininity, and they don't make pleasing movements in conjunction with other actions. In other words a flat chest is the same on a woman as on a man, which is inherently homosexual in nature.

to put it simply, flat chests are for fucking faggots.

4fd1bd  No.15571932

File: 788d7047bbaddf1⋯.png (91.14 KB, 512x512, 1:1, buttmouth.png)

b54d09  No.15571934


Then the answer is both.

d3f4f1  No.15571936

File: a127c14f15a3fd6⋯.jpg (79.05 KB, 620x349, 620:349, nigger fuel.jpg)


But niggers love grotesque bulbous asses

660dd2  No.15571953

File: c8f13fe5bf465f0⋯.jpg (71.46 KB, 323x438, 323:438, Imp.jpg)


>implying oppai loli doesn't allow you to have the dainty figure of a loli combined with the deliciously large chest giving you a woman that is both cute and seductive

>implying the oppai loli isn't conducive to a wider range of positions and scenarios

>tfw the oppai loli scene is mostly shit and full of gross out material for freaks with no taste

>tfw the amount of pure loli with big tits doujins is next to nothing

b54d09  No.15571988


No. Oppai lolis have contrasting assets, not complimentary assets.

ee8f2a  No.15572007


Isn't there a fetish for garbage bags? It's often found as a subset of vore if I remember right.

f9d281  No.15572022

Didn't Atlus translate D1?

11b1b8  No.15572030


they are not mutually exclusive. sometimes the contrast is the compliment, tomboys for example.

616b5e  No.15572048

File: 271cb58520289d8⋯.png (161.59 KB, 900x927, 100:103, dfce894dbd985a3ee67261e71a….png)

616b5e  No.15572054

File: 401faf1d3c8dbeb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 76.94 KB, 700x972, 175:243, Leggy_Suika.png)


Oppai loli is shit. Leggy loli is where it's at.

a1e081  No.15572055


Here's a question: Why is this board so shit these days? I swear to fucking god you better not say SJWs, Jews, cuckchan, summer, or any other bogeyman you can think of. It's time we really address the problems with this place. You know it, I know it, we all know it. So, what's the problem?

ee8f2a  No.15572062


You forgot the moderation among the boogeymen.

b54d09  No.15572105

File: 43dd5e159855e4f⋯.jpg (436.53 KB, 822x816, 137:136, a6fc5dc7e403aac59fbfff2326….jpg)


>Here's a question: What does 2+2 equal? I swear to fucking god you better not say 4. Take this seriously.

6fd0e9  No.15572106


> it was part of the original Japanese script.

I think that's what he was saying. "The Japanese writing was memey anyway so accept NISA shitting down your throat!"

b54d09  No.15572124


At what point does leggy loli stop being loli and start being a flat chested girl? Because this image is at least at the boundary.

ee8f2a  No.15572137


You'd have to rely on the dialogue to know for sure whether she's a shortstack or a loli suffering from precocious puberty.

2e2789  No.15572142



Dumber than dogs

bost more

19650e  No.15572152

>all these fucking pedos

anyways, new controller came in. What are the best PS1 games to try out? Already got FFVII, Legend of Dragoon, and Symphony of the Night. Preferably action and RPGs.

ee8f2a  No.15572160

File: dafe5f2f95562a7⋯.jpg (70.63 KB, 280x276, 70:69, Spider-Man_2000_game_cover.jpg)

b54d09  No.15572193

35968a  No.15572199


>2D girls are real

cb37bc  No.15572223

File: 6ced59b04b0720d⋯.png (98.94 KB, 328x281, 328:281, 6ced59b04b0720d8ecd6a1140a….png)


I'm fucking an underage child RIGHT NOW.

b54d09  No.15572230


Shoving a dildo up your own ass doesn't count.

c7966e  No.15572232


weve been rather unlucky, the server problems and the thing with infinity, the ddos attacks and the election in a relatively short time span one right after another. our numbers dropped hard and i think this has left many aspects of our ecosystem lacking as well as just sheer volume lessening the odds of a shotgun approach to initiating conversation bearing any fruit.

by the shotgun approach i mean how many of what are more or less identical posts get posted in what are more or less the same threads just hoping something interesting will happen. or at least the same thing as last time it was posted. video games themselves eerily reflect this stagnation. this all contributes to stimulation becoming scarcer.


"4" is an incomplete answer in this case. its easy, but its also dishonest.

cb37bc  No.15572238


ur mom u mean :^)

cb37bc  No.15572241

File: 8e08061d3815208⋯.jpg (231.13 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 8e08061d38152084f8f527be6e….jpg)


>2+2 = 4 is an incomplete answer

fb6f35  No.15572265


When I was young I really liked .hack//Sign despite it being Fucking Nothing: The Show. So I appreciated Skeith as a threat and enjoyed saving Sora when he showed up later. Actually I remember his weapon was really OP since even after its normal damage went to shit it still did a staggering percent of damage based on health when it crit.

To be clear I do agree with you completely. It's odd too since their cross media experiment would have been fine if they made enough content to fill it. Instead they made everything cryptic and point to a non-mystery.


Don't forget to mention that in Outbreak and Quarantine on, IIRC, you needed to keep special weapons on hand to go and poke low leveled enemies so you could data drain them since their cores were still required too.

58b1fa  No.15572350


The horse wiener joke was in the Japanese script. Just checked it last night.


The translation of Disgaea 1 is actually really good i'm legit surprised. Iv been going over it the last few days. I had forgotten tho that Atlus handled Disgaea 1 because NISA didn't exist yet at that point so that does explain a lot.

As for which version of 1, the PSP port is probably the best. The recently released Disgaea 1 Complete is not great, its not missing content but it has a lot of graphical clipping issues that it should not have.

b54d09  No.15572365


>I've been going over it the last few days.

Danke anon.

9b2c36  No.15572382


>Don't forget to mention that in Outbreak and Quarantine on, IIRC, you needed to keep special weapons on hand to go and poke low leveled enemies so you could data drain them since their cores were still required too.

I just wound up using Mistral and Elk's spells that had the total damage spread as many fast but low individual damage ticks for those, and in quite a few cases you'd get a break status on them before they got killed, but you'd have to be quick with opening the menu so the damage didn't continue. Think I only wound up having to do actual grinding for cores once or twice, and I did have to look up a particularly good field to create at least once because the default ones for that level range had no yield for one particular core.

fb6f35  No.15572447


Huh, never thought of that. I was a dipshit kid when I played these games though, but some things stuck clearly. I remember wondering why they chose to use those cores when they could have easily chosen to not use them.

9d02cc  No.15572461

Anybody here ever worked for a game shop? What was it like?

9b2c36  No.15572468

File: 978560522b7825b⋯.jpg (716.34 KB, 1208x1422, 604:711, 2da640e915028abc923d32df86….jpg)


Different enemies would break easier against certain forms of damage, and I want to say more hits worked better than sheer damage, since you had more control of the timing on the former. It's been a while though, so I could be wrong. If so, it makes it a bit of an annoyance that you couldn't just use Kite's Staccato to better break physical ones, since he can't drain while locked into a skill and it or your allies might well kill it on their own during the duration, but I suppose bringing Natsume and having her use such would also be an option. I usually would just wind up relying on my casters though.

At least G.U.'s Data Seeds were much less of a hassle, though still ultimately padding (though usually only needing one further than you already got through normal progression at a time).

235140  No.15572710


This, NIS is meme tier garbage just like NISA. Only retards like and support their shit.

d962a5  No.15572722

Is the 8chan subreddit down for anyone else?

43e1a5  No.15572732

File: fc166dd804521e6⋯.webm (1.63 MB, 204x360, 17:30, Caddilac_Coleman.webm)



But since Twerkey's are birds, is the mouth considered a cloaca? If so, is that vaginal, anal, or oral sex? Does it lay eggs with its butt/vagina mouth?




cc5af4  No.15572760

File: b91758f4d72c986⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 650x289, 650:289, even_i_know_thats_retarded.jpg)


Reminder to keep firearms out of reach of children and niggers.

829b8c  No.15572762

File: 7b7bc669626cb92⋯.png (226.62 KB, 582x438, 97:73, 7b7bc669626cb92d8beba7afe2….png)


>Casually shooting the brains out of your husband/friend

>First instinct is to run away

b51b14  No.15572792


>the only nigger with a smidgen of brain gets shot in the brain

That's rich

6ef23d  No.15572799

File: fad326e943b11cc⋯.png (485.13 KB, 694x520, 347:260, quote from man stabbed.PNG)

File: 872e1153d8cedd9⋯.jpg (51.05 KB, 474x494, 237:247, 872e1153d8cedd9642a3845ba6….jpg)


>you are making me nervous

Oh how right he was

cb1380  No.15572814


Fake and gay

73227f  No.15572849


Disgaea 1 on PC is the best version of that game. A new version released (Disgaea 1 Complete), but aside from new visuals and new classes, it has the same issue as the base game. Not to mention some classes have been reskinned and sometimes it's weird (like replacing Beasts with Bone Dragons, but keeping tiers like Manticore and Sphinx). It's the same game, but one is more expensive with better visuals, the other is cheaper and has some mod fixes.

