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File: 7b7c420b4567120⋯.png (164.2 KB, 355x402, 355:402, ClipboardImage.png)

0beaa0  No.15794137

Less than an hour after launch and it's already mixed, lul.

How much until it goes to mostly negative ?

a85e45  No.15794154

Is it just because its not Half Life 3 or is it legitimately not good?

0beaa0  No.15794161


The game by itself is hard to learn and when you learn it it's boring to watch and repetitive to play, also the game is pay to play and pay to win, if you don't have the good cards you will get destroyed, and the good cards are worth more than the game itself rn

3dc201  No.15794162

>Not available on phones

Fuck off.

dc1b2b  No.15794174

>pay to play

>pay more to win

This game was made for chinks, not whites.

3dc201  No.15794184


Oh, and they hit the game from Steamcharts too.

3cec7e  No.15794189

I've heard say it's good. You can also buy it and try it out and refund it if it's not your thing, IF you do not open card packs. If it didn't have a price tag on it I'd be playing it, but I am going to wait a while before I try it.

296f55  No.15794194


>not even f2p despite that being the norm for the genre now

>still has the nerve to charge for cards on top of that

I haven't heard anything good come out of this. My expectations for this are so low that I'm fully expecting it to find new lows to sink to.

a85e45  No.15794204



So its concentrated cancer. No wonder people aren't happy.

0beaa0  No.15794209


pay to play check

pay to win check

pay to play the fun part of the game check

even if it's better than the rest of the card games it hardly compensates it

0beaa0  No.15794214


oh, and I also forgot about the big amount of rng the games has

e5ebdd  No.15794215

File: 192ce55d79da84e⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, 1458793533007.png)

Tyler on suicide watch.

21ee91  No.15794241


Most of the negative reviews are cause some people aren't getting the popup that lets you claim the included packs and tickets.

Game is balls to wall hard for a card game and takes a while for a single match. It's alright I guess, not sure if it's actually worth the asking price.

0bed8d  No.15794261

File: 973c185532062ce⋯.png (916.66 KB, 787x658, 787:658, ClipboardImage.png)


>been making videos since 2012 but still gets ignored and disregarded by Valve as far as special events go

>keeps holding out hope for Valve and Half-Life despite radio silence for years

>stuck in university for 5 years due to changing majors twice

>said on stream that he's thinking of changing majors AGAIN just because he wants out

>girlfriend recently started getting seizures due to stress

>considered doing Bethesda News Network instead of VNN but after Fallout 76 he isn't sure what to do

I'm worried about Tyler man

0beaa0  No.15794277


You heard of tyler now get ready for


e5ebdd  No.15794288


At least he's more honest than Tyler.


Valve pities him, at least.

>spends tons of money on making physical Artifact Cards

>cat pisses on them and ruins them

>they send him an official set

Also, didn't they invite him on a tour because of some miscommunication where he thought he was invited, but actually wasn't?

e7addb  No.15794297


The guy's a sad pathetic fuck. His girlfriend getting seizures due to 'stress'? Oh, so she's just a sociopath who probably cuts/has cut herself.

Disregarding that trainwreck, he still can't help but suck Valve's dick. He's optimistic right now, but that just proves his naivety. He should have lost hope with the rest of us 3 years ago. All of the pain he has right now is completely self-inflicted.


That guy's a fucking spartan. Subscribed.

e5ebdd  No.15794336

File: 75432309d3d878b⋯.jpg (232.42 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, gabe-newell-vive-prototype.jpg)


Fuck you, have this card game and shitty VR helmet.

6c8c11  No.15794339

Wait, they didn't can the game?

I mean yeah, I get it's a card game and requires next to no work, but damn.

e7addb  No.15794347

File: 52cdf74a5cc337c⋯.png (289.35 KB, 640x353, 640:353, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f8828f9c84473a1⋯.png (647.09 KB, 1500x782, 750:391, ClipboardImage.png)



And this shitty attempt at entering the home console market. And this similarly shitty overpriced piece of headgear which has a limited library of nothing but tech demos. And this okay-but-overpriced controller which few games can support and allegedly breaks easily.

6c8c11  No.15794355

File: f8623d6397fe671⋯.jpg (112.67 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, spy.jpg)


Source 2 is already done.

Them releasing a SDK and porting games is still to come.

>TFW TF2 on Source 2 never because the faggots that work at Valve now know if they completely try to control the community with eSports faggotry like every multiplayer source game it will instantly die

>TFW TF2 is stuck with a miracle blessing and terrible curse because of being stuck in Source putting it in a way it can't be fucked with but also giving Valve all the incentive in the world to try to shut it down

4b1816  No.15794356

File: 141f07af7c4179b⋯.jpg (98.71 KB, 760x428, 190:107, false_god.jpg)

>Faggots still wish Valve would make HL3

Get over it.

Half Life 3 will never be made, especially most of the key people already left Valve and Gaben has transformed into a massive jew.

6c8c11  No.15794363


People only want Half Life 3 because it would inevitably come with the release of Source2SDK

Anyone claiming the contrary is joking, a liar, or a faggot that doesn't actually play games.

e5ebdd  No.15794373


I want Ep 3 made, just so that all the normalfags are disappointed. Hell, they'd probably use Epistle 3 as a basis (it's certainly enough of a copout to be fitting), so a Boston Salt Party scenario is piss easy to pull off. Even with no leaks, you just play through the game and say "Epistle 3 was right" and everyone is ass blasted.

6c8c11  No.15794378


Bitch where's your grizzled veteran then.


e5ebdd  No.15794384


None of those took ten years.

5560c6  No.15794385


>virtual TCGs where you have to buy fake virtual cards for real money

>ever good

Physical TCGs were already pretty Jewish in nature, but doing this when printing, packaging and distribution are out of the equation is a whole other level.

e7addb  No.15794386


>TF2 has always been shit

I disagree. I'd even go so far as to argue that it didn't die until the Meet Your Match update. The argument saying it died after the F2P update is easier, but I like to challenge myself. Hey, I gotta try. TF2 is my downright favorite multiplayer game. I can't betray a friend I've had for so long. I certainly can't let someone smack talk that same friend who recently died, and whose body I see raped almost every day.

t. Orange Box owner since 2008

0bed8d  No.15794393

File: b1366c8fbc945e5⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1274x1920, 637:960, soundofmedicine-pybun.png)




even if they wanted to port it to Source 2 they would have to sort through a decade's worth of spaghetti code, not to mention figuring out workarounds for any changes that may occur from the difference in engines. I really want a new TF game but I'm fearful of what it would end up as given modern Valve's ideology

6c8c11  No.15794410


Isn't most of TF2's source Spaghetti a result of hitting a brick wall after the Engineer update?

6c8c11  No.15794416


Well, I still disagree with you, but Kudos for not being like the TFC devs and forking an entire game because 4 dudes called you faggot hipsters for starting after the F2P update on a all stock weapons and hats disabled server.

1346bb  No.15794423

Did valve reveal something new about artifact? Didn't follow any news regarding it but one if my friends who passionately hated it suddenly wants to buy it.

51ed48  No.15794429

File: a912fe672f80e84⋯.png (66.77 KB, 358x574, 179:287, Capture.PNG)


>TF2 has always been shit




d7f588  No.15794436



Gabe was always a jew, he was just just good at projecting a friendly public image. Now that he has a near monopoly on PC game sales he doesn't bother any more and we can see the real him.

1346bb  No.15794447


My issue with valve is their new design. I don't know what caused this but valve games used to be dark and grim with a little romance mixed into it. Lately they are just cartoonish and gray.

6640d5  No.15794448


>I really want a new TF game

Shame not many games are moddable now. Though I figure if Valve just makes any sort of FPS on Source 2 and leave it open to modding we'll have a new mod out for it pretty fast.

If we do I really hope someone adds that guard dog as a class, that was a good idea.

d07c33  No.15794457


Honestly it's no different a model really. The physical cards you own are pieces of card board you paid (in some cases) 100's or even 1000's of dollars for, that in reality cost pennies to manufacture.

Chink knocks offs are functionally the same and cost a fraction, and even then they are still generally more than they ought to be for what they physically are.

