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File: 91709f454a0ed61⋯.jpg (330.4 KB, 1914x1080, 319:180, 9p67p7P.jpg)

42adf4  No.15821702





343211  No.15821707

you forgot your pink angry wojak

7504b8  No.15821719

File: 7ac1675f8f00dca⋯.jpg (13.54 KB, 255x345, 17:23, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

You hear that Intel?

Yep, that's me.

I wrecked your shit, and its about to get wrecked again.

77a263  No.15821723

Damn and I just buy Ryzen 3 2200G.

OK I guess.

520968  No.15821727

Console wars?

92593c  No.15821728

I've never turned on my 2600x SMT, does the performance increase that much?

7504b8  No.15821745


Only in a few AAA games like assassin's kangz or vaginafield

d2a88b  No.15821753

this is neo-consolewars

58c028  No.15821759




3add1f  No.15821763

File: 5b0006e5d6f2f5c⋯.jpg (177.55 KB, 571x570, 571:570, 1290684719463.jpg)

Competition is good for everybody. Good going AMD!

42adf4  No.15821765

File: bee0fdccc5e20ae⋯.png (278.05 KB, 396x544, 99:136, 1490631227734.png)


>12c CPU

>outperforms intel in any single threaded application

>crushes intel in any multi threaded application

I know what my next build is going to be

020c2b  No.15821766

Both IntelAviv and AMD have kike spyware in both of them, but at least AMD doesn't funnel their money straight into some yid fab. Lesser of two evils, the idea of powerful as fuck AMD processors at least puts a jab into the lentil's plan.

c76c76  No.15821772


Except, he works for Intel now, advising them on the same chiplet designs he gave to AMD.


There is no reason to disable hyperthreading anymore. It helps in basically every scenario including gaming. The only reason anyone ever had to disable it was when developers hadn't yet optimized for it and disableing it let you overclock higher than with it on.

3214c0  No.15821774

File: d6d0ffc8c9d3914⋯.png (100.62 KB, 486x309, 162:103, 4886151532312.png)


>no windows 7


9c23f2  No.15821777


high-end cpus are not for video games

reported for off-topic


c76c76  No.15821787


Nothing actually stops you from running Windows 7 on new processors, Microsoft simply disabled updates for them beyond a certain point, and even then there already exists a fix that let's you get the updates anyway.

c7a8d8  No.15821798


isn't he working on arm or their version of it?

07a54b  No.15821811

Stay long $AMD, rumor or not it's going to be a fun ride.

7453da  No.15821832


>using windows at all

You need some freedom in your software.


It's trickier than that. You need a bunch of workarounds to get USB working at all, as Win7 doesn't include the drivers for the new mobos' chipset.

b8a493  No.15821838

File: 48c4174e6a8c61c⋯.png (838.44 KB, 580x742, 290:371, Epyctler.png)

c76c76  No.15821840


I wouldn't really know exactly what he is up to, but I would just assume Intel snapped him up because they would need his knowledge of chiplet design, and there is already some official Intel documentation out about a potential future chiplet-style design they are working on. Also Intel's current make-shift solution to compete with Epyc is going to be two of their current 28 core dies stuck together on a single package, and I'm sure he will have some input on how to make that work well.

Also since Navi GPU seems to be part of the chiplet plot, Intel snapping up Raja provides further insight into that design.

d533b7  No.15821854


Now that Asrock finally released official Windows 7 drivers for the Taichi X470 I'm buying it and upgrading to a 3600x when it comes out. Though I only use Windows for games occasionally since I run Linux as my main OS. Only the new 16 core chips require the new X570 chipset.

e8af3a  No.15821856

It's gonna take Intel years to catch up from this. With AMD in consoles, taking over servers and leading charge on PC they're in a really exciting position. It's gonna take a lot of Nvidia money to control the ecosystem and Intel's gonna take a long time to move forward.

3e3eec  No.15821857


I had no problems with USB ports on my Windows 7 build with a 1500x.

3f6068  No.15821862

AMD vs Nvidia threads have always been console war tier

but AMD should be supported over Nyidia if only for the health of the market

6fd171  No.15821864

no link to article or video?

e8af3a  No.15821869


it's adoredtv's new video

3f6068  No.15821870


A screencap of the OP watching a jewtube video should be more than enough for you, bigot :^)

the title of the video is in the screencap if you care enough to look for it; I don't

3f6068  No.15821873

File: 9335ea8b0ebe84d⋯.png (161.76 KB, 1046x255, 1046:255, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 66bb0d07200a5c5⋯.png (137.31 KB, 695x412, 695:412, ClipboardImage.png)

OP you fucking nigger shill, fuck off

564cbf  No.15821890



Jews Jewing Jews.

c53b5f  No.15821891

File: 2adbf0eded03d34⋯.jpg (218.78 KB, 1061x1500, 1061:1500, 2adbf0eded03d34a3e593c1b34….jpg)

File: 9cd7ba902ed4a74⋯.jpg (137.48 KB, 417x838, 417:838, b8cfe1a91f766c6f6286db1e1c….jpg)

File: da38446691343c0⋯.jpg (128.71 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, da38446691343c07c586939243….jpg)

File: cdef3bd59d9cbd0⋯.jpg (233.44 KB, 816x833, 48:49, fecb4d90cb09ccdd3da754815d….jpg)

File: 9c78d9558d4a567⋯.png (867.2 KB, 498x1557, 166:519, 9c78d9558d4a567a95a772b225….png)



bigger issue is that it's not vidya, dump ecchi

427afb  No.15821903


>vargposter is a shill


58c028  No.15821910


Considering nVidia's anti-consumer practices, I rather support AMD no matter what.

b5e5a7  No.15821920


>It's trickier than that. You need a bunch of workarounds to get USB working at all, as Win7 doesn't include the drivers for the new mobos' chipset.

I hadn't considered that. Eventually I'll need to build a new pc and no way am I using a version of windows beyond 7. How is this dealt with?