The Disgaea games do improve each time in little ways. For example, Dis 1 has no magic-based monster weapons. So any monster that uses magic is kinda screwed over unless you invest in certain items or innocents. Teach magic to other classes is also a pain via the Pupil/Mentor system compared to other games.

Really, pick up any Disgaea game you like the look of. The plots are almost entirely self-contained. I started with 4. I think it's got the best mix of classic and new classes, the plot is great, and the special attacks are the most wild compared to the next game I even like the dub voice acting. 5 is OK but has a lot of new classes I just don't like the look of.

In terms of what's better/worse, you can pretty much go by what was released in chronological order from worst to best. Except 5 and D2 being worse than 4 (IMO). D2 is a direct sequel to 1 by the way, not Disgaea 2.

Oh, and always get Disgaea games second hand or pirate. A lot of them have random crashing issues. Some of the older ones even bricked hardware. They claimed to have fixed the Item World crash bug in 5 (Item World can be a very long dungeon), but some still say they come across it.

tl;dr, Pirate Disgaea 1 PC or any version other than the complete version, read guides so you can pass around magic easier and avoid creating useless classes and bugs. Or get your hands on Disgaea 4 A Promise Revisited or Disgaea 5 Complete second-hand/piracy for the best version so far.

55b9c7  No.15573016


<anon is a common core tard.

55b9c7  No.15573032

Forgot my question because literal brain cells died. How is the stability of the Nintendo Switch port of Disgaea 1. After Ys VIII I've heard NISA fucks everything on Switch lately.

b9b564  No.15573077

Anyone try They Were Billions? Sounds like it might be a good games form the gameplay, but I couldn't find a torrent I could trust. Just some russsian .exe's and I ain't touching that shit.

16b4e8  No.15573136

>Frozen Synapse 2

>La Mulana 2





I'd like some opinions on these games.

d89ea9  No.15573168


LM2 is very good and basically what an indie game should strive for. Puzzles are easier than the first game, and I never got hopelessly lost, but ultimately it does some things better and some things worse than the first game. Would recommend.

000000  No.15573171


Never got far because my rts skills are shit healslut for life but it's neat. Start on a decent difficulty, else you just end up roflstomping everything, which is boring.

There've been some patches, but when i played the scout was great until you could spam snipers, the soldier was not only useless but the noise would just get your overrun and killed, the snipers are your anti-everything and silent, but need a pack because of their low fire rate, the flamers are beyond fucking useless and way too expensive, the nigger with a rocket launcher is the best unit in the game (though sniper support for meatbags is needed) and the titan was just too expensive when you can get two niggers instead who do the exact same thing.

Random map generation can occasionally fuck you in all holes, sparing your eyes so you can see it happen, or give you a map that is an autowin because you have a ton of space with one entrance.

The random buildings that spawn and you can capture are also meh since they need repairing, which you generally can't afford, and upkeep, same deal. So you end up tearing them down. Spawned radar towers also didn't even fucking work.

66c247  No.15573186

File: eeda25381e44fcd⋯.jpg (192.86 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, tumblr_ooi02kOQE01rqx7p1o1….jpg)

I really like the Hex Maniac's look and feel but since Pokemon still won't let me change my model or dress up as different trainer types I want to find a game where I can pull off a look similar. Preferably also having powers or abilities that fit as well.

b7d244  No.15573189


Celeste is very bad, it doesn't really do anything out of the ordinary as far as platformers go, has awful dialogue, and the artstyle leaves you wondering what you can and can't interact with at times.

When it works it works fine, but even then it's like a 7/10 when it does work. Normally it's like a 5/10 at best.

Frozen Synapse 2 is more of the same, did you like frozen synapse 1 and want more of the same but slightly different? Well it's for you then. I'd say it's much easier than the first game, but that's because of some overall QoL changes they made.

1df8f0  No.15573198


I'm 4 hours in and haven't had any problems. But the last Disgaea game I played was 5. I sort of expected a lot of nice lifestyle features to be ported to the complete version, like auto-text mode, non-isometric camera, etc. and they're all missing. It really is just updated graphics, and even then you will come across some weird flashing geometry or low resolution textures every now and then (and that's after playing for 4 hours).

At $60 it's a rip off, at $50 it's really borderline if it's worth the cost, I think it really should be more like a $30 or $40 game. It really just depends on how much the portable version is worth and if you have a Vita or PSP.

Personally, I'd stick with the later Disagaea games because they have a lot of smaller features that make the game a lot more enjoyable. Going from D5 to D1 is painful, and there's a lot of little features missing that I was used to that are now gone. It's still a good game so far and I like it, but if you haven't played D5 just jump on that and skip D1 unless you aren't bothered by all those little papercut problems because earlier Disgaea games are missing features.

Also, you always run into the problem that NIS is a great company and NISA is a total shit company, and you either pirate it because NISA is shit and you cockblock NIS, or you buy it to support NIS and then you support shitty NISA. The whole thing is fucked.

fb8557  No.15573260

File: 1fa088378f315c5⋯.png (740.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, s3-1_118_1-n.T.8.png)


For an mspaint comic this one hits pretty close. Whenever I think of spyro I get reminded of its gorgeous, atmospheric worlds and excellent music. When spyro is actually being discussed all I get is dragon porn. and that fart webm

96ad16  No.15573421


>since Pokemon still won't let me change my model

I'm pretty sure there's an ORAS romhack that let's you play as Hex Maniac

235140  No.15573578


>NIS is a great company

Stop lying to people. They’re just as shady and bad as NISA but people keep sucking them off for some reason.

19d91e  No.15573604


>NIS is a great company

Nigga tell that to all the employees they laid off and rehired so they could kill off their pensions; there is a reason why 90% of the original Disgaea team all left the same year to work for other companies.

58b1fa  No.15573888

NIS may be shit now but their PS2 catalogue is fucking amazing, the company going to shit doesn't invalidate their old games.

616b5e  No.15573892


The first La Mulana is the most epic game ever made and 2 is a decent sequel that doesn't quite reach the same highs.

a95a14  No.15574143

Does anybody know if there is another headset that lets you listen to a Bluetooth and a wired source simultaneously? I know about the steel series one but I don't want to give them money.

58b1fa  No.15574164


Logitech G933

73227f  No.15574180


The NicheGamer review said they had two random crashes.

55b9c7  No.15574363



NIS could have redone the assets more to make it look better and random crashes confirm NISA is still shit. Thanks.

044315  No.15574383


>Myself included, but there's a difference between fursuiters+ERPfags and fetishizing furry vidya characters.


696575  No.15574438


>Big Smoke summons his Persona

he survived btw

2e2789  No.15574671

File: 9e77a0ee6a3b304⋯.mp4 (4.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Pajeet in the drink.mp4)

File: cfa7c18c34c6621⋯.mp4 (4.84 MB, 360x206, 180:103, watering hole.mp4)


paying it forward

95a25a  No.15574681


What the fug happened in that 2nd webm?

965508  No.15574686


I think they drowned because they can't swim.

95a25a  No.15574704


The webm is really short though, they could have held their breath that long. I was trying to look for an animal attack but I can't see any indication of one. The first one is even more confusing. I don't understand how the swimming pajeet would have died from that unless he got hit in the head and KOed like a dumb fuck someone missing the boat full of people coming at him.

3be5f9  No.15574730


They probably dragged each other down and tired themselves in the process.

Rescuing a drowning person is actually a lot harder than it looks, you have to make sure they don't see you when you go up to grab them because they'll latch onto you and drag you down with them. You usually have to dive and resurface right behind them and grab them by the chin while putting your arm under their armpits and then swim back with just one arm.

f5872a  No.15574734

File: 103ee30e7858d1c⋯.png (239.15 KB, 764x868, 191:217, 1422753279194.png)

>The board owner has a fursona

Can anybody confirm this?

a315d8  No.15574766


Bark Mann?

1c43b7  No.15574792



Its not the best platformer around but its fun. Any MUH SJW screaming around it is entirely overblown.


Now THATS 200% SJW trash.

4cbc51  No.15575500

File: 2b14a42ea20500c⋯.gif (636.61 KB, 540x405, 4:3, 6c23f88ad5512bb69f11aa7972….gif)



>those lips

Stop it, penis.


4cbc51  No.15575503


I like lolis with cute, plump tummies.

b54d09  No.15575671


I'm not honestly sure if this is a shitpost or not.

480f3e  No.15575797





The guy survived and the woman got charged with attempted murder, if I recall correctly.

9c75ca  No.15575820


Niggers are notoriously difficult to kill, especially when they are on drugs.

260903  No.15575846

File: eb6eeda6b2ea0d5⋯.png (365.9 KB, 992x802, 496:401, 1500213680396.png)


Why, why on earth am I so desensitized to normal porn that I can't get hard with a normal woman having sex with me. But this big ass with lips on it turns me on.