If you're going to burn money on a card game, Artifact seems like a shit choice. The multiple boards is a straight up annoying gimmick with little real gameplay shakeups versus other card games. Also the cards themselves in most cases are boring and uninspired raw stats.

6c8c11  No.15794466


That's the crazy thing though, the TFC developers, were literally more pissed about being called fags for circle jerking "Launch Day TF2" (Really TF2 with all stock weapons, but who can be fucked to look at changelogs) while never having played it, the funny thing too is, There's basically no reason to erase your Join Date Badge other than having a mercenary one with a really recent year.

6c8c11  No.15794478


Nigger the only people that bought Overwatch were comp fags and comp fags buying multiple copies to smurf and/or inflate purchase counts, and literally NOBODY likes them, especially now since every couple of months a random weapon they hate gets nerfed into the dirt.

cfb0b7  No.15794485

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>linking youtube directly and not using invidio.us

cfb0b7  No.15794487


What the fuck happened this time?

280e49  No.15794521


Maybe if people could stop acting like lazy niggers a webm can return as being the standard, especially for a fucking 30 second video.

087d6a  No.15794523

File: 711c2d477bd5998⋯.png (1020.3 KB, 875x728, 125:104, similar to garfield.png)


b56f81  No.15794539


> It is from Valve, so it is shit.

7 critically acclaimed games:


Must be a shit company

a1f7fd  No.15794541


Remember that tracer main that got pozed loads? really makes you want to purge doesn't it?

No but seriously willingly spreading disease is the kinda shit you should get hanged for. I know i am probably preaching to the choir here but I really do not understand how anyone can be ok with this bullshit.

0bed8d  No.15794576

File: e8c7f18caa10a11⋯.jpg (375.9 KB, 1368x614, 684:307, 072.jpg)


part of it is Source's limitations but also ten years of different coders implementing shit


do CSGO and Dota 2 even have active modding scenes? I know the mapping community is decent for GO but I imagine most of the community content is cosmetic stuff like skins


I didn't because I had a friend who played and immediately recognized the differences between the two, though it's a shame since at first glance it seemed like a good substitute

6c8c11  No.15794589


Pretty sure as far as mods go, other than the real basic shit for CS:GO, Jailbreak and Surf plugins, it's starved for content, and DOTA2 as far as I know only has custom games and the DOTA bowl where they throw in a bunch of workshop shit and pocket a shitting dickload of money.

057c49  No.15794591

>A Valve game on the Steam page

>Getting worse then mixed after release

Yeah right. They'll inflate the numbers.

c3b32a  No.15794592


Dota 2 has tools for modding, but it not really supported by Valve, like SFM which wasn't updated in a long time and still hase nasty bugs, but the base Dota 2 is updating constantly, which as i heard breaks custom games.

bbc425  No.15794594

File: 7934f3880ceb558⋯.png (365.82 KB, 600x660, 10:11, 7934f3880ceb55895e7c7391fa….png)


i think it's because you don't start with a free deck of cards so you gotta pay for card jpegs and the ranked mode is also paywalled, this was designed for paypiggies from the start

6640d5  No.15794601

File: 8c2708ce039831a⋯.png (279.73 KB, 392x651, 56:93, 8977cd478bdd934c9ddffd579c….png)


>do CSGO and Dota 2 even have active modding scenes?

I honestly don't know but I suspect they do in the same way Tf2 does. People make stuff, but outside of certain scenarios nobody can really use it and most the people making stuff is doing it to eventually have it added to the game via the workshop. Possibly to get some shekels too.

Unrelated but I miss being able to play tf2 with mods, I haven't found an active server that allow them in years. It hurts to know this sort of stuff is dying.

c136da  No.15794611

File: 88b20e775c2a02c⋯.png (4.56 MB, 6129x2118, 2043:706, 88b20e775c2a02ca6727c8e7ed….png)

Please play TF2 Vintage

t. /vg/

6640d5  No.15794613


I would but I never find anyone on because I play at weird hours.

6c8c11  No.15794620


I used to host a server with custom maps and shit, but with contracts killing essentially every server that wasn't skial and Dropbox not letting themselves be used as a FastDL server I couldn't really host anymore.

Even the Raspberry Pi I literally only owned for Retroarch and to Use as a fastDL server croaked

bbc425  No.15794623


i'm tired of this fucking broken mess of a game getting shilled

no, and fuck you

0bed8d  No.15794629

File: 3ddd1e6f859379a⋯.png (512.65 KB, 1000x712, 125:89, lenny scout.png)


Only once you take out the Polycount items and actually go pre-Mannconomy, AKA true vintage

b2fd06  No.15794630


>you don't start with a free deck of cards so you gotta pay for card jpegs

Does it state this anywhere on the game store? This could open them up to some nasty lawsuits, if the right people catch wind of it.

6640d5  No.15794640


Fucking RIP. I'm not even sure if Skial servers are still a thing, last time I opened the browser I saw nothing but Deathrun, Jailbreak, 'friendly', prophunt, and those god awful long maps you can't actually play. I miss when FUG had the hovel server still up and active, I loved that shit.


Maybe make it a server setting. Some can be excused, mostly for fixing gameplay flaws. Like sniper's great but in close quarters maps without a huntsman theres not much point in playing him.

e7addb  No.15794649


The biggest problem are the resident tryhards who just so happen to also be discord-using reddit-loving faggots. Actually, it might be 4chan-loving. I can't remember. But it's definitely one of them.

c136da  No.15794652

File: c281a538df66da0⋯.png (3.77 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rainbow0.png)


We're planning to add a lot of post-polycount weapons, too. We've already got a bunch, so we're well on our way. Soon, we might even include all weapons from the retail version.

6c8c11  No.15794654


Fug was pretty good, yeah. If I do ever host again I guarantee It'll be sv_pure 0.

Seriously though, I really wish I did know what fucking went wrong with the Pi though, just in the middle of the night, PTHHHHBT, it's dead. The SSD in it too? Also dead. Most annoying and confusing shit.

bbc425  No.15794657


if you really want me to play the server, please for the love of god fix the netcode and have better servers, the hit registration is atrocious.

0bed8d  No.15794661

File: 72983e738ba9b9c⋯.png (769.46 KB, 900x719, 900:719, we've lost for sure.png)



c136da  No.15794664

File: 2787502003c8baf⋯.png (95.25 KB, 640x380, 32:19, 2787502003c8baf71bc458f142….png)


We use the discord as an easy way to communicate, including reporting bugs, announcing new updates, and inviting players to a gamenight.


The technology isn't there yet. If you want to code it for us, we happily invite you.

6640d5  No.15794671

File: c7c2043ff21785a⋯.jpg (190.56 KB, 1041x1041, 1:1, c7c2043ff21785aabc14c8ba35….jpg)


Please don't actually do that

8da3ad  No.15794672

Would've been so easy to make it successful too. Do it as free to play with all cards unlocked (a la LCGs) and have cosmetic shit drop like foil cards, alternative art and different game boards. They'd have still made a killing on their cut of marketplace trading. Trying to ape physical MTG model for virtual cards is just being turbo jewish.

6c2e96  No.15794676


>expecting anything else from modern day Valve

6c2e96  No.15794685




You don't belong here.

b56f81  No.15794715


I'm sure some random soyboy knows better

cb8845  No.15794781

Valve is pathetic at this point

instead of trying to make something genuinely great

they focus on card games and failed platforms(for now) (vr)

steam and microtransactions were the worst things Valve has EVER MADE, it normalized that shit in the regular gaming instead of it staying in mobile

its possible these destroyed the company from the inside and now all that matter is money and useless pride about products they cant even replicate these days

Valve is worse than EA, EA is atleast honest about what it does, Valve straight up lives in nostalgia and DOES NOTHING, milks its fanbase FOR DECADE and they eat it up even more with this new crap

Source 2 doesnt have basic features that engines had since 2010, it probably still cant handle world larger than tiny Quake level

d7f588  No.15794823


I just came here to tell you that you're a faggot.

6c8c11  No.15794857


Steam and Microtransactions have the potential to not be shit, but Valve are too incompetent to use it correctly.

Shit when the Mann Co Store came out, aside from Unusuals, it was essentially just a way for them to throw some fiscal incentive to mod creators to make some new weapons and shit so Valve wouldn't have to without hoping for a modding jam and permission from the website and modders to throw shit in the game.

