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File: c31b14815470964⋯.jpg (2.68 MB, 2001x2881, 2001:2881, Grand Strategy Games.jpg)

36d96b  No.15821361

Grand Strategy Games



>Where do mods go and other info?


>Anon's Edits (EU4, CK2 and V2)


This Day in History, December 4th

>771 With the death of his brother Carloman, Charlemagne becomes sole ruler of the Frankish Empire.

>1861 Queen Victoria of Britain forbids the export of gunpowder, firearms and all materials for their production.

>1914 The first Seaplane Unit formed by the German Navy officially comes into existence and begins operations from Zeebrugge, Belgium.

>1941 Operation Taifun (Typhoon), which was launched by the German armies on October 2, 1941, as a prelude to taking Moscow, is halted because of freezing temperatures and lack of serviceable aircraft.

>1950 The University of Tennessee defies court rulings by rejecting five Negro applicants.

66e203  No.15821423

File: 1ea90410c718033⋯.jpg (141.1 KB, 858x675, 286:225, roman shitposting 2.jpg)

>771 With the death of his brother Carloman, Charlemagne becomes sole ruler of the Frankish Empire.

Someone post THAT webm of german history.

19df00  No.15821817


>No dice, click on the option and a day/tick later a hard crash.

Shit anon, I don't know. I literally skimmed through the whole thing and didn't find anything wrong. Got any more details? What decision was it again?

d12735  No.15821836

Longshot, but anyone have any idea which file to edit to disable the function which lets colonists be used to develop provinces in EU4?

9e8da1  No.15821839

File: e0acb42a55a0c9f⋯.jpg (399.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181204175526_1.jpg)

For what reason?

9ab3fe  No.15821867

Is there a way to fix the excessive load times for Darkest Hour mods in wine?

2a9c06  No.15822018

Hip for 3.0 when

Agot for 3.0 when

Hfm when

Imperator when

d12735  No.15822041


>imperator when

Ideally never.

d1edbc  No.15822047

File: e90c219ea5101ba⋯.png (396.19 KB, 600x337, 600:337, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone try gsg lite? https://store.steampowered.com/app/603850/Age_of_Civilizations_II/


No. 2 distros ago I managed to get it running but now I can't. Are you using a frontend? What libraries do you have?

9e8da1  No.15822054


Not yet but for 5 bucks that's not too bad.

2a9c06  No.15822056


I mean yeah it looks like a shit mana infested mess but at least its some a bit different hoi4 was last grand strategy game released feels like its been ages and I know they'll fuck up Victoria 3 even if its not in development

29000e  No.15822668


Event 1999998025 from your Guyana events. Something done by Venezuela fires it, options DEEP CONCERN and Ignoring correctly seem to give small boost or small penalty to opinion and influence, whereas the third option of doing something crashes the game hard in a tick or two. Venezuela gets the response event but haven't seen if UK gets the event from it because of the crash.

Playing as USA, UK Isolation is on, no alliances or spherings have happened with Venezuela. When giving the DEEP CONCERN response, the event fired couple more times afterwards during 5 years of gameplay.

29000e  No.15822692



Some more info, United States of Venezuela didn't seem to launch the event, but I formed Gran Colombia as a vassal and it started popping up again.

29000e  No.15822763


Reforming the Peru-Bolivia Confederation as your vassal has similar problem to the Gran Colombia one that some anon mentioned earlier, there are no South Peru cores anywhere that the decision seems to require.

18b2f3  No.15822774

File: 22725fbccd13634⋯.png (209.81 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1433090881712.png)

So is the latest Crusader Kings 2 DLC is the last one for the game?

8f80ed  No.15822798


I've heard that rumor too. AFAIK Holy Fury is considered to be really good DLC but also invokes question of why weren't the other DLC as good/extensive.

In other news, any hype for Imperator:Rome? Youtubers invited to check out development build have been allowed to drop game footage.

a83491  No.15822947


Nobody really seems to care about Imperator, which is a little odd. Then again it is very obviously just EUIV with a few CK2 features thrown in and ruler mana is of course still there.

a83491  No.15823271

File: c961f739a3451fa⋯.png (3.5 MB, 1856x1070, 928:535, spurdo.png)

File: af2dde27bffaca1⋯.png (145.41 KB, 1600x660, 80:33, 1455048614668.png)

Meme run: Achieved.

52e82c  No.15823355


>wanting Imperator

>after it was shown to have even more types of mana

>after even more things depend on mana

>after it uses pops straight outta 4X games


93a66c  No.15823410


praise tengri :DDDD

66e203  No.15823440


Now convert it to eu4 and go invade korea.

21ba62  No.15823636


Tried to post it but it was over maximum size

f0da8c  No.15823864


>In other news, any hype for Imperator:Rome?

I like how the map looks like but that's pretty much it. If only CK2 looked that good.

19df00  No.15823974




Thanks, already solved the PBC issue, I'm looking into the Guyana Arbitration now.

Also the event is supposed to fire several times until the whole issue is solved in the 1890's, as long as ENG has cores on VNZ's clay.

e452dc  No.15824837


It doesn't have pops. Pops would be an improvement. It has development from EU4 re-labeled as pops. "Pops" in Imperator won't grow or be destroyed, you spend mana to make them bigger.

e452dc  No.15824843


Saw you on the Codex baby. *tips fedora*

52e82c  No.15824876


you spend mana to convert them to higher tiers or culture change, iirc

66e203  No.15824894


I hate how no game actually manages to pull off the "romanization" process the empire had.

At this point it would be better if provinces changed culture after X ammount of uninterrupted ownership has passed, as to imply assimilation.

52e82c  No.15824954


Should use both time, amount of barbarians, and amount of investment. Province that has no barbarians, high infrastructure (could be tied to specific buildings IF THE FUCKING PARAJEWS DIDN'T REMOVE THEM) should go to a romanised culture, from which it could then go to a Roman culture if it bordered a province with Roman culture, was romanised for a long while, and there was even more investment. It wouldn't even be difficult to implement with what paracucks already have – just add a few modifiers and conditions to the MTTH system and you have a functional and realistic (albeit still very simplistic) mechanic simulating romanisation. But nooo, Johan needs to do everything with fucking mana because that means you get to click some gay fucking button which means it's better.

66e203  No.15824964


But even then it wouldnt be an accurate simulation, specially that part about bordering a roman province, seeing how iberia was romanized way before gaul or egypt before greece and things like that.

b20228  No.15824975


>could be tied to specific buildings IF THE FUCKING PARAJEWS DIDN'T REMOVE THEM

Are province buildings gone now too?

52e82c  No.15825051


That's not what I mean. Romanised culture would be location independent and would only depend on how barbarian-free it is and how much money ou drowned in it to make it civilised. You'd the get a Romano-Gallic culture or similar. If such a romanised culture then bordered an actually roman province, and you drowned even more money in and enough time went on, that province would flip to an actually Roman one (likely not spreading much further than the italian peninsula throughout the game, assuming most of Italy starts out as latin tribes). In essense, you would need to spend money to pacify conquered provinces (so they'd flip to romanised) and would get to slowly grow your citizen class as the romanised provinces ever so slowly flip to Roman. By end-game, you'd likely have most of your empire romanised, but not Roman

52e82c  No.15825054

19df00  No.15825452


Holy shit I can't seem to make it work, nothing I do changes the hard crash. Could some kind anon check it out? I seriously don't know what's wrong with it.

431966  No.15829669


Honestly, I don't have a high expectation of Imperator: Rome. Paradox fucked up Stellaris, HoI4, and have been quite jewish until recently with Holy Fury, so I'm cautiously reserved. I fucking know for a fact they're gonna probably release it half-baked and release twelve fucking ten dollar DLCs just to cover their ass.

Just like fucking Stellaris. or HoI4.

Speaking of which, what do anons think of Stellaris's megacorp DLC? I've been avoiding Stellaris for a while since it's DLC is kinda fucked like Distant Stars and Synthetic Dawn, but I'm considering trying megacorp DLC since it's revamped the game's tile system and all sorts of bullshit.

Any thoughts?

d12735  No.15829782


Don't forget that they've been fucking up EU4 inb4 it's impossible to fuck up what is already rock-bottom with their DLCs, especially the new one coming out soon.

Yet there are still cucks out there who give them even a single cent.

431966  No.15829818


God, the only good thing they've fucking added to EU4 was ages and crises. But trading, colonization, even war shit? For fuck's sake Paradox, I'd rather pay $60 for an actually completed fucking game, rather then have redditors and Paradox cunts fucking jack themselves off whenever a "new" DLC that comes out that is not only essential and should of been in the game in the beginning, but GROSSLY FUCKING OVERPRICED.

Look at fucking Monks and Mystics, EU4 DLC in fucking general, hell, just look at the "immersion packs" and the "story packs" in Stellaris, or the fact that the half-assed National Focuses in HoI4 are locked behind a paywall of DLC which is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING ESSENTIAL.

It amazes me how fucking angry I can get about Paradox, since they can never do anything wrong.

I hate them because I actually want them to be better then they are. Fuck, Stellaris could of been great, even HoI4 maybe. But these chucklefucks at Paradox nickle and dime you for up to hundreds of dollars for a fucking game that they "so graciously" released half-finished. Hell, the only game I can say that has improved is CK2, that game has some genuinely good DLC that did improve it.

EU4? Stellaris? HoI4? All of that shit is features that should of been included at launch, in an update, or just bundle the fucking DLCs up so I get more for my shekels. Not this fucking 20$ bullshit.

Hell, this is extremely off topic, but Tyranny was when I realized Paradox was a bunch of fucking tards, and so was Saving Mars or whatever the fuck that game was called.

Anyways, sorry for blogposting, but I'm just filled with absolute anger and lividness from just thinking about Paradox's shit.

1c0461  No.15829898

File: 0cdf14ea72b6c0d⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 3840x1080, 32:9, My 200% rad way to get mod….jpg)


Honestly anon, just wait for it to be cracked. Games like this are always pretty fast and it may be out already but there is too much of a risk in seeing whether they are good, as well as the fact that you'd be supporting Johan.

Use this for mods, they're pretty easy to install, I even made a guide. http://stellaris.smods.ru/

Alternatively, if the kikes have blocked it, use this, it bypasses steam workshop restrictions but is more finnicky to get working, you're a smart lad you should work it out.


431966  No.15829924


Oh, sweet man. I'll check it out, considered cracking but I only really did that for CK2 and EU4 to test them out.

I didn't even bother with HoI4 I was so let down by it, and Stellaris I needed the 40k mods to have fun with.

I'm also gonna calm down and get some more beer. I'm just angry in general at Paradox and probably shouldn't fill this thread up with my venting and frustration.

e452dc  No.15830050


>Speaking of which, what do anons think of Stellaris's megacorp DLC?

Supposedly the AI is effectively non-functional and incapable of making a fleet to wage war. Also performance is trash.

52e82c  No.15830096



it's a 4X game, anon. Through and through. They add a lot of mechanics in the DLCs, but they all boil down to "click the awesome button". It gets very boring very fast since there is no fluff to make you roleplay and the actual game is bland as fuck.

7ffc10  No.15830453

File: eab883d22fd0c75⋯.jpg (20.34 KB, 460x215, 92:43, 4183.jpg)

File: e9960f3809321b7⋯.jpg (418.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, realpolitiks-pc-cd-key-4.jpg)

I've playing game pictured for a bit, and its really good for modern combat, moreso than HOI4, but I still like HOI4.

nothing will top CK2 for medieval grand strategy though

db5939  No.15830468


>They add a lot of mechanics in the DLCs, but they all boil down to "click the awesome button".

Literally every Paradox DLC.

