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File: 6ae5831bf2c4191⋯.jpg (120.91 KB, 933x1200, 311:400, Retard 2533.jpg)

4c98ff  No.15754939


Sony Playstation: Where bikinis are haram.

63eddb  No.15754943

What happened to you, Sony?

65840b  No.15754952

There was and still is already a thread on this fag

3fc63c  No.15754962

Already a thread, albeit past bump limit.


f8d84b  No.15754989


moved HQ to cali, immediate case of "muh western sensibilities". the more frustrating part is normalfags applauding these decisions because "haha fuck u people who like anime boobs"

c9d5c7  No.15755127

File: 61ea08367d248dc⋯.jpg (50.71 KB, 402x691, 402:691, tryme.jpg)

I'll bump it anyway because people need to know about it. Sony did it right with the PS4 and PS4 Pro however their developer freedom policies need as much work as all of Microsoft does.

ef03ee  No.15755145

I can't wait for another thread of obvious bait, faggots biting the obvious bait, and shitflinging and shitflinging.

ada9b0  No.15755164

I thought this was 4 the players.

2cfc07  No.15755165

Wow, I'm going to get a bing bing machine right away, oh wait, it doesn't run any games except Mario #5754, Zelda #5866 and other soyshit.

0a7c8f  No.15755188


>past bump limit.

Then it's dead.

1420cb  No.15755194

China demands compliance.

3a2c81  No.15755200


>critiquing one means you have to get the other!

American Politics really fucked people up. Have you ever considered that computers exist?

4e8829  No.15755207


Is this really about China though? Game consoles are still mostly banned in China. They only became allowed in China as part of the Shanghai free trade agreement. They really aren't allowed to be sold elsewhere officially, just "second hand" where merchants go to Shanghai to buy consoles to sell in the mainland. They only did this because before Chinks who wanted game consoles either had to go to Taiwan or visit Japan to get game consoles

9111f6  No.15755208

Guess those PC master race memes were all true

65840b  No.15755210


DoAX3 isn't available on computers.

f4c787  No.15755213

I can't believe Sony thinks this is a good idea for any other thing than selling off their gaming division to some western big gaming conglomerate. Maybe Tencent. They just want to hide their weebs. That's like removing one of the four legs of a chair just before you put it in a garage sale. How stupid can these big Japanese companies be.

65840b  No.15755217


Its HQ is in california now, its questionable just how japanese they are at all anymore, and the fact that japanese developers have to go through english inspectors when everything was fine before this california bullshit implies that Sony of America/Europe now have the controlling power in the relationship.

2cfc07  No.15755219


It's only soytendo shills that are pushing this. PC aryans don't care about any of this as it doesn't matter either way. Notice the "All included on the Nintendo Switch" in the OP".

0dc58b  No.15755225

File: 1b8741c35af335e⋯.png (88.31 KB, 464x428, 116:107, Everyone loses.png)


Dumbass, your choices of a system to purchase boils down to whether you want:

>A. Western games (Get an Xbone)

>B. Eastern games (Get a Switch)

>C. Indie games (Get a Switch)

>D. All of the above (Install Windows)

>E. You're above all this (Install Linux)


>F. Realize everything is fucked and that the only winning move is not to play (Install Haiku, AROS, or BSD and/or play/emulate games for discontinued systems)

3a2c81  No.15755233


I'd think that's moreso to highlight the fact that, yes, this is in fact censorship on the part of Sony and not the devs cucking out to SJWs like most games are. Barring that, you'd get cuckchanners like yourself shitting up the thread, claiming that Sony's innocent. Can't do that when a company otherwise notorious for censorship allows it.

4e8829  No.15755236


Most Hondas and Toyotas are manufactured in America, are they also American companies now?

3a2c81  No.15755243


Big difference between moving production to a country, as then every company would be chinese, and moving your HQ there.

2cfc07  No.15755247


The Switch doesn't have any games, that's why they're so desperately pushing this censorship thing. The Xbone is a total irrelevant failure, why would you even recommend it for western games? And you're obviously a soytendo shill, Switch for indie games? Are you for real? PC is the home of indie games.

65840b  No.15755251


Read his post fully, faggot.

b43b84  No.15755252


>consolewar shit


f4c787  No.15755253


Just why the fuck do they move to California though? Rent is sky-high (I cannot imagine it is lower rent than in Japan, though maybe I'm wrong), and the entertainment industry is one of breakneck competition, you don't want to sit right by others that can take your audience's attention.