Which they then proceeded to fuck up by walling off all of their servers with sv_pure and workshop meaning mods never get spread into the community to use. Even a lot of the Skin mods fucking died since Valve pushed the TFteam into monetizing retextures. So there isn't really a space for that.

And steam they continually fuck up trying to grab money, like "Hey guys, we'll host whatever mod you want check out the steam workshop! By the way? If you don't own the game on steam you can't download anything*"

*Mods can be downloaded with SteamCMD

So now fucking every mod ever is on steam and only steam so people can get steam upvotes, and it's created this fucking absolute cancer where mod sites will have tons of JPEG FILES telling you to go download the mod on steam and upvote it.

6c8c11  No.15794859


And for the record this fucking means that YES


fba1c4  No.15794915

File: 9dc4329cf53ddce⋯.gif (2.29 MB, 390x277, 390:277, 9dc4329cf53ddcedfde1b725ad….gif)


Trips of prophecy, prepare to laugh.

68b971  No.15794937


I genuinely need someone to explain to me what in the fuck high-fidelity means regarding a TCG. Highest fidelity experience, the hell do they mean by that? The base game will never change from launch?

6c8c11  No.15794940


The card textures are 8k

c3b32a  No.15794955


Source 2 can handle large maps. but community dosn't know how it's affect game physics and etc. Source 2 also supposed to have level streaming, which is a modern feature, and it's uses meshes to build maps, which also a modern tech

283b0e  No.15794957

File: cd2be9997bb7b46⋯.png (730.87 KB, 1052x436, 263:109, sNCYaPd.png)

> Wanted to read people's tears about Artifact

> Thread is about HL3

> ???

dce8a9  No.15794965


Does anyone actually want to talk about Artifact?

bbc425  No.15794977

File: 5a4f2d5a763140e⋯.jpg (962.21 KB, 1084x1027, 1084:1027, 5a4f2d5a763140eba0dd359888….jpg)


not really but by looking at reviews looks like valve implemented some sort of action house system to buy cards and the gameplay relies too much on RNG, it's gonna bomb hard.

20acc3  No.15794992


What the fuck is the game about?

eb5998  No.15795006


Maybe it has to do with the animations? Hearthstone is a shit game but the act of drawing, playing, and pulling cards is at least pretty to look at. I got a similar vibe from watching footage of Artifact.

bbc425  No.15795016

File: 5cc97c11d0fd885⋯.png (500.02 KB, 680x679, 680:679, 5cc97c11d0fd8851d0f325dc7e….png)


it's a trading card game like heartstone but the thing is:

>you gotta pay for the game

>you gotta pay for the card packs (no free card packs)

>game is filled with RNG to the brim

>you gotta pay to enter the ranked mode

>auction house

so you are basically collecting cards like yu-gi-oh! or pokemon but they don't exist, just like spaceships

dce8a9  No.15795019


the very concept of virtual card game is just retarded to me. If you're not making phantom dust or baten kaitos delete your entire development folder.

20acc3  No.15795026

File: 7c33b3c946ca5cf⋯.png (57.83 KB, 213x240, 71:80, Smug snowsult.PNG)


Are you fucking me?

92ed88  No.15795040


Why don't you fucking fix it like you were orignally supposed to?

I don't care about the meme gamemodes, maps and weapons.

Just fucking fix the game.

92ed88  No.15795046


>We use the discord

TF2classic 2.0

d23b4e  No.15795049



I have never gotten into card games, whether they were physical or digital, but wouldn't this business model be preferred over most the digital card games out there? I have at least tried Hearthstone, and that you cannot trade in as far as I know, so the cards are completely locked behind first party paywalls. At least with Artifact, you can trade and sell them, can't you? I would at least assume Valve is gonna integrate basic Steam features into the game, but I suppose anything is possible in current year+3.

eb5998  No.15795055

File: 52b807c4d32c5e6⋯.jpg (134.91 KB, 1157x1200, 1157:1200, DqodDquU4AEni9B.jpg)


I'm fine with them in concept because the fact that it is virtual allows for more creative card design. Simplest example is cards that generate random cards. That would be quite difficult to replicate had the game been physical. That being said, for a competitive card game I don't think that sort of randomness is good. I think that sort of shit only works well in single player card games.

bbc425  No.15795058

File: 3e544ac29c9edd1⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 304x217, 304:217, 3e544ac29c9edd13afd6cddca7….gif)


if you've bought the game, you can only play the tutorial and then have to pony up for cards to build a deck, by looking at the reviews i don't know how the rating isn't mostly negative because htat's what i see when i scroll down there's like 2 positive reviews that i saw and one is from a chink

c136da  No.15795059


What part would you like fixed? We have our own vision of how the mod will go, and if you want to provide feedback and discuss something with all of the other developers instead of just me, you can join our steam group or post in the discord.


92ed88  No.15795062


Not really, it just valve's late attempt to jump on the trading card game bandwagon, but as it's very obvious that no one cares about cardgames anymore.

5552c5  No.15795064


Impressive. First I find recordings of someone sitting through 10-hour looped videos, now this.

c3dafd  No.15795078

File: ee1393c3b6e99f5⋯.jpg (34.21 KB, 580x548, 145:137, ee1393c3b6e99f5a3d604e5849….jpg)


>$26.99 maple money for a fucking shitty card game


bbc425  No.15795087

File: c5ccfc84332a589⋯.png (16.22 KB, 460x346, 230:173, valve goys.PNG)

File: b6b29c071846514⋯.png (26.73 KB, 935x343, 935:343, valve goys 2.PNG)

File: 3099c8b68fd3841⋯.png (78.74 KB, 936x702, 4:3, valve goys 3.PNG)

File: bf25da1b256e59c⋯.png (361.89 KB, 994x872, 497:436, valve goys 4.PNG)


92ed88  No.15795090

File: c069f9e30a58e9e⋯.jpg (31.49 KB, 507x430, 507:430, 1540814882.jpg)


>all china

b3d1db  No.15795092


>At least 50000 retards gave Valve 18 Euros for this garbage, on top of what some of them will later spend in microtransactions

Why are people like this? I just wanted to play videogames, not get shat on by kikes while normalfags throw them money.

dc1b2b  No.15795099

16aa16  No.15795100


Play Shadowverse. It is much better.

b3d1db  No.15795104


>257 people found this review funny

257 bugmen. The chinese are not people.

ab7dd8  No.15795148


I thought buying the game gave you some babby-mode starter decks and a few packs? Still jewish (considering all the other nonsense) but less so than what you're describing.

bbc425  No.15795152


by looking at reviews it gives you free packs at the start but not enough to build a deck

fd431f  No.15795168

File: ad1ebe449299b61⋯.jpg (326.9 KB, 1200x2008, 150:251, Story of hate.jpg)

How much money does the best deck cost?


And add a few more for the swapping of a few counter aggro cards for counter tank depending on the meta fluctuation.

85c9f0  No.15795176


Watch the basic explanation of how the game is played. Now compare how complicated the game is to how retarded 90% of people are. People are probably hating it because it's so hard and there's so much knowledge needed. Unlike shit like MOBAs where you need a ton of information to play at all, there's no guides explaining what to do just to be remotely competitive.

dc1b2b  No.15795188


No, people are hating it because it's a fucking waste of money. You're better off lighting a $20 bill on fire.

14e34e  No.15795274


I wouldn't say you need money to play it (at least when I played it). The problem with shadowverse is that it is too simple, literally made for 5 minutes matches on mobile. If you're playing it seriously, it becomes annoying, because the game is a coin flip.

722fca  No.15795279

The only virtual tcg I've played is Eternal, and that's been ok. A lot of free packs, buying more with gold, getting rid of rares and legendaries I won't use to make a deck I want to play.

Its been rather free.

db8f2d  No.15795358


>I ended up with around $4.50

>Was able to purchase 27 heroes

>prices should fall under 20 cents in the future

>27 x $0.20 = $5.4

Why lie so blatantly? I mean thats what he implies the prices might drop down to in the future. If they're around $0.40 - $2.0 right now then its an even more bold lie.

