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File: aa19d31f8daebaa⋯.png (950.45 KB, 1329x1500, 443:500, 0c9a49b9b946c1e2d86dce5246….png)

File: f370fd6e394c32e⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 03e9868a8b3670e52498733c51….png)

1538a7  No.15822183

Post suggestions to innovate Pokemon.

Bring back the mechanic in Pokemon Colosseum where instead of a Pokemon following you around it's a cute girl. Better yet, the ability to recruit various NPCs throughout the world as a partner who visibly follows you and can optionally do team battles with you. If you're also able to swap Pokemon between yourself and your partner you could have 12 total Pokemon rather than 6. The possibilities and the autism are boundless. People will be posting guides on how to reveal and where to find rare trainers to team up with. Putting numerous limitations on the trainers you can team up with could suck though.

4783db  No.15822194

Put a bomb in every copy of the game.

a7e0bd  No.15822199

She should stop abusing that poor eevee.

f680e3  No.15822220

Remove the shitty mons and put Digimon in instead

a7e0bd  No.15822224


what digimon games should I start playing and should I start with season 1 of the animu?

I vaguely remember watching and enjoying it from my childhood but for whatever reason it just sort of faded away

5c1750  No.15822238


trainer level and profile

for example the fighting profile gives bonuses to fighting pokemon when you level the trainer you get point to invest into a profile to unlock more bonuses

the game will then have several leagues the base league where you fight a gym of each type or something

and advanced league with different type of battles such as double, rotation and focused on different things and then the pokemon champ league with super difficult trainers

each gym wiill give a profle and there will be special trainers that you can learn some from hidden around the map

to me this would make a stronger connection between the trainer and the type of pokemon they wish to use

5c1750  No.15822245


oh and add an item limiter say 3 or 5 items per battle that you choose beforehand from your stock so that there cant be item spamming and item become part of the strategy

d555da  No.15822251

File: 74a836cdc5ead5f⋯.png (1.04 MB, 726x879, 242:293, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 409c3c4d5344abc⋯.png (577.22 KB, 2392x1266, 1196:633, Why Gen 1 is superior (Par….png)

File: e8ea7adfee259b7⋯.png (343.25 KB, 1435x1166, 1435:1166, Why Gen 1 is superior (Par….png)


>Post suggestions to innovate Pokemon

Go back to the "rough" aesthetic the 90's games had would good be start, everything feels too "sci-fi", clean, and cute in the newer games. Stop making the games hold your hand and leave much of it to mystery. Put some actual people in the game who actually care more about things in life than just Pokemon.

>Bring back the mechanic in Pokemon Colosseum where instead of a Pokemon following you around it's a cute girl. Better yet, the ability to recruit various NPCs throughout the world as a partner who visibly follows you and can optionally do team battles with you.

That sounds like a neat idea. Actually, make Pokemon more of a traditional RPG with monster catching on the side rather than what it's become.

5f1170  No.15822255

File: 1466c0529c9a3ba⋯.gif (358.63 KB, 402x301, 402:301, alice_unimpressed.gif)

> Have a plot/goal that isn't GYM GYM GYM GYM GYM ELITE FOUR

< Each pokemon has its own max number of moves between 4-10

< Upgrade its battle system to allow the player to send out up to four max pokemon to the battle

> Who actually gives a shit about "catch 'em all", make it focused on creating a unique team that works together

< Lewd outfits

> Romanceable pokegirls

What do I win

07d399  No.15822256


Platnium mostly did it. All your partner was good at was killing shinies though (RIP shiny buneary).

d555da  No.15822257

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Who actually gives a shit about "catch 'em all"

9c127a  No.15822258

Remove the multiple versions and have everybody's game semi-randomize upon file creation.

So for example for Player A:

>Pidgey is common and can be found on routes 2, 5, 6, 13

>Plusle is common and can be found on routes 5, 12, 16

>Bulbasaur is rare and can be found of routes 17, and 21

>Spinarak is very rare and can be found only on route 19

For Player B

>Pidgey is common and can be found on routes 16, 5, 3, 13

>Plusle is rare and can be found on routes 5 and 16

>Bulbasaur is uncommon and can be found only on route 21

>Spinarak is common and can be found on route 19, 13, and 3

For Player C

>Pidgey is rare and can be found on routes 6 &13

>Plusle is common and can be found on routes 5, 12, 16

>Bulbasaur is very rare and can only be found on route 17

>Spinarak is common and can be found only on route 19

Obviously when I say semi-randomize I dont mean without limits, you shouldnt find Magikarps in grass or an ice pokemon in a scorching desert.

No more exclusives either. You should be able to get everything with just 1 copy of the game, trading just makes it easier.

d555da  No.15822262

Oh, I forgot another suggestion:

Bring back multiple regions!

It doesn't have to have all…8?…regions that we've already played through. Just 1 or 2, in addition to the new region.

5bbb5c  No.15822263

All I want is a hardmode difficulty, so that non-children can enjoy the game. What's the point of battling when even the elite 4 are a joke? They don't need to innovate yet, they need to make what they have less retarded.

1ff80e  No.15822268

File: a590d1a0d85761d⋯.jpg (43.25 KB, 201x418, 201:418, 11.jpg)


>black2/white2 has a hard/easy mode

>requires you to beat the game first though

Why though

50b11f  No.15822281

Put in some mini games like the Pokemon Stadium ones i mean Let's Go had a chance to add them but they chickened out because they are still afraid of irresponsible parents saying it would be gambling for tickets on an arcade. Seriously if they aren't gonna bother bringing back the Game Corner at least make it an arcade.

223abb  No.15822365


Rather than remaking the Kanto region with the same shit for the billionth time, make a PREQUEL to the Kanto games where you play as Oak when he was a kid and Agatha is your rival. Since the pokedex hasn't been invented yet, you have to draw sketches of pokemon to record them. The more accurate your sketches, the more information (both lore-wise and mechanics-wise) you get about the mon. A lot of things that are rare by the time of red/blue (such as the starters) are actually fairly common in these prequel games, but there's some sort of event that happens that drastically lowers their population. There's no formalized elite four or gyms whatsoever, since pokemon are a relatively new and developing phenomenon.

fa9575  No.15822391

-Change from follow camera that's controllable with the right stick to a bird's eye camera with fixed north with a right stick click. Swapping camera perspectives is necessary for how you engage Pokémon encounters.

-No more step based random encounters. All Pokémon spawn on the overworld in tall grass or in water and caves. They have different behavior arch-types depending on species. They can be baited with Pokémon food and you can engage groups of 5 at once in a Battle Royale style match (sometimes wild Pokémon prey on each other). Though you still need to battle them.

-Player Trainers can spawn as random NPCs when you communicate online. Trainers will spawn close to your skill level based on how many badges you collected. They can be battled offline for EXP and cash.

-Post game Gyms ban items and use tournament rules. Also post game Gyms restrict you to using only 3-4 Pokémon max or 6 depending on ruleset.

-Add a "fast HUD lag" option and "expert mode" in the options menu. Fast lag causes HP bar to drain almost immediately. Expert mode removes some battle text from battle so players can use visual feedback and HD rumble if a move it's ultra effective (x4 damage), super effective, not very effective, or barely effective (x0.25 damage). Also applies to critical hits.

-Similar to Battle Revolution, the type of the damage of the attack is animated in the HP bar. Fire burns away the bar. Grass wilts the bar. Poison corrodes it like acid. Etc. It's a tool for players to learn damage types of attacks after their Pokémon get hit.

-Pokémon food can be made from ingredients like red meat, poultry, eggs, fish, dairy, grains, fruit, and vegetables. Sadly if Pokémon Go integration is here to stay then diet replace candy for stat EXP system. Otherwise diet can speed up EV growth while super training.