45a2f7  No.15821922

File: 45f47f9d8419409⋯.jpg (76.78 KB, 472x314, 236:157, 15311352376090.jpg)


>nah buy 12-core cpu instead goy

>fuck those intel kikes amirite fellow consumers ha ha

d533b7  No.15821935

3f6068  No.15821937


That too

365174  No.15821949


>AMD isn't owned by jews


0a0ce6  No.15821950

File: 90004de9e8f8bbb⋯.png (436.1 KB, 1000x900, 10:9, 0091576e818107c406118b8f84….png)

File: 48f9c036647b115⋯.jpg (156.24 KB, 1250x1000, 5:4, lolibooru 188738 sample.jpg)


By not using windows.

That being said, if you really must use it, next time you build a new rig be sure to make it fit for GPU passthrough so that you can play in a virtual machine when you need it and use GNU-Linux/*BSD/etc as your main OS. I would do that myself, but I've got no money and I'm thus forced to dualboot


Have some nice pantsu.

3214c0  No.15821955


>You need some freedom in your software.

but i want to play my pornographic japanese games!

07a54b  No.15821956


You think publishers would pay coders for optimization that would make more money than advertising? Not happening, unless you want pajeets optimizing.

c53b5f  No.15821976

File: b591db0be1deff9⋯.png (1.2 MB, 980x1360, 49:68, 2eab3fc0ac923d97fba03c3334….png)

File: 043c95354819f67⋯.jpg (2.19 MB, 1056x1812, 88:151, 1521752403508.jpg)


Is it just me or is it so much better when left to the imagination.

b79a59  No.15821982


That loli looks like she's tired of being told to show you her pantsu again for the millionth time but still goes and does it anyway for you because she cares for you as a friend deep down.

07a54b  No.15821997


I get mixed messages from the leg positioning, like an effort to keep the viewer away while still showing a little.

c53b5f  No.15822002

File: 127c8a98f8a08d0⋯.png (217.73 KB, 428x456, 107:114, 0ed39e99fccc8dfa9b43690c5e….png)


>as a friend

6764fc  No.15822017

File: 617c7662d61df91⋯.webm (3.12 MB, 1057x720, 1057:720, where are the games.webm)

Don't get me wrong this is fantastic news but this isn't video games

e5bad6  No.15822020

File: e9e136938a51a93⋯.png (750.42 KB, 1440x2072, 180:259, Screenshot_20181202-183328….png)


>Vast majority of /v/ is ''"Le PC master race"' retards.

>New CPU is not somehow related to video games.

Have we struck a nerve by not praising (((Intel))), Chaim?

c53b5f  No.15822031


Explain to me how it is, retard. A CPU is not a video game.

da6ae6  No.15822034


I don't believe the pricing, nor the boost clocks, nor the High End tier. Likely an Intel leak to over produce expectations while they formulate their counter attack.

b79a59  No.15822040


Anon, she's told you every time she's shown you her pantsu to wait for her to grow up before you ask her to be more than a friend.

16bcc4  No.15822048

File: ab56c6f69ee6233⋯.jpg (92.43 KB, 481x586, 481:586, Screenshot_20181115-212520….jpg)


Oh come on! Even the 4AM samefags on the "Nintendo Girls" shitposting thread managed to ID hop successfully, BUT OP can't. Why would you even need to samefags in something that's actually genuinely good!?

43adc6  No.15822051







>muh juuuuuice



>PCIe passthrough

This. Just run Win10 in a hypervisor and you'll get native performance with airgap-level security.


I'm glad AMD is making CPUs that are competitive with Intel again, but let's not pretend AMD GPUs aren't still an embarrassing joke compared to nVidia. Crossing my fingers that nVidia's disappointing 2xxx series will give Navi room to excel, but I still wouldn't bet even odds.

16bcc4  No.15822071

File: 5ae7aabd9515d0b⋯.png (230.29 KB, 500x366, 250:183, trump_barron_i_am_growing_….png)


Honest to god hope their GPU branch steps up their shit like their CPU line just did. I really want to see shit go down again, I wouldn't mind owning a full AMD ONLY system.

e8af3a  No.15822075

File: 8d1cda16be29ab3⋯.png (518.13 KB, 1213x901, 1213:901, ClipboardImage.png)



>but let's not pretend AMD GPUs aren't still an embarrassing joke compared to nVidia

>hope their GPU branch steps up their shit like their CPU line

There's three upcoming AMD GPUs according to a leak, RX3060, 3070 and 3080. The 3060 is equivalent to a RX580 and is priced at $130, the 3070 is equivalent to Vega56 and is priced at $200, and the RX 3080 is equivalent to a GTX 1080 and is priced at $250 The 3060 will require no external power, and the 3070/80 only requiring a single 6-pin connector.

35599b  No.15822087

File: 4695f9ba96ca410⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 480x264, 20:11, 4695f9ba96ca410bac50401798….gif)


>RX 3080 priced at 250$

if true i'm switching to AMD, i'm still scared that the cryptofags are still a thing even if cryptocurrency is dead and inflate the prices

da6ae6  No.15822092


Same here, I already has a full AMD system built out of spite for Intel after they supported anti-gamer/gaming grifters. 8350/380 to 3700 and a 590 doesn't make sense as of now, the GPU has to improve even have as much as the CPUs did.

c76c76  No.15822101


A few years ago AMD started stealing the naming conventions of Intel's motherboard chipsets by taking the number that would have been the follow up generation, and if this "leak" is correct then they are going to steal Nvidia's naming convention next. Not to mention the parallels between i3/i5/i7 and R3/R5/R7. It's pretty hilarious really.

e8af3a  No.15822103


The Vega prices are still higher than what they were originally planned to be, they're only as high as they because of mining despite how disappointing they were. A year of process maturation, architecture maturation, refinement, software and a die shrink to 7nm is what is making basically the same foundation so much better. Vega wasn't a bad architecture, it was an overpriced one. This is basically the HD3000 series happening again, although I do not believe they have another HD4000 up their sleeves.

e951f2  No.15822113

File: 1b295ea38aa8776⋯.jpg (378.33 KB, 960x650, 96:65, 1b295ea38aa8776a33be7b9126….jpg)



Reminder that OP is a cuckhanneler replying to himself and posting a reddit leak with no source

8edbdc  No.15822115

File: 7e5e6f7e099f264⋯.png (129.3 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, sip 2.png)


>high-core count / high-frequency parts in an AMD leak

Yeah this won't be complete bullshit like last time.

e8af3a  No.15822120


>like last time.

been in a coma for 10 years?