All this fucking tl;dr to downplay the fact that he had to pay even more than the initial price to have a functioning deck, what a fucking subhuman.

cb8845  No.15795366


but this is purpose built rng so entire match can change in turn

now triple that by having 3 lanes

thats Artifact

d07c33  No.15795391


His entire point is irrelevant anyways. Most people are just getting access to the game, it's only a small number of people that have had access to the game for a while that know whats good. Once people figure it out, demand will drive up prices on the good cards.

It's the opposite of what this guy says: more people=more demand=price gouging.

cbc03a  No.15795413

File: 019ec1cec20b6c7⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 209x180, 209:180, 1454089378298.gif)


Who the fuck asked for a Dota cardgame?

Think about, who the fuck would ask valve, that is mainly known for FPS trash, to do a card game? Better yet, who decided that an assfaggots cardgame was a necessary thing, when the original game is already fucked to death, and was ruined with every update?

>b-but muh icefrog

It's a valve game, it is published as such and this TCG crap was promoted as such. There's no reason for this to exist, just like there is no reason for an Assassin's Creed TCG to exist. It's meant for a market that doesn't exist, or if it does is very niche to go for.

The webm with everyone sighing in the announce fits it well. Nobody cares about e-sports garbage besides niggercattle trendy faggots that are to busy with fortnite

fd431f  No.15795443


Just imagine if you bought the game and then unpacked an axe and one of those top 10 cards you would make your money back + a bit of profit and keep the game too

>>>>>>>Its not gambling

e7addb  No.15795460

File: 5781af686f7b417⋯.webm (225.67 KB, 640x360, 16:9, whatthefuckweretheyfuckin….webm)


In typical Valve fashion, they wanted to catch on to the "TCG" trend which was going on a year or two before they accounced Artifact even though by the time it actually got revealed, TCGs were already going down the proverbial toilet. Who still plays TCG? Seriously? And is there a single Pay2Play TCG out there besides Artifact?

This AVGN clip has never been more appropriate. We could go on for years wondering why the fuck Valve hasn't caught on to the majority opinion and released an actual fucking game (namely Half Life 3) already. They know there's a market for it. They know that people will be hyping it up FOR them, thus there'd be no need to pay for advertisement or even PR for that matter (not like they do much PR at all anyways, Valve is fucking useless tbh) so why the fuck aren't they committing?

If you want my personal opinion, I think it's because Valve ran out of competent developers long ago, and now they're stuck with dumb california monkeys who don't know their asses from their elbows and thus can't produce anything on the level of the portal gun or even the grav gun ever again. Fucking sad.

Remember when TF2 used to have almost bi-monthly major updates?

fd431f  No.15795478


>not like they do much PR at all anyways



3453e7  No.15795521


It's not just the lack of competent devs that's killing Valve as a game studio, it's their freeform "work on whatever" philosophy that enables devs to just jump ship to whatever project they want to work on. So if they get bored of something or it's proving too hard, hey, why not fuck off and work on something easier? And honestly, what could be easier than a fucking TCG? Come up with some basic rules, shit out some cards, and design some assets that would be amateurish if applied to any other context. Boom, game shipped, back to slacking off for another five years.

I feel the other big reason Valve is dead as a studio is because they honestly just don't care about making video games anymore. Why would they bother? They own the largest PC gaming marketplace out there by a substantial margin, to the point where if your game's not on Steam, it might as well not exist. Every game sold means fees to Valve, which means Gaben's wallet gets fatter (just like him) and Valve gets lazier.

I honestly believe the only thing that will make Valve release a video game again (and no, this abortion of a card game doesn't count) is Steam being seriously challenged or even dethroned by another platform. I don't have high hopes, but anything's possible.

cbc03a  No.15795522

File: 54a4fb89b4d9a06⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2048x1176, 256:147, 54a4fb89b4d9a0665d5b4e0d35….jpg)


Lol kikehurt


>They know there's a market for it. They know that people will be hyping it up FOR them, thus there'd be no need to pay for advertisement or even PR for that matter (not like they do much PR at all anyways, Valve is fucking useless tbh) so why the fuck aren't they committing?

Now that you talk about it, it would make sense if they announced HL3 as a last resort product, aka the company is in the line of bankruptcy and they need something to make their stocks worth something.

The problem is that it would have the Battlecuck vagina syndrome, where all the skilled developers have left and what remains is incompetent leftists braindeads, that couldn't develop a game to save their asses, which would lead to even a bigger stock loss.

They have it too gloated with (((Steam))) being the monopoly in the computer market, if shit happens eventually and they stop being the dominating hand, they sure would try to attempt games. But since alternatives to steam besides GoG are even worse, I think their loss of monopoly is going to take a while

e7addb  No.15795538


Wasn't Tencent in the motions of making their own Steam alternative? Or is Tencent's plan to takeover as the majority holder in Valve stocks?

add47c  No.15795554

File: 46227b572c8097e⋯.jpg (50.7 KB, 720x811, 720:811, 46227b572c8097e075ed0dfe23….jpg)

0ee72a  No.15795630

File: 01d13877c9058c0⋯.jpg (69.96 KB, 600x613, 600:613, 1483349646973.jpg)


>we use the discord

1c3f5f  No.15795698


>recognizing that goycord is dogshit is unusual

>anyone calling it shit must be IP-hopping

Nope. Goycord is shit and you're a nigger for using it.

64b8c7  No.15795703


>i-it's only one guy IP hopping

>please don't say anything bad about grorious tencent chat client

1c3f5f  No.15795709


>reddit spacing

>accuses others of IP-hopping for rightfully calling out goycord users

Checks out.

If you want to know why it's shit, read its' fucking privacy policy. Additionally, it monitors websites you go to and other private info and sends it to its' own servers.

Seriously though, how new do you have to be to not know why goycord is shit?

dce8a9  No.15795717


why do retards always cry out about id hops when they're losing?

1c3f5f  No.15795719


>still reddit spacing

>hurr durr your privacy doesn't matter, who cares about anonymity!

Imagine being this much of a nigger. Go back.

315df5  No.15795732

File: b0266f47dacff24⋯.jpg (40.62 KB, 500x407, 500:407, b0266f47dacff24a687bfd0647….jpg)


>hard to learn


>balls to wall hard

Seriously? I picked it up in three or so matches. The game's deceptively simple once you realize it plays more like a board game then every MTG derivative.

Here's my bullet list for shit so far.

>You can only play spells in a lane so long as a hero of that color is in the lane so you have to take that into account with placement and strategy, also since their are spells that can affect other lane what you place in the leftmost is of dire importance.

>Initiative controls who gets to play spells first in each lane and is important for killing heroes and clucking your opponent out of playing spells with their associated color.

>Alternate win-cons(blow up someone's hard to kill ancient with fire power rather then trying to kill two lanes) are nice and especially so because you have to balance it against board-wipes so you have to be careful to not over-commit.

>Market is kind of fun because you leaning on it different depending on what kind of deck your playing. Slower decks want to stop more aggressive decks from killing your heroes for more gold and momentum.

>Who has the advantage switches often which causes tactics to change. I would abandon one lane to focus on two others only to bounce back to it once my opponent over committed in another lane I jammed up.

>Most heroes have very relevant passives that give creeps buffs, control where creeps spawn, cause damage on certain triggers, or allows them to relocate.

<I haven't played long enough, but I think the starter set is going to go stale fast. Although there are good aggro, control, and tempo decks I don't see any combo decks or anything that qualifies as truly "interesting".

<Games are longer by design and I've seen lots of players stall or forgot they had priority.

<It crashed once but I was able to re-connect.

<Axe is the most expensive card right now at 20$ with the closest being Kanna at $7.5 with most other cards being pennies. It's nice to be able to get the cards I need to be competitive fast and easy but…

<There's not much reward from the game. The only real reason I'm playing it right now is because I'm interested. Would of been nice to have some custom cosmetics stuff for achieving certain milestones that you couldn't buy.

I'd wait for an expansion that adds a little more depth to the game.