I understand the Asian console market is going down, but in that case you downsize and hold your ground rather than let the downturn move you to a place where you are much more likely to be outshone by an already established western console market mainstay, where the basic logistics are much more expensive and where you'll be another medium-sized fish in a medium-sized tank instead of a big fish in a small tank.

Fuck publicly-traded companies. Anybody chasing profits in videogames is a fool and I can't wait for investors to have portfolios tank hard enough they leave the whole sector be (hopefully).

0dc58b  No.15755261

File: 109f4d7322415b0⋯.png (173.61 KB, 549x459, 61:51, Seriously (2).png)

bdd382  No.15755271

Great, now fagtendo just need to get some games and decent hardware and a controller that isn't shit and to stop ending romsites and fangames and stop censoring first party games and I might consider buying their products at some point.

3c1933  No.15755275

File: 780614ec53c44e0⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.45 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, 780614ec53c44e02d6693d188….webm)

File: 906588cf7ab1b36⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 5.74 MB, 680x384, 85:48, 906588cf7ab1b3698c3a0fa59….webm)


Me either so I'm just posting lewd Marie and Nyotengu. A bit on the fence about picking the game up because I play plenty of crappy lewd games but was never much into fighting games.

4a4f9c  No.15755286

Just to say, Sonyggers have been like this for years.

1b5044  No.15755315


Cali is full of streetshitters on worker visas and women/freaks with worthless degrees that are willing to do anything in tech for dirt cheap, that's why 99% of the tech industry is there. That's also why modern software is a buggy mess and why major websites are vulnerable to attack. You get what you pay for. Sony's main branch has no issue going wherever cheap labor is at the cost of product quality, see: their current electronics selection. They also make more money overall from banking and insurance, these other ventures just give random spurts of profit from time to time.

5ea014  No.15755372


Dont think they care if you buy a Switch or not.

ef03ee  No.15755512

File: 0ef22a1d6ea8194⋯.jpg (319.9 KB, 850x1550, 17:31, sony censor b 3.jpg)

Another one bites the dust.

312e18  No.15755547

What's more unnerving than the censorship itself is how fucking fast it unfolded. It grew exponentially since Omega Labirynth Z into this whole set of censoring departments and rules in what, 2 months?

37d518  No.15755552

How is Japan reacting to all this?

598768  No.15755723


Omega Labyrinth Z was more the catalyst of this whole shit, after PQube got into trouble with the UK government (probably tipped through social media because of the masochist loli character) and Sony California being the current HQ for 2 years, has enabled this bill without much understanding of how nip culture and boards fucking work.

4e8829  No.15755729


Tax incentives, and its the home of the entertainment and tech capitals of the country so talent and technology are both in easy reach.

0b103e  No.15755732

File: e8bbb0cdcfd6cea⋯.jpg (331.41 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 1493688984218.jpg)

>Policy Removes Crude Items

Woman are banned now, fucking based.

e53131  No.15755781

File: 3f33d398430b365⋯.jpg (42.93 KB, 750x498, 125:83, caramel-sauce.jpg)

c19a5d  No.15755875

File: 3684cc664280ccc⋯.png (213.54 KB, 323x570, 17:30, 15388969373445780287593285….png)


YAS SONY! SLAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

882591  No.15755876


Doesn't this bitch take part in Mizuryu Kei's orgy parties?

2bcc9b  No.15755891


You don't really get to pretend the switch doesn't have games when it has every indie developer and their mother running for it.

00eac0  No.15755925


>Mustard Race

Back to cuckchan.

e6968e  No.15756073

File: 392c9e8be8ea18d⋯.png (634.87 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, __aether_foundation_employ….png)


>Either get a locked down PC with censored games or get a Nintendo branded mobile device with soon to be censored games

Every console is soy

e5740b  No.15756337

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Very Soon™. In fact, emulation could become fully playable before the game even ships.

f8d84b  No.15757440


yeah I wanna know this as well, I can't imagine anyone is pleased that a japanese company is punishing japanese development studios and consumers for shit they had for years

f390c3  No.15757641


Need to cater to all genders, race and sexual orientation except for asian/white heterosexual males

b464e2  No.15758208

File: 3b431aa39405ad1⋯.jpg (33.43 KB, 515x800, 103:160, hitlerandjesus.jpg)


Muhdickfags on suicide watch.