07a54b  No.15822126


AMD can do it with 7nm, but Intel will still have a 1000fps+ lead in Source engine games.

d166b6  No.15822133


No, the OP leak is separate from the Reddit leak and has key differences, though they certainly have similarities. Most likely Adored's leak is newer info based on the latest engineering samples.

99de97  No.15822134

i'm going to observe this war and maybe rebuild/upgrade in 2~3 years depending on who wins

e52a6a  No.15822135


I'll believe it when they're out.

3c505b  No.15822137


>Just run Win10 in a hypervisor and you'll get native performance

No you fucking wont I am sick and tired of this idea being peddled by everyone who obviously has never actually set up a gpu passthrough. At best you'll get 10 to 20 percent less than native performance and at worst your performance will decrease pretty dramatically compared to native. I have GPU passthrough set up and the VM installed directly on an ssd so I can directly boot to it to compare the VM performance to native and I lose a big chunk of fps sometimes up to 40 in any game that is CPU intensive.

e8af3a  No.15822138


2500k wins again


the reddit leak is entirely something different, it's used as a point of comparison and Adoredtv does a lot of work to check his sources on these things. He did leak RTX after all.

8aba64  No.15822158


Sounds more like you fucked up somewhere. You have KVM enabled?

244f74  No.15822178

File: 28eca479311ed50⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 260x242, 130:121, cum.gif)

Is it even worth it to make an Intel build at this point or is thegoodcombo Ryzen+Novidya?

6499c7  No.15822186


I'm not sure why the VM passthrough meme took off for Windows 10. It's still data mining you and your local network. The whole point of the passthrough is to get around the lack of drivers for new motherboards for Windows 7

e93579  No.15822200


Intel's failed transition to 10nm is causing shortages, which is causing price increases. They even had to roll back their chipsets manufacturing to an older process node. The only Intel chip that makes any sort of sense would be the 9900k for maximum game FPS, in every other scenario and price point AMD is the better choice.

If you buy Nvidia, I'd say get it used. I bought my 1070 off an Ethereum miner for a good price. As long as they took proper care of the cards while mining (aka undervolting and proper cooling) there is nothing wrong with them.

114f56  No.15822201


It's shit that can be used on a rig to play vidya.

76d8ae  No.15822205


>You need some freedom in your software.

You mean like how sjws have fucked over the freeware community? Nothing in software is unpozzed sadly

43adc6  No.15822207


The point is that you can restrict the botnet in Windows to gayman tasks only, or just completely shut off NIC access, while having a more secure OS for things where privacy matters (officework, email, etc.), all on the same PC without any duplicate parts aside from the need for at least two separate GPUs.

Even if all you run is Windows, the ability to switch between versions without a full reboot, to run older vidya, is a godsend.

c53b5f  No.15822214

File: 9fdad08ddb0b667⋯.jpg (12.58 KB, 480x302, 240:151, 9fdad08ddb0b6672df9ab9062e….jpg)


>can eat salad while playing vidya

>salad helps sustain human body

>human body is used to play vidya


e93579  No.15822229


Do you even lift?

ef71bd  No.15822248


salads are not optimal for sustaining the human body

07a54b  No.15822280


Every video game uses a CPU, not every human uses a salad.

43adc6  No.15822341


CPUs are a key constraint on vidya, 1331 g8mR f00d isn't a crucial factor in performance.

715b8d  No.15822358


Why doesn't intel make a dedicated GPU instead of just part of a chipset?

e52a6a  No.15822366


They're working on it. Intellectual property is a major obstacle.

6f13ee  No.15822377


The work around is EZ. if you already have the installer files, you can inject the USB drivers into it. MS even has a guide on how to do it on their site

715b8d  No.15822378


I heard, for all intents and purposes their GPU technology does a nice job on its own so I was always wondering why not making a dedicated GPU, more options is always good.

e8af3a  No.15822379


>Every video game uses a CPU

I think some very early arcade boards do not actually have a CPU. I'm not too familiar with those boards however.

43adc6  No.15822423

File: 217cc5789dd82a8⋯.png (132.44 KB, 500x369, 500:369, 04637065.png)


Technically speaking, "video game" encompasses everything back to analog devices that technically weren't computers, such as early TV Pong games.

Similarly, "computer games" extend to some devices without video capability, such as teletype printer text Adventure games.

And there are some games that were neither computers nor video based, such as the Simon electronic toy.

I would categorize all three classes of game as within /v/'s bailiwick, though I can't think of any term that covers them as a superset.

e8af3a  No.15822432


I genuinely think there should be pinball threads on /v/.

075f3a  No.15822441



Such a comfy word.

715b8d  No.15822447


Make one, I would make a few questions.

b60bbd  No.15822458


I'm saying there's very little benefits of running Windows 10 in a VM then running it on bare metal. People should be using Windows 7 for games regardless. I use two SSDs in my desktop, one for Linux (normal everyday use) and one for Windows 7 (only games). Windows 10 should never be used period.

>completely shut off NIC access

That's not something that's VM specific. If you want to play offline then unplug your ethernet cable.

>need for at least two separate GPUs

Or like me you can just reboot into Windows. I do acknowledge the benefits of VM passthrough but using it with Windows 10 is just about as bad as booting Windows 10 naively. There's no point because you're screwed either way. Using Windows 7 should be people's only choice.