-Boxes can now be accessed any time outside of battle via portable box. Archive boxes will be available with network option.

-No more PC at Pokémon Centers because your Pokédex is now a smart phone and can send and receive phone calls and e-mails to players and NPCs, open a GPS map, and everything else a PC can do.

-Pokémon mail returns as stationary for e-mail feature. You can write text or draw pictures. The service is developed by Nikki of Swapnote fame.

-Nintendo Switch Online App lets you access Pokémon e-mail (PMs), trade offers, battle logs, mixed records and more when your Switch is offline.

-Keep secret techniques but give each Pokémon an ST types as a prerequisite like cutter, demolitionist, lasso, or swimmer as examples.

-Fuck holding. Let players talk to NPCs to figure out where to go next like the old games.

2a270e  No.15822409


Having 12 pokemon is overkill. It would turn an already easy game into a walking simulator.


But then the trainer's Pokeballs wouldn't be able to catch the Digimon. There are no such thing as Digiballs to catch them either.

503c02  No.15822421

The biggest problem with the battle system is that STAB + type advantage provides a "clock" of 1-2 turns to kill almost any opponent. By not taking advantage of this, you're kneecapping yourself. So long as the games have this focus on RPS-like mechanics, they will ALWAYS have the same problems of a easily attainable dominant strategy.


Honestly, make a digimon thread and ask them. From what I recall from lurking:

>the recent cyber sleuth games are straightforward JPRGs with some surprisingly mature writing

>if you start watching the old anime, ensure you watch it in Japanese because it got (((localized))) to hell and back.

162b55  No.15822425

I have four entirely different Pokemon game ideas (in no particular order: new game, BW3, Sonic Mania, and a multiversial fangame) but one important mechanic and possibly plot relevant concept involves a revamped version of the PokeRide system. Over the course of the game, you would unlock different roles a Pokemon can fulfill. You then place a Pokemon of your choice that meets certain criteria in a special box, and Telefang them in to traverse the overworld and solve problems. While many of these would be HM moves, we could further expand it to other ways of solving problems. This way you can help flesh out the whole "people working with Pokemon" thing that was implied with the original Capsule Monsters art and concepts as well as the game's standard intro speech. This will also add more sidequests to the game, which have been lacking since some time between B2W2 and USUM. This way you could give the players a sense of accomplishment from earning the overpowered healing items instead of just giving them to you. It could also help give Pokemon a sort of day in the limelight episode.

Other concepts I've thought over are mostly convenience things. "Turbo Mode" for battles that speed them up even faster, a difficulty/player skill system where first time or young players can get an easier game with tutorials while older players can get more challenge and less tutorials of things they already know, battles that instead of overleveled Pokemon or tons of shitmon making trainer battles waste time and mostly be a war of attrition instead have a few Pokemon with good moves that provide mild challenge and are more engaging, that sort of stuff. I think Pokemon is mostly fine, but Game Freak is incompetent, and there's a lot of little things they miss.


I actually like random encounters and the fixed camera. While the former can be annoying, it leaves you some surprises on what you're going to get. However, I do agree there need to be some ways to manipulate the randomness. ORAS's Dex Nav seems like a good starting point. As for fixed camera, what you're saying is adjusting the camera to see things is a challenge in and of itself, which doesn't really fit in with a RPG where that sort of reflex stuff isn't really supposed to be a thing. So you're adding a level of unnecessary complexity to a game which is supposed to be for retarded children.

f8da1c  No.15822426

File: 16e27c981a3a7db⋯.jpg (548.53 KB, 950x800, 19:16, 3fc202bcbdf85632cca73e72cb….jpg)


So, you get the idea from this?

223abb  No.15822442



i want to see that made

aebd91  No.15822456

This is kinda drastic for a main series game, so maybe a spin off.

-Plot/Gameplay: An "open world" (similar to Xenoblade) where the objective is to join a research team, scout out an undiscovered region, and document the pokemon/some ancient somethingsomething rumored to be hidden there. With most of the challenges being mercenaries trying to beat you to the punch, pseudo totem pokemon, and beefy versions of legendaries that you actually have to fight and beat once before you catch them, like ultra necrozma.

-Mechanics: Stats, EVs, IVs, etc will all be the same, but the battle system'll be real time combat similar to the "tales of" series, more specifically the ones with the fixed camera. 3-4 pokemon'll be out at a time with the same max of 6, one controlled by you, and the rest an AI, but with the option of multiplayer.

fa9575  No.15822474


The encounters themselves are still random with how and where they spawn in the grass. What is different is how you engage the encounters. You can chase Pokémon you want when you see them as well as take on a group of 5 random Pokémon at once in a Battle Royal style battle. And sometimes fucking Zubat will still spawn right in front of you in a cave and you'll have to engage it. Pokémon food as bait as well as the method you approach the Pokémon to avoid detection of others is also part of the strategy. If you're worried about not getting IVs you want then there's breeding.

Judge option from Let's Go can stay please.

As for the camera it's freedom of perspective. I did say you can switch perspectives any time by pressing the right stick. Follow camera is for seeing things on the trainer's level that you would otherwise miss with the bird's eye view. There's also this thing called a capture button on Switch. And you know one of the first things casuals will do is take screen shots of themselves riding Pokémon in the sunset. Is follow camera unnecessary complexity? Maybe. However I know the freedom of perspective is necessary for changing how players explore the World of Pokémon eventually. Trainers having different perspectives of their journeys will also make their games personal to them.

186435  No.15822476

File: 426e077a1c31f86⋯.gif (130.63 KB, 500x281, 500:281, that's nice kiddo.gif)


Make it an SRPG

>bigger team size

>terrain can influence the match

>gym leader/villain fights could be more than just "fight a pokemon slightly above the level curve for the area, and that uses hyper potions"

>move choice will be more involved than "pick a big attack you get STAB on" because now positioning matters

>can look at your pokemon's stats in-battle without having to go through TWO FUCKING FULL-SCREEN MENUS THAT I THEN HAVE TO EXIT TO GET BACK TO THE BATTLE

<tfw none of the above will ever happen

They can't even be bothered to make the roadblocks out of actual obstacles instead of just "there's been a power outage, go advance the story"

fa9575  No.15822479


Pokémon Conquest was a thing, if you like Nobunaga's Ambition.

162b55  No.15822492


This is what happens when progress needs to be blocked by arbitrary flags. At least HMs had a sort of logical explanation, although even in SM the Poke Ride system seems more arbitrary than not. But if you let people explore, you have problems with levels and that leads to shit like Johto. Even the big opening of fucking everything right after Celedon had the big three threats (Giovani, Koga, and Sabrina) all have Pokemon range from level 37 to 43 or so. Not to mention the rest of the routes and Silph Co. probably not having a great level spread either.

47f9d2  No.15822494

File: 3b526f4e43584e8⋯.jpg (22.44 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 472-Lu-Weihuang.jpg)


Conquest was weird and cute and needed much better AI. 3DS sequel never.

331b5b  No.15822510


Pokeballs just catch monsters. If some succubus enter the Pokemon world, you bet that some small boy with a ball can catch her.

2a270e  No.15822518

File: 6414960abf1d599⋯.jpg (20.91 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


The small boy is already catching gods. So yeah, maybe. A succubus ranks lower than a god.

a4e6ec  No.15822519

File: b50a31d180b1f30⋯.jpg (376.25 KB, 1465x1099, 1465:1099, 1400689315994.jpg)

File: bbb6b59ab15d859⋯.jpg (662.56 KB, 1000x835, 200:167, 1389668109603.jpg)

File: ab18402ad4eeb36⋯.jpg (80.95 KB, 1000x533, 1000:533, 1380339685765.jpg)

All I want is for them to make the overworld more lively and for there to be alternative paths to progress through the game. There's no reason why contests haven't been fully fleshed out as an actual alternative to battles. All that has to be done is to let pokemon get XP from them and put some story triggers in for when you get enough/certain ribbons. Hell add back in the pokeathlon and let that be a third path through the game. Why not.