Games shouldn't be degenerate.

eeeef2  No.15759502


while upset, the censored Sony versions are still selling more then the Switch versions. Not unexpected but be prepared for people to use that as reasons to be blackpilled even though Sony being the top dog makes it obvious their versions will always sell more.

441ec9  No.15759512


Mizuryu Kei has orgy parties?

edbe46  No.15759559

File: 948923ac6b15a25⋯.jpg (312.4 KB, 1600x2133, 1600:2133, 70509159_p0.jpg)


But Hitler hated the church. He thought of them as another jew controlled corporation full of contradictions in its ruling.

20ed51  No.15759790

File: 2fe8143527cccc0⋯.jpg (318.82 KB, 1446x2042, 723:1021, 2fe8143527cccc0d7b404ddcd1….jpg)


How did it happen? You'd think the nips would seppuku before giving their company away to gaijin.

e53131  No.15759795


Just let the poor guy larp.

d2952b  No.15759797

File: 617123cfd2c45eb⋯.png (1023.58 KB, 717x720, 239:240, ClipboardImage.png)


<Censors everything, and infiltrates Japan


<Generic, behind the times, and misses the point by an inch

<Killed all the romsites (not a problem for someone that knows how to get what they want, but its the principle of the matter)

<Run by the Yakuza


<We definitely aren't datamining you. Please click accept.


<You don't own nothing goy

<Valve is it's own pile of shit

<Discord cancer is starting its own platform

Not trying to console war, but it's hard to pick a side when everything is fucking trash this decade. Holy fuck. I'm happy to play old shit and emulators, but morons and gamblers keep propping up these shits

1f1f53  No.15759801


Ah, I was just about to ask what the fuck happened, and this makes total sense.

Why the fuck would anyone move to california when every other company is scrambling to fucking move out!

0f8ccd  No.15759857


Then why did he support their constituents so much? From what I've read of people who lived in Germany at the time it was paradise for Christians.

b464e2  No.15761949


You can hate organized religion but still like Jesus Christ.

102ef9  No.15761964


Using steam or discord in PC is really your own fault.

16e945  No.15761969



I feel insulted.

c29fdb  No.15761994


that is a nice image.


at least they're not filled.

48a6d4  No.15762049


>You're forced to use Steam and Discord

Maybe don't be a fucking idiot like normalcattle?

The issue with consoles is that you're stuck in a centralized platform.


It's to pace yourself until you blow your load into her as a means to impregnate.

It also gives off the fact that in this world the 2D girls can be impregnated unlike many where the characters just cum inside girls with no regard and there's no risk of impregnation.

jesus christ I just realized how autistic all of that is, but I'll stick to it as an impregnation fetishist

5cad34  No.15762065


GHQ has suicide prevention methods to ensure diversity quotas are met and evil nazis are tried in (((war crime tribunals))), a lot of big corporations and Yakuza are ran by korean kikes and Japan can't do anything about it because america has nukes.

e4ee9b  No.15762102

File: 4944aac1478876c⋯.png (2.2 MB, 1700x3400, 1:2, Yakuza are decent people w….png)



4714f8  No.15762160

File: b04c16c4b445192⋯.jpg (418.46 KB, 907x1550, 907:1550, 0ef22a1d6ea819486e7c89c45a….jpg)


Updated. Is this definitive so far?

eeeef2  No.15764032

File: 5db9fd7be2aede4⋯.png (90.67 KB, 582x882, 97:147, Degica Games.png)


Those are the more popular titles but it's not everything. Smaller examples include the PS4 Version of Tengoku CruisinMix



399554  No.15764151


Wonder how long it'll take before it looks like a recommendation image.

36e3ef  No.15764249

File: 70b0e23d60d4d1f⋯.jpg (87.48 KB, 827x1169, 827:1169, __kiryuu_kazuma_and_shizue….jpg)


Yakuza did nothing wrong.

20ed51  No.15764361

>remove 'crude' items from a game that's only purpose is to give guys boners

Nice to see you catering to all genders and all orientations, Yoshida-san…

b57cad  No.15764375


>removes crude items

>from a game that's about playing minigames while looking at anime girls with giant tits in bikinis

So why are they bothering putting it on the system at all?