23e9de  No.15575871


Niggers and chinks can't swim.

d3f4f1  No.15575881

File: 8c6f092d5e336ba⋯.mp4 (3.34 MB, 640x520, 16:13, blacks-hammer time.mp4)



This nigger also survived

260903  No.15575895

Someone post more twerkey I'm trying to look for more of this shit.

200076  No.15575915

File: 82908a13ed0fad9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 813.42 KB, 2000x3000, 2:3, 82908a13ed0fad9f26e5037e73….jpg)


480f3e  No.15575928

43e1a5  No.15576596

File: a92eef6f2c5f7e2⋯.jpg (34.65 KB, 365x400, 73:80, 1467965379240-1.jpg)



I'm not surprised.

d1f023  No.15576606

File: 26f51d5ea34b4e9⋯.jpg (729.41 KB, 1400x2390, 140:239, tbib.org 7081694 1girl ah….jpg)

Question are all Nintendo switches currently hackable? At least ones brand new in the box? Should I hurry up and buy one now since the next version will likely have the vulnerability fixed?

000000  No.15576682

What happened to GoG mixes? Are they ever coming back? I searched community wishlist and there were just tons of shit requests. Now all there is is (((curated collections))). Didn't even see a thread about it.

d1f023  No.15576725

File: 6e430f5d5d528bb⋯.gif (739.51 KB, 480x270, 16:9, loli bite.gif)


anybody know? (are all Nintendo switches currently hackable)

000000  No.15576752



9b2c36  No.15576755

File: 33b47262485aef3⋯.jpg (51.45 KB, 597x392, 597:392, dsfargeg.jpg)


Takes me back.

ee8f2a  No.15576769


>inb4 banned

9b2c36  No.15576796

File: d38de722c964d97⋯.jpg (92.5 KB, 694x583, 694:583, 1246876560156.jpg)

File: 9f8713dfc1bb9dc⋯.jpg (7.24 KB, 235x251, 235:251, 1248515244967.jpg)

File: a7773679c3393f2⋯.png (1.58 MB, 496x1131, 496:1131, 1247731288192.png)

File: 692f2c4bcbf4caf⋯.jpg (23.93 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1221482803596.jpg)


Here be old ass memes.

583852  No.15577499


Yes. The new revision hasn't made it to stores yet.

16d53d  No.15577987

I have a ps3, and would like to know if upgrading to ssd would speed up bluray movie loading times.

fb6f35  No.15578838

File: 08ec58daca74fe8⋯.gif (266.92 KB, 300x262, 150:131, 1bf5d30b0666bc29ba7b19ae6d….gif)

File: 59579cc10ac1109⋯.jpg (13.55 KB, 320x180, 16:9, 1179972681171.jpg)

File: 0d3e9805c93aa31⋯.png (144.3 KB, 600x425, 24:17, d3995ccd-65eb-4c0e-b3b3-0e….png)

File: 55526a78fd1583e⋯.gif (740.21 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Facepalm.gif)

File: 33c75ce3e6a46ca⋯.jpg (20.77 KB, 500x500, 1:1, off-topic.jpg)


Is this an old memes thread now?

b54d09  No.15580904

I'm playing Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha Vs The Soulless Army. What do the yellow and purple stat points mean? On Raidou, I can tell yellow are the bonus he gets from his reforged katana, and I heard your demons are more powerful the higher your magic is, so I assume purple is the stat bonus demons get for that since all my demons have the same amount of purple stat points. What are yellow demon stat points? My demons all have varying amounts of them, even the alp I caught that has zero experience and loyalty.

Are the stat caps set in stone at 40 each? I know some SMT games go higher but just don't display them. I only need to use 12 more incense to be able to max all stats at 40 by level 99, not counting katana bonuses, so I was wondering if I should start saving my incenses for my end game demons?

What's the limit on sacrificial fusion? You're told you can only do it a limited number of times, but aren't given this limit. Is some single number like 10, or is it just that you can't sacrifice a demon that would push the receiving demon's stats beyond their limit? If the latter, can't you super power up your demons extremely easily by dumping low level demons into them?


>Third image

>Implying most girls aren't retards

616b5e  No.15581033


There's no such thing as a shortstack that's not stacked. Shortstacks have to be stacked (massive tits), hence the namesake.

b54d09  No.15581043


So goblin girl or halfling with mid size tits isn't a shortstack? Overall body proportions matter just as much.

9e7675  No.15581086

039e7d  No.15581089

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>the nigger doesnt understand flat because he's a nigger

>this somehow means you have to be a nigger to like anything else

double nigger


>Did he throw a fucking body in the river?

Pretty sure the guy was standing up next to him and he shoved him over, the cop called it attempted murder and he would have had a better view so that's probably it.

>Was there evidence on the phone he threw? That was a phone, right?

Looked like a phone to me and the cop thought so too. The fact he fucking threw it suggests there was.


095470  No.15581101


>"4" is an incomplete answer

Hah like what, four sets of one is a complete answer? A single digit answer is all you need. Common core taking numbers to their logical extreme is like typing words






























b54d09  No.15581126


>direct linking


>Pretty sure the guy was standing up next to him and he shoved him over

That was my first thought, but it looked like he went in too easily for that.

ee8f2a  No.15581130

File: ef8b0f17a5cd4f5⋯.png (14.45 KB, 354x376, 177:188, buzz.png)






588212  No.15581205

File: d957445ce7a32ea⋯.jpg (375.28 KB, 1104x607, 1104:607, d957445ce7a32eaaeda814828b….jpg)



Great LOL thread material.

095470  No.15581241


Stuff your literarily correct jackboot up your own ass, grammar nazi.

78457c  No.15581323

Any Heroes of Might and Magic clones made recently?

5162d8  No.15581426

File: 523085d619471f0⋯.jpg (91.35 KB, 1024x1009, 1024:1009, hmmmmmmmm.jpg)


Why not just torrent them and find out? They're all really small. That said, my thoughts when I torrented them:

>Frozen Synapse 2

God-tier OST like the first game. Basically it's the first game just expanded, but they made some weird changes to weapons. Instead of tiered weapons, now everything is a sidegrade. They blatantly wanted melee to be more useful, but it's pretty fucking stupid when someone holding an SMG misses every shot at someone 5 ft. away from them and they only have a knife. Seriously what the Christ.

>La Mulana 2

Pretty good, but still liked the first game more. It's missing something from the first game, but I can't pinpoint what exactly that is. Personality, maybe.


Not bad, feels like some long-lost game made by Treasure. Art/music/general mechanics make it feel like a genuine 16-bit game, and Robin has some delicious cocksucking lips. I've seen babies on this board whining about "muh sjw shit" in it, but am yet to encounter anything like that. There's brown girls but that's as far as it goes. From what I've seen.


It's okay. A decent platformer and it has some fuckoff hard moments. I thought it was pretty standard at best, didn't really see why everyone jizzes all over themselves when it comes to this game.


Never played, but I'll probably torrent it to see what the fuck everyone is crying about.

11b1b8  No.15581439



3ad6ee  No.15581485


Kill yourself, retarded contrarian flatfaggots.

886680  No.15581545


If the PC version didn't have a massively lowered difficulty it would be decent, but compared to the original GU games it's complete shit unfortunately

fc4126  No.15581959

Is ray tracing a gimmick? Do video games use it or will use it?

76fcec  No.15581978


>Bitch how?

Bullet probably hit him at an angle that resulted in the entry and exit wounds being close together which meant not a lot of brain was destroyed. Also the entry wound is behind the ear which probably means his occipital lobe, which is responsible for vision, is what got damaged, so be most likely is blind or partially blind now.

f3b666  No.15582534

I know gachi counts as /v/ culture so might as well ask here I guess

Did Billy Herrington ever do straight porn? I read that he was bi

6e348a  No.15582541


He was gay for pay, he had a wife.

f3b666  No.15582547


I just saw a picture of him with his kid so yeah I know he had a wife. But no porn with women then?

7f42e2  No.15582714


I've got an internet limit that got nuked because reasons and I can only pick one or two. I guess might as well be La Mulana 2, what you described with Synapse 2 sounds really offputting.

Mind if I ask about a game called Vigilantes too?


Not sure if it was him, but look up Raquel Devine(or some similar name) mixed wrestling. There's some guy who kind of looks like him and it's him putting some chick in a boston crab and then fucking her.

76f169  No.15582958


Finished both Iconoclasts and Celeste.

> Iconoclasts

Mechanically frustrating game, not a bad game overall but moving around is slow and feels bad in general. Artstyle is OK, they just mix up palettes sometimes so it is not always clear what you can interact with, like the other anon said. Had potential, the mechanics are just underused and is a little too short.

> Celeste

Mechanically a nice Meatboy clone, but sometimes moving around can feel a little off. Hard, but not really much of a challenge.

Devs are in both cases idiots, but one of them supports Anita Sarkeesian. Avoid.

c9099c  No.15583050


Make her in AA2. Creepy semen demon.