If 8th gen doesn't invoke in me similar feelings to these images then they have no vision for their franchise and Pokemon will truly be dead.


Lonnnnnnnnng time ago 4/v/ (or was it very early /vp/?) attempted to make this. I made a bunch of sprites for it but don't have them anymore. Can't tell you if the project forums are still up since I can't even remember the name of it.

df60ed  No.15822520

File: b2d9c5773c665aa⋯.jpg (601.61 KB, 947x1055, 947:1055, 1349893527301.jpg)

Drop handholding and linearity. Make the overworld a metroidvania and the main goal be to reach reach and beat enough gyms and get 8/16 badges (getting all of them is optional) then beat the league. For the less competent players there is an option to call an NPC and get advice on where to go which will suggest an easy path you can take. Add a New Game Plus option to get the most out of this.

c45b5d  No.15822524

File: 8e211149a3d0281⋯.jpg (157.34 KB, 720x900, 4:5, 1382746286788.jpg)

More in-depth breeding.

a746e3  No.15822527

You get to start a family with a trainer/gym leader/elite four member/champion of your choice

92012e  No.15822531

Take out all the animals and instead its karate and martial arts.

Bonus if it also includes fencing and boxing.

2e3d62  No.15822532


Add in the option to romance the Pokemon.

331b5b  No.15822533


And considering that Pokemon dabbled with other worlds and alternative universes, I won't be surprised if one day they decide to include monsters from other Nintendo series into the games.

fa9575  No.15822537

What about the new species of Pokémon themselves? Are we only going to get 15 new Pokémon and just re-balanced old gen mons? I don't think they're going to add as many Pokémon as they did with Black and White ever again.

905580  No.15822539

Make the single player campaigns play more like competitive Pokemon battling. Make the AI significantly better so it can use real strategies against you, switches out in disadvantageous matchups, etc. No monotype gyms, give everyone interesting and varied teams. Add level caps that increase after each gym cleared so you can't overlevel to ez mode the game. Make it significantly faster to level 100 mons after the gyms are cleared so that the endgame/postgame content can be made legitimately challenging and require you to build many interesting teams.

There's a really interesting battle system hiding within Pokemon that they aren't even trying to exploit.

fa9575  No.15822546


I'd rather have NPCs go Full Derp on hard mode for optimal trolling rather than Smogon.

fb55b4  No.15822551


It is not viable to keep increasing the number of pokemons on that rhythm. Realistically, in order for every pokemon to be somewhat recognizable, they should try to stay under 1000 as much as they can.


A hard mode would be ideal, but gamefreak is probably too lazy to properly implement one. Level scaling might come back, though.

Thematic gyms have their purpose, it is a way to "hold back" the leaders. Gyms are supposed to be more of a test than a competition. Completely agree with this on the E4, though.

905580  No.15822580


Oh and I'd formalize something similar to the smogon tier lists and restrict different parts of the game to different tiers or categories, which would force you to make multiple teams and ensure that a wide variety of mons get used.


why not both

That would make for a funny villain team actually, going from the regular game played straight to dealing with anarchic memelords running snips and PP stallers.


>Thematic gyms have their purpose, it is a way to "hold back" the leaders. Gyms are supposed to be more of a test than a competition.

"Exploit the type matchup" isn't much of a test, and both sides obeying level caps would do enough to handicap gym leaders. You could even have some fun flavor dialog if you did like that Crystal hack and allow the player to complete the gyms in any order with teams that scale according to the number of badges collected, for instance having gym leaders close to the starting town being excited to have the opportunity to use a high level team if you challenge them later than expected.

fa9575  No.15822585


I don't think Game Freak had plans to keep Pokémon main games going after 5th gen. So far Gen 6 and 7 have been rebalancing old Pokémon either with mega-evolutions or Alolan forms. We might see Stat EXP come back thanks to Go possibly being implemented into the mainline games. That'll open a new can of worms on re-balancing all existing Pokémon. I want to see roughly 66-99 new Pokémon this generation if we're not bringing in new forms of older Pokémon. Also probably wouldn't hurt to get some new blood Pokémon designers. Would be nice to take some risk with the designs like making a Fairy/Fighting type Pokémon that's a leggi-loli made entirely out of ribbon that uses a pair of scissors like a katana or something.

162b55  No.15822601


Given Melmetal is apparently 892, we'll be getting at least 85 more Pokemon, give or take a few Mythicals. As for new blood designers, we got a lot recently, although I don't know off the top of my head who was new for Gen 7.

2a270e  No.15822623

File: 2d196a2b5334694⋯.jpg (41.33 KB, 500x281, 500:281, download.jpg)


Pokemon Origins shows that Gym Leaders do hold back. They'll use weaker Pokemon teams for challengers with less badges. Which explains why they only go all-out with their strongest teams during rematches. Which explains why Brock uses a lvl 14 Onix against Red (no badges) but a lvl 44 Onix against Gold (8+ badges).

Maybe to make things more difficult, the devs should make every Gym Leader use their most powerful teams by default. No holding back. Not even for beginners.

83422e  No.15822633

File: a5676bbc22e7c79⋯.mp4 (6.14 MB, 256x144, 16:9, Pokémon Super Mystery Dung….mp4)

I liked most of the mystery dungeons, but at this point they've already been done

e38a5d  No.15822643

File: ed7e214fa719538⋯.png (18.67 KB, 651x249, 217:83, pokemon z.png)

File: 3fcafd77750ce8c⋯.png (29.87 KB, 863x280, 863:280, gen20.png)

Dunno about innovation. It was already a winning formula when it was released, just a bit too limited in certain areas, then limited again later in the wrong ways.

>MORE PLAYER CHOICE, no more railroading the player and forcing them to catch the legend of choice

>remove hand-holding; not only is it lewd, it's annoying

>make tutorials an option from the start of the game you can switch off forever or re-enable from the menu in case someone is new and retarded, so we don't have any excuses for more hand-holding

>a more open, less linear map

>make your own goals if you want, different ways to pursue them (contests, whatever)

>make most legendaries mythical rumors again instead of having a game completely centralize on them, I miss stumbling upon some rare creature as a reward for going off-road

>more volume options in the menu, like turning off background or battle music, or certain sound effects

>more speed/animation options for battles so you're not sitting around for 5 years waiting for the "fastest" text to finish

>HMs and PokeRide replaced with learnable Rides you can apply to your own Pokemon that don't take up a moveslot so you can finally ride your own team around

>a less faggy Let's Go! LAN-style co-op where you sync up your games and explore the same world map at the same time and run into each other or travel together mite b cool



Rarity randomization is a great idea. It would still keep that "hurr, trade with your friends!" shit they like to tote around while still giving you a chance at shit on your own (instead of locking you out just because you bought the wrong version). Making certain species event/movie exclusive should also fuck the hell off, though having a special version that knows a certain move or something is fine, like the movie Darkrai with Roar of Time.

d555da  No.15822662


>Rarity randomization is a great idea. It would still keep that "hurr, trade with your friends!" shit they like to tote around while still giving you a chance at shit on your own (instead of locking you out just because you bought the wrong version). Making certain species event/movie exclusive should also fuck the hell off, though having a special version that knows a certain move or something is fine, like the movie Darkrai with Roar of Time.

To do that would require them to develop for a market that isn't Japan.

e38a5d  No.15822693

File: 6a0bc81f618e553⋯.gif (2.31 KB, 80x80, 1:1, blast.gif)


>nips nipping is the problem

There's gotta be SOMEone over there that's discontent with it. C'mon, Japan.

e73146  No.15822694



>cute girl following you around

>lewd outfits

>romanceable Pokegirls

Damn you anons. We're supposed to be focusing on improving gameplay and unlockable content specifically.



