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File: 94629d6c5a6c08b⋯.jpg (476.18 KB, 1192x1500, 298:375, 918dC46zXzL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

File: d4e7af6bfefbf6c⋯.png (26.14 KB, 1007x250, 1007:250, KH Story So Far review.png)

1be36e  No.15705063

How many times to they plan to re-release these games before 3 comes out?


Also attached is the only current 1 star review which should sum up the quality of this non-product.

I understand this was announced a month ago, so if there was already a thread on this I apologize.

916339  No.15705070

What a shame they weren't updated before hand. At least it's all in one box. Oh well. I wish I cared more to say more but I really don't, this just isn't a very interesting topic.

1e21bc  No.15705075


>I understand this was announced a month ago, so if there was already a thread on this I apologize.

There was. I suppose though that Square's got to milk the series for all it's worth, either for explicit profit or to offset how much they've lost dumping into other projects (nuFFVII, FFXV). Going to laugh if they have to do a "2.9: Almost There, Seriously."

3aba87  No.15705092

They're trying to answer the dipshits complaining about "how am I supposed to play 3 when all the games are all over the place?" For 40 bucks you get KH1FM, Re:COM, KH2FM, 358/2, Re:Coded, BBSFM, DDD, .2 A Fragmentary Passage, and one other all on the same system. I do agree that it's shitty that they didn't include the updates on the discs, but you can still just download them. This is for people who didn't purchase the other collections, obviously. I have a feeling that guy in the review had purchased the others and expected some kind of change to the games for some reason in this release. So, he's a dipshit.

916339  No.15705106


He listed what he expected and he wasn't wrong to want something like that. Having final versions of game on disc is very important, after all who is to say in 20 years that updates will even be around to be downloaded any more? That is a legitimate concern.

b590bd  No.15705107


1be36e  No.15705111


Except 1.5 + 2.5 REmix and 2.8 are both available for the PS4 for about 20 bucks each new on Amazon. There is no distinction between purchasing those or this new release short of shelf space.

ca1670  No.15705125

File: 2312a2f2958cba2⋯.jpg (61.59 KB, 960x954, 160:159, 1506090603120.jpg)



f45c89  No.15705127


>That is a legitimate concern.

They've been devaluing their own products for over a decade now starting with the Mana games.

b590bd  No.15705129


What are the context behind Mark's nudes?

Did he get tricked by a catfish, or is it some sort of ironic joke?

Or is he really just a fag looking for attention?

916339  No.15705134


Not sure what that has to do with anything I said.


unfortunately not him, he doesn't have man titties, he's just a keg.

b590bd  No.15705136


Well they convinced me. The lower half of the face in the nudes is almost a spot on for Mark's face.

916339  No.15705139


It doesn't match up. I've seen (((Mr. Mann))) in person.

bcaf51  No.15705155


Buy this for $60


Buy the two ps3 compilations for $5 each and the aqua prologue on the soystation 4 for $10

This is a fucking scam

c1f845  No.15705156


Y'all sucked each others dicks or what?

916339  No.15705161


Nope, just met him in person in the city.

1be36e  No.15705163


It's actually 40, but it is still a scam as I put here >>15705111

I should have checked before hand and included it in the OP tbh

c1f845  No.15705164

File: d639fdfd937a275⋯.jpg (16.45 KB, 200x303, 200:303, DOUBT.jpg)

000000  No.15705167


Square is losing money on everything. It is very funny to watch a company made up of ego-filled pretentious hacks crash and burn like that.


If you have to pay for a game, it is already a scam.

Wait for the inevitable emulator and pirate everything.

916339  No.15705169


I didn't ask you to believe me.

f45c89  No.15705180


Your concerns are retarded.

4c2ead  No.15705198

>It's 1.5 and 2.5 and 2.8

>They didn't even bother updating it

I'm guessing this might have something to do with physical copies being really cheap?

edf665  No.15705203

File: ccf61666344c504⋯.gif (2.22 MB, 500x281, 500:281, hit.gif)

File: 77a9998be7507a9⋯.jpg (21.43 KB, 364x338, 14:13, DQGQFHJX0AEkL1Y.jpg)

File: 134e93fa69d5e64⋯.jpg (135.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, persona.jpg)


>Caring about Square X Disney trash.

>Caring about Square trash when others have picked up the torch those dumb fuckers dropped.

Anon SquareSoft died when it merged with Enix. Stop trying to hype up a dead horse.

The JRPG market has never been stronger play something not made by Square.

4c2ead  No.15705204


Nigger pull the rod out of your ass your sitting on to try to make yourself look the highest in the room.

You're in a kingdom hearts thread. You're already below bottom.

1be36e  No.15705207


>Didn't even read my super short OP

edf665  No.15705222


>IX is trash.

>They acknowledged Square is still a thing that is still caring.

>Its a stealth shill thread don't be a faggot.

600ff6  No.15705232


"the story so far"

They aren't even pretending at this point, sometimes I wish I could punch Nomura.

d4b38d  No.15705293



d6da45  No.15705479

All 5 of these games on one retarded internet shit free disc for less than $60 is a great deal. Buy that and III then walk away and never look back.

e52dd9  No.15705514


>358/2, Re:Coded

You get to watch those 2, I forget if they fucked up the code for these or lost it but neither have been ported to sony. and I still like the original chain of memories on gba more than the ps2 version

2ce725  No.15705560


e305f0  No.15707935


bccbae  No.15714720


The original chain of memories is far better than the remake, I think the majority of people would agree with you on that.

f6a847  No.15714726

>How many times to they plan to re-release these games before 3 comes out?