8586fa  No.15583105

File: 3be4dfbfede55a5⋯.png (214.86 KB, 252x352, 63:88, cd0326849b63e8c573ef675df2….png)


Don't have her AA2 card but I do have a Koikatu card.

61edb7  No.15585184

God I just beat SMT Strange Journey Redux's Transcendent? Neutral Route and I'm incredibly god damn depressed now, God damn poor fucking guy.

6714b8  No.15585413

File: 244e4252ec4a7f8⋯.png (135.68 KB, 425x326, 425:326, ClipboardImage.png)

are "mmo" mice just meme hardware? my younger brother wants one for his birthday since he plays FFXIV or something but a lot of the stuff i've looked into makes them seem cheap as shit

fb6f35  No.15585493


Having buttons on your mouse is very useful. I have a cheap one with just 5 but it's helped me a lot with some games. Though 5 isn't really enough for FF14 since I could only really bind my rotation to those keys after setting up some macros.

6714b8  No.15585505


I have a mouse with 2 side buttons which I find ideal but my brother says he could use more than 2

8c1aea  No.15585514

What is a better investment, an Xbone S or an Xbone X?

6714b8  No.15585517


neither, if you're gonna get a console get a ps4 because they actually have a few exclusives worth playing

fb6f35  No.15585553


Most commonly there's two side buttons, which I vastly prefer over none because they're typically bound to forwards and backwards functions.

My 5 button unfortunately can't do this since I have to bind them for one thing and one thing only so I picked 1 thru 5 on the number row. That has made it infinitely useful for a game like Warframe where 1 thru 4 are abilities and 5 is another important function. When you're aligned with WASD I find it kinda hard to reach up and hit the number row then realign with WASD. Other anons can probably do it fine, but I was always annoyed by it so I never practiced it.

However in a game like FF14 you're most likely going to be using the mouse for all movement which is more efficient than using WASD. However I still like to be WASD aligned so I can hold down whatever direction I was moving in while I use the mouse for something else. You also might want to maintain access to Ctrl, Alt and Shift which becomes more difficult when aligned on the number row.

I think it ultimately comes down to what makes you the most comfortable, but having a mice with a bunch of buttons on it opens up those options and is a very nice QoL thing to have.

So they're not absolutely necessary, but if your brother wants one then you should just get him one.



480f3e  No.15585590


Anything that's not a console is a good investment.

Or a console you can hack at least.


>he says while sony starts censoring nipgames

6714b8  No.15585593


>but if your brother wants one then you should just get him one.

he claims whatever he's using on his keyboard for 14 isn't very comfortable, know of any better brands or models for a mouse with more buttons though?

8c1aea  No.15585606



I've had a 360 since late 2005 and I don't like any of PS/Sony exclusives and have friends who play stuff on the One. What I want to know is the "better specs" for the Xbone X really worth it? I don't have a 4K TV but that can change in the future

c9099c  No.15585607

File: 777ef9adb831209⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Not so big things ahead of….png)


If you're asking about it I'm guessing there's some game(s) on it you want? However I'm siding with >>15585517 in that PS4 has a better line-up of games unique to it, and is likely to see a decent hacking scene. Nobody likes the Xbox One.


She's possible to make in a minimally modded AA2, which is what I did. From memory it was just requiring some plain one-piece dress and a headband which aren't in base, but she turned out OK.

fb6f35  No.15585686


I really don't unfortunately. Another anon will have to answer that or maybe /tech/ could.

All I can say is to not buy anything seriously over-priced since these aren't FPS performance mice. The main idea is to just have the extra, programmable, buttons; though configurable DPI settings and weights are also nice, even for MMOs.

That Corsair you posted seems like it'd be fine enough, even if I find it a tad pricey for what it is.

b54d09  No.15585690


Also, can the stats your sword gives you push past 40?

b6269d  No.15586730


what's the point of these wank-bait characters if it's not even an ero game? i just don't wanna play it when i learn that you can't fuck them. it's like being teased endlessly with no reward as you play through the game.

621a35  No.15586737

>Etna got posted

The world is okay

b54d09  No.15588048


It's called eyecandy.

b54d09  No.15588526

File: 16696d899d396a6⋯.png (17.27 KB, 878x136, 439:68, ClipboardImage.png)

Did they really cut dual audio from just the PC ports?

80b5d6  No.15588591

Are the PS2 Contra Games Shattered Soldier/Neo worth playing/owning at all? I'm not expecting them to reach the same heights as their 2D predecessors, but I'm curious if they're overlooked or fun in their own ways.

e8f481  No.15588686

If I copy my profile data from SW Republic commando onto my hardrive in a new folder then delete the game, can I put my save data onto it later if I download it again?

I assume that this would work with nearly every game, but I've never done it. Please no bully even if this is obvious.

767a73  No.15588774

File: 9c57dca387c367e⋯.png (268.45 KB, 680x609, 680:609, Untitled.png)

Someone help me figure out what game this is.

>japanese only

>for the original gameboy

>main character was a girl with a big paint roller

>boxart looked like a non-shitty version of pic related.

b54d09  No.15589434


The Splatoon Prequel.

767a73  No.15589586


oh I remember one more thing; it was listed on one version of that loli games chart that gets posted periodically.


anon plz

fb6f35  No.15589613

File: d37839411bf9988⋯.jpg (3.43 MB, 3345x7194, 1115:2398, loligames2.jpg)


Painter Momo Pie

35968a  No.15589623


Try it for yourself and see if it works.

767a73  No.15589695


Thank you

208810  No.15589956

File: 5bff714a16ff238⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1539354458219[1].jpg)

What game are these wonderfully textured pantsu from?

208810  No.15589964


Steam page indicates dual audio. I suspect that page you're looking at was written when the only versions were PS2, PSP and DS (DS does not have dual audio).

Wouldn't put it past NISA though.

c9099c  No.15590094

File: 8566be9f038d7eb⋯.jpg (90.54 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, >VLC.jpg)


I definitely wouldn't. When they did Danganronpa V3 there wasn't enough space for dual-audio. Their solution? Bit starve it and make the decent quality audio DLC. Why they did that instead of making the JP audio track DLC like they already did for Ultra Despair Girls and Neptunia Re;birth 3 is beyond me. They may have had to do the same to the video too since some of those are noticeably artifacted but I don't know if that was a problem with the original.

897fa5  No.15590159

File: 4fb8c609e4ac583⋯.gif (500.53 KB, 338x350, 169:175, 2spook.gif)


>Witch's house

I don't remember that in the chart

9b2c36  No.15590174



DS at least has the possible excuse of the amount of space the cartridges could hold (I don't think I've seen any dual audio DS games, outside of games with minimal/easily repeatable combat voice work anyhow; Castlevania: PoR and OoE, for example). As for NISA, they've had a tendency to frequently use dual audio with what they handle, but at the same time, if it comes to a point it uses too much space, in the past they've been willing to excise chunks of the JP dub to fit the English one on, like they did with AT2, and likely would have done with Sakura Wars 5 had Sega/Red Entertainment not convinced them to do a two disc release (each disc having a separate language audio; also nets the JP disc having a less localized English script) instead of content removal. Still a shitty company regardless.

And no, it wouldn't shock me if that wiki page hasn't been updated for quite a while. Do note that screenshot is from the PS2 specific page; PC specific page is still missing Disgaea, and while I can't tell exact "last edit" dates, the latest dated reference on that one is from 2016, if that's any frame of the last time someone worked on it.


The rebirth Nep games are IFI published here, if you're thinking NISA still had the series as of then. Though, 2 and 3 were still Doerr edited regardless for official script, so in a way they still got [NISA'd].

fb6f35  No.15590183


The file name for that one indicates it's the second. I too am familiar with a different loli chart but I didn't save it for some stupid reason.

c9099c  No.15590233


I believe NISA were responsible for the script work, and probably the voice work too, even if they weren't credited for the Re;birth games, but yeah you're right they probably didn't have anything to do with the audio splitting. Sadly they are the cancer in the spin-off games.

25fe7c  No.15590283

Why are so many games made with Unity when UE4 is also free?

106f4e  No.15590414


People doesnt want to take the chink pill

Pro tip: its useless, chinks will get ahold of all digital and electronics market by the power of their cheap slave like labor market

11b1b8  No.15590428


perhaps they dont want to learn a different engine

3ddb61  No.15590468

where to find people to play rainbow six siege with on PS4 that aren't faggots???

do any of you want to play?

cb1380  No.15590494


Sorry pal, but it always turns gay

d1f023  No.15591868

File: d62243ee51527b3⋯.jpg (131.36 KB, 750x1102, 375:551, MV5BMjFhZGYzYzgtNjEyOS00ZD….jpg)

File: 757cbb64f4a387f⋯.png (200.68 KB, 600x566, 300:283, nights.png)

File: dca2dd8effe27da⋯.jpg (769.77 KB, 758x1300, 379:650, nights__darkside_of_dreams….jpg)

File: 800cd8ea3a2a054⋯.jpg (19.51 KB, 454x600, 227:300, 686cf776c0b17d9d5e5952f24e….jpg)

File: 8748fc256dba038⋯.jpg (73.71 KB, 640x545, 128:109, 5783_back.jpg)

what's the best version of NiGHTS Into Dreams? (i'm assuming it's the pc version, but i'm not sure)

1151f0  No.15593718


My guess is Blue Reflection.

c9099c  No.15593731

File: 5bda24d1242b8be⋯.jpg (6.51 MB, 4786x6958, 2393:3479, picking.jpg)


That was my first guess but it doesn't look like something from that game, and I couldn't find that character in any of the lists either. Where's the panties guy when you need him.