331b5b  No.15822701

Make it open to get badges in any order and the difficulty is based on the number of badges you have.

d555da  No.15822713


>There's gotta be SOMEone over there that's discontent with it.

All of them are over 50, live in the countryside, don't even use a computer, and/or are a decreasing percentage of the country's population.

fa9575  No.15822725


A manually controllable camera will let you take pictures of cute girls more easier. You can get the best pose with the best angle and the best lighting too.

e38a5d  No.15822731


>and/or are a decreasing percentage of the country's population

So you're saying all we have to do is wait a while and their birth rate will make them develop games for the market outside the country.

bcd2ff  No.15822734


Boys can't breed silly

08c2f8  No.15822736

File: 250af590ecce53a⋯.jpg (116.67 KB, 500x376, 125:94, large.jpg)

-Open world map. No more shitty linear paths.

-Gym leaders are supposed to the the most powerful trainers in the region. Make them end game content thet will kick your shit in if you don't have the correct team setup.

-Lower lvl cap so you can't just over lvl and stomp everyone. It makes sense that gym leaders/elite 4 would have max level pokemon so they should. Make the cap lower so you don't have to grind for weeks. Maybe 40 max.

-Early game can be about entering small tournaments against other kids.

-Completely rework the battle system. I don't mean make some changes or improvements. Burn the whole thing to the ground and start again.

d555da  No.15822745


The decline in their birth rate is actually an overexaggeration. The country is already overpopulated, but the cities are busting at the seams because everyone is moving there.

Also, some companies are looking to globalization to increase their market share, but there are two things hampering it. First off, you have the gatekeepers in the West controlling what is and isn't allowed to become "publicly known" (So, the content exists, but you are not "allowed" to know that it exists, which is what Kazuyoshi Yaginuma went nuclear about: https://archive.fo/ICAv1 ). Second off, you have Western companies becoming increasingly involved with Japanese companies, and are attempting to pozz the media right at the source.

5bf817  No.15822747

I haven't played a Pokémon game since Silver. The games need something to bring me back, but they have yet to produce anything that catches my eye.

fa9575  No.15822753


>max level 40

I actually like Pokécup from Stadium because at level 50 there's more variety in strategy than level 100. At level 100 You want to min/max the shit out of your teams. You want big numbers to destroy whole teams with a single sweep or a wall to stop sweepers. Level 100 is all hard counters.

bcd2ff  No.15822772



>Max level 40

40/40 is 100%

Who cares what the cap is

e38a5d  No.15822776


It was a joke, you autist.


Hi /u/.

73c248  No.15822777

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Maybe they could experiment with real-time combat, like in the Pokepark games.

dda841  No.15822780

Make it a grid-based RPG like Final Fantasy Tactics or Dofus. That alone should change up enough for gameplay to make pokemon matches interesting. It'd also change up which moves are valueable since movement and range would be a thing instead of just type and power.

Also let players choose a "class" to base their trainer on as well. Wouldn't affect things for gameplay but cosmetically it'd be nice to have more control over how your trainer looks.

8e9504  No.15822782


That's basically Pokken. Designing that for 800+ pokemon will drive GF to bankrupcy.

b66d35  No.15822787

File: a41eb0ae447445d⋯.jpg (14.04 KB, 297x297, 1:1, a41eb0ae447445d033c7a8b469….jpg)

dance battles

a4e6ec  No.15822795


No it wouldn't.

94b91b  No.15822800

Make a console Pokemon that plays like the handheld ones?

a60801  No.15822809

everything ever has already been done, so why do it with pokemon? why force it into something it isnt?

e2c1d2  No.15822817

Hard reboot. Keep Pikachu if you have to in order for it to still sell, but have all new Pokemon otherwise. Revamp the battle system, completely remove 60% of the moves and only keep the ones that are the most balanced. Remove HMs and replace them with innate abilities that Pokemon happen to have, letting you use the moves as long as they're in your party. Go back to the shounen manga style rivalry story of the first two generations, make the rival a dick who you actually want to fight instead of some dopey 4 year old who just wants to battle because it's fun or whatever. Restructure the game around the collecting aspect, make it actually feel like you're chronicling these mysterious creatures for the first time and contributing toward the world's understanding of them. Theme gyms around something other than types. Put a fucking incubator in the game already so you don't have to hatch eggs one at a time. Remove IVs, EVs, and all other hidden stats and modifiers. Add more customization options for your player character, including age, and make dialogue differ depending on if you play as a kid, teen, or adult. Make the Pokemon League and main story two separate quests and let the player choose which gym leaders to fight at their own leisure. With the new Pokemon, balance them in such a way that there would be legitimate tradeoffs between evolutionary forms, making there be a reason to keep Pokemon from evolving.

tl;dr go back to the original concept and make an entirely new game around it from scratch

0c2881  No.15822823

make it like xenoblade 2 but with catching pokemon instead of getting blades from core crystals

8eecc1  No.15822843

File: 4cb34eece9e14e6⋯.jpg (69.31 KB, 577x498, 577:498, wally team.jpg)

All I'd really say is buff important characters. Every important character after gym 2 should have a full team of Pokémon, each holding a reasonably useful item. After the 5th or 6th gym, important trainers' teams should look something like this. The worst thing gamefreak has ever done imo is giving the elite four only 5 mons.


This is how I feel, it's pretty much established in terms of gameplay, it's been that way since gen 4.

There are some little changes that can still be done but it feels less about making new ones than experimenting with what they have.


Technically you can use it before you beat the game if you link with someone else who had beaten it, but no one I knew had it.

There's probably some patch/cheat that unlocks it from the get-go.

It was good for making endgame enemies slightly stronger,(and there was plenty of them) but that was all.


>Put a fucking incubator in the game already so you don't have to hatch eggs one at a time.

t. low iq nigger

You can hatch 5 eggs in under ten minutes at least since gen 5, if you know what you are doing. Also Sun and Moon actually already had an incubator feature, and BW2 I think had a feature where you could pay to have eggs hatched immediately.

>Remove IVs, EVs, and all other hidden stats and modifiers.

Confirmed low iq, IVs and EVs are how the overall "message" (not sure what else to call it) of Pokémon primarily manifests itself throughout the games.

>making there be a reason to keep Pokemon from evolving

There actually is for several, especially since gen 5.

Ultimately, I'd say don't post about games you don't actually understand.

48fe24  No.15822849

File: 77bb2782f77bdbc⋯.png (191.35 KB, 480x383, 480:383, 77bb2782f77bdbcba33ec41f34….png)

They don't need to innovate Pokemon, they just need to fucking have substantial post elite four content again and polish features instead of removing them.

Basically stop designing the core games with the plan of scooping up the mobile audience, ever since they started to do that in gen 6 they haven't produced a worthwhile game

8eecc1  No.15822850

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Make it a grid-based RPG

already been done

ae179e  No.15822856

File: ea74df47da2f74d⋯.png (257.78 KB, 397x531, 397:531, bb803f9e59041d5a9bc4725126….png)

Dating mechanics

61b262  No.15822859

File: ed8489c791e6a5c⋯.jpg (93.75 KB, 800x1130, 80:113, 5lx3uw88isv01.jpg)

File: a8959e123f8e64d⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1200x940, 60:47, 8dc88e9d0f4216b8c015149c6f….png)

File: 818bae27dff7589⋯.png (470.07 KB, 723x1000, 723:1000, 14ca38c4cd6549111b29c2ae74….png)

File: 8f84cffebee7b94⋯.jpeg (71.15 KB, 528x798, 88:133, 61b8204ccf991e7ebb96a6fba….jpeg)


>innovate Pokemon.