0ee72a  No.15795734


Stop responding to weak bait

1c3f5f  No.15795738

File: dc8b2f789ec49b9⋯.png (106.87 KB, 625x626, 625:626, bait-regret-nothing.png)

1265a3  No.15795755

>valve news network puts out a video blatantly shitting on the entire valve community for not shilling for artifact weeks before it comes out

>fans ratio it to shit and point out all the flaws and dissapointment in the comments

>video gets taken down no more than an hour later

>nothing about it on his streams or twitter

315df5  No.15795768

File: 45835b5f463f502⋯.png (464.39 KB, 386x754, 193:377, Market.PNG)

File: 503ade15f20a5ba⋯.png (198.49 KB, 526x890, 263:445, berserkers-call.png)

File: bb269191fbf1a88⋯.png (206.56 KB, 526x890, 263:445, prey-on-the-weak.png)

File: 20a4225d49881a7⋯.png (115.01 KB, 416x660, 104:165, Knucklebones.png)


Currently the top stuff in the market and explanations as to why:

>Axe is an aggro house and aggro does well, he also gives you one of the best spells in the game.

>Drow buffs everything everywhere

>Kanna gives access to one of the best spells in the game.

>Annihilation is a board wipe

>Horn of alpha is the best market card.

>Tinker has high attack and his ability targets specific units as well as blowing up equipment

>Lich is a house who can kill your own stuff to draw cards.

>At any coast is almost a board wipe.

>Conflagration kills most creep decks(What Kanna and Drow are enabling currently)

>Emissary of Quorum wins late game for after mentioned creep decks.

>Unearthed secrets draws you cards.

>Blink knife can move heroes to different lanes

>Cheating death does what it says on the tin 50% of the time.

>Spring the trap puts two houses in any lane

>Mercenary Exiles is a gold sink after an aggro deck has bought everything off the market

>Omnikinght is the very definition of a house that heals.

So really nothing I consider Interesting from a game play perspective. It seems like they're actually playing it a little safe with this first set because the game "looks complex".

Meanwhile I'm flipping back-n-forth with my other card game that isn't so basic at the moment.

0ee72a  No.15795783



I find it's almost always online card games that are dogshit. Probably cause they're all filled with microtransactions and shit. Out of curiosity, are there any good single player card games?

e6e1c9  No.15795791


The yugioh games on gamecube/ps2 and pokemon trading card game on GBC.

0ee72a  No.15795799


Do you know the specific games, because I've heard the quality is pretty drastic from game to game.

315df5  No.15795800

File: 20085448e6e30c3⋯.jpg (354.76 KB, 672x936, 28:39, invoking.jpg)

File: 79e687900d2abf5⋯.jpg (29.91 KB, 400x318, 200:159, plebian.jpg)


video games are pleb shit. literally only gays would sit down alone in front of a CRT television to play Armored Core. Only an absolute raging homosexual would ever even consider bringing they're game cube+advanced adapters over to the pub to play crystal chronicles. Only the most astute degenerate would ever boot up Quake LAN game to crack open a cold one with the boys and frag one another.

Were all faggots here.


Faeria and eternal have some pretty fun puzzle modes. Lost Kingdoms, Slay the Spire, and Kingdom Hearts:chain of memories all have pretty heavy deck building elements.

e6e1c9  No.15795804


It was battle of the roses i believe. I never got around to playing it but i had PTCG as a kid and loved it.

cbdd37  No.15795823


If you want a good yu gi oh game that is single player, look to the handheld world championship series.

Depending on who you ask, 2004 was the last good one, while others say up to 2009 are fine. Tag force on the psp is also fun.

8ec58d  No.15795825


>I don't see any combo decks or anything that qualifies as truly "interesting".

One of the reasons I don't really play Magic anymore is that the designs are becoming too safe and milquetoast. WOTC seems deathly afraid of printing anything that could be potentially broken. I already feel no need to play Artifact, but this gives me twice the reason to not play.

087d6a  No.15795839

File: bc2945853bbfd9a⋯.png (328.9 KB, 393x365, 393:365, realistic sonic.png)


>We use the discord

Turn in your vivians, you don't get to use them anymore.

0ee72a  No.15795876


I don't even care what she "respresents", she's just cute.

99a0f6  No.15795885

0ee72a  No.15795892


Am I wrong though?

99a0f6  No.15795894


Cute is subjective but ignorance can be measured objectively.

cbc03a  No.15795895

File: 6ad8be39817db16⋯.gif (460.83 KB, 350x232, 175:116, tenor.gif)


>muh cute

>doesn't even care what she stands for

>uses discord

>prolly a new age weeb that play games that are shit only cause 'muh cute'

Cutefags must be gassed, for tainting this land more than it already is

0ee72a  No.15795898


Learn to read IDs, retard.

02fa98  No.15795902

File: 02dd836e6c8a882⋯.jpg (111.39 KB, 600x480, 5:4, ffv.jpg)



This game was actually a theme-less card game designed by the original Magic The Gathering creator. Valve later approached him since someone in the office thought his game was fun. So the original MTG creator got a bunch of cash and a job in exchange for putting DoTA artwork all over the card game.

99a0f6  No.15795904



He's right both of them share terrible opinions and actions but they're two seperate people.

70cb78  No.15795908

File: b3343aabe05efa2⋯.png (431.94 KB, 640x635, 128:127, furries.png)


fuck off discord furfag

real men use matrix.org

b4a79b  No.15795922


It requires a lot of cash to actually play well, the game nickle and dimes you so hard it's insulting. I don't see this surviving very long if it doesn't change.

b4a79b  No.15795931


>His girlfriend getting seizures due to 'stress'? Oh, so she's just a sociopath who probably cuts/has cut herself.

Anon, what the fuck are you talking about, how do seizures, sociopathy and self-harm relate to each other in any way?

53038c  No.15795936

i like it. its a neat card game. i dont care about competitive. i just play casual phantom draft.

53038c  No.15795947


>>you gotta pay for the card packs (no free card packs)

you can earn packs and cards from the expert drafts.

>game is filled with RNG to the brim

hardly. the only rng is the arrows for card attacks, and you can easily influence them.

>you gotta pay to enter the ranked mode

yeah thats really gay.

>auction house

dont see anything wrong with it

eee074  No.15795951

File: e7d7938b7c52a1e⋯.png (337.02 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 56aae76afd9e4c32fed30cf9da….png)


Never post here again

f0bee6  No.15795957

File: 6851ea917d071c6⋯.jpg (166.75 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 6851ea917d071c6c9f21496609….jpg)


Don't forget they have aids.

c136da  No.15795973

File: cbf4106ebe7045f⋯.png (3.55 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cbf4106ebe7045ff60889fa7b3….png)

Plugging the TF2V thread on /vg/


92ed88  No.15795982


>goto thread

>nothing but pointless goycord dramafaggin

So now that the tf2v meme is dead who wants to play tf2c? ;^)

b5ae4a  No.15796153

Individual card prices https://www.artifactgoldfish.com/prices/online/standard

If you want to see how much it currently costs to have all cards, open this and click the run button https://repl.it/@vadash/KindheartedBrownKeyboardmapping

The price fluctuates, but it costs about 270usd to get all the cards.

And if Valve's history of every-escalating prices&flashiness of cosmetics is any to go by, power creep is guaranteed. Especially since the game is whale-only, there's no reason for Valve to try and make a good game since they're profiteering off of retards.


>you can earn packs and cards from the expert drafts.

Which requires event tickets to play, which require you to either pay money or burn cards.

6964a1  No.15796348


>Need to pay to even play it

>Need to pay to get cards, no way to earn them in game

>Need to pay to play ranked matches

It was doomed from the beginning, Blizzard must be laughing their asses off.

b918b0  No.15796360

File: ed600f22b36612b⋯.png (153.58 KB, 426x516, 71:86, F994FC60BF7B46B8A5490DB5B9….png)



Chinks don't want this shit, they're playing Tencent Hearthstone clones and Chinese FATE/GO (aka GFL/Azur Lane).

Why the fuck would they play this trash?

c7fc5c  No.15796446


Gaben was always a jew, he's just one that had a "quality is the best business plan" approach until the company became so successful it no longer mattered.

c7fc5c  No.15796447


>people who want HL3 don't want to play the game

>anyone claiming otherwise don't want to play the game


427f06  No.15796452

Wanna do something fun? Try to guess how long is going to take until this game is free.