43adc6  No.15822473


W10 is terrible in terms of botnet, but is W7 really that much better, especially with modded LTSB? And don't forget other devices you can wall VMs off from, like storage that it might read or (even accidentally, due to bugs!) delete, compared to dual booting.

76ebe1  No.15822484


>Bought a used i5 4c for 100 usd few months ago. Not even HT enabled

>Could get brand new ryzen with 6c for that amount of cash

>die internally

85ff7d  No.15822515


Intel's GPUs are way behind the competition, which is why Intel recently used AMD GPUs for some of their NUC and I think laptop products recently, but bringing Raja onboard to help overhaul their architecture could bring some interesting results in the future.

One of the easiest ways to improve performance is to make larger dies, containing more transistors and whatnot, which they could certainly do right now, but it's also an easy way to balloon your power consumption and heat output. I'm sure Intel doesn't want to launch something that runs as hot as the surface of the sun just to barely match AMD's performance level, let alone Nvidia's.

5f4ba3  No.15822517


The main criticism of Win10 is about the telemetry and updates, both of which can be completely disabled with LTSB + some programs/scripts.

16bcc4  No.15822528


What generation was it?

19251d  No.15822534

ermagerrr so many cores!!!1!

87e020  No.15822536


>both of which can be completely disabled with LTSB + some programs/scripts.

Can you prove they are disabled, and that there is no risk of Microsoft releasing an update that gets around the programs/scripts? Windows 7 just seems more hassle-free.

a40c92  No.15822554


Still sitting here with my OCed i7 2600k. Literally no reason to upgrade yet for games. 8 year old mid-power CPU still holding strong. Wonder if it'll hit 10 years old before I dump it.

85ff7d  No.15822571


I wouldn't guarantee telemetry gets entirely eliminated from any tweaks, but Long Term Service Branch (LTSB) is specifically designed NOT to get updates for years so that machines using it that require 24/7/365 reliability don't get interrupted or broken by updates.

b60bbd  No.15822572


>is W7 really that much better

Yes, it is. No need to play the cat and mouse game with (((updates))) like with 10.

>other devices you can wall VMs off from, like storage

That's true, Windows could read the raw bytes off the drive looking for the superblock to determine what file system it has. But beyond that I doubt it would do anything else in secret to the drive, certainly not perform any writes to it since that would very easily be detectable.


Just to be clear, there's no way to prove everything is truly disabled in Windows 7 either. It's just that Microsoft built Windows 10 with those features front and center. If they were going to (and have already done) do an " accidental" forced update they would do it to Windows 10, not Windows 7.

f1238b  No.15822586


A-Alex Jones?

43adc6  No.15822595


Can you prove Windows 7 doesn't either?


I'm thinking not just of snooping, but of Windows bugs just fucking up your system. There are confirmed cases of Windows accidentally corrupting or deleting partitions and drives.

5f4ba3  No.15822600



It's not possible, as far as I know, to verify absolutely everything. However, I've looked at my network traffic and not seen any communication with MS servers, and after installing it and using the program Shutup10, haven't had a single update even attempt to install, nor will any update ever attempt to install as the ability to do so is disabled by the program.

Shutup10 is the program I used, but there are many other programs and scripts out there that do the same thing, or you can do it all manually. Just installing LTSB itself isn't enough to disable all updates permanently, nor is it enough to disable telemetry.

92593c  No.15822606


yeah i just enabling smt and its like a night and day different when i decide to make some webms while the game is minimized.

granted my last experience with HT was with pentium 4

b60bbd  No.15822650


>There are confirmed cases of Windows accidentally corrupting or deleting partitions and drives

Yeah only with Windows 10. Windows 7 has never had any issues like that in almost 10 years.


>I've looked at my network traffic

Sure you can try to confirm the current blocking status, but the real threat is another "accidental" forced update for Windows 10 through a previously unknown or dormant service. By the time it's received and activated it's too late if you're only taking reactive measures instead of proactive measures.


>The Software is licensed, not sold.

>Prohibition on Reverse Engineering, Decompilation, and Disassembly. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble this software except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation.

>Without prejudice to any other rights, O&O may terminate this License Agreement if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement. In such event, you must destroy all copies of the software.

So you're relying on proprietary software that explicitly states you can't try to confirm that it actually works? How backwards is that?

c53b5f  No.15822671


To a degree, yes, but there's a fucking board for this kind of stuff.

43adc6  No.15822702


The one filled with "muh buttnet" LARPers that refuse to run anything except TempleOS on their original Commodore ThinkPad abacuses because of IME/PSP/TrustZone?

If I want to discuss high-performance 80x86 hardware, especially to run proprietary games with Windows 10 in the system requirements, this is the only board to do it.

16bcc4  No.15822705

c53b5f  No.15822710


>windows 10 in the system requirements

what game does this that isn't dogshit

76ebe1  No.15822766

f3a7fb  No.15822773

4ghz 50w 99$

that sounds good to me

43adc6  No.15822790


Forza. Few now, but I can only expect it to increase, given the rapid shift of Steam users to 2/3rds W8/10. And even if something can run on W7, bottlenecks such as the inability to use D3D12 could become a problem if Vulkan support drops off.

695b08  No.15822801


>post crying about op uses image trying to defame a man who accepts donations to his site in the form of dismembered jew fingers

Lot of Intel loyalty for a hired gun

e78c3a  No.15822810

$300 to $500 for a cpu? AMD has almost NEVER broken the $200 price point until now. AMD has lost its touch. It use to really be the welfare hero, now it's just Intel 2.0.

8698cc  No.15822868

File: 036901a37631a2c⋯.jpg (163.89 KB, 500x376, 125:94, vien.jpg)


So that explains why nvidia rushed their half baked and overpriced 2080 to the market. They must have been hoping that the whole raytracing thing will take off and result in developer lock-in to help combat just how badly they are about to get rekt on the low and mid end market.

It should also be noted though that AMD is gunning hard for the compute market as a priority, which is where the REAL money is.