That you can bond with and love

df60ed  No.15822862

File: b0cb8fec78e355e⋯.jpg (78.08 KB, 595x842, 595:842, fc793a8b4ca6284f608373fc10….jpg)



The Ferris Wheel should have been kept in future installments.

9fa1e0  No.15822871

File: e15c9f443621d1f⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2571x1803, 857:601, IMG_1595.JPG)

File: bc1824be2088cb1⋯.png (1019.84 KB, 1600x1092, 400:273, monsterfag logic.png)


Pics related

8eecc1  No.15822872

File: 95601501a1a5ca3⋯.png (506.86 KB, 740x459, 740:459, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9c92fb98228745a⋯.png (20.92 KB, 128x133, 128:133, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 789310725a6b49b⋯.png (24.21 KB, 122x152, 61:76, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ce5986f6702b07a⋯.png (37.61 KB, 256x192, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 70f0734c6d3ea4c⋯.png (38.2 KB, 256x192, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


It's also the only Pokémon game to have a trap as far as I can recall.

If you haven't played it, it's a definite recommend. It's really cool how they decided to make the warriors "evolve" as well.


Gamefreak tried their hardest to do this without actually doing it in BW2.


23a026  No.15822880

How to fix pokemon: Fire every single person working at Gamefreak. Acquire the IP rights from Nintendo. Let fans make all the fangames they want without C&Ding or DMCAing them. Gamefreak is incredibly incompetent and doesn't understand a single fucking thing about the games they're making, nor can they optimize their games at all - the 3DS games look like fucking shit, have horrible animations, abysmal textures, and stutter and lag hardcore if there's more than a single pokemon onscreen at a time. Nintendo is actively hostile to any attempt by their fanbase to improve upon any of their games and only interesting in casualizing already piss easy children's games in a pointless attempt to attract the mobile audience, and it's killing any hope the series has of ever being good again. The only way to fix pokemon is to sever all ties it has to Nintendo and Gamefreak.



Worse part about hard mode was that it's tied to the save file, meaning even if you unlock it, if you start a new game it locks hard mode and you can't use it. It's retarded, it seems like it's supposed to be an NG+ mode but it deletes itself if you start a new game, who could have thought of something so stupid?

7df57a  No.15822884


Anon, the second one is pure furshit.

8eecc1  No.15822885

File: d3f4fd8564351bc⋯.png (72.19 KB, 1940x226, 970:113, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8b9fac02187aa51⋯.png (660.65 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



4c1817  No.15822913

My suggestion in complements with OP


One is to have a combined attack move. Fuck the Z-move shit, having two pokemon at the same time using their attacks would be dope as fuck. Mechanically, types can compliment each other or cancel eachother out. Sometimes you get new moves like fire and water type move that makes a hot steam for environment condition. Would be difficult to work out all of the moves but it'd be dope as shit.

The way to get these types of moves is having pokemon develop relationships with eachother, depending on the type of pokemon they are such as type, size, gender, and personality. all of these factors can create a relationship type between two pokemon and their amount of bond can be trained by pairing them together. If a bond is strong enough they can be a specialist duo that can take down the toughest of bosses.

It'd make interesting fights and another way to add depth to the game without adding in bullshit like Z-moves and megafaggotry.



Muh dick.

Would love shit like base/gang building mechanic. Sounds like a fever dream. Instead of having rare and unique trainers you can also build up a team of randos like grunts to be expert pokemon trainers. Also a fashion mechanic for them so you can larp as a bunch of cool ninjas

>12 pokemon

Overkill. 6 is the sweet spot without going overboard.


>Gym leaders are supposed to the the most powerful trainers in the region. Make them end game content thet will kick your shit in if you don't have the correct team setup.

Alternatively you can make them scale with the amount of badges you own. Like what Brock did in the OVA.


>Early game can be about entering small tournaments against other kids.

Sounds dope as fuck. Always dig the tournament stuff. Make it a multiplayer implementation as well.

ae179e  No.15822933

File: 58323b6adba15e3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 148.77 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 600px-575Gothorita.png)

What Pokémon would you fuck?

a60801  No.15822948


so underappreciated

30227e  No.15822964

File: b60dc23edff8b07⋯.png (148.1 KB, 1093x486, 1093:486, More humorous than it is a….png)

de410c  No.15822967

File: 9102206be2d86c4⋯.gif (1001.05 KB, 500x266, 250:133, lookout.gif)

File: bb8826d5bde5ebc⋯.png (75.75 KB, 1280x792, 160:99, Tom_Bell's_graph_showing_e….png)

File: 3bdfb2ecb8d3df5⋯.png (180.68 KB, 1461x302, 1461:302, a wise man on copyrights.PNG)


I'm gonna highlight this post because it speaks the truth.

Also some more food for thought for anyone else.

How copyright used to be in this country by now 99.9% of any IP you see today would be in the public domain free to do whatever you want with it.

7df57a  No.15822977

File: 5538e0dfeeb3b3a⋯.jpg (4.44 KB, 228x150, 38:25, wack.jpg)


>yo u will never impregnate your salandit

df60ed  No.15822984


The daycare working on the ferris wheel is a trap in Nipponese.

f94f6f  No.15823268



You can have this, but in an easier way to make that's actually thematically better:

You walk around in third person as a Trainer.

At any time, you can throw a pokeball to call a mon into action.

You do not control him automatically, he will isntead act on his own and try to attack any hostile mons nearby on his own.

You can however, give commands. Tell him to use specific techniques, move to a specific spot, wait for some other mon to do something, etc.

This also let's you have several mons outside at the same time, you just have to choose to whom you're giving commands.

Since you never lose control of the trainer and there's no shift into a "combat mode", you get a seamless transition to combat at anytime you want, where your pokemon act on their own based on how you trained them and their personality, making them far more interesting.

The use of multiple mons can be balanced with rules for regular combats against other trainers or atracting more wild pokemons while outdoors.

What's more, you can have the Trainer also having HP and taking damage if mons target him. Pokemon's only ever attack trainers when they have no pokemons to defend them, something that applies both to wild pokemon and Team Rocket's as well.

Potentially, you could try to body block for your mons as well, or make mad dashes instead of wearing out your team. The trainer fainting is what takes you to a Pokecenter, not your team.

Since there's a seamless transition, you can also use your mons to interact with the map at any time in real time, or call out a mon and ride it as well.

The whole point is to make it about you being a trainer of a team instead of directly controlling them, while having less things breaking the flow of the game like transitions to the Elemental Plane of Fight.

Now cue in the retard that's gonna say "you just want skyrim with pokemon!"

ae179e  No.15823279


Trusting AI to handle a battle for you is retarded, that would be an extremely shitty system.

You'd throw a Pokémon down, it would run to the nearest one and you're just sit there spamming a command that it refuses to do because lolAI.

Fuck off, don't ever get a job at Game Freak.

f94f6f  No.15823285

File: 0cc0d1801e2d11c⋯.jpg (30.98 KB, 342x342, 1:1, 51GOvDnJIsL._SX342_[1].jpg)


>Trusting AI to handle a battle for you is retarded

6cc922  No.15823300


The manga's used a similar concept with levels. They're treated like power levels in DBZ, in the sense that they can be repressed at will when necessary.

I think a nonlinear Pokémon would benefit from trainer levels scaling depending on what path you take.

9f0a2a  No.15823302


>defeat the jews

>reclaim creativity


cd093d  No.15823314


It's far too set in stone to change the main series, you'd be better off just making a spinoff, and then just making sequels for that instead of the main series.

f94f6f  No.15823329


You have an issue with "scaling content", where some things won't show up or will appear in a neutered version because you're not ready for them yet.

Specifically for Pokemon, you could reach a Gym while having a small amount of weak mons and you'd fight against the Leader who uses a gimped party against you.