0ee72a  No.15796463


2 months

478b7e  No.15796475


That's what happened to me when i bought CS:Go for 5 dollars on sale and found 50 dollars lootbox from some tournament.

bbc425  No.15796481


4 weeks

4e4ddb  No.15796494

File: 8ab1e7002b24601⋯.jpg (110.1 KB, 1000x893, 1000:893, laughing heroes.jpg)

Wait, it isn't even free to play? This shit is straight outta Israel

65c9e4  No.15796502


>you can earn packs and cards from the expert drafts.

You gotta pay to play expert drafts. You kinda left that one out.

I wonder why.

92ed88  No.15796513

09dbfd  No.15796560

File: ca2a70238df73d2⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1410x3181, 1410:3181, Overwatch sucks 1.png)

File: 89162c1d70d00bf⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1493x2141, 1493:2141, Overwatch sucks 2.png)

File: 4f1fcb505b1889d⋯.png (527.83 KB, 1495x1713, 1495:1713, Overwatch sucks 3.png)

File: 0ac5d73a2a0dfa9⋯.png (575.76 KB, 1496x2094, 748:1047, Overwatch sucks 4.png)


>capping posts out of order

>not capping all the posts and thus missing the entire point of autistic walls of text

but why

b10eb9  No.15796655

File: 125638a3fdcb41f⋯.webm (1.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Foor Puck.webm)

File: ab39894333664eb⋯.webm (3.09 MB, 853x480, 853:480, An eternity of embarrassm….webm)


Dota only recently turned bad. Most of the good things are leftovers from blizzard, but when it came out it was still a dark, brutal game. Just look at the ways you can die in Dota… turning your skin inside out, how fucking painful is that. And imagine how painful it is to survive that shit. Open wounds all over your fucking body. Or having spidereggs injected into you who then eat you within. Or killing you, stealing your soul and forcing it to fight your friends. Or dying to your nightmares, Fiends Grip rips you apart by your worst fears. Or getting covered in napalm and then slowly burning to death.

Dota still had a very dark and cruel lore, but it chanced. Someone in the lifetime of dota either left or got fired and whoever replaced that person sucks dick. Every new dota hero is basically fortnight like family friendly. And I haven't looked into artifact yet but I bet it will feature the same kind of bullshit.

c2d36c  No.15796682

It seems like the only reason people play artifact is to gamble for cards.


Dota was never good.

0dfc21  No.15796685


im still waiting for episode 3 so I can play all 3 of them together just like my original plan years and years ago

b10eb9  No.15796694


>Dota was never good.

What games do you play?

c2d36c  No.15796699


>gets an e-mail invite from Valve to test their new VR headset

>forgets about it until two years later


>credits himself as the guy who fixed a CSCZ leaked build

>the actual guy calls him out

>half-asses a mention of the actual guy in the description

He's an actual, bonafide lolcow.

c2d36c  No.15796703


Nioh, warhammer underworlds(via tts) recently. I am planning to play some sanic cart this weekend.

b10eb9  No.15796707


You are a casual gamer and your opinion doesn't matter.

f8056d  No.15796711

File: 095be0d537599fd⋯.jpg (29.84 KB, 594x307, 594:307, 5685683428656.jpg)


>Dota 2 player calling people casual

dce8a9  No.15796713


>he says in a defense of dota

it doesn't get more casual than dota.

b10eb9  No.15796725


what games do you play?


>it doesn't get more casual than dota.

same for you, what games do you play?

as for the anon above… he plays console games, autistic singleplayer games with no real difficulty. Those games are for autists. You figure out a preset system and then beat the game. This is also why games like Dark Souls are not as hard as everyone says. Because those are also just a matter of figuring the shit system out.

Multiplayer games like dota, cs/ut or fighting games are were all the skill is because you actually have to outplay a real person.

I am pretty sure that all of you could pick dota up right now and still suck at it 400 hours in simply because the game is so fucking advanced.

944b78  No.15796726

Its another "lol dota is shit no i don't have to argument myself" episode.

c2d36c  No.15796738

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Warhammer underworlds is MP tabletop game pretty popular with tournaments these days. And sanic cart is also MP game, not sure how casual it is, but its probably will be fun.

dce8a9  No.15796739


tgm3 and twinkle star sprites at a high level. real people are even more predictable than game ai and in a meticulously crafted multiplayer game where all variables are controlled for and manipulated so you always get the same outcomes there is no skill involved. You are even worse than a facebook or phone player - well aware they aren't playing anything serious they do not consider themselves serious about their time waste. You however have a time waste that fills a void in your tasteless (and clearly financially poor) situation you're stuck playing a vapid multiplayer game where a matchmaking AI finds matches that never increase in difficulty.

f18cb1  No.15796774

File: be03427854c6cef⋯.png (57.7 KB, 554x439, 554:439, 1467030102289.png)


>what games do you play?

Not ASSFAGGOTS, games I have installed now are Into the breach, starcrawlers, a hat in time, tower in time, sacred 2, morrowind, zombie shooter 2, bayonetta, dying light, the surge, dragon quest XI and let it die

b10eb9  No.15796777

File: 4573922cdfd88e8⋯.webm (11.27 MB, 854x480, 427:240, movie0480.webm)

File: 19e29c4259c43a2⋯.jpg (227.66 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ss_0081ee8e27124a5bbdbf7e1….jpg)


It's not a real mutiplayer game, I own tabletop simulator on steam. These games don't require any mechanical skills like actual games do. And Sonic All-Stars Racing has to be the worst racing game out there. Some faggots in the racing game recommended it to me and I bought it without pirating it first. Sonic fans defend it because they never played any other kart games.


>real people are even more predictable than game ai

In what kind of a strange world are actual humans more predictable than limited game ai? You are just talking out of your ass. It's different now, but humans used to beat first chess AI's back in the days. Those are more advanced now, but you can bet your ass that they are not using AI that advanced in games.

>in a meticulously crafted multiplayer game where all variables are controlled for and manipulated so you always get the same outcomes there is no skill involved.

Every game is different because everyone has their own way of playing. Dota alone has over 110 heroes, which allows for plenty of variety in 5vs5 matches. And every hero can be played in multiple ways.

Then there are rts games like Kane's Wrath or PA:Titans which also feature dozens of different strategies. You ever watched people play those? They have to multitask so hard it's unreal. But hey, the actual skill lies in singleplayer games like Nioh, right?

>twinkle star sprites at a high level

And what in gods name is this gay shit? Tell me, are you religious? Because jesus would kick you out of church if he saw you play that gay faggot shit.

c02f53  No.15796786


>is it legitimately not good?

trading card games can never be good.

c2d36c  No.15796803


>Sonic All-Stars Racing

Its sonic robo blast kart 2.

>tabletop games are not real games and do not require any skill


dce8a9  No.15796808


>In what kind of a strange world are actual humans more predictable than limited game ai?

when you play more than one multiplayer game you'll realize this.

>back in the days

What does this have to do with anything? Feeling cornered?

>AI that advanced in games.

>thinking game AI is real AI

dota players are too dumb.

>Every game is different because everyone has their own way of playing

that's true, sometimes you click until you're in jungle sometimes you click until you're in bottom lane. very different.

>Dota alone has over 110 heroes

all with unique cool down timers that ultimately define the fact they all play the same.

>You ever watched people play those?

yes it's very unimpressive.

>They have to multitask so hard it's unreal.

click click click

>actual skill lies in singleplayer games like Nioh

more skill, yes.

> are you religious

Are you not?

>he's never played TSS

>probably has no 1CCs

>probably can't even do a basic QCF

mustards are the most casual players known to man. Probably doesn't even know what TGM3 is.

b5ae4a  No.15796813


assfaggots was never a good genre, and dota is no exception


>singleplayer games don't require skill

your definition of skill is arbitrary, go play russian roulette

b10eb9  No.15796818

File: c9d2db4f1c65df3⋯.png (5.77 KB, 396x78, 66:13, 2018-11-29_16-42-24.png)



classic tor bullshit. I don't think I have ever seen one of those say something


>Its sonic robo blast kart 2.

that's even gayer


Do these game put you on time pressure? No. Do they require any mechanical skills like pulling off combos? No. All you have to do is to think strategically, but guess what, rts and mobas require those too.


>dota players are too dumb.

what stops you from joining the next dota tournament and cashing in on the 10mil price money they offer?