43adc6  No.15822894

File: 421c43acfc67bd3⋯.png (151.76 KB, 485x292, 485:292, k4cxsyl7yo4z.png)


>be burgerstani

>viennetta introduced


>of course it goes out of production almost immediately

>it's apparently been around for decades outside burgerland and still is

Screw you yuropoor

e43b43  No.15822901

>invest half your CPU into housing backdoors and botnet instead of available computing power

>surprised when competition beats you

b60bbd  No.15822943


>AMD is gunning hard for the compute market as a priority

Yes but unfortunately much of that is vendor locked because of proprietary CUDA software. AMD and Khronos need to either really aggressively push an open source alternative or make a CUDA transpiler or translation layer.

01afb2  No.15822961


I don't know why but I suddenly got the urge to rewatch the LotR trilogy.

6e087f  No.15822990


There was one about Black Rose getting pants slapped on some recent pinball simulator. I didn't post in it, but I didn't see it locked/anchored either.

a87485  No.15823006

File: a4816aabe0bcf79⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 467x348, 467:348, Mario sick and tired.gif)



I remember having those with my grandparents when I was a very young kid and finally know what those are called and who made them.

On one hand I'm happy but on the other it reminds me that they're gone.

823864  No.15823027

File: dd606e98d0e8744⋯.png (4.37 KB, 240x178, 120:89, sad spurdo.png)


I think that's what good grandparents do. They get their grandchildren Viennetta and then they die. The crazy and unpleasant ones never give any Viennetta, go completely senile and end up living forever.

I only have a sample size of 4, but for now, this theory is holding. 3 dead, 1 seemingly immortal.

0c5515  No.15823031

File: a6e543bfc235938⋯.png (130.16 KB, 548x410, 274:205, f25a620cd496c78d0922b1111a….png)

e43b43  No.15823035


it's not like hell wake up even if I don't tell him not to

346cea  No.15823046

File: bc9a6daaa1dbe2e⋯.png (103.39 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 901961bd410e918daafa4033f3….png)

dfe06e  No.15823072

File: f23ab223b50b6d0⋯.png (79.05 KB, 415x358, 415:358, 1111.png)


>grandpa died from pneumonia

>grandma got ran over by a junkie

>in the span of one year

And that's when I went nuclear.

548b1b  No.15823112


Nvdia was in a bad position because of the crypto boom. That probably sounds strange, but booms are hard for companies with a long lead time to handle. They either had to underproduce and let prices go to space where only buttcoiners would go and risk losing their grip on the gay men market or produce to meet the needs of both and have a glut of cards on hand after a crypto crash. They went with the latter, crypto crashed, and they were stuck with a ton of unsold cards and weak demand. But they also had the design pipeline getting backed up. So their solution was to release the GTX 20 series early at extreme prices so that on paper they're still keeping up with the tech curve but they were priced high enough to keep people buying old inventory. The first GTX 20 run was probably very small compared to what they'd usually produce.

Things will return to normal. It's just a recovery from crypto they're going through.

00c353  No.15823125

>makes the most GPU known to man

>shit still won't run OG Crysis because it's optimized for Nvidia

The main problem here is that Nvida cards run everything while AMD cards lose some of their performance for more than half the games out there. Since Nvidia has their money in most devs and publishers' pockets to some degree, that's probably going to keep being the case for a while now.

d42d6e  No.15823131



At that point wouldn't it just be easier to just get a properly spec'd gaming PC and a cheaper Linux/*BSD computer for general browsing and media purposes? The non-gaming computer wouldn't need to be that powerful at all.

b60bbd  No.15823135


Ironically enough, now is the perfect time for miners since idiots are selling their used cards for dirt cheap. You're a fool if you thought you would set up a mining rig for a quick profit.


>while AMD cards lose some of their performance for more than half the games

Is that even true any more with all the console ports?

43adc6  No.15823139


Setting aside other demanding tasks one might perform (compilation, transcoding, art, etc.), modern browsers and sites are getting so incredibly bloated that at least a powerful multithreaded CPU and a lot of RAM are increasingly crucial to mere web browsing.

b60bbd  No.15823157

File: 94a4431640a21fb⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 247.66 KB, 1000x900, 10:9, 1c147d1f2e3731ca15d3a56e9….jpeg)

File: 8820d7e41b67ce0⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 248.45 KB, 1000x900, 10:9, acba06f09ef3db090f30c8044….jpeg)


Might as well post the others.


Unfortunately this is true. A good way to speed things up is to disable javascript by default with addons like uMatrix and allow javascript only if the webpage shows major breakage. Also block adds with uBlock Origin.

Protip: disable javascript on your mobile browser since 95% of mobile sites are designed to not need it to browse anyways. All that runs are tracking services in the background which use power.

00c353  No.15823183

File: f6c611af5584fba⋯.jpg (7.51 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images (1).jpg)


Or she's rearing for a kick. She could just be tired of your shit, anon.

43adc6  No.15823185


Also, of course, there is the slow trickle of Linux ports, and improvements to Linux GPU drivers that are making it a superior platform for some emulators.

00c353  No.15823196

File: 54e13022641c081⋯.jpg (100.98 KB, 1000x635, 200:127, 19d758faaff34bd64b0fc2b8ac….jpg)


>console ports

Tend to run universally worse for both cards but AMDs even more so for some reason. At least that's what I've heard.


Hey, gotta cram in that spyware otherwise the government doesn't know you're not a terrorist, anon. And we wouldn't want the government not knowing you're not a terrorist, would we? If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

That, and companies are increasingly getting lazier and lazier and packing more useless shit in that rightfully doesn't belong there. I read somewhere, for instance, that the size of Ubi games is like 40-50% DRM which wouldn't surprise me in the least.

We're increasingly getting either downgrades or relatively minor upgrades that chug memory and processing power like nothing else and completely tank frames.

At this point I'm not sure if it's hardware jewing to keep us buying new gear or if the souless machines that have taken over the industry for the sole, unitary purpose of making money(and I'm referring to the individual devs and programmers here) are really that dispassionate.