But if you were to do this Gym later on, you'd find a larger and more interesting party oposing you. Basically, the first gyms you visit would end up being boring and uninteresting when you knew very well that they could have been more fun, and the ultimate guide to see the best content is to grind outside the gymns until you can get the best oponents.

Frankly, if Gyms are supposed to be more of a test, if they are all thematic regarding an element and the player is supposed to pass all these tests to show mastery of all elements and to have a wide array of mons at his service before he can chalenge the Elite Four, then that's exactly what Gyms should be.

Let's say the level cap is 50. All Gym Leaders have their mons at level 40, using strictly mons from that Gym's theme. In order to beat them, you'd have to get mons that are strong against them or train yours till they are better than what the Gym has.

Chalenging the Leader can only be done after you beat all the pupils nearby, that present a rising chalenge. First one has lvl 20 mons, second has lvl 25, etc.

This would mean that when you beat a Gym, you have some mons worthy of joining you on your final journey to the Elite Four, but you'll need a different set for the other Gyms. When you get all the badges, you'll have a full team ready.

What's more, you can use the thematic and towns around the Gyms for narrative purposes and extra content. Let's say you're in a town with Water pokemons. There's some quests and adventures around it related to water mons and their typical personality that you can solve and in the process adquire water mons, as well as train up for the Gym.

You can have the pupils and even the Leader tied to a local quest so you get to know them as characters and they can pass off some wisdom related to that theme, like enduring harsdships in a Rock themed town\Gym, for instance.

a78ce8  No.15823331

File: ee168f33f9cc564⋯.jpg (114.59 KB, 991x639, 991:639, Yellow rabbit with interro….jpg)


Why did you imply AI battlers aren't retarded while posting a prime example of retarded battler AI?

f94f6f  No.15823341



It's not the game's fault you never trained one of the key stats.

Besides, Pokemon is the game where your mon refuses your commands if you don't have a badge, digimon never did that.

1538a7  No.15823396


Spinoffs are certainly on the table now, but unfortunately spinoffs strip out a lot of mechanics and content compared to the mainline games. So if you get any of these suggested features in a spinoff it's going to be accompanied by a severe watering-down of everything else.

56ab97  No.15823507


>more humorous than it is arousing

I'd say it's pretty equal

630545  No.15823575

Post more delicious poke girls.

673515  No.15823606

File: eb0775b23dbb747⋯.jpg (100.15 KB, 850x1275, 2:3, 89a1d03a7c60e614d1f3056e85….jpg)

File: ae8bca2645188ab⋯.jpg (603.58 KB, 2139x3024, 713:1008, 782bc8227f8930510520536936….jpg)

File: a8928e6b1b20cbb⋯.jpg (346.08 KB, 1280x1548, 320:387, e9de9a4cfd199a111c616ef815….jpg)


Only if you can romance the ara's.

fa9575  No.15823746


One thing I don't like about gyms is that they never really test your tactics with that type. Only if you have type advantage. I thought about how to implement gym progression based on types but also strategy.

The first gym is a rock type gym that does test your knowledge of not only what Pokémon are strong against rock-types, but which moves are strong against them. The next gym afterwards should be about dealing with high speed attack Pokémon with the flying type. Then we get a water-type gym that years you on Physical vs. Special attacks. A grass type gym that teaches set-up with sleep powder and stall tactics with leech seed and mega drain. A fire type gym that teaches type coverage with electric and ground-type moves. Some with hold items synergy. A dark-type gym that teaches Pokémon control. Whitney PTSD fairy gym. Etc.

Then finally at the last Normal type gym we reach a trainer that years you with all of the variety of tactics you learned from your journey. Snorlax, Porygon-Z, Puff the magic dragon, and so on. This is the first gym leader with AI that will switch Pokémon if a KO is imminent in the next turn or cannot secure a KO within 5. An AI that will probably won't be used until you fight the Champion and Battle Frontier.

My ideal Pokémon game takes place in a region based on the state of Texas with 5 whole sub-regions and 18 gyms. 4 of the 5 sub-regions has it's own minor league that you have to defeat all before taking on the champion, as the champion of the sub-regions are the Elite Four. There's a Pokémon Wilderness in each region that's a procedurally generated area where you can explore endlessly so long as you have the healing resources to press on. Sometimes to find your way (exit) you will need to battle wilderness trainers who have Pokémon leveled to how far you enter the area. Sometimes you can team up with wilderness trainers and explore together, but every battle becomes a double or triple. Each wilderness area has a geography type: Rocky Desert, Great Plain, Rolling Hill Forest, Gulf Coast, and Canyon's Sky.

Regardless of region I'm debating if your rival be a pop-idol star or not. Or at least one of them that gets your starter type advantage. The rival that gets your disadvantage is a special snowflake spoiled trust fund baby millennial who's butthurt that you got the first pick of the rare Pokémon starter raffle. Even though you were picked to go first he challenges you to Rock-Paper-Scissors and loses anyway. So he always picks the starter with advantage over you. And throughout your journey the guy hates you and will do anything in his power to hinder your progress. My idea for an evil team was anarchists, then AntiFa riots happened so now I need a new idea.

4c2438  No.15823797


>Ten year kid picks up an Officer of the law or a team X member who he thought was cute and smelled nice

I'm all for it let's go

94ec7d  No.15823823

Replace all monsters with little girls.

f94f6f  No.15823827


>2nd pic

Why does she have a pussy on her ass?

>3rd pic

Call 911, that girl has dislocated nipples.


That'd require type advantage to be based around their innate characteristics, not just a bonus to damage. Which is something the game already has to an extent, but runs secondary to the Type-countering instead.

As in, if you are going to select a counter to another pokemon, the fact that you use Special Attack and the other has low Special Defense is not as important as making sure your attacks are super effective against his type.

If instead you had things like Rock-type having high defense, Fire-type has high Special Attack, Fighting has medium Attack and Defense, etc you could differentiate between mons with more nuance and counter based on that instead, which is more interesting that rock-paper-scizoring with types.

It would also be great for fighting with multiple mons since you could put some pokemon for defense because he's good at it, without having the oponent melting him down with the correct element instead.

Type-countering would still end up happening but in a more natural way. Water-type is super effective against Fire-Type because both have high Special Attack but Water also has high Special Defense while Fire doesn't. But you wouldn't need strictly Water-types to counter Fire, you can use anyone that can defend against Special Attack and\or deal Special Damage too.

fa9575  No.15823936


I'm hoping a new variety of sub-types for gym leader signature Pokémon can break down the meta a little bit. For example the rock gym leader has a Rock/Flying type which makes it immune to ground and puts Grass at a disadvantage. As a flying type it naturally has the speed to out run the Water starter and set up a headbutt troll and stealth rock to fuck up your plans for switching. You may have to take the KO to bring out a faster Pokémon with type disadvantage but strong enough to finish of the Rock/Flying type in one blow and won the day. Your first gym leader is suppose to set up that now or never moment which gets you hooked into the possible complexity of Pokémon.

This also goes into the idea of how I set up starters for this generation. Each starter behind first stage as a primary type: Grass, Fire, and Water. By second stage every starter gets their secondary type. Grass becomes Grass/Fairy and gets a lot of support moves as the starter is based on a sylph. Fire becomes Fire/Steel and gets an Attack boost with natural type resistance as it's based on a wolverine because hot metal claws help dig through ice in the tundra and Marvel. Water becomes Water/Fighting to gain physical defense as the turtle takes off his shell and uses it like a shield and rafts on it like a pirate. His fin is a cutlass, arrgh.

0942b3  No.15823956


Build a semi-open world with a wide range of enemy levels like in Xenoblade. You encounter wild pokémon at "fair" levels only on the straight narrow route, and explore further out at your own risk. There should be a level 81 totem Primeape near route 1.