7ffc10  No.15830470

whats the general opinion also on the Democracy series? more of a Presidential sim but still

db5939  No.15830507

File: 4a4743239cc41be⋯.png (450.72 KB, 552x544, 69:68, FUCKYOUPARADOX.png)


f046f7  No.15830630


Is this any good or is it another no-depth map painter?

25dff4  No.15830779

File: aea23059377669e⋯.png (4.05 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, capture.png)


check your privilege patriarchal papist scum

e452dc  No.15833193



>Divine Marriage

What's the point of being able to fuck Niggers of other faiths if you are already fucking your sons and brothers or vice-versa?

029d3c  No.15833663


just execute her once's she's captured. she's likely a puppet of her dynasty, anyway.

95cca5  No.15834588

File: 9d53ad76e23b845⋯.png (418.19 KB, 450x589, 450:589, 1.PNG)


oh yeah baby

8f80ed  No.15836953

File: 383cfa3d23d9694⋯.jpg (587.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181207133240_1.jpg)

File: 0751e5fca6afcc3⋯.jpg (587.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181207133246_1.jpg)

I just noticed that a vassal, that I annexed a century ago, has taken up a diploslot from me all that time.

52e82c  No.15836991


Uhh, don't you know that all the pagans were highly progressive and supported both feminism and LGBT values, shitlord? It was only that bigoted christianity that estabilished the patriarchy. Freespirits : LARPagans 1:0

029d3c  No.15836995


neat little story right there. you take over a country, but they maintain some form of independence through, their heavy influence in the court.

8f80ed  No.15837016


I also imagined that they've somehow latched themselves into my court and refuse to leave.

81364d  No.15837116


Look again, faggot, that is a Christian woman. Also pregnant.

I would roll my eyes and carry on if it were just dirty pagans that had warrior women but now they are fucking everywhere and you can bet your ass Paracucks will never fix this.

dacbad  No.15837138

File: b92bf952973924d⋯.png (21.14 KB, 897x341, 897:341, Du0K1FS[1].png)





Fake news, women adventurers can only be if the laws allow for it

81364d  No.15837147


Then it's fucking bugged and/or the Wiki isn't properly updated.

d164fc  No.15837388


Now form the Second Holy Roman Finnish Khaganate, and avenge your ancestors' defeat at the hands of the Hwan and Wewuzians.

1f12fa  No.15838061

>ruskie is back online

>download ck2

>cant install. as soon as i start the setup.ex they ask for a disk installation

what the fuck? anyone can help a technodummy?

dacbad  No.15838209

File: 04078cd0bdd25bc⋯.png (27.24 KB, 600x97, 600:97, B02tpP8[1].png)


Nope, the realm laws or the game rules have been altered so that women have equal rights

b8cd72  No.15838976


you just forgot to set the female ruler option to historical, that's it.

b8cd72  No.15838988

81364d  No.15838992


Nope. I make sure to have the setting on historical at all times. Don't be a fucking swedecuck apologist.

dacbad  No.15839535

File: 41d69f46397db9c⋯.jpg (137.79 KB, 626x877, 626:877, Isabel_I_of_Castile.jpg)


>It's almost as if historically there was female rulers

81364d  No.15839573


>Pregnant women

>On the battlefield

>Staking a claim to some foreign land


33e678  No.15839940

File: f56536db2104197⋯.png (89.05 KB, 369x688, 369:688, f56536db21041976c35e7900e2….png)


>posting 335 hours as if that makes him an authority on anything

Is this some sort of advanced bait

6d2388  No.15840349

File: 7a67ae0b1c64b5e⋯.png (1.06 MB, 798x770, 57:55, Clipboard02.png)

I see what people mean by "Children's Crusade is imbalanced."

33e678  No.15840377


That's post-nerf.

In 3.0 it wouldve been at least double the size and with less of a morale debuff. Also they will disband after the war unlike before, where the victorious Crusader state would maintain a mob of tens of thousands of children until they all were inevitably annihilated after a few minor wars.

6d2388  No.15840417

File: 84bebb8ac5c9272⋯.png (226.05 KB, 575x297, 575:297, Clipboard04.png)

Well then…

d12735  No.15840423

6d2388  No.15840435

File: 0b5af1a37915873⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1290x619, 1290:619, BELIEVABLE WORLDS.png)

fb28b8  No.15840450

File: 849c2c743054ad0⋯.jpg (102.68 KB, 540x552, 45:46, 1443727419212-0.jpg)



6d2388  No.15840485

8562f1  No.15840493




22ff6a  No.15840538

File: cb1486308547008⋯.png (70.35 KB, 1119x429, 373:143, learningcode shill.png)



d12735  No.15840706


Jesus was a Nordic Aryan. Also, Hitler mocked pagans, and the only influential pagan involved with actual government roles (Himmler) ended up betraying Hitler.

LARPagans eternally btfo.

4ad8a8  No.15840740


>banning/wordfiltering phrases

Fuck that, we're not stooping to cuckchan (((solutions))).

t. kike on a stick worshiper


Wasn't Jesus a Levantine?

33e678  No.15840885

File: 6b1cd10ca1091df⋯.png (61.64 KB, 580x624, 145:156, 6b1cd10ca1091df4cd5beb7a69….png)


>Jesus was a Nordic Aryan

6c4913  No.15840890


Global report.

6d2388  No.15841658

It occurred to me : Those female adventurers and whatnot are probably children of destiny. That's what circumvents all the regular rules. Still gay but what can you expect from Sweden.

f174dd  No.15841709


I hope this is some kind of 4th dimensional bait.

dacbad  No.15841804


Pregnant women can't fight in CK2 but they can lead armies


That's long enough to know that it's not "fucking bugged" it's simply the world or realm laws nigger


Another welsh woman hmmmmmm


>Jesus was a nordic aryan


04dd40  No.15841857


That's funny because that's exactly what kikes do.

6d2388  No.15841996


You have no idea what you are talking about. Leading armies equates to partaking in the battles equates to getting battle related events.

6d2388  No.15842005

File: 7682e267a0e7533⋯.png (185.73 KB, 729x141, 243:47, Capture.PNG)

File: 31742a00bcc7830⋯.png (146.51 KB, 939x565, 939:565, muhdikk.PNG)

And if we're going to measure our autistic map painting simulator gayman dicks, I have bad news for you.

f4efcb  No.15842022


>unironically playing on Ironman

Just proves you are a huge dolt.

21f3cf  No.15842096


>giving Parajews money instead of pirating

>cheevo hunting

>actually putting up with the constant waiting for autosave due to ironman

Why would you brag about having this small a dick?

6d2388  No.15842124


I fucking KNEW some /v/eddit idiot would think you need to buy the DLC to get the achievements.

Remember when you could talk about Paradox cuckery without Reddit and /leftypol/?

21f3cf  No.15842186


>implying I mentioned the DLC at any point

I was reffering to you having the game on Steam, retard.

c54fa2  No.15842218

File: fd47b2277a22e20⋯.jpg (222.64 KB, 633x900, 211:300, fd47b2277a22e20fa9ec0ac49e….jpg)


For the sake of argument, let's assume you don't have to own the game or any dlc for this achievement shit. Why, pray tell, why, would you need someone else to tell you how to have fun in this kind of game? Any kind of game really but you could argue muh linear main quest and so on

Of course you're baiting out of your ass and have probably lifted that from some random reddit post or whatever. That also brings about the question of why can't we have a nice and proper /gsg/ thread and what compels you to be this much of a sad, attention seeking sack??

6d2388  No.15842232


Achievements provide a goal other than "make a blob". They can also be achieved simply by playing the fucking game without anyone "telling me" what to do. The original argument was about that guy >>15838209 pretending to know jack about shit while talking to his betters.

c54fa2  No.15842250

File: 431dc122e10d4ce⋯.mp4 (8.06 MB, 640x304, 40:19, ur68ru.mp4)


>his betters

Better at what, bragging? About some arbitrary shit? Achievement hunting is a marketing ploy designed to allow new, more casual gamers to experience the joy of accomplishment only the classic minmaxing autism can bring. With minimal required effort or creativity at that.

Shit is sad when you think about it, really.

6d2388  No.15842308


I wasn't the one who tried slapping his dick on the table first.

At any rate, the whole point was that Holy Fury introduced a lot of deliberately ahistorical fuckery because Paradox just can't help themselves with the agenda pushing and I've been pointing these things out over the last few weeks as I played it. People said the DLC and patch are generally good but the more you play the more you see the issues arising from it. First you get tons of warrior women because of lodges, then you get female adventurers because of the Child of Destiny events, Muslims are still too stable, Catholicism still gets fucked in the ass at every turn, the AI is still retarded and playing pagans is still annoying as hell. My Finngolian game was actually the most comfy so far because nomads don't have to deal with most of the crap that affects the other cultures/systems.

c54fa2  No.15842347


They added shit because of memes. shit memes at that Ducks, horses. Whatever. Mudslimes were and remained the best option in the game, bar none. The shyeld mayden shit, though? I agree, but that's old cancer in CK2.

>h-he started it

So if some parjeet challenged you to a who can shit the most at a public walkway you'd proceed to unload with all you've got? You do realize that makes you no better than said shitter in that example? Worse even, he's the animal while you're supposedly better.

33e678  No.15844237


>Why, pray tell, why, would you need someone else to tell you how to have fun in this kind of game?

Achievements work best for this kind of game tbh. Whenever I dont have any particular itch for playing a certain dynasty/time period/area/religion I can see what achievement strikes my fancy for an idea of what to do for a playthrough. My latest being a run as Venice in 867 start date going for Who Needs Vasco de Gama achievement. It was a decent length playthrough at just under 200 years so it was a fresh playthrough all the way through as opposed to blobbing until you become consciously aware that you're no longer having fun.

fd9a52  No.15844381


>children army

How does that work? are they some sort of different unit type shittier than light infantry?

33e678  No.15844420


They're light infantry with a very large malus to morale. They will be almost instantly destroyed by an actual army of the same size

dacbad  No.15845490

File: f2c2480ba7cab1a⋯.png (25.46 KB, 625x83, 625:83, p0z0xDM[1].png)

dacbad  No.15845496


The realm laws have been changed. This is how it was intended, you don't have to fight in battle to lead an army

f219de  No.15845519


I turn that shit off anyway. Same with the shepherds crusade. I don't need anymore memes.

e27257  No.15845764


It depends on how much support they receive from other rulers I believe which lowers the morale penalty. The AI is also barely capable of fighting carpet sieges so unless the event fails before they get to Jerusalem I have yet to see them lose the actual war.

c54fa2  No.15845796

File: c4528ece977597a⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 9f23b84a10515f8b5badf99ec1….png)


Here's an achievement to strive for: remove niggerisms from your vocabulary. Bonus points for having the confidence in your abilities without having to stroke your ego with something as lame as steam achievements.

In unrelated news how's that megacorp fairing? Trying to make criminals work but they seem way shit to actually turn a profit.