30d068  No.15764752


porting is cheap, and the massive install base means even a few measly sales make an easy profit.

same reason pc ports happen basically

04085a  No.15764768


they've become nintendo

3c1933  No.15764777

File: 322060f76594f64⋯.jpg (2.24 MB, 4877x5014, 4877:5014, __blanc_and_vert_kami_jige….jpg)


And Nintendo became Sony, and unfortunately there's no picture like this I can find for those two.

04085a  No.15764781



if the US is nuked, Japan will revert to sanity. better happen soon.

had enough of disgusting sjw freaka being catered to.

7b2926  No.15764877


What the fuck happened to Yoshida?

Like seriously.

>Yoshida 1990s

>We have to make games for everyone.

>Yoshida 2000s

>We have to keep on making games for everyone.

>Yoshida 2010s

<We're sorry, you don't get to have games because they offend some people.

f53986  No.15764907


Just how bad is Microsoft's compared to Sony's?

73264c  No.15764909

Is this only outside of Japan?

512d82  No.15764920

File: 325fe9633bf610e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.1 KB, 700x208, 175:52, Wear Protection.jpg)


Condoms can go over the barrel of your gun to keep snow or gunk from getting in.

3c1933  No.15764923

File: dc91a3654be90ac⋯.jpg (107.85 KB, 976x599, 976:599, vnstupid_01_dc91a3654be90a….jpg)

File: 0af7aa8ff9596a1⋯.jpg (112.9 KB, 960x544, 30:17, vnstupid_02_0af7aa8ff9596a….jpg)

File: 243c3857a3848fe⋯.jpg (111.76 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, vnstupid_03_243c3857a3848f….jpg)

File: e8933b5ac0a68f1⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, kusony, snoy, soy, sunni.jpg)


You living under a rock? No this recent spate of censorship is striking the originals, and even games that are only released in Japan like picture related. I mean it's an eroge port so the console releases (Vita, PS4, Switch) are censored because they can't include full-blown H stuff, but the PS4 version got even further butchered. PC, Vita+Switch, and PS4 respectively. Also apparently this is being pushed onto them by Sony's Western branch.

But to answer you more, it's only on Sony that they're fucking with it. Switch version will be untouched. Similarly, that recent Senran Kagura game is fine on PC. It's only on PS4 that's taken out stuff.

830ad8  No.15766160

File: 60e655baa0c2fbe⋯.jpg (74.22 KB, 891x717, 297:239, zZ86SqQ.jpg)


>Mizuryu Kei has orgy parties?

>He wasn't invited

32fa82  No.15766231

File: d94a46c53b22cbf⋯.jpg (42.47 KB, 600x400, 3:2, sky cat.jpg)


>It's only on PS4 that's taken out stuff.

So far. Pray some soy snake doesn't make a nest in Nintendo US or wherever Steam HQ is or that they all of a sudden feel they should jump on the inclusivity bandwagon.

598768  No.15766275

File: a4dc8f05a165a0b⋯.png (124.68 KB, 1299x759, 433:253, vita VNs.png)

File: 6ddc0e4776766b9⋯.png (1.12 MB, 561x1082, 561:1082, laser beams no more.png)


That's only because the Vita version of "Nora to Ouko To Noraneko Heart" was released one year ago, while the PS4 version is very recent. From what I did understand the jap VN devs are still forced to follow the new guidelines by California on all Playstation systems, including the Vita even if the handheld has been announced to be axed next year.

It's just an attempt to hut the japanese devs because VNs sell far more on consoles than on PC due of the lower rating (meaning the japs can buy with actual cash rather than a debit/credit card) as well as exclusive content

598768  No.15766388


>>Buying censored VNs because muh consoles

Sex scenes are already censored on the PC releases with the mosaic crap with the nippon porn laws (so arguing over such semantics is moot), and you didnt read what I said about the ratings. It's obligatory in Japan to use a credit card for any R18+ material (not just vidya) while the japs themselves rather prefer paying shit with actual money cash. Teens can also buy those VNs in result.

I have a personal preference to read VNs in a handheld, far easier to pick up one anywhere.

0c572b  No.15766403


>while the japs themselves rather prefer paying shit with actual money cash

well, why are japs so fucking retarded? How bothersome can it be to just use cc even IF the requirement is shit

c0aac8  No.15766450



That's still not removal of content, even worse, the removal of the payoff of many of these products.

You're getting an inferior version and are ok with it

598768  No.15766466


>You're getting an inferior version and are ok with it

An "inferior" product that often gets additional content over its PC counterpart (extra CGs, new routes and chapters, or full voice acting where the original didnt have that at all).