To prevent save scumming with quick balls, the level cap for traded pokémon obedience would also prevent you from capturing higher-level wild pokémon until you have enough badges.

524013  No.15823963


Moemon hacks, anon.

0accb0  No.15824031

File: 86eb3b81a5f8617⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1584x1080, 22:15, 41644114_p0.png)

I'm playing an rpg maker game called Rising Rocket, you play as a kid that just had all his pokemon stolen and the only way forward is to join Team R. It's only gen1 Kanto but I haven't minded one bit. There's a refreshing perspective in playing for Rocket-dan. Everyone treats you like garbage, you move up the ranks, you get that high ranking shit eater to notice you. Of course, it's a buggy mess. Never try to go down the bicycle road. Save often and on different files.

anyway pokemon could use story branches/routes to let you experience an entirely different side of it that might expand its world

a53378  No.15824043


it's not mature at all, at least the first 7-8 chapters the gamie is literally in adhd mode coupled with literal hyperactive characters. It's kinda enjoyable with how unapologetically whimsical it all is. I'm referring to the first cyber sleuth though

f539d3  No.15824167

I'm going to dump a bunch of ideas that I've had/picked up over the years, some good, probably some bad as well

>Remove Megas and Z-Moves

They were a mistake, especially considering they were given to all the wrong Pokemon. No line with a 2nd evolution should have ever received a Mega. The explanation that Megas are the result of some ancient legend-tier trainer bonding with your mon (aside from the Hoenn legendaries) also explicitly excludes Mewtwo from Mega evolving considering it has no trainer and was created within the last decade in the Pokemon world. It was dumb at best, shameless pandering at worst.

>More than one ability per Pokemon at the same time

An anon in a thread like this many moons ago posed this suggestion in a thread just like this. He was right about it, there is no reason an mon with different Abilities shouldn't have both. Half of the Bronzor line doesn't scrape across the floor, there's no reason for them not to have Levitate and Heatproof. Some lines would have to have some changes to avoid impossibility/redundancy, for example Lucario, but really, there aren't many where that's the case.

>Some sort of overhaul of typing/stats

It's always been moronic the the types considered to be "defensive" typings always have the most weaknesses. Brock, the first Gym Leader in the franchise talks about rock hard defenses, and yet you can acquire a whole team of mons with type advantage that can mop the floor with Rock types regardless. Some kind of change in how weaknesses, maybe even STAB are calculated would help. I was also considering maybe using HP as sort of a secondary layer beyond Def/Sp. Def that can reduce damage, that way bulky Pokemon can actually be bulky.

>Make catching/training as much of an endeavor as the manga/anime

I get that from the whole marketing side of it, Gotta Catch em All was the crux of things, but I'd kill for a more realistic adventure where you can only keep and train a max of like, 20 Pokemon. Again, focused on the whole concept of bonding with your mons, it really flies out the window when you've saved 2 TB of Pokemon in a PC never to be taken out again.

>Alolan Forms should have been a different game mechanic

Just having different forms for the sake of a new mechanic was silly. Different typed/shaped Pokemon should have been saved for a 3rd Orre game, where the last remnants of Cipher abandon the Shadow Pokemon project and take their research and shift it to an Alternate Type Pokemon project, almost like how the TCG did Delta Species Pokemon for a while. Having to run around Orre dealing with Cipher Grunts who have teams that destroy you with entirely different typings would be a great return for that series of side-games.

All the stuff that's been repeated a million times over, about non-linear travel, scaling Gym Leaders, even a sort of scaling for wild Pokemon as described here >>15823956 would obviously be there as well. Trainers shouldn't scale though. Trainers who are of respectable character would look at you and not want to battle, seeing as they'd destroy you. Evil Trainers would battle you and want to beat the shit out of you, and possibly steal a Mon.

b71763  No.15824181

File: 14cf7b627197992⋯.jpg (29.23 KB, 474x586, 237:293, 14cf7b627197992fe020a36655….jpg)


>some cataclysm gives all pokemons the ability to evolve into a monstergirl

e32046  No.15824215

add actual difficulty levels,

make it so battle items have to be used

make it so you can't just power one and run thru game.

make weaknesses and resistances more meaningful

6cc922  No.15824452


>The rival that gets your disadvantage is a special snowflake spoiled trust fund baby millennial who's butthurt that you got the first pick of the rare Pokémon starter raffle. Even though you were picked to go first he challenges you to Rock-Paper-Scissors and loses anyway. So he always picks the starter with advantage over you. And throughout your journey the guy hates you and will do anything in his power to hinder your progress.

Would the starting town be Austin? Would the professor be based on Alex Jones, or maybe even Lord British?

ea1cd6  No.15824480

File: e401b16c4ffb7c6⋯.png (416.59 KB, 1279x1279, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c5dfc5190877495⋯.png (506.95 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1225d0374625cd4⋯.png (51.85 KB, 250x141, 250:141, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7075c14b1c340a2⋯.png (205.39 KB, 494x512, 247:256, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1bc0e01320e9abf⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

ae179e  No.15824527


What the fuck is wrong with you?


What the fuck is right with you?

65df6e  No.15824536


Hey man, Bannette and Audino are QT.

9fa1e0  No.15824542


Hey man, Mewtwo and female Lucario are QT.

798879  No.15824614


>My idea for an evil team was anarchists, then AntiFa riots happened so now I need a new idea.

Either not-mexican cartel or team of hipsters from not-commiefornia with that rival becoming their boss from his sheer butthurt or something.

4d5b12  No.15824936

File: cc1eb649d439eb8⋯.jpg (126.96 KB, 675x900, 3:4, ironic shit posting.jpg)

File: 7d3338051bb2cc0⋯.mp4 (4.59 MB, 640x360, 16:9, roses.mp4)


>First pic

>Does the fox feel pleasure to be shit on or piss on?

>second pic

>shit smell like flowers

fa9575  No.15825771


Starting town would be Panhandle simply because it's in North Texas. You' return home after watching a live Pokémon League championship and getting a starter. As for the professor I'd like to see a GILF for once. Alex Jones would be your partner in crime breaking up the evil team.


Would be neat to have your rival join the evil team for once.

ae179e  No.15825817

File: da6eb108b0787f2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 119.69 KB, 639x728, 639:728, DOngr-NWkAIc8bg.png)

What Pokémon would you hug?

f8da1c  No.15825851

File: 846fa67ff9d75a6⋯.jpg (125.97 KB, 617x750, 617:750, 1329369759985.jpg)



>tfw my state already got used as inspiration for a couple games.

Shame Orre's not apt to ever make a return.

162b55  No.15825868


It's a real shame about Genius Sonority, it's impressive how much the Denpa Men franchise has become a microcosm of the video game industry. I guess somebody else could pick up the Orre story, I do think there's something to be said about a Pokemon game that actually uses the mechanics of battle to make things interesting.

bcd2ff  No.15826341



5f1170  No.15827236

File: f3e43703282e6e6⋯.png (1.78 MB, 3249x2437, 3249:2437, f3e43703282e6e6611a9e41911….png)


Both sides of those comparisons are dogfucker filth. If you're attracted to an animal with a human face or an anthro animal you deserve the cross.

8d0efe  No.15827245


>Expert mode removes some battle text from battle so players can use visual feedback and HD rumble if a move it's ultra effective (x4 damage), super effective, not very effective, or barely effective (x0.25 damage). Also applies to critical hits.

for what purpose

9fa1e0  No.15827255

File: 34ec68d6c66ac80⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 217.04 KB, 594x807, 198:269, IMG_8130.PNG)


Put me up there yourself, Longinus.

bcd2ff  No.15827263


He's kinda cute…

df60ed  No.15827272


The rival from the TCG did it in the sequel, but he's undercover.