8f80ed  No.15845798


The AI just checks it's massively outnumbered and doesn't realize it could wipe the floor with the children?

c54fa2  No.15845802


No, the few times I've had that event pop up they very much culturally enriched them. The only way they could work is if you heavily subsidize them or if they target a country already in the shits. Think of them as those massive pagan armies but even more paper thin. They've got the numbers for that massive outnumbered siege bonus but in actual battles heavy infantry or God forbid nomad heavy cavalry grinds them like dust.

e27257  No.15845805


The AI will first try to form a death stack and that takes a lot of time in a place like the Arab Empire. By the time got its 40k horde of doom ready those 8k stacks will have sieged down most of the crusade targets. At least I assume that's what happened.

e27257  No.15845809


Other AIs will see that the Arabs are at war with a numerically powerful enemy and try to jump them as well to take advantage, so the "in the shitter" part is a given I think.

e27257  No.15845825

File: a37e0fd52abb02e⋯.png (6.93 KB, 195x255, 13:17, thinkingmansmeme.png)


>Scolds others for "playing the game wrong"

>Unironically plays Stellaris

c54fa2  No.15845851

File: 31dbff0c5a324ba⋯.png (1.01 MB, 736x1034, 368:517, 56e4627068d871536c20872d.png)


As opposed to what, playing one parashit because my steam cirklejerk supports it and shun a slightly different parashit because peer pressure is currently against it? Try making up your mind and your opinions, anon. Besides, shit's free, shit's new. Might as well try it out.

33e678  No.15846606


>says tbh

<oh good now I can ignore what he said about using achievements as ideas for playthroughs and pretend he said its about ego stroking

c54fa2  No.15846792


Isn't it? So, it's not about pretending you're anything other than a lemming that's too dense to accomplish anything personal like you know, having fun without strict guidelines or the added benefit of puffing up on reddit, steam community forums, paradox forums or whatever other hivemind you picked that cancerous habit at? Don't sell me that shit because I'm not buying. I'll even paraphrase the lead EU4 dev calling "people" like you silly; faggots that chase arbitrary victory cards or some lists instead of actually enjoying breaking the game.

And I'm hardly ignoring anything by being openly disgusted by nigger-isms or freech posting.

33e678  No.15846890


You'd have a point if you were talking about someone who plays solely or primarily for achievements, which again I don't. If you think "breaking" an easy game is the only fun way to do it then go for it, but I dont see how you equate "I can get ideas of what to do for a playthrough when I don't have one in mind already" to "a lemming that's too dense to accomplish anything personal like you know, having fun without strict guidelines or the added benefit of puffing up on reddit, steam community forums, paradox forums or whatever other hivemind you picked that cancerous habit at?" The leaps here are extraordinary

c54fa2  No.15847003

File: 159869dd92394ff⋯.png (31.77 KB, 853x543, 853:543, b21afd0e2e17bf5a66de104a47….png)


Said leaps are well founded in experience dealing with, and again, open disgust for forumite achievement hunters like you defend and presumably are at least partly yourself. First the notion that you accomplished something for the sake of bragging cheapens the accomplishment. The bragging itself is a type of egofaggotry I shouldn't have to explain to anyone remotely local. Also the silly idea of working ten to twelve hours and sitting down to have fun by going over someone's instructions on how to have fun. And that's not touching on how there's nothing to brag about. You haven't reinvented the wheel, you haven't found something amazing, hell, you haven't even gotten the idea by yourself. What personally ticks me off about this is how unlike fags that read a guide, watch a video. Straight up cheat. Reload 50 odd times just to see possible outcomes and so. There's this elitist mentality of better than you hypocrisy that I really can't stomach.

Tie that concretely to this case and you have paradox white knights that laud that shit, that result in introducing shit memes instead of fixing issues or simply improving the game. The new pirate nations in EU4 for one notable example. And happily do the paradox dirty work of marketing and pirate hunting because paradox will throw them a bone in the shape of a new meme gameplay element they can cirklejerk over.

>You'd have a point

If I had a point and all of you had one throat I'd gladly combine the two in some tracheoesophageal puncture maneuver but as it were you'll keep being you and I'll keep lamenting the decline of the western civilization.

33e678  No.15847049



>working ten to twelve hours

>fun by someone's instructions


>paradox fanboys defending memes over content

>the decline of western civilization

Nothing you said relates at all to using achievements for playthrough ideas from time to time, what the fuck are you on about

c54fa2  No.15847100


On topic in plain English. Do you need visual aids or are you just pretending to be retarded?

87efbc  No.15847143


>buy basic game

>pirate a repack with all the dlc

>copy the dlc to the basic game folder

>it works

Paradox doesn't give a flying shit so long as you have the base game, Johan's a jew (and may god forgive me for saying this) a swede but he's either wilfully ignorant or knows the score.

1ffd10  No.15847205


>sitting down to have fun by going over someone's instructions on how to have fun

That's literally what video games are.

e27257  No.15847467


You have a massive fucking chip on your shoulder, we get. That is however your problem, not ours.

def858  No.15847654


Is stellaris actually worth it?

d8b031  No.15847727

fe4c04  No.15848189


Worth buying? Definitely not. No Paradox game is worth buying.

Worth playing? They just released a massive update which overhauls the economic system, so the game is completely bugged and broken. Maybe wait another 2 and a half years, and the game will actually be worth trying. Assuming of course they actually fix things instead of fucking up everything else.

4307ca  No.15849461

File: 19b66fd65d8083a⋯.jpg (605.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, burr.jpg)

Johan is a fucking hack

c54fa2  No.15850248

File: 1af08329ef6ffb7⋯.mp4 (712.66 KB, 480x360, 4:3, alexjonessega.mp4)



The only thing I've got, faggot, is an inclination to laugh at anyone using steam or generals to cirklejerk their shame away.


See for yourself


The AI's still shit, the colony management is less tedious and the little events that pop up are still the main reason to play. Personally, was fun for a few days.

4307ca  No.15850644

File: f3b052aa73dbfd9⋯.jpg (681.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bearcourt.jpg)

File: 788d4559a3b446e⋯.jpg (688.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bearcourt2.jpg)

4307ca  No.15850674

File: c98f60850874a46⋯.jpg (672.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bears.jpg)

File: 61aa4720dca2ad8⋯.jpg (642 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bears1.jpg)

File: f10139e54ad3be6⋯.jpg (627.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bears2.jpg)

File: 092fb971b737650⋯.jpg (640.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bears3.jpg)

what the FUCK

54fb8c  No.15852179

File: b8a74e6fdc6b75c⋯.png (1.79 MB, 966x1028, 483:514, 1030 religion.png)

File: e515082a14b3b15⋯.png (3.09 MB, 1645x1062, 1645:1062, 1030.png)

It is the Year of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and once again the Eternal Anglo has got to ruin shit for everyone.

Also I'm the best thing that has happened to Christianity after Jesus Christ.

d12735  No.15852365

File: a477e989775a548⋯.jpg (8.53 KB, 474x266, 237:133, oriental-empires.jpg)

Anyone played pic related recently? Last I checked on it it was great in every way except the combat, which was 100% controlled by the retarded AI and pretty much a dealbreaker.

Is the combat still just automated with minimal user interaction?

147265  No.15854671

File: 7064b9810449d21⋯.jpg (157.03 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1435692073513-2.jpg)

Does CreamAPI not work anymore? I can't seem to get a single copy of EU4 to work. I don't know what the fuck paradox did, but bethesda games are more stable.

I'm also trying to run VeF which could very well be part of the problem.

418a4f  No.15854712

If I switch from tribal to feudal will my vassal become feudal with me as well or will they stick to the old ways and remain tribal niggers for life?

be1679  No.15854726

I sometimes forget how bad this website really is.

This general is somehow the only good thread on /v/, explain this.

7ffc10  No.15855003


pretty good, less ideologies, though. not a map painter, quicker game play, you have to be real quick and make decisions fast.

be1679  No.15855210


Remain tribal but not for life, if your liedge is feudal you can reform with fewer conditions. Just fund their fort construction.

5ec4a0  No.15855424



Did you add the correct SteamID to the ini? I had some trouble getting that right for some reason.

65536e  No.15855618


The whole immortality shit is the most retarded meme that ever came out of Paradox. It breaks any scraps of BELIEVABLE WORLDS that might be left in this shit-tastic border gore of a game, half the game concepts stand on succession so that's out the window too, and since you can just game the events infinitely with an immortal character, game balance is also gone. Not that all the other shit from paradox doesn't cause similar things or worse, but here it's just unapologetic.

65536e  No.15855621


That's a 4X, not a GSG.

6fdfb8  No.15855636


Well, its not like its an easy trait to get at least, and even when you do at a certain point its more of a hassle than anything since you start getting events trying to kill you and a big negative opinion modifier from people.

d12735  No.15855642


What defines the difference between those two?

21f3cf  No.15855700


from the top of my head

>all or at least most of the map already partitioned between existing powers

>history (or some other equivalent lore giving the game the background for proper roleplay)

>little to no exploration

>no "cities" or other unique production centres

It's just a different kind of game.

d12735  No.15855720


Thanks, anon.

0b2d0c  No.15856867

File: 8b0b07a1851175c⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Untitleddasdsg.png)

File: 9bfea2c38d46a70⋯.png (481.55 KB, 787x516, 787:516, sdgsdfgsdgsdg.png)

Golden century is full of black legend bullshit and Islamic apologism, just as I had anticipated. They went out of their way to note the moriscos' supposed innocence, whereas they haven't included any superfluous information that may compromise the impression of historical neutrality in any other event text to date. They also made sure to add a national mission concerning their expulsion, in addition to the aforementioned event, whose description is obviously meant to paint the Spaniards as villainous zealots, entirely disregarding the fact that their response was perfectly rational in the context of the Moriscos' refusing to integrate and plotting to undermine the kingdom from within, even going as far as issuing a fatwa permitting them to outwardly profess the Christian faith in order to successfully maintain a Christian facade.

5ec4a0  No.15857234


CK2 is just as much a complete meme game as the other Paradox ones are, might as well go full ham.

33e678  No.15857393

File: a11a228a714e24d⋯.png (114.15 KB, 500x478, 250:239, a11a228a714e24dd5dfd64bcdd….png)


>that passive aggressive whining about muh moriscos dindu nuffin

>-2 stability for trivial core loss and mediocre religion flipping vs easy +1 stability

You can practically smell the halal cum in their breath from behind the screen.

52b8e0  No.15857899

>start up eu3

>"hm might make a complete new map for the game, total overhaul, yeah that sounds like fun"

>endless hours of .txt file fuckery & debugging crashes later

>mod loads in the scenario editor and everything seems to be working. localisation, history, common etc no obvious problems.

>start up game, "Creating Rivers…" - APPCRASH

I'm beyond lost as to what the fuck is causing it at this point; I've checked everything, every file I've isolated and checked for errors.

Validator returns only minor event syntax problems. Error logs are completely void of any useful information. The only thing I've learned from this experiment is that map modding is AIDS and to be avoided.

Does anybody know if the land and sea provinces being too large in provinces.bmp causes problems? Because that's the only clear potential problem, definitely not rivers.bmp as the game is implying.

e452dc  No.15857976


Granada literally got the most content in this DLC. Along with Navarre and pirates.

78db02  No.15858903


there's an option to just to turn it off yknow

d12735  No.15858914


Paracuck dropped the ball, as per usual whenever they release a patch/dlc.

Development is bugged out, terrain and climate don't affect it currently; developing in arctic mountains is the same cost as developingin temperate grasslands.

f0da8c  No.15859547


Are you sure you didn't fuck up anything in the rivers.bmp file? Did you set up all river origin points and intersections correctly? Did you try deleting the cache?

21f3cf  No.15859558


Paracucks always had a pretty retarded interpretation of history, so this doesn't surprise me. Did they remember to buff ottomans again?

b1d4d8  No.15860284


Might be dumb suggestion, but depending on how big your map is have you applied the 4gb exe patch?

cf70c2  No.15860337

File: 152f39563676071⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1066x814, 533:407, dejure.png)

I noticed they pretty much mangled the de jure kingdoms around France to fit in as many meme kingdoms as possible too. Dat "France"

33e678  No.15860374


If that's the 769 start those de jures arent horrible

21f3cf  No.15860957


>keeping de jure drift enabled

Why would you do that? It literally only leads to horrible border gore in the de jure

cf70c2  No.15860979


It is but I'm fairly certain Lotharingia and Burgundy should be MUCH smaller compared to the French heartlands.