Removal of sex scenes is also hardly a negative for me personally, if I want sex scenes, I'd read doujins instead for more pictures and a better flow.

882591  No.15766481


Using a credit card is retarded. It's almost as bad as taking a loan.

392c81  No.15766484


Use a debit card instead.

510bf9  No.15766516



Or prepaid card

598768  No.15766561


>well, why are japs so fucking retarded?

>no registered history of purchase on your end

>local stores in town get the full of your money

882591  No.15766599

File: d83f5aa479aa878⋯.png (294.15 KB, 720x560, 9:7, d83f5aa479aa8785cfe8a9d418….png)


>using banks at all

114d58  No.15766917


>often gets additional content over its PC counterpart (extra CGs, new routes and chapters, or full voice acting where the original didnt have that at all).

And still no payoff

>Sex Scenes are for you to jackoff

No, it's for the ultimate pre marital consummation of the characters.

And sometimes for you to jackoff when you're really that invested.

598768  No.15767036


>And still no payoff

Those extra contents are actually an excellent payoff than the VN "sex scenes" (which serve zero purpose most of the time and are an absolute chore to read) removed in the console versions.

b874b6  No.15767045

File: 12b3db7cda7656a⋯.jpg (20.74 KB, 279x347, 279:347, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH….JPG)


>Sealing the deal with your waifu of choice serves no purpose

598768  No.15767218


nigga i just skip that crap even on PC

I dont need +30 minutes of the same censored 2-3 CGs, looped sex noises/moans and whatever to understand the MC and the chosen girl really love each other. And it's not like post-sex bed talks dont exist on console versions

f6a611  No.15767310


>post-sex bed talks


3c1933  No.15768082

File: ca7393a99a5fbd8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 825.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sleepy_adores.png)


I think we know who the real gay is here.


I can at least concur on this, but more importantly, it's not the fault of the console makers they can't have eroge, it's their ratings board. The only reason we're angry is because they're going above and beyond in that respect.

ef03ee  No.15769088


It absolutely is. No console is going to allow an AO rated game on their platform.

f53986  No.15769090

How bad is Microsoft compared to Sony when it comes to censorship?

3459e1  No.15769119


>western sensibilities

the same west that shows softcore porn and passes it off as music videos and generally likes shoving as much tits and ass in your face as it can get away with because it sells.

i dont know if its fair to call it western.

882591  No.15769263


Anything that is not 30 year old 3dpd whore or 3dpd looking digital whore is anathema to california where all this bullish comes from. These games feature actually attractive depictions of women and thus must be destroyed so that men don't develop standards and will settle with the filth feminism has created.

598768  No.15769299


>The only reason we're angry is because they're going above and beyond in that respect.

Same. It's absolutely gay from California Sony to censor lewd shit on japanese VNs/games even if said titles never leave Japan and CERO is originally fine with lewd (despite the japanese rating board is more restrictive in general than its western counterparts).

Also I recall Sega consoles such as the Saturn and Dreamcast allowed R18+ content, but both only existed before CERO was a thing.

0cd876  No.15769333


>Just why the fuck do they move to California though?

Because they want to make more cinematic experiences.

3cfe20  No.15769361

File: 9a281e29c3fa12a⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 237x240, 79:80, whereyoubelong.gif)



>literally defending censorship

3459e1  No.15769690


>california is "the west"

thats entirely unreasonable.

f6a611  No.15769713

File: 24109c209a8b15d⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1504x2460, 376:615, vn thread.png)


>I think we know who the real gay is here.

The fags who buy VNs on console are

That CG isn't in one of them

> it's not the fault of the console makers they can't have eroge

Yes it is, they bar anything they dislike even if the ratings board give an ok to it.

They have their own digital store for fucks sake

650ed8  No.15769746

Soyny is becoming an even bigger joke than they already were. Quite the accomplishment.

a3fd5e  No.15769916


Yeah but those are mostly in rap videos and it's just their culture.