9fa1e0  No.15827277


Did you miss the voluptuous nursing sacs?

b9ce5f  No.15827382

File: 7dbdbd47dc37eff⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Battle1_re_1532702261.jpg)


pokemon once again btfo by superior ip

50d2ee  No.15827433


I need this.

fa9575  No.15827478


For "git gud" by relying on visual feedback rather than text strings to speed up battles for expert trainers who know the most likely outcome of their commands. This is an option not for casuals nor beginners.

0accb0  No.15829724


>kill oak

>attempt to put giovanni out of the picture

<his party wipes me out before i get a turn

<there is no possible way to grind

0/10, it's ok.

673515  No.15829765


>Digimon tactics

If they actually put effort into this and it's not just a shitty cash grab it could be an amazing game.

183f42  No.15830429

Did someone delete those fucking monster onahole pics or was tha a different thread. I need them, for research

8eecc1  No.15830487


Gladion from Sun/Moon, he counts as one, Silvally's drive is changed to be strong against your starter

65e982  No.15830698


Easy :

>Use Gen 1 map design, it's philosophy is perfect

>Use scalling Gym and Elite Four levels like anons posted

>Make it Moemon instead

>Make Aras, rival girls, femGym / EFours romancable

>Make Moemons even more romancable with their personalities tying in to the type of romance they desire

>Get back both Super and Hyper training and make them less grindy-tedious

>Bring back high level areas like MT.Silver

>Bring back good old concepts like the Pokegear but updated since having more rivals is always better

>Have your pokegear rivals reach full 6 pokemon and get at Lv100 as well

>Get Battle Maison and Emerald's Battle Frontier and mash them up

>Make friend safari be expansive without a time limit but a pokeball limit and have it be able to mix up to three friend types

>Introduce more dual-type moves and actually show them as such, not half-ass it like Flying Press

>Have it be a mixed artstyle between the 90s original and HGSS

>Introduce the concept of combo moves

>Have more than three starters, bump it to 6 or something

>Revisit an old region if possible or show that you need to collect badges from two regions to go to the E4

Combo moves : like the Pledges except it applies for a lot of things. An idea of a combo move would be a Lapras using Water Gun on a Vileplume doing little damage but the immidiate next turn, the Lapras uses Thunder and instead of the normally halved damage, the damage will be raised to 75% instead. Essentially if a move of a certain type that can follow a certain logical pattern is used in the next turn, the move gets a slight boost. Examples include Water -> Electricity, Psychic -> Bug, Psychic -> Dark, Grass -> Fire, Rock -> Ground. Note that not all moves do that, for example, using Leaf Blade or Grass Knot and then using Flame Thrower doesn't but using Razor Leaf and then using a fire attack will. There will be visual cues to indicate such advantages like the pokemon being wet, or leaves are scattered around it etc.

b9ce5f  No.15830718

File: 677338c848162bb⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, digimon-survive.png)


Its also a horror themed visual novel aimed at people that were kids when they original series aired.


65e982  No.15830788

File: 9e173168a1f6360⋯.gif (580.65 KB, 140x140, 1:1, Thumbs munching up.gif)


Digimon's greatest mistake was not making a proper Action RPG when it matter most to blow the fuck out of Pokemon and instead chose to make Digimon World 4. As things are now, an Ys style Digimon game where you play as the trainer in the real world or outside of battle, solving puzzles, having horror and mystery themes with the digimon battles being high octane and the digivolutions permanent but with the ability to have multiple digis to swap mid battle from a "party" or in general, along with the ability for Fusion digis that go back to normal after the end of a battle. That would be the dream digi game. Heck, give it the charm that Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth had and you're set.

8c6b38  No.15837205

I think a good way to improve it would be to add actual animations for the attacks again like stadium. I want to see the attacks actually feel satisfying and neat to see.

087373  No.15837297

Pokemon can die.

There you go Gamefreak, be sure to send me my cheque for $800 000 USD in the mail.

461c00  No.15837348

>Make 2-on-2 battles the new 1-on-1

>Add hardmode to the game, with the main difference of a batshit insane AI rather than just having to make a new game where the enemies are more levelled up

>Make teamcrafting not as painful inb4 "hurr casual". Yeah, it's easy saying that from your PokéSav ivory tower, you hypocrite after finishing the main game or having levelled up some Pokémon to level 100

>Battle Frontier again, but less RNG-based

>Rebalance all mons to make most of them viable.

>Add a shitload of utility attacks. Reduce the number of "deprecated" damage attacks (why would I want a weaker attack which only difference is that it has 5 PP more?)

Those changes would keep a similar formula while refreshing the game a bit.

ec17b2  No.15837558


>How to polish a turd.

You don't. It's a turd.

71b95f  No.15837571

File: f2eaeda4333f946⋯.jpg (555.42 KB, 2212x2750, 1106:1375, ee55ed19f953cfbf512b4154a9….jpg)

How far along was Moemon Heartgold?

fc9262  No.15837594


>Pokemon can die.

Is this monster rancher?

4c2438  No.15837607


Decent game where?

e92e7b  No.15837808


Is this Mega Banette?

Most recent version I found was 1.2. and its supposed to be complete.


2058eb  No.15837864

I want a game that combines every fucking region together. This can't be difficult to make.

I'd also like it if they limited the roster to gen III and stopped adding in new fucked up Pokemans with every new generation.

f8da1c  No.15837923


Maybe the reason they didn't go back for a third game was due to Gen IV having come out, sending forward being a thing again, and thus less need to have an alt region to get Johto Pokemon to fill the Pokedex from? Though it's not like the Orre games weren't pretty solid, if different, as games of their own, but given how despite apparently decent sales of both people still whined about them not being Stadium 1 and 2 (in terms of party minigames) and also non-standard Pokemon games at the same time (especially since to my knowledge Battle Revolution dropped the RPG aspect for), maybe Nintendo stopped seeing a reason to keep them going and thus gave Genius Sonority the shaft to lesser Pokemon spinoffs. And that's when they're not doing third party (Dragon Quest Swords) or their own self published stuff.

a969d5  No.15837948

File: ddd7815bd5ab055⋯.png (77.91 KB, 337x329, 337:329, Pikachu_face.png)


Nope. It isn't complete.


>I want a game that combines every fucking region together. This can't be difficult to make.

<Combining 7 regions

>I'd also like it if they limited the roster to gen III and stopped adding in new fucked up Pokemans with every new generation.

<When there were some rumors already that are going to hit 1000 in Gen 9.

f4a5a3  No.15837970

Spin-off game where you play as Machamp punching, kicking and suplexing bad guys. Made by Platinum or Itsuno.

71b95f  No.15837971


Did another website pick it up? When I googled it I found a dead thread saying 0.9 was the last version.

f8da1c  No.15837981

File: e366c21be75093a⋯.png (198.73 KB, 974x853, 974:853, machamp.png)



a969d5  No.15838076


Not that story again.


>Did another website pick it up?

Nope. These were just game files from first link in that forum thread you wrote about.

b18f0a  No.15838118


>1000 in Gen 9.


957ba4  No.15838236


Don't they already have like 800+ in total? Doesn't seem like much of a jump considering the amount of pokemon there already are.

b18f0a  No.15838248


I stopped playing Pokemans after Gen 4. I could barely stomach the trumpets of Gen 3 and refused to acknowledge anything past my childhood nostalgia and their remakes.

fa9575  No.15839384


Only the first four and Ranger because they take place in all four islands of Japan. Also add more routes and cities.


Good news, less trumpets now. Bad news instruments have been synth hipster shit lately. Except Let's Go where they are orchestrated.

47581a  No.15839453

Implement hard mode again and from the start this time

Another frontier or fun post game content like the world tournament

9fa1e0  No.15839496


Things that will never happen as long as current Game Freak rules.

I can only hope Masuda being gone stops the madmen from removing features to "make each game unique"

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