I don't think the kingdom titles have drifted yet, may be mistaken though.

21f3cf  No.15860999


they haven't, but you can see that it's still enabled. A few centuries later, you'll start seeing de jure snakes and similar filth

33e678  No.15861082


There wasnt much of a concept of "France" like what you think the de jure borders ought to be. In fact that France lines up pretty nicely with Neustria. Not sure why they'd change Lotharingia to Austrasia but not France to Neustria though.

52b8e0  No.15861168


Okay after examining the system.log file it seems to be crashing during this part:

[provincemanager.cpp:1524]: Creating province data

This is possibly an issue in one of the .bmp files which again leads me to think the provinces are too large, but searching online yields no proof that this could be the case, I haven't found a single person with the same problem. If the logs would actually point to the exact file causing the problem this would be over now, what a shitty game engine.

It might be worth mentioning that I've also experimented with the dimensions of the .bmp files. The first being 1490 x 840, then secondly the default map size 5616 x 2160. It made no difference.


I've gone through rivers.bmp several times experimenting with having no rivers, one river or multiple rivers. The RGB colours were correct in all instances and it didn't seem to make any difference with the crashing. Log files hint that it isn't even crashing while creating rivers at all.


Yeah I most probably have, its default checksum is EU3 v5.2 (QMXZ)

3c2266  No.15861209


it makes sense for the earlier starts, de jure changes with them


it doesn't if you make it require a direct connection

3c2266  No.15861235


I mean are you saying the Spanish treated religious minorities fairly or what? "New Christians" were treated as second-class citizens also IIRC so it's not like these are unrealistic. Sure, they passivly-aggresivly imply what the moral thing to do would have been but it's also such an obvious moral choice it's trivial to me.

What's the issue here?

d12735  No.15861290


The correct moral choice would be to execute all of them.

3c2266  No.15861335


under what moral system is that the correct moral choice?

78db02  No.15861390


under 'common sense' where the yids sold them out to the moors

d12735  No.15861395


If the moors and arabs remained in Spain, regardless of whether they converted to Chrsitianity or not, then the Spanish blood would become diluted.

The correct moral choice of preserving their racial purity, and the only reasonable action was to execute all arabs and moors who had converted to Christianity and make sure that only Spaniards were allowed to live there.

3c2266  No.15861419


>If the moors and arabs remained in Spain, regardless of whether they converted to Chrsitianity or not, then the Spanish blood would become diluted.

>implying SPANISH racial purity of all things is worth conserving

Are you spanish by any chance?

78db02  No.15861444


Iberians had pretty decent celtic/german/basque genetics comparable to the French and German regions prior to the Moors though

t. history knower

3c2266  No.15861470



Celtic? Kinda, though they can hardly be considered the master race

German? What're you smoking?

Basque? Yeah, the Basques, not the ones actually running the show.

Also you pretty much admitted they were already full of arab, berber and moor by the time the genocide happened.

d12735  No.15861502


No, I'm not Spanish.

Nonetheless, the Spaniards exist and they existed then; saying

>they have some admixture from other WHITES

isn't the same as saying

>they deserve to receive admixture from other NONWHITES

Nonwhites are unassimilable. Any mixing with nonwhites will lower the level of the higher race.


>Celtic? Kinda, though they can hardly be considered the master race

Celts and Germanics are both subtypes of the Aryan race.

>German? What're you smoking?

Are you actually retarded? Do you not know who the Visigoths were? The Vandals?

Still, your

>hurr durr the Spanish race isn't worth preserving

line is pretty telling as to your belief, kike.

78db02  No.15861714


>German? What're you smoking?

Okay you clearly are retarded and have no idea about the topic you're speaking about. Multiple German tribes migrated into Spain during the Völkerwanderung, including the Suebi, Visigoths, and Vandals.

Stop posting, you're an idiot.

f0da8c  No.15861809


Don't know if you've already read this thread but I'll post it anyway.


>There are size restrictions on provinces as well - seem to recall 100x100 and 200x50 being the limits. And provinces are not allowed to touch the edges of the map.

>You can also run into trouble if the edges of the provinces are too "pointy", keep a nice "organic" feel to the corners of the provinces in particular.

It's for EU: Rome but it's possible it applies to 3 as well.

21f3cf  No.15861872


>it doesn't if you make it require a direct connection

Then it creates snakes.

3c2266  No.15861939


>Then it creates snakes.

theoretically possible though I've never seen it happen

got any examples?

52b8e0  No.15861960


didn't work unfortunately. I've decided to halt the project and when I come back at it another time I'll redraw everything considering these variables. thanks anon.

21f3cf  No.15861961


I did not really save those fucked up maps, but it was very gory. Shit like a duchy jutting out like a sore thumb because it connects to your kingdom by one tiny vestige.

bc9956  No.15861996




>Germanics and Germans are the same



05b402  No.15862022


But they are

bc9956  No.15862038


Germans come from Germanics, but aren't Germanics.

But you kinda got 'Germans' in Spain anyway, by mixing Germanics with Celts.

78db02  No.15862139

File: 435f500ae8c79c1⋯.jpg (22.73 KB, 877x159, 877:159, Capture.JPG)

>relating to Germany, or to its people, language, or culture

Don't be fucking autistic, all Germanics relate to 'German'

d12735  No.15862181



German and Germanic are interchangeable. Stop being autistic just because you got shown to be a retard. Allow me to elaborate:

In the German language, a 'German' of today is called 'deutsche'. 'Deutschen', 'Germans' today, and 'Goten', Goths, are both subcategories of 'Germanen'. The word 'German' or 'Germanic' applies to them both.

You said something dumb as hell, because you semantically tried to falsely state that the word 'German' was somehow separate from 'Germanic'. Just accept it and move on.

77d792  No.15862186


In b4 the sperging really only starts now.

d12d2f  No.15862744

File: 1ec3af7f80ac090⋯.png (412.44 KB, 716x432, 179:108, universalsucks.png)

If you have the "larger" bless in Dom5, would the divine mummy random spawn for MA Ermor be able to grow to size 7 using the shroud?

77d792  No.15862929


Size can't go beyond 6

bc9956  No.15862940


Deutscher -→ German

Germanic -→ Germanic


d12d2f  No.15862961

File: 8ab4c9373fa60f8⋯.gif (831.12 KB, 480x270, 16:9, HopesDeleted.gif)

77d792  No.15863003


I had a similar idea and was equally disappointed. If I recall correctly the Larger bless isn't very good anyway because extra size carries too many problems with it.

d12735  No.15863013


Why are you comparing 'Deutscher', a German word, with 'Germanic', an English word, in the same column of your post?

Germanisches and Deutsches both mean "of relation to the German people, history, culture, language", and have been used interchangeably throughout history.

Germany today is Germanic, and inhabited by Germans, called 'Deutscher'; Spain was also inhabited by Germans, except they were 'Goten' and 'Vandalen'. They were still Germans.

If you're too stupid to understand this, then maybe you should consider not speaking in the first place.

d12d2f  No.15863092


Its pretty strange, i'm experimenting with it, I took w10e5d7n4, for quickness, larger, and undead regen. the size 4 Cav, and 3 Lictors are pretty good, and you can make the giants amulet if you want to get Censors to size 4.

bc9956  No.15863095


The fuck why are you speaking English?

30523e  No.15863118


Or you could exile them all back to the Middle East or Africa instead of lowering yourselves to niggers and executing them all after they converted to your religion.

d12735  No.15863126

File: d02d5fa9e612552⋯.jpg (367.57 KB, 1180x788, 295:197, assad1.jpg)

30523e  No.15863128


>The Spainards of today are 100% as Germanic as the Visigoths after living under Muslim rule for centuries

d12735  No.15863134


Please point out where I said that, nigger.

30523e  No.15863152


Oh, you didn’t say that, disregard my previous posts i’m retarded.

93a66c  No.15863557

File: ddcde008427a451⋯.png (1.5 MB, 900x1148, 225:287, 1544624627928.png)


>They were still Germans.

It's don't.

Goten and Vandalen were Germanic but not German.

Sames with the Dutch or the Nordic Cunts who are Germanic but not German.

Germany = German

Austria = German

Switzerland = German (Most of it anyway)

Luxemburg = German

Netherlands = Germanic (Was German at some point)

Denmark = Germanic

Norway = Germanic

Sweden = Arabic (Was Germanic at some point)

93a66c  No.15863560


I forgot Iceland which is also Germanic

sage because short heda

d12735  No.15864321


Please listen carefully, in case you still don't understand:

German and Germanic have been used interchangeably throughout history. It would be just as correct to say Germany today is filled with Germanic people as it would be to say it's filled with German people. The Norse are racially German or Germanic, it amounts to the same thing.

You're trying to semantically argue for something based on the modifier of the word, in spite of the fact that, historically, the two words were used interchangeably.

The only reason you think 'German' and 'Germanic' are separate is because the branch of the German/Germanic people which occupied central Europe became dominant and thus associated with the name, and again it bears repeating that the terms 'German' and 'Germanic were used interchangeably throughout most of history, and the reason they're not now is based on political considerations rather than actual correctness.

From a racial perspective, a Swede is just as German as an Austrian Swabian, or Netherlander (shitskin immigrants notwithstanding). They differ linguistically and somewhat culturally, but not racially.

93a66c  No.15864348

2140bb  No.15864474


Ich liebe Sie

d6d9a0  No.15864870

File: f33a78879cf7df6⋯.png (3.97 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, ebin canals.png)

owo wots dis

21f3cf  No.15865333

File: e9a168cd3c4ed45⋯.png (389.6 KB, 796x349, 796:349, ClipboardImage.png)

>Holy Fury

>look up the bloodlines

>Alexios Komnenos

<+0.10 Monthly Prestige, +5 Personal Combat Skill

>Osman Ottoman

<+0.20 Monthly Prestige, +8 Personal Combat Skill

93a66c  No.15865349


>owo wots dis

another meme canal

9c6231  No.15865353


Nice to see that in the game, although irl it was built way later by Stalin. Is that anon's edits?

f4efcb  No.15865403

File: 608c8ce0a53527b⋯.jpeg (59.32 KB, 583x589, 583:589, Kayser-i Rum.jpeg)



>visionary founder of an empire


>one of the interchangeable rulers of a failing rump state

I wonder why one of them might be considered more prestigious than the other. Though I give that Osman would be just one muslim raider chiefs among many during the game's time frame. You just have to accept that Paradox games are set in an alternative reality where Allah is the One True God and really did inspire Osman and his progeny.

7c39c1  No.15865545

File: 7bbf7b4800705d8⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1152x864, 4:3, Screenshot at 2018-12-13 2….png)

File: e17fba9d9803735⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1152x864, 4:3, Screenshot at 2018-12-13 2….png)

File: 167e800ba70db36⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1152x864, 4:3, Screenshot at 2018-12-13 2….png)


9e8da1  No.15865571

File: 8904db0dd5e3f8e⋯.png (429.17 KB, 453x600, 151:200, ClipboardImage.png)




d6d9a0  No.15865585


Wrong, it's more useless bloat.


Not really, it was finished in 1933 so it's in the game's timeframe, and yes, it's for Anon's Edits, I'm kinda overhauling ebin Finngolia and its surroundings, ain't much to do though, but I've added fur tradegoods, whale/sea oil and separated Kola from Karelia.


>Though I give that Osman would be just one muslim raider chiefs among many during the game's time frame.

Exactly, he's just a generic rapebaby larping as a mongoloid, being from the Komnenoi might've grant you a bit more prestige, and maybe some intrigue given the shadowy fuckery they were into.