>your definition of skill is arbitrary

what is your definition of skill? What is a high skilled game in your opinion?

dce8a9  No.15796823


>what stops you from joining the next dota tournament and cashing in on the 10mil price money they offer?

why would I play a game that isn't fun? Treating it like a job like that guarantees misery. How's those QCFs going?

b10eb9  No.15796826


>why would I play a game that isn't fun?

Because 10mil is a lot of money? Also to prove that they are easy.

c2d36c  No.15796828

File: e03bee51a72f8f2⋯.jpg (22.71 KB, 484x458, 242:229, JlrMz2i.jpg)


>what stops you from joining the next dota tournament and cashing in on the 10mil price money they offer?

You are the dotafag, what stops (YOU)?

f4088a  No.15796834


You know what else is easy, costs money and has a chance of earning you 10 million dollars? The fucking lottery. Now think about why some people are hesitant to play that.

b10eb9  No.15796837


I don't even play dota, stopped a long time ago. You people just assume that I play it simple because I defended the grim theme dota 1 had. I didn't even say that dota 2 was good, I said that it turned gay like every other modern game.

Also I admit that dota is a hard game and that I am not good enough to play it at tournament levels.


Lottery is luck based, but according to that anon above dota is so easy everyone could beat it.

f4088a  No.15796842


The thing about games with low skill-ceilings is that it's anyone's game because you and your team can only get so good. It may as well be RNG at that point.

dce8a9  No.15796844


find the exact line where I said it was "easy."

c2d36c  No.15796846

File: 42562c7b9100f3e⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 320x228, 80:57, 1367611553004.gif)


>dota is the best game ever, you unskilled fags!

>I dont actually play it either because I am a shitter

b5ae4a  No.15796847


>what is your definition of skill

Do you want me to give you the dictionary definition?

Everything you learn and improve upon can be considered a skill.

Why don't you try out La Mulana? That's a hard game, and a person boasting about skill like yourself would surely enjoy it.

b10eb9  No.15796856


>it doesn't get more casual than dota.

>no skill involved

>matchmaking AI finds matches that never increase in difficulty


what games do you play?


when did I say that dota is the best game ever? Just saying that it requires more skill than your average game. And certainly a lot more than any of those playstation single player games you faggots love.

dce8a9  No.15796857


>it doesn't get more casual than dota.

>no skill involved

>matchmaking AI finds matches that never increase in difficulty

>ctrl+f: easy

>not found

try again kid.

944b78  No.15796861

File: bedbaf96c4cb398⋯.gif (552 KB, 345x259, 345:259, 265318aee15bc1e308570ec054….gif)


Please dont conduct cuckchan tier pretend to be retarded.

dce8a9  No.15796864


Please dont defend dota, this isnt reddit or cuckchan.

cb8845  No.15796865

valve seems to have forgotten that they have to push boundaries not follow industry trends and cash out or stick to failed platforms and fail again

478b7e  No.15796868

File: 93141720f243bef⋯.webm (2.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Cubed.webm)

File: beca2e161c4ac82⋯.webm (1.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, What a disaster.webm)

b5ae4a  No.15796876


>no sound

g o b a c k

478b7e  No.15796881


I'm sure shitty music or Eternal Shitter talking would've made those webms better.

b5ae4a  No.15796887


it would prevent them from being posted at cuckchan, so yes, it would

944b78  No.15796889

File: 1f2b55ac2eb76d4⋯.jpg (156.29 KB, 780x1107, 260:369, 1f2b55ac2eb76d451b922ca1ec….jpg)


If you don't have an argument and wish to keep yourself in an echo chamber then please redirect yourself to reddit or cuckchan.


Those webms are fucking ancient.

478b7e  No.15796903


Shame cakekike didn't prevent cuckchannelers from posting here so the only thing you have left is sperging out over ancient webms that don't have sound

Rather than the thread itself or the general decline in post quality.

223349  No.15796909

File: c15a2083ff2b4df⋯.png (250.9 KB, 408x594, 68:99, always_dead_inside.png)


I don't know anyone in real life that even knows about artifact, let alone plays it.


You know, it's shit like this that makes me accept that, sometimes, shit just ends.

944b78  No.15796913


Most faggots don't even know there were regular Dota threads here before the massive wave of cock-sucking autists.

478b7e  No.15796919


stop being so xenophobic towards cuckchannel refugees, they're doing their best at pretending to be oldfags

223349  No.15796935


I don't know man, I was on Chanology back in 1998, I should know.

65c9e4  No.15796944


>>typical mobile CCG

In a typical mobile CCG you don't have to pay an entry fee and even if they are a bit stingy they at least give you some way of "earning" free cards through playing the game.

Valve is on an entirely different level, anon.

fdf99c  No.15796963


Dubs point the truth.

I'll use Shadowverse as an example. It's also a mobile CCG, which also happened to have a PC port. They practically shower you in card packs by playing through the campaign (glorified tutorial), by battling against AI at maximum difficulty, and also login bonuses which grant you a minimum of 1 card pack per week, in additional to all the ingame currency which you can use to purchase card packs. You also get ingame currency for playing vs other players, achievements, and some sort of weekly quests.

A pretty forgiving game to play entirely F2P if you want to.

Artifact on the other hand, has none of these. Congrats, Valve, you managed to be even more jewish than mobile trash.

dce8a9  No.15796971


I'll respond with an argument when I'm presented with one. Saying "you said it's easy" when in reality, I did not and instead addressed numerous other factors like how matchmaking is fixed - is not an argument. The fact you only stumbled into the thread to defend that sort of behavior tells me all I need to know: You are not from here.

944b78  No.15797090

File: ef1d1073beda32d⋯.jpg (21.56 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 500_atoms.jpg)


Your match making argument is retarded. What are you actually complaining about? That you are always playing vs weak player? If that is true then you should be advancing in rank until you are matched with players of your skill. This whole 50/50 meme is fucking horrible as if that not literally what match-making is suppose to do.

5e3da1  No.15797106


>matchmaking is supposed to fix the results

Did you not realize how stupid this was before you hit new reply?

32cb1d  No.15797117

File: 958b12664396fe8⋯.png (6.7 KB, 625x116, 625:116, ClipboardImage.png)


>This whole 50/50 meme is fucking horrible as if that not literally what match-making is suppose to do.

valve already confirmed there IS a difference in response to some backlash. using a stringent forced 50 matchmaking like in dota doesn't work in artifact because people want to do 'undefeated' gauntlet runs like in muh hearthstone.

944b78  No.15797148


So basically faggots whined that they didn't it easy to have their easy roll.


>fix the results

What the fuck are you talking about? Match-making is suppose to put vs your equals. How is this fixed? If are a better player then you should be winning thus advancing in rank until you meet your equal which if you want to pass you have to improve as a player. This is complete bullshit you are crying about.

d89891  No.15797260


I'm not playing weebverse you fucking weeb

b72efe  No.15797306


>he wants to pay for packs instead of cards

>he wants to grind

The real cards model is a hundred times more consumer friendly than any """"free""""" to play ccg. Artifact's real issue is that its cards are boring as fuck. Dicky G needs to get rid of his aura fetish and understand that numbers are the least interesting part of any card game. No matter how much skill it takes to do, adding and subtracting numbers is just dull.

65c9e4  No.15798078


>he wants to grind

This is always such a silly argument when "grinding" in a card game is just playing the game like you would do anyways.

This isn't some random MMO where you kill the same group of mobs a thousand times in a row.

2b6e16  No.15800861


grinding is stupid in these kind of games when certain cards are needed to have fun.

edc944  No.15810353


>How much until it goes to mostly negative ?

Valve added a new feature where recent reviews get more focus and once the initial negative response has died down cucks and shills will come push it back up again.

edc944  No.15810601


>revising history

Get out.

fa0985  No.15810625

File: 70429e4d8dfd931⋯.png (8.15 KB, 666x666, 1:1, DINDUS THE FRESH MEME.png)



Have you tried using IRC instead?


1c3f5f  No.15810633


There weren't regular Dota threads; there were (and still is) a yearly Dota thread when The International comes. That's it.