3459e1  No.15770071


sex as a selling point is in far more than just rap videos thats just an example.

bdb92f  No.15770343

File: d18011db1e1bd68⋯.jpeg (131.39 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, C243D007-C42B-4687-A30D-F….jpeg)

File: 85db7e733b07fa2⋯.jpeg (113.78 KB, 1024x543, 1024:543, 83844AF6-0308-4A4D-AA3C-2….jpeg)

File: 7cf1c51c82546c6⋯.jpeg (39.71 KB, 420x420, 1:1, E2072228-C252-475B-AD27-5….jpeg)

File: 482e01940deeb06⋯.jpeg (128.02 KB, 1024x715, 1024:715, 1D4517ED-2B1F-4D78-8B4E-5….jpeg)

File: 1dae5df31afcdd5⋯.jpeg (88.44 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 9CD8FDC2-64CA-4675-9E9D-3….jpeg)

As someone who really enjoyed the PS1 and PS2 back in the day, and even the PSP as it was great for taking PS1 games on the go, it bums me out to see the direction Sony has gone in.

Although I very much disagree with what they are doing, I can kinda see why there are doing this crap. Ever since the 7th gen home consoles bound to TVs have been losing favor in Japan, and the PS3 and PS4 have not faired particularly well over there. Where as in the west the PS4 has been doing quite well. So I can understand their reasoning behind moving HQ to California and focusing on AAA walking simulator movie games (as crappy as I think they are).

And California being California and the media in America being very sex negative and puritanical to anything that would be typically attractive to strait males, it is unfortunately unlikely these new policies will be reversed.

The only option really at this point is for the consumer to take their dollar to the competition instead.

Which is fine for me personally as I have no loyalties to any brand or hardware, and I have a Switch and a laptop with Steam on it. All this means for me would be one less piece of hardware to buy going forward, and not being tethered to a TV anymore and having the benefits of portability.

Even though big Japanese publishers like Capcom Namco and Square will continue to release their big titles on Sony hardware, the smaller ones will reconsider and move their games to other hardware, and this has already started to happen. And the big Japanese publishers will look at releasing their games on other platforms in addition to Sony’s system. Which is good because it means giving customers a chance to buy those games on other platforms and maybe convenience the big publishers to no longer limit their games to just one system.

It will not be over night but I think this may be the turning tide to Switch and PC for Japanese game makers as Sony continues to lose relevance in Japan.

Which is good news for people who like Japanese games (like me). This really is just dumb on Sony’s part in my opinion, but whatever, that just means my Switch will get more games on it now going forward.

It really is showing just how deep the neon haired feminist old cat ladies have infiltrated the game companies in the west. Really too bad.

bdb92f  No.15770359

File: 18e42965ca3fd3c⋯.png (102.83 KB, 800x351, 800:351, E6D84158-B382-49C2-A6CC-AE….png)

File: 2a39111d180705d⋯.jpeg (99.79 KB, 1024x504, 128:63, FFC545FC-D111-4E0C-8925-F….jpeg)

Just point and laugh at people who continue to white knight for Sony, especially if they do it for free.

ef4a98  No.15770675

File: 5d76801b1464d17⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 591.07 KB, 822x1062, 137:177, bef0c8e93a57888d4845ed400….jpeg)


ah you see the difference is that pedowood use kids in their softcore music videos and are trying to promote it as a good thing. while those evil pervs looking at anime tits are killing humanity

0fd6c6  No.15770711

File: 2ccab77694df02b⋯.jpg (70.55 KB, 457x695, 457:695, 1508238915923.jpg)


You see, while 2D porn is definitely degenerate, it's not exploitative enough. How could a jew be happy with competition AND something that is far less harmful to society?

3459e1  No.15770731



i dont care what the propaganda machine says. it is a fact that westerners love sexualized things. even in cartoons. we used to have a character called betty boop who might be a bit offputting these days but she was around for quite a while. calling it western sensibilities is inaccurate because it doesnt represent the sensibilities of westerners in the slightest.

9e9e8b  No.15783031


>it is a fact that westerners love sexualized things. even in cartoons

Literally all humans love cartoons its in our nature. Women just got triggered they couldn't compete with fantasy so they pushed the government to censor it and they're like 50% of the vote.

1484f0  No.15791915


Chinks don't game on consoles.

08ea41  No.15791937



Nah this isn't women doings. There's loads of girls into anime. Whether they may make good wives is another question, but most women don't have a problem with sexualized things, just a vocal minority.

I wager its boomers getting butthurt over a foreign art style taking hold in their conservative multiculturalism.

b72afe  No.15791956


>There's loads of girls into anime

No, there are loads of girls that have maybe seen a handful of episodes of something they saw on tv and only bring it up for geek girl cred. Other than that women absolutely loathe anime.

I only knew one girl that genuinely liked anime, but all she really liked was Magic Knight Rayearth and Inuasha. She was also morbidly obese and a living version of the cat collector meme.