>An anniversary for something that didn't happen

Makes you think.

e2081e  No.15865984




3d93b5  No.15866035

File: ad89088256cc486⋯.png (864 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, leaf.png)

If you kill marauders, they win

c7132e  No.15866068


i'm nto sure what you think but moriscos were treated badly, they kept peacefull but the crown started forcing alien religon on them eventually even expelling the ones that converted, wich ruined valencia's economy wich never recovered from the leaving of cheap labour

c7132e  No.15866069

anybody know how you can get a good start with granada in the new patch without dlc?

21f3cf  No.15866079


>oy vey muh poor muslim rapebabies got treated badly, muh cheap labour

0b2d0c  No.15866091


His second post, paired with his atrocious English, is proof enough that he is a Moroccan mudshit.

d12735  No.15866100


t. shitsin


The best strategy is to uninstall the game.

c7132e  No.15866122

File: 1f36439077fe8fd⋯.jpg (18.68 KB, 715x466, 715:466, karnaden.JPG)



i'm discussing a game not politics, the leaving of cheap labour from valencia ruined the region not only for the moriscos but for the upper class, the upper class moved their buisnis wich ended up leaving the original spaniards to be poor, the arabs have lived there for over 500 years, no matter how you came in you are part of that homeland, unless you think that the removing of greeks and armenians by turkey is justified as well

d6d9a0  No.15866269


>unless you think that the removing of greeks and armenians by turkey is justified as well

Nice mental gymnastics. Arabs didn't belong to Iberia as they were newcomers who forced an alien religion on the native populace, whereas Greeks and Armenians had been living in Anatolia for thousands of years.

c7132e  No.15866296


it doesn't matter now does it, the arabs din't forcfully convert, same as the turks they just made it more profitable if you did, before the arabs came iberia was just a place of barbarins like the rest of europe, after the romans left europe was filled with barbarian kingdoms for a thousand years, the arabs in iberia came with less than 20 thousand people their policy was live and let live, the 'spanish' policy was; if you don't bow to this cross you leave or die

d6d9a0  No.15866328


>the arabs in iberia came with less than 20 thousand people their policy was live and let live

¿Esta mierda es en serio? Vete a mamar una buena polla, comunista maricón, solo un esbirro de pablemos diría semejante estupidez pro-moros.

c7132e  No.15866339


aub spaniaard, vertredk alstublief terug naar duitsland, jij vieze barbaar je dringt en neemt ilegaal over, dankzij jouw soort loopt iberié achter dan de rest op europa, fliker

6dfe69  No.15866348


Hasburgos cuando?

0b2d0c  No.15866349


You must be a Dutch Moroccan, then. That explains it.

d12735  No.15866356


>Europe was just a bunch of barbarians before the enlightened Moors came and showed them civilization

This is what niggers actually believe.


3ab6a1  No.15866360

File: 9d4a8976b27bc1e⋯.jpg (159.56 KB, 829x617, 829:617, 17-2011-10-14_00006.jpg)

d6d9a0  No.15866386

File: ee064fa1256e09a⋯.png (123.3 KB, 393x393, 1:1, Smug Autocrat.png)


>Heated reply in broken Dutch

lmao, devuélvete a tu pozo séptico, moro de mierda. No hay cosa mas retrograda que un país musulmán para venir con excusas de arrodillarse ante una cruz.

Isabel la Católica no hizo nada malo, Dios la bendiga y la tenga allá arriba en el cielo.


Never again.

c7132e  No.15866407

File: 4fe479bf487ddef⋯.jpg (4.29 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 20181214_003634.jpg)




I am very arab cant you see

c7132e  No.15866422


i was only replying in dutch because you started replying in mexican

d6d9a0  No.15866426

File: d8359a96a1c29e3⋯.jpg (23.9 KB, 400x368, 25:23, smug retarded babby.jpg)

d12735  No.15866432





c7132e  No.15866435


i would rather be an serbian then a morocan, stay mad french rape baby, enjoy the communists fucking up your nation, you honestly deserve it

d12735  No.15866442


>he's still going

The only thing worse than a Moroccan is a bastardized part-Moroccan mongrel like yourself.

I hope your Dutch masters behead you.

d12d2f  No.15866444

File: 216c86f20242fea⋯.jpg (18.18 KB, 392x388, 98:97, amaempidontunderstand.JPG)

>Start Custom Nation

>Call it BetterGranada

>In Granadan Land

>Be Catholic with a non brown people culture

c7132e  No.15866453


haha i love the pendejo brain, how weak it works, no ownder your colonies are raving savages, they learn from the greatest, anyhow i am not from the netherlands i just can speak dutch, it tells me alot to think anybody who dislikes spain is an arab, the byzantines and arabs protected any technology from the fallen romans until you western barbarians finally put the byzantines down in the 13th century

d12735  No.15866460

File: b74d6b11fd9ffd5⋯.jpg (27.49 KB, 399x385, 57:55, laughter.jpg)

d12d2f  No.15866467

File: 6184d816ae3e245⋯.jpg (200.92 KB, 541x458, 541:458, 13576088722991.jpg)


>byzantines and arabs protected any technology

d6d9a0  No.15866472


I think it's time to stop, moorboy.

3ab6a1  No.15866479

File: 1106ac0acfd94c9⋯.jpg (46.92 KB, 620x350, 62:35, 57fju.jpg)



You wish

7329a0  No.15866510

File: 150f6525bce7e7d⋯.jpg (22.06 KB, 500x431, 500:431, schway.jpg)


>those digits

3ab6a1  No.15866525

File: 75c43fbac012547⋯.jpg (177.29 KB, 800x602, 400:301, 524520a22e027f8009ba5cc32d….jpg)


We don't take kindly to antisemitism around these parts friendo

9e8da1  No.15866537

File: 5235d3087920642⋯.jpg (103.18 KB, 825x716, 825:716, 49a5a09053289bfbc320b45419….jpg)


>the byzantines and arabs protected any technology

It's time to stop Mohammad.

b5704f  No.15866551



Are you serious? What about the story of the last Byzantine Emperor sacrificing himself in glorious combat without his royal garments to cover the escape of Greek clergymen and other civilians which helped during the Renaissance

9e8da1  No.15866554


It's more of the lunacy of the arabs "protecting" technology.

b5704f  No.15866556

File: da244065910dbc2⋯.jpg (57.8 KB, 400x311, 400:311, Fall-of-constantinople-22.jpg)


I forgot my picture

3ab6a1  No.15866579

File: 35b78a4eb65ecc7⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.87 MB, 384x288, 4:3, 35b78a4eb65ecc7e35dd3575b4….mp4)


>muh greek fire

21f3cf  No.15866603


It's the arab part that got everybody replying.

c7132e  No.15866619

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b5704f  No.15866636

File: 3dc86996bb71682⋯.jpg (366.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170919192004_1.jpg)

File: caab34351cb0335⋯.jpg (358.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170919192005_1.jpg)

File: 7b2107b589e9d77⋯.jpg (338.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170919192007_1.jpg)

File: 73ca88c425eb7cb⋯.jpg (348.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170919192010_1.jpg)

File: 41de809a849f86d⋯.jpg (358.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170919192011_1.jpg)


>>muh greek fire

d6d9a0  No.15868684

File: 00533869948fe07⋯.jpg (17.12 KB, 300x228, 25:19, ren 9.jpg)


Guys, Anon from HFM edits here, I really need your help. Game's consistently crashing at January ~7th and I can't seem to find the problem. I'm wagecucking right now so I don't have much time to fix stuff and I still got a lot of shit to add in order to get this version out of beta.

If anyone's kind enough to help me with this, I seriously can't seem to find the problem; I suspect it's:

>A- One of the new RGOs (whale oil, cocoa, sugar, furs, bronze, copper and lead) I've added, it's somehow fucking things up (though if this was completely true, the game would crash while loading.)

>B- A decision or event triggering something 5~6 days after gamestart, I've checked again and again, fixed unrelated errors and still can't find what's making it crash.

>C- Something unrelated to all this that somehow manage to avoid me.

Again, if someone could help me out with this I'd much appreciate it. If you manage to find anything, let me know by either posting on this thread or uploading your fix.

Here's the latest beta version, which is not for playing due to aforementioned reasons:


58240b  No.15868688


is he okay?

7c39c1  No.15869043


>adding more useless bloat to an already bloated piece of shit

no thanks

e97762  No.15869111


Do you have a changelog from the last stable version?

1f12fa  No.15869194

>check furry update of cuckking2

>it’s 90% CK2+

Nice to see another modder getting his shit stolen from.

Anyone have the ck2+ link?

fd9a52  No.15869430


this also happened whit the last expansion of Vicky 2,nothing new.

fd9a52  No.15869451

File: 2df085c2c4b0234⋯.png (131.43 KB, 1266x381, 422:127, Islam Caliphate history.png)





because it's not arab, it's just the conquered regions heritage of what they had before, like persia during the "islamic golden age", their schoolars, institutions and knowledge they had was because they were the Sasanid Empire, an helenic-persian nation, before they got conquered by the arabs. And if you check when muslims nations achieved any success on some field, it was because they were being secular, rational and drifting appart from the arab view of islam.

55b2c4  No.15869498


Maybe you should stop adding literally everything that ever existed or happened if you want a well balanced and working mod :^)

fd9a52  No.15869585


>One of the new RGOs (whale oil, cocoa, sugar, furs, bronze, copper and lead) I've added, it's somehow fucking things up (though if this was completely true, the game would crash while loading.)

Dont add new RGOs, a POP demand already did this and only leads to global shortages of said resource and manufactured goods that uses it.

c7132e  No.15870112

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

holy shit, is johan actuelly redpilled ?

09f62d  No.15870129

d12735  No.15870145

EU4 got a 'beta patch' released, 1.28.2, which you can get by opting-in.

Does anyone have it and can share it? It fixes some really broken and annoying shit with 1.28/1.28.1.

d6d9a0  No.15870959


ok reatardt


Yeah I'm working my way up from that version as we speak, hopefully I'll get the error soonish.


>Not adding everything that ever happened in vicky2's timeframe to your mod.


I was warned about this by a friend, I actually had to remove gunpowder for the same reason you mentioned before, the AI's too retarded to give gunpowder factories more priority, so I ended up with a worldwide shortage of ammunition, explosives and everything employing those.

Though I playtested the game a bit after adding whale oil and furs, everything went well until I did something that fucked it up. I kinda want to keep playtesting to see if these RGOs are viable because I actually like how half India and the whole Caribbean produce sugar like irl, and how the Philippines and Indonesia produce spices like they should.

f0da8c  No.15872644

Has anybody tried SWMH map with Holy Fury? It's just a map so technically it should work out of the box, right? Or at least it shouldn't be too hard to make it work with the latest version.

6c657b  No.15872697

File: c39fbc19b874307⋯.jpg (73.91 KB, 324x600, 27:50, c39fbc19b8743079e61a01e94f….jpg)


>SWMH map

Does that add anything other than gorillion more provinces?

f0da8c  No.15872727


It adds cultures, bookmarks and border gore. It's still better than vanilla map though.

6c657b  No.15872765

File: dab4eb75a75905c⋯.jpg (313.84 KB, 537x536, 537:536, dab4eb75a75905ceb275a8cf77….jpg)


>90% of the cultures don't do shit

>better add some more

>probably won't work with the society outfits and the dlc shit

>it already takes five generations to dismantle a kingdom if you don't abuse tribal cbs

>better double the province count

Can you tell me what's the appeal?

f0da8c  No.15872792


It's prettier.