3ad6ee  No.15593995


That "Etna" girl is also surprisingly pretty hot.

1594f0  No.15594011


>insurance company fucked my premiums so much I got a job with health insurance but they keep dumb fucking niggers breathing for free

9b2c36  No.15594017

File: 3ffe787af5f93f1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 224.48 KB, 640x475, 128:95, tags searched - blue_refle….png)



He's actually correct. You're just being too lazy to double check the potential tags present to verify the potential.

1594f0  No.15594022


>gen 4 glock "limpwristing" and jamming like an M16 in vietnam

76f169  No.15594314

I have a question about the SNES Mario Paint; what happens when you start the game without the mouse inserted?

c9099c  No.15594727


Check in bsnes. It probably shows an error. SMW2 shows one if you try playing it with a SNES Mouse plugged in.


Well I screwed up. But that costume threw me too.

76f169  No.15594879


Fuck, it boots in the emulator without a mouse inserted. Might have bought a busted cart. Still, is anyone able (preferably PAL) who could try and film/describe what happens?

ad3e1b  No.15595512


Big tits are for pedophiles.

d68722  No.15595566

GDQ is good for funneling shekels to leftwing charity scams, lining the pockets of the organizers, and showcasing how insane trannies are. But has anyone ever actually broke a speedrun world record Live at GDQ?

880782  No.15595978


This is my jam


880782  No.15595998



>because they can't swim

Bullshit, it has to be something else. You can't possibly be this retarded

d77bc0  No.15596039


No, niggers avoid learning to swim because "it's for wypepl"

d453d3  No.15596047


Not a terrible amount of difference except for resolution and the extra content in Christmas NiGHTS. Both PS2 and PC are capped to the original framerate, but Saturn has a unique look because the background updates asynchronously on a separate coprocessor.

80b5d6  No.15596152


The original Saturn version with its specialized controller allegedly makes for smoother gameplay when doing paraloops and speedruns. The HD version is only 720, based on the japanese PS2 port and has lost the Sonic Into Dreams feature as well as the multiplayer mode. It's got bonus art, a music player, and an interview with Takashi Iizuka to compensate for it though. In addition to leaderboards, the original graphics, and the Christmas level/boss being included as opposed to being a separate disc for the Saturn.

They might have patched the controls since then, but I'm not certain. Depends what you're after. If you want an authentic/nostalgic experience track down/emulate the original(s) otherwise the new one is easily available and not a terrible port.

d1f023  No.15596210

File: 596bda54aaf555a⋯.jpg (2.27 MB, 2000x3000, 2:3, NiGHTS__Journey_of_Dreams-….jpg)

File: a7ba5ac3745ea1c⋯.jpg (101.1 KB, 640x480, 4:3, retro_review_christmas_nig….jpg)

File: 21ef9b4f086a581⋯.jpg (64.11 KB, 665x499, 665:499, christmas-nights-1068996.jpg)

File: 96114da7f57d87e⋯.jpg (139.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)



>If you want an authentic/nostalgic experience track down/emulate the original(s) otherwise the new one is easily available and not a terrible port.

I Have a sega saturn with the original release of the game along with the 3D controller. (and a good crt) I've enjoyed it for years. but I was hoping for an upgrade since i'm in the mood for some more nights. I also have access to the ps2 version (never played it) but I've heard the PC version can do 4k so that might look very nice. plus i've never played christmas nights

a99340  No.15596407


As another anon mentioned earlier, they almost certainly pulled each other down. It would only take one of them panicking and dragging down another to doom all three of them. There appears to be a current as well. All in all it was a nice (if small) victory for the gene pool.

80b5d6  No.15596427


It will basically be the same game but Christmas NiGHTS will be a nice little extra if you never played it before. Spring Valley gets a new layout with it along with a few extra costumes in the HD version depending on the time of the year. (Like Claris, Elliot, and NiGHTS as a witch, vampire, and ghost for October) although most of that was in the PS2 version already save for the interview, I think. Then the PC version has it technically possible to up at 4K unlike the console versions.

c9099c  No.15598076


It's happened but not for any highly contested runs. Best one though was werster missing Soulsilver any% by a few seconds, when he'd been delayed by that and more naming the Mewtwo.

35968a  No.15598139

Do your wireless mouses work well? Because mine seems to have a stuttering problem.

e09bec  No.15603232

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Did I miss something or is the game supposed to end on that uber lame boss fight and QTE?

b54d09  No.15607830

Shameless self bump for >>15580904

e09bec  No.15607850

Are Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War worth a pirate?

b54d09  No.15607860


No. The microtransaction bogged down the gameplay. It's pay2win, so either you'll be playing horribly gimped, or you'll cheat to get the stuff from the microtransactions and be overpowered.

e09bec  No.15607872


I thought they took out the microtransactions?

039e7d  No.15607875



Is Saturn emulation too bad to not buy a Saturn? I'm probably going to buy a Dreamcast already.

86f59e  No.15607876

File: 9e515c205ccba02⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Revenant_Builds_Up_Speed_f….gif)

d1f023  No.15608102

File: 6ce9eebfe64079d⋯.jpg (47.57 KB, 640x360, 16:9, check em bros.jpg)


I haven't tried a saturn emulator in years, development was slow for awhile but i've heard they made some breakthroughs in the last few months.

767a8b  No.15609409

Does anyone know some good checkers vidya ?

039e7d  No.15609438


Why? I guess there's Tabletop Sim.

767a8b  No.15609499


Because i want to play checkers and there's some neat looking chess videogames , couldn't find any of checkers.

a88507  No.15609574

Why does every fucking game out there is trying to use an orchestral score even if doesn't fit the thing whatsoever?

b54d09  No.15609638


You're thinking of NuBattlefront.

62b891  No.15609664

Does anybody know where to download Deus Ex?

8ea67b  No.15609952

File: 6d84f5acb1e6cc5⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 285x285, 1:1, 1419826365610 (8).gif)


(you) nigger

8ea67b  No.15610006


Isn't Deux Ex on Abadonware yet?

cb37bc  No.15610048


Same here.

Share thread is full of weird links that don't even work that are like


12e3b6  No.15610063

File: 5743f2904f88b59⋯.jpg (109.02 KB, 635x831, 635:831, CyOT9w8UcAAYSEb.jpg)

Any games "just like Dark Souls" as in online campaign game + permadeath/no-savescumming?

fb6f35  No.15610094


>4. Due to asshats in the thread,links to files will be purposely misleading

>2. Upload to many alternative sources (5+) and keep a local copy if space permits.

>3. Use a URL shorterner (spaced or split) and/or paste relinks (e.g zerobin.net) on file links to confuse bots.

>4. Encrypt your uploads now with a password,key, or generator.Rename the files something random, even their checksums.Maybe even pad files to the nearest GB or so,to confuse bots.

It's almost like you retarded subhumans can't read or be bothered to. The OP makes it clear what we do and why.


Looks like the beginning of a Mega link with a character changed in common fashion.

ab2b9b  No.15610104


Sometimes I feel like becoming a cop just to clean up the streets of niggers like these. The second one especially. "Where my bike at?" "I ain't dih nuffin mayne". I wouldn't have the nerve to take that kind of bullshit.

ab2b9b  No.15610123


Jesus Christ dude…

039e7d  No.15610308


No anon it's Jesus Christ, Denton

db4fa5  No.15610333

File: 076ec5d61a30b2a⋯.png (96.99 KB, 380x248, 95:62, firefox_2018-10-04_03-42-4….png)



Nioh takes a lot of hints from the Souls games, no invasions though

12e3b6  No.15610373


Corpse run, not permadeath.

cb37bc  No.15610652


>dude you shit all over this book how can I read it now


>but no else can read it now


Jews like you are one of the most disgusting creatures on the planet. God, we need anudda shoah.

fb6f35  No.15610691


>What is encryption

All we do is change a couple symbols in a very simple way. If you're too retarded to figure it out then you don't deserve games. Anons will help you figure it out, without directly spoonfeeding, if you only ask.

ba9fb5  No.15610829

Is that reboot of Splatterhouse from 2010 any good?

c7be00  No.15610879


It was okay. Not horrible but nothing amazing or noteworthy. Just a very generic game

9b2c36  No.15611209

Any importers know if Nioh: Complete Edition's (Asia/Pacific physical print) v1.01 is the patched state equivalent of Nioh (basic, US) v1.21? Just something I'm curious about since I notice the wiki seems to only focus on the original base NA (and maybe PAL?) releases to current patched state, and I know the Asia/Pacific print is of interest to some due to having the DLC bundled on the disc itself and having English as an inherent language option (the west never seeing a native physical of the Complete Edition). Just wondering if it has further patches, or is an entirely up to date version at that low a number due to having most of what was before repackaged into the base v1.00.