9e9e8b  No.15802666


They do now they've been unbanned.

cacf95  No.15810721

File: 1b9669d98bd8ab1⋯.png (136.65 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 7a486c4f762f003bf7928255fd….png)


>There's loads of girls into anime

Only hamplanets.

363674  No.15811827


The west is degenerate. It's western.

c39f97  No.15821029


Fun fact, Betty Boop was originally a dog. Her dog ears were redrawn as her signature hoop earrings when the censors decided a sexy cartoon dog was immoral and promoting bestiality.

cacf95  No.15825468


>betty boop was originally a furry

Boner is kill.

363674  No.15827807

File: 3bd81406eb310e7⋯.jpg (515.88 KB, 1284x724, 321:181, purgefur.jpg)


>Her dog ears were redrawn as her signature hoop earrings when the censors decided a sexy cartoon dog was immoral and promoting bestiality.

If only such thinking was around nowadays. Furries are pure degeneracy.

d8a905  No.15831872


Sonys stupidity is just putting all their eggs into the cinematic game basket

eca4a5  No.15837241

File: f70f183e327d18c⋯.png (313.79 KB, 762x647, 762:647, 083368cf8d99d46465c491cc6b….png)


>Guy tells you to install Windows


The fucking state of this board

eca4a5  No.15837357


Do you have the one with Tracer in Dead or Alive set to G.E.M.'s Away? Looking for it for ages.

6a51d5  No.15837421


t. pantsu shitter

7292f3  No.15838912

File: 2aa1d93aa1f6f16⋯.jpg (166.22 KB, 800x696, 100:87, 50085-sony_bvm_01.jpg)


Aren't they trying to sell off their gaming division?



>get off /v/

>make some money

>pay some nerd to build a emulator box inside of a reference grade CRT

>play massive backlog of games with your new all-in-one wonderbox

>laugh while the gaming industry along with the entirety of civilization gets sluiced down the metaphorical toilet bowl

bd7c1b  No.15838987

File: 0ebfbe847b709b0⋯.jpg (281.12 KB, 622x788, 311:394, 1497932691009.jpg)


>Iron Warriors

>no hazard stripes

>post horus heresy armor and weapons

>standard bearer not holding the standard up

triggers my autism

313765  No.15838996

Who cares either way

Sony is gay for doingbit

The weebs are gay for caring

Anime titties ftw tho

7b5e4c  No.15839029


I would love those BVMs but they are expensive as fuck.

9ea2c0  No.15839688


Sony had this thing called "PS Vita", and judging by the amount of third party games it got in Japan, it's clear that third parties there liked it. It managed to sell over 5 million in Japan alone despite Andrew House's SIE's blatant attempt to actively undermine it in favor of the PS4.

They could've gave SIEJ some autonomy and budget, and left them alone to do their thing to make sure it flourished. But those activists just couldn't… because otherwise they'd be called pacifists.

>Ever since the 7th gen home consoles bound to TVs have been losing favor in Japan,

Ever since portables got good enough. The PSP era did exactly this.

One annoying aspect about having a TV in Japan is someone from NHK will start knocking at your door nagging you with questions so they can collect their TV taxes:



TVs are also expensive to get rid of.

This is probably one of the reasons why home consoles bound to TVs are unpopular in Japan.

2a17ed  No.15840511


>Iron Warriors


Those are Silver Skulls, my man.

9e9e8b  No.15842440


>he isn't a nintendo shill

Where do you think we are?

bcecd4  No.15844839

File: 6f6b8ec8ebf5eba⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1680x937, 1680:937, 1544326921164.png)

bcecd4  No.15844848


Excellent post.

I've relegated myself to emulating -everything-, and what I can't emulate, I bite the bullet and eBay the console/games/periphs.

30d068  No.15844964


>knocking at your door nagging you with questions so they can collect their TV taxes

was the same till a few years in germany. don't know how it's set up in nippon, but in germany it worked like this

>collecting tv license fees is outsourced to it's own organisation (GEZ)

>back then you had to report if and the amount of tvs/radios in your household

>if they suspect you didn't report it at all or properly they'd threaten you with letters, also came automatically after a address change (which you have to report)

>if you still didn't respond they would use the services of self-employed field workers to find infractions (who would get a reward for reporting infractions, similar how the IRS does it) to the point they get aggressive as fuck even if they have zero legal right for anything, questioning neighbours, checking through windows etc. - they were called GEZtapo for a reason

while back it changed to a flat fee per household, even if you don't own anything to receive tv/radio/internet (internet is included since you could theoretically watch streams etc), but people with more stuff/households pay less at all

recently people tried to make it a tax because literally no one needs the GEZ, but that fell through. which means since they work for the state collecting fees, they can literally seize your property to the point of jail if you don't pay.