6c657b  No.15872910

File: a6fb6cedabf071a⋯.jpg (138.34 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, ftu6.jpg)


>form over function


Anon, your game, but that's a dangerous train of though.

6dfa7f  No.15873015


he vuile kankerflikker mocrokut zout toch op naar je eigen lang in plaats van het onze te vervuilen godzamme wat ben jij zielig zeg, en heel je volk ook. Allemaal achterbakse criminelen. Tijd voor een grote schoonmaak!

dc0ed3  No.15873021



I love Dutch. It looks like magic.

6dfa7f  No.15873029


then i have a word for you that you may enjoy.


A word that means insurance if you are no longer able to do your job in the future due to a disability.

One word. Not making it up.

dc0ed3  No.15873124


Very nice, thank you. One of these days I'll get off my ass and learn Dutch properly.

48921d  No.15873250


I like their overhaul of Europe. Europe needed more provinces and Paradox loves to flash out India, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Russian Steppe instead. Places which I have zero interests in. Thankfully my PC can handle it but I understand why some people may be less than happy with HIP performance.

6c657b  No.15873251

File: d05270a32246b93⋯.jpg (16.47 KB, 350x252, 25:18, baha-apartheid-signage_0.jpg)


Dutch were a mistake. F

159cbb  No.15873372

File: 1f36a4be5d907ef⋯.webm (6.84 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Todd's sweet little lies.webm)

File: 2338864e8d851cf⋯.webm (4.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, paying for mods.webm)

7c39c1  No.15874631


>Europe needed more provinces

What? Last time I checked it was always Europe that had a disproportionate amount of provinces when compared to other regions in Paradox games. It doesn't make sense for places like China or India to have less provinces when they were much more populous at the time.

48921d  No.15874876


Paradox balances their games around multiplayer. Starting out as as some nomad in the steppe has to be equally as viable as being the king of France.

6c657b  No.15875320


Are you fucking retarded? If they're being remotely historical areas like Africa or Asia should be 80%+ wasteland in EU4 and completely omitted in CK2. We're talking about people that even in present day have designated shitting streets, witchdoctors and shamans, chop each other's heads in tribal feuds or live with and worship livestock and pests. Shit and literal shit like ornamenting themselves with bovine feces being able to spawn enlightenment before Europe or have some intrinsic bonus to knowledge or tech.

And from a purely gameplay point of view: how long does it already take to conquer a single duchy in CK2? 20 years? 40? How about to dismantle a remotely comparable nation in EU4 if you don't pull gamey shit like reset truce timers or artificially force him to splinter with rebels?

e452dc  No.15875703


>And from a purely gameplay point of view: how long does it already take to conquer a single duchy in CK2? 20 years? 40?

Well in vanilla you can go from OPM to strongest dynasty in the world in 100 years or so fairly consistently. It's sort of a problem that if you are actively trying to play well you run out of challenge fairly quickly, more provinces lengthens the gameplay a bit.

fd9a52  No.15875970


>the AI's too retarded

the AI has no intelligence, there is no mechanic that proritises resource consumption, just dont touch the RGOs, they dont even work well in vanilla.


you could do that in MEIOU for EUIII at the cost of rebel risk and stability cost

fd9a52  No.15875992

File: 7a21c6815c4af28⋯.png (134.42 KB, 1400x600, 7:3, Hre vs celestial china.png)


> like Africa or Asia should be 80%+ wasteland in EU4 and completely omitted in CK2.

he is mad

>EU4, CK2.

/pol/pleb, MAGA redditor migrants didnt get to play the good stuff.

6c657b  No.15876130

File: d9399baa25d5cbd⋯.jpg (175.93 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 8r5j.jpg)


You going for a shitposting record or something?


>lengthens the gameplay

I can respect that. I can even respect when they try and add more shit to due while at peace to distract you from the war. What I don't care for is when the game doesn't respect my own time and tries to draw out with artificial speed bumps.

>badboy that only impacts the player

>manpower pool that almost only impacts the player

>fight six separate wars for six counties unless you're tribal nomad

>ck doesn't have pacts or pledges aka alliances set in years but has coalitions

>OPM to strongest dynasty in the world in 100 years

Less than that, really. I don't know if you tried Africa but with the goldfield traderoutes and the stuff best described as groids on roids I've taken land from Marrakesh to Persepolis in less than 50 years. How? Pagans get the best possible CBs available and you can have absolutely massive retinues that can instantly blitz a country before they rally their levies. But you don't fix that by adding fifty provinces in central Africa.

fd9a52  No.15876449


>Wanting to remove content from EU

>plays EU4

looks who is talking

fe4c04  No.15876722

File: 1df5897f9323737⋯.jpg (16.33 KB, 598x56, 299:28, thanks_guys.jpg)

File: 5bd565457a4963d⋯.png (41.88 KB, 500x281, 500:281, we_all_know_that_feel.png)

>playing Austria

>things are going great

>by some shear luck, Hungarian and Italian revolts didn't even happen

>nothing has gone wrong

>decide to be greedy

>figure my borders would look better with Moldavia

>justify claim

>just a week in, get discovered, infamy through the roof


>France and Sardinia are the first to declare the containment wars

>all my allies leave me

>don't want to waste the casus belli, so declare war on Moldavia anyways

>they drag in the Ottomans

>just barely beat off the French, but then the Dutch and Spain declare war

>Turks are stronger than I expected, they're making gains in the Balkans

>even the Moldavians are beating me

>everything is going wrong

>out of desperation, capitulate to the Dutch

>containment war goal means I lose half my armies, fleet is completely gone

>Turks still advancing

>win a few battles, but it's no use, I'm completely outnumbered

>pop-up appears

>Bavaria wants an alliance

>notice that my infamy is now 24.98

>other nations in my sphere start sending alliance requests

>Greece, Wallachia, Two Sicilies, Tuscany, Württemberg, all of them

>they all ask for alliances, they all join

>Turks are now fighting Greeks in the south, Wallachians in the east, and an onslaught of Italian and German soldiers in the west

>occupy all the way down to Constantinople

>war ends

>I get Moldavia, Greece gets Eastern Macedon, and Wallachia gets Bulgaria

>things are going great again

Thanks guys

2140bb  No.15877506



03d444  No.15877638

File: 399248d65518570⋯.jpg (51.02 KB, 394x379, 394:379, 399248d6551857057a48397d8c….jpg)


Some of the most fun moments I have had in Vicky 2 have been after breaking the infamy limit and the resulting containment wars, there's something about being up against the wall and everything around you is burning but you still pull through somehow.

8ba148  No.15878500

File: 761a649cb5accc9⋯.jpg (661.63 KB, 1150x1300, 23:26, 1445902700131.jpg)


In German it's "Arbeitsunfähigkeitsversicherung".

6c657b  No.15878842

File: e5662063968e91b⋯.webm (2.08 MB, 450x360, 5:4, 68yu89.webm)


I suddenly have a distinct craving for beer and pretzels

7af666  No.15879093



I certainly have a desire to impregnate qt autist German girls with my seed, now.

7c39c1  No.15879187

File: 63e2497b69dac45⋯.jpg (306.16 KB, 1350x1800, 3:4, __bismarck_and_unsinkable_….jpg)

7af666  No.15879274

File: d40e273e236efdc⋯.gif (688.7 KB, 800x800, 1:1, prinzeugenchan.gif)


Danke schon, Anon-kun

2140bb  No.15880132

File: eb5d9c4b8592089⋯.png (374.49 KB, 730x601, 730:601, meddl.PNG)






Meddl Leude, Ich weiß dass ein paar Arschlöcher da draußen meinen ich sei das letzte Arschloch und der letzte Kaschper, Dreckssack und was weiß ich alles. Ich hab heute einen Aufruf an euch kleinen miesen Drecksschweine, Irgendeiner, ich weiss nicht wer es war, es ist mir auch scheissegal. Irgendwer hat meine Schwester mit ner PC-/Computerstimme angerufen und gemeint: “Pass auf, ich weiss wo du wohnst.”

Wer auch immer das war, traut euch kommt zu mir Altschauerberg 8 in 91448 Emskirchen. Traut euch kommt zu mir und legt euch mit mir an, ich prügel die Scheiße aus euch raus. Wenn jemand meint er kann meine Familie beleidigen oder irgendwie meint jemanden zu fertig zu machen ja der nichts mit dieser Scheiße zu tun hat, dann soll er herkommen. Ich schlag- schmeiß ihm so die Prügel raus, dass er nie wieder aufsteht. Ich hab keine Angst vor euch kleinen Pissern. Und wenn jemand meint, ernsthaft meint, dass ich nichts kann nur weil ich dick bin und weil und weil ich vielleicht der Kaschperle bin für euch. Ich sach euch was. Meddler sind wesentlich schdärger als billiche kleine Kaggnazis. Traut euch kommt zu mir und macht mich fertig, wenn ihr meint, aber lasst andere Leute da raus: DAS IST GENAU DIE SCHEIßE AUF DIE ICH KEINEN BOCK HAB !!! Und wenn einer meint, meine Schwester anzugreifen oder meine Familie oder Freunde oder generell irgendjemand und ich bin in der Nähe. Ich prügel die Scheiße so aus ihm raus dass er nie wieder aufsteht. Und ich schwör euch, ihr habt keine Chance, TRAUT EUCH KOMMT ZU MIR!

6c657b  No.15880184

File: 2c749a4652578e6⋯.jpeg (38.02 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 094ab5acbaf37164b3a441b1e….jpeg)


Keep /intl/ shitposting to /intl/

2140bb  No.15880597


>2014 /deutsch/ meme


Nice try

6c657b  No.15880625


You can't be this dumb, so what gives?

2140bb  No.15880676


Ok this was kinda rude

33e678  No.15880730

File: 8e93591aee46a10⋯.jpeg (19.11 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 972e8bb4af910edf35b30741e….jpeg)

>try to prove to the world that Argentina es blanco

>one of the most prestigious countries on earth, a bastion of art and philosophy

>have rectified the mistake of fake countries like Paraguay and Uruguay existing thus uniting all Patagonians under one flag

>smooth sailing, making moderate income while industrializing

>everyone around me defaulting on debt

>rank 9 secondary power, catching up to 8

>feels good to be white


>entire army had become reactionary rebels despite being presidential dictatorship with reactionaries in power

>quietly rebelled while I wasnt looking

>Bolivia sees this as an opportunity to jump me

>only have 9000 poorly armed farmers against my rogue army and Bolivia's alliance

>will no longer be a world renowned center of learning

>will probably lose secondary power status

Argentina is not white after all

169205  No.15880887


did you take Madagascar at the start of the game? you will have to if you want to industrialize argentina. later you should use african troops to take some parts of spain or italy so you get a source of iron

b29cbf  No.15881124


Seems pretty accurate as far as SA monkey politics go.

b5704f  No.15881127

Is holy fury worth finding and entirely new crack or re-learinging how to mount pirated dlc onto pirated copies, I know almost nothing about it but it'll probably break most my mods and fix like one really good one

b29cbf  No.15881136


CK2 has finally become the autistic liberal meme game it was always meant to be so it really doesn't matter.

fcd197  No.15881183


Aren't there options to disable the meme shit like the Proud Womyn Warrior retardation in the settings? Or is the only option to go back to an earlier patch/dlc?

b29cbf  No.15881216


Well yes, mostly but it's still the principle of the matter. Besides, shit like the new combat system gets shoved down your throat no matter what.

fd9a52  No.15881262


>Be Peron

>Fail like Peron

Fascim was already tried, blame the USA and capitalism like Peron

89bd75  No.15881331


I also did that and managed to get rank 6 at one point in hfm+anon edits, what i did was conquering The congo, The Juliana republic, Rio grande do sul and forming La Plata, playing until 1890 because a new version of the anon´s edits that made the save incompatible.You should had went a republic since the european inmigrants are ones who made Argentina white both in game and historicaly

7c39c1  No.15881571



It's better to take Eastern Hausaland from Sokoto and then colonize the provinces below for more coal. And iron is not that important, you don't need it for liquor spam and you can usually buy enough machine parts from the world market.