30f322  No.15615256

Does anyone have the archive with this year's birthday songs? I have the ones from last year and 2016.

156807  No.15616176

what's THE anti coin miner addon for firefox. apparently you can count em with your fingers and they're garbage, unless I'm mistaken

>inb4 just use chrome

nah I know ff is objectively garbage by comparison but I'll never ever use this googleshit

fb6f35  No.15616204


Dunno about any of this, but if the go-to advice is "just use Chrome" then you can try out Iridium.

57b02e  No.15618599

File: f663ba6fd91288c⋯.gif (604.11 KB, 358x750, 179:375, f663ba6fd91288c33b185f4bb1….gif)

I need the sentence that disconnects chinese from the internet. It was posted in a thread about tencent buying into square enix.

Does anyone have it or know what it is?

It's in chinese by the way.

9b2c36  No.15618637


>Asking this here when there's a perfectly good chink thread in the catalog anyhow.

Come on, it always gets posted in those threads anyhow. >>15502755

537bcd  No.15618809

File: 3fee1c9fa569e97⋯.png (945.29 KB, 792x528, 3:2, 5kwIyG7.png)


consider yourself lucky, i sleep with circus freaks just because masturbation doesn't cut it

b54d09  No.15618824


Masturbation doesn't do it for me either, but instead being a retard who sleeps with circus freaks and probably has a bunch of STDs I just don't masturbate and compensate by playing h-games and looking hentai doujinshi every night.

818374  No.15620335

File: 6ee0f60f046700e⋯.png (360.83 KB, 1427x383, 1427:383, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)


ba9fb5  No.15622916

What’s the difference between linear, bilinear and trilinear texture filtering? Why isn’t quadlinear filtering a thing yet?

Was the Xbox 360 really capable of tessellation? I heard that the water in Banjo-Kazooie N&B used it.

480f3e  No.15623360


>Why isn’t quadlinear filtering a thing yet?

It's called anisotropic filtering

9984a6  No.15629156

File: 6a0d86efd500da8⋯.webm (9.8 MB, 426x240, 71:40, 遥か38万キロのボヤージュ, 星条旗のピエロ.webm)

Since there is no Touhou thread in the catalog I may as well ask here.

I am going for LL1cc on LoLK with Marisa using keyboard. Anyways the last month or so I have started to develop this pain in my left hand that has become so intense that I can't play. Should I get a wrist brace and start using that grandpa medicine? I can almost clear Apollo Hoax Theory so it is really frustrating to make it this far and get stuck.


e2b48e  No.15629233

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1ead34  No.15629275

File: adcd9158a8afac1⋯.jpg (94.92 KB, 805x805, 1:1, WyFDNjH.jpg)

Here's a specific one:

I want to play tony hawk's pro skater 3 and american wasteland on pc, but not on an emulator (toaster pc). The only controller on hand i have is a ds4 which works fine with tony 4 and underground, but not with 3 and aw. 3's mapper does not detect d-pad, stick axis and triggers, aw's detects everything but once i load up to a menu it starts scrolling up restlessly, when i press l2 it scrolls down making the game unplayable. I got to the game itself, and it looks like multiple axis(-es?) are locking up which means no turning at all and no directional tricks. I need help getting out of this chicken shit outfit.

input mapper makes my controller dissapear from the list altogether, xinput does not work with 3, what else is there?

9984a6  No.15629436



d480a2  No.15629950

could somebody recommend a decent wired USB controller under $30? there was a controller thread awhile back but I think it fell off the catalog. something doesn't require steam or any bullshit like that, just plug it in, maybe install drivers and 'it works'

for soulcalibur 6 btw so something that would be decent for fighting games. thinking xbox 360-style but anything would be fine really

620d83  No.15630198


I got a Lanjue 3000 recently and it's pretty good in my opinion, no idea how good it would be for a fightan(When I think about it there's a mode switch button (think the analog button in dualshock 2 controllers) that forces the left analog to be completely digital(as in inputs register as being four cardinal directions and the diagonals) so that might be cool for you)

Three complaints though

>It has turbo mode through a button, and then clearing turbo mode through another button, and most of the time the clear turbo button doesn't work so I have to unplug and replug the controller.

>Said buttons are where you'd expect the start and select buttons to be, the start and select buttons are smack dab in the middle of the controller, with the select button on top. These buttons cannot be remapped as far as I can tell

>Needs x360ce for just about anything.

1ead34  No.15630344


Thank you anon!

It worked for aw, but not for 3, not that big of a deal but is there any other workaround?

43c33b  No.15632504

Two questions, about Sakuna of rice and ruin

>Why is it suddenly 3d now?

>When's the release date?

43c33b  No.15634216

Is Templar Battleforce any good?

1e3462  No.15634556

Is there any closet equivalent of Factorio game that is FOSS? OpenTTD just seems to fit it but so far I haven't seen any mods that adds combat related stuff were the player can directly control it too.

561922  No.15634577

File: d68cd235247a6ad⋯.png (307.9 KB, 375x499, 375:499, lo.png)


dd90a5  No.15634788

File: 5b0854d3fa0a52d⋯.png (350.19 KB, 311x633, 311:633, Isla WHOOPS.png)


>flat chests are for homosexuals

personally I don't like fully flat chests all that much, the best kind of titty is small enough to be considered flat but not actually as flat as a washing board.

I'd post a good example but I'd be arrested, fucking love this country :DDDDDDD


Moderation, cuckchan except unironically, few of my (((cuckchan friends))) have migrated here now general faggotry and cuckchan trying to fit in way too hard.

be60a2  No.15635337

File: f3c3bd324d8f825⋯.jpg (78.48 KB, 1024x934, 512:467, 1537169473717.jpg)

I like petite women because i'm a dicklet.

54e475  No.15635379

File: 239a20efc2eb4fe⋯.jpg (226.11 KB, 1500x2400, 5:8, 55155899_p0.jpg)

Flat and petite girls are the best. Oppai loli is an abomination and those who support it should be gassed.

ace599  No.15635407


The entry and exit wasn't anywhere that would guarantee he died right there.

0d12f7  No.15635422

File: cf930a634e45cac⋯.jpg (189.99 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, tifa-portrait.jpg)

30edb4  No.15637685

File: ca63ab3797ec8f6⋯.png (274.34 KB, 500x694, 250:347, tumblr_oygl23tTKG1swmb6ao1….png)


Oppai loli shouldn't ever be considered lolicon.

What oppai loli fags see and want is a pair of walking talking tits, these mongols are on the opposite end of the spectrum and are more like a normalfag on sex starvation.

Oppai loli should be renamed to "weretiddy" a human that turned into tits.

f02070  No.15637819

Oppai lolis are midget propaganda.

b54d09  No.15637845


This is the real redpill.

845e98  No.15637881


See a doctor

023ffc  No.15640143

Do I really need a 2GB sd card for the homebrew channel or can I do it with just one sd card?

586971  No.15640884


Ignore this, already solved.

588212  No.15640924

Wish me luck on pirating Win10 so I can use Virtual Reality. All this work just to stimulate being the anime girl. Sheesh.

ba9fb5  No.15642015

Is there any reason at this point to go with the PS2 version of San Andreas over the patched up and modded PC version? What are the best versions of pre-IV GTA games in general?

1dd1d6  No.15642092

File: 182a0cf9680cf60⋯.png (955.37 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 386.png)

I've played a few hentai visual novels but they have barely any choices. This always struck me as a waste, because you can make really complex consequences when the only cost is to write more text and make some images/overlays. For example consider Kangoku Senkan. It could be full of neat choices around the brainwashing plot but there aren't any.

Is there an adult VN where you have lots of choices and/or gameplay (e.g., Hotel Dusk style) and can really mess around with the characters/setting/plot? I hate just clicking next forever.

fea5a3  No.15642129


xpadder or x360ce

5bcecc  No.15644527

I want to play a Metriod/Castlevania style game. Something new as well, I've played the old ones.

Is Hollow Knight/Axion Verge any good ?

I see them popup but never really heard much about them.

fb6f35  No.15644615

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Axiom Verge is really good for being developed by one guy however it is regarded as middling compared to other Metroidvanias. I thought it was pretty decent.

Hollow Knight is much better though I did find backtracking to be a nuisance. It has a fantastic OST and can be pretty challenging.

This is an optional area introduced in a free DLC update for people that wanted more challenge.

b54d09  No.15646703

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5bcecc  No.15652969


That looks insane.

Also the movement confirms a suspicion that I needed to unlock some sort of double jump to access certain areas.

Hollow Knight seems like a good choice, thanks for the suggestion.

3ad6ee  No.15653023


You're a giant faggot. Drink bleach.

39ea6d  No.15653958

>What make a videogame good in their specific genre?