02715d  No.15845032


Man here in the uk we just put the letters in the bin and that's the end of it.

3c1933  No.15845080

File: eedfb7b91aa4f99⋯.webm (3.81 MB, 480x360, 4:3, eedfb7b91aa4f994358b6da6a….webm)


And meanwhile in Australia taxpayers fund the ABC whether they like it or not. Miss old ABC, and old SBS.

dd9d87  No.15845923

File: 834bdc52cb4cce2⋯.jpeg (33.04 KB, 433x469, 433:469, 0effe5aeeaaf5366f6c4ed32b….jpeg)

Why aren't Soyjew playing both sides by offering limited edition $120 dollar decensor DLCs?

They could sell it as "lul mature progressive gamers only have to pay half the price to get the most of our games, look at how much money we're fleecing off of these drumf-loving dumb nazi goyim xD".

4695bf  No.15846442


7d090c  No.15846600

File: 5d92f507c0ea1dd⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 320x200, 8:5, laughingcaocao.gif)


>Valve is killing its base and future market with its blatantly biased censorship policy

>Tumblr is killing itself through its policy

>Sony is killing itself by discouraging any future developers from releasing future titles on its system through its new policies

Let it burn!

7d090c  No.15846618


its game HQ is based in the heart of sanfran PEE PEE POO POO california. What do you think? They're retards getting too high, drugged up, or are busy giving themselves parasites from all the rectum eating.

4695bf  No.15847836

Well, we'll just have to be content with fanservice via SFM mods.

cacf95  No.15853724


>Why aren't Soyjew playing both sides by offering limited edition $120 dollar decensor DLCs?

Because leftists aren't necessarily smart.

c338bc  No.15853741


not for long as tumbler was the mecha for that stuff and pornhub will most likely ban it soon like they did with deep fakes.

d45dd4  No.15853752

File: 4e2493785d5fe69⋯.png (135.88 KB, 283x510, 283:510, If this bitch doesn't shut….PNG)


>tumbler was the mecha

c338bc  No.15853762

File: 3b4ef8d0342af33⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1.jpg)



sorry, I ment "mecca"

363674  No.15853921



>anything good

c338bc  No.15853932


"some" stuff on tumbler was ok, before the sjw's took it over.

d45dd4  No.15854023

File: 98fbd4545831be0⋯.jpg (105.96 KB, 500x749, 500:749, Tumblr employees wear ties….jpg)




8704c4  No.15863884

File: 0003997fbffcfb0⋯.jpg (130.37 KB, 1000x707, 1000:707, 20181216.jpg)

Censor this

756b4e  No.15863926

File: 7dde08902a6bd39⋯.jpg (164.24 KB, 1000x707, 1000:707, i do it for the children.jpg)


Done, fit for the new and beautiful progressive world

a394ef  No.15863965


Out of curiosity, where's the girl from?

2eb4a0  No.15863977


Girls Und Panzer Darjeeling

cd6da9  No.15864032

File: 48679a7e4c4b208⋯.png (200.78 KB, 1488x1548, 124:129, ClipboardImage.png)


>thinking this is bad

>The day after the porn ban announcement, Verizon stock drops 3.5% on market open

>Now down just shy of 5% since the porn-ban announcement

Dare you guys to call into the earnings call in January and ask for clarification: https://www.verizon.com/about/investors

cd6da9  No.15864038

File: 5f7473dfd14a68f⋯.png (85.34 KB, 1196x559, 92:43, ClipboardImage.png)


Oops, my bad.

Not -4.5%, but -5%

c50445  No.15864089


You can still see her eyes, in saudi arabia that would get you stoned to death.

5d1b02  No.15864119

Im glad there wont be a sony handheld any time soon

4743d1  No.15864353

File: c54f13a5ab5f64d⋯.jpg (3.1 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, zOVw2Ra.jpg.f821785f6238ac….jpg)

soyniggers really hate everything that heterosexual men enjoy, huh? and some retards will even defend this practise.

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