53fde8  No.15823237

File: 5be423a993303d5⋯.png (1020.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, healing.png)


That actually warms my heart.

ce8eb4  No.15823262

File: a5da5bdae81dfa1⋯.jpg (342.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, featured1.jpg)



>warms your heart

>doesn't break your heart

I mean I suppose there are many ways to interpret friendship but if I saw a girl in such a way that I'd want to see her in various states of undress I'd be pretty depressed if she only did that out of pity for me as a friend.

If she genuinely, romantically liked me and also was my friend(it's possible, eat a dick faggots) that would be a different thing but that's pretty dubious.

Being friendzoned is, in romantic terms, literally just unending, incurable suffering especially if you get yourself to that point where you're so attached to each-other you can't stand to be apart for long but every time you see her it hurts.

Before some faggot says no, it's not a personal story. It's a general observation.

d42d6e  No.15823281

File: b3758133c9c590e⋯.png (10.85 KB, 529x227, 529:227, umatrix.png)


That's a good point. I was thinking about doing something like that, a decently powered gaming PC that's about 2 releases behind the current edge stuff, and the general PC that's about 3-4 or so behind. For example if I were to execute that plan now, once amd comes out with their Zen2 lines I would get a first gen Ryzen cpu and appropriate GPU and build around that, while the general PC would use a second gen FX processor. Something around an R5 and F6 or R7 and F8 depending on how the pricings work out exactly.

I'm still on windows 7, but I realize moving over to linux I'll have to get used to compiling times. But seeing as the only demanding tasks I would do on it would be compiling and encoding webms occasionally the time spent waiting would be similar to my current potato and it would be managable and something I'm willing to accept. And the only things I can think of that I would keep up do date would be just the browser, a media player, and torrent client.

It's obvious not as price effecient as being a good goy and only using W10/7 computer for viyda, or segregating things a bit by either dual-booting or further still with PCIe passthrough, but I think it would be worth it for me to get away from microsoft since the gaming PC would have not need to be able to connect to the internet so W10 telemetry and spying concerns would be alleviated by airgapping most of the times. Though I would still try to get windows 8 or 7 working in to see which gives me the best permance still for regular vidya and emulation.


Already been doing that. I'm at the point where I think I can transition to one of those text based terminal browsers without my browsing habits changing much once I move over to a baby's first linux distro. Depending on how demanding a regular web browser is on the weaker general PC as I described on my first half of this post.

43adc6  No.15823291


>the size of Ubi games is like 40-50% DRM

Sort of. It isn't literally DRM software, but the sheer size of the game itself possibly intended as a sort of DRM, though the ability of pirates to repack games smaller can mitigate that. Also, since (especially PC, but even console) games increasingly require massive installs/downloads even when purchased at retail, this has a 1:1 penalty on legit customers, too.

Many games are simply very inefficiently stored, ranging from more arcane goofups like a failure to compress meshes/animations/scripts/etc or use more modern codecs on cutscenes, to large amounts of uncompressed audio or textures, to very embarrassing practices like mandatory install of multiple audio localizations. Some of these are openly justified as an intentional tradeoff between CPU/bus demand vs. storage space, but unwillingness to make these optional is galling.

d42d6e  No.15823303



It might also be referring to cases like this https://archive.is/QMcpz#selection-371.0-371.149, where most of the main .exe's filesize was DRM.

f2a272  No.15823327


I try not to think about 3DPD whores. I just want a kawaii 2D loli with tsundere/lewd tenancies to hang out with.

I understand where you're coming from though.

ce8eb4  No.15823328


You know, for so much uncompressed shit you'd think the game could actually load it without chugging balls and yet I keep seeing minor graphical improvements paired with massive content downgrades for extreme hardware requirements.

For some reason a machine that can run Far Cry 4 at like 40-50fps can't get a solid 30 out of Far Cry 5 even on lower settings for relatively minor updates(it's mainly textures, some lighting and improved facial models) and some pretty big downgrades on effects(their fire effects keep getting shittier with every game).

b5a97b  No.15823338


It's not tricky at all, I myself used a PS/2 keyboard and it worked perfectly. Afterwards you just install the USB drivers and you're good to go.

43adc6  No.15823349


Insufficient compression can sometimes hurt performance if you have free CPU cores, since the CPU saved by uncompressed assets is sometimes less valuable than the bus throughput wasted pushing it around the mobo. Talented game optimization is in many ways both science and art.

8edbdc  No.15823383

File: 436e7eaf857664e⋯.gif (86.4 KB, 306x245, 306:245, slaps.gif)


Even on 7nm it's not possible to have a 12 core 24 thread part hitting 5GHz boost on stock cooling. I know this is /v/, but you can't be this technically illiterate. The heat output of high core count parts is ridiculous which is why their frequency is generally lower. Having both frequency and high core count relies on exotic cooling and certainly isn't possibly out of the box especially for AMD. AMD's Zen architecture hasn't had the highest clocks out of the box nor has it been the best for overclocking. Clock speed has always been Zen's shortcoming compared to the competition. This clock speed deficit lead to wishful thinking for future AMD CPUs which lead to fake leaks for Zen 2 predicting massive frequency gains that never fucking happened and this is just more of the same bullshit. Every time I see this kinda shit I think "People can't be stupid enough to believe they have that many cores running at that frequency on stock cooling" and yet here were are yet again.

1bbf31  No.15823386


could be an op to make /v/ hate AMD. Think about it, all you gotta do is act retarded and samefag while shilling for something you hate, and the thing you hate will then be hated by all of /v/ due to shilling

2130b0  No.15823426


Sleep Tight Terry

b0b866  No.15823428


>Ryzen 5 3600G

>8C / 16T / 20CU

That's more powerful than the PS4 processor. It could be around a rx 560 in performance.

fd8647  No.15823432


Intel on suicide watch.

b8a493  No.15823434






b8a493  No.15823441

File: d241993d617f17c⋯.png (489.37 KB, 1071x686, 153:98, 1543959046264.png)


>All that bullshit you posted

>getting BTFO in one pic

86e94f  No.15823446


Farcry 5 has some issue specific to it if not something introduced to the dunia engine, the guy from gamers nexus has mentioned it in passing in a few of his last videos, something about the framerate interval in miliseconds which affects every cpu

b8a493  No.15823461


you're literally describing current Intel housefire CPUs with your post, gg anon.