>Can a game developer use a pseude-name or become anonymus so he doesn´t have to deal with fame?

>What game 'll you absolutely want to become a reality?

>Knowing several languagues and having a little script of a game project you have is any useful, if yes, how?

b54d09  No.15654124


Who are you quoting?

ee13cc  No.15655365


Himself, because he made a thread and then got told to go here.

3a99c7  No.15655433

File: acb472cae7b0cf3⋯.png (77.47 KB, 796x324, 199:81, loli freedom.png)


flat is justice, loli is life

oppai piggu go homu

b54d09  No.15655630


Whay a queer.

991bda  No.15655654


If you don't have access to good sites, just use piratebay, or take 5-10 minutes to research pirate bay mirrors or alternative public sites.

d68722  No.15655699

File: 4629aa063626ba9⋯.jpg (53.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, camera-controls.jpg)

Does anyone else prefer camera controls to be inverted instead of non-inverted?

>inverted: move the analog stick to the left ← , camera turns right →

>non-inverted: move the analog stick to the right → , camera turns right →

I play so much better with inverted camera controls. But then suck ass if they are non-inverted. I really can't play some games well, like Shadow of the Colossus, without changing them to my preference.

d77bc0  No.15655720


Actually only about 18% of gamers play inverted. ,This is really close to the 21% NPC meme

d06862  No.15655755


My best friend plays with inverted camera controls and I think it may be because some of the first games he ever played were DOS WWII air fighter games.

991bda  No.15655815


I only use inverted in flight sims or similar plane games. Otherwise it feels fucked up, everyone I know that uses inverted in FPS games and shit like that are just trying to be edgy.

06fa6b  No.15656579

File: 90c3553f5a721c1⋯.jpg (29.29 KB, 616x353, 616:353, AuroraRL.jpg)

Is AuroraRL worth pirating or atleast purchasing?

Its on sale, but I heard some unfavorable things about it.

6fc167  No.15656596

File: 57ba6fe2a145d86⋯.jpg (202.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, crosscode.jpg)

Is Cross Code worth playing?

I just got the the Temple Mine and realized that this game is going to have a fuckton of puzzles, whilst I can stomach having some puzzles in a game, I can't stand when over 50% of the games challenge comes from that bullshit.

Don't really feel like continuing with the game.

8586fa  No.15656614

File: 412e7c870706b2b⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1436x2021, 1436:2021, 1c38da0b2cf0f674097613bb70….png)


t. Gay community.

c0e7fb  No.15657167


torrent it, try it yourself. if you like it then buy it.

b54d09  No.15658220


There's a thread for it up right now anon. I'm almost done with it, and I'd say that, yes, it is worth playing, but yes, it is 50% puzzles. There is a decent skill ceiling for the combat though, and I believe you'll unlock more combat content and less puzzle content after finishing the story.

b54d09  No.15658223


>Liking women is gay

203bf7  No.15658252

File: 1e2848ba3a1afab⋯.jpg (195.81 KB, 687x886, 687:886, aj_gas_the_gay_community.jpg)


liking women that are indistinguishable from boys is

b54d09  No.15658272


>He think's lolis are indistinguishable from boys because some fags draws girls and slaps dicks on them to make "traps".

>Liking girls is gay

c9099c  No.15660337

File: b4fc013711e9a89⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 650.47 KB, 1000x1093, 1000:1093, blanc happy sex.png)


The weird thing is that I actually used to use inverted aiming for FPS games, but some switch flipped and I suddenly found it unnatural. No idea how that could've happened but I use regular these days

That said when it comes to third-person camera controls I always go "reverse" since it feels more intuitive (down tilts camera up, left rotates camera anti-clockwise) but this is weird for a couple of Vita games I've played because when you go first-person those are also inverted. Somehow I click to that though, it's probably because they're stick-based.


Because this is clearly a boy right.

c9099c  No.15660345


*left rotates clockwise

0b229d  No.15660887

File: 490534da258cbb2⋯.gif (423.84 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 60a6bb25809ac71ae8c76be27b….gif)

I was going through wowhead to see what changes they made to classes, looking through talent trees etc. And when I click on those talents, they usually have one or two comments and even those comments are from 7.x patches, while the game is on 8.x patches I believe. And most of those don't have any comments at all

Is the game this fucking dead or am I missing something? When I played during Wrath and Cata there were tons of comments on those pages

484a9e  No.15660915


Game is dead. Only the most die hard enthusiasts are still supporting it, and they will basically never stop playing it and will insist the game was the best game of all time even after it eventually shuts down from its ongoing stagnation.

fb6f35  No.15660923


Yeah, pretty much. It still on top in terms of subs, but not by much. A recent thread was just on this about a rumored leak of active subs putting them at 1.7 million. I have no hard numbers, but I've heard that FF14 is around 600~800k subs.

You reminded me of the last time I went on Wowhead on a whim and checked the Warlock tree. I was dumbfounded they took away Kil'Jaeden's Cunning after nerfing it. When I had last played you needed to move around alot for many fights, I assume this is still true, so taking away the ability to cast and move is retarded.


Will it shut down? If FF11 has enough people to stay up then I assume WoW will be similar. Honestly it might be for the best if they just go with FF11's current model after this last expac.

484a9e  No.15660957


It won't shut down any time soon, not unless the numbers dip horrendously. Whenever it becomes insubstantially profitable, but considering Blizzard keeps up HotS with its abysmal playerbase, then I suppose they'll keep up WoW.

c9099c  No.15661114

File: 92107d309e6ce67⋯.png (840.27 KB, 700x990, 70:99, lying.png)

Can anyone post good examples of an image-based game recommendation chart layout? Design isn't my forté and I just need something as a template to follow. Ideally there is enough space for a short description in addition to the basic metadata like genre, name, cover/screenshot etc.

Also Qt DD tot.

9b9257  No.15661560

What happened with Etika? I know he's an e-celeb nigger who freaks and chimps but apparently he got hacked and the channel he had with like a million subscribers uploaded straight up porn and was banned. Any clarification?

Also what was the porn that was posted? Asking for a friend

9b2c36  No.15661584


Is this the anon from the Vita thread?

c9099c  No.15661630

File: 014511ec1aa4ae2⋯.png (364.14 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, trapdoll.png)


Yeah. At this point I just need something presentable I think with the majority of the games, and don't want it to start out as total crap.

c51fed  No.15661645


>no panties


9b2c36  No.15661656



Let's keep it to that thread; been trying to help you in there with it already anyhow, and will try to help out more with it later tonight when I'm not busy.

c9099c  No.15661666


I felt it was cluttering the thread but OK. I just need examples to work with.

9b2c36  No.15661672


For the individual tab layout or for actually laying out the eventual finished product?

c9099c  No.15661681


The individual tiles. Montage can take care of the layout part, multiple such commands if they're sectioned, but even if that step has to be done by hand it's a lot easier if the tiles themselves can be auto-generated.

fb9c34  No.15661730

Are the Etrian Odyssey games (DS ones and 3DS ones, specifically II, III, IV, and Untold 1 and 2) pozzed to hell in the localizations, or with significant bullshit alterations, or are they faithful to the original?

9b2c36  No.15661745


Well, I remember I'd saved a little guide an anon had thrown together last year when some other one was asking for advice, but being that it's focused on use with image manipulation programs and not automation functions, it may not be especially useful to you. What sort of parameters go into controlling where your editable regions are going? I mean, is it just a "drag out the space and assign function" sort of thing and what you're using figures out the code to allow for it, or is it hand coding function and exact mapped pixel location or something? Just saying, since the easiest way for you to figure something out might be to make or have an image made, then mapped out for where and how big things are, and what the exact space between them is, and then figure out how to mirror it for automation from there (similar to how one would draft out a base webpage as an image and then determine how to code it to look like it). Again, I can see about helping with it more tonight in the Vita thread.

Also, I'm not sure how bad your "clutter" in the thread might be considered when the goal is to make something useful for the anons that use the threads.

7305fd  No.15661757


Basically outside a small handful of questionable choices they're on par with the japanese version, the most extreme thing you'll see one character using the term "lady boner" in the western release. While in the japanese version the context is the same; no stupid ass slang is used. Don't bother with the Untold games, they're shit

fb9c34  No.15661767


Thankee, anon.

c9099c  No.15661791

File: 4a9a6296e0a6cfb⋯.png (15.5 KB, 249x140, 249:140, desc.png)

File: c6f8c817fc02d1f⋯.png (7.81 KB, 249x42, 83:14, info.png)

File: c261854f2cfdf25⋯.png (3.97 KB, 400x20, 20:1, title.png)

File: ff3aa035d4f0bab⋯.png (9.02 KB, 400x263, 400:263, base.png)

File: 99c12db197e81cf⋯.png (85.8 KB, 400x263, 400:263, p_PCSG00524.png)


Each text section is a fixed rectangle, inserted onto an overlay at fixed places. It probably possible to make it a bit more dynamic than that but ideally I can avoid that. If it needs to do things that result in the text not filling a rectangle (like if it's part of it is blocked by an image) then it's probably dead in the water.