7c39c1  No.15881587


Brazil starts with ~5 times your population. Better get Jacobins to rebel quickly unless you want them to get all of the migrants and become even more powerful.

30f72c  No.15881655


You can (and you should) set The Status of Women in the Game Rules to Historical but you still gonna get shieldmaidens and super buffed Joan of Arc that will shit all over your best male commanders nonetheless. Plus Holy Fury introduced even more memes. 250k men strong Children's Crusade led by angels, equally as broken Shepherds Crusade, Hellenic revival in the midst of the Middle Ages, pregnancy flavor that can easily bankrupt your realm if you are a lowly count, etc. The ecconomy is even more broken too. Even sending a small detachment to support the Crusaders can earn you thousands of gold and a mountain of artifacts provided they succed. Also, your pretty new wife can enroll into the Warrior's Lodge and get her pretty little head chopped off without your knowledge. Pagan reformation is OP as fuck too. You can pick and chose the best aspects of other faiths. You can have Christian holy wars combined with Islamic temporal leadership (with your character as the religious head of course) and Germanic bonus to levies. There are some nice changes but most of them are in typical Paradox fashion unoptimised and broken as fuck and simply stolen from HIP (coronations, sainthood, the Imperial government). Personally I wait for HIP to be updated because I can't stand the vanilla map. Fat chance for that though. Earliest release date is in January.

b29cbf  No.15882317


That's one of the problems. Even if you set the options to historical, Paradox simply shoves their feminist agenda down your throat anyway if you play a pagan because MUH SHIELDMAIDENS.

fd9a52  No.15882535

File: 2a3c1d31ac7ca4b⋯.png (537.82 KB, 1695x644, 1695:644, gsg decadence.png)


CK2 was bad form the start.

7c39c1  No.15882852



It's good those days are gone.

fb28b8  No.15884334

File: 4a6dc52e995bc64⋯.webm (647.57 KB, 636x480, 53:40, OYY_VEY.webm)


This show was fucking great.

b29cbf  No.15884349


Jokes on you, CK2 was the last decent game Pdx made. Or are you honestly going to defend Stellaris, EUIV or HoI IV?

c303a9  No.15884394


This, CK2 is a fucking retarded game. Play the original if you want actual fun.

16ca77  No.15884894


Having played some more after the recent furry expansion I've got to ask what drugs are you on and where can I get some? CK2 is a broken, finicky, sliding shitshow of a game that worse yet has some of the worst social engineering I've seen this side of BBC.

131d38  No.15885462


And it was made into its current state by PDX. It wasn't always like that.

52e82c  No.15886242


It was always retardedly easy with little proper flavour. Subsequent DLCs added memes and some mechanics, but the game was shit from the start.

131d38  No.15886256


>It was always retardedly easy

That's every Paradox game you imbecile.

>with little proper flavour

Debatable, I'll take no flavor over medieval feminism.

You're just some retarded newfag who thinks his historic revisionism goes by unnoticed. The early version of CK2 were good and the majority of anons enjoyed them.

52e82c  No.15886281


>That's every Paradox game you imbecile.

EU3 was nowhere near as easy as CK2. Of course, you probably never played it.

>The early version of CK2 were good and the majority of anons enjoyed them.

The early versions of CK2 were abhorrent shitfests where every game eventually turned into whack-a-mole as there was no internal faction system, and every duke that disliked you revolted separately, even if he was hopelessly outgunned. Merchant republics, pagans, and muslims weren't playable, and there weren't even any retinues. The game only got into a playable state with Legacy of Rome and peaked around Old Gods. And even then it was called babby's first GSG. Shit you would know if you actually played the game back then instead of just trying to fit in.

>You're just some retarded newfag

Ebin. Why don't you fuck off to 4cuck to brag about your oldfag status because you remember early CK2 (even though you don't)?

d45ad6  No.15886671


Yeah? When was it better? Throwing infinite amounts of money for assassins to end wars?


Where's the accomplishment in remembering something from five-six years ago?

f0da8c  No.15886905


>EU3 was nowhere near as easy as CK2.

It was much easier than CK2. Just abuse the shit out of culture and military tradition and rape everyone's ass with 6 shock leaders. As for money just get some advisors that reduce inflation and mint all day long. EU3 is babby's first gsg. If you want something hard play EU2.

52e82c  No.15887035


>Where's the accomplishment in remembering something from five-six years ago?

None, yet the other anon clearly didn't manage even that


EU3 isn't hard, but it definitely isn't as easy as CK2. In CK2 you don't even have to abuse anything. It's piss easy to conquer the whole map even on the very first playthough, the AI is much dumber than in EU3 and is absolutely incapable of posing any threat to the player, and you'd need to be a literal retard to actually lose the game. Saying that CK2 is somehow harder than EU3 is just a plain lie.

d45ad6  No.15887304


Old and aged like shit doesn't mean it's hard, it means it's old and aged like shit. God knows I'm not a fan of parakikes but credit where credit is due: they got rid of the bullshit badboy system, they mostly stopped retarded and unbelievable alliance cascades forming and they've took a step towards move flexible gameplay. Which is a double edged sword admittedly, because while it no longer takes 50+ exact conditions to be met for the say Burgundian succession to fire it also levels the paying field between Europe and some bushmen.


>you'd need to be a literal retard to actually lose the game

If the game works, kinda. But what if you just got a -80 tyranny malus for doing something despite that the game claimed how you shouldn't and suddenly everyone hates your and your successor? For example I got said penalty for granting a duchy, the council was all star loyalist and brand new title so even no claimants. I also got a similar penalty even after I pretty much abolished the council and definitely had the ruler's prerogative on grants. And what if the game decides to take a crap on you?

>22 old strong heir dies to stress

>your immortal genius wife turned into fat drunk syphilitic cripple and no one cared to inform you

>double check for alliances because no one informs you like half of the time when they break

>scuffle with jerusalem but he kept the 70k+ event troops

>challenged to a duel and killed despite having over 200 points of difference in the combat rating department

>what have you done for me lately faggots despite they're "holy" bastards pulled out of thin air and given land

e2081e  No.15887617

In case anyone cares, you can get Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion for free on Steam right now.

21f3cf  No.15887668


>what if bugs fuck you over or what if the player doesn't pay attention to what's happening around him?

Are you just shitposting? How can any of that be considered game difficulty? If I gave you a game that runs a 50/50 chance to suddenly reset you back to level 1, checked every 10 minutes, would you go "Oh yeah this game is incredibly diffcult, man!"? In EU3, enemy armies will beat you if you're shit or unprepared and you'll get dogpiled by all those fuckers you pissed off in the past. You can easily lose a war. In CK2, you only ever run that danger if you're outnumbered 10 to 1 (and even then it's winnable) or if you straight up ignore the enemy. The only strategy you need is "blitz siege enemy capital to capture his relatives" or if that fails "quickly attack his army before it's fully formed, then blitzkrieg the duchy you want". Even if you somehow magically fuck up enough to actually start losing wars, you can always say fuck it and just plead vassalage to the biggest nigger around. The only time you run a risk of your dynasty dying is at game start, as you'll soon have dozens of relatives unless actively trying not to.

9231ea  No.15887696

File: ccc216d5540ce56⋯.jpg (801.73 KB, 2052x2436, 171:203, ccc216d5540ce560d4048f9ddc….jpg)


I hope you realize you just repeated every single thought real world monarchs felt about their subjects.

98dc5c  No.15887724

File: cff403bac366e80⋯.png (629.56 KB, 400x558, 200:279, 1525700133920.png)

that new dlc to stellaris makes it pretty okay

is there way to play it via lan with my dudes

my guess is i need some crack for it but csinru is down

fcd197  No.15887757


I can't tell if you actually think the site is still down or if you misspelled the URL. Either way, top kek.

d45ad6  No.15887870


Define difficulty then. As far as I'm concerned it's easier to play a game that plops a huge wall in front of you but you know everything about said wall including but not limiting the number of bricks and their composition and are given the leisure to climb it or break on thru at your convenience than one that provides challenge with things pulled out the ass. More so if said ass things are often bugs, problems related to bad interface, related to the lack of life of quality UI elements or just bad design.

78db02  No.15895049

>thought there was no new major updates to anon's edits from when I downloaded it a few months ago

>he added a fuckton of stuff

>was about to start a new game anyway

good feel

247a29  No.15895208


>The early versions of CK2 were abhorrent shitfests where every game eventually turned into whack-a-mole as there was no internal faction system, and every duke that disliked you revolted separately, even if he was hopelessly outgunned.

Which more often than not still happens…

>Merchant republics, pagans, and muslims weren't playable, and there weren't even any retinues.

>Game doesn't have features - GAEM SUX FUCK U

>Game gets features as DLC


>And even then it was called babby's first GSG


fb5fc4  No.15895344

File: 6bc3e99a88645ea⋯.jpg (21.88 KB, 370x370, 1:1, muh dick.jpg)


Spoken like a true shitter.

21f3cf  No.15895400


>define why a well-made game isn't easier than a broken mess

No, fuck you. Go play Fallout 76, the ultimate challenge of the modern era, if you think bugs equal to difficulty. Jesus fucking Christ.


>Which more often than not still happens…

Thanks for proving you don't know what you're talking about. The faction system means you get one or two civil wars at once at most and that there will be peace after you win it. Before, you could easily have 6+ wars at once, each of which would only arrest that one fucker who revolted. You could easily spend the whole reign doing nothing but defeating the constant mini-revolts, something that took forever because no retinues.

>>Game doesn't have features - GAEM SUX FUCK U


>strawmanning this hard


But there are ones that actually offer some manner of challenge. Consider EU3, V2, or DH. Sure, none of them are "hardcore" and all are fairly easy after you know which things to exploit, but none are as braindead simple as CK2.

247a29  No.15895413


>The faction system means you get one or two civil wars at once at most

True and the entire system was lifted wholesale from Wiz's mod (but worse). Doesn't mean your faggot vassals won't join said factions at the drop of a head anyway. Doesn't mean you run out of ways to placate these niggers the bigger you grow because of the fucked council system. So you still end up having to deal with retarded revolts every few years, just that they are more organized.

f0da8c  No.15895573


>retarded revolts every few years

That's fairly realistic.

21f3cf  No.15896890


>So you still end up having to deal with retarded revolts every few years, just that they are more organized.

No, anon, you do not, because you imprison all those fuckers after you win the war and don't let them out ever again, meaning you get several decades of peace until they die of old age.

78db02  No.15904606

Is there something wrong with California in Anon's HFM edits?

In my last game Las Californias got independent in 1836 encompassing CA all the way to Utah and never got reintegrated into Mexico or into the USA after the Mex-American war

d6d9a0  No.15904693


You got the odd chance of Las Californias successfully rebelling and BTFOing MEX, congrats. How they didn't get annexed by the USA is beyond me, though.

54b0d0  No.15904712

A question for Darkest Hour: what would be the best way to get generals dying more frequently? Should I use generic events that randomly kill a leader from battle, disease, et cetera, or is there a specific variable value for the chances of a general dying in battle?

78db02  No.15904819


they were puppets of MEX though, even after the Mexican-American war

America just annexed up to the border of Las Californias then never cali

d6d9a0  No.15905138


Yeah you just got the odd case of 'there's nothing we can do about it' where MEX is cucked out of Cali by the Californios.