7be7ef  No.15810656


Oh shit, I remember that hot new meme. I drew lewds of it. That takes me back

2fb473  No.15810684

File: b1be014253d8279⋯.jpg (87.11 KB, 900x750, 6:5, b1be014253d8279dd4e8a0d423….jpg)


I'm talking before that you stupid cunt.

1c3f5f  No.15810691


>if I post a picture of the Fuehrer, surely I won't seem like a newfag

7be7ef  No.15810702


BITCH you just didn't BOTHER a fucking Hitler avatarfag. Are you have got a death wish or something? Go back >>>/leftypol/

2fb473  No.15810741

File: e57ebc9c56fcb99⋯.png (189.94 KB, 306x293, 306:293, e57ebc9c56fcb99983c32e6a6f….png)


>he posted a picture of hitler i get to move goalposts now

7be7ef  No.15810773


There's something fishy with that picture of Hitler.

1c3f5f  No.15810775


It's not moving the goalposts; your initial claim (that there were regular dota threads) is a symptom of your newfaggotry, because if you had actually been here, you'd know that they were very occasional at best; the only regularity was The International. Besides that one, all the other dota threads regularly got shit on.

880408  No.15812784

File: 11765fa0a38b5fc⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 202x360, 101:180, meatballs.webm)

Imagine playing virtual trading card video games in 2018.

5be0ab  No.15812910


Yup. hell, even that yu gi oh moba is rather generous with the cards, least for new players.

5be0ab  No.15814370


>The best part of making meatballs is knowing that niggers don't know how to

Then how did Italians figure it out.

08a232  No.15819139

File: 6f2c0571db979c7⋯.jpg (127.09 KB, 923x895, 923:895, 6f2c0571db979c7cc4df2eeab7….jpg)


Italians are white amerimutt.

7b92a0  No.15819828


Definitely not. People drew OC comics and came up with exploits and new strats. Yes, people would join those threads "to shit on dota", but all of it comes down to the same bullshit we see in this thread. The usual "dota is bad" posts without anyone being able to name why.

90ccf8  No.15819839


t. Someone who has never been to Italia

f6bee7  No.15819915

File: 5d5a238b79bfb5f⋯.jpg (42.23 KB, 666x666, 1:1, nazi.jpg)

7b92a0  No.15819936


Italy is a beautiful country full of culture and nice things unlike your shithole of an country you backwards nigger.

7be7ef  No.15819998

File: 7d9bebf850fe7d3⋯.jpg (38.92 KB, 640x435, 128:87, 7d9bebf850fe7d352cf3a32ed6….jpg)

7df86d  No.15820039


You know, I noticed a lot of D&C shills lately.

First they were after the Slavs which I thought was the usual banter.

Now they're going against everyone else.

It reminds me of early tactics they used to use on /pol/.

4fe657  No.15820084



Mutts from the American continent, no matter the where.

Those are the ones incredibly insecure about their genes and skin pigmentation.

7709a5  No.15820227


You beaners really are cancerous shitposters.

223349  No.15820330


I've seen some additional mutt meme shitstirring in /k/. Granted, apparently it was some autist that used to be a regular from a few years ago, but it's disrupting nonetheless.

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised it were the usual suspects.

b65d8b  No.15820461


>assfaggots player calling others casual


7b92a0  No.15821002


it's not necessarily americans, you guys already forgot april when country flags got turned on? This place is full of muslims and other asians. I remember seeing the philippine flag a lot and we had quite a few brazilians too in the webm threads. Stop trying to hold this place to a high standard, 8chan is full of faggots.

edc944  No.15824194


>Mutts from the American continent, no matter the where.

Get out leftypol.

fdc86a  No.15824433


Jesus christ. This guy is developing your mod?


>guise how does i open dll files???

d07c33  No.15825804


Im HS limited matchmaking for arena (the limited game mode) is based off of your win/loss record. How the fuck else would you determine "skill" anyway, other than by how much you win?

Even then in card games you can just get shit limited pools which can't be salvaged no matter how good you are.

4fe657  No.15828215

File: b2f3e0e866504f7⋯.png (58.07 KB, 1655x593, 1655:593, 8chan stats by Amazon.PNG)


59% now

I hope it reaches mostly negative, I'd fucking lose my shit


It was mostly Americans though, you also forget VPNs exist.



I'm just stating the truth, plenty of North Americans are very insecure about their ethnicity and genetics.

2a4665  No.15828251


Where the fuck are all those japs? Or is that just weebs on proxies?

4fe657  No.15828303


>Where the fuck are all those japs?

Here and on other boards, I'm sure some even checked the board when Jim announced the 2ch, now 5ch, partnership.

3be79b  No.15828346


Using Alexa? How accurate is their data? Because I seriously doubt this numbers.

7709a5  No.15828421


>I'm just stating the truth, plenty of North Americans are very insecure about their ethnicity and genetics.

It's pretty easy to tell caucasoids and shitskins apart by their chins and skull shape, nevermind the hordes in the cities.

06d742  No.15839787


>It's pretty easy to tell caucasoids and shitskins apart by their chins and skull shape, nevermind the hordes in the cities.

Also their eye shape.

8ea039  No.15842489

File: 999f7d2807c5b20⋯.png (35.65 KB, 772x1114, 386:557, v trap.png)


>I hope it reaches mostly negative, I'd fucking lose my shit

I'm sure a sudden spike in positive reviews will appear completely naturally.

5bdfb7  No.15844139

File: d11d6f781fe058d⋯.jpg (17.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, jjzf1avcq0321.jpg)

08a232  No.15847937


How reliable are those stats? And why the fuck do we have so many German anons? I mean they're mostly shitskins nowadays.

f6bee7  No.15853044

File: ca299a1ba68ce18⋯.png (35.47 KB, 762x404, 381:202, dead.png)

Looks like the game is dying. Player numbers are cratering.



It will probably go free to play soon enough because Valve aren't quite as dumb as Cliffy B et al but it won't make any difference. There'll be a bump in numbers but then they'll crater again.

000000  No.15855077


Legitimately not good. Troublesome to learn, boring to play, super-expensive P2W as fuck, entry cost does nothing to put you in a good starting position, and the game is luck-based as fuck. It all combines into "well, fuck this."

94cc15  No.15855092

>bloated Hearthstone rip off,, with even more pay-walls/microstransactions

>loses 50% playerbase in a week


27fe42  No.15855113


at least with digital TCGs like Magic The Gathering the only way to purchase decks is to buy them physically then put a code into the game, and with that in mind I've had friends thrash my decks I paid for with the standard decks that everyone can unlock

plus they throw booster packs at you like mad so there's no reason to actually buy them unless you're a full on mongoloid

but paying for digital cards regardless is fully retarded

94cc15  No.15855120

File: 05da0de9d1c7afd⋯.jpg (6.96 KB, 210x230, 21:23, braindead.jpg)


>but paying for digital cards regardless is fully retarded


Paying for digital games is retarded, I only buy physical games like Monopoly. Can't believe people pay for digital things.

27fe42  No.15855134


one thing that legitimately confuses me is all the console games that only have half the game on the disk then the rest comes in an update

eventually the servers with those game files will be shut down after a couple console generations, then console niggas will have a bunch of useless disks

which will obviously lead to shill-lords like Todd Howard re-releasing games at full price on newer consoles to look good to their mong flocks

94cc15  No.15855140

File: 590a443dcbf2e60⋯.jpg (11.49 KB, 361x200, 361:200, aphrodite sc2.jpg)


That's a problem with Triple Shit "cinematic experience" titles. Regular games and good games don't suffer from that sort of nonsense.

27fe42  No.15855151


that's a benefit I guess if it's just shit like CoD that will get RIP'd

tbh the only console game from the current gen I've played was bloodborne since a friend gave me it along with his old PS4

well that and a bunch of switch games but I don't really consider Nintendo consoles part of any gen

15c9ec  No.15855158

File: 9683aca951ed7a3⋯.jpg (69.81 KB, 564x582, 94:97, 569da81a0c24577d1aaf9a02ba….jpg)


The best card in this game is the credit card.

0a2009  No.15855163

File: 29fd0431344a69a⋯.png (12.15 KB, 248x255, 248:255, 38da1f19fa6fb0eeec0bbd1ef4….png)



054c5d  No.15856633


I want to cuck him so hard.

054c5d  No.15856658


I literally want the opposite.

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