LMAO peope believe they are not being milked like the dumb ass cash cows they are, same shit with final fantasy 7 and all its re-re-re-releases and spin offs.

dont complain about eating shit if you wont stop eating it.

88165a  No.15714731

I think they'd make a lot of money just making a trilogy recap movie that explains everything that happened in the Kingdom Hearts franchise before 3. Though, that might be admitting the many plot contrivances they have to explain to make the story cohesive to the average viewer. Not like story ever mattered for Kingdom Hearts but it would give a glimpse if even the ones behind the story even know what's going on anymore because I think most people who've only played 1 & 2 will definetly be lost if they play 3 because it's part of a trilogy and didin't see the asterisk that said the spin-offs are also important to understanding the story.

2d1989  No.15718230


>I'm guessing this might have something to do with physical copies being really cheap?

Almost certainly.

5cbf4d  No.15719024

File: 010760c777974c1⋯.mp4 (6.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Kingdom Hearts 3 - Winnie ….mp4)

Master Xehanort's new english VA in this trailer. Honestly disappointed, he doesn't even try to copy Nemoy's

909467  No.15720268


you'd think they'd have Lemoy's voice lines already recorded

also why is the mixing in all of the trailers fucking AWFUL?

80cea3  No.15720278

File: ed866cb0012b131⋯.jpg (360.41 KB, 1500x1519, 1500:1519, 70846985_p1.jpg)


Shit, at least when Christopher Lee was replaced they got a good soundalike. I get that nobody could ever replace Nimoy, but this guy doesn't even sound close.

cf8454  No.15720302


>still no SFX


ebd1cb  No.15720730

File: ffd2947ec97ffc4⋯.gif (477.08 KB, 275x152, 275:152, mj4gkRcqb1r9eyg8_500.gif)


you think that have this story planed and are not making up shut as they go along ?

82dbc9  No.15720879

File: 2abe82484089f8f⋯.jpg (20.55 KB, 431x455, 431:455, 2abe82484089f8f6092b2dea9f….jpg)


>prayed that you wouldn't need to play the shitty mobile game for context, just the movie from 2.8

>mobile game required

God fucking damn

>Xehanort voice actor is complete and total garbage


20b601  No.15720988


>100 acre wood

Here's Nomura's last chance to put in a baseball mini-game.

>Xehanort doesn't even sound close to Nemoy

Who on the team honestly thought that was a good replacement?


If you really need to know the backstory from unchained just watch the scenes online.

291f0c  No.15721383


Xehanorts new voice actor sounds so bland.

It like he doesnt even care about sounding enthusiastic, convincing or interesting at all, he just wants a fucking paycheck.

943aed  No.15721387

File: eaea19f48940ea4⋯.jpg (84.85 KB, 1600x1299, 1600:1299, Aniki not sleeping.jpg)

9f1a72  No.15721417

>re-remakes and re-re-releases

>1.78 deep dream distance unchained memories of Calcutta 265 days of dream

Even if i want to play these games i have no idea where to start.

What the fuck is wrong with people in charge of this franchise just make it game 1 followed by game 2 and then game 3.

This is worse than the american comic book industry.

b7ff82  No.15721462


Will be hilarious if the cutscenes in game are like this too.

167600  No.15721492

lmao. Most of the original fans of the very first game are married with kids now.

c95eee  No.15722223


I don't think they actually want imitations. Every time they replace a celebrity, they tend to just go with an anime actor.

78aad2  No.15723495


Always consume media in release order. However, these collections are bullshit because two of the games they say they include on them are not actually included, but are replaced with cutscenes from the games with all the gameplay cut out. Just goes to show that the series is shit in the first place, since people including the creators openly say the gameplay is shit and the story is all that matters. They should have just made a fucking movie, then. But their shit stories would never pass even for an anime story. They only get by in video games because video game players have such low standards.

429659  No.15723700


>posts godawful waifu bait trash as if it's good

>can't read

Checks out

798e3a  No.15723950


>Persona 5 and Xeno2


Hi ResetEra, still mad Connor and his buttbuddies didn't get to 'localize' P5?

d98db9  No.15724919

File: 5613312d8763e58⋯.jpg (25.59 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 5613312d8763e584bbc5241192….jpg)


Fucking this. Whenever the games go for a celebrity impersonator, it just sounds cheap.


Yep. A lot of the people who've played the games on release likely aren't following the story. They know that they still have another year of hype generation, so they want the series to sit on shelves for a little bit longer before the gaming market forgets about it in a year.

If the brand is devalued, that's collateral on their end to try to get the brand in the public's eye for longer Currently releasing any of the games individually wouldn't be enough anymore because of the PS3 remakes, andthey can't add in any more without complicating the story and ruining 2.8 as a product. Adding everything into one package makes sense as the last logical progression from this idea from a marketing perspective, but if we're being honest here they could timed the release of 2.8 a little later to pull off a similar effect.

5cbf4d  No.15724969


>What went wrong

Nomura being banished from the land of Consolia and forced to make an eternity of spin offs while Toriyama jacked off in the throne room

a00551  No.15735708


>they're breeding

How horrifying.

e23356  No.15735726

The first kh remix is horrific. Like instead of you know stream lining the grind. THEY DOUBLE DOWN ON THE GRINDING to the point where working towards the ultima keyblade with xp will destroy the games difficulty. kh2 final remix is actually balanced correctly. Fucking regular kh remix is just…godawful. its preferable to play the original because of how broken and awful it is just to craft items.

c21a2c  No.15735737

As long as you buy them, retard.

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