65f286  No.15907447


If I recall correctly some generals will have the date they died in combat historically in their profile (though hidden from the player). If they are involved in combat around this date their chances of dying jumps up quite a bit. I vaguely remember this being mentioned in the DH manual somewhere. Generic random events would probably be more effective at killing leaders however. I don't recall there being any variable that directly adjusts the chances of all generals dying in battle.

f0da8c  No.15907767


I believe there's a decision called "Purge of the army" which randomly kills some generals and increases morale. It's been a while since I last played DH so I might be wrong, though.

66fcd7  No.15913460

I don't play SOY4, but after playing DH KR I made the mistake of deciding to check out the SOY4 KR subreddit out of curiosity.

How did the devs fuck up a good mod so bad in the latest game of the series?

c97801  No.15913632


Different modders

Don’t think the original devs work on DH anymore.

I believe DH KR is nowadays developed by parts of the HoI4 team too.

bcaca6  No.15913684


I dunno, new DLC to Stellaris kinda fucks it over but makes it a bit better, still a shitshow that shouldn't be touched with a fucking yardstick.

7bd15e  No.15915635


This is sadly true. Stick to 1.7, that was the last version by the DH team.

4f71dd  No.15917891


Apparently with 2.2.3 a Paradox account becomes mandatory to play the game in multiplayer.

cf0228  No.15923818

File: b6ae3b0dbdb4327⋯.jpg (103.95 KB, 780x744, 65:62, b0724923e175f8b435e6c2dee2….jpg)

Does any kind anon have that chart for the techs in vicky2? Also any tips on the economy (for vanilla vicky2, no expansions because Johan hates freedom) other than cement, clippers and booze meme? I've tried a couple Russia runs and I can either fight or build but not both.

66fcd7  No.15925113

File: 556fa90dcb55c5b⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1336x751, 1336:751, drang nach osten baby.png)

Farming animists from Samogitia via rebel force conversion of adjacent provinces makes for a very fun game, anyone playing EU3 as a country near the Baltic who wants to culture convert surrounding land for shits and giggles should try it.

5410b9  No.15925121

File: 2ea82b48ffb96e5⋯.webm (7.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, German_History.webm)

5b1238  No.15927218

File: 7754f7cabf37335⋯.png (2.54 MB, 1328x4472, 166:559, hellenic possibility mod.png)


>that Advance Wars Music

>not even using Sturm's Theme anywhere for Germany



And about the difference between Germanics and Germans. I read a lot of really stupid shit in here. Like that Germans aren't Germanics, which is like saying that the Spanish are Spanish, but not mediterranean. How low IQ do you have to be that concepts like SUBCATEGORIES are too much for your brain to handle?

Subcategories are really fucking simple. Even a first grader knows what this is. For example apples and bananas are fruits, but apples aren't bananas. Just picture a big circle that is called fruits, which contains smaller circles called apples and bananas.

Now another reason why these is much confusing about what Germans are and how they relate to Germanics is the following. A lot of different cultures have different names for us. Look at the French, who call us after a SINGLE Germanic Tribe called the Allemanes.

A lot of cultures name us just after a single tribe for some reason, probably because they interacted the most with that. SImilar to how Arabs called all of the Crusaders Franks.

i wish people weren't so autistic about Germans, because we are already plenty autistic ourselves. No need to add fuel to the fire.

4dd3a8  No.15927235


>expecting anti-german material to make sense or have any basis in logic and reality

Nobody with their head on straight would be anti-German, so when you see something anti-German you should be prepared for some serious retardation.

5b1238  No.15927346


True. There are some things, which I don't like about my country like the NPC attitude here, but that is criticism from a German about other Germans. And when I critize Germans for that online, other people tell me that other cultures are just the same.

But it would also be retarded to assume that this a solely negative trait.

It makes us more resistant to Cultural Marxism, which constantly wants to overthrow the current liberal-progressive Orthodoxy and add new ridiculous concepts like gender ideology, which is really unpopular in Germany now.

I also laugh at the Left here, who keeps using English terms like gender, binary, etc, because they don't seem to realize how easy this makes it for the German mind to dismiss it as "nonsense from the Amis".

4dd3a8  No.15927395


>And when I critize Germans for that online, other people tell me that other cultures are just the same.

Because it's true. No matter where you go, most people are NPCs. It's the nature of things. We have too many people and not enough souls to go around.

5b1238  No.15927419

File: f7d464961744fe2⋯.jpg (39.38 KB, 380x478, 190:239, just some trees.jpg)


What if Germany actually has the fewest NPC relativally and the fact that so many people complain about the NPC attitude of Germans is that there are much more "PCs" to notice it?

Similar to how only white people get told they are evil and wicked, because we are the only ones with compassion and kindness enough to give a fuck about that?

788f7b  No.15927427


nah I feel like Germans have a huge population of NPCS but they are actually powerful at it

0f289a  No.15927429


>Nobody with their head on straight would be anti-German








There is A LOT of anti-German sentiment right now because (((someone))) told the poor PIGS that Germans caused the financial crisis.

c10b04  No.15929537

File: fa981c54c61137c⋯.jpg (637.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, v2_11.jpg)

Not sure if this is from Anon's edits but the third option crashes my game.

9e8da1  No.15929547


It is, it's already been addressed. Just don't pick the third option

4a7512  No.15929600

If the Anon from Anon's Edits could answer, can I ask what Poyaisian is doing in the files? I'm just curious to see if we can do anything with it or if there's something planned in the future.

c10b04  No.15929972


Are Mormons supposed to become accepted at some point? I picked the friendliest option that didn't involve kicking them out.

7c39c1  No.15930449

File: 239ad5bd2bdd8eb⋯.png (554.03 KB, 1100x1700, 11:17, Victoria 2 Tech Guide.png)


>Does any kind anon have that chart for the techs in vicky2?

Here you go.

>Also any tips on the economy (for vanilla vicky2, no expansions because Johan hates freedom) other than cement, clippers and booze meme?

No one plays without expansions so no one will be able to give you accurate advice. If you don't want to pay Johan, just pirate them.

>I've tried a couple Russia runs and I can either fight or build but not both.

This is by design. There are few research points to spare in the early game, particularly if you play nations with low literacy by Russia. Every country is forced to pick their focus in technology, if you research industry techs you won't have enough RP left for military ones and vice versa. This is largely mitigated in the late game when your literacy increases and you get access to better philosophy techs.

66fcd7  No.15930643

Where do you find version 1.7 of KR for Darkest Hour?

7c39c1  No.15931565


on google

c52bf9  No.15931842

File: 3979f874376ceb4⋯.jpg (117.97 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, venice.JPG)

File: 5403470c2456ac1⋯.jpg (128.34 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, pop.JPG)

File: 61148a9f9b4ca29⋯.jpg (182.7 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, everyone is back.JPG)

>he didn't had kids

4dd3a8  No.15934107


Army Leadership should be weighted a lot heavier, Military Tactics gives your armies a massive boost in combat. It's less substantial as time goes by but particularly early on it's vital if you're going to be warring with great powers.

Power should also be noted as one of the best ways to pump your economy up as it increases RGO yields and thus taxable incomes; same goes for Market Functionality to a lesser extent. Metallurgy does this too but is generally only for countries with a lot of Iron or Coal RGOs whereas Power and Market Functionality affect farming RGOs and thus benefit almost anyone. Having more money means you can build and subsidize more factories and thus brute force your way to industrialization. They are really good techs.

State and Government should be red as well - in most mods it lets you close borders which means pop retention which means faster pop growth which means more workers and more soldiers and a higher industrial score. Market functionality is better than Economic Thought & Critique.

0b2d0c  No.15934601


What game is this?

7c39c1  No.15934612


>can't reverse google search

Knights of Honor

701a31  No.15935349

File: b4469c7fa4c0747⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Texas Rio Grande gets Sono….png)

In Anon's Edits, are events 1110052 and 1110053 working as intended or am I missing something about them? Had just made Texas-Riogrande in an actual campaign and got the Norteno Identity event. With Texans by-and-large becoming Norteno and the events overriding the culture selection, it seemed strange that everything suddenly changes culture to the point of Texans barely existing.

Started another campaign just to get this to fire again to look at pops in Texas itself. Everywhere becomes a majority Norteno followed by a small portion of Texans reappearing. Just checking to see what this is actually meant to portray since these also release Sonora from Mexico and proceeds to have Mexico annex Sonora.

9e8da1  No.15935892


It's broken.

26bf3b  No.15935897


Yeah I fucked up, expect a hotfix real soon. Don't dump the save.

26bf3b  No.15936346



Okay anon, I need to know something: What version of my edits are you using? Cause I've released several new versions and hotfixes.

701a31  No.15936417


The file was named "Anon's HFM edits v1.44 BETA 0.55" and from 11/27.

26bf3b  No.15936442



Paste over events folder, should fix it (since norteno pops have already been added to Mexico's northern provinces, the event is unnecessary)

26bf3b  No.15936468


Just reload an earlier save and play. Gl forming Aridoamerica.

701a31  No.15936505


Thanks. Does Las Californias ever get reannexed by Mexico after the Mexicans allow them to exist and just make them a dominion? First time trying to get Aridoamerica, and the rarer event chain was followed by the AI. Wondering since Texas/Texas-Riogrande can't claim California while Las Californias exists.

26bf3b  No.15936829


If it happened again then something's wrong and I have to look what's causing that. I'll do that later since I'm preparing for the holiday celebrations.

701a31  No.15936845


The Norteno stuff didn't happen again. Was just wondering what ultimately happens with California after Mexico allows it to exist since "Recognize Juan Bautista Alvarado, leader of the revolt, as the Governor (Alta California remains a vassal until the 1824 federal constitution is restored)" is in the event's code.

Happy New Year, and don't code while drunk.

26bf3b  No.15936859




Oh fuck no I checked my notes and remembered I have to make the decision/event chain to restore mexico's 1824 federal constitution, without it Las Californias will remain a vassal of Mexico indefinitely because there's no other way to bullshit their annexation.

I also had some other fun plans for Las Californias if Guadalupe Vallejo is placed as the Governor.

Please be patient, it's a beta so this kinda shit is bound to happen.

701a31  No.15936916

File: f996cf5b4a9bb2f⋯.jpg (64.97 KB, 680x680, 1:1, Do it.jpg)


Cool. Figured something wasn't there. I just nigger-rigged another version of the same Claim Alto California decision that uses a sphere California instead; otherwise, the one attempt at Aridoamerica ended within the first year thanks to fucking Californians.

26bf3b  No.15937386


Thanks for the idea, I'm gonna add an event for diploannexation.

cdeac9  No.15939078

File: ab548ef060d7cf8⋯.jpg (111.8 KB, 625x453, 625:453, Nekorare.jpg)

Now that yet another great masterpiece of a DLC for HOI4 is incoming, are you ready to give your shekels to Johan? Clearly this is going to be another worthy investment since the DLC in question combines existing features of other Paradox games such as Stellaris & EU4 (fleet basing/parliamentary system + modular ship building etc.) with fan-made mods. Beloved mana system is also expanding its role, because clearly having decisions that won't use it or pre-made government cabinets is too old-fashioned as casual players did not like HOI3 or its predecessors.

Now be good little paypigs and offer your shekels to Johan's multiplayer larping fund, all of that alternative history decolonization is not going to fund itself.

e2081e  No.15939135


Not only I not bother pirate it and waste my time trying it out, I am not so stupid to even bother following change logs and such. Why do you?

7c39c1  No.15939218


To shitpost about it here, obviously.

46f3b1  No.15939441

New Thread


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