43adc6  No.15823473


Be fair, Intel's highest clocked parts since they've become so ridiculously stingy with unlocked multipliers and turbo boost on cheaper parts in the years since awesome parts like the G3258 also have enormous numbers of cores. Simply by shutting down extra cores, such CPUs can clock similarly to smaller devices.

Granted, it's pretty wasteful, but having the option is nice if you want to run stuff like badly multithreaded games and emulators.

c2d660  No.15823481




>padded 13-digit utc filename

You have to go back.

9009b9  No.15823504


>intel shills this mad



23d3e2  No.15823505

wait why are people so mad about good/decent cpus at a decent price.

c53b5f  No.15823514


Didn't answer my question

9009b9  No.15823550


CPUs and GPUs are both heavily involved with being able to play video games.

A new high end CPU at a very affordable price is relatable because it opens the door up for more people that can't afford Intel CPUs at their inflated price point. It doesn't help that modern games are programmed by lazy degenerate faggots that can't code worth a shit and push out bloated trash that runs like dog shit on anything one generation old.

So cheap powerful CPUs means that more people can upgrade their computers with better hardware for a fraction of the price which means more people are able to play more video games.

This is very relatable to me because right now money is tight and my CPU is becoming a bottleneck for newer games and if I want to record or stream, and these powerful CPUs for bargain prices will give me the opportunity to upgrade and play more games.

86e94f  No.15823591


INTEL has a 90% market share and near total dominance of all CPU manufacturing infrastructure and they don't want you to have something good and cheap. AMD threatens this.

How do you not understand this?

23d3e2  No.15823601


sounds terrible well haven't really used a intel in like a decade so can't say

c7a8d8  No.15823763


ubisoft sometimes does some retarded shit, remember asscreed unity which sometimes had more drawcalls than most hardware could handle?


> to very embarrassing practices like mandatory install of multiple audio localizations.

fucking titanfall man, and on top of that that shit was all uncompressed because "muh cpu-cycles". their excuse was "we optimized down so even a core2 duo can play it". yeah right.


imo video games is the software, hardware is more /tech/. but then I'm not that triggered by the occasional offtopic thread, so who cares.

3cd38c  No.15823802

File: fa457ea9741f375⋯.jpg (70.83 KB, 800x900, 8:9, fa457ea9741f375a47b179e7ab….jpg)


AMDs CPUs and GPUs or APUs will be in the next console generation again. How is that not vidya related?

be4c45  No.15823837



they're still around in italy

Best treat to buy when you're visiting parents for a big dinner and pasta and seconds have already been covered by the others

16bcc4  No.15823884


I can see that, that goes along perfectly with the falseflag "raids" that are happening.

86e94f  No.15824485


intel shills just want you to stop talking about it and just buy it!

0abf08  No.15824603


Same thing happened with nier automata here, shit OPs like "if you dont think this game is the best game of all time you should kill yourself" etc.

d42d6e  No.15824607

File: 47e37e2aae9e8c6⋯.png (540.52 KB, 675x557, 675:557, nier automata goty edition….png)


Fucking Squeenix, I'm still mad over the fucking PC port.

c3e230  No.15824611

File: 090e59035cee3e4⋯.png (87.08 KB, 609x539, 87:77, 090e59035cee3e4c7c9052927f….png)


>implying there aren't librefags here on /v/


I'm all for it.

The only issue is that most anons here are likely far from any arcades. Luckily there are plenty of pinball vidya and some cheap tabletop pinball machines.

29a23f  No.15824644

File: ef0976f52d49d9e⋯.jpg (8.53 KB, 300x300, 1:1, s-l300.jpg)



>Tfw Viennetta is coming back for a limited time on my city

9912b1  No.15824955


Wake me up when AMD is at the top of this chart.


72a393  No.15825258


Use Windows 8.1 with start is back instead.

1624e8  No.15825294


All I saw about Automata on /v/ was "Wow Taro is a fucking evil bastard who stole some faggot nobody from a AGDG's waifu so the game is shit." As if I'm supposed to care about what happened to some cuckchanner.

7a5b8a  No.15825315


>tfw chilean and I can buy Viennetta almost fucking anywhere

Sucks to be you, gringo

673cfe  No.15825373


Wait, you don't have Viennetta in the US? I thought it was the "greatest country in the world".

343211  No.15825422

Is the RX 580 any good for the price? I want to stay future proof at the very least so I can play the newest unoptimized shit at a decent framerate.

19251d  No.15825429


most powerful government. doesnt mean were happy.

9d8049  No.15825487



there is still remote control shit on new amds

a7338a  No.15825511


I asked /tech/ last year, the pointed out what was basically Windows 10: Windows 7 Edition to me and I pirated that.

9d8049  No.15825541


>The 3060 is equivalent to a RX580 and is priced at $130

I've spent $380 for 580 because it was during bitcoin craze. fuuuck.

453b4e  No.15826129


Sleep Tight Terry

bbc4ee  No.15826209


>All that retardation over not understanding that Boost |= All core Boost

8698cc  No.15826691

File: b898bee78e2bb78⋯.png (142.09 KB, 404x543, 404:543, me pirating windows 10.png)


Sounds like they recommended the LTSB version, which is the one microsoft doesn't want anyone to know about and only offers to to certain businesses. It's meant to just receive bug fixes, and no feature updates for the next 2 years or so. This can be a detriment if you need to latest and greatest feature for some reason. If you're like me and keep windows in a VM+hardware passthrough to play old games and do work related things, then it's fucking perfect. It even has the option for having a dark background in explorer, which is honestly the only good thing microsoft has done for years.