As an example, this is the intermediate output before it goes into the game tile. I did at least fix the huge text gaps with the font by using Arial.

9b2c36  No.15661812


Alright, yeah, that does help better visualize things. Is it creating a shape, or a textbox though (IE: are those the actual files churned out for the parts, or screenshots of the text field dimensions over the background)?

c9099c  No.15661820


Treat the individual images as a textbox. Wrapping is automatic horizontally but it can't overflow vertically, and so things like the title need to fit a single line.

9b2c36  No.15661833


Alright, let me look at it later and get back to you on it more thoroughly.

833498  No.15661882

Is it unusual to be experiencing headaches/vertigo when switching to a 144hz monitor at first?

8586fa  No.15661946

File: 014abbba717ff6e⋯.png (519.58 KB, 808x1000, 101:125, 2099518b4d9a5620064ff2d9c2….png)


>No panties

That's a trap mate.

6870c7  No.15661995

How's Disgaea 5 Switch compare to the PC version?

dda086  No.15662970

Best way to connect a WiiU Pro controller to a PC?

5bd623  No.15663054

I have a PS3 controller and I used to connect it to my PC via SCP Server. However, now my PC doesn't recognize it, the controller doesn't even turn on when I connect it and dunno if it's the controller or something fucked up in the PC. Otherwise the controller turns on flashes the lights as looking for something to pair with, but it has no reaction towards myPC other than "the dispositive can't be recognized".

2eb482  No.15663082

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

dda086  No.15663096


Go into the services control panel and make sure the SCP DSx service is started.

Then if that doesn't work unbinstall and reinstall both the x360 controller driver and the SCP driver

Make sure it's not a busted cable / shit bluetooth pairing causing the issue though.

dcbc02  No.15663150

File: 148d42039daadd7⋯.jpg (35.19 KB, 414x540, 23:30, 148d42039daadd70482b271202….jpg)

What games can I be a seductive slut?

9b5086  No.15663235


Elona+, and its pretty viable

dcbc02  No.15663304


Man I wanna look the part and dress like a slut. That those visual don't even support it. The thing that got me on this idea is that I already jacked off but im horny again VtMB you can be a high-life seduction vampire and even use your skill on that harley knock-off.

5bd623  No.15663331



>Playing as female MCs

Either gay or cuck.

ee8f2a  No.15663368

File: cee091f0b217407⋯.png (544.52 KB, 640x640, 1:1, costanza.png)


>not wanting to fap to your character

32ab1a  No.15663378


>i have to be immersed all of the time because im too stupid to see things from another perspective

b54d09  No.15663399


>He doesn't want to be an exhibitionist loli

9b5086  No.15663545

5bd623  No.15663599



That's for cucks.


I'm not a woman, a cuck or gay.


I'm not a woman.

Those are literally the only reasons you'd play as a female MC.

b54d09  No.15663641


>He doesn't want to be the little girl

What a fag.

32ab1a  No.15663746




dcbc02  No.15663783

File: ae5a9ee78991ec5⋯.png (185.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ae5a9ee78991ec532de82b6a98….png)

Can I get more recommendations instead of you appeasing the faggo?

11b1b8  No.15663840


in every single age of wonders game theres nymphs and or succubi that can go around seducing an entire army for you to recruit. in shadow magic, wood elves get the option of locking down your opponents with entangling roots while you dog pile them with nymphs, dark elves would use big tittied driders to web opponents while succubi do their succubusiness. tigrans havent any bondage to lock someone up with, but they do have huge tittied sphinxes that mind control people.

doing this early on in the game while there are still plenty of neutrals to convert is an extremely powerful strategy.

05cf91  No.15663908

File: c9fae4e84348559⋯.jpg (21.16 KB, 372x260, 93:65, ௵.jpg)


>NPC meme

Science isn't a meme.

06017b  No.15664015


I have that mouse, pretty much the only option for both meme buttons and a good optical sensor. Mouse works well for the most part. CUE (corsair utility engine) is absolute ass. This is the second one I own, due to the first's wheel sheering off it's sensor after about a year. Would still recommend. I use the buttons in fps's and whatnot to switch equipment without having to move my left hand. Very convenient.

The mouse is a Corsair Schimitar btw

06017b  No.15664062


I guess I should probably add that I owned a Razer Naga Epicas well, which broke after about a year. Razer naga has better buttons imo, but a flawed sensor that moves your cursor down and right when you lift it off a surface. Their calibration tool can fix this in software, but my assumption is that that adds lag, and it isn't 100% all the time.

sage for doublepost

8ae53e  No.15664217

File: c15dcf3dc289884⋯.png (432.49 KB, 720x600, 6:5, 720px-Vania_B.png)

How are the nips handling sony's new policy? I know not all the developers in japan would move onto greener fields till the otakus money dries up but how apeshit are otakus right now ? have they started burning merch ? have the angry letters reached respective developers telling them if they don't tell sony suck it, that heads will roll ?

11b1b8  No.15664278


>there are mice which dont move your cursor when you lift them

holy hell what

b54d09  No.15664335


>but how apeshit are otakus right now ? have they started burning merch ? have the angry letters reached respective developers telling them if they don't tell sony suck it, that heads will roll ?

The only time you'll get that infamous otaku rage in full force is when it involves some 3DPD idol or VA being a slut, having a boyfriend, not being a virgin, etc. The only recent fan outrage not involving some 3DPD girl was the Kemono Friends shitstorm, and it accomplished absolutely nothing. At most you'll have some angry people online.

8ae53e  No.15664548


Well fuck, don't tell me they cucked out to soyny caue then we're all fucked if they are willing to buy butchered product(s).

ee8f2a  No.15665842

File: f8e93f83a55f424⋯.jpg (17.97 KB, 268x371, 268:371, Savita_bhabhi_cartoon.jpg)


I feel like I've seen r34 of that skellington.

8c61b1  No.15665869

My autism sense is tingling.


>That's for cucks.

Explain that to me.

You literally own your character.

adb901  No.15667188




Is there any good MMORPG that is good and populated enought? Because im playing Wow Wrath through Warmane, but being Wow, maybe I should go to other MMORPG. But then again, which one? I heard LOTRO is dead, and only other interesing MMORPG to me besides mentioned above is Camelot Unchained (Havent released yet), Warhammer Online (Oficially dead, but there are two private server now, but in alpha, and havent tested yet). Is there anything I should test? Any recommendation?

3a6b8e  No.15668299


Yes, you make the female character you own fuck other men and you enjoy watching that, making it cuckshit.

483c50  No.15668835

File: 6bab77b6eb13f8d⋯.jpg (52.97 KB, 756x666, 42:37, pasanen.jpg)


>fuck other men


what games are you playing, son?

how's that even a factor? if you don't want your character to fuck you just don't do that. simple as that.

fb6f35  No.15669353


If you want something like WoW you can try FF14. It comes with a lot of baggage though.

36125b  No.15670009

Nvidia RTX has been released for a month. Sep 20 through October, now November 1st.

Is there a single playable game right now with RTX? The Windows DirectX RT update came in early October yea? Did Tomb Raider update their game with it yet? I haven't seen any news anywhere about any consumer playing, or video, with ray tracing on. I know Assetto Corsa is coming out with RTX in closed beta, but I doubt they have it too. Anyone who knows of gameplay of a consumer i'd like to see it.

Only a few games have DLSS anti-aliasing too, like FFXV. I am getting angry that developers must pay Nvidia to run their supercomputer in order to give any game support for DLSS. I thought Nvidia would actively seek games and give it DLSS support, thereby increasing the need for this series of cards to be bought. Kingdom Come with DLSS please.

472a45  No.15670843

File: 946ee9dbdd6f498⋯.png (5.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

What are the must play SNES games, as well as overlooked gems and personal favorites? I finally decided to start going through the classics and starting with my favorite console.

ff474d  No.15672647

Anyone know any good racing games for android/mobile? Preferably ones with IRL cars.

49a36d  No.15673648

File: a5459d342676f3c⋯.jpg (3.09 MB, 3508x2728, 877:682, a5459d342676f3c677c2d81b02….jpg)

What are some good DCS plane mods?

I can't fucking land the Su-25 without breaking the wheels and catching on fire, fuck bombers.

b042d2  No.15675983

File: 6adb44c987190f1⋯.png (280.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, consider the following2.png)

I just bought a Lenovo VR and it's going to arrive in a few days.

MAYBE I'm the kind of faggot to fuck around in VrChat and call people niggers and whatsoever. I know that their moderation is pretty harsh, but how are the bans handled? Do they ban the account, the IP, the HD ID or the GPU unique signature?

I just want to know if I can just account hop once I get banned since it's a free game.

Other than that, the explorer bundle comes with anything to make it connect wireless to my computer? My computer has no support to bluetooth, wifi or any wireless tech, I'd have to get a card or USB thing if doesn't come with one.

After all that, if you guys want to recommend me any games or give me any tips, I'll take them.

b54d09  No.15677563


>expecting answers on a page 13 thread

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