It's now updated and renamed to LTSC. Here's a magnet link


I recommend the KMS-VL-ALL activator found here:


fa82b1  No.15826784


The important thing is that if this is true, ray tracing will completely die. There is a massive market of people waiting for cheap 1080s or equivilents. By never releasing an affordable mid-range card, Nvidia is basically trying to coerce people into getting an RTX-capable card. Charging $250 for a 1080 equivilent will shit all over Nvidia and all of their work and give AMD a spike in the video card market. They might actually have to put in some fucking effort again.


I don't know where you saw that, because AGDG shits on that fag harder than anyone else. Not like he'd ever work on his game again after becoming a laughing stock to us.

e52a6a  No.15826792


>Charging $250 for a 1080 equivilent will shit all over Nvidia and all of their work and give AMD a spike in the video card market. They might actually have to put in some fucking effort again.

Nah, what'll happen is everyone will say "wow I can't wait to see what Nvidia puts out in response" and sit on their hands until Nvidia has time to roll its enormous marketing and R&D budget over to crush AMD and then they'll go back to buying overpriced bullshit. It's happened to AMD twice now, don't see why anything would change in the future.

bb403a  No.15826808

File: 900a427e1d0ccf2⋯.png (53.04 KB, 251x275, 251:275, ooooooooo.png)

> 6 Cores 12 Threads for 100 buckaroos

bb403a  No.15826811

File: 6d52ee425818095⋯.png (63.64 KB, 240x196, 60:49, 978gh4837g4f837g4.png)

Also, daily reminder to buy a 27in+ 2560x1600 monitor before they get all bought by aspect ratio hipsters, just like CRTs

43adc6  No.15827076

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>if this is true, ray tracing will completely die

Reminder that according to nVidia & MS themselves, the RTRT ASIC on RTX only increases DXR API performance by 2-3x over a pure shader/CPU implementation that also works on AMD:


Reminder nVidia's RTRT ASIC plopped onto the mammoth RTX die, at 6 gigarays/second, performs on par with a literal cellphone GPU's RTRT ASIC from PowerVR several years ago:


Reminder AMD has offered their own implementation of RTRT in Vulkan, that can also run on nVidia, for years:


Reminder that RTRT, frequently on par with or exceeding the capabilities of rasterized hardware 3D, as opposed to the terrible looking interpolated hybrid garbage RTX does, has been implemented by penniless teenage demoscene hackers since the 90s:


Reminder the only reason everything still uses triangular Gouraud-shaded polygons with bitmapped textures largely identical to what the 3Dfx VooDoo did is because game engine programmers are worthless ignoramuses.

85ff7d  No.15827495


Because this time the attitude towards Nvidia is similar to the attitude towards Intel - people are finally realizing they have been getting ripped off, and they want competition in the market again. People see how good Ryzen was at shaking up Intel, and if AMD can actually hit hard with Navi I think people will be very happy with it.

184717  No.15827539

File: f1b7a2280c39c23⋯.jpg (8.21 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1471987671831.jpg)


Either use GNU plus Linux, or admit that you're retarded and use Windows 10.

8f9cea  No.15827636

File: e1a65cb176af1bd⋯.png (58 KB, 746x332, 373:166, pinkguy.png)


oh yeah, "only triple the performance" on an incredibly demanding task.

radeon rays is not a real-time renderer

PowerVR's 6 gigarays ASIC never existed. It was only on paper and it was spec’d at 120W TDP, which is not a “smartphone GPU” power consumption by any stretch of the imagination. The GR6500 was the biggest ray-tracer they actually ever shipped at 300 Megarays, and it was only ever in one chip that was only used in a rare set-top box, not in phones. Also, PowerVR's solution could not compute multiple bounces unlike NV's.

Real-time radiosity is not the same thing as real-time ray-tracing and scene complexity is about ten orders of magnitude greater in the scenes Nvidia is trying to light (which has an exponential effect on the demands to ray-trace the scene.)

Reminder that this anon doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.

43adc6  No.15827758


>an incredibly demanding task.

Sure, but far from an insurmountable one (compared with, for instance, a pure software rasterizer on even the fastest multicore CPU versus a current GPU).

>radeon rays is not a real-time renderer

It is now, AMD is even using it for that purpose in their own ProRender package.

>120W TDP

At 28nm, which is 2.3x less efficient than RTX's fab node.

>Real-time radiosity is not the same thing as real-time ray-tracing and scene complexity is about ten orders of magnitude greater in the scenes Nvidia is trying to light

The demos on that page use a variety of techniques, with a variety of scene complexities, since they stretch from the present back 20 years. Note that nearly all of them are full-scene raytraced, many near or even surpassing contemporary conventional 3D hardware in terms of scene complexity.

My point is that the RT performance of RTX is easily within the grasp of conventional hardware, that there is enormous headroom for RT ASICs within typical GPU semitransistor budgets, and nVidia's timid avoidance of full-scene RT even with the hardware they're selling does the potential of RTRT a great disservice.

142edb  No.15828099

File: a6681514c1cae72⋯.jpg (25.18 KB, 620x413, 620:413, Consoles are the same fuck….jpg)


A Switch is not a video game.

Change my mind.

2db55a  No.15828165

File: f9e4f70e215b9fb⋯.jpg (187.8 KB, 1214x1080, 607:540, Hotaru covered in vanilla ….jpg)


This right here. 7th and 8th gen console discussion should be moved to /tech/ as they're not video game related.

e54242  No.15828188

File: 3bdd99fcdc1bf1f⋯.jpg (71.88 KB, 1300x957, 1300:957, it's a tough pill to swall….jpg)


Are you asking us to switch your opinion?

142edb  No.15828217

File: 638607aca2d83ad⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 478.09 KB, 400x293, 400:293, fuck you carlos.gif)


Goddamn it.

My sides just switched dimensions.

6d9ac7  No.15828330

ever played switch? you put one thumb in your ass and another in your mouth, and when somebody says "switch" you switch!

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